Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dancing Without The Star! Still Watching?, Jon & Kate Together, Children Set For "Kate Plus 8"

Jon & Kate Gosselin Both At Pennsylvania Home Sunday: Radar.com
It was almost like the good old days of Jon & Kate Plus 8 -- almost. Jon and Kate Gosselin were both photographed Sunday at the Wernersville, Pennsylvania home they once shared. The reality TV mom, fresh off her stint on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, was snapped at a local supermarket stocking up on groceries before heading home. Jon, in the meantime, was at the house and seen playing with the kids and corralling their toys out of the garage. The two were not snapped together at any point throughout the day. Regarding the current custody controversy between the two, Jon Tweeted last week that he had fired his attorney Anthony List and that "Kate, her attorneys and I are moving forward to work out things privately and amicably."

Kate Gosselin Dances Off In Week Five. Will the Show Be The Same? USAPlayers.com

Week 5 of Dancing With The Stars brought some disappointing news for reality TV mom Kate Gosselin, as she and partner Tony were the next to be voted off DWTS. Tony and Kate certainly had some bright moments in the spotlight, but ultimately not entertaining enough to keep them there. For weeks now, Kate has been expected to be voted off the show at any given moment, but has lasted a lot longer than most viewers originally anticipated. Since the start of the season, Kate has shown much dedication in wanting to take her dancing skills or lack there of, to a new level, and while there was some improvement on her end, her partner Tony can take credit for making her performances bare able to watch.

Kate has been criticized for even accepting the invitation to be on the hit reality show Dancing With The Stars, saying that her time would be much better spent with her 8 small children. Seeing as how the divorce of Kate and Jon Gosselin has been made very public and there is little if any privacy among their personal matters, it is a well known fact that their financial situation has come into question many times, and that it very well may have been necessary for Kate to pick up this gig in order to care for her children financially. Who will be the next to go?

Gosselin kids get permits to work on mom's new show: CNN.Com

Kate Gosselin's eight children are cleared to work on their mom's newest reality TV show, "Kate Plus 8," according to a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. "Each child is individually permitted, and they need to be renewed every six months," said spokesman Troy Thompson. Pennsylvania labor officials recently decided that while the Gosselins violated the state's child labor law by not getting work permits for the kids for their original show -- "Jon & Kate Plus 8" -- no charges would be filed as long as they had permits for future shows. An agreement signed by Kate Gosselin's talent agency with state labor officials said she must get work permits for the children for any future TV work. Otherwise, the state could reopen the case and file charges for past offenses, according to the state letter released earlier this month. The Gosselins and show producers have said the children -- 9-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets -- did not need permits.

The state said their participation in the show was work. At least 15 percent of the money paid to the children must be put into an irrevocable trust account that can only be spent when the children turn 18, the state said. The state's Bureau of Labor Law Compliance concluded the kids were not mistreated during the taping of "Jon & Kate Plus 8." Although Jon and Kate Gosselin reached a child custody agreement last year when they divorced, he recently filed for a new court order. Jon Gosselin's filing contends that his ex-wife is placing her career efforts ahead of the children and that she is unfairly denying him time with them. She defended her busy show business schedule, which includes "Dancing with the Stars," her book tour and preparations for a new show on TLC. "I'm a working mom, I'm single and I have to provide for my kids," she said. "No pun intended, but the show must go on."


  1. BM I just missed commenting on your last post so I'll submit my comment on this one.

    The only problem with the fence idea is that you put up a 14 ft fence the paps get a 15 ft ladder. As long as the ladder is on public property where they already stand now it's perfectly legal and you've just spent thousands of dollars for nothing.

    Momsby... You can buy chex at Amazon.com

  2. Momsby stock up on Amazon.com! Thanks casey for the idea!

    I agree 100% the fence needs to be about 17 feet high. On at least a foot higher than the tallest ladder. That way the kids can enjoy their driveway in peace and people wont attack them for enjoying their property.

  3. I don't know... the fence.... ugh. That's far uglier than pavement in the backyard. If that were my option, I would just put up with the paps, I guess. And that seems to be what they've decided, too. I would still try from a legal angle to see what I could do. In doing a tiny bit of research, I guess in order to "protect the rights of ALL journalists", they can't prevent them from stalking them in public. However, privacy on your private property is a whole other issue. Think about it, how often do you see pics of celebs at their homes? I don't know -- maybe you do, but I don't buy/read the rags, so i don't know. And, "journalists" should be defined. Those photogs are NOT journalists, as they readily admitted.

    And since there is such an uproar over protecting celebrity children, why are the stalkarazzi allowed to film the G kids??? Everyone is so hyped up about making sure the G kids are treated fairly, getting the money distributed to accounts and having the decision whether or not they're filmed BUT who is sticking up for them from the stalkarazzi standpoint? Nobody!

    Wasn't there a lawyer posting on here before? What about this Protection from Harassment Act?

    I don't know -- I would imagine that they have plenty of people around them that could advise them in this area, so I'm obviously leading a charge that is worthless. All I know is that I'm not going to indulge, even if the impact is small. That's the same as people saying, "My one vote doesn't count."

  4. A fence is not the answer. There are costs to fame, privacy often takes a backseat to remain in the spotlight.

  5. Baby Mama - I like the top article - almost like old times.

  6. Momsby - walmart also has Chex mix online. If there is a store near you, you can request "site to store" shipping and you don't even have to pay shipping.

    I order most Christmas/birthday etc presents online. With the site-to-store option, I save a bundle in shipping. Some specialty foods I can only get online. I add these items in the next order from Amazon or Walmart.

    Hubby prefers to do grocery shopping (I think it's his escape lol) and it's a big help. If I put "weird" to him items (like Tahini paste) on the list he gets frustrated. So I just put those items on my online orders.

  7. On the fence......

    Our home in MD is in an area where each home has a decent amount of acreage - and NO HOA. You would THINK we could do whatever we wanted - but that's not the case. The county has VERY strict guidelines on fences - and any fence over 36" has to be approved and permits filed. You must submit the blueprint and design (color, style, etc). I can tell you that they would NOT approve a fence in the front area of our property because of the aesthetics. No way, no how. End of discussion. That could very well be the case for them in PA.

    I think it's 'convenient' in the front because it's out the door - onto the pavement where the kids can bounce balls, ride bikes, etc. In the back - if it opens to a patio and pool - it could be a good deal further from the house - and really inconvenient (for the kids especially). Unless they built another building out near that area - with a bathroom, sink, etc -- I can totally see the down side of just paving an area back there for the kids play area. I don't think it would stop the paps though - I think those guys go to extremes to find a way to get the pics -- and all it would do is make the PRICE they get paid higher - and make them more determined to find a way?

    Sad, really.

  8. And why wasn't the pap situation brought up by Jodi and Kevin in their pursuit to 'save the kids' from all things TV horrible?

  9. Wow, a 17 ft. fence, thst's funny. I forgot to mention this. As I was standing in line at Wal-Marts, yuck, I picked up a rag. mag. that had Kate on the cover. It was In Touch Weekly, I think, so this is not a quote. It told all about how lonely she is and depressed, very neg. Also, she stated that someone got past her security system and slashed her tire and that her car was park right outside the twins bedroom window. That surprised me, if its true.

    I always have thought dogs are better then those systems, there big barks can be perfect alarms and a good deterent to trespassers.

  10. If I think of the house correctly, I think the patio with the bbq is off of the kitchen? Maybe? That would be the perfect place for a paved area. And very convenient for sink/bathroom, etc.

  11. Look I am commenting two days in a row!!!! LOL

    Carrying over from the other post I think you are dead on with The Tori & Dean thing Baby Mama. It bugs me to no end how much other celebrities are criticized as much as Kate. I have seen people on the boards bashing Tori & Dean but not as publicly as Kate. I like T&D also but it's starting to get like Matt and Amy Roloff, a little too real. It feels redundant to watch them fight over and over. I know it's reality tv but sometimes it gets a little too real. Not something I'd want documented for all eternity. Felt the same about when all they'd show on JKplus8 is them fighting.

    Off topic: can you believe the the DAAA kicked Amy off the board over a soccer game? After all they have done for them???

  12. Craftymomof3~ this is a first..lol. I will def. remember this for the future if I ever say you don't comment anymore! ;)

    I do not watch Little People, but I do enjoy Amy. She seems really sweet. I used to watch Tori (Spelling) & Dean, but it got boring with the whole B&B thing. (Bed & Breakfast) Jon & Kate doing nothing, was just so much more entertaining. No nobody likes to see couples fighting, but it's a huge double standard.

  13. #1Caregiver re: the story on the slashed tires, was from the old house. Somebody slashed the tires on the van in the driveway, part of what pushed them toward moving, i.e. the need for more privacy/security. I think the rag mags picked up on the OLD story being rehashed, and misleadingly (intentionally) worded it so it sounded "new". JMO.

  14. Dancing Without The Star: Popeater.com

    Her high kicks left much to be desired, but TV mom Kate Gosselin brought another asset to this season of 'Dancing With the Stars' -- a reliable ratings boost. Sources tell me ABC execs are worried sick that viewers might change the channel since the ballroom's most controversial dancer has gone back to her brood.

    Kate Gosselin failed to impress the judges -- or the audience -- during her time on 'Dancing With the Stars,' but ABC knows Kate's clumsy moves were a sure ratings draw. "No doubt people were turning in each week to see what Kate would do next," an insider tells me. "If she wasn't fighting with her dance partner, Tony, she was fighting with the judges. Kate might be someone that we love to hate, but she is great TV."

    Nervous executives will be watching the numbers carefully this week to see if the show remains red hot without Kate. If it doesn't, may I suggest a recount?


  15. I watched DWTS! Crap I forgot to vote. Oh well...

  16. Tx Just Me for letting me know that was old news. I don't buy those mag., and didn't hear anything happening at the new house. Can't keep up!

  17. Yes, who is Tori and Dean? What is the name of their show? I have no idea of what you ladies are talking about. LOL? Clueless??

  18. I LOVE Tori and Dean: Home sweet Hollywood, I just watch a new episode last night and they had a scene bathing the kids. And Ijust thought now dont the haters say anything about that, probably wont see anything about it. Kate is special and even the haters know it :)

    I think they got the story about slashing the tires from Kates new book, she had it in there talking about how nessacary it was for them to move and how scared she was living so close to the road after that had happened.

    I did not watch DWTS last night, just had no intrest plus we had family movie night anyways so I didnt feel I missed anything.I am VERY curious to see what the ratings are after last night. I think Kate got enough people interested in watching that alot will watch the rest of the season.

  19. DWTS ratings went down slightly, about 800,000 less than last week. Still had over 20 million viewers:

    'Dancing' misses
    a step without Kate

    Hit ABC reality show averages a 4.3 in 18-49s

    By Toni Fitzgerald
    Apr 27, 2010

    Kate Gosselin sure couldn't dance, but she did draw viewers to "Dancing with the Stars." A week after the mom of eight was booted from ABC's hit reality show, its ratings fell, though it was still the night's No. 1 show.

    "Dancing" averaged a 4.3 adults 18-49 rating from 8 to 9:30 p.m., according to Nielsen overnights, off 9 percent from a 4.7 last Monday, when Gosselin danced in her final competition show.

    "Dancing" peaked with a 5.0 in its final half-hour and averaged 20.2 million total viewers, down 800,000 from last week.

    Gosselin was definitely a draw among the young adults who made her now-canceled TLC show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" a hit.

    "J&K" ended last year after Jon and Kate divorced, but Kate has two more shows upcoming on TLC, one a series of specials about her and the kids, and one in which she pops in on struggling families to offer them help.

    Meanwhile, also on ABC last night, the new sitcom "Romantically Challenged" averaged a 2.7 in its second outing, off 13 percent from its debut.

    Fox was first for the night among 18-49s with a 3.5 average overnight rating and a 10 share. ABC was second at 3.3/9, CBS third at 2.4/7, NBC fourth at 1.7/5, Univision fifth at 1.5/4 and CW sixth at 1.1/3.

    As a reminder, all ratings are based on live-plus-same-day DVR playback. Seven-day DVR data won’t be available for several weeks. Thirty-six percent of Nielsen households have DVRs.

    Fox began the night in the lead with a 4.1 rating at 8 p.m. for “House,” followed closely by ABC with a 4.0 for “Dancing.” NBC was third with a 2.1 for “Chuck,” CBS fourth with a 2.0 for a repeat of “How I Met Your Mother” and a new “Rules of Engagement,” (2.4), Univision fifth with a 1.6 for “Hasta que el Dinero Nos Separe” and CW sixth with a 1.0 for “One Tree Hill.”

    ABC took the lead at 9 p.m. with a 3.9 for the last half hour of “Dancing” (5.0) and “Romantically” (2.7), while CBS moved to second with a 3.2 for repeats of “Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory.” Fox was third with a 2.8 for “24,” Univision fourth with a 1.9 for more “Dinero,” NBC fifth with a 1.6 for “Trauma” and CW sixth with a 1.1 for “Gossip Girl.”

    At 10 p.m. ABC and CBS tied for first at 2.0, ABC for a repeat of “Castle” and CBS for a “CSI: Miami” rerun. NBC was third with a 1.5 for a repeat of “Law & Order” and Univision fourth with a 1.1 for “Cristina.”

    Among households, ABC led the night with a 9.5 average overnight rating and a 15 share. Fox was second at 6.1/9, CBS third at 5.1/8, NBC fourth at 3.4/5, Univision fifth at 2.0/3 and CW sixth at 1.3/2.


  20. Tori Spelling "Home Sweet Holliwood" on Oxygen. If you Goggle it you will see how her kids are such a big part of the show and it's appeal.

  21. Tori and Dean: Tori Spelling and her husband Dean. She is Aaron Spelling's daughter. She was Donna on Beverly Hills 90210, the tv show. She has a reality show (that I don't watch).

  22. Dancing With The Stars last night was off just slightly in the ratings in the wake of Kate Gosselin's departure, reports USA TODAY's Gary Levin. The show pulled in 20.2 million last night vs. 21.1 million last week, according to preliminary Nielsen numbers.


  23. #1caregiver...
    The show is called Tori and Dean: Home sweet Hollywood.
    Its about Tori Spelling and her husband Dean Mcdermott and thier 2 children Laim and Stella. The show is on the Oxygen channel.

  24. Sorry SG, lol we did it at the same time.

  25. Woohooo down 800,000 viewers, I dont know if thats a huge difference when it comes to rating as I dont know much about it. BUt to me thats pretty good. GO KATE!!

  26. Katherine Denise,

    LOL! Great minds...

    800,000 is 4% of 20 million. So the ratings went down 4%. I'm not sure if that's good or not. I think they would have to compare the ratings for a few weeks to know for sure if it was because Kate was gone. IMO.

  27. I'm sure that a lot of the Kate viewers got hooked to the rest of the DWTS season but the ratings for next season will be even more telling.

  28. The only reason I was watching DWTS was because of Kate, so I did not tune in last night.
    Maybe I'm the only crazy one who thinks that Kate wasn't "officially" voted off... conspiracy maybe? hehe

    I recently ordered the 5th season of JK+8 and it makes me sad. Only a year ago this was going on. Even when I was watching the 4th season, I could tell something was going on between them... especially after everything went on!
    I hope Kate goes on a book tour to Chicago this summer... I'm anxious to see her again!!

    As for Jon, I kinda feel sorry for him. After seeing him emerge into the media, he looks drained and depressed. I do wish the best for him. He still is the kids father, and they deserve the Jon(father) he used to be.

  29. I'm confused.

    Nielsen overnight ratings for Monday, April 26, 2010:

    9:00 ABC Dancing With the Stars 5.0/13 21.94

    So it was almost 22 million viewers at the 9pm time slot. It actually went up from the 21.1 from last week?

    The rest of the ratings per hour are here:


  30. Nielsen overnight ratings for Monday, April 26, 2010:

    Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)

    8:00 FOX House 4.1/12 10.62
    ABC Dancing With the Stars 4.0/11 19.30

    Seems like people watched House at 8pm and switched over to DWTS at 9pm because the ratings were higher at 9pm.

    I DVRd it and started watching it around 10:15pm. It says DVRd watchers are included but I'm not sure for what time slot.

  31. I read that 'Kate Plus 8' will start in June and 'Twist of Kate' will start in Sept.

  32. So I guess they didn't have to worry a out losing the draw of the show! Kate made that show and it sucked last night without her. I think Pam is next. Even though she looked great as a brunette, that wig wad a hot tranny mess!

    I do wonder if those numbers are accurate though!

  33. It looks like the numbers are varied according to the time they are logged, even by half hour increments.

  34. I agree Baby Mama HUGE double standard. I dvr'd DWTS last night. Haven't watched it yet. Shows how interested I am huh? I am usually a huge DWTS fan but this season has left me ambivalent,especially since now Kate is gone.

    I reread my post from this morning and I meant to type how other celebrities aren't critiqued as much as Kate. See what happens when I type before I've had coffee! :)

  35. I guess Kate no longer hates the paps. She talks to them again:


  36. I had no intention of watching DWTS but watched. It's the first season I ever watched and it was only because of Kate. I clicked back and forth though 'cause it didn't hold my attention.

    I am happy that Kate + 8 will actually happen. I've been off the computer so much that I didn't realize it would. Happy to know that it is cleared to go! Miss the kids.

    How about Bret Michaels? 47 years old! Does anyone else make a connection between his getting hit on the head with the Grammy awards backdrop and a brain bleed? I hope he will be okay!

  37. SG, maybe she realized if she starts talking they will stop putting untrue stories out there and more her own words. Which I think is really smart IMO if thats what shes doing.

  38. Maks from DWTS blogged about Kate:

    Kate left this week, and honestly, I thinkthat Kate left because at the end of the day it just seemed as though she wasn't able to really let loose and enjoy herself. Tony is a great teacher, one of the best in country. When he's not on the show he's in demand all around the country to teach students. He did his best with Kate and tried to get the best out of her and unfortunately it just didn't work. Dancing with the Stars is more than just a dance competition. It's a chance for celebrities to come out of their shells in a completely foreign area andunfortunately it just seemed like Kate stayed in her shell and resisted Tony's attempts to get the best out of her in his own way. She may never have been the best dancer on the show but she could have had the best time out of anyone. I hope that she looks back on herexperience and realizes that shegot theopportunity to learn the best sport from one of the best in the business.

    When I was 14 and came to the U.S. and didn't speak a word of English, I realized one thing this country's amazing. It gives you a billion and one opportunities. One thing I never wanted is to have to do something that I didn't like. Let's not exaggerate the word "like" because we all have to do things we don't want sometimes because that's called life. But if I've already achieved certain things in my life, my goal is to work and work in the industry and have a job that I love and enjoy. It can be hard and physically and mentally consuming that's OK because I'm a hard worker. But I would never want to work on something that's not enjoyable. If my celebrity partner told me she didn't care and to just do whatever made me happy, she would've lost me as a person, as a friend and someone who gave a crap about her staying on this show. Even if I don't physically quit, I would quit mentally and you don't want me to quit mentally.

    If I sound like I'm complaining and unhappy or whatever, I'm not. This is just my opinion. I'm very happy with life. Like I said, I have a different approach this season and I'm having a lot of fun on the show and off of it. There's lots of stuff going on, lots of opportunities popping up that I'm honored to do. Everyone and everything back home is doing well Dance with Me SoHo is thriving and I'm working hard and enjoying it all. Life is good.

    That's all for now. Thanks for reading!



  39. KD,

    I actually have no idea why she is now talking to them. Or why she refused to even acknowledge them for the past year and a half.

    I personally think being on DWTS made her realize that the paps follow a lot of stars and ask them questions when they are doing shows like that. She seemed to start acknowledging them once she started on DWTS and went to a few premieres like the Discovery one, etc. Maybe she realized that once you're on tv it is just a part of life... celebrity life that is.

    I actually never thought there was anything wrong with Jon acknowledging the paps and answering some questions... depending on what they were. I think it does make sense to get your view across to people and may as well use the paps for it.

  40. I also think that it's odd that Kate's suddenly talking to the paparazzi. I was amazed that she held out for so long without saying a word to them... I certainly would not be able to do that! I agree Katherine Denise, that maybe she thought that if she gave them something to write about, they wouldn't have to make things up.
    They only down side is that it encourages that paparazzi to follow her even more. (IMO) And on top of all the talk here about the fence and privacy issues, that probably wouldn't be a good thing.

  41. A few times paps can work in your favor but I'm afraid that if you give them an inch, they'll keep trying to take a mile. As long as there's so much intense interest in Kate they'll keep coming around. There are times when she needs to ask for some space and if they don't give it, they'll need to be pushed back.

  42. Oh wow, I just looked over my post and I used "that" WAY too many times! Sorry! :)

  43. Well said, Lucysmom. I agree!

  44. ... Like bees to honey, they'll keep swarming around it. Make the wrong move and they can sting big time. Be careful, Kate.

  45. Well the good thing is there is no longer a custody battle between Jon and Kate. The new shows don't start until June also. Maybe there won't be anything of interest until then for them to follow.

    I hope they don't create some kind of new drama just to keep them in the headlines. They may lose viewers for their new show if people lose interest in them in the next couple of months. I don't mean lose the Kate fans, but others that just tune in because of all the drama...

  46. I didn't bother watching DWTS this week. I only watched for Kate anyway. It takes up waaayyyy too much time to watch it, esp. when I already devote 2 hours a week to The Biggest Loser!! lol

    Haven't gotten Kate's book yet, been a little tight lately, but thinking I may get it this weekend.And Chelsea Handler's new book. I love her, she's hysterical. (Even though she's negative toward Kate!) I still think she's funny.

  47. Lol rita! You're so funny. I didn't even notice all the "thats" when I read it. I went back to see what you were talking about... I think you could have left out all of the thats and it still would have made sense! Too funny. ;)

  48. SG- Yeah, too bad I realized after I posted it! I've been moving slow today. LOL!

  49. Baby Mama, Your site was mentioned in a lovely article in non other than NewsWeek!!! Congratulations, our positive energy is being noticed ladies, let's keep it up.
    P.S. Thanks for all the Chex info friends, just one question...before I order a wack do kids like it in the non-MM form?

  50. momsby~ omg that's so cool, let me know if you could get me a link where I can see it! We are craving Monkey Munch and will be getting Chex mix tomorrow...!

  51. Not to butt in but here it is!


  52. Remember I'm a techno-twit so her it goes...NewsWeek.com -Kate v.s. The Haters. You'll notice only 2 sites were mentioned...What's that sound oh it's the hater's head's exploding.:)

  53. SG said - I hope they don't create some kind of new drama just to keep them in the headlines. They may lose viewers for their new show if people lose interest in them in the next couple of months. I don't mean lose the Kate fans, but others that just tune in because of all the drama...


    I completely agree. I get frustrated when news is "created" just to keep a name front and center. It would be great not to hear anything until a few weeks before the program starts.

  54. Congratulations, BabyMama, for being recognized. Goes to show you how much your loyalty and hard work continues to pay off.

  55. Thanks SITC,
    That's not butting in at all..your link was much clearer than my lame attempts.

  56. I really think that Kate being on DWTS and getting to know some of the other celebrities has helped her feel less threatened by paparazzi. Maybe they have suggested her to talk to them in certain situations so they will leave her alone in others like when she is with her kids. I am glad to see her more relaxed. I can understand not being ready to watch last night, I wouldn't have been either.

  57. Congrats on being recognized Baby Mama and whoo hoo Momsby was quoted too! you girls rock. :)

  58. Wooohooo Baby Mama, Congratz goes to show you do a very good job here :)

  59. Ohhh I didnt even see momby, Yayy girl ^5

  60. OMG! Baby Mama! Congratulations in the mention in the Newsweek article! Very cool! You too Momsby!

    Aside from that I thought the article was crap. Lol.

    Funny how she calls everyone who isn't a fan a Hater and basically says they are jealous because Kate is no longer frumpy. She didn't mention the biggest and mainest (yes I know it's not a word but it flowed better) argument is the child exploitation.

    Seems to me she only reads the fan blogs and drew conclusions on the Haters thoughts based in their interpretations.

    I'm in my BlackBerry... Too much to type.

    But Congrats again.

  61. My darn BlackBerry keeps switching my "on" to "in". Sorry.

  62. Funny how she calls everyone who isn't a fan a Hater and basically says they are jealous because Kate is no longer frumpy. She didn't mention the biggest and mainest (yes I know it's not a word but it flowed better) argument is the child exploitation.


    The problem is if you go and take a look at a number of the anti-Kate sites on any given day, there are far more posts commenting on Kate's figure, clothes, hair, financial situation, etc. than there are on the children being exploited. One day, I went to three of the more prominent anti-Kate sites and did a little survey. Fewer than 10% of the posts had anything to do with child exploitation. So if the author of that article researched the sites on the same kind of day I did, it is natural conclusion to think it is about anything but the children.

    Also since the word "hate" or "Khate" comes up in many of the user names and posts, it is easy to see how some one who does some research on the Kate phenomenon would use the word "haters."

  63. PAR,
    That could be because I don't know all the hate sites. Good points though... I just think she could have done a lot more research. She came across as biased. IMO.

  64. SG I also think your a "rare breed" if you will. I dont mean that in a bad way, just that I think for the most part its either one extreme or the other. Not very many who hang out in the middle like you.

  65. Yes PAR but if you look at THIS site on any given day, and do an informal survey, you may think it's all about Disney World.
    LOL I kid!
    Seriously I think there are two sides to the issue.

    I couldn't find the article in Newsweek :(
    But I did highly enjoy the article about "Tea Partiers" being 25% more racially resentful. Ya think? LOL

    ---Linda in Minnetrista

  66. Congrats on being mentioned in the article Baby Mama and Momsby!

  67. LOL Linda! Did someone slip something in your tea tonight?
    The article is posted above by Set in the Cleft (what the heck does that mean anyway? And no, I shouldn't talk).

  68. http://www.newsweek.com/id/236931

    For Linda.

  69. SG,
    I've honestly looked to try & find a site that debated the issues of child exploitation in a sensible, & intellegent manner. I'm with Par, I think the author saw what we did. To be honoust BM & IW are the only place's that I have seen regular poster's who are truly adovocating for the Gosselin children. I'm sure they may be on some of the "hater sites" but when 10 post's to 1 are gossip & malicious innuendo or contain comment's about Kates appearance or conspiracy theories about TLC. Those poster's are not going to be noticed. Perhap's maybe this will inspire more to post at the kinder sites where debate is encouraged rather than attack.

  70. Yes KD... after they made me they broke the mold. ;) Actually I've noticed a few, maybe a handful, that I find that post similar to me. My biggest pet peeve on the blogs is intolerance of a different opinion or being dismissive of someone else's opinion, like when someone says Oh go back to worshipping Kate at your blog... Or go back to bashing Kate at your blog, if the person is respectful and making a reasonable point. JMO.

  71. honest...I really must remember to proof read, I'm terrible for writing & posting in a hurry.

  72. Schmecky & others

    Actually , The person writing right now is the Linda who frequently posts here. The Linda who posted several people above is a different Linda. No offense to other Linda, but I'm glad she put "Linda in Minnestra" (sp). I think it has something to do with how you sign into blogger.

    There are, a lot of Linda's in the world, lol. I had three in my first grade class alone. Two Lindas in my hometown and both of us had the same last name. Getting married the first time didn't even help. When we lived in both NY and Chicago there was more than one with same first and last name. Second marriage didn't help either. In FL there were two and for a while we went to the same physician. Moving to NC didn't help either. There are more than 16 in NC. In the town where I live now there are two and our husband's have the same first name! (The have different middle names, thank goodness.)

    And my name isn't even Smith or Jones.

    Oh well. Since I've had an opportunity to experience some really "good" folks here, I'm thankful. I've had a dose or two of the ignorant haters also and I'm not to thankful for that, lol.

    Congrats to Baby Mama in the Newsweek article. I'm thankful she is a responsible moderator. She tries hard to allow both "sides" to speak while using her poopy scooper to oust the haters. (For the record, I label "haters" as those who are vile about everybody who does not agree with them.)

  73. Momsby...
    I think you get all kinds at some sites. I tried IW once. I asked some questions that I thought were reasonable and they didn't appreciate it. I actually was intrigued by their post and thought if it was proven to be legit it could argue a lot of the "haters" positions regarding Kate and her family. They didn't feel a need to "prove anything" to me. I guess they wanted a new reader to take their word for it. I tried researching it in my own and didn't find anything that supported their "source" as genuine. It would have been nice if they hadn't taken my questions as confrontational. I was actually interested in finding out the truth. I won't go back there.

  74. Meant to type "too" and not "to" in one sentence. I do "hate" these keyboards that try to auto correct and change words like "in" and "on". We do agree on that perspective, Schmecky! I'd never call you a hater. I'd call you a "non fan."

  75. TWO Lindas!?!?!?! On one blog?!?! There should be some kind of law! Aren't you impressed I noticed there was something amiss with our Linda? LOL.

    Okay... So I will try to pay attention in case she doesn't always sign it.

  76. SG I too saw your questions on IW and I am very computer illiterate my first thought was how would they prove something like that?? I mean I would have no idea how one would go about doing that. What would they have to do that you would believe that is who they say they are and why didnt you beleive them? Sorry so many questions but I was really curious about that.

  77. CONGRATS BABY MAMA! SG, thanks for posting the link again. There are so many posts now that I can't keep up with them all. !!

  78. Hey Schmeck... Glad you asked :) Check out Exodus 33:22.

    Also, I saw your question on IW. Why don't you think the FB account is legit? Seems like it is. I mean, I understand why a person would be skeptical but with the seemingly pure motives of those monitoring it, what would be the purpose of making it all up? I'm sure that if you did enough research, you could find out if it was true. However, it would be pretty funny is someone "got over" on us all!

    PAR, I think you were spot on with your post. Schmecky, come on... you don't see the hate? It doesn't take knowing ALL the hate sites. One trip to GWOP, TLC, and any of those links to news on the Gosselins are filled with hateful attacks.

    Momsby - kudos to your mention in the article! And any blog/site/news-source posting the articles of the trash rags are not truly advocating the children in the true sense. It's one thing to blast the parents but being a threat to safety and privacy of the children is uncalled for, which is what the stalkarazzi does. One site actually went to the trouble of interpreting the body language of the children at the airport in one of the stalkarazzi photos. Ridiculous! That so-called body language was directed to those taking the pics, I'm sure!

    Anyway, time to get off my soap-box again.

    On a lighter note, who here has multiples?

  79. More than once in this thread a different Linda has posted. At least twice we have posted right after each other. Blogger couldn't explain it. Google doesn't give you an answer. I'm convinced that it is:
    1. Another Linda who could be a nice person.
    2. The cyber hater who is trying to drive me nuts.

    I know the post goes up and it is as if they are trying to get me to respond.

    I'm never quite sure what's coming next. I can tell you, for now, click in the name. That will take you to Blogger profile. Mine says United States. There's says "no profile available." Probably they will now change their's again.

    Strange that I get a copy of all the posts except for that other Linda's. Makes you go hmmmm.

  80. KD,
    There are soooooooo many fake Facebook and Twitter accounts out there. People pretending to be celebrities and, especially with the Gosselins, people pretending they know them, etc.

    For ex. I knew Jon's and Hailey's Twitters were real because he wrote it in his site. I knew Kate Major and Lohan's were real from various media articles etc. I would never believe they were for real based in pictures or just their word.

    I wondered if a reliable source had verified that Facebook page as legit. If so which one? Of not, how did they know it was real. I don't think it's an unfair question.

  81. KD,

    There are lots of ways to confirm things like that. The easiest being that a person who knows the people in question is one of the moderators of the blog. Another being that if the people involved contact one of the moderators and provide enough verifiable information to "prove" their identify.

  82. What is a fan, spectator, hater, or fanatic. A fan supports, a spectator observes, a hater is cynical of the person, and a fanatic is an enthusiast. All have varying degrees. What works so well for this site is that BM allows all types and levels of bloggers come and discuss their perspective respectfully. This is the difference from some of the other sites in that differing perspectives are not tolerated or validated. When someone's perspective goes to the extreme, BM pulls them back to the middle. Way to go BM in being acknowledged for your hard work in creating a site for open discussion.

  83. Oh its totally not an unfair question, they are thousands of fakes all over the place, twitter, facebook, etc. I thought you were questioning the article written to IW from Kate's sister. I thought you didnt believe that Kate's sister and mother wrote that or supported her. That makes more sence.

  84. In reference to my type of blogger post, there is also skeptic, someone who is doubting.

  85. Hello everyone! Went to see Rock of Ages and it was fantastic! Had a very busy day with my daughter as well. Glad to see that the night has been peacefull and relatively hater free tonight..

    Loved to see the article mentioning me. Never happy to see rip-off sites being linked above me that started 2 months ago and made to appear like its better than mine and been here for ages! Yes I said it! I must reign surpreme! I take my site very seriously! All must bow before mine! I kid. I kid..I am thrilled that there are more postive Kate sites out there. Not happy that they take their love of Kate by copying and pasting from here.

    Momsby I am beyond thrilled that you were mentioned. Good for you! I hope that more of these articles can come out like this in the future. It's great to show people that there are fan sites out there for everyone and they can go there and meet some really fantasic people!

  86. Linda,

    It's a blog on the Newsweek site:


  87. http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/marc_malkin/b178274_dancings_evan_lysacek_we_all_miss_kate.html

    Looks like Kate did make it out to Stars On Ice Friday night. I won't copy the entire article since it's mostly about Evan but sounds like he and Kate are really close. I could see them getting along well--they seem to have simialr personalities.

  88. Congrats to BM and Momsby! Nice to be noticed, right, and in a Newsweek blog too :)

  89. Yayyy Heather you got your wish, I am so glad she got to go :) Just goes to show she does alot more with the kids then some think. Just because she wasnt photographed doesnt mean she doesnt do it. And that goes for the shows as well, shows are edited so you see what they want you to see, not necessarily how it happened.

  90. Congrats Baby Mama! Well deserved recognition:) Have you gotten my tweets by the way? I've sent several.

    For those of you interested, the Disney Dooney bags are now available online. Just go to www.disneyparks.com and click on Store. There should be a banner ad. Unfortunately only 6 bags are online--there are 2-3 more designs and other sizes if you go to the parks. I have a medium size version of the black bag so slightly smaller than the one shown.

  91. Oh great, Linda! Now we have to click on the Blogger icon to figure out if it's really you or not! :D Didn't you have a picture up before as your icon? If not, maybe you should now!

  92. Actually the E! article doesn't mention the kids so I am curious if Jon had custody Friday and Kate went alone...oh well guess we'll never know. Hope Kate enjoyed the show!

    The Ann Taylor bag in the top photo makes me want to go there LOL.

  93. SG,
    IW, exposed the PM hoax, perhap's it was noticed by G family member's. Maybe, that is why they contacted them when they wanted to go public? I really do not think that they would ever post anything they had not checked out.

  94. Wow Linda! Now that is weird! Maybe you are schizo and don't even know it! ;)

    Set in Cleft... I will check that out. Maybe I wasn't clear but I don't see the mean hate because I don't go to GWOP and I don't read the comments in articles. I only go here and one other site that I personally don't consider a "hate" site. Yes some hateful comments do slip in but I think that's at most sites. I have posted at others in the past and when I didn't like the direction they were going in I stopped posting there.

    Baby Mama, I'm sure if you left this one post up for a week you'd get 500 comments in it too. 400 of them may be from me and Linda's alter ego though. Lol.

  95. Heather~ I'm looking and I dont see any of your tweets. I usually try to respond but the last 2 days have been busy..E-mail me or privately Tweet me so I can see your screen name and follow you.. ;)

    Linda in Minnetrista~ I appreciate the fact that you explained who you are because we do have another Linda here. We would greatly appreciate if you do not want to understandably change your screen name, to let us know who you are as to not confuse us! Thanks

    Yes I have the Disney Dooney Bag and I really want the Cruise one but I think you can only get those on the ships. Will check the site you sent me though thanks!!

  96. I'm confused what is the PM hoax and how do others know about it?

  97. Okay, fine... I'll believe you, Schmeck :) And you HAVE to tell me what you think SITC means after you look it up, promise??

    Uh-oh, I think we are going to be the last posts allowed... it's almost at 100! Okay, BM, you're gonna have to put up another post!! No pressure! :D

  98. Momsby,
    I understand your point but I had never been there before so I knew basically nothing about the site. They could have just replied with a simple answer and not gotten defensive.

  99. IW also carried a two part interview with Jon in the past. I don't post there but did go to read the interview way back when Baby Mama referenced it here.

    Sorry for confusion about the Linda. I don't know what to do about it at this point except to say, if you have a question, check the profile. I'm still trying to figure out a solution. Yes I used a photo until a grainy copy appeared on another blog. Then I used the rose. I'm looking for something difficult to copy. I'm open to suggestions.

    I will say that I never believed in conspiracy theories either until being attacked at Amazon and finding out there was a whole discussion group put together before the release of Kate's book. Reading them is sickening. Some of the haters who try to post here are quite active there. Notice I said haters and did not say "non fans." Getting through to Google, Blogger, and some others is not for the faint of heart.

    Amazon is quite responsive, particularly after supplying documenting posts, etc. Hate can spread like wildfire given anonymity. The wheels of justice are slow because everything must be checked and rechecked - and rightfully so! First Amendment rights are important too. Defamation, outright lying, etc isn't legal though and can be prosecuted. It's just slow and expensive.

    Off my soapbox for now. There were some upsetting things today that I will not dignify by stating here. I did send Baby Mama photos. So she does know.

    If she deletes this, I understand. She knows why I'm writing it.

  100. the only thing I've gathered from the PM PennMommy saga is someone supposedly pretended to know Kate and have inside info and she was supposedly exposed as a fraud. I think what outed her was her IP address said California yet she claimed to he from Pennsylvania. Is that it? What else exposed her as a fraud? My IP address comes up as Canada and I live nowhere near there. IP addresses are based in your internet service provider.

  101. Fascinated,
    But Fan is just short for Fanatic!

  102. Linda,
    Oh that was the blog that interviewed Jon? I read the first interview when Baby Mama posted it here.

  103. Schmecky - Yes, that was the blog. When a source is cited, I go there and read the original. Even if it is Baby Mama who posts it.

  104. Call me crazy, but is it wrong for me to get hyped up about all the crazy stuff going on for me at this site lately?

    I have been around the Gosselin block for 2 years now. First I get harassed from the haters over at GWOP, then nuts from kooky Moon's site. I finally think I'm getting a rest & here comes Just Wondering and psychos from RWA. I call her out, tell her to stay with the mold over the bridge and she keeps coming back. Obsessed with my site.

    Next I finally get excited about a postive Kate news article and I come to find that first before my own site is a complete rip-off blog that has only been around for like 2 months. Literally copying and pasting from my site.

    Last but not least my poor Linda, who has been through enough this week is scratching her head wondering why she has a split personality! Linda in Minnetrista I'm happy to have you here. But if you don't want to change your screen name you will need to identify yourself like you did so we know who we are talking to....

    Anyway, so that we are clear, I'm lucky that I'm a strong kick ass woman to be able to not rip my hair out as I slowly move away from the computer...Glad that I had a good day today or I would be screaming right now! lol

  105. Bottom line, if you go to any hate site they will proudly admit that they are the ones on Amazon trying to flood the site with bogus comments. The trolls are all too happy to post links "showing you" what they posted. So I'm happy to have Linda dealing with Amazon so that they are aware of the situation and are addressing it. Who would think that they are like termites looking to attack any venue they could to hurt this womans book sale. Because heaven forbid shes rich and they are not.

    As far as the Kreiders and wether or not they are on Facebook, who knows. Wether or not it is them actually supporting Kate, we can only hope it's true. But nowadays when its so easy to be bogus on the web, esp. Facebook, I guess everyone will have their own opinons.

  106. Set in the Cleft,
    Done! I have to tell you what the scripture means or what it means as your name? I thought the scripture was self explanatory when read in context.

    It reminded me of watching Charleton Heston in The Ten Commandments.

  107. BabyMama and Linda, that is soooooooooo cool!! Way to go, good job!!

  108. hang in there baby mama! Hopefully today will be better in Gosselin land and people will actually give you a break for today.

    btw- my daughter was so jealous you got to go last night. she asked me if we could move back east so she can actually see these things. no one she want to see is ever in the midwest :(

  109. craftymomof3~Last night was so great because I got to bond with my daughter and have a blast. She was so excited, and the pics with her and Miranda were so sweet & cute. We also made a few new friends. The things we do for our kids!

    GOOD MORNING Ladies! I have a new post up! Fresh paper for us to chat on!