Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NEW SHOW TWIST OF KATE, Where's Jon Gosselin Been? New Excerpts From Kates Book, Jimmy Fallon Is Nuts

Jon Gosselin Spent WEEKS Away From His Kids:
Jon Gosselin should prepare to explain this in his court battle against ex-wife Kate. While charging that Kate is an “absentee mom,” Jon did not see his children for weeks by his own choice. Jon spent time in Utah and California with then-girlfriend Morgan Christie until she recently dumped him.

“He didn’t see the kids for weeks and the only reason was that he wanted to hang out with his girlfriend,” a source familiar with the situation told exclusively. “He’s claiming that Kate is an absentee mother when the truth is she’s a working mother. “What he’s saying is an insult to every mother who has to work to take care of her family. Jon went to court Wednesday to file papers trying to obtain primary physical custody of his eight children.

He is claiming Kate’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars makes her an absentee mother who leaves her children with an army of nannies. But Jon has not addressed the fact that until recently he didn’t see his children at all because he wanted to be with his girlfriend. Kate is making $200,000 for her appearance on the hit ABC show and flies from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles and back again every week, rarely missing more than a few nights with the children. Jon, however, didn’t see the kids at all until Morgan dumped him. “When they compare who has spent more time with the children Jon is going to be embarrassed,” “He’s doing this because he blew through all his money and has no place to live.

'Twist of Kate': Gosselin's new TLC series!:
Kate Gosselin will use fan letterrs as the basis for profiles of women facing their own challenges. Kate Gosselin is struggling as a hoofer on Dancing With the Stars, but she already has found her new calling: using her role as an "example mom" to help and learn from others. TLC announces plans today for the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star to get her own series, Twist of Kate, and to revisit her family life, without ex-husband Jon, in a series of Kate Plus 8 specials. It's part of a plan to build on the channel's growth that also includes Sarah Palin's Alaska, a travelogue series about the state and its high-profile former governor.

In Twist of Kate, Gosselin will use fan letters from women inspired by her story as the basis for profiles of women facing their own challenges. Twelve episodes will start airing in late summer. "I look at it as a loose concept," says Gosselin, who says that despite rumors, she never contemplated dating or talk shows. "I want to be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can, though I don't consider myself an expert on anything." Gosselin will visit the homes and workplaces of everyday people. "She will be in that person's shoes. And more often than not, it's not going to be terribly comfortable for her," says TLC chief Eileen O'Neill. "She's game for things, but she also has limits and boundaries."

Kate Plus 8 was scuttled last year when her ex-husband raised concerns about filming the kids, but the first in a series of specials will air in June, focused on Gosselin's new role as single mom. (Jon has sued Kate for primary custody of their children.) Gosselin is a true reality-TV superstar and a source of fascination for tabloid magazines that chronicle her mothering skills, her marital woes and her every dance step. Good or bad, her appearance on ABC's Dancing has helped the show earn its biggest season start yet, beating American Idol for the first time two weeks in a row.

"The fact that people really support me and want the kids and I to do well ... is flattering," she says. "I never understood the importance of fans until we struggled and went through tough times." And those fans are keeping her dancing on ABC despite withering comments from the show's judges. The contest "is very much more mental than physical, willing my mind to be able to withstand the pressure and pull off what I do in rehearsal," she says. Does she think the judges' criticisms are fair? "No, but it's their option to say what they're going to say."

Exclusive Excerpts From Kate Gosselin's New Book:

Kate Gosselin is a busy woman. She flies from her Pennsylvania home to Los Angeles regularly to compete on 'Dancing With the Stars,' she mothers her eight children, may have to fight another custody battle with her ex-husband and is set to release a book of letters to her kids.

In excerpts from her new memoir, entitled 'I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Children on Love, Faith and Family,' given exclusively to PopEater by Life & Style, the mother of sextuplets and twins writes of the part she played in the end of her marriage and tries to reassure her sons and daughters.  "I want you to learn a lesson that I did not learn early enough. Accept help when you need it," Kate explains in one letter to sextuplet Hannah. Berating her husband, Jon: "Much of what I said to Jon was unwarranted. I could have watched what I said better, I could have guarded my tongue better. I wanted to communicate better, but I often failed."

Not doing enough for the family: "I also didn't focus on the fact that much of the responsibility for our children, the finances, the schedules and the decisions about the future was on me." To daughter Alexis: "I'm willing to help you." To son Collin: "I will never leave you. I know that all the recent events in our family structure have greatly upset you, maybe you most of all. When I leave for work, I will always come back." Spending time on herself to look good: "Is there a law that says once you have kids you have to look frumpy?"
Kate is THAT Famous: Jimmy Fallon Takes A Stab? Thoughts?


  1. Dear Jon,

    I just want you to know...

    Your children NEED you to be in their lives. YOU need to be there for THEM, all else aside. They are the ones who are navigating through this uncertain time, looking for answers, truth and above all else, a beacon that despite the turbulent waters, they can follow. They are children, lacking wisdom, maturity and understanding. They need the people that they love and trust in their lives to take them by the hand, so they know, without a doubt, that they will be ok because they are loved. If, in this time, through anger and confusion, they push you away, YOU must not go passively into the night, you must insist that you are their foundation and endure it all, for them. If you are pushed away by legal rulings, you must fight to be there with them. You must show in every action of every day that you are their father, solid, unwavering. If you are pushed away by your own feelings of inadequacy, you must push back with the thoughts that you are a valuable, important part of influencing these young lives and creating memories that will forever mould their perspectives. If you fight with every part of your being and give them YOU now, they will know with absolute certainty that you were a good father. Your boys will know how to father their own children with love in their heart and your girls will know how to love a man and seek only the best for their own children (if that's the lifestyle they so chose). You say how much you admired your own father. What made him so great in your eyes? Give that and more to your own children every chance that you get...and if you don't get those chances, make them.

    Take the time and the breaths that you need to find yourself...YOUR true beliefs and figure out what you want your legacy to be, to find your own beacon of unwavering solidity, so that you can come back into your children's lives and be the type of father that you want for them. Take hold of your own reigns and choose the YOU that YOU want to be on this earth and for your children. Let that conviction be your yard stick, your red flag, to the choices, actions and behaviors that you make every single moment. Seek out this guiding light, not from women, friends, lawyers...look deep into yourself to figure out what it is that YOU believe. If you need help in finding the questions to ask yourself, I'm sure that you can receive help from a councilor, church or even literature. You must spend this time on yourself, for the sake of your children, your happiness and yourself. You have taken some time to fill your bucket with "you" time, to explore freedoms, relationships and enjoyment. Now take the time to figure out YOU. When you know with certainty, that you can be their rock to lean on, with your own convictions to guide you and them, get back in there. Try as she might, Kate can never give those children what a loving mother AND loving father can. She could go to the end of the world for them (and they have happy well-adjusted lives), but just imagine how far they could go with you there too.

    I hope that this will resonate with you. It's time to go on from here, today, this moment and do things that you believe in your heart, that are truly the best for those eight sons and daughters. It's your time to be the parent that you want to be.

    You are so very fortunate to have the chance to make changes and be a part their lives, past, present AND future. Think of the soldier fighting a war who could not return to help his children navigate through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Think of the void that you feel, not having your father to help you, as a grown man. Don't let your children do it without you, and find peace and enjoyment knowing that you are on this crazy rollercoaster ride that we call life, with them!

    Congratulations, Jon Gosselin, it's a girl...a girl...a girl...a girl...a boy...a boy...a girl...a boy!

  2. Schmecky,

    I hope I didn't give the impression from my post that I thought you had a lazy Dad! I just wanted you to know I appreciated your sharing.

  3. Thank you! This is great.. Im going to put this on the front of my post.

  4. Loveli, I think your letter to Jon is nice but misses some very critical pieces.

    Yes, it is important to be a part of his children's lives. It is just as important for Jon to stop attacking his children's mother in the media. Kids love both parents and it hurts them when Jon attacks Kate.

    As for the role model Jon sets for the kids, I wish he understood the importance of modeling being a provider for the family as well as a nurturer. Think about what Jon talks about when he mentions his Dad - he was a dentist who took care of other people as well as his family. He was a provider as well as a Dad.

  5. PAR- I agree! Exactly right on those sentiments. :-) I hoped to imply such behaviors in the "be the kind of dad that you want for your children and do chose actions that are truly best for them" framework. Here's hoping...

  6. Ugh. Posted in the other thread because I wasn't expecting there to be another thread already!

    Hate when that happens! LOL

  7. Hope said... (in the last thread)

    Also - as to the expenses being $250k a year -- I will probably regret posting this - but when both my hubby and I were working full time (we are both professionals) we were making around that amount or a little more - and although we lived quite comfortably -- our family of 5 was in no way able to live extravagantly!! So - from my relatable experience - that's not an astronomical number. I know that MANY MANY families get by on much less - and we were blessed to have the careers we did - and we worked hard. We didn't drive expensive cars - we didn't jet set - and although we were 'comfortable' - we weren't exactly able to pile money into savings either. So, IMO, that 250K amount for a family of 9 doesn't seem awfully unreasonable.

    Different life experiences definitely give us different opinions!

    Are you implying I'm poor? LOL! Kidding!

    Actually I know what $250k salary is but I was referring to JUST child support and that is NET! And that's just to cover the expenses of the children, not including Kate. And that's JUST Jon's share! That's a lot. IMO.

  8. While I agree that Jon should have filed privately and not made it another public scene,I also feel that maybe if Kate hadn't said that she can't count on Jon to support the children and hadn't implied that he wasn't paying child support on The View (and I think one other place, People maybe) then maybe Jon wouldn't have made it a public issue.

    I know I wanted him to be able to speak up and defend himself if he was indeed making the payments. Kate knew he can't speak to the media when she made those comments and it wasn't fair for her to imply such things.

    While I agree that she can't just depend on Jon for child support because he may not be able to afford it much longer, it's not the same to imply that he's not paying it if he is. Jon can't speak up right now because TLC won't let him so he had to have a lawyer do it.

    I do agree though that the lawyer didn't have to comment on Kate being an absentee mom. I think I remember Kate also implied that Jon wasn't doing his fair share of watching the children (when she was on The View I think) so maybe that's why the lawyer made those comments. John claims he wanted to watch them more but Kate said no, so that could be another reason why he felt the need to go public. Tit for tat, I guess. That doesn't make it right though.

  9. So excited about the new show. I need more details...when does it start?

  10. angelsmama,

    No problem. Someone made a comment about their mom and dad and wrote "but my dad wasn't lazy" or something like that and I just realized I may have given the impression that my dad was. He worked hard outside the home (and my mother worked hard inside the home, I don't deny that) so I just felt the need to clarify.

  11. my2girls,

    I think it said September. There is going to be a Kate Plus 8 special in June though.

    I'm interested to see if some of the shots of Kate with the kids that we saw over the past few months will be in it. Especially the ones with the kids wearing the matching outfits. There was speculation that it was for TLC.

  12. You know - I've been re-thinking some of attorney's comments as well as Jon's. We have only the attorney's comments on Nancy Grace that Jon has paid child support. Did he pay for sure from an escrow account (I hope that's true.). This attorney (List) seemed on the NG Show to be completely oblivious to any "misdeeds" on Jon's part asking NG to show him proof. (Where has he been to avoid the past media photos?) then when he SAW the photos finally he commented that "they can't be used as evidence." NG proceeded to have other attorney's comment that photos absolutely could and are often introduced as evidence.

    WTH - is this attorney that ignorant? Is he wily like a fox just hoping the media damage will hurt Kate with DWTS and new TLC show? Why file in Montgomery county where records are open instead if Berks County where divorce was and records are closed? Jon is living in MD so not because of convenience for Jon. Does he want Jon to appear more dumb? (That makes me sad. Just as we know Kate's not a fabulous dancer, it's pretty obvious that Jon's for sure not the sharpest crayon in the box!

    If Jon is broke, then ask for reduction in support! He'd probably gain support. But handling it this way just opened a firesto backlash against Jon!

  13. Oh man...I cannot wait for the special!! I miss those kids :)

  14. And Kate's filing was also released to TMZ. Remember? So perhaps it is something their publicists arrange for them? I don't know, just speculating.

  15. Linda,

    Did you still need me to look something up for you? I didn't see your message until this morning. Sorry I wasn't around, I went to be early. I even missed Nancy Grace! I recorded it but don't know when I will get to watch it. :(

  16. m2girls,

    Did you see the pics of them at the bus stop yesterday? They looked so sad. :(

  17. That should read "I went to BED early"...

    LOL Baby Mama at Jimmy Fallon! Too funny!

    His score should be 5-5-5 because although he danced better than Kate he forgot to stay in character with the angry face.

  18. Ok - here goes. In my opinion - going public because one of them says something 'publicly' - is still wrong. This should be about the KIDS - and the both of them should be less worried about what Joe Public thinks! Going with the thought process that he responded (or his attorney) publicly because of something Kate eluded to publicly - is just showing a tit for tat mentality - and shouldn't be. For either of them.

    Filing in Berks county is just another attempt to make things public? For goodness sakes Jon - THINK ABOUT THIS!

    I was hoping (tivo'd the late night repeat of the NG show) that when I watched this morning - I'd see a very professional looking and sounding attorney for Jon this time around. With all the haters blasting on Kate for 'chewing gum all the time' -- I wonder if they'll have the same criticism for Jon's attorney for doing the same thing - he chewed like a cow on his gum throughout the entire interview!

    I have to agree with what was said on NG, too, that there has to be some sort of eventful change to negate what Jon is asking the court to do.

    I also think the custody agreement probably states something like Kate will provide the calendar dates for Jon's custody days...." and that was based on some more in depth discussion of how it would play out - meaning that neither of them wanted a set schedule - because they both knew their personal schedules were going to fluctuate (Jon wanting to be in NY - Kate having to be out of town for work, etc).

    Also - Jon' new attorney tried to imply that Heller was the only legal representation that Jon had during the divorce - and we all know that's not true! He did have a PA lawyer as well as Heller! He also had the Glassman's on his side throughout most of it - and his family, friends, all the people he said he had supporting him - not one of them suggested he APPEAL the decision if he wasn't happy with it?? It just doesn't add up.

  19. Thank you to Hope and everyone for sending me the big news about Kate's new show! I always like to be the first to share all this big news, but you guys get the scoop before me! Thank you thank you, I do appreciate it. Lets face it, we all hope that Kate will get better at Dancing & not be booted off the show. But THIS is where she belongs, back on reality TV!

    I laughed at Jimmy Fallon, it was funny..

  20. BTW - JW --

    In case you don't realize - what you posted is what Jon's camp FILED. The three days and everything else in it has no merit UNTIL its signed by a judge. They just can't write it up and make it happen. So if you're thinking that Kate has three days from yesterday to register for those classes - you're wrong.

  21. Lovely. Here we go again. Enough is never enough apparently. Jon can call her abusive,say he despises her, basically call her a monster, but Kate makes reference to his lack of follow through.....bam....absentee mother. This whole situation with the gosselins has brought into light for me how much people will believe anything they read or watch on E! News. I enjoy watching or reading US but never do I ever believe wholeheartedly what they write. Nor do I believe always what comes directly out of a celebrities mouth, including Kate. Every one has secrets. Truth is I don't care! She entertains me and her life fascinates me. I can relate to her.

  22. That is a funny video........he sucks! I think Kate would see that and laugh, she probably FEELS like he LOOKS when she's dancing.

    Jon turns my stomach, I'm glad he can't speak publicly because honestly, who would watch him? He's a 30 something kid wannabe.

    He's lucky he had the wife he had, one willing to step up and make a living for those children. Otherwise he'd have to. I'm not sure how much money they pay for whoring around with 20somethings or jetting around to snowboard. SHRUG

    I don't get all the support for Jon. Seems to me that all of his supporters given the same situation would not think what he is doing is so great.

  23. I'm glad Jon can't speak either. He'd only make it worse. IMO. He's not very eloquent and lets his emotions get the better of him.

    I actually haven't decided whether or not I support Jon in the latest custody battle. I am waiting to see what Jon really wants out of this to decide.

    My feelings right now are that $20k a month is a lot for child support and that Jon should be allowed to be with the kids when Kate is away on DWTS and her book signings and filming her new show. I don't see the problem with that.

    I also think that TLC should release their hold on Jon if they aren't going to be giving him work. What he chooses to do with for "work" no longer reflects on Kate and it doesn't reflect on TLC if he is not under contract with them. Why do they still want to control him? I can understand if they want to use him for their own network or sell him out to the highest bidder but I don't see either of that happening.

  24. Hope,

    I think JW posted that just to show that they both have to take parenting classes to help them deal with their divorce and how it affects their children. I think it's a great idea!

  25. Jon's lawyer says TLC pays him $5k a month. That's not bad. Not much after taxes but still, he could supplement that with some kind of job. I do wonder though if Jon has had media offers that he wants to pursue. I wonder if he tried to get a "regular" job but couldn't. I wonder if he has nothing right now and is just lost as to what he plans to do for income.

  26. I agree SG. Those parenting classes should be mandatory in any divorce involving children 18 and under.

  27. I also think 20k is a lot for child support.

    I believe that whenever Jon gets custody, he should use the nannies already in place and not get his own. But he should also have a say in the nannies selected.

    I hope Jon has good intentions with this latest plan.......

  28. That Jimmy Fallon skit was hilarious!

  29. I am really surprised that Mark Heller is so quiet right now, I am surprised he isn't blabbing his mouth. I am unclear with what Jon wants, his lawyer said he was looking for a suitable home for him and the children in the Reading area, but the papers say he wants to live in the guesthouse on his off custody days. While I don't think it would be granted and I don't think either one of them could make it work, in a perfect world, it could be ideal if Kate had her own little cottage built on the property for her off custody days. If for instance, Collin needed some fatherly advice, he could step into Daddy's apartment for a chat or Maddy for instance could do the same. They totally do not have the relationship to make this work, so it is fantasy, but I always hope for Mrs Doubtfire type endings. Jon doesn't realize that his inconsistency, yes, I support Kate, no DWTS is harming the kids, yes they should film, no it is exploitation, is weakening his stances. I really don't think his new lawyer knows what he is getting himeslf into with Jon. I am soooo exited for Kates new shows, especially the specials with the kids. I hope they will get to go on some trips, that would be good for them.

  30. I am just completely baffled by all of this. Why now? Why all the media attention again? Both sides. Is it one more way to keep the faces on the tabloids, ratings to be up when Kates new show begins, ratings for DWTS, and Kates new book? Does Jon get a cut from the Kate plus 8 show because it involves his children and he must have to consent for them to be on the show right? I feel this is just another way to stir the pot and get the media talking again. It is and has always been about the Networks not about this Family. Cheri1 (sorry if I mis spelled your name) said something a few posts back about seeing sadness in Kates eyes. They are blank. And she is worried b/c she feels she is just being taking advantage of and she is on for the ride. I feel that she was onto something. I like Kate a lot. I may not agree with some things but who am I to judge, especially since I do not know her personally. And same for Jon, I like Jon also, I feel he is totally in another place right now. And is getting advise from the wrong persons. And I don't even think he knows which way is up right now. But, I like him. The "old" Jon is there somewhere he is just hiding =-). But there are motives for why they are constantly in the press and tabloids. Negatively. Those who are squeaky clean do not draw in the ratings the controversy does. I feel bad for these two because I dont feel like they have a choice sometimes as to what is said or shown. JMHO.

  31. Sorry - I love my kids but Kate is way more giving then I would be when it comes to Jon 'living there' during his time of custody.

    I know that many believe its best for the kids - but I'm not entirely sure I agree.

    I know that there's no way the tension between two ex's who've lived through Jon's last year of romping around - could be concealed from the kids.

    Even when you're divorced - it's hurtful when the other person moves on - regardless of how little you may care about them at that point in time. I don't exactly know how to put it into words - but the fact that Jon did immediately after leaving Kate - HAD TO HURT - and those wounds take a good bit of time to heal. For now - Jon should get (and I've said this all along) a house close to where they live now - suitable for weekend visits so he can spend time with the kids and they can begin to adjust to daddy and mommy's new AND SEPARATE lives.

    I wonder how Jon's amount of child support compares to other 'celebrities' or folks making lots of money? Didn't Britany Spears have to pay way more than that to Kevin Federline? Didn't Rapper T have to pay $2k cash PLUS thousands each month for schooling, athletics and other stuff? Levi Johnston is having to pay nearly $2k a month (FOR ONE CHILD as well). Do the math - times 8 that's $16k.

    Is it a lot of money compared to what most of us make and get by on? Yes. Is it out of the realm of the norm based on income and expenses? No.

  32. It seems pretty obvious to me why Jon is doing this now- he wants another free ride. If he were to get full custody, Kate would have to pay child support, which he could then live off of. Jon has no drive, no initiative- he's looking for the quickest and easiest free ride he can find and right now, Kate is it. If the judge were to lose his or her mind and grant Jon primary custody, I have no doubt that the kids would be left with even more nannies that Jon may or may not be sleeping with, while he parties.

    That said, I don't think for a second that the custody arrangement will change. His payments might get reduced, but that's it. Kate has gone above and beyond to earn money and be there for her kids. She didn't sign the DWTS contract until she could be sure she could be home, and I have no doubt that the new TLC contracts for the new show, and the book tour are written so she can be home as much as possible.

    I think the new show idea is a good one. So many people do draw inspiration from Kate, and this is a way for her to give back to her fans. Also, there are so many stories out there of moms sacrificing so much for their kids that the world needs to hear them. I'm sure at the end of each episode TLC does something for the family as well, kind of like a downsized Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

    Back to the show at hand- do we know what Kate's new dance is yet?

  33. m2girls,

    Did you see the pics of them at the bus stop yesterday? They looked so sad. :(

    The pic were their dad is getting them off the bus? I would be sad too.

  34. Actually no, the one where the nanny was getting them off the bus. Supposedly Kate was still in LA and I'm not sure where Jon was... No idea who had custody. And the kids usually look very happy when Jon gets them at the bus stop. Even the pic that Baby Mama has up the girls were laughing and smiling, just not in that pic.

  35. BTW - in no way am I saying that Jon shouldn't see his kids - or spend time with them. I do believe he loves them - and they love him!

  36. aren't they all doing the rumba next week?

  37. I don't think we have to worry about Kate leaving any time soon. Looks like she has been chosen by a few "vote the worst" sites as their pick this season. She is the Sanjaya of DWTS for those that like to watch these shows and keep people to laugh at. I now most of you don't care why she get votes as long as she gets votes.

    Did you all see Bruno talk about Kate on Lopez Tonight?

  38. I think it's a choice between rumba and samba? And they have that special thing where they will be judged on two factors. Should be interesting. I'm not sure how Kate will be able to concentrate on practicing with all that's going on...

  39. The kids did look sad in that picture...I can imagine they probably heard some things about their parents at school from other children. They must know some of what is going on, even if their parent's are trying to downplay the situation at home, kids are always more aware than we think. Does anyone else think that Kate did not pick up the kids to avoid a pap frenzy?? They have been known to yell very inappropriate things, in front of the kids. Perhaps Kate was trying to protect them.

  40. Tasha,

    I saw that. It was funny but I don't think it's that bad. He wasn't talking about Kate really, he was talking about her dancing. Her dancing sucks so I didn't expect him to have anything good to say. He seems to be a comedic judge so he is definitely going to say something that is mean but funny at the same time. I can't imagine how Kate is going to feel standing in front of him next week to be judged.

    What does everyone think about the premise for Kate's new show Twist of Kate?

    I think the name is a mistake. It's a horrible name. People are already refering to it as Twisted Kate, etc. I don't think the premise is that great. I might watch the first episode just to see what the show is like and how it is done and if the "fans" on the show get anything out of it besides meeting Kate, etc.

    I can't believe they are going to do Kate Plus 8 specials. I mean I knew TLC would try to but I didn't think they would after all the backlash about the children's privacy and all the specialists saying the kids need to get off reality tv and the issue with PA labor laws. I hope the kids are getting paid this time.

    Maybe they will finally get to the Statue of Liberty because it seems neither of their parents will take them anywhere without a TLC tv crew around. I find that upsetting. Kate has Steve with her everywhere she goes, she can't bring him along to take her kids somewhere special? He's also a friend, so he should be happy to do it even if TLC wouldn't pay him to. His wife could go along too to help out Kate. So could the 3 nannies. That upsets me. Those kids do not have a normal regular life and I don't see one in their future.

  41. momsby, no. I personally think that has nothing to do with why Kate wasn't there. Besides, they wrote she was still in LA (not sure if that's true). But I still don't think that's the reason. Maybe now that she gives ROL friendly interviews she could ask them to stay away from her kids and not post their pics.

  42. I don't see how the kids could hear anything from the Paparazzi worse than hearing what Bruno called Kate at the judging table on DWTS.

    I really hope they weren't watching

  43. Denise, I was thinking the same thing when I was watching too.

  44. Denise,

    I didn't even think of that! The kids were watching when Bruno said she looked like a Super Bitch From Hell. Actually all of what the judges had to say that night may have been embarrassing for Mady and Cara to watch. I wonder what their reaction was?

    I wonder if TLC has any footage of the kids watching Kate on DWTS! Maybe they will show portions of Kate behind the scenes doing DWTS and the kids reactions, etc on the Kate Plus 8 special. That would be interesting.

  45. Schmecky,
    I didn't say that Bruno was saying anything bad per se about Kate. Just wondering if people had seen the interview. That is how I knew about the vote the worst sites. Saw it in the comments and looked them up. Seems people really enjoy making fun of her on those sites. There is a guy on idol they are keeping on to make fun of as well. I didn't know they had websites like this but seems they do it every year and there are several of them.

  46. I admire Kate for all that she has accomplished. But she should stop crying that she is a single mother who is supporting her children by herself, 1/4 of a million dollars a year in child support is not by yourself.

    I get that she thought DWTS would be a great challenge for her, but with a book tour coming soon and a reality show (where she will be travelling round the country) she probably should have not taken on so much. Its just fuel for Jons fire. Surely she is not that broke!

  47. Tasha, Hi! Sorry, I didn't think you meant that... You really didn't say anything about it. lol. I was referring more to how people are reacting to it elsewhere I guess.

  48. Jon's attorney claims Kate is getting paid $100k a MONTH by TLC (if that's true I don't know, but it's about time they paid more). She also got a MILLION dollars for her latest book. And she has the child support and all the other money she made in the past, etc.

    Kate does not NEED to be away from her kids to do DWTS to support them and, in my opinion, it was stupid to make it seem like she did or she would have no other means of support for her family. She has a nice income coming in already.

    I actually don't think it would be bad if Kate was away from the kids for DWTS but it seems like she has a lot going on now with her new book promotions coming up and her new show that she supposedly has to travel to do.

    DWTS is definitely a nice paycheck and if it was her only means of income, or a major means of income, I would say she was right to do it because it's a lot of money for just a few weeks of work.

  49. I've heard some really inappropriate comments made to both parents in front of the kids. Perhaps, Kate gave some friendly interviews to ROL so they would stop harassing her. Facing that kind of behaviour would have been especially hard yesterday. I think it's safe to presume Kate had a very emotionally charged 24hrs. Even the strongest of women would be upset.

  50. momsby,

    I have heard the comments too. It's disgusting. The paps should not be allowed anywhere near the children and they should not be allowed to speak to Kate or Jon in their presence. IMO.

    Kate was in NYC practicing dancing with Tony. Not sure whose turn at custody it was. Here's a good video clip! She looks stressed though.

  51. Schmecky~ that clip was soo awesome! I only got to see it without volume though lol.. and man did she looked stressed and tired! Your so right. She couldnt even muster a smile! I feel so bad..I'm not good at reading lips, so I will see it at home later ;)

  52. Look who is talking smack about Kate!

  53. Schmecky thanks for posting that video. Stress is definitely taking a toll on her.

  54. Hey Fred what's going on with that link, it doesn't seem to work for me..What did she say, and was anyone able to listen to it?

    HOLY COW!! 2 Shows? Someone just sent me this e-mail that TLC has 2 NEW shows in the works for Kate this summer!. I can't get to the TLC site until later..Tell me if this is true!

    Beginning this June, limited specials will follow Kate and the kids on new adventures – from activities at home to exciting field trips, viewers will experience all the fun with the family.

  55. Busy day so couldn't chime in again until now, lol. Since I've heard attorney List make several statements last night that seemed not only wrong but preposterous ("there aren't photos of Jon and if there were they can't be used" for example) we only have his "comments" about Kate's income. We don't know how much of Jon's earnings he got to keep, Vegas, etc. We don't know what Kate's income is, from TLC or DWTS, etc. We don't know what their expenses are. We don't know how much $$ each got in the divorce settlement. We don't know for sure what the visitation arrangements.

    We were and are still very curious. We don't know because divorce info was in a county where everything was not published. I'm not sure, despite our curiosity if we should know. (My divorce from first was devastating. It wad demoralizing to have it all published.) we don't know because Kate didn't think it should be public and her attorney was smart enough to file in a county that doesn't publish.

    However, we are all about to find out. Jon's attorney filed in a county that does allow it all to be public.

    Given all of the completely WRONG info that Heller spouted, with no knowledge of PA family law, and not having confidence that this attorney has any family law experience, hmmm. Also given that it's US and ROL, and TMZ and E! reporting what was supposedly said, it makes for another hmmmm.

    Rather than speculating on the income, I think I'm going to just wait until court when we get to see transcripts this time.

    Maybe Jon is hoping for a deal with Court TV - but I won't. That could also be entertainment. Maybe Jon is hoping Kate will give him $$ to shut up. Maybe we'll get to have an accounting where they have to show how much they got, how much they have left, AND how it was spent!!! Wouldn't that be entertaining! But it is ALL just idle speculation at this point.

    Wonder if Kate's attorney can introduce transcripts of all the TLC supoenas? Wouldn't that entertain us???

    Poor Jon. I think you opened a rotten can of worms. But you can always blame somebody else!

  56. The poor women must be stressed, tired, and devastated. At the risk of sounding like a loon I'm feeling stressed for her.
    SG, I think I have to respectfully disagree on your thoughts that Kate does not NEED to be on DWTS. I think she is doing it for the kids and for herself. I see her earning as much as she can in as short a time possible. She is being pro-active and trying to provide for her family. She may have a nice income this month and next but she needs to look to the future. Money aside if she's happy being on DWTS, why shouldn't she do something for herself? (It does not look like much fun to me, but if Kate enjoys it what's the harm? It's important we moms not just look after our children's needs, but our own as well. Plus, DWTS has been great for creating buzz for her new show(maybe another need?).

  57. Tasha said...
    I don't think we have to worry about Kate leaving any time soon. Looks like she has been chosen by a few "vote the worst" sites as their pick this season. She is the Sanjaya of DWTS for those that like to watch these shows and keep people to laugh at.
    I tipped you off to this right after the first dance. Maybe you shouldn't skip my posts?

  58. Jon's lawyer is bargaining. You always begin with asking for the most and then settling for what you need. Of course he wants everything made public. He wants everyone to know how much money Kate has, how much money Jon doesn't have and how ludicrous the visitation schedule is right now.

  59. It was a radio interview with Paula Deen. She joked about Kate's dancing (said something like "if you can call it that"). She said she couldn't look away , it was like watching a train wreck.

  60. From "The Wrap" on the new "show" ...

    "Kate Gosselin will make her TLC solo series debut this summer with "Twist of Kate," a new reality format in which America's most infamous TV mom abandons her kids in order to see how other less well-known people deal with life's messiness."

  61. Oh my... that interview clip that Schmecky Girl posted is making me nervous. Kate looked awful- really tired and overly stressed. You're right, BM she couldn't even muster a smile. I think that all of this traveling and stress of DWTS is taking a toll on her. Not to mention the new custody battle. She's probably had a few sleepless nights recently. After watching that I kind of hope that she isn't on DWTS for too long, because honestly... she didn't look good!

    On a different note: Congrats Kate on the new shows! (PLURAL!!) I'm interested to see Twist of Kate, because I'm not really feeling it at the moment. Of course, it hasn't aired yet so we'll wait and see. As for Kate Plus 8 I'm BEYOND happy that we will get to see the kiddies again! But at the same time I'm a little disappointed because I thought that after J&K Plus 8 was canceled, that would be it for a TV series including the kids, and that they might have a shot at a "regular" childhood. So now that's out. I don't really know. It could go both ways for me...

  62. Just Wondering~ Sorry, but the Washington Post comment was nasty & rude and reminded me of bullies at High School. Not interested in supporting that. As far as the comments on "The Wrap" people love to attack this woman any chace she gets.. Abandon? It's called working people! NO woman should ever be made to feel like they are abandoning their children to provide for them. Thank you once again for showing us how many spiteful, hurtful idiots there are in this world.

  63. Denise, Kate is still in New York. She hasn't come home.

  64. momsby,

    Hi again. ;)

    I understand that her "celebrity" may not last forever and I think it's great she's thinking ahead and trying to get what she can now to support her family. At this stage in the game I think Kate should pack up and go home. She will be getting the most money for the first week and more every week she stays on. She has her book coming out and has to promote that. Then she has her show with traveling, etc. She's not hurting for the money right now but she's hurting herself.

    This DWTS gig is killing her. It's too much of a commute for her and for her kids. And it's not like she is doing well on it anyway. I think she is continuing for the wrong reasons. She doesn't have to "prove" anything to anyone. She came out and conquered her fear. She gave it her best. She can't dance. She knows her fans love and support her. What more does she really need?

    If she doesn't want to stop then she should take Jon up on his offer to stay with the kids. See if he really means it. Then she can stay in LA and not commute and the kids will still be with a parent. Everyone wins. And if Jon really doesn't WANT to do it and was just saying it then it will prove it.

    Just my opinion. Kate will do whatever she wants anyway. lol.

  65. Denise,

    Kate was practicing dancing in the NYC studio. Maybe Jon has custody this week?

  66. Just Wondering - I can't wait to find out what Jon has left, how much he got, and how he's spent it!! He hasn't worked since the E! and Vegas stints. I want to know if he's managed his money wisely or squandered it living the high life. He

    He doesn't have a job now so I'd agree with reducing the child support. But, I'd also insist on job counseling that's realistic and setting a time frame for getting a job of some kind. He's probably going to have a hard time finding a job until he drops some pounds, etc. The lawsuits aren't going to help him with corporate America, and his track record isn't going to help either.

    The parent counseling is a good idea. Some states/judges routinely require it. I had to do it. My ex went to one session, told the counselor he was full of sh*t, and lost visitation until he went back. It broke my heart that he couldn't see the kids then, but was his choice. I think what made him angry, and what Jon may have a mega problem with was the counselor told him to quit blaming others for what happened in life and suggested he "start thinking like a 30 year old with a more mature outlook."

    If Jon could show he's looked for realistic employment and support has eaten away all his money, I'll be in his corner. If he wants less child support because he's blown the other money having a good time, then tough nougies!

    I think Kate realizes you make money while you can and bank it for rainy days. You don't just live off what you have banked right now because an accident, or whatever could curtail your future earnings. She gets mani's, pedi's and tans. So what? It makes her feel good and is relatively inexpensive - particularly weighed against air fare, lodging, meals, and lift fees for just one ski trip. I don't begrudge him romantic carriage rides around Central Park with the previous love of his life or month. I just want to know what he's spent.

    Hey, he's getting $5k a month for not working? I have a feeling that's running out or end and that's prompted his panic. Hope it's not to hold TLC hostage again so they'll pay him longer.

  67. Linda,

    I agree that if Jon is just squandering his money then he shouldn't have access to more... and if the records show it then he should be held accountable for it.

    My only issue is that TLC isn't giving him work and won't allow him to get other work in the media (if it's even an option). Let him go do whatever he wants... why does TLC insist on holding onto him if they don't actually want him?

    Yes, I understand he's under contract and getting paid and he's an idiot for taking the settlement and agreeing to it so it's his own fault but TLC doesn't really seem to want him. I think he had bad legal advice in the Hellers. Just the fact that he is related to Hailey makes me question his motives. Oh well.

  68. Oh and I don't think Jon's weight should matter. ;)

  69. Schmecky - I agree Jon's weight shouldn't matter, but unfortunately it does. It matters more in TVland ( unless a weight reduction program or series), but even, unfirtunately in corporate America. Why, because they don't like to pay higher insurance rates (not to mention what his smoking does). We have five major corporations in our small town and they are pretty open about not hiring overweight people because of insurance costs. higher frequency of missed work days, or whatever. Maybe not fair, but a reality. And not a single one if them hires smokers. Even if he tried for an IT job I think that would be hard as a smoker ( smoke breaks and contamination on your clothes.) And this used to be a state that openly allowed smoking. The recent late night bar photos probably don't help matters either. I want him to get a job and live a healthy lifestyle. SG I really do care about Jon. I just want him to take responsibility for his actions.

    At least he smokes outside mostly although we had that one ROL shot if him in the car with the twins. I hate to think of what that's doing to the lungs of all the kids. You had two of their little ones who had to have the nebuluzer treatments. Ours did too and our dr said to not even let them be in same room as smokers because of the contamination on their clothing.

  70. BM - Nothing like a good ball game to take my mind off all the crap on this site. LOL The Detroit Tigers are winning 7 to 3 bottom of the ninth. Yippee!

  71. Linda, why do you keep thinking Jon can find some job with "corporate America"? He has a high school diploma, and I doubt that his grades were very good, at that? Just what kind of a job do you think he could find?

    I don't know about PA, but here in Indiana even low level entry jobs have been grabbed by people with college degrees. My DIL was one of over 300 applying for a part time secretarial job which was appointed to a person with a degree in computer science. There are no jobs!

    Plus Jon has all this extra baggage to cart with him. NOBODY would hire him!

  72. Schmeckygirl, I don't know what you mean by saying Kate doesn't take the kids anyplace when cameras aren't rolling. We know she took some of the girls to a Taylor Swift concert last month. I know that whole Statute of Liberty thing still rankles you, LOL.

    I am not believing anything List says about how much Kate makes at the moment. How would Jon know what TLC pays her or how much she is getting for the book? I certainly don't share my income information with my EX - it is none of his business. The only time you are required to share that information is during arbitration or legal proceedings and there haven't been any since the divorce was finalized. Jon lied about the money he took from the joint account (flashing a receipt for $22,500 and saying that was what he took) and then was ordered to pay back close to $200,000.

    I will wait to see what the court decides before I believe anything either one is saying about the finances. I do find List incredibly sleezy and unimpressive. Why can't Jon find a lawyer who cares enough about the kids not to try a case in the media?

  73. Did anyone else hear Meredith Viera say Kate will be on the Today show next Tuesday, April 13? I haven't seen anyone mention it yet!

  74. PAR, do we know if she took them to the Taylor Swift concert? She and Tony were on the flight to LA that night per his twitter.

  75. I feel such empathy for Kate. Finally the paps were just following her. Now they are back to the kids again.

    From what I read, the kids are only on a limited number of specials, not a whole continuing series of weekly shows. Is there a timetable for this show starting?

    Did anybody else wonder if perhaps those photos of the "sad" kids were because the paparazzi were back to meeting the schoolbus again. I too have heard those clips where the paps were asking all kinds of inappropriate questions. Who knows what, if anything the p's were yelling. It could have been for any reason.

  76. CraftyMomof3 - In case I came across incorrectly, I am very much a strong supporter of Kate and thinks that she does amazing things for her children. In my letter to Jon, it is my hopes that he CAN be the type of father, as Kate is a mother (dedicated, strong, and of course, THERE). When he can get his act together, there is no doubt in my mind that he should be there. Right now, is not that time and I don't believe he is letting the best interest of his children guide his current actions. That's it, that's all! :-)

  77. Linda,

    Hmmm. I say the kids are sad because they got stuck in traffic and it took an extra 20 minutes to get home. I actually have no input as to why they are sad. I just think it's sad they are sad. :(

  78. Linda,

    I don't think there would be anything wrong with an annual special to catch up with them but it just seems too soon after the divorce, etc.

    As for Jon being able to get a job I'm not sure who would hire him and for what. I worry about Jon. He seemed to go through a personal crisis and made some bad decisions that may haunt him for quite some time.

  79. The sad thing is that if instead of worrying so much about Kate's parenting, people would take an interest in the parenting that the other family on the Nancy Grace show last night, this world would be a much better place. Kate leaves her children while she works in a nice home and well taken care of either by their father or competent sitters. Even being left with Stephanie Santoro, they are better off than the other kids who were left in a car for two days unfed while their father was bar hopping. I just wish people would get off of the idea that she is abandoning her kids and harp about some truely abandoned ones. Jon does love his kids and should spend time with them, but his claims are about other issues than true concerns about the kids' care. Each family has to make decisions about lifestyle, some are happy an a small home or apartment with yardsale furnishings, some want the Tajma Hall and there is everybody else in between. I am sad for Kate that she is having to deal with added stress right now, but the one good thing that may come out of this is that class that both parents will be attending.

  80. Just Wondering - IT system designers usually require a degree. IT employees don't necessarily have to have a degree. For example, if you are really proficient on a computer, or could design a website, or want MicroSoft certification, a degree is not required. Uh, even Bill Gates doesn't have a college degree (except an honorary one.)

    I'm not implying Jon get a job at McDonald's but even jobs there are considered part of corporate America. But I don't think they'd hire him if he showed up with his cap on backwards, droopy pants, and flip flops.

    I think he could be employed, IF he had some realistic job counseling. He isn't going to make perhaps $22k per week but he's been making $5k for not working. Big name broadcasters, for example make millions. Local broadcasters, for example, rarely make over $50k a year, or even considerably less, and they end up having to work second jobs. Yahoo just last week had an article on this very thing in "what jobs pay" along with one on "what jobs pay well and don't require a college degree. ALL people looking for jobs in a tough economy need to "go the extra mile", aggressively look, and be realistic.

  81. Kate said in a recent interview that the kids don't get to see her dance. They go to sleep before she dances and they want to know why she doesn't dance earlier. ???? Doesn't she at least DVR it for them to watch later? I thought she said they sit there with their popcorn to watch her dance. I thought she said they judge her and tell her she does great. Do they just watch her get announced and say EYE HEART YOU! ??? I'm confused.

  82. According to the documents, Jon is not allowed to work ANYWHERE, for ANYONE until the TLC contract is over.

  83. Those documents reflect what Jon told his lawyer. We have no idea if that is accurate or not.

  84. TLC said in their release that "they would be happy to see Jon employed in an IT position, such as what he had before, or other suitable job, but not in TV on a competing network program unless they approved it first." That is in the photocopied document from ROL that Heller released during the divorce. That was in the contract Jon signed with TLC and Heller wanted to break it.

    Basically he can't work in TV until contract over. And they continued to pay him $5k. But he can work in other fields doing other jobs. Jon's response was that he couldn't do other kinds of jobs because he was too well known.

  85. Schmeckygirl, I think your worry about Jon is well placed. He seems very gulliable (Hailey, Heller, etc) and very lost.

    Let's assume for a minute he gets everything he wants and has the kids 51% of the time, gets child support, and even spousal support (I don't think he will get spousal support because he has co-habitated with another woman since the divorce.)

    How long will it be before he gets restless again? Wasn't that part of the problem - he didn't want to be a full time, stay at home parent?

    It doesn't seem like he has much experience or many skills in managing money. If he gets another house near Reading, is he going to be disciplined enough to pay the mortgage and all that goes with it or will he end up blowing the money and run into financial difficulty?

    What are his long terms plans? Whatever the TLC contract really says, it will run out. Is he going to forego any work outside of PA so as not to be absentee parent? That pretty much puts an end to plans to have a career in television/media (unless that as already been killed by his behavior). It doesn't appear that he has made any effort to plan for a career that requires education or credentialing. So what can he do?

    Even if he completely lives off of child support that Kate ends up paying him, that will be over in 12 years when the tups are 18. Jon will be around 45. What then? Maybe he will have found another well-to-do young girlfriend who's parents he can live with or maybe he will find another sugar mama. But barring those two possibilities, I just see Jon ending up a middle aged man who has lived off of other's hard work all his life, has no work history, and few prospects.

    Jon is sad.

  86. I just see Jon ending up a middle aged man who has lived off of other's hard work all his life, has no work history, and few prospects.
    Yep. That pretty much sums him up. No ambition, no skills, no talent.

    But before, he was asked to stay home with the kids while living a lie about his marriage. He may have a different attitude now that the marriage is over.

  87. Fadingnebula~ I heard about Kate being on The View, but I haven't been able to confirm it. Is it def. The View & not Live w/Regis or is she doing both? Looking into this tonight. Thanks!

  88. PAR,

    I meant how they used to take the kids places for the show. I think Kate can handle taking all her kids together to the Statue of Liberty. She's Can Do Kate! Yes, I just can't get past the Statue of Liberty. I can't help it. lol.

  89. I can't change the Gosselins. I came to care by virtue of TV. I really don't know them personally.

    I don't want to offend anybody. For those of you who believe in a higher power, Christ, God, Yahweh, Buddah, Supreme Power, or whatever name you choose, would you please consider lifting up All if the Gosselins - Jon, Kate, and the 8? It could only help. If this offends you, please scroll past.

    Thank you.

  90. Schmecky,

    Lol. I know the Statue of Liberty trip still bugs you. I know you really don't want the kids back on except an occassional special maybe. I think I'm stating your position correctly. I do hope that trip will be the first K+8 special.

  91. Linda is right about the TLC contract. It was all posted last year. Contract ended in Feb. 2010 and then it stated they could not work in any TV related bus. for 6 months. Nothing competitive. TLC had 3 or 4 options to continue the show if they wanted to, but then it went kaput!
    Linda or Hope posted about us not knowing their expensives for the house. I have that list too. It was also posted on ROL, itemized of what the $15,000.00 per month included. If anyone would like me to post it, just comment here.

  92. Schmecky - you're right we don't know why kids were sad. Maybe they were thinking about that missed S of L trip, lol. I does also make me sad that they were sad.

  93. Baby Mama - All I know is that she's going to be on the Today show Tuesday. Meredith made that announcement. I went to the View's site, and she's not on the schedule for next week. At least not as a cohost, or on the list of guests they have up so far. Hope that helps!

  94. Nancy Grace has more on the Gosselins tonight also. It repeats at 10 pm eastern

  95. If she is going to be the Today show Tuesday, it will be a remote feed from LA.

  96. PAR - there was prerecorded video played after Meredith said that. Kate with the extensions...permed. Maybe they've already taped the interview and it will AIR Tuesday?

  97. Loveli I wasn't directing it at any body, no worries. Sorry if you thought that! It was more of a response to all the crap I have been reading on the internet lately. I thought your letter was very well put and respectful! :) It's refreshing that some one can express their opinion with out bashing.

  98. Oh now I see why you thought that! I meant lovely literally!not you loveli! Sorry!

  99. Wow. Eaaarrly morning local news here just did a quick and rather complimentary blurb about Kate and her new show. :)

  100. Can't wait to read Kate's new book. I pre-ordered it last week already. Does anyone have an update on how many been pre-ordered out there?

  101. So, by my calculation, in August Jon will be free of the TLC contract and free to persue his desired ideal job in media/tv. Not competing with TLC until then. He can certainly be "knocking" on doors to get started then. Does he have a "rep"? Or, did the Heller don go by the wayside also? He'd signed a contact with his old rep, and voided it to sign with Heller son.

    Tornadoes here took out some towers so I can't really search to see if Heller's website still lists Jon as a client. Does anybody know?

    If Heller comes out and says Jon isn't employable in media/tv then that would hurt. Hope for Jon that doesn't happen. He'd have to get realistic then. Many actors/media performers have to take lesser jobs in between parts and series. You have them working for temp agencies and doing whatever it takes to earn the $$.

    Jon's getting all these pap shots again keeping him in the public eye. If he wants roles, he needs to start acting/dressing to present the image of the role he wants. Look at two photos on top; in J&K+8 and as he his now in bus stop photo. If I saw that I'd say he looks like he wishes he were still 22. (And even kids previously commented on him embarassing them with his clothes .) If I looked at that photo I'd think if casting him as: arrested development show, gangsta wannabe, homeless, ??? I don't think he's going to get Vegas pool offers again (and they laughed at him before.)

    Oh wait. I forgot. With timing of many court proceedings, about the time he could persue tv again, he'll be tied up in court. Guess that will be another excuse for why he can't work. Since Kate will also have to do court, she won't be able to film either. He gets his revenge if seeing her halted. Unless he's hoping to get TLC to keep paying him so they can have Kate and he might as well ask for a house and whatever. If Kate isn't able to work, then there go his chances of getting her to pay child support.

  102. lucysmom - I haven't heard but I pre-ordered one also.

  103. Not to stir the pot but I also find it "coincidental" that AGAIN 2 days before TLC is announcing Kate's new shows he suddenly files. I know he thinks that the public will perceive him as a doting father trying to protect his kids, but I think that way of thinking about Jon is slowly starting to dissipate when even Joel McHale from The Soup is making fun of him and he used to stand up for him by making fun of Kate.

  104. That Jimmy Fallon skit was HILARIOUS :)

  105. Did anybody else notice that Florence Henderson AKA Carol Brady was in the Jimmy Fallon audience watching the skit? It is near the end when they pan to the audience. I had to pause the video to make sure, but it was her. I only find this interesting becuase they showed her after Kate's dance Monday night, then she is in Jimmy's audience the same night he does a skit about her. I wonder what is up with that.

    On another note. I wish Jon would spend more time with his children. I have always said I wished he would find his way, because he has been a tormented sole for over a year. But, I have a terrible feeling that this is nothing but a publicity stunt again. Where was he for the past 3 months? Oh yea, he was shacking up with yet another 20 something girlfriend by his own choice.

  106. Let's do something positive for Jon. Let's all work together to find him a temporary job until he can persue his career in media/tv! Benefits to company: free national publicity from paparazzi pix of his arrivals and departures. You could capitalize on his IT knowledge. He could work on your website or sign autographs for people coming to see him. The flocks of people might cheer him up. You'd get your company name in the headlines. Jon would finally have a job and you'd benefit from publicity. Win-win.

  107. Hi Shelly,

    I think they just used the clip of Florence from DWTS in the Jimmy Fallon skit.

  108. When I look at older episodes, Jon seemed happier with the esteem, focus, and structure of his IT job. Once he left, it went downhill for him. Too bad, tlc couldn't hire him for some IT work since he is under contract with them anyway.
    One good thing about his antics is that they are strumming more support for Kate, Nancy Grace doesn't even seem to be against them filming. I really think Jon hurt himself by going on the INnsider last fall because Nancy Grace cannot stand him. Had he not done that there would be more sympathy for him. I am SOOO excited to see their special, that will be a drop everything and run to the tv kind of day. I would still love to see them meet the Hayes because they are similar ages and I think would get a kick out of sextuplets like themselves. I pray for the whole family that these bumps in the road bring them down a positive path.

  109. You know - I really thought that we'd be hearing that Jon had written a book --- you know he's had to have had the offers - and that's something he could have been working on without violating his TLC contract (assuming he was writing a decent book about his perspective of being a 'reality show' dad or something?).

    I'm still really surprised at this turn of events and new court stuff. However - it seems to have gotten VERY quiet - and Jon's new lawyers comment -- something about with info he had garnered that he saw a quick conclusion to all of this -- or something like that -- is still sitting in the back of my mind. Maybe - just maybe -- this lawyer has quickly realized that putting this stuff out to the 'court of public opinion' is NOT the way to go!

  110. Great article!

    "Despite many reports of her diva-like behavior on Dancing with the Stars, Kate Gosselin has at least one fellow mom in her corner: the show's co-host Brooke Burke.
    Burke, a 38-year-old mother of four, adds that she and Gosselin, 35, have bonded backstage. "She is nice and warm and so kind and approachable. I have this great relationship with her.""

  111. In regards to the book, I have loved her other books and I bought both, but I feel that letters from a parent to a child regarding the breakdown of a family are between the parent and the child. Not going to buy this book

  112. I actually think it would do Jon some psychological good to write a book, and I'd love to read it, but I think it would be a problem because his kids would some day read it and I don't know if he could write something suitable for their eyes. I don't think Kate's books is as much actual letters to her kids as it is a framework for discussing the divorce as she says with them "as a yardstick" I most likely won't buy it new because I never buy new books for budget reasons, but I am on reserve for the library copy and I will later buy it used on like I did Multiple Blessings, I still go back and read that book over again

  113. Jon hasn't written a book because he doesn't have the discipline to write a book.

  114. Tashapork I've read excerpts from her new book and they read like actual letters. You know which child she's writing to, and now you'll know their biggest fears. It is disgusting, IMO, to use your children this way. It is THEIR PAIN. Why don't THEY get to choose who knows their feelings and secrets??? Instead their mother *publishes it*.
    Go ahead and call me a troll, I know it's the favorite insult to throw. I am pulling for this family, no matter what you say, in spite of Kate literally SELLING her children's private feelings. For their sake, I hope in the future, she can find a way to make her next millions WITHOUT compromising the privacy of her children.
    If my mother did that to me?!? I'd be furious, and I'd never forget it.

  115. Ronda - I haven't read the book, only exerpts, which may or may not have been taken out of context. Thus, I'll reserve judgment.

    Kate knows first hand now how very difficult divorce is. Not just for the spouse, but seeing the pain of children. As I understand, it's to try to share the lessons learned with others. If a child fears abandonment, for example, then to reassure the child that your love is unconditional and you will not abandon them.

    Regardless of age, it is normal for children to be egocentric, in other words, they somehow are responsible or somehow caused the divorce. It wouldn't have happened "if "only"...they hadn't had tantrums, or cried, or argued, or been too loud, or sleepwalked, or had been a better student, and on and on.

    As I understand the purpose, it to reassure each child, in whatever weakness or area of need that they are precious, valuable, and have merit. I think that is beautiful and has both merit and need. But I haven't read it so I will reserve judgment.

    Based on my own experience, and the reputation of Zondervan, the publisher I really can't see them publishing an exploitative type of book. They publish Christian books, self help books, etc

    I know it's available in just a few days. My preorder is due to arrive on the 16th. I may feel differntly after I read it.

    My own divorce, in a similar situation, was excrutiatingly painful. I had multiples, a job that required travel and a contract to fulfill, along with exhausting schedules and tension. I am very thankful for many of the books I read that helped. A number of these were Zondervan publications. So I'll wait and see.

    Somehow I wish I could reassure Kate that it hurts less over time, you can find a good and compatible spouse, and one who can value stepchildren with nurture and love. And, I wish for Jon that one day he can figure out who he is as an adult along with being an employed and responsible father, and the right woman at his side.

  116. I agree. I will not judge the book on the few exerpts we have seen. Most of what we saw outlined what Kate feels was her responsibility in the break down of the marriage. So far of the things said directly- the only one that seemed to specifically focus on a single childs reaction was Colin feeling his Dad's absence, maybe more than the others. We don't know the overall context and I am sure Life and Style picked out what they could make sound most sensational.

    Anyway I will make up my own mind once I have read it.

  117. Ronda, I think you are entitled to your opinion, but I think you should wait to see WHAT the book is about. Just last week everybody was up in arms about Kate's dance. The talk was that she was going to dress Tony up like Jon and do a dance. All of a sudden that was all that people could talk about. The dance was nothing about Jon. It's interesting how everybody is so willing to put her down and pounce on everything she says and does.

    It lacks the 'feel' of being supportive. I think she is a kick ass mother that made a terrible choice in men. She married a kid she met in college. Unfortunately that kid didn't mature and grow with her. He's not working and trying to support his children. Instead he's running all over with young girls and nobody has issue with that at all. I think it really speaks to the character of people that are bashing Kate for 'abandoning' her kids. The way I see it is she is working to provide for them.

    It's so pathetic that I can't even believe people are really supporting Jon. Mind Boggling. It shows the moral breakdown of our society when we don't expect a Dad to stand up and take care of his family. It's somehow OK for him to jet around and act like a man whore, not working, snow boarding, not seeing his kids for 4 weeks because he's spending time with 'this month's love of his life". It just shows how immature and irresponsible he is, IMHO.

    But to have women come here and bash Kate for all that she is doing, it makes me crazy. I just sit back and shake my head and say....WTH? In a dog fight there are a lot of you I wouldn't trust to have my back. On the other hand it is pretty typical of women to do this.

    But boyo, isn't it time to really sit back and evaluate what you are SEEING compared to what you are being told? I mean, seriously, Jon has done some off the wall things, you really think he should get full custody? Really???

    Staging a 'break in' by Hailey for publicity? Smoking with his kids in the car? lying, lying and lying? I don't believe one word that comes out of his mouth, or his lawyer's for that matter. It gags me to think people have forgotten his antics so quickly.

    Now suddenly he gets clearance because he wants custody? Think that's a good idea? Kate has Nannies and denies him visitation? REALLY? Wonder what she knows that we don't. She hasn't seemed spiteful at all. He has, he's said many things to elicit a response from her.....but she has remained calm and not dogged him, so I wonder the motive behind all of this.

  118. Rhonda a troll is person that bashes us because we like Kate, the show or the family and calls us "sheeple". Not a person who expresses their opinion about Kate. You wouldn't be called names on THIS site for expressing opinions. I like when people have differing opinions and can express them rationally, with out name calling, which is why I only frequent the few sites that I do.

    There are only a few I would call trolls personally and that is because they attacked me personally or people I am friends with here. They are people who go out of their way to stir up trouble.

  119. We are all affected by our own experiences. It colors how we perceive things; it changes us.

    Here is my experience and maybe you'll understand why I am not excited about this book.

    My parents were divorced when I was small, like the Gosselins. It was "big news" in my tiny town, and everyone gossiped. I'd overhear my mother on the phone saying things like "she is holding up well, she's a brave girl, I'm trying to be mommy and daddy at the same time" etc etc.

    I never quite knew who exactly she was talking to; was it an aunt? One of her friends? My school counselor? MY friend's mother?

    She was talking about me, about my feelings, about things I didn't want to talk about. It made me self-conscious at school, and nervous in front of groups.

    I didn't try out for the school play in 4th grade because I didn't want to look out at the crowd...and KNOW that they new personal things about me and my family. Things I would not have shared, because I am a very private person.

    Now that I'm older, the experience has made me painfully shy and reclusive. I pray these children remain outgoing and don't end up hating their parents for selling their privacy. But when I saw the hand-lettered sign on Mady's bedroom "NO cameras" I got a really bad feeling.

    I really hoped it'd get easier once the show ended. And now...the Gosselins are starting it all back up again.

    I'm from the school that says if you want your kid to know something, you tell them. You hand them a letter. You don't publish it as though it's a self-help book for other people's kids. Write a book to help people, fine. But leave your children's names OFF IT.

  120. Wow, Ronda, I'm sorry this happened to you. You are so right, our life experiences do affect how we see things. Our perceptions come from a totally different place. My parents divorced when I was 18 months old. My dad was an alcoholic, beating my mom every chance he got. My brother was 3 when they divorced.

    when Mom met and married my step dad they were wrestling on the floor once, my brother freaked because he thought she was again being beaten. Some things are pretty raw.

    I feel for Mady and Cara.......I do. I don't know the motive for the book so I cannot comment on it. However, I do think you are right, some things are just too personal for kids to discuss.

  121. I have visited this site and got lots of information than other site visited before a month.

    earn and learn

  122. Everyone thinks the "haters" are just a bunch of evil women who are somehow jealous of Kate or hate her just because we want to ruin her. Instead, each of us has our own personal story of how and why we feel she is inflicting needless and irreversible harm to her children and why we have fought so hard to stop it.

    We all have lives, careers, & families to tend. We don't sit on our computers, write letters, and make phone calls because we enjoy it. We do it our of fear.

    Kate is so busy building a career that she is not paying attention to the emotional health of her children. How can she? There are only so many hours in a day, and with eight children, how much one on one time can she possibly spend with each child? You can't just feed and water them and expect them to work everything else out in their own little heads. Who is mentoring them? Who is listening to them? Who is raising them? It's not Kate and it's not Jon.

  123. Just Wondering - it makes me wonder each time I read your posts. It is the quality of interactive time a parent spends and it has much less to do with the amount if time. You don't like Kate, you don't like Jon, and I wonder a lot if you even like the Gosselin kids. It does seem that it somehow gives you pleasure to jump on any and every negative thing you can find and rush to spread the word. No the Gosselins are not perfect, mom dad or kids. Kate has talked openly about her faults. Haven't heard Jon do that yet. But regardless, l like them. I pray for strength, guidance, and wisdom for them as well as myself.

  124. Rhonda- I'm sorry for your pain. Is your mother still living? If so you, as an adult might want to talk to her. It may be that info of the divorce was published. Nosy people may have called to find out how you were doing. A comment of She's holding up well, might have been her quickest and briefest response to them. You said you were in a small town. In my very small town the newspaper published the entire transcripts of the court proceedings, property settlement, every lurid detail. It was the topic of discussion from the diner to gas station to grocery store. My response to calls was, we are doing just fine. I didn't want to say Well why the F are you asking and we're all falling apart.

    I had many say, well you need to get those kids counseling. Upon the advice if my counselor once the divorce was final and the kids were older I did that.

    Divorce hurts everybody. Nobody wins except the lawyers. Divorce is more frequent among parents of multiples. Unfortunately J&K appear so ill-suited to each other that I think that one was doomed.

  125. I read once that Kate was having a councilor come into the home to meet with the children. If that is true, I wonder if Kate showed her the new book and asked what she thought ab out releasing it to the public?

  126. Good luck, Kate! Hope you can compartmentalize the latest garbage and enjoy your DWTS. You may not ever be a great dancer, but you certainly have tried. You were honest when you said you couldn't dance, and yet you tried! It's a job. Smile, have fun, and laugh all the way to the bank!

  127. Of the snipits I've seen so far of her book, her words to the kids seem pretty generic, if you ask me. "I will stand by you" "I will support you" and such. I don't think it's delving into their biggest fears at all. If anything, it's Kate making a public proclamation to her kids in front of the rest of the world, "I will walk through fire for you no matter what happens." More parents should have to stand up and say that in front of others. Maybe it would make more parents consider their actions more?

  128. Ronda,

    Thanks for sharing. I can't imagine what the children will feel when they really realize how much complete strangers, aquaintances and friends know about them. I don't think they have a clue yet.

  129. While I totally agree that when it comes to spending time with your children it's about "quality not quantity", what is considered as "quality"?

    I'm sorry but taking two or three kids with you to get a manicure or go grocery shopping is not quality. That's multitasking.

    Yes, it's great they get to go on some errands in smaller groups but it's not the same as giving them your sole attention. Even if you play with three of them at a time it's just about THEM for those few minutes.

    Jon and Kate have EIGHT kids. With all their time away how much quality time do you really think those kids are getting from their parents? Individually or even as a group? They aren't there to sit down to a family dinner or tuck them in at night, every night.

    Isn't that when most working parents get to reconnect with their children? Talk to them about the day's activities and see what's on their minds?

    Regardless of how or why, there isn't a parent there for those children every night. It's just sad.

  130. Only the children themselves can attest to the quality. Emotional Quality is subjective. We as observers cannot.

    And when you suggest that connections are only made at certain times or not having a parent home every night, you make it objective.

    Everyone feels love in different ways.

  131. tiggerfan (poohfan myself ;))

    Very true, it does not matter what time of the day, but if the parent isn't home that day it's the same thing.

    I'm sorry but children need their parents at home with them at least some part of the day. One or two days once in a while is a totally different thing. But to not have their parents at home with them on a regular basis?

  132. In a child development class I took in college we talked about quality vs. quantity time spent with children.
    The instructor said "Imagine you are starving and you have the choice between 3 bites of Emeril's best dish or a big bowl of decent spaghetti. Which would you chose?"
    We contemplated the question and then he said "Children are starving for attention."

  133. Schmecky - I'm kind of sad that the quality of time spent with the children is based on outside photos. None of us are there to see the other 23 hours and 59 minutes if the day. I'm basing that on 1 minute for a photo. We don't know.

    In an ideal world ALL children would go to sleep with two parents in the home. That sleep would be on a full stomach, bathed, in a safe home, without experiencing drive by violence, alchohol abuse, domestic violence, hunger, etc.

    The Gosselin children always appear nourished (not malnourished), well dressed, groomed, in a secure home (no guns around), and always with at least one adult around. They've never been left without anyone to oversee their care. From the photos I've seen computers, books, active toys, tooth brushes, food , etc. But always an adult.

    She is a single working mom. I initially saw Jon as better suited personality wise as a better fit as a stay at home care giver, it was a disaster, and I was wrong. Yep he can play in the yard with them while he has a smoke break and sends texts on his cell phone. He doesn't cook, but I guess that doesn't matter. He often appeared short tempered and exasperated by the tups and the twins. But those were just short edited clips and photos that probably aren't a fair judgment.

    Yes, he used to bathe them. He washed hair and girls cried and people lauded him for bathing them. Kate brushed hair and girls cried and people said cruel mean mother. WTH? All of the girls are too old for him to be bathing them now. Several of them had severe breathing problems as infants. No child should have to be exposed to second hand smoke. We KNOW that is carcinogenic! We know that people DIE of this. I think that is not only sad but criminal to expose them.

    I think Jon should be visiting his kids. I think his kids need him. I think he needs to clean up his health habits if he's going to be involved. I think it is morally reprehensible to smoke and think that's fine. That kills people. It just does it more slowly over time.

    I don't hear a single magazine screaming about this. With no nannies, who would be watching the kids while Jon's outside smoking? How many cigarettes a day x how much time away from kids during these breaks x how much exposure?

  134. I agree SG, with all that the children been through in the last year, they need a parent in the house on a daily basis at some point in time. JMO! It's called structure and security! Now that Jon is back in town, you would think Kate would be willing to work out co-parenting time with him, and keep their personnel lives private. Then, I think Jon would keep it out of the media. I would hope so!
    I said this before and will say it again:
    No matter how great a caregiver or nanny is, there is no comparison to having a Mom or Dad present. Especially when they get home from school, or at bedtime to read them a story.

  135. One more thing, their divorce was just final in Dec. 2009, and that has not been enough time for those kids to adjust to it. It takes years, and I think children adjust faster then grown ups. J&K need to come together for their benefit.

  136. Schmecky - I guess Jon's continued smoking bothers me like the lack of the trip to the Statue of Liberty does you as a contuimg source of aggravation.

  137. SG:

    In a perfect world - kids have at least one parent there - every day - with structure - over and over day after day.

    It just doesn't happen that way. Divorce many times (at least for some) means a one parent primary day to day - and many times - those parents work and or travel for work. In some cases - I'm sure it's occasional travel - for others - it's more frequent. What about Flight Attendant single parents? I have a couple of single parent FA friends (who were married to pilots) - and both parents travel for work and have to be gone for any number of days in a row completing their flight schedules. Are they in the wrong? Should they be forced to quit and find another job?

    I'm just curious. Sometimes I think we look at these issues in the simplified realm of what we believe to be the lives of Jon and Kate - however - they are issues that affect many other family units - and should be considered as such? Make sense?

    :) :) :) :)

  138. just wondering said...
    , each of us has our own personal story of how and why we feel she is inflicting needless and irreversible harm to her children and why we have fought so hard to stop it.

    Sorry I don't by the "we just see kids suffering and want to stop the suffering" line at all. First, that doesn't explain away the fact that so many of the nasty comments are about Kate's clothing, weight, hair, etc.
    Bitchy, catty comments about the mother they love do not help alleviate any suffering those kids may be feeling. They are hateful and with no greater good or purpose.

    Second, the Gosselin kids are not the kids that are suffering most in America. They are not the only kids on reality TV but we don't see you noble women trying to interfere with the Duggars or Roloffs lives. It is hypocracy to rant on and on about the Gosselins and ignore the fact that there are plenty of other children on reality TV. WOrse yet is making it seem like the plight of the Gosselin children is worse than that of the children who go hungry every night and are left home alone and are sexually abused, etc. The Gosselin kids are very lucky compared to many children in this world.

    Finally, destroying Kate and/or Jon is not going to help those kids. God gives people a free will for a reason .. messing with their choices and opportunities to try to "force" them to live their lives differently is wrong. Let's of people do not parent their children they way I think is best but I have no right to try to manipulate their lives so they do things my way.

  139. Okay. Please call child protective services. I was a bad mother.

    While a single parent to multiples I was out of the home multiple days a week on the west coast while nannies took care of my kids on the east coast. Ex was ordered not to take kids into his home as long as he smoked because of infant breathing problems - so he couldn't have taken them even if he wanted to do it.

    Yes, I could have just quit my job and blown my contract. Maybe I should have, but I didn't. So report me. It sure as heck didn't mean I didn't love my kids. They had structure as much as could be done.

    We could all probably cite cases to show the Gosselin case isn't unique. In addition to flight attendants and pilots. Our neighbors are both doctors. They travel as a team doing teaching and are gone two weeks then home a week and back on the road. Their children are home with a housekeeper. They've done this for years. They both have careers and their children appear okay - I don't live there so can't swear to it.

  140. Regarding the smoking, I think it's DISGUSTING and GROSS and WRONG! He needs to quit for his health, his life and for his children.

    But that's a separate issue and has nothing to do with those children needing a parent at home with them. Obviously, they are divorced but they share custody. There's no excuse, they need to make it work.

  141. I wouldn't label Kate as a narcisstic personality disorder. If she were, then not having a show, i.e. just staying at home would intensify those tendencies. True NPD's don't go out in public much because if the fear of having their inadequacies exposed. (source: DSM-IV used to diagnose by psychotherapists etc. and MayoClinic.

    uh, a NPD person who couldn't dance would never gamble on DWTS much less any TV program.

    She does appear to be Type A. (As the same type I'm really aware of all the flaws we "suffer".). We don't do well at all with mates who aren't strong. You do know where you stand with us because we are outspoken. We expect others to pull their own weight and we don't do well with excuses.

  142. Wow. JW - you got an advance copy of the book. That's incredible. Please tell me how you did that. The rest if us really want to know. I thought only select reviewers got copies. I want an advance copy!

    Surely you aren't referring to Huffington Post, who is citing USMag, who is citing E!, who is citing????

    Wahhhh!!! Not fair! I want my own advance copy!

  143. I used to work in a bookstore and got advanced copies all the time. Also the shipment comes in WAY before the street date. As employees, we could check out books and read them so we would be able to tell customers what they wanted to know.

  144. I try to follow the rule of "don't judge until you've walked a mile in their shoes".

  145. Room for one more on the Bad Mommy train? When I was single my child had to stay at a childgiver's home sometimes for 13+ hrs. Sometimes it was late at night, and I'd have to wake her to go home. Ideal no, a necessity at that time yes! I also dress my two little girls and when she wants my oldest in matchy, matchy, outfits. On holiday's I try to co-ordinate the whole family, corny I know. Life altering, I hope not. We multitask errands, and one on one time with the kids. My husband always takes a child when he's out and about. We do consider it quality time, different from the usual routine. I on the other hand will sometimes sneak away, and relish in an afternoon of child-free shopping.(Worlds Worst Mother Award here I come) A child counsellor once told me that one of the best times to have honest, open discussions with older kids is while driving. Kids find it easier to open up, when we are not in there face asking them to share. What works for some, may not work for all.

  146. Just Wondering~ I cannot have you attacking Kate on my site. I deleted some of your posts. I will not allow anyone to start with the whole "she's expoiting her kids crap" one more time. She's not and that's it.

    Momsby~ It tears me up when I hear anyone call themselves a bad mother based on trying ot provide what you feel is best for you and your child. I just won't have it. I have been going through some painful separation with my kids and I will go ape if I here one more ignorant person saying Kate should stay home with her kids. In face I am writng a new post right now. You seem like a great mom to me!

    FYI: Kate commuted back and forth from New York and only stayed at the NY hotel only one day. You all need to understand why we are called The Tri State. My dad does it 3 times a month. Its not uncommen for people to commute this way and she was not abanding her kids as it's being implied. Sorry I haven't read all the posts, but wanted to add that.

  147. Thanks Denise. I'm taking a job in a bookstore.

  148. Linda and Momsby; I applaud you for doing what you needed to take care of your kids.

  149. Linda, I loved it but please know that we worked HARD. The reading was not done on the job - we could check books out.

  150. Denise I'm sure the job was hard. Despite working, parenting, etc. I still read a slew of books. I'll sleep in retirement ! Our standing family joke is that mom needs a job in a bookstore!

  151. BM thanks I should have put eyerolls I was being sarcastic. Being a mom is hard, we need to apploud and accept our differences. I like Kate am just doing my best! Honestly, judgy people that like to tell other's how to raise kids annoy me. Are there really any perfect parents out there?

  152. Linda~ I forgot to add how great a mother I think you are. And how I appreciate all the great insight you bring to me blog. I don't get mushy often...;) but your the best! xoxox

  153. Add me to the list of 'those moms' who have had to work - be away from the kiddos, dressed them all alike for EVERY family photos/holidays, day trips I possibly could (and mind you - being such a horrible mom - it amazes me that I was able *and probably still could* get my teenage BOYS to agree to this -- seems they think mom's pretty awesome and don't mind doing little things for me) - and all the other stuff that supposedly is why Kate is a 'bad' mother.

    Funny how I have a great family with basically grown, well adjusted, educated, happy, personable kids! I guess those breakdowns will be coming any day??

    We should start a club! haha

    Seriously though - my hat goes off - and my heart goes out to all moms who work hard and truly do what it takes to do the very best they can for their kids. This list includes momsby, Linda, BM, SG and Kate G and all the rest of you!!! :)

  154. Hope I have decided that all of us kick-ass moms DO need to support ourselves. I already feel that we have the greatest club out there right here. And as usual, I love your posts ;)

  155. I think were all great moms :)

  156. (Borrowed this but couldn't help posting it) :)

    Recipe for the perfect family
    How To Create The Perfect Family
    © Katy
    You will need:
    1 large house
    3-6 people, depending on how long you want to wait for it to be done
    1.5 cups of pets
    2 cups of patience
    3 ounces of anger/frustration
    3 quarts of laughter
    4 teaspoons of trust
    And last but definitely not least,
    Lots and lots of love

    First, open the house, and make sure that it will be the right size for your family. Mix the desired amount of people with the pets, carefully so you don’t damage them. In a separate bowl, stir the love and laughter together. Set aside. Taking each person separately, evenly distribute the patience and trust, making sure that each one gets an equal amount (Failure to distribute evenly may lead to different recipe! See recipe for “My impatient family” for details…). Carefully open the bottle of anger/frustration. Using a Q-tip, dab small portions of the anger/frustration onto each person. Lastly, take the love and laughter and sprinkle it all over the house, pets, and people. Let sit until all parts of the recipe are thoroughly combined, and voila! Your Perfect Family is complete.


  157. Sidenote to the above post: I actually laughed out loud when I realized the copyright at the top is by "Katy" -- and so I thought it was appropriate to post here. :) Kind of ironic :)

  158. Hope - What a lovely recipe. A great way to wind up all the postings from us great MOMS & DADS too!
    I t sure did make me smile. Tx again!
    Looking forward to DWTS on Monday.

  159. I wonder why no tweets from Tony about their dancing this week?

  160. Ok...yet another rant from moi.

    I have a real irritation and take issue with a) people being armchair psycho-annalists and labeling Kate as having narcissist personality disorder b) using that term "narcissist" so offhandedly to spawn contempt against her.

    Could it be that Kate has drive and determination, with a "pull yourself up by your bootstraps and don't let anyone bring you down" kind of attitude? The very attitude that America was founded on? An attitude that has got many people to "be the best that they can be"?

    Ok, suppose for a second, the armchair psycho-annalists were right and that she is a fit for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) exhibiting symptoms like "wants to be seen as perfect", "is envious of others and tries to associate herself with high ranking people" and "has a sense of entitlement". Now think of the believed causes of this disorder (many causes link back to parents' inability or unwillingness to form an emotionally nurturing relationship with the child...overly critical, unreliable, etc). Now, see Kate as a product of HER upbringing, having to overcome these struggles daily. Now ask yourself if her parents were overcoming their own struggles, and we see that this behavior is cyclical. (Now, let me be clear that I am only laying out s POSSIBLE scenario...I have never met Kate, or her parents, grandparents, siblings etc. )

    Now, for comparitive reasoning, IMAGINE that Kate's mother drank during her pregnancy (perhaps because she came from a home that abused alcohol and was herself, an alcoholic) and IMAGINE that Kate was born as having Fetal Alcohol Disorder (FAS), with all the symptoms that accompony it (poor judgement and impulse control, inability to fully understand consequences, to list a few). Now imagine that anyone who disliked Kate for whatever reason, used her FAS in a derogatory fashion to have others hate her as well. "Oh, look at her, she is SUCH an 'FAS'er and nobody in their right mind should be with her, you never know what she might do, she could sell the house on a whim because she wants to go Vegas" OR WHATEVER.

    Now, I am hesitant to publish this because I don't want any of it to be taken out of context. I am merely laying out a hypothetical situation to generate empathy for others (including all of us on this board) and try to influence people not to judge Kate out of her own life's context. She is a person, with true feelings and making comments that she is nasty, a narcissist, has bad hair, is a bad mother is only making a cruel world for her to have to endure. Perhaps, she would benefit from some type of council, but who out there wouldn't? Let her and those who LOVE her through and through be the judge of that. Instead of going out of your way to be hurtful, go out of your way to see how you can help, and if you can't do that much, well at least mind your own business instead of spreading hate and intolerance for others. Perhaps there is an armchair analyst out there analyzing your own need to fixate on a person you've never met and try to destroy her emotionally.

    And by the way, those of us here don't need to be "shown the light", we choose to be supportive and helpful people, who can see past a person's flaws AND still hope for the best for them and those they love.

    OK. I'm done. Hope in the reader's digest version of my feeling, I have made some degree of sense. :-)

  161. I couldn't agree more. Exactly what I was thinking reading the post yesterday.