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Kate Keeps Gosselin Name, Any Takers For Jon's Car? Jon & Kate Gosselin Split #9 Story of The Year

Hello Gosselin fans! 3 more days till Christmas and I'm going crazy baking cookies, getting teacher gifts and wrapping presents. And figuring out new places to hide them. After the hall closet was "discovered", my daughter flipped out and I had to come up with the biggest BS story I could muster. That Santa shipped several presents to assure they would be her on time for Christmas. So there you go, gotta keep it up for as long as you can! And for those that asked my thought about Cara & Mady spoiling Christmas by telling the Tups, it happens. I just hope I can keep this facade up for just a bit longer.. I'm still a kid at heart myself! ;)

Kate to Keep the “Gosselin” for Good: OK Magazine.com

It seems Kate Gosselin has moved on from the drama that plagued her this year. On Friday, the day her divorce from Jon Gosselin was finalized, Kate made a humorous appearance on The Jay Leno Show as the featured person for Jay’s Ten @ Ten segment. There is one thing still binding Kate to her ex-hubby — their last name Gosselin. But don’t expect to see Kate by a new name in 2010. A TLC rep told HollywoodLife.comthat Kate is a Gosselin for good.
Rumors circulated that Kate would drop the “Gosselin” in 2010 and return to her maiden name of “Kreider.”

However, a TLC spokesperson rejected the name-change claim stating the mother of eight is Gosselin through and through. “It’s untrue, it’s not an option,” the rep told Hollywood Life.
For now, the proud momma is focusing on
finishing up her Christmas shopping and baking cookies with the kiddies.

Jon Gosselin -- Failed Used Car Salesman: TMZ.COM

The same day Jon Gosselin's divorce was finalized -- and he was hit with huge child support payments -- we've learned he tried (and failed) to pad his wallet by trading in his beloved BMW for a profit.

TMZ spoke to an employee at Auto Exchange USA in Lancaster, PA, who told us Jon showed up at the car lot on Friday and wanted to trade his 2005 BMW M3 for a 2008 Subaru STI (pictured above) PLUS around $4,000 in cash. We're told Jon's car wasn't worth nearly as much as he thought it was -- so he ended up leaving the lot without ever making a trade.

Jon & Kate Split Named #9 Top Story of 2009.. Do you agree?: AP.com

Here are 2009's top entertainment stories as voted by U.S. newspaper and broadcast editors surveyed by The Associated Press.

1. MICHAEL JACKSON DIES: On June 25, Jackson was pronounced dead at the age of 50. One of the most momentous and shocking deaths in pop culture history, the event reverberated in many ways. There was the ongoing investigation: Jackson's death was ruled a homicide, and his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who says he's innocent of wrongdoing, is being investigated for manslaughter. There was the gigantic Los Angeles funeral. There was the documentary, "This Is It," of Jackson's preparations for a comeback concert series. But, perhaps most of all, there was the celebration of his music, on stages and sidewalks the world over.

2. SUSAN BOYLE BECOMES OVERNIGHT SENSATION: Two 21st-century powers — reality TV and the Web — combined to turn the humble, unknown Boyle into an international star. After Boyle sang "I Dreamed a Dream" on "Britain's Got Talent" on April 11, the clip spread like wildfire online, totaling more than 120 million views on YouTube. Her album, released in November, had the best opening week sales of a female debut in decades.

3. LATE-NIGHT SWAP: On NBC, Conan O'Brien took over the "Tonight" show, and Jay Leno moved to 10 p.m. All the fanfare may have been overdone, though: At year's end, neither was receiving good ratings.

4. WALTER CRONKITE DIES: The passing on July 17 of Cronkite, a paragon of journalism and a father figure to a nation, was not only the sad loss of a universally acknowledged great man but was a reminder of a bygone era in broadcasting.

5. DAVID LETTERMAN AFFAIR: Letterman's Oct. 1 announcement on his "Late Show" carried two bombshells: He alleged that he had been the victim of an extortion attempt, and he confessed to having affairs with women on his staff. Letterman, who hasn't shied from the subject on air, saw some of his best ratings in years. The man accused of trying to blackmail Letterman, Robert J. "Joe" Halderman, says he was just shopping a screenplay.

6. CHRIS BROWN ASSAULTS RIHANNA: The big story on Grammy night in 2009 didn't take place on stage but outside the ceremony. Chris Brown assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna, an altercation that led to Brown pleading guilty to felony assault in June. Both R&B stars were in comeback mode before the year was out, releasing new albums just weeks apart.

7. KANYE WEST ROBS TAYLOR SWIFT: Bad behavior, not awards, also ruled the story line at the MTV Video Music Awards. When a stage-crashing West interrupted Swift's acceptance speech for best female video, the rapper clearly underestimated the negative reaction he would inspire.

8. LIVE VIDEO EXPLODES ON THE WEB: One of the biggest trends in online video was the emergence of demand — and supply — for live video. Live online video particularly suited daytime news events (when people are at work in front of computers). Millions online watched the inauguration of President Barack Obama and the funeral of Michael Jackson.

9. KATE AND JON GOSSELIN BROADCAST SPLIT: One of reality TV's latest sensations fell apart just as it was reaching fruition. TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was winning its best ratings in its fifth season when the Gosselins — parents of eight children — announced their separation. With more than 10 million viewers, that episode earned the show its best ratings. Arguments in the divorce, which became final in December, have thus far prevented the show from continuing. TLC hopes to debut a show for Kate Gosselin in the spring.

10. HEATH LEDGER WINS POSTHUMOUS OSCAR: Ledger, whose death topped the poll of 2008's top entertainment stories, remained a presence in 2009, when he won an Oscar for best-supporting actor for his performance as the Joker in "The Dark Knight."


  1. Baby Mama, Just an idea... Maybe for next year... Trade gifts with a close friend of family member. My Mom used to hide all the Christmas gifts at my Grandma's house and we never found them. Good Luck!

  2. Hailey twittered:
    hAiLeYgLaSsMaN1 Oh and FYI, Lies Lies Lies-I am not dating that guy-I don't like the meathead type-no offense, I only date Jewish boys, besides my ex
    11:43 PM Dec 20th from web

    So what were the pics of her kissing him then? She obviously went along with it for a story. I really feel the whole story that guy made up about Jon showing up and threatening to kill him was all lies, just to promote the event. It's just sad what this has all come too.

  3. Baby Mama, I laughed at your story about your presents being discovered. I used to lock up presents in our luggage before they were wrapped. If they didn't fit, I'd hide them so well somewhere else, that I ended up forgetting where they were, buy somethings else, then finding the hidden gifts the next year!

  4. Jon just doesn't get it that he should downgrade his lifestyle a lot more to adjust to his new financial responsibilities. Just sell his Beamer outright and buy a really, really used Subaru sedan, for goodness sakes!

  5. Thanks for the update BabyMama...we'd be lost without you!
    Hey, if you want a quick laugh...watch this (right to the end...the "nothing box" just reminded me of a certain male Gosselin...it's hilarious!)
    Men's Brains versus Women's Brains:
    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  6. We now have 11 extra house guests until January 4th, so will probably only get to read and not post on the site (I'm sure some of you will be relieved, lol!) While I love all of them, I feel like I need a steam shovel to rake out the rooms and hallways each morning along with 8 more hands and arms to load/unload the dishwasher, run the washer/dryer, and prepare meals!

    The extra folks make it particularly hard on an anal person who likes order but I'm trying to laugh, go with the flow, and enjoy having them all since I'm surely going to miss them when they all depart. (I guess after they leave I'll be complaining about how quiet it seems with just our "normal" full house, lol.)

    BabyMama, I've always told my kids that because of all the people in the world, Santa has to use some responsible parents to be apprentice elves as his helpers; and, from time to time, he asks Mom and Dad to help out. Once my kids were old enough that I explained Santa was the "spirit of love and giving" but not to spoil it for the little kids. Once, one of my daughters blurted out back at me "I don't believe you." When I asked why, she said I know there is a Santa because I've seen the reindeer tracks from where we sprinkle the reindeer food. Go figure. Kids are unpredictable.

    Again, Holiday hugs to all my blogging buddies on this site. I value all of you and getting to know you a little bit.

  7. FROM RADARONLINE – EXCLUSIVE: Kate Gosselin Bounced From New TV Show For Being Too Controversial

    Kate Gosselin is not going to be part of a new TV show that she shot a pilot for because executives thought she was too controversial, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

    In early September, Kate was one of several hosts for a Momlogic TV pilot. She joined Food Network star Paula Deen, Lee Woodruff and former Early Show co-host Rene Syler.

    The show, by Telepictures, has been described as The View for working moms and while it is technically still alive, industry insiders tell RadarOnline.com that it is on life support. It is still on the schedule to be sold at the convention where TV shows are pitched, but an insider said there is little chance it will make it. With multiple hosts, the show was designed to tackle topics such as teen pregnancy as well as lighter fare.

    One TV source with knowledge of the situation told RadarOnline.com that high-level executives believed Kate was too controversial for the show and didn’t think she was ready for a full-time hosting job, even as part of a panel.

    But not all decision makers agreed with that assessment. “There was a lot of arguing,” the source, familiar with the behind-the-scenes action, told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

    Paula Deen was being pushed as the show’s star, even in the multi-host format. There was some concern that Kate’s notoriety was upsetting Paula by drawing attention away from her. All of this was kept completely quiet.

    But the decision to drop Kate doesn’t mean no more Kate on TV. She will be back on TLC in the spring with a new show, whose concept has not been made public. And unlike the Momlogic show, whose future is uncertain at best, TLC has committed to Kate’s new show, even as it works to finish developing its concept.

    As RadarOnline.com reported recently, Kate was in North Carolina taking orders and waiting on customers in a famous diner. The TLC show is still in development while experimental filming takes place.

  8. I think Kate should continue to write books, maybe come up with her own line of organic kid food products or something. What happened to the clothing line? I want her to be able to continue to support the kids. I support whatever she does!

  9. BabyMama, where did you find the pic of the kids in the snow? It's adorable! Merry Christmas everyone!

  10. I kinda feel bad for Kate that she won't be doing the show, but I really can't see anyone offering Kate a job doing a show other than on TLC. I think she is too controversial. The whole thing about "child exploitation" is in the media now and that is still under investigation.

    Also, the fact that her children live in PA has to make it hard for her to get work anywhere other than NYC. If it's anywhere else she'd have to travel, not just commute and they'd have to do it around her custody days and I don't see anyone willing to work around that.

    Even if it's in NYC she'd have to do it around her custody days unless she plans to be a working mother and not stay home with the children. I just don't see it working with anyone other than TLC who seems to be willing to work around her needs.

  11. Schmecky Girl~ I kind of felt that Paula Dean was only using Kate for her "name" and when she became to famous, Paula wanted her out. It was obvious how they were touting that show as Paula's show, that she wanted nobody ot upstage her. I do think that if the media cooled down a bit and she was given the right show, she could do really great on NBC or any network for that matter.

    But I do agree that being far from New York makes it hard for her w/8 kids to do any real full-time show without the kids. Another reson why the show was so beneficial for her or any parent for that matter. Either way, I wish she would branch away from TLC as well.

  12. I heard about Kate not getting the show with Paula Dean Monday morning on The View. Barbara Walters let it slip out and then, they changed the subject real fast. I didn't think Kate and Paula would be a good match. Sorry I didn't post it sooner but I have been busy!
    Gosh Linda, I would be going bananas with all that company for the week. I hope they pitch in and help with the cooking and cleaning. lol!
    I hope everyone has a peaceful Christmas and safe New Year!

  13. I so miss seeing the kids I can't stand it. I also miss seeing day to day life in the beautiful PA home w/ Kate inspiring me to clean, clean, clean!!! This west coaster wants her PA news!

    I also wish all a very happy and memorable holiday....

  14. I would like to wish you all a very Blessed Merry Christmas.

    Thank you for many hours of reading and friendship . I dont always post but I am here everyday.

    I hope Kate reads this blog and if she does that she knows that we wish her the Merriest Christmas with her kids.I hope she has peace in her life and continues to prosper in her job whatever that may be.

    Linda your kids will always remember thier family staying at Christmas....What a nice memory.

    Babymama I cant thank you enough.

    Merrry Christmas and Peace and Joy to all

  15. Hello Everyone! How special is it for me to get my credit card statement on Christmas Eve! lol. I just wanted to wish everone a Merry Merry Christmas! I was supposed to go out and do some last minute shopping, but I'm Malled out. It's Christmas Eve, and I'm more excited than the kids!! Off to Queens for a huge Holiday Bash.. But first, I put the baby to nap and sneak to wrap a couple of gifts.

    I want to say that I love and appreciate all of you that have sticked with this site for the past year and a half. You are the most lovely & sweet internet people I know! Gotta run, my daughter drew on the wall again and another broke the 4th ornament this year. Yay for Holiday Spirit!

    Don't forget to track Santas route tonight online!

  16. I was wondering what ever happened to the Momglogic idea. Oh well, at least we'll still see her on TLC's new show.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  17. I just want to wish all of my internet friends a happy and safe holiday with their families. I also wish the Gosselins a peaceful holiday as they transition into this new phase. I hope the paparazzi have families that they want to spend time with so Jon can give his children his undivided attention and stay off the fence. I also hope he can sell his car if he needs to, so many people are in that same boat.

  18. I just wanted to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. God Bless to aal my friends in blogger land.

    Happy Birthday MR. BabyMama!!!

  19. I can't wait to see her on TLC's new show! I wonder what the whole concept is going to be. It's a same about Momlogic, but I agree that Kate and Paula Deen wouldn't be a good match. I have a feeling Paula might try to eat Kate up. No offense, but such "battles" are really common in such variety/news shows. And it always starts with that one celeb who wants to make sure the limelight is on them and them alone.


    Lucysmom, that note about finding X'mas presents the next year is hilarious!! LOL... OMG I ran out of wrapping paper and I haven't wrapped presents for my 3 sisters! I have to find paperbags and stapler them tightly.. *Sigh* Feel so bad about it..

  20. Merry Merry Christmas to all of you on this wonderful blog. I hope Santa was good to everyone, including the Gosselin kids. My wish is for Kate to find the peace she has sought out after this crazy year and to find success in her new show endeavors with TLC.............

  21. How was everyone Christmas? Mine was fantastic, up until last night when I started sneezing. I knew all that running around would catch up to me! Of course now Its return central..but not without more Gosselin Gossip! Thank goodness it was Charlie Sheens turn to be in the hot seat.

    RADAR.COM: Jon Gosselin's breakups never seem to go smoothly. Now you can add Hailey Glassman to the growing list of angry ex partners.

    Hailey claims that Jon pocketed the rent money she paid him - and never paid the rent! As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Hailey was spotted on Wednesday moving her things out of their West Side apartment building in New York City.

    But on Friday she decided to use Twitter to fill in a few details about the end of her relationship with the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star. First she Tweeted, "FYI That apartment everyone calls 'Jon's Apartment' was MY apartment as well. We split rent! He's been living off my family and I."

    She followed that missile with this pointed Tweet: "So get your facts right before you all assume. My family and I found out a week ago he's been pocketing our rent money 'n not paying the rent!"

    Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce recently became final and Kate was "thrilled" with the terms, several sources told RadarOnline.com. Jon can no longer earn money with public appearances or interviews that violate his TLC contract because a Maryland judge granted TLC's request for a preliminary injunction against him. The network is suing him for breach of contract and contends he has repeatedly violated the non-compete provisions of his contract by earning money off his "fame" in ventures that compete with TLC.

    Now Hailey's Tweets are sure to add heft to growing speculation that Jon is facing financial woes. And for those of you keeping track of the membership roster for the Jon Gosselin Angry Ex Partners Club add Hailey to Kate Gosselin, Kate Major and Stephanie Santoro.

  22. OMG - how many of these stuuuuupid situations will they create to get themselves back into the spotlight and grasp another moment of 'fame'??

    NEW YORK (WABC) -- Sources say the Upper West Side apartment of Jon Gosselin, the former reality star of the show Jon and Kate Plus 8, has been burglarized.

    According to sources, Gosselin came home on Saturday to find his apartment ransacked and burglarized. He apparently had not been at the Manhattan residence for a while.

    A television was reportedly stolen and cut up pillows scattered throughout the apartment. Investigators say a knife and a note was also left behind.

    Investigators are said to be looking to question his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman who moved from the apartment on Wednesday.-----

    BTW - this is HOPE (my normal posting ID) - the google account I had been using is tied to my work and is not an option for me to use anymore! Just wanted to clarify so there's no confusion! Hope you all had an AMAZING Christmas!

  23. I hope everybody has a little time to relax and catch their breath as lives get back to normal after the holiday rush and that those who are flying don't have too much stress at the airport.
    I really don't know how much of what Hailey says to believe, because she seems to want to get attention from the Jon saga and the two of them are soo immature. The one advantage is that hopefully Jon was less distracted by his outside life and more able to spend time with his kids. I didn't see any fence chats so that's a good thing. I see a great 2010 for Kate and believe it or not I have a vibe that Jon will come out of 2010 in much better shape than he came into it.

  24. Hope~ OMG Were you thinking what I was thinking, and it was Hailey getting back at Jon? Think about it, it happened right after she left....

    Maybe she was upset she didn't get a Christmas present from him.. just sayin :)

  25. Just read the US Weekly article. Can someone explain how he just spent Christmas with the kids and yet the "kids" Wii is missing from the apartment? He didn't give it to them at the house? Have the kids been at the apartment? Or maybe the Wii was Jon's and it just sounds better to say it's the kids.

  26. I do remember them having a wii at the old house and playing wii music, maybe he had taken it to his apartment for him to use. I really think this is a ploy for attention or pity or Money orsomething. Maybe he needs a way to get out of his lease that he can't afford.

  27. re: the apartment being burglarized... Jon needs money, maybe he set it up for the insurance money. I wouldn't put it past him.

  28. Baby Mama, she is Jewish so I'm assuming he missed one of the days of Hannukah.

  29. I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday thus far!! It`s so crazy busy and I`m pooped from hosting Christmas Day dinner yesterday. I can imagine I`m not as pooped as Linda though. lol It`s so tiring this time of year but such good times too. I hope everyone has been able to make lots of great memories this holiday season.

    Baby Mama - I had to laugh at the whole hiding gifts and Santa thing. My daughter is 10 and she still believes or at least she desperately wants to believe Santa is real. Her friends at school laugh at her when she talks about Santa but she insists they are all wrong and that it is so sad for them not to feel this special joy on Christmas that Santa will be coming. She even wrote him a letter to which "he" responded and left milk and cookies. I have to admit I am guilty of keeping the dream alive because I know how much she wants to believe and I want to preserve that innocence in her as long as I can. They only have that wonder filled awe for so long and then not all the money in the world can bring it back. Sigh...

    I was disappointed to read about the Paula Deen thing falling through but it's just as well if Paul is going to be a diva about it. They made it clear back months ago that Kate was not a co host but just a member of a panel and that it was Paula's show. I am sure Kate will do fabulously with whatever the new TLC show is going to be based on and at least TLC has committed to the show and it's not up in the air like the Paula Deen show. I can't wait to find out what it's about. All in all it looks like 2009 is coming to a more peaceful end for Kate with the promise of a much brighter and happier 2010!

    On the contrary, it looks like Jon's life is spiralling faster and faster into darkness. He has brought the majority of it on himself and I hope he has learned some valuable lessons in '09. For his kids' sake, I hope things are better in 2010 for him too.

    As for the apartment burglary story, I was thinking the same thing reading about it. It smells like Hailey getting in a final "F-you" to Jon on the way out. I hate to be so presumptuous but it just seems like something she would do.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and I wish health and happiness to all of you as we close out 2009 and ring in 2010!

  30. Babymama - yes, GMTA! haha

    I, too, wonder if this isn't a way to 'make some money' through insurance.....or if he and Hailey broke up and a way for him to extort or sue them for money?

    Ya know - as I type that I could hear Kate saying "I miss the old Jon" - and I realize that I do, too. It's kind of awful to write such things about a guy that a little over a year ago I considered to be an honorable family man. It's a sad shame. It makes me feel triple sorry for Kate and the kids.

    As for the Wii - my guess is that Jon had his own Wii at the apartment. I remember Hailey tweeting about them playing video games. It was during the time she was also tweeting that they couldn't go out ANYWHERE because of the paparazzi and such - so she/they were stuck inside watching movies or playing video games. Jon never took the kids with him to NY (that apartment is no way big enough for him to do so anyway) - so I find it hard to believe that was the 'kids' Wii.

  31. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!

    What was the Kate/Carol Brady photo for???

    Regarding the vandalism and theft at Jon's apartment, I think it was Hailey or maybe one of her friends that helped her move. Who else has access to the apartment? She probably never dreamed he would call the police and just thought like a young stupid girl... payback. If so, it was a really stupid move on her part. I did notice she didn't twitter a denial about it which is odd for her, she twitters everything.

    Another thing I find odd is that she is always badmouthing him on twitter, even after all the articles about Jon being desperate and having suicidal thoughts (true or not). Why would she want to add to that? Even if he did wrong her, why try to drive the guy to suicide? It's just wrong.

    Back to the vandalism, I can't see Jon doing it for attention or money. I could be wrong, but I doubt he has apartment insurance so he wouldn't make money off it if that's the case.

    Personally, I think it's horrible that anyone would do such a thing. Nothing gives you the right to destroy someone's property.

  32. Once again yes, I feel bad for Jon. Nobody deserves a immature ex to wreak their apartment. Especially right after Christmas. I mean really. Does anyone know if Jon and Kate spent Chistmas together with the kids?

  33. ....definitely the work of Hailey, but why leave a note with a knife stuck through it?....the evidence is sitting right there without any questions whatsoever. So much for the new love of Jon's life.

    Speaking of Jon's life............how sad!!!! I think that it was inevitable that he end up alone and broke. I, too, hope 2019 turns out better for all of them.

    I do miss seeing the kids and the show. I also wonder how they feel about it now that they have had some time in their lives away from the cameras?

  34. Okay I was just reading a comment on radaronline and it said that Hailey's lawyer also represents Michael Lohan and Kate Major. I looked it up online and it's true! Not only that but the lawyer Stephanie Ovadia also follows Stephanie Santoro and vice versa on Twitter. They all follow each other! Some follow each other on Facebook too.

    What the heck!??!?! Something is definitely sketchy about the whole Hailey, Lohan, Major, Stephanie scenario. Those conspiracy theories are starting to sound plausible.

  35. All I've got to say about Jon's apartment thing, is crazy, crazy, crazy. He seems to attract trouble wherever he goes. Just goes to show you that the path of poor life choices he, Hailey or anyone else makes, almost always leads to bad consequences later.

    Hope and pray for a more peaceful 2010 for all the Gosselins, but really looking forward to Kate's tv show in the spring.

  36. The latest on Radar... Jon's attorney says "Hailey's going to jail," and "Jon feels like he was raped." As a former rape victim, I find that second comment incredibly offensive! Having your apartment torn up and being raped are completely different and have totally different effects on your life. That guy just doesn't think before he talks, and he's doing more harm than good. Unbelievable!