Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Watch The Big Apple Sneak Peek Here! 10 Reasons for Admiring Kate Gosselin. Can We Abide by Grandma's Rules?

Kate Gosselin is a polarizing person. Few people are neutral when hearing her name. It seems to be either people love her or hate her with not too many people in the middle. This is a blog where the Gosselin kids are adored. It's also a place where you can express nice things about Kate or Jon
My 10 Reasons for Admiring Kate Gosselin
1. She has no problem voicing her opinions. No passive aggressive junk here. You know exactly where you stand and exactly where she stands on issues.

2. She can say she was wrong and can apologize. She's not perfect. She did not talk very kindly when speaking to Jon about issues during their marriage. She has repeatedly (4 times I can cite) said that was wrong. Life goes on! If you are perfect, please start a blog and sell your secrets to perfection.
3. She realizes that you cannot go backwards. You can only move forwards. Neither parenting nor life comes with a manual for perfection.
4. She values life and a healthy lifestyle. No selective reductions. No surviving on junk food. Exercise helps you stay fit. Healthy food helps you stay fit. She'll drive 40 miles for organic foods. She knows to pack vitamins for trips where she and the kids will not be eating organic. Healthy bodies begin with exercise and eating healthy.
5. She looks for growth in herself as a person and is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to look for new opportunities. Yes, $$ from DWTS were great but it was certainly outside her comfort zone.
6. She values motherhood highly and recognizes that taking time out to nurture yourself increases not only your self esteem but additionally revitalizes you for the next round. Mani's, pedi's, and spa days are a good thing! Women are entitled to respect and taking care of themselves whether they are SAHMs, WMoms, SMoms, or DMoms!
7. She recognizes the differences in her children and celebrates their unique interests and abilities. Example Colin has a need to be not only helpful but to organize things.
8. She realizes that good parenting is living as an example, setting goals, and setting limits. She can have fun with her children and play but doesn't have to be a playmate. Parenting comes before being a pal.
9. She can set and enforce rules. She does not appear to be the type to say "No TV for a week and then give in later." Nor can I imagine her saying for the 10th time, "If you do that just one more time, I'm sending you to timeout!" Children need to know limits, respect rules and authority, and learn that life comes with consequences.
10. Her laugh makes me smile all over. It grates on some people, that is understood. Not me. You can see it start in her smile and spread to her whole body.

You are invited to comment on Kate’s attributes that you agree with and feel free to add more. While I’m the babysitter for this blog, I ask that you think good thoughts and not express the negatives.

Do you have 10 Reasons that you Admire Jon? If so, I invite you to express them here. As they are listed, I will update the post and add them below. At one time, I was a huge admirer of Jon. Personally I have found little to rejoice or celebrate with him in the last year. In the interest of fairness, I'll like to do the 10 Reasons for Jon also. (Jon's list is now posted below.) 10 Reasons for Admiring Jon Gosselin (According to Readers Here)

1. Despite being in situations that would make most people run away and hide, he does stay involved with, and loves his kids.
2. Jon is a playful loving father. He takes the kids places and buys them things Kate wouldn't.
3. Jon is providing a voice to men in relationships that don't have a voice.
4. He is finding himself and exercising the right to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Jon typically has good intentions, even when he goes about them the wrong way and they blow up in his face.
5. I like when I see him bend down to their (kids') level to talk to them. I don't see a lot of Dads do that. He treats his kids like children and interacts with them like a father should.
6. I heard Jon trying not to bash Kate even though the Rabbi was pushing him that way. From what I have seen of recent (days), Jon is working on not bashing Kate in public.
7. He stood up against TLC; It seems it's still a work in progress; I think he's trying to get them off "tv" and I applaud that.
8. I think Jon is funny (as in entertaining.)
9. I am so proud of Jon because he has come full circle and is back with the kids; They will always need a strong Father in their life.
10. Jon worked well as a team with Kate during the marriage.


  1. Please try to follow saying something nice about Kate or something nice about Jon.

  2. I am just too nauseated to speak about what I saw this morning and it unfortunately is not positive.

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Threatened To Report Kate To Child Protective Services Unless She Gave Him Money, Says Ex
    Soo sad that Hailey is needing that type of attention. Why she had to open her mouth now.
    Linda, I do agree with you about pointing out the positive atributes because they often get lost in what is going on in the moment.
    Things I find positive about Kate
    1. Her sense of organization
    2. How she pushes the kids to try new things and be independent.
    3. Her attitude of turning lemons into lemonade basically

    Things I find positive about Jon
    1. Despite being in situations that would make me or most people run away and hide, he does stay involved with his kids.
    2. I like when I see him bend down to their level to talk to them, I don't see a lot of Dads do that,
    3. I heard Jon trying to not bash Kate even though the Rabbi was pushing him that way.

  3. What a great job you're doing, Linda!

    Some of the things I like about Kate--

    She's so organized and focuses on the task at hand. She's very ambitous.

    She's open to change like when she let go of her short haircut. This new look is fantastic.

    She does things her way inspite of criticism. She's doing what's right for her and the kids.

    She has a super ability to bounce back and move on.

    I'm sure there are a lot more positive things I will think of.

  4. Linda - Glad I checked back one more time before I leave. Why don't you post at least one thing for Jon to make it look like the Family Fan Site it is supposed to be? Is it because you are so one sided or just because you can't think of one, or because this is just a Kate Fan Site? I am not trying to be snarky but just wondering? Come on, I am sure you can think of one!
    CU later.

    I will also think of one too!

  5. Before I list my Jon attributes, I want to provide context to my perspective.

    Jon and Kate are an interesting couple. During the series people saw Kate as controlling and Jon as the sympathetic husband just trying to make things work. He didn't have a voice because he never exercised it, nor did Kate let down her guard so that he could. Many women feel that they cannot let down their guard and trust their husbands because the husbands will not do it the wife's way. People hated Kate and loved Jon.

    Then Jon began to exercise his voice but much like a teenager he rebelled. Instead of stepping up to the plate and saying to Kate - we are a partnership let me lead as well - he said I don't want to film anymore, she said no, he said, fine I am going to sow my wild oats and find an outlet for my anger. Kate refused to listen to this sign and kept pushing her way. Jon kept pushing his way. They saw Dr. Phil - Kate felt Phil's advise was bang on, Jon saw it as more work in front of the cameras and that his voice wasn't heard. Much like a teenager, they never feel heard usually because they don't have the skills to articulate their real feelings.

    Jon and Kate broke up. People sympathized with Jon. They were happy he broke away from this dragon lady (LOL). However, women began to defend Kate because she admitted her mistakes. She said she did it wrong. She said they can't go back and she is moving forward by getting work and making sure the kids are well adjusted. Jon has continued to hold on to his entitlement of taking care of Jon. I know he loves his kids but right now his main intention is to make Jon happy. Most men out there support Jon because they are living vicariously through him. He is out partying or dating and they are stuck at home in their unfulfilled marriage. I bet it we did a poll on this site we would find most of the men/husbands are strong, complimentary husbands. The people who resoond with hate, I bet, have pollarizing marriages much like Jon and Kate had.

    I did not post this to be negative but to support positive attributes for Jon.

    Jon is still a playful loving father - he takes the kids places and buys them things Kate wouldn't (and I wouldn't that is why they need dads). Jon is providing a voice to men in relationships that don't have a voice. Jon is finding himself and although he may not make choices women would agree with he is exercising the right to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

  6. Great things for Jon,

    I will update list late afternoon or early evening and we'll get list for Jon going strong too,

    Caregiver, I was afraid if I listed just one or two things for Jon, it would be snarky. That's why I invited you and others to list them.

  7. So, look for Jon's list updating!

    One I would list is that he is now living nearer his kids; not NYC or Utah or DC but closer to his kids.

  8. Remember, I cannot edit your comments; it's all or nothing. Tashapork - I liked your positives for Jon and for Kate. The first part concerned me because we are trying to do positives only.

    Caregiver - I did not delete your post because I wanted to respond to let people know we are trying to be only positive.

  9. I may end up alienating everybody, but, negatives stand a very strong likelihood of being deleted regardless of the source.

    So if you have positives but need to voice negatives, please do separate posts so I can keep the positives and delete the negatives. Otherwise all will be lost.

    Choices have to be made. :)

  10. The number one thing I can say for Jon is that he loves his kids.

  11. I used to admire Jon for coming home after work and a long commute and helping feed, bathe and get the kids to bed. By this time of day Kate was exhausted and I know she appreciated the help. Jon may have been passive-aggressive in other ways but he did a lot more work than many fathers. There was just so much more work to do with 8 kids.

    However, it is hard to give him credit for that old effort in the wake of his immature. destructive behavior recently. I have hope that he will grow up - hopefully before the kids do - and things can heal. Right now Kate is stuck with an ex-husband who seems to want to make things as difficult as he can. She doesn't deserve that and neither do the kids.

  12. Despite all the negativity swirling about Jon today, I wanted to ignore it and stay with positives. Am I on the right track, or should I just admit failure, close this post, make it open discussion and let the dirt flow. You tell me.

    I don't know Jon's handwriting. Consider the source and recognize that the other rags are repeating it.

  13. I'm blocked from Jon's Twitter so I can't even read his denial and/or try to defend him.

  14. Okay... I'm trying to listen to your emails. You have a choice. Stay here and think of nice things, or express yourself on the newer post. Both are open for now....

  15. Radaronline has been duped again by Hailey Glassman, who is apparently without a job and desperate for money. (cont)

    from Jon.

  16. Okay. Changed my mind. The second post is deleted. We're going to try to stay with Nice. I'll allow latitude but please, please let's not get into heavy bashing.

  17. I'll start adding Jon positives as soon as I can get to a real computer late afternoon to edit the post. I'm just not able to do that on a cellphone.

    I for one, hope that it is just garbage reporting.

  18. Positives for Kate:

    She feeds her children a lot of healthy food. I also think she's balanced because it seems that she does allow them junk food, or at least non-healthy food also. Her children seem like good eaters.

    Positives for Jon:

    He treats his kids like his children and interacts with them like a father should. The kids seem genuinely happy with him.

    He stood up against TLC for taking control of his family. It seems it's still a work in progress... I think he's trying to get them off tv and I applaud that.

    I actually have some negatives about Jon regarding the children but I am supposed to keep it positive. ;)

  19. Regarding the radaronline documents, there is NO WAY the person who wrote the first page also wrote the other pages. The handwriting and the way each of the letters are written are totally different. I do believe Jon wrote the other pages (just not the first one).

    The first page was written in third person. I've never heard Jon refer to himself in third person on any of the shows. Ever. I think that alone proves Hailey a liar. The lettering being different also proves her a liar. Look at the individual letters and how the k, y and d and other letters are written.

    I also think the details that Jon probably did write on the other pages put Kate in a bad light.

    Jon wanting 50k doesn't prove it was in extortion. According to the other things written there it was money Jon felt was rightfully his.

  20. Notice too on the "documents" it says or go to the DA. Could be District Attorney or maybe short for Divorce Attorney. What would Jon go to the DA for? Also, notice that nowhere does it say go to CPS like Hailey claims.

  21. SchmeckyGirl, I like your set of positives for both.
    As for the ROK, again, I do not want to believe it. I'm not a forensics person, so hopefully Jon will hire one. :)

  22. Well, I always liked Jon throughout the J&K+8 series. My hubs did too, and really, that's about the only thing that got my hubs to watch it with me- he thought Jon was funny. Which he was. And he really was a great dad on the show. He did a lot of work getting them ready, around the house, more than most husbands do, let's be honest here. lol Jon & Kate had a very efficient system for keeping the kids & house together, and with only my 2 kids, I don't keep up as well as they did! I think they really worked well together.

    Obviously, I disapprove of a lot of the very public decisions Jon made while going through the divorce. That being said, I really hope with all my heart, that he hasn't lost any of his touch with the kids. I hope he does, and always will, put in as much effort a we've seen him do.

    As for Kate, it's so easy to almost be jealous of celebrities & just try to think of something to knock them down. But Kate is different for me, and I really feel happy for her. As a mom, I have the undying need within to provide for my kids the best that I can, and I would do anything to get them what they need. And I see that in Kate, and I really am so happy she has found a way to keep making the moola & giving her kids the world. I am jealous that I can't do trips & vacations like she can, but I see her & her family do them, and I put all of those things on my mental list of things to do someday with ours. And actually, it's nice to see thier trips, and see what they do in these places, bc I'd have no clue if I was planning a trip, what to do, where to go...Like Park city? I'd NEVER even think to take a tip to Park City, but it looked like such an awesome trip for them, that I really want to go now. It's on my top 5. lol Except I hope our plant ride goes much better.....

  23. I am so proud of Jon because he has come full circle and is back with his kids. They will always need a strong Father in their life.

    2009 is the past, and I think we should all just consider the best for Jon in 2010.

    He is learning or has learned to forgive himself for his mistakes. That is one of the first steps in moving forward and making his life better.

  24. Some great points folks! I can't wait to get hone and try to edit the page. Try, being the operative word. But I'll give it my best shot,
    I say it with both Jon & Kate, repeating something doesn't make it true. Thanks for the good thoughts. As I waffled this morning, I couldn't figure out which way to go. My decision was that I'd rather just stay positive.

  25. Found this site about 2 months ago and enjoyed what I thought was unbiased opinions of the creator. Since you have taken over this site seems to only show Kate's side. You are obviously a big Kate fan and it shows. Please get back to the fair site this used to be.

  26. Linda - I am so glad you are going with a positive post for Jon too! It's great reading and I feel it is making posters stop and think about all things about him. Not just his mistakes during 2009. Going through a divorce can make you crazy for awhile. LOL!

  27. LindaO – I agree with all of the attributes you listed. I also like:

    That she was there for the kids when their world was turned upside down.

    No matter what anyone said she held her head high and continued to make choices she felt was right for her and the kids.

    She acknowledged the children love Jon and that he should be in their life.

    She did not retaliate when Jon was on his tabloid tour (except for a few snarky remarks).

    Is taking advantage of the job offers now but has also kept her nurses license current just in case she needs it.

    All of the traditions she has started for her family.

    That she always takes pictures to document the fun they have had on family trips.

    That her children know that she loves them and they love her in return which is evident by the things they say on the show. The kids seem VERY HAPPY with their new life.

  28. There is crazed person with a hostage at the Discovery Headquarters in Maryland.

    See below:

    Holy Smokes!!!!!!!

  29. Schmeckygirl and Linda I agree with you that Hailey is inventing this. I think it could be possible that Jon was fantasizing about calling CPS during one of his angry moments or someone the likes of M. Lohan/ M. Heller gave him that idea, but those "documents" are silly. Other than the first page they look to be written by a woman, maybe even her and seem like they are just stuff to discuss with divorce lawyer and random idiocy about laundry and stuff. This was during Jon's media blitz with GMA and Insider, etc and if he felt the kids were mistreated he would have spilled the beans then if only to gain sympathy for himself, or he would have done it when by the time Kate took him to court aboutt the money. The timing doesn't fly with me. I hope this garbage opens up Jon's eyes so he severs his relationship with the paparazzi. I almost wonder if they printed it because he is getting less and less cozy with them. Who knows, but this really doesn't cause me to think more negatively about Jon, only Hailey and ROL.

    More positives,
    Kate really has shown through her book and such that she really tries to be positive about Jon in front of the kids.
    Kate wants the kids to live a normal life, what she means is she wants them to go on trips, have activities, and such that may not be possible in such large families due to economics and logistics. She turns to unconventional means like filming to acheive this, and the help she hires is in order to accomplish this, for instance someone can pick Kara up at sports while someone else is getting dinner for the others. Doesn't mean that others might think the other way is better, just that she values this way and goes after it.
    3. Kate goes outside her comfort zone to expose her kids to things.
    1. Jon worked well as a team with Kate during the marriage
    2. From what I have seen of recent Jon is working on not bashing Kate in public
    3. Jon typically has good intentions, even when he goes about them the wrong way and they blow up in his face

  30. Kayla, they are describing him as an Asian male, former employee and they are negotiating. YIKES!!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I miss Kate and the kids. Are they coming up with a new season?

    Lucina, Norway.

  33. Bee - This was and IS Baby Mama's site. My "leading" and/or "babysitting" this site has been in existence since oh, about Sunday morning. So, if there is a change in attitude her, I don't think I should be attributed with any change. I have made exactly two thread postings (once was on my position for the week I'd be babysitting - people read it so I didn't feel a need for it to be up long) and the other is TODAY. It is Baby Mama's site, she can do anything she wants with it. If you are comfortable stay If not, then please feel free to hit the road. Best I can say.

  34. Prinsesse said...
    I miss Kate and the kids. Are they coming up with a new season?

    Lucina, Norway.
    Prinsesse Kate and the 8 kids are in a new season of specials being show now in the U.S. The moderator of this blog usually adds the show the day following their airing, so that readers of the blog can view them here. The moderator is on vacation and I cannot figure how to get them to load. Check back here and hopefully they will eventually get posted but I make no guarantees due to my own inadequacies in figuring out "Blogger."

  35. Dear Folks - I have attempted to add 10 Reasons for Admiring Jon Gosselin. YES, I know some things aren't the same size, or type, or spacing. The more I fiddle, the worse it gets. At least Jon's list is posted for all to see. I tried to combine similar things into one number. Editing errors are my own and should not reflect on individual comments made. Thank you for your patience while I am the babysitter of this blog. (I sure hope Baby Mama is having a fantastic vacation.)

  36. Fox2News says yes, they shot the guy and the 3 hostages are released and OK. No report yet on the x-employee.

  37. Hit the road, Bee, and buzz on over to somewhere else. Obviously you are unable to read even the posts preceding yours. When you can either be nice and play by the rules, or you grasp reading all who precede you before you show your ignorance, please enjoy yourself elsewhere. Your post has been deleted. And, have a nice day.

  38. #1caregiver - Thanks for the update. What a tragic situation.

  39. I admit I am more like Alice Roosevelt Longworth!

    "If you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me. "

    I think I'll take a break!!

  40. I find it quite intereting that Linda O, you have opened up the discussion to include positives about Jon and instead of the Khaters coming and speaking volumes about Jon they instead continue to attack the site. This is a great time to help balance out opinions yet the 'negative ones' are silent as usual.

  41. Last time I checked, people came here by choice. Did somebody lock them in here when I wasn't looking?

  42. what a bizarre triangle. Kate does something in the public (eg: the emmys). Jon then does something in public (eg: the rabbi). Then Hailey has to do something public (reporting on ROL). It reminds me of an uncle I have that ends up in the hospital whenever we have some big event. Babies, weddings, graduations, deaths, he ends up trying to get attention too.

  43. I don't think they are locked in, I think they are paroling on the fringes wanting in but don't know how to respectfully participate. One takes the initiative (negatively) and they get zapped, so the rest keep circling. LOL.

  44. It's funny in some ways. I go back at end of night and delete 90% of my posts to keep the posts low in numbers I won't have to post a new thread. I'm accused of bumping up traffic. The head lady & I were convinced traffic would be so low with me here that I'd only have to do maybe one post. Who knew all the drama would transpire? I've tried "Let's be nice," I even had a cute little video done on "Why Cant We Play Nice?" in a take off on the Pepsi/Coke commercial of "Why can't we be friends" ... So the most boring to them topic I can think of is probably coming next. Hubby advised humor, but I don't think anybody would understand,lol.

  45. Facin. - I like your bizarre take on the threesome. It's kind of what I meant when I said they do this dance for media attention. to see who can get the most attention. J&K + H! Goofy!

    Linda - My MOM would yell at us to fight nice. I tell my adult kids that even to this day and they look at me and laugh.

  46. Bzzzzz- Swat. Zap. Would you like assistance finding a new home hive?

  47. Bzzzy - You had a wonderful opportunity here to express all the reasons you supported Jon. Instead, you chose to waste it attacking me. Get some rest and start out tomorrow looking for fresh flowers.

  48. Linda, I have empathy for you running things during one of the heaviest Gosselin involved weeks in months, with the emmy, their show, Hailey, Jon, Kate on Et. Not an easy task. Take care of yourself and don't get too stressed out about it. It is kind of like when I was out of town last month my 77 year old mother had to deal with a broken 6 month old refridgerator, company from out of town, local relatives with a down washer and car who needed help and the contractors for the work we were having done trying to confuse her when they were specifically instructed to deal with me. The minute I came home, all of the chaos stopped and except for dealing with renovations ran smoothly again. I am soo happy for BabyMama that she is enjoying her vacation. A possibility for a post is for people to discuss their favorite episodes and why

  49. tashapork - Thank you for kind words.. Thanks for suggestions also.

  50. I have no idea what post will be coming. Might be a humor take off on "Women Are in Charge of the World & Why Cant some Men Learn That" - poking fun at myself in a Seminar that would have been good for Kate &Jon; Could be Recipes; could be "Things Kate Was Criticized For now Proven to Be Correct,"

    All contingent upon the arrival of Hurricane Earl, bombshell revelations on ROL or NE, or hostage situations, or family drama or...sigh any more changes in blogger, bandwidth allocations, redesign of toolbox designs, etc.

    For those who have been so kind to point out all my inadequacies via email, etc. I have a suggestion...hmmmm

  51. Good Luck Linda in dodging Earl! How far inland are you guys?

  52. #1caregiver said...
    Good Luck Linda in dodging Earl! How far inland are you guys?
    Thanks so much #1caregiver. After living in coastal areas of the Carolinas, coastal areas of FL, etc. and evacuating repeatedly, we are inland enough that we'd just get rain and/or perhaps a bit of wind. Still have family & friends up & down the East Coast.

  53. Wow. My flyswatter is getting fast on the draw.

  54. The "exercise" in playing nicely didn't go so well.

    I think it's time for some fresh paper.

    In reference to my "cleaning" chores here, this one will be dedicated to cleanliness and good habits. Come join me there and find if Kate's ideas were right on the money, or not.

    Expect it before Noon.