Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kate Gosselin Running & Feeling Better, Do Children Belong On Reality TV?

Kate Gosselin Gets Back to Running:

Kate Gosselin is feeling much better after starting to come down with a cold earlier this week. The mom of eight got back to running today, completing 8.5 miles in the rain! Quite proud of her accomplishments, she took to Twitter to share the news.

"I'm baaacckk...8.5 mi in POURING rain through flood water and all! Not my best time but I did it," she tweeted on Friday morning.

As you may know, Kate Gosselin is training for a half-marathon, so running has become something more than just exercise for her. Sure, it's a great way for her to stay in shape and to burn off steam, but she is driven to push herself, and that's a good thing. You have to give her credit for doing something for herself that has nothing to do with media attention.

It seems as though Kate is staying busy since her TLC show was canceled. Aside from running and taking care of her little ones, she's also keeping up with her website, which is popular amongst her fans. She has proven that she is going to be just fine.

 Do Children Belong On Reality TV?  (Edited For Content, Click Title for Full Article)

Few topics can get heated faster than discussing how parents raise their children. Want to start a full-out conflagration? Try discussing how parents raise their children on reality TV. Recently, viewers have seen tots dressed up like a prostitute and primped like Dolly Parton on "Toddlers & Tiaras," which ends its season on Sept. 21. Ever-present cameras captured spotlight-loving mom Kate Gosselin and her eight children’s last hurrah on "Kate Plus 8," which had its series finale on Sept. 12. The public even had to consider how a 5-year-old girl's appearance on reality TV might impact her after her father, the husband of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong, committed suicide.

Candi Wingate, owner of, helped Kate Gosselin find a part-time caretaker in 2007, and said she saw nothing worrying on set of “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” (The show’s title changed to “Kate Plus 8” after the Gosselins separated.) "The kids were so natural with the camera crew. They didn't act any different; it wasn't a set-up thing. I think it's a great way for the kids to look back on their childhood." It seems the decision to give young children a role on a reality TV show is a reasoned choice based on good parenting skills and a complete comprehension of what being filmed regularly does to young minds and emotions. But while the first part may be true, the second is harder to believe. Those on the outside may feel that watching reality TV series starring children can be like being witness to a slow-moving train wreck. In scripted television, that spotlight withdrawal hasn't always gone so well.

"Kids who grew up on television supposedly had a guild keeping them safe. And even on sets of TV shows with rules to protect those kids, many of those child stars still wound up going to jail, getting stuck on drugs or alcohol or having destroyed relationships," said Galinsky. Ultimately, no one is sure whether the Gosselin kids will miss the cameras beyond a surface level, whether the beauty pageant toddlers are changed by their experiences, or if what is cute, hammy 4-year-old behavior now will turn into a vortex of destructive attention-seeking later on. Said Galinsky. "No one could have predicted that it would last this long, with no end in sight. Guidelines have to be drawn up at some point to protect these kids, because there's nothing now."

Should children ever be filmed for reality TV?


  1. Unless we are going to forbid minors appearing in any form of entertainment, then I don't see singling out reality TV. As for the alleged child star jinx, there are many child stars who have turned out fine and there are many who never appeared on TV, film, etc. who develop all of the listed problems. As Danny Bonaduce often says, in all his stints in rehab & various 12 step groups he was generally the only former child star.

    Furthermore, it simply isn't accurate to say that nothing is in place regarding the welfare of these children as the involvement of the PA Dept of Labor & Industry in the Gosselin situation has shown.

  2. Well said Peggy. This article angered me however I thought it was an important topic to bring up and perhaps finally put to rest? Kate was the #1 target for Paul Petersen. He would do or say whatever it took to use her as an example for his campaign.

    In the end, after 6 years and 150 shows, they were cut by TLC because of the lack of ratings. I feel that it was because of the horrible direction the show was going in promoting these depressing meltdowns. And I do blame TLC for that. Those kids are forever blessed to have these permanent home movies where they will enjoy the early years as a loving family, and all the great things they got to do.

  3. My problem with the whole child exploitation rant is that most of it that I see singles out the Gosselins when in fact they do more to protect the kids than other shows. Teen Mom, Wife Swap, and many other programs are much more exploitive than K+8 any day of the week.
    Another factor is that what is good for one kid is not necessarily good for another. Some families should not be on TV and the adults have the right to make that decision based on what that family needs. The state laws are there also to make sure the situation is safe. However, there is a degree of legislating parenthood that as much as some people would like to see applied to other people's kids, they'd be mighty upset to have applied in their own home and it really goes both ways.

  4. JMO but I'll say it once again. After watching the AKO attacks on Kate, I don't feel it has much to do with any harm to do to the kids and everything to do with obsessive hate against Kate, whether it is coming from the AKOs or from Jon & the government worker.

    Oh... I see Kate responded on twitter to one of the most disgusting AKOs. I refuse to mention her name here. I refuse to go to the AKO's website. That woman is the worst of the worst.

    Still trying to recover from the illness here. Hope you all have a great weekend.

  5. I agree with Linda. This is not about children on realty TV, this is about Kate with her children on TV. You're right Linda about the Khate sites. I refuse to visit the sites because of all the negativity. They are disgusting.

    Hope you feel better Linda.

  6. Babymama, I am glad you decided to change back to this background for a little while, its kind of nostalgic and reminds me of some of the good times that we've all had and will keep having on this site.

  7. tashapork said...
    My problem with the whole child exploitation rant is that most of it that I see singles out the Gosselins when in fact they do more to protect the kids than other shows. Teen Mom, Wife Swap, and many other programs are much more exploitive than K+8 any day of the week.
    This has been my problem also with the excuse that it is about child exploitation. Why just one family, one mother being the target? I agree with Linda & msgoody that is has noting to do with exploitation and the real reason is their obsessive hate and jealousy for Kate herself.

    I hope you get to feeling much better soon Linda.

  8. I agree, it is only Kate's 8 being on TV that is attacked. They claim can't have a show without the 8. Well, 19 & counting, Dance Mom's toddler's & tiara's, Teen Mom's, are the one's which come to mind right off the top of my head which wouldn't have shows either if not focusing on the kids.

    Besides, the focus has been more on Kate as of late & less on the kids.
    Linda, hope you are feeling better.

  9. Good morning Divas! Linda I'll be testing you today. Feel better sweetie you are the heart of this blog & we love you!

    Tashapork~ for some reason on my eyepad that purple logo (my favorite color) was giving me a mad headache to look at it. You know me, I do like to switch things up every few months.. But decided to go backwards a bit and go back to my favorite look which I felt really represented this site.

    Ziggy~ a majority of TLC's programming wouldn't be anything without kids and the dynamics of the relationships they have with their parents. 150 shows is nothing to sneeze at. I honestly don't think they knew what to do in terms of ideas anymore. 19 kids will become 24 kids if Michelle Duggar has anything to say about it. And toddlers & Tiaras will soon push the envelope even more by making all the kids look like prostitutes. I never understood why they couldn't keep Kate plus 8 on and just re-tool it a bit. It was nothing compared to those crazy ridiculous shows...

  10. Linda that was supposed to say "texting" but this iPad keeps changing my words. I don't get to use my laptop anymore the kids are always on it. I'm subject to our dinosaur family computer, this or my

    Happy Sunday everyone! Plan to relax on my day off. What's everyone dong today???

    Forgot to say hi to msgoody2shoes, Lexxi & Peggy! Xo

  11. I agree in that the attacks against Kate are not about protecting the children, but the hatred they have for Kate. The media feed-off creating stories/news about Kate in order to elicit reactions and thus viewership.

    If it were really about child advocacy, the media would not be reporting on Kate but the noted side effects the kids are experiencing from filming.

    It appears the only negative effects the kids experience is the negativity the media and Khaters present against the family. The negativity has nothing to do with reality tv and everything to do with the immature, jealous, reactions of haters.

  12. Good afternoon ladies (& any gents readin here)! Oh how many times do we need to address Kate & her 8 filming!

    One thing I have always felt is that Kate breaths and lives for her children. And therefore, I believe that every decision she makes that affects givin weighty consideration.

    I believe Kate truly looks at EVERY aspect..pros and cons...of the choices she has to make for her children.

    And therefore...I do know without any hesitation...that Kate made the decision to film as it was in the best interests of her family!

    She has said repeatedly that IF she EVER saw anything truly negative that was affecting her kids in regard to filming that she would stop it!

    It has been more than plain to see that the kids have truly enjoyed all their experiences with the crew and the last show exhibited the fact that the kids really ARE going to MISS the filming and the benefits that went with it!

    What will be more damaging to the 8 is if Kate does not find a media job to replace the income from the show...and she has to go to nursing as a means of support for the family!

    That means they will rarely see their mother. that means she will probably have to sell the home they love and downsize into something smaller and very cramped again. It means that more than lifely the kids will have to leave the school they have come to love.

    It means totally changing the benefits and advantages that Kate worked so hard to provide for them.

    I sincerely hope and pray that some good opportunity come Kate's way...the sooner the better!

  13. BabyMama Thank you for your Twitter link to vote for the fan favorite on Project Runway. I'm a huge fan of the show. I voted for Anya too. I hope she goes all the way. I would love to wear many of her designs. I think she is the best of all of them.

  14. You're right Fired Up there is good and bad with everything you choose in life and from the bottom of my heart I fell that Kate has made the right choices for her and the children. She must have weighed the pros and the cons, taking into consideration the children's feelings so I feel people should respect a mother's right to make her own decisions.

    I pray that Kate finds a real good paying job somewhere in the media because while nursing is a very worthwhile career, it doesn't pay much and she would have to work long hours away from the kids. The childcare alone would eat up most of her paycheck so it's a lose, lose proposition there. Can't we all just support other women and their choices?

  15. I was thinking tonight about so many single moms raising their children alone. There's so much support for them but because it's Kate Gosselin everyones gotta pile on the hate? I honestly feel sorry for those crazy haters both on Twitter and on their own sites. Do they feel satisfaction & happiness attacking both Kate and her supporters?

    If those people dislike her so much, why must they know about what she's doing & be commenting literally 24 hous a day? I'm not kidding, there are people on Twitter like that Walt person on there all times of the night. For me it's always been about supporting the strong mother raising her kids. I'm all for the strong female! I would really like to see something great happen for her soon.

    Lexxi~ I love Project Runway its starting to get super good! I like it when you weed out the bad ones then the competition really begins. I swear if I was that talented like Anya I would have signed up for that show years ago. I really have to find a strong talent and find my path. I love Reality Tv! ;)

  16. I agree BM and I like the show when it gets to this point. Can you believe how fantastic Anya is and she is the one that just learned how to sew! That girl must have natural born talent and she is such a sweetheart. You'll find your path BM. Remember always reach for your dreams and don't let anyone stop you, it's never too late.

  17. I haven't watch Project Runway. My dauther watched it and loved it.

    I'd love to see Kate get her show on the Style network. They do such a good job with "Guilana & Bill" and "Tia & Tamera". I think I caught an ad where they were promoting NOT having the over the top drama.

    I'm going to check their schedule and see if they have other shows I want to watch as I'd like to support them with my viewership.

  18. Lexxi said - Can't we all just support other women and their choices?


    I agree Lexxi. Why can't we support other women, instead of continuing this hatred. I can't believe people would side with Jon given his behaviour. It is sad and dissapointing.

  19. Oh Kate is having a time with that web site of hers. Seems a link didn't work she put up this mornin! She needs Cara to help her! LOL!

    Was noticin in pic above of Kate runnin that she still had a lil "love handle" there. well, recent pics show that is totally gone!!

    She's is definitely in the best shape of her life! What a journey it has been for her. Other women probably would have eaten themselves to death over post divorce depression...but not Kate!

    She embraced her life ...saw the need to make changes and did what was best for her and her kids! Whatta gal!

  20. I trade my 'love handles for Kate's any day!

  21. MsGoody you are to funny!
    Linda is still very sick. I think I pretty much passed it to whoever I could through the email. So leys all give her a big hug and hope she gets better soon!

    Yes, Kates fixing and updating her site a bit, while starting simple in her "Beauty" department and talking a bit about the makeup she uses. Several are items I already use. I do love the simplicity and ease of the site, but obviously would love to see some more jucier items, and not the usual stuff you see on sites like that.

    I hope there is some serious networking and juicy things happening soon! ;)

  22. LOL BabyMama...gettin Kate to share juicy stuff is gonna be hard! I do press her as often as I can get away with it!

    Asked her last nite on twitter about rumor that she is still under contract to TLC thru Feb. 2012. She answered a definite "NO"!

    I'd be happy to post some spiced up stuff for her! LOL Probably would get her in trouble though....

    LindaO...girl...what are you doin already gettin sick and old man winter ain't even here! You get yourself healthy! I may be fallin apart with my bones and all...but at least I NEVER get a cold! LOL I guess Imma too mean 4 those nasty viruses!

  23. Linda, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you are on the mend & will be back with us soon!

    I love Kate's website!

  24. Linda, I hope you get better soon, soon, soon.

  25. Linda you are in my prayers. You are missed by all. Get well soon.(hugs) xxoo

  26. Hello everyone! Yes Linda and a few of our regulars seem to be dealing with being just plain sick so I wish everyone well and speedy recoveries. We miss you!

    So I was a bit pissed when I heard that there was some in-fighting between blogs. I have always tried to stay out of it and rarely get into it, but when I hear blogs accusing me of ripping them off when I am basically the mamma of these Kate fan blogs my fangs start to come out.

    Personally when there is no news going on the blogs tend to die down a bit and I understand that. But when you blatantly LIE about people attacking you then go after me and Ziggy that is crossing the line. I was under the impression that we were here for the same purpose. Trying to get new commenters by attacking my friends here will eventually be their downfall. I'm the originator, never the duplicator, so don't even play. Or mess with my Ziggy. xo

  27. Baby Mama-Great post! Thanks for your continuing support for Ziggy's blog & we support you too. You're so right; I thought we were all here for the same purpose too. Regardless of what anyone else does, I'm glad that you and Ziggy show all the time that there is room for more than one blog supporting Kate and you both do it with integrity and class.

    Please convey my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Linda.

    As for me, the cellulitis in my left lower leg is much better. The infection along with the blistering, etc. is over and done with, but they've told me that it will take a long time for the damaged tissue to heal. Mostly that means that the leg is discolored and I have to keep the skin moisturized.

  28. Linda, my thoughts and prayers are with you--surely hoping you're feeling better each day.

    We miss you. Hugs!!

  29. Peggy--Forgot to say that it's good to hear that you're leg is healing.

  30. Kate is not going to let rumors get out of control like they have in the past. It's a darn good idea before they get out of control and twisted even more.

  31. Baby Mama you rock! I love the support among us for both Baby Mama and Ziggy's blog and each other. This is the way it should be especially when we all are here for the same reason. That is the way it should be for all and it's unfortunate it isn't.

    Linda I hope you are feeling a little better today. Still saying prayers for a speedy recovery for you.(hugs)

  32. TY all for very kind words; they mean a lot. Some of meds I take wreak havoc with my immune system. Being with sick kids (which I will do no matter what) doesn't help. I'm recovering from pneumonia and still very sick. Have to sign off now. xoxoxoxo hugs to all.

  33. Hey guys good evening! First I'm so thinking of Linda & saying prayers. Everyone has been coming down with things over here but the weather has been all over the place. May you all remember the hand santitiser everywhere you go and stay well.

    After my Project Runway tonight I will start a new post ;) I'm thinking about where I want to go with it as some fresh paper may be needed. Ideas & suggestions are always appreciated ;)

  34. Get well soon Linda.
    Peggy, I hope your leg gets better everyday.
    Kate is off the air, but I am looking forward to four reality shows where families are involved. They are: Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Little People Big World, Long Island Medium, and the Little Couple.
    I expect to do a lot of crying watching Family Jewels and Long Island Medium.

  35. Hey Baby Mama, what did you think about the episode of Project Runway last night? Our girl Anya did an excellent job didn't she considering she only had $11.50 to spend and that midi dress was stunning. I hope she wins it in the end. She was born with natural talent & you don't find that too often. I would love to wear everything she makes.

    I hope you are feeling better Linda. Still saying prayers for you. (hugs)

    TGIF, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stay safe.

  36. Lexxi~ After that nightmare of "reggae Jesus" I was praying that Anya would knock it out of the park and she did! I was heartbroken with Anthony Ryan though, who knew they would send him home?

    New Post Ladies! I have alot to say and I hope you will share your thoughts about it. I think with everyone being so sick we needed some fresh & healthy paper! Scent of the day is hot noodle soup. With love to Linda and anyone else I may have gotten sick! xoxo