Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kate On New Larry King Live, Jon No Longer Wants The Show, Sneak Peak Of Next Weeks Episode!

Kate Gosselin On Larry King live 8/25: Complete Interview
A composed and somber Kate Gosselin bared her soul to Larry King Live.

Among the topics discussed were why they did the show, their very public divorce, how the kids are holding up, life after Jon and will the show continue. When quizzed as to whether the show would carry on post Jon, Kate was tight lipped claiming it was "up to the network to decide".
Jon has been more vocal however, saying today that he hates the show And wants to leave.
When asked if there would be a season 6, Kate was evasive, saying "there could be or could not be. We take each season as it goes."

As to how the kids are holding up, Kate says they're "doing remarkably well" and that "they're dealing with it". Hinting at the obvious tensions between the two Kate paused before answering if Jon is a good father, saying "He is - his decisions are not ones that I would necessarily make but deep down I know he is."

One good thing is that they do agree on two things apparently - faith and the children's schooling. However, they disagree on "current things" with Kate claiming she is "looking more towards the future than he is." When asked if she still considers herself married Kate answers "I am not yet divorced." And unlike her soon to be ex-husband Kate has no interest in dating, claiming "I don't think about it. I'm lonely but very busy. I'm alright."

Jon Gosselin: "I Don't Want" to Tape Jon & Kate "Anymore": US Weekly.com

Jon Gosselin wouldn't mind punching the clock instead of appearing on a hit TLC reality show.
"I wish I had a 9 to 5 job instead of the nightmare I'm living. This is 24/7," he told Usmagazine.com outside his $1.1 million Pennsylvania home Monday. "I don't even want to do taping for the show anymore."

But Gosselin says he's stuck filming and doing promotional appearances to make as much money as possible. (A source also tells the current issue of Us Weekly that he's "suspicious" Kate is hiding cash ahead of their divorce proceedings. They make an estimated $75,000 per episode.)
"I have two houses and eight children to take care of and I need to work," he told Us.

Later that day, Gosselin taped Jon & Kate Plus 8 with the kids at the Lower Heidelberg Fire Company in Berks County, Pa. The family threw a fundraising lemonade stand.
Gosselin smiled and posed with local young women while wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with "Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies" and big sunglasses. A witness says the crew filmed the kids for about an hour playing with firemen, who showed off all their equipment.

Sneak Peak Of Next Weeks Episode..CNN.COM


  1. Always watch LKL, as I enjoy his guests and his 'right-to-the-point' questioning. Hmmm, he did disappoint tonight with Kate on his show. I am neither a fan or a hater of J&K&8, however, I was hoping for a more indepth line of questioning, and some new answers from Kate. She continues with her same rehearsed answers. Why go on all these shows if she is going to give the same cookie-cutter responses?

  2. FYI: Jon just doesn't quit--

    In case this article or incident hasn't been yet posted:
    "Jon Gosselin Cancels Club Visit to Protect His Image
    Cristina Gibson & Whitney English, eonline
    6 hours ago

    Is playboy bachelor Jon Gosselin actually trying to repair what's left of his rep?

    The star of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 canceled a club appearance at the last minute because of concerns about his image.

    Jon wasn't scheduled to host an event at the Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut until this Saturday, but he made an early, surprise visit to the MGM Grand at Foxwoods, hitting up the Scorpion bar and Shrine nightclub Tuesday night.

    According to a waitress at the club, Jon kept the party going in his room after leaving the club—bringing along a few special ladies who were not his supposed girlfriend Hailey Glassman...

    "He was kissing and being intimate on the bed with one of the young women," the waitress tells E! News. "He limited the number of photos taken in the room and asked that those taken not end up on Facebook."

    Despite his efforts to keep a lid on the liaisons, Jon was apparently displeased that media got wind of his whereabouts and decided to cancel his paid club appearance.

    "Gosselin was not happy that the media was alerted of his visit," a hotel rep tells E! News. "In a cancellation email to Shrine management, Gosselin's agent stated 'Jon is furious that it was leaked' and 'that was really what did it in for him.' He alluded to the fact that he did not want his image to be tarnished with paid nightclub appearances."

    As if having multiple twentysomething girlfriends and wearing head-to-toe Ed Hardy gear doesn't tarnish his image already.

    Word to the wise, Jon: You're lucky nightclubs are still willing to pay you for appearances. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

    Maybe he'll be a little smarter when he hosts a pool party at Wet Republic in Sin City on Saturday.

    Then again, probably not."

  3. Kate looked more cheerful last night, which is good to see. I wonder if deep down shes really relieved Jon wants off the show, but then again she knew that, I think thats somewhat why all this started in the first place, but that hes making it puplicly known. She knows then he can no longer drag her down and she can make it a big success. I think the way she is handling herself, the way she answers questions is so smart, cause she thinks about the kids and what people will edit or take out of context and what the kids will see which is how ALL parents should act. We all know she probably wants and has so much more to say cause its not her nature to hold it in, but at the same time they do have a right to privacy, I know I dont want to know every little thing.

    And that shirt Jon wore (with) the children at such a fundraiser, beyond words how immature, selfish and inappropriate. I cant believe he would do something like that.

    Also, I am SO SO excited that I get to go see Kate in Cleveland on the 11th. ahh cant wait

  4. FROM RADAR..The real reason Kate went to the house!
    Posted on Aug 26, 2009 @ 06:25AM

    Kate Gosselin has been candid in her many recent national TV interviews – but she has held back from revealing all of the details about some of her family’s recent headline-making moments.

    One of Jon and Kate’s more infamous moments came recently when she showed up at their Wernersville, PA home and Jon refused to let her in, saying it wasn’t her turn with the kids. Kate called the police and ultimately had to leave the property and stayed in a local hotel.

    Kate briefly touched on the subject during her Larry King Live interview Tuesday night, but she didn’t divulge the key details, RadarOnline.com has learned.

    The real reason Kate showed up at the house that night – knowing it wasn’t her turn to be with the kids – was because she heard Jon was going out drinking and leaving the kids with babysitter Stephanie Santoro, a source told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

    Jon and Santoro spent a previous night together and RadarOnline.com obtained exclusive photos of Stephanie leaving the Gosselin house hours after going home with Jon, who “hired” her as a babysitter after his split with Kate. (And Stephanie did the ”Walk of Shame,” wearing the same clothes as the night before.)

    Kate believed it would be better for the children to spend the night with their mom rather than Stephanie when she heard Jon was going out. That’s why she showed up at the house the night police were called. But, even though she has been questioned heavily about the incident, Kate has refused to divulge why she was at the house that night.

    And Jon, who insists his relationship with Stephanie follows the Professional Babysitting Code, has not mentioned Kate’s real reason for being at the house and calling the police.

  5. I heard on Ryan Seacrest that the twins called her and was complaining that Jon's behavior with the babysitter was inappropriate.

    Anyways I thought Kate did a good job and tried to answer the questions. I too wish should would have answered some of them better, but it her right not to comment on certain things. I thought LK asked some tough questions and Kate handled it well. I liked seeing her giggle at herself when they showed clips of the show.

  6. David said: "Why go on all these shows if she is going to give the same cookie-cutter responses?" Kate protects her children with her answers. When her children google her name in the future, they will find a mom who stood up for them. Can't say the same about their father. These shows should realize by now that she isn't going to change her tune.

  7. I saw the LKL show.

    I'm not sure how I feel about it. One, I think Kate looked great. Two, she was definitely poised and well-spoken. She also answered the questions really well, but my only issue with the interview as a whole is she didn't say much more than she did on the last two interviews.

    I guess they just want to promote the show because she really isn't discussing all the questions that viewers have regarding their relationship and divorce, and everything we see in the media. It was funny thought that she thought LK meant she will be back on his show next week. lol.

    I am glad she admitted that she is a control freak and admitted that the whole episode about calling the police was because she feels the need to control everthing, especially regarding the house and children. Now that Jon doesn't have to "answer to her" she will have to deal with losing some of the control. I know that is hard for her. But I think it was important for her to address that because so many people knew that's what it was about, regardless of her reasoning.

    I think TLC and her reps read what people on blogs say about her because she seemed to be different from the last two interviews. She seemed to handle it a bit differently. And I feel she was more at ease and "likeable". She didn't cry either. Whether or not she was "crying it up" those other times, I think she is very aware that a lot of people feel it was an act and she was "playing the sympathy card". Again, I'm not saying that's what she was doing, just that a lot of people felt that way.

    So Jon didn't want to make a statement. I wonder if he was allowed to or not. I also wonder if he will do the LKL show since he was invited.

    Aside from not getting some questions answered because of the children, etc the one thing I am really upset about is that the children are not getting any counseling. That's insane. Those children have seen/heard their parents fighting for at least a year now. Their entire lives have changed in the past 6 months, maybe more. They have so many questions about the stability of their lives and family. Some have, by Kate's own admission, had behavioral issues since the divorce. They also (reportedly) have gone on strikes to not film at least once (according to Jon). Why aren't they getting the counseling they need to deal with all this???? I know she says they will but they should already be.

    I know, I know, I may be reading into it but I can't help but wonder if she or TLC is afraid that if they get counseling they will be told they need to stop filming the show in the best interest of the children. Are they waiting for the end of the season to do counseling? I find this part very disturbing. If everything they do is for their children and they will do anything to make sure their children are happy and healthy, why aren't they in couseling? What other reason could there be?

  8. http://tvwatch.people.com/2009/08/26/kate-gosselin-to-guest-host-on-the-view/

    Embattled reality-TV mom Kate Gosselin will mix it up with the ladies of ABC’s The View as a guest host on Sept. 14 and 15, PEOPLE has learned.

    The star of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who will still be on maternity leave when The View returns from its summer-rerun schedule on Sept. 8.

    Gosselin, 34, whose separation from husband Jon has dominated the headlines throughout the summer, will no doubt help the talk show hit the ground running in the ratings as it begins its 13th season.

    The program has several other guest hosts lined up to join Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd during September. They include Meghan McCain, the daughter of Sen. John McCain, on the 9th and 10th; LaToya Jackson on the 16th and 18th; and FOX News Channel anchor E.D. Hill on the 23rd and 24th.

    Hasselbeck gave birth to her third child, Isaiah, earlier this month. She is due to return to work in October. –Tim Nudd

  9. ok TLC, get rid of Jon, I want a show with Kate, forget Jon, he is a train wreck. He needs to grow up and man up. Give him the AXE!

  10. Kate spoke with dignity and grace. I said many times I hoped she wouldn't speak out publicly in response to Jon's behaviors, because it wouldn't be good for the kids to her their Mom say anything negative about their Dad. I am very pleased with her ability to give to the public without sacrificing her children's knowledge of the situations. She really does keep her kids first, which is very admirable. Many bitter divorcees could take a lesson from her, she is able to love her kids more than she hates her husband, which is sooooo very important in the world of divorce.
    Kuddos to Kate. Blessings to the kids and here's hoping Jon will calm down and get off the tabloid circus train sometime soon!
    P.S. Thanks for posting the interivew Baby Mama! :)

  11. I think that Kate did a great job on LKL! She was very professional, and as always kept the kids futures in mind when the personal questions came up! She looks like she's perking up a little... which is a good sign!

    Jon's shirt at the lemonade stand is completely inappropriate. Does he think that he's being funny or something?!? I don't get it.

  12. I agree with David who asks why Kate continues to go on the shows if she is going to reveal nothing new and hardly answer any of the questions. Don't get me wrong, I love Kate, but I think it's making her look worse.

    As for Jon, he's an idiot, plain and simple. If he is so worried about providing for his family, he needs to stop wasting money and acting like so stupid. I think we all know the reason Jon and Kate did the show - to make money - and who can blame them? I would too. But they shouldn't look back and begrudge their fame now. They wouldn't have any of these speaking opportunities and appearances without the show. I actually do hope Jon quits the show b/c I can hardly stand to hear him talk.

  13. http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2009/08/kate-gosselin-guest-host-view

    Kate is going to be guest hosting on the View on the 14th and 15th of Sepetember!

  14. Baby Mama, thanks for all the work you do on this blog! I would have not seen Larry King if you hadn't posted it. As usual, Kate was a real lady with unquestionable integrity and class. She is so sweet! I hope she has a place to go where she can scream her lungs out over her A**hole of a soon to be X. I totally understand her wanting to be with her kids after having a bad day. Jon was a jerk to not let her be there. He will really be sorry one day if in fact he does have a soul.

  15. Baby Mama, thanks so very much for posting the Larry King interview. You work so hard on keeping this blog up to date!!

    Re: David's comment above, I do disagree in that I think his questions were very in depth. On the flipside, I do agree with the fact that her answers are always very controlled. I do always come away from these interviews not feeling as though we have any new information. However, I suppose that to Kate the private parts of their life and marriage just need to remain private.

    I commend her for keeping cool under pressure. I loved the hesitation when he asked if Jon is a good father.

    The story above regarding him at the nightclub is really just sickening. Enough said.

  16. Well if Radar is right about anything, they might be about this one! I believe it. Why would Jon need a babysitter when Kate is perfectly capable of watching the kids herself! Jon needs to go away. I'm tired of listening to him open up his mouth... haha.

    Thanks Baby Mama for the updates! :)

  17. Did you see that Kate is supposedly going to guest co-host the view September 14th and 15th. if this is true I am really happy for her. She is such an amazing woman. I will be glue to the tv those mornings!

  18. I believe the reason Kate does not divulge certain details is she doesn't want to lower herself in public by bashing Jon or be the one to reveal his improprieties. She has always insisted that for the kids sake, implying that children's perception of how the parents treat each other is important for their healing process. She is right and too classy to try to turn her children against the father they love, even if he is a poor example of one.

    Unfortunately, Jon has chosen recently to "stand up to her" as he previously and very publicly said and continues to do so. (sigh)

  19. According to People Magazine, Kate will be a guest host on The View September 14 and 15!

  20. When I watch Kate and hear her speak it is obvious to me what is going on in her brain. She is smart enough to know that her kids are going to see these interviews - if not now then someday. She is purposely NOT tearing Jon down for their sake. And I applaud her.

    We don't need to hear her say the words to know what has happened to bring about this divorce. She has handled this perfectly in my opinion.

    I wish I knew her personally. I would give her a pat on the back and a chuck under the chin!

  21. Not sure if anyone else has heard this or not, but heard this news story on a local radio station this morning. I have yet to confirm this.

    I heard that the Gosselin kids staged a coo back on Aug 13th. TLC was filming at the house and encouraging the kids to go outside and play. The kids banded together and refused stating they didn't want to do the show any longer. It wasn't fun anymore. When TLC was questioned regarding the incident, they had no comment.

    Again, no confirmation, but am wondering where the local radio station got the story since I can find no reference to it on the internet. Is it possible TLC's PR department bought the rights to it, thereby keeping it out of the press?

  22. wow lucysmom: that is really telling. So Jon has been secretly sneeking out to bars and clubs and getting all cozy with a bunch of women. I am glad that that came out. that seems to be all he does now and days. The dumb thing was that he asked everyone he took photos with not to post them on facebook. what was he thinking? of course people are going to post them. and of course a waitress is going to tell his little secret of him being there and taking women with him to a room. jon jon jon.... seems like he will never learn.

  23. ...I have just read that Kate will be guest co-hosting on The View on Sept. 14/15....WOW!!!...I've attached the article below. I'm assuming if it's printed in People it must be true.


  24. I can't wait to see how Kate does on The View Sept. 14th and 15th!

  25. I just saw the video of Jon responding to Kate's larry interview, man what an immature *sshole! I really can't believe he would stoop so low to say she just avoided the questions (hello for the sake of the children, yeah remember them?) and he says well i'll answer some questions. Man he sure is a 15 year old, Kate's handling this with dignity and really having the best interest of the kids and he can't handle s*@t with his #%@k in his hand. Sorry, he just overstepped his bounds there. Man I hope she takes full custody of those kids before he really screws them up. Can't wait for what he's gonna say next to truly bury himself! ha ha ha

  26. You would think Jon would appreciate her not going into detail and keeping things private and not trashing him to Larry King like when being asked 'is Jon a good father' and so on and so on but no, instead Jon tells radaronline that whenever Larry's ready for him HE can answer questions so looks like he's ready to trash Kate on television not just in the tabloids.

  27. Jen Santos~ I looked into this "supposed" tups meltdown and it appears that this was a made up story. Just like when they "claimed" the police were called again, only to find out they repeated an old story. Or the time they "claimed" Kate was in a hit and run and it was made up and was found to be a hoax. I did see where the original info came from and I still don't feel that this is a legit claim. But who knows.

    I don't beleive anything until I read it in People. haha laugh all you want, but I really feel that they are the most accurate. I do copy a lot of stuff from Radar & US Weekly, but it's a catch 22. I don't want to spread gossip, but I want to have all the info that's out there you guys be the judge. I'm still pissed I pasted that info about Kate moving and it was a total lie and made up by the media to make Kate look bad. Even Radar had to find a way to spin it properly.

    Anyway, thanks so much for the heads up about the VIEW! I am so excited! Today is my only day off for a few days so I'm running around with the kids. So forgive me if it takes a while to get comments posted. I'm still here, I just don't have the time right now to respond to questions and e-mails. I will get to them though, I promise!

  28. Sorry if this has already been posted, but the new People Magazine has Kate on the cover, with the title "Kate Strikes Back". She talks about Hailey and how she feels like she is divorcing a 15 year old! I can't wait to read it!

  29. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20300521,00.html

  30. Okay... I just saw the video of Jon. What an idiot! Who does he think he is? This isn't a competition of who answers the most questions, or who can trash the other person more! He is so immature, and I'm starting to think that Jon and Hailey were made for each other! LOL! Kate is probably so incredibly happy that she got rid of him!
    While I was on Radar, I read the article about Kate having an interview with People, and as usual they had some snippits of it. And I think that in this interview some questions will be answered!

  31. I hope TLC gives Jon his wish and cans him....Kate plus 8 would be much more fun.

  32. I have something to say on a lighter note. I just finished watching my DVD of the fourth season, part 2. There was an extra DVD with it (a Target exclusive) with cute scenes, etc. The title of one of the snippets was "Babies and Boots" and it was adorable. Kate still had brown hair and the sextuplets must have been a little over a year. They were at a shoe store shopping for and trying on winter boots. So cute-you could already see their unique little personalities. I am so sick of "Jon". I prefer to spend my time watching the old shows and focusing on the kids. My husband was watching one with me and he said he could tell Jon didn't want to be doing what he was doing (helping Kate with the kids) back then. I never noticed it before, but now I am noticing the same thing.

  33. ....yes, the upcoming People magazine article looks as though Kate has some new and interesting things to say.

    I was just looking at some of the comments on The View website that has announced Kate as a guest co-host. I honestly do not get it. Why do (some) people hate her so much? The venom with which some people speak about her is awful. She is not a criminal, a murderer, or anything else that could elicit or justify such anger. I truthfully don't get it. I know people personally who say they hate her.

    And I am sure haters will read this blog and look at my comment and call me stupid. But I continue to believe that she is hated because she is a woman and she is strong willed and independent and not submissive. I hope The View does not make changes based upon the crazy feedback.

    Go Kate!!!!!!!!!!

  34. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20300521,00.html

    "I never said that," Jon told PEOPLE while speaking outside his house on Wednesday. "A fan asked me, 'Don't you sometimes wish you could go back to a 9-to-5 job?' [And my reply was,] 'Yeah, because this is 24/7 and 9-to-5ers punch in and punch out and you have no responsibilities
    He just keeps digging him self a bigger hole, I swear he walks around with a shovel. So he doesnt want responsibilities? Do you think he seriously means the children? Or does he want life handed to him on a silver platter with not having to work?

    "Lies, Lies" – Gosselin says: "I just thought it was funny, because people can write anything about me ...
    ITS NOT FUNNY...YOU HAVE YOUR CHILDREN WITH YOU!! I hope TLC blurrs it out cause that is so not appropriate for the show. How embarressing for them to have someone like him on a family show acting like this, ugh.

    ugh I would be beyond frustratted if I were Kate, I applaud her cause shes handling it way better than I would.

  35. I'm so happy and excited that more lucrative doors are opening up for Kate (& less for Jon). And the pics of her on the new People cover and her glamor photo with her hair slicked back... she looks amazing!

  36. Re People.com reporting that Jon didn't mean he didn't want to be on the show anymore: Doesn't matter if he does or he doesn't-- WE don't want him on the show! (& its looking more and more as if TLC doesn't either).

  37. Ugh! I just watched Jon's response video to Kate's interview with LK -- he makes me so mad! "Strikes back with what? I haven't done anything!" as though he's completely innocent in ALL that has been happening! You HAVE to be kidding me .. and why is he constantly at the fence talking to the paparazzi all the time? There's like a new video of him at his fence weekly -- I guess he doesn't have the opportunity to go on real shows like Kate has been doing, so he is making up for that by talking to strangers at the fence? I hope the babysitter is watching his children well while he hangs out with his new friends-the paparazzi.

    Sorry for venting, but it just makes me mad that he thinks he's a perfect little angel.

  38. Thanks for posting Kate's interview on LKL. She was so composed and answered the tough questions with grace and dignity...I love the way she lights up when she talks about the kids!
    Unlike her pitiful ex...He needs to grow up and take some responsibility. It's absolutely pathetic that he would be so disrespectful of Kate and the kids, while she clearly wants to protect them from the ugly train wreck of their father's public life. In case you haven't gotten the message yet Jon: GROW UP! At the very least, show some public respect to the mother of your children, for sake of the children! They don't need to see every cruel comment you make about her in the public domain. In other words, just stop blabbing what's on your mind to everyone you meet. As for the nightclub "appearance", what a joke! That is what he's doing to support his kids??
    How sad.

  39. I can't believe that Jon responded to kates LKL interview. He needs to keep his mouth shut for the kids sake. I don't think that he has even been thinking about his children. I am praying for kate to get full costody of the kids. I am scared that if jon had custody then the boys might try to act like their father. (boys usually idolize their fathers at least for a while) poor Kate i bet she did not think she would have to deal with the "terrible thirtyTWO's"

  40. I dont know what more I can add that hasnt been said..Kate is one classy Lady..I would love for Kate to have her own talk show.She has shown that she has style and Grace in the true sense.

    Jon is so immature that I wonder if he is taking some kind of drugs.How does a person change so much so fast.

  41. Does anyone else think that Kate may have just opened up a can of worms with her People interview? With the LKL interview she left Jon with nowhere to go. She didn't say anything about him that he should have responded to and if he did he would look like a jerk.

    Now she does the People interview and of course now Jon will feel he has to respond. I think she opened the way for Jon to dish out some dirt, right or wrong. He may feel that he is justified in explaining his actions and start to give out personal details that Kate may not want out. Again, she didn't say anything that wasn't true, but Jon may decide that he is also going to tell stuff that is true. I think this will turn into total he said/she said.

    I think her PR people did good with the LKL interview but dropped the ball with the People one.

  42. Did anyone see the pics of Kate in People? She looks so different! I thought she looked great, very glamorous. She reminds me of Rebecca Romijn (Stamos).

  43. RadarOnline has a video of Jon and Kate putting the twins on their bus. There was even another mom who stood up to the paparazzi with comments like, "want our picture too?"

  44. Jon and Kate Gosselin made nice as they reunited Thursday morning to send their twins off for their first school.

    They arrived in separate cars around 7 a.m. to the bus pickup point near the family's $1.1 million home in Wernersville, Pa.

    Nine-year-old twins Cara and Mady - who are entering the third grade - rode with their mom to the lot and gave their dad Jon a hug before hopping on the bus.

    "Bye, daddy!" one of them yelled.

    Jon and Kate did not interact as they waved goodbye to the girls.

    Kate briefly boarded the bus to say farewell, while Jon stood outside the bus, checking his cell phone. Later, he stood with his hands in his pockets chomping on gum.

    After getting off the bus, Kate quickly walked away, ignoring Jon.

    She ignored a photographer, who yelled out: "Kate, do you feel like you're taking Jon back to school when he acts like a 15-year-old?"

    ROFLMAO! That last line cracked me up!

  45. Baby Mama:

    I posted a comment about the People interview that didn't post. I'm not sure if it didn't go through because I keep having problems and have to hit Post Comment several times, or did you decide not to post it? If it's not the latter, here it is:

    I'm sorry, but I don't get it. Kate was on LKL and had the chance to say anything she wanted. We all took her answers as dignity and grace and everyone here applauded her for not bashing Jon or commenting on anything he has done. We all thought she took the high road. She said she won't comment on Jon's actions for the sake of her children.

    But then she does this People interview and does the exact opposite. She did everything she said she wouldn't do. Why didn't she say all this on LKL then? She must have done the People interview first so she knew it would come out.

    Maybe all the things she said about Jon were true but I thought she said she wasn't going to go there for the sake of her children.

    Reading all the comments made in this blog above I feel as though she let her fans down, at least those that were proud of her for the way she handled the interview and stood up for her saying they knew she wouldn't lower herself and would put her children's feelings first.

    I'm really upset about this. For her children and for her fans. Anyone else here upset about it, or just me?

  46. I watched that video and read the article and radaronline can't even remember how old the twins are.

    They wrote "The bickering couple came together on Thursday morning to send their darling 9-year-old twins, Cara and Mady, off for the first day of school."

    The twins are 8 until Oct. 8!!! They are NOT 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I loved the comment about Jon being in the "terrible 32s". But kids grow up and go beyond the 2s and I think Jons mental growth is stuck or regressing!

    I think Kate could be a new Martha Stewart. I think she be a great host.

    Don't you think the Kate hate stems from jealousy and envy? Here's another strong self-made woman. It is such a freaking shame that women put down other successful women rather than applauding them.

    I'm beginning to wonder if Jon has always had a wandering eye for other women? Is it just now coming to light or just the result of his midlife crisis? (or mid30s crisis) Could it be because he's never had money before and he's just out of control?

    I know Kate always made more money than Jon even when Kate worked part time. Nurses don't make mega bucks so it really makes you realize how little money Jon made in his jobs, when he hold on to one. Not too many people get fired or let go from jobs with the government or jobs with best friends. Yet Jon managed to lose both of those.

    Sorry to ramble but had a lot on my mind. Thanks for all you do BabyMama!

  48. Does the paparazzi have no shame. They need to leave the kids alone. Kids should be allowed to quietly and peacefully get on the bus and not be hounded by cameras. The other families could not even put their kids on the buss or take pictures of their kids at the bus because the pap were there in the way. I was totally disgusted but their total disregard for other peoples privacy and personal space.

  49. Schmecky, I agree w/ you - I thought the same but wasn't going to post...but here I am. I think the whole making-the-rounds of tv shows, interviews to ANY of the tabloids/magazines, is exactly opposite of them wanting the media crap to go away. Why turn some of the tabloids backwards at the grocery store when you've agreed to be in some of them??? I don't care about any of it, except that every time one of them speaks out about the other, THEIR KIDS ARE GOING TO SEE IT. If not today, SOME day. That's what I don't get.

    I wonder how much TLC and/or their pr reps are behind some of it, but if they are, then I see that as "selling out". It's sacrificing your reputation for the sake of fame and tv and is NOT putting your kids first.

    On the flipside, it would bother me very much to have rumors and hurtful gossip spoken, written, and speculated about by whole world. I saw the pics of the first day of school for Mady/Cara today and wonder what that will be like for them.

  50. Ok, so i read a little bit of what kate said in people. From what i saw she handled it good. the only thing she really said was deep down she wishes her husband would call her and be his normal self and he is acting like a 15 year old boy. Then she said that she did not like jons women around her children. I don't think it was a bad interview. but like i said i only got clips of it. I don't see anything wrong with what she said.

    From when they separated its obvious to me that jon needed kate there and he needed her to give him structure. look at how he is without it. i read this somewhere and have to share it " I wonder how long he can last before he falls down a well or something and realizes he just can’t get through life without someone making sure he doesn’t get his tongue stuck to the flagpole or something." haha ha i love that. it is just so true. I did see that jon responded and said that he can't say anything right now but he will have a lot to say in the future. WOW he is so dumb, I can't believe how low he is going. the dumb thing is he got what he wanted "a divorce" yet he is now out to destroy kate.

  51. Good post Linda!

    But I am realistic enough and a long time Martha fan to realize its not quite the right comparison. I do believe there is a market for a Kate show revolving homemaking with a large household; organization tips etc. But she does not have the craft and garden aspect so that was quite a stretch by my observations. That aside; I am so ready for a Kate show as I am so happy with her emerging example for women of strength. I only wish she would bring more of a Christian perspective again (like the old days). I want to see other strong women that take good care of oneself while they maintain Christian values....

  52. I just saw the pictures of the first day of school: Really, the paparazzi have just gone too far. I don't understand why they can't just let them be! I'm sure that Mady and Cara must have hated it, but can you even imagine how other kids and parents must have felt?! It's crazy. By the way, when I was looking at the pictures, it seemed like they were in a parking lot. Does anyone else find that a little strange?!

    Baby Mama, you do a wonderful job of keeping us all updated, which I really appreciate! And I was wondering if you (or someone else) had a copy of the article from People. I don't really want to buy the whole magazine... and I'm sure everyone (myself included!) would love to hear what our girl Kate has to say to People! LOL! Thanks so much! :o)

  53. Schmecky, I agree, that was my first thought when I saw there was another People cover and interview. I don't get it either. Every time they go back and forth, it's out there for their kids to see. That's not putting your kids first!!! Why bother turning the tabloids around in the grocery store when you're agreeing to be in some of them?

  54. I have to tell u this. As i came out of the kitchen there was a full screen picture of jon G. on TMZ, omg, they were playing the tape of JFK saying: Don't ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. OMG, was i shocked i just stood there holding my laundry. How dis respectful is that at this sad time pertaining to the passing Senator Kennedy!
    I guess i should write tmz too????

    Also, while channel surfing Sunday night Isaw the last part of the octomom. i have not bother to follow anything she did because i just feel she watched J&K get all their freebeesss and she decided to have those babies to get rich. well, she is a mess compared to Kate & Jon. She could use some helpful hints from Kate about organinzing a schedule for all those kids. It was scary to watch all those babies on the floor. Oh well, other peoples kids! yuck!

    Last but not least, About the next episode at the dude ranch. Why just the boys? Girls like to go horse backing too. I know Cara would probably love it. I think maybe Kate is raising those girls and boys in a very sexist way. Tea Party for the girls but she can go shoot a gun in front of the boys. i feel they need to be exposed to all kinds of activities. Especially Mady, Kate should atleast take her and Cara too.
    excuse the typos.

  55. "Kids should be allowed to quitely and peacefully get on the bus and not be hounded by cameras". I don't know if this will get posted or not but I thought kate said that the show was her life. Going to school is part of life so to me having their pictures taken is no big deal!!!!! They are already on tv so whats the big deal? Kate is now a celebrity so it is something she will HAVE to get used to.

  56. Leslie........I love your joke about the terrible thirty-TWO'S.....lol!!!!!!

    ....and just when she thought she had survived that stage of life with six of them, along comes "just one more"....definitely her biggest challenge to date!

  57. My question to SG, Tired, and the others that got on the judgemental band wagon....
    Are you guys getting the People magazine today? It's not out on the west coast yet so I don't know why all the premature judgy comments.

    Second comment about Kate being on LKL and People on the same week..... why the difference in information? It's called Media Management people. Get used to it. It is how they both make a living and provide for their children.
    I back Kate until she proves me wrong.... and that hasn't happened yet and likely won't happen tommorrow when the issue comes out.

    another correction on earlier comment. Kate does not drive a Range Rover.... A toyota is a far cry from a Range Rover and am surprised this error was made....

  58. Terri, I agree w/ you about Kate and showing her Christian standpoint. That for me was a huge part of why I watched the show in the very beginning. Her short answer to Larry King that she and Jon share the same faith is the first time I've heard her mention anything about faith for a very long time.

  59. Terri,
    I was wondering why i had not seen the mag yet. I had to try to find it on the internet and only got little blibs of it. But what i saw was not bad. I am with you with backing Kate.

    haha love that you say the toyota is a far cry from a range rover. I was wondering were the range rover has been cause i have not seen one near kate. I totally agree with your comment

  60. Schmeckygirl~ I do not agree with you at all that Kate was opening up a can of worms. I felt that she was wonderful on Larry King and spoke from the heart in People. There is nothingt wrong with her gettingt out how she really feels. Larry King was not the place. She obviously feels more comfortable speaking her mind to those at People, and again its not on TV which is stressful in itself.

    People want to know how she's feeling. They want to see that she is finally getting out there and saying that her soon-to-be husband behavior is not ok. That dating a 22 year old with a drug past, hiring nannies that bring their own kids to take care of her 8, is NOT ok. That going to casinos, tading luxury cars, and going to bars while being photographed grabbing your girlfriend before the ink is even dry is NOT OK...I agree that this is very good Media Management on her part. Jon should not be crying by the fanse and giving nasty media interviews to the paps.

    I don't feel she let her fans down at all. Wether or not you or anyone else feels fustration regarding her going to People, I think for her it's been her only true public outlet to share the hurt of what her husbaqnd is publically doing to her. I have heard that this is the best article they haave had of her yet, and it only confirms my feelings about backing her 100%. I could only imagine how horrible this has been for her, andee if this is how she needs to tell Jon to man up, then you go girl! True fans will stick by her decision.

  61. I just finished watching the video of the twins getting on the school bus and you all are right, the paps went too far....isnt there something legally that can be done about this with children ,this is mental child abuse.

  62. I think both Jon and Kate need to step back and be quiet. Anne Heche on Letterman tore her ex apart and I don't see how that helps matters. Their child is too young to see/hear this, but Mady and Cara are not. I can't see how school can be a positive experience for them when they and their parents are on all the gossip pages and web sites. I truly wish they would cancel the show and just show yearly updates. I think J&K have more than enough money to support their family. I think Kate has enough talent to go on her own without having her children on tv. I always thought Jon was a good father until lately. I find his behavior and choices to be despicable. (esp the wearing of the ed hardy douche-bag clothing and dating that horrible Glassman chick for starters.

    I hope the children come out of this unscathed.

  63. Baby Mama, I agree.....there is a good reason for her doing certain interviews and I back her 100%.

    I haven't yet seen the article, but am assuming the new copies of People hit the newsstands on Friday (?).....how did some get to see it earlier?

    ...it sure beats giving interviews to paps at the gate!!!!

  64. Bottom line, I just feel sorry for the kids. I hope they really are doing remarkably well, but I know if this happened to me and my husband, my kids would be absolutely devastated, and then to see it played out for the whole world to see? To hear it from your school friends, to be teased about what your parents are doing publicly? Unimaginable. When Kate said that she goes back to the vow renewals in Hawaii very often, how often must the kids think of it? I'm not taking a side here, it just seems so wrong to be a spectator in what is a private, painful event for an entire family.

    To me, it is a contradiction to say you don't want to be in the media, but then to do media interviews that your kids will see. I don't mean that in a mean, hateful way - I see it as a fact.

    I did read the entire article yesterday online. It's not that I have problems w/ what Kate said in the article, it's that she did the article at all...just my opinion.

  65. Apparently radaronline posted video of the sextuplets going to their first day of kindergarten. As a mother I am outraged!!! The first day of kindergarten is a BIG deal for the kids and parents! It is a BIG memory and how dare they go there and make it uncomfortable for everyone just so they could get a paycheck to sell the photos and videos. This is ridiculous! I would be contacting my attorney to file for a restraining order to keep the paps out of the school areas.
    I do not want to hear any responses to my post about how they “brought this on themselves with the show.” NO that is not true!!! It was Jon’s behaviors that caused this paparazzi fire storm. That's it. They did their show for 4 seasons with NO Paps chasing them around. Jon’s partying and constant drama created this mess and he should be ashamed!
    Phew, I feel a bit better now. Man that just really ticked me off.

  66. On the vehicle correction - Leslie is correct in that Kate's new car is not a Range Rover (manufacturer Land Rover). Her new SUV is a Toyota Land Cruiser, which starts at a base price of $64,755. The Range Rover starts at $79,275, although they do also have a sport version for $59K.

  67. Terri said...
    My question to SG, Tired, and the others that got on the judgemental band wagon....
    Are you guys getting the People magazine today? It's not out on the west coast yet so I don't know why all the premature judgy comments.

    I DID read the entire People interview article when I made my comments. You can read each page online days before they are in the stores.

    My point was that she didn't make any negative comments about Jon on LKL and everyone thought that she should be commended for that. Quite a few people here, including myself, said she took the high road, etc. Then I read the People interview the very next day and felt she went in the opposite direction. I don't think that's being judgmental. I think it's just stating my opinion. I think it's only going to fuel the media fire between the two of them now.

    I know Jon is acting like a jerk right now but I just think it's unfair that people get irate if he comments about Kate or their situation, but if Kate does it it's okay. I think it's a double standard. They both should stop commenting about each other if they want what is best for their children.

    As for the Range Rover comment, you are right. I meant a Land Cruiser... but my point was the price. The Land Cruiser starts at $65k which is what I think I said. I didn't say there was anything wrong with that either. I was just pointing out that some BMWs don't cost much more than SUVs because people were commenting on how much Jon spent on his car.

    Again, I'm not defending Jon. I do think he's going through a crisis right now and acting out and I've said it several times. I'm just trying to be fair. What's wrong or right for one, should be wrong or right for the other.

  68. Baby Mama:

    I totally agree that Kate should be able to say what she wants in People or any other media outlet if she so chooses. If she feels the need to set the record straight or get something off her chest then that's her right.

    But then I feel that Jon should be able to also. Whether or not we all agree with what either of them are saying is a different story. Who should decide what they can say or what they can divulge to the public?

    My issue with the People magazine article is that Kate made comments about Jon. Like I said, that's fine. She is free to comment on whatever she wants. However, that opens the gates for Jon to make comments about Kate. It will never end. Their children are going to read or hear about these comments. All the negativity is just bad all around.

    While I would love for them both to get their stories out there for us all to know each of their sides, I just don't think it's in the best interest of the children.

    Would I read a tell-all book by Kate or Jon? Yes, I would. Do I think they should each write one considering the children and the effect it could have on them? No, I don't.

  69. CBB, I agree with you 100%... If it hadn't been for Jon's irresponsible behavior there wouldn't be any paps. Yet he still doesn't get it or is still in denial, won't take responsibility for his actions (that the paps are there because of his behavior), which in itself makes for a bad example for his kids or anyone else. Action always causes reaction; poor behavior always leads to consequenses, good behavior, rewards.

    Isn't it ironic that he complains about the paps and yet continually goes to the fence to talk to them, trying to get his side out but instead, just keeps digging himself further in.

    Although, yes, the paps need to be reined in; they have way too much freedom when it comes to invasion of privacy of public figures... press anarchy as I see it.

  70. I just had an opportunity to see the People article at a friend's house. First, the photo inside of Kate is stunning! She is just stunning!

    The headline is the entire 'strike'. The '15-year old' reference is the only comment that shows a crack in her public statements. But it is certainly not anything that the rest of us haven't said...And, I suppose, the aliens taking over is pretty funny. But there aren't enough aliens in the universe to explain Jon's behavior.

    Thinking back both Jon & Kate indicated that they were shocked at the ultrasound that showed 7 embryo's (sp?). Jon said that he fell to his knees when he found out. I think this is an example of two people who got hit with a big surprise - one parent just couldn't handle it. I think he loves his kids (in his own way) but he never expected his life to take such a huge turn. He just can't handle himself. He never learned how to...His father was obviously the 'caretaker' and he married Kate because she was able to put his life in order. Now he has decided that it's his turn to make his own decisions - but he can't. He doesn't have the capacity. He will fail. Time and again, he will fail because it's not his nature to lead.

    The family did the show for four seasons before the tabloids got involved and then only because Jon was caught partying. The paps are wrong to stake out the kids. No question. But Jon opened the door and continues to entertain them from his fence and wherever he goes. He claims to want to be left alone - but he doesn't know how to live without attention.

    So much to say --- but the point is that the People article is a non-issue.

  71. OK, if she drives a Toyota how did all 10 fit into it this morning?

  72. CBB, I couldnt agree more.
    Jon is also keeping it alive. The whole tIme it is his time with the kids he is talking over the fence. I would not be surprised if he is getting paid for those little interveiws behind TLC back

  73. Baby Mama
    I totally agree with your post! I could not have said it any better if i said it myself.

  74. I am really happy for the kids that BOTH parents came to see them off to school on their first days, both yesterday & today. I'm sure it means alot to the kids. They're all so big and grown up looking!!!!!!

    Now let's hope Jon keeps his behavior in check this weekend in Vegas!!!~

  75. Jon whines so much. He isn't allowed to speak his mind on talk shows and stuff, well he has no problem speaking it to the paparazzi at his fence and to the tabloids like 'In Touch'

    "I don't have a voice!" yeah that's total bull Jon.

  76. Terri,

    I'm not sure if Baby Mama decided not to print my reply to you or if it didn't go through because my laptop keeps freezing up.

    I will try reposting it but in case Baby Mama didn't like something I had to say in there in my defense then I will just say that I DID read the People article in full prior to making my comments.

    And also, I did write the wrong car name but my point was the price of the car starting at $65k. I got the price right but the name wrong in my previous comment. I also want to make it clear that I don't care which car either of them drive if they aren't ridiculously expensive and I don't think a BMW is ridiculously expensive.

  77. Again, one comment I made in defense of my comments of the People magazine opinion wasn't posted. I've rebooted my laptop since, so if it doesn't appear I will know Baby Mama chose not to print it for some reason. I am leaving off my reasoning for my objection to the comment in case that is the reason it wasn't posted.

    Here is the quote I took issue with:

    "It would be great for the sake of my kids for me to meet somebody who is upstanding, who had integrity, a real man. For my boys to have a role model like that would be wonderful."

  78. allibrootob said...
    I am really happy for the kids that BOTH parents came to see them off to school on their first days, both yesterday & today. I'm sure it means alot to the kids. They're all so big and grown up looking!!!!!!

    I agree. They were all so cute. I hate seeing them grow up but at the same time it's nice. Same way I feel about my little girls I guess.

    I just wish that Jon and Kate were speaking to each other. They weren't cold to each other they just ignored each other. The kids have to realize that though. You'd think they'd make small talk for the sake of the kids even if they have to fake it.