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Jon Gosselin: Matchmaker, Jon's New Girlfriend? 2009 ReCap The Good & The Bad, New HOT Kate!

Hello Gosselin fans! This week its time to shed the Holidays. Whether its the pounds you gained or the ornaments on the massive tree, I for one find this time of year very depressing. And while TLC did the right thing by giving Jon a muzzle, it does seem very oddly quiet in Gosselin land. Some sites even took to blogging about me lol, which means it must really be a slow news day. Keep it coming guys! Who has already given up on their New Years Resolutions? Maybe if you felt a bit charitable but never got around to doing it, would a FREE TICKET TO DISNEY give you that push? Cause as part of the "Give a Day. Get a Disney Day." program*, it’s time to choose a volunteer activity at a participating organization in your community! And the sooner you complete your volunteer service...the sooner you’ll be able to get your FREE ticket to a Walt Disney World® or Disneyland® Resort Theme Park. I already signed up. I hope you do too!

Kate's Quote From Her Hot New Cover Look on People!

"I'm starting over. It's good to have hair again. I never thought I'd have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life. I'm rebuilding. There's no option for this not to be a good year. Now I get to start over with a new self and new goals."
Michael Lohan Dating Jon Gosselin's Ex Kate Major!: Radar.com
It's official. Michael Lohan, 49, is dating again, and his new squeeze is his former pal Jon Gosselin's ex-flame Kate Major -- who at 26 -- is only three years older than Lohan's daughter Lindsay! The happy couple arm-in-arm and hugging at the Walt Whitman Shopping Mall in Huntington Station, New York, where the couple went ring shopping!

Michael and former entertainment magazine reporter Kate even posed and joked during their low-key night-out. While Michael denies, publically at least, that he's romantically involved with Kate, "They had dinner together at California Pizza Kitchen and he snuck a little kiss. Then they went to a couple of shops in the mall, including a jeweler, where she left with a couple of huge sparklers on her fingers. "However, she wasn't sporting anything on the engagement finger - just yet!" Michael and Kate spent the holidays together in Chicago and even shared a hotel room in NYC during their depositions in the TLC lawsuit against reality-TV dad Jon Gosselin. Just when you though it couldn't get more bizarre.
Michael Lohan Challenges Jon Gosselin To Boxing Match
To recap: Michael has bro-mance with Jon, Michael plays matchmaker and introduces Kate to Jon, Jon splits from Kate and Michael's there to pick up the pieces. And we thought Lindsay's life was a spin out! Michael commented on the new romance and his whirl-wind weekend with Kate: "Since Kate secured employment in NY we have been spending a lot of time [together]. After all we have been through together we have become very close friends. The diamond ring in question was a ring I went to get appraised for insurance purposes. The BMW X5 is a second car. As far as the tattoos are concerned, I got mine as a dedication to God, my family and a new beginning. Kate got her as a dedication to her mother."
Jon Gosselin’s Got a New 23-Year-Old Girlfriend?: Hollywoodlife.com

Kate Gosselin and Hailey Glassman who? Jon Gosselin already has a new woman! Are you ready to say goodbye to the Gosselin Girls of 2009? Jon Gosselin definitely is! The octodaddy is bidding adieu to his ex-wife, Kate, ex-reporter Kate Major and ex-girlfriends Hailey Glassman and Deanna Hummel by moving on with a new (and young) lady! Jon, 33, has been quietly seeing a 23-year-old named Morgan, whom he met while on vacation in Park City, Utah, in early December. And, according to an insider, not only are the two getting serious (as serious as Jon can actually get) but he’s actually acting like a GOOD BOYFRIEND. Gasp!

“Morgan is really nice,” the source tells HollywoodLife.com. “She’s pretty average looking – short, dark-brown hair, average build. Nothing special physically, but she’s a sweetheart – and comes from a wealthy family.” The insider adds that the two met during a party in Park City when Jon – then dating Hailey Glassman – claimed to be “snowed in.” (Euphemism much?) Guess we know why
Hailey Glassman finally moved her stuff out of Jon’s apartment Dec. 23 – he had a new girl in his life! Jon’s new foal followed her man to New York, where the two partied prior to the new year at Meatpacking District hotspot Tenjune on Dec. 29. They also attended a dinner party at Jon’s manager Mike Heller’s NY pad, where Jon seemed courteous, attentive and protective of his new GF. “He treats her really well,” confides our source. “He watches out for her. When she drank too much at the club, he made sure she drank water. He held her arm leaving the club so she wouldn’t stumble. He made sure no guys took advantage of her.” Wow – sounds like Jon is turning over a new leaf! Although we’re pretty sure we’ve seen the word “player” in the dictionary – with Jon’s photo right beside it. How long do you think this relationship will last?

Top 2 Scandals of 2009 - Jon and Kate
My Happiest Jon & Kate Moments


  1. EWW! Jon is getting bigger, I'm surprised he can get anybody to be his g-friend.

  2. I agree again with Jons' statement: Nobody wins in a divorce. It takes somtimes years to get past the hurt.
    I enjoyed the funny parts. Yesterday, I was trying to find the reruns of J&K and couldn't. Somtimes, I like to tune in to them, but none were on at all. Have they stopped running them?

  3. Thank you for posting the "My Happiest Jon and Kate Moments" I needed a pick me up today. I have been missing seeing the show a lot lately. I relate so much to the family especially how they were the First 4 seasons and it always had a way of putting a smile on my face. I have been struggling with loss recently and for a brief moment of watching the memories I forgot that the show had been canceled. Thanks so much for sharing and helping me smile.

  4. Melissa~ Thanks for the sweet note, I miss all the great fun videos I used to put on here. I think in my new posts I'm going to try to go back and show all my old Jon & Kate videos. My favorite episode of all time was the Valentine's Day one. So I will definetly re-post that one as well.

    I'm interested to see what everyone thinks of Kate's New Do...I put up a poll to see what the fans think. I really like it. And NO I don't think it looks fake, I just think we all all used to seeing her with short hair!

  5. The jury is out with me a little on the hair...I want to see a better picture of it.

    Thank you for posting that video. It reminded me why I started watching the show in the first place!

    And all I have to say about Michael Lohan...ew.

  6. I don't think the long hair looks bad on Kate I just think the extensions themselves are horrible. The bottom is a totally different color than the top and where the hair meets the extenstions it looks choppy. I also think the pic is terrible. She looks fake. I'd like to see what it looks like in regular pics. That must be why she was wearing a cap and a hood in recent pics... she didn't want to debut her new hair until the People Magazine photo came out.

  7. I am not quite sure about Kates hair...I would like to see a better picture, different angle. I think it will look better once it is her own hair and not extensions.

    I did see something on Huffington post about hailey commenting on kates hair...

    "Hailey tells ET, "I like it! It's a little shocking due to how short it was before. I think a new look is a new start and happier times. She's like fine wine. Better over time. Did I mention how great her body looks? I wonder who her surgeon is?"
    She goes on to say, "Jon's poison. He plays the victim when he is the villain. This is also a way for her to throw it in his face. Jon always gave her sh** about having short hair. Props to Kate. She can now be a MILF!"

    If she really said all this it is kind of comical, b/c didn't she say something like Kate trying to "cry it up/ play the victim" when all of the drama began.

  8. Her hair looks fake.

    Her message is great, though. New year, new start. Way to go!

  9. Well let me just say this...I love the "style" of her hair. Long hair suits here. As far as the hair ITSELF, well synthetic hair "ala" Britney & Kim from Real Housewives, never photographs well, BUT does look good in person. Nothing beats real hair. Both those celebrities and even Kate CAN afford it, but its very expensive. Also syntheic stays nicer for a bit longer, real extensions get rattty and dont last as long.

    Kate being the "mommy-on-the-go" person that she is, probably opted for a more easier look...just sayin ;)

  10. Whoa, Kate looks so different!! It so weird, I kinda of miss the long mullet thing she use to have, but I will get use to it. i really hope Kate comes back to do something on TV,I wonder what the waitress thing that she did a couple weeks ago?

    Kate Major and Micheal Lohan=love! Those two are plain creepy! He's 49 she's 26, he's worse then Jon!

    And wow Jon another younger girl, what is this your like 4th girlfriend since the separation, and Kate still has not had a boyfriend yet?

  11. I missed watching the show soo bad on Monday night. Those kids are sooo sweet and personable. I wonder what they think of Mom's shocking new hairstyle. I am glad she's up for change, but I hope she isn't trying to compete with Jon's 23 year old girlfriends. I also hope Jon was able to take Cara skiing, but I doubt it.

  12. Kate is so darned cute! She could put a paper bag on her head and still look amazing! I LOVE her short hair, but the long looks so pretty on her too!

  13. Im not to sure about the long hair I think if it was real and not extentions it would look better and we definatly need a much better picture. I definatly miss the Monday shows and I hope the new year is going well for Kate and the kids!

  14. I think she looks amazing..God Bless her she so deserves it.I hope she finds true happiness

  15. Although Kate's pics of her new hair with the extensions are really different and will take some getting used to for me, I think she still looks great no matter what. It does show somewhat how she'll look when her real hair grows out and I'm anxious to see how it will be. I think the nice softer style suits her really well. I'm excited for her, facing new & better things. --- GO KATE, GO!!

  16. The fact that this is Hailey Glassman saying this makes my jaw drop. Maybe to get back at Jon ? But sheesh!

    Entertainment Tonight got Jon’s ex Hailey Glassman’s reaction to Kate’s new look:

    “I like it! It’s a little shocking due to how short it was before. I think a new look is a new start and happier times. She’s like fine wine. Better over time. Did I mention how great her body looks? I wonder who her surgeon is?… Jon always gave her sh** about having short hair. Props to Kate. She can now be a MILF!”

  17. Sorry, but I think the mag that reported that Jon had a new GF retracted that statement, as it was his friend's GF. He was just talking to the woman. Surprisingly, Jon isn't involved with anyone but his kids and that is a good thing. Don't you think? Everyone would like to see Jon get back on track.

  18. Maybe Hailey wants to align herself with Kate now that she too isone odd Jons despised ones. Maybe she thinks she can get some media attention from Kate. Itsreally kind of sad.

  19. i wish jon has never done anything to hurt the family nor those women he was havin an affair with...yeah kate might be annoying from time to time but its hard to raise 8 kids alone etc...

    anyhOws i love kate new hair as it suits her a lot and she seems more happier than last year...i wish kate and her kids da best esp aaden and leah..they are my favourite and always will be : )

  20. I think it's the lighting and angles that throws people off with Kate's new hair. The pose they have Kate in on the People cover is a "youthful" pose. That's a Miley Cyrus pose, or a Taylor Swift. So, it doesn't quite fit with who she really is at this stage in her life. I think a little less wind machine would have added some credibility to the shot as well. I like her with the long hair, though. I'd like to see a normal non-magazine shot of it.

    Jon really is porking on the weight, though. I mean, compare the latest shot of him to the one at the top of the page in the green sweater! It's a whole different person! He really needs to be careful!

    The Hailey quotes are interesting... I guess she senses that popular opinion is on Kate's side now and is going to be on her team. I hope Hailey, for all her issues can get on with her life.

  21. It isn't Gosselin related, but since many of you have small children, I just wanted to let you know to be careful with the usb cables that you charge and sync ipods/iphones with. A toddler was taken to Denver Children's today with electrical shock and third degree burns in her mouth from putting the ipod end in her mouth while the other end was plugged into the computer. I never even thought about this and I leave my cord connected to my computer all the time. My prayers go out to that family

  22. I like Kates long do and it gives her a new look while her own hair grows out. The front page pic of her on people just doesn't get it, it makes the color look horrible. On et last night they said it took 20 hours to put in the extensions, so that why she wore a hat and hood. When she did the Morales interview, I liked how soft and flowing her own hair looked. Just beautiful to have natural hair. Long or short! JMO! Who's that guy she pictured with above??? Is that the other body gaurd?
    Hailey - sombody said she should get on with her life! She doesn't know how to have alife. All she has done is ride on the coat tails of the Gosselins trying to find fame, and she is still doing that.
    I bet Kate doesn't say one word about her.
    Gotta go get some groceries before Mother Nature dumps on us. Have great day everyone! BYE!

  23. I have a clip on my tivo of an interview with Jon where he talks about dieting and that he's considering surgery to help him lose weight. It was a short interview on either the insider or ET -- I've looked on both sites for a written version - but can't find it. I wonder if he is still pursuing that or if Hailey's dad was going to do the surgery for him?

    Who's the guy in the photo with Kate? I'm not making the connection as to who it is?

  24. Well, the kids finally got back to school today after almost 3 weeks off so maybe I can get back to my routines too. lol It was hard being away so much!

    That said, I was really surprised to see Kate's new style! At first I thought it was one of those "what if she got extensions" shots but then I saw that it is real and she did get them. I always thought she would just grow out her own hair and start styling it differently like they did on The View but I guess she was really hankering for a bigger change. As others said, I am still out on it. I like the way she looks with longer hair but also don't think it is the most flattering picture. I think it is going to take some getting used to so I'll take a few days to get used to it before making a decision. lol Also, I think the top part looks kind of choppy because her own hair was so short so they had to incorporate her hair in there somehow and it is going to show as short layers on the top. The only thing I don't really like about it is that it makes her look kind of pin up starrish. Not that it's a bad thing but it doesn't really fit with her personality of being a more pragmatic and no nonsense kind of girl.

    As for Haylie's comments, who knows why she said them and if she is sincere. Of course when she was on Jon's side she was going to bad mouth Kate; that is not surprising. Now that she hates Jon she is going to bad mouth Jon and say poor Kate was just a victim of Jon's craziness like she was. She could also be doing it to stay in the media. I don't believe she is as camera shy as she says she is because even though her relationship with Jon is over and everyone's already forgotten about her, she still finds ways to make out there comments that she knows are going to get her attention.

    Jon and this new 23 year old?? I really hope what earlpits said is true and that the magazine retracted their statements. It would be really stupid of Jon to get with yet another Haylie type so soon after the whole fiasco that just happened. He really needs to lie low and be with his kids and repair that relationship before it goes bad permanently. He needs to focus on himself and starting over this new year. He should go back to therapy and work out some of his issues and be a better dad to his kids that is not so concerned with flitting off with every little young thing he comes across. Finally he needs to work on becoming a good partner to Kate in raising these children. Never mind all the attention hogging and put your "family" back together the way he always likes to refer to it.

    Most of all, I hope both these people have a better year this year than last year. I hope they can move on from all this drama and just be happy finally.

    I can't wait to hear about Kate's new projects and btw, one thing I do like about the new hair is how much Jon will be kicking himself at the sight of her. He always said he loved long hair and wished she would keep it longer. This is a great in your face moment for Kate!!

  25. I HATE the new style. Its awful and most ppl I talk to agree with me. Why would she do that??

  26. Finally...family has all returned home and everybody's well. I've been reading daily but no time to post.

    Kate's Hair.
    While Kate's new style is very different, I like it. It's a change but it will take some getting used to it. I think the biggest thing is that she isn't "instantly" recognizable like she was before. Her life is very different now and I think she wanted a different look.

    Best wishes for a great and better 2010 to my blogging friends and to all the Gosselins.

  27. I believe the man in the picture with Kate is Ted Gibson, a celebrity hairstylist, and the man who created Kate’s new look. I think he is on What Not to Wear as well.

  28. Here is another article about her hair if anyone is interested:


  29. The guy in the picture with Kate above is the stylist who did her hair.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

  30. I don't know about Kate's new style. I think it's hard to tell with these studio photos. I'd like to see some candid shots with her new do before I can say if I like this cut or not. But I think Kate looks good with long or short hair, just really depends if she got a good cut.

    Oh for those who are wondering, I read that the man in the photo is actually the hair stylist who gave her this new do.


  31. #1caregiver I'm pretty sure the guy that Kate is pictured with is the new hair stylist they have from What Not to Wear, (he did the extensions). I think he was quoted in the people mag article about how long it took to do the extensions and what a trooper Kate was by not complaining...

  32. I'm sorry, I hate it...not her style, not flattering at all. Not for her

  33. I'm not a big fan of the hair cut but if she likes it good for her. I don't see why Kate had to go on the cover of People to unveil it. Seems like just a way to stay in the headlines.

    I don't think Hailey bad mouthed her except for that one comment which isn't really bad mouthing. IIRC she said good things about Kate numerous times.

  34. #1caregiver said...
    I like Kates long do and it gives her a new look while her own hair grows out. The front page pic of her on people just doesn't get it, it makes the color look horrible. On et last night they said it took 20 hours to put in the extensions, so that why she wore a hat and hood.

    She wore the hat and hood the day the magazine came out, or at least the day before. I don't think it's possible they did the hair and photo shoot and had the magazine printed and published overnight. Not a big deal but still...

    Also she's still wearing hats with her hair either tucked in or totally off. I just saw another more recent pic (taken yesterday or today) and her hair is hidden. Just odd. Even if you wear a hat why not leave it long? 20 hours worth of work and very expensive extenstions and she's not showing it. Just strange in my opinion.

    I also saw an interview with the hair stylist and he said the extensions cost minimum $1,500 and up to $5,000 for what she got. I'm assuming since it was 20 hours worth of work because her hair was so short and he said she had a LOT of hair and most of it was extremely short (especially in the back) that it was in the upward price range. I'm sure she didn't pay for it though because the stylist works for TLC on another show.

    They were also doing photo shoots (and possibly filming) throughout the whole process so I'm not surprised the stylist said Kate was pleasant and didn't complain. Also, since he works for TLC I wouldn't expect him to have anything negative to say about her.

    I do think her hair looks better in the other shots I've seen, just not on the cover. I think she looks good in the other pics. She just doesn't look like Kate Gosselin, but then again most people look better in photo shoots I imagine.

    I think the stylist may regret doing her hair just because there have been so many negative reviews about it. I feel bad for him, but then again, he did the work.

  35. I read the People magazine article. Kate said the children are going to counseling soon. Well it's about time! She said she's seeing signs of them needing it. I think we all saw signs almost a year ago.

    I do wonder if it was something required by the inquiry by the Labor Dept or maybe even the mediator. I also wonder why it took so long for her to get them counseling. But I've very glad they are getting it. I hope it's private counseling so that the children can be honest and I hope TLC has no association with the counselor or that would be a conflict of interest. Filming of their private lives and how it affect them should be a huge part of what they discuss in counseling.

  36. I also read in People magazine Kate said that she has a lot of debt and a lot of anger about it. Why is she always crying poverty? She lives in a mansion. She drives an expensive car. She gets tans, manicures and haircuts. She's always out shopping. I don't think I've seen her wear the same clothes or coat twice. She had her Thanksgiving dinner catered.

    Any debt they have was incurred by both of them. It seems to me they weren't living within their means and that was both their fault. I understand Jon took away the children from filming the show but they had a nice income from the show. They had other income coming in also. Where'd it all go? The show should not have been their sole means of financial income. Is she making any money now? Is she still under contract and getting paid by TLC? If so, for what?

  37. In the LA Times article the hair looks better!

    Thanks for posting that.

    Linda welcome back!

  38. ......I thought just what another mom said.......I thought it was a "what if" pic of what she'd look like with long hair and I immediately thought "I don't like it."

    But.......that being said.......maybe it's just the change.....she's a beautiful woman. I honestly always loved her original short hairdo, somehow in my mind it matched her personality (in a positive way).

    Jon will have more reason to curse letting her go one day!!!!!!

  39. Wow! Is that really Kate?! ;o) The new 'do is certainly a lot different! I think it looks pretty good, but it will definitely be a lot better once her real hair can replace the extensions. To me it doesn't look like the "real" Kate at the moment, but I'm sure that I will get used to it after a while. Good for her for putting herself "out there"! I hope that she makes the best of this new year... she has a clean slate and a new look to start off!

    I think that Hailey is probably just trying to make Jon mad by being all nicey-nicey with Kate! She obviously is angry about everything that happened between them (who wouldn't be?!) and this is just another chance to say "HA!"

  40. Mobius Designs, I tend to agree with you that Hailey tended to avoid the Kate bashing. The ones that I heard Kate bashing the most were sadly Jon and Kevin and Jodie, her own relatives.
    I Kate may have been on the People cover because People might have paid for the do. I also think that TLC is trying to keep her in the spotlight to keep interest alive for the new show. TLCs ratings are hurting from what they were without Jon and Kate Plus Eight. The hair style could be more in line with the new show, although I believe Kate would never agree to soemthing she didn't like, her personality is strong.
    Linda, I missed you posting here, I am glad things are okay, settled down and you are back.

  41. Mosbius,

    It's not like she asked to be on the cover of "People". They are the ones deciding on who, how and what appears on their cover. I wouldn't be surprised if it was their own idea to do the hair change, also.

  42. Schmecky - After reading all your post and then again, it makes me wish I had bought People Mag. today when I was in the store. Hmmm, you made me laugh about the styalist regrets? Too funny, and so he works for TLC, thats interesting.
    Counsiling, I agree its about time. It might have been req. since its so soon after the divorce and the rumor was that they hadn't worked out the custody visitation schedule. J&K could be in conflict and so it was made mandatory. But not by a mediator. their job is to split asset. It would have to come down through Friend of the court. In MI its called The Pyscho-Diagnostic Clinic (sp?). They evaluate each member of the family individually. Even the children at age 3 or 4 and up. Then recommend who they think should have custody and/or visits. Just thought I would throw this in for more info.
    So it also says Kate has allot of debt??? No Comment!

    Welcome back Linda. Hope your Holidays were great, mine were!

  43. Schmecky Girl, How did you already read the people article??
    Doesn't it come out tommorow (Fri) ?

  44. I read the People article today too. I like Kate's new look, but agree that it will take some getting used to. I actually liked her hair before she got the "famous" cut. I hope Kate gets what she wants: new look, new year, new start. She deserves it.

  45. The People Magazine wasn't in the Super Wal Mart I was in today, I wanted to read it while I was in the long line. I think it's normal for families to wait awhile before seeking counseling in situations like these. For one thing they think things will get better on their own as time passes, also it takes awhile for the parent to get over enough of the hurt so that they can look at things such as their children's behavior objectively, also the beginning months may be focused on sheer survival. The counseling could be mandated, but not necessarily.
    I also think a lot of people misunderstand Kate's relationship with money. I really think something happened during her growing up that makes her insecure about money while the rest of us see she has plenty. Having said that, I think it would be awesome if she could meet with someone like Suze Orman who doesn't have an agenda of making money off of her privately (not on tv ) to give he some sound advice for acheiving that security that would make her more comfortable.
    I also don't think the hairstylist should worry too much about the complaints, Kate's hairstyle is just hard for a lot of people to get used to, but once they see the same old Kate shine through, they'll get used to it.

  46. earlpits~ Were you talking about the National Enquirer that was the one that retracted the Jon's girlfriend statement? Because they are now pimping a picture of Morgan that I know are probably sent them herself to make good use of her 15 min..I love how they use that lovely "source" quotes, but there is a bit more:

    "Jon met Morgan over Thanksgiving while snowboarding in Utah, and they've been inseparable," revealed an insider.

    "They talk on the phone and text throughout the day, and Morgan flew to New York right after Christmas to be with him. Jon is so into Morgan that he is thinking about moving to Utah to be closer to her." Jon is trying to take it slow with Morgan because the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is still at loggerheads with ex-flame Hailey Glassman.

    "Jon adores Morgan and is trying his best to keep her out of the spotlight while he tries to figure out his life," said the insider. "He flew her to New York right after Christmas to stay with him at his apartment, but after finding it had been ransacked, he immediately drove to Pennsylvania with Morgan, and they crashed at a hotel in Reading.

    "Later, they went back to New York so Jon could figure out the apartment situation. Morgan helped keep him calm, and he was extremely thankful to have her there." Morgan, an attractive brunette, is a ray of sunshine in 32-year-old Jon's otherwise messed up life, say his friends.

    "Jon is going through a really rough time," said the insider. "He and Morgan are becoming very close, but he's being really cautious because of everything he's been through."

    See photo of them here:

  47. I think that she looks great. She is beaming and she looks very, very happy. It's a fun look and it reflects her desire to move forward.

    I totally agree with you lucysmom I am sure that People wanted to do an update and she obliged. Good for her.

    In terms of Hailey, well she got an opportunity to experience the real Jon. Is anyone surprised with her reaction? I'm not.

    Also in terms of Kate's debt, I am not surprised? Anyone that lives in the tri-state area knows how expensive it is to live in this area. I am sure that they both made purchases with the understanding that the show would continue, at least until the end of this contract. In terms of her clothes and what she wears. Lately, we see pictures of Kate once in a blue moon. How do we know what she wears everyday and most of the time she is at Target and I think that she is entitled to go to the mall if she wants. Many, Many woman get their hair done, tan, and get manicures.

    She stated a fact she has debt, like the rest of us, she needs to work, like the rest of us. It does not seem that she can rely on her husband. I really do not consider her house to be a mansion, there are nine people living in that house. IMO it is size appropriate for her family. Could she go smaller if she had to? I am sure that she could, if she had to. She is just stating facts. People really need to stop micro-analyzing everything that she says. GEEZ

  48. Did anyone see Piers Morgan on Today this morning talking about Jon and Kate? He said that they were bad parents and unable to do anything. They had no talent so what are they doing on magazines anyway?

    I found the link. It is about 4 or 5 minutes in the clip. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/32967136#34748765

  49. I think I like Kate's hair? I have long hair very similar - so how could I say I don't like it? haha

    I do think, however, that it might have been a smarter move to maybe shoulder length extensions at first - then later move to longer ones? I think it's SUCH a drastic change that it really comes off as 'fake' - and that's kind of sad. I agree that with time it will lose some of that feel if she keeps it that way for a long period of time. It will just take time for everyone to adjust. Shoulder length would have been a nice transition IMO.

    As for Jon - WHAT is he thinking? Why in the world would he let ANYONE take a photo of him with a new woman? I mean if he even gives the slightest care about her - he SHOULD INSIST on a NO PHOTO rule! And, unless she is totally clueless, OR, looking for HER 15 minutes -- common sense would say "NO PICS" .....? Am I crazy to think anyone with half a brain would get this? Also, what kind of girl meets Jon Gosselin - after ALL THAT'S BEEN IN THE MEDIA ABOUT HIM -- and travels back to NY with him, talks about moving in with him - after knowing him for such a short period of time? WHAT are we teaching our daughters??

  50. If I were any of this Morgan's caring friends or family, I'd be telling her, "Run, Morgan, Run... as far away from Jon as possible, before you become tabloid fodder along with him, Hailey or the rest of his other 'victims'!"

  51. There are photo's on TLC website about Kate's new hair as well as on Radaronline - which said it has to be redone every 3-4 months, crazy!!!



  52. I have not been to this site since the show was canceled, nice to see it still here. Kate has been hot for a while, and looks hotter without the momdo. She got a makeover before when she started exercising regularly, tanning, and getting The Kate hairdo, so I am not sure how this is magazine cover news. I kinda agree that they need to just lay low for a while, and stay out of the spotlight for now.

  53. Re: Kate's new hairstyle.

    1. I couldn't find the additional photos of Kate's hairstyle on the TLC website.

    2. Don't understand the big deal about Kate wearing a hat over her new do. She often wore the cap in the past. Maybe it's a security blanket.

    3. How do we know that she "loves it." That kind of change takes getting used to. Even the stylist said he spent a lot of the 20 hours convincing her to have it that long. Conversely, maybe she doesn't want the paps screaming at her about her new do.

    4. The old do didn't take that long to do. Even with synthetic, weaves take a while to dry. It also takes getting used to the extra time to do it.

    5. LOL, I'm gorgeous also (not) and sometimes I just throw on a cap and tuck in the hair when I don't have oodles of time to spend on it. I just don't understand the big deal.

  54. Re: Kate's debt

    I feel certain that Kate has money saved and invested. That doesn't mean that she doesn't have debt. I'm sure she wants income so she doesn't see her savings and investments "melt."

    The kids are in school now and that means extra time. Also, she has extra time on her non-custodial days. People who just sit around get depressed. She's young and doesn't want to just sit around.

    Instead of bashing her, I think she should be commended for wanting to work.

    She's got lots of kids and no steady income now. Sure she has money saved but it's for much older years, not for using up now.

    How can anybody know whether or not the Gosselins were or weren't living beyond their means? We don't truly know what their total income was, nor what their expenses were.

    Given the poverty that Kate experienced in her childhood, I'm sure that she is completely uncomfortable with having no income at present. Also, with the kids, I'm sure she's worried about tutoring, braces, health care, clothing, tuition, glasses, and counseling -- and none of those things come cheaply especially times 8!

    I would highly doubt that anybody other than Kate is paying for anything now. i.e. I wouldn't expect TLC to be contributing.

    Yes, Jon is supposed to pay child support. But without income, I'd expect it to be difficult for him.

    The only person Kate can count on is herself. I admire her for being a standup and wanting to work.

    How about giving her a break! If she said, "Oh, I'm going to just stay at home and be with the kids," she'd get bashed for not wanting to support them. If she looks for work, she gets bashed for not being with them 24/7 (and people conveniently forget she can't do that on non-custodial days.)

    If she gets her hair done (or nails, pedi, tan, etc.) she gets bashed for being a spendthrift. If she didn't do it, she'd get bashed for letting herself go. (But these same bashers ignore Jon for letting himself go.) She has pride in herself, and folks that's a good thing, not something to get bashed about.

    We don't know if her shoes, clothes, etc. were paid for by her or if they were gifts. I have some of the expensive brands and yet I paid less than half retail by ordering them from shoe outlets online. Kate spends a lot of time at UPS, so how do we know that she doesn't do the same or something similar.

    So, I'm proud of you for wanting to work Kate, for wanting to move forward, and for wanting yourself and your kids to look great. You go girl! The bashers will always have something to complain about. IMO that stems from nothing more than Jealousy with a capital J!

  55. Personally I don't care if Kate or Jon has debt or not. I don't care if she wears the same thing every day or a new outfit every day. I don't care if she shops at Target or the mall or has her hair and nails done. I'm just tired of hearing her complain about her money problems.

    Seriously, who goes and announces their financial problems for all to know. I just get the feeling she has a motive for saying it. Possibly hoping for a media job offer or more love offerings or someone to realize she needs her children to continue on the show so she can support them. Maybe there is no "motive" for saying it but I just get that feeling. Either that or she wants it out there that it's all Jon's fault because he stopped the show.

    Stating that she has a lot of anger about having debt makes it seem like she feels it's not her fault.

    And yes, you're right, it's not really a "mansion", I agree, but it's a huge expensive home with a lot of property and a less expansive and expensive home can still fit them all comfortably, but within their means.

  56. Re: Jon and new GF

    Well, we don't seem to know if Jon does or does not have a new GF named Morgan. She's alternatively called his new GF or one of his friend's GF.

    We're told that she flew to NY to be with him and also told that he's thinking about moving to Utah to be near her. And, we're further told that Jon's "taking it slow."

    Jon's divorced now and I truly hope he can, indeed, find somebody with whom to be happy. I don't begrudge him at all.

    If he is thinking of moving (and we don't know at all for sure), that doesn't seem to be "slow" but, whatever.

    She's 25 and thus at least a few years older than his other "loves." Who knows, maybe he's going for "older" women now, lol.

    But, you go Jon. Be happy. Just don't trash somebody else's life. Go slow, and think before you jump!

  57. Wow. There's a photo of the knife stuck in Jon's dresser on radaronline. Too bad we can't zoom in on the note.

  58. Reenie, I saw scans of the article online. You can google for them. I refuse to buy rag mags. Viewing them online doesn't contribute to their sales.

  59. I don't see how any of Jon's girlfriends can be considered victims except for Deanna (even if she can be considered one). If they truly did not want or liked the media attention they would not have done all those appearances once they broke up. Hailey wants to 'move on' but continues to tweet and make appearances to talk about Jon and Kate. No one is forcing her to go on those shows, she could of easily went back to obscurity like Deanna. Morgan clearly knows what she's getting into. Everyone criticized Jon for dating before he was divorced and now when he is they still criticize.

    I don't see why Kate needs to broadcast her debt problems to the world. Is it just to gain sympathy again? If she was in serious debt she wouldn't continually go to starbucks and get tans and her nails done, plus pay $7K for a hair cut.

  60. Did anyone see the photo of Jon's apartment after the ransacking on Radar?! There's not much to see besides, the knife and the note... but what did catch my eye was a school picture of little Alexis lying on his dresser with a bunch of other junk! Not sure if that was done by the "suspect" or Jon himself just didn't care and left it there, but it made my heart ache!

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that I really enjoyed the clip of favorite Jon and Kate moments! It was the perfect time to post that... consider everything that has happened. I reminded me of how much I enjoyed the show in the first place! Thanks! :o)

  61. In reply, I think it's great Kate takes care of herself physically, but if you can't afford it you do your own nails, you get a hair style that doesn't require a lot of upkeep. IF you can't afford it. If you can, then great.

    I think it's great Kate wants to work too. I honestly do. But IS she working right now? I just wonder what income she has coming in to support herself and her children right now that she's not working. I don't think TLC is supporting her either. If they were, then it would be strange they are paying her for nothing. I only mention it because she's the one that mentioned that she's so angry about being in debt.

    Why can't she get a regular job while the children are at school and her non-custody days if her debt is that bad? Be home with them when you have custody.

    And it's not just Kate I'm talking about. Jon should be doing the same thing. What are these two doing to improve their financial situation? Of course we don't know... maybe they do have some sort of income, but it just seems they are both just waiting for their next TV gig. It may not pan out. Get jobs. Do work. It just seems to me that Kate wants her face on a clothing line she didn't create. She wants to promote products she didn't invent. I know other "celebrities" do that too but they have a craft or a career/talent that they built up and worked hard at. I can't think of anyone else that is famous just for being them. Most other reality stars were actors or wrestlers or models or had some sort of "talent" before they got a reality show. I can't think of anyone else that made a career of it after being on a reality show just being themselves with no profession or talent.

    to be continued...

  62. Part 2.
    As for "jealousy" I think that may possibly be the case in some instances but not all. Other people may feel she just hasn't done anything to deserve so much handed to her. Having 8 children is a lot of work but plenty of people do it while supporting themselves.

    Other people, myself included, just don't agree with a lot of things Kate does, especially regarding her children and filming them and how she treated her husband. It's not a matter of jealousy.

    I wouldn't trade my life for Kate's in a million years, or for a million dollars. Before or after the divorce. Before or after their show. With or without money.

    I think it's insulting when people play the jealousy card. What is there really to be jealous about? Honestly.

    I personally have no desire to be in the public eye or have a television/media career. I don't want 8 children whether I could afford them or not. I shop at Ann Taylor and LOFT myself. I buy nice shoes too and I also am a smart shopper about it. I vacation twice a year. I go to the hair salon. I have long hair already, so I'm not jealous of her hair extensions. I hated her old haircut so I wasn't jealous that she could pull it off. I don't live in a "mansion" but I love my house and property. It's exactly what I wanted to raise my children in. I have all the bedrooms and space I need and want. I also have the security of knowing I can continue to raise my children in their home no matter what comes our way.

    Would I love getting "freebies"? Sure, who wouldn't... but at what cost? So, I'll just pay for what I want and need like the majority of people out there.

    Are people jealous when they question Jon's moves and motives? Are they jealous when they disagree with something he's done? Are they jealous that he got free Ed Hardy clothes when they made fun of it? Jealous when he did media appearances? I doubt it. All the negative comments were made because they didn't agree with it. Same with Kate.

    From where I sit both Jon and Kate have failed at what they hoped to accomplish with their lives. Both have failed at their marriage. Both have failed at having emotionally healthy children. Both have failed at their media careers. Yes, they had a popular show but even that was going down in ratings this past season. It wasn't what it once was even before Jon stopped it. When I look at them the only thing I see that they were successful at was being in every tabloid magazine and magazine cover in 2009 and embarrassing their children.

    I really loved Jon and Kate Plus 8 and loved watching Jon and Kate raise their children together. I was happy for their success and was never jealous of it. I wasn't jealous then and I'm not jealous now.

    I don't hate Kate or Jon. I hope they BOTH get their lives together and are successful in doing whatever they want as long as they put their children's interests first.

  63. Sorry if this posts twice:

    Hailey on People.com:

    And in what might be a reference to her former boyfriend’s now-cancelled TLC series, Glassman adds: “Remember Jon – those eight little people you hung around with while you were running your legalized sweat shop?”

  64. First of all, if Morgan really knows what she's getting into and just wants her 15 min, IMO she's pretty foolhardy. I still think it would be wise of Jon to take a dating breather before rushing so soon after the Hailey breakup and divorce to begin another relationship. I don't think it wise for anyone to catch anyone on the rebound, regardless how famous/imfamous they are.

    Secondly, I highly doubt that Kate paid for the new hairstyle herself. My hunch is that either TLC or People did.

  65. Also... When I used the word, "victims" it was in context in reference to all those sucked into all of Jon's drama, willful or not.

  66. Linda, I agree 100% with your post on "Kate's Debt".

    Schmecky, I respectfully disagree with you, when you simplify (IMO) her getting "a regular job." on non-custodial days and whent the kids are in school. Seriously.........unemployment is at an all time high. Just simply getting a job isn't easy. Secondly...........I personally have three kids, and a husband who travels alot. I cannot hold down a job. One of my kids is the age of the 8 tups and let me tell you......they're home half of the day.......AND - in Kate's case.....can you imagine how many days throughout the winter she must have at least one kid home sick??? I'm sure if not daily, at least once/week. She would have to find a "regular job" that she could go to in the mornings, when the kids are not off sick, and on her non-custodial days???? What "normal job" would offer that type of flexibility???????

    Anyhow, just my opinion. My other opinion is that you really don't sound like a Gosselin "fan" to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. ....wow...the TLC website has a full video of Kate's hair transformation as well as photo's. Looks as tho' they may be revving up for something with respect to Kate. Interesting!!!!!

    I really do miss the show alot!!~

  68. I don't believe for a minute that Kate paid $7k for her hair. TLC or People probably got them done in exchange for the free advertising. Maybe they actually paid for the work but I doubt it. Since he works for TLC they probably just worked something out. I personally don't think Kate would pay that much for anything if she knew it would be made public how much it cost. There would be a lot of criticism.

    As for the new hairstyle I think the other pics in People were more flattering than the cover. I thought the hair looked cheap on the cover. But I always said Kate is pretty and I think the new hair makes her look pretty and younger. I'd just like to see it on her in a normal setting.

  69. I too think Jon should have some "alone time". I do wonder if Morgan is his new love interest. I don't think her age matters so much, but I do hope she is more mature and settled in her life. Jon needs someone with a good head on their shoulders who will treat him well and also expect to be treated well in return. I wish him the best.

  70. alibrootob,
    She could try getting a nursing job again. It pays well and she could work 12-hour shifts for three days when she doesn't have custody. She wouldn't be home with sick kids if she didn't have custody. It's worth trying to get a job until something else comes up. As for being away from the kids in the days she has custody there have been times that she has done that anyway. So if she can't work for TLC she can never get a job?

    I don't understand why everyone feels Jon should go out and find work in this economy but not Kate. Jon also has custody of the kids the for half the time.

    And why is it assumed that at least one kid is home sick at least one day a week? My 6-year-old has taken one sick day this school year. My SIL has 4 kids and they've had perfect attendance every year for a few years.

  71. SchmeckyGirl said...

    I also read in People magazine Kate said that she has a lot of debt and a lot of anger about it. Why is she always crying poverty? She lives in a mansion. She drives an expensive car. She gets tans, manicures and haircuts. She's always out shopping. I don't think I've seen her wear the same clothes or coat twice. She had her Thanksgiving dinner catered.

    Personally I don't care if Kate or Jon has debt or not. I don't care if she wears the same thing every day or a new outfit every day. I don't care if she shops at Target or the mall or has her hair and nails done. I'm just tired of hearing her complain about her money problems.

    It seems as if you do care, A LOT. I read the article. There were a total of two sentences about her debt. I would not characterize that as crying poverty. Why do people have a problem when Kate states facts about her life? Why is hard to believe that she would not have debt?

    Many families purchase their homes and whatnot based on their income. We purchased our home based on both my husband and my income. If either my husband or I were to lose our jobs, we would have debt. Considerable debt... Is that so hard to understand?

    I for one feel that many, many women are jealous of Kate, simply because they feel that she does not deserve her success. That is jealousy plain and simple.

    There are many, many people in this world that live lives of entitlement and they have done nothing more than be born into it. There are athletes, actors, etc...that get paid ridiculous sums of money, more than they can ever use in their lifetimes for what they do. Where is all of the public outrage over that?

    IMO people who bitch about Kate do so, because they need to distract themselves from their own problems. It is much easier to focus on other peoples lives than to take responsibility for their own.

    It seems as if Kate has things in the works for her and I hope that it works out for the sake of her children. I think she looks great, she has a great positive attitude for 2010. I am not jealous of her and I only wish her the best.

  72. I saw the picture of Jon's dresser and while I am not saying that I think Jon did it, that picute looks sooo staged to me. The way the shoe box was positioned and the photograph looked like it was stuck there to show that it was Jon's and the heavy knife wasn't in the note deeply which makes me think it probably would have fallen if it had been in there awhile. Just my opinion. I hope this year brings him some peace and growth.
    I was thinking about Kate with her coupons and laughing at myself today when I noticed that my Bed/Bath and Beyond coupons were expired. Luckily we didn't find what we needed anyway.
    I really don't think that TLC would be keeping Kate if they didn't think she had any talent. A lot of our tv personalities like Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart came from pretty much nobodies without any formal training and such. Maybe with Kate's nursing experience, she could be on a medical show. I also think some of her kids show some real talent and enjoyment of the filming experience, maybe they could act in a sitcom or something.

  73. Schmecky, I certainly did not say that if she doesn't work for TLC she can never get a job. In fact, I would assume she would, as we have heard her say very pointedly that she would do whatever it takes to support her children.

    What I did say is that (IMO) it's complicated with 8 young kids at home in a bad economy, to just pick up and get a regular job. I didn't say it could not be done.

    And I didn't speak about Jon at all. I would assume it would be difficult for him to find a regular job also, just as it is for everyone else.

  74. IMO people who bitch about Kate do so, because they need to distract themselves from their own problems. It is much easier to focus on other peoples lives than to take responsibility for their own.

    Couldn't agree with you more. Like I said on my blog, I really don't care what celebrities are like. I don't feel like I am bringing down a society by watching TV.

    Honestly, I live in the Chicago area. John Belushi was from the town I grew up in. Dan Akroyd frequents here ALL the time. They both were/are jerks. That is a fact and is well known around here.
    Dan actually was so abusive to his limo driver that he left him at an event here recently and he had to find a ride home. But at the end of the day, I still watch his movies. He's funny on screen. Who cares what he is like off screen? What impact does it have on my life if he's mean to his limo driver? I know that people will say it's different because Kate's a reality star, but it's not to me. I started watching the show because her crabbiness made me laugh. I watched her because she KNEW she was crabby and made fun of herself for it. JMO

  75. Oh and by the way...Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons never expire....I recently used ones, that had an expiration date of August, and I was buying Christmas Gifts. So I would hold onto them if I were you.

  76. NJMOM,
    I agree but this blog is not about other people. My point was Kate shouldn't just hold out for a media job because hers seems to be only based on her being Kate Gosselin and having 8 kids. It just may not pan out for her. She may have to seriously consider another job to get out of debt and raise her family. People like Paris Hilton have an inheritance to fall back on if their media desires don't work out. I personally never said Kate doesn't deserve what she got. If she was smart enough to market her family to a network hen she does deserve it to a certain extent.

  77. Just great!! I had a whole long response typed up and the site just gave me an error message and of course it was gone. SO IRRITATING!!

    Sorry everyone, I don't have time to retype but the gist of it was this:

    I don't think it's wrong for Kate to enjoy being on tv since she has had the opportunity to do so. If people want to put her on tv and other people want to watch her then more power to her. I am happy enough knowing that if she needed to provide via a regular job she would do it but if she had her choice she would rather be on tv. People are blaming her for not getting a job to tie her over till the next tv gig but first of all, like someone else said, it is not easy to just snap your fingers and get a job these days, especially one that would be suitable for her family's hours and second of all how do we know she isn't getting a job becuase she's working on a new project with TLC as we speak? Just because it's not public knowledge, doesn't mean it isn;t happening. There is also the matter of contract. If it's true that Jon can't get other employment while under contract to TLC, then the same must be true for Kate too.

    As for Jon and this Morgan person, I also feel he is now entitled to find happiness and hope he does. My problem with him is the speed with which he falls in and out of love. Hailey was already a rebound relationship that started before he was even officially separated from Kate. In a short couple of months he said she was his soul mate and he loved her more than he ever loved Kate. Look how that turned out. On the heels of that comes this person who is also reported as being so special to him and that he likes her so much he doesn't want to make the same mistakes as with Hailey. First of all we don't even know if this is true or not and whether Morgan is really his gf but if it is, come on, doesn't that make her the rebound to his rebound??? He needs to slow down and take a breath. Focus on his kids and if love comes along then great. He's only 32 as he keeps reminding everyone. He has his whole life still ahead of him. I just think he needs to be there for his kids now without his emotional life all cluttered with drama!!

  78. SchmeckyGirl,

    Of course this blog is about them, but you contradict yourself. You are and have been VERY critical of Kate. It is VERY Obvious, that you are not a fan of hers. And then you say that you don't care. You nit pick and micro-analysis everything that she says.

    My point continues to be that WE do not know her financial situation, for all we know she may be getting something from TLC, as it seems as if she has something in the works with them. I work and I have debt. I think that her statements regarding her debt and her anger about her debt, has to do with the fact that was relying on a specific income to support her family and now she does not have that because her ex-husband was pulled the plug on the show, because he is SPITEFUL, and because he could and he did it to HURT her. He was not smart enough to think ahead as to how he was going to support his family. Kate is entitled to work in whatever way she wants, just like anyone else on this blog. I am sure that if her plans don't work out, she will have to re-evaluate her plans and maybe we will see her doing something else.

    But to make comments and criticize her for doing things that many of us do, debt or not, is not justified. Does it mean that because I have debt, I cannot get my hair done, get a cup of coffee, or get a manicure. It is just silly and irritating.

    Kate seems to be money savy and I am sure that she knows what she can and cannot afford. She was able to substantiate all of her bills, when she had to go to Court. It seems as if the Court has agreed that she is the more reliable parent. Jon is the one that needs to get his act together.

  79. I think as fans we just need to come to terms with the fact that Kate could find a cure for cancer and bring peace to the modern world as we know it, and yet she will be criticized for anything and everything.

    I even have these crazy debates with family and friends, lol.

    And we're all 100% entitled to our own opinions. For me, though, it sometimes feels frustrating when we are on a fan site and we feel we need to defend her as such. JMO.

  80. Mobius Designs~ I always appreciate you thoughts. They are always thought out and well written. But unfortunately I was not able to post it.

    The simple fact again is that this is a fan site. And since I have to stress, I do not post anything negative about Kate, I feel bad about deleting your post. I hope that you can re-post and I will definetly consider putting it on my site. Unlike the horrific GWOP that deletes every single fan that posts there, I want to give you the opportunity to express your thoughts YOU here. Thanks

  81. NJMOM,

    You're right. I shouldn't have said I don't care. What I should have said was I "normally don't care" UNTIL she complains about not having money to pay her bills or complains in the media about her "debt".

    I have NEVER criticized Kate for getting her hair done and getting manicures and shopping. If she can afford it I always said she should. I always said every woman should if they can. (Maybe you've scrolled past those past comments. lol.)

    I was suggesting NOW that if things are that bad for her financially then maybe she should stop for a while because those are unnecessary expenses. It's called the Latte Factor. When you are having financial difficulty you should cut those things out for a while. It's not criticism. And it's not "silly". It's common sense. If a person can't afford to pay your bills then no, they shouldn't be out spending money on non-essentials. Notice again, I said IF. Maybe she can afford it, I don't know. I didn't say she can't. I said IF. Many people cut out manicures and do their own nails when things are tight. Many people stop buying coffee and brew their own and take it with them.

    As for "debt" I don't know what Kate's debt is. Maybe it's just a heavy mortgage. She wasn't specific. That's why I said IF she indeed has huge debt she may have to change her lifestyle for a while. Why is that criticism? Maybe you read it with a certain "tone" to it that I didn't have when I was writing it.

    I don't think it's criticism to suggest she TRY looking for alternate income IF she isn't getting paid by TLC right now. I said she MAY still be paid by TLC. If that's the case then she may have a nice income right now and not need to get a "job".

    As for being a fan of Kate I have stated several times that I used to be a fan of hers. Now, not so much. I am, however,a fan of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (even though I think the children should no longer be filmed).

    I think quite a few posters here used to be fans of Jon's and no longer are. They still post here. They constantly criticize and judge Jon based on things he does that they don't agree with. What's the difference?

    I have NEVER criticized Kate's body or face or clothing like others do elsewhere, or how some here do about Jon. Maybe I have been critical of some of her actions, but I don't think I've been OVERLY critical like many others are. Just my opinion.

  82. I just watched the video on TLC of Kate getting her hair done. I'm sorry, but I think he did a terrible job. No offense to Kate (she didn't do it).

    The front looked good, but the back/crown of her head looked horrible. It was all choppy looking. I couldn't believe that was the finished job. It was almost like the guy figured that part wasn't going to show in the photoshoot (where it looked really good).

    I actually feel sorry for Kate because I can't imagine how she is going to style that herself. I suppose that's why she is still wearing a hat? I really don't blame her. I do not think that was worth $7k.

    I feel bad for her because it seems so many people are criticizing the amount it cost even if she didn't pay for it herself and the results just aren't worth all the criticism she's getting.

  83. allibrootob said...
    And we're all 100% entitled to our own opinions. For me, though, it sometimes feels frustrating when we are on a fan site and we feel we need to defend her as such. JMO.

    This is why I no longer feel I can post here or read and havent in a long time. This is not a fan site it has become a bashing site, and yes I have seen Kate bashed up and down here. Its disgusting!!! I am just glad Kate i better than all of you cause she would never talk about you that way. sad....

  84. Quote~The simple fact again is that this is a fan site. And since I have to stress, I do not post anything negative about Kate~

    Then why do you post negative things about Jon?
    And, I hate Kate's hair. The old hair do suits her better.

  85. I'm assuming it was the first part why it got deleted :P

    My point was that people on here think when someone criticizes Kate these people have their own problems and are the lowest of lows. Yet when they criticize Jon they are doing the world a public service. When someone brings up another side of the discussion and the response is to just scroll past them or that they are projecting their own problems on to Kate it diminishes the credibility of your entire reasoning.

    I don't agree with the court deeming Kate the more "reliable parent". They awarded her Primary Custody, which she ask for and was not contested by Jon. All that means is that they live at Kate's address and Jon goes there during his visitation. It really doesn't show anything towards their reliability or love for their children. If Jon wanted joint physical custody he would be require to take them to his place for his time and why would there be a need for two hosues to fit 9 people? They both still share joint legal custody, otherwise Kate plus 9 would be on TV.

  86. KatherineDenise.......I understand completely.

    I think perhaps what was once a J & K Plus 8 fansite has changed because when Jon and Kate split, we the fans have split with respect to where our loyalties lie.

    And I may as well put myself out there to get shot down., but my opinion(only mine) as to why I personally criticize Jon (now) is because, I believe, his moral compass has been shattered. And quite simply, a million variables aside, Kate has remained morally intact (IMO).

  87. SchmeckyGirl,

    This is what Kate said in the article: "I have a lot of debt to crawl out of, debt that should not be there. …I have a lot of anger about that. But it’s nothing that good hard work won’t fix." I guess you see that has complaining and crying poverty, I see it as stating a fact.

    I did not read anything into your words nor did I read your comments with a tone. I read them as you wrote them and there really is no other way to take other than the way you wrote them:

    " I also read in People magazine Kate said that she has a lot of debt and a lot of anger about it. Why is she always crying poverty? She lives in a mansion. She drives an expensive car. She gets tans, manicures and haircuts. She's always out shopping. I don't think I've seen her wear the same clothes or coat twice. She had her Thanksgiving dinner catered."

    Again, we do not know her financial situation. You don't know how many times she gets her hair done, her nails done, gets coffee, or what she buys, or what she pays for, Do you? You seem to make a lot of assumptions, based on what?

    Jon on the other hand blew through $200,000 in a few months on himself. He is now on his 5th woman in 10 months and his actions have been utterly bizarre. I am sorry comparing Kate's actions to Jon's are just un-compareable. I don't have to criticize nor judge Jon I just have to read and see what he does and his actions speak for themselves.

    I do agree that Kate was deemed the more "reliable parent" and it has nothing to do with physical custody. Jon had to give back all of the money that he took, all of her expenditures were accounted for and it seems as if she received everything that they asked for house, etc...Jon on the other hand owes Hailey a lot of money, he owes his attorney's a lot of money, and he is being sued by TLC. Kate has irons in the fire, Jon has what? I think it is pretty clear that Kate is the reliable parent.

  88. I guess I have a difficult time understanding why people have any interest at all in posting on a Gosselin fan site when you are not a fan of the Gosselin family. It just makes no sense to want to express those anti feelings here.

    If you don't care about them, and want to express hate, there are other sites that will allow you to express that. It saddens me to read it here.

    I wish ALL of the Gosselins nothing but the best!

  89. I don't think people are bashing Jon, I do think we are upset by his choices and actions that he makes and I can guarantee you that if Kate was making the same choices, there would be a whole lot more uproar about it than Jon gets. Remember all of the uproar that Kate got from just the idea that she was having an affair with her bodyguard. If she does anything, a book signing, conference, spa day, etc she gets it for not being with her kids. I haven't heard anyone say that Jon alone caused the divorce or that Jon was unfit to be around his kids or that he doesn't love his kids. I do think that women and mothers can sometimes relate to Kate more than they do Jon. I also think that we can't really know why the courts make certain decisions because we aren't privy to all of the facts and evidence that the judge gets. Its just like that case that that guy Peter brought against Nadya Suleman just based on seeing her aon tv and magazines. He lost because he didn't have evidence not because Nadya is a wonderful parent.

  90. Fame can be fleeting. How do people become "stars"? There are others who've become beloved for a whole lot less exposure than five seasons on a reality series.

    Why do we not have the same affinity for the Hayes family or others? Sometimes it's just that some people have such charisma that you are just drawn to them.

    If you don't like them, or share the affinity, then use your channel changer and watch something else. But, for goodness sake stop bashing those of us who do want to watch. Will I watch Jon in any future series? Probably not because of choices he has made. Maybe, maybe not. Will I watch Kate in any future series?Yes, because even though I don't care for every decision she's made, she makes me laugh, and I find her laugh infectious. Would I watch the kids? Without a doubt. But I would hope that it would be limited to specials as much as I miss them.

    At the same time, again I wish ALL of the Gosselins nothing but the very best!

  91. Hi Baby Mama,
    I've been reading your blog for a while and wanted to say thank you for keeping it up to date with your busy schedule and all. I don't know where you find all the stories that you post but I'm thankful to find all the latest news in one easy place:)

    I saw your Disney post on your blog and loved it. My husband and I are taking a belated honeymoon to WDW and the Disney Wonder cruise at the end of Feb so I'm very excited!

    Anyway, I usually read and don't post but I wanted to say something about Kate's clothes. I've seen a lot of comments both here and on some of the magazine sites about her having a lavish wardrobe now. I kind of feel differently about that. I'm a year younger than Kate and feel like we have similar tastes in stores. The majority of her clothing in Season 5 looked like it came from Ann Taylor Loft, especially all the sundresses. I shop there myself as do most of my friends and we are not at the same income level as Kate. I think that's a perfectly appropriate place for someone in their 30's to shop--they do send a lot of coupons out and they mark down items fairly quickly especially in this economy. I've also seen her(during the show) in stuff from other mainstream stores like The Gap and Victoria's Secret(the swim cover-up). When I have seen Kate in more designer type items, it's usually when she's doing a cover shoot or an interview so my guess is those outfits were either loaned or given to her. I don't think that's any different than anyone else doing a magazine cover shoot. I remember reading a magazine that had Fergie on the cover last year and they mentioned that they gave her a fancy charm bracelet as a thank you gift.

  92. HeatherAV,
    Thanks! Enjoy your honeymoon!!! Make sure you let them know so they treat you extra special.

    I agree with your assessment about the clothes. (I think a lot of people claim she has expensive accessories like shoes and handbags. I did love the shoes she wore on the Today Show!)

  93. NJMOM,
    You don't know how many times she gets her hair done, her nails done, gets coffee, or what she buys, or what she pays for, Do you? You seem to make a lot of assumptions, based on what?

    You are right, they are assumptions. I do assume she pays for her manicures and her haircuts. (Kate claims she pays for her own coffee.)

    I personally don't think she is getting all that for free and I'm basing that soley on the fact that the local companies she uses aren't getting free advertising for it. Why would they be giving her free manicures and haircuts? Maybe, but I doubt it. And I will probably never know. But we are all pretty much basing most of our opinions on what we see online and in the media.

    I don't know how many total times she does any of it but the times I do know are based on the pics I've seen online.

    There are many things I assume. I assume TLC pays for her bodyguard. I don't accuse Kate of spending thousands on a bodyguard. Maybe she is. I assumed TLC paid for her hair extensions. I didn't accuse her of spending thousands on her hair.

    There are plenty of assumptions on here. I always read "I'm sure Kate has money saved", I'm sure "Kate this", "I'm sure Kate wouldn't..." People have assumed Jon is on drugs. People assumed Jon paid for Hailey to go to France. People assume Kate will have to pay for their college and braces, etc.

    I don't think any of us can be sure about anything but we all make assumptions based on what little we know about them and what we see in the media.

    So yes, I assume...

  94. Linda said...
    If you don't like them, or share the affinity, then use your channel changer and watch something else. But, for goodness sake stop bashing those of us who do want to watch.

    Not sure who this was directed towards. I've never noticed anyone on here bashing anyone for watching the show.

    Linda said...

    If you don't care about them, and want to express hate, there are other sites that will allow you to express that. It saddens me to read it here.

    I don't think I've read anything that was considered "hateful" on this site, at least not towards Kate. Frustration or annoyance maybe but that's not the same as hate. I don't think Baby Mama would allow anything that spewed hatred on this site, especially toward Kate.

  95. allibrootob said...

    I think perhaps what was once a J & K Plus 8 fansite has changed because when Jon and Kate split, we the fans have split with respect to where our loyalties lie.

    Well said!

    allibrootob said...

    And I may as well put myself out there to get shot down., but my opinion(only mine) as to why I personally criticize Jon (now) is because, I believe, his moral compass has been shattered. And quite simply, a million variables aside, Kate has remained morally intact (IMO).

    I respect your opinion. You're entitled to it and I appreciate your sharing it.

    I too feel the whole "moral" issue is important, however, I just personally feel it's not a black and white issue in this case for various reasons that I won't go into again since I've stated them several times.

    I am assuming you mean "moral" issues in regard to Jon "cheating". I happen to think there are a bunch of other moral issues at hand that they both are guilty of "shattering the compass", in my opinion.

    Then again maybe we don't really know what either of their morals really are other than what has been portrayed to us.

  96. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I try to make my comments based on facts and not assumptions. Making comments about tanning, nails, and hair cuts are trivial and silly to me, especially since Jon withdrew over $200,000.00, in a matter of a few months, which he was not authorized to make. Now Jon is onto his 5th new lady friend. Where is Jon's moral compass?

    Enough said...This is just more of making chicken salad out of chicken sh*t.

  97. There are pics of Kate out in Reading yesterday with her hair styled. It looks good (can only see the front). It also makes her look so different. (Ironically she was out getting a mani/pedi. lol.) The pics are on Celebrity-Gossip.net.

    OMG!! I just went to get the link to post here
    and there are pics on there of Kate supposedly out on a date with some guy. They are walking outside together in most of the pics and in one they are eating at a restaurant together.

    Here's the link:

  98. NJMOM:
    If Jon put the $200k back how did he blow through it? Or did he blow through a different $200k? There's a difference between withdrawing $200k and spending it. How is it a "fact" that Jon blew through all that money?

    One has nothing to do with the other anyway. If Jon supposedly blew through $200k because he's an idiot and now Kate is in debt because of it why is suggesting Kate cut down on frivilous expenses to get out of debt silly? Maybe it's not fair but that's a different story.

    You "assumed" that Jon stopped TLC from filming his children to HURT Kate and out of SPITE. You don't "know" that. Even if he did do it out of spite maybe it was something he did to take a stand against TLC and not Kate herself. Yes, Kate is affected by his decision but it is possible it wasn't done to hurt her in particular. Like I said, we don't know anything and we all assume.

    Nothing I, or you or anyone else assumes here is going to have a direct affect on Kate or Jon. It's just a natural part of our discussions here. It's really nothing to get bent out of shape about or get offended by. In my opinion.

  99. Again, we do not know her financial situation. You don't know how many times she gets her hair done, her nails done, gets coffee, or what she buys, or what she pays for, Do you? You seem to make a lot of assumptions, based on what?

    Jon on the other hand blew through $200,000 in a few months on himself. He is now on his 5th woman in 10 months and his actions have been utterly bizarre. I am sorry comparing Kate's actions to Jon's are just un-compareable. I don't have to criticize nor judge Jon I just have to read and see what he does and his actions speak for themselves.
    You pretty well contradicted yourself right there. We know nothing about Kate's financial situation but we know all about Jon's? People seem to believe every single tabloid report about Jon but don't believe any bad one about Kate is slanderous. Everyone except for a few people have sold out Kate for money but no one would do that to Jon? Has anyone seen the divorce agreement? The only person who has given details about it is Kate's lawyer, how do you think he'll spin it? Do we know how the money was divided up? Did Kate get the house, then Jon give money for his half? Both satisfied what the Judge asked them, Jon returned the money and Kate proved she spent the money on the kids, I don't see how this shows anything in anyone's favor? There's way too many questions to come to a conclusion of what the court decided.

    Jon is being sued for doing the exact same things as Kate did with permission. Jon went on TV so did Kate, Jon wanted to start a clothing line, Kate already did. He wasn't allowed to do it so that's why he's getting sued but it wasn't anything illegal or did it affect his children at all. People do many things to provide for their children, can anyone say for a fact that a nude dancer is a bad parent because what they do away from their children? We don't know how each parents acts with the kids on their custody time, we've seen Jon in a bad light (Mady and Cara posters, the 'despise' comment, etc.) and we've seen Kate in a bad light (Kate and Mady in Utah, backhanded insults towards Jon, etc.). Any assumptions would be a based on opinion and any 'facts' can be used to prove either viewpoint.

    For as many people on here who will watch the new Kate show just to watch Kate, there will be just as many who will not watch it because of her. You have a difference of opinion on your thoughts about her and that doesn't mean that either of you are wrong. It doesn't say anything about why you choose to like or not to like Kate. And it says nothing about your personal issues and how this effects your opinion of Kate or Jon.

    I have seen people say that Kate needs to bodyguard to protect her from Jon, Jon is a virus that infects people, anyone who even questions Kate is projecting their own issues, Jon is a leach and a weak man and Jon destroyed the marriage because he 'cheated'. If the names are reversed from Jon to Kate, it crosses the line.

  100. According to radaronline Jon is "supposedly" still filing charges against Hailey for vandalizing his apartment. This could get interesting (if it's true).

    I recently got in touch with someone that used to be a captain in the NYPD but he isn't a cop anymore. I am dying to ask him if he can inquire about the case because the NYPD haven't issued any statements, but I'm afraid if I ask him about Jon Gosselin he may laugh in my face. lol. I'm sure I'll never ask as curious as I am.

    I never really discuss the Gosselins with anyone other than on this site. I'm not sure what reaction I would get.

  101. Radaronline is reporting the "date" was Kate's hair stylist. Supposedly he showed her how to style her hair, they went to lunch and then went shopping for hair products with her... something along those lines.

  102. After posting the link, I looked at those pics of Kate and the "date" and immediately thought, "No way!" Sorry, but I just don't see those two as a couple...

    Schmecky... seriously, this is like a secret habit, huh? I wouldn't talk to anyone about the Gosselins! I am sure that I would get laughed out of town. Either that, or they wouldn't know who I was talking about!

  103. Re Kate's statement on her debt.

    Funny how we read the same words and come to different interpretations based on our own frame of reference.

    When I read those two lines on her debt, my feeling was that she was probably irked over the additional legal fees (getting the money put back by Jon, the delays in arbitration over the divorce, etc) And I have absolutely no basis for my interpretation other than my own frame of reference.

  104. Kate and her hairdresser? Ah there we go again with the assumptions...I am not surprised.

    I did not contradict myself, Jon withdrew money, which was not authorized and he had to borrow 90,000 from Hailey, to pay it back.

    So now it is being said that Kate's lawyer spun it a certain way? Don't you think that Heller would have come out with some type of response if it were not true?

    And yeah IMO he blew through alot of money, he withdrew $200,000.00, that was not his, in a matter of a few months; hence he had to return it. Jon is being sued by his first lawyer for non-payment. So yeah he was definetly blowing through money and what is the difference between withdrawing the money and spending it? I don't get that?

    Jon is not being sued for the same thing that Kate did. Kate got permission, Jon didn't. How is that the same? It isn't and that is why Jon is being sued and Kate isn't.

    IMO It is clear which parent is the more reliable parent and it isn't Jon.

  105. Re Jon's debt

    Again my interpretations are based on my frame of reference and nothing concrete. Jon did get sued for non payment by his first divorce attorney. I thought those very expensive bottles of champagne (but anything over $100 is too rich for me not to mention more than $1000+ but I don't have the palate to taste the difference) My other judgments are based on Hailey statements and that's really unfair (that he borrowed $80k from her, didn't pay the condo rent, bought the expensive skull ring etc) So, I take those statements with a grain of salt. When Heller sues for nonpayment, or he gets evicted in NY for not paying, then I guess it would be more believable. I'll just wait and see.

  106. P.S. I checked out the pictures and Kate looks absolutely fabulous...Good for her!!!!!

  107. I did NOT assume Kate was on a date. The captions under the picture stated it. Thus my writing "supposedly" a date. I later stated it was supposedly her hairdresser according to another media source. I was reporting what I read not giving my opinion. Big difference.

  108. Set in the Cleft,
    LOL! Well my husband knows, he's just not interested.

  109. Schmeckygirl, you raised a valid point that made me think.

    "You "assumed" that Jon stopped TLC from filming his children to HURT Kate and out of SPITE. You don't "know" that. Even if he did do it out of spite maybe it was something he did to take a stand against TLC and not Kate herself. Yes, Kate is affected by his decision but it is possible it wasn't done to hurt her in particular."
    I guess because it was around the time that he was saying he despised Kate and Kate was abusing him and he was taking the unauthorized money, and he was displaying such a spiteful demeanor that I made the assumption that the move was primarily against Kate, because he could. You are right that he could have intended to spite TLC and not have really thought about the consequences to Kate and the kids. The sad thing is that the consequences have more of a direct impact on her and the kids than they do on TLC.

  110. NJMOM... The difference between withdrawing money from an account vs his spending the money... in one you withdraw the money from one account and either put it in another account or hide it in a shoe box etc vs. You go out and spend the money buying things. As for his borrowing money from Hailey, that's her story. We don't know if it's true.

  111. I guess I didn't make it clear the first time. Both Jon and Kate did the exact same thing but Jon is getting sued for it. The only difference is Kate had permission and Jon did not. I don't see how that points to their reliability as a parent. There was a confidentiality agreement signed on the divorce settlement makes it hard to respond to the "leaks" from "sources".

    Jon withdrew money, and returned it. I'm sorry but how was he was supposed to pay his lawyer bills if his "sole source of income" (according to Kate) if he was not authorized to even take money from the account it came to. The lawyer got his money or the divorce would of been finalized. Just for fun lets look at some other stories found in the National Enquirer since the $90,000 from Hailey claim is from there:
    "Jon Gosselin on Suicide Watch", "Kirstie Alley: Only 4 Years to Live", "(Insert Name) Sex Tape", "Kate's Violence Caught on Video" (Picture of her happily playing with the kids at the beach actually), "Oprah's Cocaine Collapse", "Brad & Angelina Finally Split" and the winner is: "She'll (Kate) Lose all 8 kids - Her violent rage exposed". Brad and Angelina have broken up too many time to count according to this magazine.

    And that is why one should take reports from tabloids especially the likes of the National Enquirer with a grain of salt. The one thing that makes very little sense is that fact that she said Jon pocketed her rent money and didn't pay rent. Then wouldn't we be hearing about Jon being evicted? The apartment he has (had?) seems pretty upscale and I doubt it would take awhile to get evicted for non-payment of rent. Jon gets expensive bottles of Champagne and Kate gets $7k hair extensions, whats the big fuss? If your going to complain about one, can you really ignore the other?

  112. No fuss at all, I was just responding to the comment that was made about Kate spending money on clothes, tanning, haircuts, and manicures, because she acknowledged that she was angry that she has a lot of debt. My comment had to do with the fact that Jon made unauthorized withdrawals of over $200,000. I don't know how Jon was supposed to support his lavish lifestyle or pay for his attorney bills. I guess he should have thought about that before he breached his contract and before he pulled the plug on their show.

  113. True, things aren't always what you assume. In some cases you have to depend on the person who is saying something (i.e. their integrity, etc.) along with the timing of what's being said.

    I'd like to believe that Jon chose to stop the filming of J&K+8 because he truly believed it was detrimental in some way to them. It was more difficult to believe, because it had been "fine" the week before, but then we all know that Jon is a little slow expressing himself sometimes.

    However, in the documents released by TLC, the timing and the statements made made it more difficult to believe Jon. Jon asked for "permission" to do the Vegas thingy by his infamous attorney Heller and TLC said no. (And by contract, TLC was well within their rights to say no to anything.) Then, in the Heller to TLC statement that was released, Heller demanded that "TLC grant permission within 30 minutes or Jon would stop production of J&K+8." That very act - i.e. the faxed document by Heller to TLC making that demand, makes me strongly feel that Jon's motive had nothing to do with his children and everything to do with Jon's putting Jon first, "or else!"

    Jon, Heller, & crew played a big gamble - and they lost. TLC again said "No" and the next day the infamous "No filming" sign went up in the yard. Sorry, but I just have a really difficult time buying that Jon did it for the children. Perhaps he subsequently had a revelation in his counseling from the fame hungry rabbi. Perhaps he had been thinking about doing it for some time (Heller's later statement) and just hadn't gotten around to doing it yet. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps? Point being, we'll never know. The timing just seems to stink.

    Was it fair to let Kate do shows and tell Jon no? Point here is that it really doesn't matter about fairness! Both the Gosselins signed a contract with TLC and they had to abide by the terms or risk getting sued (exactly what happened with Jon.) Not much in life is fair, and like it or not, most of us play by the "rules" or we have to accept the consequences.

  114. Mosbius Designs - re your comments on tabloids.

    Precisely! I'd be hard pressed to accept anything that the Inquirer says. I buy about 1/2 of what ROL says (along with Insider, TMZ, InTouch, and US.) I used to pretty much believe what national networks stated but since they no longer follow the "verification by a second source or can't publish rule" they are also little more than "he said/she said."

    That said I move on to your secondary comment. "Jon gets expensive bottles of Champagne and Kate gets $7k hair extensions, whats the big fuss? If your going to complain about one, can you really ignore the other?"
    Uhh, the waiter at the restaurant, along with the restaurant manager both stated that Jon ordered and paid for the bottle of champagne. (Maybe he did, maybe they "comped" it even though they said they did not.) Let's say that he stretched out that expensive bottle of champagne for an hour.

    Contrast that with Kate's hair extensions. During his TV interview, the hair designer said "It would cost about $5K if you had it done in my salon because her hair was so short in the back and so many extensions had to be added." Subsequently the stylist who met with Kate said "it would have cost about $7K if it had been done in the salon." We could take this to mean it was done away from the salon and done somewhere else, or that Kate herself wasn't paying for it. But, for the sake of your argument, we'll ignore that.

    We'll just compare only those two things you mentioned: the bottle of champagne versus the hair extensions. One lasted maybe an hour, the other lasts three months. Hmmm, who got the better value?

  115. NJMOM said...
    No fuss at all, I was just responding to the comment that was made about Kate spending money on clothes, tanning, haircuts, and manicures, because she acknowledged that she was angry that she has a lot of debt. My comment had to do with the fact that Jon made unauthorized withdrawals of over $200,000. I don't know how Jon was supposed to support his lavish lifestyle or pay for his attorney bills. I guess he should have thought about that before he breached his contract and before he pulled the plug on their show.
    Well said!

    Jon doesn't seem to have either good judgment in choosing friends or counsel, nor does he seem able to think about the long term consequences of his actions. i.e. If I "flip off" my source of income, could it dry up? Or, he seems to have inappropriate ideas about the "value" of his participation, i.e. He thought he was so important that TLC would do "anything" and let him do "anything" in order to have his presence or permission. I won't even go into the bad judgment on his part about women (Deanna, Kate2, Hailey) which you'd think would cause him to "think" it through before he entered into another relationship.

    I used to think Jon was fabulous (yep, I really did!) Now, unfortunately, I just can no longer see him as a responsible adult. His actions and choices seem so immature, petulant (always somebody else'e fault), and impulsive. To contradict yourself in the same interview is strange. To go from the Hailey being the "true love of your life" to enemies in a few months doesn't say much for judgment or impulse control.

  116. Hello everyone!
    So sorry I have been MIA for the Holidays! I have been working so hard to pay for my new hair extensions! lol Seriously, We are trying to away for the kids Spring Break and again to Disney in July, so its all about planning and saving!

    I will def. have a new post up by tonight. I will be home more in the next few weeks, but I am also planinng my best friends baby shower and it's taking up all my free time. So exciting, Baby Mama misses holding babies!

    Please stop e-mailing me regarding the downfall of the Chinese wall a.k.a Moons site. The Gosselin hate empire will not truly crumble until the mother ship (GWOP) explodes. To finally confirm that two of the people on THAT blog are ACTUALLY the Gosselins old neighbors peeking through their windows, & still harassing them on blogs is truly SCRAY. I have promised myself that my blog from this day forward will continue to exist until that garbage comes off the web.

    However, I wish Moon all the best. She saw her site snowball into something she realized she didn't want and finally had the sense to shut it down. (Its a shame it took a year and a half, but whatever) The roaches are scrambling and I assume will find another place to rest..But be assured it won't be here.

    I hope to continue to have THE BEST Gosselin Fan Site out there. Peace and Good..as she says ;)

  117. Could the extensions have been paid by People Mag? Usually on photo shoots its agreed in advance that clothes, make-up and hair are included in the contract? Bonus for People Mag is they get the exclusive interview.

    I didn't read all the comments......so this is just my opinion.

  118. I do think the hair extensions were definitely paid for by someone...either People Magazine or TLC. So much has been made of this, including the People article and the video/photos on the TLC Website.

    Linda, and NJMOM, I agree with your opinions.

    I really do respectfully question whether this is really a Fan Site, though. I have been on other Fan Sites and the (shall I say "debates") are usually not quite so heated or even angry at times. I suppose, as I stated earlier, perhaps this is inevitable with the splitting up of Jon and Kate themselves. Maybe we need a "Kate Fansite" and a "Jon Fansite" (lol)???? ........or maybe just call this a "Jon and Kate Discussion Board"......

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