Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Do You Think About Kate's New Site? Going Back, Watching Sextuplets & Twins

GATHER.COM: Kate Gosselin may be sad that her reality TV show Kate Plus Eight has ended, but she is probably happy that the final show received the season's best ratings. In fact, it received better ratings than the show had gotten in an entire year. According to the Hollywood Reporter, 2.1 million people tuned in for the final episode of Kate Plus Eight. That's the best it's done since June of 2010. And the final episode even scored its best rating among 18 to 34-year-olds since July 2011.
Even though these numbers are certainly something to be proud of, they are a bittersweet reminder to Kate Gosselin that it's a case of too little, too late. Kate Plus Eight never had the kind of ratings that Jon and Kate Plus 8 had. It seems that the audience really enjoyed the interaction between Kate and her now ex-husband Jon Gosselin--even when things weren't going smoothly for the couple.
It seems that all good things must eventually come to an end, and such is the case with Kate Gosselin's TV show. She doesn't quite see it this way, however, as she is now faced with trying to figure out how to support her eight children as a single mom, and keep the whole family living the way they have become accustomed. That won't be easy, but Kate is determined that she will somehow find a way to stay on TV.
For now Kate is keeping fans abreast of the chaos in the Gosselin household with a new website. is live, but many of its pages are still under construction. At least Kate Gosselin can revel in the fact that Kate Plus Eight went out with a bang. Will it be a big enough bang to get networks to give her a second glance? Who knows? Kate can be very persistent!

What do we honestly think about Kate's new Website? What would we change if we could? Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Hi all! Been out of the loop since we got flooded. Hershey PA got hit really hard. I have neighbors who lost everything, while we just lost stuff in our basement. Thanking God for friends and family. We are still in cleanup mode, but it's more of clearing out than cleaning now.

    I am happy to see that kate finally has her own website now, it is perfect. Or will be. I think she will get so many hits, people will be surprised!!

    Take care all!

  2. Hi tiggerfan1 So sorry about all that flooding. What a mess that can be I'm sure! Glad you are safe!
    Baby Mama - hope you are all well now. So sorry you were under the weather. One of my daughter's has been out of school for a week with a virus. Hope your kids don't catch yours. xoxoxo
    Re Kate's site: Apparently she is already having problems with knock-off blogs and junk. Those of us on any pro-Gosselin blog can certainly identify with the frustration and heartache that kind of junk creates!
    I wish, as always, all the Gosselins well and look forward to new ventures for Kate.I'm sure it will be exciting.

  3. Tiggerfan! So glad to hear your ok! My last day at Hershey it poured & we had to cut our vacation short. We were sad since we only got to be there for a few days to begin with, and after that came the hurricane.

    I agree with Linda that we are all looking forward to hopefully some fun and exciting adventures for Kate soon. I think that a lot of kinks need to be worked out on that site. While it's everything that Kate wanted in terms of ideas that we tossed back and for a while back, the key to the site will be updates. Keeping it fresh & not seem stale. I hope that she keeps up with it.

  4. Baby Mama--So glad to hear you're feeling better now. Didn't know that your vacation was cut short due to the hurricane.

    Tiggerfan-Also didn't realize you had flooding and hope things will be back to normal for you soon.

    I agree too that Kate's new site looks interesting and it will be fun to learn about the family news.

    The original show sure brings back memories and the kids were so small. It's hard to imagine that six years have gone by so quickly.

  5. Glad you and your family are okay Tiggerfan.

    Thinking about the others out there that are struggling or taking a long time to sort through the mess and destruction.

    Hope your night with your husband goes well, BabyMama.

    Have a good night to everyone else.

  6. I love Kate's site and hope with her busy schedule, she's able to keep up with it. Its definitely Kate. I have really good vibes about where she's going.
    As we move into cold and flu season, my prayer is for everyone to stay well. We already have one cold under our belts, hope that isn't ominous for the season.

  7. Well, this seems to have been a rough couple of weeks for everyone. I'm back home after contracting cellulitis in my left lower leg while visiting my niece in the Midwest. 2 weeks of IV antibiotics, including 1 week in hospital and 1 week in a transitional care facility until I could travel. I'm much better but full recovery will not come quickly.

  8. Peggy - So sorry to hear about your illness. Glad you are home and hope your full recovery will come sooner than you think. Thinking happy thoughts and prayers for you. xoxo

  9. Oh Peggy...saw your tweets about this illness! We girls just have to start gettin healthier & better! LOL! Enough with these hospital stays!

    Tigger...hope you guys are finally dryin out! We sure needed some of that rain and hardly got a sprinkle out of that storm!

    Ah, watchin those old video clips here is hard. Those were the sweet days...the old Jon that at least made an effort to really pitch in and help Kate! But like Kate has said repeatedly...that Jon no longer exists...we all have to emotionally move on!

    Anyone heard rumors that Kate was at the Emmy's? Ziggy made some reference to that? What the fool...if true...sure wish she woulda tweeted us about it?

    I love her new web site. Obviously still has a lot of work to do on it. It's just like a newborn baby...not doin much just yet...but will grow and reveal its true identity soon!

    She does have a new blog up this mornin! Cute, funny and positive as always. Wishin for the same things that most of us do!

  10. Yes, she went with a friend. I am soo happy for her and glad that she takes the opportunities that come her way. I didn't watch because it seemed in the past when I did that most of the winning shows were on HBO and I don't have that channel so I don't know the shows. I guess Modern Family won, maybe I should start watching it. So many of my favorites are being cancelled or threatened to be cancelled. I need new shows.

  11. Thanks, everyone. I keep improving every day but it will take a while before my leg is totally healed.

    One of the biggest problems on the ratings (provided they're commenting on the average ratings for Jon & Kate + 8 & not the rubbernecker ratings from when the problems in the marriage surfaced) was that TLC persisted in putting the show in lousy time slots and failing to promote the show adequately. It also kept trying to manufacture controversy.

    Even though TLC is still promoting it, I'm wondering if "The Cake Boss"'s days are numbered. TLC just announced that its new time is 10:00 pm on Mondays (an hour later). Why TLC puts family oriented shows on that late but seem to have no problem putting on marathons of its freak show series is beyond me.

  12. Peggy--So sorry to hear about your leg--hope it heals quickly and completely! And you are so right about the lousy timeslot they had Kate's show in plus a huge lack of promotion! It's like TLC had this planned all the time. And Cake Boss at 10PM?--Now the grandkids won't be able to watch it except for reruns earlier in the day.

  13. Peggy prayers for your leg. I don't know how the weather is by you but here it's cold & rsiny. Everyone I know is sick from the quick change from hot to freezing. I myself feeling better for the first time in days!

    This morning I finished my last purge for The Lupus Foundation. Although I feel like I just gave away half my home and wardrobe I feel literally lighter in mind & body. I recommend everyone to do the same. While we we're putting clothes in bags were watching E! News. One of the stories for today? Kate Gosselin gets a speeding ticket. Isn't this old news? If she's not a celebrity as the haters say why is the big story that the poor woman went 88 miles an hour and pled guilty? Duh she paid the $174 and went on with her life..

    Wish them trolls would do the same! Lol. how's everyones Tuesday???

  14. LOL BabyMama...the speeding ticket it the hot item now! It just blends in so nicely with all the other crap they wish to villify Kate about!

    Kate has said that she has a "need for speed" when driving the race car! However, she does need to be puttin that "NEED" on the shelf when out driving publicly. See...I love Kate...I support her...but mama FiredUp is tellin her to be more careful.

    Driving at nite, late at nite, apparently, at such a speed is dangerous. She takes Steve along for security because she wants to come home safe. Well, same goes here!

    She needs to come home safe for those 8 beautiful kids. God forbid that she ever have a serious accident and something happen to her because she was driving too fast! And those tickets sure don't help your insurance premiums either! LOL!

    I'm sure Kate knows she erred...she knows that she has to be more careful. All of us have probably gotten speedin tickets (LOL...I sure have!)

    So happy she got to go to the Emmy's! Anyone seen any pics of what she wore? And rumor too that she went to DWTS premier? Hope that is true as well!

  15. Her blog has beautiful striking colors. I hope that people take it as it is intended... a place for Kate to express herself, not a place for haters to flood her.

    All the internet bullying is starting to be noticed...did you see Mario Lopez's new show? H8R? AWESOME concept. Can't hide behind those computers any more people! LOL

  16. firedup - I agree. I don't think anybody should be speeding.

    In this case, it ISN'T something that just happened. It happened months and months ago. We discussed it on here at length. Kate commented that it was wrong on several of the publications.

    JMO, but for these weirdo people to try to bring it up all over again as if it "JUST NOW HAPPENED" is stupid. But then, we know that they're stupid.

    It's like the argument that "Kate yelled at Jon 5 years ago in ToysRUS so Jon still has a right to be angry." Uh, duh. If these folks have never had a harsh word with a spouse, please, drop whatever you're doing right this minute and commit your story to paper, find a publisher, and get that bestseller self-help book written, so you can enlighten the world!

  17. Baby Mama - Hope you are feeling better. I think half the country is sick right now. One of ours returned to school today for first time since Sept. 8th. A whole week of high fevers etc. Yuck.

    Let's blame the weather since it sure has been weird. Last Thurs. it was 85 here; Fri it was high of 56; Saturday it was 60; raining today but supposed to be 80s again by this Friday. It's as if, "what on earth?" AC on; blankets on; AC on; blankets on... I just want it to stay in the 70s but I don't think I will remotely get my wish.

    I've had no fever but ugh the coughing!

    If I can't blame the weather, I'm blaming the dust from the remodeling, lol. Woo Hoo we are in the last stages (flood sanding, staining, refinishing) with furniture arriving Saturday.
    tashapork - we've stayed under budget (so far) and contractor has stayed on time (so far.) I can't wait to get everything back where it goes!

  18. Oops - that was Floor sanding and not flood sanding. Obviously I can't type today.

  19. Linda-regarding Kate's speeding ticket. Just wanted to let you know that it did NOT happen months and months ago. It happened on Aug 9, 2011.

  20. Oh Jane - I was speaking figuratively. I forgot how much you enjoy finding and picking everything that isn't literal.

    Okay, let me be specific. It did NOT happen this past week. We did discuss it at length here in the past. It is NOT her first ticket. She DOES need to learn how to slow down because I'd be the first to agree it is NOT a safe practice.

    I try my darndest not to speed and am often accused of being a turtle. That said, I got a speeding ticket the same week as Kate for being 5 miles over limit (yeah they do that in NC.) I was furious with myself because not only did I have to pay the ticket (as I rightly should) but because I know my insurance rates will go up as a result. It was not smart of me; it was not smart of Kate. I think those who speed should get tickets. If it becomes habitual, most drivers' license bureaus will take further action.

    I don't think people should speed. I think Kate was wrong to speed. She admitted her guilt. She paid her fine (and thus was considered punished under PA law.

    Since it was discussed before (almost two months ago but not literally two months ago) and was harped on by hate blogs for weeks, I just don't see the point of going this round again. But, that's JMO. Once it's been discussed it feels like "been there, done that, don't see the point of doing it again." But again, that is just my opinion.

    I will try very hard in the future to add "literally" or "figuratively" so it won't be misunderstood. Hope that helps. xoxoxo.

    I just don't want to be a part of discussing it again, so I'll back out and let those who do travel that road again.

  21. I don't think the difference in ratings between J&K+8 and K+8 were necessarily due to people wanting to see the interactions between Kate and Jon. I really loved the old days of the show when you got to see what "real life" was like with all those kids... all the cute toddlers climbing/walking/crawling/screaming all over each other, trying to get everybody potty trained or in carseats, how to prepare food or shop for everybody. That was what I loved. The K+8 shows were always "a big sponsored trip with a big production company helping out to Australia or New York" or a visit to another reality show set. It was just never the same. I would have loved to see the mundane things like how she handled homework and school paperwork once they were all in school. I can barely keep up with my three kids in that department. Anyway, I just think it was a totally different show premise that was not as appealing as the original show... regardless of Jon's presence.

  22. Linda-thanks for your reply. Hope I didn't upset you and perhaps I misunderstood you. It just bothers me when someone makes a statement that to me seems highly exaggerated or is not true. I'm just a stickler for not having the facts misconstrued.

  23. LOOK AT FIRED UP!: Being all Super-sluthy today!

    @jennakimjones JKJ
    Kate Gosselin is here. Really trying not to let that ruin this for me. #Emmys
    12 hours ago via HTC Peep

    MiloandJack Fired Up 4 Kate
    @Kateplusmy8 Rumor has it that U WERE at the Emmy's!! LOL How could U have gone under the radar 2 do that? Rumor or fact Kate?

    @Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
    @MiloandJack yes-I was Inv by a friend--so I made a quick mad dash out. Entertaining,good2c friends! Great2support primeX tv!Such talent!
    3 minutes ago via Twitterrific

  24. houseofestrogen - Hi and welcome. I'd agree they did take trips on K+8 but I think they'd begun doing a lot of that towards the end of j&K+8. On K+8, I particularly enjoyed: building the chicken coop, reworking the fence, Kate handling the grill and other fix-it chores, Kate learning to grill out, the birthday pool episode, shopping for back to school clothes and supplies, the haircuts, the homework she helped with in last year's episode, the "movie" the kids did, when Kate prepared meals while they were on vacation at Bald Head Island, the silly chase games the kids did in the yard, seeing the kids interaction with the kids ... Wow, I guess I liked a lot of it.

    Not everybody gets to travel around the world, and for some people it isn't their "thing" at all. For others, trips are made of dreams. Seeing how they cope on trips like to Australia, Florida, and even the camping trip to Alaska, made me appreciate the struggles of planning, packing, organizing and just getting there for a large family.

    I know we had one commenter in the past who said although she travelled to Europe, etc. with her parents, she felt like K+8 should only be doing stay at home things. I guess that's why there's chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream since so many of us like different things. :)

    For me, I treasure the family trips we made, across the US and elsewhere. I thought it was great that when we studied a state in school, I had an idea of what it looked like and how different it was: mountains, prairies, hills, lakes, oceans, etc. I was always amazed at how different the food was in different areas, unlike in today's world when many kids think of food only in terms of fast food.

    Again, differences are great.

  25. Jane: I'll be careful in the future to cite a source, date, or other. We've had many commenters in the past who wanted to re-hash the same things over and over. My frustration is with AKOs who say: Kate just got a big speeding ticket (no, it didn't "just" happen), or Kate just splurged on a big expensive car after she got fired (no, the car was bought 4 months ago, discussed at the time, it was "new" to Kate but not brand new, etc.) or Kate just got another tanning session, or just got her nails done, or, just... I think you see my point.

    After 87 topic posts here in 2009; 113 topic posts here in 2010; and 48+ topic posts in 2011 so far, some things have been re-hashed a bunch.

    She certainly isn't perfect. Thank goodness! She speaks her mind. Thank goodness! She's never been afraid of work. Thank goodness one of the adults wants to work!

  26. LOL, BabyMama on bein sleuthy! Just picked up on it & figured Kate would address it if true!

    So would love to know who invited her and whether she had an opportunity to mingle with some TV execs for possible media opportunities?

    Sorry that she tweeted she is a bit sick this morning! Imagine her feelin bad & still havin to run her household & care for the kids! No sayin..."hey, Im sick...honey you take care of 'em" like I can do! That part of bein a single parent has to be so difficult! Kate almost can't afford to get sick!!

    The meanies have been at it to no end again...doesn't matter that Kate is no longer on the show...they still go after her & obsessively berate her irregardless.

    And I understand that I'm the topic of abuse as well...they love to humiliate and attack me as the "most stupid" of all the sheeple! I wear that badge with pride for Kate! LOL!

  27. Boy we have all been sick! I think I gave craftymom my cold, now I somehow gave it to Kate. I guess I will be blamed for that too.

    I wanted to a dress something that keeps on coming up. Apparently the nasty trolls, aka Lisa & Preesi, keep spewing garbage that we all deserve to be attacked because of all the horrible things WE say on our sites. ARE THEY KIDDING? I would like to know when I ever allowed that kind of garbage on my site. Try NEVER. Other then telling them the truth that they are sad & miserable on their lives that they need to hurt people like that I rarely allow anyone no less myself to pour it out here. It's funny that every few months though I feel the need to address it. "Blogging Lawyer" pissed me off the other day by allowing posts on her site "claiming" I attack haters and deserve all I get. Sorry but she knows better and instead of leaving garbage at the door she allows attacks on my readers & followers. I don't play that game. Lisa is a whole other animal that needs to have her mouth caged but I was truly surprised that BL let that go through. I guess all that talk about leaving our sites alone was just BS on their part.

    Anyway, I feel sorry for those that only feel whole if they attack strangers on the web for supporting Kate Gosselin. Meanwhile they LIVE every day on the web to attack her? Isn't that worse?

  28. I forgot to mention Linda that as always, I love reading your stats. Sometimes I forget how long I have been supporting Kate and how I have been with this site for way over 3 years now!

    I alwaysvalso forget to say how I appreciate all of you, even the thousands a day that dont post. I hope they do someday! ;)

  29. And we appreciate you and your blog, Baby Mama, Between here and Ziggy's place , it's so great to know that if want to actually post something positive regarding Kate I won't get attacked and threatened.

    As for Kate's site, I really love it!! Can hardly wait to see what's next to appear on it. I'm assuming it will be well moderated so we won't be subjected to the type of trash that TLC's blog turned into.

    I'm very disappointed and upset with TLC and the direction they have taken of late. I wrote and told them so and told them they are going from class to trash. Their editing of Kate +8, their unreliable scheduling of the show and their obvious desire to downgrade the quality of the show was more than I could bear. I've deleted the channel from my favorites on my remote and no longer watch the channel at all.

    I'm glad that Kate is no longer a TLC employee....she can do so much better. I, too have a feeling there is something in the works and it just can't be announced as yet.

  30. Atta Girl Vicky! Im in total agreement w/your comments about TLC! They created any demise of Kate's show..although in my mind her numbers were still very good!

    Their haphazard scheduling, lack of promoting it and editing was enough to kill any show! But in spite of all that...Kate's fans somehow found out when the show aired & faithfully followed it!

    Im so hoping there is something cooking soon 4 Kate in the TV realm!

    BabyMama...the child advocates have stooped to new lows. Now they have been applauding & promoting an online video spoofing Kate and the kids when they are college age.

    Problem is...the video is not funny in my is crude, vulgar and very offensive toward Kate's children. One part purports to show Hannah bein pregnant at Kate's urging! Disgusting!

    Yet, here they all are...the child advocates...the ones so concerned about Kate having the kids filmed...dying w/laughter...high fivin' one another about how funny this is!

    Just another example of them showing how hypocritical they are and how cruel their so called sense of humor!

  31. Vicky ITA with your feelings that TLC caused the downfall of the show. No regular schedule, very little advertising and changing the focus of the show to Kate instead of what it originally on, raising 8 children. If Kate could voice her opinion freely I'm betting she isn't too happy with TLC and the direction they took the show and she wished the focus would have been off of her and more to the kids like it was. Who really knows maybe Kate expressed her opinion she didn't like where they were going and that was the reason for the parting of ways.

  32. I agree, Vicky. Kate's site is a beautiful site. It's like anything with Kate, the reality is ignored and claims made trying to influence others. Example: Her hair. They say her hair looks like straw when it's beautiful and very healthy. She had cankles. Using my investigative powers and comparison pictures, I showed that wasn't the case. My reference to 'investigative powers, etc. was a JOKE for those incapable of recongizing a JOKE. In this instance the word JOKE is actually referring to the literal meaning of the word JOKE and the JoKe as in Jodie and Kevin. The minds are getting more & more simplist and needing things explained in more and more detail.

    I didn't find the video funny either. It was of poor quality and actually missed points which could have made it actually funny. IMO, the video wasn't meant to be funny, but was meant to be cruel.

  33. **correction - and NOT JoKe as in Jodie and Kevin.

  34. I would not be surprised in the least to find out that Kate spoke up to TLC. She has been an extremely good employee of TLC and they have used her badly in my opinion. Well, they can keep their channel and the trash they are switching to. I have a couple hundred channels to choose from and many have excellent programming so I have plenty of other shows to watch. I thought it would be harder than it's been to omit TLC from my tv viewing to tell you the truth. Personnally, I think Kate will show up on one of those other channels in due time...and I'll be waiting for her when that happens.

    Far be it from me to tell others what they should and shouldn't watch or do, but I might suggest that others voice their disappointment to TLC as well. Just use the 'contact us' form. It won't change anything, but I think it important for them to know we do have a voice and will use it.....and that we have a remote and will use it as well.

  35. Vicky said,"I would not be surprised in the least to find out that Kate spoke up to TLC. She has been an extremely good employee of TLC and they have used her badly in my opinion. Well, they can keep their channel and the trash they are switching to."

    I'm with you Vicky, there are such a large number of channels out there frankly I don't need or want TLC. Maybe whoever is in charge at TLC thinks they are making some smart moves to go to the weird and odd but down the road they might find it has bit them in the butt. Once you lose a viewer it is extremely hard to bring them back. As I said earlier I believe Kate might have spoken up and that's why the show was cancelled. The numbers were still very good especially when compared to many of their new shows and as one TV critic stated right after the cancellation he didn't understand what TLC was doing because Kate's show was still right up there when compared to other cable TV shows and he added also some prime Time TV channels. I suspect there was more to it but seeing the direction they were going.

    I think it could be a blessing for Kate and the children. Of course they can't see that now but I'm sure they will in the future. It would be interesting to hear about TLC's new format with the other "family" shows. How many of them are going to be upset when TLC concentrates solely on the drama?

  36. I have to mention tnat I keep on seeing the ads for 19 kids and counting. How could TLC keep that horrible show on the air and cancel Kate? What are the ratings for that show? The kids are sweet bit it's heartbreaking for me to see how the older girls can only wear dresses, never cut their hair, and be reared & educated to get married & make babies.

    But again, TLC keeps this on and cancels Kate. Because nothing shows responsible parenting more than 19 yes now 19 kids and counting. I'm telling you I refuse to watch TLC anymore. Their programming had gotten horrible.

  37. LOL BabyMama and ITA on that ridiculous and horrible example of living show 19 Kids & Counting!

    Let's all showcase usin women and girls for nothin but havin sex, procreatin more babies than you can properly care for and young girls living a subservient life as caretakers for mom & daddy's eternal flow of babies!!

    That show so gets on my nerves. I watched a couple of episodes and that was it! Their numbers were not as good as KatePlus8 last time I looked. I think in 800,000 range?

    So go figure? What were the real reasons why Kate & TLC parted ways? I can't get Kate to bite on that ? although I have asked. I figure she may still be contractually under wraps til end of year?

    Im believe there were conflicts of thinkin about where the show was goin and what TLC wanted Kate to start doin! Kate bravely tried alot of new things this past year...skywalk in New Zealand as an example.

    But Im thinkin they may have wanted to have her do more "racier, objectionable" type programmin that Kate finally had to put her foot down on. Just my opinion, but seein how every other show they have goin is gettin so bizarre and weird...I think KatePlus8 was just too wholesome and moderate in their lifestyle for TLC!

  38. Good afternoon ladies! I promise a new post tonight. I'm busy as all heck with kid activities today. What's up with everyone today. What ate your plans for the weekend? Xo

  39. "LOL BabyMama and ITA on that ridiculous and horrible example of living show 19 Kids & Counting!" I agree with you both BabyMama & Firedup. Why would TLC keep a show that has lower ratings than Kate Plus 8 did? Also how many families bring up their children like the Duggars do? Talk about as far away as possible from a typical family, that show is one. For all the reasons you stated BM. Also probably what bothers me the most about the show is how the older children are expected to help raise the younger ones. The older kids don't have a normal social life and it's like they are being brought up in a cocoon. One day the older kids just might resent that they lost their childhood because they were held as much responsible for the younger ones as the parents. I do believe like you firedup that there is more to the cancellation of the show than just ratings because shows like the 19 and Counting had lower ratings as well as many of the other TLC shows.

    I suspect the same as you firedup is that TLC changed the direction of the show and wanted more drama and Kate had enough of it. I doubt we will ever know nor is it any of our business because if Kate spoke out against TLC she wouldn't be any better than Jon for trashing the network. Kate from what we've seen has a sense of loyalty far more than Jon every did to anyone or anything. We saw the results of Jon bashing and going against his contract and Kate has always said she will honor a contract and set a good example for her children that you fulfill commitments you've made.

  40. FiredUp said: "So go figure? What were the real reasons why Kate & TLC parted ways? I can't get Kate to bite on that ? although I have asked. I figure she may still be contractually under wraps til end of year?"

    I've wondered that myself FiredUp. Can Kate take another job with another network at all? Once TLC cancelled the show did that cancel the contract she had with them until I believe it was the end of February,2012? I don't know the specifics of the contract but I wonder if Kate is tied down until the end of the contract. If that is the case I sure hope TLC will also be paying her until the contract is up. A contract goes both ways.

  41. Good evening everyone! Or as you can see by the clock good morning. lol. As you can see, my eyes were a hurtin looking at this page on my IPad. So I decided to go back to old faithful and see if this is better for me. I kind of miss it. Until I find a better style template or something. You know how every few month I get bored & have to change!

    FRESH PAPER MY FRIENDS! Scent of the day, if the yummy smell of fresh garlic bread and vegetable lasagna! I'm blessed with an amazing mom that cooks us starving children.. (yes that includes me ;)