Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Answering Polly Kahl: Heck NOOO! Werny Gal To Make Money Off The Gosselin Children Via "Tell All" Book

Good morning Gosselin fans! Ok, so am I seriously the last to know anything? Before I checked my own e-mail this morning (something about LIFE getting in the way) I happen to hear about this post over at Imperfect Women regarding their response to the following letter sent to the Gosselin Fan Sites last night:

Hello Fans of Kate Plus Eight,
I’m writing to invite you to participate in a book I am writing about the Gosselins phenomenon. I’m interviewing various entertainment and mental health professionals, former fans who no longer support the Gosselin children being on TV, and others who have a unique view of the Gosselins reality TV shows. The book is about reality TV, how real or unreal it is, and its impact on the Gosselin family. I’d like to include the perspective of fans who continue to support Kate and her shows and I hope you’ll be a part of it.
If you’re interested in participating, I’ll send you an interview sheet and it can be filled out and emailed back to me. After you’ve submitted the filled-out interview sheet, I’ll edit it for typos, punctuation and other problems, then I’ll email it back to you for a final OK. My goal is to include all views and although our blogs have differing perspectives, your views are important.
I’d also like to invite the owners of the GWOP Without Pity and Ziggyflo blogs to participate but cannot find their email addresses on their blogs. If you are in contact with them, would you please extend this invitation?
Thank you, Polly Kahl “Werny Gal” at Small Town Gosselins

Imperfect Women's Response? "Are you nuts? Thank you, Fans of Kate Plus Eight"
I am beyond disgusted that Polly was so hard up for GREEN $$ that she took a page literally from her buddy slug Al Walentis and decided to make money off the Gosselin Children as well. Polly didn't you know his book was a huge failure? Did you not know that he only did it to not get kicked out of his rental? How mentally hard up for cash are you that you stalk the family in corn fields and only talk to your 100 cats? Get out there honey and get yourself something called a REAL JOB! You know, the one you accused Kate of not having while she travels around the globe and saves her millions. Polly, or Wormy Gal as you are so rightfully called, please don't become the old Jon Gosselin. This book will not help you achieve your dream of living next to Kate so you can pick through the trash every morning. This book will not help you get your own Steve with a cute accent. This book will prove to the world what a complete hypocrite you are. Hugs, BM XOXOXOXOX

Congrats to Puff & to Grandma Judge Judith!
"Hello from Puff's Mom,
Puff has delivered her babies, Braeden James 5lb2oz & Brandon Thomas 5lbs4oz. Mommy & babies are fine."
We wish you all the love and blessings in the world!


  1. Puff's Mom did com and post the great news about Puff on the other thread. So feel free to comment about this mess & leave your well wishes here as well.

  2. Congratulations Puff. May your babies and your family be blissfully healthy.

  3. Well the truth comes out. The haters really don’t want the Gosselin children off television. They just want Kate to stop making money off her children so that they can make money off Kate’s children. How nutty can you get? I can’t even imagine the rational that they come up with to justify their actions.

    In addition, what type of book would it be; anecdotal??? They aren’t interviewing the children or the mom, they are interviewing people who read about the children and the mom. The book has no credibility; but sadly many haters will probably buy it and refer to it as their new bible.

  4. Polly was arrested last month for sleeping on a matress by the pool of The Gosselin home. She was waiting for the trash to come out in the hopes to find anything she can sniff.

    It's gotten that bad. Ok I'm starting a rumor, but if she can secretly post that lie about the dogs being chained out back then I'm starting some rumors of my own... ;)

  5. You go BabyMama...I have a few rumors about this gal I'd like to start myself.

    "WernyGal shows up at emergency room...had corn cob up her butt from lying in wait to take pictures of the Gosselin kids in the corn maze. "

    "Emergency room personel used plumber's wrench to remove said corn cob!"

    Just another fool making money off the G's...not in anything positive, but in negativity and vile rumor...mostly directed at Kate, their loving mother. I agree, I think this woman has mental issues. She very well could be a real danger to Kate.

  6. Congratulations to Puff. Now here's one woman that can relate to Kate some. Isn't this the lady that already has two sets of twins?

    But at least she has a caring husband and I think I read he is a pilot or something, so the man works and brings home the bacon!

    Imagine Puff taking care of 6 now without any help?

  7. New pictures of Kate and the kids arriving in Brisbane on ROL this morning.

    They look happy and tanned! Little Alexis and Hannah holding tight to Kate's hand! Just love these kids!

  8. Baby Mama, you could never be a hater. You missed the first rule of spreading rumours, .... don`t tell people it is just a rumour. LOL.

  9. Congratulations Puff and family!! Hope you are all going great!!

  10. Wormy Girl--Are you for real? Why don't you concentrate on your own life and leave other people alone?!

  11. Congradulations Puff, for bringing precious life into the new year. It was nice of your Mom to let us know. FiredUp4Kate, I am laughing my head off about the corncob.
    I would like someone professional with credentials to write a book about children in the media, but I want to see it well rounded and about many different children and their experiences, not just Gosselins. Child exploitation goes right out the window for me when it only encompasses Gosselins. I have invented a new term for what is going on in this instance. Gossploitaion is exploiting Gosselin family members for one's own personal agenda, desire for media attention, financial compensation. Societal norms, such as respecting childhood, honesty, and treating others with respect are thrown out the window. Gossploitation does not provide any benifit to the Gosselin family except for causing Kate to be more and more of a fighter and survivor, adding to her admirability. Gossploitation was made especially popular by Kevin and Jodie Krieder and their newfound buddy Gloria Allred.

  12. Busy today (yeah, real life is the highest priority!)

    Quick Comment:

    PUFF - We are all so very happy for you and your whole family! It was so kind of your Mom to come and post. HAPPY HAPPY BEST WISHES!!!!

  13. BM - a pricless quote "This book will not help you get your own Steve with a cute accent."

  14. tashapork - can I add your term Gossploitaion to the 'official' term on my site? I love it!

  15. I give it to Wormy Gal for having some serious set of balls. Not only did she send this e-mail to EVERYONE Gosselin related, but she gets more PR in the process! Girlfriend will have less "scoop" on the Gosselins than that slug Al Walentis did. Her "exclusives" will be nothing but what she saw when she peeked though the windows with her "night vision".

    Police please take note! The tracks on the snow were not from hunters or crazy wolves, but Polly tracking through the snow with work boots she made to look like Kate Gosselin's hot heels!

  16. Puff-Congratulations to you and your family, I hope your little Braeden, Brandon and James are big and strong like the Gosselin!

    Werny Gal - what she wants with this book? or rather, will someone buy? she says counselor, an adviser crazy as it own, and still has the courage to communicate with Baby Mama for such a thing, plus she got what she deserves: a request ignored LOL .

    Gosselins all beautiful and smiling at the airport, that's how we like it!

  17. Hey BM, havne't commented in awhile, but I was thinking about this in the shower this morning (you know, the only 10 minutes of alone time mothers seem to get...dont judge, lol), but I'm all excited for valentines day, and the valentines episode was one of my favorite j&k episodes! *pretty please* post it when it gets closer! ;)

  18. Ziggyflo, sure go ahead.
    Yours Truly was seen in opthamologists' offfice she went blind from trying to watch events happening two miles away from her. The headaches from eyestrain also caused lack of mental functions. The doctor's advice was that the only hope for a cure was for her to mind her own business.

  19. oops Braeden James and Brandon Thomas.

  20. BabyMama - You are on fire with your accounts of the stalking nosey neighbor. Keep it up! LOL

  21. Sorry I logged in the wrong accopunt.

    Congrats Puff! I am so glad you are all safe and sound. How do the girls like their new brothers??

    I laughed for an hour after I read this at IW. Seriously.

  22. BTW this was what I was trying to post yesterday which directly applies to this post:

       /əbˈsɛʃən/ Show Spelled[uhb-sesh-uhn] Show IPA
    1.the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
    2.the idea, image, desire, feeling, etc., itself.
    3.the state of being obsessed.
    4.the act of obsessing.

  23. SarahRDH~ I miss you! Glad you stopped by and hope that you post more often! As always, every year I have put up my absloute favorite episode of Jon and Kate.

    So absolutely I will re-post the Valentines Day episode!

  24. I know, I'm a commenting slacker!! lol But to be honest, I *sometimes* will just skim when it has to do with drama, I am so sick of all the K8 H8! lol I just don't wanna hear it, ya know? bblllaaahhhhhh is how I feel about it. It's all ridiculous BS. I just wanna keep up with the GOSSELINS!! (Well, Kardashians too...lol)

    I promise I will post more often!

  25. YES WG is a HYPOCRITE no if ands or butts about it!!

  26. Sarah RDH said
    *sometimes* will just skim when it has to do with drama, I am so sick of all the K8 H8! lol I just don't wanna hear it, ya know? bblllaaahhhhhh is how I feel about it. It's all ridiculous BS. I just wanna keep up with the GOSSELINS!!
    How refreshing. You are definitely not alone in that sentiment.

  27. I'll admit I'm always eager to add to the drama. I feel a little bit like the squeaky penquin from Toy Story 2. The one who they forgot on the shelf. "I was the first fan site! Remember me?? What about me guys!" No one sitcks me in the hot debates anymore. So sometimes I get fustrated and add myself.

    Which I shouldn't. Sarah RDH is right, this is a fan site and I shouldn't always go there. But this post needed to be done. I wanted to make sure I wrote poor Polly back. She's shivering out there in the cold behind Shoka's house. And he's not really even there!

    I promise the next post will go back to supporting Kate Gosselin and a positive fan post (unless more drama happens) lol

  28. This nervous guy should never have tried to give his account on TV. But if you want to know the play-by-play of what the Gosselin kids while in Philly, you can watch it here


  29. I can't wait for the Philly episode, it brings back nostalgia from my vacation. I am more excited about that episode than I am about the Australia one. People think I am silly but if I didn't live here, the one place I would move would be Philly.

  30. I took a break because A) Real Life was getting too busy & B) All those negative inside source stories were really starting to get to me. I blog because it's fun..when I found myself getting upset about things I decided maybe I should take a sabbatical. I'm back & feeling refreshed & I'm trying to get caught up. Great discussions over the last few weeks ladies! Besides Australia, & WG writing a book anything else big I missed?

  31. Momsby~ You haven't missed much today I'm having my usual beef with Hollybaby. You have to read the comments on this post. All telling HollyBaby's Bonnie Fuller what an idiot she is for attacking Kate for taking the kids to the pool! One minute the haters are on her case because she's dragging the kids "Hither, Tither & Yon". Today Bonnie needed to still make the post negative, so she attacks the kids for wanting to be by the pool!

    "Kate Gosselin Sunbathes In A Bikini At Her Hotel Pool In Brisbane. Aren’t There Better Things To Do In Australia?

    Kate Gosselin and her kids relax by the pool at their Brisbane hotel during the family's tour. Instead of taking her kids around Brisbane’s awesome attractions, Kate Gosselin and her gang hang by their hotel pool. How thrilling. Of course every vacation calls for a little R&R, but when you have eight excited children eager to explore a foreign country, should you really be laying out by your hotel pool? I guess that’s what Kate Gosselin thinks. The reality star mom, 35, is in Brisbane, the latest stop on her Australian tour, but instead of taking the kids out to cuddle a koala, she decided it would be best for her and the kids to hang out at their hotel pool today (Jan. 5).
    Kate and the kids were all smiles yesterday and ready for Aussie adventures!

    Kate, don’t you have a pool in your backyard? We know it’s winter in Pennsylvannia, but really, aren’t there better things for you to be doing in Australia? Say a visit to a local beach or the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary or even Steve Irwin’s Australian Zoo?

    Kate was miserable on her family trip to Philadelphia! Well, what can we expect, from a tanning fanatic who is traveling with two nannies who can keep an eye on the kids while she lounges on her poolside chaise. Let’s just hope she takes the kids out tomorrow. There’s so much to see in Australia and so little time!"

    Bonnie Fuller you are an idiot!


  32. oh my no one is going to but that crap! nor publish it!

  33. As a said before my brother went to Australia and the animals were awesome. I hope the kids get to see the koalas. The only thing I'm worried about is those deadly Iraconji jellyfish. They only live near northern Australia I think. My brother went during their winter but it's summer now. Hope the stay safe on the beach.

  34. Bonnie Fuller is acting like a twit! If I didn't know better I'd think she'd never been around kids. I'm sure I saw a picture of her child on her site, right?(But I'm not going to give her a hit to check)

    Kids need down time..at home & on holidays. Swimming in the hotel pool is always right up there for MANY kids vaction highlights.

    My kids have actually choosen swimming in the hotel pool (especially after a couple of busy days) over planned activities. When we had a pool to go home to, it's especially more appealing in the winter.

    Just this weekend we gave our kids a few more entertainment options after we went to Disney on Ice, they chose to go back to the hotel & swim.
    Oh & god forbid Kate actually sit down & relax on a VACATION. How dare she? Apparently that is no longer allowed for mothers.
    Give Me A Break!

  35. Aww, geez! When I saw these photos this morning I knew the haters were going to have a field day. Let me just say I agree with the above, kids do need downtime on a vacation & different pools are always an attraction and they are a lot safer than the ocean. We have a big inground pool in our backyard & my daughter swims on a team. She wouldn't turn down a pool if her life depended on it. So that's probably what the G kids were saying. "Let's just stay here & swim" & if Kate wasn't laying by the pool in her suit they haters would be saying she wasn't participating with the kids activity. Go figure, again a no win situation!

  36. Thank goodness I don’t have haters following me around 24/7, Social Services would be called in a minute. When my kids were little, I used to have a nap right after supper for about 30 minutes. What a neglectful parent I was. I should have pushed through my exhaustion and freaked out on my kids instead.

    In addition, I let the kids decide what they want to do on our vacations. They are too old (cool) to have an adventured fill day going to all the museums, and balls of yarn. Instead, they chose to swim in the hotel pool or drive around the city to just see the place instead of going in anywhere.

    I agree, Kate will always be in a no-win situation.

  37. I read an article that Justin Bieber’s fans sent hate twitters to Selena Gomez because Selena and Justin kissed. The twitters stated they were going to kill her and that she should watch her back. Can you even believe this? These are teenage girls.

    I couldn’t help but think that some of them must be the daughters of some of the haters. Where else would they learn that hatred and violence are okay? I felt very sad for those young girls because their perception of reality is so skewed. How scary.

    I can only imagine what Kate and her kids go through. It once again reinforces that it is not the show that is causing the problems, but the reaction, or should I say over-reaction, of the paparazzi and haters that cause the problem.

  38. BabyMama - I don't know if you saw this article ripping Bonnie Fuller apart. If not, it will definitely put a smile on your face.


    Even if only a portion of the article is true, Bonnie should think twice before ragging on anyone.

    I could not believe she took a free trip to Hawaii for her entire family paid for by Make-A-Wish. They flew her first class. That money is for dying kids not someone that runs a tabloid hating on kids!

  39. Fascinated I felt the same way when I heard about the Selina Gomez story! So unbelievable & sad.

    GeeWhiz..good catch *giggles* what goes around comes around. Although if the Make A Wish & the other charity comps are true..she is just horrible!

  40. Mombsy - I never knew charities give vacation comps to tabloids. That needs to stop. The money they spent on Fuller's entourage could have fulfilled several dying kids wishes.

    Why haven't the haters jumped on this? Oh wait, Bonnie rags on Kate so they will love her no matter what she does.

  41. Aww thanks fascinated. You are all the lovely ladies here are the best gift to me daily to put a smile on my face. You and that article ;) too funny this one....

    "Bonnie is selfish: "In reality, Bonnie cherrypicks through the gift bags herself, taking out everything she wants for herself and her four kids and then whatever is left she gives away to the readers."

  42. Most families I know pick which hotels, even in major tourist destinations, to stay at based in large part on the availability of pools. Those kids adore the water. Also, it's summer there, so the days will be long. There's plenty of time to see the sights AND have fun at the pool.

    The bottom line is Kate surely knows that she can't win among the haters, a group which, unfortunately, Fuller seems to have joined (kind of hypocritical for a woman who, in part, makes her living exploiting the children of celebrities). If the kids were photographed going to the sites Fuller mentions, I bet Fuller and I'm sure other haters would be reaming Kate out for dragging the kids around for photo ops/working and not giving them a chance to relax at the hotel pool.

    As for the family pool, while it has, so far, been a very mild winter in South/Central PA, it is definitely not outdoor swimming pool weather.

  43. GeeWiz I had no idea either..it is morally disgusting for anyone to do. Make A Wish is actually a charity we contribute to, they do wonderful things.

    Hopefully the source is mistaken..I would hate to see this negatively affect that organization. Although, I guess they would have their reasons for trying to keep some people happy!

    How anyone can take comps from a charitable organization..when you don't need it, is beyond me.

  44. The kids are probably awed by the fact that they can swim in winter. Kate is a savvy mom, she probably says things like Kids if we are good in the museum, we can swim later. Did anybody watch the Little People Big World episode where they were touring Europe and Jacob was more excited about swimming than the sights. It is also probably why Kate isn't trrying to cram the whole tip in say five or six days, like some people would where they rush from site to site.
    That is sad when people are looting off a charity. Originally I got the impression that people thought Kate was taking what she wasn't entitled to like juicy juice that Juicy Juice company would have otherwise given to the poor or something. Instead, Kate giving the kids Juicy Juice for instance on the show is a form of advertising that in the end makes Juicy Juice money. Its as if TLC was taking from someone to give to the Gosselins, instead, what the Gosselins were doing was making other companies a lot of money, as well as providing them some benefit at the same time.

  45. Hello fans Gosselins
    I'm back
    full of longing for the blog and all who compose
    * puff I'm happy for you, congratulations is a great blessing from God for your life
    everything good
    that children are very blessed, as well as mommy and daddy too
    Also congratulations grandma
    baby mommy loves the idea of the book and fans are part
    is a great idea
    kisses ... have a nice day

  46. Hello fans Gosselins (baby stole his phrase)
    I'm sorry, there was a misunderstanding of history to write a book I thought baby was writing
    jacque kept me informed while I was away
    I was horrified to hear what other people have returned to defame kate baby in your blog
    unemployed persons on duty
    I'm back to stay on top of things

  47. Hi Debora until finally you have a computer again!
    yeah I noticed you had not understood well what I said, Polly sent an email to Baby Mama to invite her to join a book beast.
    good to see you back friend!

    Alexis should have loved to see the Today''aldergattors'' lol.

  48. Linda0_Recipe for January

    A resolution is to teach my "cooking challenged" friends the basics!
    Here's an easy recipe you can make while you are waiting to become famous and hire your own chef! (inside joke)

    Easy and Fabulous Porkloin (Sometimes spelled pork loin)
    1 Porkloin package
    2 Tablespoons Dark Brown Sugar
    1/4 cup Soy Sauce (No MSG)
    1/4 cup Bourbon
    3 cloves of garlic

    Directions: (Easy version)
    Smash and halve the garlic.
    In a bowl, add all ingredients but meat and stir to dissolve sugar.
    Add Porkloin to plastic sealable bag. Pour in mixture and marinate in refrigerator for a couple of hours.
    Remove meat from bag and place in baking dish. Discard marinade.*
    Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. 
    Bake for 45 minutes. Cover with foil and stand for 10 minutes; slice to serve.

    HOW TO:
    Smash garlic - Use broad knife turned flat (sideways) over garlic cloves and whack knife blade with fist. (Just picture the troll of your choice!)  Paper skins can then be peeled off. Cut cloves in half. Too hard? Afraid of knives? Lol, Substitute 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder but you won't get the joy of troll smacking!

    No Bourbon? - You can substitute any dark liquor (brandy, dark rum, etc.) The alcohol cooks away leaving only flavor. Use the cheaper stuff; Don't waste the Knob Creek!

    Meat - Needs "chill" off before cooking to keep juices inside for moist, tender meat! Removing meat from refrigerator and then starting the oven to preheat allows enough time to accomplish this.

    Buying Porkloin - Usually sold in sealed packages with two loins. Marinate and cook both at same time and freeze one for future meal. The marinade is enough to do both.

    Garlic - is sold by the "head." Each of the sections inside is called a "clove." Save unused cloves for future meals.

    Why do you let meats stand? It keeps the juices inside the meat. Slicing straight from the oven puts juice all over the plate.

    *Need more challenge? - Instead of discarding marinade, remove garlic chunks and stir over low heat to make a sauce for sliced meat. Caution: failure to stir will allow it to burn! 

    (Next month maybe an easy lamb chop recipe in honor of all you fellow sheeple.)

  49. How do you know if you have a typo? Hit the Post Comment button!

  50. I'm defrosting a PorkLoin for tommorrow, as luck would have it..(didn't get it out in time for today oops) I'm going to try it. What spirit could a use in place of Bourbon? Is it like Rye or Wiskey?

  51. Thanks for the recipe Linda. Sounds easy enough for me. Maybe I'll try it this weekend.

  52. Linda, that's a nice pork recipe, you could even do porkchops that way. We are big garlic users in this house. One thing we do when we find really nice garlic is peel all of it and run it through the electric chopper and put it in a small bowl or jar mixed with a little olive oil. Then it lasts a long time and we just grab a tablespoon when needed. (others might only want a teaspoon.) When I tenderize meat, I imagine the peices to be someone or something like the trolls that I am particularly irritated with.

  53. Momsby - Pretty much any dark liquor would work. Bourbon is distilled from corn and tastes, IMO, fruity. Irish whisky would give it a smokier flavor but that would be fine.

    I also use low sodium soy sauce, but a cousin likes the saltiness of the regular soy sauce.

    If I'm experimenting, sometimes add an eighth teaspoon of fresh grated Ginger, but we like it spicy.

  54. tashapork - I like that with garlic. (afraid f I added too much, I'd scare off a newbie cook, lol.) My kids love pounding meat to tenderize! Sure gets rid of aggression doesn't it.

    Also, for anybody buying fresh ginger, it's expensive here! I buy one, cut it into pieces about an inch, then freeze it all in a zip plastic bag, just taking out a piece as needed. It keeps for a year then.

    For those who don't like recipes, just scroll on by!

  55. anything for a friend who can't eat pork???? LOL

  56. Craftymom, I think that same recipe would be yummy with a beef roaast.
    Linda we do that too with the ginger, the first time we made the mistake of freezing it without cutting it and regretted it. All this food is making me want to grill steak, yum. My relatives think I am crazy because if it isn't storming or extremely cold, I will use the barbecue grill in the winter. Not as often as summer, but at least once a month.

  57. Hi guys! you guys realize that all the videos of episodes of kate plus eight, are no longer available on youtube?, surely the FTA has something to do with it, if you guys know another source, I appreciate it, because when the episodes start of Australia, I I want to see!

    ~ have a good night!

  58. Sigh. Losing posts. Hope it was just a temporary glitch.
    CMo3 - I use the same marinade for chicken, cover baking dish with foil, temp at 350. I've also used dark rum and lime zest on chicken.

    Don't marinate but 2-3 hours. It would absorb too much salt from soy sauce if left overnight. (been there, made that mistake.)

    Like it because minimal prep time and doesn't require much watching. Great beginner recipe.

    Can also decrease soy sauce to 1/8 cup and increase Bourbon to 1/2 cup.

  59. I love your pork loin recipe Linda; very easy. We eat pork loins a lot, so I am excited to try this one. And I totally agree with your post regarding typos. Why are they so glaring after you hit send???

    CM3 we use tofu and marinade it. My kids always think it is really soft chicken.

    Welcome back Debora and Jacque.

  60. Good evening ladies! What a big day for me and my Troop today. After school we had a special quick meeting followed by all 22 of my girls to go see Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes! They are getting big now, so this the last time my babies will probably want to go see ice skating with me. So were trying to take advantage of that. Girl Scout Cookie sales are also starting today. Our Troops gotta shine! So if you see any Scouts selling cookies this month, please stop & buy a box! we need all of your support as we all all Volunteers working hard for the youth of America! Xoxo

  61. Fascinated - Thanks. Many let me know the herb crusted Porkloin from a few months back was too intimidating. We have them a lot because I can cook once and have two meals, one for now and frozen for "emergency" meals. That's a great suggestion for the tofu. Thanks for sharing!

    Glad to have you back Debora and Jacque.

    Jacque - the person who posted the videos is working on it.

  62. Yayy I am so excited that Kate and the kids got to go to The Australia Zoo today, how fun. And Alexis got to see her Aldergator. What an amazing thing to meet the Irwin family and to go to such an historic zoo. Great family memories.

  63. Ziggy - I'm catching up. Missed your quote before. I like that one.

  64. Katherine Denise - ITA! (And just a few days ago, ?yesterday, certain people were berating Kate for not being at the zoo.)

  65. ITA this is an awesome trip for the family. Those kids are so lucky. Can't wait to see the episodes.

  66. Fascinated and Linda, thanks for the welcome, but I was not without going on the blog, it was Deborah who was. but thanks anyway! :)

    Linda-thanks for the info, I almost freaked out when I did not see the episodes on my orkut lol. I hope this person can soon resolve.

  67. Good morning everyone! Nothing is more fustrating than reading somewhere that the Gosselin kids are miserable. I would like to know exactly how you know this. Are you like Bonnie Fuller, making rediculous comments about why thr kids are relaxing and having fun by the pool? Then the next day asking why the are out having fun at a zoo? I love how people look at a photo. A split second in time, and jump to 1 million conclusions. Am I right? lol

  68. A wise person is one who can replace hatred with love. - Peter Dunov

  69. Does Kate even after you have repented of tattoo Pooh, Kate had the courage and made another?


  70. hi
    than necessarily need to be that revenue
    can be any one of any dish
    jacque told me something about summer recipes

  71. Jacque - I don't think it is a new tattoo. I'm betting it is a dark scar from the C sections or from the tummy tuck. Scars in lower abdominal area tend to be darker. Kate had the exact same scar in the beach photos from Bald Head Island and from Mexico. Many of these same creeps made a big deal out of the scars then; now, suddenly, they are new "tattoos."

    There will always be haters. It is sad this is how they choose to spend their lives. They must have learned the bashing from their own mothers. Imagine, how warped their children and grandchildren are after having these haters as an example

  72. That tatoo is her cut off rose tatoo. She talks about it in the tummy tuck episode. They had to remove the top with the excess skin. The bottom stem & is what you are seeing.

  73. Sorry, I dont have a tattoo and obviously can't spell the word. lol

  74. What I admire is that Kate is not ashamed of her body, she does what she can to take care of it and stay healthy. Its a great example for her kids to not be ashamed of a scar.
    I would be worried if eight kids were 100% happy all the time it just isn't real. Why isn't it okay for the Gosselins to have normal emotions like other people?

  75. Good Evening everyone! I finally got a chance to get home, sit down and relax. What a day. TGIF! It seems that the dish of the night is Kathy Griffin comparing herself to Kate Gosselin. She's a smart cookie, because she's a media whore not wanting to be Kate Gosselin, who doea NOT go out of her way to get press like Kathy does....And for the record, every reality hate site spun this as Kathy completely attacking Kate. Tell me if you agree....

    Kathy Griffin is off the D-list.

    The comedian is ending the six season – and Emmy Award-winning – run of her hit Bravo show, My Life on the D-List, she tells PEOPLE.

    "It was a really tough decision because I think of the D-List as pretty much my baby for the last six seasons and I also think it was really time to stop doing it," Griffin, 50, says by phone from L.A. "Reality is great, but I really didn't set out to be a reality star. So now it's time to spread my wings and show that I'm a little different than Kate Gosselin."

    "I'm not saying better," she says, laughing, "but maybe separate myself from the pack a little bit."


  76. Baby Mama - With the snow, I'm glad you made it home safely!

    Regardng Kathy Griffin... She's not somebody I fnd funny or interesting to watch, although many people do. I wish her well, but I'll just keep flipping my channel whenever she's on TV.

  77. Good Morning everyone! I have alot to say regarding the altest Holly Baby post. Will get ot that in a bit.

    I want to wish TashaPork a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! I love ya girl! You have been one of my biggest cheer leaders and I appreciate you so much! I hope you have a fun day!

  78. ~ Linda, yes it can even be a scar, because Kate hates her tattoo, which I think would not do another.

    Tashapork ~ Happy Birthday! :)

  79. Happy Happy Birthday to Tashapork! Hope you have a great day & an even greater year :)

  80. Birthday Blessings Tashapork!! Party Hardy! :)

  81. New Thread! Fresh Paper in the scent of fresh pizza! What I'm having now lol