Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kate's Shoes For Charity, Kate's Back On Dancing, Jon Buys Birthday Presents

Kate Donates Shoes For Charity:

Have you ever wanted to actually walk or dance in a celebrities footsteps?  Well now you can – Kate Gosselin and Cheryl Burke are among a slew of celebrities that have donated their autographed shoes for Hillsides Foster Soles in Los Angeles. But to squeeze into Kate’s shoes you are going to have to have pretty tiny feet! The reality mom donated a pair of her size 5 1/2 shoes from her gig on Dancing With The Stars for the worthy cause.

Kate autographed the shoes, along with other cast members of the current season. Honorary event chair, Dr. Drew Pinsky, who serves on the board for Hillsides, tells, "I have been practicing medicine in the Pasadena area for over 20 years and one of my patients introduced me to the institution. She knew that I had a special concern in for the pandemic of childhood abuse and the lack of quality mental health services for victimized children." Pinsky’s wife Susan says, "Anything I can do to support them I am always willing. The more extraordinary story though is how responsive my celebrity friends were when I asked them to participate." To bid on the celebs fabulous footwear, visit The auction lasts until May 20th.

Kate Gosselin to return to ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars' for finale:

She may not have the energy for another child, but Kate Gosselin has one more dance left in her. According to the reality TV mom's blog, she will be making an appearance in the final episode of "Dancing with the Stars" at the end of the month. "There better be one more dance left in me: Get ready for the DWTS finale on May 24, 25!!! I'll be there," the mother of eight wrote on her TLC blog Tuesday. "C'mon, I know you missed my unique dance style!"

Despite the mini-breakdowns and the fact that her partner, Tony Dovolani, once quit on her, Gosselin seems to have fond memories of her time on the ABC show. "I learned many valuable lessons and many things about myself," she wrote of "DWTS," from which she was eliminated in week five. "I had the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people -- many of whom I'll remain friends with long beyond our days of dance. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!"

What Did Jon Gosselin Buy For His Kids Birthday?

Less than a day after Kate Gosselin hit up Party City for party supplies for the sextuplets 6th birthday on Monday, Jon Gosselin was spotted doing a little birthday shopping of his own. So what is he getting the kids? Looks like some water guns!!

Two words for Jon, going forward: online shopping. I mean, come on—these kids are going to figure out how to Google one of these days. Or worse, some kid at their school is going to see a picture of Jon shopping in US Weekly, and be like, “Hey Joel–guess what you’re getting for your birthday? A water gun!!” Although I guess ‘ruined birthday surprises’ is going to be pretty low down on the list of ways these kids feel wronged by their parents. It’ll be at least a few spots lower than, say ‘broadcasting every moment of their young lives to the far corners of the universe’. You know what would be funny, though? If we see the pictures from the party next week (Yes, by ‘if’ I mean ‘when’) and it turns out the super soakers weren’t for the kids at all. I mean, I could totally see Jon buying water guns for himself. Or water balloons. Or any number of kids toys, really.


  1. maybe he's buying more water guns for the kids to squirt the paparazzi with.

  2. Haha tashapork..I was thinking that too. He's getting his kids into his bad habit.

  3. The DWTS shoes are in UK sizes, her 5 1/2 would be our size 8, just in case you wanted to know.

  4. Thanks for all of the suggestions on the book! I think that I actually will end up buying it. It wasn't so much a money issue, just whether the $15 would be better spent on the book or a nice pedicure! ;) I know that Kate would have approved of that! Ha ha.

    Linda- Wow, how lucky are you to have all of that family history that you can trace back! I've always wished that I could learn more about my own. The immigrant letters sound really interesting too... I have to admit I'm kind of a history nerd!

  5. Rita - I'm a history buff on the side, lol. If you ever decide to trace your family history I can point you in some search directions, most of which are online. It just takes a lot of cross checking and not giving up, lol.

  6. People are obnoxious. I can't believe how much ranting there is over Kate's shoe size. Size 5 1/2 or size 8 - who the hell cares?

    Kate was not bragging about having small feet - she donated shoes to charity. It is annoying that the focus is on her foot size rather than the fact that she is doing something good.

  7. LOL PAR!

    I know what you mean about the donation, I agree. But at the same time they could have at least gotten the size right. Imagine bidding on a 5 1/2 shoe and getting a size 8. It's actually listed on the auction as 5.5. Besides it was "news" enough to write about Kate having TINY feet, they should have at least got their story right. IMO. ;)


    I love history too but not when I had to rememeber it for a test like in school. Took all the joy out of it. All I remember is In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. ;)

    I'm still fascinated when I drive by a place out here that the Minutemen stayed in. It's falling apart and I would love to buy it and restore it but I know I never really will. We have a lot of historic homes, landmarks and cemeteries by us.

  8. OT:

    LOL Baby Mama at your twitter about the Crazy Bones and Silly Bandz. I had to look them up online because my girls are still young enough to not know or care. Thankfully. Although my daughter just came home and told me she wants Sketchers because they make her friend run really fast. And so it begins...

    When I was young one of the big things was Chinese Jacks.

  9. Buying presents for 6 kid's would be very, very hard..I often struggle for my singles birthday's to come up with new ideas.

  10. Hi Linda! I'd love it if you'd post some sites for geneology. I tried with my family but didn't get far at all. Is there a fee involved in the sites you suggest? I wouldn't mind paying if I was sure there would be accurate info. I think my family hatched with my grandparents because I can't seem to get past that generation.

    Have you ever considered DNA testing? It's expensive but it looks interesting.

    Hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day!!

  11. TGIF! Yes thank you Momsby..Happy Mothers Day Weekend everyone! I am such a last minute shopper, I now have to run around and find something for my mom. She's one of THOSE kind of women that are a bit picky...ugh However, I am not as picky, as I left little hints everywhere of a beautiful pair or sunglasses. Did you know Pandora also makes shades? hehe

    Anastasia~ welcome and thank you for the info about the shoes..Lets face it, I don't alter articles, I just copy & paste them. So hopefully the readers will come here and see your clarification!

    Schmecky~ thankfully these "trends" are super cheap..the GoGo's pastic little crappy figurines have already come and go..Silly Bandz are full on all the rage.. I have a few articles now that they are banning them in school because they are too distracting. They are basically colorful rubber bands in the shape of anything from animals to mircophones. They are hot hot hot right now and my daughter trades with them. Costs about $2.00 for a pack of 12. She already has about 60. Cause lets face it, my family has an issue of trend

    I unfortunately have 2 parties and one Communion this weekend, so this will be the last post I put up until any news on the Tups B-DAY. I'm assuming that it will be big, although they may not do anything public at all. Which would be surprising IMO..

    So enjoy the fresh Vanilla paper and I will be in from time to tim in case I smell some poopy NOT coming from my babies diaper.. If you know what I mean TROLLS! XOXOX

  12. Baby Mama,

    I have a busy weekend too, starting this afternoon. I have a wedding tomorrow. Wish me luck dancing in my 4" stilettos. I probably should have worn them to Target and the mall the past few months to get used to them.

    All you mommies enjoy your special weekend!

  13. Schmecky - you are so funny. I enjoy your sarcasm (?)sometimes dry humor a lot more with "moderation" off so comments flow faster. Does that make sense? Sometimes it's harder to pull off writing rather than in person where you can hear the inflections and see facial expressions.

  14. Schmecky - I agree about the history and school part. I had some fabulous teachers who made history come alive. Also, I had some who could have sucked blood from a rock.

  15. ahhh annastasia thank you for clarifing the the size. I have size 5.5 US size and I thought her shoes looked alot bigger than that. Plus those are kates shoes but all of the other stars have signed them too correct??

    BM, my daughter came home from school with a Silly Banz that someone gave her and she was so excited. I didnt get what all the fuss was, but oh well she loved it.

  16. katherineDenise~ My daughter gives them out to the kids and she is the most popular kid right now..

    I forgot to say thank you to whoever explained to me the Mrs. Kravitz thing..I heard Bewitched stunk so I didn't see it, and I'm actually a bit too young to know anything about the old series! Anyone that hears anything about the TUPS THIS WEEKEND..E-MAIL ME!

  17. Rita – The genealogy search can be expensive if you hire others. Most of it you can do yourself with a good computer and aren’t in a hurry. Send me an email and I’ll send you info.

  18. How old are you anyway BabyMama? Cause, I am 29 and I know about the show...I loved it! I thought I was still a young mom :)

  19. Thank you Baby Mama, someone was not happy with me for clarifying the shoe size-I did not mean anything critical, seems like some people have to pick apart what some of us have to say, even when it's far from saying anything negative.

  20. Bewitched has been around for a long, long time! What you see on TV is just old re-runs. I watch it when I was a kid, and that a long, long, time ago. LOL
    Linda - there is a site called that people can register on to search. I am not sure how it works, but my brother has our Family Tree in process. So far, we have traced family ties back 5 generations on one side, and 6 on the other.
    It's interesting.

  21. PAR-no one else was negative about me clarifying the shoe size- what's your problem? Can't you just be a nice person?

  22. annastasia. Gee, sorry someone picked apart your shoe-size post. I was glad to get that info, because when I read that she wore size 5.5, I was shocked because Kate does not look petite at all. JMO

    Happy Mothers Day To All!!!

  23. Rita & Caregiver - is a great site if you have a starting point. Rita had said she didn't have much of a starting point. You can also go to state records, census, etc.(some of which are also on Also the church genealogy records in Utah are great, etc. etc.

  24. Yuck. Yuckier. Yuckiest. That's become my take on the View. Twice this week I've sat through that program in the lobby at the doctor's office. First the unthinking remarks by Elizabeth over Erin's costumes. Then listening today to Whoopi, who thinks Mike Tyson is wonderful. I'm glad he's off drugs also. But to idealize a convicted rapist, wife beater, etc. Geez. Yuck. I do not want to sit through that program again. Barbara needs to clean house and start over with the "talent" there. Or, cancel it once and for all. Sorry if I've offended. JMO.

  25. annastasia maybe PAR was refering to what people were posting on another site?? I knew some of the haturz would have a fit about her donating them. Thats what I took from her post.

    BM, Do you still have the link from where Kate got her necklace thats he wears all time? thanks

  26. Omg Linda I so agree, you couldnt pay me to watch that show. Whoopie is (well I am too nice to call names) but I REALLY dont like her. Yeah what Elizabeth said was aweful!!! The day Barbara brought in Rosie it all went downhill from there. I will say though I like Joy and glad she got her own show, I watch it all the time and I do like Sherri, shes funny but not enough for me to watch all the other blabber mouths.

  27. My2girls~ I tell everyone I'm 21, but actually you need to add 10 and a few singles ;)

    KatherineDenise~ Kate wears a few necklaces. If your talking about the photo necklace that used to advertise on this site its She has a stunning ring now as well. I love my necklace! Tell them the Gosselin Fan Site sent you!

    Anastasia~ I don't think it was an attack on you personally, and I do appreicate letting everyone know. I hate putting stuff up that may be inaccurate. PAR is great though and I'm sure meant no ill will. Silly Bandz for everyone! lol

    Now The View..well that show does makes me ill..

  28. annastasia said...
    PAR-no one else was negative about me clarifying the shoe size- what's your problem? Can't you just be a nice person?

    I wasn't referring to your comment at all. And my only problem is with all the people on the Internet who constantly criticize Kate no matter what - even when she is engaged in donating to charity. I most assuredly can be nice person and didn't realize that anyone here would take what I was saying personally.

  29. Hi everyone!

    Sorry to be MIA so long. My twins are running me ragged these days and everyone has battled another round of some virus. This is getting so old but I hope the cold weather is gone for good and we can be done with these germs.

    I think it's awesome that Kate is donating her shoes to charity and I really look forward to seeing her on the DWTS finale. I'm so glad she'll be back.

    I also hope the sextuplets will have a great birthday and that both parents can put their differences aside long enough to make it a special and fun day for them. As long as Jon keeps his new gf away, things will probably be fine.

    To all the mommies:

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope everyone enjoys this weekend with their kids, young or older.

    Baby Mama:

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend too and thank you for all you do here on top of all your mommy duties!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Hope to come around more often. I miss it here. lol

    Talk Later All!

  30. Oh cool thanks BM, I was thinking it was from Tiffany's, dont know why though, lol

  31. Okay,Par,sorry if I took it the wrong way.Happy Mother's Day all you moms!

  32. I think Kate's reps should make a statement to set the record straight... That Kate does NOT have teeny tiny feet. I'm appalled they've let such a blatant untruth run rampant throughout the media just to make Kate seem petite.

    Kidding! ;)

  33. Thank you for not asking my age... I'm an old mom... Especially for having very young kids. I could be a grandmother if my kids had kids young enough. Instead I'll be an old granny. *sigh

  34. LOL I was trying to point out a picture of Kate's feet from the right sidebar but none of the pics show her feet! I definitely think she's more like an 8--I know several people, of all heights, with size 6 1/2 and under feet and the feet always look distinctive. Since I'm always admiring Kate's outfits, I do notice her feet so would have caught that! Plus I wear dance shoes when I go to dance class at the gym and they are in European sizes.

    Schmecky: One of these days you'll need to post your Disney itinerary since you blocked your blog. Not specific days but more curious about what your plan is for a 2 week period:) My dream is to spend 2 weeks down there!

    Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!

  35. Schmecky - We waited to have children until it happened for us, and I was 28 when I had my first born, and 3 years later a second one. It keeps you feeling young when you have little ones to care for. Now they are in their 30's having their first ones. I am an old Grandma now, but still willing and able to help if I can. I think my Ex. and I are the newest and oldest Grandparents out of our whole bunch. I can't wait until they get here tomorrow. I am cooking and cleaning and also want to do pudding painting and shaving cream. LOL! If her Mom will let me???LOL!
    I always say enjoy them when they are little, because by the time they are pre-teens they would rather be with their friends.

    Enjoy and Happy Mothers Again Everyone.

  36. OPPS!
    I meant Happy Mothers Day!
    More coffee

  37. Proverbs 31:
    ....25 She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    she can laugh at the days to come.

    26 She speaks with wisdom,
    and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

    27 She watches over the affairs of her household
    and does not eat the bread of idleness.

    28 Her children arise and call her blessed;
    her husband also, and he praises her:

    29 "Many women do noble things,
    but you surpass them all."

    You all have a wonderful and blessed Happy Mothers Day!

  38. Happy Mother's day. I hope Jon helps the kids get soemthing for their mother for mothers day. Women often do this for kids' fathers even after divorce, but I don't know if men do.
    They may celebrate the kid's birthday next week end instead of this week end they did that last year, and they may have private celebration with extended family. I think a lot of people think what they do on camera is all they do, but I think they probably have several celebrations, many families do.

  39. What Mothers Day means to Kate,,20367222,00.html

    Kate Gosselin Gets Ready For Return To DWTS

    I was trying to insert link but it didnt work, grr

  40. Happy Mother's Day Wonderful Women.

  41. Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing, wonderful ladies that comment on my site...You are greatly appreciated! xoxoxox

  42. Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies!!

  43. I don't have any children..........:( and at 44, I doubt it will happen. At least not physically.

  44. tiggerfan, I always celebrate the Aunts and Friends of mine who have become psuedo aunts to my children on Mother's Day too. With out all these women in my children's lives, they would not have grown to be the fantastic humans they are. So this day is for you too tiggerfan.

  45. tiggerfan1965~ fascinated is's a day to be thankful and blessed for ALL the women in your life..moms, aunts cousins included :)

  46. Happy day to all the special ladies at the GFFS!

  47. Tigger - It's intermission at a touring production of Wicked. A whole group of family - kids, aunts who are without kids, special honorary moms and honor aunts etc. Many who made a difference in myife were relations by "heart" and not by blood. It's a special day for women making a difference in the life of others. Hugs! Gotta run!

  48. Happy Mother's Day! I have been super busy lately, I've still been reading, just haven't had time to post.

    tiggerfan~I agree with everyone else, Mother's Day is a day to celebrate the special women in your life!

  49. anothermom & Jessica..miss tallking with you ladies..hope to see guys around more soon! Hope everyone is having a great day!

  50. I helped my grandniece make her mom (my niece) a pancake breakfast this morning. So I am all about celebrating. And love my mom dearly. We are going to dinner soon.

    I sometimes just get wistful that I won't hear happy mother's day to me.

  51. tiggerfan1965~ I understand your feelings and I know a few people like yourself feeling the same way today. I wanted to let you know it's ok to feel that way while also taking the time to enjoy the day. And always rembering to celebrate all the other many ways you are blessed.

  52. This is only my second post in months-but I do visit a few times a week. It's so good to hear the Gosselin news and I really miss the Monday night show.

    Happy Mother's Day

  53. Corrina..nice to hear from you.. I try not to feel sad when I don't see people post as much. It's always great to see that everyone still reads and supports regardless!

    OK BACK TO THE GOSSELIN WEEKEND! Well you didn't think Kate was doing nothing for the kids for their birthday did you? Well the new Gosselin kids party post is coming up soon! FRESH PAPER BEFORE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE EVERYONE! (Cause I'm not missing my Brett) xoxoxox