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Was It A Break-In or a Publicity Stunt? Date Kate? Hailey Scared Of Jon, No For Deen

HAPPY NEW YEAR Gosselin fans!! If you happen to read my Twitter account yesterday I was super excited that my parents WANTED my husband and I to go all out and have a good time last night! But things like this never go smoothly, and the horrible freezing weather, the craziness of Times Square and my husband not able to leave work made for the biggest mess in years. I honestly didn't think we could get to each other or make it to each other in time. All was not lost & we safely got together in time before our fairy Godmother turned us back into to speak.. I mean its a long ride back to Queens you know!

Is Kate Looking For Love On TV?

Tabloid-dogged blonde with famous floppy haircut, hot mess ex-husband, and 8 adorable children seeks lasting love. For all you guys out there dying for a chance to date Kate Gosselin, your big chance may be coming - on TV, no less. The mother of eight may be looking for romance on a TV screen near you in the coming year, according to a report from The now-single reality star is in talks to star in a dating show that would document - and possibly aide - her search for love post-Jon, according to the Web site.

"Love her or hate her, people are fascinated by Kate," a TV executive told PopEater's Rob Shuter.
The source added, "She has a lot of mouths to feed and Kate looking for love will certainly put bread on the table." The show is still in the discussion stage and has not been given a go ahead.
Gosselin was reportedly dropped from a TV talk show after filming the pilot alongside potential cohosts Paula Deen, Lee Woodruff and Rene Syler, after the mother of 8 was deemed too controversial because of her contentious spilt from ex-husband Jon. That show was being promoted as a version of "The View" geared specifically to working moms. In December Gosselin was spotted filming a new reality show for TLC, the network that produced "Jon & Kate Plus 8." She was seen serving up pancakes and grits to customers at a
North Carolina diner as the cameras rolled.

Jon Gosselin Break-In A Publicity Stunt?

Jon Gosselin is in yet another he-said-she-said situation -- only this time, it's not with ex-wife Kate Gosselin but with ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman. Jon Gosselin, 32, said that his apartment was ransacked and his belongings vandalized over Christmas -- and hints that all signs point to Glassman, 22, as the perpetrator. When he returned to his New York City pad on December 26 after spending the holiday with his kids, he was "horrified ... to observe his furniture, clothing and personal belongings slashed by a very troubled and sick perpetrator," Gosselin's attorney Mark Jay Heller said.

What reportedly clued
Gosselin into a possible link with Glassman, who split with the reality-show dad in recent weeks? A note that she'd allegedly written, pinned to his dresser with a butcher knife.
But, said Glassman's attorney, Anand Ahuja: "Somebody is trying to frame my client." And who's an obvious suspect for that kind of crime? How about an attention
-starved Gosselin? "I don't know anything about any note and I can't confirm it at this time," Glassman's other attorney, Stephanie Ovadia told PEOPLE. "This appears to be a publicity stunt."

Glassman did take items from the apartment, on which she split the rent with Gosselin -- but everything she took belonged to her, according to her lawyers. Gosselin "told her the apartment would be padlocked because he had not been paying rent, and she should go there and take whatever she wanted," Ovadia said. But Gosselin's camp is hellbent on justice. His lawyer, Heller, vowed to "vigorously" pursue "felony charges." Even so, Glassman's reps aren't rattled. "My client had nothing to do with this," Ahuja said. "As far as she is concerned, it's a hoax."

Hailey Glassman "Very Scared" Of Jon Gosselin, Says Pal:

A close friend of Hailey Glassman’s has confided to that Hailey Glassman is currently ‘very scared’ of her former Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality boyfriend Jon Gosselin. The couple’s relationship has gone wildly off the rails in recent weeks with Glassman filing a harassment complaint against Gosselin with the NYPD on December 20, 2009, after she claimed he pushed her into a wall in the Manhattan apartment that they were sharing at the time.

The reality dad believes that Glassman trashed the apartment on December 27th damaging his property and leaving a menacing note pinned with a knife – all claims that both Glassman and her lawyer Stephanie Ovadia refute. Concerned pal Mandy Sassano told Radar “The situation has gotten totally out of hand and Hailey is now very scared of Jon Gosselin - she just wants him to leave her alone. “She told me that the attack story is true and that he pinned her to the wall of their apartment after he got into a jealous rage when she was photographed with [boxing promoter] Damon Feldman. “Hailey reported Jon to the police and she believes that he is totally trying to set her up and ruin her life now.

“Anybody that knows Hailey will tell you that she is not capable of trashing the apartment that they used to share – it’s just not her style. “She told me that he never even had the Ming vase that he claims that she smashed inside the place. “Hailey is totally over the whole relationship and she just wants to move on with her life. Jon is the one who is acting like an idiot and can’t seem to put it behind him. “She’s now set-up a new apartment in New York but she’s still anxious that he will try and track her down and keep pestering her.

“Apparently, he has a way of finding out where she is through his GPS system and that really freaks

her out – it’s time for him to back-off because her friends and family are worried and upset now.” The former lovers met because Jon’s estranged reality wife Kate Gosselin had undergone a procedure by Glassman’s plastic surgery father Dr. Larry Glassman. The unlikely lovebirds were then photographed together in the South of France before professing their love on various entertainment shows and moving in together. But the relationship has now totally unraveled with accusations of violence, theft and criminal damage, being slung by them both.

Mandy Sassano added: “The truth is Hailey just got swept away in the moment and she now realizes that she made a mistake ever getting involved with Jon Gosselin. “He has manipulated her so many times that she now knows he is somebody that she definitely cannot trust any longer.
“She claims that she gave him an $80,000 loan to re-pay money back into his joint bank account with his wife after he pleaded with Hailey that he could not pay the money and that he feared he might lose his kids as a result. “I remember one occasion when we were out for a meal with Jon and Hailey and a few other people and he actually had the nerve to use one of Kate’s credit cards to pay for the four of us – that’s the type of person he is. “Jon appears very reserved and quiet but he can be very devious and likes to use people and the way that he has been acting recently has been totally unstable. “At this point Hailey wants nothing more to do with him and as a good friend I’m just really concerned that he will not leave her alone.”

Deen Camp Recants Story: Kate Gosselin Was Only To Be Deen's Guest (Yeah Right)


  1. Baby Mama, glad you made it to Times Square in time.

    I do wonder if TLC put the dating show rumor out there to see what the public's reaction, especially the fans, would be. Maybe if people love the idea they will actually do it. Considering all their other tacky shows they have I would not be surprised. But I would be if Kate did it. It's definitely not a classy move.

  2. SchmeckyGirl~ Happy New Year! Hope you had fun w/the kids. I know I have been a bit MIA lately, but I was just too busy the month of Dec. to really dedicate any more time to this blog. I'm glad Jon & Kate weren't all over the place and they gave me a little break.

    I was wondering the same thing. After I read that Bravo was getting pissed that the Real Houswives of NY were asking for more $$$ they put out to news outlets that they were looking for other people to replace them just to shut them up. But it would up backfiring after it all came out. Anyway I do not put it past anybody at this point to put the feelers out as to what they would be willing to watch on TV. Cause we all know Paula is just downplaying Kates role b/c of the jealousy issues.

    Now Jon & Hailey are apparently "trying to work things out" just as I post all this new stuff. I'm thinking myself that weve all been played at this point and it's just to keep Jon in the Media since he can't make any $$$ anyway off of anything. We will see.

    Hope the kids got all they wanted from Santa. Already my kids played with their stuff for all of 2 seconds and are off to the next thing. (sigh) whateva ;)

  3. UPDATES FOR MY NEW BLOG POST ( -- It looks like 2010 may be a less contentious year than 2009 when it comes to the bitter split between Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman.

    According to Glassman attorney Stephanie Ovadia, both camps are reaching out to each other to try to resolve his implied allegations that Glassman was behind the ransacking of their New York City apartment over the Christmas holiday, and her allegations that he pushed her.

    "The parties reached out to each other," Ovadia told PEOPLE. "They mutually reached out to each other and they're going to try to resolve whatever outstanding issues they have."

    And a face-to-face between Gosselin, 32, and Glassman, 22, is possible, she says.

    "I think all the parties are going to meet at some point and we're going to try to resolve a lot of pending issues," said Ovadia, who plans to issue a statement once an agreement is reached.

    A source has previously told PEOPLE that Gosselin had returned to New York and "is speaking to Hailey. They're trying to come to a resolution."

  4. Happy New Year all!!!!!!

    I don't think Kate would do that kind of reality show. To Tacky IMO.

    I had already figured the Jon and Hailey deal was a stunt. They are such trash.

  5. Happy New Year! Glad you were able to hang with DH BabyMama.

    As for the rest...ugh. SOOO over it.

  6. OK, just read the 10 biggest freebees that J&K got. OMG, they didn't even pay for the dogs or the cow themselves. I didn't know that, and its just another thing that upsets me. What did they pay for besides shoes? You don't have to respond to any of this, because I just needed to vent it.

    Just more of my thoughts about Kate doing the dating show. Since she is going to be a nu-bee to other kinds of shows, I guess she will have to start at the bottom and work her way up, again. If she is desperate, it could happen. We all know she wants to stay in the limelight!

    When the money starts to run low, she will have to do something. It will be a long time before she sees a substantial child support check from Jon. JMO!

  7. Top 10 Worst Jon and Kate Gosselin Quotes of 2009

    Jon Gosselin on how his relationship with Hailey Glassman changed his faith and self-perception (some Jewish groups found this offensive): "Everyone in my life is Jewish now ... I love it. I'm now half Jewish and half Korean. The family values are great."

    Jon on his future plans: "I will never do a reality show again. I started writing a book. My book says it all. It will teach fathers a lesson."

    Jon on star-studded shindigs and keeping it real: "I hate when celebrities make a big deal of themselves. When I talk to Diddy, I'm just like 'Hey Sean, no big deal.'"

    Jon overheard saying this to reporters at In Touch Weekly's Idols and Icons VMA after-party last September: "Please write something nice about me."

    What Hailey Glassman tweeted to her thousands of followers after Jon snowed us with his "intentions" on spending Thanksgiving with his kids: "LOL-U are in Utah snowboarding w/'friends'-lol-ur redic."

    Kate Gosselin on how it feels to be a mom of eight children in the process of divorce in front of the whole nation: "On a good day, I feel relief. On a bad day, I feel failure."

    Kate on whether she would spout negative things about Jon in public after he said in a nationally-televised interview that he despised Kate: "I am a high road taker, and...I don't need to say it."

    Kate on whether she thinks her marriage could ever work out: "Call me crazy, but deep down, I still have this hope that one morning, the phone will ring and it will be him, back to normal, just saying, 'Hey, how are you?' or even, 'Okay, that was really weird; aliens overtook me, but now I'm back.'"

    More Photos » .

    Kate after she flipped out at Jon in a toy store on camera, causing him to ask her when she was going to "pull the stick out": "Perhaps [that] was a sign of things to come ... [Jon] just annoyed me. He was playing with toys."

    Kate on how her eight kids felt after Jon kicked TLC's cameras out of their home: "They cried in the van on the way home from school the other day. I finally admitted to them, they kept asking, 'Where's the camera crew? Where's the camera crew? We miss them.' And I said, 'Our show is over.' ... Eight sobbing kids driving home from school."

    Love it or hate it, 2009 was the year Jon and Kate Gosselin invited us into their home...and lived to regret it.

  8. #1caregiver I have to agree about the freebies. The fact that they got the freebies doesn't bother me one bit. Good for them. If you can get them, I wouldn't turn them down. Take what is offered! LOL But what bothers me is how it was portrayed on the show. Just the two you mentioned, the cow and the dogs. They made a point on the show about either mentioning going back in and paying and how expensive it is but worth it because it lasts so long. But they mentioned the twins getting or wanting (been a while) some snack when they went in to write the check.

    Then there was the dogs. And they made a point of showing Kate writing the check for the dogs like she was paying for them. If they were a freebie why fake scene on a "reality show"?

    There are other examples also. Of them talking about paying for things they got for free. Just makes me question everything. Seems like this whole thing is just image building from TLC. We saw how Jon's image went to hell after he didn't have the protection of TLC. The true Jon was out there to see. So now what am I to think? Kate still has the full TLC image crew on her side. Who is the true Kate? The one who wrote the check for the free dogs? Or all these people who keep saying they meet her in cafes and she is nasty and demanding and I have been saying are just jealous?

  9. Happy New Year, everyone!
    Spent NYE playing Wii Sports Resort with the kids...until 12:00! (A real treat for the older kids because their limit is 1 hour per day of video game/computer time)
    The whole Jon and Hailey thing is just too bizarre...
    I don't really think that a dating-type show is right for Kate, either. I think that she actually did quite well on the View. I could see her teamed up for a talk show with an older more experienced interviewer to do a morning-type show(a la Kathie Lee or Kelly Ripa)
    When I was at home with my young ones, I enjoyed those ladies talk about their respective families and I think that venue would work well for Kate. The fans like us, would get to at least hear about how the Eight are doing, yet they maintain their privacy from rolling cameras in their everyday life.
    Sound good on paper (or blog), doesn't it?
    Perhaps, periodically there would be opportunities to follow her & the kids to a special event or whatever.
    Any how, it's just a thought(IMHO).

  10. I hope everyone had a good holiday...I go away for a couple of days not thinking I would miss much, boy was I wrong.

    #1 cargiver you posted about the 10 biggest freebies...I could be mistaken but didn't the show make a point of Kate writing out the check for the dogs and stating that the money raised from this breed was going to some charity, TLC makes me so mad the way the spin things. If they are going to pay for things then just do it, why make a point having Kate write a check out. That's great that they got freebies from the show, but it drives me nuts that TLC tries to hide the fact.

    As far as the Jon/Hailey drama, I just wish they would both go away.

  11. Tasha & Jesse, Thanks for the support. Sometimes I think my comments are coming out of left field. LOL or something because no one responds. Least I am not alone in this one! It's OK they get f-bees, but TLC then makes it look different. I said along time ago that the show was phoney and this shows it. No wonder so many people are sick of TLC and maybe also the Gosselins.

    Tooooo bad the children can't have a show of their own, with neither parent. Just them, running around painting, riding bikes, or whatever!!! 1/2 hour special, once a week, and we'd all be happy. LOL

  12. Tasha, Jess, & All,
    Go to the older post, it says about the article in the reading eagle, please read. You talk about f-bees, This guy says That TLC bought J&K their house. OMG, if its true or not, I don't know????

  13. #1 caregiver.... I always appreciate your thoughts. Especially when they are in synch with mine. Lol.
    Yes I believe a lot of the things they "saved for" were freebies.

  14. Tasha are you the same as Tashapork?

  15. The one thing I will say about the freebies is that actually Jon and Kate were more honest and appreciative about what they had been given than any of the other TLC families . The Roloffs have admitted to getting nothing
    I remember in the early days of Lifetime television network they had a parenting talk show with Joan London called Mothers Day. I could see Kate thriving with something like that.
    I hope everyone is enjoying getting back to normal afterthe holiday rush.

  16. No,Tasha is someone different than me. Tashapork is a combination of two of our dogs Tashawna and Porky that we lost to old age in the last couple of years.
    I thought I has seen in some court papers on Radar documentation of a mortgage on their current home so I am assuming that tlc did not pay for it, they could possibly Have provided some donpayment assistance. I do believe that tlc provided funds for utilities and such that they were using in filming.

  17. tashapork~ I wanted to change my name too this year because after years of people THINKING they knew what it meant they had no idea. So go figure I try to change it to Ava's Mommy and there already is one! Not just that, but apparently she blogs on a Gosselin hate site! My luck.. But if I change it no one will know who I am anyway soo...

    The Hayes show was on this weekend and I got to catch a snipit of it. In just the 15 minutes I saw the mom was having an extension put on the house, getting free Halloween costumes for the sextuplets AND getting a tummy tuck & FREE breasts implants (yes I am aware that its from the same place she apparently works, talk about a bonus!) So I don't want to hear anything about multiples families or any other family on TV trying to take what they can and run with it till the well runs dry. Good for them but at leasts the Gosselins spread it out a bit! lol

  18. Wait... am I missing something? What makes myfoxphilly the factual reporting news? Sounds to me just like one of the tabs. Lots of "sources" referring to different things. Does anyone have actual facts regarding who paid for what and what the next gig is for KG? Is there something I missed on another thread?

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Baby Mama, I don't think it was the Hayes family (Table for 12) that got the extension on the house, costumes, and tummy tuck/breast implants. It was the Masche's "Raising Sextuplets" on Lifetime or WE. I remember seeing the plastic surgery episode earlier this year.

  21. TLC must be out of their minds to put Kate on a dating show. It is so beneath her, I think she's classier than that! I'd be surprised if she'd agree to do that.

    And Jon?? He is so 2009!! HAHA

  22. You are soo right! I am wrong. They all seem to blend in actually. I can't tell all these shows apart. Whoever it was, it was a whole bunch of freebies for one show..

  23. The Table for 12 Hayes family didn't expand their house on tv...they live in Eric Hayes grandmother's house & all additions were done by Eric Hayes. There was a show that had Eric redoing the deck & adding a ramp for Rebecca's wheelchair, but again, the work was done by Eric & Eric alone. Just looking at Betty Hayes you can see she hasn't had a tummy tuck or a breast lift/implant...

    Also, the Hayes only film during school breaks, not year round...

  24. Happy New Year Everyone.....I feel like the past month was a world wind of activity.

    I really hope that this whole thing with Hailey and Jon is not one big publicity stunt
    I dont know why but I just can not get into Table for 12

  25. I don't watch any of the Jon and Kate clone shows, but all people on TV get free stuff. Even "real" celebrities get free stuff so they can promote it. I don't know why people are so shocked about it.

    As for the Kate dating show, there's no way that's true. She's not interested in dating PERIOD, much less while on TV. Now, they could be doing a show about what it's like to be a divorced mom or something like that and eventually dating could be a part of it, but a bachelorette type show? Never.

    On CNN it says Jon and Hailey are trying to work it out. Why their spat ever had to be made public in the first place is beyond me. I don't mean to be a cynic, but it really makes me think it was a stunt. They just have no credibility.

  26. I don't think anyone here is against the freebies. My issues with the freebies are 1) when they pretend they paid for them or saved for them and 2) when the freebies compromise the integrity of the show. It's just wrong to pretend you thought up "family game night" or do an insurance commercial in the middle of your living room during your "reality" show.

  27. Thank You Schmecky, that's what I was trying to explain and you took the words right out of my mouth. LOL. I also think whomever printed that 10 Biggest Freebees List got it wrong. They didn't even mention the trip to Hawaii! I think that was the biggest of all, and certainly the most expensive. Like, it cost more then the dogs.

  28. Happy New Year Everyone!!! I hope 2010 is a great year for all. It has been busy for sure what with NY celebrations and recovering from them. lol Hopefully things will settle down now.

    I will be back to post more later. All 4 kids are still home till Thursday so I don't have too much time at the computer but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

  29. I think it's disgusting that a professional boxer is challenging Jon to box him. And now Lohan too. I don't like how they are trying to bully Jon into fighting them so that he doesn't look like a wimp. It would be ridiculous for him to even consider it. Are they kidding? I think it shows that everything they did was for publicity. The promoter hooking up with Hailey and Lohan always commenting to the media about Jon. It's just so pathetic. Is this all they have to do with their lives?

    Don't they realize Jon isn't allowed to do any media appearances, especially if he gets paid for it. TLC will probably approve this one. I can just see it now... The TLC special "Gosselin Kids Visit Their Dad In The Hospital". They are probably hoping Jon fights the boxer and becomes a vegetable so that they don't need his permission to film the kids.

  30. Harper~ I appreciate all the support you have for my site. Unfortunately there are several blogs that spend disturbing long days discussing this everything that is written here. I just smile and ignore. Its the best revenge, as I should just be flattered that they care that much at all!

  31. Sorry all, I had to remove the link. I have no desire to advertise any hate sites or sites about hate sites.. But feel free to e-mail me privately if you wish for that info! lol

  32. OMG THIS GETS TOO CRAZY! (Don't have time for a new post today but read this:) From Radar:

    It's official. Michael Lohan, 49, is dating again, and his new squeeze is his former pal Jon Gosselin's ex-flame Kate Major -- who at 26 -- is only three years older than Lohan's daughter Lindsay! snapped the happy couple arm-in-arm and hugging at the Walt Whitman Shopping Mall in Huntington Station, New York, where the couple went ring shopping! In these world exclusive photos, LiLo's dad Michael and former entertainment magazine reporter Kate even posed and joked during their low-key night-out.

    While Michael denies, publically at least, that he's romantically involved with Kate, has learned he and Kate made two significant purchases over the weekend: a diamond ring and a new beige BMW X5.

    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Michael Lohan's Revenge - Releases Home Video Of Ex-Fiance Snorting White Powder

    Said one onlooker: "Everyone was left in no doubt Michael and Kate are a couple. "They had dinner together at California Pizza Kitchen and he snuck a little kiss. Then they went to a couple of shops in the mall, including a jeweler, where she left with a couple of huge sparklers on her fingers. "However, she wasn't sporting anything on the engagement finger - just yet!"

    And as broke last week, Michael and Kate spent the holidays together in Chicago and even shared a hotel room in NYC during their depositions in the TLC lawsuit against reality-TV dad Jon Gosselin. Just when you though it couldn't get more bizarre.

    To recap: Michael has bro-mance with Jon, Michael plays matchmaker and introduces Kate to Jon, Jon splits from Kate and Michael's there to pick up the pieces. And we thought Lindsay's life was a spin out!

    Michael commented on the new romance and his whirl-wind weekend with Kate with this exclusive statement to "Since Kate secured employment in NY we have been spending a lot of time [together]. After all we have been through together we have become very close friends. The diamond ring in question was a ring I went to get appraised for insurance purposes. The BMW X5 is a second car. As far as the tattoos are concerned, I got mine as a dedication to God, my family and a new beginning. Kate got her as a dedication to her mother."

  33. Tashapork, thanks for replying. Sorry to hear about your doggies. I lost my cat after 15 years. So sad when that happens. Thankfully mine bit me as she was dying so I had a four day hospital stay and an operation to take my mind off her death. And I have scars to remember her by too.

  34. Anyone else heard anything about this?

    January 04, 2010, (Sawf News) - Jon Gosselin, 33, is reported to have met his new girlfriend - 23-year-old Morgan - while vacationing in Park City, Utah last month, according to Hollywood Life.

    "Morgan is really nice," a source tells Hollywood Life. "She's pretty average looking – short, dark-brown hair, average build. Nothing special physically, but she's a sweetheart – and comes from a wealthy family."

    The octodad and serial cheater is reported to have met Morgan while still with Hailey Glassman, who moved out of Jon's New York City apartment last month.

    Jon's philandering may well have triggered the split that grew increasingly bitter with Jon accusing Hailey of ransacking his apartment and Hailey accusing him of assault.

    Following their initial hook up in Utah, Morgan followed Jon to New York and the two partied at Meatpacking District hotspot Tenjune on December 29.

    They also went together to a dinner party hosted by Jon's manager, Mike Heller, at his New York City pad.

  35. OMG Thank you for showing me this, I was going to put this on a new post but just haven't had the time. I'm sorry I keep saying that, after work tonight I will add this to a new post. Thanks again!

  36. I read about the new girlfriend yesterday but I also read that Jon's reps deny Jon is dating her and say that she's actually the girlfriend of a friend of his:

    From OK Magazine:

    So it looks like Jon Gosselin isn’t starting off 2010 with yet another new lady friend. A rep for J.Goss has reached out to OK! to put the denial hammer down on an earlier report that claimed reality TV’s sexiest father of eight had taken up with a 23-year-old girl while out at NYC hot spot Tenjune on Dec. 29.
    “This is untrue,” the rep explains to OK! about the reported events at Tenjune. And while it is apparently true that Jon was talking to a young woman, the rep says she “is his friend’s girlfriend… The only relationship he has is with his eight beautiful children.”

  37. Tashapork said...
    The one thing I will say about the freebies is that actually Jon and Kate were more honest and appreciative about what they had been given than any of the other TLC families .

    Yes, very true, they always acknowledge and say they are appreciative of the free trips they get, however, they didn't the first couple of seasons. They never let on that they received a lot of things free and even made it seem like they paid for them themselves sometimes.

    I remember that they specifically mentioned the freebies a couple of seasons into it and I personally think it was because they read all the blog sites where people outed it.

    A few times they received gifts from viewers and I think they came off as unappreciative and dismissive. Jon wouldn't wear the one shirt (not that I blame him) and Kate wouldn't wear hers because he wouldn't. Then she mentioned that they sent the kids long sleeves in the summer so they weren't practical.

  38. "From OK Magazine:

    So it looks like Jon Gosselin isn’t starting off 2010 with yet another new lady friend. A rep for J.Goss has reached out to OK! to put the denial hammer down on an earlier report that claimed reality TV’s sexiest father of eight..."

    Why in the world did they insert the word, "sexiest"? ... as if they think it matters or applies? Unless they're being sarcastic.

    As far as any more dating, IMO, both J & K should stay away from dating anyone for a long while, just so they can give themselves time to self-reflect and grow before rushing into another relationship or more complications before they're really ready.

  39. I am really sad that the Gosselin Website finally appears to be taken down. I hope that its not permanent. It was rediculous that it had not been updated in what felt like years. I wonder what they are going to do with the domain?? Any ideas?

  40. There is a link on TLC's website to see more photos of Kate's hair process:

    Also, Radaronline's article is saying that her hair will have to be redone every 3-4 months!

  41. Wow did anyone see what Hailey said about Jon on

    And in what might be a reference to her former boyfriend’s now-cancelled TLC series, Glassman adds: “Remember Jon – those eight little people you hung around with while you were running your legalized sweat shop?”

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