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PeaceloveWorld.com Contest Exclusively for The Gosselin Family Fan Site!

Hello Gosselin fans! In honor of the upcoming Kate Plus 8, and the 2 year anniversary of this blog, I decided to have a little contest for all my loyal readers! PeaceLoveWorld has been recently seen on both the Dancing With The Stars cast as well as the adorable Gosselin children. Now YOU have the chance to win one of 5 kids short sleeve tees I have available as a raffle for being one of my loyal readers!

ON THIS POST ONLY (non contest comments please go to the other post): I would like to hear why you are a Kate Gosselin fan. Or maybe why you are a fan of the Gosselin kids. Or maybe even Jon. Then I want to hear why you are a fan of this blog and how long you have been reading and/or posting here. And lastly why this blog stands above the rest!

Then if you can, (to get additional entries to this contest) get as many people you know who are also fans of the show to come comment here as new readers! Those newbies that you bring to post a comment here and refer you by your screen name as a referral gives them an entry into this contest and you an additional entry! My goal here is to get new readers to the site that may not have known about it. (They must sign into Blogger with an account as I do not accept Anon. posts) With the addition of so many new fan sites and blogs, we need to get people back to the original. To the BEST! lol kidding. So the 5 sweetest (IMO) and the most original comments (one entry per person please unless its a newbie referral) will win one of my 5 kids tees! (Retail $25.00 each)Then your info. will be submitted to PeaceLoveMoon to send you the kids s/s tee of your choice !(choose from the 5 styles below in either black or white). Sizes run for kids only 2-12. Don't have kids? Give it to trendy little one you love! Contest runs now till Sunday May 16th! Get those comments coming! Thanks for your support! xoxoxox Baby Mama

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  1. Well, I don't think I will win, but this is my response.

    I am not really a fan, more of an interested spectator, but I must admit I become protective when people say negative things about Kate. I think the mother in me can identify with her and I take it personally. I see myself responding and reacting the way she does and it is nice to be validated in my thinking. I have been watching this blog for about one year, until I had the courage to post. I came here because I was feeling frustrated with other sites, siding with Jon at that time and demonizing Kate. I started reading this site and noticed that there was a lot of support for Kate and SG and a couple others helped me challenge my perspective of Jon. I liked the duality of views.

    It's a great site and I like how it is moderated.

  2. Lol Baby Mama, I see that Jon is no no longer included in your page. Oh well, I do feel kinda sorry for him but he's the one who started this whole mess. He must be kicking himself for what he's lost, a beutiful wife and children to die for.

    I've been reading your site for over a year but have posted only recently. I thought I had to defend you as well as the fans here from JW(Darth Vadar) and her evil crews, lol. I have seen all the episodes and was really disappointed with Jon and all his recent immature behavior, which ironically got me more interested in the Gosselins. Anyways, I wish continue success on your site as well as Kate and the children(even Jon).

  3. OKKKK!!! Here goes nothin...I have watched the show since day 1...day 1 meaning "Surviving Sextuplets & Twins" day 1!! I watch them over & over again, truthfully I dont enjoy the later ones (new house) as much as the older ones...It stopped touching base w/ me when they got the 1.1 million dollar house. The reason I ♥ the show is...she is just a "teensy bitsy" anal just like me..I am slightly a germaphobe...and I loved how she had little instructions or verses taped all over everything in the house..I actually copied her & did that to my house..we were in the process of selling our house and the realtor suggested I take them down & I said NEVER!! People that came to see the house actually commented more than once about how nice it was to see them :) I ♥'d how she always tried to feed them healthy foods, she taught me many tricks to help us out in that, which I don't do often enuf, but HEY something is better than nothing right??? They were just an all around general down to earth family in the early days, It made me feel so very good to know that a mom was talking to her kids & husband like there was not a camera in her face...I miss the old Jon & Kate & the old house & the old life immensely :(

    About the blog....I check it every morning right after facebook & many times during the day..I ♥ how BabyMama will bring someone to their knees if she feels the need!! It would be soo hard to have to listen to sooo many different perspectives on Kate & Jon, but she has done it wonderfully for 2 yrs..and still continues to do so!!

    Have a great day y'all!! =)

  4. Baby Mama,
    I don't think I qualify for the raffle drawing since I'm not a new poster. I've been a fan of your site almost from the beginning but didn't post until about a year ago.

    I am a fan of Kate's and the children, and hope one day to be once again a fan of Jon's. Being a mom isn't easy. Being a mom to multiples isn't easy. Children do not arrive with a manual like cars. Kate handled the separation and divorce with dignity and grace. Despite pain, she didn't "throw Jon under the bus." she was able to acknowledge mistakes and move forward. She knows to allow healing time before even considering any new relationship. I wish all of the Gosselins much happiness in the future.

    Thank you also for giving us a forum to express likes and even dislikes without hate. Thanks for keeping that broom and flyswatter handy.

  5. I've watched every episode of J&K until the divorce, then I couldn't do it anymore. I am a Kate fan because I see her doing whatever it takes to raise the kids, she's strong, determined, no nonsense. If she were a man there would be a much different take on her personality. Women that are driven and goal oriented are seen as selfish B$Tche$ while men are praised for how they go about becoming successful. I mean, look at Jon and all the excuses they make for him.

    Kate is anal, so am I, I like order, I want my kids to have a better life than I did, so nothing got in the way of me getting it, I see that in her.

    I've been reading this blog for over a year, I found by accident the GWOP site and hated the mediocrity posted there. Just hate and jealousy for the sake of hate and jealousy.

    I don't like whimpy men that are lazy and have no goals. Must be why I am not a fan of Jon. My DH is in it for the long haul. He's not a whiner, if there's something to get done we do it as a team, then sit back and admire our accomplishments.

    My DH raised our daughter while I went to nurse's training, held down the home while I worked 32 hours a week and educated myself.

    Jon didn't do anything but whine and is still trying to find ways to sabotage the life his kids could have but offers nothing to help with their upbringing.

    Baby Mama does a find job of balancing all of the personaities here and taking out the trash (JW) when the need arises. I love it here and check daily.

  6. I started watching the show by accident back towards the end of 2008, (I think). My son was flipping channels and they were showing the vowel renewal. I told him to stop, when I saw the airport scene. I had gone to Hawaii in May of 2006, (with out the kids and husband), and told my son, who was almost 8 at the time, it was the same airport. We continued to watch and they stayed in the same resort I had stayed in. From that moment we both became fascinated by the show.

    It didn't take us long to watch every episode, since TLC is famous for replaying everything "thousands" of times. It was so refreshing to have a show that we could watch as a family. My son was the same age as the twins and my daughter the same age as the sextuplets. Even my husband would watch with us, I would tease him that I could be more like Kate. The show never had earth shattering themes, but it always left something for us to discuss as a family. My kids were devasted when it ended, I was too, but even the divorce gave me the oppurtunity to explain "divorce" to my kids.

    Around January of 2009 I stumbled across this blog. Having recently becoming interested in the show I was "googling" to learn more about them. I was completley disgusted with some of the things I had read. Thankfully I found this blog and have been here ever since.

    Baby Mama~ I can not thank you enough for this blog. This is the only blog I faithfully read and comment on. You do a great job of letting people respectfully express opposing views. I love how you have the "Mama Bear" mentality when it comes to not only this blog, but your loyal readers and posters. I doubt many other moderators would be as concerned about the safety and well being of their posters. (Regardless of the contest, I want you to know how much I truely appreciate all of the time and effort you put into this!)

  7. When I first started watching the show I was more of a Jon fan, but that soon changed.

    I am a Kate fan because of her love for her children. Her ability to guide them with love, honesty and strength. She's showing them how to handle life's up and down with grace, respect and agility.

    Through the years I believe she's put up with a lot, and even more after the divorce. She has handled it with such grace that many could not do. It truly shows her character,strength and devotion to her children. She will go to no end to protect her children from the pain some people place on their little shoulders.

    She's an amazing person, role model for her children and I believe beautiful inside and out.

  8. OK, so here goes.

    I stumbled on the first special around the time the 2nd special came out. I was a new mom, my daughter was about 3-4 months and I felt completely overwhelmed. Watching Kate do it with 8 made me feel my life was doable. No, I didn't always agree with how she interacted with Jon. But truthfully, I understood it. It's hard to carry that kind of weight -- knowing it's all up to you. Everyone looking to you to lead. I got it.

    I fell in love with the series when it began and watched re-runs at every opportunity. Kate was accomplishing things with the kids that I would soon tackle in my own life. I liked that the show was real and about everyday things. The kids were adorable and somehow they made it all work.

    After the announcement of the divorce, I was heartbroken as if a good friend was divorcing. I could see both sides of why it broke down. But then came Jon's shinnanigans and true colors came flying out. The more Jon's behavior got out of control, the more contained Kate seemed. I admired that she kept her opinions to herself, never airing them publicly or in front of the kids. My respect grew by leaps and bounds as Kate held it together, not just for herself, but for 8 impressionable kids. I identify with Kate as a mother.

    I loved the new book, I Just Want You to Know. Not once did she bash Jon (perhaps sales would be better if she had). But she said nothing about the demise, but used the opportunity to express love and gratefullness to her kids (and fans). She's not a writer, but I appreciated the matter-of-factness about the book.

    Now I am firmly entrenched on Kate and the kid's side of this. I know she'll do well in whatever she undertakes.

    I discovered this site about a year and half ago. I rarely comment, but appreciate BabyMama bringing all the Gosselin news to one spot. A million thanks! Can't wait for the new series!

  9. Contest Entrance Essay:
    During the end of 2007 to 2008, I watched J&K+8 in the morning. Not knowing they were reruns or that the up to date show was on in the evening. Then I became a real fan of the show because I wanted to see the kids.
    Kate was a real hard working Mom back then, and I love how she organized everything with sticky notes, and had instructions for all the helpers. When you have that many kids, someone has to be structured. Jon pitched in to help as soon as he walked in the door from work. All Kate had to do is ask and he was willing and available to help. Those were the good old days, remember those days??
    It was the first "Reality" show that I ever watched, and boy was I hooked. It was the Gosselin Kids that caught my attention and made me a fan of the show.
    Baby Mama, I didn't find your Blog until Sept. or Oct. of 2008, and maybe I googled it to find more info. I honestly don't remember how I found you, but it's been a trip. LOL!
    Never heard of ROL, TMZ, or any other sites until information started to slip out that the show was not real. It actually made me mad and ruined it for me. JMO! I continued reading your site because I found interesting post from women of all walks in life. We shared different opinions about J&K+8 on your Blog, but I learned more about raising multiples then having 23 1/2 years in the field of Early Childhood Ed. Hands on experience is sometimes a better Teacher then all the books money can buy! The Gosselin Family showed it all. The Good, Bad, and Ugly as Kate would say.
    It wasn't until Oct. 2009, that I finally figured out how to post comments!. LOL! After reading other sites that are mean, or just repeat what the daily news was, there is no comparison to this one. A person can post here and not get put down for what they say. We might not always agree, but at least the people here are treated like adults and have respect for each other. (that is a quote form a reliable source).

    Last but not least, Baby Mama, your computer skills are just out of this world compared to mine. The headlines, side bars, trivia quiz, videos, colors, etc., etc., etc., are just fantastic. As far as I'm concerned, no other other site comes close to looking as good as yours. It must take hours and hours to keep up! You do good work.

  10. I started watching Jon and Kate from the very first special because I have always been intrigued by large families and just the family dynamics of raising babies and young children in general. I had always kept up with any specials on the Dilleys, etc and the Gosselins were no different. Their care and love for the kids shown through, and the bickering, oh well they are human. I could see many of Kates' quirks in myself, for instance her tirade on them getting gum from Aunt Jodie could have very easily and embarrassingly come out of my mouth, also the way she packs the van, etc, is like what I would do or wish I would do. It's a little like vicariously raising young kids through tv watching, since the ones I've helped raise are all much older.
    I devoured Multiple Blessings and started looking for things Gosselin related on the web arond the time that I knew they had moved, but wanted to see more about the new house out of curiosity. I think that is when Jon had the interview in Utah. I would find that GWOP and didn't care for how Gossipy it was with all the Aunt Jodie stuff. Around the tinme that Babymama moved her site over here from AntiGosselinsWithout Pity is when I found this site and I fell in love especially because it was around the time that really emotional things were going on with the family and the people in my land world weren't into discussing it. I cried about the divorce and the end of the show for instance and it was nice to have someplace where people don't think you are cookoo for caring.
    My computer skills had never consisted of blogging, twitter, or message boards,etc, so it took me awhile to 1)Get the guts to post something 2)figure out how to do so and 3)decide that something I had to say was worth posting since everybody else is soo interesting even when you don't always agree. Since around September when I first started posting I have leared soo many computer skills that I now use on a daily basis from all of you guys and met some really neat friends on this site. It has broadened my world and I really appreciate it and the time that all of the people who comment and especially BabyMama have put into this site.

  11. Ok heres mine
    I am a kate gosselin Fan because of her personality and her strength to go at it alone well almost alone every day and with the paps following her she still has a brave face at the end 4 her kids she insperisers me so much in the last few years to Live life how it comes I am a gosselin kids Fan because They are the most adorable kids i have ever Seen not just saying that the and the second i saw the show wich was plane ride to utah in Florida in 2007 i think I fell in love with the show and a year later jon and kate plus 8 came to london uk and i fell in love even more i was obsessed with the show so much! Then i found this blog! :) probley about a year ago and just read it now and again and commented off and on And i relie on this blog so much now lol And This blog stands out so much because it from a real gosselin fan tht doesnt talk hobbile about them ive seen other and they are ment to be fan sites and they turned into haters site and this one never has and never well.

    Wow feels like ive been writeing for ages well thts the story :)

  12. Saw the Gosselin kids in the Phili Airport today going to Orlando

  13. Ok Baby Mama here I go.....

    I have watched the Gosselins from the very first special. I fell in love with them because the whole family reminded me of the dynamic of my family (minus 5 children!) Kate's personality is very similar to mine, I am not quite as OCD as she is but the first time my husband heard Kate say "hello??" to Jon he almost passed out! LOL I also have PCOS with out the fertility issues that Kate had but none the less, it's a difficult health problem to have and I identified with her very strongly. The "original" Jon was very similar to my husband and when his personality changed I think I almost felt betrayed because I would look at them and think...if they can do it, so can we...and he shattered that image I had that there were other marriages out there like mine and they worked! But it also cemented that I am married to the best guy for me and he was appalled at Jon's behavior.

    I found this site because I was a lurker on AntiGosselinswithoutpity for a while and I follow My Semblance of Sanity, so naturally I had to check out this site and the rest is history. I like this site because for the most part we have rational and intelligent debates and not all of us have the same opinions, but we agree to disagree on some points and all is well. I honestly don't remember when I actually started posting...it seems like I have been part of this site forever! I love it! (That and Baby Mama rocks!)

  14. Guys forgive me for deleting some of these.. this thread is for the contest only. Please go to the new thread up for commenting.. Why are there no people here? Hey better for you guys!

  15. Baby Mama - Would it be OK to do a Chapter 2 of my Essay? I think I forgot a few things! LOL

  16. First I want to thank you, Baby Mama, for maintaining a good balance here and you work hard to post relevant, accurate and current news and photos. I try to check in here every day to keep up-to-date.

    Two years ago I started watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 and those precious children are an amazing miracle. It's hard to understand those who have to hate on Kate. I see her as a Mom who has struggled and found the way that works for her to raise and support her family. Her organizational skills help to avoid chaos. She loves her children and wants what is best for them. It was hard to watch the show towards the end when the marriage was in trouble and I actually felt a sense of loss when it became apparent they would divorce. Those last few interviews were hard for Kate and in her new shows I expect to see a calmer more natural Kate as she adjusts to her new normal. The past 12+ months have been filled with change and upheaval for this family and I pray they can have fun doing some new shows, I look forward to watching.
    Kate--if you are reading here, I wish you and your family continued success and joy in the journey.

  17. Baby Mama thanks for doing this. I’m sure so many people want to tell you why they enjoy the Gosselin family and your blog.

    Kate has been such an inspiration to me. I started watching J&K+8 in the 2nd season. When I watch the show my DH would come into the room and ask why I was laughing so hard whenever I watched J&K+8. I would tell him because this family is sooo real and we are exactly like them. We bickered and argued just like Jon and Kate did at stupid little things. My DH is easy going and let loose, while I am uptight, wants things perfect, makes lists and organizes. Since the divorce we have looked at our own life and said we need to change cause if this happens to them and we are just like them we need to change things.
    I look at Kate as a role model. I figure if she has 8 children, 6 of them being the same age and she was able to handle the 6 during their "terrible 2 and 3" stage I can pass thru mine. I think any women that can handle any large family is a saint. I have learned so much about organization, time management, fun children’s activities, and self worth from Kate. She is a wonderful mother, and women. And the final reason I am a Kate supporter is because thru all the hard crap Jon has put her thru this past year or so she has never gone to the public and completely bashed on Jon, she holds her head high, and always does what she needs to do for her children.

    I found this blog when the Gosselin family announced their move to the big house. I was doing a search on their new house and found the GWOP website and reading thru all the crap on their (that has been the 1 and only time I have gone on that site) and someone posted something about your website so I checked it out. I have been reading at your website since I found it. I don't post often but when I do post I feel like I should really say something; however, I do read your blog every day, and sometimes several times a day.
    I am a fan of this blog because I appreciate the moderation, and for the most part its all positive. I like that everyone bands together to try and get JW to not post. I enjoy reading everyone's different opinions.
    I also appreciate having all the Gosselin news on one website so I don't have to go looking thru websites, which I wouldn’t do anyways. This blog stands above the rest because its so unique, it’s a fun blog, and there are so many diverse people (mainly women) that read and post here. This blog is only about the Gosselins, not anyone other star, and its not necessarily a gossip blog, more of an up-to-date Gosselin blog.

    I do have to admit I have not watched the show on reruns since Jon cut the children off the show, and I am definatly looking forward to the new episodes of Twist of Kate and Kate + 8!

  18. Okay, here we go!

    I am first and foremost a fan of the Gosselin kids! They are such an adorable bunch. I have loved watching all of their different personalities and quirks. I have also literally sat on my sofa, cracking up at the funny things that are said between the 8 of them. (Oh, there are SO many!) I am also a Kate fan. She is an amazing mom, and the kids are so lucky to have her to stick with them through the thick and thin. I have admired her organization and creativity during the earlier seasons, and now I admire her for coming out of this divorce with her head held high and for being so strong and continuously supportive of her kids. As for Jon, I used to like him, but now he has just gone off the deep end. I think that he has been improving a little just recently, but he still is a troubled guy. In my mind,there are almost two different Jons. I can't really put the two of them together though... they are totally different people. I hope to be a Jon fan in the future though! I'll just keep my fingers crossed for the sake of the kids, and hope that he shapes up!

    My favorite "Gosselin times" (cheesy, I know!) were the second and third seasons. Also early in season four, before things started to get fishy and a bit fake with Jon and Kate's marriage crumbling. Prior to the divorce, I thought that Jon and Kate were so funny together! I loved the couch interviews and hearing them joke about the kids and one another. As weird as this sounds... I really miss that, and I wish that they were still going strong, instead of where they are now.

    I am beside myself in excitement for Kate Plus 8! I have missed seeing the kids more than I expected to when the show was first canceled. I'm counting down the days until June 6th!

    As for this blog... I love it! I can't really remember when started to post here, but I feel like I've been reading for such a long time. I check here almost every day, and it is the most informative, friendly place to catch up on all things Gosselin, IMO! I so appreciate that there are different points of view here.. and that they are candid and not just full of hate. Everyone here is so nice!

    Oh, and Baby Mama... don't take this the wrong way, but as adorable as the T-shirts are, I just did this entry for fun. Please give them to other deserving fans! :)

  19. hello, i'm rachel and i'm a new blogger but i am not new to Kate, the eight, or even this site. I just adore Kate Gosselin because she can keep her composure and still manage to hold her head high despite the fact that people will always have something hateful to say about her. Besides being thick skinned, she's an amazing supermom! She handle eight kids all alone, if she can do that anyone can handle one or two. I love the Gosselin children because they are absolutely adorable, they are well behaved and have their own individual personalities, i dont like to say i have a favorite, because they're all perfect in their own ways, but i do think Cara is a sweetheart and Alexis is so funny, but like I said, I love them all ;] hehe. And last but certainly not least, I have stopped by this blog a few times and I just love how up to date and sweet it is. :] but i've never commented because i didnt know what to say :/ Just know I'm a big fan of this site and how devoted of a fan you are.

    Love x8 x],

  20. Chapter II of my Contest Essay

    After reading my previous post, I realized that I didn't comment about anything that happened in 2009. That's because It was such a terrible year and I am to a point where I don't want to rehash all the negative things that happened to J&K. We all know about it, so why should we keep commenting about. Here's why!
    I am a divorced Mom, and it took 2 years and 7 months to get through the process. Eighteen months of that was a battle over custody. I was awarded the kids and house and the war was over, so I thought. It was a long hard road after being a SAHM that hadn't worked in 10 years. That being said, I related to J&K on a very emotional level because it brought back a flood of memories. Watching the downfall of their relationship brought tears to eyes. It made me understand how and why the posters here got so involved with the show. Isn't it amazing to see so many fans attached to J&K for so many reasons.
    Like Kate is doing, I made sure the kids had a father in their lives. Children need both parents. That's why I am a supporter of Fathers Rights, be it visitation or custody, they need to be involved with their children.

    Just a Gosselin Fan!

  21. you are all invited to my respectful kate plus 8 facebook page. if you are a hater please do not bother joining. this is a sincere kate plus 8 fans only page http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=112382872116874&!/group.php?gid=112382872116874#!/group.php?gid=112382872116874

  22. First off, thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart for entering my contest. You guys are my regulars, my commenters, and I appreciate and love you all. Its like picking my favorite kids!I just couldn't. I was at my wits end this morning when my daughter said to me.."mom, why don't we just put the names in a hat & I choose?" Well thank goodness I have such amazing kids!

    So super CONGRATS to my following WINNERS!


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