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Kate Gosselin on Ellen, Is Hailey Glassman Being Abused By Jon?

Hello Gosselin Fans! I'm literally just getting home from work..and my kids are a sticky mess from getting ice cream from my husband..So it's off to the tub we go..exhausted as I am...What is NOW going on in Gosselinland? lol

Kate Gosselin Visits The Ellen Show 10/28

Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend Says He Throws 'Mantrums':

Jon Gosselin has more relationship drama on his hands. Hailey Glassman says her reality star boyfriend is emotionally abusive – and she's sick of it. "He'll call me and take his anger out on me," Glassman, 22, says in a two-part interview scheduled to air on The Insider beginning Thursday. "He has 'mantrums.' I shouldn't have to put up with being emotionally abused. I cry and say, 'Why are you so mean to me?' " But she may not get a straight answer. "Sometimes he has trouble with the truth," she says, "and he will dance and dance around his lies. He's like Jekyll and Hyde. But I still love him."
Ever since she started dating Gosselin, Glassman says her life has changed – and not necessarily for the better. "I met Jon in a bubble," she says. "I'd never seen the show. I had no idea." After their trip to France in July, she says she's faced harsh criticism. "People judge me before they meet me. I get threats everyday. I get called a home wrecker and a fat whore. People will stare or point. It gets worse everyday." She admits their relationship is "not normal," but Glassman says she can't imagine leaving Gosselin. "I don't want to leave him all alone," she says. "At the end of the day, I love him but I dislike him at times. When I love someone I would never hurt them." A source close to Jon says, "He was very supportive of her doing the interview. He wants her to clear her name." As for Gosselin's anger, the source says, "He has a lot of on his plate and he gets frustrated but he's supportive of her."


  1. I find it hard to believe that Hailey met Jon in a "bubble". Her parents were featured on the show, apparently her mom was a "huge fan" because she advocated for Hailey's dad to perform Kate's surgery! Kate stayed a week at the Glassman house when she recovered for crying out loud. Maybe Hailey never watched the show, but she's trying to claim she knew nothing about the Gosselins before hooking up with Jon?? Hmm....I don't buy it.

  2. whitemochafrapp said...
    I find it hard to believe that Hailey met Jon in a "bubble". Her parents were featured on the show, apparently her mom was a "huge fan" because she advocated for Hailey's dad to perform Kate's surgery! Kate stayed a week at the Glassman house when she recovered for crying out loud. Maybe Hailey never watched the show, but she's trying to claim she knew nothing about the Gosselins before hooking up with Jon?? Hmm....I don't buy it.

    Totally agree.

    "If you love me, let me go."??? Not sure what the context was for that but what does she mean Let me go? He doesn't own her. She's free to go wherever and whenever she wants.

    I feel sorry for her, but seriously, if he's so horrible to her what is she doing with him?

    She's with a 32-year-old man that is going through the most stressful time of his life. She should not be with him. He is WRONG to take any of his stress out on her. He's WRONG if he's being emotionally abusive to her. But why is she letting him?

    And why is she on national television saying all this if she wants it all to go away? Look at Deanna Hummel, she walked away as soon as there was heat. She was smart.

    I've never blamed Hailey for the end of Jon and Kate's marriage. I'm convinced their marriage was over and never to be repaired. I never blamed Hailey for falling in love with Jon. But she's a big girl and she has to make the decision to end it if he's that much of a jerk.

    I think I need to see how she says it in her own words and not go by the transcript because it could come across differently in person. So I'm going to hold off judgment until I see the whole thing.

  3. Hailey's mom wasn't a "huge fan". She said she didn't know what caused her stomach to look like that but she knew she needed to help her. A "huge fan" would have known what caused her stomach to look like that. She actually said she was watching something else and just saw her showing her stomach (commercial or channel flipping I can't remember) and knew she had to ask her husband to help her.

    That doesn't change that I don't believe Hailey didn't know anything about Jon before she started dating him. But still.

  4. I thought Jon was abused! Maybe Jon was the abusive one in his and kates relationship but Kate wouldn't put up with it! Maybe that's why Jon has to date younger girls so he can feel more powerful.. He is such a butt! I don't know if I belive all of it but from some of haileys tweets it might be true! I think she tweeted about how she was really feeling and in the lkl interview Jon tried to act like it wasn't a big deal.

  5. Here we go again.......TMZ or Radar stated that this next couple of weeks were going to be an all out publicity campaign put out by Jons' pr people including Hailey. I think she was away in College when Kate had her surgery, but who cares???
    It will be alot of half-truths that come out. She isn't going to dump him, read between the lines.

    Now on another not so nice note...The Ellen Show. I watch Ellen almost everyday when I'm home, so I see her format for interviews.
    I thought this was one of her worse interviews ever. Not because of the guest, but because she was not prepared or pretended to know nothing about the Gosselins. Her questions were fague, and it was left up to Kate to tell what she wanted too. Which was OK, I guess. Definately not the quality that Ellen has shown in the past. But there you go her ratings went up!!!

    So Kate explained about the rings, no new news. Ellens show today reminded me of Regis, he didn't know anything either.

    Do some research before the show so you know what your talking about.

  6. If this is true, then Jon has bigger issues then what everyone is letting on. He has admitted that both his father and grandfather were alcoholics, per his behaviour and now this I wonder if this is his demon as well.

    Even though I do not agree with most of his decision of late, and certainly not his actions, I do pray that this man will get his life back on track. If nothing more then for his children!

    And if this verbal and mental abuse is taking place then I hope that Hailey takes a good long look at why she is in a relationship with him. No one deserves to be treated in that manner!

    This really confirms to me that Kate was dealing with A LOT more then anyone ever knew!

  7. Is this Insider thing a joke?? Why oh why do I get surprised at these things anymore. If Hailey wants to break things off with Jon or whatever--do it in the privacy of your own home. What is this business with the two of them "communicating" with people through the Insider?

    Also, I don't get why Kate was on Ellen. Was it just for her to be on another show and get more exposure? I mean, I could understand why she did the other show circuit (Today Show, Regis and Kelly, kind of the View) during that time because of the craziness that was ensuing, however, she didn't really talk about anything at all on Ellen. Perhaps there was more to her appearance on the show other than the Youtube clip shown above?

    Thanks BabyMama for posting the clips/articles!

  8. Hailey is copying Jon's words. She says that she cannot be a normal 22 year old. What did she expect?? Didn't Jon say that he could not be Jon because of the show. Maybe it's just him. He is like a virus, he seems to just infect everyone in his path.

  9. Hailey Speaking on The Insider tomorrow:

    "I feel I am finally going to get my chance to speak,” she says. “ I have nothing to hide. I hope that people see me as a human being and don't judge me from the media. I can't be the dishrag anymore. I want to continue my life . I want my name to be forgotten."

    If she wants to be forgotten, why is she on TV reminding us again (for those that wish to forget) who she is? And didn't Jon say the same thing? That he wanted to get out of the media? Yet all he does is go the the fence to talk to paps?? UGH

  10. Oh Lord, are you kidding me? I just cant have sympathy for this girl. I wonder what her parents think of Jon now?
    Honestly, this is insane. Kate said before she felt as though Jon had been abducted by Aliens. She must realy feel like that now. His story just keeps getting stranger. Its painfully obvious that Kate is the more stable parent.

  11. I agree that the Ellen interview was lacking. not just on Kate's part but Ellen's as well. It fell flat because Ellen knew nothing about the show so she didn't ask any good questions. I'm not even sure what the point of the interview was. There was nothing new mentioned.

  12. I thought the appearance on the Insider was just going to be about her standing up for herself after everyone has called her Jon's 22 year old bimboo. Seems she has some issues... Why wouldn't she just break up with Jon? Or tell him how she feels instead of going on national tv?

    Did anyone find it a bit hypocritical of Kate to say that Jon loves to go and talk on TV and this has compounded the tabloid issues? She was on Ellen for no apparent reason... she should of atleast promoted her book. And she has another one hour special next week.

  13. Baby Mama, did you decide to not post my comment regarding Kate on the Ellen show? Does this mean I have to edit it and repost? Please let me know. Thanks!

    I meant to ask: When your kids got sticky from the ice cream from your husband was your reaction anything like Kate's at Disney World? lol.

  14. SchmeckyGirl~ I didn't intentionally delete any of your posts...but the trolls are out in full force tonight. If it wouldn't be to much trouble please re-post your comment. I don't remember if i saw it or not.. But I have been deleting more than I have been posting if you know what I mean.. Sorry about the trouble!

  15. I think it's a double standard and hypocritcal to say that Jon is wrong for taking out his stress on Hailey and being emotionally abusive to her (if he in fact is), while at the same time saying that it's Jon's fault because some actions on his part made Kate treat him the way she did, or that the stress of having 8 kids is an excuse for her to talk to him the way she did.

    If Jon admits he's emotionally abusive to Hailey but it's because she frustrates him, does that make it okay, because in actuality it's her fault? Is it okay because he's stressed?

    You can't have it both ways. It is wrong for Jon to do it and it was wrong for Kate to do it. There is no reason to treat the people you love in such a manner, stress or no stress. If it's happening then you need to get help to stop the pattern.

    If Jon was actually the one that was abusive to Kate then TLC decided not to air it and make Kate the bad guy. Why would Kate buy into that? For money? I don't believe it.

  16. Well, obviously, I support Kate, but I agree that the Ellen interview was boring. I'm tired of seeing Kate saying the same thing over & over on all these shows (mostly due to the same questions. She's gonna keep giving vague answers people, let's talk about something else...) I think it's time for the tide to turn and ok, do the interviews but ask other things. They talked about the wig, okay that could've led into what are the kids going to be for halloween? Is Kate taking them trick-or-treating? Is Jon? Like I said, I'm a Kate fan, but even she's gotta be bored of the same thing over and over. If Ellen DID do her research, could've asked her about Jodi & Kevin's latest interview, her feelings on that, I don't know...I'm not a journalist, but that's what I come up with off the top of my head.

    As for Hailey...I am actually interested in her interviews, bc I can't possibly imagine her saying things like that, and Jon being okay with it to "clear her name"? BUT I also would've never imagined most anything Jon's done/said in the past months, so who knows...guess we'll find out!

  17. Thanks Baby Mama!

    Kate on Ellen... Not a great interview in my eyes. I know, I know, none of you are surprised... but I honestly think she came across badly. I do think she did the interview well as far as being personable and relaxed. It's what she said that I had issues with.

    First she says what she always says, "You can't go backward, you can only move forward", she's too recognizable, etc but she also says that if they stop now maybe in 2 or 3 years things would calm down and she and the kids would live a more private life, but she won't do that. Stop now Kate. The longer you postpone it the longer it will take for things to be normal for you and your children.

    Then she's so cryptic. "Certain events". And then she says the part about "some of us talk while some of us don't". What? Even Ellen said she was speaking in code and she didn't get it. Personally I think Ellen was being sarcastic and she knew what she meant. So Kate speaks cryptically so her children don't know she's talking badly about their father? That must be because just two minutes before she that she said they will never hear her say anything negative about him on tv.

    Then there's the fact that she is talking about it all. She just said she doesn't talk, but she's on the Ellen Degeneres show talking. Does she really not realize what she is saying contradicts what she is saying?

    (Then came the commercial for Hasbro's Family Game Night that Kate "thought up" for her kids and her. I wonder if they still do that.)

    Then the ring again! First, stop talking to the kids about the wedding ring. My girls love my ring but they wouldn't notice if I stopped wearing it. Why warn the kids? If they notice it's gone just say it was bothering your finger. Just say it doesn't fit. Why keep warning them if you know it upsets them?

    Then the new ring she wants... When Ellen gave her the idea about the kids each having a ring with one diamond to go along with hers, I thought What a great idea! Now that's nice! I thought Kate would be thrilled. I really did. I was floored when she said they can get their own when they get jobs. Seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

    Wow. I can understand saying maybe when they are a little older and can appreciate the meaning of it and take care of it. No, they have to buy them for themselves. And not when they come into their money from the show... no, it's when they get jobs. I thought her idea about the 8 diamond ring was a nice sentimental idea. Why isn't it good for her kids too?

    And yes Kate, that's what your hair looks like. Maybe not an exact replica, but pretty close.

    I'm sorry if I'm coming across "snarky", I really don't mean it that way, I'm just kinda pissed about the ring thing. I don't know why I'm so upset by her answer but I really am.

  18. Schmecky Girl & BABy Mama- lol at the wise crack about the ice cream. Well BM, did you have a melt-down. Sch. did you read my post about the Ellen Show? Elton John Bio. is on tonight so I will hear some oldies but goodies. cu

  19. Baby Mama, thanks for posting the link to the Ellen show. I had missed it. Interesting points from regular viewers of her show, which I am not. But it really was odd that she kept emphasizing she knew nothing about the entire situation. Isn't it the interviewer's job to find out about people before they interview them?
    Anyhow, thanks for posting.

    I personally think she meant that Jon talks to the media and papparazzi about their personal/family/marital issues and about Kate specifically (remember..."I despise her"), whereas Kate's appearances have been very professional and controlled, and perhaps just PR for the show.

    This whole Hailey thing is just a three ring circus to me!!!!!!! Just proves she and Jon are still a match made in heaven.......two media wonderful!!!!!!! Disgusting.

  20. allibrootob said...
    I personally think she meant that Jon talks to the media and papparazzi about their personal/family/marital issues and about Kate specifically (remember..."I despise her"), whereas Kate's appearances have been very professional and controlled, and perhaps just PR for the show.

    Good point. That is possibly what she meant but what's the difference? And it's not necessarily true. Yes, she does some PR but that's not all she discusses.

    She spoke about Jon on The View and the Today Show and In magazine interviews, etc. She discussed Jon and their marital problems and their finances. Her interviews are "classier" but they are also controlled by TLC while Jon is on his own.

    What I don't understand is why people feel the paparazzi are any different than any other media source. If you talk to anyone in the media it's the same thing. Talking is talking.

    I think they ALL need to stop talking about their personal lives. This Hailey interview just astounds me. I know it's been said Jon was okay with it, but I wonder if he knew what she was going to say. I can't imagine him staying with her unless she was only discussing the past and they both agreed to move on from the point forward. But it still makes no sense to me.

  21. I wonder if Hailey is going on the insider because A)Jon has taught her that thar ia the best way to communicate with people since that is how he likes to talk to Kate and she knows no better, B)She is trying to give Jon a taste of his own medicine, or C)she needs the money and Jon is strapped from paying Kate back. The sad thing is that the only one that really benefits is the Insider. She needs to take responsibility for her life and dump him and now. I thought for the most partKate handled herself great with Ellen and it seemed to me that Ellen was trying to act stupid on purpose, maybe so she wouldn't have to choose a side. I think the comments about the ring(s) were intended to shut up the people that were carrying on about her crying broke from Jon taking the money and wanting to buy a ring. I don't think she realized that her comment about the kids' getting a ring after they get a job came off wrong in the context of them "working for TLC" and she should have said that differently.

  22. SchmeckyGirl said...

    I think it's a double standard and hypocritcal to say that Jon is wrong for taking out his stress on Hailey and being emotionally abusive to her (if he in fact is), while at the same time saying that it's Jon's fault because some actions on his part made Kate treat him the way she did, or that the stress of having 8 kids is an excuse for her to talk to him the way she did.

    If Jon admits he's emotionally abusive to Hailey but it's because she frustrates him, does that make it okay, because in actuality it's her fault? Is it okay because he's stressed?

    You can't have it both ways. It is wrong for Jon to do it and it was wrong for Kate to do it. There is no reason to treat the people you love in such a manner, stress or no stress. If it's happening then you need to get help to stop the pattern.

    If Jon was actually the one that was abusive to Kate then TLC decided not to air it and make Kate the bad guy. Why would Kate buy into that? For money? I don't believe it.


    Jon has said that he was abused and that it was wrong. Well now it seems as if he is now doing the same thing to Hailey. Hailey says that Jon lies. We have seen the lies. He is a liar and he does not take responsibility for his actions, because he blames it on being an "avoider" or whatever he calls it. I do not think that he abused Kate, I just think he acted like child during their marriage. That is why he relates to his kids and that is why he was trolling colleges and hitting on young girls. Because no mature woman would put up with him.

  23. NJMOM said...
    Jon has said that he was abused and that it was wrong. Well now it seems as if he is now doing the same thing to Hailey.

    I agree. It's wrong (if it's true). But isn't that sometimes the case? The abused becomes an abuser.

    I hope Jon is getting, or still getting, the counseling he needs.

  24. Someone touched on this above about how Kate was to Jon and now Jon is to Hailey. He is probably new to being in control in a relationship and not sure how far he can take the power trip and how far is to far. Kate got by w/ it w/ him and maybe he thought he could get by with it too and now he is realizing most people don't put up w/ that. I am glad to see though that Hailey is not TOTALLY nieve about the fact that Jon has cheated on her and lied about it. Nevertheless, she is being called a homewrecker b/c SHE'S W/ A MARRIED MAN for pete's sake, of course people are not going to take to her kindly, she should have common sense in that. As far as the ring thing, I personally wouldn't make a big deal of it to my kids but ya know ever parent does their own thing and if that is how Kate wants to handle it then so be it. As far as Jon goes, I really don't get the whole religion and faith thing he says he still has and also becoming Jewish while sleeping w/ his girlfriend and still married. Maybe I'm conservative but I was always raised to believe you didn't have sex until marriage and certainly not with someone else while you were married.

  25. The abused sometimes becomes an abuser. But many times the abused DOES not become the abuser, because they take charge of their life and they recognize the pattern. The pattern I see with Jon is that he takes no responsibility for what he does. And if he does say that he is taking responsibility, it is just words with no action to back it up. That is why people think that he is a liar. It seems as if Hailey is calling him a liar, how he dances around the truth. He is reactive and selfish and does not care to see how his actions impact "others" and some of the "others" are people that he claims to care for. He deflects all blame onto others. How many times have we heard him say that people have used him and that is why he is in this sorry boat that he is in. I hope for the sake of his children, that he is getting help because in the end his children will be the ones to suffer for his crazy behavior. He has serious issues.

  26. I think that Hailey hit the nail on the head..."He has trouble with the truth".

  27. wow I don't even know what to say. If hailey is telling the truth then maybe Jon is really a bigger creep than i thought. He needs serious help. I feel bad for her in a way but yet i still feel like she knew who jon was. How could she not, the family's were friends that was why jon went running to their house to get away from kate. plus she knew he was married and that was when it should have ended. or should i say never started to begin with. I don't know if i can trust her. I think that she was telling the truth about jon having issues with the truth.
    Maybe the whole thing is a pr stunt. Her and Jon keep saying they want to be forgotten but they don't shy away from ANY camera. They keep signing up for interviews.

    also hailey should leave him he cheats on her. or at least he has since they got together. maybe they are swingers or something, i don't know.

  28. All I'm going to say about Kate's interview with Ellen is she should have kept her mouth shut!

    Onto Hailey it was for money its obvious what she is doing. I feel no sympathy for her at all! Age is just an excuse. She knew he had issues when she got with him. She was dumb and thought she could fix him and guess what she can't! She knows she can make money using him and guess what she is! She wants everyone to feel sorry for her and its not going to happen. She should have thought about all of this before she ran her mouth about Kate and everything else that she should have never been involved in. She slept with a married man who has 8 kids yea people are going to call her a home wrecker lol what did she think they were going to call her Mary Poppins? So we should all feel sorry for her b/c she went off with Jon to France and didn't think hey maybe I should take my druggie pictures off of the internet..please

    The kids are the ones getting hurt by everyone and I'm sick of it!

  29. So a couple of things...

    The Ellen Interview: Ellen was completely underprepared. I'm a fan of hers and I must say, I was a little surprised. It's as if the questions came from her skimming the titles of the magazines. She usually has more thoughtful things to say/ask about. For instance, the women's conference Kate is at would have been a great conversation starter. I can't help but wonder if the producers of Ellen gave her questions they wanted answered for her ratings? Anyway, the ring thing? 8 diamond rings for kids? That is a ridiculous thought! Who gives precious jewelry to 5 and 9 year olds? I think that's why Kate answered the way she did- complete surprise at a ridiculous question, while at the same time wondering Ellen was being serious.

    As for her answers about Jon, I think she was being diplomatic. It's not a good idea for her to come out and say, "Jon is being an ass and talking to the rag mags too much." She has decided she won't speak ill of her husband like that, and is doing her best to stick to that. I'm sure it's very hard to do when she's being asked direct comments like that. It does come across as cryptic, but she's doing her best. Never judge until you've walked a mile in someone else's shoes and all that.

    Next, Hailey's interview. I think, were I her parents, I would be stepping in and asking her to take a break from Jon if he's being that verbally abusive. She clearly lacks maturity to see that he's pretty toxic right now. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, let's say they're "soulmates"- if they really are, let him get his stuff together on his own and then proceed through life together. Statistically speaking, he's likely to dump her anyway- not because he's been through so many women already, but because men traditionally dump women who get them through tough stuff, so they can start clean with someone new.

    Last, I wanted to make a comment about the quote Kate gave about Alexis at school- it seems some people take it to mean that Lex hates the show. I don't see it that way at all. Speaking from experience, children who have parents as public figures, be they celebrities or politicians or what have you, often face questions/comments about their parents' occupation. That doesn't mean no public figure should have children. The fact is, the response Kate gave to Alexis is perfect and really does curb the comments. Most of the time, the other kid is just trying to relate to the "famous" kid and they're grabbing at something they both have knowledge of to start a conversation.

  30. Lots of things to cover here ...

    Ellen was unprepared. I do think Kate was a little more open about about feeling targeted and torn apart than she has in the past.

    I am trying to figure out Hailey's angle in dissing Jon publicly. My first thought was that she and Jon need money (he just paid back nearly $200,000 and TLC is not cover the $5000 per month rent check anymore). She is going to get a lot more mileage out of dissing Jon than just complaining about paparazi and haters.

    But calling Jon a lierr seems like it could really hurt Jon in the long run. (Not too easy to use her as a character witness in court now.) So I am less inclined to believe it was a planned strategy on their part.

    Hailey is immature and I think certain things Jon has said and done have set her off. She did not like his comments about being 1/2 Jewish and lambasted him in a tweet. I wonder if she has found out about another girl in Jon's life or maybe he said Stephanie was lying about it but Stephanie sent her some proof.

    The other thing that may be making her mad is that her association with Jon is not helping her. She was hoping for a designing deal related to the Ed Hardy line and that fell apart. She was hoping to on a reality show and with Jon's new stance on the kids filming, that is less likely.

    As for the emotionally abusive charges, those words are thrown around pretty lightly. At what point does an argument between a couple become abuse? Karma does bite though - Jon was quick to level abuse charges at Kate and now it may bite him in the ass.

  31. I agree the Ellen interview wasnt that Great. I felt like Ellen knew nothing about the show. Kate was funny w/ the Halloween wig though.

  32. I have believed for a long time now that the Jon we've seen post their split - is the Jon that TLC didn't want to show because it didn't fit the dynamic they built for the show. I would bet if we were to ever see what's on the cutting room floor that we would see this side of Jon that we have seen since he's been managing his own face time on TV.

    There's been too much consistency in his pattern:

    1. Look at the things Stephanie and Kate 2.0 said about him. We're hearing the same things from Hailey.

    Stephanie: "Jon is telling lie after lie after lie … . I have proof. Hundreds and hundreds of text messages," Santoro said"
    "He told me if anything happened, he had enough on Kate -- he would blackmail her and get alimony," Santoro says. (mantrum anyone?)

    Kate Major: "He lies...." "He wasn't honest with Hailey. He needs to man up and tell the truth." (and follow their time together - at one point Jon gave a statement to the press that said ""I care about Kate Major, she resigned from her job for me. Right now, my focus is on my relationship with my kids. My personal relationship is private," he says in an exclusive statement to E! News.") --(emotional roller coaster he had her on maybe?)

    Hailey: "Sometimes he has trouble with the truth,"

    Besides the "he's a liar" sentiment that keeps coming from every direction - there's a clear pattern emerging about his self centeredness in relationships (I'd even add his recent reunion with Kevin and Jodi into this - if there wasn't something he hoped to gain by doing it - it would never have happened). Stephanie told that Jon threatened suicide, threatened her - and Kate major in her tv interview implied he had mantrums as well.

    Is EVERYONE who is close to Jon wrong? I mean c'mon! At some point you call a duck a duck. If Jon is lying to the 'woman he loves more than he ever loved Kate' - who in their right mind would believe anything he says to the media!

    I think Hailey got with Jon and Jon lied to her and promised TV shows for her and opportunities - and well, Jon isn't much liked by that industry anymore. I think he promised her the sun, moon and stars - and let's be real -- Hailey being in the limelight, on TV won't benefit Jon Gosselin - and he can't have that!

    Since the people close to Jon said that he wanted her to 'do the interview to clear her name' -- I wonder if he had ANY IDEA she was going on there to tell that he was abusive to her? To bash him this way?

    I kind of fear for the girl. Abusers don't take well to being called out on their abuse.

  33. All of us look at things differently. Our perception and interpretation of things is based on our own life. No matter how objective we try to be, what we've experienced has to color our view.

    Why did Kate go on Ellen? As I said before, we're coming up on "Sweeps" time for TV. The ratings during this period directly determine how much money shows can charge for advertising for the next 6-8 months. And folks, expect it to get even crazier with media frenzy about the Gosselins for the next month. With the economy tanked, etc. etc. the Gosselins appearing (either one) is sure to guarantee viewers (whether to cheer your favorite or jeer the other.) Even Katie Couric said she was going to be a Gosselin for Halloween (not Kate but Aiden!)

    Why is the interview of Kate being shown on TLC and not the regular channel of the reporter. TLC wanted it presented but wanted someone to do the interview who was not with TLC (credibility.) The TV channel gets credit and promotion for "their" reporter doing the interview. (Win-Win!) It's sweeps time folks.

    You will also find some media folks cheering one or the other of J&K; and you might find them taking the opposite position later. Some industry people feel Kate hasn't "paid her dues" and shouldn't be an "overnight" sensation. She is (or was with the show ending) in her 5th season so not quite overnight. But wait, non mainstream channels (TLC, A&E, Discovery, etc) aren't supposed to produce "hits;" just the majors (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox). No matter the reason, it happened. It was a case of "oh we love them" or "or we hate them."

    My hubby said, "Oh my gosh she sounds just like you did when our kids were toddlers." When he said don't talk to me in that tone, I listened. When I said please just ask me how you can help, he listened. We were both the parents, and we shared the responsibility.

    By coincidence, living in FL at the time, we were at Disney when the Gosselins were there. What you didn't see before the ice cream meltdown, was that Kate was trying to deal with herding the kids (even with help), it was hot, they were going in different directions. Jon did say to get them ice cream to cool off. Hello? It's hot, in FL, and in two minutes ice cream melts and drips everywhere. Where was Jon? Oblivious to the kids and over chatting with people. What you didn't see was Kate calling to Jon for help (and it was even polite, folks) three times. The ice cream melted and it got worse. Kate did scream to him then. You could tell she was at the end of her rope and beyond frustrated. A man near me (not my hubby) said "Honey you ought to throw the ice cream at that ninny" and yelled out "Get your butt over there and help your wife!" That didn't appear in the edited version. But maybe Jon's mother dealt with things differently and that's how he learned. We know know his father was an alcoholic and that had to color Jon's perception of the world.

    Again, our life experiences color our views. Had I been Kate, I would have plastered a smile on my face, dealt with it, and then yelled at him when we got back to the room. Would that have been right? Heck no, yelling is wrong, but we all deal with things differently.

    With Jon, when January came and we had the drinking in college bars, the ski trip, and Deanna, Kate2.0, Stephanie, and Hailey. That brought on the paparazzi and the rag frenzy of photos that were getting hotter and hotter. Personally, I felt Kate should have been less critical of Jon in the past. I blame both of them for not talking it out. In the present tense, Jon is responsible for his own actions or reactions.

    I was fortunate to have parents who said "You can't control what happens to you in life, but you are responsible for your own actions. You determine how you react to those events."

  34. cont.
    Schmecky - we differ on the ring deal (but I respect your right to your opinion.) There is no way in heck I would buy three 5 yr-olds and two 9-yr-old girls a diamond ring. Even if I were Donald Trump I wouldn't do it. First, my kids would lose it, probably on day one. Or, they'd take it off and argue over whose ring it was. And if they get a diamond at 5, what do they have to look forward to in the future and how do I teach them the value of things?

    Our perception of Kate's comment was different also (again probably colored by life experiences.) You seemed to interpret it as "when/if they get back to TLC and have a job then they can buy one." I interpreted it as "when they grow up and get a job and appreciate the value of it, then they can buy one." All Kate really said was "when they get a job they can buy one." We don't know what she meant exactly and it may be even something different from either of our perceptions.

    I used to take off my ring when I cooked. I was afraid it would get gunked up or that it would come off in something I was cooking. Sometimes I'd forget to put it back on when dinner was served. At 4-yrs old my twins started wailing one night. They thought it meant that Mommy and Daddy were divorcing. I thought "What on earth?" Their playmates parents divorced and one of them told our kids "You can tell when your Mom & Dad don't love any more if you Mom takes off her ring." Sometimes it is amazing what kids pick up as well as the "semi truths" that they believe.

    On a different note, I think the kids are probably acting out more now. Most kids do when parents divorce. A counselor told me that it's better they act out and verbalize it than if they go "very quiet" because then they are internalizing it (good or bad advice - I don't know.) At the same time, multiples fighting or arguing is pretty typical of day to day life. Personally, with all three sets of my kids, I thought age 5 was far worse than the "terrible" 2's. At 5 is when they first try talking back, major testing of limits, etc. (For the record, age 4 was great, as was age 7 and 8. Age 9 was rocky.) I'm not there, and I can't possibly know, but I wonder how much is a) the age, b) how much is the divorce situation, c) how much is being a multiple, and possibly, d)how much is the combination of all of the above. (My perception, but I really think a-d above have more of an impact on their actions than does being on a reality show.)

    Even multiple siblings who shared the womb at the same time have differing perceptions. When we're all out together, we've had strangers come up and ask to take our picture (we think that's kind of weird.) My son says, "I hate it when people do that and when I become a pro football player nobody is taking my picture!" His twin 10-yr-old sister says, "I love it, it's practice for when I become a star in the movies or Broadway." Their feelings flip-flop on a weekly basis, so who knows. Their career goals will probably change many times.

  35. NJMOM said "I think that Hailey hit the nail on the head...'He has trouble with the truth'."
    I agree completely!

    Have a great Thursday folks. The kids are home today and tomorrow so gotta go referee (I need a striped jersey and a whistle - ha ha.)

  36. Schmecky, I believe that the paps are very different from other (reputable) media sources.

    The media sources such as the Today Show, Larry King, People magazine, etc, which Kate has been interviewed on, are given the information with her consent. The paps on the other hand are not given information, they hound and chase people for it by hiding in bushes and following people (well....except Jon that is, who volunteers info. on a regular basis).

    I doubt Meredith Vieira would be pleased to hear she is no different from the papparazzi!

  37. Interesting and thoughtful posts here. I recently found your blog almost by accident! I live 1/2 hour away from the J&K mansion and our local paper (Reading Eagle) sometimes picks up or even does first-hand accounts of what is going on with them. After all, it was our local paper that first did a story on them having sextuplets; publicized the fact that they needed help, etc.

    One thing that always bugs me about the show stopping (as it is the main source of income for both J&K) is how the decrease in income will affect the kids. Will J&K be able to afford the house that they live in with the decrease in income? Kate just applied to renew her nursing license, so she is planning ahead. TLC will not fund this household once the show is over. They will probably get residuals from any reruns, but that won't equal the income they have from the show.

    A decrease in income will most certainly decrease the standard of living that the kids are used to. I suspect they will have to sell the house because the mortgage payments alone will be more than they can afford. Both J&K are grasping at media straws by saying they want movie careers, but they are not actors. They have not put the work into acting like those that we see on the big screen. Seriously.

    Anyway, I tend to side with Kate on these issues. Sure, she was portrayed as being controlling and "snarky" to Jon on the show. That's what editing does for good ratings. I suspect that the Jon we are seeing now is the Jon that always--to some degree--existed all along. Kate seemed to do most of the "thinking" type of work with the kids. She probably managed the finances, but she also probably did not look ahead to the possibilty of NOT having the income that the show provides.

    Just sayin'....

  38. I haven't read all of the comments yet, but I have to make a few points.

    First of all, Jon has not "become" the abuser, in my eyes. In fact, I don't even see him as being the "abused". Please! I began watching the shows in sequence a few weeks ago, because up until then, I had only seen a few here and there. If you go back to the early days, you will see Jon's actions and reactions and words and yelling, etc. In fact, it took me by surprise. I thought, "wow, he's no victim!" Now -- I know for sure that I have never agreed with the way Kate spoke to him on many occasions but in those first few seasons, she clearly backed down in order to not continue the fight. So, in my opinion, it was both of them. No "abused" and "abuser"!

    As for the Ellen interview, I agree, nothing new. But if you were to scrutinize every interview that's on these shows (I don't watch any of them now but have in the past), you would find that most of the time, they're as vague as this one. Kate, as usual, said really nothing detrimental about Jon, including the comments alluding to his actions. There is a distinct difference in the outlets he chooses to shoot his mouth off too. Her's: classy. His: sleezy.

    Which leads me to the Hailey/Insider Interview. Though it looks legitimate, I just can't help but feel a little skeptical. I mean, really? She's going to choose an outlet (yet again, sleezy) to tell the world how Jon verbally and emotionally "abuses" her? (People use that word too liberally, IMO) And after the fact, she's going to stay with the guy? And he's not going to "abuse" her after the interview or the results of it? Does anyone else find that fishy??

    Last point, both the classy and the sleezy outlets are making out BIG time! I had never even HEARD of some of these websites and shows until the Gosselins ended up in/on them! So obviously, many of them are standing in line for interviews to boost their ratings, whether anything new is exposed... or not.

    Okay, back to the rest of the comments...

  39. Linda said...
    Schmecky - we differ on the ring deal (but I respect your right to your opinion.) There is no way in heck I would buy three 5 yr-olds and two 9-yr-old girls a diamond ring. Even if I were Donald Trump I wouldn't do it. First, my kids would lose it, probably on day one. Or, they'd take it off and argue over whose ring it was. And if they get a diamond at 5, what do they have to look forward to in the future and how do I teach them the value of things?

    Hey Linda! I respect your right to an opinion too.

    What I said after my first comment about the rings was:
    Wow. I can understand saying maybe when they are a little older and can appreciate the meaning of it and take care of it. No, they have to buy them for themselves. And not when they come into their money from the show... no, it's when they get jobs. I thought her idea about the 8 diamond ring was a nice sentimental idea. Why isn't it good for her kids too? As for teaching the kids the value of things, those children have received so much free stuff (crooked house, games, toys, clothes, who knows what else) and trips and life experiences... more than most children. I think it's great for them, but I would hope they have already been taught the value of things.

    So, no I didn't say she should buy diamond rings for a 5-year-old, and probably not a 9-year-old (at least not for every day wear). But she could have at least thought it was a great idea for when they are older. I honestly expected her face to light up and say Oooh what a great idea, maybe when they are older, etc. She could have their initials on the ring or engraved inside so there would be no arguments over whose is whose.

    As for my "And not when they come into their money from the show", I was referring to money they should already have in trust for the future since they should have been getting their fair portion of the money made off the show put in the trust.

    I think these children are entitled to more for there future than just college funds. I feel they are due their "paychecks" when they are of age.

    Just for appearing on the show they should be paid, but they also did the chair interviews, made appearances on talk shows, posed for numerous photo shoots, announced "next on Jon and Kate Plus 8" and played their part in the opening shots for the show (running with the parachute, etc). None of that was their being filmed just playing or going about their normal routines as normal children. Give those kids a paycheck! And a diamond ring!

  40. So both Jon and Kate are in LA. I wonder whose turn it is to have custody. Jon said he can't take the kids trick or treating because he doesn't have custody... but I don't know when his starts. It's just disgusting that these children are left with nannies all the time.

  41. Linda, why didn't I read your comment first? You covered it all! :) Thanks for the insight on the D. trip!

  42. One last thought and then, it's off to more life impacting goals -- like, laundry :)

    Just picked up Sports Illustrated and reading an excerpt from Andre Agassi's new book. If you are concerned about the treatment of children, perhaps it would be best to look at ALL situations - t.v., sports, music, scholastic, etc. In his situation, it sounds like his father was TRULY abusive and took advantage of his child. And in his case, there is no documentation, like a t.v. show. Kate and Jon just looked like parents of a crazy, twin/sextuplet filled household. I think I'm a pretty good mom and fairly patient but I tell you, I probably would come close to losing my mind, too...

    Last point, I promise:

    I wish that Kate, if she is truly a follower of Christ, would give credit to Him as her strength, instead of calling it "positive thinking". That's why I love watching the Duggars.

    Now, back to that laundry...

  43. Whoa! I missed a lot! I had a killer headache last night and went to bed early. I knew Hailey was going to be on the Insider, but I didn't know she was also giving written interviews. I know it;s not popular, but I do feel bad for her. I think she is misguided because she is young. I think she feels going on tv is her best recourse because then it's all out there at once. I have no idea why her and Jon keep picking the Insider, but maybe they are the only show that will have them now.

    I watched the Insider last night and I can't believe how digustingly two-faced that show is. Two weeks ago they were supporting Jon and giving him his two minutes and now last night they were blatently making fun of him. And don't even get me strated on Star Jones. I was sick of her mouth when she was the View. SHE needs to shut HER mouth. I can't stand that this show is making her feel important again.

  44. Schmecky,

    I didn't see anything wrong with Kate's view about each girl having a diamond ring after they get jobs. Most of their expensive toys and trips were given because of the show. Now, no show, no expensive toys and trips. They will all have to have other jobs to pay for anything expensive. Makes sense to me.

  45. Wow Linda,
    It's great to hear some real information on things we don't see on the show. You know, frankly speaking, I'm so not surprised by what you said about the Disney incident. Jon has always struck me as that kind of a guy. That's probably why even before this whole Kate vs Jon war started, I just never really had "extra" sympathy for Jon, as so many other people did. Not that I disliked him the way I do now. But I just never did feel "sorry" for him because I believe it was a two-way thing and not just Kate's issue.

    I honestly do think Hailey may be genuinely stressed out by Jon's behaviour plus the media hounding, and probably this is indeed her breaking point. She needed an outlet and well I rather than do it the Jon way (being a blabber-mouth to paps), she chose a more "legitimate" media outlet to let people hear what she had to say.

    I don't think Jon expected her to talking about being emotionally abused. And you know that may be the reason why she tried to make up for it by saying she still supports Jon blah blah blah. It's like saying, "yes he has his flaws. Terrible as they may be. But he ain't so bad that I would leave him". Well at least that's how I interpret it. And in other words, to me, I think those were just words, the latter part about not leaving him. For all you know a week down the road, we'll read that Hailey has left him. But then again she could stand to lose alot of things if she left him, and by that I don't mean "the love"-- if you catch my drift.

  46. Set in the Cleft,
    I, too wish for the same things as you do for Kate. However, each "follower" lives and says according to their stage of spiritual growth and convictions. We can't all respond in a cookie cutter way just because we're Christians. Perhaps Kate just isn't at the stage where she feels confortable talking about her faith right now, and understandably, given all the garbage that's been put on her plate. Even if she did, it would probably be edited out somehow.

    I'm sure she's going through a lot of spiritual struggles along with the rest of it, so I think we should give her a lot of grace in this area.

  47. In response to a lot of comments and questions about why Hailey just doesn't leave Jon if he's truly so emotionally abusive. They're addicted to each other and enabling each other. They are each other's drug of choice (for now). That's why I said before that they're just using each other because of each of their own immaturities. What a vicious, horrible cycle to be living in.

  48. Linda,
    Thanks for sharing about the FL DW incident. It may have been just one incident, but validates even more our theories about why Kate felt the need to have to constantly yell at him all the time.

  49. Linda - I totally agree with you. You are so articulate you leave almost nothing for me to say.

    On the ring topic, I suggested a long time ago that Kate replace her wedding ring with an 8 diamond number. The kids could handle a little jewlery too. Diamond chips are not expensive and would give them an opportunity to be respectful, respected and responsible. Whatever. It's not really an issue - except that I think Ellen knows all about the Gosselin family. I think she just plain doesn't like them - not a Team Kate member. Many celebrities do not like them. The women of The View speak badly about them when Kate is not on the show. Joy and Whoopi make it clear that they don't think there should ever have been a show and that having 8 children does not make you "worthy" of celebrity status (like them). They turn their collective noses up to Kate every time the topic arises.

    I have not watched the Hailey interview. I feel the same way about her as Jodi & Kevin. Money. Money. Money. However, Oprah (and I'm not a member of her cult) recently did an interview with Mike Tyson where he weeps about his past. He admits to being abusive to Robin Givens (sp?) and every other woman in his life. He tries to say that losing his 5 year old daughter has enlightened him and his child-bride sits passively by his side defending him. I have a hard time buying into his new-found epiphany, but it would be nice to be able to believe him. He is interesting to watch though and a lot of what he says can be applied to Jon. Jon was NEVER abused by Kate. She needed help and he was so checked-out that shouting was the only way to get his attention. It's true that looking back at the earlier seasons shows him as completely incapable of handling the situation and someone had to take care of those kids!

    On a side note: I find the Dugars (sp?) creepy. With a capital C. EWWW.

  50. It will be interesting to see how Jon and his spin doctor Heller respond to Hailey's interview... probably "the abused becomes the abuser" thing. Not that I'm saying that doesn't happen, it does. But Jon is using that term very liberally to garner attention and sympathy. I'm thinking that this interview will definitely affect his custody arrangements, which is sad, because the kids obviously love their dad. Unbelievable!

  51. "Give those kids a paycheck! And a diamond ring!"

    I get so tired of hearing this about the Gosselin kids. Do you think the Duggar kids get a paycheck? Or the Roloffs? What about any and every other child that contributes in any way to the family income? Should kids who help on the family farm get a paycheck? Heck, I know kids who work at McDonald's and turn their paychecks over to their families to help out.

    The kids benefit right now from the income the family business has generated. They live in the huge house with lots of land. They go to a private school and are getting a good education.

    I am pleased that the kids have healthy college funds. That will help pave the way for productive futures.

    Frankly, I am glad that Kate is trying to avoid raising 8 little Jon's - a man who seems to have no ambition at all, has no education, and has trouble successfully holding down a job.

  52. I dont know if anyone saw The Ellen Show from the very start but Kate did a skit with Ellen, it was very funny. When the show first started her and Ellen were talking about men, it started in the middle of thier conversation, A few seconds later Ellen did a contest with contestants outside to win World Series tickets, you had to have a fake mustache and a bikini on. Kate then comes up to Ellen with a fake mustache and said she would be right back she has to go to the car to get her bikini,LOL. Its was very funny and good. Kate is very good at comedey, I think it comes very natural to her with her sarcastic personality. I tried to find a clip of it but havent found it so far.

    But I agree the actual interview was surprising as Ellen didnt look very prepared.

  53. Gosh, am I tired of reiterating this- the kids will get their "paycheck" when they're old enough, just like ever other child star out there. Kate has put it in trust. What more do people want?

    Because there is a substantial amount of money in trust for them, I am sure Kate is afraid they will go through life thinking everything will be handed to them. I know I would worry about that. I'm pretty sure all parents worry about how every little thing they do will impact their kids later. Sure the 8 are "working" now, but when they get old enough, they should get real jobs. Getting a real job isn't just about earning money, it's about learning what your time and effort are worth, how to manage your time and be punctual, and how to interact with people on a professional level. There is nothing wrong with Kate expecting the kids to work before they get super-nice things.

  54. Linda and Schmecky Girl, back & forth about the ring & Kate saying they should buy their own when they get a job. That's why advocate laws would be OK in situations like this when the parents are spending, or fighting over all the money.
    With that many children, each month money should have been put away for them. Not just for education.
    In all fairness to the subject, I have to agree with Linda, My kids would lose them too. Diamonds IMO you get as a gift when you are all grown up. JMO.

    I don't believe Kate when she says she doesn't have an income. TLC is still paying her salary.

    I believe we will be hearing from the quiet giant soon TLC. I just know they have a back up plan for her and she trying to keep it quiet. On Monday and again on the Ellen Show, she made references to not having a job, Poor Kate.

  55. Radar is quoting J today:

    "I am well aware that my behavior over the past few months has not always reflected my personal and religious values,” he added. "I further accept that I have allowed myself to become somewhat severed from my own moral anchor and be carried away by the challenges of fame. It is for this reason that I have endeavored of late to reconnect with my deeper, more spiritual, more altruistic self with regular study sessions and counseling. with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, whose morality-centered-and-values-based advice, coupled with his profound commitment to fatherhood and family, I deeply respect. "I have always endeavored to be a loving father and a devoted parent who serves as a moral exemplar to his eight children. That’s what my father, a children’s dentist who always extended himself to his poorest patients, was to me. “My father was my inspiration and moral compass. I intend to serve the same role for my own children by taking responsibility for my errors and making right any pain I have caused to those I love.”

    ROFL. I don't know who wrote that little ditty but it wasn't J. He has never spoken like that before. What contrived nonsense.....

  56. Terri,
    We all know it was Heller that wrote that. Jon could never speak for himself so Heller does it for him... and ends up putting his own foot in his mouth anyway.

  57. ... and I agree, Jon wouldn't use big words such as "endeavor", nor is "moral compass" part of his vocabulary.

  58. is slightly funny that we debate whether or not 5 & 9 yr. olds should be given diamond rings. So many lighthearded questions and comments get picked apart to infinitum.

    I think Kate is far too practical to spend money in such a ridiculous fashion, especially witout a steady stream of income in the near future.

  59. Amen, PAR!!! I've been saying this very thing to myself all along!

  60. Question: Do you really think Jon has "endeavored as of late to re-connect with his deeper, more spiritual, more altruistic self"? If so, I'd really hate to see him when he isn't endeavoring. He went to the public meeting with the Rabbi, Ellie Weisel, Dr. Oz, etc. and asked for their advice. Either he needs hearing aids, or he has short-term amnesia. What did he go right out and do the next day?

    There is the idiotic court house steps melodrama when he knew Kate had complied and didn't have to be there and his completely idiot attorney's spouting of nursery rhymes. And on and on.

    Maybe it's another epiphany - one where he realizes that TLC is probably going to "clean his clock." It's not a joke lawsuit.

    If he were one bit truly remorseful and truly trying to improve or change, it would be different. It's clear Jon didn't write those words. Either Heller did, or Rabbi Shmuley Boteach did. Or Heller the son as publicist did.

    Well, it's going to get crazier and crazier in the next to weeks with "sweeps" time. Every time I think Jon can't surprise me any more, he does. Wonder what he has planned for next week?

  61. Lol! I guess people do scroll past half my posts. I never said 5- and 9-year olds should get diamond rings. And thank you Holli Day! Diamond chips... Did anyone really think I meant 2 carat engagement style rings or 5 carat tennis bracelets. I got my first real diamond ring when I was about 12. It was a heart with a small diamond in it. Totally appropriate for a child. I still have it and intend to give it to one of my daughters when they are older.

  62. Diamond rings.......diamond chips.........oh my goodness........this seems so ridiculous to be debating. Schmecky, as Linda said earlier, I totally respect your rights to express your opinions, but this really is just going way off into left field.

    What did everyone think of the Insider tonight? Yikes. I do feel badly for these poor kids, this whole divorce is turning into more of a circus by the day, and in front of the cameras no less. Just when you think it can't get any worse...................

  63. Well said PAR, I totally agree with you.

    And for Gods sake, who has said they DONT get a paycheck. Jon said on LKL they get $1250. each. I wouldnt be surprised if Kate divides it up 10 ways and puts it in each account. No one knows exactly, so to go say Oh gives these kids a "paycheck" when you dont even know if they dont already get one. UGHH

    And yes when I was 14 I worked in a bakery from 6pm to 6am and my paycheck went to my parents, and I know its like that for alot of people. Those children have everything they need and more, more then my kids have at this point. I think people expect the rest of thier lives payed for without having to ever work.

  64. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Lol! I guess people do scroll past half my posts. I never said 5- and 9-year olds should get diamond rings

    Schmeckygirl said...
    Give those kids a paycheck! And a diamond ring!

    ehm just

  65. I watched it tonight and it actually made me angry. She was terrible. When the poll came in that everyone said she was a homewrecker, she was squealing as she cried she that she couldn't get a break. But what bothered me the most (besides using the word "like" a million times) was that she said she was mentally abused and that he should let her go. Because she couldn't, because she loves him to much. Are you kidding me?

    Yes she is in my mind, a spoiled brat. She is, in my mind, taking full advantage of this situation until she herself gets a job and stops having Jon & her parents support her. She is just like Jon when she claims she doesnt want to be famous, doesn't want the media attention, then goes on The Insider and gets big $$$ to pay for the rented apartment. I feel that she is using this to further her career. But do I honestly blame her? Porbably not.

    But I would never throw the person I love under the bus for money.. Hey at last Jon says he fully supports her.

  66. I agree with others that Heller probably thought that one quote up all on his own. It's too much advanced vocabulary.... Jon would never say that!

    This whole topic about the rings- ladies are you for real?! ;o) I think that we should just leave it as a great idea (for Kate's ring) and if the kids get their own little diamonds, then so be it. Nothing will change by us going back and forth about diamond chips! Lol!

    Linda- OMG that is some good scoop you have there! You should sell it to the rag mags! (Kidding!) I have always thought that Kate has her over the top moments, but don't we all? No one is flawless. Kate has had issues keeping it together when their is craziness around her. But people who hate on her in those moments have no idea. I honestly doubt any of them would act calmly in those "I have 8 unhappy kids" kind of moments. (At least I know I wouldn't!) TLC definitely plays up Kate's "tantrums" and they did it for the ratings most likely. It's not fair for her, but hey, it was bringing in the money! I'm sure that it has changed people's perception of her, but it really shouldn't, because most don't see the whole side of the story. Linda, you where there to see it! It's proof!

    I'm not sure about Hailey and Jon. They are always kinda up and down, so who really knows. But Hailey is either a really good actor, or she is actually struggling with the relationship. And I don't blame her! If I where her, I'd be long gone if this guy was screwing up my life. I don't really understand why she feels she needs to stay? He is taking you down with him! I'm guilty of saying mean things about her myself, but still..... poor girl. She needs to get out of it while she still can.

  67. allibrootob said...
    Diamond rings.......diamond chips.........oh my goodness........this seems so ridiculous to be debating. Schmecky, as Linda said earlier, I totally respect your rights to express your opinions, but this really is just going way off into left field.

    I made a comment about the diamond rings because it was discussed on the Ellen show. Others replied. I'm not the only one keeping the conversation going about it.

  68. KatherineDenise said...
    SchmeckyGirl said...
    Lol! I guess people do scroll past half my posts. I never said 5- and 9-year olds should get diamond rings
    Schmeckygirl said...
    Give those kids a paycheck! And a diamond ring!

    ehm just

    You must scroll past without reading my entire comments too. I said when they are older and can appreciate the sentiment and take care of them.

    Seriously, if you want to dispute my opinion I'm fine with that, and if you want to scroll past my comments, I'm fine with that too because I understand some people can't appreciate an opposing viewpoint. But to call me out on one sentence out of context is unfair.

  69. Yeah it's obvious that Jon didn't write that statement himself. Can you blame him? He's not very eloquent.

    I think most statements, or at least a lot, are written by their PR. I think whoever wrote it got a bit too fancy and moved the attention to how it was written instead of what was said.

    However, if there is any truth to it then it's a good thing. Jon needs help, and he's admitting it. I know he's said it earlier, but it's a long process. People with issues like he has don't change overnight. He has to break this destructive cycle he's in.

    Because I don't know for sure what his motives are in making such a statment I can only hope he is genuine in wanting to change and I hope he gets the help he needs because the children need a good father and a good role model in their lives.

    Personally I don't think Heller is going to move Jon in the right direction in getting the help he needs but maybe Shmuley is.

  70. Linda,
    There is the idiotic court house steps melodrama when he knew Kate had complied and didn't have to be there and his completely idiot attorney's spouting of nursery rhymes. And on and on.
    Jon complied with the court order and still showed up. I think if Kate made such a big deal about the money, going on Today, getting a LA lawyer to make a press release, she should have at least shown up to the hearing.

    Heller did come off as a lunatic with the nursery rhyme but it seemed to make sense to me. I think it had to do with Kate making Jon's money withdrawals so public when she had also withdrawn $33K but according to her lawyers it was only %5 of their money so it was fine.

    Also I believe Nana Janet passed away yesterday.

  71. Jon's statement is on e tonight at 11;30 after Chelsey, If anyone is up that late. I'll just tape it anyways. It's probably the same speech that was written or wrote? for him. Night all!

  72. I just watched The Insider and I'm still not sure what Hailey meant by "emotionally abused".

    I understand she said he talks over her. He calls her up and vents when he's had a bad day in court, etc. But she didn't really expand on it. Does he yell AT HER personally or is he yelling about the situation, etc? Does he belittle her? Does he call her names?

    I understand she said she gets the brunt of his anger but in what way? I get that he's probably all heated when he talks to her and doesn't let her get a word in edgewise but I don't understand if it's when he's discussing issues having to do with Kate and the courts and the media... or is it also in their personal relationship when they are discussing anything not having to do with Kate and the divorce and TLC.

    Not that it's acceptable if Jon is verbally abusive to her when he's upset, I would just like to know if he's like that with her when they have disagreements in their personal relationship.

    I believe her in whatever she is saying, I'm just not sure exactly what she is saying.

    I also think she needs to take a long break from Jon until he gets his act together, if that ever happens.

    As for the other stuff mentioned, I did notice she said she never dated Jon until after he was separated and never slept with him until after Kate filed for divorce (she said it was in July) so that answers that question, for me anyway, since I was wondering.

    I do understand her not wanting to go to college now because of all this. Even if she is an "adulterer" (I don't think she is a homewrecker because that home was wrecked a long time ago), I don't think anyone has the right to abuse her for it. I don't know why people have to be so cruel to people.

    Tomorrow looks like it's going to be a good one though, with Kathy Griffin.

  73. Oh my goodness. Here I go getting sucked into this again.

    Hailey (and I know you read this as you tweet about Baby Mama) Oh Hailey..... that was not a succesful audition for a future on tv. If your intention was to use this exposure for possible future employment in the entertainment industry, then I offer a suggestion. Please go to a speech coach and forever remove the word "like" from your vocabulary. Really, listen to yourself!

    The content of your contribution on The Insider is fascinating and quite unbelievable since you traveled to LA with J and obviously had to leave the interview and go back to J. It is quite obvious to most that J and you have decided to cash in while you still can and that the Insider has stooped to a new low on their new format using guest hosts.

    I just found your Act quite unbelievable and very insincere..... No one in their right mind who is active in a relationship with someone would ever go on tv and say such hurtful things to their partner.

    Oh wait a minute...... J did just that didn't he? Maybe you guys are soulmates!


    I'm pretty sure Jon's tongue would explode if it had to say that last paragraph, but there it is.

  75. Linda - you are a riot...short-term amnesia! LOL! How 'bout amnesia: period. He can't remember that he fathered the kids, had a great payback, a wife who took care of everything and 8 Little Blessings.

  76. OMG NANA JANET passed away??! This is so devastating! The kids.. the kids will be heartbroken.. Kate just loved her.. This was truly so devastating to read..RIP you will be so missed! THANK YOU Mosbius Designs for posting the link.. I will re-post it again..

  77. I am so sad to hear about Nana Janet! She was such a wonderful human being. I hope they if Kate attends the funeral that those low-life paparazzi don't cause a problem. And that if they do that they're shot on sight.

  78. Wow I had to take care of some stuff with my daughter today and didnt get online my several times in a day to read up and been reading everyones comments for the last hour at least. Sometimes I post, sometimes I dont...
    1st off, I feel horrible for Kate and the kids having to hear about Nana Janet passing away. Jon, nah I dont feel bad for him....
    I didnt even know Hailey was interviewing until I was reading up so I will have to DVR it for tomorrows interview (I think I read it will be both Thurs and Friday?)... All I can say regarding Hailey is... My first serious boyfriend forced me to tell him I loved him otherwise he could call me back and continue calling me back until I did. He forced me to kiss him for the 1st time, and all the other emotional abuse. We dated for 9 months and I wanted out of the relationship so bad. My Mom said that she wanted me out of the relationship but she knew it would be something I would have to do at my own time. The guy told me over and over again that if I broke up with him he would commit suicide. I know Hailey is 22 (or 23, whatever) and I was 15 but when someone is telling you they will commit suicide (or any other threat that goes with getting emotionally abused) I was terrified to break up with him. If it is true that she is getting emotionally abused by him I do feel for her, I have been there and I know it will have to come on her own. Maybe her theory with going public is that she will piss him off so bad he will break it off.
    As far as the diamond rings go, I do gotta laugh. When I heard that I was like hey good idea.... But maybe not... Both Linda and SchmeckyGirl have good points. I am still pretty young, going thru school, so I only have 1 child and my daughter is spoiled rotten, shes 2 and we are starting to see our trouble. Right now we are getting her a big-girl room and deciding do we want to pay the money and get her a castle bed or a captain bed. I feel if we got the castle bed she would feel like shes a princess (cause we would do the whole Disney Princess theme too), or do we want to do something that can go on with her thru growing up... The thing is, as most if not all of us know as being parents we need to decide how we want to raise our kids, give them expensive stuff like diamond (even if it is chips kids dont know the difference) and castle beds or do you want to raise the child to be more independent and not be spoiled to have rings at age 5 and 9. If any of you ladies give your 5 and 9 year old diamond rings thats great, but I dont see what the big deal is with Kate not doing it. The kids are well adjusted and IMO happy for the most part. The kids go to private school, wear name brand clothing, have household helpers... Not many children get the luxery of all of that I dont think diamond rings (chips or not) need to be added into thier already well-loved (not spoiled :) ) life. This is just my opinion and I enjoy reading everyone elses.

  79. It is hard for me to trust Jon's sincerity since he has appologized to Kate publicly before and then continued to trash her in public. He did the "I want to be friends with Kate" on LKL then did the giving back the dogs thing for the paps - blaming it all on Kate twice. ANd of course, he pulled that "I am surprised Kate isn't here" regarding the court date when he knew she was neither expected or required.

    But the nice about this is that we will learn soon enough if Jon is sincere. If we don't hear another word publicly from him or his lawyer trashing Kate, I will believe him.

  80. I really hate to hear the news about Janet. Death of someone close is never an easy thing - but in the midst of divorce, loss of job, etc - I can't imagine how hard this is going to be for all of them. My prayers will be with them.

  81. I was wondering if anyone watched the other tabloid show (can't remember which one, The insider, Ent. Tonight or Inside Edition?) - but they had Stephanie Santoro on. They showed some of the text messages she has between her and Jon - and well, they gave her credibility (IMO anyway) that there was definitely something going on between her and Jon. I believe they are going to show more on tonights show? I have to say, however, that 'reading' those texts almost felt creepy!

    As for Hailey - I'm still torn between if this is just another PR stunt Jon has concocted (Remember - he's the guy who's reportedly said he'd use the media however he could to keep this going) - or if she's being truthful? I, having been in an abused relationship many years ago, felt myself cringe at her reponse to "does Jon physically abuse you" -- she was so quick to say "No and we're not going to talk about it - not another word". IF Jon is abusing her emotionally - I believe her reaction is an indicator that she is afraid that it could become physical.

    I also don't buy that she didn't know who he was. I don't buy that he was living in her house 'for a year' (I'm pretty sure that's what she said) - and that there was nothing going on between them until July (that just seems like a VERY convenient answer). I do believe, (and I believe this even if what she said is the truth), that things between them (how they could have appeared) to Kate would have seemed like much more. Remember - pre-May - Jon had already gone skiing with Deeana, been out drunk in the bars, etc. Hailey would have looked like just one more ho he was messing with to Kate. And we don't know what Jon was telling Kate, either. When Jon took Hailey to France, he didn't acknowledge their relationship then, either. If we remember - he said he was shocked that the paps found him there. He truly believed they could go to France anonymously but the Paps surprised him. THEN and ONLY THEN did he acknowledge his relationship with Hailey.

    Unfortunately for Hailey - if after these admissions she stays with Jon -I don't believe she has anyone but herself to blame for what Joe Public thinks of her. She has been more than happy to pose for the paps with Jon while she knows that he is going through a very public divorce and has 8 kids that need to be thought of first. Now, she has outed him as being emotionally abusive and is choosing to stay with him. Add in her tainted past - the fact its alleged that Jon smokes pot - and we all know about his drinking antics?

    I have to say - as I sit here writing this and thinking about Hailey's claims, Stephanie's claims of him using the threat of suicide, and his family history of alcohol abuse, I fear for the women and children surrounding him. I hope one day we aren't all sitting in shock because he's done something crazy.

  82. I forgot to add this.

    Hailey's parents are clearly in a financial position to get their daughter away from Jon. Far away.

    If it were my daughter and she was admitting on national TV that she was being abused - I don't care if it was emotional or physical - I'd be doing my own intervention. I know Hailey is over 18 - but she seems close to her mom - and I pray to God that her parents do something to get her out of this relationship! One day of emotional abuse is bad enough - but months of it - the damage that this is (if its true) doing to Hailey will stay with her a lifetime. Hailey (again, if her comments are true) - fits the description of an enabler to the T. She needs someone to step in and get her help. Then, and only then, will she be able to reclaim her.

    Truthfully - I think if she left Jon at this point she might have a chance of going back in to obscurity and finding herself again and come out of this a better person - and someone the public might have some respect for! I don't think it's too late.

  83. WOW is all I can say. We have been traveling in Europe since the 1st of October and I cant beleive that so much has happened this month. It took me a whole day to catch up.

    Jon is totally out of controll,his family should take him to a doctor.

    Nana Janet ,Rest in peace.

  84. Jane~ Yes the passing of Nana Janet is a sad thing. I am happy that Kate is back..I hope she's able to sneak away from the media and pay her respects in private.

    As we know, Jon is back in LA..Why you ask? Well he's fully supporting Hailey on round 2 of her 15 minutes. Last night they showed a clip of them in a limo from the airport, together – with a voice-over saying they were in LA for media interviews and said something about his support of Hailey doing The Insider.

    So basically he's using his girlfriend to score some sympathy points for some twisted way. In the interview if you listen carefully, she's not really attacking him as this horrible person, rather..he's SOOOO stressed and upset he lets all his fustration out on her..Its so twisted Im not quite sure he realizes it's killing his image..But hey at least they are enjoying LA together right??

  85. Baby Mama said...
    As we know, Jon is back in LA..Why you ask? Well he's fully supporting Hailey on round 2 of her 15 minutes. Last night they showed a clip of them in a limo from the airport, together – with a voice-over saying they were in LA for media interviews and said something about his support of Hailey doing The Insider.

    So basically he's using his girlfriend to score some sympathy points for some twisted way. In the interview if you listen carefully, she's not really attacking him as this horrible person, rather..he's SOOOO stressed and upset he lets all his fustration out on her..Its so twisted Im not quite sure he realizes it's killing his image..But hey at least they are enjoying LA together right??

    Honestly, this is just too bizarre for me. I am done trying to figure out the why's in all of this. I don't think any of us can figure it out. I'm nothing like them (as I'm sure most of us are) and just don't have the same mindset as they do to even try to make sense of any of it. The insanity of it all is just too much. Way beyond reality.

  86. R.I.P. Nana Janet. Very sad.

    I hope Kate goes to pay her respects. Was Jon close to her too? If the paps are there I hope the police are notified and keep them away because that is not the place for such a thing.

  87. How many times is Jon going to keep publicly apologizing? Every time he does he goes back and does or says something idiotic. No one is going to believe him anymore. Every time he tries to better his image he digs himself in deeper and deeper. It amazes me that he just doesn't get it.

  88. Awww., my sincere sympathies to Nana Janet's family and loved ones. She seemed like a real treasure! What a tough time for Kate...when it rains it pours. Let's hope the paps stay away....

  89. Nana Janet, God bless your kind soul. May you rest in peace.
    MosbiusDesigns said...
    "Jon complied with the court order and still showed up. I think if Kate made such a big deal about the money, going on Today, getting a LA lawyer to make a press release, she should have at least shown up to the hearing."

    Despite what Jon's attorney previously said about "Jon paid the money" it wasn't actually paid until that Monday. The judge ruled that Jon had until the end of the day to pay up, and to Jon's credit, he did pay. Jon may have paid it before Monday to the PA attorney representing him, but it had not been transferred to Momjian's (Kate's attorney) escrow account. May have been some confusion because at the beginning of the court hearing, the PA attorney again petitioned (and was granted) to be removed as the attorney of record for Jon.

    Kate's attorney commented Friday that if they received the payment to the escrow account, then Jon wouldn't have to appear but that he hadn't received it. Again, Jon did pay on Monday but the money wasn't transferred before the court appearance.

    Jon knew, in advance, that Kate had complied with explanation and receipts of the questioned $55k, and that she was thus not required to be in court. He also knew from her schedule, that she would not be in court. So, IMO, the "pretending" that he didn't understand why she didn't show up, and his idiot attorney's statement that "he expected Kate would show up" are nothing more than lies. Jon knew Kate was in LA.

    Jon's laughing and smirking when his idiot attorney did the nursery rhyme about Kate to zing her certainly didn't help his cause. It just made Jon look like more of a back-stabber, idiot, or fill in the descriptive word of your choice.

  90. Raelin said...
    Wow Linda,
    It's great to hear some real information on things we don't see on the show. You know, frankly speaking, I'm so not surprised by what you said about the Disney incident. Jon has always struck me as that kind of a guy. That's probably why even before this whole Kate vs Jon war started, I just never really had "extra" sympathy for Jon, as so many other people did. Not that I disliked him the way I do now. But I just never did feel "sorry" for him because I believe it was a two-way thing and not just Kate's issue.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I agree! I didn’t always love the way she spoke to him, but I didn’t love the way he acted either. And Linda, yes, thank you for the info, it rings true to me.

  91. I have one thing to say to Haily - Karma is a witch. What comes around goes around! Not happy being called a whore and home-wrecker? Here's a thought - stop being one!! I have zero sympathy for Haily. You make your bed, you lie in it! Grow up!!

  92. So sad to hear about Nana Janet...I also hope Kate can go pap free.

    I watched the Insider last night. Now after hearing that she was with Jon last night, it's starting to feel fishy. And here I was feeling bad for her. Oh well, that's how I felt about Jon at first too. Maybe they are soul mates. Seems like they are digging the same hole together.

  93. Wow..I have not written on here in such a long time, mainly just read.

    Anyhow, I think Linda's Florida comment, IMO, speaks volumes about TLC. About how many perceived Kate on the show. TLC knew what many viewers were watching for. Not because they were fans, but they loved to loathe Kate. TLC is media, and they just like every other show look for ways to keep viewers interested and ratings high until the divorce, it was Kate. With that being said, I do not always agree with what Kate may have done or said all the time. Nor did I agree with Jon. But, I am sure many do not agree with how I parent or speak to my husband sometimes either. And although after the fact I may realized I should not have said something I did and then apologize for it, we do not know if that could have been the case with Kate on occasion. Like Schmecky has said numerous times, there are 3 sides to every story.

    Jon's actions these past 6 months have been so outrageous. Kate seemed to be keeping herself a little more under control. Maybe because of contract with TLC and she didn't want the heat of violating it, or because she wants to maintain a good relationship with them because they have something else in store for her (aka a job) even if "Kate plus 8" falls through. In a way I do hope this all just stops. I personally want the show to completely end. I don't think the show itself was harmful to those children, but everything that has come with it, is. All the paps, we all now know what school they attend, where their bus stop is, what they are doing in all parts of their own yard at their own home. Places that should be safe for them are now not. I agree that it will not stop over night but in time they will no longer be on covers of mags, they will no longer be a household name, and they can go to school without the fear of finding out more about their family then they know. I do however want Kate to continue on her career path if that is what she would like to continue to do. It is lucrative, and she speaks well, and she is likeable. Jon I hope finds happiness within himself and also finds something whether TV or IT to pursue. He is likeable too...though right now his actions are not.

    So, about Hailey, I read on Radar that Jon was also in LA supporting her??? I don't get it, he says he wants his name to be cleared but yet is gf is going on national television saying he emotionally abuses her, etc. Doesn't that make him look even worse? Then she says the same thing I want my name to be cleared and forgotten but here I am on national TV crying my eyes out about my bf. UGH...confused?!?!?

    Sorry so long..had alot to say since I have not written in so long :P

  94. Rest in Piece Nana Janet. I hope Kate, Cara and Mady can pay their respects and not be hounded by the paps. But, did Nana Janet and Bill move back to PA, because they had moved to Memphis to be closer to family?

  95. Now I will post a second comment for Hailey and Jon. They do not deserve to be in the same category as Nana Janet.

    If her and Jon are in LA together then her total interview was crap. Baby Mama hit the nail on the head. They needed their rent paid for November.

  96. OMG Nana Janet, My prayers and my heart goes out to Kate and the children. How sad :( Yes I hope Kate can go and grieve in peace. I am glad Nana Janet got to visit the children this summer yet.

  97. I was looking at the pictures from when Kate had all the family over during the summer, I don't think Nana Janet was one of the relatives that came over. I saw Terry and Joan, two older ladies, the asian nanny and a couple PAs. I wonder if the reunion was filmed? Nana Janet was the neighbour that came over and folded the laundry if I remember correctly. I wonder if they stayed in touch after they moved and the show took off.

  98. Only a couple of more days until "sweeps" season officially begins. The stories on ROL will get more frenzied, as will those on ET, TMZ, Insider, E!, etc.

    As you see stories unfold, how important is it to take a look at who is reporting it? Please remember that even with News organizations (as opposed to rags) the media controlling them also control the "slant" that is given to a certain extent. In the "old" days, News had independence from the parent organization to prevent them controlling the content. Those lines have become more blurred in the last 10-12 years at least. If you buck the slant, it's unlikely that you'll continue. So who controls the media?

    TMZ is affiliated with AOL News.
    The Insider is owned by CBS.
    ET is owned by CBS.
    CBS, in turn is owned by Viacom.
    AT&T (TCI) has 10% ownership of Time-Warner/Turner and owns part of E!, CNN, Headline News, CNN, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel
    Time-Warner/Turner owns part of these: E!, The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel
    GE is #1 on the Forbes 500 and owns NBC as well as 25-50% of A&E, Bravo
    The other owners of A&E are GE, Disney, and Hearst (unusual combination)
    Walt Disney owns ABC

    2008 revenues were:
    GE: $183 billion
    Walt Disney: $37.8 billion
    News Corp: $33 billion
    TimeWarner: $29.8 billion
    Viacom: $14.6 billion
    CBS: $14 billion

    See how confusing it gets and the slant it takes. I’m not saying you can’t necessarily believe what you see on the news, I’m saying keep in mind who’s paying the salaries. And it is a big, big deal during “sweeps” time.

    There's an online chart that is a little bit out of date, but it is pretty accurate on who owns what (and thus controls it.) It can be a real eye-opener. Some who seem to be in competition are in reality jointly owned.
    (A little bit out of date but major info is correct. I'm not into NOW per se, but I found the chart helpful.)

    Another source is the Columbia Journalism Review
    (It has a pull-down menu so a little tougher to figure out than the matrix chart posted by NOW)

    Get ready for sweeps 'cause here it comes!

  99. MosbiusDesigns - I think Nana Janet had been ill for some time.

  100. Uh oh. I think Rabbi Shmuley and Jon share the same publicist. The Rabbi's publicist in 2001 was Rubenstein. But Shmuley has a link to Talent Resources on his Facebook page. That makes this public forum event for Jon seem a lot more fishy to me.

    I'm checking it out and will post back when I can confirm. I have a call into Talent Resources. So far all they've said is "We can neither confirm nor deny that we represent Rabbi Shmuley." In PR speak that usually means yes, but I want to confirm it.

    I'm being funny now. Maybe I should do a "Exclusive and Breaking Story on BabyMama's Blog."

  101. In honor of this wonderful fansite, let's do something fun that we can all share, despite our sometimes differences of opinion......... I'm wondering what everyone's favorite scene, or episode has been over the years?

    I love, love, love the piece they showed when Kate was returning from (?tummytuck I think?), and Alexis kept looking at her saying "Hi ...Mommy.....Hi Mommy.....Hi Mommy..." omg, just so adorable, I could watch it over and over again.

    The other thing that Kate said once that could be my life motto at this point, is that "every day is vastly different yet painfully the same." I knew when I heard it that she had exactly hit the nail on the head for me!!!!!

  102. Rabbi Shmuley is offering 2 for price of 1 tickets to his event with Jon on Nov 1st. Get them from his Twitter page.

  103. So? Jon and Hailey are over for now? Yeah, right. Until someone comes along and offers them money to be together again! Ugh.

    Also - did anyone else see the emails and docs showing Jon's people getting info for Jon on actually DOING the show with Nadya Suleman? Once again Jon lied about that one.

    And, last but not least, Jon's been ditched by *duh, duh, DUH!* Michael Lohan! One can't get much lower than that - for it to even mean something that Michael Lohan has ditched him! Also - Mike came out and gave merit to Kate Major's claims!

    All the secrecy Michael Lohan refers to Jon having - I think just gives more credence to the thought that Jon is getting more and more emotionally unstable. Paranoid comes to mind?

  104. I don't buy the breakup by the way. I don't.

    Where are the pap photos from LA? Surely they'd be clicking away at Hailey and Jon doing things separate from each other in LA? Leaving LA separately?

    Also - I still get a knot in my stomach at how Jon is using the Jewish faith.

  105. RIP, Nana Janet. She loved the Gosselin children so much. Just like a Grandma to them.

    I am feeling like it is abig waste of my time watching anything about Jon his girlfriend. After finding out that he was there with her, what a crock of shit! Opps?

    Happy Halloween and enjoy your little ones if you have any.

  106. EXCLUSIVE: Read The Emails That Prove Jon Gosselin Was Involved in Octo-Mom Reality Show

    Jon Gosselin’s camp WAS involved in discussion about a reality TV show project with Octo-Mom.

    Despite a strong denial from Jon’s manager, has obtained email proof that shows Jon’s people were discussing the project and how much money he would be paid.

    On Wednesday, Jon denied any involvement with the TV show project. His manager said: “This is the first I’ve even heard of [the project]. It isn’t happening.”

    But has exclusively obtained emails that show Jon’s reps were fully involved in discussions regarding the project.

    In one email, dated Tuesday, October 27th, Jon’s camp acknowledges receipt of the show pitch and asks for more details to be provided regarding the shooting, location, content and even what Hailey Glassman’s role would be in the show!

    They go on to request more details on what Jon’s financial compensation will be, and in a financial deal memo also obtained by Elevator Productions state that they are willing to offer Gosselin a whopping $1million plus all expenses paid.

    In another email to Jon’s camp the production company states that they envision shooting Jon back east, getting him ready to go to LA for his date with Octo-Mom. They say that they would love to have Hailey in the show upset and unsure about this “whole blind date thing”. They say that once Jon makes it to LA they’ll shoot them finally meeting up at her house and going out to “a local restaurant and movie or something”. They say they envision the shooting taking 1-2 weeks and go on to say “Pretty easy work for a million dollars”.

    Not kidding!

    Current Cheaters producer, Bobby Goldstein, was the mastermind behind the show, whose premise was to document Jon Gosselin and Octo-Mom, Nadya Suleman, dating.

  107. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan & Jon Gosselin’s Bromance Over

    After months of flaunting their bromance to the public, Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan have parted ways in a bitter feud, has learned exclusively.

    Lohan reveals he’s had it with the divorcing father-of-8, largely because of what he calls Gosselin’s increasingly “secret, distant” behavior and the way he treated Lohan’s close friend and former Star reporter, Kate Major.

    In an exclusive statement to, Lohan explains:

    Jon Gosselin sought a safe haven at my Southampton home through a dear family friend, Kate Major. When they arrived at my home it seemed that they were very close. After sharing an upstairs guest room I assumed things were intimate between them and questioned Kate.

    I sat Jon down and told him that Kate is like a daughter to me, and he better be straight with her. I asked him if he really wanted to be with Kate or if he still wanted Hailey [Glassman].

    Jon said that he wanted to be with Kate and even went so far as to tell her to quit her job (against my advice) and he would hire her. Kate subsequently quit per Jon's advice and promise. Even my fiance Erin told her not to quit her job, but Kate trusted Jon and quit.

    After getting to know Jon and hearing how he said TLC was ‘screwing’ him, I then introduced him to Mike Heller, and Mike introduced us to his dad, Mark [Heller]. The three of us cut deals to represent Jon, and representation documents circulated. But as time went on, I was cut out. Albeit, Jon began to become secretive and distant, regardless of the deals I brought to the table. A book contract was even breached without any consideration. All because other people wanted a bigger piece of the pie.

    As of late, contracts have been breached, legal ethics violations have ensued and Jon has become a different person than I thought he was.

    Were his words to me words? Or sincere? Looks like the before said.

  108. Jon Gosselin And Hailey Glassman Over...For Now has learned that it’s over between Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman, or at least it’s over for now.

    A source tells that Hailey is a fame seeker and that if Jon manages to secure a future career in TV she could be persuaded for a rematch, however, if Jon loses it all in the lawsuit TLC have against him look for Hailey to be nothing but a distant memory.

    The source goes on to say that the couple’s relationship is volatile and although they have split for now, don’t be surprised if they pop again together sometime soon.

    A tearful Hailey went public with their relationship woes Thursday when she joined the panel of the TV show The Insider, claiming Jon was emotionally abusive to her and that she felt he sucked her emotionally dry “like a vampire”.

  109. i havnt posted in agesssssss but i check this everyday, keep up the good work babymama, dont give the site up im addicated lol!!

    MosbiusDesigns :it says on the obituary that all donations go to american cancer sociaty so maybe nana janet wasnt well, so thats why she wasnt around this summer?just a thought, poor janet.

    as for the older ladies that were pictured, i read somewere that one of them was kates mum?one of the older ladies was pictured with a man as well, anyone no if this is true?

    R.I.P nana janet

  110. Aww I hate to hear about Nana Janet =( May she rest in peace.

    Sigh its all a new can of worms of course cause now Radar is "saying" that Jon and Hailey broke up. I honestly think they are just playing a game with the media to make more money..


    THERE OVER................who belives it?

  112. Good Morning Everyone!
    It's 4:30 am...Baby woke up crying, she had an accident..(lol) Had to strip the sheets, have a cup of tea and check the comments! Sorry that I havent sent up a new post, it's coming.

    I don't believe this for a second. I think that this was set up by Jon's team because of The Insider interview wasn't what they have hoped for. Everyone is wondering why, if she is so emotionally abused, was she rid of him? They are both in LA together, supposedly in the SAME HOTEL..Who is this source, how do they know this, unless Jon is calling them himself?

    Yes, they will be back together soon, I say in a week or so. Everyone have a safe, fun & HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Our day is filled iwth events at the Library & Trick or Treating!

  113. Just in case anyone is interested in passing on condolences to the family of Nana Janet - the family has a guest book set up for that here:

  114. Hahaha - well NOW I get why Jon chose Rabbi Shmuley!

    He's known as the "Sex Rabbi"!!!

    " Dubbed by some as “the sex rabbi,” Boteach is familiar with the controversy surrounding his books. (Readers should note that parts of “The Kosher Sutra” are sexually explicit.)"

  115. Grainne Campbell, I believe that is Nana Joan. Kate's mother looks nothing like that.

  116. At this point I couldn't care less if Jon and Hailey are together.

    As for Michael Lohan, what a schmuck. Of course Jon is going to keep "secrets" from him. He runs his mouth to every media outlet that will listen to him. He's just upset that Jon cut him out of his life. I don't blame him. He's bad news. Kate is like a daughter to him??? He has a daughter. He should be worrying about her and not Kate. Michael Lohan is vile and Jon and every other person on the planet should stay away from him.

    As for the Octomom thing, it is possible that Jon's reps considered it and requested the info before even telling him about it. But again, I wouldn't be surprised if Jon knew and lied and said he didn't. It sounds like a ridiculous show and I would hope Jon would not do it, then again, it's paying well and Jon needs the money. lol. I think I'd have dinner with Octomom for a million dollars. ;)

    Anyone watch Kathy Griffin on The Insider? She was nice to Hailey. Or at least not mean. And she said she is has material for her next show about Kate Gosselin. She also asked Kate if she had anything to say about Hailey and Kate just said Do YOU have anything to say about Hailey and they went back and forth saying that a few times.

    I love that scene when Kate comes home and Alexis says Hi Mommy, Hi Mommy, too. I also love the Colin dance after Kate yelled about the drawer knob. And I like when Hannah says Enjoy YOURSELF!

  117. I have lost a lot of respect for Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. I really liked his show on TLC and I've read several of his books. He's a smart, God-filled man.
    But recently, I've just been shaking my head when I see the man on TV and the internet. First, he released information about his sessions with Michael Jackson. Now, he's counseling Jon Gosselin in public. I have no problem with Jon getting counseling from the Rabbi, but for goodness sake, do it in private. I can't believe that this public spectacle is happening on Sunday, and that they're selling tickets for it (two for one, woo hoo!). This is just giving Jon more attention, which he claims he doesn't want. Either he's pulling the wool over the Rabbi's eyes by pretending to be repentant, or he really is nuts! As for Rabbi Shmuley... he should know better! For shame!

  118. Hi, Baby Mama! I think my post yesterday might have been purged with the trolls! Ok, I understand!
    I was just commenting how Hailey's interview seemed like a performance. Their goal seems to be to keep feeding the tabloids and tv tabloids with new events. Otherwise, they'll fade.
    If I were Hailey's parents, I would truly try to
    influence her to seek professional help. I realize that's close to impossible but would at least try.
    Jon's behavior will continue to disintegrate
    especially with having to deal with THE DC law
    firm. Any lawsuit can become stressful but when faced with the high-powered types from the other side, I just can't imagine. Some people have to hit bottom before waking up, and as many as you have said, he might have to lose everything until his eyes are really opened. For his sake and his children, I hope the realization is soon
    followed by support, the will, and strength for actions to match words.

  119. I saw last night at the end of Entertainment Tonight that Mary Hart seems to be interviewing Hailey next week- with Jon sitting in the corner watching. Then Mary decides that Hailey isn't being straight with her because Jon is sitting there and appears to call Jon out on that. I don't really watch ET (I was waiting for the show after it) so I'm not sure on the details, but it could be interesting. I think it's going to be another torpedo against Jon, personally. He looked downright creepy just watching her like that. Just keep digging, boy.

  120. Grainne Campbell,
    I believe those two people are Nana Joan and Terry. Joan was Jon's old babysitter when he was a kid.

    Around the 4:00 mark, you'll see them.

  121. Hopefully Nana Janet's funeral was peaceful for her family. I thought she was a special person with a great sense of humor. She certainly seemed to adore the Gosselin children.

    And I, for one am hoping that we see no paparazzi photos of it.

  122. Hello Everyone!

    I have an off-topic question... Does anyone have any information on the "Jon Gosselin Children's Foundation"? Does it really exist? Thanks!

    Happy Halloween!

  123. I hope that Hailey does not have future plans to become an actress. Her performance on The Insider was pathetic. She could barely put a coherent sentence together.

    If she is being emotionally abused by Jon her parents need to get her out of that situation. I know she is 22 but she seems to be a very young 22 and still pretty dependent on her parents. I know if she was my child Jon would have been long gone by now.

    I think since Jon is in breach of his contract with TLC, ET and TI are paying Jon through Hailey's appearance on the show. It was painful to watch. It was totally unbelievable.

  124. Something hit me this morning.

    Can't make sense of this?

    Ok - the Rabbi. Since he did a TLC show - isn't there a very good probability he is still under contract (to some degree) with TLC? He has been quoted as saying he is in negotiations with TLC for a new show?

    So - if the Rabbi is connected to TLC - and TLC is suing Jon......???

    Is it just me - or does anyone else question this new found counseling and friendship with the Rabbi Shmuley?

    I mean - of ALL the Jewish Rabbis out there (if Jon is indeed feeling he is now 50% Jewish) - WHY WHY WHY would he get involved with a Rabbi who has TLC in his pocket (or whom TLC has in THEIR pocket?)?

    I don't know much about this Rabbi except that he did talk about his sessions after the death of MJ - which I didn't exactly think was appropriate (thought he was exploiting the situation for TV face time?) - but -- I don't know. Something stinks to me.

  125. One more comment about the Hailey interview. I wonder how Jon will explain that to his kids when they are older? His quotes states that he supports Hailey in this interview. Then Hailey says Jon abuses her.


    I can't even begin to fathom how Cara and Maddy would deal with THIS if one of the kids at school brings it up? "My mom says your dads girlfriend is being abused by him...."

    Jon's supposedly BEEN in counseling with the Rabbi - so is he keeping secrets from the Rabbi, too? Surely the Rabbi wouldn't have suggested that Jon and Hailey do this last media stunt?

    So - if Jon and/or Hailey DO read here ----

    GOOGLE, Jon, GOOGLE..... That's what you said you were concerned about - and YOU SHOULD BE!

    It is now forever out there for your kids to hear over and over how you abused a woman.