Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kate's Safe For Another Week! Jon Fights For Custody & Less Child Support

Kate Defends Her "Clever" Dance: EOnline.com

How do we know Kate Gosselin must not own a TV? Because according to America's busiest and most expressive mom, "It is very difficult for me to let go and show on my face how I feel." That's funny, we were thinking the exact opposite when it comes to those undeniable Kate G. facial expressions (most notably seen during last week's elimination). Still, Kate swears her paparazzi-tinged paso doble was tougher than it seemed. "I have to keep how I feel all inside, so once I tapped into that and let go? I was this character," Kate said of that meddling Jon Gosselin/paparazzo inspired jig. "My anger was there, and I felt like the storyline was so appropriate and so real." "Very clever," she added.

Her partner Tony Dovolani agreed. "Regardless of .what the judges say, I am proud of her. This was a complete triumph," he told us. Kate did take some time to address current criticism surrounding her decision to join Dancing with so many kiddies back at the homestead, and said: "I don't really worry about what other people say because I know it's me who has to feed my kids and take care of them, so that's where my focus is all the time."

Jon Gosselin: Kate ignores kids to be on 'Dancing': Washingtonpost.com

ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- Jon Gosselin plans to sue ex-wife Kate for primary custody of their eight children because her appearances on "Dancing With the Stars" have turned her into an absentee mom, a lawyer for the former reality show dad told The Associated Press on Tuesday. 'Dancing' twirls past 'American Idol' for 1st time this week. Jon Gosselin's new lawyer, Anthony List, said he plans to file papers in Berks County Court in Pennsylvania this week to reopen their divorce settlement.

List said that Kate Gosselin's participation in the smash ABC dance competition show has taken her away from the children, and that she has delegated most child-rearing responsibilities to three nannies. "Without a doubt, she's an absentee parent," he said. Kate Gosselin's attorney, Mark Momjian, called the allegation reckless and "patently false." "It's deplorable to make a comment like that," he said. "I know Kate Gosselin is all about her children, and she's always been about her children. Let him file what he says he's going to file and we'll respond accordingly."

The two formerly starred on the hit TLC reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8," which chronicled the lives of the Gosselins and their large brood - twins and sextuplets - at their home in eastern Pennsylvania. The show ended its run in November, and their divorce became final in December. The no-fault divorce settlement gave Kate Gosselin primary custody of the children and the family home in Wernersville, Pa., about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia. List said Kate Gosselin has been pursuing her career at the expense of the children.

"If she's truly committed and dedicated to these children, as I believe she is, then she should open her eyes and see what's happening to these children," List said. "Their life is topsy-turvy. Jon can give them stability." He said Jon Gosselin also wants a modification of his $21,000-per-month child support obligation, an amount List called "horrific" given Kate's earning capacity. "Dancing With the Stars" was America's most-watched show last week, outdrawing both editions of Fox's "American Idol" for the first time. Kate Gosselin also has a new book out this month, "I Just Want You to Know."


  1. I was still posting in the last thread. :(

    So Kate is safe! I'm glad Buzz went home. Sadly it was deserved. Only thing is that now makes Kate the worst dancer there.

    As for Jon... I still think he should get more time with the kids if that's what he wants when Kate isn't there. If she's away working why should she care? It would also cut down in the expenses since they wouldn't needs as many nannies. This is going to be interesting...

  2. Sometimes when I post too man comments I have some problems with the blog. I figured before I went to bed it was a good time to start a freash page. I will fix and re-update this post tomorrow. Esp. if Jon goes crazy and goes further with this new lawyer.

    Did you see this, speaking of Jon? Michael Lohan proposed to Kate Major..they are getting MARRIED! How crazy is that? She slept with both of them. Scary..


  3. Well, this morning USWeekly is reporting that Jon's lawyer is now saying he is paying $22,000 a month in child support ("Jon currently pays Kate $22,000 a month in child support, a fee List calls "ridiculous.") http://www.usmagazine.com/momsbabies/news/kate-gosselin-slams-new-lawsuit-kids-are-so-proud-of-me-197031

    If Jon had been stable and mature over even the last few months - I might feel differently than I do - but until he can show that he's not going to fly the coup once again for another chick -- or be romping in the hot tub with another chick at the kids house -- etc -- I can't support him being there more. The kids need STABILITY - and although Kate may have to be gone a couple of days a week - they seem to have some pretty good stability and structure in their daily routines going on. To have Jon come back in (IMO in an effort to reduce his child support - and again IMO - makes him a sleaze (the COURT rendered an agreed and justifiable amount for child support - and the court doesn't approve things like that lightly) - and use the kids for why he can't work anymore (um, wasn't HE THE ONE WHO SAID HE DIDN'T WANT TO BE A STAY AT HOME DAD? Wasn't that part of why he was so 'miserable'???)

    I hope that Jon (and all involved) realize that when parents divorce - the kids often (and since there's 8 of them - my guess is that there's a very good chance that at least some of them feel this way) that the divorce is 'their fault' -- and parents need to do everything in their power to keep things stable and secure feeling for the kids.

    Sorry if this post is a little gruff -- I didn't sleep well last night and woke up grumpy --then logged onto see the story about Jon suing for the change in custody first thing on my home page. :)

  4. Squat --

    As a person who had a live in nanny for her kids when she was a single mom - you have NO CLUE what you are talking about. The fact that I, or Kate, could afford to have live in child care to look after and provide stability for them in their home when their mother needs to be away for work is the MOST responsible and loving thing she could do.

    Otherwise - you must think that every single working mother who has to drop her kids off at day care - or have the kids dropped at a babysitters house after school because she is at work for hours after their school day ends - should be burned at the stake?? Those kids spend hundreds of hours a month away from home, away from their parent, and by your definition 'are raising the kids'.

    Give me a break.

  5. Quick - BM -- Call Hailey and get your finders fee --- This just in: reports say he is back at his NY apartment!

  6. Jon confirms he's called a lawyer and is going back to court? See his 'silent' interview (I guess his way of abiding by his contract?)


  7. I am kinda surprised Kate is on for another week. Hopefully we'll see a little improvement next week...

  8. I havent posted in awhile but I do read these boards everyday and I am voting and cheering Kate on..GO KATE.

    Jon however is dispicable ,he is the one who made thier lives topsy turvy and put them out of work in the first place. he is all about the money,when will he learn

  9. Okay! An F bomb two days in a row? This is hard to stomach.

    Where does Jon find these lawyers? The supposed child support amounts have gone up by $3000 in three days. Then in the supposed statement he actually used the words stability and Jon in the same sentence! SorrySchmecky but I don't think Jon needs more time with the children unless it is supervised UNTIL he can demonstrate that very word - stability.

    I'm a supporter of father's rights. But with that comes responsibility. Stability and responsibility are two words sadly lacking in Jon's life. Has this attorney been on another planet for the last year?

    Hmmm ... I just went back and researched. For Jon to even have the stupidity to mention nannies makes me believe his mind is fried and that scares me!!! Oh how quickly he's forgotten. HE tried being a stay at home Dad and THAT is when the first TWO nannies were hired. That argument alone will fail miserably in court by just the documentation that the first nannies had to be hired because Jon could not handle being with the kids all the time without domestic help. I can refer you to the episodes of series if you need the source.

    The nannies are not there at the same time. The have days off folks. Jon, Jon, Jon! Then we have your record of sleeping with a nanny that he hired. Is that another example of his sound judgment and stability?

    I guess he has the NY apt still. So he paid $5k a month for it for the last 3 1/2 months while he lived in Utah. Lordy, I want Jon to grow up and be a father. Let that happen first. Please let that happen.

    Has Jon resolved his new- found "Jewishness"? Oh yeah, that is but another example of his confusion.

    I'm wondering is the custodial parent is the one who controls all the kids savings accounts? Please don't let this lawsuit be because Jon wants to get his fiscally irresponsible hands on that money!

    Can Jon even stay in one place without getting bored and moving on? What would that do to the kids? Prove it by stable actions, Jon. I want to see you walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

    He can't cook so he'd have to have somebody do that. He can't manage money so he'd have to have somebody do that. He couldn't handle the kids alone so he also would have to have nannies. He can't manage his libido so imagine continuing exposure to that. He can't figure out even what religion he wants to be, so let's confuse the kids about that. He can't control his smoking, so let's jeopardize their health with second hand smoke. He doesn't keep fit or exercise so let's expose the kids there. Prove your stability Jon. Then ask for additional days.

  10. I don't think anyone is really surprised that Kate is going to be on for another week! Her fan base is terrific and now that Jon opened his mouth, I only see it getting bigger and bigger. Maybe they are in KAHOOTS together. LOL! I knew Buzz would go sooner then later, but God Bless him and all those active Seniors out there.
    My only surprise was that Jake finished in the bottom three, and Aiden moved up. Didn't vote for them either!

    Now for my truth, I haven't voted for Kate yet. I thought this was a dance competition, not a popularity contest. This is my first time watching this show and Am. Idol. I also, haven't voted for anyone on Idol either. I am not saying I won't vote for Kate, but I am waiting to see her bend her torso more, shake her booty, wiggle her hips, etc.etc., isn't that what dancers do???? I am surprised that the judges haven't said that she moves like a stick puppet out there! JMHO!

    I do commend her for doing this show and am hoping to see improvements next week. The judging gets harder now and I will be nervous for her. Like I posted early, she will be doing a two step Jive, and laughing all the way to the bank!

    TO BE CONTINUED...........about Jon??

  11. Jon hasnt bothered to see hes kids in months or atleast photoed in monthes with his children now hes trying to sue kate! and get full custody i used to like jon but hes turned out to be a right jerk and he wouldnt of said all this If kate was there and not in LA he is weak and need to stop and Im glad kate servived another week.

  12. I don't have any problem with Jon wanting/having more time with the kids. I also don't think it is wrong for Jon to want to lower his child support payments if his financial circumstances have changed significantly since he agreed in arbitration to whatever amount he is paying.

    I do have a problem with a lawyer, hired by Jon, who should have kept this a private matter (FOR THE SAKE OF THE KIDS) spouting off about Kate's parenting in the media (and continuing to do so).

    I Also have several questions. I wonder how Jon's lawyer will get around the fact that Jon did not show interest in putting in a lot of parenting time in the last year? How will he explain away moving so far from the kids? If he uses the argument that he needed to for work, doesn't that work against his claim that Kate should not be away for work?

    If Jon has visitation every other weekend, how will they explain his not taking advantage of every minute in the agreement? If he did notleave Morgan Christie be with the kids on every occassion that was "his" time, it could bite him in the butt.

    I also wonder if Jon realizes that if he gets primary custody and Kate has to pay child support, he has to take on ALL the responsibility of taking care of the bills. It is not like the money will be his play money.

  13. Linda, for the record (as SchmeckyGirl cleared up in the last thread) I did not curse on this site.

    "Another Fan" came over to RWA and copied my post to my group and then brought it over here. If you don't want cursing here, then I suggest not copying from other sites.

  14. Just Wondering - For the record, I never accused you of cursing. We did have a different screen name yesterday who used the F bomb. Then we had another screen name who used the F bomb on this new post.

    To set the record straight
    1. I object to the F bomb and other crudity from any screen name.
    2. I object to Just Wondering for your spewing your hatred of Kate. You can't find anything nice to say about this blog at all. You don't particularly like Jon, you hate Kate. You object to Kate not physically attending a church while demonstrating a completely uncharitable attitude.
    3. This is a Fan site. If you are going to post, I think you should be a Fan of somebody. You don't have to like or agree with all of the Gosselins, but you should at least like something or someone be it Kate, or Jon, or the kids, or the photos, or something, anything.
    4. I dislike Jon's actions: his smoking, lifestyle, and immature lifestyle, along with his apparent need to have attorneys who air everything in media which I think is detrimental to the children.
    5. Schmecky supports Jon and that is fine, she supports the kids except appearing on TV and that is fine, she dislikes Kate but she doesn't make hatred statements and that is fine. I like and support Kate and Schmecky does not - and that is fine.

  15. Par. your questions are good and what do u meen jon moving away from the kids and he wonts more time with them think tht well be a little hard ?

  16. Linda u r so right with all your points I think this is a fan site i think we can talk about them in a way but i do apolize for slagging jon of u could say!

  17. Hey! Jon & Kate are the ones airing their entire drama out in public for the world to criticize and debate. You won't find me in any tabloid being eaten alive. You can google my name or the names of my children all day long and you won't find a single negative.

    Put the blame where the blame is and that is squarely on both of the adult Gosselins' shoulders. They did this to themselves.

  18. Hey' i dont like to think of it like tht and im a huge gosselin fan but its true I no they desided this but they didnt no in the beginning how big it would get and telivison made them this bad and get a divorce and stuff.

  19. Keep dancing Kate and Keep a smile on your face. You are a great mother and you deserve this oppurtunity after all you have through. John wanting custody of the kids is a joke, you are working and earning money for your family. What is he doing to provide?

  20. Jon and Kate made a reality show, regardless of your position on that, how can anyone believe that all the awful things that have happened to this family be blamed entirely on one parent? Vindictive relatives, jealous nosy neighbors, and hate filled blogs, have created a tabloid frenzy. Jon's new and not improved lawyer needs to be remember this! Deal with these family issues privatley. I think their are many adults who need to consider how their actions have hurt the Gosselin children.

  21. Hope...

    Why should the kids be raised by nannies if their father is there? Jon is not dead. Kate is not a "single mom" in the sense that the father is totally not there or is deceased.

    If the children's father wants to spend time with them then that is better than a nanny.

    Fathers matter too, in a child's life.

  22. Lexii...

    Why are making things up? Jon was recently seen at the house with the kids. IF Kate doesn't want to give him more time with the kids then what is he suppose to do but sue for custody?

    There are photos posted last week of Jon at the house playing with the kids & Jon taking 2 little girls with him to the store.

  23. Hope...re: bad mom syndrome :)
    I'd love to know where all these perfect mom's are at. I've yet to meet one, I always say the only perfect parents are people who have not had kids yet! It's an admirable ideal, but almost impossible to obtain, once we become a parent. For the most part I hope we all just do the best we can, that IMO makes us all good mom's. P.S. I'm a SAHM, who used to be a single-working mom...who still serves the occasional KD and frozen pizza for dinner.(much to my own mom's dismay)

  24. Linda, you keep taking the words right out of my mouth about Jon. I’m sure the judge is intelligent enough to see right through him. Compare and contrast both parents esp during the last year. It doesn’t bother me if he gets his child support lowered but primary custody? C’mon, he didn’t even like being a stay at home father and wasn’t even all that reliable or capable, anyway. I wouldn’t even hire him as one of the nannies, neither. His best role is just being the kids’ playmate. And as far as him having access to the money? Ha! Don’t even get me started.

    So glad Kate is on for another week. Glad also that she at least pointed her toes and her nerves weren’t as bad this last time. Go, girl! - As long as you keep that up and relax enough to remember what all your other body parts are supposed to do at the same time. Think of dancing as multitasking your body, like multitasking as a mom (weight on the balls of your feet, full extension or deep bend when you’re supposed to; knees, hips, shoulders - knees, hips, shoulders - you get the picture…) Lots to think about but Kate is learning a step at a time, a week at a time. Have fun, too, Kate!

  25. Oh, and I'm so glad they had a quick shot of Pam and Kate laughing together, in fact, with Kate having fun and laughing with other cast members, and yes, Erin's comments about texting with Kate.

    As far as the "show insider" source that keeps putting out negative rumors about Kate, doesn't anything in their contracts prevent them from doing things like that?

  26. Squattmunki24~ Interesting name. It's amazing what people think they could say when they think they can get away with it!

    First off Jon is their father and of course he should spend time with his kids. And if you ever read any of my posts instead of coming here spreading hate, you would see that I have asked for months why Jon wasn't with his kids. Hes with then NOW because his girlfriend kicked him out of her parents house, and he ran out of money after his trips to Hawaii and Utah. That makes him look like a bad parent. Coming up NOW seeing the kids NOW is just a matter of getting into the press with his new lawyer and causing trouble. NOT because hes in a rush to spend time with them. He's got nothing to do right now that hes lost his 10th 20 yr. old girlfriend. Thats what is upsetting. He's ruining Kates shine right now and thats the only reason why hes doing this. He has continually shown he is not doing things on the up& up. Just like he pulled his kids off TV for his own selfish reasons then agreed to put them right back on rather than go to court. So don't come here being a Jon defender when we all know your just here to cause trouble.

    If you REALLY want to help, you need to coax Jon to let me video tape me as I confront Jon. And lets all read the new Radar.com post..shall we?

    EXCLUSIVE: Absentee Dad: Jon Gosselin Spent WEEKS Away From His Kids! Posted on Apr 07, 2010
    Jon Gosselin should prepare to explain this in his court battle against ex-wife Kate.

    While charging that Kate is an “absentee mom,” Jon did not see his children for weeks by his own choice, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively. Jon spent time in Utah and California with then-girlfriend Morgan Christie until she recently dumped him.

    “He didn’t see the kids for weeks and the only reason was that he wanted to hang out with his girlfriend,” a source familiar with the situation told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “He’s claiming that Kate is an absentee mother when the truth is she’s a working mother. “What he’s saying is an insult to every mother who has to work to take care of her family.”

    Jon is going to court Wednesday to file papers trying to obtain primary physical custody of his eight children, RadarOnline.com confirmed. He is claiming Kate’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars makes her an absentee mother who leaves her children with an army of nannies.

    But Jon has not addressed the fact that until recently he didn’t see his children at all because he wanted to be with his girlfriend.

    Kate is making $200,000 for her appearance on the hit ABC show and flies from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles and back again every week, rarely missing more than a few nights with the children.

    Jon, however, didn’t see the kids at all until Morgan dumped him. “When they compare who has spent more time with the children Jon is going to be embarrassed,” the source said. “He’s doing this because he blew through all his money and has no place to live.”


  27. I think it will be easy to document how much time Jon spent with the kids between the day the divorce was final - sometime in mid-December through the end of March. If it was not every other weekend like the custody arrangements detail, then he will have some explaining to do.

    Lexxi, what I meant was that he chose to live in NYC - 2+ hours away from where the kids live and he was in Utah for the last 3-4 months - a 1000+ miles from the kids. I think he would have a much stronger case about an absentee parent IF he had stayed within an easy commuting distance the last several months. He argued that he had to move to NY for work (what work was never clear) and did not classify that at the time as being an absentee Dad. I am sure that in court, he will be questioned about his hypocracy.

  28. Squattmunki24 - I thought I remembered you and sure enough here you are back again. Jan 09 and BM deleted you for your language bombs. Jun 09 and same problem. And here you are with hate and crudity again. Do you just look for non moderated so you can post. Can you not think of words other than dropping the F bomb?

  29. And it would seem that primary custody means that parent is the one who lives at the house with the children. That, along with money, is probably another factor that oh so intrigues him about being the primary care giver now.

  30. I don't think Jon has a leg to stand on in court, but it makes me mad that he is putting Kate under this additional stress when all of her energy needs to go to her kids care and her dancing. I am sure he probably could win a reduction of child support based on his income and circumstances. He also surely could go to Kate and work out an arrangement where he spends more time with the kids, he could make himself look good doing this instead he is presenting as a fool and very few are buying it. I have never seen the ladies on the View even Whoopie in as much support of her as now. The sad thing for Jon as compared with other ex husbands who are similar jerks is that there are so much documented evidence of his lifestyle and comments, his unreliability and his vacilation. They can tear him apart. Now Kate has to spend more money on lawyers and deal with more stress and it stinks. What about when this new lawyer dumps Jon.

  31. I wouldn't call myself a "Jon supporter" because I don't agree with a lot of what Jon has said and done. I don't support everything he does, I just try to understand it. Some I can and some I can't.
    I try to support him but in general terms I don't consider myself a Jon "supporter". I guess I try to support Jon because I think he has so much potential and he seems lost right now.

    I think Jon handled much of what he did last year wrong, and I think it's his own fault, however, I feel that Jon didn't have anyone helping him handle things the right way, while Kate had TLC backing her. If Kate didn't have TLC behind her I'm pretty sure she would have handled things differently.

    Yes, Jon could have listened to TLC and not look as bad as he did but Jon doesn't want to be owned by TLC any longer. I think that's what the difference is to me. Jon was pushed around by his wife and by TLC for so long and didn't handle his newfound freedom well. I hope he has come to realize that and plans to do things differently. I really don't know. He needs to stay away from the young ladies for a while.

    As for TLC, they do not have Kate or Jon's best interest at heart. Whatever they do is in behalf of their own interest only. TLC may not be a giant in the industry but Discovery Communications is and they are more than just a little cable network. They are using Kate and selling her to other networks for ratings, etc. I don't blame them because it's what they are there to do but it is not being done to help Kate.

    I think Jon has issues and needs help and guidance. I think if his dad was still alive Jon would have him to trust and go to for advice but he doesn't. Jon does need stability in his life. I totally agree with that. I also think that Jon does not really want full custody but his lawyer is using that to negotiate for better custody. He did say that he wants more time with kids and if he doesn't get it THEN he will file for full custody. I don't see that happening anyway. I think Jon will just get more custody time with the kids, especially if they know Kate's future schedule with DWTS and her book release promotions and book signings.

    I also think it was wrong for the lawyer to go public with it and to make statements about Kate being an absentee mother.

    I do think though that although Kate has had custody of the kids the past few weeks that she hasn't actually been spending time with them even though she is in the home with them. She is practicing dancing when the kids are home. She said it herself. Tony tweeted it too. I don't, however, think there's anything wrong with Kate doing Dancing With the Stars for a few weeks if she can do it. I just think Jon should be allowed to take care of the kids when she's away if that's what he wants.

    Jon was not around for a few weeks recently, I totally agree, but we don't really know why. If he just wanted to spend time with this girlfriend then that's just wrong. No excuse for that, his kids should come first. We did see pics of him with the kids a few times over the winter so he was there and maybe more than we saw. Jon was there with the kids all last year too during the divorce mess, so he's not an absentee father. He just needs to get his act together.

    My comments here are probably a big mess because I was doing several things at once on my laptop. Sorry! lol.

  32. Have you read this? It's details about some of what is in Kate's new book. It's not flattering though...


  33. Schmecky said…
    Jon was pushed around by his wife and by TLC for so long and didn't handle his newfound freedom well.
    Whereas I agree that Kate did not always speak to Jon appropriately, nor did she handle her temper always, I do not agree that he was “pushed around by his wife”. That to me is an excuse for his poor behavior. I know we have all gone over this a million times, but this is one of the more frustrating things to me about this entire situation. He is an adult. He made his own choices.

  34. Am I reading a different blog than sickmunki24??
    I'm not seeing anyone post that Jon does not deserve, time with his children. For months BM & Co. have been hoping Jon would step up and spend more time with the kids. It's the timing and use of the term "absentee mother" that I take issue with. If Jon needs to revise support payments, so be it, if Jon wants to spend more time with his kids wonderful!! I'm personally disappointed that it is being dealt with in the press first. I've always been a fan of Jon's, maybe he's picked the wrong lawyer again. However, saying Kate is an absentee mother, because she is working to support their family is not only offensive to Kate, but to all working mother's.

  35. wildchild,

    I agree that Jon is an adult and made his own choices. I TOTALLY agree with that. But Jon is also very passive and laid back and one of the choices he made was to allow his wife to push him around.

    Maybe you don't agree with it or see it that way, but I do.

    Kate yelling at him, "No! Come here! Stop playing with toys like a child!" (Meanwhile he was entertaining the kids with them.) Kate telling him to stop breathing. Kate stopping him mid-sentence in interviews and telling him not to babble on, etc. Kate telling him to stop playing with the children and move tables in the garage, etc. I'm sorry but Kate pushed him around. She even spoke to him while pointing a finger at him! That's not how you communicate with your spouse.

  36. Jon as the primary parent? what a joke,unless he has camera's around and is paid millions will be his only reason for doing this..

    And he says that Kate is a absentee mom? She is gone 3 days a week out of a 7 day week..do the math Jon.

    I commend Kate for doing the DWTS because she knows and admit's that she can not dance yet she goes every week that they will have her and she does her best because she knows that every week she is on that is more Money to help her raise those children...and Jon what is he doing besides running around with young girls who want their "5 min" of fame...

    Good luck next week Kate, go for it as long as you can and listen to what ever Tony tells you. Who knows? You may suddely "Get it" and be the best of all...LOL...You can try anyway!

  37. wildchild,

    I also want to say that I don't think how Kate treated Jon excuses how Jon behaved this past year. I think it may explain it, but it doesn't excuse it.

    A child abuser may abuse children because he was abused when he was a child... It may be the reason and that's sad, but that doesn't excuse it. And no, I'm not comparing either Jon or Kate to a child abuser.

  38. SG, I agree with many of your Jon observations. However, I also think he has made some very irresponsible bad choices in his life recently! I witnessed poor communication skills from both parties, I presume that is one of the reasons why they are no longer married. I hope that Jon can be adult enough to stop playing the victim card and focus on what is truly best for the kids. Also, do you really believe that Kate is practicing 24 hrs a day, if so wouldn't she be better at it?(lol)

  39. Apparently I am getting all these e-mails asking me how this could be a Jon & Kate fan site. Can any of my regular commeners answer this question better than me?

    I have re-written this a few times because my answer has changed so much. I guess I always hoped that things would get better with Jon & Kate, and when things looked bleak I always hoped they would work things out for the kids.

    But Jon isn't giving me much to fight for on his behalf. I thought it was wrong he got involved with Hailey too soon, and lets not re-hash the separated time line. It was still too soon. I was angry Jon pulled the kids off TLC thus forever severing him & Kate's relationship. We all know it was out of pure spite and being pissed about money.

    Now it's ok again for the kids to be filmed since he wanted the lawsuit dropped. He embarassed himself on The Insider. He embarassed himself with a string of young women, some at the same time. And just when you think things are quiet, he pops up again since his wife is making money and he's now inbetween girlfriends.

    I want to be a Jon fan again. I want to support the right choices I know he will make in the future. And THAT is why this will ALWAYS be "Jon & Kate Gosselin Family Fan Site"!

    THE END ;)

  40. Schmecky,
    I do see your point, and agree that she shouldn’t have talked to him that way. But the same reasons you present as explanations for Jon’s inherent passive behavior which led to him allowing himself to be “pushed around”, could also be used for Kate as well, in that, she is inherently intense and enterprising. Because Jon was so passive and dare we say, a touch lazy, unmotivated, and sometimes oblivious to immediate needs, this led her to become more aggressive and impatient and sometimes, rude. My point is that I think people too easily blame things on Kate, while putting Jon in the clear, simply because he is passive. Just as she needed to bridle her aggression, he needed to learn to grow and appropriately communicate and stand up for himself.

  41. Baby Mama,

    I think it's a package thing. This isn't a Jon fan site. It's a Jon and Kate Plus 8 fan site. That show is what started it all.. and there will ALWAYS be a Jon and a Kate and the Plus 8. It doesn't have to be about them each individually but they are still interesting as a whole. Besides, we discuss all things Gosselin and Jon is a Gosselin. That's how I see it.

  42. We really don't know how much of the time with kids at home Kate spends practicing. She has said they demonstrate for the kids. We just don't know. Kate says the kids come first and I believe her. Since we don't know, Schmecky, could we give Kate the benefit of the doubt as you urge us to do for Jon?

    No, Kate did not speak pleasingly all the time to Jon. Kate freely and repeatedly states that herself. Jon wasn't always pleasant talking to Kate. Both were at fault.

    I'd like nothing more than for Jon to gain maturity and be a Dad and not just a playmate. I Really want that to happen!

    So since Jon isn't employable in NYC and Hailey has fallen by the wayside, perhaps he could find a location nearby the kids?

  43. I don't think Jon was "lazy". Not motivated easily maybe, but not lazy. He did so much with the kids (he dressed, bathed, changed, fed them, etc). I think he was a very involved father. He also did things around the house (maybe not cleaning but he did projects outside and inside and painted, etc). He also kept the kids occupied so Kate could get things done.

    I think if they concentrated on their marriage more than the show and appearances they had to do they could have made it. Their marriage and family wasn't their first priority any longer. They made their lives about being on the show when it should have been the other way around. I'm sure it was difficult to balance but they just had too much going on and with 8 kids that doesn't leave them with much time for themselves to reconnect.

    Jon also "worked" outside the home for a while, if you want to call it that since I have no idea what he actually did. He came home from work and did all his daddy duties. I never saw him sit around watching tv like a lot of dads do when they come home because they need some down time. I give him credit for that.

    Yes, I agree that it doesn't put Jon in the clear just because he was passive. I'm sure he was aggravating at times but Kate could have, and should have, handled it differently. I think Jon was always passive and Kate knew it and married him that way. I'm not sure he got worse over time... it doesn't seem it from the shows I've watched. I think he was passive all along and just stayed that way. I think Kate was controlling when Jon married her but it got worse over time. That's just my opinion though from watching the show though. I'm sure there was a lot we didn't see, but I can't base my opinions on that.

  44. You're right we don't "know" for sure how many hours Kate practices in the home, but she herself said she practices when the kids are upstairs. Tony tweets the hours of their practice and when they're done for the day quite a lot. We've seen pics of Tony there for practice when the kids were there. Then the kids were outside with the nannies while he was there during the day.

    I remember Kate saying she was going to practice when the kids were in school and in bed (unfortunately the kids had spring break). It just doesn't seem like that's what she was doing. Maybe now that the kids are back in school it is working out better.

    I'm not saying that it's "wrong" of Kate to practice when the kids are home because it works out the same as if she was "working from home" and it's great if she can work from home, etc. It's just not what she said she was going to do.

    Besides, supposedly Jon wants to spend that time with the kids when she's not with them. If she's not with them, she's not with them. I don't see anything wrong with that (if Jon's intentions are good). Why spend that time with nannies if they can spend it with their father? It's not like Jon has been ruled unstable. He has time with his kids now, and it's unsupervised. He's their father and he has just as much right to spend time with them as he sees fit as their mother does as long as it is fair.

    Maybe Jon knows she will be away a lot with her book signings etc and is doing all this based on that.

    Again, I don't know Jon's intentions and I hate to assume that he's just doing it because he's jealous of Kate or needs money, etc. I hope not. Until it's proved otherwise I want to think that he just wants to have a say in having more time with them.

  45. momsby said...
    SG, I agree with many of your Jon observations. However, I also think he has made some very irresponsible bad choices in his life recently! I witnessed poor communication skills from both parties, I presume that is one of the reasons why they are no longer married. I hope that Jon can be adult enough to stop playing the victim card and focus on what is truly best for the kids. Also, do you really believe that Kate is practicing 24 hrs a day, if so wouldn't she be better at it?(lol)

    I agree. I think he made some very bad, irresponsible choices too. I think I said that. I'm not excusing it. I am hoping he learned from it. HOPING!

    As for Kate practicing etc I'm sorry but the girl just can't dance. She can practice 24 hours a day and that may help her learn the steps but she won't be able to dance. Some people just can't dance. They don't have rhythm. Some people are tone deaf and can't sing. You just can't learn some things.

  46. Linda, SG, Momsby,points well said and I do hope Jon gets to spend more time with his children. He is a good father when present, but we still aren't for sure how much time time he is allowed.
    Jon has the right to file as many motions in court as he sees fit. Doesn't mean anything until a judge grants that a hiring will be heard. Then it is a long time waiting to get through the process. The fact that it is being done in the media for news, just shows me that its a ploy for attention. Also, to throw Kate off her game.
    He should be allowed to be with the kids, when Kate is gone. That is what they agreed to do all last year. But once the Big D was final the power struggle began over time. I knew all along that thes two adults were not done fighting yet.

    As for CC support, in my state a person is allowed to file for a change in circumstances after 18 months, no sooner. You should always notify FOC of any changes in your situation.

  47. LOL, Schmecky, I think we are going to have to agree to disagree.  I see Jon as using his passivity as an excuse to be lazy, as in he had to have someone to motivate him to do things, (dress the children, clean, etc), and you see Kate as pushing him around , in my opinion, when she felt overwhelmed and under staffed. (Yes, I still think she should have been more kind to him no matter what.) For example, I think it was Linda, who was actually at Disney and personally witnessed the ice cream melt down? (Linda, is that right?) I found that so interesting because she described what I had always thought from watching the show, that Kate felt overwhelmed and needed more support from Jon. Anyway, sorry. I don’t mean to rehash and rehash. Isn’t it fascinating how people can look at the same things and see them from such different perspectives, most likely because of our own personal experiences and such? That’s what makes things interesting I suppose!

  48. Linda,

    You mentioned Kate putting the kids first, etc. I really thought about that. I feel that Kate's ideas about putting her children first are just different than mine I guess.

    Sure it's great if you can provide a massive house with 24 acres for your kids... if you can provide them with private school, and matching outfits, etc. but at what expense?

    If she downsized the house to just a nice big house (it's not like they actually have privacy there... we all see the pics! and in that area you can still get a huge, beautiful home for a lot less) and sent them to public school (it's not NYC where private schools are necessary for the safety and well-being of your child as well as a better education and they are in grade school, not high school) she could cut down those expenses a lot. That private school is expensive! And for 8 kids!

    I'm not saying Kate doesn't have a right to live the American dream and to offer her children the best of everything on a "golden platter", etc because she does have that right, but is that really what all this is about?

    If they do have a mortgage on their house that they are paying and they do pay tuition for private school (that is incidently very far away for those kids) just choosing a different home and a different school may put less stress on Kate for having to make an astronomical salary to pay for it.

    She seems to want her kids set for life (and that's great) but what about now? What about their childhood? Something has to suffer in their family life for Kate to spend so much time away from her kids. Then she's going to be exhausted and cranky with lack of sleep when she is with them. (I saw a hint of it when she came home from traveling to do their 5th b-day party). Is it worth it just for them to "live a better life?" I personally don't think so.

    Then she makes it seem like DWTS is all about the kids. I don't believe it. Sure it's a nice paycheck but Kate wants to be a tv personality. It's what she desires. It all just fits in so nicely with supporting her children. I don't blame her but it's not all for the kids. IMO.

    I hate to bring up my mother as an example but here I go... lol. She has for the past few years been spending a TON of money on jewelry. A ton. She claims she's buying it all for her kids so that we have something from her when she dies. Yes, it's nice of her, but is she really buying it for us? None of us want the jewelry she buys. If we chose it we'd choose differently. If it's for us, why not give it to us now? If we had our choice we'd say put the money in the bank and let us inherit money to spend on whatever we want. She wears the jewelry now. When she gets a compliment on it she says it's for her kids one day. Yes, we will get it one day but who is it really for? It's for her. She wants it, not us. If it's for us why not ask us what we would like? Because it's not really for us. Maybe it's not an exact parallel to Kate but it's what think of when I hear Kate say It's for the kids, etc.

  49. Yes wildchild!

    Totally from personal experience. I won't deny that.

    My mother is Kate and my father is Jon. I can't tell you how familiar it all is to me.

    My father was not perfect and I could see where he would do things that egged my mother on but my mother was controlling and well, etc etc etc. I won't go on. But I see all the signs and I see all the little things others may not notice. Just like others will see things in Jon (from personal experience) that others may not notice and that's why they support Kate. Problem is when you don't see the signs in Kate you won't see it any other way. But I understand that. Unless you've lived it you can't.

  50. Schmecky, you make some excellent points.

    I just read this, does anyone know if it's true?
    Jon also says that his divorce settlement gives him the right to live in Kate’s guest house when he doesn’t have physical custody. He charges that Kate abuses the right she was awarded to set the custody schedule.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Denise~ yes, unfortunately Radar.com is correct in saying he wants to live in the guest house! So lets gte divorced but lets co-parent. And he wants Kate to pay HIM. So in a nutshell, Jon is asking to move back in and NOT see his kids when it's not his turn, even though he lives there, and he wants his ex-wife to PAY him on top of that..

    Jon is really trying to piss every divorced mother off in America it seems...

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. BM - I think the explanation you posted for a fan site is outstanding. I'd love to be as supportive of Jon as I am for Kate and the kids. I keep hoping for change or a return to values I know he had in his heart.

  55. Huffington Post didn't like either of Kate's previous books so it would have been surprising for them to like this one. Reviews weren't great but sales were. Wonder why? Hmmmm must have been her fans.

  56. The documents are up now at radar

  57. So Kate does own the house? Interesting.

  58. Jon wants to live in the guest house when it's not his custody time?!?!?!? What the heck? ROFL! Maybe it was part of the agreement and why Kate "got the house"? Weird anyone would agree to that!

    How awkward would that be? Jon coming and going with his girlfriend in the same driveway as Kate coming and going with her boyfriend (?). The kids would run to their father when it's Kate's turn at custody if they didn't agree with something she did, etc. That would not work. IMO.

  59. Linda, I couldn't remember for sure, were you the one who was at Disneyworld when the Gosselins were there?

  60. Linda,

    I don't think it's fair to say that they got the nannies because it was too hard for Jon to handle all the kids alone. It makes it seem like he was lacking as a parent.

    They had to get a nanny because they were both coparenting and being stay-at-home parents (like they agreed they would) and then one parent was no longer home to do their share. They had to get someone to replace that parent. (Same way that there are nannies there now when the other parent does not have custody.)

    I don't think either Kate or Jon were ever home "alone" raising the kids. Kate always had helpers when Jon worked. They had a laundry service (if that rumor is true) or at least Nana Janet to help with the laundry. Jon later claimed that craft services provided the meals, etc.

    I'm not sure who to believe when it came to all the house keeping and cooking etc but I'm not under the impression that Kate traveled and cooked and cleaned and did laundry while all Jon did was show up.

  61. Yes I was at Disney while they were there. I'll confess, that's when my perspective of J&k changed. I had previously pretty much supported Jon. I began to understand/see Kate's reasons for frustration.

  62. The new filing is requiring parenting classes for both.

    THE PROGRAM (see contact information

  63. All of us are colored by our own life experiences. I've said that before. I certainly am.

    Schmecky I better understand your perspective now. I'd agree your mother is buying the jewelry for herself. Yes she will one day pass it to you. At that time you can keep it, or sell it and spend it as you choose - you get the final decision. Until then , it's Mom's decision, Mom's money, etc. I'm sure it's frustrating. One day though, barring something unforseen, you can convert it and do what you want. But it's frustrating. My dad put it in emeralds and I really wanted it in land and stocks. He'd show people the emeralds and say it's for my kids. I was even vocal enough to say I'd rather have it in stocks and land. The really frustrating part - in settling his estate, turned out those emeralds had appreciated a lit more than the stocks I wanted to invest in at the time. Who knows
    ? But the lives we've lead surely do influence our perspective!

  64. Linda,

    I was so glad that you shared that experience. It really struck me because it came from an outside perspective, (a trustworthy one in my opinion).


    Interesting about the parenting class, EXCELLENT even! If that is true or it happens I applaud that!

  65. I have a solution to Kate's problems, lol. She can announce that she will now stay home 24/7, live off investments!

    The haters and naysayers would demand that she get her tush in gear, dance non-stop, and/or take any appearance available. Of course they would accuse her of being lazy and shiftless for even considering such an action. But you can't have everything, lol.

  66. Lol Linda. Glad the emeralds worked out! I actually don't care what my mother does with her money. I have my own money and my own jewelry. I don't see her jewelry as an investment. We all just laugh when she says it's for us because we know she feels she has to justify buying it when in actuality she doesn't. It's her money.

  67. Did anyone stop to think that none of this is any of our business? If the press would just ignore Jon, he would go away.

  68. Jen~ It's a shame when things become peoples bujsiness that should have been left in private. But the fact is, Jon has very much made this public on purpose. For someone that is supposedly such a "supporter" of Kare being on the show, he is proving that was a joke. Please let me live at the house even when it's NOT my time ot see the kids. Please pay ME to sit and do nothing..

    It's all very sad and fustrating. If this was my husband they would be arresting me for choking him...ugh I'm just so sad that he's mucking things up again. He really never wants to get a job again huh....

  69. Interesting discussion and I can see what Schmecky is saying about our life experiences influencing our view of things. I will admit that I have trouble respecting people (and especially men) without ambition. Maybe it is because I am a Capricorn (LOL) but drifters just don't impress me and I was thought Jonwas the quintessential drifter. He is not a guy I would have looked twice at when dating or picking a spouse.

    Unfortunately, I think Jon and Kate both were looking for the wrong type for them when they got married. I think Kate felt she wanted a man who was going to let her call the shots. What she didn't figure out was that with that type of passive person, you often get the lions share of responsibility on your shoulders.

    And Jon has said he was attracted to Kate because she was a "planner." He had no plan for his life and felt like someone laying out a direction was good. What he didn't figure out was that planners are often controllers and that he might come to resent being controlled.

    Kate needs to be married to a strong, confident man with ambition. Jon needs to be married to a woman who will encourage and support but not dominate him. Opposites are not always good for each other.

  70. A different perspective on Kate - by someone actually willing to put there name on their opinion - rather than make their comment as an unidentified "insider."


  71. Schmecky and Linda,

    Thank you both so much for sharing. You both are among the most outspoken on this site and reading a little about each of you and your families sure does make it completely apparent as to why you each have your differing perspectives!

    I have been following this site for almost a year now (although I very rarely say anything) and have enjoyed your differing opinions.

    Funny isn't it, that how we grew up affects how we perceive J&K. My mother has a kind of "Kate" personality and my dad, although quiet, is nothing like Jon (thank goodness!). In the beginning I identified with Kate because like my mother I too have a, shall we say, strong personality.;) Yet as the seasons went on I became more uncomfortable with Kate. I think, after hearing both your stories, perhaps my own childhood affected that change in perspective. As I have memories of verbal exchanges between my mother and father where my father didn't fair too well. Perhaps this is why I stay "on the fence" about Kate. I wish I could say the same about Jon.

    Wow, Baby Mama, I bet you didn't know your site inspired so much familial introspective! :)

  72. According to Kate's lawyer, she owns the house. It was awarded to her in the divorce proceedings.

    Where is Just Wondering? Yesterday were you not on this site saying that the children own the house?

  73. I love great people having different perspectives, it really makes my site different than any of the others. The tight balance with expressing your thoughts and being considerate of others. No other Gosselin site on the web does it!

  74. FYI..Funny no one mentioned Kate Major's big engagement with Michael Lohan. Apparently she says it was because of how Jon treated her that she says she found her "perfect man".. Lindsey says she wants to throw up....too odd!

  75. Par, Thanks so much for posting that M&C link. Either someone inside DWTS is out to get Kate or US Weekly and other tabloids are just making up all those lies about Kate.

  76. Nancy Grace is on now.. The whole thing is a timeline & discussion of all the things Jon did in the past 2 months that didn't include seeing his kids. I honestly don't want it to be true. It's making him look like a child..

    Nancy Grace "how can he even let his lawyer do this with a straight face".. Nancy is in Kate's corner. on this one.

  77. Forgot to mention Jon's lawyer is on. She is ripping him a new one. He actually asked her to show him proof Jon was having realtionships with other women. So far Nancy is joyfully showing all the girlfriend & Vegas ladies pics...Score for Nancy.

  78. Thanks BM- just changed channels

  79. http://www.monstersandcritics.com/smallscreen/news/article_1546476.php/Kate-Gosselin-is-no-diva-a-day-inside-the-makeup-trailer-at-DWTS

    No bodyguard in sight? Check out the picture with Maks. You can clearly see Steve in the background. This was all PR for Kate and nothing more.

  80. Lucysmom, take this with a grain of salt but a poster at "Imperfect WOmen" says she knows an insider and that there is speculation around the DWTS set that Nicole is the one feeding rumors about Kate to the press. She has a reputation of spreading rumors with Pussy Cat Dolls and was promised she would be the star of the show. THey figure she does not like that Kate is getting the credit for the large ratings.

    I can not vouch for this - just telling you what I read.

  81. With Nancy Grace - don't you think that it's kind of ironic that Jon's attorney chose to go public on ROL, the same ROL that had the most photos of Jon's "misdeeds."

  82. One more familial introspective if I may....My ex-husband, is twice divorced, irresponsible, financially unstable slacker, who makes poor life choices, and blames all of his life woes on other's. His parent's are still bailing out his 40 yo man child butt. My second husband is, respectful, dependable, works hard, is a kind and loving father and husband, who I confess, some days gets more housework done than I do. I admit I have some Kate-ish quilities. Guess who brings out the most?

  83. Calliebug - I am the one that stated the house was in trust for the kids, and that it is owned by a corp. There has to be a President of every corp. so that is probably Kate. She can make all and any decisions about property listed under the corp. I could be wrong on this stuff.

    Where did you see a news release from Kate's attorney? I was looking on ROL but didn't see it.
    OMG< BM, just saw your post while typing. gotta go watch nancy.

  84. Just Wondering~ WRONG there was no bodyguard there that day..

    Linda~ Don't know if you saw that interesting tidbit Nancy Grace said. Jon's lawyer was going on and on how he wants to stop the $20,000 in child support and how his payments are up to date..Nancy "Why? So he could use the money to take more girlfriends out?"

    Apparently eveyone was wondering how a man with no job could make big payments like that. Well during the divorce the assests were frozen then divided. A part of Jon's half was put in an account directly to be put for child support for the kids. Nancy wanted proof that if Jon stopped paying with support, that that money wouldn't just go directly to him because the account is in his name.

    Why they did that is stupid, but I see now why Jon would be using this time of Kate in the spotlight to hit her like this. To get that money..again sad.

  85. I haven't read all the comments but I want to just clarify that my father was not unmotivated or lazy. He was a typical working dad and my mother was the SAHM and housewife. He was like Jon as far as being passive and also funny. We just always felt bad about how my mother spoke to him and about him. But they are still together and have their moments of love and affection. My mother had a stroke and my dad takes good care of her and doesn't complain.

  86. I tuned in too late to hear the Nancy interview. Gosh Darn It. Sounds like Jon did the smart thing with enough money in an account for child support. He gets a couple of points for that one. I knew he was not a deadbeat Dad in that department. Enough is enough. Am. Idol is on now, so good night.

  87. Oh Jon it's just getting worse and worse! I'm with Kate, I'd like to see the old Jon again! Maybe he did get abducted by Aliens????

  88. Just look at the pictures, BM! He's right behind Maks!

  89. Thanks BM - I saw part of it.

    Did a bit of research on Lexis/Nexis. Not always but most commonly in PA the spouse with primary custody also supervises any fnancial assets for the children. OMG, I thnk of all those bank accounts set up in the children's names. The thought of Jon overseeing those funds is a frightening thought. Say what you will, but Jon has a terrible track record managing money during the marriage and after divorce.

    If Kate denied him visitation it is wrong. I don't believe that for one minute but it would be wrong. Denying Jon moving into the garage apartment is So right. This is Jon who tried to search for "hidden" money during visitation. Whoalso supposedly hacked Kate's computer and and told Jodi he had damaging info which dumb Jodi then reported on the morning TV show - she hadn't seen it but Jon had told her he had it. Puleeeese - spare me - if Jon had that info he'd have sold it to the rags a longgggg time ago.

    Paps tracked them both on and on and couldn't find dirt. They tracked Jon and found Deanna, Kate 2, Stephanie, etc. Not to mention clubs, Vegas, etc during his off time. Once divorced, Kate spent her off time at a nearby hotel and apparently spen the time writing a book

    Jon wanted to go out during one of his custody times and hired Stephanie. Kate shows up and says couldn't I stay with kids instead of sitter? Jn says No it's my custody time and I decide. She says I could stay in garage apt and Jn says no. And now he wants to move into garage apt because he should be able to and because his brother wants him out of his house? WTH??? That's absurd.

    Poor Jon. Another attorney who is selling him out to get publicity. I just want to cry because he's making Jon look like the biggest sleezoid on the planet.

    OMG - even Joy Behar - never a Kate fan - followed Nancy Grace with comments about Jon. She thinks he should realize that custody might cut into girlfriend time and then later said it might cut into nap time.

    Poor Jon. Get some real counseling and get your head straight. Call your former minister but do not call that rabbi.

    Is the escrow money for child support running out and Jon panicking? You don't have a current "squeeze" so now you have time for your children? His attorney says Jon is looking for a suitable home in the Reading area for him and the kids ( how will he pay for it?)

  90. I need to watch Nancy Grace.... Guess I will be recording the later show.

    So I don't understand... They split all the assets and obviously it was a lot for $20k a month child support to be put aside. Why $20k? It sounds like so much! It sounds like Jon is being made to pay for a luxurious lifestyle. Why would it cost $240k a year to support 8 children? And that's just Jon's share. If Kate matched that it's almost half a million a year. What am I missing?

  91. Schmecky - I don't think any of us assumed you Dad was lazy.
    Don't give that a worry, girl.

  92. It seems Kate told Jon he could live above the garage but he didn't get it in writing. She was letting him for a while according to her attorney so maybe that's true. Also it seems that Kate controls visitation so maybe she won't let him see the kids as often as he wants. Something is missing here. Why did Jon's lawyer allow all that?

    I'm curious to know what Jon will come away with and what it is he wants as far as money from Kate.

  93. Caregiver - the arbitrator is the one who set the support amount based on documents J+K provided. The arbitrator is also the one who required the escrow account for child support. These escrow funds were withheld from a portion of Jon's money from the settlement amounts. Some arbitrators due this routinely in some states. In other states, arbitrators only do it if there had been questionable financial activity in the past.

    Jon is upset now with the arbitrator's decision, and his legal representation was not adequate, among other things.

  94. Just Wonderong~ On ROL they were saying that that he left when she for hair & makeup when those phots were taken and she was getting ready... who knows why he was there before...

    I swear on the same program, they showed a man that left his two boys in the car on a day he had visitation to go to a bar & left them! all night screaming? It was sick. These are the people that need to be locked up. I need to watch the sahow again, I was distracted. They replay that again right?

    And how did TMZA get ahold of the court documents? Is that legal?

  95. Thanks Linda! I so enjoy your opinion by the way.

    p.s. My mother still treats my father the same though. Lol.

  96. Omg - on Joy Behar - while they criticized Kate's dancing, they ripped apart Jon saying anything he used to do in IT is now done by an iPhone app, another said that even working Jon was a terrible IT person, and then a job was suggested for Jon. The job was being the guy who kicks the door down in home security ads. Just as I dislike it when Kate is villified, I dislike seeing Jon appearing stupid.

  97. I don't think Jon should have access to the kids' money either. No one should really. It should be put aside for them and not touched.

    *waves to angelsmama

  98. Yes BM - the re-air Nancy Grace at 10 pm Eastern. I'm waiting for Joy Behar to end so I can watch the whole Nancy Grace again.

  99. Schmecky - Jon had Heller not licensed to practice in PA and not educated in PA domestic law. But he did have a PA law. I don't know why. I can't imagine it .. If Jon's broke, I think support should be lowered. But he also could be told to find a home, live there and not jet set for pleasure while pleading empty pockets. I also cannot imagine Jon and Kate living on the same property.

    I read a Post article that Heller was suing Jon. Did you read it? I can't find it again now. I'm wondering if a Heller lawsuit would be why Jon is saying he didn't have adequate counsel? Then his PA lawyer filed papers that Jon hadn't paid him. I would agree that in Heller, Jon didn't have adequate counsel.

  100. Wow they generate a lot of money and they only paid all ten Gosselins $22k an episode. They will be announcing Kate's new show...


  101. Yes that could be Steve in the maxi-poo pic.

    BUT the article states: "Kate was approachable and never consulted anyone to speak to me, an outsider inside a closed set, nor did I ever witness her consult with any bodyguard prior to speaking to anyone!" It did NOT say No Bodyguard in sight.

    The rumors stated: "Kate Gosselin is so standoffish on Dancing With the Stars, she has show staffers contact her through her bodyguard."

    If you are gonna make a point, you gotta get the facts right.

  102. Schmecky~ that is so awesome thanks for the link!

    Im going to watch Nancy Grace so I can watch it in peace..Nancy has guns blazing & this looks to be a hoot. I didn't get to see it all before.. The story of the father leaving his boys in the car to go to a bar made me sick...

    I didn't know he was living on the couch with his brother??

  103. Ok, you all have GOT to stop posting so much while I am away from my computer. I can't keep up!!! lol Took me over an hour to read all these from today.

  104. Tx Linda, I don't remember hearing that it was handled by an arbitrator. I know they had their assets mediated. In my state Support is handled by FOC. Jon's high support amt. was calculated on the previous years income then estimated, so now things have changed and he should contest it.

    In the Mediators itemized list last year the total amt. of expense for everything was $15,000.00 per month. For both house and car and ins., school everything. So why is his Support now gone up to 20k. Smells fishy to me. PU! In Dec. 2009 someone posted it was 10,000.00 per month and I honestly don't remember where I read that. Somebody is Fibbing.

    Keep up your interesting post. I can't keep up with all these comments.

  105. tiggerfan~ I'm going to do a new post either today or tomorrow. When the comments get to be too much we need to switch to a new fresh page! And I'm happy to see that people are so much happier with the moderation off. I'm watching Nancy Grace, then will be back!

  106. BabyMama - I used to work in the law field. Those papers that TMZ were not file stamped by the court, which means that they hadn't been filed. So TMZ got them from the attorney who filed them. NOT the court. WHich means that Jon's attorney sent them to TMZ.

  107. Sorry, I meant ROL. But same difference. :)

  108. Schmecky - I'm stuck on iPhone - network down for laptop. Will you help? Do you have access all the past records on the court proceedings. When Heller was denied representing Jon in PA, didn't they have a postponement for him to hire a PA attorney? I remember one resigning and filing to get paid. But when they left court after final arbitation court, wasn't there a photo of Jon and Heller and just behind them was a person appearing who was identified as Jon's PA attorney? I may be getting this confused.

    I also think I remember the court appearance for arbitration (when Jon took those roses) that Jon said they sent him and Kate to separate rooms while the court conferred with just their attorneys. I can get files from big computer eventually but thought you might have access to the info.

    Also, I know that List Sr is a former USAttorney. But is he trained to practice domestic law as a specialty? I tried to Google him and only got the US Attorney references. (and with access down I can't get into Lexis/Nexis now either. )

  109. http://listandlistlaw.com/profile-a.html

    That's his profile at his firm. Hope that helps Linda..

  110. Thanks FadingNebula for the link. Shoot, I know he said he was friends with Jon's Dad. I had really hoped he practiced a specialty now in domestic/family law.

  111. I'm very curious why they're filing this is BERKS County, when it would seem that jurisdiction should be in the county where the divorce order was issued....? It doesn't make sense to me.

  112. Baby Mama......I'm just joking about keeping up with all the posts. If I can't read them all, o well....... Hot Topics these days.

  113. Tiggerfan~ I just put up a fresh post for you to comment on!

    Schmecky~ Don't get mad at me! I know you get fustrated when I do all these new posts! But when the posts get to high I get concerned. Watch the Jimmy Fallon video. I want to know if you laughed even a little bit ;)

  114. Fadingnebula~ You too can be a Schmecky..Come to the dark side and stay a while. You may actually like it here, but NO Kate attacks! ;)

  115. I come in peace! LOL. Honestly, Jon doesn't have a chance in hades, unless he can prove to a judge that he's willing to do what it takes to man up and provide for his kids. And so far, he's done nothing to warrant changing the court's order. If anything, he's proven that they made the right decision.

  116. I am annoyed FOR Kate. Having to deal with this on top of all that she is trying to do. Hang in there, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Fadingnebula, of course Jon's lawyer sent them to TMZ. So far, this lawyer has not impressed any more than Heller. Like before, this has all the earmarks of publicity stunt to get at TLC actually.

    If Jon's truly wanted primary custody because he felt it in the best interest of the kids, a good lawyer would have quietly filed the papers, not disparaged Kate in the media, and proved just by that action that Jon was both sincere and changing his ways.

    I spoke to a family law attorney in passing yesterday - a friend of mine. We had discussed the Gosselin case in the past. She said the first question that Kate's attorney can ask before the judge is "why did you think it was in the best interest of the children to go to the tabloids with this petition?"

  118. Wasn't the reason they filed in Montgomery County because that county would SEAL the documents and Berk County wouldn't? Does this mean that Jon is ready to let ALL OF THIS go PUBLIC? That's CRAZY!

    Also - as to the expenses being $250k a year -- I will probably regret posting this - but when both my hubby and I were working full time (we are both professionals) we were making around that amount or a little more - and although we lived quite comfortably -- our family of 5 was in no way able to live extravagantly!! So - from my relatable experience - that's not an astronomical number. I know that MANY MANY families get by on much less - and we were blessed to have the careers we did - and we worked hard. We didn't drive expensive cars - we didn't jet set - and although we were 'comfortable' - we weren't exactly able to pile money into savings either. So, IMO, that 250K amount for a family of 9 doesn't seem awfully unreasonable.

    Different life experiences definitely give us different opinions!

  119. Kate's new show announced!


    "Twist of Kate"

    ...TLC announces plans today for the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star to get her own series, Twist of Kate, and to revisit her family life, without ex-husband Jon, in a series of Kate Plus 8 specials.

    .......In Twist of Kate, Gosselin will use fan letters from women inspired by her story as the basis for profiles of women facing their own challenges. Twelve episodes will start airing in late summer.

  120. Hope there is a new post up! I'll reply there.

  121. Oh my goodness! I tought Kate was amazing last night on Jay Leno! And her facial expressions? Priceless!! Great Job Kate!