Monday, December 28, 2009

Jon Apartment Vandalized, Will Haliey Go To Jail Over Louis Vuitton? Christmas w/The Neild Family

Far from the craziness surrounding her ex-husband, Kate Gosselin welcomed her close friend and bodyguard Steve Neild, his wife Gina and their teenage son to a post Christmas Celebration. Thanks to her divorce agreement, Kate and her eight kids got to keep their beloved Wernersville, PA mini-ranch and the Neilds have remained her main support system.

Kate's low-key day was a far cry from what was going on with Jon Gosselin this weekend. He reported to cops that his New York apartment had been burglarized and, without using her name publicly, has accused his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman of the crime. Hailey isn't taking the accusations lying down. She has her own attorneys representing her and is making her own accusations against Jon.

Jon Gosselin's NYC Apartment Ransacked:

Jon Gosselin returned to New York after spending Christmas in Pennsylvania with his eight children to discover his apartment had been burglarized. "[He] called me this afternoon . . . when he entered his apartment in Manhattan and was horrified, disheartened and saddened to observe the devastation of his furniture, clothing and personal belongings, which were apparently slashed with a butcher knife by a very troubled and sick perpetrator," Gosselin's lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, said in a statement Saturday. "Jon immediately contacted me and facilitated the able assistance of the New York City Police Department who immediately dispatched an experienced detective to Jon’s apartment." According to Heller, Gosselin, 32, discovered a note that was "speared" into his wooden dresser. Heller also says that Gosselin's television, CD player, coffee maker, a Nintendo Wii game and dishes, pots and pans were stolen from the New York apartment, while some of his clothing, luggage and bedding was slashed. "The greatest damage from this vicious, mean spirited and heartless crime was perpetrated not on Jon’s property and possessions, but on Jon Gosselin himself, who experienced a traumatic, emotional, roller coast ride having just shared a joyful family gathering with his children during their Christmas," Heller's statement read.

Jon Gosselin's Lawyer On Burglary: "Hailey Will Go To Jail!":

"Hailey Glassman is going to jail. It's a simple as that." That's what Jon Gosselin's lawyer Mark Heller told in an exclusive interview, as New York police continue to investigate damage to Jon's apartment. Police seized building security tape, according to Heller, who said the only person other than Jon with a key to his apartment is Hailey. Heller spoke out after Hailey's attorney told that the situation appeared to be a "huge publicity stunt" and someone is trying to frame Hailey. Heller fired back that security video will prove Hailey trashed Jon's apartment Saturday and left with his plasma TV and other belongings.

He revealed that Jon's favorite Louis Vuitton shoes were shredded by some type of knife and a Ming vase that was in Jon's family for 100 years was shattered.
Police gathered fingerprint evidence from the knife and the handwritten note, Heller told One source says that Hailey has admitted to writing the note.
"The building security tape will not lie and the evidence will speak for itself," Heller told The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star discovered his New York apartment ransacked after spending Christmas in Pennsylvania with his eight children.
He also found a handwritten note "speared" with a knife into his wooden dresser, Heller told Some of his clothing, luggage and bedding was slashed, according to Heller. Hailey's mother called Jon, Heller told, but Jon wouldn't discuss the incident with her. was first to report that Hailey was questioned by police on Saturday and that her parents spoke to police Sunday. Never one to mince words, Heller told "Jon feels like he was raped." He added that investigators will speak to Jon again in several days and he expects criminal charges to be filed soon after that. Bad feelings between Hailey and Jon were obvious when Hailey Twittered that Jon stole her rent money, a story first reported by She moved out of the apartment they were sharing last week.


  1. I know the question you are all asking.. Why is Jon even WEARING Louis Vuitton shoes?? haha

  2. Kate wears Cole Hahns and Elizabeth and James frequently. They cost 300-400$ a pair.

  3. I think there are a lot of questions I'd like to have answered:

    1. Did Jon have renters insurance?
    2. Where did Hailey move to?
    3. Is Heller related to the Glassmans?
    4. Why did Jon call his attorney before the police? Most people who walk into their home and its been burglarized are eager to stay out until the police have checked it out to make sure there's no longer anyone in there!
    5. Where is Jon now? and why aren't the paparazzi reporting on it?
    6. Is it true that Jon let a pap into film the house before the police arrived?

    Oh my the list could go on and on.......

  4. First of all let me stress.. MY COMMENT WAS A JOKE..Te trolls are out in force today sending all kinds of stuff. I OWN A PAIR OF LOUIS VUITTONS.. Its a bit more disturbing that Mr. Heller called the vandal a "rapist"..

  5. And you thought there might not be much to blog about anymore now that the show and the marriage are done, Baby Mama???? LOL Trust Jon to keep things alive and well!

    Personally, I think Jon, Hailey et al. are crazy and deranged. I agree with the person that said on the last thread that it's a shame to be calling Jon all these names when just a year ago he was a seemingly honourable family man. It is sad but my, how sick this whole thing has become. At this particular point in time, I feel that Kate is the luckiest woman in the world to be apart from Jon. I just hope he is not displaying this disheartening behaviour around the kids. They don't need it. My friend happens to be going through a divorce right now too and her soon to be ex, is acting just like Jon. The divorce is not even final yet and his Facebook status is set to single already and he has the nerve to be out and about with other women while taking his son along too after the therapist said he was not to be introduced to any new members of the opposite sex by either parent. Not even friends. Ugh! Stupid, selfish people.

    Anyway, a little off this topic, I was wondering what happened with Jon and Kate spending Christmas Day together with the kids? I know I wasn't around much this last couple of weeks so sorry if I missed any messages about it. I was expecting a bigger deal made of it in the media but it's been quiet. Did they end up together on Christmas Day as planned? Thanks in advance to anyone who can update me. :)

  6. Administrative Question:

    Baby Mama, or anyone that can help - A couple of weeks ago, somehow (don't know how it happened), all the posts on this blog started coming into my email. It was great! I even set up a new folder just for this blog and found it so convenient to receive the posts right in my inbox. However, it only lasted through one thread. When Baby Mama put up a new post it stopped and I tried to figure out how to get it going again to no avail. I tried adding feeds and whatever but nothing is coming by email anymore. Does anyone else know how this works? I don't even know how it happened in the first place to be able to retrace my steps. lol

    Thanks Again!!

  7. I don't know why he had to use the term "rape". I know people use that term in lieu of "violated", but it's just a poor choice of words. I'm sure it was offensive to victims of actual rape. Men probably have no idea how offensive that can sound to a woman. I have heard that expression used before quite often to relate just how violated a person feels, but again, a poor choice of words.

  8. jtctywoman said...
    I think there are a lot of questions I'd like to have answered:

    1. Did Jon have renters insurance?
    2. Where did Hailey move to?
    3. Is Heller related to the Glassmans?
    4. Why did Jon call his attorney before the police? Most people who walk into their home and its been burglarized are eager to stay out until the police have checked it out to make sure there's no longer anyone in there!
    5. Where is Jon now? and why aren't the paparazzi reporting on it?
    6. Is it true that Jon let a pap into film the house before the police arrived?

    I was wondering about the renter's insurance too. Regarding the Ming vase... they said it was in Jon's family for over 100 years, not that it is 100 years old. Big difference. I wonder if it really was a Ming? If so, that's just horrible. Something like that is irreplaceable. And if he had a Ming vase why not sell it to support your family instead of taking other people's "love offerings".

    As for calling the lawyer first, I can totally understand that. He probably didn't want to call the police because he knew (or thought) it was Hailey. Maybe he didn't want to get her "in trouble" but his lawyer advised him that he had to report it to the police. Makes sense to me... if that's the reason.

    Personally I don't think Jon would file a false police report and commit insurance fraud. I think Hailey did it. The "fact" that Hailey's mother called Jon to discuss it leads me to believe she wanted him to drop the charges. Just my opinion.

    Maybe Jon wanted the damage filmed and on record for insurance reasons or just to document the damage in case he sues her? Maybe the pap was already with him? Maybe he called him as a friend and not as a pap since they are friends. Maybe it's not true.

    Supposedly Hailey moved to another apartment in NYC. I guess her parents are paying for it. Hailey seems very spoiled to me. I think she is an attention seeker and wants the spotlight. The fact that she applied to do reality shows just puts me off.

    I'd like to know if Heller is related to Hailey also. Something stinks there but I don't know what. I can't believe no one else finds it odd that Hailey's lawyer is following Hailey, Kate Major, Lohan AND Stephanie Santoro on twitter.

  9. Baby Mama, I knew that comment was a joke because the shoes are ugly. They look like bowling shoes.

  10. Why does your blog still say Jon & Kate + 8? Don't you think you should at least stay current? And why are you still here? Kate is done, finished, so 2009!

  11. Just wondering... I'm wondering why you are so obsessed with my blog! And for the record, Jon & Kate are still very much current in the media.. Also, this is MY blog and it's still too popular to just get rid of for your sick lame please let me escort you back to the bridge with the other kookies!

  12. another mom:

    You have to click on Subscribe By Email to the right of the Post Comment button. But you can only click on it if you post a comment first. You should be able to do it now since you commented.

  13. "The "fact" that Hailey's mother called Jon to discuss it leads me to believe she wanted him to drop the charges."

    Who reported that? I missed it somehow....?

    I think the devil is in the details and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds...

  14. I love how I make good valid points and it doesn't get posted. Maybe if I hate on Jon it will. That is how this blog works. The other blog works opposite. I have to hate Kate to get it posted. Way to go. You don't know how to run a blog. You only post what you want. Post it all and see how it goes. Duh. Trolls

  15. Momof2minnesota~ Funny Mom, I remember you making several great points that I have always posted. But since this is "National Troll Day" here at this site let me be more specific. If you write crap like said above I will delete you just because I can. Seriously, you people have so many other sites to go to, yet everyone seems to flock here, to my wonderful pure (lol) site, hoping to be posted to start some crap. I am beyond it. Go have fun on those nasty sites.

    The reason I changed my logo (besides the fact that I wanted a new look) was to prove a point. That this is a fan site for the Gosselin family. If Jon decides to clean up his act, and lose his horrible lawyer then I will go back to being his supporter. The site is here for discussion on everyone as long as it's not nasty. So we all know wat site your from, and if you have valid points to share do so.

    And for the record, yes I thought it would be nice to post of few of my regulars today..haha

  16. The latest on Radar... Jon's attorney says "Hailey's going to jail," and "Jon feels like he was raped." As a former rape victim, I find that second comment incredibly offensive! Having your apartment torn up and being raped are completely different and have totally different effects on your life. That guy just doesn't think before he talks, and he's doing more harm than good. Unbelievable!

  17. Kate wears shoes that cost $300-$450/pair. I say good for her. She is WORKING and raising 8 kids. Know what that entails? I grew up in a family of 8 kids, the workload is never DONE!!! Just doing the dishes after a meal is a bit of work. Not to mention the meal itself. And a bath? Think of the towels and washcloths, the bedding, the clothing, the pajamas. It doesn't do itself, folks. And she is way busier than we are. She is working, doing book signings, appearances, etc.

    You all act like it's a crime. In the meantime Jon is off having fun at parties, flying all over the globe, acting like he's single. Oh, yeah, poor Jon, he got married by the time he was 22, kids at whatever, septs at he should be able to buy whatever the *#$!! he wants with the money his wife and 8 kids earned..........

    I sometimes give up with the protection of Jon. He reminds me of my oldest brother. He has a sense of entitlement. Nobody else should do anything to inconvenience Jon. But Jon can whine and do whatever he wants. Up to and including getting the income shut off to his 8 kids. while he walks away to live his life freely with no responsibility.

    Still no mystery to me why Kate isn't so sad he's gone. One less person to have to round up, feed, clothe and babysit. It's obvious he makes bad choices and can't handle money.

  18. jtctywoman:

    I wrote "fact" because it was on and you can't believe everything you read on there anyway. But Heller supposedly told radaronline that in an interview:

    "Hailey's mother called Jon, Heller told, but Jon wouldn't discuss the incident with her. was first to report that Hailey was questioned by police on Saturday and that her parents spoke to police Sunday."

  19. Momof2minnesota......Well, you can put what you want here if it is done in a nice way. BabyMama's blog...BabyMama's rules. Isn't that the way it is on the TROLL sites? If you post nasty unsupported BS about Kate it is all taken for gospel and printed. Nobody has to have evidence, just make up some ridiculous story and there you have it......the mindless trailer trash there will post it and call it the truth.

    Baby Mama at least lets us speculate. I don't claim anything I say is the truth, it is all based on what I see right here. I don't go trolling around looking for 'skut' on either one of them. but let's face it, Jon is in the media every chance he gets looking for recognition.

    If my DH acted as stupid as Jon I'd lock him up in the garage with duct tape over his mouth until he grew up. He not only makes himself look cheesy and cheap, he looks like a naughty little boy that wants his way all the time. THEN he sits back to throw a fit when he's treated according to his actions. He's a first class nutjob. He needs help, he needs to put his life back together, he needs a new lawyer and he needs to stop trying to be a teenager.

    He's a father of 8 kids, whether that came to early in his life or not, he made that decision. Just like he's made all these other terribly irresponsible decisions.

    The Glassman's need to lock their daughter in her room until she grows up........

    If I could have surgery like Dr. Glassman does I'd never consider him after seeing the pathetic child he raised.

  20. John? I'm guessing you're female? Your comment threw me off because I thought you were a man. Regardless, I'm sorry you were a victim of such a horrible crime. I can understand why that choice of words upset you. I'd be offended too. Definitely a poor choice of words. I'm just not sure if it was Jon or Heller who actually used them. I know it's a term that has been used before but it does seem insensitive. He should have used "violated". I know I would feel violated if someone was in my home and did such a thing.

  21. Baby Mama, thank you for taking Just Wondering back to the bridge. Now 'WE' don't have to. It's a full time job picking up the trash around here, isn't it????

  22. I agree, John, saying Jon was raped is a gross misuse of that particular word. I'm sure he felt totally violated. After knowing a person very close to me that was raped....I think men have NO IDEA how a woman feels after that traumatic experience. My husband worked as a volunteer deputy for years. He was always completely traumatized by the rape victims and their stories. He just doesn't get why a man does this to a woman. It is so dehumanizing and demoralizing. Sometimes it takes the woman years before she stops looking over her shoulder. Some never do. Shame on Jon or Heller, at this point I think neither has any sense of dignity. Spotlight Spotlight Spotlight is all they see.

    If so I don't believe they would ever use the word in that context again.

  23. my computer screwed up, anyways, what did i post about Kate that was gossip? So what, I don't support Kate or Jon. So this is a love Kate and hate Jon site only?

  24. Schmecky -- thanks :) I knew you were being kinda tongue in cheek :)

    Thanks for clearing that up - the comment was made by Heller - and yes, I must agree, 99% of what's come out of his mouth has been the opposite of 'fact'. (Jon will win against TLC, the divorce won't be final until after the new year.....etc)

    This is all so nuts. Too bad someone isn't filming it -- cuz it makes for an insane, crazy film!

    I wonder when and who will get the first "Gosselin Story" made for TV movie? You know it's coming.....

  25. SchmeckyGirl said...
    another mom:

    You have to click on Subscribe By Email to the right of the Post Comment button. But you can only click on it if you post a comment first. You should be able to do it now since you commented.


    I don't have a 'subscribe by email' anywhere!??

    I'd love to be able to do that!

    I do have - at the very bottom of the page -- a 'subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) but all that does is take me to a page of all the comments made here? Weird (this is the link it takes me to:feed://

  26. The first press release about the apartment being trashed had the Ming vase at 100 years old and everything in the apartment slashed. Now the Ming vase has been in the family for 100 years and just some of the clothing was slashed. I get that Heller could have been confused but come on he’s the attorney what else can’t he get right?
    BTY…... Heller, Jon’s favorite shoes were Gucci not Louies.

  27. Dee~ Problem solved, case closed! Hailey is working for Kate Major, Stephanie is their buddy along with Deanna. The lawyer is really my father and I was the one that was really in Jons apartment. I set Hailey up and stole knife attached to the note from Mrs. Plum in the conservatory.

    And for the record I really loved Jon's Gucci shoes!! Its been so fun being able to chat with you guys today. I'm sad I have been so busy these past couple of weeks! :)

  28. Cindy, the money earned is just as much Jon's as it is Kate's. Jon spends his time with the kids the same way Kate does, he raises them just as much. I highly doubt the kids run around with scissors, lighting up fireworks while Jon is home and they all sing songs like the von Trapp family, while Kate is home.

    Really who cares where they go on their non custody days, Jon goes to France and pool parties, where Kate goes to LA and around the country. Would you rather they stand outside the fence and cry?

    If you believe the theft and vandalism situation is a cry for attention and go into the spotlight it is pretty well the same thing as Kate going on TV after took "took all her money".

    I know this was posted a little while ago about feeling sorry for Jon. I agree he made the mistakes and that he has to pay the consequences but I feel sorry that the consequences will be so heavy. Everyone makes mistakes but those usually won't cost the person hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  29. SchmeckyGirl, yes, I'm a woman. For some reason, when I updated to Google chrome, my husband's name shows up. Anyway, thank you for your kind thoughts and words... they're much appreciated! It drives me bonkers when people use the word "rape" for anything other than rape. Jon's attorney really needs to stop, count to 10, and take a breath before he speaks. He tends to be overly dramatic, but in this case, he was just plain offensive. If Jon has any intention of turning his life around, switching attorneys would be step one.

  30. Baby Mama you are so funny about The Clue Game comments and the trolls. I am still chuckling. We finally have our first real Blizzard here in MI. so my system has been running sloooow or not at all.
    The debate about Jons' shoes has me wondering and I know everyone will think i'm lame, but what or who is LOUIS VUITTONS. i AM NOT INTO SHOES.

  31. I wonder why Rabbi Smulley wasn't around to help Jon deal with his trauma. Jon needs to find a different crowd to hang out with. I wonder if it could have been one of Hailey's friends. Jon doesn't think before he speaks, Kate abuses him, the theft is rape, he despises Kate. I do hope that whatever career he ends up in, he maybe takes some communication classes to learn more appropriate ways of expressing himself. If it wasn't a publicity stunt, I am hoping that this incident is one of those silver lining incidents that helps Jon wake up and make changes in his life.
    John, I hope you like Google Chrome. I changed to Google Chrome recently because my computer wouldn't upgrade Internet Explorer and Youtube wouldn't take the old explorer and I love it. I used to always lose these posts during sending them and now I never do. I also don't get crashes like I used to.

  32. New from People:
    Monday December 28, 2009 06:50 PM EST

    Looks like balloon boy's father, Richard Heene, isn't the only fame-seeking dad who has no credibility with the public. readers think Jon Gosselin created his own drama to get attention by possibly trashing his own New York City apartment. When asked about the incident, 72 percent of those who responded to a poll said they believed it was a stunt orchestrated by the reality show dad.

    "As soon as I heard about this I thought publicity stunt! I see I am not alone," wrote Kristie 'Watts' Dippong. "He had to do something to get himself back in the news."

    A lawyer for Gosselin, 32, says the star's home was vandalized over Christmas, his clothes and curtains shredded and a note speared into his dresser with a butcher knife signed by ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman. But some readers are skeptical of the story.

    "This guy is such a loser and an obvious drama addict," wrote Cara Mia Profaci. "What a way to waste life, just creating one dumb drama after another."

    Glassman's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, denies that her client trashed her ex's apartment, saying, "This appears to be a publicity stunt."

    But not everyone thinks Gosselin is up to no good. Reader Melanie Lister Ditch wrote of the TV star, "Leave Jon alone … He has some issues that he needs to work out … everyone has faults."

  33. Mosbius Designs:::::::

    Well, where to begin?? Let me see........the apartment thing......why in the world would I possible think Jon would cry out for attention?..since he's obviously not been in the spotlight during this whole ordeal with the divorce, etc. hrmph........

    Shoes: Don't care...but had to comment since it was brought up.....

    Jon is entitled to the money??? Why is Jon entitled? Isn't that part of his problem? He wants JON JON JON's share, to hell with his kids and what is best for them. After all, he just wanted a 9-5 so he could get away from the craziness. Well, now he has his wish. He has to pay child support and nobody will touch him (for a tv show)..since he broke that silly ol' contract with TLC and 'stuff'.

    Oh,Jon goes to France and pool parties........spends $600/bottle on various liquids.....has multiple cheesy looking bimbos hanging on his arm, etc.

    Kate goes to places to do book signings, shoot pilots for possible jobs, etc. Let me support their 8 kids. I think this is a little different than what Jon is doing. But then again, I am a mother, I would be doing all I could to take care of my 8 kids, too.

    I could be wrong, but I'm pretty skeptical about that.

    I'd rather see Jon doing something at the fence...not necessarily cry, but at least not feed the slimy "P" people information so he can make a quick buck.

    When we do see Jon at the house with the kids, it is on Radaronline with 'posed' shots of him with his kids, on his motorcycle, etc. So, yeah, maybe not setting off fire works, etc. But it's only because he and Heller haven't thought about the amount of publicity they could get if they did.

    Oh, that one time Kate went on TV to c/o that Jon took money out of the household account....hmmm..just a guess but I wonder if she suspected it might be so he could blow it on $600/bottle liquids, wild pool parties in Las Vegas, silly skull rings for Hailey...... and she had to buy food or let's say....... clothes or pay electric bills for the 8 children he abandoned by moving into a 1 bedroom apt. with his sleezy little 22 yr. old bimbo attention seeking, I mean 'girlfriend'. I guess Jon gets a pass from you on everything.

    Me, not so much.

  34. Wow, I get the feeling that it was a stunt of some sort. Jon needs more attention so he does what he can to get it. I don't think that they should have said that jon feels like he was raped, that really pisses me off. I recently found out that someone I know was raped and I am outraged to hear Jon compare getting his things trashed to rape. He is still a huge idiot in my book.

  35. Wow so many comments in just one day! Wish I was in the same time zone as everyone here. So much gets said and I can only see it 12 hours (or more) after!

    About the "troll comments". Momof2minnesota, I don't think anyone here is calling you a troll. A troll is much more like what Just Wondering is. But there may be occasions where your comments are "troll-like" comments and BabyMama has every right to choose not to post those. I can name one instance that I felt wasn't a very pleasant and/or factual comment; I think I even replied to it. It was the one where you said, and I quote: "I think Kate is greedy and power hungry."

    To me, this comment is purely judgmental and verging on "troll-like", but BabyMama did let it go through. If there were other posts that were not included, there could be two reasons:

    1. The comments were much too one-sided without proper analysis made and/or a direct attack with no basis of support.

    2. It was filtered out unintentionally. I think we've all experienced this once or twice. This is a popular site afterall and Babymama has so many posts to look filter through. It happens sometimes that one or two of our posts gets deleted. Why not keep a copy of your post on Word document (I think some of us do that. Schmecky, Linda maybe?) and if you feel it is a post that is truly valid, you can try reposting it or ask Babymama if there was anything offensive that made her feel against posting it.

    It's clearly not a "Love Kate, Hate Jon" site. There are constant posts that are in support of Jon. I know SchmeckyGirl and MobiusDesgins do often speak up for Jon or try to bring a different perspective to things when the conversations seem to get too biased against Jon. Their posts, although a opposite view from everyone, still get posted. It's the way their posts are written and the factual support they provide.

    Sometimes we find this grey area between an opinion vs an attacking statement. Babymama has her own benchmark for this, and we should respect it.

  36. I have so much to catch up on, I had to split my comments in two.

    Now about this entry Babymama has put up. I don't know if it's a publicity stunt. In my mind I tell myself that No one could be THAT stupid to think they can pull of a stunt like that. And then again I remember the "balloon boy stunt" and... well I just don't know. Still I'd like to give Jon the benefit of doubt, and because we all have to agree that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" aka Hailey/Stephanie/Kate Major. So, who's to say who actually trashed Jon's apartment. Mayhaps it's Hailey, or it could one of the other 2 ladies mentioned above, or perhaps it could be a crazy Jon/Gosselin-hater who found his apartment.

    About the LV shoes. I'm not a fan of LV, but I guess everyone is entitled to their Branded goods indulgences from time to time. So, no big surprise about the LV shoes there.

    What really irked me, and I see it resonates amongst many here, is the choice of words. "Rape"?? That's just such a horrendous choice of words, it really offends.

    I'm glad the divorce is final. Kate and the kids can stay out of this mess that is surrounding Jon. Jon's made so many mistakes, it's all coming back to chomp at him on the behind. It's perhaps time he learnt his lesson and understood that Karma and responsibility are not things you made a fool out of. If he still learns nothing from this whole fiasco, then any dwindling respect I have for him as the father of the 8 beautiful children will have completely disappeared without a trace. At that point, no pity. Absolutely no more pity or sympathy for him. I pray he does wake up.

    The day he gets rid of the Hellers, I will rejoice and celebrate!

  37. I have not been feeling too sorry for Jon lately, but if this is not a publicity stunt and it really was a break in then I do feel for him. No one, no matter how many mistakes he has made, deserves to come home to that.

    I am glad, though, that the incident happened in NYC while he was in Pennsylvania. It would have been awful to be there with some crazy person. But to call it "rape"? Come on now. Grow up Jon and live in the real world with the rest of us people. Although both a break in and rape are terrible crimes, only THINGS were destroyed in this case. Rape is something altogether different. Jon needs to apologize (and quickly) for his words. Or if it was Heller that said it, then he does.

  38. Cindy...good post, I agree....

    Schmecky, I thought those shoes looked like bowling shoes too!!!!!!....LOL....

    And if those that belong on the other side of the bridge wonder why we are still here because the show is over........well, I wonder why THEY are still lurking about???? Live and let die.

    I honestly cannot believe (yet) that this was a publicity stunt by Jon. If in fact that really is the case, he does need psychiatric help. And I don't say that lightly. That type of work is borne of a deranged individual. I think the best thing for Kate and the kids is to have been able to finalize the divorce and live a serene life away from all of this crazy publicity.

    anothermom........I'd love to know how their Christmas celebration went as well. Hmmmmmm.........little information to be had at this point.

    And John, yes, I empathize with yourself and everyone else who has had firsthand experience with rape and to hear someone use the word so lightly is highly offensive. I agree with Schmecky that "violated" is much more appropriate given the circumstances.

    I wish everyone a very happy and peaceful New Year!!! Can you believe I live just west of Toronto and we have not had one stitch of snow yet this winter???????? (as an yet it's snowing again in Texas today. What's up with Mother Nature?

  39. Radaronline is reporting that Heller says surveillance tape will prove that Jon was only in the apt for one minute before he ran out to get management. If that's true then it proves he didn't do it himself. It also proves it wasn't a publicity stunt.

    I for one think it is disgusting that Jon was a victim of a crime and he was accused of doing it himself for publicity. To be violated in such a way and then have people accuse you of doing it yourself is horrible and frustrating.

    Jon is not a criminal and he never was and it's not fair that people treat him that way. It's one thing to make bad personal choices and another to be a criminal.

  40. Cindy, to be fair Jon going to France and to Vegas were "business trips". He didn't pay for the trip to France. The Ed Hardy dude did. He didn't pay for Hailey to go. The Ed Hardy guy did. Jon got paid to do the Vegas pool party and all those media appearances.

    Granted they weren't the best business ventures or media appearances but they were done to make money. Money that supports him and his children and the home that Kate lives in.

    Either way he paid and still pays half the household expenses. The household expenses were also paid from money they BOTH earned from TLC and their book. Any "work" Kate did traveling in the past she was only able to do because Jon was the stay-at-home father caring for their children.

    All the money they have in their 10 or 11 bank accounts was earned (not to mention received as donations) jointly. That money is still there somewhere. They are not broke.

    Kate isn't even working right now and she's obviously living off of something. Is she still being paid by TLC under contract? I doubt it since the show is no longer in production. What income does she have right now? What income did she have this past year other than her contract with TLC that was for both Jon and Kate? Kate is not supporting her children alone. She's not even raising them alone. Jon is still there half the time. He's not an absent father.

    I'm just tired of people making it seem like Jon didn't contribute anything to their financial income and that Kate supported the family all this time. It's not true. It's not true then and it's not true now.

  41. In all fairnes to Jon, he did not publicly compare the burglary/vandalism to a rape - Heller did. And Heller is about as dumb as the come.

    I don't trust a word Heller says and I will believe the evidence when someone other than Heller is reporting it. Remember Heller is the one that claimed Jon only took $180,000 out the joint account and that Kate would also owe money back to the account. In the divorce settlement, the arbitrator deducted the the extra $50,000 from Jon and found that all of Kate's expenses were accounted for.

    Also Jon tried to use a $22,000 receipt as proof that Kate exagerated how much was taken. I get the same feeling about the 30 second tape -- that it is only part of the story. I expect there is a tape that Jon walked in and waked out in 30 seconds. But I have to wonder if there is a tape showing that Jon arrived a few hours earlier and was in the apartment a while. Of course, I could be wrong but I think Jon is desperate for two things right now - money and keeping his name in the tabloids without violating the court order.

    I have no idea what the truth is except that I completely doubt that Heller is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    I do have some significant questions:

    1) If it is an open and shut case again Hailey, why hasn't she been arrested already?

    2) Why were there reporters there before the police?

    3) Why are the police waiting until January 3 to take to Jon?

    4) Do the police have surveillance tapes for the entire day on Saturday? I wonder about the time from when Hailey left on the 24th until Jon returned on the 26th?

    5) Did Jon have renters insurance and if so would it cover much?

  42. Schmeckey - let's not forget who said the video will clear Jon. It was Heller - and I think we've had this conversation already today LOL -- that believing anything that comes out of his mouth must be done very carefully as most of what he has said has NOT been truthful or accurate at all. This could be a first ---- but until it's all out in the open - -- I'm not going to give too much credence to anything!

  43. Didn't ROL say Hailey moved out Wednesday? If that is the case, wouldn't Jon have had his key back prior to him leaving for PA on Thursday evening. So, Jon very well could have done it before he left, because Hailey was gone. I sure hope Jon is not seeking attention, but it sounds kinda fishy to me.

    BabyMama- I am still rolling around laughing about the clue analogy.

    Cindy- Excellent post.

  44. From Radar:
    EXCLUSIVE: Security Tape Proves Jon Gosselin Didn’t Stage Burglary, Says Lawyer: Posted on Dec 29, 2009 @ 01:53PM
    INFA security tape shows that Jon Gosselin was in his apartment for only 60 seconds before leaving to report a burglary to building management, proving he didn’t stage the break-in, his lawyer told exclusively. The lawyer also said the New York police want to meet with Jon on January 3.

    “He is going to be clocked by that surveillance camera going into his building,” Mark Heller told Sixty seconds after going into his apartment, “he comes down to talk to management. It’s all on tape.

    “He couldn’t have done all that damage in 60 seconds. His place was trashed, his belongings ripped to shreds.” Heller was responding to reports that Jon staged the burglary at his New York apartment as a publicity stunt. Hailey Glassman has been questioned by New York police in connection with the Saturday incident and her parents have also spoken to cops. Hailey’s lawyer told that Jon’s ex-girlfriend did remove items from the apartment they shared, including a TV, but that the items belonged to Hailey. Not so, says Heller.

    “She’s probably going to have a list of things she said he said she could take,” Heller told “Well, let me tell you, we will have credit card statement and receipts proving Jon bought the items she is carrying out the door.

    “And we will say in a sworn affidavit that he (Jon) didn’t authorize her to take the TV and other items that belong to him. Once they (investigators) see the video it will be a felony.” Heller says he believes Hailey will face charges of possession of stolen property and vandalism. Some of Jon’s clothing was slashed, a Ming vase was broken and a note, allegedly from Hailey, was speared to a dresser with a wooden knife. (Hey kids, go rent the movie Fatal Attraction!)

    Hailey’s lawyer says she had nothing to do with any of that. But Heller told “The forensics evidence will back up the vandalism.”

    Driving home his point, he said: She (Hailey) is looking at felony charges in my opinion. She is looking at four years. And if she is convicted she is definitely doing jail time. I don’t know that she will do four years, but she will do jail time.

    “I mean taking a butcher knife and cutting expensive items,, breaking a family heirloom… give me a break. – I don’t know how you can cut her slack.

    “The damage is in the thousands. There is no way she (Hailey) can walk away without severe penalty

  45. Whew! So much going on today.

    Schmecky - Thank you for the tip but I'm with jtctywoman; I have exactly what she described which is only the 'Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)' button at the very bottom. There is nothing but 'Preview' at the right of the Post Comments Button. I must have had that button at one time and pressed it without knowing because just out of the blue I got the posts coming into my email. Hmm, strange. Is there anything special I have to do to get this button and also, do you have to select that every time there is a new thread because mine only lasted for one thread and stopped when Baby Mama put up a new thread. Thanks again!

    On the subject of trolling, momof2minnesota, I have seen your posts up many times, so I don't think it's fair to say Baby Mama is deleting your comments because you don't love Kate. Although she makes it very clear that her loyalties lie with Kate, she is very fair about posting other opinions too. It could just be that your post fell through the troll bridge unintentionally or maybe you went a bit overboard this time. Either way, it is Baby Mama's blog and we need to go by her rules. If you voice your opinions tactfully, there won't be a problem.

    Finally on the whole Jon/Heller/publicity stunt thing, I also don't want to go so far as to say it's a publicity stunt just yet. That would really mean that Jon is off his rocker. I still think Haylie has something to do with it. She definitely had motive and the way she has been twittering/talking she's a woman with an axe to grind! Time will tell I suppose.

  46. Ohhh never mind! After I hit Post Comment, the Subscribe By Email Button showed up!

    Sorry Schmecky, I didn't realize it would only appear on the screen where it says your post will be visible upon approval. I thought once you had made a comment in the thread it should automatically be there. So, I suppose we have to hit this button each time there is a thread change?

    Thank you again, sorry for getting ahead of myself. lol

  47. Heller's words are full of poo. Every single time he opens that trap of his to make a statement, it's grotesquely exaggerated or a complete load of nonsense altogether. You'd think a good lawyer would have a good way with words... I don't why Jon would hook up with such a lawyer. He knows well enough that he isn't very good with words, so why would he pick someone who's just as terrible!?!?

    It's possible Hailey did do it in a fit of anger. It's also possible that it isn't her. Surveillance camera can only show the time she stepped in and whether she took anything from the apartment. But it cannot show her in the act of tearing up the apartment. They can't possibly arrest her now, when they don't have evidence of her tearing up the place, and they still need to sort out what asset belongs to who. There's still much to unfold and the Glassmans are not going to give in without a fight.

    Honestly, this is a joke. A very amusing and shameful joke. I hope the kids are still oblivious to this fiasco. I'm sure Kate is doing her best to protect them from such poisonous news about their father. Just really glad that the whole divorce is over and done with.

  48. I can't believe the new rumors going on now about Jon slamming Haliey against the wall of their apartment. Unbelievable. Why did she wait so long to say something? Jon may not be the person of the year but, I don't seem him as being abusive.

    ROL is where I saw it.

  49. Schmecky, I too think that it is awful to accuse Jon of trashing his own place. If he was victimized it's every bit as tragic as if it happened to anyone.

    Let's not add to that by making unjustified accusations.

    I can't imagine how you'd feel coming home to a miss like that. It would definitely leave you unsettled.

  50. I do understand the point that it was Jon's lawyer who idiotically came out with the "rape" comment. But Jon also bears some responsibility for it. After all, he hired the man. And when you hire someone who has the position of speaking on your behalf and they say something that's out of line, YOU are partially responsible for at least correcting the mis-statement if it reflected negatively on you. I realize he can't give interviews because of the lawsuit, but there must be some way Jon can "apologize" for what Heller said, or maybe Heller can apologize. I haven't seen that yet.

  51. I have to wonder if this whole thing was caused or egged on by the sleazebag attorney. His chances of getting paid are iffy at best and so he needs the publicity. I just wish Jon would come out of this learning to be more careful who he hangs around. He doesn't belong around teenagers or twenty three year olds who act like teenagers.
    Babymama, I love the Jibjab video you put up, I look for those every year. I hope everyone is having a peaceful and safe New Years

  52. It's my understanding that Jon lives in a very high end building. The likelihood that someone from the outside broke in and hunted down Jon's apartment and only Jon's apartment, with the sole purpose to steal a Wii and trash it is highly unlikely. It's equally unlikely that one of his neighbours did it since I'm sure they're more than capable of buying their own Wii's. That leaves Jon and Hailey. Jon was away, so therefore Hailey did it. He might have put her up to it, who knows, and given their track record of staging things, I don't think it is out of line to suggest they might be in on it together as a publicity stunt, but in any case, the girl did it.

    That said, I don't think she's going to jail for 4 years like that idiot Heller said. This is a domestic dispute. They both lived there, they both paid rent there, they both made purchases together for the apartment. She might have to pay damages and do some community service, but that's it.

    Heller's propensity for verbal diarrhea is exactly why Jon should fire him. You are who you let speak for you. Comparing what happened to rape is hyperbole in the grossest sense. It is insulting to all real victims out there. Aside from the vase, Jon can replace his stuff. It's just stuff. Rape can't be undone.

    No pity for Jon and his "emotional trauma" from me.

  53. Yay I can finally get it the site to load! Apparently my computer didn't like the new site design! But now it does and here I am. :)

    If Hailey did do that stuff to his apartment...well she's young and that is how young people react to things. I can't tell you how many of my friends in high school reacted to a break up by slashing the guys tires. Is it right? No, but if you mess around with some one almost 10 years younger????? Again, karma suck Jon, doesn't it?

    He really needs to dump Heller? What is he thinking keeping this guy on????

    And just a reminder folks, this is a Gosselin FAMILY fan site. Not a KATE Gosselin fan site. Until Jon decided to care about other things we were fans of his too. Nasty doesn't belong here and BabyMama won't post it. Fact.

  54. Craftymomof3~ You got my back girl, and I couldn't have said it better myself. Apparently is ok to bash Kate on hate sites, but not ok for a place that is negative on Jon. It has always been my hope that he will change and things will turn around for him. This will always stay and continue to be THE GOSSELIN FAMILY FAN SITE!

  55. It has always been my hope that he will change and things will turn around for him. This will always stay and continue to be THE GOSSELIN FAMILY FAN SITE!
    AMEN!!!! to that.

    Always and forever got your back!

    Sorry about all my ????'s before in my post...I was just shocked by what I was reading. Been a little out of the loop news wise.

    On another note Happy New Year!

  56. Doesn't the report state that Hailey filed the charge of harassment (for pushing her) with the Police on the 20th of December? Pretty sure that is when it was filed - it just hadn't been found out about by the media until now.

  57. jtctywoman,
    From what I read Hailey claimed she was harrassed on the 20th. She didn't file the claim then. It was a counter claim filed now.

  58. well written on-line article, especially the last paragraph...

    Did Jon Gosselin Jump on the Domestic Abuse Bandwagon?
    BY: Actress Archives | Thursday, December 31, 2009

    It is just us, or is celebrity domestic abuse in the air these days? First Charlie Sheen, then Michael Lohan, and now...Jon Gosselin? When is that guy going to learn that the things that Michael Lohan does aren't cool?

    Things have gotten uglier than ever between Gosselin and 22-year-old ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman as of late. Jon has accused Hailey of ransacking his apartment, spearing a note to his dresser with a butcher knife and slashing up his possessions. Glassman has claimed that the only thing she did at the apartment was take back her own possessions. And now she's claiming that Gosselin attacked her in a jealous rage. We bet Kate Gosselin is just glad that she's no longer the one dealing with Jon.

    Hailey has filed a harassment complaint with the NYPD against Jon. Speaking to the NY Post a source close to Hailey explained that Jon got angry with Hailey when he came across a photo of her kissing "Celebrity Boxing" promoter Damon Feldman. (Considering all the photos that Hailey had to look at of Jon hanging out with Vegas floozies, this seems like a really unfair double standard.)

    The source explained, "That picture started the whole thing, a picture of her kissing another man." Of course, Glassman was only kissing Feldman because she'd already come to terms with the fact that Jon wasn't being faithful to her. (Gee, what was the first clue? Kate Major? The Vegas pool party? The guilty look he always has in his glazed eyes?) Hailey's document basically explains that jealous Jon pushed her. Her attorney told the Post, "The document speaks for itself."

    Jon's lawyer, Mark Heller responded by saying, "Jon is a lover, not a fighter. He's been rumored to steal a kiss here and there, but he has never been accused of landing a sucker punch." In other words, Jon Gosselin has driven his attorney completely over the edge and he is no longer even trying to sound like a real lawyer.

  59. Anyone hear the rumor about Kate doing a reality dating show on TLC?

    I don't believe it. That's just so tacky and just wrong. I can't see them putting her on tv to date a bunch of different guys. I can see TLC wanting to do it but I'd be shocked if Kate did it. Would she really want her children to see that?

    It won't even be genuine. Who would want to date a guy that is going on tv to date you. Especially knowing she has 8 young children. Especially seeing how she treated her husband on the show... and that was when she loved him. Who in their right mind would want to get involved in that scenario. And if they did, would it be for a good reason? Would that be the kind of guy you'd want to bring home to your 8 young children as their new "father figure"?

    If it is true I think it's just wrong. But it would definitely get viewers because who wouldn't want to see that train wreck.

    I personally don't believe it's true.

  60. jtcywoman, about J pushing H.
    Yep, I do believe that when a person is heading and close to rock bottom, that is when the violence starts. Jons' divorce was final around the 17th. Hailey gets pushed around by him around the 20 th. I can see that he's losing control, and am glad Hailey filed a conplaint on the 20th, if thats true???? Get it on record if its true.
    I just hate to see Jon go thru all this and still believe what his lawyer tells him.

    JMO, I feel Hailey did it all in the apartment.

    Happy new Year!!

  61. SchmeckyGirl said...

    Anyone hear the rumor about Kate doing a reality dating show on TLC?

    I also read somewhere about Kate doing a reality dating show on TLC. Don't think it's true either. It is so beneath Kate. Sounds like a GWOP rumor.

    How about TLC giving Kate her own cooking show? She was going to do a cookbook, right? TLC could film right in her new beautiful kitchen. I would watch that.

  62. I get so tired of people referring to 'how Kate treated Jon on TV'...........there has been talk about him getting back in her face, shouting and being just as ugly as kate but TLC was getting better ratings, so they cut Jon's reactions and his behavior out to make Kate look like the bad guy..........

    If I lived with Jon and he sat around while I ran my rearend off I doubt if I'd smile sweetly and ask him to help. Nope, I'd be squawking too, that's my makeup. that's how I react to things. Doesn't make it right......but it is reality. That is what Kate said all along, you get the bad the ugly and the good. So get over it already.

  63. Jon and Hailey are so over, don't even want to hear about them two anymore. Now they will meet and settle things out of court, how convenient for the attention they have received.
    Ryan, is there a rumor about Kate doing a dating show with TLC?? That would be a good way for her to ruin her image, JMO. Of course all of the 10M viewers that watched the train wreck will tune in to see what ever she does.
    Now a cooking show in her own kitchen, not original idea, but i like it. If only she could involve the children in it, by having them be the food critics and helpers. That would be fun to watch, but she would have to lighten up and let the kids help and if they make a mess so what. They can learn to clean up their own mess, GREAT LESSONS to be learned there.
    The only problems with all that is:

    TLC is not allowed to film the kids.
    I am pretty sure, JMO, they need the fathers permission also. If Jon gives in and settles with TLC, and lets them put the children back on the air, I feel it would be the biggest mistake so far.

    I stayed home last night to rest. I do hope all of you guys and girls had fun last night. Baby Mama, is it really that exciting to watch the ball come down in NYC? I watched it in my nice warm living room. LOL
    Happy New Year!

  64. No, what was reported was that the complaint was actually filed by Hailey ON the 20th. I tried to go back and find the article about it - but am out of town and don't have my history on this computer -- but it said "Police were contacted and a complaint was filed with the NY Police department on Dec. 20". I'm sure ROL on one of the other rag mags will eventually get it and post it if those are public record in NY.

  65. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

    ....I also don't believe the rumour about Kate and the dating show, not even for a second. She is too classy to do that type of stuff, not to mention the impact it could have on her way!!!!!

    I had to endure yet another go-round of hearing "people" trashing Kate's behaviour towards Jon on the show, last night at my house during a New Year's Eve get together.

    Glad I have this blog to come to, to chat with like-minded people...........LOL.

  66. Woohoo-it's 2010!! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season, it certainly flew by for me! I've been busy, busy, busy... but still reading loyally! ;o) There seems to be so much Jon drama recently- he's getting hard to keep track of! Lol!

    I'm not really sure what to think of the apartment ransacking/ Jon harassing Hailey. I would like to think that neither Jon OR Hailey are responsible for the whole incident, but between the two of them, anything could have happened. As for the "harassment" who knows if it's true? Jon is so unpredictable and completely bonkers that none of his idiotic episodes surprise me anymore.

    Now, Kate doing a reality dating show on TLC HAS to be a rumor. I don't think that Kate would even consider a program like that. There's just no way that she would stoop that low... especially when it's right out there for her kids and anyone else to see.

    I feel like I haven't posted in forever! LOL! It's good to be back though! :o)
    Happy New Year!

  67. Alibrootob, I know just what you mean about being glad to have likeminded people to chat with. We had company around the time of the season finale and I got an earful about the population explosion and an attitude that the Gosselins had their kids deliberately to get on tv and no one would listen to reason. I hope Jon is spending some quality time with his kids during theire winter break, maybe taking them sledding or something and he finds someplace closer to them and cheaper to live where none of these Haileys, Stephanies, etc knows where he lives. I also pray that Mark Heller goes and climbs in a cave with his mouth shut. He is making things worse and Jon cannot see it. If I could make a New Yeer's resolution for Jon, it would be for him to surround himself with people who aren't using him for an agenda for himself.

  68. You know - as I sit here reading the posts - I had the thought that truly the saddest part of all of this is the fact that we are actually sitting here discussing the possibility that Jon could have staged it - that he Might have pushed and gotten physical with Hailey --- that these things are even possibilities..... how very sad that in itself is.

  69. Ok - I kind of take back my last post. It's not THE saddest thing. THE saddest thing in all of this is the potential it has to hurt the kids - now - and in the future.

    Just wanted to clarify that. :)

  70. Wow - Just read this in the Eagle:

    "The Kate Plus 8 show could air as early as spring, TLC officials said.

    Kate and the children will continue living in Lower Heidelberg. The couple are still working out visitation rights."

    I knew it was 'rumored' that although the divorce was final that the actual custody portion was not yet final.

    I bet you there is so much going on behind the scenes with all of this it would make our heads spin if we really knew the truth of this whole Jon/Kate/Hailey/TLC/Custody&Divorce situation!!

  71. jtctywoman-I just found and read the article in the reading eagle. I am wondering if this guy has his facts straight. If what he says is true, I am dumb founded again. Dan Kelly wrote:

    TLC says they will do Kate + 8 in the spring???
    He doesn't make it a quote.

    He says TLC bought the house in lower Heidelburg for Jon and Kate. OMG!

    What about the statement Kate made about the big downpayment they put on the house?????? In the mediation dealings, someone said the remaining mortgage was around 850K or 875k, I can't remember exactly. I never believe everything I read in the papers, but where did this guy get his info????

    Did J&K sell themselves out to TLC? That would be like selling your soul to the Devil! JMO

  72. Now about the custody and visitation matter. Along time ago, I said with Kate you sometimes have to read between the lines. In her interview with Morales , when she spoke about the Firehouse show, she said Jon does not have to take the kids anyplace, he can just hang out at the house. Go back and watch her in that statement and you can almost feel what she really meant. Like she probably threatened him a good one if he took the kids anyplace. Did anyone ever wonder, besides me, why he never takes them anyplace. Only to the show one time and then he didn't take them all, I don't think.

    He has the use of the same nannies that Kate has so that is not an excuse. Also, the big van is there to share. Kate has had total control of those kids all along. JMO
    She is now probably going to limit his visitation if she can. I still think the children are better off with their father instead of a nanny. Jon has always loved those kids and has been a good Dad. He will get it together sooner, now that Hailey is out of the picture.