Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SAFE! Kate Gosselin's "Best Performance So Far", Today Show Interview, Being Strong For Her Kids

Kate Gosselin Praised "Best Dance So Far: USAToday.com

Kate Gosselin actually smiled! It happened on Dancing With The Stars after her not-completely-awful tango with Tony Dovolani. Judge Len Goodman praised Tony for "bringing Kate to produce her best dance so far." During the taped segment, Kate admitted, "There are times that we're in the middle of rehearsing and I look at Tony and I feel pity for him." (For having to deal with her.)The leader board: Evan, 52; Nicole, 50; Pam, 47; Chad, 44; Erin, 39; Jake, 38; Niecy, 36; Aiden, 33; Kate, 32. Said Kate on the show, "This is the do or die week for me." Will She make it another week?

Kate Gosselin: I'm Not Choosing Fame Over My Kids: People.com

Responding to her ex-husband's accusations that she's an absentee parent, Kate Gosselin says she has no choice but to work, which takes her away from her eight kids – but that she tries to make every moment with them count that much more.

"I've got to work harder now than ever because I am a single mom," the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star, 35, said Tuesday on NBC's Today show. "In my heart I'm always in my kitchen, baking and cooking for my kids, and I'll always be there. It's a struggle to be here [in New York], to be anywhere. The emotion that you see is because I would rather be at home with them." But that's not always possible, she says. "I have to work. I have to provide for them. And it's a struggle that every working mom, especially single moms, go through, and I'm really feeling it now, and it's really hard."

The best she can do, Gosselin says, is carve out as much time with them as possible. She says she leaves Los Angeles, where Dancing With the Stars is filmed, every week to spend time in Pennsylvania. "If I had 24 hours a day seven days a week with eight kids, it wouldn't be enough time in my book," she says. "So, to minus out the working days is really hard. But I make the most of every minute I have with them … When I'm home, we make those little spots of time really big in our memories."

Gosselin speaks to her kids directly in her new book, I Just Want You to Know, and offers them "advice for now, advice for the future and for always, kind of like a legacy." She says the children are doing well, though of course divorce is tough on any child. "I don't think any child likes it," she says. "They still say things like, 'I wish Mommy and Daddy could be together.' They still have their same innocent love for each of us, and I appreciate that.

Kate Gosselin's Exclusive Today Show Interview


  1. She looks really good, her hair and make up are 'soft'. Good interview. I want to see a clip of her dance last night, I missed it.

  2. Kate did really well on Today. She answered all the questions well. She said she thought to write the book two months ago? She also said she doesn't see anything negative coming from "this"... what's "this"... She just said in another interview that the kids all have issues and need therapy. Now she doesn't see any issues?

    Thanks for the clip because I don't know when I would have been able to watch it.

  3. She is so classy! Such a great woman!

  4. SchmeckyGirl said...
    just wondering,

    While I happen to agree with you, I think the problem may be that you dash in, post something and state it as a well-known fact, but don't offer the explanation or proof of why you write what you do.
    I know, SG.. I was just telling my husband how thoughtful and decent you are while I barge in like the bull in the china shop and leave chaos and destruction in my wake.

    My patience with Kate Gosselin ran out a long time ago and I even stopped blogging about her for several months because she gets my blood pressure all out of whack. I will try to be more thoughtful in future posts. I really will try.

    Kate also said that she sent the book to Zondervan with instructions that no editing be done? That the book should be printed as is? Does she not know how poorly she writes?

    Yeah. I caught that about how she just thought of writing the book a few months ago. Doesn't make any sense to me at all.

  5. It looks like Kate's interview was pre-taped when she was in NY last week. She was only commenting on the Paparazzi dance yet she knew she'd be back this week. I think Today threw in the clips from last night to make the interview more timely. I was thinking they'd do a live feed from LA but I thought it was ok overall. Right afterwards, Al Roker mentioned that the rest of the interview would be on tomorrow so I guess we have to tune in again:)

    I wonder if it's a good thing or a bad thing that Kate has to compete with Kitty Kelley's book...seems like Kitty is getting a lot of press.

    I agree with all the comments on Niecy--she must have a really big fan base too.

  6. Baby Mama,

    Kate will be on Today tomorrow again to discuss the controversy of her two new shows. I don't see it on your sidebar list so I just wanted to make sure you know!

  7. Yes, BM. Way back when Jon was first spotted in the photos with the co-eds I found Jason Hummel on some blog begging someone to listen to his story about Jon and his sister DeDe. He included his email address so I began writing to him. This was about a month before the story broke.

    I kept trying to post the story to Gwop but they wouldn't print it because at the time they wouldn't print anything that was a rumor. So I had to sit on the story because I didn't know about any other blogs yet. I didn't even know HOW to post to a blog yet because I had never been to one before.

    I didn't even know who J&K were until Jan 09. I'd never heard of them or TLC. I happened to catch a couple of the morning shows and was sick to my stomach by the third episode. Then I saw one of the newer evening shows and started hitting the web because I couldn't believe I was the only person who recognized Kate as the narcissist that she truly is. I wasn't.

  8. Oh! It was pretaped! I was wondering why she came in to NYC just to go back to LA for tonight. Thanks Heather!

    I don't think Kate has to worry about Kitty Kelley getting a lot of press because I have no idea who she is. I may not like Kate much, but I do know who she is. ;)

  9. Schmecky~ I think that Kate was referring to the book as noting being negative for the kids. I think it's great that the kids have someone else to talk to, but again they are kids..

    Just Wondering~ Seriously, I don't get the point of coming here when your fan base is on the other hate sites. Continue to attack Kate and I will just delete it. Your choice. You were very nasty in the past and one of the reasons I had to moderate my blog. The tihngs you have said about me on RWA and elsewhere makes many question my judgement on even allowing you to post here. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and let you stay if you behave in your comments. FYI: Kate speaks from her heart and is not a poor writer. Thats a matter of opinion. She never claimed to be a professional writer/dancer anything. But she does her best and that's why people like myself support her.

    Just to let everyone again know, Kate's dance is on the previous post if you missed last night or want to see it again!

  10. HeatherAV~ Thank you for explaining that! It felt a little dis-jointed to me and I couldn't figure out why!

    Schmecky~ I'm so confused by all these appearances I can't keep track! I appreciate you letting me know. I will try to keep adding them, just remind me which ones I am missing.

  11. SG: I was thinking the same thing and then Al introduced the interview as "Kate recently sat down with Meredith" so everything made sense, even the fact that she didn't comment on the shows. Although if she is doing that tomorrow, maybe TLC allowed her to pre-tape these comments before last Thursday.

    Kitty Kelley writes unauthorized bios of celebrities. I am in my early 30s and have never read one but seems like she wrote a lot more in the 80s and 90s.

  12. BM: Don't forget about E! News tomorrow! :)

    She must be taping that today or staying in LA an extra day this week to do that and Leno.

  13. ENews too? Damn gotta put that one up. It's definetly tomorrow? Ok will do that now before I go..

  14. Schmecky - I don't think specifically Kate meant exactly two months ago. She said"several" months ago as in fairly recently and not say "a year ago."
    Please let's not split hairs here.
    I think ALL children could benefit from therapy, particularly those in divorce situations. Since I've yet to find a perfect parent, even their children would need therapy. Why? Well having a perfect parent sure as heck isn't "normal."
    the timing of therapy should be up to the parent. My divorce counselor advised two things with regard to therapy/counseling after my divorce.
    First, except in cases of sexual abuse, children don't particularly benefit from counseling until about second grade. He cited cognitive development as one reason, or should I say lack of cognitive development.

    Second, he strongly urged that I wait until divorce had been finalized for at least a year. He said the situation needed to stabilize, the grieving process over the loss takes that long, and that you need to get in the routine of visitation, as well as for many children - becoming accustomed to a former stay at home mom becoming a working mom.

    In the parenting classes that were mandatory for all divorced couples in this judge's courtroom, the counselor said ALL children of divorce blame themselves and that acting out behavior is to be expected. After 14 months my children began therapy. They had one session where he asked if the divorce was their fault and they said yes. He said, guess what, it isn't! He also talked to th about other things (I wasn't there and don't know - he told me about the blame issue ahead if time.) At the end if the session he told them they'd talk again in the future sometime. He told me they were still too young.

    We waited another 18 months and some were ready, some waited longer. My point is that IMO they really aren't old enough yet, things aren't resolved enough yet. Give it time.

    it takes time for healing, time for the kids and time to find the right counselor. For goodness sake we don't want them to end up with Jon's previous counselor. IMO, you have to be ready and as adults you have to be willing to listen(or you just throw away time and money.)

    We are a society of wanting instant gratification, instant food, instant everything. Healing and counseling take time.

  15. Okay, I have a bone to pick...

    Kate said she has literally never taken a dance step in her life but here is the description for an episode from TLC:

    Jon & Kate Plus 8
    Season 3, Episode 27
    Gosselins Take the Stage
    Mady and Cara are organizing a family talent show, which will showcase each Gosselin's individual creativity. Fortunately for Jon and Kate, they've been taking dance lessons and are ready to perform!
    $1.99 | Amazon Video on Demand
    Length: 21:00 Aired: 5/12/2008

    Yes, I know that they never aired the footage but they plainly state that Jon and Kate were taking dance lessons. Kate says she's never taken a dance step in her life, much less dance lessons. Which one is it?

    Baby Mama, yes you're right, it could have been about the book (not the divorce) but the book wasn't released yet so how can it not have affected them yet? And then Meredith continues talking about the divorce... that's why I thought it was about the divorce.

  16. Linda, actually she said "a couple of months ago". A couple is two. Unless she doesn't know what a couple means... maybe she meant a few.

  17. Just Wondering - I really think you need to actually READ the entire book before you comment. I got my Kindle copy about midnight and started reading.

    The comments you cited are taken out of context unless you just are scanning for anything, grasping at straws for something to pull out and turn around. You truly excel at that, I'll give you credit.

  18. No thanks, Linda. I don't want Kate's voice in my head for that length of time. But apparently she is qualifying her praise with complaints, wouldn't you agree?

  19. Schmecky - while sometimes we disagree I respect you. I am very disappointed in your comments about Kate's lack of writing ability. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion.

    Didn't you state in last post that you didn't buy either of her previous books and didn't think you'd buy this one? Did you read them from the library? A borrowed copy perhaps?

    I just finished the book. It was beautifully moving and well written. Experiencing some similar problems with a large family of multiples, I found myself going"yes! That's exactly what was involved going even on a simple trip!" JMO!

  20. I guess my question would be was 'did they' ever take the dance classes? If it never aired - maybe that's because it never ended up happening?

    Who knows?

  21. Yes they did take the lessons. It's on tape but it was never aired.

    I only watched The View today because you had Kate listed on your sidebar. Did anyone else watch it? They really raked Kate over the coals and Joan said that when Kate lifted her leg Joan was afraid another kid would pop out. Thanks, BM!

  22. Linda,

    I really have no idea what you are talking about. I didn't say anything about Kate not being able to write. You must have me confused with someone else.

    I've only read her blog, which supposedly she writes. I did not comment on her writing style about her blog (from what I remember) or her book.

    Actually I'm a lot like Kate in my writing style because, although I'm big on grammar and punctuation, I also write like I speak and don't feel. I start my sentences with And a lot!

    I accept your apology in advance. LOL!!!! ;)

  23. Linda,

    Just wondering wrote what you are referring to in reply to a post I made. It says Schmeckygirl said... just under Just wondering said... She copy and pasted my comment in her comment. ;)


  24. oops, Also, now I want to read the book to see why Linda says the comments are taken out of context. A lot of times you can take a comment "out of context" and it still reflect the same meaning, other times you can't. I'll have to see for myself.

    But I will say that Kate mentioning Mady lying to her in a publicized book bothers me. Was it really necessary to call her out like that for others to read?

  25. Kate I just want you to know that I think you are AWESOME...
    She did great. Thanks for posting her interveiw this morning ,I had missed it.

  26. Schmecky - did you see that video? She was truthful when she said she can't dance. I'm looking for the mention that was aired about taking a free dance class because it gave them a "date night". I'm trying to remember Jon's response about needing a ton of lessons. I'll get the exact reference tonight when I get home to a real computer. This is just a heads up that it's coming. I like Kate but even the dance in the vow renewal wasn't a dance really.

    Wow what an awesome opportunity to be taught by Tony a real pro.

    I did cheerleading but we didn't do any dance steps really. Not like what you get on a dance team like Erin's college. What a difference a few years make. We did arm movements and yelled but not teal dance steps.

    Tried ballroom with hubby. At least one member of couple needs to already know or be split up so you dance with the teacher. Together we truly sucked. At least we could laugh at ourselves. Our kids think it's a riot. It encourages them to learn ballroom at cotillion.

    I can do regular dancing where you just rhythmically move around by yourself. But trying to learn ballroom beyond regular not Viennese waltz, two step, and foxtrot was a bomb. Those crossover and pattern steps in Latin dances are a killer, rumba etc. Geez we were really geeky clumsy. Lol, and we still
    are even though we slow dance on date night.

    I'd never do it on TV. Oops I take that back. For $200k for the number of episodes...faster money than most other legitimate jobs. Forget smiling, I'd be puking back stage and hoping my knees shook rhythmically on stage...maybe making a castinet sound.

    My younger sister's cheerleading dance team learned dance step routines when they cheered. I guess I was born too soon.

  27. oops again. I didn't finish my sentence when I wrote "I don't fee\l". I don't feel there's anything wrong with writing like you speak when you are writing like you are having a conversation like we do here or when you write a blog, like I used to do, or like Kate does.

  28. Linda,

    Did I see what video? I know Kate can't dance. I can see that and I believe her.

    I was referring to when she said she has never taken two dance steps so it's all new to her. If she had dance lessons, even if she sucked, she has taken two dance steps before and she had lessons. It's not being nitpicky. Why not say "I tried to learn once before and I couldn't," or something along those lines. To say I've never taken two dance steps before is misleading.

  29. Also, to elaborate, the reason I feel it's misleading is because right now Kate is being seen as the underdog. People are supporting her because she has never even danced before and here she is learning for the first time while being on national television and only having JUST learned to dance etc.

  30. Hope and PAR - great comments.

    Hope - Wow. I think we have a number of similar divorce experiences.

    I went through a vow renewal with #1. There were major problems at the time but yet I hoped and prayed at the time that it would help. Nobody is all right or wrong but it takes two commited people. You can do all you can, and try, but sometimes it just won't work. We were ill-suited people for each other. I do think exhaustion from multiples exacerbated the problem or brought it to a head sooner, or blinders fell off sooner, or whatever but I think it was inevitable.

    You grieve. Kids grieve. Fear of failing your kids and working is debilitating. But you go on, persevere, and time helps, thank God.

  31. Question ? Pam's split was awesome. Look at the tape. Isn't that a lift just before the split?

    Question? I like Niecy. She had tears in everyone of the rehearsal clips. How come nobody accuses her?
    Question? Shannon cried over her father but it didn't earn her underdog votes.

    Question? Whether the floor was wet, or his foot slipped, there was clearly a fall. No point deduction for a fall?

    I don't vote for Kate as the underdog. I vote for Kate because I like her and want to see more of her. If I can't vote however I want, then just leave it up to the judges. If so, Kate would have been gone after week 1 and I would be watching something else.

  32. Schmecky~ If you watch the episode, it's not REALLY professional dance lessons. I think people took the comment to literally. (Like "ohh she said this and actually did this..what a liar") I'm sure Kate meant something a bit different. Im trying to see if I can put the episode up. For me, I think that Dancing with the Stars is a whole other world of dance classes!

  33. And I would like to stress it IS very different to have the underdog like Kate on there compared to a complete professional like Nicole whoe's a freakin Pussycat Doll (I actually saw in concert, and it was insane) & also seriously trained athletes. Its not misleading at all. I think it's more about people trying to look for things on Kate to contradict her & make her look like a liar to fuel the fire. But I already said that.

  34. Schmecky - I was asking if you'd watch the video you cited from Amazon? I
    can't download it to iPhone so have to wait until I get to real computer. I haven't seen it. I didn't mean to upset you. I was merely asking if you'd seen it.

  35. When Kate says she has to work harder because she is a single mom, does she mean that Jon isn't paying the $20k per month child support?

    I thought she looked tired in her interview, but she looked great last night on DWTS.

  36. I posted this on the last thread, but thought I would re-post since Kate's timeline is again coming into question.

    "About the 2 year comment, maybe Kate was speaking of the fact that is when the paps and GWOP started reporting their every move. I do not think she meant just the stuff with Jon. Julie's blog (Jodi's sister) started in June 2008. GWOP's first post about the Gosselins' was 4/29/2008. So, the attacks against Kate have been happening for about two years now."

    The "couple of months ago" comment, I think is being taken out of context. Kate has a busy schedule, especially with DWTS. I am sure she loses track of time. So she could have meant 6 months ago. But, because she said a couple of months, she now is being picked apart about it.

    If I said I did something a couple of month ago, I could not give you an exact date, time, and hour. I don't have Kate's busy schedule either, but I don't document my every move, so I can directly comment to someone an exact time. I don't see the need to take everthing thing she says and pick it to pieces.

  37. Linda,
    I'm not upset. I'm confused. LOL! Seriously. I really have no idea as to what you are referring.

    What video did I site from Amazon? Oh! You mean the DVD episodes from TLC? No, I viewed the episode they aired on the show that night, but I clearly remember that description on my cable because I clearly remember wondering why they didn't show Jon and Kate dance. I don't know if it is on the DVD or not. Does anyone know?

    I also didn't say anything about Kate's writing being poor. That was Just Wondering, not me.

  38. ALL children lie at one stage or another in their lives. It was used as an example referring to a situation. Telling lies is s "normal" part of child development. The loving parent helps the child grow beyond that stage. Getting beyond the stage is normal development; getting stuck there is when problems develop.

  39. FYI: They didn't show them for a reason..They were horrible.. Yeah I saw it the one night it aired, from what I remember Jon was clearly not wanting to do it and was unhappy. Which made for an uncomfortable episode they decided not to include. As we all know, for various reasons, there are at least one or two that never aired. The Tups bithday which was the debate of the century I only saw air 3 times total unless I missed one.

    For the record, why must Kates comments be taken so literaly? Other than heated debates on why she says one thing but we will be sluths to find out she did another. Does than mean she is any less qualified to make comments along the line of "ohh woe is me I'm not a dancer?" I kinda feel at this point either you like the woman or your dont. And when I make this statement it's not to one person, but the age of the heated blog discussions in general.

    Schmecky~ no I wasn't referring to you, if I did Im so sorry I would have to check. I was talking about JW your new intern. lol

  40. http://stars.dialidol.com/asp/predictions/predictions.asp

    Have you guys seen dialidol today? Yikes. Looks like Tony and Kate are in last place.

  41. I'm so depressed. Dial Idol does has them in last place. I don't know what happened! Compared to last week when she was horrible and got the highest votes per that site?.. I really hope they don't get voted off tonight.

  42. Oh no. I am sick about Dial Idol. Hopefully she will pull through.

    Kate, if you don't make it tonight, just remember I am a superfan and extremely proud of you. You Rock!!!!!

  43. Family members to testify at court hearing.
    Read that on OMG!

  44. Baby Mama,

    I can be totally honest and say that I listen to what Kate says because I really think two and two doesn't always add up when she speaks. The whole "marriage/separation/divorce" thing really bugs me. Jon says one thing, Kate denies it, then she kind of shows it's true when she starts talking timelines.

    Jon and Kate both said things to the media that after viewing the episodes gave me some What!?!? moments. Then things clicked together. Then there were the rumors that were going around that after the fact were true (like the separation). Yes, some weren't true, but a lot were. Others were swept away as unimportant details. Some were denied and didn't come to fruition but it could have been because the rumors got out there first and things were halted.

    When you are a fan and don't want to harp on all those things it's so much easier to say stop nitpicking or stop taking things literally. I'm sorry but Kate said she had the book idea a couple of months ago. The book was actually announced a couple of months ago (February). It just struck me as odd. It takes more than a couple of months to think up a book, write it and have it printed etc. Maybe things are all just a blur to Kate, or maybe she meant some time last year or maybe she always says "a couple" when she means "a few" or even "quite some time ago". I can understand that, but she should be more careful when speaking if she doesn't want to give the wrong impression. I saw the video on this blog and I commented right after I watched the video. I gave my first impression comments...

  45. Uh oh, I think the "fixed" theory will be out there big time if she goes home. So many people predicted she would go home tonight to start off her new book tour, etc. Somebody's gonna have a lot of 'splaining to do...

    Oooh! Maybe they will read this and keep her on another week to throw us all off! ;)

  46. Oh and I will say now that Jon has denied things too and they showed up as true later on also... I think Jon was lying big time when he was under TLC and trying to explain things away when the rumors and tabloids started. I think Jon lied a lot too regarding a lot of things. I don't deny that either.

  47. Ok - first: Dial idol had others in the 'bottom' position and they weren't the ones voted off - so I'm not giving up on them staying just yet!

    Next - on splitting hairs on Kate - maybe she when she said she's "never taken a dance step in her life, much less dance lessons" she was literally meaning actual 'ballroom dancing'? I dunno - haven't seen it - don't know what she was thinking - but can't imagine how tough it has to be to speak about anything knowing that if you aren't VERY particular, and precise, and think through all the different ways what you are saying can and will be scrutinized, analyzed and quoted -- that people will take what you're 'meaning to say' literally and call you out on being a liar for it. Makes me feel bad for her. I know I've posted before that what I say -- and believe that everyone I say it to totally understands what I MEAN -- don't always match up. I guess I share that unfortunate trait with Kate.

    Sorry if I seem to be on a 'stick up for Kate' roll these days - its just some of this stuff makes me feel so bad for her. She signed up for the public scrutiny though - by becoming a 'star' - so at the end of the day its part of what she needs to deal with. (Plus - it leads to interesting online conversations sometimes). I also think I stick up for her out of the sheer fact I can so relate to some of the same stuff.

  48. BTW - just to clarify - my post was not directed towards any one poster or post - but on all that's been posted in this thread. :)

  49. Schmecky~ I'm confused..when the book was announced in Feb. it could have been thought about months before that, OR Kate wasn't completely 100% on board till then. Am I making sense? Not getting that one. And as far as her marriage, she owes nothing to anyone about time lines and when things actually went south. I understand that when people see them on a show the feel its our rights to know things, but personally there could be several dates and maybe even THEY don't know. And again you are right that she needs to be careful about what she says for that exact reason. But she probably wont lol.

    When it comes to Kate not every single thing she says needs to be looked at under a micrscope for hidden clues.. When looking for a specific there may not be one in Kates mind. But we agree to disagree, and your right. As a fan I don't care. And as a fan I babble, forget my point, forget what I said 5 minutes ago and just want to defend her when sometimes I shouldnt need to.

    What the heck was I talking about? ;)

  50. Ohh I just remembered! Yes, there is this huge conspiracy in troll land that Kate will leave this week since her book was just released. So if she stays, then they are going to want the names and numbers of everyone that voted to find out how the hell she's still on! I really hope she's not in the bottom 2. Hate that red light.

  51. SG: I was just at BJ's and skimmed through the book. The back of it included several recipes so I wonder if the reason she put this together so seemingly fast is because a good part was already written last year when her "Love Is In the Mix" book was announced. This is the book her publisher pulled during the divorce and said was being retooled. Just a thought. I actually was going to get the book from the library too but now having looked through it, I think I'll buy it on Amazon. Bj's was charging $14.99 so Amazon is cheaper.

    I am so curious to see what happens tonight. I also am starting to think about the "fixed" theory but am wondering if people may just feel sorry for Kate. She seemed very down on herself in the rehearsal footage so maybe folks are thinking she just needs a break from the rigorous show schedule to deal with everything else. I guess we will never know for sure though.

  52. Also, I didn't see her on The View today either. I wonder if she is taking a red eye to NY tonight to do The View and Joy Behar tomorrow.

  53. Baby Mama, now I'm confused! ;)

    I was referring to the Today interview where she said she had to idea to write the book just a couple of months ago. Whatever, really... it was just something I noticed when I first saw the interview... it's not important in the long run. I'm not calling her a liar... just a poor word chooser. lol.


    Just want to clarify that that "much less dance lessons" was not part of Kate's quote. I said that part. ;)

  54. I won't be home tonight until late... I will have to watch DWTS when I get home. I guess I won't be checking this site on my BB until after I watch so that I don't know ahead of time who gets voted off.

    Does anyone else not really enjoy all the "filler" they do during the show? I'd rather it be a half hour than have to sit through all that. I guess I love my Fast Forward button as much as Baby Mama loves her Delete button. ;)

  55. Forgot about this (meant to post it earlier -- but totally forgot until I read HeatherAV's comments about folks feeling sorry for Kate and it reminded me I had forgotten to post it!)

    Overheard at the grocery store today:

    I didn't vote for her last night because I don't want her husband to have a shot at getting those kids.

    Yes, when a few moments earlier I heard these two women talking and heard one of them say Kate Gosselin, I eavesdropped! I'm not a very good eavesdropper though - because other than the initial mention of Kate's name (that caught my attention) and the statement above -- all I was able to get were bits and pieces. Nope, not very good at public eavesdropping at all. Well, at least not in a grocery store! LOL

  56. SG - no worries. Kate probably did say it at some point - to someone - somewhere - at sometime. :) LOL

  57. Did she write some of this before the cookbook?

    On one of the last pages of the book there are a series of recipes. Nana Janets beef stew, pizza meatballs, no bake cookies, and at the top of the page it says, "Coming Soon, Kates New Cookbook".

    It's interesting to note that Nana Janet passed away last year so she can't refute or take claim to the recipe. The pizza meatballs recipe can be found on the Foodnetwork Website and the no bake cookies are a Nestle favorite.

  58. On DWTS she says that she can't leave the custody battle behind to concentrate on dance practice, but on ROL she says that she is completely focused on dancing and will deal with the custody issues later....

    I really do wish Kate would stick to one story at a time. It's things like this, statements made only hours apart that are completely opposite of each other that makes me question her. She never tells the same story twice as far as I can tell.

  59. JW,
    Since I skimmed through the book today at BJs, the last page had a photo and "In Memory Of" Nana Janet. Surely you noticed that as well? I thought that was a great way for Kate and the kids to honor Nana Janet.

  60. Linda,

    I just saw Pam again and it wasn't a lift. Her feet never left the floor.

    Anyone see the View today? Kate came up a few times in Hot Topics.

  61. I hate all the filler schmecky. That's why I stopped watching Idol years ago.

    They just draw stuff out WAYYYY too long.

  62. Just Wondering - your complete lack of knowledge astounds me. The cookbook was written and printed at time if split. Since her dedication to Jon section had to be completely re-written, those copies were sold overseas. It is the revised version that will be forthcoming. I know you were her and read thus discussed in the past. You just overheard the GWOPs make comments and rushed in to spew your venom here.

    I know you want to be Schmecky's apprentice but it won't work. SG generally supports Jon whom you despise. She checks facts and credits sources. If you are going to post GWOP dung, at least have the source listed.

    Sorry but you have been so overreaching with your cut and paste button that it is beyond annoying. I for one will never forget the horrible physical
    harm you wished upon Kate in week one.

    I know you will be overjoyed at the next part: I considered this a fan site and you need to like Jon, or Kate, or the kids. You despise everybody. You are entitled to your opinion but this is NOT the place.

    It is BM's site and she sets the rules. She's chosen to keep you here. So be it. I accept that. Much as I've loved the site, I just can't stomach your posts any longer.

  63. Schmecky~ You are soo right in saying Kate is a "poor word chooser"! I have that problem. I also agree with you that that filler convo crap between the judges is pointless. It's just filler. I always wondered if Kate was in the bottom 3 every week because she was actually in the bottom or just for ratings. I keep hearing the names are spoken in no particular order, which makes me feel its def. for the drama.

    HeatherAV~ It's very sweet that she dedicated the book to the person she deeply cared about. As far as the recipies go. I'm sorry, she's not claiming she created them.

    JW~Her recipes were clearly stated on the other cookbook that flew to China (literally) that the recipies were her favorites. Favorites as in NOT CLAIMING THEY ARE HERS. As far as the statement "she says that she can't leave the custody battle behind to concentrate on dance practice, but on ROL she says that she is completely focused on dancing and will deal with the custody issues later" I read it as even though she wants to be completely focused, these issues keep holding her down. Again, it's the nitpicking on a play of words thing that is so fustrating.

  64. And by literally flew to China, I mean.. well it was published somewhere else, and I have no clue if it was actually China or not..

    My own example of my own poor word choices! lol

  65. Kate Gosselin Lands Another TV Gig
    Tuesday – April 13, 2010 – 4:08pm

    Kate Gosselin has scored yet another TV engagement. On Wednesday, the 35 year-old will be a special co-host on Entertainment Tonight alongside Mary Hart. Her ex Jon Gosselin has appeared on ET's sister show The Insider.

    In addition to her current stint on Dancing with the Stars, the single mother of eight -- who appeared on The View last year -- will headline her own TLC series Twist of Kate, airing this summer. Her kids will also be returning to the small screen in a series of specials on the cable network. "They're very excited," she said last week. But the busy Hollywood newcomer bristles at her ex-husband's charge that she has chosen fame over her children.

    "I would rather be at home with [my kids]," she said on the Today Show Tuesday. "But I have to work. I have to provide for them. It's a struggle every single mom goes through."


  66. Do ya'll watch the videos and such of the other DWTS contestants?

    I do and wonder if people on THEIR fan boards are picking them apart like people are picking apart Kate? For example - I've seen vids of the others talking about being away from their kids - about the tensions between them and their pro instructors - etc. Some of the things the other contestants have said have made me shake my head - yet I doubt (I may just go net cruising for a little bit and see what I can find) those contestants are eating every word they speak or being torn apart because they either a) weren't smiling enough b) weren't acting gracious enough c)smiling too much.........

  67. SG - I think you were the one that posted about how the voting works? Buzzes voters went to the next lowest besides Kate, like maybe Aiden and Chad and Jake. Dialidol sent Chad to the top and Aiden is not on the bottom. I don't get it!?? But, ( and never start a sentence with but)LOL, so if Kates non-fans vote for the next lowest it will bump that person up above Kate, get it. I don't get yet. So, each week I have voted for the dancers that I think did a nice job. Each week it has been a different one. LOL! I don't think I am doing it right but I am waiting until the pack gets weeded out more. I really like Evan and Erin but they are safe for awhile yet, so I gave votes at the bottom. This probably makes no sense to you guys and even less to me.

    I am ready to watch DWTS! BTW - Who gets off on saying that Kate only signed up for 4 weeks?? JW What is your source??

  68. I just read some of Kate's book online at Zondervan! How cool is that!

    I must admit being throughly grossed out at this part:

    "we left presents on top of the trash cans in hopes the sanitation workers would take everything we put out. Sometimes we left little snacks, baked goods, or candy — anything we had."

    Ewww! Leaving food on a garbage can is not cool! I don't care if it's ziplocked, that is disgusting. Am I alone? It surprises me that Kate of all people would even do that.

    Maybe she isn't a germ-a-phoby as I thought she was? She did after all travel around with potties in her van so maybe I have the wrong impression.

    Anyway. The other thing that surprised me was when she said "we ate four boxes of cereal or two dozen eggs for breakfast every day."
    Goodness me, that is a lot of cereal for such small kids! Even if Jon & Kate had a bowl, that is verging on half a box of cereal per person. (now this is my California math talking, so let's just say I'm estimating here ;-)

    Maybe she could get the kids a commercial for Organic Oatie-Poofs or something, heh heh.

  69. I am so nervous. Here we go with DWTS. I am chewing my nails.

  70. raemi kaye~ yeah, super confused about that one too. Esp. because of rodents..how odd! But a potty in a van has ben SUPER important to me right now due to early stages of potty training, so I can relate. As far as the cereal, if they had the smaller thinner boxes like the kind I get, that is totally possible.

    Access HollyWood is also doing a Kate interview tomorrow. They are competing with each other. Chad Ochowhatever and the Bachelor as so far safe. Ugh..I have a feeling it's Kate's night to go. I hope not!

  71. I hope I'm wrong, but I think Kate's going home...
    I hope my 63 votes were enough!!!!

    I watched a video on radar this morning and it was a great interview! I'm glad that Kate is finally enjoying herself and relaxing... my fingers are crossed for one more week!

  72. Thanks for posting the Today video. I had to work today so I missed. What a great interview. I hope she doesn't go home. This week was proof that she is getting better. I will probably stop watching if she does because there is only like 2 other people I like on this season. The whole Cheryl and OchoCinco thing is starting to creep me out. I love Cheryl and wish I get her hairdresser to do my hair, but he's creepy.

    And to answer your question about why every one picks apart what she says? IMO it's because the internet has created cowards that hide behind their key board. I think people are polite in real life and could be the person smiling next to you in church...but give them a screen name to hide behind....look out!

  73. Linda, I love you... you crack me up. You say the things that I think so I rarely comment :) And who called JW Schmecky's apprentice? Hahahahaha! I don't agree with Schmeck often and tire quickly of the nitpicking but I do respect her opinions and always willingly listen. JW, please, you are wasting your time here. You are so lucky that BabyMama puts up with you.

    I haven't watched DWTS one bit -- not a show I'd watch normally. I catch a clip here and there to see Kate and Tony's performances. (Oh, I guess I contradicted myself. I HAVE watched it one bit! Don't call me on it!) I'll give her credit - she tries. I can't imagine how I'd do!

    Thanks for posting the Today interview. I can't keep up with all the TV appearances so I come here for all of that info. So, I guess I should just say thanks to BabyMama and all of you who post all the updates!

  74. Yahoo!!!!! She is staying one more week. Thank You!!!


  76. You said it Baby Mama. She is left for last on every show because SHE is the biggest veiwer puller there is. HaHaHa. You go Kate!!!! You so deserve this and I hope you win.

  77. p.s. The HaHaHa was for the trollies lurking around.

  78. Set in the Cleft - actually it wasn't my idea. I think it was BM
    who gave Just Wondering that title.

    Glad Kate made it another week.

    It's been great chatting with you except for Squat and JM.

    To paraphrase Paula Deen who was another fav of mine until she made those comments about Kate....

    Here's a little wishing
    that you can post without dishing!
    If you must post or forward junk from GWOP
    then hurry back there at a fast gallop!

  79. I can't type.

    I was trying to say I've enjoyed chatting with all
    of you except Squat and JW.

  80. Linda~ Every day you show me how incredibly talented you are with your gift of written word!

    3rd straight week she was in the top of the bottom 3. Shes definetly always made to be last. Tony was soo happy, did you see his face?

    Everyone is competing for Kate. E! News is now saying Kate will be LIVE tomorrow. Every news show wants a piece of Kate...I just wish Jon once again doesnt make more mistakes that backfire on him.

  81. Just finished Kate's book and I agree that the haters have taken much out of context and twisted it. So let's take accusations I have heard about the book, one by one:

    1) Supposedly Kate throws Jon under the bus. Throughout the book she is complementary toward Jon, acknowledging how much he did. She never says anything bad about him nor does she talk at all about what happened to end the marriage. She does express regret in the way she talked to Jon but not directly in relation to the end of the marriage.

    2) There is no public humiliation of the kids. She says great, individualized things about each one. Let me give a couple of examples from Times of the Internet.

    a) They wrote "Kate takes the time to assess the character of each of her children. She writes son Aaden, “As a baby you regularly cried inconsolably.” "

    They omitted that she was telling him that he was rattled as a baby and that what calmed him was a dark quiet room snuggling with Mommy while Daddy would make them laugh. She talks about him being a quiet, thoughtful boy who is sensitive and full of love and life. She admires his determination to do well.

    b) They wrote: "Collin didn’t fare better in mom’s eyes. “You have challenged my authority greatly. I called daddy at work many times.. because you would not obey.”"

    They omitted to report that before that Kate mentions Collin's genius (a 5 year old who can do double digit addition) and calls him sweet, kind, and helpful. They also left out that when she mentions the questioning of her authority, Kate goes on to say that she sees this as determination - a quality that she sees in herself and one she hopes takes him far in life if he makes the right choices.

    c) They wrote "Little Leah didn’t get a rave review from her mother, either. “Although cute, you were a difficult baby.”"

    They omitted Kate referring to Leah as her dainty princess. Following that one sentence, she talks about Leah having reflux and feeling sad because Nanny Joan was able to feed her better than Kate good in terms of keeping food down. But she attributes Leah's clear speech to her having all that individual attention from Nanny Joan. She says that she loves the excitment Leah brings to the family and her loving nature.

    3) The Huffington Post actually wrote: "On page after page, Kate recounts in vivid detail each child's suffering because of the divorce."

    There is no vivid detail about the kids suffering from the divorce. The time that Kate is telling stories from predates the divorce. There are one or two lines in each kids letter basically that are pretty generic - acknowledging that they are confused and unhappy with the recent changes in the family but she can explain more when they are older and will always love them.


  83. I am soo happy for Kate. Before this week I would have been happy for her to just stay until now, but I must admit that I was feeling exactly what Tony said, which was "if you fail, he wins". I am excited to read her book especially after reading about how much Mady and Cara enjoyed it in her tlc blog. I am even thinking about buying it new. I also hate all the filler so I watch the half hour Duggar show first and then catch DWTS through the Dvr so I can skip a lot and still get the good stuff.

  84. Yay, Kate after what was probably one of the worst weeks of her life she dug in her heels and really pulled it off. Her smile said it all..and she is no quitter!!:) She should also consider getting her house swept for electronic devices. JW is starting to sound like she's with some kind of super creeple intelligence organisation. Watching her each and every move for the last 2 years.

  85. PAR- I read your post after I posted my excitement of Kate getting to stay on another week and hoping until till the end. Hoping meaning joyfully expecting.... It seem so trivial now and almost sad. It makes me sad that Kate has to work so hard to prove to others that she CAN and WILL do what is best by HER children.I understand that she is not doing for their approval but for her kids. However, words cut like a double edged sword. Once a person speaks his/her words are out and cannot be taken back. People, whom don't even know her, say very mean and hurtful things to intentionally cause Kate pain. Nonetheless, she continues to take the high road and do her best at her many roles. In photos and some interviews it has appeared that the scrutiny of the media, complete strangers, friends, and family has begun to take a toll on Kate. Understandably, she has not been her normal jovial self as she was in the past. Kate's obstacles are life altering and can damage a person to the core. I know because I have faced similar obstacles myself. Even though I have overcome them I am a different person on the other side. I look back and wonder if I will ever be the outgoing, energetic, and always smiling person I was in youth. I couldn't imagine how much more damaging it would be to have groups such as GWOP criticizing my every move and word spoken. Or have to find out that my husband was seeing other women from a tabloid. Or being called an a child abuser in a tabloid magazine. I admire Kate for strength to overcome such adversities that she has faced in such a short span of time. People have been relentless and flat out horrible where Kate is concerned. It saddens me to know that we are living in a world where people, strangers really, is determined to verbally destroy a person they don't even know because he/she is not living how we believe they should. Kate is not an addict, an alcoholic......What you haters say about is unwarranted and undeserving. You need to quit talking out of both side of your mouth...you can't say that you are concerned for the children and then publicly trash their mother. The children have probably cried many tears because of YOUR words. You are not only hurting their mother but you are deeply wounding the kids. Kate's actions do NOT affect you in any way. You do NOT have a horse in her race, therefore you really need to get up walk in the bathroom, look in the mirror, and take your own inventory. We would have clean and peaceful world if everyone would keep their OWN backyards clean.


  86. PAR~ Thank you so much for going through all the negative statements regarding the book. The Huffington Post has had a vendetta for Kate for years. I never read a thing they say. Since the trolls read here so much, it was important that you post was there to dispell all the things the haters say that haven't even read the book!

    I'd say a few secretly bought copies ;)

  87. I just hope that Kate cohosting E News isn't a circus like when Jon was on, I am a little surprised that tlc authorized that. I wonder about the behind the scenes chats that Kate has with the people who did programs with Jon like Neicy Nash, etc. I am not saying that they are any of my business, but it's interesting to think about.

  88. Linda - yes, I wasn't actually sure who said it... so it was more in the form of a question. But I believe you're right, it was BabyMama (i just can't bring myself to call you BM :D)

    PAR - thanks for your input on the book. I wouldn't have had any desire to read it before due to the negativity surrounding it but you seem to have set the records straight. I would actually like to read it now.

  89. SchmeckyGirl why do you comment here pretending to be a fan like these people? I've read other comments by you, posted with that photo on other sites, and it wasn't too pro-Kate.

  90. Oh, I am SO happy she is still on. I was sooooo proud of her last night. I am a performer and know how difficult it must be for her to be the only one not used to being "on". Tuesday nights I watch Biggest Loser and I get so into that I don't want to change the channel. I didn't even watch the premiere of Glee tonight! So I came on to check before bed. Thanks ladies!!
    PS I am learning rumba now for my wedding! We learned the sliding doors move today for our first dance routine :)

  91. Yes, Kate made it through to dance another night. I really am looking forward to it, actually. And yes, Kate does have some rabid fans to support her.

    But have you checked out the Vote for the Worst sites? They are having a ball putting her through. And I really do believe that both TLC and Figure 8 are robodialing all they can. Why wouldn't they?

    Here is a question for someone to answer. Kate's last dance move was clearly a lift and yet she wasn't called out for it while the judges clearly rebuked everyone else who risked it. Both of her feet were clearly off the ground, so I don't understand. Anyone know the answer?

  92. JW - Carrie Ann did call her on the lift.

    sodapopper - Great post.

    Tashapork - I don't think (could be wrong) that Jon ever cohosted E! News. He was a cohost on "The Insider" if memory serves me correctly.

    Even so - Kate Vs. Jon doing interviews: I think the clear difference is that Jon had idiots working (Supposedly) FOR him - however - I don't think they knew what they were doing because on more than one occasion (the interview in which he walked out comes to mind) he was walking into the lion's den. A person who knows what they are doing will contractually make sure there are some controls in place to either keep things from going to the 'ugly' places - or at least have some control about what is able to be aired should things go a little whacky. I don't think Jon's people did that - or - they were of the mindset that 'any' publicity is 'good' publicity - and we've watched over the last year and learned that is not always the case in the end. I think that TLC understands this and is making sure that Kate is well looked after in this regard.

  93. I was also thinking about the "Statue of Liberty" trip last night.

    Can't help but wonder - since we know the first special is in just a little over a month (or so) - wouldn't it be safe to say - considering Kate's busy schedule now - and with the book coming out - that this has already been filmed?

    I was thinking about how difficult it was on our last trip to the city keeping everyone together - and how crowded it was - that everyone who thinks that would be an 'easy' trip for Kate to do with the kids - well, not being from the city, I think that would be a tough, scary trip to do with my kids (when they were little) by myself. Add in the fans, paps, etc - and wowsers!

    However -- I am 'hoping' with all 'hope' (LOL) that we find out the kids HAVE gone! How happy would that make all of us - especially SG! :) :) :) :) And, if they haven't gone yet - that they will as part of one of the upcoming specials. :)

  94. I guess this is why dialidols numbers are off with DWTS?

    “Dancing” allows viewers to also vote on their computers and mobile devices, which DialIdol.com can’t track.


    On another note - did anyone else catch it when Kate and Tony said they only had TWO days to practice last week? Was that because of Kate's schedule with interviews I wonder? I had thought that they may have had MORE practice time last week - but I guess not!

  95. Very happy for Kate & Tony!! They both looked soooo happy! It's been awhile since we've seen Kate smile like that!

  96. Tashapork- I was curious how it works too. I think she's hosting ENtertainment Tonight. I am not sure because I don't follow her EVERY move like SOME people. It is interesting because Mary Hart did that huge interview with Jon and Hailey. But they have had all the other DWTS people on there.

  97. squattmunki24 said...
    SchmeckyGirl why do you comment here pretending to be a fan like these people? I've read other comments by you, posted with that photo on other sites, and it wasn't too pro-Kate.

    Ssshhhhh... I'm trying to work my way into the secret society of Kate Gosselin fans by pretending to be one of them and you're blowing my cover.

  98. First off, Schmecky is my secret weapon. Think of her as the woman that runs the school in X-Men..Do you guys remember the first movie? (it was the best) Shes the lady with the glasses that was in love with Wolverine.

    Shes teaching a school of trolls how to converse with fans. How to be polite, bring your point across, not attack and still feel that she has a voice in a place that is slighting different from her and her views.

    In the X-Men school each of the teachers had a special power. Hers is the mind reading gift along with not having sweat glands. That way, she never gets upset or lets anythintg bother her. The sweat, and the comments, roll off of her like those crystal rain drops from the water guy..Or am I confusing movies? Whatever..visually you get my point.

    I am well aware of Schmeckys stance. She is my best student. I am the old guy in the wheelchair that morphed now into Carmen Electra. I feel she better represents the image I want to portray..Carry on. ;)

    And if you never saw X-Men, please forgive this comment lol

  99. Hope~ I found out something interesting about dialidol.com. They go by homes that actually use the free upload system that they offer on their site. While I'm hesitant to upload anything to my brand new laptop, it does sound cool.

    The software speed dials votes for your favorite contestants for DWTS & IDOL. It claims its 100% free and safe. It records the calls you do on your computer and phone to make a prediction then posts the results. Agiain, most Kate fans do not have this, therefore thats why the numbers werent correct.

    Im off to DVR a whole bunch of stuff before work. Please remind me to post anything Kate was already on I may have missed. She will be on both E! and The Insider, as Well as Entertainment Tonight.

  100. OMG LOL Baby Mama!!!

    Thank you! I think... ;)

    I've seen all the X-Men movies and I'm still confused! lol. Carmen Electra?

    But I do love Wolverine!! And funny thing is, I really don't sweat I glisten.

    That PA hearing about the Gosselins is starting in a few minutes. There's a live feed of it on repmurt.com at 9:55am.

  101. Schmecky~ I referring to you as Dr. Jean Grey that was played by Famke Janssen. You remind me of her. And I made a mistake..Professor Charles Xavier was in the wheelchair in the second movie. I had to go to IMDB to clear that up. However, since Im the head of the school and don't want to be referred to as the old guy, I figured I would morphe into the person I feel represents me most lol. Carmen I thought was in that movie but apparently I am incorrect..lol And lets re-write the script and add the "glisten" part.

    And since that guy is up for re-election, Gloria is a fame whore and Jodi & Kevin are now Gloria's interns, I will not be watching. Please come here later and update me if you can..

  102. I can see the live feed - but I can't hear anything else. Can't figure out why unless the volume issue is on their end? Anyone else having that problem?

  103. Baby Mama, you are so funny. I like Famke so I'm okay with that. And I always pictured you looking like Carmen Electra! ;)

    I can't get the live feed no matter what I try. I'm usually able to do these things. Oh well, I'm sure we will be able to view it online at some point. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

    LOL Hope @ you Statue of Liberty post. I'm never going to live that one down. I think Kate is very capable of taking her kids to see the SoL with her bodyguard and some nannies. It's not like the camera crew is there to help her or defend her. They are just filming. It's a documentary... haven't you seen where the camera men allow a small child to be eaten by a lion because they can't mess with the reality of it? lol.

  104. Okay, a small deer... but that didn't work as well with my documentary point.

  105. WARNING! I copied this from a non-Kate fan site, but here is what is said to be Kevin and Jodi's testimony:

    Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin's Testimony:

    Jodi chokes up as she says we want our neices and nephews protected, and all children.

    Jodi: "Very little reality involved in reality TV"

    Jodi says they are advocates and voices for the children involved in reality TV

    Each episode was planned and formal

    Jon and Kate signed a contract without a lawyer

    The children's schedule revolved around the needs of an episode, the crew didn’t follow them along their routine

    Video cameras in children’s bedrooms that operated continuously

    Kevin regrets allowing his own children to be filmed.

    Children were filmed in bathroom, often with no parent there

    The children were told it was Christmas morning so camera crew would get a genuine reaction. They were told later it was not really Christmas morning.

    Mady is labeled at school as the difficult or bad one

    Children were often left alone with crew without parents.

    The children would voice dislike of going to events and sit-down interviews

    Children cannot "defend, delete, or erase"the private moments that have been filmed

    Suggestions: Reality children should be members of the Screen Actors Guild. SAG reps on set to protect children.

    Baby Mama, if you don't want me to get the information from another site, let me know. I figured it's not an "opinion piece" and just relayed the testimony as stated so it waS okay... ?

  106. SG, I am watching the hearing and that is a pretty accurate synopsis. The Rep. said he asked Jodi and Kevin to come, they did not contact him. Paul Peterson is testifying now about legal issues.

  107. Wow! Did you hear that the custody hearing is set for the same day as the DWTS season finale??? I guess Kate will have to choose which one she will attend. Wow.

  108. I think there are going to be some major changes in Pennsylvania laws concerning the entertainment business and children.

  109. http://www.repmurt.com/

    I posted it above. Click Live Web Stream

  110. Denise said...
    I think there are going to be some major changes in Pennsylvania laws concerning the entertainment business and children.

    That would be great but I think they need to be Federal laws so that all the children in every state are protected the same. TLC could just move the filming to another state from what I've learned.

  111. This hearing is just for PA but Gloria Alred is talking now about Federal standards.

  112. No legal action in 'Jon & Kate' child-labor probe
    By Kathy Matheson

    Associated Press

    Posted: 04/14/2010 08:57:36 AM PDT
    Updated: 04/14/2010 08:57:37 AM PDT

    Click photo to enlarge
    Kate Gosselin appears on stage during Discovery Channel's 2010-11 upfront... ( Mary Altaffer )«1»HORSHAM, Pa. — Pennsylvania regulators say child-labor permits should have been obtained for children appearing in the TV show "Jon & Kate Plus 8," but it won't take legal action against producers.

    The Department of Labor & Industry released a letter today to Figure 8 Films and Discovery Talent Services that outlines conditions under which it's resolving its investigation.

    The department says child-labor permits will be needed for any future filming and that a portion of the proceeds must go into a trust fund for the children. The letter was issued last month.

    State lawmakers are currently reviewing Pennsylvania's child-labor laws for TV and movie production. Lawmakers were hearing testimony on the matter Wednesday.


    Associated Press writer Mark Scolforo in Harrisburg, Pa., contributed to this report.


  113. http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2010/04/breaking-news-kate-gosselins-brother-slams-jon-kate-plus-8-hearing-child-labor

    Click here:

    Jodi and Kevin Hearing on ROL

  114. OMG Jon just tweeted! I wish he'd make up his mind!

    The allegations made today by Kevin and Jodi Kreider have not been my experience at all during the production of “Jon & Kate plus8.”
    12 minutes ago via web

    Reply Retweet Kate and I were doing what was best for our family. And it gave us an opportunity to spend quality family time together. Jon Gosselin

  115. Well, I wouldn't be surprised to see the moving vans arriving at the orphanage any day now. Looks like PA is going to buckle down and pass some desperately needed laws and finally adhere to the laws they already had on the books. The FBI will be looking into the allegations of filming child nudity, too.

    What took so long? And why didn't the labor board ever investigate the home where the work took place? The representatives were not pleased with the Labor Board at all and were not even aware that complaints had ever even been filed nor that a resolution had been arrived at.

    Sounded like a few heads were going to roll. Jodi & Kevin were awesome, Paul Peterson was simply amazing, and Gloria Allred was awe inspiring. Three 1/2 hours of riveting testimony and I didn't budge an inch. FINALLY!!

  116. Just wondering~ you gotta be kidding me...whatever

    Schmecky~ thanks so much for keeping me posted on all the crap going on today.. Since this is important to discuss and this thread is already over 100 comments, I'm going to do a new post for it. I will use all the good info you gave me. I only have a half hour for lunch, so I will quickly shoot one out and you can contiune to post on there. I will revamp it at night when I get home.

  117. So, they did need permits, TLC said that law did not apply to reality TV. They blamed Jon, by saying it was his responsibility to check into it. That was 1 year ago, at the beginning of this investigation. They settled it by demanding that 15 % of the total income from the show be put away in a irrevocable trust for the kids. That is a good thing and future permits will be mandatory before anymore filming. OK!

    In one of Kates' interviews last year, she took all the credit for putting money away for the kids. As if it were her idea! That I have a problem with. Now is that considered telling a little white fib, avoiding the truth, or out right lying? I am not sure myself, but i know someone here is going to explain it to me.

    This hearing came at a good time because when a politician is up for reelection, they will want to see that things are down. The child labor laws do need to be redone, and spelled out to apply to reality TV and any other industries that employ children. They do need to be protected.
    I liked the lady that talked about advising parents of the possible pit-falls of filming and developing some type of family program for new parents that might be considering doing this type of show in the future.

    I missed the beginning of this hearing but got the connection at 12:15PM, just in time to hear the Labor committee and that one lady psychologist.

  118. I watched the entire hearing. I think the repercussions will be HUGE.

  119. The trust was not required until filming had already been halted. The trust is now in place and any FUTURE money will need to be deposited. 15% gross profits need to be divided by 8 children. So if the family makes 100k an episode, $15,000 would be divided by the children 8 different ways for a total of $1,875.00 per child. HOWEVER!!! Education and medical expenses can be deducted from this fund!!

  120. http://www.myfoxphilly.com/dpp/entertainment/television/041410_Gosselin_Relatives_testfity_At_Pennsylvania_Child_Labor_Law_Hearing

    UPPER MORELAND, Pa. - Child labor laws are now being looked at very closely in many states.

    That's because reality television has thrust so many teens and toddlers into the limelight faster than ever before.

    But now a Pennsylvania lawmaker wants his state to do a better job of protecting those kids.

    State Rep. Tom Murt is holding a public hearing Wednesday in Montgomery County on the state's child labor laws, and a lot of well-known names have turned out.

    much more

  121. Wasn't that Beth seated a few rows back? I'm pretty sure it was her. She moved out of camera range after the first half hour or so.

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    FYI: The Kreiders make me sick and I wish I could smack them...see you on the new thread!

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