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Jon And Kate Season 5 Premiere Shatters TLC Records, Watch The Turning 5 Review And Episode HERE!

Hello Gosselin fans! Thank you so much for all the positive reviews on my new site! I am so happy and excited to be here for all of you! As promised, those that do not have cable will be now able to watch the episodes here! I appreciate all the kind words not only for the fan site but for the Gosselin family. Having them in our homes for these past few years have been a joy. Whatever happens, it was the best time spent on my Monday nights!

Entertainment Weekly: Jon & Kate SHATTER TLC Records!

"The heavily promoted fifth-season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8 posted record ratings for TLC on Memorial Day. The hour-long episode -- in which tabloid cover queen Kate Gosselin admitted, "I have a lot of anger...this is not what I envisioned for us" -- attracted a whopping 9.8 million viewers, which more than doubled the audience that tuned into the show's season 4 finale in March (4.6 million). Early estimates also reveal that the premiere, which lured unprecedented numbers of women aged 18-34 and women 18-49, was TLC's (and Jon & Kate's) most-watched episode ever. It also trounced the broadcast networks, which aired mostly repeats because of the holiday (an original episode of The Bachelorette on ABC drew 6 million). Final ratings are due Wednesday."

Jon & Kate Plus 8: Turning 5 And The Future

This is a review from Jessica Carlson from Examiner.com since my reviews of the show are WAY TOO biased! ;) Thanks to Emma for the videos.

"The show opens with Jon and Kate lamenting their fame, as Jon and Kate Plus 8 continues to shift away from focusing on the kids to being more about life as a celebrity couple. Both Jon and Kate seem surprised that being on television with millions of people watching has brought unwanted attention from paparazzi, who Kate has the kids call "The P People". Both of them seem to be unaware of the irony of complaining about people with cameras following you all day to the people with cameras following you all day. Kate expresses her anger at Jon's poor decisions and how the media is treating them.

But those things need to be put aside a bit as Kate prepares for the sextuplets 5th birthday party, and she reveals that because she's been so busy lately she hasn't been able to do the "year long" planning for the party this time around. She says Jon has abandoned her to take a weekend off, and she's stuck doing everything for the party herself even though in the next scene we see several people helping her set up all the decorations.

Jon arrives to the party after having to make a couple trips back and forth to their house, and there's an uncomfortable tension between him and Kate as they occupy the same space but hardly acknowledge each other's presence. The guests begin arriving to the party, presumably hoping to get their money's worth as they each have to bring 6 gifts. Everyone seems to be having a good time, despite paparazzi hovering in the woods. Fortunately the magician hired for the party managed to bring a real rabbit with him to close the show, otherwise he would have had to endure a few terse words with Kate. After singing "Happy Birthday" six times and cracking open some piƱatas, the party ends without incident and even Kate, forever the perfectionist, deems it a success.

The episode ends with another tense moment of Jon and Kate sitting together on the couch, neither really sure what the future holds for them. Kate is upset as she says she realizes that parents of multiples are more likely to divorce, but she thought they would beat those odds -- suggesting that the subject of splitting up has at the least come up in conversation. They both reiterate their commitment to their children, and the show closes with a family cookout and a feeling of ambiguity about the future of their relationship."


  1. I have to comment about the whole doing it alone thing when we saw she did have help.

    I have 2 kids, one special needs. My husband is my helper. When he is done with secular work at the end of the day, the majority of the kids responsibilities are on him. I've done it all day, he pulls the load when he's home. When my mom or another person helps out during the day when he is not home, it is not the same. The teamwork is not the same. I appreciate all the help but unless my life partner, my husband, the father of my children is right there besides me, I feel alone.

    Could that possibly be what Kate meant? I could have 2 nurses per child helping out and it wouldn't be the same. I would feel like I was doing it all simply because my team mate was not besides me. He is the only person in the world who feels the same as I do about our kids.

    Jon is/was a very hands on father. Not having him around to shoulder, not only the physical responisibilities, but also the emotional ones, has got to be taking their toll on Kate.

    That's how I took her comment.

  2. I think the same thing. I really think she meant w/out Jon's help. I would've felt the same way. Though I do most of the planning in our family, my husband is there for support and muscle.

  3. I think I finally figured out what has been bugging me about Jon's behaviour last night- he was acting like a man who had had an affair. I'm not convinced he did, but I think he got close. I think that girl was whispering things in his ear about how he should be treated better, or he deserves more credit for quitting his job and other such things. So it got all pent up inside him and now he's mad at Kate. In tern, she's mad at him for galavanting around town with a 23 year old, regardless of what may or may not have happened.

  4. I've been reading this site for a while and i want you to know i am a new follower because i have always loved this show being the daughter of a verbal abuser and a fourteen year old only child I've always wished Kate was my mom and i had a life like that. I felt so bad for her when she was crying. I think she is about to crack. She looks so sad and i just wanted to hug her.

  5. Amy,

    How does "a man who had an affair" act?

    What was Jon saying or doing that lead you to believe he was "acting like a man who had had an affair"?

  6. Arebella great post. I think you nailed it...

    I would feel like I was doing it all simply because my team mate was not besides me. He is the only person in the world who feels the same as I do about our kids.

    Jon is/was a very hands on father. Not having him around to shoulder, not only the physical responisibilities, but also the emotional ones, has got to be taking their toll on Kate.
    That is exactly how I understood it too. Jon is Kate's teammate and vice-versa. He needs to realize how he's letting her down.

    Babymama, nice site.

  7. Theresa said: "He needs to realize how he's letting her down."

    My reply - Just as she needs to realize how she's letting him down... :)

  8. I disagree with the "acting like he had an affair" comment. It seems to be more like that his heart is hardening towards those around him due to the stress of having their life so exposed, despite the fact that they allowed the public into their home. Just because you make yourself available to the public does not mean that they can abuse you. It is obvious that he loves his family and is willing to be accountable for his actions. Why do we expect them to be perfect? I have often wondered what people would think if we were in front of a camera all the time! Right now, it is obvious that he is just not happy with the spotlight. I hope that they will grow from this and that they will not allow the media to divide them. Thank you for this site.

  9. I was glued to the show last night and you could tell that there was a lot of emotions on both sides. I am not going to play the blame game on what did or did not happen. Although you could tell that Kate was trying very hard to keep it together (unlike some naysayers out in the world that seem to think she was faking emotions). I honestly hope the best for the family. I would never claim that I know this family, as I am just an observer, although they remind me of my family so much, it is hard to not take them into your heart. Kate reminds me so much of my mom (and Grandma) with her attitude and look on life. I see her as a strong woman and I hope she can continue to ignore the naysayers around her and her family right now.

  10. To clarify, what I meant by my comment was that Jon sounded like a man who had been hearing things he wanted to hear by a woman who is not his wife. To me, it seemed that the source of a lot of his anger was the fact that he is no longer working outside the home and I believe this 23 year old girl he was hanging out with exploited that by stroking his ego and making him resent the decisions he and Kate had made about their lives together. It's kind of like that scene in the movie Juno where Juno's stepmom tells her that Juno should not be spending time with a married man because it's not appropriate. Now, that said, I am not convinced he actually had an affair, but I think he got pretty darned close.

    In my opinion and experience, that is how men who have cheated act. These young things show them a much easier (and false) life to make them resent the choices they have made and act against their better judgement. Then, when they get caught, they hold onto that resentment that got planted by the girl. Add the fact that Jon is definitely the kind of person who holds onto things anyway (as he has noted in the show) to me, shows the source of his behaviour. I hope this makes sense.

    In any case, I am in 100% agreement that none of this gives the paparazzi any right to invade their lives. I don't understand the paparazzi at all. They are bottom dwellers. Jon and Kate deserve the opportunity to work their problems out in private.

  11. Heres some things I noticed.

    The kids are speaking way more clear then they were even just at the end of last year.

    Mady was acting sweet and kind! Wow!

    Kate was very loving and cuddly with them again.

    And um...they still have both of the dogs...

    Some things I wonder in my mind:

    Someone here said Jon is just tired of being in the publics eye. I am not sure I agree. He mentioned things like "some people would say I can't even talk". I think his ego has been pummelled and add on top of that hes not working. Bad combo. In a partnership the parties lift each other up instead of dragging them down. Maybe they can find that...

  12. I am still not buying any of it.... With over 9 million viewers they are on their way to the bank once again. Over the next season they will work it out - there will be another book/tour and more material for the church presentations. I am sure there is plenty of stress and new things with which to deal on a daily basis - but they are savvy. The show intrigues me and I think those kids are just getting cuter all the time. Even if this is the end - they set out what they started to do - they are set for life. I admire what she is able to accomplish - he needs to get off the snowboard. Oh... and that news from Kevin and Jodi about Beth writing the book over weekends wasn't anything new. There was an article where Beth was interviewed when she explained how she wrote "their story" on weekends away. So much for the big leak from those leeches.

  13. After watching the episode again, I feel that Jon is not in their marriage anymore.
    I hate to say it, but remember those rumor's about Jon living above the garage? I wonder if they're true. Obviously, I have no clue.
    I'm just basing that off of seeing Jon's reaction to everything.
    I hope that Jon and Kate can get through this and forget about the media.

  14. Dad, I'm sure Kate has let him down along the way too. :) But, in their life goals together, and their vows with God as a core (which I always thought they were such devout Christians), by his hanging out with young chicks and partying...that is a let down to any woman...and it must've really hurt Kate and in that sense he really let her down. He let in something that their marriage didn't have before...third parties. That would let any woman down.

    I think he needs to stop, re-evaluate his behavior and make ammends with her. She needs to listen to him and forgive. And, they both need to do it privately. The need to start that healing process (if it already hasn't been started).

    Heck,on the other hand with TLC pumping their marital woes to its highest ratings, I wouldn't be surprised if they do go away together in some sort of marriage counseling scenario that we'll see on the show in the future. I do wish they'd do it privately, but nothing would surprise me.

  15. Amy. The amount of things you are reading into Jon's behavior is simply unbelievable; there is no one way behave in life, if you've had an affair.

    The ONLY PEOPLE who know for sure are Jon & the willing party. Anyone who thinks they know for sure is just guessing.

    As for the discussion about Kate feeling alone because her partner wasn't there to help...I think Jon knows THAT feeling. For most of the past few months, while Kate did book tours, it was Jon ALONE. Kate is more than willing, NOW, to fully admit Jon had help from a nanny, to make it look easier for HIM. But when she has help, she is somehow 'alone'. She is unbelievable.

  16. WoW! Grateful you posted the show on your blog. Moved to the core by both Jon & Kate... wish, for one moment of their precious time to tell them, they are not the first to face the 'personal' trials they are facing... as far as the 'P' people go, that is a subject I certainly have no clue of or about and I have no desire to ever know what that feels like.

    What I do know is that when there is a breech (sp) of trust in a marriage, be it a persona has officially cheated or 'not', the facts are that a 'wife' knows when a boundary has been crossed and there is nothing more painful.

    Jon is right, this is such a personal matter, but because of his choices and his position as such a public figure... he is apart of a bigger picture.

    As a woman, mother and wife, I often watched Jon with Kate... he took her antics so well... God pairs us up perfectly with our match. With the person that can take on the challenges of who we are... (up to a point) and 'yes', even beyond it.

    My heart aches both of them... what I know is this, my husband and I have faced our own challenges in our marriage and as crappy as this sounds, it took me five years to recover from the blow... and when that came about was when I "KNEW" he "got it"... and what I mean by that is, when I knew beyond reason, beyond doubt that my husband knew how he had hurt me so deeply, so tremendously, then I was ok because as soon as Jon really comprehends the depth of the hurt and what that feeling is, he would never repeat the trespass again.

    That is what Kate is looking for.

    Yes, we only get a glimpse, but the human Spirit doesn't need a long drawn out saga to look into the eyes of another human being to be able to see just how much someone understands.

    Both Jon and Kate are wounded be words right now and no, they do not know the direction to go, but if I could give them one bit of advice... hold on a little longer... just hang in there.

    Kate - he will get it! Not immediatly and though I believe he has some inkling of a clue of how deeply you are hurt... he isn't that deep just yet, but it will come... it will come.

    Jon - not everybody that is prying into your life right now thinks you are a bad guy... you are human and we all make poor choices, some worse than others, but at the end of the day we have to focus on what we've learned and how we can do better.

    To say that the kids are not being affected by this is foolish... but I have no doubts that behind closed doors, both Jon and Kate know that the kids 'get it', even if they can't put it into words, they know something really has gone down and it's not good.

    I commend both of you for the strength you are displaying for them...

    I'm praying for your family... you can make it work... in time... five years is a long time, but... if you really want it to work, you will find a way to make that happen.

    Taking notice of the fact that the majority of reality TV families do tend to fall apart.

    Cameras in private lives seems almost 'dooming'.

    I also wonder... if at some point back, Jon said, "I'm done now" and Kate said, "Not yet"... and some where in the midst of the cameras and the money, some things were missed and lost...

    As alone as the both of you must be feeling... know that you are in the thoughts of many that never want to see another's relationship fall apart... I for one am rooting for this family.

  17. I think the scene with Alexis and Jon definitely shows that the marriage is heading for divorce, or that they are separated right now.

    Jon - "Miss me?"

    Alexis - "Daddy I don't want you to leave anymore."

    Jon - "Daddy has to work sometimes"

    Work? Isn't his "work" to stay home with the kids? I don't think this was brought on because he left for the weekend.

    The tension was palpable between Jon and Kate.

    It's very sad, but I must say, most people saw this coming.

  18. Theresa~ Yes, I did agree on the other thread, that a positive out of this would be counceling. Everywhere I read Kate stated she would NEVER do it. Now that they have said it needs to be in the show to save her marriage, she's considering it.

    If you truly read "Multiple Blessings" there are parts in that book that there is no way Beth could have written. And while I agree that Beth was absolutely co-author, Kate's heart is in A Lot of those chapters. Go back and re-read it, and you will see what I mean. Why was Kate obligated to say in EVERY darn interview it was mine and Beth's book? No she had the right to say it was her book.

    Re-watching it again a bit tonight I got really pissed off at Jodi, Kevin and her pain in the &*$% sister Julie again. Us Weekly incorrectly quoted Julie as being Kate's sister-in-law, claiming she's been blogging about Kate and her life. This is a woman that Kate did not spend a lot of time with. In fact she hardly saw her. Julie took some info Jodi told her and writes about it like she knows things you know she doesn't. In fact, when she first started her blog she agreed she didn't know her well at all. What makes it OK for this woman to blog about Kate like she knows her life? And Jodi. How dare you seal the fate of those kids by knowing they will never see their cousins again. Mady will never be able to play or hug little Benny anymore because of Jodi's selfish actions. And yes I mean selfish, because they are not helping this family by humiliating them for some nasty haters & media to gloat over. All for a couple of grand you were paid for a video? How could Kevin do that to his sister like that? At least Deanna's brother had nothing to loose by getting a couple grand for some shady video. This is family, and I don't care that you haven't spoken for a year, who does that to family?

    It makes them look sick and pathetic. I hate Jodi even more now for letter her husband attack his sister like this at a time like this. I'm just disgusted. Had to let that all out. Thank you. (lol)

  19. Jodi and Kevin will be on CBS morning show tomorrow

  20. What I see are two people who, as they both claim, are headed in different directions — Jon is moving away from the limelight whereas Kate seems to embrace it, or at least moreso. No one will ever know what truly happened between the two of them. That’s their private business. But as far as I’m concerned, I would take Jon’s word over tabloid rumors that he didn’t cheat and I would accept his apology. If nothing else he always seemed like an honest soul. The fate of their marriage is in their hands but I would hope that they seriously consider stepping away from the camera to rebuild what has clearly been sacrificed as a result of the show — each other.

    Jon may never experience the pain that Kate feels exactly but I believe that he gets it. The devastation and anger Kate has experienced will always be her own. But seeing his family crumble before him as a result of his poor choices is nothing easy for Jon to swallow either, which is why he continues to acknowledge and take responsibility for his recent behavior.

    It's too difficult to judge anyone based on merit alone. They've both made their fair share of mistakes. No one's perfect, but they've both sacrificed tremendously for their love for their children. That is clear. Jon's mistake of schmoozing with young girls (not necessarily cheating) is really a test of the integrity of their marriage moreso than it would be the direct cause of their downfall. It's equally as much on Kate to accept Jon, his apology, and their marriage if she's to stand behind their covenant as it is on Jon to stand by his word that he's learned from his mistakes. Does it mean that Jon will never compromise himself and his family again? Does it mean that Kate will? Who knows? Unfortunately, there are no guarantees about anything no matter how strong our moral code may be. But every single day we choose the kind of life we stand for.

  21. I agree with Arabella--it's not about the amount of help, it's the fact that Jon was not present. She had her girls to help, the P.A. and friends, but the father of her children CHOSE not to be there...that's a big deal. She needed her husband, her partner, her children's father to be there with her. I could see why that is an issue and would cause (more) tension between them.

    Once again, I love their family and I love this show. I really hope that they are able to work things out and stay together.

  22. Livy-Great words.

    There seem to be a few that are posting that are not fans... and there are sites for those.

    So, fans, I have had thoughts. Though this is obviously real pain for Jon and Kate, is there any possibility at all that TLC had any part of this? They are the "media" you know, who are looking out for their own ratings. Now, I realize that if they set out to demolish the family, there goes the show but... there is so much drama at the end of the last season and leading into this one... I don't know exactly what I'm suggesting but this is just a thought...

    As for the Kevin and Jodi thing, honestly, they need to stay out of it. What do they have to gain??? They are just as bad as the bottom dweller paparazzi (loved that!). At first I did not think it was them on the video because they looked... different. But I can't imagine selling out on my own sister like that... no matter what. They claim to be trying to "help"... please.

  23. BabyMama, just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your new home. You have done a wonderful job and should be very proud.

    Keep up the great work.

  24. As much as I am in love with this family - part of me thinks that TLC just needs to pack up the film crew and leave the Gosselin family alone. They need time to work on things ALONE - without the whole world watching them. I used to live in Berks county, not far from where J&K live...and to think that the local Party City now has paparazzi stationed outside, my lord. I say cancel the current contract and just do a few "big milestone" shows to keep us all up to date.

  25. Of course there's no one way to behave- I'm just offering up my perspective on Jon's attitude. Other people have done the same and have read just as much, if not more into their attitudes.

    In any case, Kevin and Jodi are vile. They should be ashamed of themselves. They mustn't have any shame to do what they have done, though. I can't fathom turning on family like that, no matter what. Can you imagine what THEIR kids think?

    What does one call a sister of one's sister in law? I think that's why they shorten it for Julie. She's disgusting too. I read about her blog and knew all I needed to know about Jodi's family and why Jon and Kate cut them out.

  26. Thank you so much. I really tried to work in every suggestion people had, to really make a site fans feel comfortable going to. I'm trying to remove all of my personal feelings, and let those that have strong feeling about the show, even if they are negative, come here and not be attacked like on other sites.

    But lets not get this twisted, if you attack Kate or any member of this family its not staying on...This is A FAN SITE (lol)

  27. I really and truely love J&K+8 but this episode really un nerved me. I never felt as though I was stepping over boundaries when watching this show but during this episode I honestly felt like I was. Potty training and memories of your children growing and the happy times you remember are things you want to share with the world. You don't want them to see a life as you slowly crumble.

    I honestly found it hard to be truly sympathetic for Kate last night. I usually see her as my mother but when she complained of the kids calling her the babysitter's name I couldn't help but point the blame at her. I understand that she had to do the book tour but her children are still young and if she didn't want that to happen, she could've opted out of a book tour [of course I did love meeting her ;)]. But then again I'm not sure I could sit here and defend or blame Jon. They're both just trying to do the best they can but it's not computing. And what saddens me most is that it is Mady, Cara, Hannah, Joel, Aaden, Leah, Alexis, and Collin that are being hurt by it. Those kids are adorable and they deserve to see their parents on a normal basis.

    What really upset me this past episode was the sort of lax focus on the kids. They're the reason I started watching; Jon & Kate were just a bonus. Another thing I noticed, and it almost hurt me to notice, was the way Mady acted. She was so loving and tender in this episode that it just made me feel like she was compensating, esecially after hearing Alexis' words to Jon.

    Anyway, I don't mean this to be an attack, I just feel like I needed to calmly rant about this past episode and I feel comfortable enough here to do so :)

  28. Julie just posted a new blog post saying the reason she does the blog is to help provide the privacy for the kids. Its laughable to read that! I cant for the life of me rationalize how her blog is helping that cause. She has the right to blog about whatever she wants, but I think she needs a serious reality check if her purpose is the help with the privacy of the children, she is part of the issue. She is spreading negativity about them and fueling the media storm. Its frustrating!

  29. yes they have been a little seperated at the party and events like that on last night's episode but the fact they were there - TOGETHER - says a lot. Kate nor Jon HAD to be at the Kids party, they could have told a babysitter to do it but they were there. I'm for them. I'm not for all the media and aunt jodi. period. And if anyone is ruining the kids... it's the media AND aunt jodi not the parents. If aunt jodi "cares" so much about the kids, she wouldn't bring this all up with magazines or tv appearances- and that's my piece. Aunt Jodi disgusts me.

  30. FYI~ I had to change the schedule for next week. Originally they were suppose to show Kate's birthday. I guess they feel its better to show Kate spending time with Mady.

    This episode we just saw was so recent. It was like, last week we saw them going to Party City in photos. These episodes coming up were done weeks ago. Are you like me, feeling like were going backwards? Or perhaps you would rather see what's going on now?

    I get my kids ready for school at that time so I will not be watching it. Kevin and Jodi are just looking to extend their 15 minutes in the hopes of finding someone to give them more cash. It's obvious that neither of them truly care about these children if they are now trying to go National with Jon & Kate's business. But if it's posted somewhere on line I will decide whether to comment about it here.

  31. Baby Mama, How do I e-mail you directly? Thanks!

  32. i hope they well stay strong with there marriage and get though this it was sad when lexi and her dad were talking.

    Also if its ok can u put the dates of the apperiences where jon and kate are going in june july august ect please it was on the old site. if tht not a problem.

    thanks for the blog


  33. I never posted on this blog before, but I follow it daily. (LOVE the new site btw). I wayched the Kevin and Jodi interview on the Early SHows website. Regardless of what anyone feels about them you should WATCH. I personally felt that before they were not being sencere nor were they looking ut for the kids. However, in kind of believe them after this interview. WATCH it because what they say about the children and how the show works really makes sense to me.

    It may be hard to believe that Jon and Kate would get so caught up in fame an dmoney, but any of us could. I may pnly be 19, but if someone said I'll give you 25,000 and free stuff to film you life. I might do it. Don't get me wrong, I've been a full on Gosselin support. Me and mom argue about the Jon and Kate drama and talk for hours about it. I love the kids and the show, but I agree with Kevin and Jodi they should have stopped this. There should no have been a season five. TLC is going to lose views because I don't think anyone wants to watch the train drail. I ceratinly don't. I can't take a whole season of episodes like the premire. I don;t want to watch the children endure the pain of divorce. I am a child of divorce and my dad was always trying to make me hate my mom and think that something was wrong with me for eing like her. I just don't want t see those cute, happy, and well adjusted children suffer the consequences of their parents choices. Kate and Jon should have held off on season five to work on their marriage instead of keeping the cash flow and possibly ruining their kids lives.

    Please WATCH the Jodi and Kevin interview. It is up NOW on the Early Show's website.

  34. I felt so bad when Kate started crying, the more i watched the sadder it made me. I hope they work things out.

  35. Anyone that wishes to e-mail me directly can do so on my profile. Its typical that we get the trolls on here, but I went and bought bug spray, so we should be OK.

  36. The only problem I have with Kevin and Jodi is the fact that they didn't seem to have a problem with the filming until they were no longer being filmed.

    And they are not even in the kids lives. How can they know ANYTHING?

  37. Baby Mama, I think a video is missing. I saw on youtube one portion of the show where Kate's getting ready for the party and setting up (with Carla, between your 2/3 videos)...I don't think you have that on here. If you do and I missed it, sorry! When I re-watched them here last night I noticed it was missing...

  38. They showed an hour version of the show last night and that portion was missing, also, from the broadcast.

  39. I think JOn was being angry and upset on the show, he is obviously annoyed at the media coverage, but what happens to all of us when we get in "trouble" or make bad decisions, we get angry at our accusers, our family members, and at the people (10 million viewers) who now look at us differently. Jon was mad on the show, mad at himself and the paparazi and the idiots who snap camera phone pics of him at bars. Sure a dad of 8 should be at home not at bars, there should not be a bikini clad 23 year old at his house, but he made those mistakes and offered up apologies for it, does that mean Kate will automatically forgive him, No. I have been married for 14 years and no that when I screw up just saying sorry doesn't do it, you have to prove yoour willingness to fix the problem not just say magic words and hope for the best. That seems to be the tension going on between the two of them and it will probably take a while to fix the problems (maybe more than a season).

  40. Arabella said
    The only problem I have with Kevin and Jodi is the fact that they didn't seem to have a problem with the filming until they were no longer being filmed


    YES! I completely agree. It just seems really odd to me that they went right along with it until the money issue came up. And then today, on the Early Show, I feel like they made it seem like they quit the show because they were concerned for the kids. I have a pretty sneaking suspicion that had Jon and Kate agreed to pay them, they would still be on the show! I get frustrated with the lack of sincerity I see in their eyes when they go in public. If they really want to protect the kids, I think they would be better served to keep quiet versus going to gossip magazines and spreading rumors. I just cant figure out why people are falling for them. Their actions speak louder than words.

  41. I agree their eyes look do right scary in the radar online video, but they looked more sencere in the Early Show. There points about the money and going from 8-10 episodes to 40 seem like good ones. I was surprised that Jon and Kate agreed to another 40 something episode season. Considering their current situation, I thought seaosn 5 would be shorter or non exsistent. I just seems like to me that it's been enough and as much as I love the show and kids and what this family to be okay, it think this is the last season and it should be shorter. TLC is working for the ratings. I think they should have held off on season 5 and focused on the marriage.

    Also, Kevin and Jodi said that child labor laws do not protect reality show children and with all these family reality shows popping up there should be laws to protect children. On that point I wholeheartedly agree with Kevin and Jodi. 40 episodes is equal to or more than most primetime TV shows. These are children not adults and someone needs to look into the work condtions and pass laws to protect them for being overworked and exploited. (I am NOT saying that the Gosselins are being overworked and exploited) As usual the law has not caught up to technology/the media (i.e. cyberbullying).

    All said, I agree with most of what Kevin and Jodi said on the Early Show, but I dont really agree with how they have shared their story. Anyone else have any thoughts on the Kevin and Jodi Early Show interview (see the Early Shows website)?

  42. I read the article where a body language expert talked about the premire:

    I found it interesting and I think this person hit the nail on the head and has hope for the couple if they seek counseling. Any thoughts?

  43. http://www.usmagazine.com/news/kate-gosselin-gave-jon-a-five-dollar-daily-allowance-2009265 do these people EVER give up?

  44. Kayla- I agree with a lot of what Kevin and Jodi said as well. What I dont agree with is the way they have gone about going public. If they felt so passionately about it, why not say something a year ago? And if they are so concerned for the kids, why say anything at all? Their interview are fueling the tabloid coverage and thus fueling the success of the show. I just see a ton of inconsistencies in Kevin and Jodi.

  45. It's funny that if Kevin and Jodi were not upset at the money then why are they not on the show anymore because it would suit them better (or make them more believable) if they were still there 9on the show) doing everything they could "for the kids" and not getting paid for it. But what do they do? They go to websites, Star magazine, etc... and get paid...but again it's not about the money.Yeah right. And in regards to child labor laws, the kids are not out on movie sets until 3 in the morning, there is nothing really being asked of them that's over the top, most episodes they are going to events like the circus, phillies games, the zoo, or being normal kids. With both parents in and out (and awy on business) it's the same as most normal families where both parents HAVE to work, and when BOTH parents HAVE to work, it can cause stress. HMMM seems pretty typical of MOST families, with the exception of the cameras of course.

  46. I have been a fan of this show since the beginning and I hated reading any negative comments about the family. Now with all the stuff out there is really tearing me up inside and I have way to much of my emotional feelings invested in this family. I have no idea what happened in their marriage except that there seems to be a lot of anger as stated by Kate. I think Jon was angry at being home and not working and having the added responsibility of the very critical spot light on them. I think they needed to work on this arrangement out better. I'm sure Kate reason (very valid) it was her time to be working was was because she had been home with the kids for 3 or so years while Jon worked.

    I can somewhat relate to this marriage trouble they are going through, however, I'm sure so much worse being so public and having 8 young kids. I was married very young at the age of 20. We were married for 7 years and then I found myself in the same position I see Jon in right now (however no idea if he had the affair or not). I was very angry at my husband, but at the time I didn't know I was angry and developed this relationship with another man that shouldn't have happened. This new man gave me attention I craved and I was willing to leave everything I knew for him. However, deep down I knew it was the wrong decision.

    The relationship with the other man fell apart after finding out he wasn't who I thought he was. I came crawling back to my husband who did take me back. Even nursed my broken heart back. He gave me time and space I needed. But to move forward as a better person I had to take a good look at the person I had become and it was hard. I didn't want to look at my actions and how I had hurt my husband. It took a long time to understand that I did love my husband. I had some hidden anger towards him that I had never resolved. Before my affair my anger came out a lot like critical remarks and control issues that I see in Kate.

    My husband forgave me for my mistake and once we made the commitment to each other to work on it things slowly got back together. It took a lot of work and time to rebuild trust. He had to change and I had to change but with that 3 years later I can say our love is strong. Its not perfect but its much better than its ever been. We still go to a counselor ever other week together and also separately. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this December. We are also hoping to start a family.

    One of the ironic things of repairing our relationship is that we kind of reconnected and spent a lot of quality time watching Jon & Kate. We even decided that if we have a son to name him Aadan. So seeing them go through this is very heartbreaking.
    I can't imagine all the things J & K are going through but I do know if you BOTH work on yourself and your marriage and its what you want it can work out. I hope that promise they made to their kids at the vow renewal ceremony is kept, but I also know they can't build a healthy marriage just for the kids alone it has to be for themselevs too!!

  47. But, the kids are filmed for a lot more hours than kids on a movie set. You can argue that they are or aren't working, but they should be protected for being exploited. There is no need for 40 something episode seasons.

    Also, they children do not have to be paid and fo they are their parents can spend all their earnings. I think the children should be paid and that money put into a trust untill they are older (i.e. Coogan Funds in California). Even if their parents spend the money on food, clohtes, and houses for the kids, the kids she see some the money to use for their futures.

    As I said, I am not speaking specfically about Jon and Kate's show. Many more of these shows are popping up and so laws need to be passed to protect children. I am not saying that the children in these shows are being explotied, but someone will be exploited somewhere down the line if laws are not passed.

    Also, was reading the child labor laws in Penn. and one thing the jumped out at me was that no child could be nude or partially nude. When Jon and Kate show their children on the toliet and in the bath ot getting dressed it kind of bothers me. I mean yes they are little kids, but should to be shown in just underware or in the shower. I am not saying Jon and Kate are wrong for showing that and they probably think nothing of it. I have babysat kids who will run around the house naked if you don't get them in the tub right away. I don't think TLC should be putting those scenes on TV. THIS is why there needs to be laws in place.

    Now, I'm done ranting aboutt his topic. It's making me annoyed. I just wanted to put my 2 cents in. Phew!! I'm done :)

  48. Yesterday I was accused of being a hater, I am totally a fan of the show. However, I am really irritated that they aren't fighting tooth and nail to save their marriage. They are giving up too easy. If it is for ratings and viewers, TLC's plan backfired. I am not watching anymore, the whole purpose for the show is gone. It isn't focusing on the kids, the parents are a disappointment. When it is a family again I may think about watching it. There is too much divorce and sadness out there. I am even thinking of getting rid of all things cable, reality shows make me crazy. Maybe they are too REAL. HAHA.

    Jon's gotten fat and self centered. Kate is indeed working to support her family. I don't believe Jodi did too much work on the book.

    I also agree that Jon is parroting things that he is buying into....I caught that, I can't talk right, breathe right, etc.

    However, I have a brother that would take a very small sum to talk smack about me. He doesn't get any money for it and does it all the time right now. Just the nature of some people to be evil, jealous or just downright mean for no reason.

  49. New Us magazine says Jon was paid 5 dollras by Kate as an allowance!!!! This is too much, I am still laughing. There is no man, husband, father, that would be given an allowance of five dollars that's like a cup of coffee nowadays. It's like Us knew the show was going to go through the ratings roof and they want to capitalize on it. Also the former boss is back in the news about Kate yelling about a missed lunch, funny how the name of his business ***** cabinets or something is always in the story, but again these people are not about the money.

  50. Boy the rag mags are really stretching.

  51. That is down right hilarious. Where do they get this stuff from?

  52. All I know is that this shouldn't be playing out on TV. This Monday was the most uncomfortable hour of television I've ever watched. I loved watching the show up to a point, but now, this is just heart wrenching. My parents divorced when I was about 8, and it's already a really difficult issue. Imagine being a child and having all of this unfold in from of all of America. It's just sad. I want this to be done with, it's not fun anymore.

  53. I'm sorry if this has been posted already (just briefly read most of the posts), but maybe Kate felt alone with the party planning because it was a special occasion. I'd feel alone, too, if my husband wasn't there to help with the party, regardless of how many other people were helping. If I see one more story from US magazine, I'm gonna hurl! They're not exactly known as a credible magazine.

  54. I wasn't uncomfortable watching the show (hence reality tv) my wife and kids were with me on the notion that its the tabloids, haters, and weird family members looking to make a quick buck that is really damaging family here...but we also agree that maybe, just maybe there is a little bit of "acting" going on as well. If you got the TLC website and watch the webisodes like the new set one they are together on the set, they look okay, they are both smiling, for 2 people that supposedly hate each other as people say they got along quite well. If my wife and I are fighting we are not laughing. I think TLC will scramble some footage that they already took with newer footage to keep up with the tension that drew 10 million viewers. And honestly its smart business.

  55. arabella said:

    My husband is my helper. When he is done with secular work at the end of the day, the majority of the kids responsibilities are on him. I've done it all day, he pulls the load when he's home. When my mom or another person helps out during the day when he is not home, it is not the same. The teamwork is not the same. I appreciate all the help but unless my life partner, my husband, the father of my children is right there besides me, I feel alone.


    I'm not picking on you. lol. Just wanted to reply to your comment.

    Since Kate works "secularly" then that would mean that she should handle the stuff at home when she comes home from her job and give Jon a break. That's pretty much what happened. AND she claims Jon has plenty of help when he is home with the kids, but maybe he wants his life partner to be there too.

    We don't know what happened that Jon wasn't home. I'm not defending the fact he wasn't there. But on Kate's "blog" she said "their wires got crossed" so she had to do it alone.

    Maybe it wasn't clear that she expected to go party shopping that day. Maybe he had plans for that day months in advance and couldn't change them. Maybe he figured he had the kids for four weeks she can handle them for one day. Maybe he was with his supposed-girlfriend and that's why she sounded bitter. We really don't know because they didn't explain why Jon wasn't home. I wish they did.

    It's hard to see it from either of their viewpoints when we don't know the facts. I saw both their sides and neither of their sides.

    I too have two children, a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old, both at home. I'm sure a special needs child is more work so I'm not comparing myself to you or anyone else for that matter.

    Anyway, my husband comes home from work and he too helps with the kids. However, I never ask him to. In fact, I try to tell him to relax but the girls miss him all day and want him. He wakes up at 4:30am and comes home at 6pm. I remember what it was like to have a long day at work and not want to do anything when I come home so I feel for him. However, I take care of the girls all day long and I would like a break. So now what?

    Everyone is different. Everyone has to decide for themselves and agree as a couple how they will work it. Compromise is needed. So is communication. So is compassion for the other person. I don't see Jon and Kate having any of that with or for eachother.

  56. I'd like to repeat a comment I made in another post since it is discussed here:

    I was wondering about this theory. Note, I said it's just a theory...

    Jon says he did not "cheat" on Kate. He said he knows it, and Kate knows it. What if their marriage was over for the last six months, just as Kate said too. We saw the finale of season 4. It seemed pretty much over at that point. Kate admitted it. She said for at least 6 months. Maybe more if she cares to admit it.

    Maybe they have been "separated" and are just staying together for the children's sake or the show's sake, or their contract with TLC, etc.

    Since they are "separated" maybe that is why Jon says he did not "cheat". As for Kate being upset, maybe she is upset that it is now out in the open and now they all have to deal with the repercussions of Jon not being more discreet about it. All the tabloids, all the gossip, all the bad press.

    Now the media and fans are saying the show needs to end and Kate should be home with her children. The life she loved having both her children and her "celebrity" as she knows and loves it is gone.

    It's a possiblity and could explain a lot. Of course NONE of us will know the truth. Both Jon and Kate were not specific about anything.

  57. OK today as Kate would say "I am positively UNSTREAMERISH!"
    Which means I left out a part of the show. Part 3 of six is now there. Since this was a longer episdoe I think that I had some problems this time. I promise that won't happen again!

    I was giving the baby her bottle this morning and did watch Jodi & Kevin. CBS actually e-mailed me the info like I would post it on my site. I'm scratching my head on that. Apparently both US Weekly & People's editors are sending me things in the hopes of getting the word out. Are they realizing that this is a fan site? I'm so confused (Not with people.com though)

    I feel anger now watching them. Like they are betraying family for a media buck now. I have stated many times before, that if this was truly a couple protecting the kids, they would not be speaking up only after being paid to do so. So with that I wont re-hash what I said a million times about them. Other that I think they pretty much know they will never be speaking to this family again. So why not go on CBS and bash them a little more?

  58. BabyMama:

    I read an interview with Beth about the book online. She said she penned every word. Basically she consulted Kate about the book and Kate gave her some info, etc. But Beth penned every word. So she claims.

  59. BabyMama:

    I'm not defending Jodi and Kevin for the interview but it seems like Kate already put an end to the cousins being together a long time ago when they put a stop to their being on the show.

  60. First of all on the radaronline video, Kevin & Jodi said the had not talked to J&K for a year. Then they say Jon came to them six months ago. Now on the CBS interview I read, they claim they still talk to J&K, but the relationship is strained. DUH, do ya think. All was well when they were on the show, even their children were on camera. Remember the episode with Mady and Benny? But, now they seem to have a problem. It is called 15 minutes of fame.

  61. Ok, seriously! I just watched Jodi & Kevin on the Early Show. Is Jodi not just another Kate? Kevin barely said anything and when he tried, Jodi just talked over him! Shouldn't this be coming from Kevin? And their story doesn't sinc with their earlier video. There they said they stopped when Kate said no one was getting paid except her. Now they're saying it was because the kids were being exploited. Which is it guys?? And if a full year ago the kids complained about the cameras to Jodi (which I doubt), why didn't they do something then? Why aren't they lobbying a bill in Congress to protect these kids? What do the gain by doing the Early Show except getting in front of cameras again?

    Completely disgusting!! Kevin, man up and speak up!! This should have nothing to do with Jodi!

    On a different note, season premiere sooo sad. I hope they work it work. I can see both sides and understand that they are both entrenched in anger right now, but hopefully they can find their way back to each other.

  62. http://www.thestar.com/article/640912

    Interesting article about parents of multiples. Jon and Kate are the header, but it's more general. It's like a follow up to Kate's comment that parents of multiples are more likely to break up.

  63. SchmeckyGirl~
    We will never know who or what parts each person put to paper, and I don't care what Beth said in that lone article. I agree she did write it, but are we going to debate what parts? Kate wrote the book as well. Both names are on the cover. So its pointless to go on about it.

    Jodi & Kevin had a CHANCE to go back to the family and make it work. They CHOSE to get paid to do some trashy online interview. I applaud them and their appearance this morning on CBS claiming to be there for the kids. I don't believe that to be so.

    Shelly~ Thank you, I was thinking the EXACT same thing. So far they have given SEVERAL different accounts of talking to both Jon & Kate. Talk about liars! She said just today that they are STILL in touch with them. Kate's having NONE of this. You know it! Thank you for calling them out on all the inconsistencies regarding their stories!

  64. Thanks for posting the "Star" article, Amy.

    Most comments I've seen about the possible divorce suggest that the show caused the marriage problems, and that getting off the show would possibly make everything better. I wonder how true that is. Like Kate said, they've swiftly changed into different people. This could have happened even without the show. Just having sextuplets at such a young age is an enormous stress on the relationship - I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up getting divorced even if they never did the show.

    While I do think it's probably going to be hard for the kids to someday see these episodes, it might be good for the general public to watch what happens when a marriage falls apart. Divorce is SO prevalent today, but it's almost never talked about or seen in entertainment. It might be healthy for America to see that marriage isn't always so rosy.

  65. I truly think the reason for this whole mess is that Jon should have never quit his job and Kate should have just stayed home!I mean they could still keep the show but if they just kept there lives it was like 2 yrs ago everything would fine!Now it's just out of hand with all this paparitizi and Kate leaving.Don't get me wrong, but that was a bad mistake.

  66. I'm sorry if I keep commenting but there is just soooo much to comment about. I don't discuss the show with family or friends so this is my outlet. lol.

    I loved this show since the first special aired. I thought Jon and Kate were a great couple and I adore those kids. I am a fan of the show and have watched every episode.

    I hope that just because I don't agree with a lot of things about the show or with some of the commenters here that I am seen as a hater or troll.

    I love the fact that we all watch the same show and see things through our own eyes. Of course sometimes I think we must all be watching a different show. lol.

    I think BOTH Jon and Kate are to blame for what their marriage and family have become. I think TLC is to blame also, however, they are a network in it for the money. They can't be held responsible for doing what's best for the family. That is Jon and Kate's responsibility. Somehow they have to figure it out between the two of them.

    I truly hope that Jon and Kate work this out. I was so saddened watching that show. Seriously. My husband who can't stand to watch the show was consoling me. I'm sad for Jon and sad for Kate. I know they both didn't think this was going to happen to their family. But just like everyone else, mostly sad for the children. They had no choice in the matter. They are seeing their family fall apart.

    All the times they said "We're a family and we're in this together" made me realize they knew they are up against a lot and planned to do it together. I too want to see how this plays out.

    I think the show leaves out a lot. So many details that would give more insight into their lives and what led up to all the media hype. I wonder if we will see any of it this season. I know some people feel it's private but the show is supposed to be about their lives. I know I'm interested.

    I also want to say that I do not think Kate cheated on Jon and I do think that Jon had an inappropriate relationship with that girl. But that is just my opinion based on pretty much nothing but pieces here and there. I could be wrong. No one really knows. Except of course the "other" woman and the bodyguard.

    I do not believe everything I read online. Nor anything written in tabloid magazines, although I'm not saying NONE of it is true. Some of it could be. I also don't believe everything Jon and/or Kate say because they have something to lose if the truth comes out. I think they respond to things without specifics.

    One example: Kate said Oh we PAID for this house (not a quote). That could be read any number of ways. Literally or figuratively. She didn't say they bought it with their own money and pay the mortgage each month themselves. It could be so. Or it could be that TLC paid for it as part of their contract (for them and the Gosselins own the title) and in a sense Jon and Kate "paid" for it with their daily lives... or "working" in exchange for the house. It just wasn't clarified. Does it matter? Not to me. I couldn't care less, personally. But it will definitely make a difference in all the expenses they have and how much money they actually need to survive and raise two childrn, since that seems to have become a big issue.

    There are other things in the show I wanted to address but I guess I will read some more comments and come back later. I've written a book.

  67. jk8fan said...
    I truly think the reason for this whole mess is that Jon should have never quit his job and Kate should have just stayed home!!


    What really gets me about this is that it's pretty clear now that Kate wasn't at all content just staying home. She really seems to love writing her book and promoting it, the show, and herself -- for better or worse, she's definitely turned into a business woman.

    My guess is nobody ever asked her if she WANTED to stay at home after the sextuplets were born. She was the mother, so she had to, even though she was probably making just as much, if not more, than Jon as a nurse.

    If Jon hates being at home so much, he could easily get a job, go back to school, volunteer, etc. If he has enough time and help to go out to bars at early hours, he has the resources to do something more productive. Kate said in an interview that she's encouraged him to go back to school, but he seems much more interested in playing with his toys and fooling around. I've always felt that Jon's "problem" isn't so much with having to be a SAHD, but with Kate being the provider.

  68. When Jody and Beth were doing the show they commented that they were 'advocating' for the kids during filming. They'd speak up if they noticed the kids getting cranky and ask to take a break, to stop filming and get a snack, take a nap, etc. Jody didn't just start speaking out for the kids after she stopped doing the show; she stated herself that she spoke to Jon and Kate many times about her concerns for the kids during filming, about the many trips and activities during the day many times being too much for tv and not about just being kids.

    CBS doesn't pay for interviews so they weren't paid for their appearance this morning and I don't know if anyone knows if or what they were paid for any other interview. I don't agree (because I don't know) that Jody and Kevin are speaking out for the money.

    Be neutral. Put yourself in their place. Your sister is (in your opinion, exploiting her kids) taking advantage of her children and it appears to you that the kids aren't allowed to be kids, that they have had the fun taken out of their childhoods, that they're working, the parents appear to be taking advantage of their own kids, etc. You've talked to your sister, but she digs her heels in even deeper and refuses to listen to you and in fact increases the intensity of her actions with her kids and all of a sudden, before you know it, your contact with your nieces and nephews has been cut off. Despite efforts to change the situation she won't change and you feel that what is happening should be against the law, that the kids are being exploited and they don't have childhoods any more. Your hands are tied. No one will listen to just you and your husband. You don't speak out publically because you don't want to hurt the family - especially the children. Stay with me, please......

    Then, all of a sudden the lid blows off of the story of your sister's now very public and famous family. Would you sit back silently after trying to change things behind the scenes for over a year and with no contact with the children you care about or would you take advantage of the current spotlight and attention on the family and bring your concerns to the news media and ask for help from lawmakers to help your much loved family?

    Me, if I'd exhausted all other options and felt I had no where else to turn? I'd have talked to CBS, too. (I'm not too sure I would have talked to radaronline, though). IMO, they feel they did all they could on their own and it got them no where so they took advantage of the attention right now and went pubic in the only ways they knew how. The national networks don't do stories unless they feel there is legitimate interest and large enough viewership - 2 weeks ago I doubt Kevin and Jody could have gotten an interview on CBS, but because of all of the other Jon and Kate news and because Kevin and Jody have finally spoken out, a national news agency paid attention and did their interview.

    Believe them or not, IMO they care about the Gosselins and want the parents to give their children the healthiest, happiest, most fulfilled, well-balanced, and emotionally stabile futures as possible and for legislation to be enacted so no child can be exploited by their parents or a tv network. I think their motives are genuine and that they felt speaking out publically was their last resort.

    It's a very sad situation for each and every individual concerned. I'm praying Jon and Kate are able to put aside any plans for continuing the show, movies, books, etc. until they've settled and stabilized their family issues. IMO all the fans of the show (I'm one) should want the family to heal before being selfish and wanting to see more of their family on tv. I think we can all agree that the children deserve the chance to life lives free from rumors, speculation, cameras, and privacy.

  69. I first want to comment on Kevin and Jodi...wow! Such inconsistency between both interviews. Who can believe these two when just a year ago they too had their children filmed and I am sure that if Kate were to have said "oh sure you can stay on and be paid" there would have not been a Jodi and Kevin interview this morning. And how do you become 'the voice of the children' when you havnt spoken to them in a year?

    Kayla you said:
    But, the kids are filmed for a lot more hours than kids on a movie set. You can argue that they are or aren't working, but they should be protected for being exploited. There is no need for 40 something episode seasons.

    That is not entirely true. Child actors spend 12-14 hours per day on a set. And yes with breaks usually 3-5 hours a day for "school" (in a trailor) with other child actors. Child actors also do appearances, commercials, signing, and if they are tv/pop stars too. Then they are also doing concerts. The Gosselin children, according to Kate, are only being filmed 3-4 days a week. Since I don't know her but I do know the twins are in school 5 days a week for at least 6 hrs and the tups are in school for 3 days a week for 3 hours. We can say she is probably right. The crew is probably only there on weekends and then when the kids are out of school and a special day or trip is planned.

    IMO, I do not think the Gosselin children are being exploited. I think that if one should argue about laws for reality show stars then one should also be lobbying for stricter laws on the child actors. I asked this question before on the other site to see what kind of answers I could get. "What is the difference between the reality show children and child actors?" I really didn't get much response except that reality is "real" and child actors are scripted. I don't think that's a valid point. I do think that their have been times when TMI was put on tv, but also I have watched 13-16 year olds making out in shows on Disney, Nick and so on. I find that a little more offensive than seeing a 3 year old sitting on a potty.

    Sorry for the long post :)

  70. I have a question. One which no one may know the answer to. Also, if I have the "quote" wrong, please let me know because I didn't memorize it.

    Does anyone know if money is being put aside per child when they come of age?

    I know Jon and Kate said will pay for them to go to college. However, it seemed that aside from college, Jon and Kate expect the children to make their own money.

    During a viewer's questions episode someone asked if Jon and Kate will be buying the children cars when they are old enough to drive.

    Kate said something like, "Let's see. Eight kids, Eight cars. No." Something like that. Then she said something to the effect of "When they are making their own money and want to buy one we will maybe match what they put into to buy the car". Then one of them, not sure which, said something like "They can share cars".

    Something like that doesn't make sense to me. Shouldn't the children have some money already from the show? They get nothing? No trust fund?

    I know the kids aren't considering "working" under Child Labor Laws in PA, but it seems to me that Jon and Kate and the children all had equal share in the show (not the book signings and appearances, etc.) and should all get a share. Maybe not equal percentages because the parents are the caregivers and pay expenses, etc., but still split it up.

    I understand not wanting a child to just "get a car" when they come of age and make them feel like they worked for it. But they did work for it! They lost their private lives and showed all their good and bad for the world to see. They sat around waiting for things to be filmed and to take photo shoots for magazines, etc.

    Of course, I do hope each child goes to college and gets a career they love and do support themselves or at least have a good work ethic, but I would hope the children are entitled to something from all the money made from the show.

    I was just wondering because I hear so much about there not being laws to put money aside for the children from being on the show.

  71. You're right LeahMay men don't like it when they aren't the breadwinner, but I read in some article that Kate did indeed ALWAYS make more money then him, so who knows if that is at the heart of the issue. I just hope that whatever happens they unitedly help the children through this regardless of their feelings for each other.

    I also agree with Schmecky Girl that the money/freebies they recieve from having a show has given them and the children more oppertunities and a better lifestyle than they would have had otherwise. It doesn't matter to me who paid for what or what was free. The kids deserved to have a house and land where they can run and play and be kids. Jon and Kate could have never given them this kind of life otherwise. On the other hand, it is going to be adjustment when it all goes away. Also, I think if they do divorce they should do what many parents do now. They let the kids stay in the house while they move in and out because in most cases it's joint custody and 50/50. Those kids deserve that beautiful house.

    I also agree with Schmeky Girl's point about if they have been separated then Jon technically didn't cheat. That theory is hard to accept since I am a huge fan (ask mom my she wishes I did something w/ my free time besides watch J&K on DVD and TV). However, it explains a lot more than anything said in the premire.

    This is all soooo sad and like many others on here I don't know if I can stomach the rest of this season. Well, atleast next week we are backtracking so it might no be so bad.

  72. schmeckygirl~ I keep your posts because you are respectful to those that are here as fans of this show. You are allowed to disagree and that doesn't make your thoughts any less valid. What I don't take are people coming on this site just to stir up trouble and be nasty (aka trolls)

    co~ I think we all know that Jodi & Kevin were not paid to be on CBS, and also well aware that they were paid big $$$ for the Radar online interview. It was just a way to a means and that was to get on national TV themselves. Personally I don't agree with you at all. I feel the total opposite. But I felt to keep your post up because you took a thoughtful approach about it. We do not know if they ever spoke up. And seeing how they change their story several times in interviews, I no longer believe what they say. I feel they came out now because the media is looking to pounce on this family. If they cared about the kids they would never have attacked their parents the way they did.

    We have both sides of the coin here and that's why I felt it was important that both sides were out there. Both of us see it different ways. Either way, this family unit thanks to Jodi & Kevin Kreider is now permanently broken.

  73. dancnmommy said:

    "What is the difference between the reality show children and child actors?"


    See my question above. I think the difference is child actors get paid for their time, all those long hours being filmed, whereas children on reality tv don't because they aren't "working".

    Yes, technicaly they are just being filmed doing their daily business, but there are photo shoots and talk shows, etc that they have to do and they sit around a lot and wait for cameras to be set up, etc. And they are on TV being watched doing what they do. If Jon and Kate get paid for that so should they.

    I think that's why so many people are outraged. Thus my question. Anyone know?

  74. jk8fan and LeahMay, I agree with both of you and will go even farther. I think that Jon would be happy being a SAHD if his wife had been around more at the beginning and had a better way of communicating with him. I think it was the isolation he felt beginning 2 years ago (when Kate started taking trips for PR work, trying to find book publishers, working with advertisers, etc) and he was left alone, noticing how Kate seemed to prefer fame and being away rather than helping parent their kids hurt him.

    I thought that although her comments to him on the couch seemed offensive and harsh to me, that between them - it was just their way of communicating with each other. But, now I think that those comments really did hurt Jon and they took their toll along with other problems in their marriage and that he now feels very bitter towards her about the way they communicated.

    IMO, if the show would stop Jon could be happy being a SAHD. He doesn't like filming any longer, the hassles that go along with it and would probably be happy with having Kate gone doing her own thing. She said she told him to volunteer, go to school, whatever but it wasn't good enough - I think it wasn't good enough because he wants the show to stop and to have the cameras leave. Of course, all IMO. (< :

  75. I just had a conversation with my boss about this, we both agree if TLC is doing this for ratings, it isn't going to work, we don't want to watch this train wreck.

    I'm sorry, but Jon acts like a spoiled kid that isn't getting his way. Sure, if he can go to bars and make sure his kids are taken care of, he can go to school.

    I don't know why all the women are degrading Kate for not staying home. Fortheloveofpete it is 2009! She isn't on the road all the time, the kids are being cared for, supposedly by their father. Why is that bad or wrong? My husband cared for our children while I worked full time and went to nurse's training full time. I had 70 or more hours a week. He didn't whine, run to bars, complain that he needed a break or days off, we did it together! In a few years I carried the financial load while he went to school. Grow up Jon!

  76. SchmeckyGirl, I'm not an expert and can't tell you 'why', but I can guide you to 'why not' answers which might help you see the differences between child actors and reality shows. But, you have to remember than in PA, NO children in the entertainment industry are covered by any labor laws.
    Anyway, go to Paul Petersen's website and read the letter by the CA Dept of Labor which outlines the laws there. The questions are from producers of a reality tv show asking how/what laws apply to their plans. It's under the heading (under the tab at the top of the page 'Contents'). The subject is 'Why Octomom will never have a reality show in CA'. There are also many other very good letters on his site that explain the many concerns for reality tv children. Look at the ones from the show a couple of summers ago called 'Kid Nation'. His website is called minorcon.org. He's very nice, knowlegable, and working hard to protect children from exploitation and abuse in entertainment.

  77. SchmeckyGirl (sp)
    And they are on TV being watched doing what they do. If Jon and Kate get paid for that so should they.

    I agree with you that the assumed $75,000 per episode should be split between all 10 family members. And who knows, it probably is. Typically, when you start to come into large sums of money from tv, movies, or albums financial advise is given to you. How to spend it where to put it etc. So most likely seperate checks are being made out to each individual person of the family and because the children are minors. Jon and Kate are probably addresed as c/o on the checks. Which means that there must be an account for each child somehow. I am not 100% and only speaking from my own experience.
    But I do agree that all members of the family should be compinsated.

  78. BabyMama, I liked the way you had the comments set up originally - not this way. I was able to go back and refer to the original post if needed, but the way comments are on a separate page now - the original post isn't available.
    I'll probably be the only one to say I prefered it the way you had it set up - but I've always been different. Whatever is best for you and the majority!

  79. Despite the current season's depressing undertone and concerns that the children are being exploited, TLC says it has no plans to end Jon & Kate Plus 8. (Monday's fifth season premiere attracted 9.8 million viewers - more than double the audience for its fourth-season finale several weeks ago.)

    "The show's ratings have grown consistently, as there has been interest in these real-life issues of this real-life family," TLC said in a statement to E! News on Wednesday. "We will continue to air as the interest continues, and the family wants to do it."

    See Jon and Gosselin through the years

    The network also confirmed that there would be a whopping 40 episodes, double the previous season order.

    See photos of Jon Gosselin and his mistress

    Marc Berman, senior television editor at Mediaweek, tells Usmagazine.com the new season of Jon & Kate is "a darker version of what it once was."

    "It went from a feel-good show about this young couple raising eight children to a show about two parents trying to keep their marriage together," he says.

    See photos of reality love gone bad

    But that might not be such a bad thing, says Robert J. Thompson, founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.

    Though the show will likely lose "that particular audience who sat down and watched it with their kids," Thompson tells Us it'll likely gain new viewers interested in "that sense of mockery."

    See what celebs look like with Kate Gosselin's hairdo

    Kate Gosselin "has now emerged as a significantly less sympathetic character, a porcupine, and that could make for interesting TV viewing," Thompson tells Us. "But will she be willing -- for the sake of keeping the show interesting -- to put herself up for that kind of loathing, which Anna Nicole Smith was completely willing to do?"

    Tell Us: Will you keep watching Jon & Kate this season?

  80. I have a question, not really to do with this post though. Does anyone know if this is Jon and Kate Plus 8's facebook? Or if they even have one?

    Thanks, and good luck to them!

  81. dancnmommy.
    Please, whatever you do, don't assume ANY money is going to the kids or the money is being split 10 ways or the parents are doing the 'right' thing with what should go to the kids. This is the mistake that was made 40 years ago to child actors which prompted the Coogan Law from being law in CA. The kids grew up and found out that their parents had not saved a cent of the kid's money and there was nothing put away for them. This was during the time of child actors - no parents working - when all the money should have been saved for the kids.

    We're hoping the Gosselin parents have done the proper and rightful thing and put away 80% of the money for the children, but with NO laws in PA to protect their earnings, we'll never know unless they decide to tell when they reach legal age and find there is nothing there for them.

    Kate made a statement at one of her last speeches and said: "they'll get a college education - and that's it!" I don't know if that should be taken literally or was a figure of speech, but it scared me a little bit for the kids and thinking of the mansion bought, new sports cars, jewelry, vacation condo, clothes, and the fall of the stock market.

    We can only hope that the children will be 'fairly and equally' compensated for their years of work.

  82. Cindy said:

    I don't know why all the women are degrading Kate for not staying home. Fortheloveofpete it is 2009! She isn't on the road all the time, the kids are being cared for, supposedly by their father. Why is that bad or wrong? My husband cared for our children while I worked full time and went to nurse's training full time. I had 70 or more hours a week. He didn't whine, run to bars, complain that he needed a break or days off, we did it together! In a few years I carried the financial load while he went to school. Grow up Jon!


    I have nothing against a working mother, especially if there is one spouse at home to care for the children.

    I think the issue is she does not NEED to work to support the family. They air 40 shows a season at $73,000 an episode. That's enough to support any family.

    Plus she makes money "writing" books.

    They have the means to both stay at home and enjoy their children and travel... and it seems like that was the agreement when Jon stopped working.

    Besides, if she was working while the children were in school and home for when they come home no one would care. At least I wouldn't. Same for Jon. It's not just Kate.

    If Jon was off doing all those unnecessary book signings and appearances and left Kate at home with all the kids and she was upset about it and complaining and felt all alone and isolated I think the same women would be against it too. I would. I don't think it is based on a double standard for men and women.

    Some men might not resent it and it wouldn't be an issue. For me it's not even Jon that is the issue. For me it's the children. She said she always wanted to be a stay-at-home mother. That's what they agreed on. Jon even stopped working to stay home with her.

    That is my take on the matter.

  83. co~ I get what your saying. I'm just trying new ways that will be best for us to talk to each other on this blog. You may see some changes over the next few days, as I sort out the kinks. Thanks for understanding!

  84. BabyMama:
    I don't get to seee the pretty colors with this view but I'll get used to it. Not sure what the difference is otherwise. Although I guess I prefer it the way you had it before? But not a big deal to me.

    I do hate the "word verification" though. lol.

  85. I doubt they have a facebook. I wouldn't believe whoever is on there.

  86. After seeing Jodi and Kevin ont eh Early Show, I have to admit I believe that they are very concerned for the kids' well being. they seem to be very devoted, kind people. It must be killing them to see the Gosselin kids lives being destroyed. I am now thinking the show needs to stop and Kate and Jon need to work on their marriage(if there is any left) and take care of those kids. I hope the damage that has already been done can be managed. God Bless those kids

  87. Also I think that we all need to remember this. The kids are NOT actors nor are they acting. They are living their lives while being filmed a few days a week. Its their parents decision what money they get saved for them. We hope that they would be saving for the future and their education. We saw by the "Will" episode that the parents are saving for them. But either way, where is it our right to know what they do with their families money?

    Where does it say that because they make a certain amount per episode, that's enough? Many people on TV make 3x's that and it's not enough for them. Why do people feel that their right to decide what money goes to these children? This is what I feel. To compare them to child actors is unfair. If your mom says your going to do an appearance you do it. They are not working, they are living their lives based on what their lifestyle is, whether its wrong or right in our lives. And its not that I don't hope that their parents were wise enough to save for them. I hope they did. It's just not our decision to make. Just my opinion.

  88. Okay here are two things I noticed on the show. Nothing significant but I just noticed it and though it odd.

    1) When leaving to go shopping with all the kids Kate sounding all frustrated told one of the boys to tell the girls that if they aren't outside in the car in a minute or whatever, she was leaving without them. But they were all sitting there waiting for her on the sofa. I found that odd, but funny.

    2) When taking the kids out of the van to go to Party City Kate said "Hurry up because the paparazzi are here". One of the boys said "What's paparazzi?". Then in the interview she comments how sad (or whatever word she used) it is when your 5-year-old says "Look there's the paparazzi". It sounded to me like the kids didn't even know what paparazzi was. At least not what the word meant.

  89. SchmekeyGirl- When they aired the moving episode, Kate said they have 2 mortgages. Hence they have a mortgage on both houses. She said she wishes they could sell it, because it was like maintaining two households.

    Baby Mama- Thanks, I also posted on the CBS sight the same thing I posted here about Jody and Kevin's lies.

  90. Shelly:

    Good point about her saying they have 2 mortgages. I do remember that now. Thanks.

    Okay I know it seems like I've been sitting here all day on this blog but I swear I'm doing laundry! LMAO!!

  91. BabyMama:

    I agree that it's not for us to decide if they should or shouldn't want to make more than what they make per episode.

    I only say that because I strongly feel that all those other pursuits beyond the filming of their show is what lead to the downfall of their family.

    Of course we don't know everything but from what I've seen and heard that was a huge part of it. Besides of course, the continuing of the filming of the show that Jon stated he wanted to stop doing a while back. However, even at that point it seemed too late. They were both on different paths at that point.

    As for all the other families that continue to make more money on their shows, etc... I don't know them. They didn't open their lives up for me to follow and care about their family and their children.

  92. You can be a fan of Jon and Kate on Facebook and that is run by TLC. Anything else is a group made by an independent individual.

  93. Schmecky Girl, to reply to your comment about my husband taking on the lion's share when he gets home vs. Kate not doing the same to Jon when she gets home...

    We (my family) are Christians. The bible repeatedly stresses that the husband is the head of the family and the majority of the family responsibilities fall to him. That is why my husband does what he does. He is of the thinking that women are to be cherished and the majority of the work load is to be on the husband. Not that I don't pull my own load, but he is very much our leader and I am quite content to co-pilot. Not saying this is "right" or the way everyone should do it. Works for us.

    And I don't want to talk for Kate or Jon. I don't know them. But I "get" Kate. Some things she says are inarticulate, but I understand what she means. I am usually not very good at verbalizing, either. :)

  94. I watched Kate's brother, Kevin, and his wife Jodi on CBS this morning.
    I have to say I found them to be credible. This is their last ditch effort to do something in the best interest of the children: stop the cameras from invading their lives.
    I don't think anyone realized how invasive the filming would become. I sure didn't realize they had cameras rolling that often. 40 episodes a season?!? Too much.
    I also found it hilarious when Kate scurried to get the children away from the paparazzi, when they went to Party City. Her OWN CAMERA CREW was closer in proximity! If she doesn't like cameras following her, it really should tell her something: she has stated her own kids "don't mind the cameras, it's all they've ever known".
    Her kids probably wouldn't even bat an eye at the paparazzi. And that speaks volumes.

  95. I, personally, can see the difference between TLC's cameras and those of the others. The kids are used the TLC's and those camera men aren't aggresive, as we've seen with some of the paps. And the parents can veto something before it is aired if picked up by TLC cameras. They can't control the tabloid pics. Big differnce, Min.

  96. Min said
    I have to say I found them to be credible. This is their last ditch effort to do something in the best interest of the children: stop the cameras from invading their lives.


    Up until a week or two ago, what other effort have they made? You say its their last ditch effort, but they just went public. They have been silent up until this point, other than the video on her sisters blog (which had more to do with the money than exploitation). Thats the problem I have with them, they are trying to come off as really genuine. But I have to think if they were really that passionate about the issue, they would have come out months ago. Their actions are just not consistent with their words.

  97. Jennifer:

    I'm not saying Jodi and Kevin ARE credible... I really don't know. I do think they love the Gosselin children and always wanted the best for them.

    Maybe they did try to voice their concerns but no one would listen. Maybe the bigger networks or TV media channels like CNN or Headline News and shows like Entertainment Tonight wanted nothing to do with them. Jon and Kate are loved by so many, their show has a huge following and TLC is a huge networks owned by a huge company.

    Maybe they figured no one would believe just their word.

    Maybe it took a pic of Jon with another woman shown all over the internet and news and tabloids for a way for them to come out and finally be heard. Remember, they first came out in defense of Jon being called a cheater.

    None of us know.

  98. Kevin and Jodi make me sick. All they're doing is bringing more negativity to these childrens' lives and have ensured that their children will never again have anything to do with their cousins. Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel are not Kevin and Jodi's kids. They have no business proclaiming what is and isn't safe and healthy for them. The Gosselin kids are healthy, loved, cherished, well nurished mentally, physically and spiritually. They are not abused or neglected. They do not "work". They are not child actors reading from scripts, doing take after take of a show. They are playing, laughing, fighting, crying, throwing tantrums and living every day life that happens to be caught on camera.

    Yes, at one time, the kids bedrooms were shown, but Kate herself, on Oprah (remember her, Jodi?) stated that they won't be taping in the kids rooms anymore because they were older and needed privacy. In fact, since they moved, there really have been only a few rooms of the house shown. Kevin and Jodi may love those kids, but they aren't their parents and do not love them as much as Jon and Kate do. It's funny to me. Kevin and Jodi didn't think it was all that terrible when they were on the show, getting to do things with the Gosselins and even allowed their own children to be shown on national tv. It was only after they were outed from it that it became this evil thing in the children's lives.

  99. SchmeckyGirl-

    Since when has a star being popular with good ratings made them immune to tabloid reports? They go after all the other stars without a problem. I just find it hard to believe that any of those sleezy magazines would ever turn Kevin and Jodi down for the story. Especially since they were on the show and have a very legitimate connection to the family. That, in combination with the fact that their stories have changed from interview to interview make me thinking something is just not right.

  100. Min- How can you find Kevin and Jodi credible? They have changed their story several times, not to mention they contradicted theirselves in the the radaronline video, twice. They had no problem with anything when they were on the show. I remember they got some trips also and their kids were even on. Go back a few posts and read were I have pin pointed their lies.

  101. Schmeckygirl~ I changed it back because no one seemed to like it the other way. Listen guys, if you want the page to go white so everyone can see each other's avatars let me know.

  102. Baby Mama: I have been a daily visitor to your blog since before the first mainstream attention was given to J&K. This is my first time posting, though. I love the new site. Keep up the good work!

    I have been basically preoccupied and distraught since Monday night. My own husband and daughter had to comfort me. I felt as if I was living through the end of a marriage of two "very good friends" that I have never met (lol). I've been wondering why this has affected me and so many other fans/ viewers so deeply. I've never been so attached to another reality show, although I do watch them.

    I started noticing strife in their relationship soon after they moved into the new house. Their body language towards each other on the interview set was not the same and seemed a little bit tense. They seemed to not be mirroring each other's body language (their legs were pointed away from each other, their heads were angled away from each other, etc). I even made a comment to my husband that I hoped that having a larger house was not going to keep them further apart physically. People joke about not getting a king-size bed because you are not "forced" to be close. I was worried about the same kind of thing. I even felt this way when my husband and I moved from our first one bedroom apartment into a larger place.

    When I really started to pick up on the barely perceptible changes, though, was during the episode where Jon took Kara skiing in Utah. There was a big focus on how Kara and Mady missed each other and how Kate missed Kara a lot. There seemed to be something missing, though. Neither Jon or Kate mentioned the fact that they were happy to be back at home together or that they missed each other. On previous episodes, like the one where Kate was away to do the bag lunches, there seemed to be more of a feeling of missing each other. That sparked a bit of concern to me. If you happen to see that episode, re-watch it in light of the recent problems. I remember feeling slightly sick watching those episodes, like when you are dating someone as a teenager and they stop answering your phone calls right away when they used to pick them up on the first ring - a barely perceptible change.

    About Jodi and Kevin, I am at a lost for what to believe. It ruins their credibility that they sold a story to radaronline.com. I would never, ever do that to my sister even if I completely disagreed with the way she was raising her children. If they had posted their own you-tube video (which would've been just as accessible), I might change my mind, but not with this. I belive that they care about the kids, I just think that they are riding this terrible media storm more.

    I really am praying for Jon and Kate and the kids to heal through this. It breaks my heart to think of the couple who show their home video in the "how we got here" episode (especially the Christmas segment) and that they no longer exist. It feels too close to home like it could happen to anyone.

    Thanks for letting me express myself and I really enjoy everyone's comments.

  103. I have been trying for a few months to find out what happened between Beth and the Gosselin's. Did something happen?

  104. We don't even know if there ever was a falling out or what had happened. People just speculate because they don't see her on the show. Just like they said Beverly, Nana Janet and the others deserted the Gosselins, and as we saw that was far from the truth. GWOP said Carla left too. So you know how correct they are!

  105. I like the new site BabyMama - good job!

  106. Co mentioned that: "BabyMama, I liked the way you had the comments set up originally - not this way. I was able to go back and refer to the original post if needed, but the way comments are on a separate page now - the original post isn't available."

    It's all on one page for me...both the original post and the comments.

  107. Jennifer said:

    Since when has a star being popular with good ratings made them immune to tabloid reports? They go after all the other stars without a problem. I just find it hard to believe that any of those sleezy magazines would ever turn Kevin and Jodi down for the story. Especially since they were on the show and have a very legitimate connection to the family. That, in combination with the fact that their stories have changed from interview to interview make me thinking something is just not right.

    Good point. However, the fact that they didn't go to a tabloid like the National Inquirer or Star kinda gives it more credence. Maybe they saw the opportunity was now there to work their way to some credible media. Now they are on CBS... maybe they knew it could work. I really don't know. I'm speculating... which is really all any of us can do for the most part. None of us know anything for sure.

  108. Schmeckygirl-

    Can I just say how refreshing it is to have a friendly discussion on a topic that is clearly so touchy and that we clearly dont totally agree on. Thank you!

    And you are right, we dont really know everything that goes on with this family. Only time will tell ;)

  109. Schmeckygirl-

    One other thing. You mentioned that they didnt go to something like National Inquirer or Star and that gives it more credence. But they did go to Star, their picture was on the cover and they gave them an exclusive interview.I have the magazine in front of me. So that argument is null and void.

  110. ICK! Kevin and Jodi, bottom dwellers IMO. I don't believe a word they say. Interesting they came out in this $@)(t storm to proclaim their devotion to those kids. Yeah, right.............for $30,000 no less! If they really were advocates then they would have been out there trying to change legislature, picketing, whatever they could to get the 'laws' changed. Let's not forget, the cameras are in the Gosselin home, the kids don't go to a 'set' and work. They are living their lives.

    I also don't believe that this woman that throws a fit on national TV over a coupon for a shower head is going to leave her children destitute
    financially! I think you all underestimate her!

    The more this goes on the more I know I am not going to support it. Isn't that what we are all doing?

    The c/o about how much money they get paid per episode aren't valid. TLC is making a killing off of this show, they are going to capitalize on it, for sure. I think the Gosselins should get MORE money per episode, they're the biggest thing out there since sliced bread.

    They're probably telling Jon to go live his life as Jon so they can get a few more tabloid covers. Makes me sick to my stomach.

    Baby Mama, this pale plum color hurts my eyes and makes it hard for me to read, otherwise I like the changes.

    I dislike that 'profile' thing and the word verification, too. But I realize that there are spammers trying to get you.

  111. the lord has the power to heal and restore...regardless of anything the main goal is they need to come out of this together...they have so much to fight for...eight little faces need their mommy and daddy married and together!

  112. Hi All!

    If Kevin and Jodi are only concerned about the kids and exploitation then that's ALL they should be discussing. ALL other topics should be OFF the table. Doesn't matter if what they say is true. To be credible they shouldn't be discussing it. So in my opinion, they are in it for the publicity and gain.

  113. I must say that it made me a little angry to hear Kate say Jon wasn't doing this alone and that he has help at the house with the children when she's away. Help is not what the issue is, maybe the issue is he wants her to be there more (although Kate claims he doesn't want her there). When Jon was working, yes they had help BUT Jon was home from work everyday helping. That's the difference. His job didn't take him away from his children at night and I'm sure Kate wouldn't have allowed that in any case.

    Another upsetting point was when Kate made the statement that the children made the mistake of calling her by the babysitters name. To me that's a problem and a sign that she isn't home the way she should be. While I do love the show I think it's time for both of them to re-evaluate their family values.

    Kate is throwing herself into work while Jon is seeking companionship through other women and it's just sad to see this happening because it can TOTALLY be avoided and fixed. I think another issue is that they started out at this young. 6 months isn't a long time to work on marital issues when a marriage is supposed to last a lifetime. Repairing any relationship takes time and dedication from both parties. I'm just angry that they aren't fighting harder for this marriage.