Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jon's "Night" w/Kevin Kreider, Girlfriend Requirement: Must "Party", The Gosselins Hit The Road

Hello Gosselin Fans! Well people couldn't believe that I was actually happy that things have been quiet in Gosselin land. I was so busy this week it was embarrassing that my readers were giving me scoop before I could find it myself! (Though always much appreciated!) It was nice to see some of the hate sites fall into obscurity, Kate quietly spending time wit her kids (besides of course her big "hair" day), and Jon, well finding other ways to sneak quietly into the media. I am still going to give you some of my favorite episodes..Not just for you but for me to have them whenever I am feeling sad about missing the kids! This week, since its freezing and I need my Disney fix before we go again this Summer, I bless you with "The Gosselins Hit The Road! (Wanna see your favorite Jon & Kate episode on this site? Write me and tell me your fav. & why! I will try to put it up on my next post!)

Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend:

If Jon Gosselin made a list of qualities he had to have in a girlfriend, it seems his top requirement is she has to be a party girl! You wouldn’t expect anything less from him, would you? The girls in Jon’s life, since his split from now ex-wife Kate, are a photogenic, partying bunch, and has exclusive new pictures of his latest fling, Morgan Christie, having a good time in Sin City. The 25 year-old was snapped in a sexy black dress in Las Vegas, where she posed with bottles of booze and seemed to be having a great time with her friends. We all know that what happens in Vegas ALWAYS gets found out, don’t we?

The happy couple has been dating since meeting in Utah over Thanksgiving. Morgan is a Connecticut native, and her relationship with the father of eight has earned her some words of caution from Jon’s former girlfriends. Kate Major, who dated Gosselin in 2009 said “I don’t know if she missed out on the last year, but I’d really like to warn her and her family to really look at the type of person that Jon is and look at what he did to his other ex’s.” Kate told “She should be careful and watch out.”

Hailey Glassman also had harsh words for the new girl. “You know what I have to say to her? Tag, you’re it!” Glassman said. “He did the same thing to me and my family. He was living with us. I wish him all the best, but any tears I shed for him now are tears of joy.” Jon often has strange relationships, as exclusively reported he went on a bar crawl Friday, January 15 with Kate’s estranged brother Kevin Kreider and stayed out until 4 am. Looks like his new girlfriend likes the same partying lifestyle. Best wishes to the lovebirds.

Jon Gosselin & Kate's Estranged Brother Go On A Bar Crawl!

New year, new relationships seems to be Jon Gosselin's motto for 2010. The divorced father of eight spent Friday night partying until 4 am not with his new girlfriend, but with Kate's estranged brother Kevin Kreider. Krieder didn’t want to talk about his night with Jon, but the two of them stayed out until 4 a.m., learned exclusively.

The boys night out did not include Morgan Christie, Jon's new girlfriend, and while the two are moving quickly in their relationship a source close to both of them told that they are not engaged. Jon and Kevin started their night in Elizabethtown, PA by stopping in the restaurant T.J. Rockwell's where they sat at the bar and had a few beers. They moved on to the Iron Hill Brewery in Lancaster, PA where they drank at the bar and chatted with a few women in the bar, with one of them even trying to buy them drinks! Jon and Kevin were overheard talking to the woman and he said he was with his kids earlier and then was visiting with family. Jon told the woman they were doing a bar crawl and had been to T.J. Rockwell's, the Watering Trough and Bube's (pronounced Boob's) Brewery in Mt. Joy. PA.

Jon said that he liked dive bar the Watering Trough because he went there before he met Kate. Kate's brother Kevin was very outspoken against his sister and Jon last year and said in exclusive interviews with that the Gosselins were using their divorce and their children for the reality show ratings. "We're just so heartbroken and sad about the announcement they made... an announcement that could be so life-shattering for a young child. It was used to gain ratings without any regard for my nieces and nephews."

After Kevin accused Jon of exploiting the children for TV, Jon fired back in a video interview that Kevin had no idea what he was talking about and wasn’t a part of their lives. Jon was spotted at the Kreider home in October, while Kate has said that she and her brother have been estranged since he started speaking to the media about her.

Gosselins Hit The Road! a.k.a "Trip To Disney!"


  1. There are pics of Jon and Morgan out together online now. So yes, it seems they really are a couple and she's not his "friend's girlfriend" like a "source" claimed.

    I really wish Jon would take some alone time before starting a new relationship, but I at least hope this girl has her head on straight in her personal life. Although dating Jon with all his media attention and personal drama right now kind of makes me think maybe she doesn't. Oh well. At least she's older. 25 and 32 isn't a bad age difference. I've seen worse.

  2. Kate Major and Michael Lohan dating is just too gross for words. So much for Kate being "like a daughter" to him. They deserve each other.

  3. Baby Mama thank you for posting the old shows, it reminds me of why I started watching the show. My kids and I (occasionally even my husband) always looked foward to Monday night. It was a great show to watch as a family.

    The choice of the Disney trip was perfect because we are leaving this Friday to go down there...I don't know who is more excited me or the kids?

  4. here we go again....seems he never learns.

  5. The first thing I noticed when I read this new post was Ohhhh my goodness, look how the children have grown in just this last couple of months! The boys look taller and more mature in this picture. It makes me kind of sad that they are changing so quickly and we are missing it all.

    Meanwhile, it looks like Jon's new gf is another party girl. At first they painted her out to be a good girl, different from the others and not as good looking but it seems like she is another Hailey minus the blond hair. I wonder how soon before the face in potted plant pictures come out? Ok, maybe that was mean but it seems like Jon is just so ready to jump from one love of his life to another and I don't think it's healthy. Just my opinion though.

  6. Jon, Jon, you admit that there was alcoholism in your family. Please stop before your kids get hurt from it. As much drinking as Jon is involved in I hope he isn't doing it in front of his kids, driving drunk with them, etc. I hope they get to go back to Disneyworld again now that they are a little older.

  7. Another mom~ The kids HAVE grown so much.. watching the old episodes can make you gasp in a good way. To this day I wish I would have taken more video of my kids when they were babies. I don't care what anyone says.. these kids when they are older and can appreciate it will LOVE to see themselves as kids and all they got to do.

    Radar has the photos of Jon & Morgan holding hands at of all places Sundance.Im wondering how in got into any of those press events.....

    "PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin Invades Sundance With New Girlfriend: Jon Gosselin and new girlfriend Morgan Christie continue their state-jumping jaunt, having descended on the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Thursday.

    The couple have been spotted together recently in New York City and Washington D.C. as well. Maybe Jon's contemplating a career move to movie producer?"

  8. Babymama, today when I saw that Sundance was happening in Park City, the first thing, I thought of was Jon. I am glad that he can afford to go and hope it isn't affecting his ability to pay child support. Maybe he wants them to make a film about him after his lawsuit is over. It is sad that it seems as if he hasn't been to ski with Cara or any of the other kids this year.

  9. Tashapork~ I was thinking today the same thing about Jon. Problem is, the few times Jon was home, there were photos of him. If those were the only times he saw his kids, then that's really sad. It just seems that when he gets these young girls, he appears to want to dedicate all his time to them. I hope that's not actually the case...

  10. I too wondered if he would be back here for the film festival. I live about 20 minutes away and I always wonder if I will run into him with his girlfriend of the day.

  11. Well since he is in Utah, hopefully he can ski but wish he'd taken Cara to ski.

  12. Baby Mama,

    I totally agree with you in that the kids will enjoy looking back on all the video of them growing up. Those memories are the most precious things anyone can have of their kids or of themselves. They may have wished the whole world didn't have to see everything they went through but they will definitley appreciate the memories of them all as siblings especially when they are all grown up with families of their own. I hope each child has a special copy of all the footage locked up safe in their vault!

    Btw, sorry if my last post came through twice. I don't know what happened.

    So Jon was at Sundance. Well, I hope he had fun. I guess he wants to be in the spotlight any way he can. I wonder if he misses the paps being in his face 24/7? We all know how much he loved talking to them.

  13. yes, I wonder if Jon ever takes those children out anywhere?......or is all of his time with them just spent at the house? From what we see in the media, it just doesn't appear that he is really spending any quality time with them. It's so's one thing to be divorced, but he will always be their dad and needs to be an active participant in their lives.

    I'm sorry...he just makes me sick.

  14. It also seems that they could split the kids up to do things like they used to sometimes. It is sad that Jon can't take them one, two, or three at at a time to his New York apartment, but then, that would be less time with the ladies and at the bars. I really think Kate would go for it if he communicated with her and she could see that it would be good for them.

  15. Jon+Morgan= too much, to soon, and definitely not gonna work out!
    Oh my goodness, I honestly don't think that Jon will ever learn from his mistakes. It really makes you wonder what's up with Morgan. How could she have missed all of the drama from the past year? Does her family approve of her and Jon together? Yikes!

    I completely agree that the kids will love watching the show once they're older. From the beginning, Kate said that she wanted the kids to have the footage, and I think that it's still relevant now. Like Another Mom said, they might not like that anybody anywhere has access to it, but I'm sure that they will treasure the footage just the same.

    I too, wonder if Jon does anything with the kids other than putz around in the yard. Jon has access to so many great museums and other experiences because he lives in NY.... he should take them for some "field trips"! Even if it's only two or three of them at a time, like Tashapork said, I think that the kids would love it! Of course, all of that is fine and dandy but who knows if Jon is even responsible enough to take multiple young children into the city right now? So maybe in the near future....

    I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend!

  16. All these comments about Jon not taking the kids anywhere... I totally agree that he should, but am I missing something? Why is only Jon mentioned?

    Kate doesn't take them on fun outings either, at least not since they stopped filming the show. And that's only based on what we see in pics. Maybe they both take the kids out all the time and we don't see it. (Like the "halloween trick or treating pics" that I personally don't believe exist.)

    I've seen Kate take Cara to the dentist and with her to get her nails done and Mady on errands recently also, but that's about it (from pics). Jon took the tups to the movies a while back. He also takes them out to play on their property, a lot. I haven't seen pics of Kate taking them out to play anywhere, on their property or off. Seriously, did I miss something? Are there pics I haven't seen?

    I think one of them, either of them, should take them to the Statue of Liberty. What ever happened to that? As for Jon taking Cara skiing with him in Utah she's in school right now. I don't see her taking a trip to Utah to ski. Hopefully she will soon though. I do think Jon should take her skiing right in PA, there are plenty of ski trails there. I hope he does.

    I also don't think it's fair to say that Jon is rarely with the kids just because we don't see pics of it. Maybe he's inside the house with them and not always in the yard.

    That's like assuming Kate only picked up the children from the bus stop the last few weeks just the two times we saw the pictures of it since she got her hair done.

    So if we don't see pics of them with their kids then they are never with them? I do enjoy seeing pics of the kids since we don't see them on tv anymore but I think it's good we don't. It means they aren't being followed by the paps as much. People are probably losing interest. That's a good thing.

  17. Thanks Baby Mama for posting the Disney episode. It was so sad at the end when they said they have to go back there again. I can't imagine just one parent going with the kids and the other not experiencing that with them. I hope one day they can all go again somehow, even if it's with their future significant others. Hopefully one day they will be able to be friends somehow and actually be around each other again and be happy. I think if they are both individually happy it can happen. If one resents the other for some reason it will never happen and that's just sad.

    But it was nice watching them in Disney again. Poor Hannah missed the parade. But why did they drive??? 19 hours in a van with 8 little kids? Yikes. I'm surprised they survived. Crazy.

  18. I agree that the children will probably love watching the fun times they had on the show when they are older. Who wouldn't? But I also think there will be a lot of stuff they wouldn't want to watch, including the deterioration of their parent's marriage and their family as they knew it. Just sad.

  19. On one episode I remember Kate saying the only TV they watched was episodes of their own show and Little People Big World. But that was when they were younger so that might of changed. I think they would have mixed feeling about watching them like almost everyone else does with their own baby videos. Some enjoyment and some embarrassment :P But I think the hard part will be knowing that the whole world has seen them in their embarrassing times.

    Just like its "not anyone business how (Kate) deals with her kids" the same applies with Jon and the kids. I think for both parents with the little time they get with each parent its not about the big trips to Disney or Hawaii but the quality time with each parent. Whether it be game nights, playing with them or just sitting down and watching TV with them. You can't sum up Jon's time with the kids by the pictures outside nor with Kate's at the bus stop. No one really knows what goes on inside the house or when the paps aren't there to photograph it.

    Doesn't Jon not live in New York anymore, anyways?

  20. Regarding the pics of Kate "smacking" Collin on the mouth, I don't think you can tell from the pic if she smacked him or she just covered his mouth.

    I sure hope she didn't smack him. I personally don't think any parent should smack a young child in the mouth. I haven't come across any video of it though so if you do find it I'd be interested in seeing it. I'll hold off my judgment until then.

  21. I saw the video. She did not smack him. She covered his mouth. Actually in the video it didn't even look like she actually touched his face.

  22. I watched the video on Inside Edition but I do not see it on their website.
    To be honest, I didn't like what I saw.

  23. I think that the only reason you see pictures of Jon playing with the kids on the property is because he invites the Paps to take pictures. Kate doesn't.

  24. Just to comment on the tabloid article you posted. It's disappointing that a magazine - even one that fudges with the facts - would print this. At least we all know what their motive is -- more sales and more $$$. Kate is subjected to a level of scrutiny I don't think any other mother in the media is. I still think she is a good mother - not perfect - but none of us are.

    BTW, love your avatar! :-)

  25. Jon has become a different person and I don’t see how it’s for the better. I don’t think he could ever accept that he had eight children otherwise he would’ve been there for them right now. He needs to wake up, clearly without a nights drinking, and realize the implications of how his actions now can affect eight lives in the future.

    As far as dating I’m unsure why anybody within their right mind would want to get tangled up in his mess as well as be a constant scrutiny in the media. He has not had any personal reflection time since he and Kate split up and needs continuing therapy badly.

    Kate has been left with it all; with help from a nanny she is doing the school runs, buying the groceries, cooking their dinners, helping with homework and tucking them in at night. It makes me exhausted thinking about it. But when the children grow up and are old enough to ‘Google’ they will be exposed to everything.

    Let God be with them.

  26. Hi Baby Mama and everyone! My computer malfunctioned at the end of November and I just got back online Tuesday. I really missed you all and the blog.

    I think it's shameful that people so blatantly try to misconstrue things - even things that are documented - such as this with a filmed segment. I am also surprised that the hate blog is still running. I thought they said their purpose was to get the kids off TV?

    I read about Jon's shenanigans in Utah. Why exactly does he feel such a sense of entitlement - such as not beleiving he should have to wait in line with the rest of the non-celebrities? What exactly has he done to receive preferential treatment? Let's see: He cheated on his wife multiple times, he violated an order and took money from the family acct., lied about it, brought the #1 Kate hater into her home, sabatoged the family income, caused major problems for the employer, thus jeopardizing future income opportunities.

    And the comment about him having made TLC. Uh, no. That would be, if anyone as far as J&K+8 goes, the children. Jon has done nothing more in the past year but hurt TLC and his own family.

    I hope Morgan's loved ones stage an intervention for her. Soon. Unless she has been locked away for the past year, she clearly doesn't have two brain cells to rub together. Her family must be just mortified that someone like Jon has attached himself to her.

    Jon continues to soil his cereal bowl and blame everyone else for it.

  27. Gosselin Diary & Georgia Peach.....I agree wholeheartedly with your posts.

    And will Jon ever be alone for self reflection.... I doubt it, the rebound relationships and constant string of women follow with what, IMO, is a needy man/child who can't take care of himself, never mind 8 children.

  28. Gosselin Diary,
    Kate doesn't have custody of the children 100% of the time so she can't possibly be doing it all, even with the help of a nanny. Someone else, most likely Jon and possibly also with the help of a nanny, is doing all that too when she doesn't have custody.

  29. Kate may not invite the paps to take pics but they take pics nonetheless. I've seen hundreds of pictures of her with them on their property over the summer and at the bus stop, etc. I just haven't seen any of her out with them in the yard over the winter.

    My point was that just because we don't see pics of Kate with the kids out in the yard over the winter doesn't mean she isn't. Same goes for Jon. Just because we don't see everything doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

    I just think that once again people have double standards. If they don't see Jon in pics with the kids it's because "he's never with them". If they don't see Kate in pics with the kids it's because they just aren't taking pics of it but she's there with them for sure. We don't know any of that.

  30. Georgia Peach 311 said...
    I read about Jon's shenanigans in Utah. Why exactly does he feel such a sense of entitlement - such as not beleiving he should have to wait in line with the rest of the non-celebrities? What exactly has he done to receive preferential treatment?

    Have you SEEN their show? That's all they ever did. They always got preferential treatment.

    They got private meetings with characters like the Disney Princesses and Elmo, etc that other children didn't get. They went behind the scenes to see all the animals close up and even feed them at the zoo that other people don't get to experience. They rarely if ever had to wait in line with anyone else for anything. Sometimes things were closed down just for them and their show.

    I'm not surprised if Jon or if anyone else in the family, the children especially, are in shock the first time they have to wait in a long line or view animals in the midst of a crowd of children like the rest of the public.

    They were treated special for a long time. I'm sure it's a shock when you are treated like anyone else once it's all over. I think it's good it's happening now that the children are younger. They will adjust to a normal life a lot easier.

    I'm not defending Jon because he should know better (especially since there are other real/huge celebrities at Sundance) but I wouldn't be surprised if Kate or the children reacted the same way when it happens to them. I think they all had a sense of entitlement, probably without even realizing it, because of the way they were treated the past few years. Jon has to realize they were treated special because of their show, not because he was Jon Gosselin. Same for all of them.

  31. I think people comment about Jon not being with the kids, because there are a lot of pictures of him being elsewhere and not with the kids. No double standard there. It is what it is. I am not surprised to see pictures of him being outside in the cold weather, as I think he enjoys being outside in the cold weather.

  32. NJMOM said...
    I think people comment about Jon not being with the kids, because there are a lot of pictures of him being elsewhere and not with the kids. No double standard there.

    True, but how does that make sense? Kate has custody of the children half the time and he's not allowed to be with them those days. Why comment that he's never with them when he can't be? It just puts a negative spin on Jon being away from his children when he doesn't have a choice.

    Kate has to be away from her children just as much as Jon does. She has no choice.

    There are pics of her out and about without the children also. Everyone thought it was great she had lunch with her hairdresser, etc and she has every right to. Everyone feels she has a right to go out alone and get her hair and nails done.

    It's not fair to say she should be home with them when she can't because Jon has custody, It's not fair to say that she has to stay at the house while they are in school.

    How about the outrage that she spent 20 hours away from her children to get her hair extensions? Is that fair if she didn't even have custody at the time?

    Why is it fair to say Jon should be home with his children just because we see he's not with them at certain times. For all we know he is with them every second they are awake that they aren't in school and he has custody (and he should be).

    I think all the unfair comments just take away from any valid points people may have about Jon.

  33. Yes, I saw the show SG. I am referring to Jon and Morgan being miffed about having to wait in line to go to a BAR. When I read that Kate does the same thing - that's when I'll believe it. It won't be just because Jon did it that I will assume she does it too when she is without the kids.

  34. We do not know what their custody arrangement is. She may have the kids more than he does because he is just not around. It seemed, in the past, as if there custody arrangement was based on their schedules. He just doesn't seem to be around a lot with the kids, because he is elsewhere A LOT. When we see Kate, out without the kids, she is mostly local in PA. Jon on the other hand is seen all over the country.

  35. Georgia Peach,
    You asked why he has such a feeling of entitlement and why he feels he should get preferential treatment. It was probably just a rhetorical question but I just gave my opinion as to why I'm not surprised he feels that way, Whether it's at a bar or a zoo or a theme park, I don't think it matters. I personally feel it was because of the treatment he got when he was Jon of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

    I didn't assume Kate felt that way also, I just said I wouldn't be surprised IF she or the kids did too. I wouldn't be surprised if it was an adjustment for them.

    I actually think it would be a natural reaction if any of them did, right or wrong, just because of the way they were treated for so long. It has to be hard to go from being treated like a celebrity and getting special privileges when you go places to just being treated like one of the regular public. Again, it's just my opinion.

  36. So glad to see you defending yourself. Preesi is way to full of herself and I am so sick of her standing court on twitter. She attacks WAY too many people she doesn't know and I think she is WAY too interested in your life and what you have to say. I sse your name all over her twitter page when I go check to see what her and her followers are retweeting off my profile. This is the first time ever I have seen you actually post her name on twitter or here in a long time. Some people need to get their priorities straight and mind their own life.

  37. I was looking at something that that Us article picture on the previous post said. It said the kids were acting up all the time, and I was thinking that with 8 kids somebody probably is acting up a lot of the time. If the kids never acted up, everybody would be crying that kate didn't give them any freedom or was too strict, etc. They are kids and they are supposed to act up sometimes, when you have eight acting up sometimes it adds up to most of the time. They also Kates' controlling genes and Jon's impulsive genes and are pretty intelligent so people are bound to butt heads. I don't understand why so many people get bent out of shape if the kids act like kids and aren't perfect. They are human and so is their mother. Their mother may occasionally have a bad day and all mothers wish they would have handled a situation differently at times and it doesn't mean they are cracking up. Nothing I saw looked like she was hitting her son. I also think it's sad that stuff like this is allowed to be used as entertainment. Imagine how these kids are going to feel seeing this as they grow older, it also sabatoges the disciplinary relationship that Kate has with her kids. I could see one of them as they get a little older saying, I don't have to listen to my Mom because she abuses me or is cracking up. This certainly doesn't matter to Us Magazine because they got paid handsomely for it. It is different if it is Jon or Kate or their adult companions, but the kids should not have to deal with this.

  38. StefanieSantoro twittered:
    I love how people that talked so much shit on each other and now bff's. Lol. If you all only knew.
    about 9 hours ago from Echofon

    Makes me wonder what it is that we all don't know...

  39. I just wanted to address the point about Jon and Kate spending time with the kids and how Jon never takes them anywhere and someone mentioned that Kate doesn't either since the show ended.

    I have to say that it is a very difficult thing going places with that many kids. I only have 4 myself and I still prefer to do things on my own like go to the store or bank or what have you. I am really lucky that my mom lives with us and is a built in babysitter for when I have to do these things so I have the option of waiting for her to get home from work before I go to the store or wherever. It just makes life so much easier and I don't have to bundle up and put kids in and take kids out of carseats and hear them argue and fight just to grab a few groceries. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I never take my kids anywhere but I'm just trying to make the point that doing the simplest little thing can become a big chore when you have a lot of kids to take with you, let alone Kate having 8 to deal with now on her own.

    You have to remember that when they were doing the show, they had a lot of people behind the scenes that were helping them. Aside from their nanny/helpers, I am sure the film crew would all pitch in and facilitate things so it was never just Jon and Kate taking the kids all those places solo. If I had a team of people helping me out, you bet I would take my kids a lot more places. Now that all of that is gone, they are just like the average person and realize how tough it is so yeah, no wonder you don't see them doing all the glamorous outings anymore. Not to mention that they probably don't get freebies anymore either which factors into less trips.

    My point is that we need to stop and consider the logistics of taking the kids places before we start criticising either Jon or Kate for the fact that they don't seem to be going on outings anymore. It doesn't mean they don't love their kids or that they neglect their kids but they are only human too. I can relate because if I can go places without my kids, I will. It really isn't easy and only the parents in that situation can relate.

    I know Jon has been blasted often for not spending time or taking the kids anywhere but now Kate is getting it too. I think with Jon it wasn't so much taking them places as it was not spending time with them when he had custody. He was always pictured on the phone or at the fence and the kids were just running around or complaining for him to come on. With Kate, she spends time with them but just seems to have stopped going on outings and now that is getting picked apart. I just don't think it's as big a crime as some make it out to be. It's not easy to just pick up 8 kids and take them somewhere on a whim and without help. It doesn't make anyone bad parents, IMO.

  40. another mom,

    I just want to clarify... I never criticized either of them not taking the children anywhere. Other people criticized Jon for it. My main point was if you are going to criticize Jon for it then you have to criticize Kate for it also.

    There have been no pics of them taking the children on fun outings that I have seen since Jon took the tups to the movies and Kate took them to the park.

    My other point was just because we don't see pics of it doesn't mean they don't. We don't know that Jon doesn't take the kids out and it's not photographed. To be fair we also don't know if Kate does either. We can't base everything on the pics that we see every few days. It's not fair.

    I just don't think it's fair to criticize one parent for doing or not doing something but not the other one.

  41. Jon plays with the kids all the time when he's outside. Yes, he's on his phone too sometimes and yes he talks to people, but he actually interacts with them in the pics I've seen. I think he "plays" with them more than Kate does. She seems to watch over them more than play with them.

    I also don't think a parent has to play every second with their children when they are outside. I know I don't. I play with my daughters for a while myself or push them on the swings or swim in the pool with them, but for the most part they play together. To be fair and honest I think that's how most kids play outside.

  42. I am getting so tired of every written word being picked apart infinitum on a Fansite. Schmecky, I'm not really sure what your purpose is on this site....other than to be devil's advocate. I think one day soon the only posts we find on this site will be all from you. I surrender!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Schmecky Girl,

    I went back and reread my post because I was confused that you would think I was aiming my comments at you. I guess reading the first paragraph, I can see how you would think that since you had recently posted your comments but I truly wasn't aiming my comments at you so I'm sorry if you thought that.

    I guess I should really put in quotes the comment I am referring to but sometimes I am reading and trying to post in a rush so I don't always remember who said what and that's why I say "someone said", or "people said". Other times, more than one person has made similar comments so again, I use the more general "some people said" or what have you to preface my comment.

    I do know that you were not criticizing anyone in particular and I got from your post that you were trying to say that if people are going to criticize Jon, then they should criticize Kate too because she hasn't been going places with the kids much either since the show ended. I have to say though, that you are not the first person who has pointed out that Kate doesn't go places with the kids much either now and that is why in this case, I geared my comments to a more general audience.

    I have seen lots of comments about Jon not taking the kids anywhere when it is his time and lately, there have been several comments saying that Kate doesn't either. My only reason in commenting was just to say that it's not as easy as some people may think to go places with that many kids and that they used to do it before because it was easier with all the people they had around to potentially help them. I think the reason I said this was because some people (and I'm sorry I don't remember exactly who but it was more than one) made it sound like Jon and Kate only did things for the cameras and now that the cameras are off they no longer care about taking the kids places. This is the idea I don't agree with and that was what my post was about. Also, if you reread the second last paragraph, I absolutely said that people should not criticize Jon or Kate for not taking the kids out without thinking about how difficult it is to do so and that not taking them out does not make "them" bad parents. I may not be a big Jon fan these days, and I may think that he doesn't deserve me sticking up for him anymore for a lot of things he has been doing lately, but I like to think that I am always fair in my comments and give credit where credit is due. I don't hate on Jon for everything under the sun like some do. I think Kate has certain faults and I think Jon has certain faults. No one is perfect. It's just that lately, Jon's faults have seriously outnumbered Kate's. I believe in being objective in a situation and not totally hating someone no matter what they do or not totally loving and excusing someone no matter what they do either and this goes for both Jon and Kate.

    I hope I was able to clarify the intentions behind my post. :)

  44. I agree on your last post Schmecky. I do think most parents are not spending 24 hours playing with their kids and I do think Jon and Kate have come under extra scrutiny for this.

    I know when I am home with my kids and am trying to get things done, I get impatient a lot and tell them to get out from underfoot when they keep coming and trying to play with me. Of course there are lots of times I play with them too. This is a totally normal scenario but when Jon and Kate do it, words like neglect and ignoring get thrown around too easily. It goes with being in the public eye. It's certianly not fair but it is what it is. It's like celebrities and public figures have to live by a whole other set of standards because everything is out for everyone to see. Unfortunately, many of the people commenting and critisizing don't stop to ask themselves how they act at home with their own kids. They don't see anything wrong with yelling at their kids for everything under the sun yet when Kate yells at the kids, she is all of a sudden the worst mother. The same goes for Jon.

    I think Jon gets picked on more though because back when they were still married, Jon was the one that always spent more time playing with the kids and in fact Kate always got on him to stop playing and help out more. You notice that he is not as involved with them as he once was but then I guess he was focusing on his own problems and drama. It looks like now he is more involved with them when pictures come out. I just hope these kids can get their parents back the way they once were. They won't be together but at least each one should be 100% there for the kids.

  45. another mom,

    I was just ordering my groceries online (something I am fortunate enough to be able to do where I live and I LOVE it) and it got me thinking about your comments.

    I don't think anyone realy expects Kate to take 8 children (or even less for that matter) shopping with her. I know I don't.

    I know how hard it is going with just TWO children. They get bored and/or mischevious and I end up spending more money when I'm with them and it takes twice as long than it should.

    I do however take them and their two cousins out to the park and for pizza etc and it's relatively easy because it's something that entertains them and is for them. I'm not trying to get errands done when I have them.

    When I refer to them taking the children places I am refering to fun outtings just for them like the movies or the park or a museum or the Crayola factory or the zoo (PA has small zoos that aren't as crowded as the large ones)... someplace fun just for them.

    They also have a nanny and/or friends that can accompany them to make it easier like Beth and her daughters used to. Again, just my opinion.

  46. Did you read the hilariously funny story about Zondervan dumping Kate's book overseas? Like so far overseas it will never be seen again? Like Nigeria and Estonia?

    You better hurry up and order one because Estonia only has 5 lousy copies!


  47. Tashapork,

    I meant to say I agree with your last long comment (don't want to copy and past it because it would just take up too much room).

    another mom,
    No problem! I wasn't offended. I wasn't even sure if you were directing any of it to me. I just didn't want to be misunderstood by you or anyone. ;) Sorry to make you clarify that all again! lol.

  48. allibrootob,

    This is a JON and Kate Plus 8 Fan Site. Yes, it was about the show but the show no longer exists and it has evolved into something a bit different but it's still JON and Kate Plus 8.

    Your earlier comments about Jon on here were not exactly "fan" comments, especially "he just makes me sick". Kind of hypocritical if you ask me.

    You say you don't see pics of Jon playing with the kids. I say I don't see pics of Kate playing with the kids either. Why is that a problem? Because it's true but you just don't want to hear it? It's a valid argument. And I don't mean that in an argumentative way... just as an opposing viewpoint.

    I just don't think some of the people who make comments about Jon do it in fairness. I think they condemn Jon for things that if it was Kate they would be okay with.

    I also said that just because we don't see the pics doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Why do you find that so threatening? Because it's a valid point? It's in defense of Kate too.

    I've never attacked another poster for their opinion, as you are. I may have disputed it or given my opposing opinion but I don't think it's unfair or wrong to comment on another poster's comments.

  49. Once again, SchmeckyGirl, I think I failed to make myself clear enough. I must be losing my touch. lol

    I was just using the shopping as an example as in it's hard enough taking the kids shopping with me let alone crowded places like amusemnt parks etc. where everyone gets cranky waiting in line, or wandering away. It's stressful going places with lots of kids no matter where it is and my point was if it's stressful going somewhere like shopping, then it's even more stressful going on an outing.

    Btw, cool about the online grocery. I have that availability too but have never tried it.

  50. Joh, the "Diva":

  51. Hope the kids are doing good! ~

  52. Just Wondering~ Im still JUST WONDERING why your still trying to get on my site. You are the true definition of a jealous, nasty psycho troll that really needs to find a new place to spew your hate. You are a joke! But since you brought up something I wanted to address, I am keeping your post up.

    YOU ARE WRONG! Kates Cookbook is sold out on the Christian site and in Canada as well in Ocotber 2009. It was never dumped by Zondervan as your lying incorrect hate sites are saying, its delayed in the US by Zondervan but will be re-worked this year. I suggest you stop believing everything Preesi dumps on GWOP without checking first.. Nice try though. HAHAHAHAHA WAAHH TO YOU!


  53. Ok, I'm glad you weren't offended Schmecky. I take a lot of care in always trying to word things so as not to offend another person or their viewpoint so it bugs me if I think I have. I think if we were to all sit around a table and discuss this, it would be different (still heated maybe) but sometimes things get lost in the written word and it is easy to think things are written with certain tones or sarcasm etc. when they aren't.

    I agree that everyone has a right to an opinion as long as we don't hurt each other or attack each other personally in the process. That stuff is best left to the trolls. lol

  54. another mom said...
    Once again, SchmeckyGirl, I think I failed to make myself clear enough. I must be losing my touch. lol


    I think if we were to all sit around a table and discuss this, it would be different (still heated maybe) but sometimes things get lost in the written word and it is easy to think things are written with certain tones or sarcasm etc. when they aren't.

    I totally agree! I've enjoyed our "conversation".

  55. Regarding Jon moving to Utah, I sure hope it's not true. I won't believe it until he moves and it is confirmed, same as when Kate was moving to Maryland. I would be surprised if he moves that far away from his children, but I wouldn't be shocked because nothing Jon does shocks me.

    As for all the freebies at Sundance I'm not surprised, he lived off freebies for the last four years.

  56. Well, here's my 2 cents about J&K taking the kids out. I feel they are holding back from outings soas not to be mobbed by the general public. The dust has not settled yet and I would imagine they both have allot of hate inside yet. After all that has been said and done those two need a couple of years before they are going to be ok. JMO!
    I also think Kate is in control of whereever those kids go and what they do. Jon just hasn't stood up to her yet. When he is ready he will.
    They have plenty of help to take the children places, I don't see that as a problem. They don't want the kids in the tabloids, period.

  57. SchmeckyGirl,

    I enjoyed our "conversation" too. lol


    You brought up a great point! I think that is definitely a reason they may not be going on outings with the kids. Although things are quieter on the Gosselin front these days, the media would likely pick back up right away if the kids started going public places again. They defintiely need time to shrink back into obscurity.

  58. #1caregiver said...
    Well, here's my 2 cents about J&K taking the kids out. I feel they are holding back from outings soas not to be mobbed by the general public. The dust has not settled yet and I would imagine they both have allot of hate inside yet. After all that has been said and done those two need a couple of years before they are going to be ok. JMO!
    I also think Kate is in control of whereever those kids go and what they do. Jon just hasn't stood up to her yet. When he is ready he will.
    They have plenty of help to take the children places, I don't see that as a problem. They don't want the kids in the tabloids, period.

    Good points. If that is the reason then it's just sad that their children can't go anywhere because they put them in the public eye. If they lived private lives the tabloids wouldn't be an issue. There are other "famous" multiples out there that aren't followed around by the paps. Hopefully the public will lose interest and those children can live normal lives soon.

  59. I saw that her cookbook was listed as "sold out" and "out of stock" but was it really ever sold here in the US? It was scheduled for release in Nov 2009 and then put on hold.

    I would have thought we would have known if it was sold anywhere. Wouldn't there have been publicity about it? Wouldn't Kate have went around promoting it? What about book signings? Wouldn't the fans have copies of it? Does anyone have one? The "sold out" part doesn't make sense.

    I read Zondervan said they are going to reassess the book release schedule back some time last summer. Maybe it will still happen in the US in 2010 once things settle down?

  60. #1 Caregiver, you have a good point, I've never really thought of that! I agree Schmecky Girl, it's really unfortunate if that is the case. They shouldn't have to limit themselves because of the media.

    I can see both sides of Jon and Kate about taking the kids out, it's just I would say that I'm a "Kate Fan" so I tend to lean more towards her... Even if I don't equally question her as much as Jon! I will admit it!! ;o)

    That is a little fishy about the whole cookbook. Hopefully it will be sold in the US at some point! I want to start cooking!

    Have a nice day everybody!

  61. Re: Cookbook. It was my understanding from the press releases from Zondervan, that due to the divorce, they wanted to rework the text section (i.e. kinda hard to have parts about "enduring" love) which had nothing to do with the recipes. Remember that Zondervan is very conservative, and that the last year or so with Jon doesn't fit much with their profile demographics at all. (I'm referring to the multiple mates, soul mates, etc.)

  62. Even from the time we were first introduced to the Gosselin kids on TV, Kate made no bones about the fact that she was just not at all a winter person. Thus, it really doesn't surprise me at all that Kate hasn't been taking them on outings regardless of any other circumstances (financial, paparazzi, notoriety, etc.) When you really hate the cold, it is really tough to find a reason to drag out the kids to be right in the middle of it. As a warm weather lover myself, I don't have any trouble understanding that at all.

    Jon has professes to adore winter sports, i.e. skiing, snowboarding, etc. After his trip last January with Cara, he said he hoped that a trip to CO could be an annual winter event for the two of them. So, it does surprise me a little that he didn't do it but perhaps it's a financial issue, custody issue, new-found soul love issue, etc. We'll never know so I don't want to speculate further on it. Perhaps he can find time to do this at one of the PA ski resorts. After all, the kids attend private school. I don't know about holidays in public schools but most all schools have a long weekend for MLK in January, a long president's day weekend in February, and most of the private schools also have an extra long weekend (Thurs-Tues) holiday at the end of January or first of February as "winter break." So I think there is time out of school. Jon must have his own reasons and I'm willing to cut some slack for both Jon and for Kate.

    Jon doesn't seem to have any problems moving along, but I still feel for both him and for Kate. After my divorce from my first husband, even when the ink was dry on the final decree, it took me a good 6-8 months to really function handling anything beyond the "gotta do" items, i.e. baths, clothes, homework, braces, dr visits, dealing with colds, eye know, the stuff that just has to be done regardless of how shell-shocked you feel.

    I'm sitting here almost chuckling aloud. First, there was this whole wave of people who wanted the Gosselin children OFF tv and magazines for any reason, crying exploitation at every turn. Now the Gosselin children (and their parents) are NOT occupying the front of every mag in the newstand and not on the front of every newsbroadcast and people are crying that neither parent takes them anywhere. Gee whiz! It's only been 60 days since the divorce became final. I think they are entitled to just a bit more time than that.

    All that said, I, for one, really, really miss seeing those Gosselin children. I'm hoping there will be a Good Housekeeping photo cover or People cover of the kids alone or the kids + Kate. That's just selfish on my part because I'd love to see them.