Friday, May 29, 2009

TLC Complies With Child Labor Laws For Jon & Kate

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The Labor Department received a complaint against the show and is "gathering information" from its representatives, department spokesman Justin Fleming told The Associated Press. Fleming would not say when the complaint was filed or who filed it.

The fact a complaint is being investigated doesn't necessarily mean the department believes the show did anything wrong. TLC spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg said in a statement Friday that the network "fully complies with all applicable laws and regulations" for all shows.

"For an extended period of time, we have been engaged in cooperative discussions and supplied all requested information to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor," Goldberg said.

Child labor laws vary by state. Pennsylvania law permits kids who are at least 7 to work in the entertainment industry, as long as a permit is obtained and certain rules are followed. Kids can't generally work after 11:30 p.m., for example, or perform any place that serves alcohol. The law allows performers younger than 7 to have "temporary employment ... in the production of a motion picture," and spend up to eight hours a day and 44 hours a week on set as long as their "educational instruction, supervision, health and welfare" needs are being met.

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  1. I take it as the investigation has been going on. Since TLC said they had been working with them and supplying all the documentation. I think someone within the Labor Dept. leaked the story.

  2. Ma says, "when it rains, it pours"...

    *Handing Kate and Jon an umbrella*

  3. The story was definitely leaked. Its hard to say by who. People have been attacking this family for months, but only after the media swarm got so heavy does this come out. I just think you are beyond crossing a line when you blare on a tabloid magazine that someone is a "monster". Imagine that being you and having to see that.

    When you Google it, there are almost 2,000 articles about it with the same blurb. Nothing new to comment. It's frustrating to see people patting each other on the back that they feel they are responsible for it. I'm telling you it must truly be a slow news week. Click on my links to see that once again, they are on like EVERY cover this week.....

  4. That's so ridiculous. It's the 5th season and they're just NOW getting a complaint? I daresay someone who is shopping a book deal likely called them.

    The kids go to school every day, they get fed and they play and they're always with Jon or Kate. They're not off doing Ragu commercials or anything like that. I can't wait for the report to come back that the kids are 100% fine.

  5. The twins are almost 9 not 10.

  6. I've seen the comments a lot that when they get older, they will be mortified because it showed them potty training, having tantrums, and so on. I honestly don't think it will be an issue for them. They are things in every kids life and I believe it's been shown in a tasteful manner. I don't not recall Jon pulling poo out of Collin's butt on the show. It was discussed that he hadn't been in a day or two but really, so what! Cara and Mady are beautiful and I don't think they are in an awkward stage. If anything, they are maturing and behaving better as the show continues. I really think people are making a bigger deal about that stuff than it is, IMO.

  7. It will affect the children more to have their extended family giving their "take" on their parents' marriage issues to every national media outlet available than seeing regular, everyday occurrences (tantrums, etc.) on TV. I'm sure the kids will feel incredibly taken advantage of, not by their parents, but by the rest of the family. I wish Jodi & Kevin would knock it off!

  8. Cara and Maddie have grown up so much and in the last episode, they were helpful and polite and tantrum-free! I was very impressed with how much they're stepped up to the plate.

    I also don't think it's an issue for the kids to see their tantrums on TV or be told by other people, "Hey I saw you doing this," because even now as a young adult my family and friends who knew me when I was younger still tease me about my behavior (being bossy, tantrums, etc.) and it doesn't bother me. So what if it's on TV? If when the kids get older, they meet people who judge them based on how they behaved on TV years earlier, then they shouldn't want to be friends or associate with those people anyway. If anything, this will help them discover who their true friends are.

    Just throwing this out there, how do you think the kids feel about their aunt and uncle publicly speaking out against their parents? I wonder if this will be a permanent rift in their family.

  9. I totally agree with you Tine when you said, "If when the kids get older, they meet people who judge them based on how they behaved on TV years earlier, then they shouldn't want to be friends or associate with those people anyway. If anything, this will help them discover who their true friends are."

    If anything, these kids are going to grow up smart!

  10. To the commenter who said that the kids will be affected when they get older by their dirty laundry being aired on Tv- I completely agree. I love the show and love the kids, but you can not honestly say that this will not have a negative impact on their lives. Imagine being Joel Gosselin at 35 years old. Realizing that he had spent his entire childhood in front of cameras will have an effect on the way he goes through life, even the way he may raise his own children. When someone is placed in front of a camera, their persona changes. No question about it. Some become more shy, like Cara, while others become more boisterous and outgoing, like Mady. The cameras being present, capturing all those toe cringing moments will have an effect on those kids. Some may react to it positively, but I really believe that some will react to it negatively. People are automatically going to judge them based on what they saw on Tv. No doubt about it. Don't we do it with Kate? Based on what we see on TV, we either: a) think she's a great mother and wife who happens to be incredibly strong and motivated; or b)think she's a money-hungry shrew who constantly emasculates her husband on national television. We get these opinions of them from what we see on the show. What do you think others are going to do? The kids will absolutely be affected.

  11. If they are hounding TLC for this then why are they just checking into Jon and Kate and not 18 kids and counting or table for twelve??? I like all of these shows, but why would they just pick on the one? If TLC is breaking child laws with the one show wouldn't they be breaking them with all of the shows?
    They are not breaking laws. They shoot the show for what two maybe three days a week and not for the whole day. Plus the kids are not on "sets" they just live their lifes normally. So they play eat sleep party ect. while camera crews come to watch.
    I think that they are getting a lot of experiences through this show that will be good for them in their lifes.

  12. lovethegosselinKIDS
    I don't agree with you

  13. I don't agree at all with what Lovethegosselinkids said either. But I felt it was important to put out another point of view. I feel that good or bad, their lives will forever be there to reflect upon when they are older. And they could discuss what was going on with their family at this time. Of course any child may cringe, (myself included) seeing the "home movies" but I thank God I have those to watch every day.

    When I see how much fun I had as a child, things I did with family members that have since passed on, I am truly thankful that my parents did those for me. They will be able to look back at all the fun trips they took, all the wonderful things they did as a family. How they interacted as baby siblings, and reflect upon things they saw themselves do they may not have been proud of.

  14. I agree with you baby mama, It is definately good to see other points of view. But i feel like you do. They will be able to reflect on these movies which are there home videos.
    Watching my old home videos with my sibling is a lot of fun. We all laugh at different things we use to do and how we use to act. Tantrums and all. Plus we love seeing how close we were, yeah sure we would sometimes get into little tiffs but it was always over and forgotten in one minute.
    I am definately glad that you put up opposing views, I like to see what poeple think and on this site it is done in a tastefull tactfull manor.

  15. Funny how after 4 seasons they are JUST now getting complaints of this nature. Interesting timing again?

    People keep talking about Jon and Kate exploiting their kids, that's dog doo. It's the media that is exploiting these kids.. this entire family actually. Milking this story for all it's worth and going at it from all angles.

  16. Regarding the kids being affected later in life: Being in front of a camera has nothing to do with it. ALL people feel affected by life experiences and it is all too easy to slip into the victom role. These children will have the same challenges to learn from experiences as anyone else on this planet.

    I enjoy this site and like reading all the opinions. But we as a collective group are missing a point.....

    We are giving creedance and contributing to the insanity when we go to the websites and tv programs that we all ready know are promoting inaccuracies. Every website keeps count of the clicks and every tv program keeps track of the numbers watched. Each time we give into our own desire for more info (me included) and hit on the OTHER blog or E network, etc you are basically becoming a supporter of that forum.

    My commitment to withhold my business (yes they make money from my audience) from tabloid websites and tv shows is a direct way to show support for J&K+8. I know I am only one. But change happens one at a time. I am sleeping better knowing I am not perpetuating the problem.

  17. The show will definetly affect the kids and it already has. In the People magazine article thta came out after hawaii, Kate/Jon said that Maddy and Cara don't like to talk about he cameras and the TV show at school because people tease them about. Especially Maddy because she is not portrayed as a pleasant person 9 times out of 10. I sounded like (though it wasn't said) that they moved them to a small private school because of it.

    Kids are cruel and when your potty training is on You Tube for the whole world it might cause problwms in the future when the whole school can watch it from their cell phones.

    The show has also affected the kids since of normalcy. Kate even said that the tups probably think everyone has cameras at their house.

    I love the show, but I think it has gone on long enough and it is time to let the kids live a truly normal life away from the cameras.

    If anyone is milking it it's Jon and Kate all the way to the bank. If they truly get 50,000 to 75,000 an episode they have enough to live comfortably for a long long long time.

  18. I don't know if anyone else saw how E! is contributing to the madness. I was disgusted at the fact that they did a show on all of the madness that is going on in the Gosselin's marriage. I didn't watch it but saw a clip that they interviewed the sleazy brother of the alleged mistress. Did anyone watch the show? I actually won't be watching E! because with just that show they have turned into a tabloid in my eyes.

  19. I watched the E program. They spelled Jon with an "h". It was geared toward sensationalism. Ridiculous really, though there were a few nice words about Kate.
    Jodi and Kevin should be ashamed of themselves. If they truly cared about the kids, they would back off. Kate proves to be right about her family.

  20. The E! program was stupid. The sleeze bag brother of Jon's supposed mistress spoke about the alleged affair. Also, the bartender at Lengends and Jon's supposed childhood friend spoke. There wasn't anything new said and most of it was just restating what was in the tabloids.

  21. Kayla, everyone feels differently about this situation, and we have no idea if this will actually affect the kids in the long run. But people love to speculate, and not for the right reasons. But why would you think that just because they make 50g an episdoe they have enough money.? That would mean that no one on TV should be there anymore because even the Real Housewives from NYC make more than Jon & Kate per episode.

    The purpose of when the kids were on TV with the potty training was to show mothers that this family were struggling with that as well. To say the kids will be treated cruelly for something that is as normal as that is ridiculous. We shouldn't assume what will happen 10 years from now anyway.

  22. I don't think the children will be mad at their parents when they can go to any school they want and have presents under the tree. I think they will be more mad at their so called family Jodi and Kevin spreading their parents business to the media all the while proclaiming that they are trying to protect them. I think that would hurt more, their parents are trying to care for them financially. Jodi and Kevin are just slime jumping on the bandwagon. I wonder if Kate agreed to them getting paid would they still have the same opinion they do now and of course the answer is they wouldn't. They have been on the show and their own children and nothing was wrong there until they didn't get paid and now they have an issue with it and want to write books. What hypocritical contradicting disgusting people they are.

  23. Oh geez, like all of our kids aren't going to blame us either later in life for screwing them up.......

  24. Do people not realize that when Joel Gosselin is 35 his peers will be also 35? And none of them will remember any of this? I don't think 5 year olds are watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. They will be fine if anything it will affect Mady and Cara. Either way not even any of us will remeber or care in 30 years. I do think that after this season it defintely needs to end. 5 seasons is enough. Let those children grow up without cameras and get back to being a regular family. And save that money 8 children is expensive but they are made enough money I'm sure.

  25. funinthesungirl. I am not a lawyer but it probably isn't a good idea to list Jodi and Kevin Kreiders phone number. Everyone knows that they live in Elizabethtown PA. Those so inclined can look it up for themselves.... :)

  26. It really seems unbelievable in the extreme that anyone could think that being filmed by TV cameras for your entire (young) life could fail to affect you. And I doubt that the effects would be salutary.


    Has anyone noticed that as of the day after the premiere, their website " has been down? It says "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later."

    I know it just means that they got more hits than their bandwidth allows, but I wonder why TLC hasn't paid to have it fixed yet?

  28. JLB1016... TLC might not take care of the Jon is a pc geek, so it might be a website that the family takes care of and with all the issues going on it could be at the bottom of the priority list. As far as someone leaking the story of TLC getting investigated, I think it was Kevin and Aunt Jodi. Thats what they "are so concerned" about, getting the issue out to the public and complaining about it just tops everything off. I hope they hang in there!

  29. Terri - I guess you're right LOL.

  30. Regarding their site: I always thought that they handled it themselves. But ever since Feb. no one was able to send any emails to the site because the mailbox was full. A lot of people have asked were to send letters of encouragement and I told them just to send it in care of TLC.

    That month long book tour was planned months ago after Multiple Blessings. From what I heard she will not be doing publicity rounds again until the cook book in October. A lot of people were still hoping to meet her, but unless there is something going on in PA, I don't know if it will happen. So if you don't send them to TLC she might not get them... I suggest you do it that way. Or keep checking the site for updates.

  31. There's going to be a cookbook? I've been dying to get Kate's "Sticky Bun" recipe from Christmas. I can't wait! :)

  32. "The purpose of when the kids were on TV with the potty training was to show mothers that this family were struggling with that as well. To say the kids will be treated cruelly for something that is as normal as that is ridiculous."

    No offense Baby Mama, but do you even remember being a kid? You're speaking as a rational adult, not as a child that has a difficult time understanding their actions. It's absolutely reasonable to say that other children could see video of the Gosselin kids potty training and that the Gosselin kids could go through heck because of it! That's what kids do! Sometimes children don't understand how hurtful those words and actions can be! To me, this is common sense.
    Just because the purpose of the potty training footage was to show other mothers that everyone struggles with it doesn't make it right! Those kids shouldn't be used like that. Personally, if it were my son and someone wanted to shoot footage of his struggles on the potty to show other mothers that everyone goes through it, I would honestly tell them where to stick it! Why should I care more about people I don't know and never met than the personal space and possible future embarrassment of my own child!?! Picking a stranger over your how does that make any sense? I just don't get your argument on this one, Baby Mama. Sorry.

  33. WOW! just want to say " I love the show!" I have read a lot of stuff lately and most of it very negative. I don't see how anyone could hate and blame Kate, but I came across so many women being horribly mean. I am praying for the family.

  34. Well said TIffany I agree about the Potty Training thing. I'm 19 and I rememer being bullied and teased for years because I have asthma and A LOT of allergies.

    And I still think that 50,000 to 75,000 an episode has added up to a lot of money if not that reported 10 million then several million. They CAN live off of that if they go back to penny pinching. If they lived without the show before they could do it again. Especially if they get real jobs. The TV show won't last forever. Also, since they have already sine dfor this season which will have double the normal episodes, they will be set for a while (but might still need jobs).

    I know I sound like I am not a fan of the show, but I am. I have just started to see reality somewhat and I think this season was a MISTAKE and so do many other fans and non fans. I think this why the attacks on Jon, Kate, TLC, and the show. People think that maybe some poor judgement has gone on here.

    Ayone else have any thoughts?

  35. I am sorry but I think adults are making much too much of the potty training. It was a couple of scenes in a couple of episodes.

    I asked my teenage nieces and nephews if they thought this would be an issue for the kids in school and the general consensus was .. the kids their age aren't going to remember those episodes if they even saw them and they aren't going to be googling "Collin Gosselin potty training". Kids may be cruel but stuff that is on adult radar is not on the theirs. BTW, my neices and nephews agreed that the kids will probably be picked on for some reason or other that we can't even anticipate at the moment. (There was some agreement that Aedan will be called 4 eyes at some point in his childhood.)

    The Gosselin kids will not live a teashing free life - no kids do. But I don't believe the show makes that fact any worse than it would be otherwise.

  36. I think the potty training and other things will be fodder for teasing way into the future. I am 50 and still remember who peed their pants in kindergarten, always had a runny nose, etc. The good thing in my case is, there was no film record but in this case, thousands of dvd's have been purchased containing this material along with the internet (I don't think computers had been invented when I was a kid) so someone's memory can be tweeked with an actual video account. What is the purpose of Jon & kate discussing intimate portions of their marriage on tv? What happened to the privacy they say they want?


    I know its been speculated that she's had a boob job but from these pics I think it's pretty obvious she has. I say good for her!! Looking at the pics of her in her vow renewal dress and then this dress shows the biggest difference I think. After I have my next one I am next in line for that as well! Go Kate!

  38. Oh my goodness...she looks A M A Z I N G in those pics of her that 3KMOM above me just posted!!!

  39. All the comments about the potty training, etc...

    Well they were babies and it's normal, but children their age do watch the show with their parents and many of their peers may too. That and the episode where Jon had to help Collin "go", may be fodder for cruel jokes.

    Personally I was mortified when they took Mady to the dentist and talked about how dirty her teeth were and showed close ups of her crooked teeth. Then they flashed back to when Kate asked her if she brushed her teeth and she said Yes and then Kate smelled her breath and was totally disgusted and sent her back to brush them again.

    When they went back to get Mady her braces Jon and Kate decided to give her "privacy". I personally felt they may have received some negative comments about the dentist show, or maybe even teasing about it at school, and decided against showing any more.

  40. People need to step off of Kate. I was just sitting here reading all of this and realized if Jon hadn't done this stupid thing in the bar, none of this would have happened. I bet he is feeling pretty juvenile through all of this.

  41. Tine / Stacy:

    When the kids get older? What about now? They can be teased mercilessly by other kids in school over the littlest thing.

    Poor Joel... his friends in school could possibly be teasing him that he wanted to eat a toy frog thinking it was candy.

    Something like that may not be tease-worthy to us but to little kids it sure is.

    Who knows, Joel might be able to agree and laugh it off... or he might be very embarrassed by that. When you're a child you get embarrassed a lot easier than when you are an adult.

  42. Cindy:

    Personally I feel they are both to blame.

    Yes, Jon is an idiot for that, but he said he wanted to stop filming the show. He wanted out of the public eye. He said he was miserable and Kate said "I'm happy!"... so that was that.

    Since then Kate said they had been having marital problems for more than six months. They were most likely separated during that time. All those rumors were probably true about him moving in with his mother and over the garage.

    Since Kate didn't want to stop filming Jon probably decided that he wasn't going to stop living just because she wanted to keep up the facade of a happily married couple and travel, etc.

    Stupid on his part, but now the truth is out...

    I think we will see a lot more in the next few episodes as to what the story was between them right before the fallout.

  43. Kayla- What is your definition of a real job? I get so sick of hearing that. Kate writing books, book signing tours, and the endorsements she does, is not a real job? Hundreds of people do just that and why are people not attacking their "real jobs". They started out with the show and Kate being the smart woman she is, capitalized on it. I say "kudos to Kate Gosselin".

  44. Kayla:

    Even if the show stops filming they will continue to make money from it with the re-runs and the DVD sales, and anything Gosselin related, including all future book sales.

    I also don't get why everyone assumes that just because Kate is frugal and money-conscious that she is putting aside money for the children individually (aside from college funds).

    They MAY be money in a trust fund for the children but no one should assume that. I just hope the children have someone making sure there is money from the show for each one of them personally, whether it is Jon or Kate or a lawyer, etc.

  45. Shelly:

    I think Kayla meant that IF they were to give up everything having to do with the show (as she stated in an earlier comment), then they'd have to get "regular" jobs.

    If Kate gives up the show she won't have a "career" doing speaking engagements.

    I agree writing books is a career... although book signings are not a career, they are one aspect of it though.

    I do not agree that doing speaking engagements about being a celebrity is a career.

    I'm pretty sure if she gets divorced she won't be able to do speaking engagements at churches. At least she shouldn't be because you're not allowed to get divorced according to most churches. Although I'm not sure what her particular church's stance is on divorce.

  46. well, the separation is real..check out these pics of Kate, the kids, babysitter, and steve the bodyguard


    Well, this is going to be an awkward season.

  47. Ok, so has new pics of Kate in a bikini and I must admit...she looks AWESOME!!!!

  48. My2girls-

    That website didn't bring anything realted up for me.

  49. Which link are you referring to La's both worked for me.

    It does look like she had a boob job, but clothes and a good bra can make a huge difference. Certain styles can make you look bigger or smaller.

    Oh yeah....THANK YOU Schmecky girl. That's exactly what I meant by "real" jobs. They won't always be able to count on their celebrity status.

  50. I'm not going to state what side I'm on when it comes to the kids being affected by their appearances on this show through their childhood. However, I will reference the Dionne quintuplets, and how they have now referenced their experiences on television when they were little. They don't exactly express happiness at having been on tv for everyone to see them. But again, to each your own. Just presenting some information from people WHO HAVE BEEN THERE THEMSELVES.

    hmm, can't post stuff in comments? Ok, well, just search for "Dionne quintuplets" on your favorite search engine. They have addressed some of the recent families of multiples and how they wish them more privacy than what they received when they were younger, etc. It's a very interesting read, to say the least. And I dare you to call these people out on "cashing in", because that's not the case. They're just out there expressing themselves on something they experienced already.

    Again, not pushing for yes/no this will affect the kids, but it's just a very interesting point to consider.

    PS- anyone catch any previews for the new episodes tomorrow night? I haven't caught any, and the episode guide on tv doesn't say anything either :(

  51. Saw the pics of Kate and she looks great. That tummy looks rock solid. GOod for her!! Just wish Jon was there along side her. :(


    not sure if this was previously posted but you can see pics of them decorating kate's cake at charm city cakes. sorry if it's already been posted.

  53. Where are you all seeing the pics of kate in a bathing suit?

  54. I'm watching Geraldo right now. He was talking about how Kate wants Jon to just show up to tapings and he said something along the lines of "Kate gave Jon a contract to show up to tapings to keep up the façade of parents dealing with multiple births." So wait... Geraldo, are you saying that all this time those kids were actors? They aren't really parents dealing with multiple births? It's been a facade all along? Way to go Geraldo! You solved the case just like Al Capon's vault. Thanks again!
    Oh, it just got interrupted by news about Susan Boyle... more great news to enrich our minds.

  55. ok nevermind...i found them! Good for her! She looks great!

  56. 3KMom~ Thanks for posting the link. Weren't they on the beach this afternoon? How crazy is it that people are already seeing shots of her the same night?

    I find it odd that so many people felt that showing the kids potty training was such an issue. When a year ago everyone was saying how much they loved the episdoe and how great it was to see seeing a mother going through what so many mothers do on a daily basis. There was nothing salacious about it. Its life and I never found anything wrong with it.

    I also heard that Angie Krall (Kate's old nurse) was on Geraldo tonight. Does anyone know about this? In the Star rag they say she said all these negative things about Kate. Then she's quoted in the NY Post that people are out to attack Kate. I don't understand, did Star Magazine actually lie about what Angie said? I don't understand why the nurse now is all over the place selling out Jon & Kate? Why is she making all these weird statements on Geraldo? Also how does Geraldo make himself seem credible when I hear that they showed Kate's bikini pics. to make a point about ending the show??

    People That Have Sold Their Souls For $$$ By Bashing Jon & Kate
    1. DeAnna's Brother
    2. Jodi & Kevin
    3. Angie Krall (Kate's Tups Nurse???

  57. When you talk about exploitation it's not just one episode or one embarassing moment. It's about having your entire childhood documented for entertainment. What's it going to be like for these kids when the tv camera's go away? They are so used to having their lives filmed, it has to have had some impact on their personalites and how they look at themselves.

    I have to ask would you guys accept money if you had a camera crew following around your family's life and broadcast it on telvision? If every speical occasion and family outing was designed to get ratings? If all your moments where you say or do something you regret later was telvised for the whole world to dissect?

  58. I have a bit of a different take on the kids going on outings basically scripted to be part of the show. Please keep in mind that this is how I would do this but maybe this is how it is done.

    I would make a list of places I would like to take my kids. Then I would ask the producers if going to those places could be part of the show. I would sit my kids down and say that we have an opportunity to go to _____________, and that it would be part of the show and TLC is paying for it. Yes, it would be filmed but that is because TLC is paying for it.

    When they first started the show I'm sure that it was financially difficult to take the kids to a lot of places and this was an opportunity for the experiences.

    However, all of this aside. TLC programing is just one big infomercial. The product placement and blatant advertisement for the places they go to is getting rediculous to me. And, frankly, I'm seeing more and more product placement in other shows on other networks, also. It's bad enough to have 5 minutes of a program followed by 5 minutes of commercial without having blatant product placement within the show.

    I feel that all of the newsmakers are jumping on the Jon and Kate bandwagon so they don't feel left out or get a backlash, "why didn't you report on this?", etc.

  59. Also, not every bit of their outings are filmed. For instance, when Jon and Cara were on the ski trip, only one day was filming day. And the family had a private birthday party for the little ones. The one that was filmed was the "friend" party. And I bet those parents didn't have a problem having themselves and their kids on an episode.

  60. MsJess~Every person has a different answer or opinion about this. Their lives have been documented, and everyone feels differently about whether its exploitation. My stance has always been no.

    If I had the opportunity and if people were interested in seeing my life on TV, my answer was always heck yes. I have always been honest with myself and those that read my blog that I would gladly accept every freebie offered to me and then some. And if it would make you feel any better I would always smile and say thank you on camera, and look as appreciative as I could, because I set my children up for life.

    Sigh...But that is me, and perhaps one of the reasons I continue with my blog. To wish others success but mostly the happiness that SHOULD be going with it, along with the prayer to be a complete family again.

  61. ...I would have to admit that I agree with you Baby Mama.....if I had the opportunity to financilly set my kids up for life by having SOME aspects of our life filmed, I would do it. If they quit now, they are likely set for life.

    I still contend that the Gosselin children look happy, healthy, loved and well taken care of. My kids often look miserable on outings, somebody is inevitably hungry, tired or unhappy about the choice of outing, etc. I don't think that an un-smiling Gosselin child necessarily means they are ruined for life because of filming. They're normal children!!!!!! The trolls pick apart every moment of their life....and what child ever smiles 24/7?

  62. Holy crap, Jon did you see your wife in a bikini, after having 8 kids, dude, grow up forget that hideous schoolteacher and her druggie brother and get back with your wife whi is hot

  63. Funny I just saw another blog sit its like a hate site against Kate, all the losers are complaining about Kate's body and how she should be playing with the kids not posing, she's not posing she's watching the kids.

  64. Their website is finally back up! It has been down for a few days now.

  65. My opinion on the bikini pics:

    Kate does look great. Especially for someone that had 8 children. Then again, why wouldn't she? She had a tummy tuck and a boob job and who knows what else... plus she works out and only eats salad.

    I'm not surprised at all. I wouldn't call her Hott, but she definitely looks very good.

    As for everyone making a big deal about her "transformation" since she had kids... have they not seen the pics of her when she was first married? She was always pretty. I'm not at all surprised that she got back into shape and looks good again. Stuff like that just takes a little time after you give birth to 6 children. You don't have the time to work on yourself for the first few years.

  66. Jessica:

    I'm confused. Why would that mean the kids are actors? I think he was referring to Jon and Kate "acting" like they are still "together" raising their children as a couple, when supposedly they have been separated for quite a while.

  67. ....honest to goodness!!!!....if I worked hard and accumulated a few million give or take, I would have a bit of hired help, manicures, pedicures, lap band surgery and the whole nine yards. I think people/trolls who nit-pick everything about Kate are jealous of her looks and notariety.

    They did NOT seek out Discovery to do their original special, they were called and agreed to do the special. There are all kinds of families portrayed on TLC, Life Network, Discovery Health, etc.

    If people think the Gosselins are exploiting their children, how about all the dozens of families who have been on SuperNanny and Nanny 911....children biting, kicking, and terribly misbehaving. That is all presented in its' glory for their friends to see.

    Or how about families on Oprah or Dr. Phil who discuss all types of dirty laundry in front of millions?

    I am not saying some things in the Gosselin household have not spiralled out of control, but to say she is "posing" for pap photos and they are exploiting their children is just ridiculous.

    Kate looks great, and the children look happy. Why can't everyone just leave them alone except for enjoying watching the show on Monday nights and leave it at that!!!!!


    well the two women jon was having drinks w/ on memorial day have been confirmed. It was the Glassman's as in the Doc who gave kate her tummy tuck. It was his wife and daughter. Although I wish Jon had been w/ his wife it does seem better that it was them. Still praying and holding onto hope they work it out!!

    PS. babymama I really hope you show the bikini pics in your post, Kate look so great!

  69. I'm hoping the Glassman's talked some sense into Jon!!!

  70. Kate looks great and good for her. So what if she had a boob job. If she even did. But, it was no secret she wanted one, she asked Dr. Glassman for one on national television, and he told her to wait and try a good supporting bra. I sure hope Jon realizes what he is missing. You never know he could have showed up there later.

  71. allibrootob: Amen and Amen!

  72. Kate looks fine considering the ginourmous stomach she had 5 years ago! I would've chosen a more flattering swimsuit like a halter top style.
    But let's face it; she knew she was filming an episode and therefore went with the skimpy bikini.
    I didn't know she had a boob job. I read about the tummy tuck; that explains why her belly button is in the center of her body LOL!

  73. I don't know if this is the right place to "generally" post support for both Jon & Kate. You are both wonderful and try to work it out. You guys are adorable together.......what would p-nut butter be w/out jelly? We love you guys......just hang in there. Stuff happens in life! It'll get better.
    Fans in Pacific Grove CA

  74. 3KMOM said...
    I'm hoping the Glassman's talked some sense into Jon!!!

    Like what? Just curious...

    If Jon doesn't/didn't want to continue the show and Kate does what advice does everyone have for Jon? If Jon wants privacy for himself and maybe even his children, what are his options? Suck it up and continue living the way he has been for the last year or so?

    I'm curious to see what everyone feels the answer is for Jon to be happy. We all know Kate is happy, she said so. What should Jon do?

  75. SchmeckyGirl,
    He seriously said "the facade that they are parents dealing with multiple births" I was making fun of the fact that he misspoke. And when he said that phrase he was not referring to acting like a happy couple, which they aren't acting like a happy couple. He was referring to being parents of two sets of multiples.

    I'm just trying to get across the point that the show is about parents who are dealing with multiple births and weather they are together are not, they are still parents and they still have two sets of multiples. People like Geraldo are acting like if they are not together the show can't exist. They're still a family if the parents are separated.

  76. Jessica:

    LOL! Got it. I missed your point. Maybe because I read what you wrote instead of hearing what he said and how he said it.

    Yes, separate or together they are still parents raising multiples. Of course, I wish it were still together! lol.

  77. Schmecky Girl, some good advice for Jon would be not to leave your wife of almost 10 years.

  78. It was nice for a change to see that Jon was being a good boy and not going back to hurting the family even more. Although it is sad that he wasn't with his kids on a Holiday weekend, which was bad enough.

    And regarding Kate, she looks fantastic. The haters are just "jelus". I have been told by several people that have done tummy tucks themselves, that when taking that much skin, and pulling and stretching what's left, having a higher belly button is possible. And what's with all the talk of a boob job? Why would anyone think that, just because they're not sagging? Gripe all they want, but they all WISH they had a body like that and they know it. Are all the haters supermodels?..They have a lot of nerve judging don't they?

  79. 3KMON:

    I agree a man shouldn't leave his wife but that's not much "advice".

    We really don't know who is at fault. It could be Jon, it could be Kate. It could be, and probably is, both of them.

    We don't know that Kate didn't kick him out. We don't know that Kate wants him to stay in the house. We shouldn't assume that Jon leaving is all his doing.

    It seems that they haven't been living as "husband and wife" for a long time. I just don't think it's fair to make it seem like Jon has all the say on whether or not they stay together. It's possible but we don't know that.

    If he's miserable and Kate isn't willing to compromise any because she is happy what are Jon's other options? All she said is "I'm here when I'm not away". We don't know what that means.

    Again, I'm not saying that Jon isn't to blame. Maybe he is... all I'm saying is it's wrong to assume that Jon has control over whether or not their marriage ends. Seems to me that Jon never had control over anything anyway even when he tried.

  80. Jon has plenty of control over whether they stay together or not. He can fight for her and fight to be heard at the same time. In what she has said on the show and interviews she doesn't seem like she wants to be alone. I'm not saying Kate is perfect b/c obviously she is not. what I am saying is that they should work it out.

  81. It seemed to me, in the season premiere, that Kate is the one holding the cards. She implied as much when she said "I could be reacting like a real idiot right now, I could be saying I don't want to see you again, disappear, fall of the face of the earth. But I am trying to handle it constructively and that is difficult...but I'm trying. I have a LOT of anger, this is not where we're supposed to be. He's made some very poor decisions, we all have to live with them."

    You can tell she is very angry. And that is the most current status they've given us, since the show is now showing us stuff they taped months and MONTHS ago.

  82. Wake up people! Divorce and family conflict are traumatic enough for children. These poor children have their parent's marital problems being played out in front of millions of people. Think for a minute about your own families private secrets...millions of people can watch video documentation of this families private life for our entertainment. Once something is on the internet it is there for years and years to come. How peopel can say this will not affect the children just blows my mind. They are children human beings that did not choose this life. This show must be shut down NOW if anyone gives an ounce about the Gosselin children.

  83. i think you both are awesome parents. i am 19 years old & do not have children but in fact look up to how BOTH OF YOU WORK AS A TEAM.
    Being part of a family is tough, my parents got divorced when i was 4 & i dont consider myself to be a messed up child, but its hard for me to believe in forever & love. i really hope you both can work thru it. not only for your children but also for yourselves.. just remember back to your vow renewal...u have to remember u both love eachother & things get tough, but nothing is impossible if you believe in GOD & LOVE

  84. For all our pride as "mothers that multi-task" we can create a box of oblivion. An innocent means of earning money while raising eight kids seems a blessing from heaven. How we treat our spouse in front of the camara and the circumstances of managing how much rights a show hosting your personal life has can take up all a mother's multi-tasking resources. Hence our personal relationships begin to suffer.
    It seems the fear of feeding eight children snowballed into a task of saving for college, which turned into a task of how to pay for taxes on a million dollar house when the shows stop, etc, etc
    That each season was greeted with a thankfulness to meet the bills and suddenly they began to come with amenities, paid trips, free vacations, and we as everyday hard-working people would never turn down such an opportunity.
    So it turns quite natural that in the midst of these concerns a "Alpha-personality" of a mother can get blind-sided in a week with the reality that her family has suddenly become popular enough for tabloids, she's lost her husband to just another person in the house, and she's still stuck in the survival mode she started out with. A vicious cycle.