Friday, April 30, 2010

Kate Back To Being A TV Mom, Jon Gets New Lawyer & New Girlfriend

Kate Gosselin Back To The Grind! She's getting back into the grind of everyday life following her stint on Dancing With The Stars, which ended when she was voted off two weeks ago. Kate was back to doing what she does, and loves best, mommy duty – picking up her adorable kids from the school bus on Friday. Caring for eight kids looks like as much work as her grueling dance schedule was – as Kate loaded the kids into the van they were all begging for snacks, let’s hope Kate is planning on an early dinner!
 And there’s no rest for a working mom – earlier in the day a harried looking Kate was seen running errands in Reading, Pennsylvania, stopping at the local crafts store, the UPS store and the dry cleaners. As if that wasn’t enough to tire out any mere mortal, the super-mom ended her day by taking the twins, Cara and Maddy to the doctors. Phew! We’re exhausted just watching Kate go about her day!

 Kate Back To Being A TV Mom: (photo INF)

They’re back! Kate Gosselin and the kids are returning to a TV near you and caught up with them Thursday as TLC started filming new reality tv episode. Life has returned to normal – normal for the Gosselin kids, who have grown up on TV. TLC recently announced that it will air a series of specials of Kate Plus 8 and is also doing a new show with Kate. Jon has given the network permission to film the children again, after revoking it. On Thursday the camera crew followed Kate and the kids at their Wernersville, PA home. And Kate, looked a bit frazzled at times.

Jon meanwhile has moved out of his brother’s place and into his own apartment. He will not be a part of the reality specials or Kate’s new show. He is, however, still drawing a paycheck from the network and that seems to have calmed him. When his last attorney began attacking Kate in the press, Jon fired him. As reported exclusively Thursday, Jon has hired a new lawyer but has also said he wants to works things out amicably with Kate.

Jon Gosselin Debuts New Girlfriend:

Jon Gosselin made his first public outing with his new arm candy. On April 29, Jon showed up at the Greene Turtle bar in Frederick, Md., with his new girlfriend, Ellen Ross, a 23-year-old brunette who works for the Pennsylvania government. “They’ve only been dating a few weeks now. They met through a mutual friend who works for the government,” a close friend of Jon’s tells Star. “They were at the Green Turtle bar to support a fundraiser for a local soccer team that Jon’s brother coaches.

“They were set up on a date by their friend. They met at a local coffee shop near Reading, Pa., for their first date. Jon was instantly attracted to her and says she’s sexy, funny, and smart. Ellen’s very down-to-earth and just fun to be around. She’s not a fame seeker and Jon really digs that about her.” The friend says that Jon’s taking it one day at a time and just having fun. “Jon’s taking this one slowly. He’s very into Ellen and finds it much easier to date someone who’s also from Pennsylvania and lives near his kids. He’s hoping this one works out!”


  1. Linda "Original" said...

    We've talked a lot here about Disney. I need different info. Has anybody here been to one of the Great Wolf Lodge resorts? Williamsburg, or Poconos, or Ohio? April 30, 2010 10:11 PM

    Ahh what a great way to start my fresh smelling paper! Great Wolf Lodge is a bit pricey but absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend it. I was concerned about the kids being bored but the indoor pool alone we had to rip them away!

  2. I know a lot of families who've done GWL in Niagra Falls..they all had a blast. We are waiting till the little girls are a little bit older to go. Maybe this summer..
    So that really is Jon's new girl? Does that mean P Hilton was actually posting a real FB conversation...Good Grief.

  3. Yeah, I was kinda like.. "should I post it on this site? Is it appropriate?" But people are foaming at the mouth to see her, so whatever. I give her 4 months.. 6 if she has parents that will let him move in ;)

  4. Yeah I agree with BM, we went to Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio and it was awesome. The girls are still begging to go back. The rooms are AMAZING, like a log cabin feel, the kids lay in thier bunk beds and play video games and a quiet corner with a fireplace for the parents :)

  5. I guess that was short-lived Jon. Are you stuck in one age range?

    Oh well maybe this one's the charm.

    I really do need to set up a blog on keeping up with Jon like the weather channel! Sorry Schmecky, no pun intended, but I really can't keep up any more with which girlfriend or attorney.

    Trying to think of something positive....

    This one lives in PA!

  6. Ohhh just when I thought Jon finally may be getting it together...ugh I give up. Good grief!!! I like the part where they say shes not a fame seeker, pfft HA! yeah ok.Oh and also "He’s hoping this one works out!” WHAT?!? REALLY?!? l

  7. Thanks for the feedback on GWL. Much appreciated from all

  8. Linda, we have gone to the one in Williamsburg, it can be pricey, but was fun. We only stayed 1 night but, they let you use the water park for the remainder of your check out day. They also have "Magic Quest", we've done the "Magic Quest" in Myrtle Beach and my son (was 7 at the time and is 9 now)loved it. I think if you sign up for their email they will send you info when they are having specials.

  9. Hailey has spoken to me on Twitter. I did say I was sorry for my posts and making her out to be well, worse than who she really is. Why do people get stuck in these Jon Gosselin messes? Don't even get me started on Kate Major. You think they learn and then they get engaged to Michael Lohan.. Good Grief.

  10. Why does Jon continually keep dating these young "girls"???? Is he afraid of being alone? He keeps jumping from relationship to, relationship...

  11. I need to also clarify something since Hailey reads here. I was on your side until you started to wrestle on budget Pay-per-view and fight to legalize pot. Then you lost me again.

  12. My SIL works for Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA. She said all lodges are the same. Killer indoor waterpark, magiquest (which is like a scavenger hunt type game), spa, food court. Kids love it we went there for our anniversary and had a great time. Its for kids of all ages!!! Have fun when you go!

  13. again with a 23 year old? What ever. He definitely has a type huh?

    Anyways.....can't wait to see the specials.

    There is a great park in Lake Geneva WI called Timber Ridge. My kids love it and it's close enough that you can ride the big boat around the lake. Very pretty.

  14. Thank you Sheryl~ We are a great bunch so feel free to stick around :)

  15. I hope the kids don't have to see pictures like that of their Dad and if those are his friends I'd hate to meet his enemies. I just hope the Pennsylvania residence doesn't entitle her to stop in with the kids.
    Did anybody see those pictures of kids ballroom dancint that Tony tweeted.

  16. Lol! Don't apologize to me... I'm sick of seeing Jon with all these young girls too. I'm not sure what they see in him. He's a nice guy... Sometimes funny... Good with his kids... If you ignore exploiting them so he doesn't have to get a job...

    I do wonder if it's true though because after all, it IS Star magazine. Maybe it's just a pic of him with someone that paid $10 to take it with him for the "charity".

    If it is his new girl I wonder if he made her fork over the ten bucks.

  17. GWL here in Texas is GREAT!! We have been a couple of times and my kids keep asking to go back! It is a little pricey but hey send me promo codes all the time so sign up for their email listing!

    I get frazzled with my 5 kids that are all different ages, I would definatly be worse if I had 6 the same age. She makes me feel kind of normal! ha!

  18. What? She went to a craft store alone... picked up packages at UPS alone... Dropped of her dry cleaning... And took two kids to the doctor. They think that sounds exhausting??

    Tashapork, what pictures? I only saw the one of Jon with the one girl.

  19. Sorry Linda. I have never been to the Wolf place... I want to take my girls when they are a little older.

  20. Hailey reads here? ROFL! She needs to class up her act.

  21. haha schmeckygirl love the comment. I agree with you. The only thing I can think of when these girls or young lady's date Jon is fame. If they somehow get famous out of it then they don't have to do much work to make a lot of money.

    I bet she did pay him the $10 bucks.

  22. tasha, I hope the kids don't see the picture of Kate in Life and Style with a see-through top on! YIKES, what was she thinking!!

  23. Well, wow. Had my hopes up that Jon was heading in a better direction. *sigh*

    I got frustrated at the quote from the 'friend' about this new relationship - because EVERY time Jon has gotten a 'new girl' there's a quote that says "Jon is taking it slow....." Yeah, right.

    I'm not as happy that this girl is in PA. Can't imagine the stress and worry that will put on Kate (remember Jon and Stephanie?) When the girls where from 'other places' at least there was a better chance that the kids wouldn't be exposed to the new candy of the week. :(

    What FB conversation? I've been offline most of the last few days - I missed whatever it was!

  24. Kate's book dropped to #22 on the NYT sub-list for HC non-fiction.

  25. Thanks again all for the info on GWL. I forgot to ask if anybody had gone there with restricted mobility. But I think all places are pretty accommodating now. We're fairly good at dealing with issues,lol. It's either deal with it or deal with the meltdowns.

    Have a fantastic hubby and that helps. Not only can he prepare a meal from time to time but even knows the difference between "play" clothes and "good" clothes that you wear when you go out. I don't think Jon ever learned that, or didn't care, I'm not sure which.

    ChristyKennard - 5 kids are a challenge. Hugs to you. I used to use that proverb "I used to have six theories about rearing children. Now I have six children." Hope you have a good support system.

  26. Hope,
    Perez Hilton, had shots of a fb conversation between. "Jon" & his alleged new GFF. I really did not believe it..I'm sure Jon can find a more flattering profile pic for one! Secondly, he knows nothing he does on fb is private. When will he learn?

  27. Lol Linda!

    Actually we also have "good play clothes" for places like a public park, a friend's house, the crayola factory, the ice cream stand by the creek that all the kids walk around in; places like that.

    Their regular play clothes is for the house and yard. And they still look "nice" because I take a lot of pics of them playing.

  28. The Facebook page is on Perez Hilton. It looks like two teens wrote them. I wonder if they're real.

  29. perez is usually either lying or plagiarizing. He is full of viruses too.

  30. I am just talking about the one on the top with hin at the bar, girl on hip. He is divorced a and I think their mother would fee the same way He has the right to do that, but I really don't want his kids to see it. I may be old fashioned but I think it would upset them. I don't understand why his friends keep ratting him out, does he not know what a friend is or does he like the ratting out.
    Denise even though I have never seen the picture you are talking about I agree that Kate might want to keep it away from them and I wonder if some families might prefer to not let their kids watch DWTS with the way some of them are dressed and I think that may be why some nights, Kate didn't let them watch. Having never watched that show I was a little surprised espcially the last episode that it is as provocative and in the seven oclock time slot here. I am sure that some parents don't have an issue with it, others may have a serious issue with it and others like me are a little ambivalent.
    It is not uncommon for parents to have to make such information sheltering decisions, all parents confront them, but the Gosselins do on a much more magnified scale.

  31. tasha, it is not from DWTS. She seems to be out on the street in a lingerie tank top.

  32. I saw the reviews on Amazon about Kate's book, the trolls are out in full force. EVERY POSITIVE review they have made nasty comments to the person reviewing the book. If you've got the book and liked it, wouldn't hurt to go there and post your review. Instead, most folks are reviewing the REVIEWER when there is a 5 star one. SIGH. I get tired of those women, they all gag me.

    Anyway, Jon seeks out 23 year old girls because I believe that is his own maturity level. He's irresponsible and wants to be 'carefree'. He's not intelligent or motivated, so he hangs. They let him and most likely buy his 'poor me, I am young and have 8 kids.......blah blah blah."

    Nice to see Kate is back with the kids on TV, I think we will be shocked to see how much they've grown. However if the show is on Thursday, I won't be watching, Grey's and Private Practice consume me those nights and I won't be changing that routine for Kate+8.

  33. I am hoping Kate Plus Eight comes back on Monday nights. I think it would help the ratings for LPBW. They have been slowly declining since the end of Jon and Kate Plus Eight down to under one million last week.
    The cool thing about a lot of TLCs specials is that they come on multiple times and sometimes again on Dicovery Health, so if you miss you can catch it again.
    I wish that the 23 year olds would be careful, not because Jon is evil or intends to hurt them, but because his issues and baggage is way out of their league and they get hurt in the long run. He also gets hurt because he doesn't get what he needs out of the relationship. He can do what he wants, but I really think it would help him to take 6-12 months alone to get thimself together and grow so he has something to offer in a relationship

  34. Hey alll - pppssssttt! Wanna know a secret. Head trollogodite and her grim crew are dashing around trying to spread the word that all reality shows are scripted. Some even take it a step further and show more of their ignorance using that ad proof positive for being paid "actors" wages.

    No matter what anybody says, their minds are made up. I must admit the truth. Some of these people have had shut minds for decades.

    However, should you ever be invited to be on any type of tv production you will see various "scripts". What they are in reality depends on your definition of the word. Basically, it is NOT words for the talent. It's instructions for the crew. Usually these are on gray or blue paper (so you can see it better in sunlight and some say so the distinctive color won't get lost. Within a production company, sometimes they are color coded by team.

    These are crew details. They've come to be called "Cheat Sheet Scripts" and a host of other slang. While you have no idea what the talent will say, and sometimes you don't know exactly where they will go or what will happen, you predict. It tells you where to be on certain days and what to take, along with who has what. EG truck 1, a dolley, two boom mikes, 9 clip mines cordless with 2x backup batteries. Heavy sun, screens needed, or reflectors etc. City permit for zoo in hand (Jack) cannot block entrance but 30 min. unload. etc etc etc. In same area o'night, or break after today.

    This has become such common knowledge, that even many public speakers use this format to know what's needed on certain days.

    My hubby was rolling on the floor over some of the ignorance. He wants to know if they've trapped any aliens either. If so let us know.

    There is also the same slang used for the cheat sheets scripts for various video and other games so hot with teens and early 20s. I throw a couple away a month. It gives them instructions and codes for next levels.

    I first saw this on one of the checkout rags this morning at the grocery store. I couldn't wait to show hubby. We've laughed until now we giggle looking at each other just thinking about it. It's already making the rounds on the net. I enjoy the Roloffs mega but given the usual condition of tables, desks etc. I might want a cheat sheet there to find the door, no offense.

    That's okay. With the trolls have compassion. Sorry, rofl again. I just snorted soda up my nose. So when you hear that Linda snorts, and she admitted it in this blog, you'll have the inquiring mind that really knows!!!!!

  35. Cindy
    I did try at Amazon. I wrote an honest opinion of my take in the book. After threats that got heated I pulled it after they wanted to go after my children. It's okay Amazon legal is involved. After hours in phone and faxes back & forth, they are taking charge and just letting them did a hole deeper.

    You can have your opinion. I'd support your right to it even if completely opposite. But people can't attack you for it. The haters only want to hate and aren't satisfied unless everybody hates. Shame. It's the same little group of 9 or ten over and over. Now we'll fight the legal battle until our cows (or sheep) come home.

  36. Linda that was such a great post. It's important for people to know that we are VERY busy trying to make sure that no one including myself, should be theatened here or anywhere on the web just because we are fans of a show and support Kate Gosselin!?!

    It's a shame that things like this have to happen before we take necessary steps not only to protect ourselves, but make companies like Amazon become aware of the psychotic idiots on the web looking to sway sales.

  37. Where is this post on Amazon that Linda is talking about?

    BTW, Kate is on ROL with Cara running a 5K run. With kids and their parents. Its cute!

  38. Kate Gosselin and daughter Cara, 9, put on their running shoes Saturday morning to participate in a 5 K run near their Pennsylvania home.The event was The New Balance Girls on the Run 5K in Lancaster, PA.

    Girls on the Run is an organization whose mission is to use running as a way to empower young girls and lead them into a lifetime of healthy living. Unlike almost all the other participants who wore loose t-shirts for their run, Kate was dressed in a stylish black sports bra and matching knee-length running pants. The outfit showed off Kate's great shape.

    Her bodyguard and friend Steve Neild was there with her, and Kate occasionally waved to fans who called to her from the sidelines. Her Dancing with the Stars days behind her, Kate has more time to spend in her home town with her kids and work on her new TLC series, Kate Plus 8, the spin-off from Jon & Kate Plus 8.

    "There were several hundred runners, mostly parents with their kids," one of the participants tells "Kate frequently stoped running so that Cara could catch up with her. The Gosselin girls finished near the back of the pack."

  39. So great to see Kate doing something so special with Cara! Thank you #1Caregiver for the heads up. I also forgot to add that I fixed the audio for one of my links, so it should NOT start up anymore when you go online. Sorry that took so long!

    I swear, this week I have learned more about using a computer and helping to fight troll crime than I probably ever will in my lifetime...Supermoms indeed!

  40. SG said - If it is his new girl I wonder if he made her fork over the ten bucks.

    Ouch SG, ouch...LOL.

    Thanks for the welcome Baby Mama and the info about book rankings Linda "O".

    I've been thinking about the comments made regarding not wanting the gosselin children to see stories about their dad. I think that the kids have grown up in this type of environment, much like other children of popular parents (including political leaders). I would hope that Kate has spoken to the kids about being cautious about what they read and I would think that their ability to now dissect through the crap is always developing. Their frame of reference is something that we cannot understand. Their idea of family (such as the camera crew) is very different from some of our ideas of family.
    They also know there dad in a certain way and are not able to discern the concern we have with Jon dating a 23 year old woman, they are too young and when they do begin understanding the issue, they will already have a perception of him that will not be affected by reading those articles. Not really sure what my point is, just rambling.

  41. Caregiver - my post is gone from Amazon. After the last threat I caved. It is pretty much vebatim what I said in here about my take on the book, the letters, etc. This was on April 13 -15th. I also said from many of the comments in the rags, the words said there didn't go with what I read. "Example: online What kind of sick mother would say 'Leah, you were a difficult baby!" What she really said was "Leah you were a difficult baby because you had such a hard time keeping food down." she went on to explain that a dear helper had the perfect touch of rocking soothing singing etc that she could keep more food in you than anybody. Anybody who has struggled in worry trying to keep formula or milk in an underweight preemie that you are already worried sick about, would instantly relate to and identify with both mother and baby. I said if you want to know what it really says, read it for yourself. I still say that. If you can't afford a hardback or don't want to buy it, get it from the free public library.

    I was sick of hearing partial sentences, paragraphs and chapters.

    Had I know that in addition to the reviews there was a rabid hate group that had been fomenting since Kate's last book to prevent any future book sales, I probably wouldn't have been brave enough to write a review. I had zero idea that there was even multiple discussion groups all directed at hating Kate. Sorry, but I think that is both sick, and an infringement on my civil liberties that men and women have died to protect. If you don't like the book or Kate or the book it is your right to voice that. It is not your right to attack me personally for having a different opinion. One mostly lone voice was able to continue against the haters. She goes on with a lot of courage in my opinion.

    Without the right to peacebly have differing opinions, we relinquish our rights. You can disagree with my view and I'll debate the differences, but I'd march right beside you to give you the right to say it. Without freedom it is a slide down a very slippery slope. Sadly, many of these haters even admit they "didn't read the book but that read all about it in a magazine, or read the first two pages only and then ignorantly quote from magazines.

    Cannot they think and decide for themselves? It frightens me to have threats made. It saddens me to think of freedom of thought and speech so glibly tossed away.

    I ran and I cried in fright and fear. When I stopped, I could no longer turn my back on values and principles that people cared enough to teach me.

    I can only do it legally and ethically. I cannot and will not fight back in gutter methods. Yes, it takes longer to do it this way and it's a lot more expensive. But I have to rear my own children with the values that I hold dear. To do otherwise would mean that I could not look them in the face, nor myself, and certainly not the one I call my "higher power."

    I won't run again. That's my decision alone. It's become an issue far bigger to me than Kate Gosselin.

    Please feel free to scroll on by, ignore, or laugh if you wish. I felt I had to say it.

  42. Linda, I appreciate that you fight the good fight. I agree that it is far bigger than a Kate Gosselin issue. Frankly it permeates all of society. I love hearing what you have to say and am soo glad that you didn't run away. I appreciate all of the people here.

  43. tashapork~ Welcome..ohh wait you've been here a while..OK well just in case I didn't welcome you!

    It's kinda like re-living your mean girls youth. You can say whatever you like, look like a supermodel or at least feel like one, and attack whoever you want on the web just to feel better about yourselves. Or your crappy life.. Whatever, you get my drift. I don't need any women coming here and telling me what to do on my own site. Stay at your trough and nibble on the dead hay on the other side of the knoll known as haterland. And stop trying to ruin the green grass over here...

  44. Schmecky~ FYI Free Disney dining codes are now out. Still doing 30% rooms until august. Free dining extender till the middle of October. Honestly I would have preferred October but now doing the end of Aug. before school starts. Also let me know if you need coupon codes for Dutch Wonderland. We stayed at the adjoining hotel to the park and it was cheap, nice and had a continental breakfast. You get to the park at 5pm the day before and its free if you have tickets for the next day. Since we did that last year were doing a weekend in Hershey & Sesame Place this Summer for the Kids. :)

    I'm thinking of doing a Kate Gosselin's guide to Summer case anyone wants to know about all the cool places the kids got to

  45. You know what would be awesome?

    If a day could go by, where no one uses the word "haters". Seriously, and with all due respect, there is too much focus on them here. And the consensus is: they aren't worth the time spent talking about them, no?

    Why give power to someone you don't even value?

    If you focus on what's good, you feel good, you do good, you inspire others to do the same.

    If you focus on the "haters" you've let them get under your skin, and that's part of the problem. That is on YOU. This is only my opinion. It may seem hard to ignore them, but that's the only way they'll ever fade away.

    When "haters" spew insults, they feel powerful. But I feel the same sense of superiority here, when I read the things people say about haters. It's all about putting down someone else to prop up your own feelings. Don't give in, rise above it. Post your positive opinions wherever you want, keep yourself safe by using an alias, and move ON. Don't look for trouble, don't read other blogs if they make your blood boil. Why do you want that headache?

    Some people treat snark like a game. Dwelling on it is just a waste of time, and plays directly into the frenzy.

    By the way, last time I posted I was Linda (in Minnetrista.) Not "the original Linda" as I was unaware of the confusion I created when I posted last time. I wasn't trying to pose as Linda, I am not a hater looking to settle a score, I am not looking to be sued for identity theft, you don't need to launch an investigation, and I don't need the Blogger police showing up at my door. I don't know who Linda "the Original" even is! Here's the best part: Linda isn't even MY name, it's my mothers! LOL LOL

    Why do I keep my blogger profile unavailable? Why, because I can! It's the best way to keep safe on the internet, I encourage it.

    I really enjoy this blog as do others in my family. We have varying opinions but agree, love her or "strongly dislike" her, we like to watch Kate. Especially to see what whack-a-doodle hairstyle she's currently rockin'.
    Sometimes we gather together around the television, to play a little Kate Gosselin drinking game. I won't bore you with the details but when we drink on "ummm" we are wasted before the first commercial. I'm just sayin'.

    She has guts, that is for sure!

    I'm adding a picture to my blogger account, that ought to make me special ;-) I don't need another welcome though, the first one was memorable enough ROFLMAO.

    P.S. Sorry to be so blunt, please don't think I'm rude. I've just always spoke my mind and I'm not a fan of mincing words or sugar coating. Say what you mean, and MEAN what you SAY! Cheers.

  46. Linda - I agree with your recent statements and totally believe in Freedom of Speech. Good Luck with your fight against the threats from others. Glad you got Amazon legal involved. The reason I asked about Amazon is that I didn't know the name of the blog. Still don't, is there a blog?

    Baby Mama - ru just joking about a guide to Summer? I would think people could just watch the show to see what the kids did on their summer vacation. I need another cup of coffee!

  47. We vacation totally differently than you guys. Never went to Disney or major amusement parks but love Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Philadelphia, museums, and the like.
    The best we ever saw was the capital in Harrisburg, PA. It was fabulous.
    I hated Walt Disney movies as a kid and so did my husband. He was a historian and we loved to trace this countries past.
    Funny how different we are!

  48. Baby Mama;

    Look me up when you come to Hershey!!!

  49. tigger, I was nervous on the Hershey circular ride but loved the bus tour of the Hershey farm and Boy's home.

  50. Baby Mama,
    We are going in November. Still waiting for Nov rates. Thanks! I didn't know there were Dutch codes. We usually get the season pass. We do two or three days there sometimes.

    We do museums and zoos and the children's garden in Camden and aquariums, etc. Our girls are still very young so we do hem as day trips of weekend trips. When they are older we plan to do a lot of historical trips too.

    No one thought you were impersonating Linda. We were just confused. The writing style was different. Welcome.

    Yes Kate says Umm a lot. She needs to work on that if she wants a media career.

  51. Baby Mama,
    Can you please email me the coupon codes for Dutch Wonderland if you have any... Thank you!

  52. Schmecky~I'm looking at my Entertainment book and seeing if the codes can be used online. Also will send you whatever I have tonight. My dads birthday is today, so I'm running around getting a

  53. BM I think a guide would be awesome. We are going to Hershey to do Chocolate World and then on to the Crayola Factory at the end of June and then Disneyland in July.The kids are very excited!!

  54. Ohhh Fun, I just saw where Kate ran with Cara at the event. The New Balance Girls on the Run 5K in Lancaster, PA.

    How awesome, great job Kate and Cara

  55. Anyone see the clip of Kate doing a 5K run "with Cara"? It's on radaronline. I wrote "with Cara" because I don't see Cara in the video with Kate. The article says she stopped for Cara to catch up...

  56. Oh! Sorry, Baby Mama, how did I miss that you already posted the ROL clip!??!?!

  57. SG, radar had the video posted yesterday where Kate was waiting for Cara and then she did catch up but I see they changed it. Wonder why? humm

  58. Good Job Kate and Cara!! How cute <3

  59. Tyvm all for input on Great Wolf Lodge. We had two that were each about 3 hours away. I had all packed and ready when athletic training & tutorings were finished. Smooth drive, easy check in, friendly employees, and the kids had a blast!

    With delaying their birthday celebration due to recent unpleasantness, it was great to see their eyes light when we told them the mystery destination. They played hard. Only one child up with night terrors from ongoing junk which is an improvement! He settled back down after 30 minutes and we all got more sleep. A much needed thing in everybody's opinion.

    It was pricey. One night stay and waterpark pass was equal price wise to one night's lodging at Disney's Floridian & day passes to WDW. That's excluding food at either. It was something to do that was different and that had not expected the destination. But sometimes a night's peace of mind is priceless, even if you hadn't planned for it in the budget.

    The "tickets" in the arcade were able to be earned faster than at WDW. For the first time they pooled tickets to get what they wanted. I'd plan better in the future and look for discounts ahead of time which is normally SOP here. I'd do it again but plan carefully.

    Again, thanks for input about Great Wolf Lodge.

  60. See, I hear about this and I want to go now! Linda I am so happy you had such a great time! That's one of the best times of the year, that Summer is just around the corner. It's been so nice to get outside today and step away from all other crap going on. Having had winter babies and wanting to kill myself being home, I live for thus time of the year!

    Schmecky it's ok about reposting! I have to repeat again how amazing of a job I thought Cara did on that race! I would have passed out. I do slot of walking but nit a 5K run like that. I only saw the footage once, was it changed for some reason? Will watch it again when I get home. I'm going to have to rip my kids out if the park now for dinner.

  61. Denise, I'm with you! I can only take so much Disney! I'm shocked, no offense, that several (many?) people here take so many of those vacations! I also like to take vacations where we can learn history - goes well with being a homeschooler. In 2009, we finally made the coveted trip to D.C. and hit up lots of areas around it. I LOVED Williamsburg and my only regret is that we didn't have enough time to see more. I need more than a week. In fact, I think an entire fall season might do the trick :) We have lots of history on this side of the U.S. but I just love Early American history. Those tend to be the vacations that my girls remember the most and have the most affection for, even though they always talk about going back to Disneyland. Never been to Disney World.

    SG - Okay, it wasn't just me. I wondered about the "with Cara" part, too. Never caught site of her. (Yes, I admit - I clicked on that link. But I figured it was probably for the show anyway so I'm sure Kate was a willing participant)

    One thing I've recently wondered is why Kate doesn't get a little more protective of the kids when it comes to the stalkarazzi. I think I would put myself between my children and them at every moment possible. It seems that in a lot of pics, she isn't mindful of it. Of course, I don't deal with that on a daily basis but seeing how forceful some of these guys are, I imagine it must be scary for the kids at times, not to mention annoying.

  62. Oh, funny. "Sight", not "site" :P

  63. Robin, you may live by this quote:Say what you mean, and MEAN what you SAY! I choose to live by another one which means that I can't ignore people who set out to intimidate, tear down, and destroy others. This quote is:

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

    As long as people are out there threatening people who support Kate or who are trying to interfere with Kate's livelihood, I will draw attention to their behavior.

  64. Set & Denise,
    Our family considers every trip a learning experience. Just in how you look at it. Travel includes maps and learning to read them. Etc. We also take nonDisney trips.
    That said. While at WDW we've used Tom Sawyer's island to illustrate a book we've read together. Same with the Robinson Crusoe Family. Hall of Presidents still thrills me. Animals and their care & habitats in Animal Kingdom. Epicot is great IMO at capsuling mankind from cave to space. World if energy does an adequate job of showcasing the size of dinosaurs and helps that interest come alive to young boys. Also at Epcot, the world if nations is impressive. I may never be able to take my brood to Norway, Sweden, Japan, France, Mecico, or China but the artisans, 360 movies etc help the home studies come to life. Some made it to Canada but don't know about other countries. The Living Seas has excellent presentations on marine life and safeguarding our seas.

    We also do time distance studies on lines. If it's 432 ft to the door and we move at 70 ft per hour, how long does it take? If we've allotted $62 total for lunch, how much does each get to order? One child likes to calculate the velocity of coasters based on different variables (sorry I get motion sick then.)

    For the very young we've discussed real and imaginary. Are fairies real? Are fireflies real? etc. What colors mix to make Tink's dress?

    There are unusual flowers and shrubs. If it's 91 degrees, how much water to you have to consume based on your weight to avoid dehydration. If you could walk on the moon, how much would you weigh.

    If there are 135 sequins in sq ft and Minnie's dress has 2 1/2 sq ft, how many sequins. How many of your footprints could you fit inside one of Goofy's.

    I think you can expand your knowledge via many ways. JMO

  65. Sorry - keep getting auto correct from of to if. Most annoying

  66. Linda, sounds like you make the best of it but I do all that and more and save thousands of dollars. State parks, museums, historical sites are usually free or have a nominal charge. We used to live close to the D.C. Metro line and could spend the day at the Smithsonian. We took a lunch and bought a $5 Metro pass. BLISS!!

  67. LOL, just went over to the other(dark, hate) site, and boy they are going nuts over there about the comments I made that they were "farmers". Maybe that's why they're getting all the pouring rain, maybe a sign from above? Remember in the time of Noah, we know what happened to those who wouldn't listen to him.

    JW posted my comment here and the "pig", "sheep", "cow" herders are besides themselves, lol. All they spew is hate. I have rarely seen any "positive" comments, it's really sad and pathetic over there, on the dark side.

  68. Michelle,

    What site is all farmers? Sounds odd. Especially for a "hate site".

    Denise, Linda, Set in Cleft...

    Love all the vaca talk! Learning vacations are fun, but nothing wrong with Disney. It's not just an amusement park. My girls learned a lot there, especially in Epcot. Nothing wrong with a just for fun vacation. Disney World has a lot to offer! My girls are still VERY young. I won't be taking them to the Holocaust Museum any time soon. ;)

  69. Linda,to answer your question... Yes, fairies are real. Everything in Disney World is real! ;)

  70. Nice, Linda! Thanks for sharing! I would love to go to WDW and Epcot... someday! Don't know when... probably with grandchildren because it would be such a costly vacation! :) And I agree, Schmecky, there's nothing wrong with a fun vacation - gotta have those, too!

    Schmecky, if I remember correctly, Michelle related them to being farmers because Kate/Gosselin fans are called "sheeple" by them, as I'm sure you know. 'Course, there could be a site called

    PAR - loved your quote.

  71. I normally don't like to talk about the nasty hate sites on my blog. But the "farming" refers to Lisa and her pack of wolves on "Farmville" a game on Facebook. That's how they started attacking me in the first place when one of them saw me on a Jon & Kate Facebook site, looked up what they thought was my personal information & tried exposing my privacy..Try to imagine how incredibly psychotic that is! Once they started to harass me, I had to investigate each of their profiles, contact Facebook and set my page to private. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. They thought Michelle was me and this poor girl got all these attacks from idiots that had the wrong person and the wrong address. I felt terrible and that's how I met Michelle. I appreciate her stopping by my site.

    It does not relate to the site about farmers although luckily a ridiculous site like that does not exist.

  72. Oh! Farmville! I thought she meant real farmers. Yeah I hear that game is addicting. No desire to try it... But I hear that once you try it you are hooked. I guess it's the crack cocaine of online virtual games. I'm too scared to check it out. Crack is whack. ;)

    Any guesses on what they will do for the tups' bdays? I wonder if Jon and Kate will both be there.

  73. I was thinking about that too now that they are filming again. I wad wondering if they were glint to try to squeeze like 50 activites into a 2 hour special, or spread it out a bit. If they dud do a party, jon i'm sure would be there right? I wonder if he would so the ratings would go through the roof!

    I absolutely live Farmville and quite addicted to it. I do not want them to ruin my feelings about my fav. Game!

  74. Oh my goodness, I didn't know they were attacking you like that BM. I knew that JW was attacking in here but no idea this went that far back. Karma is gonna get them BM. I trully believe that. Regarding the "farming" thing, they actually talk about them a lot, lol.

    And don't worry JW posted my comments under "michelle", so they know those comments weren't from you. Don't worry I can take one for the team :-). But they are getting boat loads of rain where they are at, hehehe. Like I said, karma for you people in the dark(hate) side.

  75. BabyMama,

    I am totally a FarmVille addict too! My mum's worse than me (she's just hit 50 this year LOL) and my colleague & her husband are even FV neighbours because they needed the numbers and to send gifts to each other haha..

    Some people really have too much time on their hands going and hacking into people's profiles just to leave hate messages. I believe in karma. It'll come back to bite them in the tush! Way to go BabyMama!

  76. Just got this from the girl we use to book all our Disney Travel (she's wonderful - it doesn't cost us to use her - and she always seems to beat whatever rate we found elsewhere!) You guys may already know about this deal (you're supermoms in my book when it comes to this stuff!) but just in case:

    I just wanted to let you all know that Disney's popular Free Dining special is back for 2010!  When you purchase a package that includes your room and park tickets for check in dates 8/15 - 10/02/2010 you will get one of Disney's dining plans free!!  
    If you choose to stay in a Moderate or Deluxe resort you will get the Basic Dining Plan free.  The Basic Dining Plan includes 2 meals and 1 snack per person per night of your stay.  Character meals are included in this plan.
    If you choose to stay in a Value resort you will get the Quick Service Dining Plan free.  This plan includes 2 quick service meals and 2 snacks per person per night of your stay and each person in your party will also receive a mug that you can refill while you are at your hotel.  If you would like to upgrade to the Basic Dining Plan you can do that for $10/night for adults and $2/night for children ages 3 - 9. As always - children under 3 are free.

  77. Schemcky,
    You are cracking me up today! "Not taking my kids to the Holocaust museum any time soon", "Crack is whack", LOL!

  78. Omg BM, what idiots that they couldnt even get the info right. And what do they want with your private info anyways?? so stupid!!! Poor Michelle :(

    Hey farmville is not whack :) its great I too am addicted to that game, call me whatever you want, it fun :)

  79. Par - I wholeheartedly concur with your response to Robin aka "Linda from Minnestra" or name of the day. I'll refer to her as Robin to reduce confusion.

    Robin - I'd like nothing better than to ignore the haters (I call them that because the refer to themselves as "Haturz Club" and "Big Mean Girls Club." I tried just scrolling and/or deleting for more than three months. I have read things at their blog on only 3 separate occassions. I have never posted there, anonymously or otherwise. Because we do not delete the history from work or personal computers, a forensic cyber detective was able to attest to this. Also the daily backups of all computer use are now locked in his office. It isn't a cheap process. All 3 times I went to their site it was in response to multiple alerts that I needed to read what had been posted. I had to be told how to even find it.

    If there are continuing reports I will have others check.

    Amazingly (or maybe not) this same crew goes to other sites to spew whatever you'd call it. How do I know? People from others sites cone here to report she and/or crew were just at their site spewing the same horrific junk.

    One crew is so out of control IMO they are unable of stopping without intervention. It is sad but scarey.

    Their primary targets seem to be Baby Mama, Michelle and now myself.

    In the next post I'll note how I think I got caught up in it.

    People, if you aren't interested, please just scroll on by.

  80. Good morning everyone! I'm in the process of trying to get a post up today, I normally put one up anyway once we reach 100 comments or so. I really need the smell of fresh paper! What started out as a hot beautiful weekend got a bit rainy today.. the blah of Mondays..Did everyone get the kids out and enjoy the amazing weather? I know there were a few areas across the US that got rained out..

    I wanted to share this not only with Scmecky but to all my friends here! is truly THE BEST Site for online coupon codes for any retail site on the web and even a few printable coupons are there. I dont touch any site until I see if there is a coupon first.

    Schmecky~ You can print a $2.00 coupon for Dutch Wonderland on there as well, and I have the actual DW coupons in my entertainment book if you want them. Email me and I will send them to you if you in the mail if want the actual hard copy :)

    Thank you Linda for letting me know I reached 1+ million page views on this blog..Thats not including the million+ hits from my old site..AMAZING HUH?

  81. Linda sadly I think Robin has moved on, I happened to stumble upon her message on one of those "haters" site. Just thought you might want to know.

    Robin said...
    This blog is fantastic!
    I posted a comment on some other blog yesterday, but it seems like all they do is talk about their own vacations, usually to Disney! BORING it's like being trapped in someone's elses stupid vacation slideshow...

    Kate needs to start mothering. Or perhaps get a T-shirt that reads "I'm NOT A MOTHER but I play one on TV!"

  82. Well guys that's why I always only post here and at IW. We all stick together.

    We can never win...we talk about Kate and we are obsessed. We talk about other tings and we are boring.

    I think we are all quite remarkably interesting women and I enjoy all the conversations we have.

    Linda I am sorry that they are still targeting you. After 5 months I have finally seemed to fall off their radar...or at least they are being more covert about it now.

    And btw I LOVE farmville. Very addicting.

  83. Craftymomof3 said
    We can never win...we talk about Kate and we are obsessed. We talk about other tings and we are boring.

    I think we are all quite remarkably interesting women and I enjoy all the conversations we have.
    I agree with this completely. I love coming over here to visit with you all. I didn't realize till yesterday when I looked through that I have only been here since like September, I did read for a few months before that. I feel like I have always been here and I have made friends along the way. The Gosselins are a lot of fun to discuss, but it is way beyond that for me.

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. Folks: feel free to skip by these next posts of mine. It won't hurt my feelings at all. I'm so sick and tired of being incorrectly quoted by JW here and elsewhere, that I decided to offer additional information. If you have questions, please send an email to Baby Mama. She will forward them to me and I will do my best to respond to you.

    Part 1 – What can hate do?
    For the record, Sage’s blog came into being after I’d found Baby Mama’s; I had never read it until the Newsweek article and I didn’t know how to find it. I came across a reference to “Sage” in Amazon’s discussion groups’ postings after April 15th. (Amazon calls them “Discussion” and not blogs.) I never even knew Amazon HAD discussion groups until after the attacks on me. I’d only read reviews. After the attack, one person mentioned “discussion” so I started trying to figure out the reference. I still would have been in the dark had they not used “Baby Mama and Sage and Sheeple” in the same sentence.

    I mistakenly referred to this virulent group who call themselves Haturz as GWoPers having in the more distant past encountered similar sounding rhetoric there, but never this extreme; I have never posted at GWoP (or had one accepted.) One of the Haturz repeatedly said, “I have never posted at GWoP.” That part was true. GWoP has stated this group will never be allowed to post there. Calling the Haturz part of GWoP was an error on my part.

    Since last September, I have only returned to GWoP to read something referenced here, or something I’ve come across in citations in other articles (Vanity Fair, NY Post, & E! that I can definitely remember and I think once from People.

    I read KatherineDenise’s blog because she mentioned it here and on Twitter. It is only positive info about Kate Gosselin (at least all that I have read) and I don’t believe she puts up any posts from readers. I have logged in there and written comments to her (using my real email addy) about her layout and design. She has responded back with a brief “thank you” or something to that effect.

    Other blogs I read often have to do with: fun ways to enhance a child’s education through everyday living, and a cooking/recipe exchange blog. I read these but don’t remember posting there although I might have.

    For strong personal reasons, other blogs where I have posted, read, or am active are those for: the National Diabetes Foundation, the Susan G. Komen blog, and the M.A.D.D. blog. The why is pretty easy to figure out on all of these. Not all of my children are alive for example, but they are still my children in my heart.

    Professional blogs where I have posted, read, or am semi active include: The Association of Personal Historians, the Association of Personal Biographers, the National Association of Video Biographers, the National Association of Marketing Professionals, and the Association of Public Information Officers. My credentials (under a previous married name) may be still active with the National Press Association and with the National Association of Press Women; I haven’t put either of these two on our budget list for at least five+ years; I don’t think they’ve been paid but can’t swear to it.

  86. Part 2: What can hate do?
    Although I won some state and national awards, all of these were for human interest or “soft” news pieces or for marketing plans for non-profits. I was a terrible general reporter and a horrible investigative reporter because I wasn’t confrontational enough and I found some topics exceedingly distasteful; I just could not do them. I’d rather research, work on biographical information, etc. or help a non-profit figure out a way to market themselves.

    My husband worked with local and network news broadcasting organizations. He covered general news but his interests were in medical stories and biographical stories. He worked hard, saved his money, and retired at 40. He was bored and wanted to come up with a way for us to work together. We started a video production company and with a focus on biographies although we probably gave away more than we sold. Working for yourself you can accept or reject what you want. We wanted to give not just “biggies” but everyday guys a professional format to preserve their photos, memories, interviews, and life stories for their children’s heritage.

    After my first back surgery (C3 – which could have lead to paralysis but did not), my neurosurgeon strongly suggested I get regular deep tissue massage to help with pain and prevent muscles from knotting. I had refused oral and injectable narcotics. (I received and still get extensive physical therapy. I was determined to leave the wheelchair and most days I’m able to walk using a walker or cane. Nine years and three back-and-shoulder surgeries later, there’s still more to go but I try living one day at a time.) These massages helped but left me bruised. Dr. did additional research and suggested Ashiatsu Massage or Fijian Massage (if you are curious, both can be Googled.) These are techniques where the therapist uses their feet to give back massage to the client. The hand is broader than the foot and can distribute pressure more evenly and results in less bruising for the client. I was unfamiliar with these techniques so had to research. The licensed massage therapist undergoes rigorous training and licensing. Most people report that it feels similar in touch to a big hand.

    I found a licensed massage therapist who was also a national and international instructor and was lucky she was living nearby. She is licensed as a massage therapy instructor in more than 15 other states; massage therapists receive a general license via a state and then do additional specialty training; most states require on-going training for re-certification and relicensure. (Professional licenses issued by states are public records, just like social worker licenses, etc. Most can be researched online.) Because of our video production company, we were able to give back, helping her make videos she uses in classes teaching other massage therapists. ALL of these videos and clips were classified as G, suitable for general audiences, and carry the general rating on the DVD and video cases.) I helped her revise her teaching manuals and produce books. Some of the books were sold through Amazon. Clips from five of the videos were also on You:Tube, targeted to massage therapists and instructors. Because there was more than one person on Amazon with the same name, instructors asked for a screen name to facilitate the search for the manuals. I used a screen name “FloridaLinda2” on Amazon and You:Tube to assist with the marketing responses. The page at You:Tube listing at the top had the massage therapy instructor’s full name, license number, website address, etc. She planned to switch these to her own page at You:Tube. They became so successful so quickly that You:Tube started paying fees because of the # of hits; if a change was made, this would be lost. Subsequent video clips were posted on a page with just the therapist's name.

  87. Part 3 – What can hate do?
    “Just Wondering” decided that these were pornographic, sado-masochistic, and x-rated among other things. JW went to the You:Tube page and decided that I was the massage therapist pictured. Perhaps because the therapist’s name was Michelle, this increased her confusion. (My name at Amazon was Linda.) In the past she’s accused Baby Mama and the Michelle who posted here as being the same person. She’s also accused Baby Mama and Linda (me) of being the same person.

    So instead of using the You:Tube page, she searched until she could find another therapist’s link to You:Tube WITHOUT having the therapist’s name. The link she decided to use (Poconos Outcall Massage Blog) lists the author of the You:Tube page as FloridaLinda2. Even in that link, it clearly states the website page of the correct massage website and with one click you go directly to it and not to You:Tube. Yes, I authored the You:Tube page which to be correct, needs to be cited. NO, I am neither the massage therapist nor do I own the video. Because I helped the therapist set up the You:Tube page, I have to be credited as the author. The You:Tube page stated it was setup by a marketing consultant (that’s me) but neither of us knew I had to be cited as the author. Only one link that we have been able to locate did not additionally state the REAL name of the massage therapy instructor along with her webpage link, name, and in most her phone number in addition to the author of the You:Tube page. Guess which one “Just Wondering” chose to cite.

    Fijian massage is offered at spas and hotels operated by the Ritz Carlton, Jean-Michel Cousteau’s resort in Fiji, hotels in the Sofitel chain, the Kohler Spa in WI, hotels in the Intercontinental chain, the Atlantis Resort at Paradise Island, and dozens more. You will also see this type of massage performed at sporting events such as golf and tennis because the client remains fully clothed, and special equipment such as a massage table is not required – just a mat.

  88. tashapork I love your comments, they are always so sweet and brighten my day. Trying to set up a new post today.. so busy with work and other things...bear with me, I see it's a slow day here anyway..Who is watching Dancing With The Stars tonight? FESS UP PEOPLE! ;)

  89. Part 4 – What can hate do?
    “Just Wondering” posted on more than one location, variations of the “Linda on Baby Mama’s blog performs in x-rated porno massage movies” wording.

    After this happened, I immediately called the massage therapy instructor who has spent major $$ and years developing her business. As she cried, “You mean to tell me my name and picture are being posted on the internet that I’m doing pornography?” I said, “No it’s my name but your picture.” Additional “flaming” begun by “Just Wondering” resulted in my removing the page from You:Tube until all can be reposted under the massage therapist’s name along with her other videos. There is loss of money here for her.

    Criminal activity has occurred through misuse of standard terms agreed to with any Internet Service Provider (ISP) operating within the United States. There has been continued cyber harassment and cyber stalking. While you can read or visit any blog, if you are asked to leave and not to post again, repeated visits and posting there is legally considered cyber harassment in 26 states and additionally as cyber stalking in others.

    I will work to see that this is prosecuted. Many in this same group of Haturz previously had a blog at WordPress that was pulled. They did not stop, just moved to Blogger. If stopped here, IMO they will relocate elsewhere.

    Additionally these statements are defamatory and subject to civil lawsuits. The therapist instructor is in the process of consulting with counsel and may file civil lawsuits in addition to others proposed by me. Major hotel chains and spa operators are not happy about this either. They’ve invested time and money in advertising campaigns. A taint of things can cause clients to not use the service.

    I doubt seriously if this massage therapy instructor will speak to us in the future, much less hire our company to produce or distribute videos so there is additional direct loss of money in addition to defamation.

    Little by little, step by step, it will get prosecuted. In some cases it takes making law enforcement aware that statutes are on the books. In other cases, it takes follow up calls to the district attorney. In others, it takes calls to a state's attorney general.

    It takes time, energy, and money. I can understand why some of these people feel they can get away with anything. Many people just give up trying to get justice. I want to see this to the end, regardless of how long it takes.

    I am not interested in revenge. I am interested in preventing anybody in the future from having to endure this person's venom.

    One by one, one day at a time, one cyber harasser at a time; they have to be brought to the public's attention. IMO I don't think this person is even capable of stopping. It's too far out of control for her and she's getting too much pleasure in inflicting pain.

    I'm thankful for my husband and family's support, and for that of my friends, locally and nationally. If we don't stand up, who will?

  90. WOW Linda..did it really take all of 3 minuntes for her to repost all of your comments on that hater blog? Wow, I guess its because she on my sight right now. This sicko is obsessed with my site in some crazy way.. Ive never felt this kind of obsessive love. Obviously they are idiots because we all know the sites arent yours. Why explain yourself? When the police come knockin on her door we will have the last laugh won't we..I know I know...patience

  91. Tashapork...thanks :) I agree that it's soo much more than just the Gosselins.

    I love how JW says that they don't care about us enough to target us, really? My site was targeted and "friends" of GWOP tried to crash it. Linda was targeted exclusively, I'm pretty sure , her info was posted on the internet or at least JW tried.

    Trust me JW I am waaaaayyyy over myself and even more so I am waaaayyyy over you. If you don't care about any of us why are you still here???? Maybe you should take your own advice and get over YOURSELF.

  92. I will be watching and voting on DWTS, but also have to switch back and forth for Baseball. Nothing else on thats any better. LOL

    Linda, OMG<! No wonder you are so great at doing all the research on line and backtracking any q's we all had about the Gosselins. It's all on line stuff, and I'm the one that is computer illiterate. It sounds like you have a wealth of knowledge and are sharing it with us. Keep up the good work.

  93. I'm going to make a comment aout this then I will wash my hands clean of this garbage because I now have the authorities involved. I can't understand why sites like these have nothing better to do than to copy & paste eveything that is said by me? Why is it so important to you? Why put me on such a high pedistal?

    As everyone knows here, I rarely speak out about any of that garbage here. But it got out of hand recently when I blocked a certain psychotic woman from posting here. She went onto another site spewing her hate. I left them alone even though they spend every waking day attacking me. You losers need to get a life, its a sad joke of a life you must lead to wake up and have a "hate Kate" kinda day. When she buys another million dollar house what are you gonna do?

    Lisa, I have you IP ADDRESS on file. Welcome, stay off my site and stop talking smack about me. Your pathetic and meaningless to me. Please go out and smell the fresh air. Because as much as you laugh on your site that I don't know where you are, sadly I do..And I will use that info if I need to.

    Mary Beth. Sweetie I gave you a chance by posting here. I welcomed you and never said a bad thing about you till the moon came out and you showed your fangs. You ARE being investigated as we speak and a complaint has been filed by the state of New York being followed up by the St. Josephs police in Indiana. Your posts are going through to be monitored then erased. Im being nice by letting you know that info. Keep attacking my readers and I will press chages.

    I'm sorry for all my readers to have to deal with this.. I will not be persuing this anymore ONLINE.

  94. I admit it I will probably watch DWTS but not be glued to it. The one that I picked to go home last week actually went home so I was shocked because I usually guess wrong on stuff like that.
    Kate seems to have been having fun with her kids, that ball looks soo neat. I would have loved that as a kid. Hopefully the kids can go to the pool soon and cool off.

  95. My oh my! So many crazies out there. I came here for the happy-Gosselin's and found that people just can't leave well-enough alone. I'm sorry to hear that BabyMama and Linda are having difficulties. You have contributed many good moments for me and, I am sure for others. I hope the Scaries go away and stay away - More, I hope you are able to stop them. Linda, if they are actually having a financial impact, sue the pants off them!!

    Monday nights...

    Hope Kate comes back to TLC on a Monday.

  96. I...CAN'T...WAIT..TILL..100 lol ;)

    I need fresh paper fast!..Dancing With The Stars is just so boring without Kate... Please lets move to a higher elevation without tainted rainbows and fly's on the