Wednesday, May 27, 2009

E! Online Exclusive: Kate's Brother Kevin Kreider Next in Line to Sell Out Gosselins

E! Online Exclusive: "We'll say this for the disgruntled brother of Jon Gosselin's alleged mistress: At least he ratted out his sister free of charge. But when it comes to the Jon & Kate Plus 8 clan's own family, prepare to open the checkbook. E! News has learned that as recently as this morning, Kate Gosselin's brother Kevin Kreider has been shopping his tell-all take on the situation to media outlets for $30,000. Ironically, Kreider—unsurprisingly estranged from sis Kate—appeared today on CBS' Early Show with his equally outraged and camera-ready wife, Jodi, complaining that the strained reality couple's eight children were being "exploited" and treated as "a commodity." The Kreiders, on the other hand, insist they're now coming forward not just to fill their bank account, but out of concern for the kids. "We're speaking out now because we want to be the voice of our nieces and nephews," Kevin told the morning show. "We're seeing it turn tide, that they're being viewed as a commodity."
To read the rest of this sickening mess you go to E!Online here....Don't want to say told ya so..

Jodi & Kate In Better Times: No More Pacifiers (Watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 On


  1. Wow, Im glad someone is seeing them for what they are. This is a very telling article. Thanks for posting it!

  2. So let me get this straight. Aunt Jodie was willing to be paid when she was doing the show. She admittedly said, they were going to offer her money, and then the big blow out came when Kate said no to it.

    But now she's saying, that the show is horrible, and doesn't want the kids to be apart of it. I guess the show is only horrible if you aren't on it, and you aren't getting paid to be on it.

    And yeah they sure picked the juicest time to come forward and blast Jon and Kate.. after Jodie laid low taking time to 'rest' while her sister did all the nasty blogging.. and getting money in exchange.. wow whose exploiting who, here?

    Seems they want to ride the coattails of the Jon and Kate CrazyTrain.

    To think Kate used Kevin's name to be Joely's middle name. Just awful.

  3. We new it was for the money. They have told 3 different stories so far. First it was, "we have not spoke to J&K for over a year, then it was, "Jon came to them six months ago (by the way, both stories were said in the same interview), then this morning Kevin says he still speaks to J&K, but the relationship is strained. I will say it again, DUH, do ya think so? The gravy train was fun while it lasted. Remember the trips Jodi went on with them. Kate said before the special day episodes aired, that Jodi called her and offered to take the kids on Friday, so Kate could have a break. Sounds like to me it was Jodi that had the big plan of fame, not Kate. J&K did what they needed to do to support the family.

  4. I truly felt in my heart that they were speaking up now because of money. There honestly was no other reason. I wouldn't be surprised if her sister Julie started up again looking to be her manager just to get a cut. (lol) Seriously, she now has an e-mail address on her blog and promoting people to write to her. Don't you think that's odd considering she didn't allow any comments or contact info. on her site prior?

    They are the only ones that people would pay money to hear. Don't you think that the family would have spoken up by now? Kevin obviously doesn't have anything the media wants to hear for a measly $30k, considering the rumors I read elsewhere was that Deanna's brother got $20k for his camera phone footage ALONE.

  5. Sorry to be flooding with posts on the topic, but Im rewatching the clip from this morning again and I am just getting so mad. Seriously, did Kevin act like he was going to cry? Wow, give me a break. They are "crying" all the way to the bank. Jodis face is no better, she is NOT a good actress. And one other thing, they talk about how Kate is blinded by the fame. I think its a pretty safe argument that they are just as blinded by it it. It takes a lot to make me mad, and this has me so upset. They contradict themselves at every turn!

  6. I never understood the outrage over the money issue myself.

    So Jon and Kate get paid. Well if I had 8 kids and something like this was offered to me where I got to spend time with them and not worry about where my next meal was coming from. I'd take it.

    And Heck yes I'd be mad if suddenly my family members were trying to jump in and say 'Gee yeah I'd like to get paid too.'

    Jon and Kate did it, they are the parents, and they lost a lot there privacy but thought it a necessary evil so they could give their kids a good life (I'm sure they never thought anything like this right now would happen)

    And I would be insulted too if my family or friends were willing to take cash from the show, when they don't have 8 kids to raise ect..

    That is the entire reason they get money.. it's their show, their life, their privacy, their 8 kids they are trying to raise.. and anyone else is there by choice. Someone who offers to babysit occassionally and be on the show.

    So I never got the hub bub over Kate being mad about Jodie getting money for the show. But it just serves my point that Jodie was no innocent auntie because now they are swarming like vultures ... getting paid to sell a story.

    Yeah they are sooo worried about the kids, so they add more garbage to the media circuit.

  7. Unbelievable! This makes me sick at my stomach to think that family would be this cruel! But the sad truth - when money is the driver, money talks. I feel so sorry for the Gosselins. If any time is a good time for them to stand together, I think it would be now regardless of what they feel about each other.

  8. dazzling 77- your are 100% correct. Good post.

  9. I will tell you I question what I would do all the time. How far would I go, what I would accept. Those that wouldn't take all the freebies and free trips they were offered are lying to themselves. In this economy, getting that much money, and worrying about the future, who is to say they have enough so end it now?

    Sure A LOT of people think the show should end: For the fans I think that the audience is so sad for them, they feel like they are intruding on a private divorce. Then you have the other side, the true "haters". The ones so jealous of all that this family has gotten they mask it by saying how much they hate Kate just to blog every night about it. Like its an outlet for them to get away from their own probably sad, real-life issues at home.

    I can say with no doubt there's a price you pay. Is it worth it? Depends on who you ask. But those like me who if had the chance would say they would take it. I would pray that we would be the family that made it through intact.

  10. BabyMama:

    I totally agree. I think most people who say they wouldn't take the freebies, etc. would actually take the money if the situation presented itself. Especially in this economy. Especially because most people have the "it won't happen to me" attitude.

    But wouldn't that then hold true also for Jodi and Kevin? If they are going to be on the show with them why couldn't they get paid too for their time if it was offered by TLC? And now to tell their story... if they are going to tell it anyway and they are offered money for it, why is it wrong for them to take it?

    Of course, I'm not saying they are NOT doing it for the money. And if they are then that is wrong.

    To be totally honest I am totally torn on this one. I see both sides to the Jodi and Kevin opinions.

    I agree there seem to be inconsistencies. But I also saw how much Jodi loved those kids, blood or not. I know I love my nieces and nephews and if I genuinely thought my own sister was ruining their lives I would do ANYTHING I could in my power to stop it.

    One thing I noticed is that all the "professionals" feel that they are exploiting their children. At least from all the different sources I've seen on TV interviews, etc. I personally never looked at it that way but seeing it through their eyes I do see their points.

    I guess I'm torn on that too. That's why I love being able to discuss it here. I like seeing both sides argued reasonably.

  11. OMG! I just saw on Showbiz Tonight that Jon is getting his own apartment and it will be rigged with cameras too!

  12. Ok first off Jodie needs to straighten her head up instead of leaning it all to one side to accomodate her new hairdo. Sorry I know that was petty but it bugged me as i was watching it. Second of all she seemed thrown off her script when she had to say why it was affecting the children and she quickly came up with the children said they didn't want the cameras with them on all the vacations. ya sounds like typical 4 yr old conversation(b/c if they haven't seen the kids in a year that is how old they would have been saying that) and then she kept saying uhhuh, mmhmmm, agreeing with the host. it sounded so fake. however i really do believe they have convinced themselves of the story they are selling and the money makes it worth it to them. I imagine with julie and others chirping in their ears and their constant obsessive conversatons about the gossselins she really has convinced herself of these things, then she recalls memories of her time with the gosselins and disects them, analyzes them until she comes up with justifying everything she's saying. i think they were niave to think the paid interview part would never come out and now that it has it has HYPOCRISY written all over it!!

  13. CNN has a poll about Jon and Kate up right now. Are the children being exploited?

  14. I think the main difference b/w Jon and Kate taking the money versus Kevin and Jodi taking the money is that Jon and Kate are upfront about it. They have said in interviews that they do the show to provide for their family. They have even said about the trips that the resort gets publicity and they get a free trip. Sure they also say that they are doing it to document the kids lives, but its no secret that they get paid and that they enjoy the perks from it. They dont hide it. Kevin and Jodi on the other hand our out saying they are only sharing for the sake of the children. But thier actions dont line up with that. I really dont care if they get paid, but if they are not in it for the money, then why not go to credible news sources that dont offer a ton of money for a story.

  15. I would like to clarify that I NEVER thought Jodi was a bad person. I thought on the show that she was a great mother and helper to Kate. (although lets go there.. wouldn't you be pissed too if your sister-in-law gave your kids gum? I would!) And that's why I couldn't understand why Jodi let her sister get on line and bash the family like that. She was using her sister as a voice for her. She should have spoken out then! But wait, she did get on a video saying that all her sisters comments were true. You didn't get paid Jodi? Is that all? What about the kids Jodi? How about the fact that they will never see their cousins again after you pulled this stunt? I truly felt it was because she was pissed that she just found out she could have been getting paid a lot of money. If you watch one of the Radar online videos (I can't remember which, there are like 10 of them) Kevin said they did in fact get paid, and he sounded pissed when he said, "but it was only like $3,300 dollars" or something like that. After seeing that I was blogging everywhere that he had some nerve even making a comment like that. I thought this was supposed to be all about the kids? Where did that go? Jodi is all freshly pressed now and ready for a spotlight of her own now, don't you think?

    And for the record. That entire interview was probably less than an hour. Radar made literally 10 videos out of 45 minutes of footage. Talk about milking it for all its worth. Another should be coming out in 3...2...

  16. I dont' want them to get a divorce even though by all accounts it looks to be headed that way. Why can't they just overcome this?? I know maybe it's unfair to ask it but I want them to be overcomers not quiters.

  17. if I said what I really thought about Jodi and Kevin, Baby Mama would ban me LOL. I'm just gonna go with "yep. Figured" and leave it at that.

  18. They are no better! I mean going on tv shows and doing interviews they are fame seekers, talking to anyone who will and its just frustrating because they talk about how painful it is and how much they miss the kids but going on telivision and doing stuff like this isn't going to change the situation that they are in with their family now! Its just freaking annoying.

  19. I am completely revolted by Jodi and Kevin. They are lower than low. If they really cared about the kids, they would refuse the money offered to them, then, maybe they might have a little credibility. But no, they make up the most salacious things they can think of so they can sell it to the highest bidder. They are disgusting, horrible human beings.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, one day the Gosselin kids will Goggle their "aunt" and "uncle" (and I use these terms only because they're accurate, but I believe no longer appropriate) and they will know exactly why Jon and Kate cut them out.

    Maybe Kevin and Jodi should think about what this is doing to THEIR kids, hmm? The older ones must be getting close to googling age. How embarrassing for them to see how pathetic their parents are.

  20. It was okay when they were on the show and okay when they were going to get paid but now..... I just wish everyone would get off Jon and Kate. After all it is a reality show and this is their reality which ever way it turns... I would rather watch this than some stupid Rock of Love or Big Brother...

  21. I don't understand this, Babymama. The article you link to is from E! and it states:

    "E! News has learned that as recently as this morning, Kate Gosselin's brother Kevin Kreider has been shopping his tell-all take on the situation to media outlets for $30,000"You have previously stated you don't believe gossip, unless it's reported straight from the person's mouth.
    I am NOT flaming you, but I AM wondering why you doubt other sources but choose to believe this one, which doesn't even have attach a name, a link, or a reference to verify their information! Especially since it is widely known that the mistress's brother was compensated for photos; that itself makes me question the validity of the entire article.

    For example, The National Enquirer states that Jon & Kate are headed for a 10 million dollar divorce, with each of them seeking an attorney, already...and they state "an insider" family member as their source. I tend to discount stories like this until I get a NAME.

    I think your blog does better when it searches for the truth, instead of believing what it wants to hear.
    I hope this comment doesn't tick you off. I have been pleased with the discussions here, and I don't want it to end any time soon...

  22. Everyday they write articles on horrible Kate and/or Jon is... well Kate and Jon aren't the problem. a) It's the media and b) It's aunt jodi, kevin and julie. If they really cared for Kate and Jon's kids... then you wouldn't come out and say those things - especially now of all times.

  23. min~ I just took directly from what was on e online as an article. Just to let the fans of this blog state their own feelings on it. (Click on the link and you will see it was just copied word for word from the site.) When I was joking about "I told you so", it was more that I had been posting my feeling on this for a while now. Since this is a fan site I do not post nasty articles about the Gosselin family, but if you read the old blog you will see I do post articles from all media outlets all the time. That doesn't mean I wont always try to search for truth. But to answer your question I DO believe what I want to hear. (lol)

    This blog first and foremost is a fan site. I know I say that A LOT but sometimes people question the content of this site. There are hate sites against The Gosselins, and GDNNOP for those that are in the middle. I feel that there is a place for everyone to go regarding this family. If those that come to this site are not happy with what I post here, that is the beauty of the internet... Another forum is just a click away ;)

    Am I biased? Heck yeah! But that's why I have this site....

  24. Baby Mama
    I love your insight! I think that you have a lot of things to say that I agree with. I am also biased.

    I did not see the show this morning, but i went to the site and watched the clip of it. ARE THEY NUTS!!! J&K were not exploiting the kids, but i do think that little auntie Jodie and Uncle kevin are! If you were so concerned about the kids then why would you go and stir the pot with all the lies? The paps are starting to have a field day. You know Jodie and kevin are just jealous and they want some lime light... ohhh and MONEY. I cannot believe how much money people get paid to lie and speculate. He is a JERK.. Kate needs her family right now with all of this stuff going on and he turns on her. To me it looked like they were fakeing there emotions on the show... ugh they make me sick.

    Wasn't it Jodie who kept telling kate she wanted to go to the oprah show. Yeah Jodie never minded running off on trips and she had no problem being on the show or even having her kids on the show.

    I know that J&K went into the show innocently, how could they know that this would happen. I think that almost every single person out there would do a show if they could. plus i don't think that the kids are even being worked, they play and someone is recording it. Kate said that it is 3 days a week and they are not even there for the entire day. sometimes you have to do whatever will put food on the table and a roof over your families head.

  25. Well, whatever happens, it's all worth it because it entertains me.

  26. What makes me the maddest about this (and we all know Kevins storys dont add up)but if Jon did come to Kevin 6 months ago maybe he needed someone to talk to, someone to confide in to get things off his chest and trusted Kevin, but what does Kevin do, yep sells it to the highest bidder. If its true how do you think Jon must feel, how aweful for your family to do something like that to you because they are bitter they didnt get a cut back then.

    And I absolutly agree, if they accept money for doing these interviews they are the ones exploiting, because they are using the kids to get to the money, digusting. They were right, who needs enemies when you have like this. I feel so bad fo Jon&Kate, what added hell this must be for them, this is the last thing they need right now.

  27. Another thing that bugs me about Jody and Kevin. They've aligned themselves with GWOP. GWOP is now taking letters from supporters of Jody and Keven to send to them. How can they have anything to do with that site? Have they never read any of the posts? One in a hundred (maybe) is for child advocacy. The rest are harping on Kate's hair, legs, tatoos, refrigerators!!! and anything else they wish they had. They also bash the kids that Jody and Kevin care so much for. The site is a joke. If Jody and Kevin were really serious about wanting to help the kids they would set up their own site and maybe it could be taken seriously.

    The Today Show was legit. Radar Online was gossippy and Star was beyond skeezy.

    Has anyone read the pricess boards where they snark on GWOP posts?? Hysterical!!

  28. I still hink it is not fair to wag your finger at Kevin and Jodi for making money off this family/the kids when Jon and Kate are doing the same thing. Isn't Jodi and Kevin airing J&K's dirty laundry just as bad and J&K letting TLC air theirs. All said I think ALL the adults in these kids lives are gonna have some splaining to do when these kids grow up. Good luck to them.

    Regardless of what we think about Kevin and Jodi or Jon and Kate for that matter, the CHILDREN are the ones who will ultimately suffer for all of this. I don't really agree with any of this divorce stuff and infedelity stuff being smeared all over TV. I mean no one can control tabloids, but I think addressing it on talk shows and on J&K+8 is just adding fuel to fire. Every adult in this situation should step back, examine their motives, and think about what is truly best for the children.

    In my opinion, everyone is somewhat wrong in this situation.

  29. Sorry to double post and get of topic but......

    I read this:

    It's about Jon and Kate $10 million divorce so says National Enquirer. (YEAH RIGHT!)

    Thought we could use good laugh!! :)

  30. Kayla... I respect your opinion about Jodi & Kevin. The issue, at least with me, is that they are keeping the rumor mill going with negative, nasty things. That truly exploits the family and the kids. And it makes Jodi & Kevin look like spiteful people, which I never thought they were. If they stood up for them, or better, said nothing at all, this craziness would stop. Jon & Kate were doing a show to get their story out there, make money, provide for their kids, etc. And they were upfront about it, not hiding behind being a "voice for the children."
    My brother in law is currently being filmed for a potential reality show about stay at home dads and a SAHD group he started in the town where they live. It hasn't been picked up yet, but if it does air, you can bet I would NEVER comment negatively on him or his family, no matter how much someone offers me. There's just some things you should keep to yourself or within your family. I wish Kevin & Jodi would have remembered that as I really did like them. Now I just see them as spiteful people out for a quick buck.

  31. Oh, forgot to post before... there would be no dirty laundry for TLC to air if Jon & Kate's extended family didn't comment on it. Not saying that J&K aren't having issues or that the allegations are true/not true. Whether it's true or not isn't the main issue. It's the getting thrown under the bus by the family... inexcusable!

  32. just sick. kevin & Jodi, absolutely disgusting!

  33. It is really bugging me that Jon and/or Kate has not spoken out to deny the allegations by Kevin and Jodi. They've addressed other rumors that they say are not true...that is partly what convinces me that at least some of what K/J have alleged has merit.

    I feel so brokenhearted for these eight innocent children.

  34. Good point a wonder if they will speak out against Jodi and Kevin.

  35. ....why stoop to Jodi and Kevin's level? Don't the Gosselins have enough against them right now, without "family" getting involved in the media storm. I think if I were the Kate, that would be the end of my relationship with my brother. How do you ever go back? She could never trust Jodi and Kevin with their children again. If they're willing to sell themselves to tabloids, who knows what else they might do?

    ....after all, who needs enemies when you have family like that?

  36. Kayla- the difference between Kevin & Jodi and J & K getting paid is that those children are Jon and Kates. It is their show, their lives, and their family.

    Tiredmama- I don't think they will speak out about it, because they never spoke out about the other issue with Jodi and Kevin. They don't talk bad about their family.

  37. Kayla said-
    Isn't Jodi and Kevin airing J&K's dirty laundry just as bad and J&K letting TLC air theirs.


    I think you actually proved my point in your own sentence. The difference b/w Jodi and Kevin discussing the drama versus J & K is that is is not their drama to discuss! If you had confided in your brother in law on something THIS serious and he chose to sell your story without your permission, how would you feel? And at the supposed time that they talked, their relationship had already been strained by the no money issue. So clearly Jon did not think that Kevin and Jodi would go out and do this. Im just a firm believer in keeping things confidential when asked. And I cant imagine that Jon asked Kevin to share all their conversations, is just sick.

    And about Jon and Kate not addressing their rumors. They actually havent called out any specific tabloid on a rumor. They have both addressed the cheating allegations but those are broad and a lot of different places, including Kevin and Jodi have been accusing them of that. I for one, think its admirable of them that they arent falling for Kevin and Jodis bait and addressing every single silly rumor.

  38. Yeah Jodi and Kevin really should be keeping their opinion to themselves. As for Jon and Kate...

    I am a huge fan of the show, but I still firmly believe that enough was enough and they should have ended the show and not done season 5. I feel that now they are exploiting the children. THe heartbreak these children are going to face if their parents divorce should NOT be put on TV. I really think TLC and J&K are making a mistake. People love peeking in on people's lives through their TV, but I think watching a marriage unravel feels wrong. I feel like I am intruding and shouldn't be watching.

    SO back to my point that I made about Jon and Kate and money. Before I thought it was okay that they got free stuff an dmoney because they deserved and so did the kids. However, the kids don't deserve to filmed while their family rips at its seams. So now I think Jon and Katehave gotten a little money hungary and too dependent on the show that they have lost sight of reality and what is best fir the children. Yes they have two mortages, eight mouths to feed, and kids to clothe, but if they did it before they can do it again. They knew the show would end and it should be done or atleast on hiatus now.

    This is why I said we can't really chastise Kevin and Jodi for taking money. However, I do NOT think they should have ever spoke out. I think everyone should have handled this privately and tried to fly under the radar. *cough* Jon.

    It's justsad to see everyhting fall apart sooo fast.

  39. I'm not sure how I feel about Jodi and Kevin speaking out about the children, but I do have to agree that I was shocked when they told what Jon told them in private. For them to go public with what Jon told them in confidence was wrong. I was aghast.

    However, we don't know if Jon gave them permission or not. Or maybe they warned him that they wanted to do it and he was fine with it. Maybe he can't speak out due to his contract and he did want Jodi and Kevin to announce that on his behalf. Maybe they are willing to take the brunt of it all to defend him.

    Who knows, maybe Jon put them up to all of it because he isn't allowed to discuss it or go against Kate.

    Again, I'm not saying that I know that to be the case but it could be. Of course I don't even know if he actually told them any of it in the first place.

    What I don't understand is why Jon doesn't speak up. If a confidentiality agreement is not holding him back then why not let everyone know exactly what is going on. He has nothing to lose. Everyone already thinks he's a cheating, wuss of a husband.

    Or why he doesn't deny what they said is true and why they aren't going after Jodi and Kevin for slander.

    There's just something fishy about all that.

  40. Shelly-
    I totally agree with you on J&K not speaking out because they don't talk bad about their family.

    Other people have talked a lot about where their family was since the show started. Reguardless of the situations, all J&K have said was that they weren't in their everyday lives. Very respectful IMO.

  41. It's amazing that all these people are coming out and lying...i mean speaking up about J&K. You have former bosses, former patients, former friends, former family members,all saying their 2 cents worth or as in Kevin's case 30,000 worth. The two of them (Kevin & Jodi) are horrible people to come out like this and bash family, never have you heard J&K say a word about anyone else in public. Kevin and Jodi constantly switch their stories and say its only about protecting the kids not about the money, but it's all about the money.
    In the word sof george Costanza "It's not a lie if you believe it." I guess Kev & Jodi believe it.

  42. It's so funny how we all read things differently. Seriously. Very interesting.

    I always thought the fact that Jon and Kate didn't talk about their family was to hide something on their part.

    The fans always asked why the family isn't involved in their children's lives and they'd just say The family is not involved, etc. I found that so frustrating. Everyone claims that Kate drove them away one by one. I always just figured they had no way of explaining it without themselves looking bad.

    I have a horrible relationship with my mother and she wasn't really a part of my life until I had my first daughter. All of a sudden she wanted to visit all the time and even moved closer. I allow my kids to see her and she is a part of my life now because of them. I grew up without grandparents and always wished I had them. I wanted differently for my children. Or course if I ever see signs of her treating them any way like she treated me growing up I will put a stop to it but until then I allow them that important relationship. Now, what was my point? lol.

  43. ghostwriter said...
    It's amazing that all these people are coming out and lying

    But we don't KNOW that they ARE lying. They COULD all be telling the truth. Again, I'm not saying they aren't lying. I'm saying that none of us really KNOW.

    If you want to say "it's not a lie if you believe it" then you could say the same about J&K. I just don't know how anyone can call anyone a liar without first hand knowledge of the facts.

  44. I caught a few minutes of a morning show the Tuesday after the premiere, and the lady who interviewed Kate from People said Jon and Kate are 'under contract' for Season 5. So, I guess, no matter what, that's why they keep doing the show despite their personal circumstances...

  45. ScheckyGirl, I agree w/ so many of your posts. I am a huge fan of this FAMILY, not so much of a mom and dad who obviously put a show or career ahead of their marriage. I STILL can't get over that they did the vow renewals (I know I already posted my problem w/ this on the old blog BabyMama :)) but they not only did the episode, for a free trip or whatever, but they also told their kids they'd be together forever - why would you ever speak those words and not intend to follow through? I am so, so diappointed in them, especially their failure to acknowledge their faith in any part of this. I know it's supposedly edited out by TLC, but what about other interviews? No mention of God in this deal whatsoever. That's the whole PREMISE of their book, relying on God and He will provide - now they're thinking they HAVE to do the show, they HAVE to book tour...I'm not buying it, not at the expense of their marriage.

    But, back to the Kevin/Jodi thing...we find out now that there have been problems in the marriage behind the scenes for 6 months or more, and to me it was obvious that Kate was far from happy in any of the episodes for most of Season 4 - agree or disagree anyone? I just thought she was over the top impatient and unhappy w/ Jon, always mad at him for doing the same things to her that she did to him in interviews. But supposedly it's JON who is the one who no one can make happy? It just makes me wonder what else there is that we don't know about.

    I for one, believe that Jon did not cheat on Kate...obviously he did things he shouldn't have (things that MY husband would have been in deep trouble for doing) but I find him believable when he says he didn't cheat. So...I don't really see what there is that Jon and Kate couldn't work out, as long as they put what they WANT aside in favor of what their family NEEDS.

  46. How does "Aunt Jodi" explain her comment, "It's Kate and Jon! They don't mean it!" in reference to Jon and Kate's bickering? She said this on camera in one episode, going on to say how much they love each other and that they may bicker and then get over it. Now she complains via her sister's blog that all Jon and Kate do is fight, etc. Why did she lie on TV then? She just wanted more air time..which is clear as day now...

  47. I also worry about being too negative on here - I really am a fan and our family loves watching "the little kids". Just so sad and disappointed that their marriage may be over. Sad beyond words...probably beyond what is normal for just watching a show on tv...

  48. Jody and Kevin are discusting. They say they are speaking out because they are concerned for the welfare of these kids....oh please. If they were REALLY concerned they would not take all this public where the kids have a chance of hearing all this trash. How do they think their words would effect the kids if they heard them???

    No wonder Kate doesn't have much to do with her family if this is what they are like. Trashy.

    And I still say - divorce happens. It can be handled properly and could be better for the whole family after the initial shock. I'm not saying I know this to be the case here - just that it is possible.

  49. They are liars. Looking at their own statements proves this. In one of their recent interviews they say they have had no contact witht he Gosselins for over a year. Then, later on, they say that they have knowlege of some secret marriage contract where Kate gives Jon the right to cheat. If they have had not contact, just where did they get this information?

    And, later they also say that Jon stopped at their house once to tell them that Kate had told him it was over. Please! You want me to buy that?

    And their comments about just wanting to clear the air because the Gosselins are being projected as this perfect family unit and they're not. First off, why is it THEIR responsibility to show the world the "truth?" Secondly, have they even watched the show??? TLC does a great job of capturing bickering and Kate being a little (or, okay I'll be real, a lot nutty sometimes). I don't think anyone is being fooled into thinking anything.

    And thirdly, they just want to protect the kids? Riiiight! Selling lies to the tabloids, which will inevitably make it back to the kids at some point, is going to protect them. Give me a break!

    These two are a real piece of work.

  50. They are liars. Looking at their own statements proves this. In one of their recent interviews they say they have had no contact witht he Gosselins for over a year. Then, later on, they say that they have knowlege of some secret marriage contract where Kate gives Jon the right to cheat. If they have had not contact, just where did they get this information?

    And, later they also say that Jon stopped at their house once to tell them that Kate had told him it was over. Please! You want me to buy that?

    And their comments about just wanting to clear the air because the Gosselins are being projected as this perfect family unit and they're not. First off, why is it THEIR responsibility to show the world the "truth?" Secondly, have they even watched the show??? TLC does a great job of capturing bickering and Kate being a little (or, okay I'll be real, a lot nutty sometimes). I don't think anyone is being fooled into thinking anything.

    And thirdly, they just want to protect the kids? Riiiight! Selling lies to the tabloids, which will inevitably make it back to the kids at some point, is going to protect them. Give me a break!

    These two are a real piece of work.

  51. I'm not going to be too quick in saying they are getting a divorce. Yes, the episode Mon. was very sad and they were very distant and upset with each other but this is all still fresh and new. Kate said she could sense that Jon was unhappy the last six months or even more. That doesn't mean that they've been separated or split up for that long. That's just when she started to notice him changing how he felt. Everything else that happened was so much more recent. They are hurting. Yes, both of them. IMO they feel lost and don't really know the best way out of it but that doesn't mean they are getting divorced. I don't think they've given up yet or at least I hope they haven't. These two individuals know what's best for their family but they just have to find their way back. Sorry, I tend to ramble a lot(LOL)

    They are not divorced. As far as I know they have not filed for divorce. I think there is still hope and I'm not assuming it's over.

  52. Okay, maybe liar is a bad word, sorry just ventin my biased feelings. You are right I don't have the right to call anyone a liar especially if I don't know the facts but I am a parent and a teacher and I have a pretty good judge of character and whether people are being truthful or not... Are Jon and Kate lying or not telling us everything? I would in my opinion say not telling us everything. I feel that Kev&Jodi are now looking to make money off of their family, all in the sake of protecting the children. I feel they are not being truthful or stretching the truth just like that girl's brother did, just like all the other "sources" have done.

  53. My only comment on Kevin and Jodi is that they say they are trying to help the children....Let's see...Kate made Jon sign a contract that he could go out and date but be sure to show up for filming...hmmm...coming out and saying this helps the kids how? along with all the other things they came out with??

  54. Okay here's my confession:

    I want to know EVERYTHING!!! I can't help it. Is it really any of my business? Probably not. But I don't care.

    Jon and Kate invited me into their home every week and treated me as one of the family.

    Now I feel like they are saying Okay, come in the front door but please don't go in any of the rooms. Stay in the foyer. Don't look around. Don't open any doors to any of the rooms because there's a mess back there.

    I can't help it. I want to know when was the last time they shared a bedroom. I want to know who does the girls' hair in all the pretty french braids when Kate said she had no help getting ready for the party. I want to know what the kids' bedrooms look like, and the bathrooms, etc because I love that stuff. I want to know if they still do movie nights on Fridays. I want to know if they all sit together for dinner when they are home. I want to know if the kids have friends over for play dates (although it seemed neither parent even knew their friends at the party). I want to know if Kate really plays with the kids like she said on her blog. I want to know if Jon still bathes the kids and gets them ready for bed. I want to know if Jon and Kate really argue (not just bicker) in front of the children. I want to know what TLC is not allowed to show per the contract. I want to see the contracts! I do. I really do.

    What I wouldn't give to be one of the people who edit the footage from the show.

    I know... I know... I can't help it.

    There I said it.

  55. Schmecky girl, me, too. I wanna see all of it. Alas, I think we are part of the problem, not the solution! HAHA. I am not watching anymore, it's not the same. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  56. Hypocrites....gotta love em. I am smelling a new show on TLC "Jon & Kate Go On Dates"...LOL!

  57. This makes me so sick. Jodi and Kevin need to keep their thoughts to themselves and stop craving attention. Honestly, go away.

    I wish the media & everyone would leave Jon and Kate alone & let them deal with their problems privately. :(

    Now there are "rumors" that they are trying to get a divorce by July 15 because Kate wants to "move on"....

  58. P.S. I need some positive words of encouragement BabyMama-lol

  59. SchmeckyGirl, yeah, I wanna know everything too.

    Cindy, yeah, we ARE part of the problem! I think I will not be able to stop watching, but I'll feel guilty about it the whole time.

    Any my family's favorite Alexis moment from Monday's show: When she talks about the "puffy" bunny and then says, "Awwwwww!!!" We have watched that over and over on youtube! (Actually, MY fav Alexis moment is her scene w/ Jon, when she says, "I only hug my PARENTS. I only kiss my parents. I love YOU." Awwwwww. I had tears in my eyes then.)

  60. Oh, how 2 people can see things so very differently!!

    I don't look it at like they invited me into their home. I invited them into mine when I switched to their show. They don't know me, I know them, from what I see on their show. They let us know a little part of them, not the whole part of them. And if we expect to know more than they want to show us, that is our probelem, not theirs. I don't think the viewing public is entitiled to know everything about them just because they have a reality show.

  61. wanna see the contracts?? I glossed over that part of your post LOL!!!!!!

  62. arabella:

    I never said I was entitled. I even said it's probably none of my business. But "inquiring minds want to know". Yes, I know... bad quote.

    If you can say you're honestly not curious about everything going on then kudos to you. I'm just admitting that I am.

  63. So I never watch the mike and juliet show in the morning but the last two mornings I have stopped in on the show. I did not like what i saw and will probably never watch it again. Yesterday Juliet said that kate is a B (I don't think I need to put more than the letter) First off how the heck can she call her that? does she personally know her? NOOOO she doesn't she is just talking crap. Every mom in the world gets stressed out. They snap at their kids and their husbands once in a while. That is just how it is. Honestly how would you act all day everyday with twin girls and then sextuplets who are young. Would you be sweet at every second of every day? Or would it stress you out to change six different children who try to run off or wont cooperate, then have meals ready for them and make sure they have something to entertain them and add in the twins feed them make sure they do there homework, make sure you pay attention to them, get them to soccer practice on time, THEN make sure that you have some type of conversation with your husband make sure he knows the schedule if you have to be somewhere.Then add in just normal home owning responsibilities like paying bills on time or grocery shopping. HONESTLY I think that kate is amazing! I have one child and a husband and i get stressed out every now and then, i snap sometimes. Does that make me a bad mom?

    secondly why the heck does everyone care about what kate's hair looks like? Juliet and whats his bucket said rude things about her hair. It just annoys me because, people are attacking her and about nothing. I don't think that kate has done anything wrong. Also I love Her hair, it compliments her. I could never pull it off. Every woman should wear her hair how she wants, if you feel good with your hair a certain way kudos to you.

  64. SchmeckyGirl.........ME TOO!!! everything you said in your!!!!

    By the way, this is completely off topic, but last night I was looking at some of the photos again and wondering what was going on in Jon's mind to have been sitting out in his FRONT yard sunbathing with "the other woman"????

    I mean.........really..........if you have acres of land, even if you were not aware that papparazi were around, WHY sunbathe in the front yard unless you are asking to be seen???

    This type of behaviour really does seem odd.

  65. That is so sad! Why is he doing this to his sister? Kate may not have been very nice to Jodi but you don't sell your family out like that. I hope he realizes now that he has done this he will most likely NEVER have a relationship with his nieces and nephews. IDIOT!

  66. p.s., I have always believed by having a reality show "enter" their home that they have allowed us into their home. They have never seen the inside of mine!!

  67. allibrootob:

    LOL! It's good to be "out". lol.

    What I don't get is how do the paparazzi get on their property? All that land they have? And by the way, with all that land they have why didn't they have the birthday party there? All my friends rent those bouncy houses and put them in their yard. All they had to do was rent a few tables. Then it wouldn't have been out in the public for anyone to see. I found that odd.

    But back to the paparazzi... Why don't Jon and Kate put up a fence? One far from the house? I thought they said the house is set back and private?

    A friend of mine has an ELECTRIC fence on his property. It actually has a sign on it that says "If you try to climb this fence you will be found here in the morning"... Something to that effect.

    Of course I don't expect them to put up an electric fence but wouldn't you want your privacy? Give yourself and your children the freedom to run around on the property without worrying about photographers.

    Of course we really don't know who that girl was in the picture. Maybe it was a friend's sister. Maybe it was Jodi. lol.

  68. Schmecky Girl said......
    I want to know who does the girls' hair in all the pretty french braids when Kate said she had no help getting ready for the party.

    My Guess is tha babysitter because it has only been recently (soon after they mentioned they hired someone) that the girls have been wearing braids and little bun pigatils. Kate was never good at hir in fact complained about it sometimes.

    Schmecky Girl also said......
    What I don't get is how do the paparazzi get on their property? All that land they have?

    I am not sure, but that must not be on Jon and Kate's actual property because that is illegal. Kate couldn't stop them from being at the Target or Party City because that is private property. At the birthday party they seemed to be hidding out in the adjcent woods so I don't know if that was legal. I don't think they came be near schools either, but since the tups go to school at church they might could. As out of control as the paps are there are laws especially in Penn (California seems to ignore them if you ask me). Also, from what I understood the house has a gate and the paps proably park right outside of it on the PUBLIC street. I hate the paps it ALL should be ILLEGAL.

    As for waning to see it all even if it is not my business........
    I'm torn because I want to see if they get divorced and how the children react, but since I am a child of divorce and so are some of my friends I don't no if can watch it especially since the little kids are so young.

    Anyone see these tmz pictures.....
    Looks like J&K spent the holiday weekend apart. Atleast the kids got a vaction. Is it me or do those pictures reveal the secret babsitter (she looks like Ashley, Carla's daughtr, to me)

    Any thoughts?

  69. I think what Kevin and Jodi are doing is wrong, but in all fairness, I think it's a little hypocritical to complain about all of these tabloids and news sources spreading gossip and lies about Jon and Kate, but then take what E! says as the unconditional truth. I personally don't trust anything anyone says or publishes, including Jon and Kate.

  70. they may have good intentions...however, if they accept 1 cent for sharing their side publicly...they lose all credibility. i think kate has every right to make an income off of her own life...only she has lived her life...i think when they were offered compensation for being on the show...they should have rejected any money it shouldnt have even been an issue...people shouldnt get paid just because they are related to the gosselins and are shown on the show often (they should be since they are relatives and lived down the street)...if they would have received money through a contact where would it end? thing you know people in the background at toys r us would want money...they cannot knock kate for making money off her own life if they have made one cent off the gosselins story they are contributing to the so called "exploitation"....really come on people...i have three kids myself and their sextuplets actually behave better than my sole three year old...yikes.

  71. schmeckygirl:

    When I watch the show i see a mom with so much on her plate it causes a lot of stress. See my aunt and uncle had 10 kids. With one set of twins in that mix. I saw how stressed out she could get. She usually kept it together really well but i cannot imagine having that many children and not being sassy or crabby at some points. When I watch the show i see Jon snap back and they say that is how they act one towards another. Kate does not make Jon do everything. They are very scheduled or use to be when the kids were younger but it was very much needed structure in there situation. They shared the load. Jon has told kate when it upsets him and she has apologized before (like toys r us) and she has made sure that that has not happened again. She listens to jon's feelings. You could see the love that they had for eachother. I really think that Kate is being attacked for some pretty lame reasons. I know i am not seeing it like you are seeing it. I am sorry about your mom, but kate lets jon go golfing and do what he wants to do. If she hurts him she listens to it. I think that there relationship was just that sort of relationship at points they would get on eachothers nerves at others they would joking tease back and forth about things. I don't think that we see everything, I am sure that they apologize to each other all of the time. I have seen jon snap at her more then once, especially when he is trying to get things done for the kids and is on a time limit just like kate.
    Sorry i started babbling and i hope that i said things right i was not trying to be rude. I just wanted to say how i see it. If it all makes sense

  72. I think Jodi & Kevin raised some good points about needing laws to protect the rights of children who are part of reality tv shows. Regardless of their (Kevin/Jodi) motives or what is really happening between J&K, the children are/will suffer as a result of all this media attention. The show catapulted them to fame, they are now suffering the consequences (marital strife) and the kids are the ones who are/will truly suffer.

  73. I think they are ALL exploiting the kids as are all the tabloids, entertainment shows, etc. Kenton and Charlene must be proud!

  74. Natalie~ You always know that I try to be the words of encouragement. Lately my heart has been heavy not because of Kate, but the way Jon has handled all this. I really hoped that we would have snapped out of his (trying-to-act-like-I'm-20-again) funk and work things out with his family. But every where I go on the internet I see him doing something that upsets me. I truly hope for this family's sake that this is only a short immature stop on the road to working things out.

    Like Kate says "I'm still here, fighting for the same cause"....

  75. Schmecky girl:...sounds like "narcissistic personality disorder" to some extent that you are describing with your mom. Kate does display some of the same things at times (the negative bloggers call her a true narcissist).

    But I also truly believe none of us know how we would "behave" if faced with the same challenges. I always say if I were Kate...I would have been put into the assylum by I have one set of twins and one singleton child and they drive me to the brink much of the time.

    I do content that SOMEONE in that family has to take charge, Jon is not the most motivated soul on the planet.

    Re: the pap photos, I am assuming they park off the property and use the big telephoto lenses. There was one recently with Jon looking back at them through binoculars from his property.


    I definitely think you are right about Ashley, I think I read on another blog that she is helping them in the summertime if they travel abroad?

    The pics make me feel very sad - mostly for Kate. Jon seems to be acting like a college kid. Nobody forced him to marry young and have children young, I think he is trying to find his lost youth. But then again, from what I've read, he has never been interested in work or responsibility. The more pics I see of him, the madder I get.

  76. I am so frustrated by all of this. I don't want to see pics of them separate on Memorial Day. I want to see them together. I just wish they would work it out. The way Jon is acting though, he doesn't seem to want it to work out. The grass never really is greener on the other side. You want the best for people, but they will live their own lives however they want even if it's not how you want them to live it. :( Not that I want to control anyone's life but....just wish I could do damage ccontrol for a day and knock some sense into both of them.

  77. true.


    The ET Tonight clip is interesting. TLC did this in a very backwards way...who wants to go back and see them on the same couch acting normally when we've just witnessed war on Monday night?

    And wow...did it ever go downhill quickly...

  78. I totally agree with the few that talked about Jon... Jon is a big mush ball. It's very upsetting to see him sit there and mope and complain. He is way too passive. I'm sure that has to drive Kate nuts. My father is more passive too and sometimes I feel like I can see why he frustrates my mother. I think it just becomes a vicious cycle.

    Jon really does need to get his act together. I think he's given up. I think he is a broken man and maybe depressed. Not good.

    I do think he would have tried to make their marriage work if Kate didn't insist on Season 5. Obviously he agreed to it though so I'm not sure what he's really thinking. The whole thing is just wacked out.

    He should have been with those kids on Memorial Day weekend. So sad to see them all states apart. Although it must be so strained between the two of them that the kids probably wouldn't have enjoyed it. So much for the two of them getting along and making it work for the sake of their kids.

    "Narcissistic Personaity Disorder"... interesting.

    I agree Jon has more freedom to do things he wants like golf, skiing etc, of course that could also be because of the show...but that's just after ten years of marriage. Who knows what it would have been like after 45 years like my parents. Theirs got worse over the years. Odd thing is they get along great as long as things are done her way. They play cards, etc. I guess you have to give up a piece of your soul if you want to make a bad marriage work. I think Jon didn't want to give up any more of his soul.

    I don't want to bash Kate because I do admire a strong determined woman. I just feel her priorities are out of wack right now.

    And now given that there may be a divorce, etc... now it's almost like she is going to have to pursue her career even more to support the kids.

    Hey... they make money on re-runs and the DVD sales of the show too... so that's a steady future income right there. For as long as it lasts now.


    I'm sorry I went off topic about my mother. lol. If you feel that whole comment is inappropriate for your site you can remove it. I don't want to drag you down. lol.

    I'm also sorry we aren't all raving over the show and making possitive comments about it. It was a difficult show to watch and I feel like I'm still dealing with it all. I can't imagine how Jon and Kate feel! lol.

  79. Oh... and I totally agree. I don't know how I would act if I had 8 young children. I sometimes get stressed with two.

    But I truly believe your personality has a lot to do with how you deal with that many children and daily stress.

    I've only seen Table for 12 once or twice and I never saw them deal harshly with their children or each other. Of course I'm not a regular watcher and I may be wrong but they were both very mellow and warm. I really think personalities have a lot to do with how you deal with stuff like that.

    The eye rolling, the sneers, the sighing, it's all very much a personality thing. In my opinion.

    I also agree that the main focus should be on the children and what's best for them regardless of the He said, She said stuff, as annoying as it all is.

    If there are laws for reality show children in place to protect them then no one can complain about them being on the show. I would think everyone would want the children protected no matter if they are a parent, relative or tv viewer.

    Again, I wish the entire family a happy future, preferably together. I can't wait to see next week's episode. Yes, I am watching.

  80. Schmeckygirl~
    As you probably already know, on my last site I did NOT allow anything negative on the site. I took into consideration the feelings of those that wanted to participate here. I am trying to loosen the hold here a bit, but I am screening all posts, and if its not appropriate, it will be deleted. If the trolls start to attack again, it will be fully moderated.

    I can't stress enough that this site WILL and MUST remain a positive site. Nobody wants to come to a fan site and have to feel depressed at what they read./ And most importantly, this is my site and if I don't like whats said, it aint staying.

    People can still be fans of the show and have issues with what they see on it. But there is a fine line and I know exactly when it gets crossed. So no one here should take offense when their post is deleted. I have had a few GWOP people come on here and feel comfortable enough to post their views and I allow it. Just remember that this place needs need to stay clean so to speak just like I tell my kids about their rooms (lol).

  81. Love the format this way, keep it!!

  82. Ohh I was heartbroken seeing them separated on the Memorial Day Holiday. The fact that Jon would rather be at a bar than be with his kids was devastating to see. I pray that this time apart will force him (after that last beer ugh) to realize what he's missing out on and try to work things out with his family.

    On that note: I check every link you guys put on this site. If I don't think it's suitable for the fans I will remove it. And I tried several different ways for this blog, and people seem to like the way it is now so I will keep it. Thanks my2girls!

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  84. I was watching E!News today and they said that they are going to have a big special about Jon and Kate on Friday or Saturday i'm not sure but i'm pretty sure it's Friday at 10:30, they will be talking about the affairs it looks pretty good so try to tune in!

  85. Wow that photo of them being apart on memorial day is heartbreaking. That is just so sad. I really hope that they can work things out. I hope they get back together. Fight now it feels like jon is having a mid life crisis or something. Younger girls flirting, Immaturity. I just hope he gets over this thing whatever it is and realizes what is important and that he loves kate and the kids. Wasn't it just last season he was saying how great it is to be doing family things? That he enjoys being with the whole family and going on outings and things? I really hope he is starting to think about his family and priorities.
    come on Jon and Kate we want you to succeed not fail.
    As for the paps I think that they should make a rule that paparazzi can't photograph children or hunt children or any of that. This paparazzi thing has been spinning out of control for a while.

  86. Boy is it nice to see others that recognize the many contradicting comments made by Jodi/Kevin. I find their actions and Julie)ugly and contemptable. Just a few simple observations:

    1. interesting that Julies blog Truth breeds Hatred constantly mentions how much support comes in for Jodi/Kevin. But Julie doesn't have the courage to open up the blog to comments. My guess is that blog would receive 20% support and 80% shame on her posts.

    2. Seeing Jodi crying on her video post was just plain pathetic. If she was getting so much support, why is she crying?

    3. While I find Jodi, Kevin,and Julies actions quite disgusting, I am out of my mind furious at CBS and all the Entertainment shows who are giving them a forum. They are acting just as bad as the paparazzi.

    SO..... I spent some time yesterday writing to CBS expressing that they should be ashamed. The lack of journalistic integrity was so obvious. They gave Jodi and Kevin free reign to exploit the situation without challenging anything they said.

    Finally - We who support J&K+8 can do something to help. We have a voice. Write the networks who are acting irresponsibly and shame them into stopping. I am also no longer going to watch the shows that are interviewing Kevin and Jodi and I am writing each to tell them the reason why they will no longer receive my audience.

    that's it for now but I'm sure I'll think of something else soon....

    great posts today. really good reading.
    Peace and Prayers go out to the Gosselins!

  87. WOW Terri you ROCK!!!
    I have been feeling the same about all of the talk shows and different things that networks are doing. It is just plain wrong. Kudos to you for writing them! They should have facts not speculation and gossip.

  88. My friend just told me they just said on Extra that Kevin is being paid $30,000 an interview.. I wonder if they picked up the story on E!Online or somewhere else..

  89. I came across the site GWOP and I noticed reading many of their posts that they did not seem to have many comments that were not hate for Kate or recently love for Jodi. I posted twice and sure enough 1 of my posts was erased. I also noticedanother poster questioning Kevin and Jodi was erased as well. Many of their comments are quite nasty and crude.

    Jodi says that the children were telling her they didn't like the cameras, I'm assuming that this was supposedly said to her when she was still watching them over a year ago. Why is it then that she was willing to do the show at all? I guess if she was going to be getting paid (which she already had) then it really wasn't a big deal that the kids didn't like it. Keep walking in it Aunt Jodi, your a fraud.

  90. So we blame the media and the paparazzi for not giving them their privacy, etc. But they seem to be the ones updating us on J&K. TMZ took those Memorial Day pics we were discussing....

  91. Whats even more scary to think about: I know that many people told the media about Jon being at this bar. Apparently people were taking pictures of him there. But how did anyone find Kate in NC? To think that they are following these people, wherever they go now, even on vacation, is scary. No wonder why Kate has 2 bodyguards now.

  92. Exactly! She needs them!!! The paps are out of control I honestly believe there should be laws that the paps can't photograph children hunt follow chase or any of that.

  93. I often wondered how that other site (you know the one I mean - won't even mention the letters) posted pics of their new house months before it was officially announced. Makes sense to me now where the inside information originated. It's sad to think your closest family members could turn on you like that for a few bucks....I'm in agreement with most of the posts here... If Kevin and Jodi were that truly concerned about the well-being of the children long ago, the media would have been all over the story. Wouldn't it be ironic that all this worry about the kids (who are better off having been part of this show - they seem very well adjusted) when in the end all the adults fall apart.

  94. Baby Mama, can you tell me what was so "offensive or wrong" with my posting that it needed to be deleted? I said nothing harsh to anyone on here, but I did say I agreed with what Jodi & Kevin were doing. Could that be the reason for the deletion? I enjoy going to an anti-hate J & K site, but if I can't put in my two cents without my comments being deleted because they don't reflect others views on here, then why even bother coming to this site?

  95. So putting everything else aside, I have a question. From the way it sounds hear none of you have a problem with Jon & Kate complaining about all the "p-people" and tabloid magazine's but it's ok to for them to give interviews to all the big networks and People and show their kids on TV going to the bathroom, correct? Let’s not forget, they signed a contract to be on TV. When you dance with the devil you will get burned. Look at all the celebrity couples that have been happy together but as soon as they did a reality show they divorced. I think they enjoy the money but not the fame. Listen, I don't care what these two do to themselves or how they film themselves it’s the kids I am concerned about. Without those beautiful children they would be like everyone else but they saw dollar signs and took advantage of it. And how does any parent justify the show continuing after hearing Kate herself say the one of the kids called her the babysitter’s name? If my six year old daughter did that to me I would be devastated! It’s time to step back and fix this situation. Like they say family first. They said themselves the kids will one day question them about this. Jon & Kate said that their show is the kid’s favorite. Maybe they will ask them why they chose to keep filming instead of trying to fix the situation. I loved this show when it started but now it is time to end the show. We all have strains on our marriages and they are no different but if my spouse and I had problems we are not going to sit there at 9:00 on TLC every Monday discussing it. Go out on top, step away from the public and fix your marriage and since they love to spout how they don't work stay at home and spend time with the kids playing simple games. Take them on vacation WITHOUT the cameras. Enough already.

  96. Thanks for getting this out there! I can't believe people are listening to these two. It's obvious they are jealous and holding a grudge.

    The other thing is, if they care so much about the kids, why would they come out and give horrible interviews saying Kate is having an affair with the bodyguard? You would think that since they are all about 'protecting' the kids, they'd realize that one day those kids would be watching that video. Apparantly they don't care how the kids would feel seeing their aunt and uncle broadcasting horrible rumors about their mom.

  97. If Jodi & Kevin were truly concerned about these children being "exploited", why is it that they never spoke up before now... after they've not even seen the Gosselin children for a year?

    I don't care who's done what - you don't run your mouth about your family like these two are doing, much less in SUCH a public way, or in the middle of such horrible turmoil. Shame on them.

    And now they've donned capes, and are out to 'save the children' of the world from being "exploited by reality television"?

    Yeah, right.

    Shut up and go give your kids some more sugar, Aunt Jodie.

    The Gosselin children are not your children.

    It's not your decision, or any of your business, how they are reared.

    They don't need rescuing from you, or anyone else.

    If that were the case, Child Protective Services would have swooped in a looong time ago.

  98. Either way, regardless of who brought up the child exploitation issue, it's something that is being addressed. Now that I think about it... something that should have been addressed a long time ago. Maybe there had to be a big public stink over it to draw attention to the matter at hand.

    If Jon and Kate have nothing to hide then they should be able to deal with it with no problem if or when child services looks into it.

    It seems all the experts are claiming it is child exploitation. Some go as far as calling it child abuse. I wouldn't call it that but I'm not an expert in child development.

    Did Jon and Kate do the show with good intentions originally? Probably so. Are we past that point now? Probably so.

    If indeed the children are not being exploited and they are not working more hours than they should be then there will be no problem.

    If Jon and Kate are putting money aside in trust funds, aside from a college fund, for the children then there should be no problem.

    To be honest I never thought about it when watching the show. I just enjoyed watching the children grow up. But now that it's out there we should think about it.

    The children don't have privacy. The children can't go to a toy store like anyone else. When they went shopping for kids at the hospital it was evident that the kids hadn't ever been shopping since Toys R Us. Kate said so. I find that sad. How can anyone not?

    Regardless of whether or not the children know it or are aware of it, they are not growing up leading normal lives. They are a TV show. They are entertainment. You can't deny that no matter how you look at it, good or bad.

    Yes, they are happy and well-behaved children, in my opinion. However, they live in a bubble of sorts. No one else is going to be able to have an understanding of what their lives were like growing up in the public eye. None of us will know what it is like to be filmed and watched for years. None of us will know what it is like to be loved and then forgotten if and when the cameras stop. None of us can understand if and how this will affect them. Thankfully they will have each other.

    Not to mention that now they have to deal with their family falling apart so publicly.

    Don't blame the media. Don't blame the bloggers. Don't blame TLC. Although they all had a part in it. It is their parent's job to protect them. If they don't then a relative or the public or the law will have to step up.

    They will watch the show and see their family deteriorate over time just like we did.

    They will see how their parents treated them and each other over the years (or seasons) and they themselves will judge whether or not it was acceptable. Their parents will have to answer to them for it.

    Maybe they will laugh. Maybe they will be mortified. Maybe they will be hurt beyond belief.

    Only time will tell.

  99. I dont think it was necessary at all for Kevin and Jodi to do this. Jon and Kate are going through a lot right now and they don't need more bad media! I think that it was enough for Jodi and Kevin to talk to Jon and Kate if they dint think something was right. It is Jon and Kate's decision on what they do. I truly do not believe that if Kate's kids were telling her they dont want the cameras that she would force them to be on tv. She always says it is their choice.
    And this whole thing with Jodi not getting paid to be on the seems she used to be totally supportive of the show till she couldnt get paid. It was her choice to get angry about it and her choice to go to tell the country what she "thinks" now.
    Maybe it did become a little too much filming, i can see that. But again, just talk to the gosselin family about it and definitely dont demand to get paid.
    Do i think the whole TV show got a little too out of hand? Yes. I do believe that it was the tv and fame that caused the problem they are having now.
    I think that the gosselins should only film a few times a year for birthdays and vacations. I think they should just bring it all down a little. Jon and Kate need a break and Im sure the kids would agree.

    Think about this: Say Kate and Jon do split up. When the kids are older they will find all this out and ask their parents.. "If the fame and the show were causing so many problems in your marriage, why didnt you just stop?" The kids could care less if they are on TV or not. And i dont think the TV is helping them at this point like kate may think.
    All gosselin fans can probably agree that if the show is causing their family problems we really dont care if the show is off. We dont love the show, we love the FAMILY. and we want the best for them. I almost feel guilty watching it now because I know what it is really doing to them.
    There is really nothing we can do at this point but pray. We need to pray that they really make the right decisions for their marriage and their children. They need to think about eachother and what needs to be done to change this problem. It can be solved and the family can stay together if they sort out what is really important. PRAY!!!

    I believe there can be a miracle here!

  100. I know that probably all the comments here say the same thing I'm about to say (I didn't have time to read all of them - there are 99!! LOL), but I couldn't resist putting in my two cents, for whatever they're worth. I was seething mad when I watched the clips of the interviews Jodi and Kevin gave. I kept thinking how I would feel if my brother and sister in law did that to me - I would be livid, and I would NEVER EVER speak to him again, EVER! I would literally write him off, and never ever let him in my life, or my childrens' lives again. And that would be sad. But there is NO excuse for that kind of back stabbing in a family! The ONLY reason they are in this is to get a piece of the Gosselin pie!!! They want their fifteen minutes of fame, and some money - pure and simple. Jodi, with her flat ironed hair, and sad serious face, claiming to be oh so concerned about her nieces and nephews, those "poor children'!! Puhlease!! Those "poor children" live in a gorgeous house, and do nothing but smile and laugh all day! They are well cared for, well fed, well dressed, and seem very happy and well adjusted to me. But since Jodi and Keven aren't able to give their kids all that Jon and Kate have been able to give theirs, they have decided to get all high and mighty and judgemental, and air their dirty laundry in public. They are the most despicable excuses for human beings I have ever seen. I'm actually a little annoyed and Harry Smith for agreeing to let them have air time to spew such nonsense!! If Jon and Kate were locking the kids in closets,and beating them up, I'd understand them coming forward. But this is a clear case of sour grapes, and extreme jealousy, and it's sickening!! What is happening to Jon and Kate' marriage is so sad - it makes me really unhappy to see them so unhappy. And for them to have to deal with this kind of betrayal from their own family is just so uncalled for.

    There, I think I needed to get that out!!! I have never felt such a strong sense of distaste for people I've never met before coming across Jodi and Kevin Kreider. The only thing that gives me some comfort is that I strongly believe in what goes around comes around, and karma, and I think that The Kreiders have done alot to harm theirs!!! It's going to come back to bite them in the rear ends at some point down the line, and I for one will enjoy seeing that happen!

  101. Why did my post get deleted? I was not nasty, I was trying to ask a question! It just shows that anyone with a valid point against the Gosselins will be deleted. At least I know I am right! I'll go to GWOP at least they don't delete posts!

  102. Robert,
    GWOP deletes posts that support Kate and the family...

  103. Robert,
    Your post is still on here

  104. Robert~ your comments were kept. But please feel free to go over to that other site if you don't like the way things are handled here. Because if I don't like a post I will delete it. I don't have to give any explanation. Also, If I can't check a link that's posted here to make sure it's OK for others to read that will be deleted also..

  105. Are you kidding Robert? GWOP don't delete posts?? That might be one of the funniest things I've ever read here!!! They are notorious for deleting and censoring posts!! Anyone who goes over there and posts in support of the Gosselins gets deleted - it has happened to me many times. I don't even go over there anymore - too negative and mean spirited. This site is much more open and positive. And descenting opinions are allowed to be here if they are respectful.

  106. First of all i would like to say I am very sorry for accusing anyone of deleting my post. I am sometimes blind and missed it when I went to check on it. Please I am very sorry for that. Second, I have read many pro-Gosselin post over there that were not deleted but had comments made back at them. Lets not forget, people have a right to express their thoughts as to whether they like the Gosselins or not. For the record if I was in Kevin's shoe's I would have done the same thing I just would have not taken any money for it. Either way what they said is correct. Think of the children and stop the show. They know what is going on.

  107. As much as I love this show and this family...I am of the conclusion that things have really gotten out of hand. I think J & K should end this show...get out of their contract or at the very least...take a break from the show and really concentrate on their marriage. I think that their fame grew almost over night and obviously they were not really prepared for such quick success.
    I wish them the best of luck.

  108. Robert~ Either way this is a FAN Site.If you do not feel confortable here. Obiously everyone has the right to their opinion. GWOP will not allow a SINGLE fan comment on that site. I don't know what your talking about. As far as the other hate sites fans to do not comment there for fear of being attacked. I want them to know that that will NEVER EVER be the case here. I wont stand for it.

    On my last blog I was accused of doing the same as GWOP. And while there's NOTHING wrong with choosing what I want to keep here, I am trying to allow other points of view on this new site. But what I feel sheds a negative light on this family will not stay posted.

    Just keep that in mind when comment here. Thank you.

  109. I just can't believe what blatant liars Jodi and Kevin are. They sat during that interview and lied through their teeth. Saying oh at first it was about documenting their lives so we had no problem with it then it got out of hand. WHICH WASN'T THE ISSUE! MONEY WAS! They wanted to get paid and Kate said NO! That's the issue she has. They are jealous because before they needed their help but now they have surpassed them in everything. They are jealous bitter liars. You are hurting your nieces and nephews just as much as you accuse J&K of doing. And in actuality they aren't even really related to Jodi. She's mad because she is still a boring housewife while Kate is making millions living in a nice house etc. She needs to shut up and her sister who I'm sure doesn't even know Kate and somehow miraculously keeps posting updates on this family on her website. When according to Jodi herself they have no contact with the Gosselins anymore - so how do they know what's going on? And that the children are breaking child labor laws? If they don't speak to them anymore how do they know how much time the children spend being taped? Yeah exactly.

  110. I love Jon and Kate Plus 8. I think they are wonderful parents and people. I get inspired to be a better mother every time I watch their show. I could not imagine the scrutiny of living under a camera and I would hate to think what America would think of my family if the cameras was rolling around my house. My hats off to them all. And I hope Jon and Kate's marriage can last through this.
    And Kate looks WONDERFUL! Not just for a mom, for any lady. She is like Super Mom!

  111. Can anyone tell me what happened to her old friends that had one daughter and a big house and they always took pictures at their house? I don't see them at all anymore.
    Family always comes around when they think they can get a few extra bucks out of something. Noone ever saw any of their family in the beginning because they did not want to help out with the babies for free now did they? Now money is being thrown at them they come around. WOW how funny.....