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Coming Off The Dancing With The Stars High: Rooting For You Kate! Billy Bush & Tony Dovolani

Hello Gosselin fans! What a high last night! We are back! Or should I say "Mondays" are back. In a HUGE way! Back in the day I used to constantly battle between my 2 fav. shows on Monday night. Now it's like the best of both worlds. Last night I felt like I was cheering for my sister. I had a "Dancing With The Stars" cheering party, and invited my two best friends and their family over to watch the show. Even though the kids were all over the place, we had the best time last night! I made sure everyone brought their phones. We had a total of 7! And let me assure you, even though the guys wanted to go elsewhere, they DID stay and watch Kate & Pam, TV's hottest moms. And so that I'm not impartial, I'm taking TV's BUZZBLOG.COM's review of last nights show and where the contestants stand:

'Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Hello, Dolly! By Kate Mulcrone

It seems like only yesterday that Donny Osmond waltzed offstage with the famous mirror ball trophy. Well, time flies. A hop, skip and an Olympics later we’re ready for a new season. This week our would-be champions danced the cha-cha-cha and the Viennese waltz. High honors fell to the jocks, Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek and ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews. The best performance of the night, however, was a waltz by former Pussycat Dolls frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger. Talk about a bad girl makeover! She and Derek were all sweetness and light out on the floor. Of course, not everyone dazzled. Niecy Nash was a little too goofy for her own good and astronaut Buzz Aldrin should stick with the moonwalk rather than trying to cha-cha-cha. Soap star Aiden Turner got no love from the judges for his "sexy" dance and Kate Gosselin waltzed her way down the scoreboard. Here's the dirt on all the stars' performances:

Chad Ochocinco
Okay, there's a football player on pretty much every season of the show ... but has there ever been one like Chad Ochocinco? The NFL's ultimate showboat opened the season with an absolutely amazing cha-cha-cha. His footwork isn't perfect yet, but he more than makes up with it in attitude. The judges had some harsh words for Chad and Cheryl, but they couldn’t hide their smiles. You could bet on a worse champion.
Score: 18/30

Shannen Doherty
The wicked witch of "90210" and "Charmed" turned in a surprisingly sweet Viennese waltz. She had a little trouble with her footwork and one of her holds and lost the thread of the routine toward the end. Still, the judges commended her for soldiering through such a challenging routine in the first week of competition. The show clearly means a lot to Shannen -- her dad's a big fan -- and she's obviously willing to work hard. Don’t count her out just yet.
Score: 18/30

Erin Andrews
Rumors are already flying that this lovely sportscaster is dating her partner Maks. If they’re not actually dating ... they probably will be soon. There was definitely a lot of sizzle during their cha-cha. Erin has great rhythm and her footwork was quite good, but her arm movements are just a little bit out of sync and she holds her shoulders too stiffly. There's plenty of room for improvement, but she’s off to a great start.
Score: 21/30

Jake Pavelka
Okay, Jake was on "The Bachelor," we get it. Between the rose he carried out onstage, Chelsie's dress (pink) and the music ("A Kiss From a Rose") they waltzed to there's no way anyone could be left wondering about his pedigree. Poor guy. Luckily, his dancing was not half bad. All of the raw material is there: rhythm, footwork and, maybe most important, fluidity. Jake does need to stand up straighter, though. His posture was pretty bad. Chelsie Hightower has a history of making passable dancers out of the unlikeliest guys, so I'll be interested to see what Jake does next week.
Score: 20/30

Niecy Nash
We saw Niecy eating a cheeseburger just before we cut to commercial before her routine. Antics! (Just for the record, I would totally be willing to cha-cha if I got to eat a cheeseburger first.) As good as it is to laugh, the show is about dancing. Niecy put in a valiant effort on the dance floor, but her rhythm was way, way off. Len complained about the oversimplicity of Niecy and Louis's routine, and for once I agree with the old grouch. Let's hope Niecy has a very active fan club. She dedicated her performance to "big girls everywhere," so maybe that will help.
Score: 18/30

Evan Lysacek
Our poor judges! They really had to struggle to find anything bad to say about Olympic figure skating champion Evan's magical waltz. Carrie Ann told him to point his toes. Len rather enigmatically advised Evan and Anna to "get chemistry between the two of you," and Bruno agreed. While it may take time for Evan to adjust to sharing the stage with his partner Anna, he's clearly got all the right moves.
Score: 23/30

Buzz Aldrin
Well, the good thing about walking on the moon is that it doesn't really matter if you mess things up after that. Things like ... the cha-cha-cha. Although Buzz certainly had his moments out on the floor there were other moments when he just kind of stood there. It wasn't pretty to watch. It's hard to imagine Buzz will take another turn on the floor.
Score: 14/30

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole's waltz was, in a word, transcendent. I really don't think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful routine in the first week of competition, and Carrie Ann said pretty much the same thing. (And she obviously knows more than I do.) Len freaked out about Derek's choreography like he does every season, but he somehow also decide to yell -- yes, yell! -- at Nicole for some supposedly sloppy footwork and a lack of musicality. Whatever, Len. This girl's got massive star power.
Score: 25/30

Aiden Turner
Soap star Aiden seems to be going for the whole sexy Gilles Marini angle. Unfortunately, it didn't work for him. His cha-cha-cha felt gimmicky rather than fresh. His footwork was passable, but his sense of rhythm is pretty basic. Len said the routine was "full of everything I don't like." (The million dollar question, of course, is what on Earth does Len like?) Aiden was not great, but he probably deserved a little more love from the judges. Will the audience step in and save him?
Score: 15/30

Kate Gosselin
Reality TV’s most stressed out mom looked ... pretty stressed out on the floor tonight. There's dancing a waltz, and then there's letting a waltz dance you. Kate moved gracefully, but her footwork was awfully basic. The routine itself was pretty, but certainly not as technically accomplished as Nicole or Evan's Viennese waltzes. It's hard to see Kate in this competition for the long haul.
Score: 16/30

Pamela Anderson
What can I say, she plays to her strength. Pamela's routine was fast, loose and almost -- but not quite -- out of control. Her footwork was pretty good and her rhythm was great. More to the point, though, her stage presence was pretty powerful. Both Bruno and Carrie Ann were pretty much besides themselves, giggling through critique. Len, on the other hand, is not distracted by célébrité (or sex tapes) and ragged on Pamela's technique. She probably won't win it all, but she'll have fun trying.
Score: 21/30

Who won over the judges: Nicole and Evan
Who won over the audience: Erin and Nicole
Who needs to step it up: Buzz and Aiden

Billy Bush Pushes Toni Dovolani To Update Kate's Dresses (lol)


  1. LOL Baby Mama! He didn't say Kate looked like she was pushing a shopping cart. Kate WAS the shopping cart and Tony looked like he was pushing it.

    Here's his quote:

    "The technique was terrible. You have to learn to perform a human character. It looked like Tony was pushing a shopping cart around the floor." - Bruno

  2. I thought Kate did well but she did look nervous and was on her heels a lot. I loved it and I think she will do well if she doesn't let her nerves get to her.

    Personally I thought pamela looked like she was drunk bar room dancing. She was having fun though!

    Monday nights sure have got interesting again!

  3. Happy Tuesday. The morning after! The View will be on in about six minutes. I am sure it will be an interesting "Hot Topics". Watch carefully, people. I believe the "ladies" of The View don't like Kate. It might get ugly...

  4. You know - I commented about her dress in the earlier thread - but watching it again this morning - it hit me that they had her hair REALLY stiff, too. Like is was plastered with hairspray or something? With her new longer locks - letting her hair flow could've helped I think. Did anyone else get that feeling?

    I hope that for their dance next Monday - Kate is wearing something less matronly and that they let her hair flow! I know that how I am dressed certainly affects my mood and how I'm received by people. Certainly that's true here as well?

  5. The View was okay with reviewing Kate. Joy really doesn't like her and cracked that she should stay home with her "brats". I like Joy's humor and her show on HLN but she is very against Kate. My question to her is, why is it okay for Sherri and Elisabeth to work. Elisabeth's only claim to fame is having been on Survivor - and she lost. So using Joy's logic, shouldn't Elisabeth be home with her three kids? And Sherri at home with her special needs son? Stop picking on a working mom for working!

    Whoopi just doesn't like Kate at all but she also doesn't like DWTS. In spite of her not funny Valley girl impression, she did make a point. I think Kate should go back to a version of her signature hair-do. I liked her between extensions cut. That short hair is her character and her persona. It might actually make her more comfortable on the dance floor to be herself.

    My advice to Kate would be to try to let go of the fear. Remember there are many, many people out here who support you and would cheer you on if we could be there. Loosen up your body - it's a great body. Don't let yourself be intimidated. It's about grace and you are a truly graceful woman.

  6. I think for not having any dancing experience, Kate did pretty well. I think she was certainly better than Shannon, (and Buzz goes without saying). Other than the color, I didn’t like her dress and yes, her hair was very stiff and fake looking last night. Her face looked really pretty and I thought she handled herself quite well during the judges’ remarks. I think it would be great, for her sake, if she could last at least a few more weeks, maybe then she will be able to let go of some of the nerves and really enjoy the experience.

  7. Kate did a lot better than I would have done! I hope she gets the chance to stick around a shake the nerves.

  8. Schmecky! hahaha I had NO IDEA what he said! I guess I was reading a few of the trolls and I mis-understood what he said....The weather here today is horrible, and I'm coming off my high with a bit of a stomach ache...I need to fix that post later!

    I wanted to show you this site that monitors the calls normally for American Idol, but is now following Dancing With The Stars. DialIdol.com says that the majority of phone calls last night was for Kate! Check it out....


  9. It's been awhile since I've commented but I check this site almost every day. I thought Kate did passably well last night, especially for someone who really has no screen training. The rest, even Buzz, has had some lessons in media and how to carry yourself. Her nerves did come through -- she's got to fake it until she feels it. My heart and clearly many Mom's hearts were with her last night. Bravo Kate!! You may not make it to the end, but you should have fun trying! Even my husband stayed glued to the TV until Kate came on. We cheered her on together.

  10. A looooooooooong interview. Good one:


  11. Jen Santos~ Nice to see you! It's been so great seeing all my old (not literally) commenters I haven't seen in a while. Thank you all for coming back and supporting my site. As you know I have been a little protective of my baby...(always imitated, never duplicated). Its always great when more fans show their support. But I'm allowed to brag because this site is the best! Last night I had the biggest number of hits since June of last year during the whole divorce mess, to the tune of over 20,000 hits! yay me! And please understand that I have been depressed about the site being a bit dead for a while, so this is big for me. Thank you to all my readers & commenters! I really missed you!

    Schmecky~ Thanks for the article, when I get home I will read it...

    OK someone please explain to me how of all freaking sites..Radar.com gets the first interview with Kate right after she danced?? How is that possible? I thought that was a little gossip site? Anyway, since I'm not allowed ot post it here, I will give you the link of Kate & Tony's first interview after the show..And yes, I am bitter and jealous! ;)


  12. I have to say a few more things while I'm on a late lunch break. I received a few e-mails last night about people wondering my realtionships with a few other people on other sites. I will say this, ironically fans of Kate Gosselin run in very small circles. You could pretty much figure out who is who just by writing styles..You can change your name 50 ways and eventually everything spills out. I guess you can say I questioned many and was sad that others felt the need to go elsewhere, and yes my feelings were hurt. But people can do whatever they want, just not at the expense of ripping my site off and commenting about me behind my back. Kate fans or not, I have the right to be upset.

    Onward and upward, I have heard all of your thoughts and suggestions about improving the site and I am taking them all into consideration. It has been a joy to see my old regulars. I hope everyone knows I truly love chatting with you all! Hope that Kate's time on this show will be long so we have alot to talk about..So vote however you can!

    HolliDay~ I love your doggie Avatar. Every time I see it I complain to my husband about not getting that dog I always wanted. We had a Pekingese dog for 9 years before he passed away, and my husband wont allow another dog. We are just too busy. I hope to wear him down though. They are expensive here..I need to speak to Hailey and see if she would go up in price on the bounty of Jon Gosselin's head. I will fly to Park City, Utah and find that man myself! I need the $$$$ for my new puppy!!!!

  13. How nice it is to have great Monday night TV again for however long or short it lasts!!

  14. Kate was pretty good on DWTS! She could have done better, but for someone who has never had that type of experience before she was great! Based on the link for tally of the number of votes, Kate and Tony will be staying... Yay! I think that they know where to improve for next week, so hopefully they'll be doing better! :o)

  15. Baby Mama I will always and forever be CraftyMomof3. This site and IW are my favorites and if I have time to read they are always were I go. That and Facebook! LOL Gotta get my Mafia Wars & Farmville fix in! (yes I am one of those annoying people and damn proud of it!)

    Thanks for posting the video!

  16. #1caregiver,

    (Sorry OT Baby Mama)

    I had closed my blog for a while because it seems that some (not all) Kate fans and Kate haters can be pretty vicious and take things to a personal level.

    Funny thing is I did so much research on the internet dangers of pedophiles and posting pics of my kids online (there really are no dangers by the way if you are careful enough, anyone can research that if you don't believe me) but never realized the real scary people are just everyday random Bloggers!

    I reopened my blog for a bit just now. I will probably leave it public for just a few days only and then go private again... so if you want to read anything there just go CLICK on my name SchmeckyGirl on my posts. I can invite people to read it once it's private again but you would need to have a blog or give out your email address and I don't suggest the latter. Anyway, I used to post a lot because I met a lot of women online on a home decorating site (thus the pics of our homes and rooms in our house etc) but I don't really blog any more. I recently blogged my Disney World trip but that's been it.

    Thanks for asking though! Good seeing you again. It's been a while.

    P.S. Please let me know if you find any pics of me with Birkenstocks on because I don't own any but someone claims I wear them and they saw pics of it on my blog! lol.

  17. Baby Mama, I've dabbled with some other blogs recently but this is my home for sure! I think there was just not much going on in Gosselin Land the past few months. DWTS will change that... Although the nicer weather is coming so people won't be home as much either. I know I won't!

  18. Baby Mama, I think there might be something wrong with your Poll thingie on your blog. It says 15% of the voters thinks Kate nailed it! That can't be right! ;)

  19. I just saw an interview with Kate and Tony and he raved about her! Said all wonderful things about her. Love them both!

  20. Oh I really hope Kate gets enough votes to stay around a few weeks!! I did all my online votes, but I swear, never in my life have I ever been able to get thru with phone votes!! So annoying. Anyway, I think she did okay. She seemed really nervous; she needs to loosen up & have some fun. But it was a boring dance too. I wanna see her cha cha!! lol And Pam Anderson....whoa!! I think she did great, and will stick around bc she's so fun to wATCH!

  21. My2girls~ Miss you...how are you?

    Craftymom of 3~ We all have a huge love of Farmville, it's gotten sick at this point and my farm is huge and I got enough finally saved for my tower & my Mason. The women of IW are very close internet friends of mine and I love them dearly. I miss GDNNOP, they started that site around the same time I did and..get this..WE BECAME FRIENDS! Can you believe that? Two Gosselin sites getting along. Alas, they moved onto different ventures and I wish them well.

    Schmecky~ People go out of their way to really attack fans, but sometimes fans get just as defensive. So who is right? Well no one until they cross the line and comment on us personally. Like knowing who we really are is this huge exciting rush for them. People rag on Kate behind the invisible cloak of the internet. And I could only imagine how I would feel if I had to read a quarter of what Kate reads on the internet. Tony himself is floored. If you watch Tony on the Radar.com video he was so funny..."Even if you hate us! Vote for us!". It was too cute.

    I didn't want to get into my rant today, but I couldn't get to all the e-mails and they all seemed to be going in the same direction as to why I'm such a tight-ass with my site. I have real people here, not 500 posts from the same 6 women. I want to keep my fan site positive and don't want all the BS. THEY CAN GO ELSEWHERE FOR THAT. ;)

  22. Hi Baby Mama. I didn't know how competitive Gosselin fan sites are. I don't go to any others because I certainly get my 'fix' here.

    I got my puppy in New Jersey. I'll ask the woman who owns the place if it's okay to put her website here. He is the best dog ever! He's a Havanese and now one year old.

  23. Hi Baby Mama, I just thought you might be happy to hear that TLC FINALLY has asked all those nasty people to leave on their Facebook site. Check it out so many people are agreeing and posting positive posts it's awsome. Perhap's the fans are going to take back their fan site. This with your news that Kate and Tony got the most fan votes makes me think good things are finally happening for Kate again! I did have too giggle a little that the horrid hate campaign seem's to have backfired. LOL

  24. I think Kate looked great, danced the best she could and will get better if she gets another chance...does anyone know if she had breast augmentation or has she always been so well endowed in the Northern Region? They look great!

  25. momsby~ Yes! After months and I mean months talking about the Facebook problems with the Actual Jon & Kate page, it's nice that they finally listed & cleaned house. I myself have not gone and greated a page for this exact reason. I'm not going to moderate 2 sites. You would think with so many other options the haters would go elsewhere. But they just want to piss people off, and I'm assuming stupid enough to not get these are FAN sites.

    I'm always still a My Space Fan. I know, no one is on it anymore, including myself. But mMy Space was fun because it was your own little page and you could kick out anyone you wanted. Facebook took over a life of its own and there have been many problems there. It needs to be better controlled because your personal info is on there and your being bullied as well. That being said, hope you saw my welcome on the other page.

    HappyMomof4~ Let me stress to you that Kate has not gotten any plastic surgery or bigger boobs for that matter! lol It's called a push-up bra from Victoria's Secret. Many a shot has shown that you cant deflate and get huge in a day. Don't listen to the hate sites. It's just more BS. I can tell you from expierence that happens all the time. Also these are costumes that can basically do ANYTHING lol

  26. "I had closed my blog for a while because it seems that some (not all) Kate fans and Kate haters can be pretty vicious and take things to a personal level."

    ~Same here Schmecky~ I left the content up because there were a lot of new fans that appreciated the info. But as far as the nastiness on a personal level it got a bit much, also I had gotten ill at that time. I have remained a fan of Kate's. I am so very proud of her for taking on DWTS, I am going to definitely vote for her and hope that all her true fans do the same there are MANY of us out there! They didn't propel to mega fame because no one watched their show hello! JK8 was a success because let's face it Kate was the one that opened up her home to other moms everywhere and showed that we are all doing the best we can whether you have 2 or 8. Everyone fell in love with her because she is relate-able and funny.
    She works hard and she takes a lot of crap, she's been through alot and she deserves the support of each and everyone that ever said "thank god I'm not the only one that does that!"
    There's not doubt in my mind Kate has more fans than most of the "stars" on the show so yes she can win...just keep voting!

  27. Gosselingarbfinder~ Holy smoke! So glad to see you! I tried to contact you several times..Did you get my messages? Miss you terribly! That dress she wore on Jimmy Kimmel Live got me 18 e-mails and I felt bad sending them all to you! lol!Missed talking to you here. If you need a private convo e-mail me jonkatefanpage@gmail.com

    I'm telling you! Seeing all my lost people has been so great for me! Did I say that a million times already?? DON'T BE A STRANGER. ANY OF YOU!

  28. I thought Kate did great for a first show and for someone who usually doesn't dance on a regular basis. I enjoyed it... and sorry but Nicole SHOULD NOT be allowed to be on the show. She's a pussycat doll, she's known for dancing (not so much for the singing). This is for people who normally cannot dance.

  29. Hey everyone,

    Hope you're all well! It was a crazy week with March Break last week so needless to say, no time for the computer. They're back at school now and after a couple of days to recover, I should be back more often. lol

    So, DWTS, I have watched it on and off in the past but never a whole season all the way through. This one is definitely different though. I want to see practically everyone on the show, especially Kate of course.

    Speaking of Kate, I thought it was a good first effort but she let her nerves really show. Who can blame her? I think I would have probably crapped my pants out there for sure! I have to agree with a few others though in that I really didn't like her choice of dress. Those wing things were too big and distracting instead of looking graceful and flowy. I hope in the effort to be tasteful and not too revealing, she doesn't get totally frumpy. It's ok for a mom to be a bit sexy as long as everything is not hanging out. I have a feeling as long as Pam is around, she will not run the risk of looking too sexy in anything she wears. lol

    I just hope the judges let Kate stick around long enough to get over her nerves a bit. It would stink if she was voted off right off the bat!

  30. Awww, thanks for thinking of me!! I am doing well!! Lovin up some DWTS!! Kate rocks! She looks fantastic and hope we can keep her on the show for a while...I voted SEVERAL times for her.

  31. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/showbiz/2010/03/23/natpkg.dancing.with.stars.cnn?hpt=C2

    Kate is the first interview. She notes that if she was a nurse she wouldn't be seeing her kids more than she does now. I'm sure any nurses on here would agree that the long hours are terrible! She also says that she's raising the kids essentially on her own, which I thought was an interesting comment. Overall, good work by CNN!

  32. Hey Baby Mama...

    Because I am a dance instructor I feel bad for saying this, but Kate really needs some more practice. I saw a pic of her batma (kick) last week with her toes flexed and leg bent...and it was the same when she danced on monday. But with that said, I totally agreed with Caryann..she is out of her element. Just to get up there is credit enough. Dance is not just about the steps but about the emotion and character you become while doing the choreography. Kate is a fighter and a perfectionist so I am sure as the weeks go on we will see her continue to get better.

    I like Nicole on the show. There have been some other dancers before. She may have been trained in other genres of dance but not ballroom. I would feel like a fish out of water if I had to ballroom even though I have danced all my life.

  33. dancnmommy~ I happen to love Nicole, and love the Pussycat Dolls. My kids and I dance to that all the time. But just like MelB. & Mya who was in Chicago, these are professional dancers that have had years behind and in front the camera & I feel it's not fair. Yes, Kate needs work. I could only imagine how stressful it could be reading all this horrible crap about you, then having to go out before millions of people doing something you have never done before. She is very lucky to have such a patient instructor like Tony Dovolani. He seems to be very calm & supportive to Kate. And lets face it, when I saw how he worked on Marissa Winokur & made the girl lose that much weight & make it into the final 3..Well lets just say he had me at hello.......

    I'm not going to lie. As "uptight" as the haters claim her to be, next week is Latin. That's as hot as they come, and I'm afraid it's gonna be more of a "hot mess". Taking Kate out of her element is an understantment. But when Dialidol.com said she received the most phone votes, I was super excited. I'm hoping we can all pitch in next week and saver her for another week. This dance has been brutal even for the professional dancers, and I pray for Kate even moreso next week that shes able to be the most improved..

    That said, I just signed my daughter up for dance! She is turning 9 and loves watching the show, and I feel she's mature enough now to go back to it after being 3 and basically tapping her foot for 2 years & not really enjoying it on mommy's dime.. ;)

  34. I have seen all the comments (on other sites) about Kate's supposed boob job. I noticed that in the video they showed of her rehearsing she was much smaller than during the competition. I agree with Baby Mama...Kate has bought an awesome push up bra!

  35. I thought the Radaronline video was so cute. She seemed so happy and Tony seems to be her #1 fan. I hope she will relax next week and just get sassy (not Pam Anderson sassy, LOL :)), and have fun.

  36. I put up the video because I agree that Kate has to ease up on shwing some skin and not be like Hot Mess Pam but try to not look that conservative either. There is another great supporting Kate fan that was on the Joy Behar show discussing Kate as a great mom. I didn't want to overwhelm the site with to many videos, but you can check it out..Ignore the guy on there with the hot mess hair. lol


    AmyinSoIll~ I also think they stuff those bras in those costumes. I see the instructors looking big in their costumes and flat in real life! haha

    Shelly~ I always agree with you girl!

  37. Sorry Baby Mama but I disagree. I think Kate got a boob job. She wanted one when she had her tummy tuck anyway. I don't think there's anything wrong with her getting one either. I do think she wears more padded bras at times though so sometimes they look bigger than other days. Just my opinion though.

    And Kate didn't really "deny" it when she was asked. She kind of avoided actually answering the question, which led me to believe she didn't want to just outright lie and say no. I don't blame her for not answering though if she doesn't want to.

  38. Next week is Latin???? That should be good! I'm sorry but there are just some people who don't dance well. They don't have rhythm and they just can't move. Kate doesn't seem particularly graceful either. I think she will do a lot better if she just has fun with it.

  39. Us Magazine:

    Tart-tongued Dancing With the Stars judge Bruno Tonioli doesn't regret telling Kate Gosselin she was "terrible" on Monday's premiere.

    "Kate wasn't very good -- she can't perform," he told UsMagazine.com Tuesday at a party celebrating Evan Lysacek's Olympic Gold Medal at Ralph Lauren in L.A. "But she will learn."

    PHOTOS: Before they were on Dancing With the Stars!

    On Monday's show, he also told Gosselin, 34, that it looked like her partner Tony Dovolani was "pushing a shopping cart around the floor" as they danced the Viennese Waltz.

    VIDEO: See Kate Gosselin dance

    "It was true! It wasn't harsh!" Tonioli, 54, told Us. "She was like a shopping cart! Sometimes people need to be shaken up a bit to keep it up! It's the truth, it's what I feel, it's just being honest!

    "If you want love, go to your mother!" he added. "This is Dancing with the Stars, and you know what you're going to get! "It's a competition and there are people who are working very, very hard," he went on. "And to get there, you have to say, 'OK, I didn't perform, I was stiff, I was like a shopping cart.' They have to come back and show it."

    PHOTOS: What stars look like with Kate's old 'do

    But professional dancer Mark Ballas feels for Gosselin.

    "Poor woman!" he told Us. "She's here trying to have a good time and trying to make her kids and family proud. Tony is an excellent teacher and a great mentor and has been guiding her through it. We all want to support her, and I think she'll do fine."

    I agree. I don't think he was too harsh on Kate compared to others. He said Shannen threw her arms around like a primate, no one cared. lol.

  40. Everyone keeps posting that Jon was at the Taylor Swift concert, but that is not correct. I don't believe anything until I see proof. I'm not going to post any more lies out there until proven otherwise. Between Kate getting $35,000 worth of plastic surgery for the show (LIES), Kate not actually AT the concert (More LIES) to Kate being a diva on the set (made up source w/no name BIGGER LIE) so I'm pretty much done with it. (FYI that fake dialidol numbers were posted by a Kate hater, enough said). Just Wondering posted up some kind of "REAL" stats for dialidol.com but guess what? MORE LIES...

    So basically Jon is still MIA until further notice, because when he finally arrives I want to get my grand from Hailey!

    March 24, 2010 4:35 PM

  41. Perez has pics from a few days ago of Jon and his new fling out in Santa Monica.....

    I don't normally go there but was wondering where he was myself and stumbled acrossed it. It was from Monday.

    "With Kate Gosselin busy preparing for her debut on Dancing With The Stars tonight, you'd think douchebag Jon Gosselin would be helping to take care of the kids.

    Well, at least on the weekends after all. But according to several Perezcious readers, Jon was spotted around town in Santa Barbara this weekend.

    If you recall, he's latest trashy girlfriend, Morgan Christie, is from Santa B.

    So John, just why weren't you back home spending some quality time with the kiddies? Guess you rather see your girlfriend than your children.


    Here's the link:

  42. Ooops - I said Santa Monica --- it was Santa Barbara.

    Ugh. He was in California. There. :) LOL

  43. Jon was in Santa Barbara over the weekend. There is the photographic evidence. I suppose... hmmm... he could have taken the red eye to California Friday night.


    The Flicker picture was Dial Idols raw numbers. The only reason to show that rather than the Dial Idol link is to ignore their explanations of what it means. They measure the busy signal not the actual number of votes. They have different numbers of people using their software voting for each person so the raw numbers are meaningless. A contestant with 600 busy signals out of 1000 calls has the same busy percentage as a person with 60 busy signals in 100 calls. Dial Idol is traditionally 90% accurate and they predict Kate is safe.

  44. Just wondering get a clue and go away. We have all made it pretty clear here and on IW that we don't need your kind of education and really don't care what you think of Kate.

  45. Regarding Jon being in Santa Barbara over the weekend... The article says several readers claim that's where he was. I think he based the article on what Perez Hilton's comments by fans have said or something along those lines. The picture of Jon and his girlfriend is an old pic from a while back and doesn't prove anything. Tabloid reporting at its best!

  46. Tony tweeted that he and Kate flew out of Philadelphia Friday night. Maybe Jon came in to ride home with the children after the concert.

  47. I would actually post Just Wondering's stuff if it wasn't so wrong all the time. Anything negative or hateful she tries to put on here before even checking first. I mean, a Buzz & Ashley landslide?? Kate the first to go?? Who knows..We will all find out next tuesday anyway. I really hate speculation and flat out lies started from the trash that is GWOP.

    This Sunday is Kate's Birthday.. Thats right! She will be 35. I wonder what she will be doing? Any of you haters know since you seem to know everything?? NOT!

    In other funny Gosselin realted news, there is some dude who looks NOTHING like Jon in Atlantic City claiming he IS Jon Gosselin & hitting on women. Dude's got the right idea making a bit of cash over this! lol


  48. Oh Baby Mama I am laughing so hard. The picture does kinda look like Jon. Too funny!!!! I do wonder where Jon is, and I pray he is getting his life together.

    Also, did I miss one of just wondering's whitty posts? Darn, I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight. Ugh, NOT!! What a loser.

  49. I deleted the post because it wasn't true. I'ts normally just crap attacking Kate for the millionth time.

    FYI HATERS: Kate was on Access Hollywood tonight.. Oh and when she was asked who was taking care of the kids & helping this week..get ready..she said her SISTER is taking good care of them!

    So to all those attacking her on other sites let me say this..You have no idea what goes on in her life nor are you entitled to. So I hope everyone enjoys the freebies and all the special perks they can for being on that show. lol

  50. I'm hoping Kate can laugh all the way to the bank...& scores a wack of really cute FREE shoes :) Gosselingarbfinder- I was nodding my head in agreement reading your excellent post. You hit the nail-on the head with that one.

  51. Baby Mama, when you said this Sunday is Kate's birthday, it just hit me that it's already been a whole year since all the rumours of divorce and drama started! I remember TLC showed the episode where the "kids" supposedly planned a surprise taking Kate to the cake place. In that episode, Jon made some statement about being out of town and having to miss Kate's birthday but that the kids were surprising her with the cake thing. Wow, I just can't believe all that has happened in that year and how that was the beginnings of the media frenzy that would surround them all year. It seems like just since the divorce was final that things calmed down a bit for them.

    Speaking of which, Jon is uncharacteristically MIA these days. It's not like him to hide from the paps and I can just see them talking to him at the fence about Kate on the show and him making some half baked comments about it. So out of character that he is avoiding all the spotlight these days. I guess he really is hiding out from Hailey. lol If he wasn't, you would definitely see him out and about with Morgan everywhere you turned and he would definitely be talking to his pap friends too.

    Oh we

  52. Oops! That was going to be an "oh well" that I thought I erased. lol

  53. Baby Mama, I do a GNO srapbooking with a group a friends. It's great fun, we alternate houses, share tools, and swap ideas etc. Some night's I accomplish alot depends if it's a one glass of wine night or two. It's always a good time regardless and the price is right.

  54. momsby~ I used to have a scrapbook group back in the day when I first got married. We would go every other Friday to a different house. Once my kids were born I never got anything done at home. So now I pay $40 once a month at a store. It includes dinner and is from 4-10 and we get a discount on the supplies & free use of all machines & equiptment. Crazy me decides I should just buy the Cricut for $375 thinking I would start back up at home..NEVER HAPPENED..I am so far behind..It's like pulling teeth to get people to go now, so I'm meeting up with girls I met there next week..Expensive Hobby!

    And now back to our regularly scheduled broadcasting.....lol

  55. I didn't watch the show but I watched the clip on the site. I think Kate did well for the lack of time she had to prepare and all. I think she has the potential to do really well if she's able to shake off her insecurities and let loose. I am rooting for her!

  56. Hi To All,
    For the first time, I am watching Am. Idol every week. Also, naturally, DWTS too! Never called in to vote on either, just watched. So if you need a good laugh today, here goes. I decided to call in and vote during DWTS. As each couple performed I dialed. One vote for Chad because I thought he is flexible and tried hard, etc. The vote went through so I thought great, I will be able to do it. So as the show progressed I gave out some calls and by the time Necey came on the phone recording said I used up all my alloted calls. I said OH, sh--, WTF, Baby Mama, you didn't tell me there was a limit!!! No wonder you sat around with 6 phones.LOL Boy do I feel dumb just telling this story.ha! ha! ha! Next week, I will have it together!

    My favorites for the Cha-Cha were Nicey and Erin.
    The Waltz was Evan and Nicole.

    The Judges are there to pick people apart and they suck at it. These type of shows, are for the fans and the public will decide who the favorites are. Dancing is hard and I know Kate will improve as the show goes on. I would have liked to see her in blue instead of pink.
    Q&A: Are those numbers right on dialidol? It said she got 56.? votes! I was wondering if I went to the right place.

  57. If you want to just look at really cute puppies, go to this site. It's where I got my baby boy.
    I looked for two years before I talked the hubby into it. Now he loves the dog like it's his baby!

  58. Holliday~ thank you for the link. You have no idea how I have been hounding my husband for a dog..Will continue to work on it.

    3KMom~ How are you! I wil make sure I put up Kates performace every week so you can watch it here. But definetly call for her and vote. The phone lines open for her right when the show starts, even before she performs. It's best to call then because after she dances it's hard to get through on the phone lines. You also can vote up to 11 times by using the link on the right and going to "vote". First time users on line will need to register, but it takes a sec.

    #1Caregiver~ Several years ago I used to love Idol. Then I stopped watching until this season. I love me some Big Mike. I really don't like anyone else now that Lilly is gone. If I get the kids to bed I watch it. Crystal & Siobhan will prob. be in the top 2 & I don't like either of them. But the tour I'm sure will be fun if you get tickets. Dialidol has been right on the money for years, and now they are tasking on DWTS. Who knows if they are accurate, but dont beleivethe cut and past job some haters did on something floating around called "raw dialidol numbers". Buzz winning by a landslide and Kate last?? They wish. But to answer your question, yes you went to the right place.

    Next week will be Latin and I feel bad for her. They will rip her a new one I'm sure. I'm already collecting family & friend cell phones for next week. Other than that, we can just pray.. ;)

  59. Personally, I think Kate may do much better with Latin style dancing - IF - Tony can get through to her to make it fun. I think she has quite a bit of spunk in her personality and that could translate into a "WOW" moment for her with that type of dance. I hope so anyway!! :)

  60. Baby Mama - I had no trouble at all calling in from my landline or my cell, and sone calls made before she danced but most made after she danced. I was NOT able at all to log a single vote via my cell phone online. Every single time online it would get to the login stage and then it would just lock up and keep spinning and not connecting.

    I think it's cute how people urge others to vote certain ways, e.g. Sherri Shepperd's tweets to vote for Neicy.

    As for Joy and crew on the View, they've always had their faves and dislikes. Because of that, I never watch that Show except when Kate has been on.

  61. BTW - we were able to vote via TEXT (got 11 votes per phone) -and- by calling in (I think we got 10 calls per phone number?) Something like that. It was fun :) I've never called in a vote for a show before!

  62. Schmecky said…
    And Kate didn't really "deny" it when she was asked. She kind of avoided actually answering the question, which led me to believe she didn't want to just outright lie and say no. I don't blame her for not answering though if she doesn't want to.
    When was she interviewed or asked about this? I must have missed it but would be interested to read/listen to it. Thanks!

  63. wildchild, in People magazine she answered "Plastic surgery? Please. Who has time to think about it, let alone do it."

  64. wildchild,

    It was in the most recent People article.

    People Magazine: There are rumors you’ve had some form of breast enhancement…

    Kate: Plastic surgery? Please. Who has time even to think about it, let alone do it? That’s just plain ridiculous.

    So she did say it's "ridiculous", but that's not really an answer. In my opinion. I think it's a way of actually not giving a Yes or No. She didn't really say No, I did not have a boob job. Not that I blame her, but I just think she left that open to interpretation because she only implied that she didn't. She does that a lot, again, in my opinion.

    And once again, I don't care if she had one or not.

  65. Thanks Schmecky and Denise!

  66. There are now reports that Jon and Morgan Christie broke up.

    Jon Gosselin has reportedly been dumped by his girlfriend of 5 months, Morgan Christie. Sources say Christie was fed up with Gosselin’s “pure laziness.”

    “It was five months of his pure laziness and her mounting frustration,” says a source. “She couldn’t take it anymore. He was lying around all day long, not contributing to anything and not working. He doesn’t even have his own friends. He even mooched his social life off her.”

    Christie is Gosselin’s second girlfriend since splitting from ex-wife Kate Gosselin last year. He previously dated 22-year-old Hailey Glassman.


  67. I've noticed very few people discuss plastic surgery.(That young girl who had 10 at once being the exception) Why is it that people seem to think it's their right to know? What difference does it make one way or the other? Maybe because she was so up front about the tummy tuck? I would have told that reporter to mind his own business!

  68. BM, green with envy over your cricut.My DH missed my not so subtle hints about one for Christmas, although with my birthday coming up I may just step up the campaign. As I newbie to DWTS I have to ask is Tony always such a sweetie? Every interview I see and read makes my like him more and more. He seem's like a great partner for Kate.

  69. momsby~ The Cricut is something you really gotta know your going to use, because it is expensive and you get fustrated when you see it sitting there collecting dust. It does however give you the urge to get off your behind and get creative, but for me, it's like a joke. Someday I will force myself at night to not be on the computer (which I enjoy doing) and scrapbook (which I also enjoy doing but has become VERY expensive. Keep in mind the cartriges are around $75 each in Michaels, but look on line for deals.

    Several of the DWTS dancers seem like sweeties, but Tony is my favorite. When he said he was on almost on every season of DWTS, I didn't beleive it. How did this hottie fly under the radar for me for years? It wasn't until I was super excited Marissa Jaret Winokur was coming on the show that I even noticed him. And then when he was partnered with Melissa Rycroft, I really felt they should have won. Plastic Surgery is very personal and no one has the right to know, just for the sake of being nosy. But I do not think in any way, that Kate has had anything done, except shedding her man..

    PAR~ Holy smoke! I knew it. I have had spies in Park City for weeks and no one has seen him. Not even in NYC which is odd. With her being this young and living in her parents house, that she was going to tolerate him chilling & doing nothing for much longer.

    Funny how no one in troll land had made a stink about the fact that Kates Sister watches the kids when shes away. There are still nannies as well, but where the heck is their father? Reports Jon has been around was something the haters made up, alomg with Kate still not close with any of her family members. Just because you don't hear about them, does that mean they are not there? Hopefully Kate will be on Access Hollywood again, they seem to have always been pro-Kate, while we all know The Insider has paid Jon big $$ to look horrile on TV.

  70. I'm an optimist, Call me crazy but I'm still rooting for Jon to get it together and act like the dad he used to be. :)

  71. The price of cartridges and thought that I wouldn't use them nough has held me back from the cricut but they look so neat. Maybe some day.
    If Morgan did dump Jon she is a lot smarter than Hailey. Tough love is what Jon needs. Maybe he is getting some help.
    I really admire Kate for dancing. Artsy kinds of stuff is not first nature to her. She is a more logical, verbal, structured kind of person so the fact that she is doing as well as she is is a tribute to her efforts. I am thankful that she has a sister who supports her and the kids during this time.

  72. BM - I gety Cricut cartridges on eBay. Much cheaper there than craft stores.

    I could care less IF Kate got additional surgery. That's her business. I'm still pretty convinced that it is great foundation garments and I base that on dome of the rehearsal footage from just the last few weeks. It takes longer than a week to recouperate and her spare time has been rehearsing.

    As for Jon, I too alm hopeful that he can get straight. IMO that isn't going to happen as long as the world carries him; he needs to grow up, stand up, and be responsible for himself; not to mention parental responsibilities.

  73. I swore I would never comment on boobie-gate...but here it goes. The rehersal footage showed a lot less going on in the front. I also think it's just a good bra. Thanks for the ebay tip.

  74. Cricut cartridges on the Cricut site are often $40. My duaghter has both machines and uses them extensively. I am the one that buys most of the carts for them.......haha.

    As far as kate's chest...how is she going to get all that surgery without the world knowing about it? Seriously. There would be paps all over the place getting shots of her in the hospital. Think of how long it would take to heal from the facial enhancements, the 'thigh' job, and the boob job. Really? we'd have heard from the haters first about how selfish and pathetic she was for not being with her kids, but instead got plastic surgery.

    I also think it is funny how they never have a problem with Jon not being around or his trips all over the globe doing anything but being there and being responsible. UGH

  75. I don't think Kate's had a boob job either. I know that I can go from flat to fabulous with the right bra. LOL If I can do it - ANYONE can! hahahaha

    As for Jon - I'm still wondering about a bunch of things:

    1. Did he get evicted from the NY apartment? He certainly wasn't there long enough for a year's lease - however - I can't believe the paps wouldn't have had shots of him 'moving out' of it? He never seems to be there - so I wonder what the deal is?

    2. Hailey has been twittering that Jon owns her 'name' (haileyglassman.com) however if you WHOIS the domain - godaddy owns it? Also, why hasn't Hailey been forthcoming with info regarding the investigation on what happened when the apartment was ransacked?

    3. What DID happen with that investigation?

    4. Did the settlement with TLC include some sort of agreement that TLC would help get the Paps to leave Jon alone? I find it difficult to believe they just decided to leave him alone? Did TLC pay him out of his lease of the NY apt?

    5. Is there truth to the rumors that Jon's staying holed up because he is writing a book? Or are the more recent 'lazing around doing nothing' reports true?

  76. Hope-about Jon,
    I too wonder about Jon. Sooo much gossip out there! According to their contract that was posted last year, I remember it stating that it expired in Feb. 2010, but they where not allowed to work in/on any TV/entertainment shows or such, for 6 months after that date. Unless permission from TLC/ & their parent co. I kinda of believe that's why Kate is hitting it hard in March, to gain all the fans back so they can promote her new show. TLC, for sure has their plan of action!!!

    Jon on the other hand, is under gag order because of the settlement. JMO! He probably is going to have to wait out the whole 6 months before he can do a show/interview or anything in showbiz. Or possibly longer, depends on what he settled for. What bothers be the most about these rumors is the possibility that Kate has refused to let him be around the children more when she is away. If that is the truth, then he needs to get something in writing so to stipulate what he is or is not entitled to. They previously agreed on 50/50, but mutually did a monthly schedule but since Kate got the property and stuff, we don't know anything else, so I am going to stop speculating!! lol

    As you can tell, I am a strong supporter of fathers rights, and I do hope Jon has been around more then we know.

    One more thing, I wish people would stop saying that Jon is not supporting his children. How do we know!!! He could have made some kind of lump payment in advance out of his share of the divorce settlement. Is it our right to know???? Noooo!!

    Gossip makes news and everyone would like to know all the dirty details about J&K+8.


  77. BTW - on the Cricut: Walmart carries many of the cartridges and they are in the $30-35 range.


  78. http://www.accesshollywood.com/billy-bush/which-one-of-kate-gosselins-hairstyles-is-her-favorite_videotab_1212481

  79. I had to google Cricut! lol. Cool.

    I think there is a lot of stuff about Kate that we don't see. The paparazzi only seems to film her shopping near her home and when she is doing something for PR and her career that TLC or her agents want us to know about.

    We've never seen pap pics of where she was when Jon had custody of the kids or what she was doing. We had no idea she went to LA for DWTS until it was officially announced.

    I think there was plenty of time for Kate to get "work done" on her and we wouldn't have known.

    I think it's obvious now that Jon is under TLCs control and we don't see him anymore. Why is that? Someone has to be controlling that. The day Jon went back to TLC is the day we stopped seeing pics of him out and about besides being at home in the snow with the kids.

    Wouldn't that lead you to believe that TLC or his agents have some control over what we see? I think it goes for him and that it goes for Kate too.

  80. #1caregiver,

    I agree. We don't know that Jon hasn't made child support payments. Who knows what he got from his TLC settlement. He could be rich.

    We also don't know what their custody agreement is. Kate has several times alluded to the fact that she is supporting and raising the children on her own. I wonder if that's true.

    I do wonder what Jon is up to. I'm worried about him and the kids. He really needs to be a constant in their lives. Maybe we just aren't seeing pics of him with them and I hope that's the case. I hate to assume he hasn't seen them all this time. I wonder if he really is writing a book???

  81. Schmecky - ITA

    Thanks for posting the link, too. I hope that Kate realizes that her kids can be proud of her looking good - and that doesn't mean matronly! I know my kids are very proud that I'm in great shape - and although I don't dress 'skimpy' - I do dress cute and fun at times! So does Kate (photo ops, the View, and other places) she's seen wearing shorter skirts and 'cute' outfits. I hope she'll realize she can do that for a DANCE show, too, especially since the costuming often plays a HUGE part in how the dance comes across!

  82. I wonder if Kate will continue with the whole wanting her kids to be proud of her and what she wears, etc if it means she will be voted off.

    Anyone think that if she needs to show a lot more skin to stay in the competition she will? I do. I think she tried the long prudish outfit and it didn't work. I think next week she will go short and show a lot more skin. Or the week after that if her next "classy" outfit doesn't sell. I can't wait to see what she wears next. Tony made it seem like it was going to be shorter and sexier next time when he was interviewed by Billy Bush outside the dance studio.

    I think part of the problem is her fan base. A lot of them are conservative Christians and might be upset if she starts to dress too sexy. I think she has to walk a fine line to please all her fans. I think her next quote will be "Why can't moms be sexy?."

  83. Hope, you're welcome. I think there are a few more interviews with Kate on the sidebar in that link.

    I meant to say Welcome momsby!

  84. Well, looks like Kate is picking up the footwork for the Latin dance pretty well! Now - I'm really anxious to see how she does Monday night!


  85. Did you see this one Hope?


    Kind of weird how Tony jumps right in to buckle her shoes like he has to do it all the time. She said she can't buckle them herself. ?

  86. Yeah Hope, her footwork was pretty good in that clip.

  87. I did see the one of them putting her shoes on and her saying she couldn't do it?

    Somehow I think they did that on purpose? Stupid move if it was IMO.

    Left me shaking my head going "Tell me she didn't just say that...." *sigh*

    PS: On another note - we just confirmed our trip to Disney for this year! Last year was amazing - and we're hoping for another great week this year. We are thinking of adding a day at Universal -- any suggestions or tips on that from anyone?

  88. ----on a completely different note-----

    Can anyone tell me why my profile photo doesn't show up on here?

  89. Please pardon this interruption in the thread!

    Trying to post through a different account to see if that makes a difference...

  90. Good Morning everyone, Happy Friday! Sorry I haven't put up a new post. I will definetly do that today. Yesterday we had nice weather but I was in such a funk, so stressed with work crap and now here we are..Friday & miserable weather. So I'm going to put up a happy face and start the day off fresh.

    Jon was recently spotted sitting on a slope in Park City, freezing in his shorts while eating a tub of Ben & Jerry's Fish Food with no socks on.
    He's tried to call me twice but I want to make sure I have my end with Hailey set up. I need to pay off my Bloomingdales card, and business is business.

    Thanks so much for letting me know about Walmart selling Cricut cartridges. Once I get this card paid off, I'm hitting Walmart.com ;)

    US MAGAZINE: Kelly Osbourne thinks everyone is being too hard on Kate Gosselin for competing on Dancing With the Stars.

    "Yeah, it's going to be hard because she has eight kids, but at the same time, people really need to give her a break," Osbourne, who came in third place last season, told UsMagazine.com at the Odd Molly flagship store.

    "She has eight kids to feed, remember that," Osbourne, 25, continued. "And if she is going to take a job, why not do one that is fun? She is going to have a blast!" Osbourne says she thinks Gosselin, 34 and partner Tony Dovolani could take home the disco ball trophy.

    "I think she has got a good chance of winning," Osbourne said."But I am team Louis [Van Amstel]," she adds, referring to her former partner, "and Neicy Nash. I love her. She is great!"


  91. Hi SG,Thanks for the welcome! I've been reading BM since before the name change. I've always enjoyed your posts and links. I'm a bit of a techno-twit, so you've actually been doing me a huge service with your links. I also enjoy your debate style, I appreciate the fact that although you may not be Kate's #1 fan you are able to express your thoughts without resorting to meaness and snark. So ladies I am super excited today because I found my husband looking at trips for Disney. This is HUGE, he has always said it is the last place on earth he wants to go. I'd love to keep hearing about all of your experiences and tips.

  92. Hope and Schmecky- Thanks for the links to Access Hollywood. I thought the videos were really cute. Did you see the one were they brought the all the kids matching shoes? Too cute.

    I heard her say, "sometimes she can dance in them, but can't do them." It almost appeared that she was stiff and sore from practicing and she could not get her leg bent to buckle them. Just my opinion, but I think she was just being typical funny Kate. Not a diva.

  93. Hi Hope! So nice to see some more "faces" on here besides my own! ;)

    Disney! Woohoo! So great that there are a few of us planning trips there this year. We could have a Gosselin Family Fansite Convention there! Okay, maybe not! lol.

    Momsby, thanks. I try to be respectful. I'm afraid it may not always read that way, but it is typed that way! lol.

    I recently did a blog on Disney with some "tips". If you click on my name and then go to the bottom of my profile you can click on my blog. It should take you right to the Disney blog (if you're interested).

    Hope, my girls are still too young for Universal and I haven't been there in about ten years. I think they only have Dr. Seuss for younger kids. I plan to take them there when they are older. Sorry I can't help you out. :(

    LOL Shelly. If she's so sore she can't buckle her shoes then she's in big trouble. I just thought it was funny that she didn't even have to ask! Tony just sat down to do them like it was part of their routine. And then he made Billy Bush help! lol.

  94. Baby Mama, was that a joke about Jon on the bench??? I thought so but it's hard to tell. lol.

    Now you know you can't just find Jon for the money. Hailey said you have to yell in his face "Stubby! Pay Hailey her money back!" or something like that...

  95. Schmecky~ Yes, I was totally joking...or WAS I?

  96. LOL. I just read an article that said Kate looked like the Bubblegum Fairy in her last outfit. Well, I thought it was funny. ;)

  97. That's so funny you said that, my daughter said the EXACT same thing..Ugh I shudder ot think what she will be wearing Monday. Did you read what was tweeted about Kates freebies she got in the gifting suite? She gave them ALL to charity.

    And while I think that is so sweet of her, she didn't have to do that. She should have given them to me.. I need a new pair of boots. ;)

  98. Baby Mama,

    I saw that it said she donated her gift bag to charity. Very nice. It doesn't say how many gift bags they got and what was in them. Was there only one? The boots and the bag are all I saw.

  99. Schmecky -

    When my two oldest (now 18 & 21) were little we did Disney trips. Then when the youngest came along - he had health issues - so we never got to take him when he was little. His first trip was last year (he was 14)- and I swear I'll never forget the look of excitement on his face when we came to the exit sign that said DISNEY. :) It's just the "Disney magic" I guess!

    When is everyone else going this year? Our dates are July 14-24

  100. LOL on those shoe straps. A zillion years ago Hubby and I did ballroom dancing. I never could get the stiff straps on those shoes fastened and he'd have to do it for me so I'm empathetic. And they have to be so tight to be supportive. By the time you can fasten them, it was time to get a new pair.

    Does Kate get to choose her costumes? I don't know. Somehow I just thought they got to offer input and that the show designers made them. I really don't know.

    Welcome Momsby.

  101. Hey - I don't remember reading anything about this - but when did the gosselin website completely go away??

    When I tried to go there just now - got a blank white page for the longest time - then this:

    "Domain Default page

    This is default page for sixgosselins.com domain. If you see this page, it means that you have set up your web server for serving a new site, but the site content isn't yet uploaded. ..."

  102. Hope - Their website stopped loading for me about a month ago. Jon owned the website ( although somebody else did the web design and layout. ) It hadn't been updated since the divorce and I suspect he just got tired of it or bored.

  103. Our Walmart doesn't have prices that are all that great on the Cricut carts. I still do best with the store fronts on EBay, especially with combo deals. I tend to do cycles on the scrapbooking. Do a bunch, get tired and stuff all in a drawer, and then do a bunch. I wish I were consistent. I think when you have a bunch of kids, sonebody's always sick and you procrastinated. Or, maybe that's just me.

  104. Trying to figure out my new post during a lunch break is too strssful..Will have to try again later.

    Schmecky~ the gifting suite is HUGE for DWTS, and the sick amount of swag they get makes me laugh at all the trolls that make fun of Kate for accepting gifts. Because you know damn well their "jellus" asses would be all over the massive amount of expensive watches, bags and free trips they get. Whatever they pick from the gifting suite (uhh just take it all) is them presented to them in one or several baskets depending on the size and what they chose. If Kate was smart, she would have taken the whole damn room, which I'm sure she did. But what shocked me to hear from the compant owners themselves was that the things she chose were being given to chairty. Again, very sweet. There were only a couple of shots with there and random things she chose.

    Linda~ from all my years watching DWTS, the contestants each week depending on the dance are given a choice of a few costumes, then the one that is chosen is modified based on the star. If you have watched since season one like I have, you gotta laugh seeing Edyta wear some wacky costume, only to see it 2 years later on Cheryl Burke. (modified only slightly)Or that time MelB. wore that black spandex catsuit I hated that Laila Ali wore the year before.

    Hope~ Love your new Avatar and your smiling face :) The Gosselin site has actually been gone for some time. It was a joke though. Only the bottom ever changed, and one time it actually information for Haliey on there that was so innapropriate that they finally took it down along with the entire site. I would have updated that sucker in a heartbeat. I was sad after the divorce that they got rid of it instead of re-working it. I keep the top on my page like this because this site is always about the Gosselin Family as a whole, regardless if the parents are no longer together. Also it's important to remember why we are all here in the first place. ;)

  105. BM - thanks for explaining about the costumes. That helps me understand better. I'm not a long term DWTS fan, just sporadic.

  106. Soooooo.......who wore that awkward dress Kate had on Monday night before? Did they pull it off better then she did? Where there a lot of modifications to it when Kate wore it?

    This is my first time watching DWTS since its first season.

  107. OMG~ Got sick to my stomack to see Walmart.com with the starter bundle for $290 with all the stuff I got from the infomercial! The only difference is I got to pay it off over time. So if you do that bill pay thing it's totally worth it to buy it at Walmart rather then on TV!

    Thank you thank you for telling me about the cheap cartidges ($29-$88) at walmart.com! Keep in mind these are not in stores, so you need to order on line and either have them shipped over to your home or site-to-store. Michaels does NOT allow coupons for their $75 catridges and they are that price on QVC as well. My best friend makes these cards that are beautiful that takes days to make. I never have that kind of time and lets face it, no one appreciates it! The Hannah Montana one I am bidding on on Ebay is almost the same price if I just buy it at Walmart & thats safer.

    I have all my stuff stacked in the corner and I NEVER can do it at home. The kids drive me crazy with my expensive stickers & I'm too tired at night to start a big project. I recommend doing it at other peoples homes as a group or going to a hall like I do....

  108. Hope now that you mentioned that I'm going to try tonight when I get home from dinner & put the kids to bed to go through all the pics and see if anyone else wore it. If I see Cloris Leachman in it I will freakin die!!!! lol

  109. On Scrapbooking: I hate to love to do it! LOL

    I'm the same way - there will be an occasion coming up (like a recent birth in the family) that gets me going and I go at it with tons of creativity and drive. Then - it's pack it up all and I don't pull it out again for who knows how long!

    I'm a photographer by day - so when I get the urge to do the scrapbooking thing - that's just a bonus for me - but sometimes gets overwhelming sorting and choosing the 'perfect' photos to use :)

  110. If Cloris Leachman wore that dress than I, personally, am going to on a mission to somehow contact Kate, invite her out for coffee then have a little 'girl' talk about her future outfits for DWTS!!!!! :) :) haha

  111. I was also sad when I couldn't get sixgosselins up. I really liked their playlist of songs and when I got my iPod I wanted to get song titles and artists so I could find them for my iPod since I am lousy at remembering them. I just know when I like the songs. I also have wanted to send Kate a message of support. Google Chrome also seems to be concerned with it having virusses. Google Chrome even warns me when I try to load the antigosselins without pity site not to go to the sixgossselins site. I admire Kate for donating the goodies, but I could see the haters claiming that she did it because they aren't good enough for her or some bull like that

  112. Hi everyone! I haven't been around much to put in any comments, but here I am today!

    I thought Kate did quite fine. It was as terrible as it was made out to me. She doesn't have onscreen training or training in poise, which most of the actors can use to cover up their nerves and lack of dance technique. With that in mind, I'm proud of what Kate had achieved in this first dance. I'm sure she'll do better in the next few dances!!

    Also, just wanted to give kudos to Baby Mama for continuing posts on this site. And to give us a place to show our support for Kate and the Gosselin children! Great work Baby MamA~

  113. Raelin~ Miss you! How are you? Please come visit me more often, and let me know what you think after Kate dances tonight! I have always apprecaited your support. Thanks for letting me know your still around! ;)