Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 Madness: Why do we care about this family?

Hello Gosselin fans! Well I am so happy to hear how much everyone is loving the new site. A lot of negative articles and revelations have made even the most die hard fans like myself feel a bit depressed. I'm going to try to pick up the mood a bit. Hopefully the teaser here for this weeks show might make us feel better. Hey at least they are on the same couch! (lol)

A few of those new to this site were wondering who is the person is behind the curtain here. This site is mine and mine alone. I have dedicated a bit of my life since July 31st, 2008 to blogging about this family. It's truly a labor of love. I welcome any suggestions and comments, as well as giving you the re-assurance that this site will continue to stay a positive fan site for those that love to talk about the show. There are also 200 posts on the old site, that will give you a sense of why I'm a fan. And why I will always support Kate and this family. xoxo Baby Mama (Photo from Hollyharsh)

Next Week's Episode Teaser Coutesy of Entertainment Tonight

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 Madness: Why do we care about this family? From NY Daily News

“When people watch ‘Jon & Kate’ they feel better about their own lives,” says Dr. Debbie Magids, author of “All the Good Ones Are Taken” (St. Martin’s Press). “A lot of TV shows make people feel worse about their own lives since people on TV are happier and sexier and better able to work through their relationships. But with Jon and Kate, it’s what’s going on in everyone’s home. It’s not always perfect and smooth, and up to now, it was about a marriage that was making it.”

The couple’s highly publicized spats aren’t dimming our devotion to Gosselin family, Magids says, at least so far.

“With the new scandal, now there’s a wrench and it’s not working,” she says. “But affairs also happen in many homes. A lot of people are trying to get past an affair, whether it is physical or emotional cheating, because they want to work it out to keep the family together. They look at Jon and Kate and say, this is what it’s like for them and in many other households where people are struggling, too.”


  1. Baby Mama- Thanks for trying to keep things upbeat!

  2. Looks like such a fun episode!

    KYMama, what part of Kentucky are you in? Im in Lexington!

  3. I am wondering.....when was this episode filmed? Seems recent, but not too recent.

  4. I've been a fan of J&K+8 since the beginning. I am disappointed that things seem to be going badly. I must say, however, that Kate really gets a bad rap while I admire her. I think she has held her family together from the beginning. Jon lost his job when the babies were born and Kate picked up the pace. She worked long hours as a nurse with six babies at home. Clearly Jon is not now and has never been a driving force. He appears lazy and disinterested while Kate organizes and motivates. If the family were left to Jon, nothing would get done. Sure there are problems - that's life. And life in a fishbowl with 8 children must be tense to the highest power - but give Kate her due. She is a realist who has given her all to her family.
    Holli Day

  5. I can't wait.....only time will tell what will happen to the family, but I wish the best for them.
    Love, love, love!!! the new site!! Congrats

  6. This clip confuses my brain! The season premiere made me feel so sad, seeing them together feels almost wrong to me now, I guess. Also, hearing Kate mention how quickly they grow up makes me wish there was more together time for her and the children; I wish they'd say "that's a wrap!...forever!" and focus on the family. Probably too late for her and Jon, judging by the looks of things, they don't seem to be spending enough time together to convince me they're working on anything. So sad.

    I've heard some people mention it's a shame Jon didn't spend memorial day with his family; but we need to remember that judging by the season premiere, when ONE parent is with the kids; the OTHER parent is NOT, birthday parties being the exception. It may have been "Kate's turn" if you catch my drift.

    Babymama, I had an idea for a website poll: "What type of Gosselin fan are you?" and the choices would be
    1. Uber fan; I love them, I tell everyone I love them, and I'll always love them, Gosselin tv forever.
    2. Closet fan; I watch the show, wish I didn't love it so much, and hope it goes on forever; it's my guilty pleasure.
    3. Two faced fan; I watch it for snark ammunition and I wish the show would be cancelled, I'm exhausted & running out of insults.
    4. Conflicted fan; I love the show but feel J & K need to get back to raising their kids in private, enough is enough.

  7. Well it all looks great, but in the going green episode the playset was already up. I am sure I seen it. I so wish they could work it all out and get back to the J&K we all love. I still love Kate though, LOL. :)

  8. I kind of want to figure out when all these different elements were filmed. Maybe it'll get cleared up in this new episode. But, Kate's birthday is in March, the six's are in May, when did Kate and Mady go away together, so it's possible that the interview we're going to see in this new episode is from march.
    But one thing I did notice was that in the webisode of Jon and Kate checking out their new interview set, she was wear the same green dress she was wearing at the dinner scene shown at the end of the season premiere. (kind of stalker sounding i know, but I only noticed because I thought it was really cute and I need a new dress.) Maybe it was the same day... which means their lovey dovey dinner scene was filmed before the awkward interview. Ok... now I'm getting way to analytical and I'm freaking myself out.

  9. I used to be a 1/2 but now i'm a 4. Great poll idea.

    I agree this episode flashback makes me feel bad about quickly things turned for the worst, but atleast it will be easier to watch than last week.

  10. Jessica-You are right, that was the same dress. If you noticed at the beginning of the show they were in different clothing on the couch and then at the end they were in another set of cloths on the couch. So, I think there was at least 2 seperate days of interviews. So this is all so confusing. Now they are going to show a happy J&K from her birthday and her trip with Mady(that must have been when Colin hurt his hand). Something is so wrong with the way TLC is doing this.

  11. I originally e-mailed this to Baby Mama, and she suggested I share it with the rest of you.

    I am a huge fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and have watched the show since it started. As the years have passed, I still love their family as much as I ever have; however, I am completely aware of some of Kate and Jon's flaws, as I know you are as well. A while back I, unfortunately, came across an anti-Gosselin blog (which shall remain unnamed,) long before I found your page. I used to read their posts half of the time just because they were humorous, and half of the time because I was interested to see an opposing viewpoint on the Gosselin's.

    As I've read their page in the recent months, I can't help but notice that the anti-Gosselin pages are so incredibly biased it's truly disgusting. First and foremost, they flat out refuse to post any comment that is in favor of Kate. They may not come right out and say that they delete these comments, but I find it hard to believe that not one Gosselin fan has ever left a comment for those horrible mods on their blog, yet none of them ever appear.

    I am so tired of everyone nitpicking every single word, movement, or decision that Kate makes. For instance, while I was watching the premiere and Kate showed her vulnerable side and began crying, she said, "I don't want to ruin my makeup." As soon as she said it I knew that certain people were going to have a field day with it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it a courteous thing to look off to the side of the camera at, most likely, the person who just spent a great deal of time doing your makeup for an interview, and apologize for ruining their hard work? And just in case I'm being biased and my assumption is completely off, so what if she really just didn't want to ruin her makeup?...Would any woman in the world want to sit in front of 9,800,000 people (literally) and look anything but her best?

    I was absolutely FURIOUS today when I read on “their” blog that they now have a P.O Box set up where “fans” of Jodi and Kevin can write to them. I can’t believe I didn’t think before that, of course they are somehow affiliated with Jodi and Kevin! It makes so much more sense now. They go on to say that they “obtained permission” from Jodi and Kevin to set up the P.O Box. Not surprisingly, the mods will be checking these letters before sending them for appropriateness, so basically Jodi and Kevin will receive nothing but praise for completely selling out their family and being greedy, jealous individuals.

    Without getting into any more specifics, my point is that they have completely forgotten that Kate is a human being. We watch the show and tend to think of people on TV as characters, but when it comes down to it, regardless of how long the show lasts or what happens between Kate and Jon, 20 years from now Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Joel, Mady and Cara will still be Kate and Jon’s children. At that time, they will inevitably log online and find your blog and feel loved, appreciated, and honored….then they will come across the “hate” blogs, and they will undoubtedly begin to question why these people are so angry about their family..”Do we really have something to be worried about?” “Did our show really hurt our family?” “Was my mom really as horrible as these people say?” All of the people who despise the show, want it to end, and are completely disgusted by Kate’s every action, tune in every single week in order to gather enough criticism to post recaps that detail every miniscule minute of the show. These people are so incredibly hypercritical. I doubt that they would sound perfect if someone were to write a blog about every single movement or comment that they ever made in life.

    Don’t they realize that by posting complete garbage about the Gosselin’s THEY are the people who are harming these children’s futures? I wonder how “anti-Gosselin Moms” would feel if they had complete strangers criticizing their parenting and telling their children to hate them…….

  12. JLB1016- All I can say is AMEN!!!!!!!!

  13. JLB1016-
    Amen! That's really all I have to say! :)

    To many of my friends and family I sound silly when I say that my heart hurts for the Gosselin's, but I dont' care!! :)
    Anyway, as much as I love watching the show, I kind of wish the show would end and hope that they could stay out of the media. (wishful thinking!)
    I sent a comment to TLC asking them to forward it to Jon and Kate, but they said they couldn't give me a personal email. (Thta wasn't what I was asking for, but whatever) I hope they do read the comments, especially the supportive ones.
    The preview of next week looks pretty good, but I don't like how they backtrack.
    Thanks Baby Mama!!! :)

  14. Min~ I like your poll idea. I plan on putting up tomorrow. Thanks for the idea! Anybody else that comes up with poll ideas, or you have a suggestion for a post on this blog, you can also let me know.

    Shelly~ Several of the episodes were already filmed a month before the season premiere even aired. Originally we were supposed to see a different episode this week. Its obvious that TLC is delicately trying to see in what order they will be aired, without ruining the continuity of the show.

  15. JLB1016--Love your thinking.

  16. Baby Mama, Oh, ok that makes sense. Because I was sure I seen that playset up during the going green. Thank you!!!!

  17. I liked their interactions on the couch in that sneak peek, but then like others have said if it was filmed back a month or so ago, then maybe things really went downhill fast. I love this family and it makes me so sad to so many people dedicate, literally, their day and time to making fun of them and saying horrible, disgusting things no one should be saying about anyone. They may not be doing everything perfectly, but what family is???
    And it infuriates me that people are JUST NOW coming out and crying about "exploiting" the children...if I am correct they have had the past 5 years to come out and say something. Even though I sometimes think it might be best for them to stop the show and deal with things privately, not once have I ever noticed any of the children upset about the cameras or looking uncared for or unhappy. And didn't Kate herself say once that if they do not want to film that day that do not have to?? So they get their breaks.

    Anyways, I am praying for them all and love them dearly and wish them all the best and support them no matter their decisions. The world is too full of hate! What happened to "Love thy neighbor?"

    Thanks for a cool new site BabyMama!

  18. Ok I am so excited to see that!!! That makes me feel so much better and i know that things are not fixed and it was probably filmed before but i love seeing a good family have family time and love one another.

    I just found this blog at the start of the week and i just absolutely love it!

  19. About the makeup. I, too, believe she was talking to the makeup person. To me, she looked apologetically to someone off to the side.

    About the "other" blog. I tried several times to post something that wasn't snarky. They were never posted. Now that blog is just so horrible I refuse to read it. This is the only JK blog I read.

    About the webisode of the new set reveal. Jon and Kate seemed so...well...fine. Kate even pointed something out to Jon...I think it was a picture. They did not look like a couple in complete peril.

    As I've said before: Treat your spouse how you want to be treated.

  20. I love this blog. I find it hard to stomach the stuff online that is anti Kate. I have watched the show for so long & watched the kids grow up. My kids love the show too.
    I find it to be a show I can watch with my kids.
    Do I think Kate has issues, sure. But good lord so do I LOL.
    We all do.
    It makes me really sad to see how the press is slamming her so badly.
    Its like they go from story to story hurting people along the way.
    I do in my heart hope this is the last season simply so they can get their lifes back.
    Seeing Jodi & Kevin do the press they have turns my stomach.
    They are doing more harm than good.
    Thanks Babymama for this site.

  21. JLB1016...your comments are so spot on!! I have posted once or twice and they have always been rejected. I definitely think they have serious mental health can you hate anybody that much?

    And yes, regarding Kate...every single, solitary movement or word or piece of clothing, etc,is dissected a thousand times over.

    I am not going to enjoy the upcoming shows as much because I am just reeling from Mondays' episode and even though they will be together I will keep thinking of the ominous 1st episode and knowing they backtracked. ugh.

    On a happy, light note., the sweet six looked absolutely gorgeous on their 5th birthday. What a monumental occasion!!! They are the cutest children I have ever seen, and love hearing them chatter amongst themselves. They certainly appear happy and well cared for to me!!!

  22. allibrootob said...
    JLB1016...your comments are so spot on!! I have posted once or twice and they have always been rejected. I definitely think they have serious mental health can you hate anybody that much


    First off, JLB, wow, what a GREAT post! I 100% agree with everything you said!

    And allibrootob, what makes it even worse is that they hate someone so much THAT THEY DONT EVEN KNOW! I would love to know why they feel the need to bring other people down. What has happened in their life to make them such unhappy mean spirited people? I just dont get it!

  23. I have noticed people say that Jodi & Kevin are "affiliated" with GWOP.
    I don't want to debate this, but just because GWOP is mailing a collection of letters, doesn't mean there is an affiliation. It simply means GWOP is on Jodi & Kevin's side.
    You can mail things to anyone.
    It doesn't mean they know or care who you are.
    They have things in common, it doesn't make them affiliated, IMO.

  24. JLB That was definaltey a strong and powerful post. I have not seen those blog that rip at every part of a good person such as kate. part of me wants to go on there blog and ridicule them and the other part dose not want to know what they are saying because it would anger me. I don't understand the hate that people have either. Why would you want to destroy someone so badly.

    Everyone who is ridiculing them and wishing that they fail should be ashamed of themselves. It makes me sick. It is all just so incredibly disgusting.

    I am glad that the kids will all have video of how there family is and what all they have done together so that they can look back and see the real proof of the love that their parents had for them.

  25. Min~ GWOP has stated more than once when this whole Julie thing started: "We met Julie face-to-face and feel she is legit." So they have worked with her for a long time to take the Gosselins down. I feel that they are affiliated. Julie and GWOP both use each other to get their messages across. I have said many times that I feel Julie put up an e-mail link not because of getting support letters, but for media outlets to contact her for Jodi and Kevin, that might not know how to contact them otherwise. Why would she now, after all that time, put up an e-mail address right as Radar Online put up the videos. I feel its all connected, esp. now that Kevin is shopping around appearances for $30,00o a piece! Ohh yes, they really seem to care about the kids right about now!

  26. Wow that is so backstabbing and insane. so julie is jodies sister right?
    I am sure that they are all affiliated, they have to be.

  27. I really think they will work everything out. They are on the same couch and it's doesn't have the same vibe as last keep our fingers crossed..

  28. Just who is the head of GWOP and why does she even give a fig? There's a LOT more going on in the world that you could put your passion into than running a hate site. I'm sure some of the haters can come back and say the same about this site. But it is not promoting such hatred as the other one is...just support.

    A few weeks ago I tried to post on that site (before I discovered this one) that I really hoped none of the children ever would read some of the awful things people write about their family. It didn't get posted. Just like here, it's their site and they can post whatever they want. But it is all hate.

  29. I am re-watching some of the RadarOnline videos and something just stood out to me. In one of the clips, they are going on and on about how Jon and Kate claim to do everything themselves. They said they didnt have a problem with them having help, but they claim to do it all alone. Hmmm, so did they miss the part on the show where they show her having someone folding the laundry. Did they miss the part on the show where Kate discusses that they do have a sitter and family helper? Did they not see on their website where Kate addressed that they do have food brought in on filming days?? I could go on.
    I dont know about you all, but never once have I thought that they do it all alone. I have always known that they have help, and I dont think that Jon and Kate try to hide it. Which makes me wonder what in the world Kevin and Jodi are talking about??!? Oh well, just another inconsistency, I guess Im used to them by now.

  30. I can't wait to see what happens on the show! Maybe if they can get rid of Jon then Kate will be able to date and find somebody better!

  31. You know what would be awesome, Mady and Cara are almost old enough to babysit the little kids, and they could help Kate pick out a dress for her date and everything and then watch the little kids. The babysitter could still be there but be hidden or something.

  32. Maybe we could have apoll about who we want her to date!!

  33. Hopefully this hasnt been posted yet. But this article has it dead on correct for me

  34. thanks for the teaser...very excited for the next episode..if i was knew they were in town i would have rushed down to san diego just to get a glimpse...i know they are on vacation and how rude it would be to intrude..but truly just a quick glimpse from a distance would have been fine with me! =)

  35. Jennifer i was just watching Jon and Kate today it was one of the older episodes (like last season, so in all honesty new) and j&k and the girls went to take the twins to get there pictures taken and the lady who helps with the laundry (can't think of her name, sweet blonde woman) was babysitting the boys and i think alexis. At the end of that episode jon and kate said thank you to all the people who help them and they they could not do some of the stuff they do without the help that they recieve...

    I think that when they say that they don't get help i believe that means with the kids other than babysitters. Yes Kate tried to get a maid and she tried to get a babysitter there were episodes on it. They have not taken credit for everything I always hear them saying thank you.

  36. I hate how TLC does these shows so out of order. This was filmed over 2 months ago. Guess they just wanted to get the "juicy" in demand episode out there first.

    Kate and the group minus Jon are in NC this week.....Bald Head Island. Not too, too far from me!

  37. I think that what Jennifer was saying was that Radaronline was saying that Jon and Kate said they didn't have help. Looks like Radaronline is perpetuation the hater lies.

  38. perpetuating...sheesh, should have previewed.

  39. Love the new site. Will come here often. Hope you will still come and support my site...

  40. Reading some of the above comments, I see that many think Jon is the problem with the marriage.

    I think that Kate has just as much ownwership in the marriage, and it is a partnership that needs to be put first by BOTH of them.

    Comments that say get rid of Jon and start dating are absolutely ridiculous.

  41. ...seeing the newest photos from TMZ really pulls at the heartstrings. Kate away for a week with the kids and no Jon. Wow.

    It seems as though they are not trying any holidays tend to be very special events in childrens' lives.

    I wonder how the show will unfold once these previously taped episodes are over. Will Jon not be in them?

  42. The new epsiodes were probably filmed before the one we saw last week...remember TLC was stated as scrambling to re-edit the season premier to address all the problems, you can even tell by looking at the two dogs, in the most rent footage they are older on monday's they are a little younger. I think it just proves that though they might have problems they still get along. If MOnday's episode was filmed say in march for two people who hate each other on the road to divorce as the tabloids say they seem to get along real well. Why the change? The tabloid stories of course, hundreds of articles and opinions (mostly negative) would change anyone's demeanour on screen and off. I think we will see that there are troubled waters still out there but probably not as intense, sad as we saw on the season premier, because despite what the haters say, a strong family unit (where both parents, or a single parent work) can and will survive anything.

  43. Min, GWOP IS affiliated with Jodi and Kevin. My point wasn't that they set up a P.O. Box, it was that they said that they got permission from Jodi and Kevin themselves. Also, in the past they have discussed meetings with Jodi's sister Julie.

  44. ghostwriter: I hope what you say is true.

    My hunch is that things have gone downhill pretty quickly since the episodes shot in March. I guess only time will tell!! Something very serious is brewing if he is not with them on a weeklong family vacation.

  45. Min - obviously GWOP is responsible for Jodi's new "insight" into the show. When she was on for 3 seasons, she never worried about reality kids labor laws and it really bugs me that she says she was upset about 'filming in the kids rooms' when she let cameras into her daughter's room, more than once.
    Kevin & Jodi even admit that they wanted paid to be a part of J&K+8 and that is why they all stopped talking a year ago. So hello pot calling kettle black. I'm not hoping in line to believe that their concerns & "tears" are genuine. I also thought it was very interesting that the information they provided on the Early Show was nothing like the info they gave radaronline...something is fishy with their "interviews"

  46. With the weeklong vacation minus Jon, I am not concerned because Kate was away for her book tour minus the kids and Jon and I am sure Jon did many many things without her, you have to remember the paparazi and TMZ have only recenly zoomed in like jackals (before the cheating allegations J&K were mediocre celebs)

    Here is something I tried to post on GWOP, since it won't get there I want to post it here:

    Actually saw a non-hater comment here, shocking, I really try to see both sides of the story but most posters on this site simply hate Kate, and there is nothing that is going to change that. I feel Kevin and Jodi are not looking to protect the kids they are looking to get paid, I feel that J&K will not divorce, much of the tension is hyped up for the show, even the latest TMZ photos are straining to depict them as seperate, which is not true. We have watched 4 seasons of J&K and the kids doing everything together, what's wrong with two people doing things seperately. My wife and I are not always with each other 24/7 I take my kids places by myself and so does my wife but always meet back up, season 5 I feel is going to be about their life as two working parents and how they raise their kids in the media spotlight. Last comment: If you hate them so much, why watch?

  47. Love the poll idea above. I am a 4 now, was maybe a 1 & 2. I wish they would take a break, only have shows for a part of the year such as the Roloffs and Duggars. I am very worried for them all. If they only had shows for part of the year or just did specials now, the show would get it's magic back, it would not be soo scripted, and the kids could go back to normal I hope.

    Part of me thinks this is all happening for a reason though, to teach all involved a lesson, the fans, TLC, the Govt to make laws to protect any and all kids and adults in reality TV and to even the Gosselins too. I hope this all smooths over soon

  48. Leslie- sorry if my comment was a little unclear. My point was that Kevin and Jodi in the RadarOnline videos were upset b/c they said that Jon and Kate claim to not have help. When in all reality, they never try to hide the fact that they have help. Does that make sense? So I agree with your comment. That was my intention, to prove that they DO have help and dont try to hide it :) Jodi and Kevin must not be watching the same show as us!

  49. Oh I see what you are saying! I keep hearing about radar online but have not seen it for myself. I am sorry Jennifer if I came off like in an attacking way, my comment was not meant like that.
    Thank you for clearing that up for me though =)

  50. min said...
    This clip confuses my brain!

    LOL! I know! It's going to be hard to watch the show knowing that some episodes were shot before the season premiere.

    I know I won't be able to help looking into things while viewing each episode... to see if they have been separated for a while, even just mentally if not physically. Kate said it's been for at least six months, even more if she cared to admit. I'm curious to see if they will be shown "not together" a lot and if they try to make it seem like it's just circumstances at the moment and not that they are "separated", because at the time of filming no one was aware of marital problems.

    As for Kate being on Bald Head Island (shouldn't Jon have been the one on Bald Head Island?) and Jon being elsewhere, yes it's possible we are reading into it, but I personally feel they are separated now since viewing the season premiere. Someone on Showbiz Tonight said Jon is getting his own apartment rigged with cameras, not sure if it's true or not.

    As for the NY Daily News article you have quoted above, I don't understand why they are referring to Jon cheating. Both Jon and Kate have denied "cheating".

    I hope Jon addresses that because if they were separated at the time (which again Kate hinted to) then he is getting a really bad rap. Yes, technically they are still married so it is adultery, but if they are separated and just together for the show then I can see how he says he didn't "cheat". Not sure how that works into their "christian" marriage though.

    As for Kate crying and mentioning her makeup, I too felt she was directing it toward the makeup woman who probably stands by to touch her up between takes, or whoever else was there that would have to stop the filming to have it touched up.

    As for people commenting on Kate's hair... that's normal. I'm not a catty person. I think Kate looks great. Aside from her hair that is. I personally feel it is a horrible haircut. I think it looks fine from the front but I don't get having one haircut in the front and a totally different one in the back. Not to mention that the front is blonde and the back is a big dark patch. It's one of those things that I feel she may look back at and think What was I thinking? Her hair stylest should have his license revoked. In my very humble opinion. lol.

  51. Jennifer / Leslie:

    I think all those references to making it look like they did it all themselves was for the earlier shows. Yes, now Jon and Kate admit they have nannies and babysitters, etc. However, Kate always said they had someone come in to do the laundry and they did say they had help when the babies were first born.

    I do remember watching the show and being given the impression that Kate cleaned everything and cooked everything. They had the show where they tried to hire someone to clean and Kate wasn't happy with anyone so they left us with the impression that Kate decided to continue cleaning herself. Nothing was ever said about that again.

    Then rumors started flying that Kate doesn't cook or clean and has a personal chef. It became obvious that they could afford help and that is when they addressed it on the show.

    They also spoke so much about feeding the family on a tight budget, etc for several seasons, meanwhile they were getting all the freebies like the Juicy Juice and Johnson and Johnson and Gymboree, etc. Supposedly the half a cow they got was also a gift but they made it seem like they paid for it. Again, I said supposedly. But since they gave the farm free advertising, etc I find it believable they didn't actually pay for it.

    They addressed all those issues AFTER people were questioning the inconsistencies. I know I was thinking all those things as I was watching.

    I remember watching when Jon and Kate went clothes shopping and they said it was their Xmas presents because it cost so much money. I remember wondering if they paid for the clothes themselves or if they were freebies. I remember thinking something was off about that whole scenario.

    I also remember something with the Disney trip. I don't recall what it was but they didn't let on that it was gifted by Disney but it obviously was.

    I remember several instances like that. I clearly remember wondering about it as I watched it. I'm sure it was soon after that they opened up and let it be known that they were gifted a lot of trips, etc.

    Which, by the way, is fine with me. I guess my only true feeling about all the free stuff they get is Why do they always gift things to people that can now afford to pay for it themselves when there are people out there that can't afford stuff like that. I know, I know, free advertising and it's worth it for the company but I would prefer they do commercials showing them gifting stuff to a worthy family that can't afford it, than a worthy family that can. Just my opinion.

  52. Cathy said...
    I really think they will work everything out. They are on the same couch and it's doesn't have the same vibe as last keep our fingers crossed..

    Aw sweetie... that was filmed before last week. They are going backwards in tim.e

  53. In regards to the freebies and why don't they pay for stuff now that they have money, all you have to llok at the celebrities and sports athletes they get everything for free that's how it works. Tiger Woods gets every piece of Nike clothing and equiptment for free even though he's millionare...yet there are no people bitching that he doesn't pay for stuff. Doe sit matter to me? No, why, because I am not them, it does not change my life one bit if J&K, Tiger Woods, or anyone else get stuff for free so if confuses the hell out of me why other people get so upset about it. We have to remember that all of these freebies are part of advertising and ALL come with some sort of contractual obligations (like drinking juicy-juice on camera). Look at the earlier shows there are a ton of blurred out product names, now since the show is doing great their are little or no blurred out products. The haters are just jealous.

  54. ghostwriter:

    I wasn't JUST referring to J&K getting freebies. I was referring to all the rich people that get freebies. I know it's how it works. I understand it's advertising. I still find it annoying.

    But it seems to me that just about everything J&K get is free. Food, drink, clothes, toys, appliances, furniture, vacations, pretty much everything. Good for them. Seriously. I'm not jealous. Okay, envious maybe, but not jealous. And I'm not a hater.

    I don't mind if they drink the juice on the show and you see the juice on the counter in the background. It's the zooming in on the products that annoys me. I have to sit there and view a close-up label on the appliance or juice. I personally find it annoying. Or to hear them mention the product and explain it, like the video games the kids were playing that one time.

    It's bad enough I have to sit through commercials between shots, now I have to sit through them during the show... Like when Jon refered to his insurance agent. What happened to it being "reality" and not acting. That was so fake. I think it's insulting to the viewers.

    My point too was that they kept talking about this budget they had and making it seem like they couldn't afford some of the things when it seems that now a lot of the stuff was free.

    I think they finally were open about it after people questioned it. Which I feel is the what they should have been all along.

  55. I wasn't calling you a hater, sorry if it came off that way. I really am refering to the "haters" on GWOP who are jealous people. Yeah the zooming in on products is annoying but inregards to Jon explaining stuff sometimes he overdoes it on normal things like when he says the kids needed to be hydrated as opposed to they needed water, that's just him though.

  56. ghostwriter:

    No problem. I've enjoyed discussing it with you... and others.

    I totally agree about how Jon talks but I think he said something like My Statefarm Insurance agent gave me some info to look into and they zoomed in on the website on the computer. LOL!

  57. I just found this on a news article in the NY Post (a "reliable" newspaper not a tabloid:

    The Gosselins' $1.1 million mansion in Wernersville, Pa., which was purchased under the name of family lawyer William Blumer.

  58. I'm not saying that means Jon and Kate did not purchase the home... just odd that it was purchased under the lawyer's name, although there could be a perfectly logical explantion.

    Here is the article:

  59. BabyMama:
    I'm sorry but I don't know how to email you so as not to leave another comment on your blog.

    There is going to be a special tonight on the E! channel at 10:30pm called Jon and Kate: Twisted Fate.

  60. Thanks a million, BabyMama! I've been pretty depressed and worried about this family. They look like they are making progress and the family looks much happier in this one. Thanks for the ray of sunshine!

  61. JBL1016 - I read your post this morning, way early... and am just now getting back in here to tell you... 'your post was spot on!'... puts all the confusing media mumbo jumbo into perspective.

    I just read this on Twitter...

    USATODAYPa. probing 'Jon & Kate' child labor complaint

    But when I clicked the link it was blank... anybody have more information on this?

  62. Jen Santos.....

    This episode was filmed in March befroe the cheating scandal so that's why they are getting along. Things are NOT looking up for this family. Jon spent Memorial Day in New York while the Kate took the kids to North Carolina. It looks like they are separated to me.

  63. Livy:
    I read that they are the PA child services are looking into whether or not J&K are complying with Child Labor laws in PA. TLC claims they are in compliance.

    Thing is the whole thing they are trying to address in the media is that those laws are made for child "actors" and since they are not considered "actors" they may not apply anyway. So it seems that their looking into it is a moot point.

  64. CHECK THIS OUT....................

    Jon's Momhas spoken to STAR magazine.
    Read the article:

    Also, The Department of Labor is investigating the show for child labor law violations.
    Read the article:

    Last night on Showbiz Tonight TLC siad they film the kids for 2 hours 2 days a week. I doubt it is true, but if it is then they re actually under the leagl limit. On the View they said children ages 3-5 can be filmed for 6 hours on 2 days a week (12 hours/week). So hours a week in nothing.

  65. Thanks Mama for doing the only positive blog out there for J&K+8. Having a blog I do know how involved it can be. You are the video and link Queen! Thanks for your efforts in sustaining a positive forum for supporters.

    I loved this video. It looks like I might be able to sleep next Monday night, unlike the last episode.

    I am not too concerned about the timing of events for episodes featured this season. I believe TLC is justifiably trying to save the show by doing some creative editing. It is ok with me....

    My heart is broken and I am filled with compassion for both Jon & Kate. I can relate to Jon as he appears to me to be detaching himself from Kate a bit. I too was married to someone that was highly critical of me. Over the years it destroyed both my self esteem and my drive to participate in the relationship. I feel for him over this. I do struggle with many things observed recently though. Like what on earth was he doing out at 2am while his wife was traveling and he was supposed to be taking care of the kids? As a mama that is a big one. Who was there with the babes? I don't get that and hold him accountable....

    I can really relate to Kate and her current situation. She has accepted the role of primary support for her family. Regardless of how the decision was made,she is left to continue with the only means of income that they have since Jon has checked out.

    Being a single mom of 2 kids (since 1993) I fully understand the fear of the future and the abandonment issues she feels. I know how hard it will be, how lonely it is, and how guilt and shame comes in to play with ones head. But Kate is the epitome of a Survivor and I know she will be ok. and because of this, I know the kids will also be ok.

    Just like my post yesterday, I am going to make a suggestion how we CAN and WILL make a difference. I am a woman of great faith and have made a commitment to say a prayer for the family each day. If those of faith join in prayer we are promised that HE will listen (can't remember the verse).

    I am a girl that is all about solutions....
    so let's get to work and do something positive.

    Have a great weekend. Weather in NW is awesome.

  66. I, like everyone else, cannot understand this whole situation. I've been reading everyone's posts and trying so hard to analyze what's going on with this poor family. I am a huge fan of Jon and Kate plus 8, especially Kate. I always looked to her as an inspiration. She overcomes all mountains put infront of her. It angers me so much that she seems to be giving up on her marriage so easily. I would have never thought her and Jon would split, they have too much together to just give up on. I'm hoping they are taking some time apart and then they will come back and work on their marriage and come out stronger than ever. I just feel like there is some huge chunk missing of their whole story for how things went downhill so fast. They both are denying the affairs so what is it then? I really doubt just because Jon wasn't happy that everything changed that fast. Unhappiness is common every once in a while in everyone's relationships. Relationships aren't perfect. Part of me belives Jon didn't cheat because he seems like such a good guy...but then part of me doesn't know because Kate just seems so sad and angry like something serious really did happen. I myself having been through a boyfriend and a fiance that cheated on me know the heartbreak and loneliness that it causes. It's probably the worst feeling in the world and it wrecks your relationship because the trust is takes a whole lot to get that trust back but it is possible. I just wish them the best of luck and I will continue to pray and hope that everything works out ok. I give Kate a lot of praise for going on with her life and taking the kids to South Carolina instead of laying around on the couch sobbing about her situation. I'm excited to see the rest of the season and see how everything plays out. Thanks Babymama for the great site!!

  67. OK - now I am confused. It has been reported today that Jon's mom, "Pamela Gosselin," has commented on the situation. But Jon has stated several times that his mom is remarried and even referred to "her husband." So why is her last name Gosselin?

  68. because its reported by The Star....
    and we all know how much they do their homework!

  69. Oh great, more garbage from star.

    Smulkearns- your right, she is remarried. If you google that name, the only thing that comes up is Star and justjared.

  70. That made me so happy! Thanks for posting it BabyMama :)

  71. Thank you for the link to the teaser. Like everyone else, it makes me happy.
    Some people bring out the vicious in others and it seems Kate does just that.
    I agree with someone who wrote that the children appear healthy, happy and normal.
    The investigation into child labor laws is ridiculous. If they investigate the Gosselins, shouldn't the other reality families be investigated, too?
    People have commented on Kate's designer clothes, but anything I've seen linked on Gosselin Garb is from Ann Taylor or The Gap and is very reasonably priced, but lovely and classy.
    I even read today that their church has asked them not to come back. Cannot believe any true church would really do that, but would welcome everyone, especially someone in pain as I think the Gosselins are. All are sinners ....
    Well, enough from me.
    Love your blog. It's so fairminded and a breath of fresh air.

  72. Baby Mama - I dont think we should freak about this. If there is nothing wrong going on then the investigation will show this.

    I pray they will all be ok.

  73. Alright!
    I have waited and waited for the insanity to die down. It's NOT happening! So, my friend, I have come here to sound off!

    I find it interesting that no matter what Jon & Kate do, it is put under a microscope and critiqued like they are on trial. I truly don't understand!

    Part of me thinks it is jealousy that fuels this fire. Kate has made an amazing transformation from local nurse to national speaker, she is a mother to 8 gorgeous children, she is a meticulous homemaker who feeds her children mostly organic foods, she is consistent with her discipline, she tells her husband when he pi**es her off and she's not fake - she says what she thinks..about everything!

    I don't know about you, but if I had HALF those qualities I would be quite proud of the mother and wife I had become.

    What do kids do when they are jealous of another classmate? They knitpick and find every little thing they can to knock that kid down a few pegs. That is what those who feed on magazines like US and STAR are doing. It's what the Kate-hate bloggers are doing. They feel intimidated by someone so secure in who she is and in an attempt to make themselves feel better - they bash the hell out of her.

    Maybe it is because I live near them...maybe it is because I wish I was a better mom...maybe it is because I would pay a large sum of money to have a physical transformation like Kate has. But one thing I AM consistent in is this comment....


    I ask the haters to do some soul searching...what makes you prey on Kate and Jon and not the Duggars or the Little People? I bet if they dig deep enough they will find that it lies in their lack of self-worth and mountains of insecurities.

    That's sad.
    What's sadder is that they are taking a good family down with them.

    I pray for Kate and Jon and the kids every day.
    No one deserves what the media is giving this fmaily!

  74. Michelle your my girl, always coming to my rescue and calming me down. Whether or not they call this investigation "routine", it just bothers me that so many take pleasure from seeing a family suffer out of sheer jealousy. I hope that this is just a small bump in the road, and only because they are spattered across every news magazine now.

    I always put myself in their shoes. What would I do, how would I feel. Would I continue marching forward, letting them know they will never get the best of me. I know Kate is a strong woman, and I put my faith in both her and TLC for protecting and sheltering the children from all this.

  75. I have read the various comments referring to Julie, Jody and Kevin, their connection to the we hate Kate site disguised under the idea of "FREE THE GOSSELIN 8" (you know which one) so i began to think about the events that have happened and came up with this:

    1.Jon's "affair" comes out

    2.Haters have a blast and blame Kate yet there was nothing they could do or say to trash Kate some more

    3. Rumors start at that hate site about Kate and the bodyguard

    4. Julie, Jody's sister, resuscitates from her quiet period

    5.Jody and Kevin come and confirm that Kate is cheating with the bodyguard.

    I don't know about you guys but this looks fishy to me, how the speculation of some people in a blog became a tabloid story.

    Here is the way the rumor traveled:

    we hate Kate site---> Julie ----> Jody and Kevin

    looks to me like they are very much connected to the haters!

  76. I am different than a lot of the posters here. I do not like Kate. Notice, I did not say I hate Kate, just I don't like her. No need to go into all the reasons but I will say I think this investigation will go nowhere because there is nothing to investigate. J&K haven't done anything worthy of having their children taken away. They love them in their own ways and those children appear happy and healthy and very well treated. Sure they get short tempered at times, but don't we all? What's wrong with matching outfits? I think they're adorable. What's wrong with high chairs and sippy cups and bibs? It cuts down on clean up and who likes to mop floors all day? I firmly believe the haters will not succeed in destroying this family, I believe they will do this on their on. I hope I am wrong, but they both need to change and I don't see that happening.

  77. what's happening to this family is nothing short of a witch hunt. It's vile, digusting and makes my blood boil. To say that those eight precious kids are being "over worked" as they ride their bikes in their own yard, go on vacation, eat lunch or learn to use the potty is atrocious. J&K+8 is basically one long home video with comentary and production values. Those kids aren't working, they don't learn lines or go to rehersal or have to get on stage and do scenes. They're doing nothing more than what ever child does. The people who are abusing these kids right now are the media.

    I feel so bad for Kate right now, and Jon to but honsetly, more for Kate. She's the one getting the heat in all this. Jon is still being precieved as the hapless husband with the tyrant wife. She's being accused of everything from running off her husband, abusing him, using her kids to become famous and basically being Joan Crawford without the shoulder pads. She's got to feel like her world is closing in on her and there is no where to go. I really hope she's got some good, solid people in her life to help pick her up when it's all closing in on her.

  78. If there are NO child protection laws in place in Pennsylvania, there can be NO violation.

    That said, there SHOULD be laws in place, to insure these children reap their fair share of the millions of dollars they are helping to earn.

    No sextuplets; no show. They deserve money when they are of age.

    Hopefully this will help children in future similar situations...although I'm hoping no children are put in this exact situation.

    Little story: last month, one of my best friends got married. There was a little video montage set up on a tv set by the guest book; a videographer had compiled it using home movies and photos of the bride and groom, from when they were children. You could see them grow up in a few short minutes, it was cool, everyone loved it.
    When I FINALLY got to have a short dance with the groom, we were making small talk and I mentioned how adorable the video was. He told me his new wife (my best friend) had been MORTIFIED at some of the photos her mother had given the videographer, in particular the first 3 shots. He said she was really ticked at the "awkward" teenage shots, but her whole family loved how it showed her grow up and what she was like, and how pretty she became.
    Later I took a closer look. One photo that showed her in her chubby preschool days, with a bit of a wedgie in her tiny bikini bottom. One that showed her sitting on the toilet, age 3, fully clothed, reading a magazine UPSIDE DOWN that I thought was particularly hilarious. (apparently she was imitating her father, she tells me.) And one that showed her in a tub full of bubbles, with a bubble beard and bubble hair, and her bare chest.

    Don't get me wrong, she was smiling for the camera, there was nothing unusual about these photos; I have dozens like them in my OWN baby book. But I have to admit, when I heard she was uncomfortable about it at first; I thought of the Gosselins what with how much they've been in the news lately. What if they grow up and feel awkward about some of their little moments, which have been shared with millions of people?

    The part that especially surprised me was that my friend is gorgeous, fit, and loves to flaunt it. I gotta tell you, she AIN'T shy! LOL. But something about those personal photos, from her childhood...she would've preferred to keep them private, she would've chosen different photos.

    This illustrates to me, how you have to protect the privacy of children. You never know what will be deemed 'embarassing' in their eyes.

  79. GosselinFan 1............

    I could argue that though they are no "working" children act differently when out in front of a camera. Some may be shy, some may strike a pose and start singing, or some may run away. Therefore any kid's behavior could be changed by being in front of a camera. Also, would think the constant intrusion can get stressfula nd annoying at times (i.e. Mady had stuck her hand in the camera lense several times). No is saying they are overworked, just overfilmed. There are laws to protect children and reality shows are television productions and SHOULD have to follow those laws. Also, the kids are most likely not paid nor do their parents have to set any money aside for them according to the law. Thus people are calling for legilation or regulation on this point. The Labor Dept. is probably investigating because they have gotten complaints.

    Although I agree that they are not working, the factt he having someone observe you with a camera may change your behavior in any way means it is affecting your "normal" life. The kids should to be kids without the cameras. Also, I think people do trust TLC who is clearly in this for ratings and Jon and Kate who are willing to emotonally scar their children by displaying what could possibly be their divorce. The children should be able to deal with that in private.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the show. I used to argue up and down that this was a good family with loving devoted parents. But now it seems that money may have caused a lapse in judgement. I want to see this couple succeed and the children be happy, but I don't think it will happen. I don't think it needs to be on TV either. I respect your opinion though because it used to be how I felt untill recently. I think I will still watch the show unless they go too far with showing the affects of this possible divorce.

  80. I just read online that Jons Mom talked to Star magazine?
    What next ??

  81. I read The Star Magazine Article and it seems that Jon's mom did not say anything negative in the least. I was wondering too about her last name. Is that true, is any of this true? Who knows...I don't think that was Jon's actual mom! (lol)

  82. I'm watching the E! Show on Jon & Kate and am discusted! Time to change the channel!

  83. I don't think anyone here is saying that the filming of the children should not be done according to whatever laws are in place. TLC has to be aware of these retrictions since they are filming a bunch of children in different shows, and have been for a while now. How does anyone know that they are not follwing the rules, because Jodi and Kevin say so? Sorry, I don't believe anything they say.
    I'd also like to know why people assume that the children aren't receiving any money, has this been documented somewhere?, or is this just another haters rumor.

  84. Watching the E program. It's a shame. I don't care if Jon is having an affair or not, only that he is out - away from the family while Kate is trying to make a family business. That's truly all she has tried to do.
    (BTW, I like her hair!)

  85. Holli Day- I like her hair too!

  86. I thought I had read that the kids were given college scholarships when they were babies. As thrifty as Kate is I am sure she is saving & the kids will have money when they are of age.

  87. Is anyone watching the E! Special on the "Twisted Fate of Jon and Kate"? Give me a break!! I wrote to Insider and E and said how inappropriate it all is, but I know it won't be taken seriously.
    I wish I could get rid of all the negativity for the kids. I feel so bad for them if they have to see these shows and magazine covers.

  88. I HATE putting up this US Weekly Link, but you have to see all the celebrities with Kate Gosselins hair. Even I thought it was funny...

    My husband is watching a movie with friends but I did put the DVR on and will watch it tomorrow or late tonight and will discuss it. If anyone has seen it now please give me a re-cap!

  89. Reenie- I bet the children have scads of money in trust funds. Kate is so well planned, I could not imagine that they don't. She made a comment one time about cars for the 6, and oh boy did the haters go crazy.

    My youngest son is blind. My husband and I set him up a trust ast a young age due to his disease. He is enrolling in college this year, but he is receiving grants. However, unless he marries, I can't imagine he will ever leave the house. Thats just him, he is very shy and reserved. But, his trust will never just be handed to him, his money is set up to support him upon our death. This will allow him to stay in our house and be able to live comfortably forever. This has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it would shed the light on trusts and a childs future support.

  90. I have an innocent question, so I hope the owner of this site does not take offense and just provides some answers.

    I noticed there are advertisements on this site.
    How does that work exactly, if you do not mind my asking.
    Do you get paid for the ads?
    Just curious, that's all.

    And speaking of getting paid and freebies.
    I am a former fan of the show and once I became aware it was not a documentary (as first advertised - which involves NO compensation) and how it morphed into a reality show and that everyone was getting paid, I now have a different take and agree with all the child experts and the more experienced people (former child actors, etc.). The kids are being exploited.

    I have absolutely nothing but good hopes for this family, but the comment trying to compare then to Tiger Woods is waaaay over the top.
    He happens to be the top golfer today, and certainly of this generation. He is also considered one of the best athletes....ever.
    AND, he didn't start getting paid until he was an adult and on the pro tour.
    Tiger's dad was very careful about that.
    He let him on the Merv Griffin show when he was about two, but after that, shielded him from public display.

    If people were jealous of freebies and the people who get them, no one would attend a sporting event, go to a movie or concert -- ever.
    that argument just doesn't hold water with me.

    It's very obvious the kids are working -- someone said it themselves.
    They said they have to wear certain clothes, drink certain juices, go certain places, all for the sponsors.
    If the parents are getting paid and call it work -- it's work.
    If the crew is getting paid - if the network is getting paid - if the sponsors are getting paid -- if the advertisers are getting paid -- it's work.

    If the kids actually were getting paid -- why wouldn't TLC just end the debate and come out and say so?
    Say, "we have a trust set up just for them" and be done with it?
    Very suspicious.

    Also, animals in a caged zoo are not considered "working", but they are still a spectacle on display doing what they would supposedly normally be doing - eating, playing, lounging, reproducing.
    To me, these kids are being treated no better than animals in a zoo.
    No one harms the animals, but is it really "normal"?
    Of course not.
    It's why we don't watch the show anymore.

    I have no bad ill feelings toward the parents.
    I think if they step back and take an objective look and realize what has happened, they will want their kids to have privacy.
    It can still happen -- let's keep praying it does.
    (sorry so long!!)

  91. Those kids are going to be just fine.... they have more resources available to them because of the show than they would ever have had without it. I hope they will say - "My parents did what they had to do for us." Is that saying every part was good? Of course not. There are situations or episodes they would probably do differently (improvements are seen all the time related to the show) but they were new to the show biz world and subject to the visions of others. They have more control now and you see the changes. Kate had the best vision of all - she knew the show was time-limited so she transformed herself into a marketable entity with books and commerical endorsments. Now why would that raise the ire of so many? Why would her before and after pictures be so attacked when others would be congratulated for the physical improvements? (Maybe she should have hooked up with one of those weight loss companies and collected a few more millions.... Wouldn't the haters have gone over the edge with that one? LOL)
    That family has been under a great deal of stress for years now starting with months of not knowing the outcome of the pregnancy; would any of the children survive; would they be ok if they did; how will we ever manage to live even a reasonable existence with eight mouths to feed clothe and educate for the next 20 years on a nurse's and IT guy's income.
    I am not fond of conjecture but in this case it makes me wonder...if Jon couldn't handle the stress of this fame would he have been able to handle the stress of the magnified financial difficulties they would have endured without the show.
    I think she should be congratulated and not vilified - she not only made lemonade - she figured out a way to make millions in America reach for a glass of it. Way to go Sista Kate!

  92. DonnaVee, love the "lemonade" comment! You really have a way with words!

  93. DonnaVee, thank you so much for taking the words out of my mouth. You need to comment on this blog more often! (lol)

  94. The tiger woods comment was given as a reference not an attack on tiger himself so relax. I could use any star out there, Ben Afflek made a comment years ago that he has all this money yet is given tons of stuff for free, why? So he can where it, use, and give free advertising. So it doesn't matter who you are or how much work you do, free advetising = free products.

  95. Hey, Everybody! This is my first post here... I try to read what I can here because I am a big fan, I am still heartbroken as well about the past few months AND I am SO glad to find positive energy here with all of you - THANK YOU for that energy, by the way! I am normally not a blogger, but it sure feels good to get this out! :) DonnaVee, I completely agree with EVERYTHING you said as well. No one out there can say that they would know that they would choose anything different if faced with the same circumstances. Whats more is I admire both her and Jon for being able to put themselves out there the way they did last week. I would like to add something else. As we all know, EVERY marriage goes through messes, difference is they don't have millions watching. But what I do know personally after a 4-year stint of these types of hills and valleys in my own marriage, we are still together AND getting better. My husband is a "Jon" and I am more a "Kate" in MANY ways! We have a beautiful little girl who is "Alexis". I cannot tell you how many times we have been at that stage where everyone said, "OOH, it SO over!" Heck, we even said it ourselves MANY, MANY times. I realize that the tapings are mixed up and all, but even if they were not, the back and forth is to be expected. It is growing pains. Working through these things are so very hard. I have faith that they can rise above all of this. I tried to get a message into Kate, but I doubt it will get to her desk. So, for now, I will pray and send her and the entire family positive love and light. That is what we all can do for her and I am glad to be in such good company here! Thank you, again! Blessed be!

  96. Okay..
    They are obviously not together...Sometimes divorce is better than a hostile home. If they agree that if one is town the other leaves, better than making the kids move from house to house. Staying in one place gives them stability.

    I will not blame either parent as I DO NOT know them. yes, I see them on tv but whatever..

    I will say based on the show...Jon gives the kids much more "natural" love, he loves, kisses, etc and just has a more natural approach. Not contrived and "looking" at the camera and then giving kisses, hugs, etc.

    I don't like the fact that on the past episode Kate did her "impersonation" of the kids grunting, slurping, etc while showing how the kids ate. Yes, did Jon particpate in actions like that in the past! But I just didn't like it. It's not so much kids having to relive their lives forever on tape. We all have photos , videos we hate to see (in that is not onl tv or dvd for the whole world to see) but my point is I don't have to see my parents "replaying' for the world to see how "horrid" I was. Whether is was mady's teeth and the faces they made with hands sticking out like teeth, or the noises, faces etc.

    Looking back at photos I don't know what my parents were really thinking at the time. we just laugh and they tell me stories etc.

    I don't know I just have issues with the parents mimicking the kids or somewhat "insulting" them on national tv.

  97. Sue, they are not trying to insult their kids on TV. Sometimes as parents we get frustrated and don't realize when we mimic a child, in order for them to stop and see that its not appropriate.

    To make a big deal out of that, I understand it bothers you, but it ridiculous to think it's an issue. Their actions may be different from yours, but it doesn't make them bad parents.