Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Touch Crosses The Line "Accusing Kate" of Hitting Her Son

I'm not going to allow comments here, you can continue discussing this on the last post. But I wanted to put these photos up and see for yourself. The hating trolls keep trying to e-mail me over the uproar over the Feb. 1st InTouch Weekly. They have a huge 2 page spread of Kate being "In Trouble" over apparently hitting Collin at the bus stop. First off, I am still hunting down the video where it clearly shows she was just "Shushing him". But it goes to show you that an image created in a split second can look twice as bad as it actually is. With a ridiculous 4 photographers and one video guy at the bus stop EVERY time Kate picks up her kids, shes not going to give them what they want by reprimanding her child in front of them. Second I'm floored that the sickos at GWOP and a few others are trying to stir up controversy spreading more lies on the Internet by saying she beats her children. I know how hard it must be for Kate to wrangle up the kids off the bus with the "p people" attacking them. You go girl, as always I support you 100%.

May I remind you that not only is it not anyones business how she deals with her kids, but these hate sites are just sick people hating on someone out of sheer jealousy and nothing more. And Preesi, you are a loser that spends way to much time obsessing over me and my site. Please stop telling people I flock to your trash when I would never risk the virus. Callie57, I brought these photos up because you were so upset over them. Please feel free to discuss how you feel on my blog, since I'm not frequently on Twitter.