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Kate Gosselin Gets 2 New Shows, Note To Haters, Brooke Burke Supports Kate

Hello Gosselin Fans! Danncing with the Stars continues Monday evening with the fourth night of season 10 competitive action. The nine remaining couples are slated to take on either the fiery Tango or the passionate, sexy Rumba, and for an added twist, they'll receive two sets of scores: One for technical elements, and the other for artistic flavor. How do you think Kate will do? Will she make it another week?

Kate Gosselin Proves Her Strength, Note To Haters: Backseatcuddler.comMy point is, Kate Gosselin really isn’t doing anything wrong but, she’s always being blasted for working hard and pursuing a career, and perhaps some of her dreams. Why does Kate have to defend herself for doing what everyone else in Hollywood is doing? Sure she came across a bit (sometimes a lot) on the ‘witchy’ side on Jon & Kate Plus 8. I can’t say that I’d be any different if I was married to Jon Gosselin and had eight kids to care for. I am sure you all will continue to point the finger at Kate Gosselin, ignoring all of your own faults. But, I sure wish you’d give the woman a break. She deserves one.

Kate Gosselin keeps a strong front going no matter what she is going through. Her ex-husband Jon Gosselin is dragging her through another round of hell, attempting to take the kids away from her with a bunch of unfounded claims. But, Kate is continuing on, not throwing in the towel. It seems like most of the public loves to hate on Kate Gosselin. Everyone seems to have found perfection in themselves and decided that calling out Kate Gosselin is now their right. Funny thing is, most of those hating Kate, don’t have any kids, much less eight of them. So perhaps they have no idea what they are actually judging. Also, I find it odd that Kate is being slammed for nannies caring for her kids while she’s at work. Yet, all the other celebrity actors, Hollywood types, etc have nannies taking care of their kids full time and no one bats an eye… Hello, Brangelina?

DWTS' Brooke Burke: I Want Kate Gosselin "to Pull Through":

Despite many reports of her diva-like behavior on Dancing with the Stars, Kate Gosselin has at least one fellow mom in her corner: the show's co-host Brooke Burke. "I have such a soft spot for her," Burke told at Thursday's Four Seasons Spa relaunch party in Westlake Village, Calif. "I want her to pull through just as a woman and a mother. I want her to be able to conquer it even if it's only for one night." While Burke concedes that the DWTS judges "aren't really making anything up" with their harsh critiques of Gosselin's dance routines, she lamented, "I just wish they would give her a little bit of a break...She has got it a little tougher than everybody else." Burke, a 38-year-old mother of four, adds that she and Gosselin, 35, have bonded backstage. "She is nice and warm and so kind and approachable. I have this great relationship with her.""As soon as the cameras go on," Burke admits, "something happens."

Yet production sources report in the new issue of Us Weekly that Gosselin is so standoffish that she has show staffers contact her through her bodyguard. "She acts like a major celebrity," the source says. Adds another: ""Not only is Kate the worst dancer, but she's nasty. "I haven't seen that side of Kate," Burke claimed. "Not one ounce." She notes that the reality star -- whose new TLC show Twist of Kate has just been announced -- is faring well despite a new custody lawsuit from ex-husband Jon. "I don't know how she is managing it all, honestly," Burke says. "Aside from being scared to death, she's okay."

Kate Gosselin Gets Not One, But 2 New Shows:

Kate Gosselin shot to fame in the TLC reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8. The Gosselin divorce was a real life drama that played out in the tabloids. Currently Kate Gosselin is appearing in the ABC series Dancing With The Stars, where her dancing gets panned but she manages to be one of the most talked about contestants on the show. TLC announced on April 8, 2010 that Kate Gosselin is returning to reality TV, without Jon, in Kate Plus 8 and Twist of Kate.
In Twist of Kate, the reality TV mom travels around the country to find out how other people juggle work, family and all the other challenges life throws at them. Kate will walk a mile in someone else's shoes in each episode. She will meet with real families in the middle of their own extraordinary challenges. Kate will try out their jobs and see what challenges other people are up against. She will also find out what they do to let off steam. Each family will have some unique circumstance that is a story in itself. As Kate gets to know them she'll roll up her sleeves and see what she can do to help.
Beginning this June, limited specials will follow Kate Gosselin and the kids on new adventures - from activities at home to exciting field trips, viewers will experience all the fun with the family.


  1. Uh....I just you must have been reading my miond, Baby Mama. I just finished my comments on the last post with similar sentiments. Great minds think alike!

    Maybe I should repost here.

  2. Ok...yet another rant from moi.

    I have a real irritation and take issue with a) people being armchair psycho-annalists and labeling Kate as having narcissist personality disorder b) using that term "narcissist" so offhandedly to spawn contempt against her.

    Could it be that Kate has drive and determination, with a "pull yourself up by your bootstraps and don't let anyone bring you down" kind of attitude? The very attitude that America was founded on? An attitude that has got many people to "be the best that they can be"?

    Ok, suppose for a second, the armchair psycho-annalists were right and that she is a fit for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) exhibiting symptoms like "wants to be seen as perfect", "is envious of others and tries to associate herself with high ranking people" and "has a sense of entitlement". Now think of the believed causes of this disorder (many causes link back to parents' inability or unwillingness to form an emotionally nurturing relationship with the child...overly critical, unreliable, etc). Now, see Kate as a product of HER upbringing, having to overcome these struggles daily. Now ask yourself if her parents were overcoming their own struggles, and we see that this behavior is cyclical. (Now, let me be clear that I am only laying out s POSSIBLE scenario...I have never met Kate, or her parents, grandparents, siblings etc. )

    Now, for comparitive reasoning, IMAGINE that Kate's mother drank during her pregnancy (perhaps because she came from a home that abused alcohol and was herself, an alcoholic) and IMAGINE that Kate was born as having Fetal Alcohol Disorder (FAS), with all the symptoms that accompony it (poor judgement and impulse control, inability to fully understand consequences, to list a few). Now imagine that anyone who disliked Kate for whatever reason, used her FAS in a derogatory fashion to have others hate her as well. "Oh, look at her, she is SUCH an 'FAS'er and nobody in their right mind should be with her, you never know what she might do, she could sell the house on a whim because she wants to go Vegas" OR WHATEVER.

    Now, I am hesitant to publish this because I don't want any of it to be taken out of context. I am merely laying out a hypothetical situation to generate empathy for others (including all of us on this board) and try to influence people not to judge Kate out of her own life's context. She is a person, with true feelings and making comments that she is nasty, a narcissist, has bad hair, is a bad mother is only making a cruel world for her to have to endure. Perhaps, she would benefit from some type of council, but who out there wouldn't? Let her and those who LOVE her through and through be the judge of that. Instead of going out of your way to be hurtful, go out of your way to see how you can help, and if you can't do that much, well at least mind your own business instead of spreading hate and intolerance for others. Perhaps there is an armchair analyst out there analyzing your own need to fixate on a person you've never met and try to destroy her emotionally.

    And by the way, those of us here don't need to be "shown the light", we choose to be supportive and helpful people, who can see past a person's flaws AND still hope for the best for them and those they love.

    OK. I'm done. Hope in the reader's digest version of my feeling, I have made some degree of sense. :-)

  3. Here you go. Read some of Kate's own words about how difficult it was for her to take care of her children and the sacrifices she was forced to make. It's a real pity party.


  4. PS. The above is just one long link and in the upper left of the page is a link for sample pages.

  5. Just Wondering~ Always coming back to bring just a touch of sparkle to everyones lives..Exactly where anywhere do you consider her thinking its "a pity party?" didn't get that vibe at all.

    Insulting Kate about doing the best she can for herself and her family is insulting me and everyone on this thread. Hey for all we know you could be insulting yourself. I take pride in being away from my kids to make money and provide for the finer things. Regardless if it's a struggle you saying that it's not ok when in fact it very much is.

  6. Loveli~ Your posts are always wonderful and you are allowed to rant as much as you want. Hope was saying we need to start a club and I say we already have the best mommies club on the web! There are times that I may not be as helpful or supportive as I could be, but I guess I get points for doing this blog and supporting a fellow mom. ;)

  7. Thanks, Baby Mama! And you're absolutely right, you do get points for doing this blog. For whatever reason, I am interested and emotionally invested in the Gosselin family and I really do appreciate a place where we can show support and well wishes. I read here more often than I write and in a hectic day, even that much is tough to do. I value the time, effort and courage that it takes to defend your position daily and maintain this blog.

    I just find it so IRONIC that the very people that hatefully label Kate as a narcissist, are unwilling or unable to show any amount of empathy for her (thereby showing narcissistic tendencies themselves). Sigh...

  8. Oh please! No one is faulting her for getting a job it's what she DOES AS THE JOB.

    How much is she getting paid for DWTS? 50K-100K/episode? You mean to tell me that isn't enough to provide for 8 kids for a long time? How about the 20K in child support Jon pays? What does Kate do with all this money? The millions from the J&K+8 show, Multiple Blessings, 8 Little Faces? The money TLC is STILL paying her, the 2 TV shows TLC is about to start with her.

    WHY this book detailing the kids mental problems, insecurities needed? Jon also says the kids have never had therapy.

    It is ridiculous to compare her to the middle (or below middle) class single mothers. She isn't even comparable to A list celebs like Angelina...who make their money ASIDE from the kids.

    Some one needs to appoint a guardian ad litem for the kids.

  9. Squattmunki24: Do you REALLY believe that Jon is paying 20 grand a month in life support? Where is he getting the money? What job does he have? He has been mooching off of young women and their parents! He finally left utah.

    What problem is there that kate is making as much money as she can at the moment? She has EIGHT kids, that is EIGHT college tuitions to pay for, 8 possible weddings to pay for. Not to mention any medical, dental or eye thing to pay for. So she wants to be ahead in life and secure not only herself but her childrens future, where is the problem with that?

    It isn't rediculous to compare her to middle class or lower. because she has been through what others have been through. She was working as a nurse after she had the babies. She HAD TO WORK. She uses coupons, she has been in middle and lower class. She knows how it goes. And who the heck cares if she isn't an A LIST celeb?

    Just wondering: They don't hate their mommy, I don't think they ever will. Out of the parents it will be Jon who is hated. For the crap he put their mother through and them. For him choosing women over the whole family.

    I am sorry but I can't understand where you guys are coming from or how you have your thought process.

  10. So, again, add me to the Narcissistic Horrible Mother's Club.

    Sorry - but when I had to work and travel and be gone from my kids - I did worked my butt off to get the MOST HIGH PAYING JOB I could so that (As I am doing now) when they were older - and I needed to be around even more -- I was in a position to do so. The fact that I was able to make enough money to chunk it away (at least a little bit) made the being away part more worth it! Right now - the kids are in school 8 hours a day - so if Kate were home all day - working as a nurse with shift work and such - she'd probably see them the same amount of time over the course of a week - maybe even less! If she makes enough money now - so that she can rest a little easy when they are teenagers so she can be home and plugged in - than I say more power to her.

    I will hold my judgement on what's in the book until much later. Wether or not it holds anything that is going to scar these kids for life is yet to be seen - and I can just as easily see the kids (as adults) humored by it? Maybe I'm just a glass half full kind of person. I think if that's what it took for my mom to make it so I would easily be able to make it through the costs of college and other things - I'd be just fine with it. (Currently those of us horrible NHM club - we're finding out just how MUCH it costs to put 3 kids through college! It's NUTS. Here we thought we'd be able to 'retire' - yet now 'the plan' calls for dh to work another 5-10 years and I'm back to working/freelance Photography just so we can get back to our desired 'retirement' piece of mind place!)

    So let's see:

    1. Kate has had meltdowns dealing with her kids. Me, too. Check.
    2. Kate has a naturally non-happy look on her face without realizing it. Me, too. Check.
    3. Kate has had to go through a divorce and watch her ex make a fool of himself. Check.
    4. Kate works and travels for her work and has to be away from her kids at times. Check.
    5. Kate is trying to ensure she will be able to financially support her kids in the future. Check.
    6. Kate is making the best out of what life is dealing her. Check.
    7. Kate loves shoes. Check (Probably should say double check on this one!)
    8. Kate takes time to work out and take care of herself and do little things (nails, tanning, etc) for herself. Check.
    9. Kate can't dance very well. Check.
    10. Kate is doing the best she knows how and in the end - and her kids will be the better for it. Check.

    Yep, I may need to run for office in this NHM club we've got going ladies!!

  11. And so now we see......

    Jon Gosselin Wants Back On TLC

    "The lawyer for Jon Gosselin tells TMZ the former reality TV star would appear on TLC with former wife Kate Gosselin under certain conditions.

    Anthony List, the Media, Pa., lawyer and former U.S. assistant attorney, says his client would appear under certain circumstances , if a contract was "tighter" between Gosselin and the cable TV network. ..."

    Tighter?? Good Lord hasn't it been said that TLC has Jon by the beans as it is??

    That was the most jaw dropping statement I've read in awhile!

  12. More from Jon's attorney:

    List says Jon would "love to settle" the latest legal dispute he ignited. TMZ broke the story that Jon filed legal papers asking for primary custody and child support. But Jon will press on with the case, unless Kate gives up her "global commitments." According to List, Jon feels Kate can't have it both ways -- being both a star and an attentive parent.

    List says he and Jon both feel Kate is "addicted to the paparazzi." He says even if Kate is booted from "Dancing with the Stars" on Tuesday, he won't drop his custody case because Kate is "caught up in the glamour of Hollywood" and will take other jobs.

    So essentially Jon is trying to keep Kate from working? Does he not realize that if its being with his kids MORE that he wants - then by keeping Kate from working - it will mean less time with them AND a loss for his custody bid? If she agrees to quit her contracts - then she's at home and he's left to keep up his child support and custody stays the same??

    These recent comments from Jon's attorney REALLY tick me off - because it makes it SO CLEAR that this is Jon's way of attacking Kate - NOT a true "I want to be primary parent to my kids" passion. It's like he's throwing a childish temper tantrum about Kate's success and using the kids as pawns to get back at her. Disgusting.

  13. Loveli, I don't know about your whole scenario but it does indirectly make a point that always baffles me when I read much of what the haters write. They make out Kate's parents to be saints who Kate has inappropriately cut out of her life BUT then fail to acknowledge that those are the very people who raised Kate to be who she is. This oversight is especially humorous because they also rant on about how the kids will end be like Kate.

  14. Wonder why no tweets from Tony about their dancinc?

  15. JustWondering~ I think I have been pretty tolerant of your crap and hate spewing. I know how you feel and what your stance is on Kate. We GET IT. And I know how you like the warmth and comfort of smart mentally stable women. But keep up with the nasty comments about Kate raising her kids and you will be getting a first class ticket to the crazies at GWOP. Piss me off even more and I will make you fly coach.

  16. Squat and JW - Ugh! Just what I wanted to come home to after church. Rants from the denigrating duo!

    Mattthew7: 3-5

  17. Linda~ Why ohh why am I the only one that tries to please everyone? Pray for me while I attempt one more time to bring my kids to mass without them embarassing me..miss talking to you, hope you have a great day!

  18. Schmecky - I'd be interested to hear your input on jon's attorney's latest comments. To me it sounds like a repeat of Heller's demands to TLC about letting him do other shows or he'd pull the kids. IMO he makes Jon seem conceitful, conniving, and manipulative. Can't we find Jon a job and/or tell him to find an attorney who specializes in family law and not one who specializes in criminal law/drunk driving?

  19. Go Kate! I'm on your team! Have fun and point your feet.

  20. Prayers for you BM. We did early services so we could have afternoon to vent some energy.

  21. squatmunki24~ Sorry, no one has a right to judge what she does as a job. This is the best job out there for working hard & making her family proud. Your opinions are not based on reason, they are based on hate & snark. Why the heck do you even care what she does with her money? Who are you to say that ANY dollar amount is enough to raise and support 8 kids? Its stupidity at it's finest! Kate myself or anyone else doing a great job of raising their kids needs someone like you telling them what dollar amount is enough,. She IS making money aside from her kids! Are you kidding with your comments, or just trying to piss people off? One more post like that and I'm flying you both back together.

    I know both of you try to come on here to try to be the voice of reason, but feel free to peddle your wares elsewhere. I disagree completely on your thoughts but you are allowed to have then. But this is a fan site that supports Kate, so your preaching to the wrong choir..(see the church theme going on for Sunday ;) Love it! Lets pray today Kate pulls through and does an amazing performance this week!

  22. Jon is an idiot. I guess he knows the signs of being addicted to the paps because he's a card carrying member?

  23. Lol at Jon. And whose actions brought on the paparazzi? Jon loved the paparazzi when they supported him.

  24. Overheard at next table at lunch - two couples were talking.

    One guy said "she isn't narcisstic that's absurd. She'd be applauded as a guy for being motivated and wanting to succeed."

    His wife said "when did you become a Kate supporter?"

    He said "When I realized Jon's true nature and what she had to deal with. She must have loved him or she'd have brained him with a skillet.,,and she looks fantastic. He looks like a bag man and acts like a colossal whiner."

    The other guy started laughing and said maybe Stacey and Clinton could rescue him.

    First guy said "if Kate needs tact lessons at least there is help. I don't think Jon will ever stop being stupid, no cure for that."

    I don't think Jon is an Einstein but I do think he's very easily swayed by whomever he's with. No job so lower support I can see. To say he'd come back to TLC is beyond imaginable to me. He openly voiced his hatred of them. Would you hire him if you were TLC?

  25. Linda and BM - Aren't these great conversations going on here? lol! BM your comments to JW and that other thing are just too funny. Send them back coach. LOL!
    Here is another scenario that I thought about, I will call it the What if scenario for J&K.

    What if:
    Jon was ordered to pay 20K. under the assumption that it was more then enough to pay all the household bills +. So he did lock up enough of his settlement to go for child support to last for awhile. Knowing that he would not be able to work for some time. Stay with me now!

    What if Kate agreed to it because then she would not have to work for awhile.

    What if Jon was to be able to see his kids 50% of each month and Kate said no, then the war started all over again. OMG!

    My point being that we do not know what or if they have in writing as far as visitation goes. Frankly, I am getting sick of hearing their whole mess in the media again. Real Divorce attorneys don't broadcast their cases in the media.

    Jon, What if TLC hired you back as the housekeeper, then you could cook, clean, behind the scenes. You would have to get your own house though because it would never work out with you sleeping above the garage. The kids would be happy to see you more often though, so stay in town, no matter what!

    Looking forward to DWTS!

  26. (HaHa From Radar:) EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Back On Kate's Reality Show? Don’t Count On It

    Jon Go$$elin is floating the idea that he would “consider” doing a reality show with ex-wife Kate but sources connected to Kate’s shows tell exclusively that Jon is going to have a long, long wait! Jon recently filed legal papers seeking primary physical custody of his eight children and charging Kate with being an absentee mom as she appears on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

    Now his lawyer is floating the idea that Jon would be open to appearing on a reality show and in a COMPLETELY UNCONNECTED (ha ha) development he might even be willing to settle the new dispute. But Jon is not welcome at TLC or Discovery. “The show will go on – without Jon,” the source said. “Nobody wants him back on the air.” Kate’s new show is called Twist of Kate and TLC also announced they are bringing back Jon & Kate plus 8, renamed of course, as a series of specials.

    Jon has spent consecutive weeks away from the kids during the past few months to hang out with then-girlfriend Morgan Christie. A review of photos and information shows he has spent far more time away from his children than Kate during the past four months so the “absentee” parent charge should be an interesting one if it ever gets argued in court.

    Jon is also running out of money. TLC and Discovery sued him for breach of contract and the prestigious Washington, D.C. law firm of Williams & Connolly won a preliminary injunction against Jon, prohibiting him from making other deals that violate the exclusivity clause of his contract.

    Unlike Kate, he has been unable to land a viable TV deal and his days of “stardom” appear to be over. He spent a fortune on the lawsuit, which was settled after TLC’s court victory. Jon must abide by his contract.

    Kate’s lawyer previously reacted to Jon’s new filing by questioning not only his legal argument but pointing out how Jon always seems to initiate a frivolous court action when Kate is doing well. And while Kate has her freedom from Jon, TLC also does not want to cohabitate with him.

    “The network is done with him,” the source said. “They don’t want him back on the air in any circumstances. And there’s no way the network or Kate will allow Jon to try to twist them into putting him back on the air.” Jon took himself off the air when he told TLC it could no longer film his children. That knocked Jon & Kate off the air, but Kate’s career continued while Jon’s came to an abrupt halt.

  27. I don't think Jon should be on TV with Kate or TLC. He'll have to give it a try at some other station or Job! Period.

    I also don't think the kids should be put back on TV. They don't have or know what it's like to just be around their parents and schoolmates. Yes, TLC was and probably will be there only source of entertainment. It's too bad that Kate and Jon can't see the difference between bonding with a camera crew or family. JMHO!

  28. tiggerfan1965.... Call me negative which I dont want to be because Im a HUGE Kate fan... But the radio station I listen to does blurps about celebrity news. They said Kate and Tony had a huge fight and Kate told Tony people know his name because of her, and supposably Kate is demanding another dance partner. I have no idea who the source is, and I have no clue if its true. But IF it is maybe thats why Tony hasnt done any Tweets... I hope everything is well for the pair and I hope Kate continues to get better and better on DWTS.
    As far as Jon, his attorneys are idiots! I agree with Linda Jon needs to get a family law attorney, one that doesnt go public. I appriciate Kate's attorney keeping it on the more quiet side. These are personal issues that shouldnt be made public. Although if Jon was granted primary custody I hope it would go public, but I dont see any possible way he could win this battle.

  29. First, let me be clear. I have a bias.

    The K+8 as I understand it, is to be a very limited # of specials. I don't think it is intended to be a new long run series. It is to be trips, etc.

    The children's appearances came to a sudden and abrupt end. They were used to having the tv crew around. Just one more change in a string, beginning with mom and dad.

    Having this limited run may give the children an opportunity for closure with the filming. I may be mega wrong but I don't think TLC is really planning on a long run. The kids are older and in school. We may get glimpses of the home life, but I think like the Hayes family it's going to be more about "special" types if activities. (lol maybe the Statue of Liberty included.)

    Yes, TLC made $$ from J&K+8. They also invested a mega bunch and I'm sure that lawsuit with Jon wasn't cheap either. I just don't see TLC as being these demanding, unfair ogres. The phenomenal popularity of the show was a surprise to them also. It remained almost a "quirky" groupe following until the media explosion following the paps pix of Jon drinking and bar hopping.

    We don't really know except from the edited programs we saw about any real Gosselin life. We all agree that K could have been less harsh in words. But we don't know about Jon, except his published work history, and that's open to interpretation also.

  30. Just got a notification from Amazon that my book's been shipped and should arrive 16th or 17th. Hurrah. Also will get the Kindle version on the 13th!

  31. Squat thing or Whatever - Take it easy on the YOU PEOPLE -PLEASE---? HOW CAN YOU EXPECT ME OR ANYONE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER TO GIVE YOU AN OP ON A BOOK THAT HASN'T BEEN READ YET. If you don't like J&K or the kids just don't read. Also, i think you need a chill pill.

    Moderation Mama Moderation?????????

  32. squattmunki24 - Yes, people have addressed your point. Most said that they are reserving judgment until they read it themselves, as to not take any snippet out of context. To me, this seems like the most open-minded, fair thing to do. And THANK YOU so very much for trying to save our souls from Kate Gosselin's misguided ways, but we CHOOSE to be supportive and hope for the best for this very public family. I feel bad that you are unable to convert us to the "truth" and you must now suffer, knowing that we will forever be unsaved. Don't beat yourself up too hard, it's not your fault, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Sorry, maybe you'll have more luck converting at another Gosselin site.

  33. Linda - Tlc said the that there were going to be 12 specials starting in Mid-June. Twisted Kate won't start until the end of summer . I hope that helps with the time-frame for the kids. I still don't thing they need to be on that much. I know everyone wants to see them. But thats tooo much. Maybe twice a year would be enough. Kate needs to learn how to travel with her kids and nannies by herself. Without cameras! JMHO

  34. There were already some with the kids partially but not finished with the kids when the plug was pulled. Don't know if they'll go back and finish those (with the kids' armchair comments) or just scrap them.

    On the marketing sites they discuss that rumored that TLC will do some with all kids but will also be doing more with just one or two children at a time. (not citing source here due to membership fees. Will do if somebody wants them. It's about like Lexis/Nexis fees with annual & monthly.) guess we'll have to wait and see.

  35. JW - children don't learn how to behave if they don't have the opportunity. My kids attend Sunday School and then worship service with us. It certainly isn't so much if an embarassment as it is a distraction. I want to hear also. Guess you'd consider that selfish on my part.

    Don't know if you're male or female and guess for you and the squaty monkey it doesn't matter. I do pray for you haters. do you also hate the Hayes, the Duggars, and all of the other working mothers in tv or do you just hate the Gosselins in particular?

    How wonderful that you are independently wealthy and don't have to work. That's great for you. I wish you continued success in life. May you one day learn to be happy. May you also find a site that will make you happy and allow you to quit harassing the rest of us here.

  36. Squattmunki you right you do have a right to you own opinion
    I am a huge supporter of open discussion. Until you called me stupid. Now I don't give a crap about what you say. We also have the right to express our opinion and not be called names. This is a FAN site which you obviously aren't so why are you here?

    JW I am truly sorry that baby mama and the rest of us can't be as perfect as you. Why can you not speak your mind with out abusive words?

    I am so tired of being called stupid and a sheeple because I like television show. Who are you to judge? I really don't care what you think and I am tired of reading all your negativity. Maybe try making a point with out bashing and see what happens.

  37. *sorry I miss typed on my phone it should read you are right. Just wanted to be clear because they pick apart our spelling on here too.

  38. SquattiMONKEY & Just Wonderingwhyyouarestillhere: are taking a time out from the hate...

    First of all really people, isn't Dancing With The Stars the BEST example of Kate working that has NOTHING to do with the kids? Thank you enough said. If she wanted to write 50 books about her kids she is still not "working them" as you people say. I wish my mother would write something for me on a post-it let alone 3 books! Moving on...

    More heartwrenching is Jon being so desparate, that hes now WILLING to go on Kate Plus 8. Without HIMSELF! That has sadness and hoping another book is written all over it ;)

  39. I wanted to pop in here and just say:

    There was a time when I would not have cared if Jon was on TV. After they split - he had the perfect opportunity to keep his beans in his pants - divorce Kate and move onto some other TV opportunity. I didn't begrudged either of them any opportunity along the line of staying on TV in some form - UNTIL - Jon created the mess that he is.

    He no longer holds the admiration of 'the people' of being the guy we saw on J&K+8. He became - publicly and by his own actions - a totally different person - with bad judgement, poor character, a guy who bed hopped from woman to woman, jet setting everywhere and not spending time with his kids, a liar, and a spiteful person when he saw his ex wife (or soon to be ex wife) succeeding ---- and stopped being the stand up guy we all hoped, and believed, he was.

    Now, TV only wants him to capitalize on his BAD behaviour. That's where the ratings are - and we've seen Jon buy into that line of TV work. His options for work in TV aren't promising. The 'brand' he created - by his own actions, comments, choices -- doesn't sell in the kind of TV offers that Kate has been given.

    That's where my line got drawn.

    I think Jon blew his opportunity at any 'decent' TV work. And that is why I continue to support Kate in her endeavors and feel that Jon needs to find some other line of work. (And there's plenty he could do! Whatever happened to the Charity type foundation he supposedly started? )

  40. Just wondering and squatmonki, I have read all the experts I have been able to find - the link JW posted and the experts that Life and Style printed.

    From what I read, I see no pity party and no discussion of the kids mental problems (if they have them). What I read was a pretty straightforward description of how life is different for a large family with multiples and how life is different for a family that is on reality TV.

    I will not judge the book as a whole until I read the book as whole but there is nothing I have read yet that seems out of the tradition of many family stories -

    I grew up reading books written by parents about their children - everything from the original Cheaper by the Dozen to The Van Trapp Family. They wrote about the difficulties there families faced and were never accused of having a "pity party."

    I have a child with disabilities and have read many books that are specifically about a child - going into very detailed descriptions of the child and his/her issues (Jenny McCarthy wrote all about her sons experience with autism for example). No one argues about the "evilness" of those books.

  41. TLC doesn't want Jon for the same reason any employer would not hire someone back who did the things he did - I have never known of anyone rehired by a company after violating a contract, trying to sue then, and publicly speaking ill about them.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am sure that TLC would have preferred much less controversy surrounding their highest rated show (even bfore the divorce news).

    As for DWTS, I think Kate wanted to learn to dance, didn't appreciate how difficult it would be even with 1:1 coaching, wants to make the money she can now because she has 16 years ahead of supporting 8 kids through college, and likes the exposure of being on a network television show (or thought she would). Actually, I think the decision was a good one for Kate--- the higher ratings so far this season have been attributed to her. That will help her career prospects; not hurt them.

  42. JustWondering~ Are you kidding me? What exactly is wrong with her trying DWTS and going on a dance competition. She's not out there trying to embarass herself. Please let me see YOU get out there and then we will talk about it. She's making money for her family on her own and your trashing her for it because she's not as good as Nicole. Please. The woman will never do right by any of you haters that want to nothing more than snark at her expense and take her down a peg because you and everyone esle were PERFECT parents better than Good. Ohh and she made the millions you all wish you had. It's insane.

  43. JW - Well you made a comment that I can respond and relate to. About Kate on dancing with the stars,and the PR she is getting. Yes I do believe that she is in it for the PR, and TLC has always been behind her. We all have admitted that she was honest and right, she can't dance. This has been a way to get her name out there and TLC can find out her fan base and numbers. WOW, its bigger then I knew.
    This was all talked about and rehashed about a month or so ago, so you are a day late and a dollar short. Too Bad!!

  44. PAR.. Why don't you google "Indiscriminate Friendliness" and see what you find? This is how the Gosselin children react to strangers because there have been so many in their lives.

  45. JW:

    WHY do I think that the 'rumor' is NOT just TLC looking for ratings?

    Maybe because its because of the published STATEMENTS FROM JON's OWN ATTORNEY.

    Google it. Might keep you busy for awhile. :)

  46. Hope.. Maybe Jon was told by TLC to make a ruckus?

  47. Par - I have to politely disagree. I don't think Kate did DWTS because she wanted to learn how to dance. That was where the gimmick comes in. I think she did it for the publicity and money! JMHO. Sorry!

  48. She's making money for her family on her own and your trashing her for it because she's not as good as Nicole.
    Would you enter a singing contest if you couldn't sing? Would you enter a dance contest if you couldn't dance? No! Kate did it for the PUBLICITY it would generate! She may even be dancing as badly as possible ON PURPOSE for all we know. She is OWNED by TLC. She doesn't need the money from DWTS, right? She has TWO shows coming out PLUS her book. She only did this show to keep her name out there! Can't you see this???

  49. I am all for having more adults looking out for the best interests of the children, but there aren't enoough guardians et litems for the kids that desparately need them. The Gosselins have two parents and a big chunk of the country (and abroad rooting for them) Kate is not a perfect mother, I really wish they had a recipe for perfect parenting, how much money to make how much time to spend with the kids, at exactly what intervals to spend it, and so on, but there is not. Parents who act with their children's best interssts and needs in mind trying to get through whatever life hands them are good parents. The one thing that watching the Gosselins and I have watched them from Day one, has shown me is how quickly things can change and how you have to roll with life's punches which Kate has. She is doing the best she has with what she's got like all good parents do. Is it being a bad mother to serve your country as many are doing away from their kids in Afghanistan or Iraq. I never hear complaints about the Obama's parenting and they aren't with their kids all the time. During the campaign, Michelle was away from hers about as much as Kate is and they are alright. Granndma helped out for them, but I can tell you that sometimes nonbiological relatives treat you as good or better than blood relatives.

  50. JW, do you watch American Idol? Lots of people who can't sing enter a singing contest.

  51. JW - it appears that you are very passionate in trying to make us see the light about the real Kate Gosselin. I am curious however, as to why it matters if we want to support her in keeping her name out there and going into a dance competition for only four episodes. This is what women do, we support each other. You too are supporting her efforts to keep her name out there as well. If it bothers you that we are doing it, then consider this my intervention for you, you are supporting her and one day she will make a fool out of you too. I suggest you forget you even watched or stocked her fan sites. I suggest you begin to protect your reputation now and stop supporting her efforts as we are.

  52. Just wondering: Even if Jon was told to make a rukus (which i highly doubt he was) He chose to be a skumbag smoke drink and sleeze around with as many women as he could. Not to mention mooch off the women and their parents. And on top of it all HE CHOSE to stay away from his children for weeks at a time.

    I doubt TLC told him to go out and be as stupid as can be. Your speculation has NO basis and I feel bad that you can't open your eyes and see that there is a mother who loves her children and is working her butt off to keep the family finacially secure cause the daddy is a skum bag.

  53. Leslie - If Jon was a sumbag like you say, then he would not have paid 20K per month for child support. I believe he loves his kids, so lets not take that away from him.

  54. Squattmonkie says:

    WHY this book detailing the kids mental problems, insecurities needed? Jon also says the kids have never had therapy.

    Oh, let's believe everything Jon says, he's been SUCH a reliable source thus far....not.

  55. Baby Mama: I was watching E! News weekend earlier and Giuliana Rancic announced that Kate will be in their studio for an exclusive interview on Wednesday's edition. It airs at 7pm/11:30PM EST though check listings in case they increase it to an hour. I hope Giuliana does the interview and not Ryan Seacrest. It will be interesting to see if they discuss IVF since Giuliana and Bill Rancic have been so public about trying to get pregnant.

    Also, just want to point out that a book tour does not necessarily mean that someone is traveling for an extended period of time. When Melissa Gilbert's book launched last year, she just did the morning shows and then did a signing in NY and 1 in LA. So she traveled less than a week. For all we know, Kate could be doing something similar. If she's not, the major book chain websites would probably have dates of her signings up already if she is doing them in April. I used to work for B & N and the signing schedule came out at the beginning of the month.

    Baby Mama good luck wih your job search I keep following your tweets.

  56. Just wondering commented, "She only did this show to keep her name out there! Can't you see this???"

    Ummm, so? Keeping her name publicized is part of her work (psssst...that's why people have publicists). She dances, to make money and get her name out there to sell books, to make money and do tv make money. That is the line of work that she is in. In case you weren't aware, it pays well. That's why so many people do it and why so many more try to.

    Why do you assume that we have had the wool pulled over our eyes? We know what she is doing and we here are fine with that and continue to CHOOSE show support for her and her family. many times do we have to say it? I completely agree with 'fascinated'...the time that you invest into Kate Gosselin (someone you don't like) is making you into the biggest fool of all!

  57. HeatherAV~ Girl how are you??? I miss hearing from you! You need to comment more often..Am I following you yet? I have to look if your one of my followers so I can say hi! Miss our chats!

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE INFO. I've been getting conflicting reports as to wether Kate will be on The View, Regis and Kelly or the Today Show Tuesday. Does anyone know? I don't see it anywhere.

  58. Tuesday April 13, The Today Show
    Tuesday April 13, The View
    Wednesday April 14, Joy Behar Show
    Thursday April 15, Jay Leno

    Has anyone read the 20 page excerpt from the book? Opinions?

  59. JW~ Does it even occur ot you that Kate may be doing this not ONLY because of the money but she wants to prove something to HERSELF? That maybe she will try as hard as she can even though there are toxic people like YOU and others saying nasty things about her? Again, your drive to prove your pointd are the reason your here no? Of this is a fan site and no one agrees with what your saying what makes YOU come back.. I have you see I'm making a big point here regarding it being THE SAME THING.

    If she gets voted off so be it. But WE are the ones voting and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with rigged votes. Its just who votes that week and it being coincidental.

  60. Hi Baby Mama, I think you may be thinking of another Heather but no worries I read here all the time! :) I will send you a tweet now so you know what my twitter handle is.

  61. #1caregiver:how do you know that he has paid that money? He has had no job. How do you know that he has paid? I don't see how he could pay

  62. Jon is paying support from the divorce settlement money, which he is now giving back to Kate in tax free installments each month.

  63. JW:

    So - let's see then - we agree (If what YOU say is true) that Jon is using his kids to get back at Kate?:

    TLC told Jon to 'create a Ruckus' - so he decides to create the RUCKUS by involving the kids?? Suing for custody on the grounds their mother is abandoning them??

    If he just needed to create a ruckus - why not use something else? He could've created a ruckus by accusing Kate, again, of an affair (this time with Tony maybe?) or SO MANY OTHER THINGS. Yet, he decided, or even agreed, to use the kids for this 'ruckus'? And got a former US Attorney to play along?

    Is that REALLY what you think?

  64. Does anyone else struggle with the fact that Jon is suing Kate because she is 'caught up with being on TV' - yet then his own attorney states that Jon is open to 'being on tv' again?

    Just what are they thinking?!

    Seems like that statement would leave a judge shaking his head.

    Give me custody because SHE won't stop being on TV. However, I'm ready and open and jumping at any opportunity - even if it means being filmed with the woman I despise - to go back into filming myself.


  65. Leslie - it was stated that Jon put his money in a tax free account. For child support. Can't prove it but I do think that was a good idea. Is there someone in PA that can go to FOC and look up the list of people that are behind? LOL

    J&K are just getting worse all the time. It's the media hype! I think she should work and Jon should watch his own kids for free, they are his.

  66. It would be great if it was Jon's decision to put the support money into an account. I believe it was the court who decreed that part of Jon's property settlement money must be set aside for support payments.
    jw - You certainly are a bundle of contradictions.
    1. You say Kate lies and really can dance but just wants to fool us. Then you say that she'll suddenly get incredibly better. Sorry, I don't but this at all!
    2. You rant that she must find work not involving the kids. Duh, I haven't seen the kids even in the audience. This job didn't capitalize on the kids.
    3. You say that the show is rigged. Then you say she got so many votes because her haters voted to keep her so they could laugh at her. Perhaps a small number. I feel it is the large # of supporters who have voted.
    4. The few times she tried to dance on the old series it was pretty bad. She openly stated she couldn't dance but she'd like to learn. Kate would not choose to look bad. It would take an accomplished highly skilled dancer to fake being unable to dance.

    DWTS hired her because she would bring in viewers. That she has certainly done! Networks don't care one bit if you watch because you love her or watch because you don't. They just care that you watch. If you want to decrease her popularity and job offers then turn your channel, quit responding on blogs etc.

    When nobody watches or posts - the networks don't make offers. By your very involvement, you increase the offers.

    What would make you happy?? What kind of horrible circumstances would give you pleasure??

    You resent anything positive happening for any of the Gosselins.

  67. Well said Linda, as usual, but I think it was just a recommendation from the courts to put it in an account. It was Jons' settlement monies, and he just agreed to do it that way. They couldn't make him do it, when he wasn't even behind yet. If they did , he had thirty days to appeal that decision and obviously he did not. We can't prove anything, so lets just let it go at that. I really enjoy reading your perspective on raising multiples. It always gives me a good idea of how hard it is to raise them. I only raised two, and as a single parent that was hard enough. LOL!

    I am just hoping that Jon will stay in town for along time , so he can spend more time with his kids. They miss him alot! He can do so much to reassure them that he loves them and will be there for them. Just like their Mom is doing.

  68. just wondering said...
    Jon is paying support from the divorce settlement money, which he is now giving back to Kate in tax free installments each month.
    For heaven's sake, all child support is tax free to the person it is being paid to. It is an exchange of money between parents - money that was already taxed through income tax. There is nothing sinister about Kate not paying taxes on child support.

    I really think you know very little about child support - of course, knowing little about topic doesn't keep you from ranting on about it.

  69. Caregiver- I was referring to Jon's attorney List's comments on People about Jon being ordered by court to put support money in an account and that it wasn't fair. May or may not be true. (source: People online, ROL, and TMZ).

    I think he can certainly petition for a reduced amount.

    Because there are so many spouses not paying support (not accusing Jon), that frequently judges today order:
    1. Paying the family court directly and court forwards the money. If not paid timely, court auto issues a warrant.
    2. Taking property settlement money and putting it into a tax free but interest baring account with the bank or trustee doing an auto withdrawal.
    3. Paying the support money to the attorney and as an officer if the court, they forward on to the spouse.
    It is the rare judge anymore that allows support to be paid directly to the custodial spouse. Recommendations are made to the judge for payment method but the judge generally makes final decision.

    Unfortunately my knowledge comes from experience. I truly wish it did not.

  70. Wishing Kate and Tony happy dancing tonight!!

  71. I just checked it out, here's where it stands at 7:50am 4/12: Sales Rank: #1,197 in Books
    Debbie, I don't think you ordered enough copies!

  72. Good morning everyone! Love the fresh scent of the delete button in the morning! Lol I just can't see negativity in the morning. Today is a stressful running around kind of day. Once agiain I have too much on my plate!

    HeatherAV~ yes I'm sorry sweetie, I have 2 Heathers & 2 Amys. But yes please tell me your Twitter name on Twitter & we will chat! Today I'm all about prayer for Kate. I know how badly she wants to get better and stay on. My votes will be be enough I hope! Can't have everyone over tonight sadly!

  73. Linda,

    You asked what I thought about what Jon's lawyer recently said...

    1) I think Jon needs a better lawyer.

    2) I think Jon's lawyer needs to stop making public announcements

    3) I don't think there's much to comment on as to what the lawyer actually said. He really didn't say much. I'm not considering anything that wasn't in quotes.

    Anthony F. List, tells TMZ "under the right circumstances" Jon would do a show with Kate, but "the contract would have to be tighter."

    I'm not suprised that Jon would be willing to go back on TLC, what else does he have? He's under contract with them and he's not allowed to do anything else. It's just stupid for Jon to go back to letting TLC control him but I'm against him letting them film his children again. We knew it was in the future anyway because Jon said he didn't want them filmed while they were in the middle of a divorce. They are divorced now... still not good for the kids but I don't think Jon or Kate had their kids best interests in mind when filming them the past couple of years.

    List says Jon would "love to settle". Jon wants to settle IF Kate isn't away from the kids as much but since that doesn't seem to be the case he is going to still fight for more custody. I don't think he actually wants full custody but I think he wants more. Again, if Kate is not going to be home with the kids then I agree that Jon should be.

    4) As for Kate being addicted to the paparazzi, I think both Kate and Jon are addicted to the media in general. They both want to be celebrities.

  74. Linda--A judge can also order the child support money to be directly garnished from the paying spouse's paycheck. My husband has child support automatically taken from his paycheck each week not because he defaulted but because this is how the court in NYC set it up from the beginning. Perhaps they do this in cases where there is no property settlement--he did not own any property with his ex-wife.

    Go Kate and Tony!

  75. I am curious to see if all the speculation that it's "fixed" and Kate will be voted off tonight in time for her new book will pan out... I'm thinking if Kate's fans continue voting for her exactly as they have been then she should win every week right on through to the end.

  76. Although I don't believe that DWTS is fixed, I can see how she may not have the numbers this week. Last week she was not in the bottom three, giving the impression that she is safe and does not need as many votes, thus people may not vote as much this week, ultimately eliminating her. However, if the haters want to screw up her book signing tour, they should vote more than ever now to keep her in. It really is a win-win situation.

  77. Schmecky - thanks for your input. We even agree on most of it.

    Kate has to produce an income to meet her share and support herself. She can't use child support for her living expenses.

    I'd also like to see Jon spend more time with the kids. I'd like to have both experience parenting classes. I'd also like for Jon to undergo smoking cessation classes or not to smoke while around kids.

    His boundaries by TLC I think end August 2nd. So he can have a different show then. Maybe some employment counseling. I don't know about personal or any other type of counseling really though. You have to be willing to listen. Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before willing to listen.

    i miss seeing the kids but wish there were only quarterly specials with them. I'm wondering if Jon has something lined up with MTV, etc and wants kids filmed with him. Time will tell.

  78. SG: I am curious to see what happens tonight, too.

    I know someone posted awhile back - that the actual/ultimate decision of who stays and who goes is made by the producers - but is based on the judges and fan votes?

  79. HeatherAV - you're right about the other option. I didn't include it since Jon wasn't employed so nothing to garnishee other than his $5k from TLC and his share of the continuing income from Kate's first book.

  80. Sorry, I scrolled and can't find the name now of the person who said J couldn't do a book because he has trouble expressing himself.

    I disagree about Jon not doing a book because he can't write. There are many companies who provide ghost writers. It's done a lot of the time with other celebrity books, busy mogul type books, sports figure books, etc. The ghost writer's name never appears and they have to sign confidentiality agreements.

    Jon's agent (Heller) issued a number of press releases with "quotes" from Jon. There's not a doubt in mind that Jon was able to compose those. Ghost writer is the same principle.

  81. This may be Kate's last week. I thought she'd go in week 1 so I was wrong.

    I'll certainly be makingy votes. Regardless, I wish her well, admire her courage, and have enjoyed seeing her "glammed" up even if the costumes and hairstyles weren't my favorite.

    If she does go, it will be interesting to see if viewership drops dramatically the next week.

  82. fascinated,

    I'm fascinated by what you wrote. lol. You really think Kate's fans are going to think like that and stop voting for her? Buzz is gone now. Kate is the worst dancer there. She NEEDS her fans to vote for her (if it's not fixed) or she will definitely go home. I'm sorry but I don't see any Kate fans not voting for her each week. I think Baby Mama bought more phones over the weekend. ;)

  83. First, I need to get this off my chest. Why do people fail to realise that dancing isn't an easy thing at all. I have two left feet, so I can only imagine how tough it is to learn a whole bloody routine and having to do it on national TV in the terribly short time span you get to learn it. Seriously, I would muck it up worse than Kate! And people never seem to remember that Kate is not an actor. She has no prior stage training, nor acting training, nor dance training. Poise and showmanship isn't something that is second nature to her. Plus she has to juggle all that travelling and take care of her kids.

    On top of that, we now have Jon trying to make his negative mark on the peace the family has had so far. Why doesn't he realise that it's just hurting the kids. Yes, Jon should start spending more time with the kids, but is this the way to do it?! But bringing up another lawsuit? Has his brain fled him, never to return?

    I'm sorry, but I'm sooooo angry -- with all the hating and with Jon's actions. I was so happy for them when there was so much peace for a period of time and now the attackers have surfaced again in the guise of "avenging angels", when in fact they are just troublemakers and peace-wreckers.. Will this never end?

  84. BabyMama, if my previous post came on too strongly, please feel free to edit out whatever you need or let me know if I should repost it in a milder tone. =)

  85. So funny Linda that you keep bringing up the Statue of Liberty!! LOL!

    Actually, it's not just about the SoL. It's more the fact that Kate doesn't take all the kids anywhere (like the SoL) without cameras. She has Steve to safeguard them and even his wife to help and a bunch of nannies to help. I don't get it.

    She went on TV complaining that now the kids can't go to the SoL even though they were so looking forward to it. It's obviously not because she can't afford to take them (like some speculated), so why hasn't she? It's been quite a while now and things have settled. Was she waiting for it to be okay for TLC to film it again? It just really bugs me.

  86. Raelin,

    I'm sorry but I don't get what you mean about how hard dancing is.

    I think it's obviously hard for Kate. I think most people realize that because it is so obvious.

    It's not as hard for the others on the show that have no real dance experience, like Jake and Ochocinco. Sure Aiden and Niecy are actors but not before a live audience and they aren't dancers. They all also have the same amount of time to learn each dance.

    I'm just not sure what your point was about it being difficult.

    You say She has no prior stage training, nor acting training, nor dance training. Poise and showmanship isn't something that is second nature to her. Plus she has to juggle all that travelling and take care of her kids.

    Yes, that's all true, but she went into it knowing all that. She went into it knowing she "can't dance". She is being judged on her dancing skills, not how high the cards are stacked against her.

    I understand and agree with everything you said, but I just don't get what you are leading to with it. Know what I mean? I'm trying to understand what you mean, not trying to argue it or give you a hard time. ;)

  87. BABY MAMA,

    Hi! Will you be creating a new post for DWTS tonight?

  88. Have you seen the pics of Kate at the airport arriving in LA? It's just funny that now she has to smile and be happy to see the paparazzi.

  89. SG said - I'm sorry but I don't see any Kate fans not voting for her each week. I think Baby Mama bought more phones over the weekend. ;)

    Hahah, good point Schmecky...

    I have seen other shows whereby when someone is voted off - their fans then begin voting for someone else, tipping the scales. I was trying to say if it is rigged then they will kick her out this week citing that her fans thought that she was safe because of where she placed last week. I should never underestimate the fans, or Baby Mama ... :)

  90. Honestly, the people who devote their entire lives to despising Kate make me sick. If you don't like her or a show she's on, get over it. Don't watch! Who do these people think they are? Their children must be so perfect considering their comments about Kate's kids... I'm sure their parenting is PERRRFECT..I'm a teacher and the majority of children, no matter what age, can be bratty... So I'd love to meet these women's children, since they must be God's gift to the planet. This is from GWOP:

    Hippie Chick said...
    "....She is toxic and I'll say it again, she poisons everything she touches, including her children. And we'll see her kids have turned into little monsters too. I am sure they will be brats on the upcoming "kate + 8".
    Their mom is a d-word and their dad is man-child. They have no chance IMO. They need counseling...badly. Go Away Gosselins!"

    So much for one of GWOP's rules: "3. Do not be rude about the children or call them names."

    Hippie Chick, I bet your children are amazing. In fact, I bet if people were watching you parent 24/7 they'd have nothing negative to say about you either...How does it feel to be perfect and have perfect children? Please, enlighten us...

  91. JW posted a rank for Kate's book for sales this morning at 7:10 as rank#1197.

    I didn't check her numbers. If correct, then at 3:10 this afternoon Kate has had one whopping whale of a sales day! She's at rank#822as of 3:10. Wow!!! She's climbed 375 ranks in 8 hours!!!

    Amazon suggests pairing Kate's book with Tori Spelling's new book "uncharted terriTori" (her punctuation and spelling) Tori's book at 3:10 was ranked at #10,962.

    So somebody besides Denise and me is buying Kate's book!

    Interesting. Both Kate and Tori have/had reality shows. Both have been on gossip rags a lot. Both have people who have strong feelings about them.

    Source: (enter name of book, then scroll down on the entry to read rank.) or try ( all you have to enter is author and title then hit get rank.)

  92. Raelin~ Can't read all the posts here until later. But wanted to give you a quick hi and welcome back! I normally don't have issues with my regulars and would never delete your posts! Just keep in mind that as a moderator I cannot edit peoples comments, only completely delete them. xoxox

  93. Whomever made the point about the votes from people who were voting for Shannon or Buzz now placing their votes on other couples has a good point.

    I hadn't thought of that.

    So -- if I'm understanding right - what you're saying is what if ALL the people who were voting for Shannon continue to watch and vote and place all their votes with Chad. And let's say all the Buzz voters place all of their votes with Chad. Chad just got a huge bump up in voters - possibly outnumbering the Kate fans who are voting for her. (at least I think that's what the previous poster was saying?) That could be the 'tip' factor in Kate going and Chad staying?

    Food for thought. :)

  94. Linda, I am not buying the book, I read the 1st 20 pages on Zondervan. To be honest, I think it should have been kept private.

  95. Hope and fascinated,

    Good point. I didn't think of that.

    However, I personally think that will only work if the Doherty and Buzz voters ALL vote for Chad (or any other one single star). Otherwise their votes will still be spread out amongst 8 other contestants while Kate's fans will all still be voting for her.

    I even tried voting but I find it difficult. I want to spread my vote out to several people I think deserve it like Niecy and Chad and Jake and Evan and Pam because I can't decide on just one but then I'm spreading out my vote which probably works against what I'm trying to do, and that is keep them in there. ????

    I personally don't think Nicole or Erin should be there because they have so much dance experience, but since there are no rules that you can't have previous dance experiences maybe it's just as fair? No idea. lol.

    I realize it's just a tv show and it's supposed to just be fun, etc but I would like to see the people who have danced pretty well for beginners to continue.

  96. I do not plan to buy Kate's book, but I would read it just to see what she wrote since it seems so controversial. I have not read her two previous books.

  97. Finally! Lawmakers in PA will hold a hearing on Wednesday to address child labor laws and reality show children. We hope to see good laws come out of this.
    On the roster to testify:
    Aunt Jodi
    Uncle Kevin
    Paul Petersen of A Minor Consideration
    Robert Kuzynski from Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Labor Law Compliance.

  98. jw, Kate just thought she had stress and drama, now it may really start. Wow.

  99. Jon and Kate will be in court sooner than later. X17online exclusively has learned that a court date has been set for May 25 at The Berks County Courthouse in Reading, Pennsylvania, in which the Gosselins will meet face to face regarding child support and custody.

  100. Gloria Allred is also going to testify. I can't stand her or Nancy Grace, but whatever.

  101. Schmecky~ I'm still stuck in Times Square doing this ICarly thing for my daughter. Kill me now..I will be back home within the hour and will do a new post!

  102. Denise - my apologies. I meant to type Debbie and typed Denise by mistake.

    My hardback copy is in transit. The Kindle version I get on the 13th which may be at 12:01 tonight or noon tomorrow.

    Schmecky - I'd really be surprised if you bought it. Perhaps a library copy?

    I enjoyed the first book as a fellow parent of multiples. The second book I liked because it had such adorable photos of the children. I'll reserve judgment on this one until I've read it. Lol, I must have a stubborn streak , 'cause I just have to research it myself, read it myself, or whatever you want to call it.

    Same thing with forwarded emails that emphatically state a position. I have to go research it myself, lol.

  103. according to Barnes and Noble Kate's new book is listed as #317 in Sales Ranking (4/12 at 3:15pm pst)

  104. Well the book hasn't come out yet, I don't know how well pre-sales of books are supposed to do. Is that good?

    I put a new post up. I will update it more tonight!

  105. Denise,

    I just read the first 20 pages on Zondervan as well and honestly I don't see anything in those pages that strikes me as anything that would bother the kids at all.

    First there is a preface that explains why Kate is writing the book. SHe refers to their unconventional life. The most personal line in that section is - "Never forget that inside my hard, strict outer shell is a heart bursting with love for each of you."

    The stories in the first 20 pages are not personal about the kids but rather about the things the family had to adjust to both because of having high order multiples and because of being on TV.

    We read about:
    - the families first encounter with a fan who recongized them from the show;
    - their early worries - things like getting the kids out of the house in case of a fire and quardianship for all 8;
    - an example of an early struggle - dealing with the trash when there was a limit on how much they could put out each week; and
    - how sickness when the kids were younger, how it would spread through all of them, how they would deal with getting kids to the pediatrician. Only Leah and Aaden were singled out and to mention their colds had progressed to pneumonia.

    Maybe there will be more in the book that will cause me to feel bad for the kids but right now this all seems to be much ado about nothing