Friday, September 30, 2011

Kate Gosselin Radio Star? Why I'm More Like Kate Everyday

Hello Gosselin fans! It's certainly been a while that I have addressed you personally. So much has been happening in my private life and that in part, was due to the dedication of this now single mom Kate Gosselin, which is why I'm so proud to say I feel more like Kate Gosselin everyday.
First off I need to stress the main big difference of the both of us as I have the best amazing support from my wonderful husband who is the Rodger to my Rachel (Zoe, my other strong female empowered favorite). I would not have my strong sense of self without him. But in terms of Kate my goal now is to give my children the best opportunities out there and give them the strongest most supportive mom out there. I need to learn through Kate to go out there and do whatever I feel I need to support my family. Take whatever opportunities are out there and when one door closes open all the windows available.  Recenly I became aware of a site that came after me accusing me of taking from their blog and leaving nasty emails.  Funny this is from the same site that originally ripped off this one, while chatting me up with personal emails. (I sent out one email after I found out what they did. Not several thank you.) In the end I realized through Kate that a part of her success came from those that wanted to talk about her daily. That if she was able to ignore that hate and create an empire for herself, that all the lies (I called up who's job BL? that's just CRAZY) that were made up about her, were actually part of the component that led to her becoming a reality star.

Now granted she has a long road ahead of her taking this amazing opportunity and creating a new one, I want to believe the best for her so I can continue to model my determination & hard work after her, and all that she has done for her children. We are both blessed with amazing kids. We are both emotional, stern and a bit rough around the edges. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope to continue on with this saga for as long as I am able to. I would like to thank my amazing Linda and all my incredible friends I have met along this path towards all of our success. And I hope that you will continue the journey with me for as long as this ride takes me...xo BM

Will Kate Gosselin Get a Radio Gig?
It's no secret that reality mom Kate Gosselin has been trying to figure out her next move since her TLC show, "Kate Plus 8" got the ax. Although Gosselin has expressed her desire to be on TV ("I love being on TV"), the mother of eight may try for a radio gig instead, according to Show Biz Spy.

"This is an idea that thrills me to pieces!" Kate wrote when a fan asked about whether she would host a show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. "I LOVE doing satellite radio tours and it's something that a few people have suggested recently. I must admit, it would be a great way to put my 'gift of gab' to great use! I'll look into it... thanks for the suggestion!" Kate, 36, recently told People of her jobless situation. "I am freaking out, big time. Nobody was ready to leave the show. I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don't know what's next."


  1. Great post, Baby Mama!I'm sorry that you have to put up with crap although it clearly gives you empathy for what Kate must endure.

    I think Kate would be great on radio and that might be something she could do from home or a nearby radio station. I think Kate being on Twitter has really helped her to open up and feel more relaxed in dealing with fans.

    Where did you get the photo of Kate at the beginning of the post? She looks fabulous.

  2. Peggy- these photos were takien during he final promo tour of the show. And that last one was put there because people were having a field day that Kate appeared to be yelling at her kids and INF just happened to capture that.

    Last night I was a little heated as you can see so this post may be edited later. I was just tired of the in-fighting and o think that these people are just too used to me not saying anything and letting things go.

  3. What is going on with the Kate fan blogs? All I have seen lately is infighting among them. If you all support Kate, what is the problem? Seems like you all are trying to say "my blog is better than your blog". I don't see how attacking another blog is supporting Kate. I hope someone will actually create a blog about Kate that doesn't attack fan blogs or non fan blogs. I find the infighting among Kate fans totally ridiculous.

  4. BM - seems I'm infected, too. Have a cold & feel ucky.

    Some keep sniping & when ignored, just don't stop. When we when we get enough & defend ourselves, then it's turned to try to make it look like we, BM & I, are the ones who can't let go & move on.

  5. Baby Mama & Ziggy's blogs are the only ones I'm reading now. I don't have time for the negative nitpicking between fans & nonfans going over & over & over & over the same things! It's a game I have no desire to watch much less read through. I'm a Kate + 8 fan through & through. I'm also a big girl & can make up my own mind and only Kate would be able to change my mind. All the bickering reinforces the desire to support Kate.

  6. Great post Baby mama. I agree Freespirit re; only reading the two blogs. I only have time to keep up with the comments on this blog and read the insightful posts on Ziggyflo's.

    I ventured out into the hater world, maybe twice and I just didn't understand the need to spend all my energy reinforcing hate for someone they don't even know.

    I find it incredibly bizarre that someone would post a comment on a site they don't belong, just to spread their opinion, knowing full well no one will engage them.

    My life is too busy and to full of love and support to spend a second of my energy being negative.

  7. I agree Ziggyflo, you and BM have held the higher ground over the past couple of years and just like Kate with Jon, if you two even elude to something negative the hater fire increases as if they have casted no stones. LOL

  8. ZiggyFlo said:"Some keep sniping & when ignored, just don't stop. When we when we get enough & defend ourselves, then it's turned to try to make it look like we, BM & I, are the ones who can't let go & move on."
    You can only take the digs for so long and then you figure enough is enough. Wouldn't it be nice if those that start all the sniping for once admit that they are at fault? There is no need to start it at all unless you feel inferior insecure for some reason. This isn't a competition, it's people expressing their opinions. Each blog has something different to offer of interest so why anyone has to continually snipe at another blog is ridiculous. There are no prizes and it doesn't matter who has the most bloggers, or who gets the most "hits", it's strictly to express our opinions and nothing more. I don't think any fan wants to choose "sides" and we shouldn't have to either. Would love for everyone just get along and make it what it truly is about, supporting a woman that has a right to decide what is best for her children and her life without strangers telling her what she should do and what she shouldn't do.

    freespirit I agree with you 100% with your whole comment. We are all big girls or men so why some people seem to feel it's a competition is beyond me. I also made up my mind a long time ago and that's a fact that only Kate can change my mind. What I do see is more and more reasons to support this mother of eight. She has more class, strength, determination and fortitude to go forward and do whatever it takes to support the children. All Kate wants, is what every mother should want, the best that life can offer her children and the right to choose her own path. It isn't a crime to want the best for your children.

  9. fascinated said..."My life is too busy and to full of love and support to spend a second of my energy being negative."

    Following is a very wise tweet concerning that hatred that is out there for Kate.
    "Yes, darkness equals, well.....darkness! No other way to spell it out." This came from IwanaInspire you and male supporter of Kate's. That's the problem if you live in negativity day after day you become what it is: hate and anger and it's going to effect every aspect of your life. I like you fascinated would rather dwell in a more positive light and life is too short to live your life in the dark.

  10. Linda I hope and pray that each day finds you getting better. (((hugs)))

  11. Oh well...nothin seems to get any better w/this my blog..your said...I said! Other "said" blog already has a comment up refutin what was said here. Sigh!!!

    I just hate this sort of thing. Kate would too! Best thing we could ever do is be a united force of women & men supporting her.

    I like to read all the pro Kate blogs...keeps me informed with all that is going on and we do have some incredibly smart, reasonable women & men commenting.

    However, I made my mind up a year or so ago to forgo commenting at sites where "haters" come & leave their silly comments and I would invariably get sucked into an all-day waste of time defendin Kate & tryin to reason w/said "hater"!

    So why all this continues back & forth is sad. I wish maybe that the parties involved could maybe get on the phone & just "air it out"...agree to disagree on some matters...apologize where necessary...and then just move on w/agreement to stop this nitpickin here and now!

    I am a "kiss and make-up" type of person. I can just about get along with anyone. Even the haters...I give them a long rope of insults & stuff before I get too ruffled.

    Life is way short...I like to spend it bein as positive and cheerful as possible! And I sure like to share that with others & help them have a good day as well!

    LindaO...darn them germs gettin to you again! Please breathe deep...clear those lungs...and get back on your feet again! You are so missed!

  12. I've got to hand it to you firedup, that's one thing you are extremely good at, making someone smile. Always so upbeat and positive, kudos to you. (hugs)

  13. "It's your ability to inspire and uplift other people that matters, not your ability to outdo them." ~ Unknown

  14. Linda, hugs and prayers for healthier days. Hope the rest of the family isn't sick right along with you.

  15. Linda~ you have forever been my steadfast rock and I hope you get better soon. I appreciate you always looking after both me and this blog. You are a great friend.

    Lexxi~ That's an amazing quote.. and so true.

    Ziggy and I pretty much laugh at RWA and sites like 15 min. nowadays. 15 min is the same 10 people posting 300 times with different names (sometimes even not) so how is that a hot site? What upset me the most is that the admin USED to not let attacks on other sites happen however some of the people there posting crap like I call peoples offices really pissed me off. Don't you remember a few years ago when they said someone ELSE did something like that. All urban legend and 100% not true. Just Like PennMommy.

    Now regarding the "other" site. We are all here supporting the same person. I'm all for fighting the cause together. We don't need to re-hash anything other than saying lets not give the trolls any more M.O. for the hate sites. And don't alienate commenters who enjoy posting on all blogs and not steal any of thanks

  16. FYI- Patti Stanger on Joy Behar is on this Tuesday. That's what I found.

  17. Tiggerfan~ thanks for that. Poor patti stuck her foot in her mouth I think and her comments are once again being taken out of context. I know quite a few women who stick their foot in their mouth when they are trying to be funny and it just comes out wrong. sound familiar?

    I would also reiterate that I was not the one commenting about this first. Im sick of Ziggy and being attacked on other blogs with subtle jabs about copying posts and other things and were just supposed to take it. Always little nasty comments. But now everyone is talking that I'm finally making a post and sticking up for myself. Yes I'm embarrassed to say I'm nitpicking and should rise above but I felt it was important to stand up and speak for the both of us. I'm well aware Ziggly is old enough to do so too but I guess I wanted to show my support for her and those that have stuck by us all.

    Blogs are always tricky grounds. It was just still I started on Twitter did I see all the hate & backstabbing on other topics. Your kind of in your own bubble on these Kate sites. The players are small & close knit and even the haters you find out are people like "just wondering" aka Mary Beth aka "guest or anon" this week. Then you go on a Real Housewives site or something and your like.. Wait! Holy smoke this is here happening to you too? Lol I guess you just gotta laugh & move on.

  18. BM - I'm with you. As you said, now that it's being spoken out about - I'm sick those those playing victim when they are every bit anything BUT vicitim.

    Rise above - how much crap is a person supposed to rise above? Even Kate has times where she reaches her limits.

    I know that since I've joined the Gosselin blogging world, there's been quite a bit that was misrepresented to me, which I later learned that it was done so. I also know there's a lot of lying which goes & a lot of trouble stirring which goes on behind the scenes by some. Then those same people act all sweet-esy & innocent and like the victim when they post publicly. This doesn't apply to everyone behind the scenes. A specific few. They apply typical hater behavior. Disregard the truth and keep spinning their twisted verision.

    The reason why BM & I got over our issues with each other is we did talk behind the scenes, but in a manner & with intent to work things out, not to just keep stirring the pot & thowing jabs at each other. We each owned our own to each other. We behaved like adults.

    I will say this without any qualifying points -Linda and BM have intergerity for real, even behind the scenes.

  19. They had a really sweet special on tonight for Little People Big World, I hope we will get to see something similar in the future with Kate and the kids. Makes me a little less miffed at TLC at least for a day or so. I never realized how easy it is to get attached to some of these families.

  20. tashapork - I watched it, too. Wasn't it pleasant?!! What a refreshing change of pace not just for TLC's shows, but for so many, many shows on TV now.
    Completely enjoyable.

  21. I really thought the Little People special was a refreshing change from TLC's usual drama fest. It was a neat snapshot of their life.

    As for the Gosselin in-fighting going on....I think it's shameful. Ziggy & BabyMama plus Linda know how I feel. I was shocked at the childish behavior that has been going on...especially with blogs that claim to be waaay more holier than thou than they really are. I abhor being dragged into it also, I like the Gosselins. Doesn't mean I share opinions or thoughts with other Gosselin fans. you will only see me commenting on the sites I do.{when I have time, which is NEVER lately. My kids have taken over my life. LOL}

  22. Thank you Ziggy and Craftymom, I was kind of irritated that their show was being hated on and attacked, its nice to see others saw it as I did. I guess my life is too full for all that negativity and hate. People don't understand the degree to which moods are affected by attitude and mindset. If you are hateful, you will feel hate, if you are grateful for what you have, you will feel content. Physical isues do play a factor, but I sure feel bad for what the hateful people are doing to themselves.

  23. Hello everyone. I'm reading now that Amanda Knox has been freed from years of being held in a foreign jail. I don't know how I feel about this just yet, as I wasn't fully aware of the case. It's sad when I get my news from movies on lifetime, but that's the way I find out new information. lol

    Kate has added a couple of new little tidbits to her blog. But honestly I would love for her to jazz it up a bit. She was on Twitter saying that the photos INF shot of her yelling that ROL posted she said that those aren't even recent. Can' INF even do that? Re-hash old photos to make Kate look bad? And if she has 8 kids, if shes talking loud, how do we tell by a photo? And how does that make her a bad mother exactly? ugh. it's as usual rediculous.

    Waves & hugs to FreeSprit and all my ladies! xo

  24. Kuddos to all the Kate Fans and blogs... taking the high road is difficult...especially when you are at the receiving ends of the attacks, emails and jabs! You all are class acts and if only I, too can learn to keep my mouth shut when it comes to the hate filled non fans. I am learning to block and to block them out. I guess I can say after reading on Twitter what Kate goes through and how she handles them, I too can try!

  25. Thank you all for the kind words. After not being able to squeak out a spoken word in 10 days, I finally have a voice... sort of. Yes, I got this from one of my kids. Yes, we are passing it around because we "share" so much. Yes, I'm taking many vitamins, etc. I still just mostly want to rest although work, laundry, and everything else is piling up and I'm mostly trying to ignore it.

    Remodeling is finished and nothing is put back. I can't handle the chaos much longer.

    I keep waiting for the good fairy to come and wave her magic wand but I don't think she lives in reality only dreams.

    I've been reading the posts but just wasn't up to typing.


  26. Linda, so good to see you are on the mend! Don't rush with the recovery stage...not worth getting sick again. :)

  27. Linda I miss you so much and hope you get better soon. I didn't want to bother you but maybe we can chat when your voice gets better. If not I will text you later ;) xo

    Jon just got enough money to pay the rent but doesn't have enough to take Ellen out to a fancy dinner. So it looks like he's being paid a little somethin' because this article has his secret prints all over them! Ellen fess up! We know your the source on this one. How much is Bonnie paying you?? lol

    “Kate is in such a bad mood all of the time now that she doesn’t have a job and she’s taking it out on the kids,” our source says. “She’s always irritated and screaming at the kids for every little thing. It’s gotten really bad and the kids walk on eggshells when they come home from school.”

    “The kids love going to Jon’s place because everyone is in such a great mood,” our source says. “Now that Jon has a stable job things are much better. The kids are actually begging to stay longer and they say things like ‘mommy is so mean’. It’s driving Kate crazy!”

  28. Oh my lord, people think that readers are stupid or what. The sad thing is that Jon could be supportive of his kids' mother, instead he sabatoges her and adds to the stress load.

  29. So Jon (I'm just a regular guy and I'm not doing any more interviews) did another one on Sept. 30 for radio. People need to accept the fact once and for all, Jon will most likely continue to do interviews until he is unable to sell one. He's going to say he won't but continue to do it... why are people surprised???

    As for Bonnie's "source" uhhhh.... after reading her book several years ago I'd have to guess that the source is ... "Bonnie!" Her own imagination. She lives her life and her publishing as junior high and nothing she does surprises me. This woman trashes Kate for ever having help and says in her book "negotiate to demand you be allowed to bring your nanny, babysitter, and children on your business trips." Yeah, that happens in the real world every day. And, while her child was ill with leukemia she "made an effort to get home by 7 pm daily or her husband did." So I guess the child had to walk to chemo or be taken by the nanny.
    That woman fell out of my favor years ago when she says "never feel guilt" and then is so obviously guilt-ridden that she wants to accuse the rest of the world of her own sins of omission and commission. Yucky. Every publication she's ever been affiliated with has quickly, in my opinion, become the grist mill of rumor, innuendo, attacks ... geez I didn't even go for that stuff in junior high.

    Okay, enough venting.

    Baby Mama, I am at the computer again for brief periods,but don't think you could understand my raspy, wheezy voice via phone.

  30. Linda I'm happy to hear that your at least functioning again! I was going to talk about Kate not wanting to do that "Haters" show, but it's so stupid that trolls think she would even consider a trashy show like that. Coming face to face with losers that hate you? And then you do what to like hem then?? How the heck do media say this show is a hit when I only got wind of this show a few weeks ago?

    Please she gotta bring us some good news soon. Stay healthy everyone!

  31. Good to see you are back at least for a little bit. I hope and pray you stay on the road to feeling much better.

    I agree Baby Mama I think the idea of Kate appearing on that show H8rs is absolutely ridiculous. Some of the haters that follow Kate are so over the top and more nasty than any of the other haters that follow other celebrities. You can't cure stupid like Kate says. lol I would personally prefer to see Kate on a much classier show than something like that. The H8rs show had a good idea but the execution of it is very silly in my opinion.

  32. Good morning/evening everyone! Since my big girl is up with a bad cold, I thought this would be a good time to get some FRESH paper up! As I rock, kiss and hug her I'm gonna try to do my best. Working hard my friend to get you what's out there in Gosselin-Land!

    Scent of the day is yummy coconut lotion that we just love using right now. ENJOY! xoxo