Monday, June 1, 2009

"Kate's Birthday Surprise"; "Sun, Seashells, and Scrapes"

There are two new episodes tonight! Please feel free to come and discuss them here..

"Kate's Birthday Surprise": The kids have a special surprise in store for Kate's birthday and they're soliciting the help of professional baker Duff Goldman.

"Sun, Seashells and Scrapes": While Kate and Mady share some relaxing mother-daughter time in San Diego, Jon hangs with the other seven children back at home.


  1. She has got a semi six pack. She works on her abs for sure.

    Ready for an new episode tonight, nice job Baby Mama

  2. Looking forward to the new episodes tonight.

    With that being said, is anyone else a little disappointed that the episodes are not being shown in sequence?

    With all the drama of late, it would be nice to know where they are now, not 2 months ago.

    Babymama...have you thought of putting up a timeline of when things have happened?

  3. Would someone let me know about the time frame here. I know her birthday is March 28th. Did Jon go on vacation for her birthday or was this because of the charity work he had to do up in Utah? You would think that he would want to be around for her birthday, but if it was for this charity I would understand....

    Looks like he missed a lot of cake fun!

  4. She looks fabulous in the swimsuit. Good for her !!
    Loved the cake episode, Seemed like they had fun!!

  5. I'm just as confused on the time line as you are, Baby Mama. One thing I'm struck by in these new episodes is how much more mature the twins have gotten! Especially Mady. She's so much more in control of herself and her emotions. Cara is more of a leader now and not as quiet. The little kids speak so clearly and the "little words" aren't on the screen as much. They're getting so big!

  6. Baby Mama,
    I believe Jon said that his trip "happened to be around her birthday."
    I think that is a little weird that he wasn't around for her birthday...

    I really liked the first episode. There's more commentary and I like that. Also, I love how old the kids are! They have so much to say, it's great!

  7. I'm watching it right now, and I really loved that Kate did a day with Mady like Jon did with Cara. She seemed to really enjoy it, and it was great to see that wonderful side of Maddy that we all know she really is!

  8. I think she looks awesome. I did notice her belly button, it seems a bit high, but she looks amazing!

    I loved both episodes, I really enjoyed them after last week, (even though I know these 2 episodes were filmed a couple months ago) it was nice to see them together on the couch, laughing and so forth.

    Did anyone catch Jon saying in this season, sometimes Kate & I will be on the couch together and sometimes we'll be seperate, it all depends on what we're doing and where we are at, something like that. Anyways, did you catch that?

    Cant wait for next weeks episode.

  9. I was thinking about this. Maybe Shari, Kate is "into herself" because she is afraid her husband has strayed? She's dressing way better, wearing makeup, maybe in ernest to keep him? Just a thought. I certainly can be wrong. Maybe she's just trying to make herself feel good, as she isn't getting any love from Jon? Just another thought.

    Who says anybody else is paying for the plastic surgery and trainer? Sure, Dr. Glassman did the tummy tuck back when what? That's how endorsement deals work.

    As for the trainer...good for her she can now afford one.

  10. Lots of people have personal trainers and lots of people have plastic surgery. I am SO SICK of people ragging on Kate because of that! Dr. Glassman had to stitch her stomach muscles back together! She NEVER would have been able to look the same without his help. And the fact that we all know his name is his payment! We can only guess how many more people went to see him because of what they saw him do for Kate.

    Moving on to the episodes we saw... the older girls are so much more mature! It's amazing how kids grow and change. Poor little Alexis biting her lip. Clearly no worse for the wear because of it, but it's still hard to see her cry like that.

    I didn't like the "next times" though. "Coming together for a special event" or whatever the words the announcer guy used were... how long ago did Emeril "tweet" about this episode? I don't like misrepresentation like that. We all know the season premier changed with recent events, just fess up!

  11. Oh, and what's wrong with changing your look? 5 years ago she had baby spit up and baby poop all over her 24/7! Of course she looks better now. She's changing and growing. Even Jon was happy that she finally got a personal style. Honestly. Are we all still in high school where we judge everyone by what they're wearing?

  12. ShariA- Then why dont you change the channel and stop hateful comments on the fan site? humm jealousy somes to mind.

    I too was So proud of Kate in her swimsuit, shes looks amazing, shes braver than I even would be so I applaud her.

    Tonights shows were refreshing, light, fun, smiles and heartwarming. Excited for next weeks, cant wait!!

  13. I think its great that she is dressing up & taking care of herself. She did her time looking tired & being in a bathrobe.
    As far as the episodes, I loved that her & Maddie had a time to themselves. I think that is exactly what Maddie needed.
    When Alexis hurt her lip is that the ER story that the tabloids reported on ? ( Remember they said one of the kids were hurt & Kate wasnt there?).

  14. ......and Kate did say this evening that all that she is doing may appear to be all about her but it is really a burning desire to provide for her kids.

    These two episodes made me feel very sad, knowing that very recently they were still sitting together and appearing to be happy. What happened since then????????????

    Finally, I wonder if everyone will be waging war against the Table for 12 family now that they are endorsing Ragu?

  15. Emeril was taped around the 13th of March if I remember correctly. So the time line of these shows is really off. Also if I am adding correctly Emeril's episode would only be the 99th if you inculde the 3 specials that they have had. So did I miss one somewhere?

  16. TLC, your viewers hopefully aren't THAT STUPID as to believe these shows are running in chronological order.
    I'd like to see how things are NOW. Instead, this week we're seeing late March, and I think next week we'll be treated to January or February.

    Good Lord by next month we'll be watching the tups turn 3 or 4 again and thinking "hmmm Jon & Kate seem much younger and in love" LOL Right.

    It is honestly hard for me to watch this "new improved" Kate Gosselin. She obviously spends her days shopping, tanning, and going to the spa?
    I saw an article in the local NC paper about how they were still there on vacation today. What about the twin's school?!? Their school is NOT out for the year yet. I don't know why filming a reality show is more important than finishing the year with your classmates, like NORMAL children?

    What is up with that I wonder.

  17. I'm getting confused myself. I know TLC is trying very hard to work in the shows that were already taped, while also trying to create continuity. I mean, hearing Jon say "sometimes we will be in the chair together, sometimes we won't" makes sense now. Its as if they are trying to backtrack without appearing like it. It will be interesting to see after this Emeril episode, whether they are in the chair together and how their relationship is. If they are indeed doing the full 40 episodes this season, I'm interested to see the shows that are being taped now and not a month ago when all this garbage was about to blow.

    And for me, do you feel more sad that Jon felt the need this weekend to be away from ate and the kids? I keep thinking about it, and I still really wish we would see them together, instead of spending time apart. Who knew that they still kept in touch with Kate's surgeon? So much so that he hangs out with them instead of his family??? I really loved how cute Alexis was today, I really enjoy hearing them speak so well and how much they have all grown up!

  18. I keep seeing people (here, and on other blogs too) mention that Jon is choosing to spend time "away from Kate and the kids".

    I think we need to remember that we don't actually KNOW the state of their relationship anymore. It very well could be they are separated, and hostile, and when ONE parent is with the kids, the other will NEVER be, at least on camera.

  19. First of all, Jon handled Hannah with love and compassion when she didn't eat her dinner and didn't get dessert. He just reminded her matter-of-factly what the rule was. I'm sure that the haters will pick this apart a say that he did this for the cameras, but it looked too natural for that.

    Secondly, Jon acted like he still really misses his dad. I know that his mom got remarried. Does anyone know when that was? When my dad got remarried it was like the proverbial final nail in my mom's coffin. It reaffirmed that she had really passed and dad was moving on. I wonder if that is what Jon is feeling and that is why he wants to be by himself.

    Also, when Kate and Mady went to San Diego, wasn't Kate on a book-signing there and she let Mady go along?

  20. min said...
    I keep seeing people (here, and on other blogs too) mention that Jon is choosing to spend time "away from Kate and the kids".

    I think we need to remember that we don't actually KNOW the state of their relationship anymore. It very well could be they are separated, and hostile, and when ONE parent is with the kids, the other will NEVER be, at least on camera.


    I agree.

  21. kate looks great! i missed these two episodes someone please post!!

  22. Okay, I just finished the first episode. Did anyone notice that at the end of the Birthday Surprise episode Steve the bodyguard's face was blurred out. Kind of odd, no?

    Also, I can't tell when the interviews were done. It looks like Kate doesn't have the dark streaks in her hair in the chair but during the show she does.

    Also, they interviewed Jon with two different pale blue shirts on. One had a collar, one didn't. Not sure why...

    All this makes me question the continuity of the shows.

    This episode took place March 26-28 and Jon had already been all over the internet in pics partying with college girls as early as March 4th. Star had already reported that he told one of the girls they were probably getting divorced. So.... not sure if maybe that has anything to do why they are not seen together in this episode.

    This whole backwards airing of the episodes is very annoying.

  23. BabyMama...please post up the new episodes! I work every Monday from 11am til midnight and never get to watch! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  24. All I want to say, is that I want to see this family happy with both parents. I hope they workout their marriage. It would be really sad to see them split up. They have been an inspiration to me and I want to see more of them in the future.

  25. Something came to mind when Kate made her comment last night about providing for her kids. I recently read a book by financial expert Dave Ramsey, and he said that women tend to have a bigger "security gland" that makes them want to plan for the future more, and save and make sure the kids are secure. That said, what Kate's doing makes total sense. She's found a way to provide for her family now and in the future. Since none of us know how much money the have and how much they will need in the future, I say, go, Kate!

  26. I agree with you Maria. Yes, she was away for a month doing the book tour but she's home now. She's doing what work she can so that she doesn't have to get a full time job AWAY from her home (besides the publicity stuff). I believe her when she says that she's doing it for her kids. I think she enjoys the perks, but I don't think it's all selfish. I'd do the same thing if I could to provide for my children in the long-run. (I LOVE Dave Ramsey, btw. He's life-changing!)

  27. I am shocked I actually got some air time on GWOP even though it was to complan about me and my postings and why GWOP doesn't put them up. Anyway, for those who forget TLC did state they were scrambling to re-edit the opening episiode(s) so in my opinion the seas shells, and bd surprise were supposed to be first followed by the sextuplets birthday party, all the "tabloid crap" forced them to change everything, so I don't think TLC thinks people are stupid, remember the whole Jon and his beard thing back a few seasons when he had to have it for continuity? If you listen to the voice-over's it sounds like they are inserting new dialogue to keep up with current events. Its the same for any reality TV show, so I try to look pass some of the "trickery" and just enjoy the episodes. BTW, even though its before the tablid crap they still look okay together and frm the preview of next week "100th episode" it looks as if TLC is still pushing the marriage issue but J&K seem to be geting along.

  28. I sadly think the totally chaotic nature of TLC piecing together bits and pieces of their life in a mixed up timeline is analagous to the Gosselins' life right now.

    Still don't see how they will be able to continue with the show as such. TLC appears to be scrambling to piece together the show with a family that is not functioning the way it needs to in order for the show to be run smoothly. And yes, it's completely apparent to all who watch.

    I love the show, and I really admire Kate. But I really tend to wonder what is best for the family at this point? A few years of quiet, anonymity might be just what the doctor ordered.

  29. Min- Do you know for sure that the twins are still in school? I have a few students who are in private school here and their last day of school was May 15th. The public schools are in until June 12th here.

    I agree with the others in the confusion :/

  30. I wanted to post my never gonna see the light of day post from GWOP, since I was mentioned by name and so were all the people that support the gosselins who are called uneducated on the other site. so here it is:
    *** Please note this is what I posted on GWOP, it does not reflect my feelings about anyone on this site*****

    Since you singled me out as did others first to the person who stated that I like others are uneducated let me say that: I have a bachelors degree, have been in education for 15 years dealing with troubled students who have real problems, married with two children, my wife is a successful nurse in critical care units. We work extremely hard to raise our children in a pleasant environment where we don't preach hate, but do allow opinions and observations, and both my children and my wife agree that the posters on this site (GWOP)are simply full of hate, and yes are losers who have nothing better to do than complain about people who have better lives then them, but my wife and I, and our kids realize that the show is quasi-reality, meaning that parts are staged, that you don't get all the free stuff you want or go on free trips all the time, but also know that without this show, most likely the free stuff and assitance that was abundant in the begining for this family would have dropped off by the kids first or second birthday, leaving this family of 10 to struggle and live in almost certain poverty. The posters on this site (GWOP) scream vile hatred at this woman and her husband who like us all have made mistakes and has had bad judgement, some people want to remove their children from a happy home, some want this woman imprisoned, my God I wonder what that would do psychologically to these kids? Some have posted that they hope Kate steps in dogshit, who does that? So I may be guilty have saying some things that are not nice but soemone has to step up, because the person who sees hate and allows it is not better than the haters. So as a Christian, I follow one of the commandments as best as I can, "thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods". I am sorry for any typos (not that this will get posted on GWOP) but right now I have to administer an exam to a student who is legally blind and has to have the exam read out loud to him. I hope I can do it since I am uneducated maybe some of my sheeple can help.

  31. Kate does look amazing. She is really quite beautiful. I don't blame her for getting plastic surgery. If some kind plastic surgeon offered to give me surgery, I'd say you bet! I was disappointed in last night's episode. It's seemed like TLC asked us to suspend our knowledge of all that has recently happened. I thought it was sad that Jon went to Utah over Kate's birthday.

  32. Debbie- I am sure thats your opinion, but that is not the opinion of this "FAN SITE".

    Kelly- I do not believe for a second that the film crew would allow that to happen.

    All I have to say is:
    1.Kate looks fabulous. Good for her.
    2.Don't they do the couch interviews at a later time? So we don't really know when these were done.
    3. I am pulling for the Gosselin's to work things out.

  33. Shelly said...

    Kelly- I do not believe for a second that the film crew would allow that to happen.

    I'm not sure I agree.

    First, it's supposed to be a "reality" show so they shouldn't be in control of what happens to that extent. Otherwise, the whole "reality" thing would definitely be a sham.

    Second, what are they supposed to do? The most they can do is not show her. Which, if they are aware but aren't showing the whole story, also plays into the whole "reality" thing being a sham.

    I'm not saying I believe US Weekly anyway because I don't pay much attention to tabloids. I just don't agree that TLC could control whether or not a female "friend" could travel to Utah with Jon.

    One thing I'd like to know: What exactly did Jon "do" to help the boy snowboard? Looks to me like all he did was snowboard near him.

    I tried not to read into too much during the show but I couldn't help it. I felt that so much was said or done to negate all the negative press they've been getting recently.

  34. rockypriscilla said...

    I doubt that they were very happy. What happened since is that the true story has come out and now the act is over.

    Sadly, I have to agree. In BOTH episodes Jon and Kate weren't shown together. All the voiceovers and interviews seemed like they were trying to update the show with "explanations" that coincide with the season premiere.

    I, for one, hated the narratives. I found it annoying they were talking over what was going on in the show.

  35. ghostwriter, I completely agree with what you said. I feel that way also!

    Debbie if you don't like her and changed it and never watched since that does not matter cause you are going to every site that you can trying to get information on her and her family.

    Why do ppl have to go and stir the pot in other families lifes??? why don't you stir your own pot and make your own life interesting!?!

    So kate is not working? I believe she is the one who wrote two books, and they came from her life experiences. She is the one going out and making the living in the family. She is the one with the stress on her shoulders. while Jon is mia or (needs a weekend) Kate is the one working the hardest.

    This might sound rude but seriously ppl If you don't like the show don't watch it and if you don't like the gosselins don't read up on them, it seems to be that simple.

  36. SchmeckyGirl - totally agree. The article says Deanna wasn't on film - I totally believe that TLC didn't film her there. Remember, TLC has an extremely profitable cash-cow in Jon & Kate + 8 and, therefore, have an extreme vested interest in keeping everything going as much to plan as possible.

  37. Does it bother (well maybe bother is not the right word because it's not a huge deal) anyone else that the sextuplets are all dressed identical? They are getting older now... not to mention that they aren't even identical twins.

    Especially since Gymboree makes a few outfits that coordinate with each other. They have the same patterns and/or colors in a skirt and dress and shirts so that you can mix and match and still look cordinated and match but still look like an individual.

    I know because I do that a lot with my daughters. They are less than two years apart. I like to dress them similar sometimes but not matching.

    If you don't know what I mean you can click on my name and get to my profile and you can see them on the top right of my page.

  38. Leslie, Beth Carson wrote one book - the other is just a photo scrapbook that could have been put together at Zondervan.

    And I'm not so sure I'd agree that Kate is the one working the hardest and under the most stress - I'd say it's the children.

  39. I have watched the show since the sextuplets were two. I think they have a wonderful family. Somewhere along the way they two of you lost touch with who you were as individuals and as a couple. I am sorry for that.

    Watching them now is almost painful. The loving couple who had eight children has turned into two people who do not like each other and are very guarded. It is sad that the cost of having so much materially has cost them their marriage.

    Kate cited that parents of multiples have a higher rate of divorce than other couples. As if this is an explanation of the coolness in the marriage. Any marriage requires work. I'm sure it requires ten times as much work with eight children. I think they should have made more of an effort to keep their love alive.

    Not once have I heard either of them mention counseling. Of course marriage counseling will only work if they both want to save the marriage and are willing to do the work to do that. I guess they need to figure that out.

    Right now, the way they are behaving is not healthy for either them or their children. The children are seeing a level of dysfunction that is not good. No one seems to be addressing this.

    They both say they are there for the children, but they aren't there for each other. Somewhere along the way they lost the fact that without the two of them together there would be no children. Once the children came they seemed to stop caring about the marriage.

    I admire Jon for quitting his job and staying home. That's a big sacrifice for a man. I don't think Kate understands that. Most men NEED to take care of their families in a material sense. He no longer does that and it affects him.

    Her biting caustic comments emasculate him. She is verbally and sometimes physically abusive to him. Again, not healthy. It is sad to see. It is sad that people watch this woman abuse her husband and feel sorry for her.

    While there is nothing wrong with working on yourself and improving your looks like Kate has done it seems odd she hasn’t devoted half that energy to saving her marriage.

  40. Kelly the children play and eat and sleep and live life they are not child actors. They get to go places and do things other children may not get the chance doing but they play. they are not reading scripts and are not under pressure to get a scene right.

  41. no i dont think it is annoying that the girls dress up the same. I am sure that they love it. My sister and i use to dress somewhat alike. my twin cousins still sometimes dress a little bit alike and i remember being in junior high and having days where everyone dressed somewhat alike for fun. girls love that sort of thing, i would not think much of it.

  42. Leslie, I understand what you're saying. I disagree. I believe, as visible by the outings & "mandatory fun" that they are indeed "actors". They might not be reading scripts, but they are certainly prompted - that's easy enough to see. And I believe they're under a lot more pressure than any of us could possibly know if not in their places.

    I don't want to make a simple statement - let me preface it by saying I do know it's not the same thing - but Kate has said the cameras "don't bother the kids - it's all they've known since they were born." - if every morning they were smacked on the head & told "Good Morning" since birth - that would be all they would know too. Again - the two things aren't the same - but I'm using both situations to illustrate a point. Unfortunately no one will know the "pressure" these children are under - and how it will play out later in their lives - until they're older.

  43. ...everybody has such great points!!!!!

    I do believe Kate is working 110% harder than anyone else in that house. The kids are filmed while doing "stuff"..... As for Jon....well....I have my opinions about him but let's just say at least he loves his kids and takes genuine care of them. But if it were up to him, they would be on foodstamps. (ugh...sorry!). Kate is driven and this has likely ensured a good financial future for all of them with educations, a nice home, etc.

    As a mom of twins myself, regarding the dressing issue, all I can say is every parent of twins/multiples has their own belief about how it is cutest to dress them. Please just live and let die on this one. My girls look almost identical and I have never ever put them in matching clothes. But that is just me. The next family over may think identical dress is cute and that's fine too. What really is the harm in any of it?

  44. I don't think that they are prompted.
    They go on vacation and play and do what they would normally do on a vacation, they do what they would normally do when they are at home. They are not filmed on a daily basis and when they are filmed it is not even for a whole day. They are doing what they normally do. The cameras don't mean much, Kate and Jon could have filmed them everyday for there whole life and they would still be the same even though it is not profesionally done.
    If I were to record my children everyday and film them at the zoo and on vacations to hawaii and california and new york would my children be actors? would they be under stress cause by me filming or paying someone to catch different parts of there lifes?

  45. allibroot,
    I always agree with you! Jon loves them and you can see that but kate is taking on SOO much. She is working hard so that her children can have a college education and have things that they need along the way.

  46. I agree... I don't think the children are really "working" but I also think that they should get paid for their time on TV. They are equally part of the entertainment, if not more.

    If Jon and Kate are considered "working" by just going about their daily business when doing the show then the children are too.

    Jon and Kate said doing the show was work. They were very specific about that because people felt they were getting paid a lot and not even "working".

    They said they had to do interviews in the chair, etc. The children do that too. They also say "Coming up next on this episode of Jon and Kate plus Eight" and "On this episode.......". Plenty of times. THAT I'm confident is something that is done for the show and not something they would normally do aside from the show.

    Same as Jon and Kate, they are required to go places for the show, fun or not. Most of those places they would not being going to if not for the show. I think it all depends on how you look at it. That's my view.

  47. Leslie said...
    Kelly the children ... are not reading scripts and are not under pressure to get a scene right.

    We really don't know that. We don't know if they miss something and try to get a retake on it. Or if they have to sit around for a while to get a shot. I can't see that not being the case because they would need a cameraman for each child just to keep on top of everything. We really don't know.

    When the bus came to pick them up to take them to the cake place the kids did seem like they were put there to announce the bus. It's not like they planned it themselves and it's not like Kate asked them to do it so they had to be told by TLC, etc.

  48. They are not under stress they are not acting. Yes they get to go out and do things. would you not take your child to the zoo? would you not take your child and enroll them in an instrumental class if they wanted to play something? would you not go on vacations? People do go out and do these things all the time! I wish there was a place i could take my child to go and make cakes and decorate them however they want with professional help. I like to go on outings to keep my life interesting!! Yes i record my child. It is something that my child will appreciate cause they will want to know what they were like. It does not matter that they are making money from it. that reality show IS some poeple's reality they go out and do a lot of things like that all of the time and i am sure that a lot of people are working hard to take there children out more. To go out and do fun things, things that get there brains working. Plus this gives people ideas of things that they can do with there families, even if they cant afford it. They can make cake with there children and let them decorate it as crazy as they want. they could even make a fake hawaii day and turn there front room into a hawaii paradise. You don't have to be able to afford all of these things to do them with your children. and at least they are getting there kids out there doing things instead of letting them sit on there butts all day watching tv. these kids are learning things and it is THERE REALITY. I am sure they will continue to do things and go places when the cameras are off

  49. schmeckygirl,
    the kids "ANNOUNCED" the bus because it was a SUPRISE to kate. They did not do it for the camera they did it to get there mom to notice there was a bus in front of the house, to surprise her.

  50. Leslie - I know you won't agree with me - but when you film your child - you're making a memory - not making a dollar. There's a huge difference.

    I do appreciate your viewpoints though and I appreciate you discussing our difference of opinions in an open, respectful of each other way.

  51. kelly, i know we wont agree.
    I feel as though everyone should be looking into "child actors". The ones who work on sets reading and memorizing scripts and placements. The disney actors or just sit coms cause those parents get a piece from there children working there butts off.
    I also feel that if you are questioning this show you should be questioning 18 kids and counting, they go and do things with there kids that they would not normally do and what about table for twelve all of these shows are the same thing. they are all doing the exact same thing. are people questioning the stress on the 18 children in that one home, or the ones in table for twelve. or are they the exception?
    I like all of these shows but if you are questioning j&k +8 you should be questioning those shows as well

  52. I just think the thing to remember is that NONE of us KNOW anything about what the filming is like.

    Maybe there is no stress for the kids. Maybe there is a little. Maybe there is a lot.

    Maybe there is stress if they want to get something filmed before a certain time. For example, maybe they'd like to get an outdoor scene filmed before the sun goes down so they don't need additional lighting. Or maybe the kids have to sit around waiting to go in somewhere while the crew sets up. We just don't KNOW.

    For anyone to be so adamant and say that without a doubt the kids are or are not under stress, or prompted or told what they expect out of them in a shoot is just wrong. We do not know.

  53. I once loved this show and still do love the kids - they are adorable and I pray that they are doing ok thru all of the drama w/ their parents...but I have a very hard time watching the show without bias.

    It's really hard to not wonder now what is true/not true/staged. It seemed to be all about damage control last night, throughout both episodes.

    But that Alexis - I'd adopt her in a heartbeat, she is so funny! And it was fun to hear about normal kid behavior that I can relate to like the jealousy over the drink Alexis had and that Aaden had broken the toilet tank lid! that definitely goes on in our house!

  54. Leslie:

    I agree. But I don't think it's practical to go after all the shows at once. Right now this family is falling apart before everyone's eyes and that is why they have been singled out. There hasn't been any scandalous news on those parents. Besides, 0nce the Gosselins are made an example of then they will probably move onto the other shows. We don't know that they haven't already.

    As for child actors they are working and getting paid and there are laws to protect them and their money. The parents only get a percentage of what they make to pay for expenses and to support them. There's a huge difference.

    As for the Ragu commercial someone mentioned earlier I agree it was annoying to see it too, just more advertising, etc., however, it IS a commercial.

    The children should be paid for that as a commercial/acting. It is not under the guise of "reality" thus no pay, etc. Huge difference.

    I for one don't watch either of those two shows mentioned so I can't really comment on them. Maybe they are being talked about just as much as the Gosselins... I just don't follow the news on them. I have heard them mentioned also since everything about the Gosselins made the regular news media.

  55. Wow. A lot of debate about the kids acting. I don't think they are. Someone mentioned when the bus got there and they were prompted. I think they were. But it was a surprise for their mother. When my kids and I do something for my husband I do prompt them what to say to get his attention. I don't consider them to be working, though.

    The people who are all up in arms about the Gosselins kids working on the show; are you just as upset about the Hayes kids, or the Dugger kids? Are you on their without pity sites? Or is just KATE that you have a problem with? And if you think it is wrong for kids to be in reality TV, is it all kids? Like the ones on the Nanny shows? Or is it just KATE'S kids?

    And the dressing the kids alike? WHO CARES??? So she dresses them alike. My kids are 4 years apart and LOVE to dress alike. I doubt if the Gosselin kids are going to be harmed by it. I can say, in my kids case, they always want what the other one has. Maybe the Gosselins are the same. If one kid has a blue shirt, all the others want one, too. What's next? Is someone going to question the bibs and chairs, too? Can we please not nitpick like the hate sites?

  56. Schmecky girl, that is exactly the point. You question whether the Gosselin kids are working. Why don't you question the other kids on reality TV; if you think it's wrong. Because it's not about the kids. It's about hating the parents and looking for a reason, any reason, to find fault with them.

    And I don't mean to point a finger at you - I mean a universal "you".

    And has Kate said "We are NOT saving money for our kids. We have NOT put money away for each of them." Why all the speculation about something that we know nothing about. Why is it our business to know how much money they've socked away? They open up a small portion of their lives with us. Some things you just don't have any business questioning.

  57. arabella:

    I never said the Gosselin kids are working. In fact if you read what I wrote above I wrote:

    I don't think the children are really "working" but I also think that they should get paid for their time on TV. They are equally part of the entertainment, if not more.

    My point is if Jon and Kate say being on the show is "work" and they get paid for that, and the kids are on the show then they too should get paid. That's my point. And the same goes for all reality show children whoever they are.

    I'm not saying they aren't paid either, or that money is not being put aside for them. I'm just saying that we should not assume it is.

    Someone, whether it's the law or the public, should make sure they are getting their fair share. I do NOT doubt that Jon and Kate love those kids and are doing what they think (or at this point thought) they are doing what is best for them.

    However, we don't know what the parents feel the kids should be entitled to since they say they are not working.

    As for not having any business questioning it? Why not? I don't need to know the dollar amounts. I don't care as long as it's fair to the children. And with all that has been discussed I don't hear anyone saying Yes the children have funds put aside for them. You'd think it would be something they want to clear up immediately. They've addressed all the other stupid stuff that has been questioned.

    If no one in the entire world looked out for children that weren't theirs a lot of children would live miserable lives. And I'm not saying the Gosselin children live miserable lives. I don't think they do. I think they are relatively happy. Although their family IS falling apart around them.

    I just think the argument that none of it is anyone's business is not a good argument.

    That's what child laws and child advocates look out for. They exist for a reason. History has many examples of children that were wronged by their parents or guardians, well-meaning or not. I think it's society's responsiblity to question the well-being of a child if they see something questionable.

  58. What have you seen that is questionable?

    And when I saw the interview with Kate talking about all the work they do for the show I understood her to mean the behind the scenes stuff. Not the actual trips.

    Sometimes it seems that you are looking for something to dislike about the Gosselins.

  59. arabella:

    You're right about the kids clothes. It's not "bad" to dress them alike. But I did say it's not a huge deal. I never said it was going to ruin them for life. I don't understand why people get so irate if you make a comment about something in the show.

    It was just an observation about something I personally find annoying and was wondering if anyone else did. I wouldn't crucify Kate for it.

    As for the bibs, etc. I still put a bib (well more like a smock type bib) on my 5-year-old if we are out and she is having something messy like ice cream. Actually even when we are home sometimes depending on what she is wearing. Not so much for the laundry but so that she doesn't have to walk around all sticky and messy or so I don't have to carry an extra shirt everywhere I go.

    I don't think I nitpik at all when it comes to stuff like that with the Gosselin kids. I didn't realize that one observation was considered hateful.

    Although I do think that Mady and Cara should have been allowed to use washable markers at the Crayola factory. You don't have to do stain treatment for them, they wash right out. Now that was ridiculous in my eyes.

  60. I just don't recall you ever having a positive thing to say about them. It's a questioning. I would hate it if someone questioned my parenting or my decisions. Especially when we don't know all the circumstances. Until I see something that says otherwise, I will see the positive.

  61. I find it very sad that J/K do not call when they are away from home. If my husband is gone even just overnight, we always check in w/ one another. And this was something I didn't understand even in season 4 - do they not communicate about what happens at home when one is away??? One or the other was always surprised at something that had happened and I would think, how do you NOT know that already, before the interview? It's things like that, that make me wonder how long things haven't been good between them :(

  62. arabella:

    The only thing I've seen that I found questionable that I thought of for myself not on a hate site or a tabloid (because I don't read them) is the time that a viewer asked if Jon and Kate were going to buy the kids cars when they were old enough to drive.

    Kate's answer was "Let's see, 8 kids, 8 cars (or 6 kids, 6 cars), Uh no." Then she said something about them matching the amount the kids put towards cars if they bought them on their own.

    Since then it made me wonder if the kids had any trust funds set aside for them for their future, aside from college. There were a couple of things that made me think that both parents were just going to pay for their college and it was up to them to make their own money from there.

    That was my own personal observation while watching the show. It stuck out to me and I've wondered about it since. Especially since it has been brought out that they are not considered actors so they don't get paid.

    I didn't say their trips were work. Maybe you can read all my comments I wrote above so I don't have to reiterate was I was referring to as far as "work" for the parents and the children.

    I'm not looking for things to dislike the Gosselins. If I wanted to go bashing them I'd go on a hate site.

    I just think it's obvious there are issues that come up during episodes and a lot of people tend to dance around them sometimes.

    If the Gosselins are doing nothing wrong then they have nothing to worry about.

    As far as the show is concerned, I don't like being misled or duped by TLC. I think the last two episodes tried to play it up like they just happened to not be shown together all those days apart... it doesn't add up after knowing what we know about their "separation". I don't think making that observation is being a hater. I think it's being a realist.

  63. arabella:

    I think a lot of positive things about the Gosselins. I just try to bring up the stuff that everyone else seems to gloss over. The stuff that I see and no one else mentions. I understand this is a fan site and I am a fan of the show, but to not be able to comment on something I found mean or uncalled for seems fake to me.

    I've said plenty of times I think the children are happy and adorable and that both parents love them.

    I just don't see how you can ignore all the other stuff.

    I can't say Oh I just love Jon right now... sitting there like a mush ball with an attitude. I can't say I love Kate now saying Yes I was hard on Jon but it's not my fault. Why can't I say that and not be a fan of the show?

    I've also said I hope that they both work on themselves and their marriage and can be a big happy family again. I honestly wish them the best as a family. I can't say I wish them both the best as separate individuals as they part ways because I think they gave up on what was supposed to be so important to them, each other and their family. I think they are being selfish right now and I can't wish them the best for that at the expense of their family.

  64. tiredmama!

    Yes! I thought the same thing. I talk to my husband maybe three times a day and I'm just home. To be away and not check in just to say hi? To see how their day went? To tell him/her how your day went? To tell him/her something the kids did or said that was so cute. To say goodnight to the kids.

    Yes, I remember the time Kate showed Jon the art the kids painted and he hadn't seen them yet. I wondered why not? Maybe that's a bad example because there was a reason, but there were plenty more. They say the kids go to bed at 8pm and they have all night together when they are home... don't they communicate?

  65. Arabella,
    I see your points and i agree with them! I don't think that we should be getting into there finacial situation. They should not have to announce how much money they are putting and where. I know that Kate is saving for there future and for college. As for her saying she would not buy them each a car. i think that is a good thing and she said she might meet them half way they pay so much and she will meet that price. (she will know when she gets there, when the kids are of age) That is good for a child they need to learn how to do things for themselves and work and learn how this world works. While growing up you should not have ev everything given to you because you dont learn. As of right now i am sure that kate is putting money aside for each of them for the future. It is smart if they don't give them the money till they are adults and know how to deal with it instead of giving them money now, if they got the money now i am sure they would go to the store and buy and all the candy they could fit into karts.
    I am sure that Jon and Kate are going to give them money they seem very resposible. For example they had an episode where they wrote out a will. In it Jon and Kate decided that if they died the kids would need to go to college and once they graduate or get a degree they get all of there share of the money, if they do not go to college they still get the money but at a certain age instead of when they graduate college. I think that they know what they are doing and are setting aside the kids share. They just probably wont get it until they are adults.

  66. See, I don't look at it like TLC is trying to sneak stuff past the viewers. They know we know Jon and Kate are not doing well. It's on EVERY mag out there. The news people are talking about it. It's all over the internet. The show may not play out in real time, but TMZ, Perez, US Mag and People sure are. But how long would this show be if they had to answer every little question that people ask. It's a 30 min show. And do we have the right to ask about their finances? I don't think it is any of our business. And I don't understand about the cars. Do you think they should buy them each a car? Is that what you are geting at?

    As for the communication. My kids go to bed at 8 and hubby and I do spend time talking about them, but we spend more time catching up on us. And I just have 2 kids. If I had to reiterate every detail of each one of 8 kids we would be up for hours and not gotten to "us" yet.

    And what did you see that was mean or uncalled for?

    Sometime I think TLC plays 2 different versions of Jon and Kate plus 8. One for people who just watch and one for people who watch, then watch again, then rewind and view in slo mo, then watch again; all the time looking, looking for something.

  67. I remember that, too, Leslie. It seemed pretty straight forward. That's why I don't understand all the talk about their finances. They took care of all that a long time ago. And we don't know how much money they have. It's been speculated. But we don't know. I've heard $6000 per episode. Then $50,000. Then $75,000. We do not know, nor should we. And it is not up to us to say when they've made enough money.

  68. Leslie:

    How are you "sure"? How do you "know"? None of us can be sure about anything unless we have some inside knowledge. Do you?

    I'm not picking on you or anyone else for that matter. I just don't know why anyone here is so sure about certain things. In all of my comments I never once said I know, or I'm sure. I'm not sure about anything unless it's been proven to be true.

    And please don't confuse a will with a trust fund. As beneficiaries all of those children are entitled to their parent's money and life insurance if they both die. A will just stipulates how and when it gets distributed.

    A trust fund is money the children will be entitled to even if the parents are still alive once the children are of age. Most families don't have trust funds. And if they do, they aren't always required by law. Huge difference.

    No one expects the children to get their money at the age of 5 so they can spend it all on toys and candy. Some of us just feel that being that the children are just as much a part of the show as Jon and Kate are that they should have some of the money. Not everyone has to agree on that. I'm just not sure why some feel the children aren't entitled to money for being on the show.

  69. Well Debbie, if you stopped watching, why are you commenting. You obviously are keeping current. Or you would have nothing to spew from your mouth. Also, you must be a troll because of your reference to "sheeple". Find you way back across the bridge, or Baby Mama will escort you.

    Schmeckygirl, I do not care if it is reality or not. But, I would hope the camera crew has a concious. I can not for one second believe the camera crew would (for money or not) sit back and knowingly know that Deanna was there. This show was filmed back in march so he would not have had the bad press yet he needed to show goodness for.

    Kelly- If TLC offered me that deal, you bet I would. I have a handicap child that the Doctors said would not make it to his teenage years. He is now 19. My husband spent our whole marriage traveling with his job so we could afford the medical attention our un-insurable child requires. Now and only now can my husband and I enjoy ourselves and our marriage. I sure wish someone could have made it easier for us.

  70. A few observations:
    I believe the show was scripted -- no 8 year old could have planned all that.

    I love the matching outfits. They always look so neat.

    I don't like Kate, but she looks amazing. Not too many people who had 8 kids -- 6 at the same time -- could look that good!

  71. Because they are children and their parents are the ones that are supposed to make their financial decisions. Not the viewing public.

  72. oh i am not confusing the will and trust fund. I was stating that they are responsible. they showed that when they wrote out the will. i was not saying the kids would not get money till jon and kate die. I was saying they are responsible parents and i am sure that they are responsible i know that they are responsible. They don't need to let out a little bit on inside information about there finances.
    Will you tell me how much you make? where are you putting it? do you have a trust fund? how much are your kids going to get when you die? how much do you have in your checking account? saving account? Have you even made an account for your kids? do you put money in it?
    Those are ALL RUDE questions to ask someone, Don't answer i am just trying to prove a point. It is no ones business that is like asking someone or a woman how much they weigh. It is nobodies business!!! If children rights activists check in on this thats ok but the whole world does not need to know.
    I know what a trust fund is. and also what a will is. I think the kids should get money but i don't need to know how much. I am not someone saying they shouldn't get any i am saying it is jon and kates business and when the kids are of age it is there business too not the whole worlds. Think if people knew how much money they would get and when. what would happen to the kids? people would be out and after them. It isn't anyones business.

  73. Barbara, it was said on the show that Mady and Cara had help from producers when it came to planning Kate's surpise with Ace of Cakes.

    I have never commented this much and it is scaring me a little.

  74. exactly the viewing public should not make decisions for the kids financial or not. They are the parents and thats all that should be said about it.
    Shelly you have some amazing points!
    I would probably do the show also. I want to be finacially stable I want to pay for my childrens weddings and college and help them out in the first years of marriage when money seems to be hard to come by.

  75. arabella:

    They are called reruns. I don't rewind the shows over and over. Most times I watch them in real time. In fact, last night was the first time I recorded the show and yes I did rewind to see whose face was blurred out just out of curiosity. I had no idea it was the bodyguard until I saw it again.

    But since season 4 when things started going downhill I've seen reruns and noticed things I might not have noticed otherwise.

    Also, they originally taped the Birthday Cake episode before we knew about them being "separated" or whatever you want to call it.

    Watching the show last night I personally felt when they taped the show in March the couple was already estranged (from what I saw last night and the premiere and on the news in the past couple of months).

    While watching it, again personally, I felt that in March they taped it in a way that showed them still "together" even though they weren't seen together... then AFTER the news was out that they were having marital problems, since the show was already filmed they edited it and had interviews trying to explain it away as to why they weren't in the same scenes.

    PERSONALLY, I feel that they were originally going to try to air that show as if nothing was wrong but couldn't get away with it after everything was "out" so then added commentary, etc.

    Again, I may have been reading into things, but like I said I can't help it. That is how I saw it. I could be wrong. I admit that. We just don't know the truth.

    I would also like to say that I do not think Kate was every PHYSICALLY abusive to Jon on any of the shows. I think saying that is going a bit far saying that.

  76. If you were on TV and your mariage was going south would you not have done everything in your power to hide that? I would. That is such a personal thing. I really can't imagine they thought of that when they signed up for the show. I can totally understand them hiding their marital woes if the world wasn't clued in yet. Now we all know and it has to be acknowledged.

    You said: "I would also like to say that I do not think Kate was every PHYSICALLY abusive to Jon on any of the shows. I think saying that is going a bit far saying that." Then why'd you say it?

  77. Shelly said:

    Schmeckygirl, I do not care if it is reality or not. But, I would hope the camera crew has a concious. I can not for one second believe the camera crew would (for money or not) sit back and knowingly know that Deanna was there. This show was filmed back in march so he would not have had the bad press yet he needed to show goodness for.
    I believe otherwise. I believe the camera crew will film whatever they are told to film or they will be fired and someone else will film it. Especially since you're really not supposed to interfere with "reality" when filming it. Just my opinion.

    Also, I stated above that Jon was caught partying with college girls and pics were plastered all over the internet and Star magazine as early as March 4th. So things had already started and Kate was aware of those things... Jon already made a statement about it a couple of weeks before Kate's birthday. I only know this because I googled it last night when it was mentioned on this blog.

  78. arabella said...

    You said: "I would also like to say that I do not think Kate was every PHYSICALLY abusive to Jon on any of the shows. I think saying that is going a bit far saying that." Then why'd you say it?
    That was in reply to a comment someone else made above. I'm sorry, I thought everyone here read all the comments before commenting and would know what I was referring to. My fault. Next time I will refer to the comment.

    I've enjoyed our discussion. I must get ready to go out soon...

  79. Leslie:

    I never said I or anyone else need to know HOW MUCH the kids are getting. I just said someone needs to make sure that they are being protected. You cannot always count on a parent to do what's best for their child. You just can't. That's not how it works in this world. It would be great if it did. I have my own kids to worry about... I'd love to not have to think about all the other kids out there that have no one looking out for them. But sometimes you can't help it.

    I'm NOT saying the parents haven't put money aside for them. I'm saying that there is a possibility they haven't.

    I never said the parents should buy the kids cars. I'm saying that the kids should have enough money of their own built up by now in a trust for them to buy their own once they are of age, if that's what they want to buy with the money they "earned" being on the show.

    I feel as if no one is really reading what I'm writing and arguing a point I never made. I am not against the Gosselins. I think it's great they are able to make the money they made to support their family.

    I just think they need to concentrate on their family now. It needs all the help it can get.

  80. arabella said...
    If you were on TV and your mariage was going south would you not have done everything in your power to hide that? I would. That is such a personal thing. I really can't imagine they thought of that when they signed up for the show. I can totally understand them hiding their marital woes if the world wasn't clued in yet. Now we all know and it has to be acknowledged.

    I agree. I understand. I have compassion for them in that regard. It must be very difficult, even humiliating.
    But then don't call it "reality" because it is no longer reality. Not in my eyes. In my eyes it's a facade.
    That's not saying I don't like the show. I do like the show. I still watch it and will continue to. I would just rather watch the real story of their lives whatever it is.

  81. But that IS reality, Schmechy.

    When I fight with my husband about him walking on my freshly mopped floor with his muddy boots and then his parents come over I don't keep fighting with him. I wait until they are gone, then we finish what we started. That's very normal. You can't have honestly thought that ANYONE would put all their dirty laundry out there for the world to see. Who does that?

  82. I LOVED the episodes, but too bad they couldn't have been "more recent", instead of since March....I'm looking forward to their interactions with the Teutels on Monday, June 15th (i heard that it was filmed May 22). I also believe (just my opinion) that the beach will "run" around 4th of July....

  83. I'm new to the blog but I am a huge fan! I support both Jon and Kate - remember we are on the outside looking in which makes passing judgment easy. Kate explicity asked that negative connatation be eliminated from the new blog and we should respect that. I see Kate as a gorgeous woman but I hope she changes her hairstyle. She's simply adorable and strong! Jon is very handsome and all of the kids are beautiful. My favorites are Alexis, Aaden, and Leah! I have issues with Mady's behavior which I feel should be dealth with and not pampered. Love you Gosselin family!

  84. Debbie- Hate to tell you but Baby Mama is the owner of this blog. We the fans have been members for quit some time. We know what she will do, if you spew hatred or attack someone you will be deleted. So no one is making threats on her behalf, just quoting her words from past troll invasions.

    Leslie- Thank you. I am really blunt, but I get so tired of reading about the money, the so-called affairs and Kate's appearance. You are so right in stating the money is their business. I wish others thought of it that way.

  85. arabella:

    I wouldn't either. But that's not the best example since that's exactly what we see Jon and Kate do all the time... argue over little things, even big things. Kate always said she was going to show the good and the bad. I'm sure we would have seen Kate yell at Jon if he walked in with muddy boots regardless of whether or not she cleaned the floor.

    If you were divorcing or separating from your husband would you still live together and keep up the facade of a marriage and a life together so that your family would be none the wiser?

    Maybe you would... but the majority of people who separate or divorce don't. They part ways and everyone knows it.

    Granted it's a lot harder to do with millions of people watching. Especially since the whole premise of the show is a happily married oouple struggling to raise 8 kids (and I don't mean financially, as we all know there's more to raising children than the money it takes.)

    I personally felt that they intended to keep the facade up. I could be wrong. Maybe the rest of season 4 will prove me wrong. But now it's out in the open already so I guess it doesn't matter either way.

  86. I feel like I have to add my two cents regarding the show.
    I LOVE the show because it is entertaining and I love to see the kiddos grow up but I stop there. I dont analize, dissect, counsel or trash anything on there. I truly watch the show because I like it. I dont know if it is a reality show or not, I really dont care! I was taught to not take what I see on television at face value... if Kate tells me they are a normal family, that is what she believes. It is all about what each person believes. I think many people dwell too much on every aspect of the show and might find it entertaining if they just sit and watch it, like the news... most people dont analize the news, they just watch.

    Regarding the Gosselins having enough money to stop the show and being able to live well off I will have to disagree with that.
    I am a college student, who started paying 50K a year for college, by the time I graduate I will probably be paying about 70K, I am just one person, the Gosselins have 8 and even if they pay half of what I do it is still a lot of money and that is just college. College tuition is not the only expense.

    Our economy is not very good, everything is expensive and money banishes before our eyes so I feel that even though they might have enough money, who knows if it is enough to support them another 20 years and the children would be terribly affected if they were to go back to how they were before the show.

    On a side note, I thought it was very cool that they came to Charm City Cakes... I live literally 3 blocks from there.

  87. Shelly: I am glad you understand me on the subject! I don't understand why people think it is there business to know how much money goes where in peoples lifes. I can be blunt sometimes but normally i am a quiet person but i have to say things. Ghostwriter said that we should be standing up for this family. The gosselins do not need to divulge every little aspect of there lifes.
    I ablosutely love the show, I think that Kate is a great mom!!
    Gaby :you are completely right, things do not need to be picked and pulled apart. Things that are not our business need to be left alone. You are right about the money college is so stinking expensive. By the time most people get done with college they have a debt that will take them YEARS and YEARS to get payed off.

  88. Wow! It took a while for me to catch up from this afternoon!

    Leslie & everyone - please don't think I "hate" the show - I don't. I absolutely loved it when it first started - and still watch it to this day. I watch it for the kids - they're cute as can be - for example last night when Alexis did the "shudder face" about getting a needle...that was absolutely the cutest thing going!

    BUT - and here's where I have distanced myself from Jon & Kate - I feel the show changed its dynamic from the kids to Kate. Personally, you have to sympathize with Jon & Kate having sextuplets - a LOT of help was needed. Whether or not they took that help or went after help in another venue - I don't really care about.

    I guess that I'm conflicted - I liked the original premise of the show - two parents balancing the care of twins & sextuplets - working together as a FAMILY to do the best they could. Jon was an "IT analyst" - Kate was a nurse that quit to be a stay at home mom. The first special was great - the first season was great.....but then it started to change.

    I don't believe this was EVER meant to be a career for Jon & Kate. But - people like me & you watched - it was interesting & cute as they went on their day to day schedule.

    And here's where I have conflict - on one hand, I think Kate (& Jon - but not so much) grabbed the brass ring & ran with it....more series - more speaking events - then the books - book signings . My conflict is - at what cost? At what cost to the family - at what cost to the children - at what cost to themselves? (Jon & Kate?) Financially, I realize they had to do something - Kate stated in interviews that they couldn't even make ends meet with just Cara & Mady - conflict again - when you can't afford two - why try for another? much less end up with 6?

    There's so much more - but too much to go into with a single post.

    Do I still watch ?? Yep - love seeing the kids. Jon & Kate - not so much - and now there's so much wrong - and so much public - with Jon & Kate that it's eclipsing the original dynamic of the show.

    So - that's my conflict. :-)

  89. Kelly, I just started from the bottom and read your post. You have pretty much stated my very thoughts. I have not watched this show from season 1; in fact, only started recently. But because I (my children, really) liked watching the children, we quickly became involved! They are sooo darling (and not so much, at times :) Normal, you know? But, I agree, with the turn of events with this season, I am not interested in watching a show about a married couple who are having problems. Seriously, that should be private. Not only that, but it is no longer a show for children. If TLC continues in such fashion, I will quickly avoid the show. I don't watch much TV anyway but TLC and the Gosselin's need to address the issues off camera. Jon and Kate should responsibly address their current issues privately, off camera, even if that means taking a break or completely walking away from the show.

    Patty - conflicted, as well.

  90. WOW, look at all the comments.

    Aren't the little ones just now 5? My kids weren't in school at age 4... they were with me, so why couldn't they be on vacation with their Mom? I also home school my kids, so who's to say that Kate hasn't hired someone to keep up with the kids studies off camera?

    Kate looks great... high belly button or not, she puts me to shame. LOL

    I suspect that Jon opted to be away for Kate's birthday on purpose. I don't know, I think he's perhaps feeling a bit over it with the media and wants to blend in with society like a normal person. He did mention that while snow boarding. How he could put on a mask and no one would know him.

    It's so sad that they have to defend their private lives on camera to the public when the only two people that they should have to face during trials should be one another.

    I also think it's sick that Kate's brother and wife (Jodi), ever spoke out publically (sp)... I would be livid if my family turned to the media to discuss my private life and how they disagreed with me and my choices. Shame on them.

    Jon & Kate need support, not back stabbers.

    I love the show and I agree, it should pause, if not stop for some time so the family can regroup and find it's nuture it's roots.

  91. hi! I wonder if we would all be questioning the career that Kate has made out of the show, books, etc. if Jon was the one who was making the career out of it. Would it be more acceptable to those who have a negative (not saying wrong, just negative) view if Jon was gone for almost a month signing books? Or would he be doing what is necessary to provide for the family? I know plenty of families whose husbands travel a lot for work... my friend's hubby is a truck driver who is gone for two weeks out of every month... and no one questions it because he is providing. Why can't everyone give Kate the same consideration?
    And I completely agree with the poster who was talking about the economy, cost of college, etc. Who knows what this country will be like when the Gosselin kids are older? Who can fault their parents for wanting to give them a head start just in case?
    Anyway, I'm really finding the responses and posts interesting. You guys are keeping me on my diet... I'm not bored, so I'm not snacking! :)

  92. .....I really think their financial lives are simply none of our business!!!!! What they do with their money is their business alone.....and say what you might, but I believed Kate when she spoke of her desperate desire to provide for her children.

    I don't think that the Gosselins child labour concerns are any more important at this time just because the family has some problems. If we are going to investigate the Gosselins, the same needs to be done for each and every reality family on TLC and elsewhere.

    And again......Kate is villified because she is strong, she is determined, she is attractive and she is a woman. No doubt about it. Kudos to her for standing her ground. I've said this before...but who needs enemies when you have family like Jodi and Kevin, and all the others who have sold their backsides to every tabloid willing to pay.

  93. p.s...please excuse some of my spelling of words like "labour", etc.....I'm always add the "u" into our words.

  94. Here is a photo from today:

  95. Photos of Jon and the twins.....Mady is turning into a beautiful little girl!!...both very sweet.

  96. I whole heartedly agree. Exploitation only occurs if the kids were forced to do something they normally would not to the exclusive benefit of someone else, which there is no reason to believe they are. Not only that, having grown up with cameras around and in their faces all their lives, I think the kids would feel rather odd and perhaps even miss them if the show abruptly quit. It seems the older they get, the more they want to get more attention from the cameras.

  97. ...Oh, & about the car & education thing...I agree with Kate. Even if I or my kids were filthy rich I'd made my kids go out in the world & earn at least part of their education & cars, too. & With 8 kids, they can learn to share cars as well as toys. It's called taking responsibility & ownership of & for your own lives and contributing to society.

  98. I'm sure you saw the sneak preview of next week's show. Did you catch the part where Jon said (paraphrased), "100th episode...crazy...(then, with a big grin)...I love it!" Sure didn't look and sound like a man who wanted to leave the show.

    I believe that a lot of the "drama" is TLC's doings with the help of other media for ratings.

  99. I didn't know Jon was in Utah on Kate's birthday...according to the Jon&Kate hating magazine Us Weekly, Deanna Hummel was one of the "friends" that was WITH Jon during that trip to Utah. I hope that isn't true.

  100. This blog started out great but it is becoming much like the others, just not as hateful. I really don't think there would be this much focus on the family right now, if it were not for Kate. People HATE her. Of course the rumors of Jon cheating have really fueled the fire. Most comments are not even about the kids anymore. They are about Kates hair, her clothes, her belly button,her boobs, her body guard. I was shocked to read on one particular site that was talking about Kate sanatizing her and the kids hands. One comment was "can't wash yourself away Kate. You are the dirt." What????????? I know the trolls deny it over and over but they are jealous! And they are the most hateful people on the earth.

    Also popping up on here are the new fans like debbie ("haha, I just like to stir the pot?") And others that are border line obsessive...does ScemeckyGirl ring a bell? Who notices Kates streaks being darker or lighter or shirts changing colors and one has a collar and one not etc. Even when you defended yourself from a comment that you were nit picking you nit picked even more.

    Maybe TLC should just have a show with Kate. Leave the kids out of it. Kate seems to be the one everyone is interested in.

    I hope and pray that Jon&Kate will get back together and we can see the show again with all 10 of them. Unfortunately I don't think it will happen. Anyway, I still love the show and will continue to watch.

  101. Good Morning everyone!!

    Just some comments after reading ALL (ok so most) of

    I travel alot for my job. I am away 3-4 days every two weeks or so. And I also work during the week. When I am away I am super busy. My husband and I also agree not to call me unless there is an emergency and I will call him when I have a free moment and before the kids go to sleep. So that could be the agreement with J&K also. And why she said it. And b/c people love to hate Kate every word she says is commented on and taken way out to left field.

    Kelly, I agree with you. I dont think that this was ever menant to be a 'career' for the family. And now with all the rumors, tabloid junk, etc. Its spinning out of control.

  102. Is it just me or does it look like the babysitter on the trip with them in North Carolina this week is Ashley, Carla's daughter?

  103. Monkie, I agree with you 100%. How can people HATE someone they don't even know? Have they sat down and talked with Kate? Jon? All we know is what the tabloids want us to know and all they want to do is sell mags. I feel very bad for this family and pray for them every day. They really need some help. Everyone should just leave them alone and let them work things out one way or the other.

  104. FYI - Jon did the cover story interview for People this's on their webpage.

  105. Monkie and Kathryn you are totally right!
    i completely agree with you!

  106. CBB....

    I am looking forward to hearing Jon's side of the story in People this weekend. Should be interesting.

    I'm a new fan on this site also, I just hope we can find it in ourselves to be respectful of one another...and have some fun, thought provoking discussions.

  107. I loved it but I'm a little annoyed with the sequence also. Mady is definietly more in control of herself. I don't know what they have done but she is a sweet girl and Cara also taking them on rides on that little car and calmly explaining to Aaden why COllin gets another turn. Did anyone see when Leah was hungry? And Jon asked her is she had enough breakfast? It was so cute she was like " yes I had three bowls"? Then he said where do you put it you're thsi small then she said "I know that". I loved it. It actually seems less caotic with one parent away whether it's Jon or Kate. I think it's the house like they said. Being in cramp quarters does make people a little nuts.

    I still think all the drama is fake to fuel ratings. Being with Kate for what almost 10 years? He knows when her birthday is and wouldn't just have missed it because something happened to be planned around that time. Oh and the fact that BOTH Jon and Kate got exlusives with People magazine. These two are far to smart to be caught in this situation. And the fact like someI loved it but I'm a little annoyed with the sequence also. Mady is definitely more in control of herself. I don't know what they have done but she is a sweet girl and Cara also taking them on rides on that little car and calmly explaining to Aaden why Collin gets another turn. Did anyone see when Leah was hungry? And Jon asked her is she had enough breakfast? It was so cute she was like “yes I had three bowls"? Then he said “where you put it you're this small”, then she said "I know that". I loved it. It actually seems less chaotic with one parent away whether it's Jon or Kate. I think it's the house like they said. Being in cramp quarters does make people little nuts.

    I still think all the drama is fake to fuel ratings. Being with Kate for what almost 10 years? He knows when her birthday is and wouldn't just have missed it because something happened to be planned around that time. Oh and the fact that BOTH Jon and Kate got exclusives with People magazine. These two are far to smart to be caught in this situation. And the fact like someone else said everything is about Kate now with tabloids. It seems a bit bizarre after all this time and all those people who know about the industry who works with them and for them like the TLC people to let something like this happen.
    one else said everything is about Kate now with tabloids. It seems a bit bizarre after all this time and all those people who know about the industry to let something like this happen.

    Yeah it's looks like Ashley and they are still friends with Carla. Wasn't she in the sextuplets birthday episode? Funny the media says all her old friends aren't her friends anymore when Carla was on the season premiere.

    The child labor issue is stupid. If they are indeed homeschooling them they are no different than the Duggars. Exploitation? Maybe they should look the world up to see what it means. It's not like Jon and Kate aren't in the show either and the kids aren't being fed or given toys etc. It's so stupid.

    Oh and what is Jon doing on the cover of People anyway? Didn't he b!tch on the show about never reading them and that was the first and last time he'd read a tabloid? Yet he does an interview for them? Like I said it's all fake, they had a deal with People that both of them would be on the cover. And if indeed they are doing this for whatever reason - that's the disgusting part of all this. Jon and Kate are pulling the wool oer everyone eyes. I refuse to believe these to assumingly smart adults would be so careless.

  108. I don't blame them for doing the show either. People say oh they should be set for life now but has anyone added anything up? Their is 8 children and 2 adults. If they make like it's reported $50,000 - $75,000 an episode it's not that much. Sure it's more than they would have had if they didn't get the show but that's not the issue. If they get the most $75k that's about $3 mill a season and we don't even know if they have been getting that much a an episode and for how many seasons. The children are 5 and 8. $3 million will not last long with bills, cars, clothes, food for the next what? 13 YEARS?! With college on top of that and any other school fees? I would do the same thing, anyone one of us would if we could quit our jobs and take care of our children AND get paid to do it. Just thought I'd make a little point.

  109. Based on the 41 episodes of last season.

  110. "haha, lets see if this get's posted here..

    she is not the one working and saving for the kids..the kids are working and she seems to be enjoying life on their dime!..she would not have any of this crap, if it were not for those kids.."

    In response to Debbie's comment above:

    The children are not "working" they are playing and being children. No one is making them read a 50 page script everyday like a child actor. All they do is live their life, in their house. They run around, play with their siblings and that is not work.

  111. So when does the Jon people cover hit newsstands?

  112. My DH and I don't call each other when we are away, either. OMG, that must be a sign........haha.

    As for the gossip. They said the dogs were returned in 2 weeks, yet I saw dogs......hmm.....they said that Kate had no freinds, but I see's all bunk.

    It's like the old blue hairs in my town looking out the window to see if they can find you doing somethingt o gossip about. And they do based on absolutely no fact. Just like the people here.

    I dont think their marriage is in trouble. I think that TLC is milking Jon's bar trip for ratings and the Gosselins are going along. But that is just my opinion and worth exactly what you paid for it.

  113. 3KMOM - Jon's People cover & story comes out on Friday -

    Here's a little "teaser" on the article from,,20282845,00.html

  114. I love both Jon & Kate. I hate that everyone in there world can be bought to sell them out. I see people from there old neighborhood on TV and people from bars and salon's. I mean come on could you imagine if you were them and had to worry about everyone you came into contact with selling a story to a tabloid about you and you know the tabloids aren't buying good stories there only buying the bad juicy stories.

    I find it fascinating that Kevin & Jodie have come forward now, why now why not when you weren't cut out of there lives and we can all now see why you were. Who would want an enemy when they have family like you. I read they sold there story to CBS for 30,000. Guess everyone has there price. Look at Jodie doesn't she look like she had a makeover but they sit there and criticize Kate saying this has all went to her head but it looks like they may like the spot light they sure have been giving a lot of interview I seen them on CBS and radar online. Wonder how much they were paid for the radar interview.

  115. Do you people still believe in Santa Claus, too?

    Jon Gosselin was in Utah so he could spend time with Deanna. TLC paid for the trip. It was his birthday, too, and he didn't want to spend it with Kate.

    They have both sold their childrens' privacy and nothing will ever repair the damage. Nothing.

    Kate is narcissistic and has disposed of everyone in her life who has ever tried to help steer her in a different direction. The only people left in her life are her children. Just how long do you think it will be before she begins to turn on them?

    One by one they will "fail to reflect properly upon her" and she will once again begin to fling bodies from her view.

    I am a therapist with 32 years experience in this field. Wake up!!

  116. To: just wondering

    I wonder why your on a fan site if you don't like the gosselin's? This site is for FANS that's why it's called a fan site. With your 32 years of experience and education you would think you would have known that. There are plenty of gosselin hate site's go spread your hate there. This is for people who believe in this family and hope they work it out.

  117. Ms. Therapist... honestly, don't you think that TLC, just maybe, edits the show to show the most drama possible? That's their job, to make people want to watch the show, and it's worked thus far. So you can't really get an honest picture of anyone in the Gosselin family, if you base your "professional" opinion on watching a TV show and reading tabloid journalism.
    Re: the Jon Deanna Utah thing... that is an unsubstantiated rumor, nothing more, from US Magazine, the leader in tabloid journalism dressed up as "facts."

  118. Just wondering, during your 32 years as a thearpist, how many times have you sat down with Kate? I mean, in order to diagnose her wouldn't you have had to spend some time with her?? Any true professional wouldn't give such a diagnosis based on a TV show. Me thinks it's you who needs to wake up. There are people in this world who are not in your head. You need to meet them in person, more than once, in order to know them.

  119. I did not state that Kate has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. That would be a diagnosis.

    I stated that Kate is narcissistic. One does not need an MSW to state the obvious.

    Take it as hatred if you like. I was merely stating the obvious. Look it up.

  120. Your hate doesn't belong here. I am just stating the obvious.

  121. Dr. Just wondering:
    Let me state the obvious here... How On earth can you go and say things that you don't know. You should listen to maria, they do not show everything on the show. They show what brings the most drama. ALL REALITY SHOWS SHOW THERE MOST DRAMATIC CLIPS. There is no way anyone can know exactly how the gosselins are. You only see them on a screen. Why are you not trying to diagnos Jodie and Kevin... It seems to me that they have a backstabbing disorder. It is not kates fault that Jodie and Kevin were money hungry and backstabbed the whole family. Maybe You should Wake Up.
    By the way Santa brings hope and faith in childrens lifes and gives them an imagination. Don't Hate

  122. just wondering said...
    Why does an opposing opinion always constitute hatred in your minds? Kate openly mocked her fans this very week. In her mind, acting like a giddy fan is ridiculous and demeaning.


    I think I speak for most of the FANS on this site that we dont oppose people have opposite view points. In fact, we do have some good discussions on here from different opinions. I think what we do have a problem with is someone getting on here and being clearly rude ("do you all believe in Santa Claus too?"). You are making some very substantial claims based on a 30 minute tv show once a week. And are coming on here and essentially putting us down for actually liking the show. So no, we welcome other view points. But we do not welcome personal put downs or people who just come on and only want to judge versus discuss.

  123. I am curious about the sitting w/ his lawyers part in the teaser from people. I am wondering how this is going to play out.

  124. ..just wondering........

    At least this site published your "opposing opinion." Other one-sided sights don't even publish opposing points of view.

    Asking people on a Fansite if they believe in Santa Claus is disrespectful, regardless of your exquisite credentials.

    Shall we all begin listing our professional credentials to make our hate sound more credible?

    Go visit GWOP where your "opinion" will be met with applause.

  125. hey just wondering.....

    if you are a REAL Therapist didn't you take some oath to First do no harm????

    A Real Medical Professional would not be caught up with tit for tat conversations. Your true colors are sneaking through.

    Your condiscending and judgemental tone is not welcome here....

  126. To those who claim that if it wasn't for the kids J&K would not have everything they do I suggest you think about this
    1. If it wasnt for J&K the kids would not have anything
    2. If it wasnt for J&K the kids would not exist
    3. If it wasn't for J&K's parents they wouldnt exist and neither would the kids

    You get my point... So if that is the approach some people want to take then where do we stop? Really who is the person responsible here?

    Those kids are well taken care of and are very lucky that they have had many opportunities given to them, not many children have that privilege.

    I was literally raised by nannies because my mother had to work a lot and I probably spent about one day a week total with her. Although I missed her, I understood that she did it because she wanted to provide me with everything I ever wanted. I knew she did not have to work so much but I also knew she did it for me and I am very thankful for that. I dont hold it againts her and I turned out pretty good. In contrast to my father who worked like crazy to go partying with his friends and played with his friends' children instead of me I can say I was not affected in any way by not having my mother around every day. If anything it taught me independence at a very early age and that keeps helping me even today.

    To those who claim that the children are working I remind you that J&K also appear on the show so it is only fair that they give themselves some rewards (spas, makeovers, cars).

    I believe that as long as the Gosselin children know that their parents are doing what they are because they want to give them a good life it will all be ok. That might be hard since their own family thinks otherwise.

    To me, the children seem happy with the cameras and it seems that they really enjoy having the crew and overall they look like 8 happy children.

    Sorry this is so long!

  127. Baby Mama,
    It seems like regulars from the GWOP site have infiltrated your blog with venemous hatred. I thought this was supposed to be a positive site for the fans of the show.

  128. I think Kate is anything BUT narcissistic. If she were, her birthday would have been all about her as would everything else. But, clearly, she didn't want the attention, and was so touched and grateful for what her kids did for her. Everything she does on the show is for the kids. She's a good mother and I think making a "diagnosis" about her based on the hate rag mags out there is ridiculous.

    That's my professional opinion and I've been a psychiatrist for 42 years. Actually, I haven't but, that's how easy it is to type on the internet, so take your hate elsewhere.

  129. just wondering- while everyone wants to hear different opinions, this is a FAN SITE, and your comments have all been very disrespectful. If you don't like the show then don't watch and go to GWOP.

  130. This comment has been removed by the author.

  131. Baby mama is going to have a cow when she logs in and sees what people have been posting. LOL.

  132. Yowza! I bet Mama didn't expect this blog to turn into such a hot topic forum!

    One off-Kate topic to add.....

    If those who are in it for the long haul, I think it would add a lot of credibility to our conversations if we could use real names. I get that some have cute web names, but I really believe in transparency.....

    Kind of like how Kate puts it out there. She exposes herself authentically even at risk of being judged and criticized. It would be awesome if we could take from her lead.

    I don't know about you guys, but if someone comments with Anonymous OR "just wondering" I give there comments little value.

    AND to stay honest and totally authentic about this blog.....

    it would be great to have a first name for Mama....

  133. Constructive criticism for babymama:

    This blog appears to be coming apart at the seams, somewhat, and I'll tell you why, IMO.

    Babymama, you have a few faithful readers who seem to have christened themselves moderators on your behalf. They believe it's "helpful" to call a troll a troll, tell people they are "not welcome here", and tell people where to go to find others like them.

    I ask you: who does this help?!?

    It certainly doesn't help the flow of conversation on this blog.

    What it does do, is create a MESS of comments to wade through. While telling people to buzz off, again, on your behalf Babymama, they are bloating the comment section, and focusing on the negative.


    This blog needs to remember what it's here for: discussion. Enjoyment.

    I recommend the people who've taken it upon themselves to do Babymama's job take a second look at the things they write, before they hit "post". Is it angry, and directed at someone who isn't open to discussion? Then maybe you should just delete it, and keep this blog the way it was intended. There is ONE moderator.

    Just my opinon.

  134. Monkie-Your post was truly refreshing. I agree totally.

    Hi Min- Are you not doing the same thing. When people come on here using the name sheeple and spewing hatred. We have the right to respond.

  135. Can someone PLEASE help me out here cause I really dont understand why in the world if these people hate the show SO bad, why are they watching the show let alone spending time on blogs writing about it? I dont get it, if I hate a show I change the channel and sure as everything dont get online and read about it. Seriously are people so mean and hatefilled in the world now a day?

  136. Shelly. Of course you have the right to respond. I'm not trying to anger anyone with my comment.

    What I am doing is giving BabyMama my constructive criticism. I've done this before, and I will continue to do so as long as I'm welcome here.

    I feel the amount of negative posts would be curbed if people would stop acting like moderators. The simplest way to keep trolls at bay? IGNORING THEM.

    Telling them they are not welcome, suggesting where should go instead, and calling them names is just feeding into their agenda.

    We can be "above" that.

    If people continue to act like moderators, each one of them chiming in with their own message "go away" "you are not welcome here" "this is a FAN site go post at GWOP" well then...

    ...I honestly can't find the time to read through like 100 messages, and I'll be sad to miss out on the intelligent discussion. It gets LOST in the ganging-up-on-"haters" snark.

    My advice is simply: ignore the people you can't hold an intelligent conversation with. If they disagree with you but care to engage in discussion, that is different. It'd be pretty boring if everyone sat here agreeing with each other and saying "wow everything is awesome".

    You know what else is boring? Reading though comment after comment telling a FEW random visitors to go away. Pointless.

    One moderator.

    Back to the discussion.

  137. Been so busy that I haven't heard much news today about J&K. I know there is a lot of it out there though! Other than Jon's interview with People, the big story of the last couple days seems to be the release of some school pictures of Kate. Hmmmm, but nothing about the welfare of the children that they say we should be so concerned about. Guess we have to go, you know,that other place to read that garbage. I can't wait to enjoy a new episode of the show next week and I am still holding out that things will work out. As far as the news of a permanent breakup......I am just not gonna go there yet.

  138. See, I don't find Jon and Kate to be insulting their kids when they do the whole hands sticking out like teeth. It's not like they aren't fixing the problem. We are going thru the same thing with my oldest. About to pull teeth, put spacers, making ready for braces. And we all joke about her crooked teeth. I guess we don't have a problem with it since we know our daughter and know she doesn't mind. She does it herself. And it is getting fixed. If we couldn't fix it, I would be more sensitive; but honestly I know she isn't taking offense. I think we all need to realize that parents know their children and are aware of what upsets them. Do you honestly think if Jon and Kate knew that Mady was sensitive about her teeth they would do it? Of course not! I've never seen them be mean to those kids. Pick at them, yes. Hateful, no. My goodness, if you can't joke with your kids what kind of relationship are you building with them?

  139. min: Suppose all of us were sitting face to face in babymama's livingroom and she had to step out for awhile. The trolls then show their true colors by spewing forth their hater-lies. Do you really think that the rest of us would just sit there and ignore it until babymama got back or would we denounce them?

    I just skim through anything I don't want to read.

  140. It seems with all of the hateful bickering, no one saw my question, so I will repost...
    Is it just me or does it look like the babysitter on the trip with them in North Carolina this week is Ashley, Carla's daughter?

  141. CBB-

    Yes, I believe that is Ashley. She has always been one of the sitters.

  142. I think the sitter is Ashley.

    I see in all the photos both Jon and Kate are always wearing wedding rings...not sure if that is for the show or if it's genuine, but always a good sign.

    I do understand the affection differences in Jon and very much mirrors my husband and I. He is, I would say, more of a warm-ish personality and I am more task-oriented and firm, yet very loving in my own way. When I watch J & K, I see that they both love them equally, but differently. Kids always gravitate to the fun-loving parent. I don't know..maybe I'm way off base, but I see things that way.

    Re: new members as moderators, I take full responsibility for my own comments...I am a new member and plead total ignorance for not knowing what the rules are for posting comments. Perhaps rules need to be posted for new members so we understand and in turn feel welcome here.

  143. allibrootob-

    I think babymama's key thing is just to be respectful. You can post however you feel but don't do it in an attacking or hateful manner. I think min was just stating that by arguing back with the people that are obviously here to try to to start trouble won't get us anywhere. If we ignore them, they will get bored and move on to another place.

  144. ....sounds good to me!!!!! Hate is such a waste of energy.........

  145. I have been having an email discussion with serena from GWOP and it is pretty much pointless to try and argue with the GWOP because they are dead set on putting J&K in jail for child abuse and tax fraud and having the show shut down and the kids removed and put into therapy for the next 20 years. I am going to try and ignore any hate comments and just look for healthy discussion.And btw, i don't have 32 years as a therapist but i know hate when i see it, and the Gwop is all about hate. If anyone is interested i can post my emails.

  146. I truly believe the trouble began when Kate fell in love with her bodyguard, Steve. He is distinguished, articulate and very intelligent. Kate has outgrown the "Party Boy" stage, Jon is still in. Steve is much more mature and more on Kate's level.

  147. Shelly said...
    Monkie-Your post was truly refreshing. I agree totally.

    Shelly and Monkie:

    All I can say is Wow. I'm almost speechless. But not quite.

    I didn't realize that the next step in a normal discussion is insulting and name-calling of those with a different viewpoint.

    I refuse to stoop to your level. Some of the commentors on here are judging and insulting others on here, doing the same exact thing they claim is being done to Kate unfairly.

    So it's okay to judge me and others here based on a few comments but at the same time say its not okay for others to judge Kate based on many comments and actions they've seen on the show. You can't have it both ways.

    I think we should leave it up to Baby Mama to decide what comments she wants to address or delete. I'd hate for her to come back from where ever she is to see what her blog has been reduced to.

    I, for one, was enjoying reading other viewpoints on the show whether I agreed with them or not.

    I think we need to try to be a little more respectful and MATURE otherwise this blog is not going to be a place fans of the show will want to visit.

  148. LoriT:

    Could very well be, but what are you basing that on? There has never been anything shown that was inappropriate behavior between the two of them? I've never seen him do anything more than stand near her. Do you know him?

    How do we know he is articulate and intelligent? He may look distinguished but how do we know that he is? I've never seen him do anything more than stand near her. He's a bodyguard, not James Bond.

    Did I miss something?

  149. OMG! I'm away for a day on this blog and already there's a war in the living room (lol) thanks jl.

    Min~ I have always told the loyal fans of this blog that if for any reason I am not here, and the trolls sniff it (they always do) then they are allowed to protect this site. Do you not think that when a fan goes onto a hate site that they arent viciously attacked? Here isn't any different. THIS IS A FAN SITE. And while I respect all comments that are not attacking, if I don't like whats being said its going off.

    I like your comments and respect you, but you have to know that when things arent carefully moderated, things go haywhire. I am away right now and made the decision not to remove all posts into moderation. I hope that since you enjoy posting here that you too, will be respectful here and show the trolls to the door. Lets keep this place clean and positive just how I like it.

    And for those that are new here. Thank you for posting. This site has gotten very big and its going to take my faith bloggers here to help me keep it how they know I like it. No saying ANYTHING nasty about Kate, the family and I will hunt you down if you attempt to comment about the kids. I am a 100% Kate supporter and if you come here spewing any nasty hate of any kind your gone. Feel free to go somewhere else if your not happy with that.

    I'm floored by the amount of people whoe's posts constantly get removed, but for some reason they keep coming back for more.

    My husband surprised me for Mother's Day with a trip to California. I'm taking the kids to Lego Land and all the fun things Kate did with her kids. Things will be back to normal this weekend here. But until then I will be checking back every day, so please be respectful and kind or your gone. xoxoxoxox

  150. Steve K. Neild
    Executive Vice President
    Steve Neild served with the New Zealand Police Department for 19 years, during which time he lead the special operations section and focused on counter-terrorism and dignitary protection.

    His special expertise is in VIP protection and major event security planning. His experience has included work for the 2000 Olympics, the 2001 Queensland Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), close protection planning and management for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), for the Royal Families of Britain, Thailand, and Brunei, U.S. President Clinton, and many other elected heads of state. Mr. Neild has also served in leadership roles of large-scale security operations during the 2000 and 2004 Olympics and numerous major sporting events worldwide.

    He has been the central point of contact and liaison with marketing and major corporate management operations, local police, various military representatives, and with government and international intelligence agencies.

    Mr. Neild also has substantial experience in law enforcement and counter-terrorism operations and management of large critical facilities, such as Auckland International Airport in Auckland, New Zealand. This developed his skills in project and change management, business continuity, and risk management, comprising strategic asset protection and emergency planning, along with civil defense and security related aircraft crew/response personal training exercises.

  151. LoriT:

    LMAO!!! Well there's my answer! He almost is James Bond! I had no idea. Wonder why he went from all that to standing next to Kate. Not much threat there... Thanks for replying.

  152. Why do my comments get removed. I am not a troll. I responded to a comment about being raised by a nanny and my thoughts on not having a mother present in your life. I am truly concerned for these kids but I am not an advocate in the sense that I write letters, boycott or cut up the kids and/or Kate's hair. Being raised by "others' is detrimental to children. Yes, they may be loved by others but to this day I crave the love and acceptance of a mother who cannot or will not give it to her children.

  153. LoriT said...
    I truly believe the trouble began when Kate fell in love with her bodyguard, Steve. He is distinguished, articulate and very intelligent. Kate has outgrown the "Party Boy" stage, Jon is still in. Steve is much more mature and more on Kate's level.

    This entire post was speculation. Distinguished, articulate and intelligent are reletive to each person. You cannot say that Kate is attracted to those qualities to even suggest that she is having an affair with him. Do you know Kate personally to know that she is attracted to that type of person? How can you know that she and Steve are on the same level?

    Come on people, stop believing what you read on the hate sites; it only makes you look like a follower. Have an original thought, please.

  154. I am so excited for the people magazine tomorrow. I really hope he has a better attitude about there marriage cause I am really rooting for them. I watch the reruns everyday at 5 & 5:30pm I can't believe how fast the kids have grown. They are so adoreable and love Mady's new attitude seems like she matured alot. Loved when she said she saw the ducks wedding, so so cute. They are growing up to fast.

    Wishing them all the best!!!

  155. Can we all please stop assuming that those who comment with a different viewpoint than the mainstream fan all go to hate sites. I don't. I don't read the tabloids either. Some of us notice things on our own.

    I notice a lot of the regulars here who are fans go to that GWOP (it took me a while to even realize what GWOP was) site all the time and comment on it here. If everyone hates that site so much and all the comments on it, why read it? Why refer to it? If you don't go on that site how do you know what's being said there?

    I didn't think MrsRef's comment was bad, but it's not my blog. I enjoyed her viewpoint because it was something she experienced herself. Someone who had the same experience may have a different viewpoint to share.

  156. I was commenting on Lori's comment, about Steve, the body guard, who isn't mentioned on the show. We know who he is because of tabloids and hate sites.

  157. arabella:

    I'm sorry, I wasn't just referring to you. I didn't meant to just single you out with my comment. There were several comments in this blog about that site and people who comment on here, etc. Yours just reminded me that I've been wanting to ask that. No offense.

    On a side note, I finally saw the San Diego episode. OMG! How adorable is Alexa! When she was talking in the car about her lip... so cute!

    And it was so nice to see Mady so happy and content. I was very happy for her. She really seems to be a child that needs some extra attention. I hope they get alone time with their parents as often as possible.

  158. arabella:

    Regardless of how we know Steve, Kate's bodyguard, it does not change the facts of his credentials.

    Also, he has been on the show. He was shown in the episode when they flew to Utah last year. He was sitting behind Kate on the plane.

    And lastly, you are correct in the fact that my blog is 100% speculation and entirely my opinion.

  159. I don't post that often, but read all the time, and I can definitely see a difference since Babymama's been gone...and not a good one. I live in San Diego, so I remembered she had gone on vacation, and was glad she logged on today.

    I hope she/you have fun here, and don't pay attention to the hailstorm yesterday! It's not really like that. Are you staying at Paradise Point? It's really close to Sea World, so you can go there easily...

  160. Canadian Made, this is another article written by someone who does not know Jon or Kate. It is an opinion piece. The magazine even stated that the authur's opinion was not necessarily the opinion of the magazine's. Which is a good thing since it is filled with speculation and rumor.

  161. Well I just watched the segment with Matt Laur(sp) and the Child Physiologist. And I have to say, I have to agree with alot of what she said. I am a HUGE fan, I dont have any issues with Jon or Kate. I strongly believe they love their children dearly and do want to do all they can for them. I strongly believe that TLC was a major contributor in how some perceived Kate. They saw how much people loved to hate her and saw that her personality sold many and haters. (Along with the children of course). I don't think that the children are "working".... in the aspect of labor. They are getting paid for being on a show so by definition they would be considered 'working'. I also DO NOT by any stream of imagination believe that these children are being exploited. "I really do hate using that word" too as stated by Jon in the teaser. But, on the flip side I think the show has become the hot spot for media frenzy and with all the negative things being said about both parents, Kate especially, I think that the children do/will see it. Kids are very perceptive and can pick up on anything. Beginning at Birth! All the tension, the tabloids, etc. will only pose questions in the minds of the kids. I think that Jon and Kate are really trying to help make the kids lives as "normal" as possible, even if they are splitting. But, b/c they are not a normal family and the struggles that come along privately within a divorce or even when mom and dad are just having problems are going to be even more struggling b/c they are in the spotlight. That it might have an adverse affect on the kids.

    Just my opinion!

    Oh, as a sidenote did anyone see the car Jon was driving? Was that Kate's car? I always thought they should have a car for when they only had one child. We do, so they don't always have to drive around the blue bus or like my son would say about our gas guzzler the "alligator" (navigator).

  162. They got rid of the white van and Jon got the Nissan Mismo

  163. Keep going, kateisblah. You are making our point for us.

  164. And with that beautiful language it does not sound like you worship God on Sunday so what does it matter what we do?

  165. Kateisblahblah... please check out the learning my lines blog that's in another post above. Maybe then you could learn something about expressing your opinions like a normal, compassionate, non-judgemental human being. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and posting it here, but you cannot seriously think that insulting others makes them want to listen to what you have to say.

  166. So what's your point, Kate is Blah? You hate Kate, yet you are talking about her. Again and again. Why? I just don't get that.

  167. What someone who worships God can't swear? Hmm...pretty good stereotype there lady.

    You are right I don't worship on Sunday because I am Jewish. Not everyone is a Christian like Katie Irene..

  168. J, Is that the OPINION piece? Or is it real journalism? I don't care to comment on outlandish speculation and rumor (what's to comment on, really?). I think you may be on the wrong site. There is another site where that is all they do. Oh, and they one up each other on how outlandish they can be.

  169. Why would babymama delete the Christianity Today article? Seems like an opinion from a well respected Christian outlet. Certainly not from a hate filled rag.

  170. Kate, so as a Jewish person you don't worship at all? I stereotyped because usually when someone throws GOD into the mix they are on their best behavior. Otherwise, how can anyone take them seriously?

  171. *peeks head in

    OMG! What's going on in here!?!? LOL!!!

    I read the article/blog that was just listed. I think because it is printed from a "Christian" standpoint and because Jon and Kate do church appearances and are "Christian" it made a lot of sense.

    If Jon and Kate didn't profess to be practicing Christians (they belong to a church and do church appearances and even their books are published by a Christian company) then I wouldn't think they'd care what the opinion is of the blog article. I too wonder where the whole Christian thing comes into play in the way they are living their lives at this point.

    I know for a fact that true Christians live their lives differently than non-Christians. They believe in family headship and respect for your husband and love for your wife. They believe in putting God and family first, especially before money.

    The article made me wonder How does this fit in with what Jon and Kate are doing? I am speaking only regarding a "practicing Christian" standpoint, since they are supposed to be very committed to God and Christianity and have many times referred to their Christian standards for living.

    I'm not saying they have to be perfect, because I know no one is, but again, how is their Christianity coming into play in their marriage and family life?

  172. Just wondering, some people don't think the kids are being exploited. I, personally, do think the show should end, but not for exploitation. The hate is so much that I would fear one of those wackos would do something. Like Kate is Blah. Did you read her post? She would SPIT on Kate if given a chance. No telling how many other would do the same or worse.

  173. arabella said:
    Kate, so as a Jewish person you don't worship at all?

    Did I say that? I said i don't worship on Sundays. Jewish folk go on Saturday NOT Sunday. Did you really not know that? Where do you live Utah??

  174. You only worship one day a week? Sorry. Didn't know the Jewish faith confined you to only one day of worship. My grandparents are Jewish but they worship on multiple days, not just Saturday.

  175. I can't imagine she'd spit on me. She doesn't know me.

    In what way is she vile?

  176. Well now we know why Kate does have a bodyguard... for all the people that would love to spit on her, or worse.

    I'm not a Kate "fan", but I do like the show and especially the kids and originally the entire family and the dynamic between them.

    I don't understand the people that love and adore Kate, or those that seem to worship her or want to be like her (not everyone is all three), but to each his/her own I guess. I don't think we should name-call or insult.

    I personally think Kate couldn't care less about her fans. I don't mean that in a bad way... but they are all strangers to her. Why should she care? I'm sure she appreciates having them. It's nice to know you are loved and supported, (and that people will spend money on your book, etc) but if given the chance I don't see her wanting to associate with any one of them. She doesn't know them. I don't blame her for not wanting anything to do with a bunch of strangers. I don't think she would spit on any of them though...

  177. I would defend anyone against speculation and rumor. I don't particularly like Kate Gosselin. I don't find her vile, either. To me she is just a person. I do like the show. I don't think there is anything to defend the kids from. I have never seen footage of Kate being mean to her kids. How exactly is she horrid to her kids? I watch the show every week. Now, I don't rewind, slo mo, watch multiple times or anything like that. But I have never seen her play favorites. You must have some footage that I haven't seen. But you must be specific. I won't just be lead to believe something because I read it over and over on GWOP.

  178. For all of you who claim that Jon and Kate should be free to spend the money their CHILDREN earn for them- and it's none of our business how they manage it... please read the Wiki of Jackie Coogan

    When he reached adulthood, his mother and stepfather had squandered the aproxamtely $4 million he earned as a child. An ENOURMOUS amout of money for the 1920s & 30s. This is why there needs to be laws for children in reality shows. For the Gosselin kids and future children whose parents decide to earn a living by having their family filmed.

  179. And other professionals would say the kids are fine. NEXT!

  180. Linnea, that child was an actor. The Gosselin kids are not actors.

  181. How is she vile? You never answered me. You can't possibly hate her so much because she can't act.

  182. kateisblahblah-

    So one of the reasons you hate her is she has thunder thighs? Aren't you cute!

  183. As far as the show going on, I would like to see an hour special a couple of times a year.

    Kate has said herself that she didn't understand the fans because they were just a family.

    As far as the Christianity Today article goes, there was no more on there than was in other gossip basis for their claims...all speculation.

    Some people come on here just to stir up trouble...just like a bully would do when the teacher leaves the room.

  184. kateisblahblah said...
    I am not riled up at all. I am sitting her just bored this afternoon and came across this site. I don't give two shits about this show. I don't feel the need to watch a couple raise their kids and take them all over the country on trips.
    For someone who isn't interested in the show you sure have a lot to say about it. From what you said, it gives me the impression that you dont watch the show since you don't feel the need to see what it shows. Taking this into account, please let me know how it is that you know how horrible, vile and unfair Kate is? How do you know she has preferences, how she treats her children.

    Also please let me know what kind of job you do, since I would love a job that would allow me to be bored out of my mind to come stir the pot and create so much trouble on an internet blog!

    Regarding the comments about your husband leaving you if you were like Kate. I think if your husband saw the horrible way you are acting by coming to this blog and saying the things you are saying he wouldn't be too proud of you. I have never seen Kate say the type of words you have been saying (which would make you more (insert demeaning word here) and I just pray to God that the language you have been using here is not the way you communicate with your husband and children. I know that if I was a man and your husband I would leave you.

    I just hope that you are behaving the way you are just to come out of your state of boredom because if you are not you sure have some problems of your own to deal with.

    On a side note:

    SchmeckyGirl, I had problems with some of your posts at first but I have to admit you are starting to grow on me. I think you are a good example of the different point of view we need on this site. It is constructive, well supported and above all respectful.

  185. And Kate is Blah did see the current epi since she commented on Kate's acting ability. Sometimes the haters are the uber fans! So it is YOU lining Kate's pockets.

  186. Since I wasn't sure about the whole child exploitation argument I decided to look up the word exploitation and see if it fits:

    ex⋅ploi⋅ta⋅tion  /ˌɛksplɔɪˈteɪʃən/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ek-sploi-tey-shuhn] Show IPA
    –noun 1. use or utilization, esp. for profit: the exploitation of newly discovered oil fields.
    2. selfish utilization: He got ahead through the exploitation of his friends.
    3. the combined, often varied, use of public-relations and advertising techniques to promote a person, movie, product, etc.

    Any opinions?

  187. katesblahblah,

    Glad you hate her for *valid* reasons, and not her thighs.

    Since katesblahblah has brought up the subject, what are you ladies making for dinner tonight?

  188. So why do you watch, if you hate Kate so much? Why keep watching and posting? Am curious.

  189. Gaby said:
    SchmeckyGirl, I had problems with some of your posts at first but I have to admit you are starting to grow on me. I think you are a good example of the different point of view we need on this site. It is constructive, well supported and above all respectful.

    Thank you! I appreciate your nice comment. I really am not here to upset any other commentors.

    To be honest, I have absolutely no one to discuss the show with! LOL!!! None of my friends or family watch it. My husband thinks I'm nuts for still watching it after he watched it a few times with me. He refuses to be in the same room with me if it's on. lol.

    I went to that other site but can't take the catty comments and insults, especially to the children, even if some of them did make a good point once in a while. Some of their comments were so extreme and really grasping at straws.

    Anyway, thanks for putting up with me. And I think Baby Mama for allowing me to post comments. If she should tell me that I am not wanted here than I will stop commenting. I won't go by majority rules. LOL! Kidding.

  190. arabella,

    Sounds good. I love the corn bit.

    We are having tuna sandwiches.....yum.

  191. Lesley:

    Of all nights for you to ask me!!! LOL!! I don't "cook" on Wednesdays. My husband works late every Wednesday so my girls get to choose what they want, whether it's cereal or pizza or a gourmet meal. They chose Mac n Cheese and hot dogs. I'm having a salad. I swear I really do cook real food the rest of the week.

  192. So, Kate is at the pool sipping Rum drinks. Since when is THAT allowed in the Assembly of God church?

  193. SchmeckyGirl,

    It's Thursday! I love "no cooking" nights. That is why we are having sandwiches tonight!

  194. Of all nights for you to ask me!!! LOL!! I don't "cook" on Wednesdays. My husband works late every Wednesday so my girls get to choose what they want

    It is Thursday today!! WOW!!!

  195. Someone asked if any of us think Hannah is Kate's favorite...

    I would have to say no. I see she favors her for certain things but I see that with the other girls too.

    Hannah does have a different personality that may draw Kate to her more. She's the little pleaser and a helper (we all know Kate loves anyone that will fold her laundry for her LOL).

    But I hear pride in Kate's voice when she talks about all three of her little girls. And when she interacts with them I've seen it too. I just saw her doing either Lexi's or Leah's hair and she was looking at her and treating her with a lot of affection. She seemed genuinely proud of her.

    I hate to say it but I don't see it as much with the boys and Mady and Cara. Not that I don't think she loves them, I just think she is much less affectionate with them and doesn't glow when she talks about them like she does with the little girls.

    That's my honest opinion.

  196. So're not the kateisblahblah who posts at GWOP...? I had to go snooping.

  197. Lesley:

    It's Thursday! LMAO!!!

    OMG! Yes, you're right! We had Kindergarten orientation yesterday for my older daughter Peyton so my husband took off work yesterday and worked late tonight instead.

    All day today I thought it was Wednesday! I planned to do laundry on Thursday so I'd have Friday free. Too late now! LMAO!!! I'm hysterical laughing over here.

  198. I am more affectionate with my younger daughter. For the simple reason that my oldest has ADHD and won't stand still long enough for more than a very quick hug. Whereas my youngest will hug and kiss and sit in my lap and tell me how much she loves me. They are different people and are treated differently. To an outsider, it could look like I love one more. Nothing can be further from the truth.

  199. Somebody posted way back that "Kate asked that nothing negative be posted on this blog" that true?