Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kate Gosselin on People! WATCH RV Breakdown HERE! What Did You Think Of This 2nd To Last Episode? Kate Gosselin's long-time TLC show Kate Plus 8 has been canceled, and she's the first to admit that the transition from reality star to regular mom isn't going to be an easy one. "I'm freaking out. Big time," she tells PEOPLE in the new issue.

Her kids, twins Cara and Mady, and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel "weren't ready," to leave the show, which has been airing since 2005, she adds. "Nobody was. I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don't know what's next." But Gosselin, 36, whose messy divorce from husband Jon played out in the tabloids – and on TV – in 2009, vows to work hard to keep the lifestyle she's provided for her kids. "I told them I will work my fingers to the bone to make sure that they can stay here and go to their school," she says. "There are no guarantees in life for anyone, but they know that I'm giving it my best shot."

‘Kate Plus 8’ RV Breakdown Episode Recap Part Four:

The drama of the Gosselin family RV trip doesn't stop until the end of the episode. When the new RV won't start, Kate accuses the Kate Plus 8 crew of rigging the RVs. Of course, that isn't the case. It is just some bad luck for Kate and her caravan. When it is discovered that one of the kids is eating pizza, Kate blows up. She says there were only four slices of pizza left from the night before and those were earmarked for the adults. When the two ladies from the Party Bus note that they don't want the pizza, she tells them that the pizza should go to Steve, who doesn't eat mac-n-cheese or salad. She claims that the kid eating the pizza ruined lunch for everyone and now Steve doesn't have anything to eat. She tells the women in the bus to get Steve a piece of the remaining slices of pizza. Mady grabs the pizza and hands it to Steve. Kate promptly starts in again about how it is 'disgusting' for Mady to grab the pizza and that one of the adults should have wrapped it in foil instead of letting Mady grab it with her 'dirty' hands. This upsets Ashley, who has a breakdown. Frankly, it is surprising that she has lasted this long without a serious breakdown considering the way Kate has treated her and Jamie like children the entire trip.

Ashley remarks that everyone has enough food to eat because the two refrigerators are so stuffed that it is difficult to close them. Seriously? Like Kate couldn't just run in at a store or a fast food restaurant to grab food for the people with her on the trip. The whole incident was just the icing on the cake for poor Ashley. She notes that she has worked for Kate for five years and that this is the worst it has ever been. The Kate Plus 8 staff members send Ashley home. She has a sad goodbye scene with the kids. She reminds them that she loves them all and that she will see them again. It was a touching scene, and hopefully when Kate sees it, she will realize what a gem she had in Ashley. For the kids' sake, Kate should apologize to Ashley and hope that Ashley will come back. On her Twitter page, Kate tweets that she didn't know Ashley was leaving. She says she was in her RV doing an interview. That is probably one of the smartest things the producers of Kate Plus 8 have ever done. Can you imagine the dramatic scene that would have unfolded if Kate had been there? It probably would have been much worse than any ever seen on this show. The end of the episode finds the kids somewhat happy and the adults happy that the two-week trip is done. The final episode of Kate Plus 8 airs September 12 at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

Watch RV Breakdown HERE!


  1. Hi Baby Mama and Linda. I came over here to watch the RV Breakdown episode, but the one that is posted here is the RV Trip from the week before. Is it possible that TLC sent you the wrong episode in error?

  2. Hi all - been a super busy day. Will be back later to chat.


    Scarlett- your comment is toast. This is twice now. Please find somewhere else to make your comments. This is a fan site. You are obviously not a fan so sayonara.

    Thanks MEGA to the loyal fan who sent me a text message to remove the comment.

  3. WTH. The trolls must have been having a field day trying to figure out how to post. We're already over our bandwidth for the entire 24 hours so if you are a regular or a fan and having trouble posting - I'm sorry.

    Last night was a record in that it happened by 7:30 pm.

    This is probably an all time record in that it happened by 3:15 pm.

  4. You're fast with that swatter, Linda!

  5. Jane - I just checked with Baby Mama and she pulled wrong episode. It happens when you are working late at night.
    I have removed it.
    I don't add photos or videos, so you'll have to wait for her to get home tonight and make changes.
    Corrina - Only thanks to the fabulous folks who send me text messages and make phone calls. I would have missed it for sure today since it's one of those "overload" days and packing to head out of town.

  6. Linda-Where did Baby Mama pull the episode from? Maybe I could go there and watch it.

  7. Jane - Sorry but I don't have a clue. I only watch the TLC programs when they are aired or from the DVD-R. She will be online later tonight.
    Wish I could help you.

  8. There are -- contrary to many of the snipers who drive by with their stinky comments -- many really happy moments from the trip that are on the TLC site. Tashapork pointed this out last night. Shame that TLC chose to only air the worst 44 minutes of the 20,160 minutes of the trip ( based on a 14 day trip.)

  9. I haven't posted on here in a very long time...but have been following the blog from time to time.
    Despite the RV drama, I still believe in Kate 100%.....if I were in her shoes with the 8+ children, I know I would be equally as frustrated. I question why people have such polarized opinions about Kate? If you really hate her, why waste time or energy on it? As they say..."Keep calm and carry on."
    To me, the children appear very normal and well adjusted...she must be doing a heck of a lot right most of the time.
    I will miss my Monday night episodes, which have been a staple that I've looked forward to for many years. Here's hoping we see an update show or two down the road.

  10. Babymama, thank you for taking down that synopsis, I didn't agree with its snarky point of view, but I figured it was grabbed in a hurry.
    The bright side for Kate is the plentitude of other networks out there as well as books to write, etc that she can do. I'd love to see her write a tips for parents of multiples book or tips for traveling with kids, coping with divorce, etc book. My dream is a View like show that covers parenting topics on a cable network.
    She can do anything she sets her mind to. I also see the kids taking advantage of opportunities, maybe commercials or movie parts. They have a lot of talent and interest.

  11. I want to thank whoever on this blog that suggested wrapping asparagus with bacon and grilling it. Its been in the back of my mind for when we finally found decent asparagus, which we finally did and had for dinner tonight, yummy. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of it for facebook.
    Welcome home Fired Up. You are in my prayers for a full and as comfortable as possible recovery.

  12. I was thinking about the last two weeks of my life and what it would look like if someone edited it down to 44 minutes, someone that is not me who was doing it for the sake of ratings, and what my show would look like. Then add in a bunch of extra people, cramped quarters, lack of rest, etc, would be interesting.

  13. tashapork - I think that asparagus tip came from Ali. I agree, it is fantastic.

  14. Just wondering if Baby Mama is still going to post the RV Breakdown episode tonight; I haven't seen it yet and can't find it anywhere:(

  15. I'm delighted we had 9,876 site+ views today.

    Please remember this is a FAN site. If you don't like Kate, so be it; it's your decision. However, if you feel compelled to come here and spout trash, it IS going to be deleted; you can just aim yourself in a different direction and go forth.

    For those who are certain they can have 8 kids and be the perfect person ... I say, well praise be. Get your book written and sell a bazillions of copies and enlighten the world.

    No, Kate isn't perfect. I, for one am glad. That would be hard to follow... She looks great, doesn't flip-flop on her positions, has high standards for food consumption, lives a healthy lifestyle, is able to laugh at herself, and let negativity just float on by. It's her life and she gets to live it her way. She doesn't use foul language in front of the kids unlike some of those who've lived in her household and some who've "worked" beside her who were getting paid.

    I am happy for a couple of you that are drop by/fly bys that you have perfection down to a science and know everything that happened in two weeks from viewing less than one hour of that whole time. From your grumpy comments though, your perfection isn't quite there yet even though you may think so. But maybe you could start your own blog and share your perfection with others.

    Do have a nice evening and drop back by when you've realized this is not a trash site. Xoxo

  16. Laf21 - Hi there. She had a long work day as did I so I'm not sure when she will be by. Both of us have real life families and jobs, so we have to take care of that first.

    To answer your question, wish I could send you my DVR. TLC does plan to show it again so I'm told, but I can say when for sure. If I find out, I'll post it here.

  17. I still haven't watched the episode but I'm sure if I did I could stomach it. Last weeks made me cringe. It was such horrible editing, it reminded me of the divorce eps. Only show the bad....

    sooo Kate was on Twitter tonight chatting with people, one person who is a friend of mine...and the "non-fans" went after her like there is no tomorrow. She is a fantastic woman who does sooo much for the betterment of young women. You should have seen the names they were calling her. Hey MKB, it just means you have arrived my friend. **GRIN**

  18. Hello everyone! Sorry I missed another fly swatted troll and made a brief blunder with the video. It appears that I got the right one now. Some annoying fly was blabbing on about how this is Kate's best numbers for 2011. I would be worried more that there was another crazy hater out there monitoring her numbers!

    June 6, 3.376 million
    2.996 million
    July 11, 2.229 million .8
    August 31, 1.613 million .8
    September 6, 1.389 million .6
    September 13, 1.415 million .6
    September 20, 1.605 million .7
    November 7, 1.331 million
    November 28, 1.302 million 1.0 palin's AK
    April 4, 1.306 million 0.5
    April 11, 1.214 million 0.5
    April 18, 0.874 million 0.4
    May 3, 0.681 million 0.3
    June 6, 1.214 million 0.5
    June 13: 1.434 million 0.6
    1.297 million 0.5
    June 20: 0.938 million 0.3 Giving Back
    June 27: 1.000 million 0.4
    0.929 million 0.4 rerun?
    Aug 8: 1.092 Million 0.4 DC cupcakes
    0.907 million 0.3 movie makers
    Aug 15: 1.325 million 0.5 Q&A
    part 2 not listed
    Aug 22: 1.038 million 0.3 chicks / treehouse
    0.810 million 0.3 repeat DC cupcakes
    Aug 29: 1.372 million 0.5 RV part 1
    Sept 5: 1.685 million 0.7 RV part 2

  19. Tashapork, I’m so glad you liked the bacon- wrapped asparagus! Truly one of my favorites for the grill.

    So I finally watched the episode, thanks, Baby Mama for posting it. I just. Ugh, didn’t like it. I actually don’t think any one person was to blame for how things turned out. And you know, it might have actually been a good thing for Ashley to go home before even more was said. I mean, even if everything had gone smoothly with no RV problems, I believe there still would have been issues and meltdowns on a trip like that. Just too many people, hot weather, weird schedules, for 14 days! And it is a shame that all of the women were shown in a poor light.

    And again, the children were not really part of this episode either. It was like Kate+friends and TLC crew.

  20. Hi Baby Mama, I've never posted here before, but I really appreciate that you're showing these episodes again. Can't find them anywhere else. Thanks

  21. A double dose of Southern Sunshine, Southern kisses ...Im back all you great fans, BabyMama, LindaO!!!!

    Whew...I almost went to the hereafter on this trip to the hopital! Worst thing ever happen to problem after another. Had two close calls where I literally thought I was a gonner from adverse drug reactions! Who knew?

    But I outwitted the "devil" and God was gracious to keep me around for a spell. So thankful to see the sun rise and the beautiful blue sky today.

    Now...what a mess of a show! A total recipe for disaster. And Im thinkin ole TLC with its new management cooked this one up & deliberately tried to send Kate over the edge.

    Too many breakdowns & things goin wrong...old junky RV's tryin to make that kind of trip in 100plus temps & high elevations? Even a brand new spankin RV would of had difficulty with that terrain.

    And U don't crowd that many people in such a small space for that extended period of time...just not socially healthy! LOL

    Also...even best of friends start to get on each others nerves after a few days in such tight spaces and day after day wearisome road travel,

    Add into that mix eleven kids....YIKES...let me walk the plank & be done with it! Ridiculously hot AC part of the way...3 grown women not cooperatin issues...sanitation issues...chaos...oh please...what else can we dump on Kate???

    I felt so bad for her! Yes, she over re-acted on some things. Yes, she shoulda held her tongue a few times...but Im proud that she didn't completely lose it! And those 2 supposed friends and employees share the bigger part of the blame in my opinion!!

    Now Im hearin that Ashley has "friended" "government worker on FACEBOOK! Hmmmm...this is not lookin good. Wonder if our Kate knows about this?

    Well, Im gettin too long winded here. So much more I'd like to say. But anyway, Im BACK! Missed you all so much...and so deeply appreciated all the prayers, thoughts and good vibes you all sent my way!!!

  22. Craftymom, I too am sick of AKO snarkies inserting themselves into people's twitter convo's to Kate. They do that to me too, I wouldn't even know, becaues they are blocked, but they come up in my mentioned area. I sometimes am stupid enough to try to answer, bad idea. I wish they'd stick a sock in it.
    I thought the content was sad like the divorce episode, but the editing was far far far worse. For starters, I have never seen adult interviews, especially Kate ripping ones egged on by film crew done in front of Kate's kids. In the divorce episodes, people at least tried to tone it down and look toward the positives. The shows ended with a little hope. Sending Ashley home very well might have been an appropriate thing to do, but showing the kids' devestation without their mother even being there to support them was sad.
    Allibrootrob, it is nice to hear from you again.
    Ali, I agree with everything you said.

  23. Welcome back, Firedup!!! SO glad you are on the mend!

  24. FiredUp,

    Seriously? Ashley friended Elen? That makes me ill. I could understand Jon maybe, she's known him forever but Elen? Oh Ashley. Come on now.

    I wasn't able to catch her tweets on the episode but someone who caught her comments, didn't she say that all is a-ok with Ashley/Jamie now?

  25. Fired Up !!!!! My fellow Southern friend, it just made my day to have you post. Hugs xoxoxoxoxo

  26. Got ready to post the news that Jon did another interview and realized Ziggy has the news posted. I can't believe after sitting on his rear for over a year he has the nerve to tell Kate to get a job???? This from the guy who has stated how many times that he was doing no more interviews and was living a regular life. Yeah right. Nobody in show business would hire him. He needs to get a calculator so he can figure out the concept of zero=no more.

  27. Hey FiredUp--So awesome to see you back! I hope and pray no more complications for you and that you are restored to excellent health soon.

  28. Linda,

    He also said she needs to grow up. Come on. Please, Jon, please. YOU didn't just say that from your "normal" gossip site interview, did you?

  29. Fired up!!!! Hello. so glad to have you back. :) We were all praying for you.

    Re: Jon. Ugh. As usual. Same ole same ole. Doesn't he ever get bored of it? I would.

    @Tashapork- yes I agree. TLC has gone down the crapper. I don't watch the channel any more at all. I taped the Kp8 eps, but that's soon to be over too. They have definitely lost a long time fan in me. It used to be the only channel I watched 5 years ago. Remember Trading Spaces? Great show. Now all the TLC designers are on HGTV. Hmmm. I wonder why? Now I just watch the Food Network.

  30. Jon again can't do the graceful thing and put a sock in it. He also doesn't grasp the idea that each person's normacly is subjective. The kids see thier house and school, both decisions that he was jointly involved in making, as normal. Poor kids see their life as normal. Yes, I agree that the family will survive a move, that doesn't mean its what Kate should strive for. Sad that he can't root for kis kids' mother, which is the same as rooting for them.

  31. @FiredUp... so happy to see you doing so much better! You were greatly missed! Will continue to keep you in my prayers for a speedy, compete recovery!

  32. Phew - took me awhile, but finally figured out how to join ya'll. I LOVE Kate and the kids. I have 4 plus 2 steps, but mine are all grown. Even when I was single (divorced) and took my 4 on a trip, it was hectic. I sure wouldn't want to have been in Kate's shoes!! Now that mine are all grown, we try to take grandkids with us. Different time in life, same stress. lol However, I wouldn't trade the memories for anything.

    I'm glad I found this site. I've been a fan of the Gosselin's forever it seems like. I'm also glad that Jon is basically out of the picture and just hope he is a good daddy to his 8 kids. I already know that Kate is a good mommy and has them the majority of the time.

    I, too, don't watch TLC much anymore. All the good shows are gone or are going. So sad.

    Have a good day everyone and ty for posting the videos.

    Ooops ... RV Breakdown will be shown @ 8pm ET on Sept. 12, followed by the very last episode. I read just a short time ago that TLC will do specials with Kate & the kids so we'll just need to watch for them!!

  33. Welcome Back FiredUp, you have been missed.

    Welcome KimB. Great to have you aboard.

    The foodnetwork is my fav to CMo3

    "It was like Kate+friends and TLC crew." - you hit the nail on the head Ali, I completely agree.

  34. WELCOME BACK FIREDUP! You were so missed and I'm so happy that you are better! Did you know that we were praying for you? Hope you felt the hugs!

    Fascinated I'm gonna copy you and second what you say!

    WELCOME KIM! I get so many emails from people saying they read the comments every day but still can't post. And I feel terrible not knowing why. so I'm happy you on.

    Ali~ ugh John. I have a feeling he had something to do with that. If Ashley was loyal to Kate I have no idea why she would friend her other than to see some gossip in her Tweets ;)

  35. Okay, now that I've finally seen the videos (thank you *Baby Mama* for posting them) I can contribute my thoughts better. (I can see some saying: "Ugh, here she goes again" and for that, I apologize in advance, as I tend to be somewhat long-winded - especially lately after being dx'd w/ lung cancer and already having major lung problems w/ copd and the like.) Please don't get mad at me anyone and if I annoy you, you can let me know.

    I agree with most everything *firedup4kate* said. What a hellish trip that must have been, though if I was along for a "free" vacation, I think I would have treated my "hostess" a bit kinder. So much talking behind Kate's back - Ashley and Jamie - though Kate had a few asides as well. She seemed so stressed most of the trip - having the 6 little ones on the road with her in her RV and constantly being called the "boring bus" would have driven me nutso, not to mention all the planning and basically all the cooking.

    I'm sorry Mady and Cara missed the Grand Canyon, but they misbehaved and needed to be punished. I think I would have let them see the Grand Canyon and punished them afterwards - like getting on the "boring bus". lol

    As for the breakdowns - my gosh, I've never seen so many in my life between 2 RV's. The producers must have gotten bids and went with the basement cost of the 2 they had!! I think after the 1st major breakdown, I would have pleaded for a new RV. Right now, I'm still a tent camper as we can't afford any kind of other camping equipment, and though it's nice, I'd prefer an RV. lol I told my hubby that before we go camping again, he's going to purchase a portable a/c unit that can be used in tents!! We always get a site with electricity anyway, so no problems there!

    Kate can be a bit unnerving at times, but hey, what mom isn't - especially one that is in the spotlight and has gone through what she has - nasty divorce, paparazzi, etc. etc. I think she handled herself more like an adult than any other adult there!!

    I also agree with *Ali* - "It was like Kate+friends and TLC crew." I sure would have liked to have seen more of the kids. Mady and Cara have grown up so much and acted exactly how they should - tweens. The little ones seemed to have a good time and I think that was because they were on their mom's RV. I also think that Ashley's and Jamie's attitudes rubbed off on Mady and Cara. Also, to say things about Kate in front of the 2 older girls sure rubbed me the wrong way - big time. You don't say negative things about someone's mom in front of the children. If I was Ashley's or Jamie's mom, I'd have texted them to watch their mouth or else.

    Okay, I think I'm done now. Thank you for the warm welcome, *fascinated* and *Baby Mama*. It felt good to be welcomed! God Bless you all!

  36. I just noticed something about the private citizen's twitter page. I of course am blocked from it even though my only few comments to him were positive, but at the top there is the following link

    He identifies himself as a celebrity, brags about the ratings of his show, and has a link to book public appearances with him. Amazing what a regular normal guy he is.

  37. WHY is Jon Gosselin Yapping again?

    Former reality star Jon Gosselin is giving his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, some tough love and he’s using RumorFix as his exclusive vehicle.
    Jon, who doesn’t speak to the former star of Kate Plus 8, has some surprisingly stinging words for America’s most famous mom: “Reality TV is not a career. Get back to a normal life — a simple life. Provide for your family.”
    Jon, who says he has given up TV and is enjoying working as a computer support engineer, is responding to People’s cover story where Kate claims, “I’m really scared,” after her TLC reality show was cancelled after six years.
    PREVIOUS: Jon Gosselin’s Advice To Kate Gosselin: Reality TV Is Not A Career
    Although Kate says she is “freaking out” about her financial future, Jon is optimistic. “Things will work out the way they should work out. Obviously there are families out there that have several kids – people work normal jobs and things work out. Everything is possible,” he tells RumorFix.
    And what if the Dancing with the Stars alum has to unload her huge farm home in Pennsylvania? Jon has absolutely no sympathy, “I don’t have a farm on 24 acres and the kids seem to have a great time at my house.”
    Jon tells us he sees the kids “a lot,” but says a court order requires that he not be more specific. He also insists that he continues to pay child support.
    Jon adds that he likes his life now that he’s out of the limelight. “I go to work every day and provide for my family,” he tells us. “I spend time with my kids – spend time on the weekends. I spend time with the girlfriend I’ve had for over a year now. And enjoy a normal lifestyle.”

  38. That's what Jon does best - YAP

  39. If Jon thinks that seeing his kids once a month is a lot... than I feel even more sad for him than I did before. How could he still hold so much anger toward Kate that he has to rant at her in his nonsensical way.

    It just makes me shake my head.

  40. Kim - Am sorry to hear about your health problems. Yours is a difficult one to bear. Will add you to prayers.

    Kate said Maddy, Cara & Ashley did get to see the Grand Canyon later, so they didn't miss out. They just missed being able to experience it with the group.

  41. Hello everyone! TGIF! Hope everyone had a great day today!

    Jane thank you for your comment. Since I can't edit posts only delete them I had to pull yours. Please feel free to recommend. I don't discuss videos/episodes because I won't give the trolls that are osessed in reading here the satisfaction lol. I just tell people they to draw their own conclusions & leave it at that.

    Now speaking of trolls let's get to a certain hate site that thinks they don't stink. Apparently they claim that Ashley is posting on their site. In other words they are smoking serious crack. I seldom ever re-copy other posts to my own site but this one was a must:

    Administrator said...

    She has an official school email and I traced the ip to her school "Done"! Lol.

    If Ashley is using a LU e-mail address it is her. Each LU student is issued an official e-mail addy that they use and it follows them through their stay. Just using the addy showed it was Ashley and Admin tracking the IP was just another verification.

    By the way, Ashley, thank you for your dedication to the Gosselin children and for the love you give them. Their lives are better because of your influence.
    September 9, 2011 9:14 AM
    AuntieAnn said...

  42. Firedup said
    And U don't crowd that many people in such a small space for that extended period of time...just not socially healthy! LOL

    Firedup, please call the US Navy ASAP and tell them this since they cram us on the ships like sardines in a can for 6-8 months at a time- THANKS :D

  43. notTLCfan....LMAO too funny. My best friends husband said that is quite an experience... ;)

  44. notTLCfan - that comparison is like apples to oranges. Navy people are all adults, trained.
    It even gets to them, as the mother in law to a Navy man. But as adults they know the stress & most know how to find a way positive way to relieve the stress. Even at that there are some who don't - sadly, there are suicides on ships which are out on long tours.

    These are children who are in the process of just learning the very very basic of coping skills.

  45. Ziggy,
    As a sailor, let me assure that not everybody out on the ships are adults- we have some VERY immature 18-20 year olds that should have stayed at home with their parents. And no, we are not trained to deal with that type of living environment- we are trained to do our jobs and hopefully we can deal with close quarter living.
    The only positive way we have to relieve stress is the gym- when we can find the time to use it.
    And my command just lost a sailor to suicide- thanks for the reminder.
    I wasnt really referring to just the kids, since the post didnt specifically say just the kids. She said "that many people", so I related it to how many people are crammed into a small living space on board a vessel and someone should let the Navy know it's not healthy- It was funny and I was agreeing, and no it was not apples to oranges. People in a small space=people in a small space.

  46. notTLCfan - Sorry for your Navy experiences. I've been saying for years that it's too many people crammed in too small a space. I actually got a stupid letter back 15 years ago saying "except for those on submarine duty, all personnel do have the topside benefits of open decks and fresh air." What a dumb letter that congressman sent. small space=small space.
    That vehicle was designed for 6 people. Putting 6 kids, Kate, driver, Steve, sound man, and camera man, and who knows whom else was way too many, especially for kids and rainy days.

  47. WTH is the big deal "now" over Kate's car when she bought it four months ago? Almost 5 months ago at this point. So what? That she should drive the big bus all the time even when there are no kids with her?
    Wonder if Jon realizes that reality tv was HIS job for 5 years and if it weren't for reality tv, he wouldn't STILL be getting paid for those interviews? You know, the interviews that he keeps saying he isn't going to do because he's now a "regular" guy, living a "regular" life in his 2 bedroom apartment with his govt worker and having his 8 kids visit for 4 days a month. You know, the "regular" guy who still has an agent and lists his job on spiff box as "celebrity"?

    Maybe the "regular" guy should ditch the agent, ditch the spiff box account, stop doing interviews for real, etc. ?

  48. Woowzers...did I stir the pot about folks in "crammed spaces"! Ok...apologies to the US Navy!

    Comparin Gosselin gang & friends to Nazy was a bit far fetched! LOL

    Anyway, thanks all you dear sweet posters for all the love, prayers and welcome back thoughts!

    I'm really dreadin Monday nite! This can't be happenin! No more KatePlus 8!!! I'm still in disbelief and with the numbers really bein still so good, I don't understand why the show was canceled?

    I sure thought we had a couple more years at least. If anything, the kids are more verbal...personalities really startin to shine! I'm gonna miss this family so much!

    Ugh on Jon's chimin' in his unwanted 2cents again! Kate tweeted last nite that it was "bizarre" his offerin her advice on gettin a normal job. I tweeted her that such advice from him...havin been unemployed for so long was really silly!

    And apparently his solar panel installation job is gone? Now he takes the computer tech title again? Does that mean he is really just part-timin again sittin at home?

    And LindaO, BabyMama...why are they makin Kate do the round of promotional stuff on Monday since the show is over? Makes no sense to me?

  49. Good afternoon everyone! FiredUp so glad to see you as FiredUp as ever! I was thinking the same thing too about Kates Today show appearance. But she always does them before each show. And I hope since this the last one, that the ratings will be huge and she will go out with a bang! Xo

  50. Well, I stand by my comment that comparing the Gosseling 'vacation' to the conditons of the Navy is comparing apples to organges. With that being said, that is a debate I'll step out of as I know my SIL's view's & with not having any personnal experience, I'll stand by his views. As he is, after all my SIL.

    The crap of Kate'scar is a load of just that, crap. Kate provides a vechicle to transport the kids for she AND Jon.

    Not only is she living up to her responsibility, she is covering Jon's, too, yet again.

  51. I seriously doubt Jon' pays for 1/2 the maintance, insurance, taxes, etc. for the BBB.

    Unless it is in their divorce degree, which only they know, Kate is under no obligation to provide Jon with the proper transportation for his time with his kids.

  52. I am sure that Kate probably provides Jon access to the BBB because she wants to ensure that he doesn't try to cram them into an imappropriate car without carseats, seatbelts, etc. It's amazing how people try to skirt on that and I know for a fact that Kate won't have it. I don't know how many times, we have babysat with plans of taking carseat aged children out and parents, mostly dads have given me a hard time about. the hassle of moving the car seat into our car. It got to the point that we just bought our own to avoic the hassle. I was in a car accident at 3wks old and have permanently very low vision and bad coordination as a result of not being in a carseat and having a head/dash collision. Back then they weren't mandatory, but I am a stickler for them not to meantion who wants a ticket.

  53. tashapork - I made more than a few parents upset when my kids were younger - I had a van which appeared to have ample room due to being wheelchair accessible. Once my son was in the van in his wheelchair, there was a lot of open space. This was more true in middle & high school - parents would say, oh 'name of child' can just sit on floor. Nope, no seat belt available, no ride. Seat belts not hooked up, van don't move. Unhook seats beat and van stops.

    My mom gave me problems as she didn't like wearing a seat belt. Finally told her, no seat belt, we don't travel together.

  54. Good morning everyone! I'm going to put up a new post tonight. Considering tomorrow is the last Kate Pkus 8 I would love some ideas on making the post special. Please if you can comment some ideas for me! Of course once Kate is on the Today Show I will have that up as well.

    I will continue perhaps to have some of the older episodes put up for you to watch in the coming weeks if this blog co tinues to go on. I have always committed to being here as long as the crazies continue to attack us on hate sites!

    Today is September 11th and we are excited on hopefully getting a chance to take our family to the new memorial. THe waterfal for the new Trade Center Memorial is amazing. So i will be back later tonight and hopefully get can all get some good ideas together. We are also in the process of getting our first pet as a family. We are picking up our new hamster today ;)

  55. Good mornin' ladies & any gents a readin' here! I know this is such a reflective day...but honestly, I have to move my mind and heart past it!

    If I watch one more clip of jet crashin' into towers, Im gonna fall apart! I get too invested, too emotional and start relivin in my mind the horror of it all! And within minutes, I am in deep sorrow and depression!

    Each person has to do what is appropriate for themselves. Personally, I have a huge scar emotionally over it and just can't dredge all this up again!

    I have an acquaintance (not a close friend) that died at the Pentagon attack and I see her face everytime this comes up. Her family still lives in the area. So sad!

    BabyMama...I sure hope you keep this site alive and stocked with support for Kate. We don't know where her life is goin yet...but let's keep this place a positive haven to encourage and nudge her along as she ventures forth into next phase of life!

    Maybe you can stay in touch with her for pics and updates to keep this fan site relevant to supportin her career!

    I know Im going to be bawlin tomorrow nite! Im sure it will be hard on her to do all these interviews tomorrow! And yikes, the previews do not look good regarding Ashley's attitude! What's has happened to this young lady?

    She is truly coming off as rude and sort of havin a "chip on her shoulder" toward Kate now! I think it was a huge mistake to put Jamie and Ashley together on this was like they sided together in a conspiracy to undermine Kate and make her look bad.

    Sometimes, certain people just don't need to be's like they bring out the worst in each other. Jamie & Ashley were taunting and berating Kate from the beginning of this trip and things soon got out of hand. I wonder if Jamie has regrets about not settin a better example for Ashley now?

  56. Firedup - I agree with you on everything you said. Moving past is not forgetting. I will give exception that this is the 10th anniversery.It should be what contributes to make our country what it is, not the definitaion of what our country is.

    Ashley & Jamie both seemed to have issue with Kate from the beinning of the trip. If they had such a huge problem with her, then neither should've gone on the trip.

    If their intention was to make Kate look bad, they looked far worse & my opinion of them both greatly lowered.

    If Ashley wants the approval of those who wish Kate death, wish harm to the children and make video's of Kate shooting Jon with the children as a witness, make awful comments about the children, then I think Ashley has far more issues than Kate does. Ashley may not be able to see the gunshot video as it was taken down.

    But she can READ what all is posted there.

  57. If Ashley reads here, I saved the gunshot video which Admin, from the site Ashley was supposed to have posted at, created. I'll be more than happy to make it accessible & pass on that info to BM so she can pass it on privately to anyone who wants to view it.

  58. Firedup, I noticed the Ashley/Jamie clique. It is why I wish that they would have rotated rv assignments so they would take turns riding with Kate, but it wasn't just Ashley, a lot of it was instigated by Jamie. The whole pizza thing started with her as did other things, she was the one who strted the Kate bash in front of the kids, was carrying on about Kate and Anne Taylor and organic food.
    There is just something I can't put my finger on that really went wrong and I think it was beyond Kate or Aslhey or Jamie. Its definitely another example of how dangerous it can be to mix friendship and business. I do pray that Ashley is not the one on Kate bashing sites, etc to be another thing for the kids to someday find on Google.

  59. FiredUp, Ziggy, & tashapork - Agree with your comments.
    Baby Mama - how about a retrospective of the happy times, and there have been many!
    It's like Ashley and Jamie forgot they were there as employees, who were being paid. I'm also hoping that Ashley isn't the one on basher sites. That's just not smart at all.

  60. I thought the Today show interview was nicely done.
    Interesting that Ashley's quote: "Nobody was having fun" seems to be contradicted by the very clips that TLC has on their website. Strange that those weren't shown. Or, maybe the fun happened after Ashley left, although the clips seems to show fun times throughout the trip.

  61. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! As you may have heard, Kate has lauched her new site today to coincide with her last episode. The link is on the right. Please post your thoughts here on ther site. Fresh scent of the day is the yummy smell of popcorn and cotton candy, in honor of sitting down and enjoying the last Kate Plus 8! xo