Monday, September 12, 2011

Kates New Website!, The Final Episode Of Kate Plus 8, Kate Talks On Today & E!

Kate Gosselin reveals launch of 'Kate Plus 8' website on the 'Today' show:

Gosselin said the end of the show is 'the end of an era' Kate Gosselin recently admitted that she was “freaking out” that her TLC show Kate Plus 8 has been canceled, leaving her with an unknown future.

Her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, has publicly advised her to return to a normal life, but the mother of eight appeared on the Today show Monday morning to reveal plans to the contrary.
Kate told host Matt Lauer that she and her brood will be keeping the public in touch with their lives with a website. " goes live together as a place where fans can go and follow us, so we're not just sort of ending," she revealed, The Hollywood Reporter writes.
She went on to explain how she prepared for the cancelation, which she found out in August. “I got a call from TLC and I knew we were in the deciding place… and so it was not a surprise. Obviously ratings and everything else… so I braced myself and here we are," she said. Kate does admit there is “some relief” that comes with the end of the show, "But there is sadness because it's the end of an era. I feel sad for my kids because of all the opportunities and they're now questioning what's going to happen. I feel sad for fans. They're devastated: You're the neighbor that's moving far away and we won't see you again.” She continued, “There's also been this fear because this has been -- although maybe not my career -- my job, and the way I've been providing for my kids for six years. So, you know, it's a little scary." USA Today reports that she even responded to Jon’s recent public statements to her to stay off of television. “Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids and working a regular job. I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent,” she said. “I think to be a good parent is to work as hard as you can and get the best opportunities in life."

Kate Gosselin On The Today Show

Kate Gosselin Is the First Guest on The Wendy Williams Show!

Fresh off of a new public mini-feud with her ex-husband, in which he tells her to go get a real job after her reality show has been canceled, Kate Gosselin will be the first guest of the Season 3 of The Wendy Williams Show.
On the very same week her TLC show Kate Plus 8 permanently leaves the air, Gosselin will help kick off Williams’ new season.
The Hollywood Reporter writes that Williams said of her next season, “I loved spending the summer connecting with people on a personal level in their home towns,” adding, “I’m so excited to start the new season, share my experiences and introduce some of my new celebrity friends to viewers.”
This move coincides with Gosselin’s recent statements that she would like to continue to work on television, much to the dismay of her ex. However, she also told People that she told her eight kids, "I told them I will work"...


  1. Nice post Baby Mama.

    I'm not finding the link you have though; not working.

    An end of an "era" tonight. I watched the first one. Not looking forward to tonight but I'll be watching.

  2. Ok... I found the website but it really isn't live yet, just a "coming soon" parking place for the domain name. Maybe soon???

  3. everything is up now and the link is working. Tell me what you think. I haven't gotten clearance for the logo yet to link the site but just click again and it will take you there.

  4. Baby Mama please check email re bandwidth. Thx. Xoxo

  5. I am interested to hear Kate's response to Ashley's comments about their relationship. I don't follow twitter, so if Kate comments on it, please post her response.

  6. I think at some point the show became more about Kate than the kids because TLC wanted to focus on the drama. Watching old footage of the kids reminded me of why we started watching it in the first place.

    It is too bad TLC didn't go back to the roots of the show and just show how Kate and the kids manage the day to day stuff. So sad.

  7. Thanks Gosselins, for all the memories. Xoxoxo

  8. What a sad night. I will miss the show. Thanks Kate and Kids! I enjoyed watching since the very first show.

  9. How can I get in touch with you? I have a business proposition that you and your family would love?

  10. Cindy~ Anyone can reach us at

    Fascinated~ Kates Twitter feed is aoways on the right hand side of this page. And you can read it all there without having to leave this Page.

    Tonight was really sad and I did start to cry seeing the montage at the end of the show. It reminded me of the one they did when they were ending Jon & Kate.

  11. Loved the show, loved seeing the kids do interviews, agree that it was too soon to end. I even loved the song that played and want it in my phone. I am also excited about Kate's new website, I've been hoping she'd have one since the last one came down.
    I was sad to have less chances to watch those sweet kids, but I feel good for the family, almost like that not being tied down to Kate Plus Eight will allow them to go further and find new and better opportunities, not the mediocracy that she feels Jon is advocating. I remember the night J&K ended, we had a relative from out of town with his very anti Kate girlfriend (they've since split, yay, for several reasons) and that show was such a tearjerker, this time to me it feels better. I have really good vibes for them all of a sudden.

  12. So sad to see the show ending. Those kids are just adorable.

    Thank you Gosselins for letting us share in your lives. Wonderful memories!

  13. I agree Tashapork, the song was great, the vibe of the show was more uplifting than the previous episodes. It made me sad in that this is what the show could have been over the past little while.

    Thanks Baby Mama re the twitter. I don't know anything about it and wasn't sure if that is what you were tweeting to her, or just her tweets once in a while.

  14. Well, you gals can only imagine the tears I shed last nite! I was too soon! Was so hoping to see them for a few more years...especially seein Kate deal with challenges of twins gettin into those "tween" years!

    Overall show was bittersweet. I felt though that the clips of Jamie & Ashley did not need to be in this farewell show! If ya can't say somethin nice after all these years with Kate...then shut it up! Why they felt the need to get one more last dig into Kate on this last show was beyond me!

    Seriously, Jamie & Ashley...could you not have for the sake of the years of friendship with Kate and for the sake of those kids...let the anger go and admit that all of you behaved badly...not just Kate!

    Kate was very kind and gracious with her comments about Ashley...sayin she was always welcome at her house. And Ashley has to come back and say..."I wish I would have said more"!

    And Jamie was not much better. She goes off on Kate about how she treats the people that love her...well, Jamie ...look at the did you and Ashley treat Kate? Right from the beginning that stupid childish taunting about how they were the "party bus" and Kate had the "boring bus". Way to go girls...that surely made the sextuplets stayin there with Kate feel good!

    Also, I was very disturbed by Jamie dissin Kate about wanting to look her, dress, etc! I saw some jealousy in those remarks. Face it, Kate is a TV personality...she has natural good looks! Why shouldn't she market that? Easy on the eyes goes a long way in the media market! The local pap is always in her face lookin for her to be sloppy and without makeup! Hats off to Kate for always tryin to look her best!

    So, Im still worried sick for Kate! I'll feel better when she announces what her next gig will be! Rock on Kate and your 8!

  15. I agree with FiredUp4Kate: I'm beginning to think that Jamie is very insecure & afraid that Kate will outgrow her. Jamie doesn't seem to comprehend that with Kate trying to make a living in media work (which is a far broader than Angelina Jolie) Kate can't afford to stay how she was when she and Jamie first became friends if she is to have any chance of success. The fact is that, in the photos & videos that I've seen, the pre-birth of 6 Kate, even after the twins, was blonde, pretty, and nicely dressed.

    With Ashley, I was beginning to have qualms about her on the Kate's birthday episode with her snarky remarks about Kate & her structure for the kids & Ashley deliberately doing things that she had to have known Kate would not have tolerated anyone else doing with the kids in her house. So many AKOs try to make Kate plus 8 sound like Captain Von Trapp & his children in the Sound of Music at the point Maria entered their lives. I don't see anything close to that. I see bright, lovable, outgoing, articulate, polite, helpful, respectful, playful children who, while they don't ALWAYS listen, know who's in charge of them. Why did Ashley think she had so little trouble getting the kids to help her clean up in the Kate's birthday episode? All I can see is a young woman who has been given incredible opportunities and she could not manage to be gracious as the show ends.

  16. I think Jamie did a good job qualifying her and Kate's relationship. She said they are like sisters and they fight like sisters. I think Jamie is allowed to annoy Kate by teasing and making comments that she isn't like Angelina. I think Jamie probably misses the old Kate too, but still loves glammed up Kate.

    The problem is that we are reading too much into her candour and I am sure the haters and TLC are using it as fuel to say, see no one can be with Kate. I think if me and my bff were on that trip, I would be Kate and she would be Jamie. I would be freaking out and she would be taunting me, but after the trip we would be chatting on the phone as if nothing happened, while the world focused on how I couldn't keep any friends.

    As for Ashely, lets remember that she is still young. She is allowed to rebel and to act the way she is. I see her as acting a lot like Jon did. The only difference is that Jon was a full grown adult and a father of eight. He didn't have the right to rebel and run away (as he clearly did). Ashley will mature and be a strong force in their lives. She is learning to speak up and find her place in their family and in her relationship with Kate. Remember when you began finding your own voices. We tend to go 180 degrees in the opposite direction and go for blood. Ashley will adjust and level out sooner than later.

    Jon continues to rebel against Kate by giving interviews and making judgements.

    Kate was not blameless either. She needs to catch herself and use the responses of those closest to her to gauge how she is behaving.

  17. fascinated,
    I agree to a certain point. Jamie did say that Kate was still her friend and she still loved her. But the tauting re 'party bus' went much to far, even being carried over to 'party boat'. There were 8 kids who were not only there for vacation but a certain level of discpline & order needs to be maintained with that many kids, at all times.

    I hope you are right about Ashley & I understand what you mean. But aligning herself with those she has is pretty severe and a very strong slap in Kate's face and that I can't downplay or excuse due to age. Ashley isn't 16 yrs. old. She's educated, she can read for herself.

  18. Seems like it just wasn't a great combination with Jamie and Ashley that didn't work for them plus Kate. I'd say all were at fault.

    However, regardless of age, if a paid employee is using profanity in front of the kids, they need to hit the road. I suspect that duties and responsibilities weren't spelled out this trip. I can't remember both Ashley and Jamie traveling with the G's at the same time. Usually it's one or the other.

    If Ashley feels that strongly even now, it's better she not be there. Sitters have to follow parents rules. If they can't, then they need a different job. Some do better with a short duration.That was a looonnnggg trip. Wonder if it would have been even a lot worse had Ashley and Jamie been in the bus with no air conditioning, and no tv.

    It's unfortunate. It didn't work out. It's over. It's time to move on. You may not always like your employer, but it's never a wise idea to bad mouth them. It just bites you later on. Ashley may need another job down the road. Would you hire somebody who trashed their previous employer?

  19. Without question, it was a very stressful trip. Put three women in such a stressful enviroment and sparks are going to fly. Seldom is such a situation any singular one's fault. Kate owned up her her end of the poor behavior.

    Three things bothered me a lot about Ashley - Trashing Kate in front of the kids, the language she used to do so in front of the kids, and where she choose to post.

    I agree with Peggy that Ashley's comments on a previous episode about the kids lives were too structured bothered me. That wasn't Ashley's call to make. She could just as easily have said, we're going to do something fun without the dig at Kate. These people in Kate's life make these remarks yet they are able to leave and return to their lives. They aren't the one's who have the full responsibility on their shoulders.

    Many employers today look on the interent to see what they can find about a prospective employee. What they post about themselves, where they post and whom they align themselves with on-line. It gives them a better view of who they are really hiring.

    Ashley may have got her digs in at Kate, but she did her own self no favor.

  20. I am glad Kate identified that the crew will film for two days and she may yell three times and those three times are always shown in the little 22 minute clip.

    I agree in that they will show the worst parts just for the effect, when there were hours of loving fun parts that were left on the cutting room floor.

    I am saddened by Ashley's behaviour and definitely don't agree with her commenting on negative sites, I do hope that this is a phase for her.

  21. Hello everyone! I know that the interview video comes on automatically, so I will remove it soon once you have viewed it. I'm hoping to get the episode up again soon...

    Ive been so sad seeing Kate's last episode. I hate the fact that they made this hot mess of a trip the final episode. There was nothing to take away from South Dakota, in fact I dont remember a single thing. They ran with this depressing fighting and bickering and made it what will stay in peoples heads rather that just having the wonderful memories.

    And again why is Jon talking? Ohh they will never be on TV again..yeah just like they were on TV after you fought for it. I'm sure for a while they wont feel it but perhaps, just perhaps they will miss it...

  22. fascianted - I hope this is just a phase for Ashley, as well. Evidently she & Kate have talked since. Whatever issues Ashley has with Kate, she needs to take them up with Kate, not try to spear Kate to the public. It's too much "JoKe" gate and does't look well for Ashley. Especially as she says she's had issues with Kate for five years. No employer wants to think a person they are considering hiring could have such long standing issues with them, still work for them without trying to resolve the issues. If Ashley had such strong issues with Kate for so long, why didn't she try to work them out with Kate and if not able to be worked out with Kate, stop working for Kate.

    Because Ashley got paid good money.

  23. Love that interview there with E-Online...asked so many good questions & Kate answered them all beautifully!

    Bravo to her about not skirting the issue with Jon over filming of kids again! She gave us insight into what we all suspected...that Jon has been tryin to convince the kids that filming is bad! Thankfully those smart kids do have a voice and have made their own minds up...expressing their enjoyment doin the show!

    I agree with all the comments regarding Ashley. Foolish girl...immature girl...hopefully you will learn from this.

    Always best when you have an issue with someone...go to that person! Lay it out between you and them alone! Bible says "don't let sun set with you in a provoked state"! Always talk about what is botherin you and don't let it fester.

    Absolutely worst thing Ashley could have done is to let anger build up and then spew it all on final show and verbally disrespect Kate as her employer, and longtime friend for millions to see.

    At this point in time, I don't see Ashley as a good influence in kids lives. She needs to calm down, humble herself, get off her "high horse" and apologize to Kate. Kids are due an apology as well...bad mouthin their mother and vulgar language is an absolute "NO NO"!

  24. BM - The E! Video just loaded for me.
    Best interview with kate yet.
    Added to my site.

  25. Hey Kate - i remember some index cards hanging on your first kitchen's pillar. I remember being so encouraged that you read the Word and would even post it around your house to remind you of Truths. A good friend of mine just gave me some scripture that I thought could bless you as well.

    For God is not a god of confusion, but of Peace. 1 Corinthians 14:33

    Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. (Matt 1:28-30)

  26. Sad that Jon is telling the kids that filming was bad for them when he agreed to it in the first place. Does he honestly think that the internet is going to go out of business in the next few years. What about when the kids google him and find that he wanted to have them film on a show called Divorced Dad's Club with Michael Lohan and how he spent the girls' birthday party at the fence with the paparazzi. I love how they tell him that they love being on THEIR show. They are and should be soo proud of their show.

  27. psst-the Today show interview is the wrong one.

    Tashapork-how do we know that Jon is telling the kids that filming is bad for them? Because Kate said it?

  28. Fired Up I agree with you when it comes to Ashley. Nobody forced her to babysit or take the trips to all those fantastic places or participate in activities that like the rest of us, we never get a chance to experience in our lifetime. I wish she would have taken the time to sit back and think about the pros and cons and she might have discovered the pros far outweighed the cons if she was honest with herself. Just because they didn't film it all the time you can bet your bottom dollar that Ashley took the jump in Australia, swim with the dolphins and dozens of other adventures she participated in with the family. It would have been much better if she had voiced her feelings to Kate long ago or just said that that simple two letter word when asked to babysit or take a trip and help watch the kids. "No" is a very simple word and that's all she had to say if she was that frustrated. My take it was a poisonous mixture of personalities having Ashley and Jamie alone together so much. They reminded me of two high school chums snarking about one of their friends behind her back and being as mean as possible. You're right though no matter what the circumstances were to say anything even a single word in front of the children was wrong on both Jamie and Ashley's part. All three women misbehaved but in my view Ashley and Jamie were far more dramatic than Kate. Remember the same thing goes for Jamie, she could have said "no" when asked to help. I'm glad Kate has found it in her heart to forgive all their harsh words but I might find it hard for me to ever trust them again nor would our friendship ever be the same again. That's where it is very difficult to mix friendship and business. When my husband first started out in a top position hiring and firing in his company one lesson he learned early on is don't hire family and don't hire your friends. It just hardly ever works out.

  29. Jane - No, we know because it was what Jon said out of own mouth in his latest "I'm not doing interviews"

  30. It was a shame that TLC didn't choose to show more of the beauty of the states they visited and the children's reactions to what they saw and the adventures they took. I would imagine that the states also might take offense at a film company coming in asking for permits to film with the expectation this was a little family cable show and it was a mom with her eight kids on this vacation. I would think that the tourist bureaus expected some of the beauty and marvelous wonders of nature both mankind and that made by mother nature that our country has to offer in their respective states along with the reaction of the parent and children. I don't know if all states are very restrictive in filming but I do know that in our state they want to know when, where,what and how because of the concern as to whether the filming company will leave any "footprints" behind. Destroying the environment in other words. I think more viewers would have enjoyed a show like it used to be rather than the stressed out personalities of the adults on the show. All the previous shows have been about the landscape, the people, animals, activities that the places they have visited had to offer along with the children's reactions. What a shame for the last two shows they had to completely change the concept. I'm sure the kids had a wonderful time, it's just a shame we didn't get to see most of the fun and loving times they had.

  31. Thank you Linda;)
    While I am not excusing Ashley for words that should have been reserved for places beyond the kids' ears, such as a private one on one with Kate, they didn't show the whole interview. I watched a Duggar rerun from the wee hours and it had Ashley with a positive comment in a commercial for the show, something about having a blast all the time.
    I am listening to this morning's View (DVR) and getting really irritated with the ladies. They have totally misconstrued Kate's comment about Jon being okay with mediocracy. They thought she was saying that Jon was only a mediocre provider, when she was only talking about herself and Jon saying that SHE should settle for ordinary instead of trying to reach her goals. I have only heard Kate have positive comments about Jon having a job. They also faulted her for telling the kids that she was going to do everything possible to keep them in their home and school.

  32. tashapork I kind of got a different take on The View and reviewed it several times. No question in the beginning they took Kate's comment and ate it alive and were saying that all the kids need is food, clothing & shelter not the frills that a media job can bring. I found Joy and Elizabeth to be more understanding than Barbara and the other lady. Really Whoopi didn't say too much surprisingly. There towards the end of a short discussion I got the impression they all pretty much agreed that in order to raise 8 children and like Elizabeth said keep them in the same school the media was the route Kate should take and they even started listing off shows she could appear on. I was more put off by Barbara's comments that Kate should have thought about how to support 8 children before she and on had them. Well we all know even though there is a chance on multiple births I doubt too many people really expect to have six babies even after being warned. So I kind of felt Barbara who usually is very supportive of Kate to be kind of critical.

  33. tashpork I'm glad you mentioned that commercial with Ashley. Nobody has mentioned it and I only saw it one time so I thought maybe I heard something different. Yes I saw the same one where Ashley said they had a lot of fun times on the RV trip. I had hope at that point that maybe from what I was hearing Ashley wouldn't be as harsh as I was expecting but in the final cut Ashley didn't mention the fact they had a lot of fun like she did in that clip you and I saw for the show. Don't throw in a teaser like that unless you are going to show it on the show itself when it airs as a whole. That kind of thing makes me so mad. At least I know I know my hearing isn't completely out of whack. LOL

  34. One of the people I feel really bad for through all this whole Gosselin thing is probably Steve. With all the ridiculous rumors, threats, having to see the hatred and to deal with the complexities of different personalities, the man has had quite a bit on his plate. Obviously thankfully his family is still all in tack and despite all the tabloids and rumors they have gotten past all that and continued to live their normal lives. All I've ever seen from Steve is nothing but pure professionalism. Even during the melt down of the various women on this last trip the most response we saw from him was "Whatevah’". Now that's the way to handle stress and maybe the most effective way to handle a disagreement that isn't going anywhere. Whenever I feel stressed times now I can't help but think of Steve's "whatevah’"and I find myself getting relaxed. If we all could just use that simple word to back off stressful moments or times. LOL

  35. tashapork if you still have it on DVR because I deleted mine but can you go back to the part where Elizabeth started to talk about the kids and their school but was interrupted by several of the ladies. I got the impression she understood wanting to keep the kids in the same school.

    The part of it where they discussed reality stars making a career in the media was kind of negative. After all Elisabeth Hasselbeck parlayed her appearance on The Survivor into what she is doing now. Bethenny Frankel sure has done well for herself since being a reality star enough to be on Forbes list as one of the wealthiest women in America, and I know there is more. I also know that shows like the Apprentice have given new life to people that were big stars at one time and once again are in the spotlight because of being on that show. Whatever lies ahead I truly do wish Kate nothing but the best for her, the children and yes Jon also.

  36. tashapork - I'm glad to hear that positive comment about Ashley. I haven't watched TLC at all after the first RV episode. Not even "Say Yes To The Dress" and that was a hard one to give up for me as I love the look of joy on the brides faces when they find the right dress. Ok, like seeing the beutiful wedding dresses, too.

    I have tried to take into consideration editing but after that post from Ashley on a hater site and without rebuttal that really was Ashley and Kate's response to Ashyley's negativism, it has been very hard to attribute it all to editing.

  37. Good evening everyone! I would like to thank Jane for alerting me to the fact that I had the wrong Today Show Interview up. I have a few, and it got confusing ;)

    Ziggy~ How are we to know if this is really Ashley? I don't believe it for a minute! Just because Rebecca the infamous "Blogging Lawyer" says so? After she constantly complains about fakes what makes her and her supposed "checked ID" so reliable? Because it was checked by whom exactly??

    I hate to break it to you all, but this is really Ashley. Yes I am Ashley and I have been fronting on this site for 3 years. Ask Linda. My IP was checked and verified. And so you have it..the solved mystery :)

  38. BM - there is no way to verify it's Ashley except from either Kate or Ashley. But kate did do a tweet which clearly indicated things were not worked out with Ashley completely yet after she was altered to this post which was supposed to be Ashley at said site.
    Will send you more info.
    That is still not verifing it's Ashley, but does confirm there are still issues there regarding Ashley. Which is very sad as the kids clearly adore Ashely and Kate has only spoken well of Ashley, praised her and expressed thankfulness to Ashley. i.e. Kate has never even remotely dissed Ashley in any manner publicly.

  39. Lexxi, I agree with your admiration of how Steve has handled himself through all. Kate has really needed that calm "whatevah" in her life. I have also seen him get firm with her when need be, but stay tactful and calm, it was in some Dancing With the Stars footage. Wish others could take from his example.
    I agree that Sherry and Barbara were the ones most critical, which kind of surprised me because they used to be so nice to her. The issue wasn't her wanting them to stay in their school, but that she shared financial worries with them.
    I don't think its so much of an issue of Kate letting being a reality star get to her head or craving the fame and celebrity, as much as it is her type A personality shining through. She want the very best in everything, for instance she doesn't just work out for half an hour 3x a week like many of us including me would be quite satisfied with myself, she is trying to take her body to perfection. She has happened to find that she's good in TV and that it is a way have what she wants. She would be that way if it was a sport, practicing law, being a CEO, whatever.
    Ziggy, the minute that the Duggars go off the air, I quit watching TLC, at this point that's all I watch there and I wish they would be on a Christian channel or at least more family friendly network, but I don't want anyone to forgo the opportunities that tbey have available to them. I haven't been to any hate sites so I don't know what Ashley might be saying there. I just pray that she matures and doesn't go down that path, the consequences of holding that kind of hate in your life are profound. I don't fault her for disagreeing or clashing with Kate, but I do for her comments in front of Kate's kids or on a show she knows that they watch and take great pride in.

  40. Ziggy I agree. Ashley has not ever had an issue with Kate for 5 years, but they have never gone cross country either. It was a rough situation and Ashley clearly said Kate welcomed her to come over but Ashley said it would take time. I understand that.

    I did like the fact that Kate's best friend did stay and stick it out. I'm sure she knew how hard it was for everyone involved. But to re-hash it on the final episode took the air out of what could have been a wonderful farewell. Instead it went out like a lead balloon IMO

  41. Did you see this? Is MyFoxPhilly so dead that Kate getting a supposed speeding ticket that its headline news?

    Kate Gosselin Cited Twice Since July

    Updated: Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011, 3:37 PM EDT
    Published : Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011, 3:29 PM EDT

    Fox 29 has learned that Reading, Pa.-area reality TV mom Kate Gosselin has been cited twice since July for traffic offenses, including an incident where she was driving 88 miles per hour. Traffic court dockets show Gosselin, cited under her legal name Katie I. Gosselin, was pulled over by Pennsylvania state police on Sept. 11, 2011 in South Londonderry Township in Lebanon County. She was charged under a statute regulating roadways. That case is still pending and Gosselin received a traffic citation. On August 9th, Katie I. Gosselin was pulled over by state police in Brecknock Township in Lancaster County. She was charged with driving 88 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone.

    That case was settled with a guilty plea in court and Gosselin was not present at the hearing. She paid fines of about $164.00. There were no details on passengers in Gosselin's vehicle in the two recent incidents. Gosselin has two other traffic citations since 2009.

  42. Sad that instead of discussing important issues such as the economy, news shows waste their time on Kate's driving offenses. They probably gave it more airtime than they did someone who caused a traffic collision killing five people.
    I agree that the RV comments belonged in the RV shows, not the finale.

  43. Wow is all I can say! I have watched from the very beginning. I have 12 brothers & sisters. All I can say is when a parent has that much responsibility, that many lives and futures relying on you. You become anal...alright not exactly anal but you set rules and live a formatted life in a way. If you don't you have complete anarchy. I can't imagine having 6 of the same age at the same time. We were all space two years apart. My mother was an organizing fool! We did not take vacations because we didn't spend the money on that we spent it on something else. My parents would have loved to be able to give us all the possibilities that Kate has given her kids. Even with her protecting the kids from the public as much as she has done I have to say those are the most well rounded kids I have ever
    seen. So Kate keep up the great work with all 8.
    I have taken two week vacations with my husband and we are best friends and seldom fight but two weeks in a car with him got us at each other. I can only imagine broken down RV's, kids, paparazzi and closed spaces over a period of time with each other. It is a shame what happened. I believe everything happens for a reason. Even that trip! Jamie seems to be a true friend that got crabby along with you (Kate) but did not leave you high and dry. I hope she talks to you when things bother her. Jamie on the other hand. She was your babysitter and friend but babysitter and helper first. Friend last. Kids and safety comes first from her. If she had issues she should have brought them up over the past 5yrs. She clearly didn't care about the kids when she put herself first. She put herself first several times throughout the trip and the birthday weekend. She defiantly did things that were against the norm and verbally announced that to the camera and kids she was doing it anyway! Clearly again not in the best interest of the kids. As we all know kids are smart and pick up on comments and things said even when you think they are not paying attention.
    Who cares that you've gotten speeding tickets! My gosh you can't even take a poop without someone commenting on it. Sorry I used that as an analogy...but it works!
    Now I have said what I wanted to say!

    I have a question. I guess I missed an episode. What happened to Shokau(however you spell it) That you got him back. Or did you just get rid of him because of everything going on at the time? What happened to the other dog?

  44. tashapork – I agree that Steve has handled himself well. Type A personalities at times need someone to settle them a bit. But with calmness and respect. Not with disregard & disgust as Jon did Kate. I think when it first dawned on Kate she was ‘famous’ and had a following, there was a short time it did sort of go to her head.

    But my opinion is that was short lived. Kate’s not a personality type to have her head in the clouds for any length of time. And such a reaction after realizing you are famous after being just another face in the crowd is understandable. It’s how it’s dealt with when their feet hit the earth again which matters. Kate’s feet are firmly planted and her head in real reality.

    I agree that if one has an opportunity presented to them, if they choose to take it, they shouldn’t be faulted for it. Although I despise the way TLC has done Kate, if she returned to do a show with them, I wouldn’t fault her for in. TLC was good to Kate and the kids in many ways. That shouldn’t be discounted or overlooked in all of this and I guess I have been not giving TLC credit in this.

    BM, Ashley herself indicated she’s had a problem with Kate for five years. Her words “I’ve put up with her for five years and I can’t take another day of it” Ashley should’ve either dealt with it with Kate
    a long time ago or stopped working for Kate. Clearly the RV trip didn’t cause the blowup from Ashley, it just brought it to a head.
    Which could be a good thing brought about in a bad way if Ashley & Kate can sit down & talk and work things out, the relationship could end up being stronger than it ever was. Same for Jamie. I give her credit for staying regardless of why she stayed. Again the same re Jamie’s & Kate’s relationship. My sister & I have been tense with each other since our mom died some years ago. My dad died about two years ago. One night on the phone several months back, my sis & I had a MAJOR blow out. Screaming at each other, the whole nine yards. When we both got it all out we ended up crying and making up, both seeing things from the other’s point of view. Honestly, when my mom died, my sis pulled somethings which led me to feel I could never and I mean never trust her again. After this blow up, I now feel I can trust her again and that’s a very, very good feeling. She’s the only sis I’ve got!

    I don’t think the show was a lead balloon. I agree the RV stuff should’ve been left out, but there were parts of it I thought was really sweet. Even yes, the old days showing Jon.

    The speeding ticket. Oh everything’s got to be such a big deal with the AKO’s doesn’t it? In my area there is a road which runs between two cities. If you go the speed limit you get plowed over. Cops love that stretch. They bust them right & left, but people still fly. I don’t know the road which Kate supposingly got ‘busted’ on, but if the speed limit was 65, then it sounds like an area where speeding is likely not that unusual. When has any of us said Kate was perfect?

    Boy I’ve really been chatty the last several days. Guess I’m missing MiniZiggy. My son & I talk, but he’s not really into ‘girl stuff’ so there’s really no one to discuss that stuff with.

  45. Erin-It wasn't Kate who returned Shoka and his sister, Nala (sp?), to the breeder; it was Jon during his NYC/Hailey phase. Jon was supposed to be responsible for training the pups & apparently didn't. Kate expressed reservations about dealing with the dogs during her times home (this was when they were still alternating staying at the house during custody times). Jon actually INVITED one of his paparazzi friends to film the kids saying goodbye to the pups. It was clearly, from his comments, that he did it to try to make Kate look bad.

    After the dogs were trained by their breeder, Kate brought back the calmer, better-trained of the two, Shoka, who has been happily there ever since. Kate said on the show that she would have loved to bring both back but she needed to be realistic about how much she can manage. It's clear how happy, well-trained and well-adjusted Shoka is (he was even including in the People magazine studio shoot re: the finale.) It's my understanding that the breeder found a great home for Nala.

  46. Yes...glad Shoka issue was addressed! Im a dog lover and happily I see that Kate is too! She has said numerous times on twitter that she "loves Shoka"!

    Also, we know he is one spoiled boy in that household. He sleeps inside with family at night...gets plenty of snacks and toys!

    Im still very troubled about the Ashley situation. I too thought the clips with Jamie & Ashley should have been left out of farewell episode.

    I always thought Ashley was mature and caring...I saw a very disappointing side of her. I don't think her mother, Carla, is proud of this either. Kate and Carla have been friends since tups were born.

    Lordy, I wish Kate would give us some good news that she has snagged a new gig!

  47. One thing I've learned. There will be many employers over a lifetime that aren't exactly what you'd choose. If you don't want to work for them, keep your mouth shut and move on. Trashing an employer will come back to bite you. Ashley is over 21, certainly old enough to be accountable for her actions and words.

    Her words and actions in this case are permanent. They will be on the series DVD and will linger for eons.

    If she doesn't like Kate, or Kate's rules, so be it. It's her decision; move on. Every time she worked for Kate it was by her choice. She accepted the money and agreed to do a job. I wish you well, Ashley. It would seem that in choosing to trash Kate, you've gotten your feelings recorded for posterity.

    Ashley, you may not like Kate but you could learn a lot from her: nutrition, healthy food, and good exercise. You might remember that your new-found "friends" on the hater blogs praise you now, but they trashed Kate for being overweight. And, Uh, Kate was only overweight when she was pregnant. Despite trashing her, she has only been gracious in her comments about you.

    Again, I wish you well along with maturity and insight. But, listening to the vulgarity in front of the kids and your other comments, I wouldn't hire you for my kids, not ever in this lifetime.

  48. I totally agree, LindaOriginal.

    Some long-time caregivers/ mother's helpers can become very competitive with the mother & think they know better than the mother what is best for the children (Kate and other HOM uniformly discuss this as being a problem with some of the volunteers who help out with the HOM babies as newborns).

    The difficulty is that it's like being an aunt, which I know something about being. No matter how much you love the children, you don't have the long-term responsibility for raising them into decent, mature, responsible adults. However, in Ashley's case, it bothered me that, while she said she would die for the children, she couldn't suck it up for a day or two more and not subject the children to that traumatic departure scene. She also trashed their mother in front of them and that is inexcusable.

    If Ashley had genuine complaints/concerns about Kate, especially over 5 years, she should have taken them up with Kate. Heck, if she couldn't bring herself to do it, talk to her mother & have HER talk to Kate. In any event, she should have at least attempted to do it private, not broached, for the first time, on national TV. She herself acknowledged that she hadn't expressed these alleged problems to Kate prior to the trip.

    I've seen it said that Kate made comments too during the RV episodes but most of them were to the effect that neither Jamie nor Ashley had acted like this before & she tried to take into account the conditions.

  49. Peggy, you are very right. That is one of the reasons why I stopped using hired aids to help me with my son. Once they feel they are a part of the family, then they begin to think they know more than you, think their judgement is better than yours.

    They have not walked every step of this life. They don't live it 24/7. The full responsibility is not upon their shoulders. They walk out the door when their shift is done.

    If I say something needs to be done a certian way, I have a reason & purpose for it. I don't have to give a justification & reason to them as they thought I should. Just do what I ask & adhere to my guidelines and rules. It's OK to question for understanding, but not my authority nor my judgement.

    Ashley needs to comprehend that these children she loves so much are Kate's kids, Kate's responsibility, not her's. And it is due in large part to Kate for making them so lovable.

    Nobody does everything perfect. Nobody does everything that others are going to completely agree with. There are going to be things a mother does which her kids are going to be unhappy about, rules they aren't going to like. Mothering is about teaching and raising kids to be responsible adults who can be a productive memember of society.

    Of everyone, I think Ashley is the biggest disappointment of all. Yes, even more in a way than Jon as I always saw Jon from the beginning as combative towards Kate. I didn't dislike his actions to the point I do now. Jodi - when I found out she had four children of her own, I thought whose watching HER kids while she's helping Kate as clearly often times when she was helping Kate, her kids were not around. Clearly Jamie's have been around during many of the times Jamie is helping Kate. I look back at clips where there are other kids around the Gosselin kids who seem to be staying 'out of frame' and I now see these were Jamies kids. That made me question Jodie's intent even before there were indications of discord there.

  50. Yes, I've read Kate's books and am more than aware that Jodie helped Kate before they ever apppeared in any form of media. Kate gave Jodie full credit for that and expressed her appreciation.

    I think for Jodie it got to be about being bigger tha Kate than helping family.

  51. Miniziggy sounds soo cute ;)

    I'm giving Ashley too much credit for think she would never get on some stupid trash site and talk about her boss like that. What about confidentiality agreement?

    Peggy I agree how could she put the kids through that departure scene and not stick it out just till the end of the trip? She is young, and though a great helper she really needed to show maturity. Honestly I'm just more mad at TLC for ending the show like that. I honestly thought the show was going to be amazing & it was far from that. Hated the way to show ended.

  52. It's amazing how Ashley suddenly found her voice just as the stream of luxury vacations and being on TV dried up. She didn't have to be on the show. They've had other mother's helpers who didn't want to be filmed and the show worked around that.

  53. Ziggy - I share your pain with caregivers who "suddenly" think they know more than anybody else.

    Recently ended relationship with one we had hired for after school care. Specific duties included preparing a healthy snack and assisting to get homework assignments finished before dinner. The caregiver informed my kids that it was "selfish" to not let them have play time right after school. I was steamed! Not her call.

    Our kids have an hour of hearty exercise in PE which is the LAST class of the day before pickup. Thus, they've just had exercise.

    Second, we want homework finished before dinner. Then time after dinner is free for family games, free choice, and fun, OR allows for additional study time for coming tests, projects, etc.

    Third, it was NOT the business of the caregiver at all to change the in-house rules. I am paying for an "in-absentia" person to carry out the house rules in my absence. My rules, my payment to caregiver, my decision. Don't like it? ... Sayonara! :)

  54. Linda, This includes those trained to be aids. I had one ask if I minded she cleaned out my pantry. I thought, wow, that was nice as this wasn't they type of chore which she was being paid to do. After she finished, I looked and everything was totally different that I had organized it. I asked her what the...? She said well, since she was going to be working here, she thought she'd arrage it to suit HER preferences! Wait you're only here x # of hrs. a day, your duties don't include anything to do with food prep so why'd it matter to her anyway?!

    Then there was the one who considered herself the medical expert...Oh the stories we could tell!
    When you find one who is good, who respects your rules, is reliable & trustworthy, you do what you have to to hold onto them. Without a doubt this was the case for Kate when the babies were little with the aid-gate.

  55. Linda-Wow! You must really have related to what Kate was facing on the RV trip and the earlier episode of Kate's birthday when Ashley took it on herself to decide that the kids' lives were too structured. I wonder if she figured out that the kids wouldn't have been so willing to clean up the resulting mess if Kate hadn't raised them to do so

    Your timing for homework means that your kids do their homework when they're still fresh.

  56. Good morning everyone! Boy was I sick sick but feeling much better now! The weather went from hot to cold in 24 hours and I hope that none of you are getting the rsth of colds tnat we are all getting here.

    Linda~ you go girl! You need what's best fir your home. I know it must be hard to find a great person to work with your kids and I hope you find a great one.

    Tonight late I will get a new post up. Finally feeling better means my husband and I can finally get a night out without kids.. ;) I know a few of me asked via email how I handle the wrath of Twitter trolls. Two words: block & ignore. Kate as you can see on the right hand side has been very vocal & chatting with everyone, and I hope that she tells us some good news soon. FRESH PAPER TONIGHT I PROMISE! xo

  57. Im definitely on same page with you ladies about hired help! Geesh...hired says it all! I'm are the employee! You do what I ask you to do. Suggestions are ok...but you don't jump in and assume my role changing my rules and undermining my authority in my house!

    And you absolutely do NOT bad mouth me in front of my kids! That not only gets you fired...but probably gets me "firedup" as well and all in your face about it! LOL!

    Kate's graciousness & public kindness toward Ashley and Jamie in regard to their sub-adult behavior says alot! I don't think I could have been as restrained and careful with my words as she was!

    Ok...BabyMama...are you feeling better? Was looking for that new post? LOL Maybe you are waiting for Kate to give us some news first. She has been awfully quiet last nite and all this mornin...hmmmm...what is she up to?

  58. Last night, Kate had a party with her kids to wrap up the show, so she's probably busy with them. I don't think any adult should bad mouth their kids' parents in front of them. Kate doesn't bad mouth Jon in front of them and that's probably tough some times. If she can do it, the others should be able to also.

  59. Unless one is talking real child abuse (not the AKO version that includes everything other than letting the child get his/her way all of the time), it is NOT the hired or volunteer mother's helper to substitute his/her judgment for the parent(s)'. In case of doubt, the temporary caregiver should PRIVATELY consult with the parent as to any questions or concerns or ideas on how to amuse/entertain children. In the case of a long-term, trusted caregiver, the parent might excuse some lapses based on past conduct. However, it takes great trust for any parent to leave their child(ren) with another. Once that trust is drawn into question, regaining it is hard.

  60. Even with my son & daughter-in-law I always ask what is acceptable and what is not regarding what my granddaughter eats, wears & the activities we might like to do. I still remember how my former mother-in-law had no regard for the rules we had in place for our children so I do my best to treat my son & his family like I wanted to be treated. You change that to "hired help" and there is no way I would keep someone around to care for my kids that refused to follow my rules and/or talked bad about me in front of the kids. I agree with FiredUp, Kate was far more gracious than I would have been toward Jamie & Ashley. I can't even imagine how surprised Kate was to hear Ashley talk like that & to up & leave a couple of days before the end of their trip.

  61. BabyMama hope you are feeling much better. I just got over a cold last week. Enjoy your night out with hubby!

    Looking forward to new post!

  62. Thanks freespirit! I have been super sick & feeling better now finally. I must agree that getting back into the kids school groove plus all that's been happening really has run me down.

    Good news is a new post up! Come talk about whatever you would like to discuss. The fresh scent of the day is warm apple pie and whipped cream! Now let's try to adjust to this cold weather! Xo