Friday, October 7, 2011

Kate Says No To H8R, But Yes To Tooth Fairy!, Why Do People Hate On Freebies?

Whats Wrong With Kate Getting Freebies? Why is she accused of Mooching?

Kate Gosselin says definitely she won't pay for getting her hair styled. Even though she's said to be pinching pennies, she still looks like she's getting some pretty expensive hair treatments. How's that all working out? According to Hollywood Life, it seems there's a bit more to the story. Some might even say she's doing a bit of mooching. Just because Kate says she's not paying to get her hair done doesn't mean she's not getting it done. It seems that Kate has utilized the services of the upscale Ted Gibson salon. Now that she's no longer on TV, she is still getting the hair treatments comped. How did word of this get out? On Twitter, of course. Kate Gosselin was asked recently by a Twitter follower how much haircuts cost at the Ted Gibson salon. "Always comped. Wouldn't dream of spending that kind of $ on hair!!??!" Kate replied.

Kate GosselinSo how long does Kate Gosselin think these comped services will last? She still doesn't have a job and had so been hoping that a deal for a new reality show would come up. Rumors have been circulating about Kate Gosselin doing a radio show, but she's said there's no basis to that. The former Kate Plus Eight star is 100% unemployed. Do you think this is a cut and dry case of Kate mooching? How much longer do you think the salon will continue to comp Kate's services? It will be interesting to see if in the very near future, Kate Gosselin starts sporting a different hair style. What do you think?

Kate Gosselin Talks Cupcakes and the Tooth Fairy!

Kate Gosselin  is very excited to celebrate the birthdays of her twins, Mady and Cara this weekend! The family received something very special from one of their favorite bakeries, just in time to kick off the festivities! "My friends at Georgetown Cupcakes overnighted 5 dozen cupcaFile:A rainbow of cupcake bites, March 2009.jpgkes! Oh how excited Cara and Mady were," Kate tweeted on Wednesday. Of course she has been very busy planning for their birthday party, which is presumably on Saturday. Aside from planning the party, the mom of eight is also struggling with other duties... ones of the tooth fairy kind.

On today's blog Kate talked about how it's not easy keeping track of all the Gosselin missing teeth! With the sextuplets all losing pearly whites on a regular basis, mom is having a hard time keeping up! Her suggestion? "More sleep and less night flying!" There is never a dull moment in the Gosselin house as you can tell from the range of topics Kate covers in 24 hours! The big question is, will the "little kids" still be able to eat those cupcakes despite losing so many teeth? Perhaps they should leave one out for the tooth fairy as incentive...

Kate Gosselin Says NO to H8R, Then Show Gets Canceled:

The star of the former hit show, Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin is making headlines today. According to a new report, Gosselin has allegedly passed up an opportunity to appear on a new show entitled, H8R. On each episode of the show, a celebrity confronts his/her "biggest hater." A producer of the show, reportedly stated that at this point, it does not seem as though Gosselin is interested in making an appearance on the show.
As Huffington Post reports, a show producer of H8R reportedly said of Kate Gosselin: "We have had more videos sent in about Kate than any other celebrity. We have reached out to her many times asking her to do the show, but so far it doesn't look good." Now that Kate Plus 8 has been canceled, in previous interviews, the reality star revealed her wishes to continue her career in television, and it is certain that her fans would love to see her return to TV. However, at this point, there has been no news of Gosselin making a return to TV in the immediate future, but H8R is reportedly interested in having her on the show. The show has since been CANCELED


  1. H8ers was cancelled?!?! That's funny. Wonder what the reason was. Perhaps it was that celebrities wanted nothing to do with confronting a potential psycho. OTOH, if Kate HAD agreed it would have been interesting to watch the mad scramble among the haters as to who qualified as her biggest hater.

    As for comps, what is all the angst about? It's up to Ted Gibson as to who he comps and why. It certainly is continuing to get his studio mentioned so he's obviously continuing to get value in return for the hair styling. Furthermore, if Kate is allegedly such a has-been, why is this columnist writing about her?

  2. Peggy said - if Kate is allegedly such a has-been, why is this columnist writing about her?

    Oh Peggy, you hit the nail on the head.

    The kids are of tv. Kate is unemployed. What more do the haters want.

    They should stop talking about her. But they can't. Don't they see that they are the ones keeping Kate in the media. The haters are Kate's largest promotion and advertising department. LOL

  3. I'm going to say it - I LOVE FREEBIES!!!

    Who doesn't like freebies, oh the haters don't like freebies. They don't like freebies because the only people that approach the haters for freebies are shows like What Not To Wear and Look 10 Years Younger. The only time Ted Gibson would comp a cut for the haters is if he decided to support efforts to address mental illness.

    You can't tell me the haters do not use coupons or take candy at the desk of a business. These are considered freebies too. They are so ridiculous, hypercritical, and hypocritical.

    I like Kate's hair and if she gets it done for free, I say - you go girl.

  4. I tell you what...given her situation in life...I wouldn't turn a darn single freebie down! She has a HUGE household budget! A large piece of property to keep up!

    I couldn't begin to fathom her health insurance, school expenses, tuition,...I could go on and on.

    And we ALL KNOW that the ex is contributing very little...Kate honestly appraised it as coverin their "lunches". So its all on her shoulders!

    Kate's hair is beautiful now! Her color really glows. She is very good advertisement for Ted Gibson and Jason Heuman and they know it!

    Latest hater beyond bonkers they think Shoka is a fake...that the real Shoka never came home and Kate switched the dogs out! LOL Puppies grow up...they look a good bit different than when they were young! Idiots!

    Also investigative aka says Kate is lyin about the cupcakes....that he went to said Georgetown Cupcakes and they denied sendin Kate cupcakes!

    Oh yeah...we are believin that big one Wally! LOL Kate tweeted thanks to them. I would surely think they would have tweeted back a "thanks for what?" if it were not true.

    Really, how obsessive could a person be to even portend to drive from his home to DC to check out a single tweet from Kate? And they say Kate is OCD...LOL...obsessive fruitcakes they are. Kate clearly still needs Mr. Neild when she travels!

    Also regarding that H8R story...Kate tweeted that she was NEVER approached ...not once by anyone regarding that show! Another tabloid lie!

  5. The whole premise for H8R was stupid. Let's see ... you have some people who hate your guts and never have a single kind word to say about you. You are supposed to go on a television show and let them scream and say vile things to you ... NOT!

    I'm sorry of Snooki went on there ... don't want to offend others but uh, Duh! Why the heck would anybody want to do that.

    I would say Kate should go on H8R ONLY if WE get to have a show where all the vilest AKOs are named by name and the camera's get to roll into their neighborhoods. With a "screen crawl" of their profanity and yucky stuff we get to ask them how their family, friends, and neighbors feel about the filth someone they know spews. Is it the example they are setting for their kids? I would think that would be very fair.

    As for "Walt" ... uh, isn't he the one who had to continue to tweet ugly things about Kate when he was supposedly on his honeymoon??? Maybe I've got it wrong.

    As for freebies and coupons ... I don't think anybody with a brain would turn down the freebies or not use the coupons! Nobody was upset over Jon and Morgan getting the freebies at Sundance. Duh again! If the manufacturers and vendors didn't want to give the free stuff, they wouldn't — just that simple!

    What's the difference between that and getting a free sample in the mail or at the grocery store? Wait ... I'm sure these AKOs who are offended by freebies mail back all the free stuff they get in the mail. Yeah, right.

  6. H8Rs has no future because its based on hatered and negativity. It wouldn't have lasted anyway.
    The misconception with the freebies is twofold. One, people have the impression that by Kate taking something offered to her, she is taking it away from someone who either needs or deserves it more. That is flatly not the case. because of reason number two. The second misconception is that the freebies are major sacrifices for the giver who will get nothing out of it which is another flat out falsehood. Juicy Juice in Kate's kictchen on her show advertises juicy juice to millions of viewers who some in turn buy it. Juicy Juice makes a lot of money off that little investment. Juicy Juice does not offer me free juice because it as a company would not benefit. Kate is thus earning her freebies.

  7. Have a great weekend all!!! Hope everybody is on the mend. The fall leaves are just gorgeous! That was something I missed a lot when living in Florida. Our kids still mail back fall leaves to their former classmates in FL. Seems like every day there is another tree that's kissed with yellows, reds, and oranges. xoxoxoxo

  8. I'm with Fascinated! I love freebies, the bigger the better. If I spent my life getting $10,000 haircuts, I would smile and could care less what the hate sites said. They are jealous liars that would do the exact same thing.


  9. I love freebies, the bigger the better. If I spent my life getting $10,000 haircuts, I would smile and could care less what the hate sites said. They are jealous liars that would do the exact same thing.

    WRONG!!!! If I had 6 figures in the bank I would NOT accept those kinds of freebies- I would gladly PAY for my goods and services because I could. Just like I pay for my daughter's college tuition instead of accepting grants- because I CAN so I DO.
    You all are the ones who are jealous, cuz you would do the same.
    Get over YOURSELVES.

  10. Ahh... Thank you butterfly.
    You proved my point. You might be able to cure ugly but it's just hard to cure dumb.
    I have a child who got a full four year academic scholarship. I could have and would have paid the tuition. Did I? Heck no, I took the scholarship.

    Warren Buffet is one of the most ethical people I know, and he takes freebies.

    He uses coupons also.

    Please send me your coupons, I'll gladly use them.

    The point is - They dis not offer you the free hair care!!! They did give it to Kate. They would not give it to some indigent person if Kate had turned it down.

    They don't give freebies to dumb people; they don't give them to ugly people; may not be "fair" but it's life!!!!

    It's Teds company and HE decides not me, not you, and not other haterz. Awww Geee.... How many contributions did you make last year?

    The freebies and goody bags given at the Emmies, Tonys, Grammys, etc. are huge!!!! Go slap every company for handing them out to all those non-needy people.Nobody made those companies give the swag. They aren't giving it to you or to me ... They are giving it where they want. IT IS THEIR choice.

    I'm not jealous at all. I'm glad I live in a country where people who own companies can decide to whom they give freebies. Hopefully they also do some need-based gifting but it is their right to decide to do so or not.

    Every student in FL for example who graduates with a B average gets an academic scholarship (Bright Futures); should they turn it down? Duke U gives merit scholarships (not need based) but should those kids turn them down because they're not also needy? Designers give gowns to celebs of their choosing. Jewelers gift jewelry. Resorts comp a lot of stays. They don't give them to me 'cause I'm a nobody but I'm not jealous of those to whom they do send gifts.

  11. You are on fire today Linda O. I agree completely with both of your comments. Great topic Baby mama.

  12. Linda-Excellent comment. On those rare occasions at the award ceremonies when a woman is wearing a dress and/or jewelry, especially jewelry, that she actually owns, it is noteworthy and extremely rare(the equivalent of man bites dog). I don't think, if a star or starlet refuses to wear one of her dresses on the red carpet, someone like Monique Lhullier is going to drive down to the local homeless shelter and give it to a poor woman instead.

  13. Linda, Glad you are feeling better!

  14. Oh for pity sake, the AKO's act as if everything in Kate's life is gifted to her.

    This is SOP (standard operating procedure) in the entertainment field & used in many various ways from product placement on shows to wearing millions of dollars of borrowed jewelry at events.

    When my daughter was a baby & well into little girl hood, I had a friend who had three daughters older than my daughter. None of them hit the same seasons in sizes. She gave us tons of clothes for years. Some things still had the tags on them. What I couldn't currently use, I took to the consignment shop and what I could use once outgrown, I took to the consignment shop. Yes, she knew that's what I did. Her response? I give the clothes to help you, how you choose to use the items I give you to help you is your choice. Once I give them to you, their yours.

    When I give something to someone, I GIVE it to them. It is theirs to do with as they see fit. If I have a preference or conditions, I tell them at the time I give it to them. Example clothes: if you can't use, please pass on to someone you know who can, if possible.

    Otherwise it's their's to do with as they see fit, from throwing in the garbage to selling it. I don't care. THAT'S what giving is about.

    I seriously doubt any company which ever gave Kate's kids cared whether she sold them to a consignment shop once she was done with them. Their clothes still got worn by other kids and their brand shown. If Kate was able to make a few bucks, good for her. That money she made from that probably only went to buy more

    The AKO's act as if she made a small fortune off selling clothes to a consignment shop. One usually doesn't get much for the clothes as they have to make their own profit and the consignment shop still has to sell the clothes at an affordable price.

  15. Linda~ You proved my point. You might be able to cure ugly but it's just hard to cure dumb. HAHAHA IM DYING!

    Butterfly better fly her ass back to RWA because moron is forever. Please don't come here to be jealous of our clean, amazing smelling fresh paper blog and stink it up with your vile trash. Anyone that lies and says they would never accept freebies and pay for it because they can sounds moronic to me so congrats on that. Lol

    What is everyone doing this crazy weekend??

  16. Happy Birthday Mady and Cara, watch out Kate, the teen years are around the corner. Eleven year olds have mouths on them.
    I hope everyone is relatively healthy

  17. I think Butterfly was an "ugly moth" in disguise! LOL

    LindaO...darlin, I can tell you are gettin your stride back! I thought I was gonna have to hold ya back! You have such a talent for usin the written word as a "dagger" to cut and dismember the hateful blabber that comes thru here every once in a while!

    On another note...wonder where our Kate has been? I heard a rumor that Terri & Bindi Irwin were in LA this weekend. Wonder if Kate made a rendevous with them? I'm gonna ask her on twitter?

    Will give the haters something to froth over for the afternoon! LOL!

  18. ty firedup, ziggy, baby mama, fascinated, and Peggy.

    To answer your question Baby Mama "What is everyone doing this crazy weekend??" ...
    It's a science weekend for us. Last night we watch the Draconid Meteor shower last night (awesome!) For a short while the meteor streaks were so active it reminded me a bit of Star Wars when they went to warp speed. (For the idiots, yes, of course I know that Star Wars was fictional... I'm just using it as an example of what it looked like.)

    Today we went hunting and panning for rocks, minerals, and gold. Our kids just love doing this. Found one good-sized quartz crystal (fist sized) and a bunch of tiny, tiny emeralds, a lot of garnets, some tiny tiny rubies, and lots of amethysts and moon stones., and one sapphire (tiny - about a 1/4 in or smaller.) (NC is the gem and mineral state.) Probably have a bag full of pyrite crystals (fools gold.) Doesn't really matter what we dig up or pan in a stream 'cause the kids get so excited with their "treasures."

    We try to it at least once a year but we were just too busy this past summer. We're fast running out of weather to have your hands in water outdoors without it being too cold so today was the day. Kids love the digging but I chose to sit mostly at a sluice table and pan.

    The kids have finished their fall science projects for school and it was a great time to celebrate that as well as having everybody mostly well on a weekend.

    Tonight it's a shrimp boil and the last of the summer corn on the cob on the grill.

    A real weekend of family togetherness. Hope everybody else did also!!! (And ... we only had one grumpy kid so that is a feat in and of itself!)

    FiredUp - mostly I just ignore the AKOs now but every now and then we have a drive by who makes some statement that is so outlandishly stupid you have to just "jump in."

  19. Does anybody have a suggestion on where you can find the sachet paper to line dresser drawers? Do they still make this? I'm having a tough time finding it in stores or online.

    (Not looking for the thick paper or plastic you line kitchen shelves and cabinets with but instead the kind that looks a bit thicker than tissue paper but comes scented for drawers.)

    I saw it in a department store in Atlanta (or I dreamed it, lol) during the summer but I can't for the life of me remember where.

    I figured if anybody would know, it would be some reader here.

    If you don't want to post it, send me an email. Thanks in advance.


  21. Linda, I was looking for the same thing last summer. This was the only place I found the paper. Due to the expense, I just lined the drawers and use sachets.

  22. Just found this.

  23. I spent my weekend at a quilt retreat! The weather was awesome @ after breakfast each morning on our way to the sewing room we were presented with an awesome view that included a family of 6 deer there for their morning graze. It was great to get away for 2 1/2 days & have someone else cook & clean for you! Got lots of sewing done!

  24. Linda, you might check the container store. I think I've seen something like that there.

  25. It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. I am spending the first in a long time, gloriously warm and beautiful fall weekend walking and eating copious amounts of food. Very relaxing here with lots of laughs and some frustration.

    Happy Thanksgiving to my other Canadian friends.

  26. Oh, I forgot to mention that all of my family, on both sides, are at our house for the weekend. It is great to have everyone together but it will also be great to say goodbye. LOL

  27. Happy Thanksgiving to Canadians!

  28. Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!!!
    (My apologies for not saying it sooner!)

  29. Thank you Ziggy and tashapork! I just knew that somebody here would have an answer. It was Crabtree&Evelyn. I have a quick trip to Atlanta this week so I can get it then! Thanks a bunch.

  30. For those smart ladies here whose financial advisors have told them to never pass up a freebie, check out the link below:

    For those idiots who thumb their ignorant judgmental noses at freebies, I say, honey just stick to your guns 'cause the rest of the world will exercise good judgment and accept them. Having you turn them down means there's more for us. xoxoxo

  31. Happy belated Thanksgiving to our good neighbors in Canada!!

    Oh you are so right, Linda, re: freebies. I suppose those same idiots don't use coupons or ever accept the "freebie" in buy one get in free promotions. They would probably also donate the winnings of PCH or a lottery to someone less fortunate because they already "have" the money.

  32. There is nothing at all wrong with freebies. However, it should never get to the point where it is expected. She expected since the day those precious sextuplets were born that they get free stuff and it continues on. And not saying she is doing this, but I have personally seen people like this, act like they are in desperate need of things and that is not always the case. I know that fans would love to help Kate out and send her families things, but I personally think it would do much better for those families out there who truly needs it.

  33. A D I Neighborhood - Okay, I've had a long day and maybe I'm just not understanding what you wrote. I'm gonna break it down and you help me out here.
    "She expected since the day those ... That they get free stuff and it continues on."
    You know this how? From personal knowledge? From AKO blogs? I haven't heard her ask fans for anything so I'm curious.

    "Not saying she's doing this, but ..." ok it sound like you are.

    "I have personally seen people doing this..." ok, not saying you haven't but to generalize from one person to another doesn't seem fair or logical. I've seen a person with red hair scream at her kids but I can't say "well that woman has red hair so she must scream at her kids or all women with red hair scream at their kids."

    I'm a fan and I've never sent Kate or the 8 anything, despite a Twitter person pretending to be me and saying iPads had been sent to all the G kids and mail didn't go through. It was a ridiculous AKO hoax.

    Our family contributed to needy in TN, we contribute to local needy, international needy, we collect for children who need warm winter coats, do a Santa breakfast for less fortunate local kids, our entire family delivers meals on wheels monthly, and we volunteer at a local soup kitchen twice a month. Am I a saint? Heck no. We've worked hard and been blessed and feel the need to help others less fortunate. Do we help every request we get? No. We choose when and where.

    Many on this website and on Ziggy's contributed to those in TN and WV who were in need. All I've seen from AKOs was criticism. Not sure how that helps anybody.

    I just get really confused when people generalize from one situation to another. So help me understand exactly what you are referring to. Thanks.

  34. Hello everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, had great family time pumpkin picking & apple grabbin. So happy to get back on here I missed my girls!

    I always appreciate and welcome new members. I know it must be hard at first to feel comfortable posting and sharing you thoughts.

    Regarding the "expecting of freebies". Maybe I'm wrong but I have never seen that at all. What I have always felt from people that dislike Kate is the sense of jealousy ( and hear me out here) that someone they think they hate so much is getting things they don't feel she or her family should get because they got money from the show. WHY are freebies only for poor people that, sorry, are not Kate Gosselin? I thought mostly rich people get the good swag? does that make ME envious? heck yeah! Did you ever see the stuff people get at award shoes? ( or used to). For me it's all about the fact that because people hate her, they don't want companies to give her anything to promote when she was on th show. And now that she is no longer on, now they REALLY get pissed when she gets anything.

    My point is, why not just be happy for her and her kids? Why so mad over self entitlement???

  35. LindaOriginal & Baby Mama-I agree with what you said on "expecting of freebies". I'd add that when the 6 were born, Jon was unemployed,had lost his case for getting UC, and continued to be unable to find a steady job for months after the birth. Kate had not been able to work for months and obviously could not work for a considerable amount of time afterwards. Another Day paints a picture of someone who isn't in need & is taking things away from those who really are. That simply isn't true of the Gosselins. I don't see how much more in need they could have been at the time of the sextuplet's birth. I saw a program with 3 sets of multiples, including a set of sextuplets, and the father of the sextuplets said that the bills (he was a city worker and, I believe, insured) would come to over a million dollars for pregnancy, birth, and NICU. In the Gosselin's case, their book "Multiple Blessings" makes in clear that they reached out for help out of sheer desperation.

    Even once TLC entered their lives, the initial contract was not all that lucrative (it was renegotiated upwards as the show succeeded) and had to go to support a family of 10. Many of the things that the family received via the show also were not, strictly speaking, freebies. There was value exchanged, even if money didn't change hands. I don't see it to be likely that some of the resorts they stayed at on the show just picking a random poor family and offering them a free vacation out of the goodness of their hearts. The resorts, etc., got considerable publicity in return.

  36. I concur completely what you ladies said here about Kate. I've NEVER seen one word or example of her fishing for or suggesting that she wanted anything free.

    Kate made a very public appeal on behalf of those in need of food at the TN Food Bank. She made a point of using the experience to teach her children about giving back.

    She spoke how fortunate and blessed she and her children were to have more than sufficient food and we know that Kate sponsored 8 kids for the yr long BackPack food program.

    However, all celebrities receive gifts. Adoring fans will always want to send some item, or gift in appreciation. It's a fact of life in movie, sports & TV world.

    Kate is unemployed currently. We don't know with any certainty when a media job will occur for her or IF it will happen. She may very well have to go to plan B.

    We know her ex is unable to provide much fact...he maybe fallin behind again because it appears he has lost that steady income from the installin of Solar panels.

    So all financial worries are on Kate. If anyone chose to send a gift or gift card to Kate...that is their business. Many Kate supporters...our family included...followed Kate's lead and contributed to the TN Food Bank.

    We as a family continue to support Food Banks, the Cancer Society & Humane Society. What we do with our finances is OUR business. Why everyone gets so bent out of shape when Kate receives a gift is beyond me.

    My husband regularly receives gift cards to restaurants, Starbucks, etc. from satisified clients. We don't NEED them...he doesn't SOLICIT them! But we don't throw them away! LOL! We say "thank you" and use them!

    Kate is entitled to do the same!

  37. Good evening! I wanted to do a new post about this but sadly don't have the time.. So forgive me if the fresh paper is on delay. But this poor kid now had to set his Twitter page to private after being harassed by Kate Haters from over at BL's site. Apparently a young boy met up with Kate 2 days ago in Wyoming and asked to take a photo with her. Our lovely Becky posted that photo without the poor kids permission and are now analyzing like the FBI whether or not Steve is in the far background:

    There is also this huge debate as to why she was there. Thankfully the kid wants nothing to do with them. BL on her blog..."Another traveler says she saw Kate, the twins and Steve in the Denver airport, on Friday, a day before the twins' eleventh birthday. This is Kate's second trip to Wyoming this year, and her fourth trip total to Wyoming." OHH AND WERE OBSESSED??

    ohh and FYI, her name was posted for a reason. I don't appreciate that she allows readers to attack me and use MY real name thankyouverymuch.

  38. Ohh and yesterday I was talking about jealousy and freebies. This is an example of an obsessed group of people that attack fans as being over zealous but yet I'm getting all of my information from THEM. Ohh and the Admin already stating that someone sent this poor boys PRIVATE ADDRESS her shows they are all psychotic!

    Marlene said... Kate was at the Red Reflet Lodge in Ten Sleep, WY - the same place where they filmed that episode with the three boys. The going rate during this season PER PERSON is 1,800 per adult for a 3 night/4 day stay. Meals are included, but nothing else. Cost for children 11 and up are 75% of the applicable adult rate - so it cost $1,350 for each of them. So, the total for lodging and meals alone for Kate, Steve, and the twins was $6,300. On top of that, there is airfare, activities, and incidentals.

    Administrator said... NO PRIVATE ADDRESSES. Especially of people who certainly did not ask that their son become involved with this narcissistic griftor. I don't care if it's public info.

  39. BM, I find it hypocritical that they go to such lengths simply when a fan shows support of Kate, yet anyone making a claim negative Kate is taken as gospel without all their intense research, with little research at all, as a matter of fact. This kid didn't deserve this.

    SG tweeted that the fake Linda claimed she was a wife of a Miami Heat player. There is NO player with a wife or even girlfriend of that name or even close.

  40. Ziggy, I didn't want to upset Linda by bringing all that crap here or even mentioning that they were spending days analyzing her involvement in this scandal...but I wanted to make it clear to them that that sock is not our girl Linda here. People don't seem to get that.

    They think that they can scare people by looking up their personal info than creating fake Twitter accounts up but it aint gonna work. It only shows what kind of sick people your dealing with, when the admin openly admits they investigate poeple home address to those that are fans of Kate Gosselin. For what purpose exactly??

  41. They repeatedly lie, twist, make false accusations, fake twitter accounts, etc. because as I've said ample times before THEIR CLAIMS CAN'T STAND ON THE TRUTH.

    I tried to avoid this as much as possible but it's been brought up again and there is no way in hell I'm going to stand back & not point out the lies.

    What they try to pull is so easily disprovable it's funny. They count on that many fans don't look elsewhere besides twitter.

    Example: Today one tried to say I took my ID name from the character Ziggy when it's right on my blog where I got the ID ZiggyFlo from, but if one only looks at twitter, they wouldn't know the difference.

    What the hell does it matter even where I originated my ID name. Just another childish effort of scamming on their part.

  42. Well ... I thought it was kinda stupidly funny... guess I should be flattered that somebody wanted to pretend to be me to "stir up" the frenzy. That the person was so desperate they created a fake account to be me and another fake account to converse with was just weirdo bizarre.

    I haven't been on Twitter for , what, about a month now other than an occasional single tweet. I respond to people from here who send me a Tweet, and send Kate maybe, what, one Tweet a month. 95% of my Twitter was always about other things: books, novels, and most of all recipes.

    After being sick, having family sick, and now family sick again, along with working, there just weren't enough minutes leftover to Tweet. I have to spend my time where my priorities are.

    That doesn't mean I'm not a Kate fan, it just means that it isn't something I obsessed over, nor do I spend every waking moment thinking about Kate and the 8. I am, and continue to be, a fan; I'm just not fanatic about it.

    (There are many people on here I'd love to have as neighbors!!! I am equally glad that I don't live anywhere close at all to those rabid AKOs.)

    Ziggy, I hear you! It amazes me that the same person who accused me of having no children and "borrowing" kids from the internet, also later said I wanted to be Kate (not in this lifetime), I supported Kate because I have too many kids, and on and on. I guess they forget what they say from one month to the next. They have far too much time on their hands and not enough useful things to do.

    G'night all and have a great day tomorrow. xoxoxoxo

  43. There was a local public figure in my area who was under attack and I posted comments in the online edition of a local newspaper which permits people to use screen names which I did for my own protection. I was accused of being him, his wife, his lover and his mother (which annoyed me because his mother is dead and he's over two years older than I am)

  44. Okay, ROL is reporting that Kate uses coupons. Will the madness stop. I am sure there are a number of crazy Kate haters out there screaming, "will this woman ever stop; she is rich, wants free stuff, and NOW uses coupons."

    She didn't just start using coupons, she always used coupons. I am sure they reported on Kate yelling at Jon for not using coupons.

    Does the media not realize the oxymoronic headlines they keep pumping out. This is beyond ridiculous.

  45. HEY!!!!...I want to clarify something.....I want you all to know that the 'butterfly' that posted up there is NOT ME!!! I posted here at one time as butterfly and then Google decided I couldn't use it any more.........just so you know....I am a huge fan of Kate!!! Those of you that know me, know I am not that person.

  46. Hi Vicky. Those of us who've been around a while know that "butterfly" was not you! xoxoxo :)

  47. Radar Online is really lacking in good story material if it needs to feature Kate's coupons. I wouldn't be suprised if they didn't interview the ordinary guy about her coupon usage. Its really sad when really important things happen in this world and are overshadowed by idiocracy. An example is that many many children were abused, missing, or killed during the several years that Casey Anthony was front burner, but we never heard of them. All of this Casey Anthony coverage has done nothing to protect another child.

  48. Thanks LindaOriginal.....I'm glad you knew it wasn't me.

    As for freebies and coupons.....I personally think a person's nuts if they don't take advantage of those things. They don't hurt anyone....the vendors/businesses/makers use those things as's all in their advertising budgets. It's yet another good lesson for children to learn...the wise use of their resources. Even children whose parents have plenty of money should be taught to use that money wisely for there could be a day in their future when they won't have as much money as they need and if they haven't been taught to use what they have wisely, they will truly be in dire straights. Scholarships and Grants are in place to be used. For someone to look down upon someone else for taking advantage of those resources is simply arrogance and I never could tolerate arrogance.

  49. Oh my goodness!!! Give it up AKOs! For years now you've obsessively ranted on Kate being off TV and returning to nursing.

    She's not on TV and she's apparently going back to nursing so what the heck do you do??? You start a new campaign about "Who would want Kate G as their labor nurse?"

    I know you come here to read. How ignorant can you women be? Do you want the kids on welfare? Somebody has to support them and it sure isn't going to be their father. Leave the woman alone. Leave her kids alone. Let her live her life, work, and enjoy life without your constant harping.

    Here's a thought that we here have been saying for years ... Get a life! Find something else to do in life. Perhaps even consider something productive for others ... volunteer, use those computer typing fingers to volunteer with things to help youth, those in need, your neighbors ... anything but spreading your hate.

  50. LOL! know, Linda, I suggested that very thing to them quite some time ago.....all they did was attack me more and ignore the suggestion. Good luck getting them to 'hear' you!! They are just so full of hate for someone they don't know they cannot think of anything else. I've said it before and I say it again...what a sad, sad existence they live. It can't be considered a life because there would be more to it than attacking people and telling lies if it were a life. Lives are multi-faceted with ups and downs,likes and dislikes, love, happiness, joy,sadness, grief, good, evil and a million other things. They only know the evils and the unhappiness apparently...more's the pity.

    In my opinion, IF Kate would go back to nursing her patients would be the lucky ones. She would be a kind, caring, common sense kind of nurse who has seen a lot and endured a lot and could understand their suffering.

    I personally think there is more than a nursing career in the future for Kate, though.

  51. LOL LindaO...Kate made it clear on her twitter thread last nite that she is not going back to nursing at this time!

    She just renewed her credits to keep her license in good standing. She tweeted that she had to do 30hrs every odd yr in that's all there was to that.

    I see some rag mags took the info about her renewing her credits and ran a bogus story that she was going back to nursing out of fear to support her kids.

    Well, Kate responded to a tweet last nite that she was working on other things...and when appropriate she would make an announcement!

    I love it when she gets in her chatty twitter mode! It's like sittin at a table just talkin away with her! I love how down to earth she is.

    So now we have "coupon gate"! LOL Big news...Kate uses coupons! When did she NOT use coupons! That is just how Kate operates when it comes to shopping. She views it as "money in her hands" and wouldn't think of paying full price for something she could get a discount on!

    Savy, smart, frugal Kate! Runnin her household with financial smarts! Too bad our government couldn't take a clue from Kate! LOL!

  52. Kate wrote a peice on her site, "Walk A Day In My Heels. Its one of my favorite pieces that she's written and I would like to see her take it and run to networks like OWN, WE, Lifetime, Style, etc and pitch it as the premise of a parenting show. It could cover all kinds of different life journeys of families and why parents make the choices they do. It could explore why the judgements and opinions that so many have may be wrong and give some factual advice and things to think about. She needs a cohost or two, but its the premise of an awesome show and I told her so, I just wish the ones that count and make decisions could see it.

  53. tashapork - That is a great idea!

  54. Good Evening Gosselin fans! My the smell of freshly scented paper is a happy site indeed! Sorry it's a while coming but things are so crazy in the BabyMama household right now. Lets just sniff that warm apple pie my mom made for us and enjoy heading over to my new post...xoxo BM