Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Curious Return of Jodi & Kevin, Will Jon Gosselin Lose? You Ask, Kate Answers!

Hello Gosselin fans! Yep leave it up to dear Jon to take the last advice from his hopefully soon-to-be gone lawyer and make nice with the family..Get some sweet points for the Kate haters that do the dance of joy..Why? Because Kate is literally across the United States, nowhere near where she could protest or do anything about it. Funny how they chose THIS weekend for the much approved pap photos to be released..The day before the big court day.. the day that he supposedly finally put back the $180,000. We didn't fall for it Jon, but it was a good try nonetheless.

Jon Gosselin Reconciles With Kate's Estranged Brother:

Nasty divorces do make friends out of the most unlikely of enemies. Saturday, Jon Gosselin invited his estranged wife Kate’s estranged brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider, to his home!
With Jon on parenting duty at the Gosselin’s PA home and Kate in Los Angeles for a public appearance Monday night, Jon met the Krieiders with warm hugs when they arrived at the house. Kate Is Doing A Book-Signing In L.A. Tomorrow. In a series of exclusive blockbuster interviews earlier this year, the Kreiders blasted Jon and Kate for their “sham” marriage which they said was all for the show. This was months before the Gosselins announced they were divorcing, a decision that ultimately led to the demise of their TLC show, Jon & Kate Plus 8.
In one particularly heated exchange involving Jon and his in-laws, after Jodi commented that the kids were “overworked” and shouldn’t be forced to do their show, Jon shot back that the Kreiders didn’t know what they were talking about.
“They don’t even know where we live,” Jon told while insisting his kids loved working on the show.
Kate later told Meredith Viera on Today that her brother going public about her marriage had been one of the saddest parts of the entire ordeal.
We can only imagine what Kate is thinking about the new alliance between Jon and Kevin. Could Jon be somehow hoping to use them against Kate in their financial battle?

Lisa Bloom to Jon Gosselin: You're Gonna Lose!

Jon Gosselin has about as much chance winning TLC's breach-of-contract lawsuit as he does at winning Father of the Year, according to prominent legal analyst Lisa Bloom. Bloom tells that Gosselin will surely lose the lawsuit TLC filed against him last Friday after Gosselin shut down production of "Jon and Kate Plus 8." Jon's cease and desist came in the wake of the network announcing the show would be renamed "Kate Plus 8" and that his role would be minimized."TLC is playing hardball with Jon because Jon chose to play hardball with TLC," Bloom said. "Given what I assume is the typical network-talent contract which grants TLC the right to control what Jon says and the shows he appears on, Jon will lose this battle.

He took the money from TLC when times were good, and a court would enforce the contract against him when times are bad." Times have definitely been bad for Gosselin, who was recently found in contempt of court for taking $180,000 from a joint bank account he shares with his estranged wife, Kate. Bloom, however, says that Kate should make sure her any money she stands to make on "Kate Plus 8" is not affected by any of Jon's future actions. "Kate can just sit tight and watch Jon and TLC duke it out.," Bloom said. "To protect her finances, all money earned by her now should be held in a separate account, and money should be set aside for the kids in a bulletproof trust account in their names." Kate would be wise to protect herself -- she stands to lose a ton of money if Gosselin is forced by the network to pay up. Famed divorce attorney Raoul Felder recently told that "their money is theirs together, and if he has to pay out, then she loses that, too."

Jon Gosselin May Go On Survivor Or Amazing Race: (NSFW)

THAT PICTURE. I truly believe that Jon Grosselin and that poop van were both only put on this plane to take that picture together. That is their only poopose in life. They can shut it down now. Because we all know Jon's purpose in life is not to star in reality shows. CBS obviously didn't get that memo, because they are about to begin talks with Jon to join the cast of the next Amazing Race or Survivor. It seems CBS has a douche quota to meet too.
Some source (aka Hailey's weekend dealer) told
Radar, "Jon is planning to fly to Los Angeles in late November for a meeting about appearing on one of the shows. Nothing is a done deal yet. This is in the very early stages."
And you know the evil warlords at CBS would really try to destroy us by pairing Jon up with Michael Lohan. Hopefully, CBS has Jon in mind for Survivor: Chernobyl or The Amazing Race....Right Off The Face Of The Earth.
I'm kind of surprised that Jon would actually consider going on Survivor. Dude was already banished from one tribe (aka his own family), and now he wants to get banished from another? Glutton for punishment.

UPDATE: Amazing Race, Survivor Rumors not true says rep: (thanks Georgia Peach!)
Sorry Octo-haters, you won't get that chance watch Jon Gosselin chow down on bugs or suffer Ed Hardy-withdrawal on an island, after all. Rumors spread Friday that the ex-star of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was in talks with CBS to appear on a celebrity edition of "Survivor" or "Amazing Race." Unfortunately for those hoping to see Jon Gosselin stretch his 15 minutes even further, his rep told Access Hollywood the reports are "100 percent not true."

Maybe he's holding out for "The Bachelor"?


  1. Now, If he did this just to piss off Kate....... I am thinking Kate wouldnt have approved of Jodi & Kevin coming there after all they have done to Kate ! They have slammed her so much.
    Ughh. I just cant stand Jon. My guess this is a ploy on Jons part to get Kate mad.

  2. Bringing this up from the previous post:

    Doesn't Kate have to be in court in PA tomorrow for the "public" proceedings? I thought the book signing is in LA tomorrow night and the conference Tuesday...

    Is this Jon's 99999999th pitiful attempt to sabatoge the mother of his children? Man, he really wants to have to pay child support for eight and have only limited supervised visits with those kids, doesn't he?

    You don't let someone who's so utterly venomous towards the mother of your children have ANY contact with those children.

    Our pediatrician always said: Do not allow anyone who is abusive to you access to your children. EVER.

    Baby Mama: NY Daily News is reporting that Jon is not in talks to be on Survivor or The Amazing Race. I sent the link to you.

    And someone posted earlier about a security problem at their old home. I read that they woke up one morning and all the tires of the large van were flat and they never spent another night there.

  3. Jon is discusting. He has perfect timing for everything. First shutting down the show when it was announced Kate + 8, and now this. Its only obvious that Jon planned this out only days before court along with Kate being in LA. Those poor children are caught in the mix of this drama and its just getting worse with all of Jon's actions. Worst parent of the year award definatly goes to Jon Gosselin and I hope he goes on Survivor it would just make him more of the laughing stock of the country. My heart goes out to Kate at this time.

    Oh yeah one more thing... Did anyone else look at the pictures on radar? The camera was right next to the children, talking about exploiting children, radar and Jon are the ones exploiting them.

  4. ....who needs enemies when you have family like Jon, Jodi & good ol' brother Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on all of them. I cringe now when I see "sweet Aunt Jodi" on the old shows. The three of them will sell their souls for the almighty buck rather than make a decent living. I'd love to see Kate get full custody and pick up with her children and move them out of state and away from all of these vultures. I'm so sorry to sound so negative but this really has me p.o.'d........

    And the nice close-up pics of the kids. However did they make it to the INF/Radar websites?

  5. Oh my goodness, I think I am going to vomit. As if anyone needed more proof that Jon had bad motives- to have these "people" over to his house is more than enough proof. I am truly disgusted. These three fame wh*res deserve each other and should be nowhere near the Gosselin 8.

    Next, I am marching right over to the CBS website to voice my opinion that I will NEVER watch Amazing Race or Survivor again if they let Jon Gosselin be on it.


    This is for the commentor at Radar who posted that Kate was never going to be a speaker at the Women's Conference...

  7. What a big fat idiot!!! He is so dumb and rude. Poor Kate, her backstabbing cheating husband is up to no good again.... or should i say still! It is so WRONG that kates bother is there to see jon. Not only does she have a backstabbing idiot for a husband she has one for a brother and sister in law. its really sad =( poor Kate I hope that she is ok and i hope that the kids are ok.

  8. Kate was scheduled for this was not sudden...Jon knew this would be one of the longer stretches she was away from the kids. Hence a perfect time to get them back in Jodi & Kevin's good graces. Even though he made negative comments about them, he knew they haven't seen the kids and would want to forgive him. Kate's time is scheduled to be away Sunday until after Wednesday. She is scheduled to be on Ellen on Wednesday, then she is going back home.

  9. Those up close photos are only going to be more nails in the coffin of TLC's case against Jon. But wait, his attorney Helker keeps saying Jon isn't worried.

    Of course, the same attorney also said Jon was only taking his pay and would never have to pay back the $180k. The same attorney who said on LKL that he was trying the case in the court of public opinion.

    His legal advice to Jon seems to be not so sound.

    TLC asked for a jury trial. Does MD award actual and punitive damages??? Ouch Jon. You took Deanna with you skiing in Utah. You were publically drunk. If TLC supoenas all your paramours, and asks back for all the $$$, you'd better start worrying dude. Your morals and ethic seem to stink and your judgment seems just as questionable.

    Keep digging that hole.

  10. Maybe Jon wants back in Kevin and Jodi's graces so he can tap them for free babysitting when he has custody since maybe his money for hiring nannies is tapped and he doesn't want to alter his social life. Or he wants money from Radar. The sad thing is that his passive agressiveness is going to damage the kids. He takes a situation that in other more appropriate contexts might be something in the children's best interests and uses it in a way that sabatoges Kate and benefits Jon's interests and he does it so blatantly and in completely wrong contexts that it isn't in the children's best interests. He didn't listen to the excellent advice he was given at that synagogue about children learning from what the parent does instead of what the parent says.
    I was thinking about writing to state representatives in Pennsylvania about eneacting laws with protections for children from paparazzi, but then I thought "why am I sticking my nose into something that isn't my business" so I didn't and now I am having some second thoughts and don't know what to think. I don't like them getting so close to the kids, making inappropriate derrogatory remarks in front of them, and I don't like situations with the children involved that seem to be clearly set up for paparazzi benefit such as getting rid of the dogs or Aunt Jodie's visit. There aren't guidelines and constraints as there are with TLC filming and the paparazzi clearly don't compensate the kids.

  11. This is from Jon is covering his tracks and we all knew he would find a way to return the money...I believe he sold one of his CZ earrings and took back a ring from Hailey lol.

    "On Oct. 13, a Montgomery County, Penn., judge ordered both sides to return any money that wasn't used appropriately. Jon was ordered to return $180,000, but Heller would not confirm whether that's how much he returned, saying instead, "I can tell you that we’ve done what we needed to do to extricate Jon from any issues concerning contempt."

    Heller went on to say that attorney Charlie Meyer, who had removed himself from the proceedings in September, is once again representing Jon in the divorce. Heller was not licensed to represent Jon in the state of Pennsylvania, and a petition for him to be granted permission to do so was recently withdrawn by the attorney who had sponsored it."

  12. Is there going to be a hearing tomorrow?

  13. I for one, am glad Kevin and Jodi are allowed to see the children. No matter if there are ultetior motives or not, they are family and you know the children were really attached to them. Divorce proceedings usually bring harsh words and feelings, but after all is said and done, someone has to make the first move in forgiving and be the bigger person.
    Leave them alone to heal their wounds.

  14. Awesome article here:

    "As with all cases of love gone wrong, the Jon and Kate marriage ends with each party taking a different path. Jon will likely go on to some further fleeting reality-TV success, and possibly work as an infomercial pitchman. Kate, meanwhile, is poised to become more famous than ever – maybe even Oprah famous."

    "Kate Gosselin has already become far too big for TLC. In the last few months she has sat in as a guest host on The View and made frequent guest appearances on The Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly and other programs watched by people at home during the day.

    Unlike her layabout ex, who turns up occasionally coming out of a bar on TMZ clips, Kate has been making the most of her notoriety. She has turned up on skits, playing herself, on The Jay Leno Show . She's making plans for books, DVDs, a kids' clothing line and a talk show. At 34, she's lost the baggage and looking good. Her eight adorable kids provide the perfect celebrity garnish. (Doesn't Angelina have at least that many?)

    Stranger yet, Kate Gosselin may well be the most famous – or admired – woman in America today, bypassing Oprah and even the first lady. The proof: Young girls are dressing up as soon-to-be-single moms this Halloween, as evidenced by the fact that the Kate Gosselin blond wig – also called the “Eight Is Too Much Wig,” retailing for $12.99 – is already unavailable in most U.S. stores.

    Nobody bothered to make a Jon Gosselin mask."

  15. My thoughts on Jodi and Kevin changed 100% after seeing the photos from their visit. For ALL THE TALK they did about the kids being exploited - for them to show up and let the paps OR ANYONE photograph or video their visit makes them the biggest HYPOCRITES ever! If they meant one single word of what they said they would have made it clear to Jon before going there - NO PAPS - NO TAPING - NO PUBLICITY JUNK! Not only were the 8 exploited by their visit - but their own kid too! Wow. Once again back to Jon's famous quote of "Actions speak louder than words".

  16. BTW - heard from a friend of mine who posts over on another site that they are apparently not letting any truly negative or posts that point out how hypocritical Jodi and Kevin are for allowing the exploitation of the kids by their commercialized appearance yesterday.

    They need to look in the mirror when they use the word 'sheeple'.

    BM - no need to post this - I just needed to vent.

  17. Question: Since there IS a hearing today - does that mean that Jon didn't comply? I thought that Kate's attorney said if Jon complied they would cancel the hearing?

    My guess is that Kate must be in full compliance - therefore her actual presence is not needed - but since Jon IS there - something must be up on his end? Could be he just wanted to attend to show good face since he knew Kate wouldn't be there - but I still go back to Kate's attorney's statement on Friday that they would cancel the hearing if Jon was in compliance.

  18. On a lighter note, I keep expecting Weird Al Yankovic to do a parody of Jon. He could throw in the "I don't want media coverage" from Jon to Jon's stupid belief that the paparazzi are his friends, to no photographing the kids (unless I'm getting the money) to "what can I do to get more coverage" to "me, me, me, it's always about just me."

    Perhaps Jon's favorite ET or The Insider could do a poll on who's the worst attorney ever in the public's opinion, or what's the worst legal advice ever given in the public's opinion.

    I notice that ET and The Insider have been a bit more quiet about Jon since Jon's pap friend at INF keeps selling the up close photos of the kids to ROL. (The pumpkin photos, the Jodi & Kevin's visit and the photos of the kids.) It's about time for them to come out with another "exclusive."

  19. Inviting the paps in to photograph this "reconciliation" with the Kreiders is pretty sickening. When is Jon's vindictiveness ever going to stop? Kate never did this sort of thing and I don't believe she ever would.

  20. Lord have mercy, Jon on Survivor or Amazing Race??? I don't watch much of the latter but am a Survivor fan and I can just bet he'd be one of the first voted off. lol I think people would vote him off because they'd get sick of him bitching about Kate!

    The whole thing with Jodi and Kevin is just plain WEIRD! I would say too that he is probably trying to get under Kate's skin because he knows she won't be happy about Jodi and Kevin getting back in the kids' lives. If it's true, then that is really low on his part trying to hurt Kate via the kids.

    As for court, I am sure Kate has provided paperwork for all her expenditures that were in question so I guess there is no need for her to attend but Jon is either trying to look good, or he has only partially put the money back and is there to argue why the rest shouldn't be put back.

    On a positive note, that was a great article Hope! I really do wish for Kate that her celebrity status outlives the scandal around her and her marriage and she gets to do some quality jobs that don't involve airing dirty laundry about her personal life. Jon on the other hand will likely milk the drama all he can because that is all people are interested in with him; then he'll disappear into the woodwork once all this notoriety has worn off. Even INF guy will probably forget who he is. Too bad, so sad!

  21. Okay I'm even more disgusted with Jon. ROL just posted more of Jon's paparazzi/bodyguard from INF with up-close photos from Sunday with one of the kids dressed up as a hot dog. Other photos include more of the sextuplets with Jon in the backyard. Having paparazzi take photos that you can sell is the lowest of the low. Jon, do you not realize that this gives the appearance that you are so desperate for $$ that you'd do anything.

    Kate, when you do go to court, along with specifying objectionable babysitters that Jon shouldn't use, you need to specify that this paparazzi friend of Jon's shouldn't be on the property.

    Attorney Momjian, I know you and Kate would never sink as low as Jon's junky behavior, but.......somebody needs to post a sign in the yard prohibiting this sleezoid paparazzi/bodyguard from being on the premises.

  22. #1caregiver said...
    I for one, am glad Kevin and Jodi are allowed to see the children. No matter if there are ultetior motives or not, they are family and you know the children were really attached to them. Divorce proceedings usually bring harsh words and feelings, but after all is said and done, someone has to make the first move in forgiving and be the bigger person.
    Leave them alone to heal their wounds.

    As much as Kevin and Jodi are family, those pics made my stomach turn because I remember what a brother did to his own sister. But yes it is nice that the kids got to spend some time with them but I just hope Kate was aware of this and agreed to it, if not this is very sick of Jon. To be so irrespondable to let them see someone they havent seen in a while and possiably never again will tear the kids in 2 different directions, but it wouldnt surprise me of Jon, Kevin and Jodi because we all know they only have selfish motives.

  23. Wow...So, according to ROL Jon still wasn't in compliance at the time of the hearing since the judge ordered him to put the rest of the money into an escrow account by the end of the day? Hmmm....

    However, Kate was in full compliance because all receipts for the $55K were accounted for. Furthermore, she was not required to attend.

  24. Wow. Hard to tell what really happened in that courtroom today. The 'reporting' is all over the place!

    1. Jon HAS returned the money to their joint account?
    2. Judge ordered Jon to return the money to an escrow account by close of business today?
    3. Jon was represented by his attorney?
    4. Jon doesn't have a PA attorney and needs to get one?
    5. Kate was in full compliance?
    6. Jon is pushing for further accounting from Kate for an additional amount of funds?

    The 'stories' are all over the place!

  25. I don't see what the big surprise is that Jodi and Kevin visited Jon and the kids. Jon said earlier that he was in contact with them again. I think it's good for the kids. That's their aunt and uncle and they obviously care for the children. I also think the children need their cousins in their lives. I think that's important. I think it's nice that Jon has Jodi and Kevin back in his life because they always seemed supportive of him.

    I do realize that there is bad blood between them and Kate, but Kate had already written them out of her life before they went public about Jon and Kate. I really hope Kate and Kevin can somehow make ammends because Kate seems to have no family in her life. I really wonder why that is. Kate seems to be estranged from everyone she was close to and I just can't see that everyone else is in the wrong and she is in the right. What are the odds of that?

    As for the cameras taking pics of Jodi and Kevin in the driveway, how do we know the paps didn't take them from the road on zoom lens like all the other pics in the past? Those are the only ones so far. As it stands right now there are no other pics of the reunion that show they were taken close up and none of their reunion inside the house or with the kids so I will hold off my judgment until then. At least they met at the privacy of the home instead of doing it in public where it could be a media event. I do wonder what Kate thinks of their reunion though.

    But I will say that I do not understand the pics being taken of the children playing. I don't think they are the same as being filmed and they obviously aren't staged events and the children aren't being told what to do, but I still think it's just wrong. Those kids should have NO cameras in their presence.

  26. Linda,
    I meant to say thanks and LOL! at your contract analogy. I enjoyed reading it. I hope no one steals your idea for the LindaSchmeckyGirl computer (although I think SchmeckyGirlLinda computer sounds better, lol). I do understand the logistics of a contract, however, I just feel that when you're selling your soul or your family it's a bit different. Just my personal opinion on the matter.

  27. I am one who does not believe children always need their relatives around them. Especially ones who do not hold as high values, standards and prioritites as the stronger parent. Parents have an obligation to protect their children from bad influences even if it's their own family/relatives.

    In the case of the Kreiders, it's going to be very confusing to the children when their parents have very different relationships with them. They are going to feel pressured to take sides and that is just too much on them even more so with the divorce already being taking its toll.

    And regarding photogs on their property (it's pretty evident that no super-zooms were used), if Jon can prevent TLC cameras from being on the property, if I were Kate, I'd do the same in regards to any others.

  28. I just watched the second Jon and Kate special and Kate is the one that referred to her stomach as the jowls of a dog! Jon did agree and said Yeah the jowls of a dog, but Kate is the one that referred to it first on national tv. I was surprised to actually hear that because everyone always refers to Jon saying it.

  29. There's a video on of Jon and his NY attorney speaking when they left the courthouse if anyone is interested.

    Hi Baby Mama! Have you missed me? lol. I was having GosselinFansite withdrawals the past week or so... just been busy and enjoying the beautiful weather. Hope you are too.

  30. SchmeckyGirl - just what, something like 3-4 months ago Jon was saying the Kreiders were not telling the truth. They sold their own souls to sell hearsay (the Jon told us" stuff and used the $$ to pay off double mortgages on their homes.

    The mortgages were public record in PA. They couldn't have done it on Kevin's salary. The payoff times are just after the tv interviews. The wanted money, they got it. But at what price?

    It is one year and three days since J & K closed on the house (Oct 23, 2008.) I think that the Kreider are jealous. First, Jodi tells sister Julie that TLC wad going to pay her to do "guest" appearances on J&K+8 but that Kate wouldn't let them. TLC issued a press release stating they were never in contract negotiations with Jodi. Whom do I believe? TLC isn't stupid and I don't think they would out and out lie in a press release.

    Jodi, God love her, could never be accused of exercising the most sound judgments. I'm not referring to the gum incident but that even Jon commented on the amount of candy they got at Aunt Jodi's house; and we've all seen the
    episode where Jodi asks the then 3 yr olds about how much candy they got for going potty. At the time I thought what idiot, even good intentioned, relies on a 3 yr old for judgment? The sextuplets quickly have her number and are going in a steady stream of trips. Jodi isn't checking, just giving out the candy and never does her mother's good sense kick in and say "wait a minute I don't think anybody could go that often. " Just one example; could give you s long list.

    Again, you have the Kreiders subsequent sell-out of a so-called litany of stories from Jon. Doggone it, if my family went on TV and reported hearsay I'd be furious. Kate has friends who don't sell her out and she has a good relationship with her sister.

    We have Jon saying that we aren't to believe Deanna's brother because he just wanted $$ and besides he'd been convicted if drug charges. Didn't the Kreidets do it for the $$. Deanna's brother's one charge was more than 10 years ago (public record. ) And his sellout was sleezy. But we also have Jon again saying not fair to report Hailey's drug use from way back in her college years. Way back?? She just graduated!

    We have Jon saying that Kate must be sleeping with the bodyguard 'cause she wasn't sleeping with him (January.) Let's see - Jon had just taken Deanna to Utah skiing and said when he got back "Kate was frosty." I'd have been a heck of a lot more than frosty!!!

    Selling out your family for pay is really low. I'd never forgive my brother for doing that. Why didn't Jon invite the wonderful Kreiders to NY? If he wanted to re-establish things with them, why didn't he check it out first in a private setting before bringing them into contact with the kids? He knew it would hurt Kate. He's a petty, self-destructive person. And his actions are more frightening by the day.

  31. I do not agree at all that it's good Jodi and Kevin are there because they're family. Family can be plenty toxic- look at Lindsay Lohan's dad, or Angelina Jolie's dad. There are plenty of people in this world who cut their families out because the family is unhealthy. I don't believe for one second that Jodi and Kevin will have an innocent visit- they'll be questioning the kids and making comments, I'm sure of it.

  32. There are two new webisodes on TLC. Check them out for a fun sneak peek of whats to come tonight.

  33. OMG!Those were the exact words that I said when I saw the picture of JOdi, Kevin, and Jon. I'm just in shock that they came back!It's kinda like Jon's torturing Kate by bringing her brother who she hates over. Very shocking. And now I hear JOn took at least $235,000!While Kare needed emergency relief for bills and household expenses.

  34. They have a video on ET website of Jon and his lawyer before and after the hearing.. Everyone one go watch it! It really is almost comical how Jon and his lawyer are acting fake suprised that Kate wasn't there. Jon new damn well she want going to be there!!!!!!!

  35. This Heller guy is a piece of work! I can't believe the Jon even associates with him! Every time the guy opens his mouth, he makes himself look like a complete idiot! From TMZ...

    As I've stated before, Jon won't get a legal bill from this guy... he's obviously in it for the publicity!

  36. I NEVER thought I would see Jodi 9or Kevin) anywhere near those kids again. Wow, just when I think Jon can't top himself, he does it again...

    I agree that yes, it's nice they care for the kids, blah blah blah, they need their cousins, ok I totally get it. BUT I also understand what its like to have your own family act crazy, speak out of context, and horribly stab you in the back. I've experienced this time & time again, and those family members are out of my life, bc I choose to save my kids from the future heartache they will most certainly cause. So I totally get why Kate remains estranged from them. Sometimes, and not every time, but sometimes, it is best just to walk away. No one really knows what's going on with the rest of Kate's family, for all we know they are just as crazy as mine and she's the only good egg! Who knows, we don't, it's not really our business, but I don't think it's fair for us to judge her bc she has family drama. WHO DOESN'T??? Hers may be more than most people's, but man, I feel for her, bc I'm there too. (Minus the tabloid talk, of course.But if certain people in my fam-damily had the chance for talk about ME to tabloids, ohh they would. Everyone's got a price.)

    And I hope Jon does go on Survivor. And gets attacked by leeches. Like himself.

  37. US Magazine also used up-close photos of the kids. This was made in the backyard. Unless he was in a tree, this pap must have been invited inside the yard.

  38. Urrrgghhhhh!! Jon makes me so mad! This is obviously just a publicity stunt. He's trying so hard to fool us into thinking that he's a great person. Well guess what Jon? You're certainly not fooling me! Nice try! Although I question Jon's motives, I think that it IS good that Jodi and Kevin visited. The kids need their family, especially their cousins (not so much their sleezy parents!) I think that this whole "get together" was nice for the Gosselin kids, but it was done for all of the wrong reasons.

    As for the pictures of the kids running around in the yard..... they are all just so darn cute! I wish that I could drive over to their house and run around with them! (Without Jon and the paps. of course) But the reality is that Jon's paparazzi friend was probably behind the photos, and I can't believe that Jon is okay with him taking pictures of the kids in the first place! I agree with Linda (I think that's who it was!) that Kate needs to step up and stop this from happening. There isn't much that she can do about the paparazzi if they aren't on her property, but it's a different story if they are running around in the backyard with the kids! It's absolutely DISGUSTING, all of this paparazzi nonsense!

    Anyways...... Can't wait for tonight's show! I'm sure that it will be very telling, and I can't wait to get my healthy dose of Kate Gosselin! Happy Monday everybody! (o:

  39. I think that even if Jon had good intentions in inviting Kevin and Jodi over, it was a poor decision. For all of his talk about being united as a parent with Kate, even though they “won’t be husband and wife”, this was a big slap in her face. Bottom line, Kevin is her brother and Jon has chosen not to be a part of Kate’s family anymore. Which is why this appears to drip with malicious intent on Jon’s part.

  40. Linda, isn't that US picture taken right by the front gate?

  41. For the record, we all need to remember that it was Jon that was accused of taking money and there was no need for Kate to be there. Today himself Judge Arthur Tilson, said that they were both in compliance and left further arrangements to the arbitrator. A two-day conference with the arbitrator is scheduled for next month.

    Jon complaining that his wife wasn't there was complete BS. He knows where she is and knew that she wasn't going to be there. She didn't need to be.

  42. Feelings run hot in divorces, even for us on the outside looking in. I feel like I know the family personally because I've invited them into my home every week for years. How sad I was when extended family and friends were no longer present in the lives of the Gosselin children. They were regular babysitters, went on trips, and were important members of the greater family unit.

    I watched as the family appeared to be isolating itself from more and more people - for whatever reason. It was not my place to ask why, but to only want what was best for the kids (to heck with J&K who seemed to find their own unhappiness all on their own).

    I know I'm in the minority here, but for whatever reason or motive, I was happy to see Jody and Kevin visiting with the Gosselins. I didn't see all of their children there so I don't know if Benny was the only cousin they brought to visit, but it really doesn't matter. What matters to me is if the reconciliation is genuine and that it is just the beginning of a healthy relationship for all involved. I don't know if Kate was aware of this meeting, nor what her opinions of might be. I can only judge by the expressions on the faces captured in the pics that it looks like Jody was happy to see Jon and the hug between Kevin and Jon looked to be warm. They did not photograph the cousins playing together, so I don't look at this meeting as a photo op.

    It's hard to not look for ulterior motives for Jon and Kate's actions, as they certainly give us enough to work on. But, I'm trying my best to take what I see and hear at face value with these two. I saw a meeting between estranged family members that, from a distance, looked to be warm and happy. I won't turn something that I hope is a good thing, into something ugly. Heaven knows, time will tell if that's the case. Thanks for listening. I'm just been trying sooo hard to look for the positive in Jon and Kate and when I see something that looks good - I try to accept it as such.

  43. 2 thoughts - first children need both parents and I do believe both Jon and Kate love these kids and would not hurt them- It would be devastating for the kids to have limited access to their Dad even if it makes up feel better - its not about us.

    also we best hope someone finds Jon marketable - Kate apparently wants child support and alimony and in the state of Ct at least that is determined by income. The courts could tell him to get a job but if its flipping burgers for minimum wage .......

  44. Those videos on ET were nauseating. Mark Heller probably needs some therapy. He rambles on about stuff that doesn't make any sense like the little old lady who lives in a shoe. Now I understand why people want him out and Jon to have a proper lawyer. There is too much evidence of inadequate representation and any judgements against him could possibly be thrown out in appeal. Jon even sounds good next to him. Now, off to Monday night on TLC.

  45. my thoughts on Jodi and Kevin....perhaps JON did it in the best interest of the kids....I mean, Jodi and THEIR kids used to play with the Gosselin kids ALL the time, long before divorces and Exploitation....Jodi and Kevin have OBVIOUSLY sided with Jon, (but those HUGS seem SOOOOOOOOOOO staged). Where were Kevin and Jodi's OTHER 3 three children?

  46. it also seems that there are OTHER TLC families going through rough patches.....Matt and Amy are very hostile with each other (granted these were filmed LAST winter). Paul Sr and Paul Jr are on the verge of family meltdown (and the business is the root of the problems), and now, who knows what really goes on in the Duggar house, 'cept that they really enjoy their horizontal hobby.......(Just joking!!!)

  47. My mouth dropped when I listoned to Heller's comments about Kate being the old lady who lived in a shoe... How could any lawyer scoop that low and say a comment like that to the public.

    I do believe in forgive and forget and I do think Kate needs to forgive her brother and sister in law but the reunion should have been in private with both Jon and Kate present. What Jon did disrespectful and out of line.

  48. Did anyone watch the commercial for next weeks episode or shall we say interview?? What do you think??

  49. I for one can tell you families are very toxic. My brother sent me an email a few years ago wishing I would get hit and killed by a semi truck. He also told me in that email that all 7 of my siblings agreed with him.

    I have not forgiven him this...he has been doing this type thing to me for 15 years. It is one incident after another. His grand daughter just died last week from a heart condition. I was not able to go to the family to offer comfort or condolences because of his selfish attitude and his hatefulness.

    Yet I had a woman outside the family that knows nothing about any of it told me I should have gone because he is my family.

    5 minutes later he walked by me and her, totally ignored me and spoke to her, he was rude and obnoxious to me...... She saw it first hand and couldn't believe how he acts. People just amaze me, it isn't always sweetness and light. Get over it. I would never speak to that creep brother of Kate's if I were her. And isn't it interesting BOTH of our slime ball douche bag brothers are named KEVIN!!!!

  50. I have read through most everyones comments and I saw a few who said that the gosselins should be forgiving and be in contact with the krieders and let their kids see the aunt and uncle.

    My opinion of this is that Kate should try to find it in herselve to forgive them.... but I don't really think that she should let them back in the kids lives and if they were to hang out or whatever I think it should be supervised. reasons being that jodi and kevin are obviously hypocrits and liers. Also that they don't care if you are blood related and have the best bond in the world they would sell you out in a heartbeat for any amount of money.
    With the kids being as popular as they are I would not bring in the aunt and uncle who would no doubt try to come up with something else (lies, photos) for money.
    like i said I hope that they can forgive eachother but if i wear kate I would know better than to put my children within 100 yds of them.

  51. I liked the show, but I am still sad that it could be coming to an end. I know people will tear apart and misconstrue and make fun of what she says, no matter what she says. Since this must have been filmed recently, they must have recreated the set someplace else that wasn't Jon's property. This family and show can teach us some valuable lessons about life. I am curious about this interview next week, but I hope it tells us something we don't already know like maybe about Kate's future ventures.

  52. I haven't commented because honestly I was speechless. I commented on IW though....I just can't stop looking at the smug picture of Jodi hugging Jon on Radar. I know other have interpreted differently but that picture just creeps me out. I haven't watched tonite's episode but I will be back tomorrow after I do.

  53. I just looked at the Kevin and Jodi pictures. There are no pictures of Kev and Jodi with the kids. Looks kinda staged and fishy to me. Oh, yea and DISGUSTING!!!! Jon needs to grow up, whatr an idiot.

    On a better note, I enjoyed tonights show. Kate has surely come full circle with her life. She seems to bemuch better off. I really loved it when there was about 10 minutes left and here came the commercial, next week, "Kate: Her side". I just want to to say yipee.

  54. I was ASTONISHED at the announcement for NEXT week's episode....and it didn't really answer the question IS IT or IS IT NOT OVER? Kate said something to the effect of hating to see it go, but that doesn't mean that it's kaput, ESPECIALLY since TLC hasn't made any kind of announcement about the end....

  55. On one hand I don't think spending a little time with their Aunt and Uncle will hurt the kids especially compared to some of the other lowlifes Jon has brought over, I do think Jon and Kate's relationship will have a big impact on them and by Jon having them over in front of paparazzi in spite of how much they have hurt her in looking out for their own interests sabatoges Kate and further erodes instead of strenghthening that relationship and in this context is cruel and damaging to the children. He carries on about wanting to develop a parenting relationship with Kate, but it all has to be on his terms. There has been so many times just recently that he could have taken actions to help that along, but no, it is all up to Kate.

  56. Re: Jon greeting Kevin and Jody in the driveway......I have a question for those who feel it was phony and/or staged. How do you greet relatives you haven't seen in a long time? Me? I give them a warm hug and have a big a smile on my face. As for having the meeting in seems as if they did visit in private because all we've seen is the initial greeting on the driveway or else the paps haven't sold the pics of the meeting yet. I'm not writing more into the pictures than there is. I'm taking them at face value and am happy that it happened and hope it is a long lasting and loving relationship.

  57. I loved loved the episode last night, 1 full hour of Kate = heaven :) There were no really suprising answers but it was fun listening to her thoughts. I hope she goes on to fullfill her dream in TV or whatever she wants to do. I will be there watching for sure.

  58. I loved last night. She didn't say anything Earth-shattering or new, but none the less I enjoyed it. I did like some of her thoughts on the future. She would make a great cartoon voice over.
    My all time favorite comment came when she was guess what the kids would grow up to be. She got to Joell. She said his smile would suck some girl in, once they got married she would then realize how clueless he really was. They she said Wait haven't we done that already???
    I laughed out loud with her and for her. I am happy to see that for even a little bit, she still has a sense of humor. I wish her the best and really hope that she continues to do something where we can follow her life.

  59. Does anyone know if the complete 'impromptu press conference' Heller held is online anywhere? On ET - the one cuts off just as Heller is asked a pretty good question "If the judge isn't asking for Kate to explain this money you're talking about - why isn't that sufficient?" (Or something to that affect) as he starts to answer - the video ends?

    Also - with the Kevin and Jodi piece - my thoughts are about how this affects the kids. To continue to bring people into the kids lives that have such animosity towards EITHER parent is the WORST thing you can do. LOYALTY issues are one of the most damaging fact for kids living through the divorce of their parents. I know because I've been through it - and through family counseling - learned all about this and how young children just aren't equipped to handle being in the middle of that. Kids take it upon themselves to feel the need to defend the other parent - OR internally blame themselves when they 'like' people who are talking trash about their parent or 'like' people who are estranged from a parent. It's horrible - and if Jon is getting counseling WHY OH WHY isn't he asking about these things before he does them??

  60. My biggest concern would be if they are badmouthing Kate in front of the kids. It would definitely be damaging to the kids for anyone to be saying nasty things about either of their parents either to them or even where they can hear them saying it. It would be bad enough for them to hear or read strangers doing it on TV or the internet but to hear family doing it I think would be especially damaging. I would hope that Jon, Kevin & Jodi wouldn't do that but if you can go on national television and say terrible things about your family for money then I think you would do just about anything.

  61. Shelly said...
    I just looked at the Kevin and Jodi pictures. There are no pictures of Kev and Jodi with the kids. Looks kinda staged and fishy to me.

    I'm not sure what you mean by staged and fishy. I'm sure they were aware there were paps taking pics of it all (whether they were invited or not we don't know) so maybe it was awkward for them but I don't think it was fake. How can you tell from photos anyway? As for the kids not being there, I think that's good. If they were in the pics there would be outrage about that. I won't be surprised if pics do surface of the kids and Jodi and Kevin's first visit, but I really hope not.

  62. I think last night's episode was solid on Kate's part, I still feel that kids on tv their whole life is not as simple as "they enjoy it, so that makes it okay" They were born with a camera in their faces, they know nothing different, that doesn't make it okay. And as we mothers know, we can slant anything to make a 5 yr old think it's cool to be on tv. As they get older, like with Mady and Cara, it's harder to pull the wool over. I am excited to have Kate star in something of her own, sans the kids. She will be successful in anything she does, she's a survivor.

  63. So there we have have it... Kevin and Jodi on the Early Show... Actions speak louder than words... Child advocacy my a$$... I just hope that Jon wasn't a part of this publicity $tunt.

  64. Linda, I won't copy and paste your comment just for space's sake, but I just see it differently. I personally believe Kevin and Jodi got paid for their interviews (not sure if it's been confirmed or not at this point, other than speculation over a paid mortgage). I just don't care. I don't think the money was the reason they did the interviews. If they did it ONLY for the money then yes, I think that's totally wrong. I just don't think their motive was money. And yes, they took the money, but I don't blame them. If someone offered me money for something that I was going to do anyway I'm sure I'd take it, as would most people.

    I wouldn't say Jodi and Kevin were "jealous" but I could understand if they were upset because they feel that Kate took away an opportunity for them too to make some money for their personal appearances on the show. It wasn't taking money out of Kate's pocket so it was selfish on her part. Why would she not be happy for her own brother to have some financial help when he too has a family to support. I know TLC says they weren't in contract negotiations, however, maybe at that point it was just brought up and squashed by Kate before it got to actually negotiating contracts. I personally believe TLC would make great use of wording in their response.

    As for whether or not they were lying only Jon knows. He's obviously made amends with them. Personally I think he knew they were telling the truth but knew he'd have to face the consequences for talking about things that TLC didn't want public.

    As for Jon's statement that he made months ago when Jodi and Kevin went public I always said that I felt a lot of Jon and Kate's statements regarding their show and personal lives was said to coincide with what they wanted viewers to believe for the sake of the show. I always thought it was disgusting. I still do.

    I was very much against both Kate and Jon and a lot of what they said the past year or so. I felt they both were lying and covering up so that the show could continue. They had a lot to lose if the truth came out.

  65. Regarding the show last night, where to being?!?!

    I thought it was well done. I'm disappointed by most of the questions asked/answered, but not surprised. Most we already knew. Others were someone generic answers. They also showed old footage in answer to the questions. New, never seen footage would have been nice.

    I did like Kate's answer about wanting to be a voice to a cartoon character in a movie. That would be awesome for the kids, and her. I love Ellen as Dory in Finding Nemo. To be the voice of a Disney character especially is awesome, because those movies will exist forever. I see Kate as the voice of a mother hen, with feathers sticking up at the crown of her head and ample "white meat". She can also "henpeck" her rooster husband. ;)

    I liked hearing what she thought they'd be when they grew up, but I don't think her answers changed since the last time.

    As for the "coupons" and shopping, they showed old footage. Where is the current footage of Kate clipping coupons? Does she still clip them herself or does the help do it?

    As for the full-time nanny, landscaper and housekeeper I totally understand her needing, even wanting them... I don't see anything wrong with having a landscaper and housekeeper, many people do... but that, in my eyes, raises her above the average "single mom" so I really think they should stop making it seem like her life is a struggle. Busy yes, but a struggle?

    I was disappointed with the "college fund" answer. I think those children deserve more than just a college education. They are already "supporting themselves". Last I heard it was $80k. That doesn't sound substantial for 8 children. Unless that figure is wrong. I sure hope so.

    Also, she said it won't be touched but it is actually accessible to the parents if they need it. I hope their circumstances don't change and they have to touch that money to support their children for the next ten years. They've made several "promises" to their children that they had to renig on due to changes in their lives.

    I did see that they discussed if the kids didn't go to college they would get that money when they were 30 but how much money would it actually be? And no, I don't need to know the figure, I just hope it's their fair share of the proceeds from the show. As for the age of 30, I understand she wants them to be responsible with their money but look at Jon and Kate. They could have used money to support their family when they were 25. Hopefully whatever is set up for them is what will work best for the children.

    I also wish she hadn't reviewed the questions beforehand because I would have liked to hear her answer them more spontaneously. Makes me feel her PR people could have went over the questions and answers with her.

    Next week sounded interesting. It's entitled Kate's Story, not Kate's Side so I wonder what it is about exactly.

  66. Schmeckygirl...
    I was very much against both Kate and Jon and a lot of what they said the past year or so. I felt they both were lying and covering up so that the show could continue. They had a lot to lose if the truth came out.

    Its not called lying and covering up its called keeping things private. Just because you have a reality show doesnt mean everyone has to know everything. I think if they would have told and showed everything it would have been much worse then it is now. Marriage and relationships is a very private matter and not appropriate for the puplic.

  67. Baby Mama said...
    Did anyone watch the commercial for next weeks episode or shall we say interview?? What do you think??

    No I didnt see it :( I must have missed it, Yayy I am excited!!

  68. Jon is a moron. Does he not realize his twins, at 9 years old, will understand exactly what's going on? If he doesn't soon learn from his past mistakes, he's going to lose the love of his children. And, that's something the courts can't dictate!!

  69. So I watched the episode and I loved it. It just cemented why I like Kate. In spite of everything and all the bashing she's been getting, she went on and was herself. I love the comment she made about Joel and the fact that she secured a "Kate Gosselin" wig for herself.

    I really don't see the Jodi and Kevin pictures as being staged so much as she was milkin' it for all it's worth and she just proved it by going on the Early Show again. I don't care if Kate was the Creature from the Black Lagoon, you don't sell out your family. By the way JoKe have responded to all of this, I think Kate was right to cut them out. Jodi doesn't have the best judgement....remember the gum incident?

  70. I loved last nights show!

    Kids are smarter then we give them credit for sometimes - and we now know that the kids ARE hearing things from their classmates -- so the whole Jodi/Kevin piece - it doesn't matter if they are actually belittling Kate in the kids presence -- they've spoken out to the rag mags and news venues - and I'm sure that at a minimum Cara and Mady have heard about it - and so there sets the 'loyalty' issues. Kids internalize this stuff - and it SUCKS.

    Were Kevin and Jodi back on TV today? My gosh - to think I had given them the benefit of the doubt that they were truly all about the best interest of the kids. CRAZY what money can do to people!

  71. "I wouldn't say Jodi and Kevin were "jealous" but I could understand if they were upset because they feel that Kate took away an opportunity for them too to make some money for their personal appearances on the show."

    My goodness how many times does it have to be pointed out that this NEVER happened?! It was a rumor that was started - and TLC came out and made it clear that they had never been in any kind of negotiations with the Kreiders to pay them for the show! I also read somewhere that the Kreiders WANTED TLC TO PAY THEM - and when TLC wasn't interested - and Jon and Kate weren't comfortable with Kevin and Jodi's demand that they persuead TLC to pay them too - THAT is when they got pissed and started telling the story in a way to make them look like the 'good guys' and were suddenly 'worried about the show being good for the kids'.

  72. I just do not understand why people cannot understand, that just because they are in a reality show, does not mean that WE are entitled to know the details or extent of their marital problems. They are entitled to some privacy. And isn't is suspicious that all these concerns about the children have come out, when both Jodi and Kevin were affected and then Jon was affected, in the POCKETBOOK. The motive has ALWAYS been money and jealousy and you say that Kate is selfish. Yikes...Linda...I have to keep on scrolling...And Jon's Lawyer Heller....I don't know even want to get started. All I can say is Karma...

  73. Schmecky- What do I mean by fishy and staged? This was nothing but a publicity stunt, and Jon looks like a total idiot. He publically came out and claimed they lied. Then he is going to invite them over? Please. Would you let your children around someone that spewed hate and lies about your family? I would hope not. IMO there are no fences to mend with these people. But, this just shows Jon's true colors. He is a total jackass.

  74. Hope said...
    "I wouldn't say Jodi and Kevin were "jealous" but I could understand if they were upset because they feel that Kate took away an opportunity for them too to make some money for their personal appearances on the show."

    My goodness how many times does it have to be pointed out that this NEVER happened?! It was a rumor that was started - and TLC came out and made it clear that they had never been in any kind of negotiations with the Kreiders to pay them for the show! I also read somewhere that the Kreiders WANTED TLC TO PAY THEM - and when TLC wasn't interested - and Jon and Kate weren't comfortable with Kevin and Jodi's demand that they persuead TLC to pay them too - THAT is when they got pissed and started telling the story in a way to make them look like the 'good guys' and were suddenly 'worried about the show being good for the kids'.

    But that's just another rumor. Where'd you read that? Why is that one so easy to believe? I'm not sure how people here and elsewhere pick which rumors and insider info they want to believe.

    Even if it's true that Kevin and Jodi wanted to be paid for their time on the show (which they denied from what I recall) what's wrong with that? Why can't they be paid too? They were appearing on a television show. Who wouldn't want to be paid?

    As for TLCs "statement" regarding "contract negotiotions" what exactly was it? Does anyone have a link to it? I'm just curious as to how it was worded. It could be they weren't in contract negotiations because it never got to that point.

    I just feel that none of us know the true story about Jodi and Kevin and their fallout with TLC and/or Kate. I don't understand how anyone can be so sure either way. I know I'm not, but I was just going by what Jodi and Kevin themselves said, not a "source".

  75. Shelly said...
    Schmecky- What do I mean by fishy and staged? This was nothing but a publicity stunt, and Jon looks like a total idiot. He publically came out and claimed they lied. Then he is going to invite them over? Please. Would you let your children around someone that spewed hate and lies about your family?

    Would I? No. But I don't know that they were lies. No one does except for Jon. His reaching out to them could mean they weren't lies.

    I'm not saying it's not possible all this was done for ulterior motives... if that is the case then it's disgusting, I'm just not sure I believe it. Even if Jon's intentions are to hurt Kate, maybe Jodi and Kevin don't know that. Or vice versa. We just don't know.

  76. Another interesting article: ( )

    Jon Gosselin on new offensive in PR fight with Kate

    "In the past week, Jon Gosselin has returned the thousands of dollars he secretly snuck out of his and wife Kate Gosselin's bank account, and he has reunited with Kate's brother and sister-in-law.
    Could Jon be turning over a new leaf and trying to right some past wrongs?
    Not so much.
    SLIDESHOW: Jon and Kate, the reality couple people love to hate.
    It turns out Jon Gosselin is on a major press offensive that's planned to continue for weeks to come, in which he will try paint soon-to-be-ex Kate as a bad mom, and himself as a hapless victim, Fox411 has learned.
    But for all the behind-the-scenes machinations taking place, it turns out the main player is not even the main man behind the PR strategy, says a source inside the Jon and Kate Gosselin drama.
    The insider tells Fox 411 that Jon is simply doing whatever his "team" recommends. Jon's backers include girlfriend Hailey Glassman (daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon), his publicist, lawyers and even Lindsay Lohan's dad, Michael Lohan. They have convinced Jon that the best strategy going forward is to continue to make Kate look like the controlling woman he thinks she is by constantly calling the paparazzi and speaking to the cameras, says the source."

  77. NJMOM said...
    I just do not understand why people cannot understand, that just because they are in a reality show, does not mean that WE are entitled to know the details or extent of their marital problems. They are entitled to some privacy.

    Then it's not "reality" it's fake. It was not a reality show about baking cakes or building motorcycles. It was a reality show about a happily married couple raising their family together.

    Pretending to be happily married when you are not is a farce when the basis of the show is your marriage and your family as far as I am concerned. That's not "reality".

    They said it all the time their life is the show and the show is their life. But it wasn't. Who knows how long they would have kept up the "act" on their show if the media hadn't caught on. I'm sorry but I feel duped. I thought I knew this family and thought it was a true representation of who they were. I didn't and it wasn't.

  78. Regarding the article on who is this "insider"? It's probably Lohan himself since Jon made the statement yesterday that Lohan shows up unannounced at his house and speaks for him and says he's Jon's friend but Jon's only known him a total of a few days. It could also be a source on Kate's side.

    Besides, Jon is supposed to take his publicist's and lawyer's advice for a lot of things. Returning the money? LOL! Jon didn't have a choice in the matter unless he wanted to be in contempt of court. I think that was a no brainer and good advice anyway. What was sneaky about that?

    I could see them advising Jon that it would be a good move to make up with Kevin and Jodi because I think they know a lot of people wanted that. But maybe Jon wanted it too. I'd believe it either way.

    Their or his motivations could be in question but I won't take the word of an "inside source" on either side. I wish the media would stop quoting unnamed sources. It just taints the truth. I'd rather know the truth, good or bad on both sides, but I don't see us getting it from any "sources". But yes, that's in interesting theory. I wouldn't put it past Jon or his people. Of course they want Jon to look better and Kate look bad. But I did notice it wasn't stated that Jon was told to lie or make things up so that's good at least.

  79. You can go back and find the TLC statements that were released regarding the Kreiders. Why believe what they SAY when there's no other evidence to back it up? Kate's never confirmed their story. TLC put out a statement rebutting their claim.

    Again, why believe them when they were ALL ABOUT the show being A-OK until being paid money (regardless of how it didn't come) wasn't going to happen!

    Can't help but wonder if TLC would've paid them if they'd still had their 'epiphany' about the show being so terrible? Would they still be in episodes? Why was the show ok until they tried to get paid and didn't?

    According to Jodi and Kevin on the Today show - their account of Jon calling them out of the blue to invite them over - TOTALLY gives credibility to the source of the above posted article. (If you haven't watched their interview you should) According to that same article:
    "The group even discussed the weekend reconciliation with Jon and Kate's brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider. The couple used to be close to the reality parents, but their relationship ended two years ago over a dispute with Kate, says the insider.
    "Kevin and Jodi genuinely seem to love the kids, but it was not Jon's idea to bring them to the big house this weekend without Kate there. [It was] the team's," the source explains. "Once he thought about it, he knew the kids would love it and it would irritate Kate. Jon gave them a call and invitation to get them on his side.""

  80. Hope said...
    You can go back and find the TLC statements that were released regarding the Kreiders. Why believe what they SAY when there's no other evidence to back it up? Kate's never confirmed their story. TLC put out a statement rebutting their claim.
    I couldn't find the TLC statements regarding the Kreiders, that's why I asked. And I wouldn't expect Kate to confirm their story. Why would she?

  81. SchmeckyGirl said:
    I couldn't find the TLC statements regarding the Kreiders, that's why I asked. And I wouldn't expect Kate to confirm their story. Why would she?
    They aren't on the TLC website. These were press releases from TLC on the AP Wire Service. I believe you can go there and find them.

  82. TMZ says in a real tongue-in-cheek article:
    Jon Gosselin is not going to hook up with Octomom for a TV special, because his
    "spiritual advisors" had a bad feeling about the project. Who knew we were spiritual advisors?
    We got a statement that Jon's "talent" agent sent to the producers of "Jon - Kate = Jon + Octomom" saying, "While Jon appreciates the consideration and the potential revenues that it offers, after reviewing with both the management team and his spiritual advisors Jon has decided it is not in his best interest to pursue a show of this nature."
    The "Dear Jon" letter continues, "... it is important to Jon to focus on his family and repairing the relationship that Jon and Kate need to have, both for themselves and for the sake of their children."
    That's Jon Gosselin for you -- always doing the Lord's work.

    There was a snarky post there that I’m copying: So is Jon Gosselin really converting to Judaism or is it that he just wants to wear a yarmulke to cover up the bald spot.
    That was a pretty big slam.