Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kate is A Mall Mommy, Jon Reads Kates Book at Target, Tony & Kate's Playdate  Kate Gosselin was snapped taking her eight children on an after-school trip to the Birkshire Mall in Reading, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Recently ousted from Dancing With the Stars, the single mother-of-eight is back in the swing of suburban life, as she wrote on her TLC blog Tuesday that she's relieved to be out of the spotlight for the time being. "All said and done, and having had a chance to reintegrate back into home life and do a bit of reflecting," she wrote, "I am extremely happy to have time to think an entire thought. "With all of that said," Kate wrote in her blog, "I think there better be one more dance left in me: Get ready for the DWTS finale on May 24, 25!!! I'll be there..."And we'll be there watching; Kate's new book, I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family, is in stores now.

Jon & The Paps Read Kate's Book At Target?

This gave us a chuckle. Jon Gosselin was snapped at a Reading, Pennsylvania Target store Tuesday eyeing his ex-wife Kate's new book, I Just Want You To Know: Letters To My Kids On Love, Faith And Family. When asked if there was anything about him in the book, Jon responded (with a hint of sarcasm), "There's a lot, like the first 20 chapters." He placed the book back onto the shelf, telling the photographer he wasn't going to buy it. Jon looked to be ready for summer with a snazzy, short-cropped hairdo, though missing were the flashy Ed Hardy threads, as he wore a striped blue polo shirt.

Kate Gosselin & Tony Dovolani's Playdate? E!

Reports may have claimed Tony Dovolani couldn't wait "to get rid of" Kate Gosselin, but the Dancing With the Stars pro-dancer says he and the reality TV mom have actually kept in touch. "We talk a couple of times a week," Dovolani told us yesterday at George Lopez' Celebrity Golf Classic & 2010 Audi Quattro Cup at the Lakeside Golf Club in L.A.'s Toluca Lake. "Kate misses her Dancing With the Stars family. In fact, she misses dancing altogether. That, to me, is music to my ears."

Also music to the sexy 36-year-old's ears? The idea of bringing his family together with Ms. Gosselin's..."Our kids will probably have some playdates soon," Dovolani said. "I absolutely think that would be fun. People love talking about kids, so we always have a good conversation that way." It probably doesn't hurt that Dovolani's wife Lina is looking forward to hanging out with the mom of eight as well: "My wife is a big enthusiast of Kate's show, so, yeah, it'd definitely be great to get the families together."

Gosselin blogged today that she had a "wave of sadness" come over her recently when she took a look at her discarded dancing shoes in her basement. "Without a doubt, Dancing With the Stars was a life-changing experience," she posted. "I learned many valuable lessons and many things about myself. I had the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people—many of whom I'll remain friends with long beyond our days of dance." And yes, Ms. Kate will be back for the season finale. "I think there better be one more dance left in me," she wrote before ending with, "C'mon, I know you missed my unique dance style!"


  1. Baby Mama - thanks for new thread.

  2. That's just the six kids and that is NOT the Reading Mall parking lot.

  3. Where are they then? had the same post.

  4. That video of Jon is just so strange, are the paps really allowed to follow them into and around a store?? that looks so staged. BM said it best, "I am embaressed for him." I second that!!

  5. Whif..the scent of frsh paper like like my favorite bread and hot spoup at Panera Bread!

    Thank you so much for the links with all the Kate Clothing info. If Gosselin Garb doesn't start up soon I will post all this great info you sent!

  6. Wow, from the looks of those pic's it's much warmer in PA than where I live.
    I'm sure Kate would give Jon an autographed copy of her book if he would like one:0

  7. To go to a freaking Target and bring a video camera crew with you? How lame is that.. Seriously I agree, I'm sure Kate would have autographed one. Funny thing is, she didn't say anything mean about him in there.

    This is apparently how the trolls read Kates book.

  8. I agree that Jon's trip to Target was staged, but when I watched, I saw him full of sadness. It was almost like he put it down because he couldn't deal with the emotion of it. That was just my take but I watched it several times and got the same thing.

  9. About Jon and The Book.....Does anyone besides me think that it looks like he is drawing more attention for increase in sales by his comments:

    Yah, the first 20 chapters are about him. He is making it sound all about him so maybe more people will run out and buy. I bet he already has a copy at home.

  10. Also, that picture looks like Kate is picking up the kids from school.

  11. I think the video of Jon was FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, and was STAGED. As for Kate at the mall with the kids, I thought that is WHERE they catch the school bus to the private school they attend. I don't think she schlepped them to the mall, but that she was photographed at the "bus-stop". As for the photo of Kate in her dancing "costume", not the rag on her, but is it MY imagination that her RIGHT side is ALOT lower than her LEFT side. I didn't watch her on DWTS, nor have I read the new book yet (hoping that it is wrapped up with a pretty bow with my Mother's Day cards-however HIGHLY unlikely) and can't wait to see the new shows. June can't get here fast enough. Any word on when Kate +8 will start airing, or even IF Kate is doing a book tour for this one. So far, I haven't seen any more events for BN....Keep up the great work Mama!!!! I don't get to comment as much as i used to, but ALWAYS a loyal fan!

  12. I was watching TMZ and I just had to put the video up.. On TV the guys were asking "is he allowed ot read on the job?" well as jokes about the Jon Gosselin Book club.

  13. Lol mamaholly, I think your right and now I cant stop looking at it, LOL maybe its the way shes standing?? it doesnt look like shes wearing a bra so maybe just how they are stuffed in there?? its funny and I feel wrong talking about someone elses boobs so much *giggles*

  14. Radar Online has a history of using pictures that are from different times than what they are actually talking about so I wouldn't be surprised if they did go to the mall even if for a quick stop.
    Some of you have Iphones and I am trying to decide if I want to get one. I am trying to decide if I want to get one this month before vacation because they look like they would be soo handy on vacation or wait for the new ones to come out.

  15. Momsby - thank you for your comments. It is slow going but progress is being made. Hope to have more progress to report soon.

  16. tashapork~ I love my IPhone and I highly recommend it! I get to have my blog and the ease of the internet wherever you go, which is a huge plus. A few times when I needed directions I could plug in the address and Map Quest was there to help me. Today I had a bunch of photos on my phone I wanted to print. Through my phone I uploaded them onto Snapfish, then Snapfish sent the order directly to Walgreens, where I was able to pick them up. I now live and breathe on my phone. On top of a million Applications I now have a special Troll Alert lol

  17. Tashapork-
    I love my iphone very very much, but if I were you I would definitely wait. Wait till the new ones are released in June. They will be much faster and much more amazing. Don't jump the gun, they are cool, but the new ones will be even cooler and yours won't be new for long, it'll be obsolete in the blink of an eye.

  18. UGH! I have been going through my e-mails and I got 2 of these cut and jobs regarding stalker WernyGal's post. The troll that passes Kates house for ammo on Kate. Anyway, here is the post regarding the SUPPOSED tell-all on the Gosselins:

    "Yes, Anon, my journalist friend who's writing the book is Al Walentis. He has his own blog and occasionally writes and J&K but mostly he sticks to local and political topics. He worked for US for a few months last year and was privy to a lot of inside info, and he is a respected journalist with 30 years experience. Of course he's human so he can be snarky just like the rest of us, but he is a real journalist."

    First of all..WORKED FOR US? Second of all, we all know how that expose last year that was supposed to "crush the Gosselins" was a laughable joke of nothing that even GWOP was embarassed to be associted with it. Please explain to me why every single year you get some psycho who is not happy with "ze bounty of freebies" that they try to think they will CRUSH Kate Gosselin..And if your such a respectable journalist, then why exactly are you getting your hands dirty with smut unless your looking for a score like a Tiger Woods scandal..makes no sense..

    (FYI: IF every freakin hate site on the web can copy and paste ALL of my comments I make in order to discuss them, I'm going to allow myself ONE copy & paste from a hate site.)

  19. Umm first of all, so hes going to write a book about what he saw standing at the fence for a year?? LMAO oh wow, okay.

    Second, isnt her blog about trying to *save* the kids?? and now shes promoting a book about who knows what about nothing and wanting to make money off of it?? typcial

  20. Seriously, I'm afraid it will be another telling saga about a baby nurse that wasn't treated nice, because Kate had about 2 hours sleep. Remember those? The people that were supposed to be feeding babies out of the goodness of their hearts fell into the Kate hate movement 2 years ago. It's almost good as the story on GWOP from PaMom about how she hates Kate because she didn't say hi to her at a Supermarket.

    If only it's about THAT... lol

  21. BM, Did you ever read WG welcome to the town blog? IMO, it was rather negative & not really very welcoming. To be fair she has alway's posted my questions, and even answered a few to the best of "her knowledge".(although I'm sure she cringes when she's see's Momsby). She has even stated several times that Kate does not speak to her source & she does not know the G's!(hmmm I wonder why?) I do believe I've even seen PaMom post there. Kate did not say hi to her at the Supermarket & that's why she got her hate on?(lol) AW had a fascinating story about Kate, not allowing nosy neigbours or strange fan's into her home.(hmm once again, I wonder why?) I do feel sorry for a respected journalist, who after a 30yr career is let go, forcing him to work for the Tabs by the fence.(But, hmm I do wonder why?)

  22. AW was let go, along with many other newspaper people, at papers all over the country, due to flagging sales and ad revenue. Some venerable papers have closed; the NYT was in financial trouble for awhile. Why? More people get their news via the web today. Newspapers are becoming obsolete. By the time the news is printed and delivered, it's old news. It's also a recycling nightmare. We only read the Sunday paper; the rest is all web for us.

    I am interested to read what AW has to say. WG says he will finish it in a couple of weeks. I guess it has to be edited and vetted and then, finally, printed so it may be awhile. I have no idea what the timetable typically is for books. Anyone know?

    He was a journalist for 31 years, so I'm sure he knows what he's getting into.

  23. Wg just said the book will be available in 2-3 weeks in softcover and electronically.

  24. Wow thanks Momsby~ theres a part of me that feels bad for the guy. He's the one whoes behind fell out of the tree last week? It's the same guy that Jon wanted to shoot for being on his lawn! Seriously though, you know it's gotten bad when this is the only supposed "ace in the hole" story you can get your hands on. If it's anything like that mess of an expose last year, I breathe a sigh of relief that he earned his $100 bucks for telling his story.

  25. BM - What 'expose' last year?

  26. There was this article all the haters said was being written by this big time journalist going to bring down the Gosselins..the no-name girl from some rag mag took months to put together. When it finally came out, it was nothing more than an ariticle that quoted GWOP a few times and a bunch of whining supposed "sources" bitching about all the free stuff the family got in exchange for air time. The trolls retreated in disapointment..which is why this supposed "tell off" is a bit of a joke.

  27. BM -- Forget Mapquest on the iphone - get Google Maps! It's like having a GPS! It will not only find you at your current location - but will give you directions and act as a GPS map! The coolest part about it is that it will give you DRIVING directions - OR - if you are like in the city - it will give you WALKING directions! I swear by the app!

    As for the iphone itself - I have to say that I was perfectly happy with my old phone - but my hubby and son convinced me I needed to try the iphone. I'd never really used any handheld devices we had in the past and figured the iphone would be the same. WRONG. I can't imagine not having my iphone now! There times now, when before I would have taken my laptop, I don't even think twice about just heading out with my phone. Thanks to my iphone I now have my email, twitter, facebook, google, gps, games, recipes, news, music, audio books, camera, video, photos (I could go on and on!), all in my pocket wherever I go!

    We have found some GREAT apps if anyone is ever interested - I'd be glad to share!

  28. cherier1 what are hoping to find in this book?? I am just curious? He has never met Jon or Kate nor the production crew correct?? He didnt interview anyone for this book right?? So anything he does print will all be hearsay so to even beleive anything that comes out of it is insane. What exactly are the haters hoping to read?? I love how all these people USED to scream about how the kids are so mistreated and now look what its come to, nothing but trying to knock Kate and Jon most of the time down. This is just another person trying to make money off of someone else. Like Kate has said, "Take me on, it will just make me stronger"

  29. And just for the record he worked for US magazine who has done nothing but print lies in the last year. To me this is just going to be a printed tabloid. He actually really smart cause hes got all the haters feeding out of his hand and hes going to laugh all the way to the bank with his $200.HA! idiots

  30. Morning Ladies,
    The sun is out and so am I . Have a great day. Big Mike is safe again Baby Mama. The little 17 year old kid got booted and I liked him.
    Bye gotta go, go, go,!
    Happy Mothers Day to all!

  31. Mombsy - I have no idea what you were referring to above. Somehow I think it's probably better that I don't know.

  32. Mother’s Day is almost here. Here’s hoping all of us Moms have a great day.
    I’m going to split the following into 2 posts so those uninterested can scroll on by. :)

    Part 1
    Interesting articles:
    Who are today’s mothers?

    Lessons from our mothers.
    (Meg Whitman, Maria Bartiromo, Sheila Johnson, Kelly Kutrone, Kim Kardashian)

    Interesting article by Gail Richards on book sales.

    And one more article by David B. Silva.
    I’d be willing to bet that those who are negative will cite paragraph #5 and ignore paragraph #6. ;)

  33. Part 2
    World’s richest moms?
    The article discusses those who earned it themselves (8) as well as those who inherited it (62). It’s followed by three reader“comments.” Even at Forbes people amaze me with their ignorance. One comment: that the article mistakenly cites the wrong book for Rowling (Philospher’s Stone versus Sorcer’s Stone) without even realizing Forbes cited her first book. Another comment: ... “None of them built their own fortune but inherited it from their innovative and wealthy” relatives. (The article cites both; Go to the men’s list; the earned/inherited percentages are roughly the same.)

    I may get zapped for the following: I’m not a huge fan of Rowling’s books perhaps for a silly reason - they are too heavy for me to carry around. I have a Kindle now but I like to read a series in order; the first in this series isn’t yet Kindle available. That said, Rowling perhaps would not have been inspired to write these books had it not been for the difficult time after a painful divorce. The first book’s advances paid her rent when she was desperate and subsisting on welfare.

    The sales of her “children’s series” went on to change the structure of the NYTimes bestseller list. Her books were outselling “adult” fiction. Authors and publishers cried foul. Subsequently, the NYTimes split fiction lists into categories: adult fiction and children’s fiction lists. Wow, how’s that for the power of a MOM?

  34. Good Morning Everyone! Speaking of IPhones I'm sitting here deleting all the games and junk my daughter put in my phone. Hope, e-mail me and send me the names of your cool aps. I want them!

    #1caregiver~ Did you read that this season is the lowest ratings they have ever had? I used to watch and be the biggest fan. They lost me when they went up against DWTS. I'm just so happy to hear my Big Mike is in the top 4. Next week I will start watching again because now is actually when it gets good. Do we really want Crystal as the next American IDOL?

    Cherier1~ I am literally the last person that must hear about things, because I never heard about this whole mess about a tell-all book. The fact that it's coming out first in softcover reminds me of the Scholasitc book order I just got for my daughter called "Jonas Brothers All Access".

    People get all hyped up about this like "oohh they're gonna get it". "Ohh Kate's gonna be exposed!" All they got was prickly bottoms from falling out of the Gosselins tree while Jon was cleaning his rifle...

  35. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was published as HP & the PHILOSPHER'S Stone in the UK.

  36. Denise - the point of the article was citing Rowling's first book, which was indeed published in the UK. The commenter, immediately jumped on to point out an error, which wasn't an error at all. That's all I was trying to say. It's also been published under other names (translated) in many languages. :)

  37. Never mind. I was just trying to give a MOM credit for rising above difficult times. In the process, she became a billionaire and her books changed even the way the NYTimes Fiction bestseller lists.

  38. Yeah, I'm guessing that "mall" pic is wrong. Why would they bring their backpacks to the mall? Also, I read Kate got rid of their car seats and they are still in the pic. I guess they are just using the little booster seats now?

    The whole Jon at Target with the book thing is just ridiculous.

  39. Wow, I can't believe there is going to be a book about the Gosselins. I always thought there would be one day, but not yet for some reason.

    I'm not sure what the book is supposed to be telling us, but I think the writer did have some direct experience with them as a paparazzi. I don't think it will be the same as US Magazine because it won't be an unnamed source.

    I have no idea if he did interview anyone, such as nannies, etc. I will say though that I don't think that interviewing Jon or Kate for the book would make it any more credible. I don't believe half of what comes out of their mouths anyway. It always made me laugh when Kate said if you didn't hear it from their mouths it wasn't true.

  40. Yes, one boob was higher than the other in that pic. I noticed it the first time it was published. Weird.

  41. Hey everyone. My name is Mary and I'm new to the site. I've actually been reading your posts for a while but I've just never commented. I just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of Kate. I watched her on Dancing With The Stars and I voted for her every single time. I also can't wait for her two new shows to come out. The kids are absolutely adorable.

    Another reason I came on here is to ask if any of you have a facebook? If you do can you please join this group that I make? Here is the link:!/group.php?gid=112973305399751

  42. All they got was prickly bottoms from falling out of the Gosselins tree while Jon was cleaning his rifle...
    LMAO Baby Mama, thanks I needed a laugh today, thats funny.

    Welcome Mary Elizabeth :)

  43. I think it's the way she's standing in the pic. One shoulder is higher than the other. Plus maybe her costume shifted.

  44. KD - I don't know what the book will contain or if he has interviews, good sources, etc. I am interested to see just what it actually says and if he can back it up.

    That's the bottom line: can he really back up what he writes.

    Schmecky - Whose boobs are you talking about and where? LOL

  45. Oh! The pink dress pic! I get it.

    I thought that night that they had her in a bad bra - seems her boobs were too far apart and low or something. LOL Weird to talk about her boobs!

  46. SG, I am curious about the book too. I have read exerpts at the WernyGirl site. What I read was something about Kate spanking the kids all the time for every little thing - quoting "a neighbor." If the neighbor is not identified in the book, I find the comment rather suspect at best. People that are unwilling to have their names associated with their words when making that type of accusation have no credibility.

    The other interesting thing in that exerpt was the claim one reason Jon left Kate was because she spanked the kids. Beyond the fact that usually the case is made that Kate ended the marriage, why would the solution to too much spanking be ending the marriage? (I did read that the pap that sold the picture of Leah's spankign got $70k. Pretty disgusting IMO.)

    The other thing I read was all about Steve and his wife spending the night at Thanksgiving, the paps seeing people in the garage apartment, calling Jon, and Jon flipping out because he had stuff up there. So who cares if Steve and his WIFE spent the night? I am sure that it is a long enough drive home that no one would want to do it too late. As for the paps calling Jon, it sounds like they wanted to start trouble.

  47. Is it really that weird to talk about someone's boobs? Don't all women talk about that stuff? I can't count how many times I've said to my husband or a friend, OMG did you see her boobs? for whatever reason... Okay, maybe I am weird. ;)

  48. I didn't mean to stir the pot about Kate's lovely lady lumps.....but it just LOOKED SOOOOO wrong. As for an expose on the Gosselins, LET them have their 5 seconds...and then they'll be pushed aside like the GWOP crew and Looney Mooney! I have an iphone (that i bought from my sister's BF) that I unlocked and jailbroke to use with Tmobile. Had some issues so exchanged it for my sister's 2g (2nd gen) iphone. So far, so good. Cydia is a GOD SEND, and I love my iphone. When my contract is up with Tmobile, I might have to go to AT & T to get a better 3gS. My favorite APP- Pandora RADIO.

  49. Schmecky - I just meant weird for me to talk about her boobs! I thought most of her costuming etc was poorly done. All the outfits made her stomache look huge when in fact it's really flat.

  50. PAR,

    I read that too. I guess it was technically Jon's place of residence at the time. Someone was staying there while he was away but all his belongings were still there without his permission... I can see him being upset. Especially if that someone is Steve, the bodyguard he was jealous of because his wife was travelling a lot with him.

    I don't get the "leaving Kate because she spanked the kids" part. Jon said Kate said it was over and he didn't have a choice. Which one is it? Also, if you have a problem with your spouse hitting your children the last thing you would do (if you are a normal person) is leave your kids with them.

    As for someone anonymously saying she hit her kids all the time, etc. I'm torn on that one. Yes, it does seem to make it less credible but at the same time, can you imagine what that neighbor's life would be like if people knew her name? As it is people are trying to figure out who Weirny Girl is and hoping her personal life and business are ruined for telling what she supposedly "knows".

    I do find it amazing that the same people that against people stating their opinions about Kate are the same people that are looking to see some bloggers lives ruined for stating their opinions. They think their personal lives and business lives should be made known to everyone and essentially ruined because they are giving their personal opinions about Kate.

    Kate put her name and personal life out there for everyone to see. That is how she makes money. Everyone knows her children's names, where they live, where they go to school, etc. KATE and JON put all that out there.

    It's not the same as people online trying to find out a blogger's name and address and personal info as well as their business and try to ruin them based on opinions that have nothing to do with their livelihood.

    It's different if the person is a journalist and making money writing stories and lying about Kate. If that's his livelihood and his name is on the newspaper or online website (like Perez Hilton for example) then that's different.

    Just because someone is able to do research online and put two and two together and find out the identity of a blogger that purposely keeps their identity private for whatever reason, doesn't mean it should be made public so that they can be harrassed.

    It's one thing to report the blogger to Blogger. If they are doing something illegal then Blogger would shut them down.

    I just find it amazing that the people that are down on others for doing it to Kate are the same people that are okay with people doing it to a private blogger. Talk about hypocrisy.

  51. mamaholly,

    I hear Slacker is better than Pandora. I don't use either though...

  52. Welcome Mary Elizabeth!

    As for the book, I think it would be an interesting read. Being that the author has put his name to the book and his "reputation" as a journalist on the line I would think it would give it SOME credence. Either way, I'd read it.

    I do hope he does have some named sources and it's not a lot of hearsay on his part... like a friend's cousin's friend is a neighbot and said...

    I am interested to read what he saw with his own eyes. Besides, just having all the Gosselin related stories in one book instead of all over the internet will be good to read. IMO.

  53. schmecky, I like pandora because my kids like it. I've never heard of slacker....but with Pandora, I can search my stuff on my iphone, but then also listen to it on my computer (via the internet connection and my "stations" are saved.)

  54. Mary Elizabeth Welcome! I normally do not leave up facebook requests..Mainly because the people here prefer to remain private. But any page dedicated to Kate's success on Facebook is always a good one.

    OMG I was getting all excited to see that you were discussing my Pandora obsession and I realized you were talking about a different Pandora! I'm starting my third bracelet and now my daughter wants one. Those charms are so expensive some of them ;)

    Now, about this Weenie Girl (sp and I'm KEEPING IT!) I had no idea anybody knew about her and this stalking hate crap she spews. I find it funny that those people find a fan site odd, but isn't more crazy to be stalking someones house taking photos & video? This is where I truly see a crazy person in the making and not someone that puts up a fan site to meet people for her own enjoyment. THAT is the reason Kate has a bodyguard..Weenie Girl is holding fort in the other tree...

    In other more important and less psycho-related news.. Kate was picking up wrapping paper yesterday for the Tups birthday on Monday! lol and while that is note worthy for fans of Kate, I was wondering what she will do for Tups, if she does a party this weekend. I'm sure everyone is watching for any tents being pitched behind the house via choppers...

  55. Baby Mama,

    Maybe Wernie Girl will blog the Bday party! lol.

    I just heard of her recently... maybe even this month? The earliest was last month. I'm not sure how I feel about her blog. I didn't read the past blogs, just the most recent few.

    If I lived next door to Kate wouldn't some of you want to know any details from me as to what I see on a regular basis? Ask me if it's true they only play in the driveway?

    If someone here lived near her and passed by her house driving into town or whatever, wouldn't you share what you saw? Like the paps hanging in the trees, or Kate chasing her kids around playing with them, etc?

    Like I said, I'm not sure how I feel about a neighbor giving their input. Kate put herself and her children out there for the world's entertainment pleasure... How can she or anyone else complain that they've become a human interest story in more ways than you can count?

  56. Ohh and on Dancing With The Stars on Tusday I think it was Max that said they (the dancers)have the final say in the costume of their "star". So does this mean we have to blame Tony for a costume that made Kates dress w/wonky boobs and that red hot mess with the long weave that she wore with the eyeliner going across her face?

    It looked like me 10 years ago after a late night of clubbing with no sleep. I'm kidding Tony, xoxox You know what looks best ;)

  57. Schmecky, love the new hot sessay look! When I grow some balls and I look decent one day I want my pic up too! No more hiding the beauty! We must share and be free!

  58. Baby Mama,

    Tony might just have terrible taste. Not many men are fashionably capable.

    Also, what looks good to a guy would make a woman laugh.

    My question is Why did KATE go along with the outfits. I'm sorry but I would have said Uh, no way am I wearing that. And if anyone said I was a diva because of it I would have shown them pics of the outfits and they would have said Oh gotcha! Good decision!

  59. I have to say that I think all the "stalking" and crazy hater and crazy fan talk is because Kate is not really a real celebrity. If fans take pics of Madonna or Angelina on the street or know where she lives and hope to get a shot of her outside her house you think of that as normal. They are big stars with lots of fans. Look at what Michael Jackson's life was like in public. Crazy. But no one asks why. It was obvious.

  60. Yeah, I will agree with that one too. As the supposed "biggest" fan I bit my lip, but when she came out as Rainbow Brite looking for the path to Strawberry Shortcake's house I almost fainted. As you saw she didn't even wear the bow during elimations. I really only liked the white ball goawn and that short red number. It my baby (now turning two) says.. "mama dats sessay!" (sexy!)

  61. LOL Baby Mama! Thank you!

    I needed a new pic... I took it yesterday to show my online friends that I am letting my bangs grow out.

    Funny thing is in the previous pic I was 9 months pregnant! Desperately needed an updated pic. I never take pics of myself... who does?

  62. Oh, by online friends, I meant two close friends I have that I met on another site a few years ago... I just decided to use the pic for Blogger today.

  63. And lets face it, in the age of Reality TV..Who is actually a real Star or Celebrity? Kim Kardashian? Those that make me want to vomit from The Hills? The lines are now too blurred.

    If thats the case them I'm a celebrity now because Ive counted about 5 sites now dedicated to talking about me. Now I just need the money to go with it and I will be all set. I will move to The Hamptons and even put up adult size Crooked Houses re-done by "pimp my ride" so that everyone has a comfy seat.

  64. So apparently I'm totally out of it. There is a woman, who is Kate's neighbor, who writes a blog about her?

  65. Yes wildchild. Not a "neighbor" as in right next door but she lives in the same small town.

  66. You know what, it's a business now. Her neighbors cursed at Kate when she didn't say hi on the street, and cursed her some more when the crew was blocking their driveways or the freebie DHL trucks came passing through.

    Now Kate is far away from neighbors, so anyone that say they live "near" isn't telling you the truth. I don't want to give this Weenie any more respect than she has even shown me.. so I will just say that anyone that lives in the State of PA is technically her neighbor. As long as your in driving distance and have a telephoto lens ;)

  67. Baby Mama,

    Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear... I just meant that people seem to label people that take pics of Kate outside her property or in public as "stalkers" or crazy, etc. They don't label them like that when it comes to other celebrities like Michael Jackson or Angelina or Madonna.

    If I saw Kate out in public I'd probably snap a pic with my BlackBerry to show you! lol.

  68. Baby Mama - No, I didn't see the ratings for Am. Idol, but I believe it. Everyone was watching DWTS because Kate was on. Now, honestly, LOL, this is the first year that I watched either of these shows for more then 1 week at a time. I even Learned how to vote for DWTS, so I might as well finish out the season, if I home.
    Last year I watched Am. Idol because my niece and nephew were hooked on it. But by the time I got home I forgot to watch it. Oh well!

    Now, a little bit about Kates' boobs: she has her left arm raised and around Tony, so that is going to naturally pull her left boob up and in that direction. The picture is taken more like a profile and catches her right boob from the side angle and makes it look bigger because you are looking at it at an angle.
    Please, Baby Mama, just put another pic up so as to end this discussion, PLEASE!!! jmo!!!


  69. LOL Baby Mama,

    I guess it's all relative... in towns like where Kate has lived most people do acknowledge their neighbors. It's just how it is. I grew up in NYC and out there you didn't even notice your neighbors, it was like they were made of glass. If you said Hi or smiled they thought you were crazy. I moved out here and if you just walk down a small street people say hi.

    I don't find it weird that people complain that Kate wasn't a nice, friendly neighbor. I'm sure they thought she was stuck up. Moving out where I do I see how important it is to be friendly to your neighbors. They can make your life great or miserable. My neighbors bring me fresh vegetables from their gardens and corn from their fields. They will call my cell phone if I left my garage door open when I left the house.

    When our neighbor didn't control his dog and allowed it to roam on our neighbors property things got ugly. A neighbor can make your life miserable or make it great.

    I don't find it weird if they complain that trucks blocking their driveways. I can't imagine how annoying it had to be to have a film crew in your small neighborhood on your block all the time. That would drive me crazy. To not be considerate of your neighbors is just wrong.

  70. LOL caregiver! I think the conversation had ended already... ;)

  71. Kate has a new post on her is so cute!!

  72. I put that pic up because I liked how happy and excited they were at the time..I think the boobs are fine. Everyones boobs can look wonky in pics, and Schmecky yes, it is all relative..I just got a bit pissy today because those that live in the same State as her feel that they are always right and they know more than anyone else when it comes to Kate Gosselin..

    And they also feel that they have the inside knowlege on things when in reality they don't, its just more jealousy and hate. That being said I hope Kate has a big party for the kids either inside, by the pool or in a rented bounice place where no one can see anything. That ill just drive them nuts. And hopefully Jon can be there because the kids would want that. Now if Jon can break away from making home movies with the "Paps" we would be in business ;)

  73. Seriously, Jon must have some sort of deal going on with Radaronline because these Paps now follow him everywhere! This is today!

    VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Shops For Sextuplets' Birthdays - Hopes He Gets To See Them
    ----------Posted on May 06, 2010 @ 03:09PM

    It’s going to be a big day at the Gosselin house on Monday as the adorable sextuplets turn 6. Their dad, Jon Gosselin, was spotted Thursday stocking up on a bounty of gifts at a local Toys R Us and you can watch the video right here on

    Jon shared that he doesn’t have custody of the kids on Monday, and that he hopes Kate “lets me see them on their birthday.” It seems impossible that the sextuplets are already turning 6 – It seems like only yesterday that they were born!

  74. Neighborly customs.

    I’ve enjoyed today’s posts. When I live anywhere in the South, the first thing I do with each move is travel the block, introduce myself, leave them a plate of brownies, and make sure they have our phone numbers in case our children are too loud or our dog becomes a nuisance. ;)

    When I lived in Manhattan, I did not have conversations or even direct eye contact with those outside my floor, and the doorman. Same for Chicago. Living outside of cities, it was a different story.

    I would not want heavy traffic in my neighborhood if I were Kate’s neighbors. I also wouldn’t want those folks to stand with their noses pressed against my windows (those of the Mrs. Kravitz variety know whom you are! lol) I wouldn’t be too thrilled about having tires slashed or mailboxes smashed either if I were Kate (police reports were filed.)

  75. SchmeckyGirl said:
    Most of what you said in an earlier post today I agree with! That must be a first, lol. ;)

    I completely disagree with this part though:
    “It's one thing to report the blogger to Blogger. If they are doing something illegal then Blogger would shut them down.”

    That’s what I also used to believe, but not any more!


    Blogger is owned by Google and their position is a bit different than many assume; completely different from WordPress and many other web publishing services . see #2. Google doesn’t even say they will investigate violations!

    The only ones “shut down” thus far by Blogger/Google are those convicted in court. You have to bring suit, and then if they are convicted, then they will shut them down.

    Their TOS states you have to file suit in Santa Clara County, CA, and by posting on blogger or creating a blog, you agree to the jurisdiction of such courts. see #15.

    Some bloggers assume that they have put two and two together and mistakenly publish erroneous info; Those in the “???scum” level know the information is incorrect but decide to put it out there anyway.

    I’m candid enough about our company and our lives, that had these “???scum” seekers asked, I would have provided them with our corporate information as well as a list of clients. If they had reported information correctly I’d accept it. This did not happen. Not about our corporation, not about our work completed, not about our clients, and not about our client’s work.

    Yes, action IS being taken. It is not a “quick” or fast solution to do things legally and ethically. Taking action is not for those who give up easy or for those not willing to invest $$ to resolve it. Never in a bazillion years did I think that people could be so ignorant about first amendment rights and limitations.

    I will not quit. I have a responsibility to clients past, present, and future. I have a responsibility to myself. If I exhaust my savings, I can’t think of a better use for those green stones. :)

  76. Funny thing...Living in PA makes one an EXPERT on Kate? Wow...I guess, I should market myself as an expert then....
    As for the Pandora (yes BM, I KNOW what you are talking about) I would LOVE to start a bracelet, but the beads are a bit pricey, but I've found some really fun looking ones at my local mall ear piercing stand, and even on Ebay. My son's teacher is just as bad (she put her newest BEADS on layaway, with 30 percent down-she plunked out $95 for her down payment.)

  77. I am what you would call 'Mrs Kravitz' and I am not ashamed! :) I am always looking out my windows and I am aware of my surroundings!
    I also bet you that Jon does have a deal with Radar Online...they probably pay him to follow him around taking pics and that stupid, fake video of him reading Kates book. How else is he making money??

  78. OK just because you have a reality show does NOT mean your nosey neighbor has the right to sit in the tree and take pictures of you and your children and put them on the internet. No I dont see Kate as a celebrity, I see her as a Mom. I mean what kind of person are you if you do that?!? thats just so sick,creepy and stalkerish. I am blown away by this. I can see if shes in puplic, thats different. I just really really am curious as to her motive on doing all this, like whats her point?? I will just have to go ask her myself.

    Ohhh SG I am going to start calling you Schmexy, nice *cough* boobs :) totally kidding. Speaking of boobs #1caregiver that makes total sence, I can totally see that now. Ok sorry moving on. Schmexy did you read Kate's book or any of her book?? just curious.

    Yes I second that Max said the dancers are responsible for the stars costumes. Kate said many times she just goes with the flow. I mean my goodness people were already calling her a diva for no apparent reason, could you imagine what they would have said if she refused to wear some of the costumes. But then again, they complained how ridiculous she looked, I mean what is the woman supposed to do?

  79. lol my2girls! I think Mrs Kravitz peeked IN other people's windows, not out of her own. And who is Mrs Kravitz?

  80. lol Linda, about agreeing with me. ;)

    I guess I was basing my Blogger shutting down comment on an assumption.

    For instance, if there is child porn on a Blogger blog and you pointed it out to them would they just let it go until they get a court order to take it down? I would think they would remove the offensive material and even the blog account. I don't know for sure. It is just an assumption.

    Maybe it depends on whether or not it has to be decided IF a crime or something 'illegal' really occured and they leave that for a court to decide? Maybe there is a fine line and they err on the blogger's side unless it is quite obvious? I really don't know.

  81. Are we talking about Lenny Kravitz? Sorry my2girls other than that it's lost on me..Is this an age thing? I'm a bit confused..

  82. my2girls & SG -
    Peeking out your own windows is neighborhood watch in my opinion. Sorry you don't quality. :)

    Standing with your feet planted under a window and your nose pressed again the glass is being a "Gladys Kravitz."

    My kids watch Bewitched in ancient reruns. Mrs. Kravitz was the neighbor on there. :)

  83. Woo Hoo Schmecky. That's a great looking photo. You go girl!

  84. Katherine Denise,

    LMAO! at Schmexy...

    Well I didn't say I agree with anyone taking pics of Kate's children on their property. I don't think anyone, not even the paps should have the right to do that. However, it's not illegal.

    And if you think about child actors/stars etc it's not odd for people to take pics of them for whatever reason. I think it's seen as odd with the Gosselin kids because they are just every day kids. They aren't "actors" with a "talent" like most child actors. (Although legally they are actors and the Labor Dept obviously thinks so.) I think it's sad the Gosselin children are even put in this predicament. But who put them there?

  85. Oh and it's really hard to take a pic of yourself in a mirror! lol.

    This was posted on Radar a bit ago, but you too can "dance" like Kate, only if you have ITTY-BITTY.....feet.

    Baby Mama....I have to say, this was a great article and it even mentions your little blog. Enjoy the'll find mention of the blog about half way through the article.GO MAMA!!! I also read an article that was in the TIME magazine dated

  88. February 22, 2010 that talks about Reality TV and it's affect on our TV watching as a whole.,9171,1963739,00.html

  89. Baby Mama said...
    Seriously, Jon must have some sort of deal going on with Radaronline because these Paps now follow him everywhere! This is today!

    Actually, I'll take it a step farther. I think TLC has some kind of deal with ROL. They have to approve anything Jon does media-wise. They are obviously approving these clips.

    I've seen ROL change wording in a previous article about Kate being a diva. Why else would they do that?

    I don't think it's a "conspiracy theory". I think Discovery is a huge company and they have a very vested interest in all things Gosselin. Look how badly they wanted to keep Jon under reign because of what he was doing to the J&K image.

  90. Interesting article about babies being filmed for a documentary and labor laws, etc:

    'Babies' may have violated child labor laws

  91. WOOHOO mamaholly, I wear size 5 1/2 :) although I dont know where I would wear them too but hey they would fit me, hehe that link they have in there didnt work to the auction :(

    SG I do agree with the paps as well. I dont agree with blaming the parents, lord knows when they started out they had NO idea this was going to happen. although personlly I would put a big fence up. Its all the crazies out there.

  92. Hi everyone,this is the first time I could get on today (because I don't yet have an Iphone LOL)
    I really believe that if Jon had an issue about Kate's spanking the kids, we would have heard about it out of his own blabby mouth probably someplace like the Insider. He would have played that pity card to the hilt. If somebody writes some kind of book, I am hoping people will take it as face value and not buy into every word of it. I do wish they would consider the kids and not put stuff out that they shouldn't see, but I know I am in dreamland. I also really think that the concept of celebrity is evolving. Reality tv is relatively modern.

  93. SchmeckyGirl - Even if you report a child porn site, Blogger's position is they are not "required" to even investigate! They state "contact your local police, when charges are brought, we fully cooperate with legal entities through supoenas, writs, etc. filed in Santa Clara County. Given the volume of blogs created every day, we regret that we are unable to... " That stinks IMO! I literally threw up when I read that.

  94. You guys are making me laugh so much tears are running down my checks.
    1. BM hope you make it to the Hamptons.
    2. Mrs Kravityz, I knew who she but then MY2 Grls said who is she anyways and Who said Lenny, OH. OMG! LOL!
    Linda, darn it you beat me to the punch again. I wanted to tell them she was on Bewitched.
    BM & SG Your post are great, I just have to catch up! Kate has a shirt that says Can You Keep Up, I can't keep up with these post. By the time I am caught reading them, I have forgotten what i was going to say, or it was already said. Now to go back up and finish reading.

  95. I am soo excited about the sextuplets turning six, I remember when the twins turned six and Kate was concerned about what she would be able to do when the six turned six. Jon, if you read here, call Kate and discuss plans for their birthday. The paparazzi are not your messenger. You guys can do something really neat for them, but work with their other parent Kate. Maybe Jon, you can take the boys somewhere while Kate takes the girls to American Girl in New York.

  96. I'm sorry to go backtracking but I'm still catching up... Okay so the video of Jon at Target has to be staged. I like the part where he looks up at the cameras kinda like he was thinking, "Uh.. are you ready for me to say my line?" LOL.

    The whole stalker-neighbor thing is really weird. Who has the time (let alone the desire?!) to sit in front of the Gosselins fence all day waiting for some new "evidence"? Maybe I'm not understanding it right, but it seems BEYOND creepy to me.

    I'm also excited to see what Kate (and Jon) decide to do for the 6 turning 6! I love the idea for the little girls to go to AG! Especially since Mady and Cara got to go on their birthdays as well. Oh and the sextuplets birthday post that Kate did was very cute! :)

  97. Well I still haven't read Kate's new book... and I was just wondering for those of you who have read it, do you think it's worth buying? Or should I wait until I can get it from the library? (Which could be a while!)

  98. Well, as far as this new tell all book that is coming, SG, I think i would like to read it, only if I could get a free copy somewhere LOL.

    Linda - I have a question that you probably already know the answer or you can be my Research Guru! If Kate wrote something about Jon in her book, and it is not true, is that considered Libel?

    I was just on ROL about Jon shopping for present. The comments there are nuts but I read some. They are accusing Jon of stealing food from the house. Does anyone know if that happened and when if it did?

  99. Caregiver - In this case it would be defamation not libel, If she had said something untrue that damaged his character or reputation. However, lol, since she said very nice and complimentary things about him, I'm not sure. IMO I've not been able to find somebody getting sued for saying good things. I guess there's a first for everything. I supposed if you had a carefully cultivated bad to the bone reputation and it got wrecked you could make a case that you are in reality rotten and they said something nice.... I'm not an attorney but I couldn't find a case like that.

  100. rita for the 12.97 that I spent on the book it was totally worth it. Its heartwarming, sweet written book. You laugh, you cry when Kate talks about her Grandmom. My favorite thing in the book is when Grandmom would tell the twins "You wished for a brother but he broke into 6 little peices."

  101. Rita, if money is tight, I'd advise anybody to wait and read a book at the library. In our family, we are letter writers. I still have some my great grandmother wrote me. I also have great, great x whatever #'s -mother and-fathers letters written to each other during the civil war, my grands letters to each other during WWII, etc. I'm this generation's historian, lol. I even have a few I've promised would never see light as long as they were living. (Like some of hubby's love letters, lol)

    So, a book of letters to children had special meaning.

    One if my past jobs was overseeing the translation of German immigrants letters and journals from the late 1700's. That was an eye-opener! Or not. Basic hopes and fears are pretty constant across generations.

    I love books, so I'm biased.

  102. That immgrant's letters are titled, The Life of Anna Katarina. Only 500 were published; printed for historical societies.

  103. Linda - ty I was just wondering since I haven't read her book. Then when Jon commented that it was about him. He can be like a Fish Out of Water sometimes. OPPS!, Was that defamation of character? Sorry Jon!

  104. mamaholly~ Thank you so much for the link to the article..I was so busy ranting last time when it was first posted that my blog wasn't #1 one in the sentence that I guess I should have appreciated that I was in there at all. Me having the huge ego I do!

    rita~ honestly the book is so cheap now I would just buy it and decide. The fans love it, the haters hate it, it's really based more on if you liked the first book, you will enjoy the read. My cousin liked it and has no clouded judgement, mainly because she doesn't use the

    Did I miss something? Did I figure out who Mrs. Kravitz is? Is it Lenny's mother? lol FYI: I'm going to an art show tonight, then I'm running home to watch Real Housewives. I'm obsessed with NY series, it's gonna be good toinght! So we will have to stay with this post for a While till I can supply you with fresh smelling paper!

  105. These are funny comments...LOL
    BabyMama, I am only 29..lmao and Mrs. Kravitz was the nosy, old lady neighbor from Bewitched!! We didn't have cable growing up and Bewitched was on a lot at night on basic tv!!
    These comments made me laugh tonight! See you all in the morning, Greys is almost on and need to put my kids to bed...night all!!

  106. BM - Mrs. Gladyis Kravitz was the neighbor on Bewitched. She stood in their bushes peeping in their windows.
    Have to say this: I caught a commercial today on Channel 4 at approx.4pm, they were saying stuff like, - Look who's talking about modern medicine and THENNN a picture of Kate in her old do flashed a cross the screen. OMG< A big hospital was in the background and they just said watch or tune in to Doctors of Medicine.
    It flashed by so quick that all I caught.
    HMMMM// Don't know what to make of it!

    Then there was another flash when I was on line flipping back and forth I think from this site to ROL> Apic of Kate walking like towards the camera on a paved road in a brand new sun dress. It was her new hair and the dress had a print to and was Med.Lt. Green. Gorgeous, now I would like one of those.
    Am I nuts or what??? Help!!!!

    Linda and Schmecky Girl - You 2 have alot of experience tracking stuff. Years ago I read a book about sub-liminal messages and how companies put them in programs/commercials to make you hungry or want certain things. Maybe TLC is trying to get into our heads.

    When I saw the first Kate flash on my PC, I didn't think anything of it. After seeing that commercial today, It got me thinking???
    From now on I will refer to them as Flashes of Kate and try to keep track of them. Let me know if anybody has seen them.

  107. Caregiver - hmmm. I don't know about your flashes.
    Subliminal messages have been illegal for quite some time. Rest easy. The real reason they quit being used was they didn't work.

    Some people were told "You might see something that will make you hungry. " They got hungry. But they got hungry more from being told that. Sometimes the message was entirely different but they still got hungry. Movie theater tried this a lot at one time. The "smell" of that popcorn is more effective than the visual. Even if you've just eaten that eau de popcorn will make you want some. Supersized!

  108. TLC, on the other hand, may have inserted messages "you will like Kate no matter what!" nahhhh that wouldn't work either. (My apologies Schmecky. I just couldn't resist a good natured tease. ;)

  109. OK, atleast I know that they were there, and I hope someone else sees them too. Report all flashes of Kate. LOL
    On the video of Kate running, I think I was the first to tell BM about it and Cara was shown and then they took her out of it. Also, the green sundress that I saw Kate wearing, she probably will be wearing that for Mothers Day or the Tups Birthday party. I think someone is giving us sneak peeks of whats to come. Flashes of Kate! Love your sense of humor, Thanks

  110. KD,
    Forgot to answer.... No, I have not read the book yet. I saw it in Target Wednesday and I cracked it open and read a part but it turned out I read that excerpt already online somewhere. I didn't have time to "read" it. Maybe the next time I take the girls to a book store I will sit with it in the children's section while they look around.

  111. Oh SG, I forgot about the question, lol thanks

    I am very confused by the Flashes of Kate. What, who where??

  112. Flashes of Kate...Wait hold that thought! I smell fresh vanilla scented paper arriving.. Please join me on my new post!