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Losing "Nana Janet", Are Jon,Hailey & Michael Lohan Really Over? Kate's Big Interview

Janet Weidenheimer, who helped take care of the Gosselin children and appeared on Jon & Kate Plus 8 several times has passed away. Known as Nana Janet, she once famously rode a horse during a birthday party shown on the TLC program. Sadly, Janet passed away October 28. Janet’s funeral services are Saturday in Sinking Spring, PA. She volunteered to help the Gosselins care for the children and is remembered by friends and family as loving and giving person.

Are Jon & Hailey Really Over?:

After a tumultuous week of dueling public statements from Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, reports surfaced that the couple have split – but a source tells PEOPLE the situation is not cut-and-dried. "This was all a carefully orchestrated sequence: First, Hailey laments how hard her life has been lately and how bad Jon treats her, then Jon repents. Next, Jon plans to announce that he is going to be spending some time alone," the source tells PEOPLE. "It has all been designed so that it doesn't seem as though Hailey got dumped."

As for whether the pair are actually over, the source says it remains to be seen. "Jon has said he was done [with Hailey] before, but he basically hasn't been single since he was 19 ... He doesn't really know how to be alone. He'll probably still spend most of his time either with Hailey, or some new girl."

On Wednesday, Glassman opened up about her relationship with the reality star dad, telling The Insider that he was frequently angry and emotionally abusive. "He'll call me and take his anger out on me," Glassman, 22, said. "He has 'mantrums.' .... I cry and say, 'Why are you so mean to me?' "

Still, she insisted that she wanted to stay with the father of eight. "I don't want to leave him all alone," she said. "When I love someone I would never hurt them." A day later, Gosselin apologized to his girlfriend, saying in a statement, "I am grateful for her emotional support and I regret any pain that my actions have caused her."

Gosselin then announced that he planned to reconnect with his "deeper, more spiritual, more altruistic self" by studying with celebrity Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. "I have allowed myself to become somewhat severed from my own moral anchor and [to] be carried away by the challenges of fame," Gosselin, 32, said Friday. Boteach seemed to foreshadow the couple's possible decision to spend time apart. "A husband must be faithful and he cannot be with another woman (while still married) and he cannot humiliate his wife by being photographed with other women," he said Friday. "Jon has to take responsibility for that and ask for forgiveness." Added the rabbi, "For example, he should not be with Hailey Glassman right now and when things are resolved with his wife, then he should think about that." A rep for Gosselin had no comment.

Michael Lohan & Jon Gosselin, The Bromance is Over:

After months of flaunting their bromance to the public, Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan have parted ways in a bitter feud, has learned exclusively.

Lohan reveals he’s had it with the divorcing father-of-8, largely because of what he calls Gosselin’s increasingly “secret, distant” behavior and the way he treated Lohan’s close friend and former Star reporter, Kate Major. Jon Gosselin sought a safe haven at my Southampton home through a dear family friend, Kate Major. When they arrived at my home it seemed that they were very close. After sharing an upstairs guest room I assumed things were intimate between them and questioned Kate.

I sat Jon down and told him that Kate is like a daughter to me, and he better be straight with her. I asked him if he really wanted to be with Kate or if he still wanted Hailey [Glassman]. Jon said that he wanted to be with Kate and even went so far as to tell her to quit her job (against my advice) and he would hire her. Kate subsequently quit per Jon's advice and promise. Even my fiance Erin told her not to quit her job, but Kate trusted Jon and quit.

After getting to know Jon and hearing how he said TLC was ‘screwing’ him, I then introduced him to Mike Heller, and Mike introduced us to his dad, Mark [Heller]. The three of us cut deals to represent Jon, and representation documents circulated. But as time went on, I was cut out. Albeit, Jon began to become secretive and distant, regardless of the deals I brought to the table. A book contract was even breached without any consideration. All because other people wanted a bigger piece of the pie. As of late, contracts have been breached, legal ethics violations have ensued and Jon has become a different person than I thought he was.Were his words to me words? Or sincere? Looks like the before said.

Kate Gosselin's Big NBC Interview on Monday Night's TLC: Discuss It Here!


  1. Baby Mama - TLC has posted photos from Kate's scheduled interview along with a preview.

  2. Thanks! I love the phots and will try to post them at some point tomorrow. Kate looks great. I'm excited about this interview for some reason, I really hope it's what it's being hyped up to be. The 15 sec. preview is already on the site.. Did you get a lot of candy for Halloween? ;)

  3. I am not altogether sure what new info we are going to hear from Monday night's episode. Last week was basically "Kate's story" as well, with her answering questions from her point of view. All of the recent interviews were Kate's point of view also. Plus I think this was an older interview.

    Looks like TLC is running of ideas. I would much rather see clips from the cutting room floor of old episodes, than hearing Kate talk about things again. JMO.

    And no I don't dislike her, I just think we've heard a lot of her talk lately, and basically it's been the same story/things said each time.

  4. This isn't an old interview it was shot last week.

  5. I am SO sad to hear of Nana Janet's passing!!! She loved those children and was a huge support to Kate in many ways! May God bless her family and friends during this difficult time.

  6. Sounds like Jon might be the HUGE DRAMA QUEEN! everyone thought that it was Kate but Jon seems to be trying to demand center stage everywhere he goes and in everything he does.

    RIP nana janet.

  7. I feel so bad for the gossselin family :( I really hope Kate was able to go to the funeral..

  8. I hope TLC, (with Kate and the family's permission) recognizes Nana Janet appropriately, maybe an In Memoriam at the end of the show or something. She was better to those children than many of their own relatives. May she rest in peace.
    The other night when I couldn't sleep I had on HLN since everything else was infomercials and I am not sure which show it it was, something after Nancy Grace, but they had Rabbi Smulley on it to talk about Jon. They read Jon's statement about his moral compass and such and talked about his going to symposiums with the Rabbi. The interviewer asked the Rabbi if it wouldn't be better for Jon to get help in private with the Rabbi, go away from the public for awhile to work on himself and maybe tell everyone about it later if he wanted. The Rabbi was carrying on about how Jon is a public figure and public figures let fame get to their heads and Jon can be light of inspiration to show them how to change. He also said that he didn't know Hailey, but Jon was sinning by being with her before the divorce is over. The Rabbi is looking out for his agenda and will use Jon for that purpose. He doesn't have any confidentiality standards and really doesn't seem to get the concept that you have to save yourself before you try to save others and Jon is sinking, he needs to get himself straight. It is sad. I used to really respect what he said, now I see that he is only looking out for himself.

  9. You know what would be nice? If for "Kate, Her Story" they went back through all their footage and showed Kate asking Jon for help nicely and him ignoring her until she screamed and yelled a la the Disney story Linda told. Could be interesting.

  10. Ashely said...
    This isn't an old interview it was shot last week.

    Then I will take that part back. When they said "never before seen" i assumed they meant it was taped awhile ago and never shown.

    We all know what they say when you assume things.

    But still... what new info could she possibly have to tell us? We are updated on the Gosselin drama from internet sites at least once a day.

  11. An older woman’s advice to Hailey:
    1. Dating – The dating period is when a couple is at its most polite. Do not think you can change a person (they must do that themselves.) If you are experiencing tantrums or yelling now, it will only escalate.

    2. Dreams – Never give up your dreams for someone else. It will only make you resentful later in life. If your dream is the Fashion Institute, enroll in the spring semester and go for it. A person who truly loves you, would urge you to go for your dreams.

    3. Children – Being 22 is far too young to be the stepmother to 8 children. Anyone who would ask you to do this is selfish.

    4. Emotional blackmail - Don’t listen to “I need you; my children need you.” People are responsible for their own actions. Using emotional pleas is blackmail. You do not need to feel responsible for him.

    5. Parents can have good advice – You seem to have had a close relationship with your parents. You say you don’t like the wedge driven between you and them. Get rid of the wedge. If they don’t trust him, look at the reasons why.

    6. Media coverage is the pits – Walk away; end the relationship. It may hurt now, but far better than years of hurt with many damaged relationships (parents, friends, etc.) If you just keep walking, the paps will rush on to someone else.

    7. You can only be used if you allow somebody to use you.

    8. Religion – Honor the values that you know and respect. You don’t become Jewish as a result of having Jewish friends any more than you become Christian by having Christian friends. Don’t confuse ethnicity with religion.

    9. Why people call you names – There are people in this world who are just haters for no apparent valid reason. Sometimes disliking a person is based on the person’s actions. Jon was still married when you met him (and still is.) Couples can separate and still reunite. In J&K’s case, it is extremely unlikely. But sometimes separation helps a couple to step away and evaluate whether they are better off away from, or reunited with the person. This is why most states don’t grant “instant” divorce.

    10. Take the steps you need – Get distance and listen to your gut feelings. You are too emotionally caught up now to make rational decisions. Change your cell or avoid answering or even listening to messages. Don’t answer texts. Don’t answer your door to him. You have two feet; use them to move in the direction that gives you peace. If in doubt, go back and read #1.

    Tongue-in-cheek on this part: If you ignore all of the above, make sure all future rings are not skulls, but diamonds, emeralds, or valuable stones. At least they can be sold down the road.

  12. Who is Rabbi Shmuley?
    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach lives in Engelwood, NJ. At one time I revered him, particularly with his TLC produced Shalom in the Home program from several years ago. I’m not Jewish, but I thought his radio programs with Oprah were very interesting. I thought it wonderful when he promoted the national family dinner initiative “Turn Friday Night Into Family Night.”

    When I began to try to figure out “who is this man,” I began to have questions. His listing at TLC is still active but I couldn’t find current production. Interesting that his series 2 briefly used 24/7 cameras filming to access a family’s “real” situation. What? Filming 24/7 of a family in crisis? The TLC link lead me to Rabbi Shmuley’s website:
    His website includes quotes: “according to Newsweek...the most famous rabbi in America” and “a cultural phenomenon.” The actual Newsweek article cites other sources as giving Boteach these accolades.

    [For the record, I could write an editorial to the NYTimes proclaiming myself as “the greatest blogger of all times.” If they ran the editorial, I could then say, “According to the Times, she’s the greatest blogger of all times.” See what I mean?]

    The Jewish Journal (online) in its calendar selection for April 28th, referred to him as “ Orthodox rabbi whose self-proclaimed Eleventh Commandment is ‘Thou Shalt do anything for publicity and recognition’...” Ouch.

    He has two Facebook pages. He promotes his event: Fame: Blessing or Curse? Rabbi Shmuley engages Jon Gosselin in a raw and intimate dialogue on the Ethical and Moral Responsibilities of Celebrity. (There’s even going to be a “Live Interview with Jon Gosselin this Sunday under the Twitter Updates report.) I scrolled down, and low and behold, he has a posting from June 24th on Jon & Kate Plus 8 Break Up. This made me ill; Was he pushing for publicity back in June? Did Jon seek him out OR did he seek out Jon? Are he and Jon both represented by Talent Resources?

    On Twitter, Rabbi Shmuley offered 2 for 1 tickets ($25 adult/$15 student) to the event. This is usually done when PR people need to fill seats so an event doesn’t look like a dud. If that doesn’t work, they sometimes offer free tickets to nursing home residents, etc. Take a look at tonight’s crowd and see who’s filling the seats.

    To Jon I say:
    Be wary of what you sign or agree to – you may be signing away future rights including things you thought were confidential.

    Be wary of a “counselor” who seeks you out. Be wary of a counselor who reveals confidential information. The American Counseling Association (ACA) has very strict guidelines on confidentiality.

    Is it different for a religious counselor? No it isn’t! Here’s what I found for guidelines for Rabbinic counseling:

    Is Rabbi Shmuley going to publish a book about the Gosselins? I hope not!

  13. Under the heading of things you sometime forget -
    Nana Janet was a member of Calvary Bible Church in Sinking Spring. That is the same church where Kate's father is an assistant pastor.

  14. I really hope Kate was able to go to Nana Janet's funeral and she can find some peace.
    I am excited to watch Kate: Her Story tomorrow and wondering what is going to be discussed.
    I also really hope Jon can change for the sake of his children, I hope all the drama Jon has brought upon himself this past year or so won't ruin his children's relationship with him when the children are older. I don't care for Rabbi Shmuley and I hope he isnt taking advantage of Jon or any of the family because the children and Kate do not deserve it.

  15. Praying that through this sad event will bring Kate and her father closer together.

  16. I'm so tired of the drama. I can't wait until the divorce is final. Kate will persevere, she has been doing it all since the beginning, I suspect. Jon was just another person for her to take care of and make decisions for. It's got to be a huge relief to have that fool out of her life for good.

    The kids will do fine, they have a good mother, it looks like Kate has support behind the cameras that you don't see. I remember reading somewhere one time that most of their family and friends don't like to be filmed and detest the paps being around. They are hounded for interviews, etc. It would be very difficult to be around the family during this turmoil to offer support.

    I think the kids and Kate will do fine. Jon will most likely melt down once all the public appearances and money gets shut off. He better be careful what he asks for, he just might get it!!!! See if he can afford $600/bottle champagne on a 9-5 salary. I know I can't.

  17. So does Jon's recent statement to ET that Hailey gave up her happiness the last 7 months (for his sake) mean that they actually began a relationship back in March, and not after J&K's separation announcement?

  18. from ETonline...

    Jon Gosselin: Hailey Thinks It's a Good Idea We Focus on Our Individual Lives

    In a revealing new statement to ET, Jon Gosselin candidly shares his feelings for Hailey Glassman, the stress and anger he says he feels and what the status of his relationship with Hailey is at the moment.

    Jon declares, "I will forever love Hailey." His entire statement to ET reads:

    "I have been overly stressed, distraught and angry with everything going on in my life. It has been overwhelming, and at times I have taken it all out on Hailey. She has been unfairly treated by the world. She has always been there for me and with no judgment. She has been the one to tell me how I need to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. When we first met she has said to me 'Jon, actions speak louder then words' and she has continuously told me that, which she is right. She has been my best friend and I admire her as a person. I need to be honest not only for myself, but also for my children. I will forever love Hailey. I see how all this has truly hurt her. She has not been happy and hates the media light that she has been put in. She is in no way a home wrecker. That's absolutely ridiculous and false when the world calls her that! She has given up her happiness the last 7 months and taken the brunt of my anger and the world's disappointment of Kate and I separating for my well-being. She has been selfless and never ever asked me for anything or anything of me. She's been the best friend I have ever had and I only wish the world could get to know her and see what an amazing person she is, instead of constantly judging her of lies and things that are NOT true. Hailey says she thinks it's a good idea that we both take some time right now and focus on each of our individual lives. It is important for me to go back to Pennsylvania and be with my children and get through this divorce and decide what I truly want out of life. I do love her and care deeply. She has made me realize I can love myself and just need to be more honest. I am taking things day by day. She tells me 'honesty is the best policy' and I started to embrace that saying and want to live by it. I thank Hailey her family and my fans for support and always being there."

    ET has learned that Jon has cancelled his panel appearance tonight with Rabbi Shmuley.

  19. I thought Kate was taking the "High Road" and not talking about the divorce. I don't think the interview will be that interesting if its just going to be on the same topics as all the other interviews. Hopefully she doesn't tell the ring story again, every time its repeated I find it becomes less and less believable.

    I don't think its right to talk about Kate has a single mother. Jon has made some questionable decisions lately but still has 50/50 custody with Kate. Kate has help and so does Jon. Single mothers hardly have time from themselves let alone be able to go on business trips for a week. I don't know if anyone else here considers her a single mother?

    I know almost everyone here is a big fan of Kate, but I don't think you can blame some of Kate's over-reactions on Jon. I think its fine just to say Kate over-reacted in that situation and probably should of handled it differently. Not all the time but you can't just blindly follow. Kids will be Kids. Kids will get dirty, kids will get cuts and bruises. A kid shouldn't be not allowed to participate in an activity because they might get dirty, its just part of childhood.

    Linda, I'm not doubting your story or anything but Beth, Brittany, Kayla and Talia were all there at the Disney trip and were seen helping serve the kids the ice cream. If the ice cream was such a serious issue I'm pretty sure one of them would of stepped in. Again kids will be kids because they get a little ice cream on them doesn't need to be a serious issue.

  20. Ironic, isn't it - that Jon and Hailey 'break up' on Hailey's favorite holiday Halloween?

  21. Jon Gosselin Cancels Appearance With Rabbi

    Jon Gosselin canceled his public appearance with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach at the last minute and issued a rambling statement about his girlfriend Hailey Glassman on Sunday.

    Jon, who has previously issued “I’m sorry for everything” statements, says he is “overly stressed, distraught and angry with everything going on in my life.”

    He was scheduled to appear with Rabbi Boteach, also a controversial figure, in New York on Sunday night, for a discussion billed as “Fame: Blessing or Curse?” The event was described as “a raw and intimate dialogue on the ethical challenges and moral responsibility of celebrity.”

    Rabbi Boteach had rented out the social hall at the West Side Jewish Center for the event and the cancellation was so last-minute that even the Center's leader, Rabbi Herman didn't know about it. "There are about 50 people here for the event," he told just minutes before it was to begin. "We haven't been told of a cancellation."

    The “challenge” of celebrity has apparently caused Jon to breakup with girlfriend Hailey Glassman (as well as continue to publicly attack wife Kate).

    In a statement released to Entertainment Tonight on Sunday, Jon said:

    "I have been overly stressed, distraught and angry with everything going on in my life. It has been overwhelming, and at times I have taken it all out on Hailey. She has been unfairly treated by the world. She has always been there for me and with no judgment. She has been the one to tell me how I need to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk.

    "When we first met she has said to me 'Jon, actions speak louder then words' and she has continuously told me that, which is right. She has been my best friend and I admire her as a person. I need to be honest not only for myself, but also for my children. I will forever love Hailey. I see how all this has truly hurt her. She has not been happy and hates the media light that she has been put in. She is in no way a home wrecker. That's absolutely ridiculous and false when the world calls her that! She has given up her happiness the last 7 months and taken the brunt of my anger and the world's disappointment of Kate and I separating for my well-being.

    “She has been selfless and never ever asked me for anything or anything of me. She's been the best friend I have ever had and I only wish the world could get to know her and see what an amazing person she is, instead of constantly judging her of lies and things that are NOT true. Hailey says she thinks it's a good idea that we both take some time right now and focus on each of our individual lives.

    “It is important for me to go back to Pennsylvania and be with my children and get through this divorce and decide what I truly want out of life. I do love her and care deeply. She has made me realize I can love myself and just need to be more honest. I am taking things day by day. She tells me 'honesty is the best policy' and I started to embrace that saying and want to live by it. I thank Hailey her family and my fans for support and always being there."

    For those of you keeping score, Hailey doesn’t hate the media spotlight too much – she’s tried out for several reality TV shows!

    Jon and Hailey announced their split last week but were together behind the scenes while making separate TV appearances talking about the end of their relationship.

  22. Kate looks like she is letting her hair grow out on the left side. It will be a new do tomorrow???

    Jon canceled at the last minute, with the Rabbi and 50 people were already there. Doesn't sound like a very good turn out. But watch out Kate, lol, he says he's coming home to PA to make things right with you and the kids. OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Its the spooky time of year.
    Maybe he will give up his apartment and stay in the old house! lol! Atleast he could see the kids more while Kate is working, since he dosen't have anything else to do.

  23. RIP Nana Janet.
    I agree w/ the person above, Nana Janet was better to those kids than their own relatives.

  24. BREAKING NEWS: Jon Gosselin Changes Mind On Appearance; Sparse Crowd Shows Up

    Jon Gosselin had a last minute change of heart and showed up for his confessional with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach at the West Side Jewish Center in New York Sunday night.

    Gosselin's appearance was announced days ago but the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star got cold feet as the 7 PM Sunday start time approached and he almost didn't make it. He eventually did, looking nervous and more than 30 minutes late. He blamed the NYC Marathon traffic for his delay.

    Maybe he shouldn't have bothered. The hall that had been booked for the event was only about one-quarter full, one eyewitness told "And of that, there were about 75 media people there and only about 50 members of the paying public."

    Tickets were advertised for $25 in advance or at the door, but with so few fans attending, they didn't even bother to collect at the door, the source said.

    Gosselin spoke for more than an hour.

    Story Developing....

  25. Jon Gosselin Apologizes To Kate, Says It Is Not Over With Hailey

    An emotional Jon Gosselin told a small audience in New York City Sunday night that he plans to ask his estranged wife Kate to forgive him for his actions of the last several months, and he promised girlfriend Hailey Glassman that they'll reconcile.

    "It is hard for me to ask to be forgiven from someone who might never forgive me. I am saying this now to Kate, 'I am sorry for doing the things that I did'," Jon said.

    Gosselin spoke to only about 50 paying customers and another 75 media at an event sponsored by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's organization, This World.

    Held at the West Side Jewish Center in Manhattan, Jon's confessional began 30 minutes late but he and the Rabbi then spoke for almost two hours.

    Fame, Jon said, had been his downfall. ""I didn't grow up this way. It is hard for me," he said. "But I have to keep on going, keep on working and providing."

    Knowing that his children could one day Google him and read about his recent behavior is an embarrassing thought, he added. "I know I'll have to explain my actions."

    The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star hooked up with the Rabbi a few months ago "just to talk," he said. He wasn't initially looking for spiritual guidance. But he indicated he is now taking Rabbi Shmuley's advice.

    In an exchange near the end of the event, the Rabbi told the small crowd, "My advice is, both spouses should not date because the kids are going through a hard time." He also suggeseted Jon put his relationship with Hailey Glassman "on ice."

    Jon said that's exactly what he's doing. "Hailey and I decided to calm things down until the divorce, just until the divorce," he said.

    "I don't want to ruin things with Hailey like I did with Kate. We just need to slow things down."

  26. what i find funny (and not funny HAHA) Jon's statement to ET he claims that Hailey's life has been under great stress for the past 7 months.....Really, 7 months? When did he start dating MARCH? But, wait, didn't he say that he didn't start seeing her until May, er, June, er May?
    Well, my thoughts go out to Janet's family and hope that the Gosselin's were able to make their peace with her.

  27. radar online is very undependable.
    Here is the People Magazine story:
    Jon Gosselin Admits He Failed to Check His Moral Compass
    "Jon Gosselin has set himself upon the road to redemption and hopes to set the record straight about his relationships and reputation.

    During a public dialogue Sunday night with celebrity Rabbi Shmuley Boteach at New York City's West Side Jewish Center, the reality star, 32, said, "I think I'm just misunderstood. I'm not a fame seeker. Everyday I look in the mirror and I wonder [why I'm famous]. I don't sing. I don't dance. I'm not a Nobel Peace Prizewinner. I just had eight kids and I had a show on TLC."

    Dressed in a formal black suit and without his trademark CZ earrings, Gosselin openly discussed the reasons for the dissolution of his marriage with Kate Gosselin and how he became intoxicated by celebrity.

    Without being anymore specific than admitting he's been photographed in nightclubs, Gosselin acknowledged his recent bad behavior. "Half the stuff I've done, if I look at my moral compass, I shouldn't have done," he said. "I know that but I did it anyway. It's like fame canceled out conviction."

    more at,,20316865,00.html

  28. You have to love how he constantly doesn't take responsibility for anything, while clearly, in his mind, he thinks he is. "Fame made me do it"? The only person he is kidding is himself.

  29. MobiusDesigns,

    Kate has her flaws. I don't blame all her reactions on Jon but I think TLC played up the "roles" and overemphazied Kate's control issues and Jon's passiveness for ratings. As a result, the audience saw a misrepresentation of the truth or only half the truth for a long time. Now with Jon's post seperation behavior, it is easy to see that Jon was no long suffering saint married to a shrew.

    I am hoping the interview goes more into Kate's childhood and her relationship with her family, etc. We have glimpses as to why Kate does things she does and I want to understand more. I am hoping we hear about Kate's life story not her kids story or divorce story.

    Finally, I have no idea why referring to Kate as a single Mom is an issue for anyone. I am divorced with a child and everyone I know refers to me as a single Mom. I have a good job, I am not struggling financially, I have babysitters when I can not be home (every afternoon after school), my child's father is involved in his life. The word "single" only means "not married." There is no implication in the word single about anything other than that. There are other qualifiers to identify the type of person you are referring to - here in the newspaper or on the news we have descriptions like "poor single mother," "struggling single mother," "working single mother,"active single mother," "professional single mother," etc.

    The debate on the term "single mother" baffles me. Kate will be a "single mother" as soon as the divorce is final just as Jon will be a "single father." We can use other words to denote what kind of single parents they are.

  30. Mosbius Designs - we have a difference of opinion and that's fine. I only mentioned the Disney situation to point out that things aren't always what they seem.
    On a different note:
    Mosbius Designs - interesting screen name. At first I thought you were trying to type moebius designs. I had forgotten all about Ted Mosby from Shaker Heights, Ohio, or the 20th episode 4th season of the series "How I Met Your Mother." Anyway, I got a chuckle and thanks.

  31. Jon told Larry King that he started seeing Hailey in April, now Hailey told the Insider it was May - July when things got serious. Kate filed for divorce Jun 22. I think someone needs to get there story straight.

    So did Jon cancel with the Rabbi or not?? I am seeing it was cancelld but then he has a conversation with him, so I am confused.

    I know Jon has said sorry many many times but I hope this time he is serious and goes back to PA and makes things right with Kate, like he should of in the beginning. I know divorce is the hardest thing ever but to sleep around like he has done is just digusting. And I wouldnt blame Kate one bit if she didnt forgive him. For him to move on like the 10 yr marriage meant nothing is just so hurtful to both Kate and the children. But I think ending things with Hailey and going back to PA and starting there is a good place to start to start making the right dicisions. I think after someone decides to divorce there is alot of anger and now that the anger has gone away you can see the hurt and maybe now that they both feel the hurt they can sit down without the anger and have some closer.

    And if I were Jon I wouldnt trust this Rabbi one bit. I wouldnt be surprised at all if he would write a book about him to use Jon for money. I mean hes already using Jon to sell tickets. NO No No get as far away from money seeking people like Michael Lohan and the Rabbi. You saw how fast the friendship ended as soon as Lohan was cut out of the book deal. Thats no friend. Since you are so sorry Jon, start making the right dicisions if not for yourself then for your children for once.

  32. I read some people don't think they celebrate halloween, as I know a lot of Christians don't, but they were carving pumpkins recently and a few years ago, and Mady was dressed as a hot dog just a couple of days ago so I would think they do. So did the kids get to go trick or treating? Does anyone know if Kate and/or Jon attended Nana Janet's funeral?

  33. Baby Mama - Thanks for providing a forum where positive things can be said about J&K along with things that aren't always positive. It's the only blog I've seen where you can say something positive about Kate and not get jumped upon.

    Kudos to you for not letting the constant assault of the Trolls get you down or close the blog. Maybe I'm naive but I really don't understand the hate. They are so vicious that it frightens me. Their Facebook, Twitter, and blog assaults are relentless.

    Until I read some of the venom, I don't think I realized how many sick people there are in this world. I can understand people thinking something is wrong or not agreeing with something - but if you think it is wrong, work to get legislation changed. e.g. I think paparazzi hounding children are wrong so I contacted my legislators to get laws changed.

    Do I think Kate is perfect and always right? Nope
    Do I think Jon is always wrong? Nope
    Do I think Kate is consistent with the same answers? Yes
    Do I think Jon has become confused? Yes
    Do I wish Jon harm? Never. I hope he can find help he needs to bring peace and happiness into his life, not just for him, but also for his interaction with his children.
    Do I spend the day jumping from website to blog to blog? Nope. I'm so glad to have found this blog when back when it was at the old format. I have a lot of kids and spend a lot of time shuttling and waiting in lines. I get bored then so I use the iPhone and look up stuff then. I spent a lot of my life as a researcher and I have a lot of curiosity.

  34. PAR said...

    Kate has her flaws. I don't blame all her reactions on Jon but I think TLC played up the "roles" and overemphazied Kate's control issues and Jon's passiveness for ratings. As a result, the audience saw a misrepresentation of the truth or only half the truth for a long time. Now with Jon's post seperation behavior, it is easy to see that Jon was no long suffering saint married to a shrew.

    I do agree that is a possibility. I just feel that if Jon, for the past five years, was really like he has been for the past 10 months that Kate wouldn't have said Jon was abducted by aliens and that she misses the old Jon. Kate said he's unrecognizable, so that leads me to believe he was not like this and that the end of their marriage, and his new found freedom, really had an effect on him.

    As for the special tonight, I too hope it's not just about the divorce, although I'd love to finally hear Kate's version of October 2008.

    Maybe it also touches on Kate's past life, my only problem with that is it will be Kate's version of herself.

    I'd rather hear from other confirmed sources what Kate was like, like family and friends and people who were there while Jon and Kate was filming and when they first had the Mady and Cara and the tups. I think that's the only way to get unbiased insight into Jon and Kate. I've read so many terrible stories about Kate, and even Jon while they were trying to get pregnant and had the tups, etc, that I would like to know what the truth really is. I don't think we will get all that from Kate.

    I think it will be interesting as long as it's nothing we've already heard before.

  35. PAR - Well said and insightful comments. I agree with you 100%.

  36. I am Jewish and cannot stand Rabbi Boteach. REAL Rabbis are too busy serving their congregations to go on tv and become famous. Many are famous in the Jewish world and have written books, but the ones that really work every day as a rabbi to their community you will not see on the today show. It is sad that he is the rabbi that comes on as the Jewish expert when he does not represent the majoity of American Jews (who are Reform and not Orthodox like him).

  37. Natalie Morales on Today show this morning talking about her interview with Kate.

  38. PAR said...
    Finally, I have no idea why referring to Kate as a single Mom is an issue for anyone. I am divorced with a child and everyone I know refers to me as a single Mom.

    I know what you mean and I see your point, I think it's just the connotation of "single mother". It's usually a mother doing it all alone where the father is not in the picture. Most single mothers don't share joint custody, especially 50/50. I don't think you have to be struggling financially to be a single mother, but the connotation of a single mother is a mother raising her children alone with no help from the father.

    My sister's husband was killed (wrong place, wrong time) when her youngest child was 6-months-old. She was left to raise four children (ages 5 and under) alone (with the help of family, myself included). While I don't think that's the only definition of a single mother, I do think it's more accurate than what Kate is. She's not raising her children alone without a father like most single mothers.

  39. Anyone hear the rumor (it was a rumor a while back too) about Jon and Kate The Movie? If it's true, I hope it's more than what we already know from the show. Who needs a movie based on the show?

  40. ...interesting that he mentioned going back to PA. Wasn't his move to NY for work opportunities?....or was it really just to be close to Hailey? I wonder if he will be giving up his apartment?

    Mosbius Designs - I understand your point, I really do. But I think we need to magnify the reality of having 8 very young kids drenched in melted, sticky ice cream. I for one would be avoiding really messy situations if I had eight little ones. Sometimes we think about the scenario in relation to our own reality of having two or three kids.......but times it by eight and it would be (IMO) a nightmare!!!!

  41. Did Kate really say she's too famous to go to church? I read that in a comment field in one of the media websites. Someone wrote she said that in her Good Housekeeping interview. I don't get that mag. Did she really?

  42. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Did Kate really say she's too famous to go to church? I read that in a comment field in one of the media websites. Someone wrote she said that in her Good Housekeeping interview. I don't get that mag. Did she really?

    That isn't in my copy of Good Housekeeping this year or last year. She did comment in People that it is more difficult now with paparazzi chasing her. She also said that she respects the church (that she was attending) preferring now that no cameras (media or paps) film on the church grounds. While she can ask TLC to do no more filming, she has no control of the paps. The Examiner then extrapolated that into "I'm too famous to go to church."

    Here's the link to the GHousekeeping article:

  43. Sorry - I have a lot of time today in Orthodontist's waiting room shuttling kids back and forth and looking at the same old magazines.

    I respect my own parents so much (not perfect but good people.) My dad had a wisdom yardstick that he passed on - "How can you tell if somebody is telling you the truth? They say the same thing or tell the story the same way in different situations. How can you tell if they are lying? They get confused because they can't remember what they said, dates and facts start not matching up."

    Is TLC coaching Kate for her interviews? Don't know. She remains constant in what she says and does.

    Does Jon have people coaching him? I think that's what Heller and Heller are doing, but not doing very well IMO. I think it would help Jon if they made a "playbook" for him of dates and facts; that way he could improve his credibility. Or they need to come up with hand signals or something to help him with his "facts."

  44. Everybody, if you record the show tonight, check your dvrs because it doesn't come up as Jon and Kate Plus Eight so it doesn't automatically record if you have it set up to do that. It is going to be interesting, but I don't think she'll say anything shocking because she uses her kids as a yardstick. She only says things that she doesn't mind them hearing, unlike another one of their parents.
    Kate did not say she was too famous for church in the Good Housekeeping magazine. I just read it again to check it. I have not heard that, but I don't read any Examiner.

  45. Single-parent
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    A single parent (also lone parent and sole parent) is a parent who cares for one or more children without the assistance of another parent in the home. "Single parenthood" may vary according to the local laws of different nations or regions.

    Single parenthood may occur for a variety of reasons. It could be opted for by the parent (as in divorce, adoption, artificial insemination, surrogate motherhood, or extramarital pregnancy), or be the result of an unforeseeable occurrence (such as death or abandonment by one parent).

    The living and parenting arrangements of single parents are diverse. A number live in households with family or other adults. When parents separate, one party usually parents for the majority of the time but most continue to share parenting to some extent with the other parent.[1]

  46. I don't see that quote about not going to church in the Good Housekeeping article online. There could be more in a printed edition, I suppose.

    If she said anything like that, though, she probably said she's too famous to go to HER church now. She's likely realized that she (and her paparazzi stalkers) are too disruptive to the church and the other members. A small church in Pennsylvania wouldn't be equipped to handle all that.

    I'm sure it's embarrassing for her at the church with those guys following her, so if it's true, I wouldn't blame her at all for just not going until those morons leave her alone.

  47. November 2, 2009 9:02 AM
    SchmeckyGirl said...
    I read some people don't think they celebrate halloween, as I know a lot of Christians don't, but they were carving pumpkins recently and a few years ago, and Mady was dressed as a hot dog just a couple of days ago so I would think they do.
    The kids carved pumpkins and dressed up when Jon had custody. Remember the INF photog on the property?

    Which leads me to be concerned about the confusion the kids face if the other parent wouldn't approve. Or, maybe that's the only extent to which they celebrate the season. Many Christians do alternative "Harvest" celebrations that may or may not incorporate a few of the Halloween traditions like dressing up and putting out pumpkins and doling out candy (but not "trick-or-treating" nor condoning the dark aspects). It's really varied according to how staunch (or conservative) each family's and their church's beliefs are about the seasonal festivities.

  48. November 2, 2009 9:50 AM
    SchmeckyGirl said...
    Did Kate really say she's too famous to go to church? I read that in a comment field in one of the media websites. Someone wrote she said that in her Good Housekeeping interview. I don't get that mag. Did she really?
    If I were Kate during these tumultous times, I would feel awfully awkward and nervous about going to church, but like the insect zoo episode, if I felt it would be good for the kids, I'd put aside my own feelings and do it for them. If the kids can handle going to school, I think she can take them to church and she eventually will. I do hope they're getting some Christian instruction, though, from outside sources. Do the kids go to a private Christian school?

    Maybe she'll wait for things to settle down somewhat. Hope that will be sooner than later.

  49. Wow, so much going on. Missing a few days is like missing a month sometimes. lol

    First off, I hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween (those that celebrate it of course). Unfortunately my daughter(3 yr old) got sick on Friday and missed her school party but was well enough to dress up and go to a few houses on Saturday. Poor kid, in her feverish delerium, she kept asking if it was time to wear her red dress (Little Red Riding Hood). Anyway, needless to say, I have been unable to be at the computer much.

    I just want to say I was so sad to hear about the passing of Nana Janet! May God rest her soul. I hope if Kate managed to go to the funeral, that the paparazzi had the decency to respect the nature of the event and not be tacky by getting in everyone's face.

    Now with all this Jon and Hailey stuff. It's just too weird for words. Who goes on TV and says all that stuff about someone they supposedly love? At first, I felt kind of sorry for Hailey because I figured no one could go on there and cry that much if they were acting but somehow I do agree that something smells fishy in all this. Whatever the case is, I hope it is true that they broke up because Jon had no business getting into a relationship this serious (or at all) while he was still legally married. To go as far as to claim that he loves Hailey more than he ever loved Kate is too much!

    One thing that does make sense now though is why Hailey always used to answer so cryptically when asked if she and Jon were happy or planning to get married or anything of that nature. Even back to her 1st interview with Giuliana Rancic, when asked if she and Jon were in it for the long term, she said that she didn't know but that she would be there for Jon no matter what as a friend even if they were not together anymore. I guess she fell for him but didn't figure he was this screwed up when she got involved with him. She's probably been regretting it ever since the Yacht pictures from France came out.

    One thing that was also interesting to me, was that in that article posted above with Jon's recent statement, it says how he said that he is going to take a break only until he is divorced and that he doesn't want to ruin things with Hailey like he did with Kate. Like he did with Kate? Is he actually admitting that he had a part in the marriage ending or does he just mean ruining any chance of being civil by acting like a jerk post split? I think instead of taking a break from Haylie, he should consider trying to make things right with his wife for real. Maybe they have both had a chance to step back and realize their mistakes in the marriage and can come together and work on their issues. Wishful thinking on my part, I know. Maybe too much water has gone under the bridge. Also, I think if I were Kate I would never be able to trust him again. He has told too many lies and looks like he is not capable of keeping his word. How many times has he announced he wants to make things right with Kate only to go and do something else shady. Oh, and if I were Kate, I don't think I would be able to handle hearing that he loved Hailey more than he ever loved her.

    As for tonight's big interview with Kate, I also hope she will set the record straight once and for all. I understand that she wants to keep these matters private but I don't think she will have any peace until she comes forward with something. Maybe she is just ready for all the speculation and rumours to be over. If you think of it, despite her best efforts, Jon has pretty much dredged everything out there anyway for the kids to see and find out one day so maybe she just decided that she would sit down and talk with the kids and tell them what they need to know first and then go on and clear the air. After all, if everything is out there anyway, she might as well make sure the people know the truth. I guess we will see tonight.

  50. Linda: Thanks I didn't know if anyone would get the How I Met Your Mother reference :)

    I think the "single mother" term more has to do with the protrayal of Kate as a model single mother. The whole premise of Kate plus 8 was to be the story of a single mother raising her kids. Calling one self a single mother when the father is very much in the picture seems quite offensive to the other parent in the relationship. The show became popular because the Gosselins were so relateable. I just don't think the story of Kate (or Jon even) as a single parent is very relateable especially for true single parent households.

    I saw the preview for the interview tonight on the Today show and saw that the Steve affair allegations came up again. I think it was very wrong for Jon to make the accusations but I can see where he is coming from. If my spouse was spending 70% of their time on the road with another person of the opposite sex, I think I would become quite suspicious especially if my marriage was going downhill. I guess it was a sign where the marriage was at the time if Jon didn't trust his own wife.

  51. Jon Gosselin Tweets That He Misses Hailey

    Jon Gosselin has hit the Twitter airways to tell the world he's missing Hailey Glassman, who he recently split from.

    On Monday Jon tweeted " Going home to see my kids,-excited, but i'll miss Hailey =-(. She has made me realize I need to be an honest person/father for my kids."

    As reported Friday the couple have parted ways - for now.

    Sunday Jon took to the stage in New York City to atone for his sins, asking wife Kate to forgive him and declaring that one day he and Hailey will reunite.

    Explaining their split Jon said, "Hailey and I decided to calm things down until the divorce, just until the divorce. I don't want to ruin things with Hailey like I did with Kate. We just need to slow things down. I don't want another failure in my relationships. I don't want to make the same mistakes I made with Kate, with Hailey. I would just be repeating the pattern over again."

  52. We've heard of tangled webs, but this is getting ridiculous.
    Father of eight Jon Gosselin is embroiled in a "he-said she-said battle" with girlfriend Hailey Glassman and Octo-mom Nadya Suleman.
    Hailey says he has emotionally abused her, and Nadya says he was talking about teaming with her for a new reality show.
    Only one of these statements is true - and according to a source close to Gosselin, it isn't Hailey's.
    A close confidante to Jon Gosselin tells Fox411 that last week's taped confession by Hailey on "The Insider" was all designed for TV by Jon himself.
    "Jon actually made the decision to have Hailey go on air and bad mouth him," says the insider. "Jon and Hailey get paid for their appearances on these shows and they need the money. It was easy for Hailey to conjure tears, their lives are less than stellar right now, but Jon hasn't abused [her]."
    So why go on TV and say that he did?
    "They agreed to have her go on and make the abuse allegations!" our shocked source says. "Jon doesn't have much money left and he is not currently searching for a real job. Jon still seeks money through his fame and notoriety. He really wants a reality show of his own, and he is stretching out every moment of the drama for a dollar."
    Which means Hailey's abuse allegation was just a "Balloon Boy" type stunt to attract reality-TV producer attention.
    However, the other rumor of the week, that Jon would be involved with Octomom, was true, even though he denied it, says the source.
    Jon released a statement on Thursday night denying he even heard about a reality show with Nadya Suleman. But emails seen by Fox411 and show Gosselin was contemplating the show and hoping to get close to a million dollars for a slew of fake dates with Octomom.
    "His whole team heard of the project and was involved in brokering the possible deal," the confidante tells Fox411. "His managers, lawyers and publicists need to get something rolling for him or he won't be able to pay them. Jon doesn't have a big bank account loaded with money. He has to do something and this would have been funny, plus Hailey had no problem going along with the fake dates and pretending to be upset. She is along for the ride and enjoys being on TV."

    (Copied from the entertainment section of the fox news site)

    Also - Jon tweets that he's going back to PA but that he's going to "really miss Hailey =( "

  53. Did Kate really say she's too famous to go to church?
    Here is the Good Housekeeping interview. It is the same as aoppeared in the print version.

  54. I'm with you on the whole single mom controversy Shmecky Girl! When I think of a single mom, I don't see the father in the picture at all, or maybe just a few days each year. Kate is "single", as in not dating or married. (or at least she soon will be) But she is definitely not going at it on her own. Jon DOES spend time with the kids on a somewhat regular basis. I think that Kate should say "divorced mom" in the future, since it would be more clear.

    Jon's little quote was interesting.... I'm glad that Jon and Hailey are taking a break. It hopefully will allow both of them to get their heads on straight. Do I really believe that Jon is going to apologize to Kate? Ahhh, NO. Just think about all of the times he has said this, yet nothing has changed. I honestly doubt that Kate would forgive him, even if he DID apologize to her. This might be a little extreme, but he pretty much ruined her life, and the lives of his children. If were her, there is no way that I would not be getting all apologetic any time soon.

    I can't wait for tonight! I agree with some others, I'm a little confused about whether or not Kate is still taking the "high road". But I guess we will soon find out! It would be interesting to find out more about how she was growing up and how she became the Kate Gosselin that she is today. But the divorce and all of this recent drama is a part of who she is. I'm sure it has changed her. Kate is always saying that you can't go back. So if they did do that type of interview, without going into detail about the divorce, that would be a huge chunk of her life that is left out.

    This is completely random, but does anyone here think that Kate reads this blog? Or Jon? Or frankly, anyone that is actually close to the family. None of us here know them personally, so who are we to tell them how to live. But I personally think that we all have some pretty good suggestions for them! They are obviously in a rough patch, and I think that most people here feel like we "know" them well enough to dish out some advice. Everyone here seems logical enough! ;o) We're all FANS, so we don't sit around all day gossiping and being nit picky! (like others at different a site that will go unnamed)I don't know, the thought just crossed my mind, and I figured that I might as well ask!

  55. So - Jon and Hailey DID do some major celebrating on her favorite holiday!

    They are both such liars (just watched the report on tv)

    Then I googled and found the pic of Jon in HIS costume:

  56. hahaha If you haven't seen this (Heidi and Spencer skit as Jon and Kate) you should watch it. Quite cute.

  57. Single mother = unmarried mother, final answer :) That's how ALL mothers who are not married or divorced are referred to, as far as my recollection goes.

    People have so many opinions of how Kate spends her time, off or on with the kids. Wow. If any of us were watched 24/7, I'm sure there would be plenty to pick at. Honestly, I think people just like to pick her apart. If I can give any credit to the paps work, it shows that they cannot find ANY incriminating evidence against her and how she spends her time, otherwise they would plaster it all over the front pages! Instead, it's all about her "running errands", "getting gas", "picking up kids", "going to the dentist". So, I'm sorry, she seems far more involved than their father, who spends his off AND on time getting into trouble, mouthing off to the tabloids and making the front pages of them.

    As for Jon's past and present actions, I believe that we overlook many things when we are married to someone, as we should, really. I don't think he has really changed because you can see the contempt that he had for her at times when you watch the show. But, it is easy to overlook because at times, he was very loving and patient towards her. (When I recently watched their Christmas one from about 2 years ago, I just cried!) Who knows -- maybe he was afraid to act out in the beginning of their show by going out to bars and having affairs because at that time, he probably cared about getting caught. Something happened to the point where he no longer cared. And, thanks to him, he placed his family in difficult circumstances.

  58. "It is hard for me to ask to be forgiven from someone who might never forgive me. I am saying this now to Kate, 'I am sorry for doing the things that I did'," Jon said.


    Try doing this face-to-face, Jon...

  59. Rita said - I think that Kate should say "divorced mom" in the future, since it would be more clear.


    Really? Does anyone say, "Yes, I'm a divorced mom?"

    I'm not intending to offend you, Rita, but this is just not something I see moms who are divorced saying. It's not like you're trying to advertise that fact....

  60. PAR, Linda, Lucysmom, I agree re: the single mom issue. They're both single parents when they're taking care of the kids (IMO), because no other parent is around to help. My divorced family/friends refer to themselves as single parents, I've never given it a second thought.

    Tonight shall be interesting, however I don't expect to hear much of anything new. I hope that I'm pleasantly surprised!!!!!

    And to be honest, and sorry to sound so negative, but I hold out no hope for Jon to live up to his apologies. Sorry. Too much water under the bridge.

  61. I hadn't seen this posted anywhere else and was wondering if ya'll saw the interview quotes where Jon states that TLC did indeed only show the bad side of Kate - and that they wanted it to be 'good cop bad cop'.

    I know many have speculated on that (myself included) but it was nice to hear an admission of it.

  62. Sorry, I just wanted to join the discussion if I may about Kate being a "single mom" and being "too famous to go to church" or whatever..

    I think the words Kates says are being taken way too literally. I don't know if it's because there are a few people people on this thread out to snark, or they truly feel offended by her words. But bottom line is ..yes, people do say "single parent" more than "divorced parent".

    It's just how it is. Wether you agree on the wording is your choice, but it's pretty common here that most women that say it regardless if they are getting help, but do consider themselves alone and therefore "single parents". That doesnt mean that there isn't a loving father perhaps still giving child support or taking care of the family in any other way..

    Now Kate IS too famous to sit in a church and not either be harassed or perhaps interfere with the service. It is what it is and it's very true. She is famous and if you consider that offensive then that is your own opinion. Any celebrity that comes to any public area is bound to have issues with not being allowed to just be there and not be stared at or hounded.. Its bothering me that these comments Kate have made are being judged as being bad for some reason IMO.

  63. I just watched the youtube from yesterday with Jon and the Rabbi.

    Jon looks as if this is the last place in the world he wanted to be! When the Rabbi is talking Jon barely even looks at him? Not sure how to describe it (hopefully some of you will watch and be able to put it into words?) Almost indignant? I wonder if he was 'forced' to attend somehow? Or cajoled into it?

  64. I enjoyed Kate's interview tonight on TLC, and was in fact pleasantly surprised by how real it seemed. I can only support her and hold her in very high esteem for the job she is doing raising her kids given the current circumstances. It really does make my heart break for her, knowing how terribly painful this time has been and how few people are trustworthy.

    I definitely don't think she "signed up for this" when it all began 5 seasons ago.

  65. Kate's interview was touching. I do wish they would have asked her about Kevin and Jodie's visit with the kids. She said that the kids said that they missed to old Jon. I wonder if she meant that they missed the marriage or that they noticed a change in their dad. She also talked about how hard it was to go to church with just the nine of them.

  66. Ugh I could have watched her another 3 hours. I think the thing that really stuck out the most was when she said that its unfair to put her in the same barrel as Jon when it comes to the media. And what so much of us here have seen in her and the reason why we do support her. She did 4 seasons without being watched by the papparazi, Jon started all that frenzy with his going out and she got pushed right along with that unfairly. I think she answered that so good. And I hope people really caught that.

    But her emotions, so raw. She has so much hurt. I am kinda speechless, you just want to cry with her. Shes got SO much on her plate to deal with by Jons hand. ugh

  67. Thank you Baby Mama for chiming in about the Single Parent issue. I have been reading and am tired of hearing that issue repeated again. I totally agree!
    I raised my kids as a single parent and never labeled myself as a divorcee. Wether you get help or not it is what it is!

  68. Re: Kate's statement about not going to church:

    Church is the ONE place she (and their children) should absolutely be! She should be there looking for comfort and guidance. Church is the first place that offered her financial assistance and baby items when she was in need. Church offered her helpers when the babies were born. Church remodeled and expanded their first home. Etc, etc, etc.

    How ironic that now, when she is again in need, she focuses on the media: The View, LKL, Regis, Ellen, Rachel Ray, etc instead of her church.

  69. cherier1~ I'm sure Kate would love to be able to go to church with her kids, pray and enjoy the service in peace, but right now that could be hard to do with her 8 kids by herself. , just because your not able to attend church, doesn't mean you are any less religious or any less dedicated to your faith.

    At this point, if Kate DID attend church, haters would say it's just for show. She can't win. I feel and agree that she needs to go when SHE is ready, and I'm sure as she stated it must be hard to go without Jon, since that is something they both loved to do together..We all know that the Church gave them many things, but that is the blessings of church and good people.. WHO CARES what they game to them, Kate DOES NOT need to repay for what was given from love. Its the Church not a swap meet.

  70. Their church (Glad Tidings) has attempted to help. I wish SOMEONE would take those children.

    "Our church has been in the eye of the media recently due to the fame and notoriety of some members of our church family. In response to that media attention, we want to clearly state that our vision as a church is to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Therefore we welcome everyone and would never refuse anyone the opportunity to worship with us. In addition we respect and protect the privacy of our church family. Therefore, we do not comment or respond to any questions about members of our church family"

  71. Denise~ Take those children where? What do you mean by that? Kate is doing just fune rausubg her children I'm sure. And the Church has always been 100% supportive of the family.

  72. Cherier,

    Yes, she should be in church to be surrounded by a community of comfort and guidance and I hope the sooner the better. However, she and the kids will attend when she is good and ready. Right now she needs a lot of Grace (with a capital G).

    Right now she is in a very sensitive and vulnerable stage in her life and can't be pushed faster than she is ready to do certain things. She may feel that the people at church might be judging her, which they shouldn't, but it's very difficult and scary to go back to church in the middle of a divorce situation. I wouldn't feel very comfortable neither.

  73. Take them to church, I thought that is what we were talking about.

  74. BM - I'm not asking Kate to repay the church.

    I am pointing out that I find it interesting that she isn't attending when she needs its comfort most.

    Perhaps she should put her feelings aside and make sure the children get there so their needs for comfort and solace will be met.

    She wouldn't be watching 8 kids. They have the childrens' programs/classes while the parents are at the service.

    It was all about her again and not what the kids need.

    That is what irks me.

  75. I think Denis means take the children to church.

    I agree.

  76. Sorry. I meant to type 'Denise'.

    I need to sleep!

  77. I liked Kate's interview- it was very honest, while at the same time, she still had integrity and didn't bash Jon.

    I very much appreciated her comment about getting along for 4 seasons without the paparazzi. And it could have stayed that way had Jon not started to act out. If he had just gone to a hotel on his days without the kids, none of this would have happened.

  78. I agree that Kate will never win with everybody. I think she should be going to church as well but like she said she just isn't there yet and she doesn't have a good excuse. Her words, not mine. I undersand her being emotionally raw and just choosing to hold back on that. I do hope she gets there soon though. She can't do it all right by any of us and I certainly have hope that she will live up to the integrity she talks about. I really liked the interview. I do think Natalie went on about how she put her kids on tv and that whole thing for a while and if I were Kate I would really get sick of that line of questioning. I DO appreciate her owning up more to how she treated Jon. She gains more points with me on that because I always felt it wasn't right for her to glaze over it like it wasn't a big deal. I don't buy the whole east coast mom, west coast, midwest mom thing. Rude is rude. I am also aware of PR though and the new spin TLC is doing to put Kate back in people's good graces so that a new show will fly but nonetheless she is still a real person with real feelings and I am buying her sincerity a little more now than before. Nonetheless I am not nieve and I realize I will probably never know the totally real her but it certainly is fasinating to guess and wonder. Kate Gosselin becoming who she is now, who knew? I'm sure she didn't. :)

  79. Just watched Kate:Her Story. Fantastic job by Natalie Morales (did I get the name right?). She didn't skirt around anything and she asked great questions. I really felt we saw a good glimpse of Kate and her story, though I imagine she is still very guarded. I really appreciated the interview.

    As for the church issue, I agree that being in fellowship with the church body and hearing God's word being taught is definitely the best thing for both her and the children. I have seen many people step out of church the moment they start to have trouble in their lives. BUT, I can understand her thoughts on it. When my husband and I separated, I knew that we should go back to church. I knew that I desperately needed the Lord but it was so difficult to go without my husband. We weren't even in fellowship at the time - I just felt so uncomfortable. I can't really explain it. And it had nothing to do with the church; it was me.

    In her case, while she feels uncomfortable right now, I think that she needs to spend time in the word, maybe do a bible study, teach the kids (which she may already do but she didn't mention that). She could do a worship service right there at home for a while. I would even bet that there would be a pastor from her home church that would be willing to come during the week for a while, until she felt comfortable. They really do have challenging circumstances. I'm sure she just needs time but I hope that she doesn't put it off much longer. I hope that her church will just put their arms around the family, protect them and support them.

  80. Cherier1~ Thank you for your long post. I appreciate the time you took to write it.. I hope you understand the reasons I didn't post it. I respect you and your feelings!

  81. Mobius Designs said, "If my spouse was spending 70% of their time on the road with another person of the opposite sex, I think I would become quite suspicious especially if my marriage was going downhill. I guess it was a sign where the marriage was at the time if Jon didn't trust his own wife."

    Is there somewhere where it says Kate was on the road 70% of the time? Seems like a really high (exaggerated?)number to me.

    I could've understood his concern somewhat before all of the exposure to everything else but we already know that Jon said that to cover up/justify/validate his own antics.

  82. Wow The interview with Kate was... (I don't know what other word to use then) good or great. She was VERY real and I trust her 100%. I know that she is honest. You can tell she is. She tells the same story, which is refreshing when jon can't keep who he is dating straight.

    by the way I don't trust anything jon says anymore. I have kept on hoping and am always let down by him. He is just in things for the money. I think this whole rhabi thing is for show. (I don't think the Rhabi knows that. I think the Rhabi is TRULY trying to help) I just think that Jon is trying to get publicity anyway that he can. enough about him and back to what i was saying.

    I was wondering about kates family and though she did not go into much detail (which she doesn't need to) I felt like I got a little bit more understanding. I hope that those that she remains close to will always be there for her and will never sell out.

    Now this whole single mom thing is RIDICULOUS. Baby Mama I agree with you. It is what is it, she will no longer be married. She will be single and will be a mother that is how I see it. She will be a single mother and I would venture to say that she practically is already.

    As for the church issue. What I got from what she said was not that it would be too hard to take 8 kids and go but I felt like she was saying that emotionally she just can't yet. That was something that the 10 of them did TOGETHER and If there was something that I did with my husband and children and that was an emotional and spiritual thing. something that connected them on an extra level I don't blame her for not going yet. I bet it hurts her heart just thinking about it.
    Also if it were something that would be hard because of how many bodies you have to get ready or just keeping track of them there I still don't blame her. Can you imagine the panick you might feel if your children are not with you for sunday school or something when you have people who are greedy who sell you out and who might want money. It just might not be safe there for the kids. I think the decision alone should be up to kate and everyone needs to calm down about it. I am a christian and an avid church goer.

    Denise: I think that everyone should have some kind of religion in their life. The Gosselins do have a religion. It is their choice whether to go or if it is safe or whether it is just to emotionally hard right now. It is great that your church family is close and can keep secrets and don't attack those who are famous or sell them out because they are $50,000 dollars in debt and see no other choice. Not everyone is like that. It is sad but you can't just trust anybody. I know church goers of ALL faiths that have done something wrong. most people who do things wrong have some type of faith they follow, and though it is not supported by their church people still Kidnap, steal, molest, rape, and who knows what. I don't think that anyone should judge kate on whether she is attending church right now. She knows what is best for her children.

  83. I don't go to church even though I pray, study God, and have faith. I consider myself pretty religious and there are some people who show up in the church building all of the time, but they don't follow the commandments and treat others aweful. I don't think your attendance in the building is what makes you a good Christian. Some churches are very judgemental about divorce and such and Kate may have had some pretty judgemental church experiences growing up that make her uncomfortable even if that might not be the case now. It also might be that one thing that she can't handle on her plate right now. Having said that, churches can be place of sanctuary and support that could be good for her and the kids and I hope when she's ready she takes them because it once was a positive in their lives. I hope that she is finding other ways to bring religion into the kids lives even when they aren't in church. Also, the church didn't make over her old house, a reality show did, although people from the church may have completed the application.

  84. Cherier: I don't understand how you know that the church thing is all about her?!? Maybe it is about the kids but she doesn't want to say that not only did her husband make up lies to get money but her brother did as well so ANY PERSON out there in the world or in a church or anywhere could do anything to her or the kids. Sorry but I bet she does not know everyone at church and therefor she can't just trust them with anything. Her the kids or anything that she might say. who knows what people would make up about her for a little bit of cash. I think that how you are judging her is wrong. I normally would not be so blunt but she is in a situation that NONE of us can fully comprehend. If it where my kids I would be very careful what hands i leave them in at the moment.

    I think that kate is making the best choice for her and the kids at the moment. cherier1 I hope i did not offend you but I had to say what i said.

  85. ShmeckyGirl,

    You have a good point about knowing what to believe. I guess I judge what I believe on actions and on what is independently cobborated by both parties or a source that is removed from it all.

    I believe -

    Jon has had multiple sexual affairs since January. This was after they both acknowledge the marriage was in trouble but obviously while he is still married. We have pictures of Jon with multpile women and he himself referred to relationship(s). TLC was aware of the marital trouble from January onward (if not before) but continued to portray the family as happily together until some time shortly before the tups brithday in May,

    Jon calls in the paps for the attention because he is the one who we see talking to them while Kate does not. He is the one we have seen invite them on property and used them to bash Kate. (Examples, allowing somone to film the dogs being sent away blaming it on Kate, reading Kate's text to the paps regarding the twins birhtday). We have seen none of that with Kate. So I firmly believe that Jon is responsible for the kids being hounded by the paparazzi,

    Kate was fully compliant with the court orders despite Jon and his lawyer trying to paint it otherwise because if Kate was not compliant the judge would have pursued contempt of court charges. I trust the judge and the court more than what Jon or his lawyers say about it. Which also means I believe that Jon withdrew money from the account inappropriately as that was what the court ruled.

    Kate has accurately portrayed the kids reaction to being told of the divorce because Jon has told the same story in his own words.

    Jodi and Kevin are against Kate and have stabbed her in the back. I saw Jodi and Kevin on Radar Online last spring making accusations against Kate that could be in NO way construed to be in the best interest of the kids. It was stupid and petty when they spoke about Kate getting Kevin to do her chores as a child and chiding her for not baking. It was vindictive and un Christian for them to ake the allegation of Kate having an affair with no evidence whatsoever. Even if they felt wronged by Kate, they have dragged another family into the mud with no proof except Jon speculating.

  86. Lets be real, I'm sure she would love to go to church . But her world is insane. If she attempted going the media would for sure destroy that. And the media would in a flash turn that church into a circus. It seems so easy for people to say just go.
    None of us are in her situation.
    I liked her interview, I was so glad she addressed her brothers betrayal & showed Jodis face as well. So obviously Kate didnt approve of that visit w/ Jodi & Kevin w/ her kids.

  87. Thanks BM. I thought my points were valid and should be discussed. But it's your forum and I get that.

  88. No offense taken, Leslie. We just disagree.

    Personally, I think she focuses more on herself than her children. I don't think she was always that way. I think fame and money changed her. I liked the old her better - except for the rudeness to Jon.

    I think there is a difference between discernment and judgment.

    The interview did not sit well with me at all - as BM will know from my late-night post! LOL.

    I am a fan of neither of the parents anymore. I like the kids and hate that they are bearing this publicly.

  89. I don't see Kate's decision about church to be all about her. Most parents make decisions for their family/children based on everybody's needs. If she doesn't feel ready, for whatever reason, then it likely wouldn't be a positive experience for the children or for her. Anything that they did as a family of 10 may be just as difficult for the children as for her. And I totally agree with tashapork about the fact that not going into the church building doesn't mean you are not a faithful person.

  90. I agree with Set in the Cleft and BM about Kate going to church. It will take time, church is very personal and intimate for a family. The memory of that connection is still very raw. I know when my husband was in Iraq it took me a LONG time to go, and the first time I did the only thing I did was sit there and cry because he wasnt there holding my hand, it was something we always shared and it hard to sit there alone. So I totally understood when Kate explained that, I knew exactly what she meant. To judge her faith just because she doesnt attend every Sunday I think is unfair. Having God in your heart is something personal not because you go to church.

  91. Leslie, the quote from the church was not from MY church. It was a statement that Glad Tidings (the Gosselins church) released when a tabloid said they were no longer welcome.

  92. That was a great interview last night! I think that Kate really opened up, but she still didn't give TOO much away like she always does for her kids. One of the things that hit me was when she said something along the lines of: "When people who you swear would never ever cash you in do that, it makes it hard to trust." (Or something like that!) It is so very true in her situation. Just look at Kevin and Jodi. Kevin is her brother! Why would he ever do that to Kate? It just doesn't make any sense. And Jamie Ayers, and Steve- they got plastered all over the paparazzi rag mags because they are close to Kate and it makes them easy targets. If I were friends with Kate, I would be a little intimidated of the paps. I'd still want to have a friendship with her, of course, but it really is a little frightening to think of the things that the paparazzi can say about you. And you would have no control over the situation. I'm sure that I would be hesitant to trust as well, if I were Kate.

    I think that I'm going to take back the whole "divorced mom" thing! I was thinking more about it, and whoever commented on it- (I know there was a few) you're probably right! It would definitely an awkward position to be in, going around saying "I'm a divorced mom." I didn't really think about that when I posted it. This is one of my favorite things about this blog. We all having differing opinions! I think that it's safe to say that we should just drop the whole thing. It doesn't really matter whether or not Kate calls herself a single mom! ;o)

    Have a nice day ladies!

  93. Seeing Kate being repentant in the interview and taking responsibility for what she knew to be wrong (and being specific about it), compared to Jon's hiding and shading of the truth is an example of a person of integrity and character. Makes me wonder how many of her haters out there could do the same.

    On another note, it is so sad to know that because of Jon, Jodi & Kevin's actions, people who she once was very close to who sold her out, that she will not be able to trust very many people for a very long time. How horribly sad and lonely for her. Now that she has lost a dear friend in Nana Janet, I hope and pray more (than her 6) good trustworthy people (esp. Christian ones) will come alongside her to be her pillars of prayer and strength.

  94. Set in the Cleft,
    I would add that until she is ready to attend church on a regular basis, perhaps Kate could host a small group Bible study or fellowship in her home with her few trusted friends and one of the pastors or elders to facilitate it. A childrens ministry teacher could be with the kids to do a program of some kind.

    I can't imagine that several of her church membership are not already reaching out to her in notes and letters of encouragement. A truly God-filled church should be doing that.

  95. I watched the show last night and thought it was just okay, if that. I found it lacking.

    I've never seen an interview where the interviewee barely looked at the interviewer when she is answering questions. That was odd. And why no tissues until almost the end? Her nose was running and she's wiping it with her hand! She always cries, you'd think they or she would be more prepared.

    I don't think I learned anything I didn't already know... except that Kate says she keeps in contact with her parents via email.

    I think Natalie dropped the ball a lot because she'd ask a question and Kate would give a basic answer and Natalie wouldn't ask a follow up question. Kate always answers questions cryptically. Like when she answered about her parents and why she cut them off after the sextuplets were born. Different opinions? Like what? I understand her not wanting to go into details, but then why do the interview?

    Than Natalie asked her what she would do to support her children, and she said anything. But what? What's anything? She already said she can't go back to nursing, so what are her options if showbiz doesn't work out? What are her plans? To hope it works out with TLC? That's not a plan.

    I know she said she's not proud of how she spoke to and treated Jon but then she excused it by saying she had too much on her plate. There is no excuse. Why didn't Natalie ask if she was sorry, if she apologized or plans to apologize to Jon?

    I do agree that Jon is the one that brought the paparazzi into their lives after four seasons. I think that's obvious. But now that they are there she needs to get her children out of the public eye. The whys and hows don't matter at this point.

    I'm sorry but I don't believe that her kids say they miss The Old Jon. I'm sure they miss their daddy but The Old Jon?

    I notice Kate said her little brother Kevin would always take the blame for her when she was bad. He took punishments for things she did. And she let him? Yikes. What's the age difference? I find it appalling that she actually let her little brother take the blame for things she did. And after he did that for her she cuts him out of her life.

    What goals changed? She never says. What were their goals together? What were her goals? What were Jon's goals? What changed? I thought their goal from the beginning was to stay together and Kate be a stay-at-home mom raising their 8 children. Seems to me like her goals changed. She decided she likes media work and didn't want to be just a stay-at-home mom. Not that you can't change your mind but that would mean your goals changed.

    She told Jon to get a part-time job? Maybe he felt one of them should be home with the children at all times. And one of them should. They have 8 children they decided to bring into this world. They deserve everything "on a golden platter" including their parents being home with them. I'm sure they'd prefer that rather than material possessions.

    She also didn't answer the question as to when their marriage ended and why. She glazed right over that. Again, she doesn't HAVE to tell if she doesn't want to but then why do an interview that makes it seem like you are going to open up about everything when you're not.

    The bedrest story is getting old. How hard is it to stay on bedrest? You're resting in a bed. People cater to your every need. I know you get antsy and uncomfortable but it's not hard work. I could use some bedrest myself now that I think about it.

    And Steve was there in the room while she gave the interview? Why did she need a bodyguard there in the room with her? Odd. Especially knowing that question might come up again. Just awkward.

    I'm very disappointed by the interview. I don't think there was anything new that we didn't already know. Thankfully someone told her not to mention her ring again.

  96. All this talk about church, I do wonder if Kate and Jon were going regularly before all this became public. I was under the impression they weren't. I do remember on the show the one time they showed them going that one of the girls didn't even fit into her church shoes anymore. I was under the impression they hadn't gone regularly.

    Also, what kind of church does she go to that she would feel uncomfortable going there? Aren't most people that go to church together friendly towards one another? Don't they know each other? Would they really treat her like a bunch of fans would? I understand not wanting to go without your husband but it's been 11 months. That's a long time for a regular churchgoer to stop going to church.

    As for being famous, etc I know Michael Jackson went to church at the height of his popularity. He wasn't mobbed by fans while there. And he was a huge popstar at the time. You didn't get bigger than Michael Jackson. It can be done if your church and fellow churchgoers don't treat you like a celebrity, which they shouldn't.

  97. Good grief... I thought church-goers learned "Judge not lest ye be judged" there.

  98. I was just wondering, what exactly were Jon and Kate's original plans for raising and supporting their family?

    Kate was a nurse. Jon was an IT guy. They had one set of twins. They wanted "one more". They chanced having at least another set of twins by trying the same fertility treatment again.

    Kate said she didn't go into this show thinking it would be their income. She said that being a nurse and Jon doing IT work, they would have probably ended up divorced anyway. So what exactly were their plans? Just hoping for the best despite all the odds? Just hoping to come into money? How did they expect to support their family and still stay a family despite the odds?

    And now? Jon won't do reality tv no matter how well it pays. What's he going to do to support 8 children and himself? Hope for the best?

    And Kate? How is she going to support 8 children and herself? Seriously, I know she said she will work at McDonald's if she has to, but McDonald's will not support her and her children. She even said she can't be a nurse. What am I missing? How do they plan to support their children under the current circumstances?

  99. It was an interesting program. Each day I have more admiration for Kate. She is growing in maturity and perspective, accepting responsibility for her past mistakes, not trying to blindly shift blame to others...but most of all, for trying to put her kids first.

    The pain. Oh my goodness, she's got to just get through one day at a time. I wish I could give her a hug. It will take a long time to trust again.

    My heart just hurts for her pain. One day she will get to the point where she can openly return to church. It has to hurt - to see Jon almost eagerly step away from even religious values that she thought she shared with him. For me, I couldn't return to church until six months after my divorce from my first husband was finalized. Even hearing certain hymns brought back memories so vivid that I would completely meltdown. I had to be strong for my children and my bursting into tears was just not good for them. We worshipped at home and eventually made our way back.

    I would hope that after seeing the interview that perhaps her minister would make the move to contact her.

    Regardless, the pain will get easier when court cases are resolved (both divorce and TLC). I can't imagine having to experience the limbo of waiting for a divorce, worrying about the future, and having paparazzi follow me 24/7 to report every hiccup and sneeze.

    On a lighter note, I had to chuckle at the reporting of her speeding ticket. Ten months of following her day and night and finally the paps got a "baddie" to report and this is all they could find? What? No drunken 3 a.m. photos, no cougaring with 22 year old men, no ski trips with single men, no man crush "flavor" of the month, no barhopping, no gambling in Vegas, no misappropriation of funds, no "values" crises ??? Wow, Kate! Your no fun to the paps at all.

  100. Although the SixGosselins website is registered to Jon, did you know he didn't design it? Wouldn't you think the IT guy who just last week said in the NY street interview that he was "making some money from website design" would have designed their website? I do hope he's making some money somewhere from something other than interviews.

    I clicked on wrong bookmark and went there by mistake. That's when it dawned on me that Jon didn't design that website. Somehow, I had mistakenly just always assumed that Jon had done it.

  101. SchmeckyGirl~ Please, I think we may at some point have all let a sibling get in trouble for something we may have done..if thats not the case then that is great that at that age you werre such an honest person. I let my brothewr take the blame for tons of stuff.. The haters will be discussing this in 3..2..

    I think that people over analyze so much of what Kate says, and takes things way too out of context. An example of this would be when Kate said the kids miss the old Jon. I'm SURE they didn't say "wow we miss our old daddy." But Jon has changed quite a bit, been very distant when he's home (based on photos) and instead of playing with his kids is seen riding or doing other things. Again, I think that's what she meant.

    I don't know what people were waiting to hear, or what sort of revalation they were hoping to uncover. Bottom line, they really just wanted to give the fans a good IMO interview, along with some Top Moments like next week and call it a wrap. I really hope thnigs get resolved and that "Kate Plus 8" will actually happen.

  102. SchmeckyGirl - I don't think we watched the same program. After I read your post I went back and watched again. However, it's your opinion and you are entitled to it.

    We just "mega" disagree on our perspectives. The only comments I'm going to make in response are: 1)The camera angle determines whether the interviewee appears to be looking at the interviewer, etc.; 2) I was able to figure out that bodyguard Steve was there because part of this interview was to demonstrate what Kate experiences every time she goes outside in public. IMO thanks to the lunatic haters and paparazzi, I'd never go out in public without a bodyguard if I were she.

    Did anybody see the ET clip last night of the follow up interview with Mary Hart, Hailey, & Jon that aired last night - with Jon sitting 5 feet away from Hailey? I've done my best to track down HOW Jon ever connect with Rabbi Shmuley. At about 4 minutes into the interview, Jon said that his manager (Heller) put him in touch with Rabbi Shmuley.

    Please, please Jon. Get yourself away from the destructive advice of the Hellers! If you go to the Talent Resources website you will note that "Mark Heller and Talent Resources have been doing media and event planning for 15 years." I thought, that seems fishy because the guy isn't in his 40's. What the heck? Ahhh...then I realized that they go on to cite that Heller planned his first event for teens when he was only 15 and that's how they come up with the "15 years of experience."

    I was almost rolling on the floor. Did you help planning your junior or senior prom or an area get-together for teens? Wow, if so, you can say you've got event planning and add in all the years from then to now. This guy is a joke and his advice is really questionable; again, just IMO.

  103. Schmecky said…
    I notice Kate said her little brother Kevin would always take the blame for her when she was bad. He took punishments for things she did. And she let him? Yikes. What's the age difference? I find it appalling that she actually let her little brother take the blame for things she did. And after he did that for her she cuts him out of her life.
    - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -
    Um, she was a child when he took the blame for her. Furthermore, using the example as she did, about showing what a kind brother he WAS, she was making a point about how shocking, hurtful, and unexpected it was that he turned on her.

    All in all, I really enjoyed the interview.

  104. The bedrest story is getting old. How hard is it to stay on bedrest? You're resting in a bed. People cater to your every need. I know you get antsy and uncomfortable but it's not hard work. I could use some bedrest myself now that I think about it.

    I just had to comment on this. Not meaning any disrespect, but apparently, you've never been pregnant with multiples. As a mother who had twins in her 25th week, bedrest is not as easy as you think. In some situations, as in mine, I couldn't even get up to use the bathroom, sit in a chair, only lay in bed 24 hours a day. Sure people "cater" to you, but don't you think it would get old not seeing the outside, having a decent nights sleep, or honestly a normal life or pregnancy. Unless you have been in this situation then you should not judge what someone says or down play their situation. Again, I do not mean to be rude but this just really rubbed me the wrong way.

  105. Once again, Jon proves how little understanding of repentence he has. Why would anyone ever believe he is truly sorry for any of his actions when less than 48 hours after his supposed repentance, he is trashing Kate publicly once again on Twitter -

  106. Schmecky, Schmecky, Schmecky... girl, are you just trying to get us all riled up?? :) I'm not going to bore anybody by rehashing and debating the points that you made but I do have this to say:

    I have the same opinion that Baby Mama mentioned several times when it comes to your and a few others' comments -- too much over-analyzation. Every little thing is picked over, analyzed, tested, put through the strainer and whatever is left over is "truth". Really, no offense but you seem to find fault in every little thing. Do you do that to your hubby or best friends, even though surely they aren't perfect? Many times I have appreciated your insight on certain things but the pettiness, quite franky, is unnerving. Now, please let it be known, I'm not trying to start a problem. With all that said, I respect the fact that you have an opinion and I will still read it :)

    Kate is not perfect but I have not walked in her shoes. Such as:

    I may not have chosen to have fertility treatments but I have never struggled with infertility.

    I do not know what it's like to have twins, triplets, quads, tups, etc. But I do know what it's like to have lots of children and whether 1, 2, 6 or 8, mothers everywhere all have moments of imperfection and impatience.

    I have 4 children by birth and 2 step-children. No one would agree with ALL the choices I have made for them either.

    I choose, and believe the best choice, to raise my own children. But then, I do not have 8 children to solely provide for. If she can do part-time work, which is basically what she's doing, and still be there for her kids, she's doing a lot more than many other mom's are out there doing. I know women that work full-time, as in leaving the house at 6:00, dropping off their kids by 6:30, get off at 5:00, choose to do shopping because their kids can stay at daycare til 6:00, pick them up and then leave them at home with dad or a babysitter so they can do a social event. In my opinion, she's doing the best she can with the options she has.

    I'm going to step out on a limb here and suggest that to be a single mom, possibly without prospect of child support (thanks Jon), with 8 children would in most cases, even working making an average of $60,000 a year full-time, would put her a little above poverty level. She would have to hire out for nearly full-time care of the kids and not be able to spend much time at all with them. Now, if this were her only option, fine. It sounds like it could work. But if it's not? Why settle for less? Though I agree that it would probably be best to get the children out of the spotlight as much as possible, I really believe Kate can do something with her "celebrity" (I hate that word!) status. I hope that she will choose something that stands up for morals and values, though, and not some talk show.

    I rambled a bit and now have to go. Hope I made points that made sense... 8/

  107. Schmecky- I read all the posts but your post about the interview really aggravated me. Why do you analize and pick everything apart that Kate says?. Why don't you try doing that with the idiot Jon's interviews? He lies about everything, remember the money? He is a pap whore, been with several women, and let me mention it again, HE LIES. But, yet you still have this hazey perception. Everyone has and opinion and that is what is great about this site. However, you always seem to find the fault with Kate. I just don't get it.

  108. I was rather disappointed in the interview. Not much there that we all have not heard many times. There was very little new.

    For the sake of the kids I hope both can work out their issues and put the kids first. It' not about them it's about the kids and what is best for them. I must say on that topic I do agree with Jon - the kids need a chance to be normal kids out of the spotlight. Am I the only one who remembers Jon wanting out during the last episode last season - even then he had enough. Kate was determined then and has not changed her mind. Kate seems terrified that she will not be able to take care of her children without a TV career - the rest of us do it every day. And nurses make more money than most of us - I come from a family of nurses and let me tell you it is nothing to sneeze at. Granted if you want a million $ house etc....... but lets face it the kids need a loving, stable home. The house itself will never be what makes them happy. While I have always found the show entertaining I am not even sure why they think TV is their future - a show about the kids is the only way it flies - which in my opinion is why Kate is trying so hard to hold onto it. Neither in their own right has enough to hold an audience. I do not dislike Kate but her interviews have not been earthshattering - once this is over and if there are no kids to be seen just how interesting will we find her.
    I think the one thing most tend to forget is we really do not know these people - we see what they want us to see and we hear what they want us to hear and it's maybe only a tenth of the whole story. It takes 2 to make a divorce, just as it takes 2 to make a marriage - I am the divorced mom of 2 and I have to be honest- I have to take 50% of the blame - does not matter that he is the one who cheated - my actions played a part as well. And I can tell you from experience that if you want Kate to succeed you have to want Jon to as well - alimony, child support are all determined by income - present income- not what was made last year. And if they retain joint custody, which I hope they do for the sake of the kids who love them both so much, Kate could end up owing Jon child support once the numbers are plugged into the formula the courts use- child support in CT at least is very cut and dry - emotion plays no part - Mom makes $, Dad makes $ so each is respondsible for this amt. Who did what to contribute to the end of the marriage has nothing to do with it -

  109. LInda said...
    On a lighter note, I had to chuckle at the reporting of her speeding ticket. Ten months of following her day and night and finally the paps got a "baddie" to report and this is all they could find? What? No drunken 3 a.m. photos, no cougaring with 22 year old men, no ski trips with single men, no man crush "flavor" of the month, no barhopping, no gambling in Vegas, no misappropriation of funds, no "values" crises ??? Wow, Kate! Your no fun to the paps at all.

    HAHA!!! LMAO thats so funny Linda and so very true.

  110. I don't think Schmecky nitpicks. I think her points are valid and should be discussed. I agree with some and don't agree with others. No prob. I used to be a fan, am no longer one, but still love the children. My perspective the Gosselin parents changed into people I no longer respect. Schmecky's may have changed as well. I think she is fair and balanced. She calls it as she sees it. What is wrong with that?

  111. Check out radaronline -- He's at it again! With the girls in the car - hollering for him to come on --- he's talking to the paps!

    Gawd! Enough already Jon!

  112. I totally agree with you cherier1. I think schmeckygirls posts are well balanced too!