Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New Kate, Cops to Jon: "Sorry! Publicity Stunt", Details On Kates New Show!

Hello Gosselin fans! This post tonight will be short but sweet. I got into American Idol tonight for the first time in years. It seems like we might have a great group this year after only seeing the first show. Regardless I was thinking today how sad It was that Mondays nights will never be the same. I really miss Jon & Kate Plus 8. After a rough day at work which is a typical Monday, I always enjoyed finally sitting down with my hot cocoa & cheese & crackers and settling in to watch the show (Dancing w/the Stars better come again STAT!). And I needed it, because normally it was a night of kids fighting to go to bed, just so that I could watch kids on TV fighting to go to bed..odd but true. At times I will actually pop the video when I'm cleaning and watch some of my old favorites like 10 Little Pumpkins, or their trip to Disney. Back on my old blog, I would always recap and put my favorites on the site. So here is the first of my many faves! Lets hope that their official Jon & Kate site will eventually come back....

New Year New Kate: Stylist Dishes About Makeover

UPDATE! Kate Gosselin Ready to Get New Reality Show: The Wrap.com

Reality superstar Kate Gosselin is set to return to television later this year in a brand new TLC series of her own, TheWrap has learned.According to a source close to the untitled production, the series will depict the former matriarch of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" as a fish out of water “trying different jobs and tasks and showing how she performs in the different environments.”

The show will also likely have an interactive component, with the professions and corresponding challenges being somewhat determined by the audience. "It's more like Kate Gosselin, firefighter," noted the production source, "not Kate Gosselin, wife and homemaker."The show -- tentatively scheduled to debut in late spring or early summer -- will not feature ex-husband Jon or any of her eight children. "She's proven herself to be a celebrity in her own right," an executive at Discovery, which owns TLC, told TheWrap, "and, with the interest she generates, she can fit into any role on her own."After five seasons, the last episode of the hugely successful "Jon & Kate Plus 8" aired in November. Amidst tabloid headlines and high ratings, the reality show’s last season saw the Pennsylvania couple’s 10-year marriage collapse, controversy emerge over whether the twins and sextuplets were being exploited on air and claims that there had been very little real about Jon and Kate for a very long time.

That fallout proved little disincentive to TLC, who, a production source informed TheWrap, are primarily doing the new show with Gosselin "because they are worried if they don't do it with Kate, someone else will."

Jon Gosselin Still Accusing Hailey of Ransacking Apartment: Buddytv.com
Cops Believe Jon Gosselin's Ransack Claims Are Publicity Stunt: Radar.com

New York police investigating the "ransacking" of Jon Gosselin's apartment believe the event was a publicity stunt, sources familiar with the situation told RadarOnline.com. A large Japanese chef's knife pinning a note - allegedly from Hailey - to a dresser particularly strikes investigators as staged, the sources said. RadarOnline.com obtained a photo of that scene, which also shows tufts of cut up furniture on the floor. "The more cops have looked into it, the more they feel like it was a publicity stunt," a police source told RadarOnline.com. "They absolutely think the butcher knife part of it is B.S." Despite the skepticism, the case remains open.

The criminal complaint was filed after Jon said he found his New York apartment ransacked Dec. 26 and blamed ex-girlfriend Hailey. An NYPD source also told RadarOnline.com that Hailey's complaint against the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is going nowhere. Cops looked into Glassman's claim that Jon, jealous over a photo of her kissing another man, pushed her against a wall and verbally abused her. "He won't be arrested on this one," said the NYPD source. "It seems clear he pushed her, but he didn't strike her from what they've learned during their investigation. "However, there's now a 'D.I.R.' - a 'Domestic Incident Report' on file because of her claim, which means that if there's any future domestic violence or aggravated assault claims involving Gosselin that comes to the NYPD, they'll be more likely to probe deeper because there's now something in his file." The events occurred as Hailey moved out of the apartment they shared and the couple split.

People.com Extra: Jon Dines w/new Girlfriend & Her Family

Sextuplets Turn 3: Dedicated To Nana Janet


  1. Monday nights aren't the same! I've been rewatching my favs too; Disney is my most fav. Just watched trip to Utah last night, another goodie!

  2. I liked the morning show interview with the stylist that did Kate's hair. Wow....do people pay the full 5K every 3 months to upkeep that kind of hair??? Holy!!!!! Nonetheless, the side-by-side photo they put up helped compare new to old........I like the new style, but I'm still undecided on which I prefer.

    Jon now dating the girl he met in Utah and dining with her parents.....interesting. I read where Kate said Jon was still acting odd on Christmas and it was very uncomfortable. In my heart of hearts, I really wish Jon would just do (what I think is right...lol) what his kids really need, and move back to Pennsylvania close to his 8 young kids. I think it might help them to know daddy is close by and thinking about them even on his non-custodial days, rather than galavanting around the country still in pursuit of other women. JMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don't believe anything on radaronline. They have no credibility with me. I will wait for an offical police statement or an arrest, etc.

    I don't think they would comment that they feel Jon staged the damage just based on how it looked. (Just how does a knife through a note looked staged?) They'd have to wait until the forensic evidence comes in. I really wonder how that will go. Very interesting. And what's up with the "ming vase"????

    I personally don't believe Hailey's claims of abuse by Jon. I still haven't seen anywhere that claims she filed the report the day he allegedly abused her. Everything I've read isn't clear about it. It seems like she could have made her claims after Jon made his. She alleges that he did it to her on the 20th but I didn't see anywhere that said she filed her complaint on the 20th. One source (I don't remember which) made it seem like it was a counter-claim. Counter-claims are made after the first claim.

    If he did push her it's possible he just pushed her away from him, maybe to get her out of his face while she was yelling at him two inches from his nose. Hailey didn't speak nicely to Jon the few times I saw them together. She sounded like she was the verbally abusive person in the relationship. She seemed like she liked to push Jon's buttons. You really can only treat someone so badly for so long before they react.

    I personally believe Hailey did all the damage including the knife to Jon's apt. I don't think she ever thought Jon would call the police. Even I'm surprised he did. Again, just my opinion. But it is something that intrigues me and I wish the police would get CSI-NY on the case. They always have the results in under an hour! ;)

  4. It's so sad watching the episode of the sextuplets at 3 knowing what was to come in their lives. Don't get me wrong, it's great to post these best of episodes but it almost churns my stomach to think of where they were then and where they are now. How can so much go wrong in so little time???

  5. I love the sextuplets turn three video. I am so glad that the kids have this so that they can remember how special Nana Janet was.

  6. Karen C.~ Are you new here? This is a FAN SITE! It boggles my mind when I get comments that are so crazy, I just laugh and delete them. I'm afraid that a few are mis-placed with the closing of a few of the sites. Please feel free to come and post when you have something productive to contribute.

    Ilove the Utah and Disney trip and I plan on re-showing those on the site when things are slow. Regarless of any of the recent drama with this family. These episodes will be such a joy for them to watch when they are older. I always wished I was able to see video of myself when I was younger. Alexis will love seeing how absolutely adorable she was back then, and all the kids will see how much their parents truly loved them. I cant wait till Valentines Day when I can post my absolute FAV. episode! My daughter watched it the other night and it brought a tear to my eye. Im trying to get those chair mailboxes again this year..

  7. Goodness. I'm still wondering if my Monday nights will ever seem the same. I too am choosing to watch old episodes.

    While having Jon closer would be nice for the kids, I think that idea is beyond hope.

    I do wish TLC would drop mire hints about Kate's new venture.

  8. also, I put up a new poll and an update to this post. There has been news about the premise for Kates new show! Got a better idea than what shes doing? Tell me here in the comments section!

  9. I really have to wonder if that sleazebag lawyer wasn't responsible for the publicity stunt if it was one. So far, he has been the only one that has seemed to benefit. It keeps him in the public eye, keeps the controversey going so he stays in the public eye. There is something fishy going on to me but I think it's beyond Jon or Hailey. Maybe it's some of Hailey's friends that he ticked off, but I think there is more to the story than we know.

  10. Kate's hair makeover video is actually on TLC's website!

  11. That show sounds cool! I love fish outta water shows and it will be even better with Kate!

  12. So, my take on this new prosepct for Kate's show is that it might hold interest for a season but what then? She can only do so many different jobs before it starts to get predictable, imo, and I think everyone who is wanting to see any of this family back on tv is going to be gung ho at first but then the fact that the kids aren't in it is going to start catching up with people.

    Personally I hope she does really well because I do think she can carry a show on her own. She is charismatic and definitely has personality but I just don't know if this premise has longevity. I hope I'm wrong or I hope that some agreement can be made to let the kids film again once some time has gone on. I think what would be ideal is for Kate plus 8 (differently titled) to go on and focus mostly of how Kate is moving on as a single woman now. Maybe it shouldn't concentrate on having the kids on all the time but because they are her kids they would appear here or there but the show would be about her going on and moving forward. I think people would be more into that for sure. I don't know how possible that would be though since Jon pulled the plug on the kids being on tv but I think it's the best of both worlds since the kids wouldn't be on camera all the time but we'd still get to see bits and pieces of them here and there like a few minutes out of every episode.

    Just some scrambled thoughts. :)

  13. I think that probably every Monday night since the show's been canceled I've thought about how much I miss the show. I really ought to get the DVD's since I haven't seen any reruns on TLC... I'm being deprived of my Jon & Kate Plus 8! (Although the sextuplets 3rd birthday certainly helped! Thanks Baby Mama!)

    I always think of the show as the older episodes. Towards the end, I think that the it lost it's touch a little. Although I still enjoyed Jon and Kate Plus 8 in the later seasons, the older ones are definitely my favorites!

    It's so bittersweet to watch the older epsiodes now because they were such loving family back then. And although the kids are so much more grown up now and they are just as adorable, the Gosselins have changed so much from just a few short years ago. And I completely agree with you Another Mom, that it makes you cringe just thinking about what was coming for all of them.

  14. Ok, seriously now, the trolls are retweeting my tweets to BabyMama to all their little troll friends.

    WHY DO YOU CARE????? GO AWAY!!!!!!!

    Sorry but it's really annoying. Do you see any of us retweeting their crap?!?! No. Because we don't care. Can you say stalking much? So pathetic.

  15. Why are the trolls even lurking about at this point? Did they not ultimately get what they said they really wanted, which was to see the kids off the air. If they're still lurking, it proves that (IMO)...it was all about their hatred for Kate. There are some really sick people out there who need to get a life. ugh.

    I hope whatever endeavor Kate undertakes is successful.....the premise of the new show is an interesting one....she certainly has an amazing sense of humor!~

  16. what's the deal, trolls can't find their bridge? They got what they wanted, or DID they? it was all a smoke screen to cover their hatred for Kate.

    I see the new idea for the show nothing different from 'Dirty Jobs'.

  17. Oh boy! Hailey is tweeting and she wants her money back.

  18. I don't think Jon or Hailey are too friendly with the TRUTH, neither one are trustworthy in my opinion. It reminds me of that Presley girl marrying Michael Jackson, telling the world he wasn't what they thought, then she took a 360 degreen turnaround after they divorced. I think Hailey is in that same category. Not trustworthy at all, but just my opinion.

  19. Just a couple of thoughts. First, I kind of agree that I'm not sure about the longevity of this new show idea for Kate. Sad, because I think there are lots of show ideas that would be great! I guess time will tell?

    As for Jon - I was thinking about this - and I've always been in agreement that he should move back to PA and be near his kids. However, with the rotating women and the way he is continuing to chose to live - I'm not so sure that would be good for the kids. I had felt it would have been a smart move for him to move into the old house - and let the divorce settle into what it is - so that he and Kate could truly co-parent with seperate homes like most people have to do. I'm think I'm kind of glad that Jon and his drama is hours away from the kids. Hopefully they will someday get to a right place for the sake of the kids.

  20. I suggested this idea on Kate's blog on the TLC site a while back but they never posted it. I'd like to see Kate in some type of show that leverages her skill set--perhaps profiling other large families or coming in and helping them get organized(kind of similar to what shows like Supernanny do but in a shorter timeframe). That being said I also think she would do well with a mom focused talk show where she could do interviews, cook, etc. Maybe there is a way to combine multiple concepts--I don't think that Stacy London talk show on TLC took off a couple of years ago so maybe a sole talk show is not the right thing for TLC.

    I'm trying to resist temptation to follow any of Jon's former women on twitter though I'm curious as to why Hailey protects her tweets?

  21. TLC is probably putting the feelers out there again to see the reaction of the public before they invest time and money in the new show.

    As for her hair, I like it straighter better. I think the straight hair in People magazine (not the cover) was nicer. This isn't bad, it just looks stripperish or country music starrish on her.

    Love that episode of their 3rd birthday party.

  22. Heatherav I like your ideas a lot. I was also thinking of something where she goes into peoples homes who are dealing with issues such as divorce, infertility treatments, multiples, baby in nicu and giver her support and insight, while also going into homes where families are successfully tackling issues she has or will have as the kids get older and get their insight in things like doing messy boytype activities, simple home maintenence projects, communicating with the ex, and raising teens. This way she is a learner as well as a teacher. She could also go into homes with different lifestyles, economic situations, and gain some wifeswap type perspective .

  23. Heatherav I also like your ideas a lot! Im looking forward to Kate's new show but not sure how many people will really be interested Im just glad shes generating some income for her kids! Who knows, Kate's new show may be a huge hit. I really didnt like the People mag pictures of Kate's new hair but the picture they shown on the Early Show with the side by side is a really nice picture. Its gonna take some time to get used to the new look.

  24. Greetings. I do not think TlC really has any idea what to do with Kate Gosselin. Putting a mop on someone's head does not translate into superstardom.

    I am fine with Kate having a career in showbizness but it needs to be without the children carrying her. The Gosselin children have been through enough. They need what is left of there childhood to be children.

    Just stopped by to check out the site. I need to know where to send the Kate Kool Aide drinkers when they visit us from Z on TV.

  25. I don't see how Jon's apartment ransacking can be considered a publicity stunt. The only way it could if he never filed a police report. He stands to gain nothing from it except having his name out there. His name out there doesn't do anything for him, he doesn't have any kind of merchandise or TV show he's trying to promote. He can't get paid for interviews about it. He can be charged with filing a false police report if it was a publicity stunt. I think too many people have their hate Jon glasses on.

    The new Kate show might be interesting but if Kate will be doing just normal jobs and its too much about 'Kate' I don't see it doing well with the general public. The premise of Dirty Jobs is to show people the non-glorious dirty jobs that are done to make every day things. Mike Rowe is a host and not a personality on the show. If the show is more about doing those jobs such as waitresses, day care worker, grocery store worker and what its like to have to do those things to support your family it could be interesting. I don't know about everyone else but the final season of Jon and Kate when it became more about Jon and/or Kate then the kids was a real turn off and the ratings suffered.

  26. I don't think premise of Kate's new show is good AT ALL!!! After awhile people would get bored and the show would be cancelled. My ideas about what Kate should do are a cartoon voice (Kate has a good speakig voice) or she could host do the narration for different TLC programs or she could host a CHILDREN'S talk show where everything is kid-related (she could cook, do crafts, interview child actors/pop singers etc. the possibilities are endless) I dont think a childrens talkshow has ever been done and when people think of Kate Gosselin they think kids! She has a good personality and is good with kids so its a good fit and has never been done before.

  27. Anyone else fear Kate's image will take a dive with this proposed show? After all it is a remake of the VH1 show New York Goes to Work. Seriously does Kate to be compared constantly to New York from Flavor of Love? But every aspect of this proposed show is the same as New York goes to Work down to the viewers having a say in what job she does. It is a new low for Kate. Serious credibility loss. This formula sucked on VH1 and will suck on TLC. I guess if she is looking to spiral down like other ex reality show divas when this show tanks she can go do "For the Love of Money" or "The surreal live" like the other washed up stars. Because if she doesn't run far and fast from this proposed show that will be where she is headed.

  28. People Magazine has a whole article out now about Jon's new girlfriend Morgan. It's odd to see People magazine take up so much intrest in this girl....

    Five Things to Know about Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend: Thursday January 14, 2010

    After splitting with Hailey Glassman in November, Jon Gosselin has been spending all of his time lately with a new twentysomething: Morgan Christie. They met while he was on a snowboarding vacation in Park City, Utah, where Christie has family, and the former star of Jon and Kate Plus Eight has even dined with her relatives. So who is Morgan Christie?

    1. She's no dummy:
    The 25-year-old graduated in 2007 from Emory University, where she was in the sorority AEPhi, and plans to apply to law school.

    2. She's an East Coast transplant:
    After college, the Greenwich, Conn., native moved west to Santa Barbara, where she worked at a store called Blue Bee and a law firm. She now also spends time in Park City.

    3. She's been engaged:
    Christie dated Connor Humphreys, also an Emory alum, after graduation, and the two were engaged at the beginning of last year. Though they planned a wedding at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, the couple split a few months ago.

    4. Fashion is a passion:
    Having grown up "very privileged," according to an old friend, Christie's wardrobe is to die for: think Herve Leger dresses and Christian Louboutin shoes.

    5. She keeps a tight inner circle: The oldest of four, Christie has a close-knit group of girlfriends from the East and spends a lot of time with her family in Park City, even inviting her new boyfriend to join in on the fun, at their dinner at Ruth's Chris Jan. 10.

  29. I like the idea of a 30 min. organic cooking show!! Thats my idea!! What do you all think?

  30. Re: Number 4 on the list about Morgan from People that Baby Mama printed, I would say that she presents herself as a meal ticket to Jon who in a heck of a lot of financial trouble right now. :(

    Regarding Kate and her proposed show, I had never heard of her compared to New York before. That is a whole other ball game if you ask me. New York was crass and rude and low class from day one. She started out on a dating show. Kate is a totally different type of person. She was a normal person that had a big family and her show was not any of the things New York's show was. I don't see how she would even be compared to New York. As for the new show, I have my doubts that it will hold interest but as long as it is a serious show and not one that has the likes of Tila Tequila and New York or airs on MTV, then maybe even if it doesn't do well, she won't lose respect and end up on a show like the Surreal Life or I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. I would think Kate is a lot smarter than to succumb to something like that.

  31. I like Kate's new style. Whew. It's take me a bit to be able to say that. Change means adjusting to new things and I think we all resist change to a certain extent. Now I want to say two things that will probably get me shot in the cross fire.
    1. I think (after adapting to the shock of the new style) that it makes her physically look younger and more flexible.
    2. I can't believe how much she IMO resembles Lindsay Lohan (shape of face, blonde, etc.) And, gosh I never thought I said that about Kate.

  32. Kate's new show. Hmmm. Don't know if I'll love it or not. I know I will initially, just to see her and hopefully hear her laugh.

    In the long run, well geez, since it hasn't even been on yet, how could I possible say.

    I'm not sure I would have even tuned into the first J&K special, except that I was assigned bedrest and was surfing channels. From the promos, I don't think I would have watched it. However, once I saw it, I was captivated by her sassy ways. No, of course I didn't agree with putting down Jon, but even Kate has admitted repeatedly that it wasn't a good thing.

    But, once an action is done, it can't be taken back, only apologized for.

    Since I never say the show TashaPork and others referred to, I have no idea about the show.

    The initial premise of: starting over, trying out new things, etc. is somewhat appealing, I'll have to wait and see.

    However, regardless of the show outline, "story" line, context, etc. I'm convinced that for any show to work, it is Kate's personality that will or will not carry it.

    And, once and for all...since the kids will not be on the show, hopefully the Kate bashers will just turn off their freaking tv's, not watch it, and not feel compelled to go onto ROL, here, and every rag site to say something to the tune of "Gee, I never liked Kate and I don't like this show either." Well, duh, idiots, if you don't like her why in heck would you waste your time watching her.

    LOL, life is too short. And, I'm sorry but if you don't like her, why would you waste minutes of your life to watch her and then more minutes of your life going online to bash her? I just don't understand that. If you don't like her may I suggest that you: read a best seller, take a college course in something new, spend the time with your precious children or significant other, draw a picture, do your nails, have a relaxing cup of green tea, meditate on getting rid of your anger, volunteer to help those less fortunate with habitat for humanity, adult literacy, teaching life skills to the disadvantaged...on and on.

    But, please don't show your ignorance by going online to any of the sites and making stupid comments.

    Whew. I feel better already.

  33. SchmeckyGirl - goodness, I finally found a few spare minutes to look at your blog. Great stuff and glad you had a ball at Disney.

    I'm helping to chaperone our daughter's choral group to DisneyWorld in March. They're going to perform and also take classes at Disney. She's delighted that she's been so many times and can share her "favorites" with others in her class. I'm just pleased that at age 10 she actually still wants Mom to come along.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your stuff and thanks for letting us know about your post. Sorry it took me so long to get around to seeing it.

  34. BabyMama - I can't read the results of the voting on your latest poll. The page stops on the right with the sentences. When you close it, will you let us know the results?

  35. I don't get why you come here MosbiusDesigns? Is it just to push some buttons and see if your post goes through? This is a FAN site.

    Linda, I think you hit the nail on the head in your 12:00 post.

  36. Linda, I am not sure which show that I referred to, maybe you meant Tasha (she is someone different from me) talking about Flavor of Love, but I absolutely love what you said about all the better things that the Kate haters could be doing. I feel the exact same way about this in all aspects of one's life
    . For instance, there are certain political/news personalities and when they come on I change the channel or find something else to do, they simply arent' worth my time even though what they say and do disgusts me. Although I admit that once in awhile (rarely I do something stupid like going to the Gwop website just to see what the commotion that others are talking about for myself. They have so much hate that sometimes they forget about the first thing they were hating and latch on to something/someone else that may be related in some way. I don't understand wasting one's life with that hate. I quickly leave and say to myself not to go back there.
    I actually hope Jon finds what he needs in this relationship, although I don't think he can. I really think he needs to take some time to work on himself in order to commit to a healthy relationship and I don't know if a young gal has the maturity to deal with the complexities of his life. If this relationship is good for him, it will bring out the best in him, like at one time Kate did and this will be good for his kids. Him being at peace and not in Hailey/Kate M/ Michael Lohan antics will be good for his kids. If he is in a healthy relationship or at not in an unhealthy one, it will help him devote his energies to fatherhood. I do not wish misery for him.

  37. oh I bet Morgans daddy is working on prenup as we speak.... He can't be impressed with his daughters most recent choice. and J? what can I say. It is useless to spend time in analyzing the silly little boy anymore. I don't think he is capable of thinking with the right head!

  38. To Linda;

    I am involved with a local community choral group. We like taking singing trips and are interested in Disney. Can you get me a contact name at Disney to approach? Please contact me at tiggerfan1965@yahoo.com.

    Thanks! (BabyMama, Thank you in advance for posting this or forwarding it to linda for me!!)

  39. Tiggerfan re Disney

    Sure I'll get the info from the music director on Monday and send it on to you. Her name is Debi Jones and she is probably the one who will email you, or if not it will be me.

  40. Tigger - I emailed her tonight but just remembered that no school Mon due to MLK day so I won't forget but may take a few extra days

  41. Monkie,
    Why is it so difficult to have an open discussion without someone saying one side isn't entitled to discuss a different side from their own? It wouldn't be the Kate haters or the Kate fans that make her show successful, it will normal TV viewers who will tune who are indifferent to her. Kate's very outgoing and sticks to her guns personality is a very love it or hate it personality. Some will be annoyed by it and some will love and admire her for it. That's my opinion but look at any news article on MSNBC, TMZ or Us Magazine about her. There are many negative comments and many positive ones and very few in between. That's the reality of it, I don't see how its wrong to look at a situation objectively.

    If Jon filed a false police report he can actually be charged with a felony or simply a misdemeanor and Hailey can sue him for defamation and emotional distress if he accused her in it.

    I really don't know what to say if you think its wrong to be skeptical about National Enquirer stories and think that its wrong to have a double standard concerning treatment of the same actions by two different people.

  42. Linda~ I tried to see how your screen was looking. If you try to vote again it does show you everything on the poll, but you may have to wait until the end to see what all what the percentages were!

  43. Linda......lmao........I love your list of things the haters should do!!!

    And I'm the same way...........there are various TV personalities I can't stomach watching and I NEVER watch them. So I can't figure out why her haters would continue to spend their valuable time watching her. Makes no sense.

    Finally, I have looked back and forth various times and have ultimately concluded that I don't like her new hairstyle. I really loved her old style on her and to me it uniquely represented her personality, and it looked great. The new style to me looks too ordinary, as well as a bit cheap. Sorry!~

  44. I just heard on HLN news that Kate is reported to hate her new hairstyle and that it makes her look like a Tiger Woods bimbo. (yep, those are the words used.)

    Wonder how long before we see a hairstyle change?

  45. I wondered about how much Kate wanted the extensions, somebody may have talked her into it as a career move or something. She could also be countering the criticisms about how expesnive the do was. If she changes the style, I can just hear the complaints about how unappreciative Kate was for the hard work of her stylists or somebody will come up with something crazy that we never even thought of. No matter what she does, it will be criticized.
    Jon went out till four oclock in the morning on a bar crawl with none other than his ex brother in law Kevin Kreider. Now maybe Kevin can get paid for pics or interviews. I can't help it, but I do not trust the Kreiders.

  46. I'm sorry Kate classified her hairstyle as a 'Tiger Woods' bimbo style. I don't think it was the hairstyle that makes them bimbos, I think it is the fact they had 2 legs and were female.......and willing to have anything to do with a married man.

    Sheeesh, if he's in 'love' with you and leaves his wife, what did you get? A loser that cheats on his wife. DOH!!!!

  47. Cindy, just wanted to clarify something important regarding that article. It was a "source" that "claimed" Kate said that..I for one don't believe that she actually would say something so stupid sounding, but who knows.. I take everything with a grain of salt. I mean I find it too coincidental his name is even mentioned.

  48. I love the premise for Kate's new show!!! It suits her personality, and I would definitely watch to see how she handles the different situations.
    We have a similar show in Canada, "Ed's Up" featuring Ed Robertson (from the popular band, the Bare Naked Ladies)...He flies to different geographic locations and joins up with groups of people doing some tough occupations such as the Navy search and rescue, working on oil rigs etc. It's always entertaining to see someone with a "cushy" life thrown into the "real" work world...isn't that what the naysayers want Kate to do anyways...i.e."get a real job"??
    Good luck to her...I wish her well!
    PS: About the hair: not my cup of tea, I prefer short hair myself!

  49. UGH! Jon finding new ways to stay on Radar.com:

    New year, new relationships seems to be Jon Gosselin's motto for 2010. The divorced father of eight spent Friday night partying until 4 am not with his new girlfriend, but with Kate's estranged brother Kevin Kreider. Krieder didn’t want to talk about his night with Jon, but the two of them stayed out until 4 a.m., RadarOnline.com learned exclusively.

    The boys night out did not include Morgan Christie, Jon's new girlfriend, and while the two are moving quickly in their relationship a source close to both of them told RadarOnline.com that they are not engaged.

    Jon and Kevin started their night in Elizabethtown, PA by stopping in the restaurant T.J. Rockwell's where they sat at the bar and had a few beers. They moved on to the Iron Hill Brewery in Lancaster, PA where they drank at the bar and chatted with a few women in the bar, with one of them even trying to buy them drinks! Jon and Kevin were overheard talking to the woman and he said he was with his kids earlier and then was visiting with family.

    Jon told the woman they were doing a bar crawl and had been to T.J. Rockwell's, the Watering Trough and Bube's (pronounced Boob's) Brewery in Mt. Joy. PA. Jon said that he liked dive bar the Watering Trough because he went there before he met Kate. Kate's brother Kevin was very outspoken against his sister and Jon last year and said in exclusive interviews with RadarOnline.com that the Gosselins were using their divorce and their children for the reality show ratings.

    ""We're just so heartbroken and sad about the announcement they made... an announcement that could be so life-shattering for a young child. It was used to gain ratings without any regard for my nieces and nephews." After Kevin accused Jon of exploiting the children for TV, Jon fired back in a video interview that Kevin had no idea what he was talking about and wasn’t a part of their lives.

    Jon was spotted at the Kreider home in October, while Kate has said that she and her brother have been estranged since he started speaking to the media about her. Looks like we know who got custody of Kevin in the divorce!

  50. Wow, I can't believe Kate would actually say something so blunt about hating her hairstyle and that it made her look like a Tiger Woods bimbo. I think that would be really insulting to the guy that did her hair and that even if she didn't like it, she would be more tactful about it. I bet she is having a hard time getting used to it though and wouldn't be surprised if she did change it soon. She'll probably wait till her own hair grows out more and then get rid of the extensions and do a bob or something. I hate to say it but this hair does give her a slightly bimbo-ish look.I mean, it suits her and she looks really pretty but just kind of floozy at the same time. I guess knowing her personality as what we know it as, it doesn't suit her personality. Maybe the kids don't like it either since it makes her look so different.

    As for Jon bar crawling with Kevin, WTH??? Yeah, I guess we do know who got Kevin in the divorce! I'm surprised that relationship has continued given the Kreiders put everything out into the media before anyone knew anything and said all that stuff about child exploitation. I wonder how Jodi felt about her husband out with Jon at all hours?

    Btw, I finally got my hands on the People Magazine with Kate and she mentioned spending a day and a half together for Christmas with Jon. She said he was still unhappy and not himself and that it was a very uncomfortable and tense day and a half. It's surprising that there hasn't been more out there about their day together. On Mady and Cara's birthday, they had a live feed outside the home. I guess this is proof that people are finally getting over the drama with this family. While I'm glad their every move is not such fodder for the tabloids, I would have liked to know how things went together at Christmas. It sounded like Kate was fine about it but Jon was being the pain in the butt. I hope he didn't sit around and sulk the whole time. That would have made the kids feel real good!

  51. All I can Say is HA HA HA HA Jodie !!!!!! Kevin & Jon out till 4am at Bars talking to women........Hmm how does she feel now???
    I guess Kevin & Jon are BFFs now. And really your husband is out till 4am in Bars talking to women. Lets see how Jodi feels being in that spot now.
    What comes around goes around.

  52. Single now, I guess Jon can do whatever. A bit surprising that he chose to do it with Kevin since he said a number of times in the past that he and Kevin were not particularly close. Somehow whenever he us with Kevin I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  53. Kate is a good Church going person. I don't think she would want to walk around with a hairstyle that makes her look like some young bar hopping chick, so I think she would say something like that about her hair. She wanted to look young and stylish, but not wild.

  54. Linda,
    Thanks! We did have a great time. I hope your choral group trip works out great. Sounds like fun. I guess anything at Disney would be fun.

  55. I personally don't think it's a big deal that Kevin went out drinking with Jon to a few bars. What's wrong with that? I think a lot of married men go out for drinks with friends once in a while. A lot of married women (with children too) do that too.

    Talking to girls? If Kevin was flirting or trying to pick them up then yes, that's just wrong, but "talking" to girls? I don't see the big deal because I would think they only got attention from girls because of Jon Gosselin. It would be different if they were out girl hunting.

    I personally don't think Jodi would be upset Kevin went out with Jon for drinks for one night. Now if he does it every weekend or every night then that's a different story, in my opinion.

    I do however, feel Jon should stay away from bars because it seems like he comes from a family with drinking problems, if that indeed is the case.

  56. Linda said...
    Single now, I guess Jon can do whatever. A bit surprising that he chose to do it with Kevin since he said a number of times in the past that he and Kevin were not particularly close.

    I personally get the feeling that Jon said a lot of things when he was under TLC's thumb. Things that weren't necessarily the truth but said to coincide with what TLC wanted us all to believe. He may have actually been told what to say by TLC. Possibly.

    Jon did seem close with Kevin in the episode where they organized the garage. Maybe they weren't best friends but they seemed to have a good comfortable relationship and they got along really well. Same goes for the episode where they built the stands for the carnival birthday party.

    In the same video interview Jon also said they only filmed the children two or three days a week for about three hours a day. We saw on the show that they filmed from early morning into the evening hours on a lot of episodes. Especially ones where they spent the day out doing something special.

    I really feel Jon said whatever he had to say to dispute Kevin and Jodi at the time. He has since said that he apologized to them, if I rememeber correctly. I think it was on the Larry King show.

  57. SchmeckyGirl - re Jon and Kevin and drinking. Sorry if what I said came across wrong. Again, I have no problem with the pub crawl (other than Jon's problems with alcohol) nor with him choosing Kevin. What I meant was that the past 3 times the Kreiders & Jon have been together that within a few days there has been some kind of "bombshell" type announcement so it leaves me waiting for a shoe to drop. But I think it is fine if they go out.

    I should say that I don't quite undestand the pub crawl until 3 or 4 in the morning because I think it gives you wrinkles and a fat stomach, ha ha, but then that's just me. A beer after work, sure. A lot of beers just seems like a lot of empty calories and the ensuing hours on the treadmill, but that's just me.

    I don't necessarily buy that it was TLC putting words in Jon's mouth. Sorry but he's just not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I just don't think Jon is able to maintain a consistent approach to anything without contradicting himself. And his statement that he and Kevin were never close came after Jon's break with TLC! But, hey, if they are "buds" now, I have no problem with it.

    Sigh. I do wish Jon could find a purpose and direction in his life. Toward that end, he has my prayers.

  58. Not a big deal for guys to be out at bars, BUT would you want your husband photographed at bars ??
    And if history repeats itself, usually these bar photos w/ Jon often lead to a follow up story ..... stay tuned