Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Multiples Family Separates, Jon & Kate Gosselin Separation #2 Most Shocking TV Moment It can't be easy taking care of eight children while having to find time to maintain your enviable figure. But Kate Gosselin manages to make it look like a breeze. Yesterday, the mother-of eight went for a long jog near her home in Reading, Pennsylvania before picking up her children from school.  The strain begins to show for Gosselin on her run The 35-year-old reality show star showed off her washboard stomach and toned legs in a cropped grey vest top and grey shorts on her run.  At one point, the exercise seemed to be taking its toll, with Gosselin looking a little puffed out. However, she soon recovered to pick her kids up from their school later on in the afternoon. Covered up in a grey T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan Nobody Ever Regretted It, Gosselin shepherded her children into the car. It seems that Gosselin, who stars in her own reality show Kate Plus Eight, is very much getting back into her everyday routine after holiday in Mexico at the beginning of the month.
After Raising Sextuplets dad, Bryan Masche, was arrested last month, we knew there was a Jon and Kate Gosselin story just dying to come out. And now? Bryan and his wife, Jennifer Masche, have announced they're getting divorced. We can't wait to see what happens next. Call it the "we have multiple children and a reality show" syndrome. But it seems like all these families on TV just can't hold it together. Of course, it's been proven that parents of multiples have a higher divorce rate as is. And we're sure the publicity of being on a reality show doesn't help. We're guessing this is the end of Raising Sextuplets. We have a feeling we're going to start seeing Bryan Masche in the news a lot more, dating a lot and just generally being a mess. Maybe even best friends with Jon Gosselin. In the meantime, we think Jennifer Masche should sit down and have a little talk with Kate Gosselin. Perhaps Dancing with the Stars is in Jennifer Masche's future?

A new TV Guide Network special airing Sunday at 8/7c revisits the jaw-dropping reality scenes that kept us glued to our TVs. Behold, the Top 10.

1. Sue Hawk's rats and snakes speech (Survivor, Season 1) "I felt empowered — it was the only move I had," says Hawk of telling off finalists Kelly Wiglesworth and Richard Hatch.
2. Jon and Kate Gosselin announce their separation (Jon & Kate Plus 8, Season 5) The duo called it quits after 10 years of marriage, eight kids and countless tabloid rumors.
3. Jessica Simpson's Chicken of the Sea comment (Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, Season 1) "It was as surreal for me in real life as it probably was for everyone watching," recalls Simpson's then-hubby, Nick Lachey, of the fish-or-fowl debate.
4. Justin Sebik holds a knife to Krista Stegall's throat (Big Brother, Season 2) "He didn't seem to really understand the ramifications. I think it sank in after," says Mike "Boogie" Malin of his ex-roommate.
5. Snooki Polizzi gets punched at a bar (Jersey Shore, Season 1) Uh-oh — did someone order a knuckle sandwich?
6. Marie Osmond's fainting spell (Dancing With the Stars, Season 5) "I went into dad mode," recalls host Tom Bergeron. "You saw how quickly I threw to break."
7. Jason Mesnick dumps Melissa Rycroft (The Bachelor, Season 13) "We decided, if that's the end of this love story, let's show it to fans," says exec producer Mike Fleiss. "Some people were angry."
8. Ruben Studdard beats Clay Aiken (American Idol, Season 2) Rock the vote, indeed! The velvet teddy bear triumphed over the front-runner in a shocking upset.
9. Teresa Giudice flips the table (The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 1) "I'm so laid-back, but if someone keeps pushing my buttons, I'm going to snap!" says Teresa of taking out her anger at Danielle Staub on the furniture. "I don't regret it at all — it felt kinda good!"
10. Puck dips his nose-picking finger in Pedro Zamora's peanut butter (The Real World, Season 3) 'Snot bad!

What are your favorite shocking reality moments?


  1. Vacay in mexico? Thought she was working...... Wasn't that the people interview?

  2. That is exactly what I was going to say Tiggerfan.

    I found the shocking reality moments interesting.
    1. I actually saw
    2. I actually saw, which is funny, because I only started watching the series the year before.
    3. Saw on Oprah
    4. Heard about it everywhere so much that I thought I saw it.
    5. Ditto
    6. Saw it
    7. Heart about it
    8. Saw it but didn't think it was that shocking
    9. Heard
    10. NEVER heard about, or maybe did and blocked it out of my memory, that is just gross.

    One would think that I watch most reality shows, but I think I have some kind of weird power in that I watch a show when something good is going to happen. I never usually watch DWTS or AI but just happened to watch the year that the moment happened. I do watch Oprah a lot, I will admit to that one. LOL

  3. Good morning everyone. The quotes I pulled from The Daily Mail did not have accurate information. So I'm going to pull the vacation quote. It's misleading. Because even though she wad working, she did take a few moments to relax and enjoy herself. I don't think any of us would consider that short amount of time a "vacation".

    Also please know I did this post at 2am to close a long thread. I will be adding and updating it. I just thought this list was a fun an interesting one to share. Depending on your Pop Culture knowledge of course!

  4. I am very, very sad about The Masche's...I don't know why, I just am :(

  5. my2girls,

    It is always very sad to see a family being destroyed by divorce.

    When it involves multiples, it's magnified.

  6. my2girls and Miss Elainius--

    It just all seemed to happen so fast. Well, I only saw a couple of the episodes--when they were moving to Florida and after they were moved into the new house.

    So sad.

  7. I had never even heard of this family until Brian was arrested.

    When I saw his smiling mugshot it really disturbed me. He appeared so smug, in an almost evil way.

    I hate divorce, it all but destroys the children. But this is a case where I am genuinely concerned about Jenny and the children's safety.

    Brian seems like a ticking time bomb, and if proper legal steps aren't taken to protect the family, I can see this ending in a horrendous tragedy.

  8. Yes, I agree it is so sad to see a family break up anytime.

    I don't really think it had so much to do with them being on reality tv though. They were on such a short time compared to the Gosselins and they didn't get so successful that the media would have been interfering in their lives and causing them to implode. I think it had more to do with whatever issues they had between them for a long time. The recent domestic assault thing is probably not a first time thing. Not that I am saying he beat his wife or kids regularly but I don't think their relationship was that healthy for him to snap like that and do something so horrible. The fact that she filed so quickly after that incident also says that it was probably the last straw.

    All that said, none of my thoughts could be on the mark too becuase I haven't watched their show and can't comment at all about the dynamic between them. I think I'm just going by Kate saying that even after all the media craziness with her family, she doesn't blame the show for the demise of their marriage. She said it would have happened eventually but just happened quicker because of being in the public eye so much.

    Whatever the case, I feel for them and the kids. In this day and age,with all the added pressures in life, it takes a lot of hard work to make a marriage thrive in a "regular" family and I guess having high order multiples is just too much on top of the rest of life's stress and that's why those marriages have an even higher failure rate. :(

  9. If anything, I believe that reality tv helped the Masche family a lot.

    Brian was always an idiot (I checked them out on you tube) and he seemed to find joy in being mean and difficult.

    I'm hoping, that because his antics were well documented, Jenny can use them in court to show the way he treated her.

    In a kinder manner, I hope that Brian will study the films and see just what a jerk he was. It could be helpful to him if he chooses to change.

  10. I really think the families who divorce front do so because of the reality shows but because of longstanding issues in their selves and relationships. It could be that those personality traits make them more inclined to do the shows or else make them more appealing to the network. Truthfully from the first episode which I watched recently I saw a divorce coming. There are a few similarities between them and the Gosselins
    1. They kept talking about how divorce wasn't an option
    2. he was clearly unable or willing to meet her needs, she had the major thrust of responsibility thrust on her shoulders
    3. They both attempted last ditch moves in attempts to save the marriage. Gosselins to Wernersville and Masches to Florida
    Economically I hope the Masches are able to continue their show. They will have to decide what is best the good thing is that they both have supportive families

  11. I am not saying this to start an angry debate, I truly am just curious.
    I wonder if the reason that the families with multiples that seem to make it are the ones where there is a strong understanding of the parent roles. For example with the extremely religious sects, the mother/wife knows that her role is to raise the children whereas; the father/husband role is to provide for the family. I mean we could get into the whole debate about whether or not they are happy or allowed to question their roles, etc. But at face value, it would appear that it works when the roles are clearly laid out.

    It would appear that if Brian has resorted to violence in dealing with his frustration, then he too is struggling with his role in the family and/or life.

    The Gosselin family grappled with defining their roles. Jon started as the provider but then appeared not to be able to support Kate in her role as caretaker. They then switched roles and Jon could not support Kate in the provider role. He identified in one of the interviews that he was not meant to look after the kids. However, it now appears that he struggles with being the provider as well. If Jon didn’t have a strong sense of self, looking after multiples, and supporting him in finding himself would have been a huge struggle. I suspect that Kate had a strong sense of who she was from the beginning and that is why many people either like her or not.

    I apologize if this has already been hashed over ad nauseum. I was just thinking aloud.

  12. fascinated,

    I'm, well, sort of fascinated with this topic.

    Do you remember the early years of Jon and Kate? I thought they were great together. They needed each other and even though they bickered, they really were in this together.

    I do wonder if they had not become rich and famous if they would still be married. They were united for a cause, raising their children, and their differences were somewhat charming.

    When they were free from financial concerns they placed their relationship on the back burner and everything fell apart.

    In their case, I do believe that the show was a major part of their decision to divorce.

  13. Hmm, another mom did identify that Kate had suggested that without the cameras, they would have divorced anyway.

    But Miss E – you are suggesting that the money allowed them to stop trying to work on their relationship. I think there is some merit to that. When we are in a situation where we do not have many choices, we tend to make the best of it. We tend to communicate more and work through the challenges. I don’t know if that is what you were thinking but I do see value in this perspective. When we begin seeing we have choices, sometimes we take for granted what we had originally. We feel entitled and stop trying.

    I often thought that Jon was being fed suggestions that he could do better. That Kate didn’t deserve him. That he was above being an at home dad and instead he should be living large. I don’t have proof of that other than what was posted on the internet and I assume Jon read those comments. I wonder what role outside influences had on their marriage and what would have happened if they had supportive influences in their life.

  14. I cant believe they got a divorce :L Maybe it is a good idea for jennifer to speek to kate ?

  15. I believe that when they were struggling, they did not see divorce as an option.

    As they became more comfortable financially, they moved in separate directions instead of growing closer. When they were wondering how to pay for groceries there wasn't time to think about what they "wanted" out of life.

    Jon is naturally lazy and he takes the easy way out of everything. Kate is naturally ambitious and I remember her acting as if he were nuts when he expressed unhappiness about the filming or privacy. I can see both sides of this and still wish they had worked through these problems.

    Jon wasn't willing to put forth the effort and chose to abuse his celebrity title in order to please only himself. Kate was frustrated and I can understand her desire to keep things going. He wanted to live in the moment, and she was looking towards the future.

    I don't like the person that Jon has become. But I do wish that he and Kate could have reached a reasonable compromise in order to keep their family together.

  16. Yes, I think that Kate should have agreed to stop filming if Jon said that he didn't want to be on camera anymore. Initially I thought that would have helped the situation. I thought that if I were her, I would have done anything to get my marriage back on track.

    However, the more I watch their lives unfold, I am beginning to think that Jon wanted to stop taping so that people would stop judging him and so that his indiscretions could have gone on unnoticed. I think that by the time he asked to stop taping, they had already gone down two different paths.

  17. I defintiely agree that the show did play some part in their ultimate divorce. Remember, when Kate said that it would have happened anyway, she did qualify it with the fact that the show just made things come to a head sooner.

    Miss E - I do agree with you about the early Jon and Kate. I loved their dynamic also and it really saddened me to see what eventually became of them as a couple. I also agree that the show did play some part in their break up - just not a major part. As fascinated pointed out, I did refer to when Kate said they would have broken up without the show eventually but she also said that the show just expedited things. That goes to show that yes, the show did have some contributing factors to the end of their marriage.

    That said, I think there was a lot more going on behind closed doors and a lot earlier than we knew about. I think Jon became disillusioned with the whole Mr. Mom role he was playing in the family and he started resenting Kate for getting to travel around and lead the glamorous life while he was left at home with the apron so to speak. Yes, we do know that he was also part of the speaking engagements at first and that he didn't want to do them anymore. At the point he started to get unhappy, I think Kate was already too deep into scheduled appearances and she couldn't really back out of them all just to appease Jon. I also think she wouldn't have wanted to either because she was really happy doing what she was doing. I do remember back then she didn't really seem to consider how unhappy Jon was toward the end of the second last season when they were talking about being at a cross roads. Jon kept saying maybe the show would be back and maybe it wouldn't and Kate just kept saying she would do it forever if she could. I guess right there you could really see how much they had grown apart. Yes, she was thinking about the future and how this show was providing security for her kids but she also enjoyed it all and wasn't giving much thought to Jon's unhappiness. She said she tried to offer him numerous solutions and he wanted none of them. I think at that point Jon was too wrapped up in feeling sorry for himself and his fleeting youth. I think he was much like a sucky kid who stamps his foot and says no to whatever you offer him when he's in the middle of a fit. It really is kind of sad the direction Jon went in during this time. He went from being the symmpathetic character everyone liked and felt sorry for for being whipped by such a naggy wife, to the biggest jackass in the world for stepping out on his wife and kids and doing a really bad job of hiding it.

    Aside from the reality show, I think a lot of this can be attributed to them getting married and thrust into super parentship too young. Jon had a really early mid life crisis and it is so obvious by the things he did and the choice of company he kept right around that time. He totally acted like a university student and didn't have one girfriend that wasn't at least a decade younger than him. I don't really think all these things had to do with the show. What I do think is that the show gave him the opportunities to do what he did. Had he not have been "famous" please tell me what 21 year old girl would have gone for him especially knowing he had 8 kids. I think it's nice to think that if there hadn't been the show, maybe he and Kate would have been able to work on things but then he could have still gone out and had affairs even if not with 21 year olds. I don't know. One thing that I do know is that he became very overwhelmed by being a dad of 8 especially being home with them all the time. He said himself he preferred to work outside the home. In the end, Kate was right when she said they both just grew in very different directions and their goals were no longer the same. I guess once that happens and you can't meet in the middle anymore, you really do get to the point of no return.

  18. Btw, sorry if that last post sounded jumbled. I was interrupted about half a dozen times while writing it so it may be a bit all over the place. lol

  19. another mom,

    I really enjoyed your post. You described the situation very well and were fair to both parties.

    It's still sad to me that the Gosselin marriage couldn't be saved.

  20. I think it would be awesome for Kate and Jenny to get together. I do wonder if people think that if only they had more money life would be happy and easy and when it isn't it is just too much for some to take. I cried when I heard about Kate and Jons divorce of course I hadn't realized how much Jon had changed. Since there is relatively little footage we can't seeks and how Bryan or Jenny have changed. I do agree that people who are more comfortable in their roles are happier and if they respect the others' role they are also happier.

  21. The problem with Brian is that he was never a nice guy. I haven't seen a single bit of footage where I thought he was being reasonable.

    The way Jon and Kate used to treat each other was interesting. Sometimes Jon would seem like the perfect dad and Kate was a shrew. Then Jon would seem like a lazy brat and Kate was seen as the one who held everything together. I know a lot of that was made more dramatic for the show, but real relationships do work that way. Sometimes one spouse is more likeable, and it changes frequently.

    Brian is a bully and what really offended me was every time Jenny did something he didn't like, voiced an opinion, or disagreed with him, he would tell her she was acting like Kate Gosselin. I have no nice words about Brian!

  22. Good evening everyone! Wow what a quiet night compared to I decided to go over to Jon Gosselin's Twitter to see if anything was going on. For the past few days both Jon & Kate have been so MIA minus Kate;s jog the other day and picking up the kids from school.

    Both Jon & Ellen's pages give me a case of the zzz's. Jon only Tweets what he is watching on TV or it's a series of ad's on his page a guess to make some money. Which is fine, but honestly I really thiuoght he would have gotten a job after almost a full year of not working and making a dime minus what TLC is quietly paying him. I'm sure he could do something outside of entertainment if he wanted to. It just bother's me so much that he's being such a bum and not doing anything with himself. Is that wrong? I just think it's so different for men in that aspect than it is women, IMO. Funny thing is, the only thing that pissed me off is seeing this tweet from his page:

    "@ellen_ross1 I love you too. We had a great and well deserved weekend together!!!"

    Are you kidding Jon. Are you once again sitting right next to her writing this. If you don't work, stay home all day and night watching TV on days you don't have the kids...then why is your weekend together SOO WELL DESERVED??" I'm sorry but that really pissed me off. On the other side, I'm very sad to hear the the Mache family decided to separate. Will Brian become the next Jon Gosselin?

  23. Miss Elainus,

    Thank You, I'm glad my post wasn't such a mess. :)

    Also, I have always tried to be as fair as possible when it comes to Jon and Kate. Initially, I defended Jon a lot and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt on a lot of things but after a lot of the crazy things he did post separation and divorce, I lost a lot of respect for him. I'm certainly glad he has calmed down some now from the whirlwind of chaos he surrounded himself with but I am still not impressed with the choices he makes, ie: yet another too young for him girl, no motivation to find an honest to goodness steady job to provide for his kids, and what gets to me the most is that he is perfectly happy with the little time he has with his kids. I think he thinks he has the perfect life now, he gets to see his kids but yet have all the free time in the world when they are not there to sit around with Ellen watching mindless televison.

    On that note, Baby Mama, yes that twitter entry of Jon's is annoying. It makes him sound happy he has free time without having the kids around. How convenient for him. Hmph!

  24. It sounds like someone I know. They haven’t keep the same job since Christmas. They kept bouncing from part-time/casual to part-time casual job. They were expecting some money from something unrelated to work and have stopped paying their rent off and on and purchased non-essential items believing that this money will come shortly.

    They now plan to go on a holiday when the money comes because they said they need “me” time. They said that they have been working for someone else for a long time now and need to do something for them. The jobs that they were given were offered by friends and family to help him out. Instead of seeing them as gifts, they saw them as obligations to work for someone else. They weren’t working for themselves in what they wanted to do.

    Instead of paying down the debt they accrued because they also had to borrow from people over many years (this didn’t just happen), they are going to spend the money on themselves because they deserve it.

    I know that when I look at Jon, I am transferring my feelings for this other person onto Jon, but man, the similarities are staggering. They both think they should be paid more than they are worth/qualified and they believe menial labour is beneath them. They also feel entitled to put themselves first even though they have a pretty easy ride. Their statements insult the people that are doing the work for them. This person I know is almost 40 and if the past is any prediction for the future, I don’t have hope that this will change.

  25. another mom - I also enjoyed and agree with your posts.

    baby mama - I am pissed along with you. He does not have a job so just what could he be stressed from? Oh wait - maybe because people were questioning if Ellen's account of the arcade incident was true and when she requested that it be deleted from a hate blog it proves she corresponds with a woman that hates the kids mother. That will not look good if brought up in the custody hearing next month.

    I am also sad about the Mache family separation. I hope his actions do not turn this into a media frenzy like Jon's did.

  26. Fascinated, the person you know and the many other "Jons' out there shows that Kate or TLC didn't cause him to be like that, it is something in himself, they were just along for the ride and TLC is in a situation where it feels it must enable his behavior.
    My concern for the Masche's is that Brian get help dealing with his temper, when he is alone with the six kids, it's going to get him in trouble if he doesn't. It's simlilar to what Amber is doing, escalating, escalating, and if they don't get control, bad things are going to happen. Sometimes I wonder if part of why soo many people are like that is because childrearing practices of today or at least some parents' interpretations of them don't allow the kids experience dealing with struggles, responsibility, not getting their way, coping with unpleasant situations, and being independent. When they become adults they are in for a rude awakening and many don't have good coping skills. It's one of the reasons that I really like some of Kate's approaches, I really like how she makes them walk because they are five or use a rope at age three, if they get upset, its okay,we'll just keep on trucking, I like how she gives them responsibility such as with the chicken coop, and I like how things like tie shoes are seen as a reward for learning to do it right. I see in her kids some admirable personality qualities that I believe come from what she is doing. Much better than the seventeen year olds I know that can't set an alarm no matter how much their parents pay for it and have a hissy fit if their parents ask them to clear their junk out of the family car for an outing.

  27. BabyMama- maybe this would be the right time to change the blog from Gosselin Family site, to just kate and 8. Seems like everyone gets madder with Jon more every day, why bother? Just my opinion, not asking to fight about it, so Please,don't bother bashing me, have enough on my plate :)

  28. Annastasia~ I will repeat what I have said in the past regarding the name of this site. It will NOT change. Not while I'm still running it anyway. Jon is part of this family. Just because we may not be happy with him at this point, doesn't mean he's not entitled to be on the marquee. My hope and prayer is, that he will better himself not just for his family. Perhaps not spend his life bumming around and not have a job for a whole year. (almost as upsetting as people that attack Kate FOR working). And I don't quite understand why people feel his name shouldn't be there quite frankly.

  29. I had a dream last night that Kate was on the tonight show with Jenny Masche on a funny skit where she was "grooming her protege" and teaching Jenny how to actually be like her, in it there was a flashback of Bryan calling Jenny Kate and Kate laughing and saying that she would train her in Katespeak

  30. I don't like Jon. But I'm really glad that BM includes him and acknowledges him on this blog. I have no idea why this seems important to me, but it does.

    Whenever I'm tempted to bash him too much, I remind myself that he is the children's father and I want to respect him as much as I can. He makes it difficult, but I'm trying.

    It has been an oddly quiet time for news about the family. I hope it's because Kate wants to take a break, and not because she is dealing with problems with you know who. I'm hopeful that she is working on Twist of Kate and they are keeping it quiet.

    I miss Linda and Shmecky. They tend to mix like oil and water, but I like them both.

  31. I agree Miss Elainius with all your points.

    LOL Tashapork - that dream would have been funny.

    I love your passion FU4k

  32. Please don't judge any unemployed person. You have no idea the stress involved.

  33. I am curious as to why anyone who was tired of this family would visit this site.

    I was looking at the poll, and it makes no sense to me why people who claim to be tired of the Gosselin's would come here at all, much less vote.

  34. No, you don't understand that the trolls and haters frequent this site more than even the fans. They are quite obsessed with this site. Apparently it's what keeping them going when they don't have enough snark material on Kate. It's a bit disturbing that they love me that much! lol

    And Tigger, we would NEVER attack any unemployed person. Trust, it's very hard for many right now! xoxox

  35. I can only imagine what you have to put up with Baby Mama. Another site I check in on now and then is closing because haters kept complaining about the site. The mod decided to close the site down. It had been running for almost 2 1/2 years.

    I really cannot understand why anyone wastes their time on something they supposedly hate. I don't like paris hilton or britney spears and I couldn't tell you if they were working, married, or in rehab (LOL). Because I chose not to spend anytime following them. I don't like them, why would I.

  36. Thank you all for your many emails. Much appreciated. It's only been like 3 days since I posted. Please understand that this is Baby Mama's blog and she sets the rules. Nobody is going to agree 100%. I agree with her at least 90% of the time.

    So a big "Hi" to all the Kate fans. (I'd like to be a Jon fan again but I just haven't seen much to respect lately.) Everybody needs a vacation at times. This is the time for me.
    The research says that the higher the income, the less likely a couple is to divorce (Most recent studies published May 2010 by Penn state sociologists and reported in Time magazine in May.)

  37. Hi, Linda!

    I'm so happy you're back again.

  38. ITA too Miss Elainius!

    I think Baby Mama is right in keeping Jon a part of the site simply because he is the father of the kids. Although I agree with practically nothing he has done in the last year and a half, I don't think we can erase the fact that he will be a part of that family forever. Actually, kind of ironic but even Kate still bears his name so it would definitely be weird to say that Jon Gosselin should not be part of the Gosselin family site. lol Like Baby Mama said, I too hope that one day he will redeem himself in his family's eyes. I think he's got a lot of growing up to do but there is always hope.

    I also agree with Miss E saying that although Linda O and Schmecky are like oil and water, they are both valuable contributors and both belong here. I don't see it as a "if you think she belongs here, then you definitely don't want or need my voice" type of thing. Hopefully Linda will reconsider and come back.

    Come on Linda, don't make us beg!!!

    Oh and I have been meaning to say this several times but have been posting at ungodly hours and always forget something:

    Welcome Back, #1 Caregiver and I hope you are feeling better. I don't really know what happened because I just came back to the site myself recently after a long while away but I am happy you are back! :)

  39. Good to see you Linda O...I hope you noticed I've been begging for your return! You are one missed lady...I so enjoy your posts and you always seem to be thinking of what is in Kate and the kids best interests with your comments.

    I think I understand why the poster Anastasia made her comment about Jon's name being here. It's because Jon doesn't act like family right now.

    He totally disrespects Kate and causes her so much mental anquish and he's not exactly being "Father of the year" for the kids. His main concern seems to be his own comfort and pleasing the new gal pal.

    However, I respect Babymama's position totally.

  40. Three Days??? Well that demonstrate that you were missed. LOL

    I wonder Linda O is that for single or double income families, families of multiples included, and if culture or religion played a factor.

    I definitely missed your fact finding abilities. Rest well. You deserve a break.

  41. It's a Gosselin family site so like any family there is always "one" right? Jon's the "one" that every one disagrees with in the family but still tolerate him because he is in fact family.

    Alas, how stressed can this man be? He gets up whenever, plays internet games, tweets, puts up an ad or two, watches TV, movies, eats, smokes, poops, and wait for Ellen to stroke his ego when she gets home after work.

    firedup ITA. I feel for people who are legitimately trying to find a job and not succeeding because of no fault of their own other than the job market out there sucks. People who bit the hand that feeds them I don't.

  42. *Waves* to Linda O. Welcome back to Number 1 and another mom. You have all been missed!(I know it's only been 3days for you Linda..but it seemed longer)

    I blog for fun..when it's not fun or if I feel like I'm getting all wrapped up in the whole thing...I'll take a break it helps keep things in perspective.

    Sometimes Gosselin blogs become too intense & heated for an avoider of conflict like myself:)

  43. Welcome back, Linda O.! Even tho I mostly read, it's not the same without you.

  44. Linda is lovely.

    Shmecky is...well, she's Shmecky and I adore her playing devil's advocate.

    I hope BM continues to allow reasonable discourse on this site. With only cheerleaders, it would get old pretty fast. I know that Linda can be trusted to moderate the site when BM is away, but I do agree with the person who said it would be a mistake to let her be in charge on a regular basis. Linda, I really like you, but you need to not be so personally invested in each and every post. I don't want to hurt your feelings, sincerely.

    It's one thing to support Kate. It's quite another to be deaf, dumb and blind to anything remotely critical posted on this blog.

    I want Kate to succeed and I am pretty darn mad at Jon for being such a loser. But I support the entire family in my dreams for their future.

    Well, that not quite true. I think Ellen is either really stupid or really manipulative and I do not support her. IF she loved children more than those rat dogs she adores, she would be looking for a marriage and her own babies in the future.


  45. Hello eveyone.. Yes I did completely force Linda out of hiding with a series of nagging threats.

    With that said, hate blogs have it easy. They can just attack and make fun of someone everyday just to pop by and make themselves feel good for a bit. Having a fan site you could easily go down that same path. As in, fans only please! No one that doesn't show 100% love and support for Kate Gosselin must not post! And I would have had a site like that if the fans actually posted! But then, would it be interesting? Would it be a place that gets this many hits from the haters alone that thrive on every word written here? (I'm not kidding)

    And frankly what does a fan say. I love Kate I love the show. And where do you go from there. Don't get me wrong, 600 followers and half don't feel comforable enough to post. I always felt that a site with a bit of debate makes for an interesting blog. But this weekend went too far. I myself did not like the tone of the site. It's a shame that the ones that are the most vocal on this site are NOT fans of Kate.

    I wasn't able to wrangle it in this weekend since I had a few parties and a thing called LIFE going on. We even had some stupid spammer come on. When was the trash brought in? I think it's just another example of when you give someone an inch, they take a foot. My site has always been the most lenient when it came to having differences of opinion here. But I am Kate's #1 fan (????) and I don't want the hating nasty crap on my blog. Out of repect for me, no Kate attacks or underlying snark. I'm all for Schmecky or Linda fans but it's freakin like Return of The Jedi in here sometimes.

    You get my point. I dleted quite alot and I will block and delete more. I know it's been a slow week but again please be respectful to the fans on this blog AS WELL as those speaking their mind respectfully. And please I will say this nicely, don't tell me how to run my site.

    This is directed at NO ONE imparticular. I just don't wan't anyone to feel they can't post because they are uncomfortable with the commenters. And I'm getting e-mails now. Since you all are my friends, I keep it real.. I love you all. Lets just move on :) xoxo

  46. Ohh and this is important, I always appreciate SUGGESTIONS on how to improve this blog in general. This is a big difference than what I was talking about above. But those suggestions can be e-mailed to me privately at

    It was important I think to clarify that ;)

  47. oops!

    Looks like my last post came in after new messages had already been added. I hate when that happens. lol

    Yay, I'm glad you are back Linda! I think many of us were afraid you wouldn't be back at all. I understand sometimes needing some time away from a situation so I respect that but I am glad it wasn't too long of a hiatus. :)

  48. I have no idea what is going on..but if CM is giving out hugs to BM, I'll send one too:0

    Although, I did see the immature spamming on some people need to get a life!

  49. I love this blog, Baby Mama. Take care of those babies of yours while I look after my bigger ones. It can't be easy for you to run this blog and be a hands-on mom. You have my respect :)

    Good night everybody. Morning comes early at my house!

  50. To clarify and then I'm off again:
    Miss Elainius - never fear. If I'd wanted to run a blog, I would have started my own. This blog is Baby Mama's. While I deleted more than 600 posts while Baby Mama was on vacation, none of them were Schmecky's regardless of what was said. Those deleted were only those on the permanently cannot post list, and those to whom I explained the rules more than once and/or warned. Those in the second category I also suggested they email Baby Mama if they disagreed. Don't know how that could have been more fair. 90% of those deletions from the permanent list came while I put it on moderation in the middle of the night when the vile trolls do their dirty deeds.
    another mom - I'm taking a vacation because I need it and still do. I posted because Baby Mama asked if I'd say Hi. I, of course, miss most of you and will continue to do so.

  51. Point well made Baby Mama! I think everyone on here knows by now that it is your blog, your rules. That is the way it should be. The premise is simple, if you're a hater, why would you want to be a part of a fan site anyway?

    I feel for you that you put so much into this blog and when you dare to have a life for one day, things go haywire. SO not fair!

    On that note, I want to thank you for all you do and hopefully we will all be able to appreciate that you do allow as much debate as does occur here. It is totally your choice to just say that being open for debate is getting to be too much and that conversation will be limited. I think we would all lose in that case so why let it get to that point?

    I hope that all fans will be able to feel comfortable about coming out of lurkdom and posting. I don't think we really are a bad group of people to be around and not half as scary as we may seem. lol I just want to say that a lot of times, people may not feel comfortable to post because they may feel that the group that does regularly post all know each other and wouldn't want to let others into the mix. I know I hesitated at first too because I felt I might be an intruder but honestly, it has made me feel really good to hear people say they enjoy my posts and that I was missed while I was away. I wasn't even sure many people would remember me so that was really nice. So, to those that are too shy to throw yourselves in here, don't be! These are a great bunch of people if you can get past the occasional heatedness that goes on and even then, I have never really seen anything rude like name calling or resorting to low class behaviour as on the trashy sites that I keep hearing about. Baby Mama runs a 5 star blog here. :)

  52. Linda, I'm completely shocked.

    There were 600 mean posts in the time BM was away? I truly had no idea, and am embarrassed that I assumed Shmecky was the only one posting less than cheerleader opinions. I misunderstood, in a major way, and don't quite know how to apologize properly. I really thought she was the only person who wrote anything that could be considered out of bounds.

    I was defending her because I think she adds a lot to the site. But I never stopped to think that she was the nicest skeptic. I'm sorry you had to deal with so much that I never thought about.

    Hm...does anyone have a good recipe to help me eat crow?

  53. Oh, gotcha now Linda. I hope you get the MUCH deserved break you need. I know it can be really hard to moderate, run, babysit this blog. It is a very busy one with lots of opinions and even more trolls by the sounds of it. Keeping everyone happy is NOT easy! Kudos to you too for taking it on for Baby Mama!

    Please know you will be very missed and I hope it doesn't sound like we were putting too much pressure on you to not take time off. I think we will feel better knowing you are not gone for good. I'm glad Baby Mama asked you to come and say hi. :)

    Have a nice "vacation" and hope to see you soon. xoxo

  54. Anothermom~ thank you. 5 stars was just the ego boost I needed. If any other site claims they run a balanced debate site they are liars. It's nearly impossible to run. No one is a winner, and as always the tone is set by the owner of the blog anyway. Who has an idea of how they want things to run regardless. I they don't like what they hear, they normally delete it.

    I really hope that those that just wish to say hi, should never fear to speak up and have a voice. Mine is big. I just know that I wanted everyone to be happy with the direction I went with here. When it's quiet in Gosselin Land it gives us regulars the chance to really get to know each other. I want that to be a good thing.

  55. Miss Elainius you don't have to eat crow! LOL Baby Mama has a great site going on and it makes other people jealous. They are envious of how well she runs it and how well we get along here (well most of the time). Linda did a great job of keeping the blog afloat. Baby Mama has to fend off loads of those crappy posts and it has gotten so bad at different points she's had to put on moderation for periods of time. They are just jealous. They wish they could hang out with us cool kids. Why else would they spend so much time here? or waste so much energy making themselves known?

  56. Linda!! Hello!! So great to see you're back--at least for now--I hope the "vacation" is going well. It sure seems like more than 3 days!LOL Hugs!

    Yes this is a 5 STAR SITE! Amen to that! Are there any awards for that?

    Annastasia- I hope things are going well for you.

    CMO3--Love your description of Jon's day. OMG ITA

  57. I just call 'em like I see 'em Baby Mama! I'm glad it gave you an ego boost. Sometimes we all need to hear that we are doing a great job and that our hard work is appreciated.

    I also agree with Crafty Mom of 3 re: Miss E. I guess if you have been around a while you would know all the crap that has to be dealt with behind the scenes. When I first started posting here, all the comments were moderated for approval before being posted because of how many wacko trolls there were. Like Crafy Mom said, no need to eat crow but at least now you can see how hard it is to make sure this blog stays the 5 star blog it is. It takes a lot! :)

  58. Happy Monday all!! I get a vacation next week and we're going back to MO for a wedding!!
    Hope everyone has a great week :)

  59. Hi my2girls! We just got back from MO--the weather was beautiful! Have a nice trip and fun at the wedding.

  60. Baby Mama - I also love your blog and give it 5 stars as well. Please know your hard work and time is really appreciated.

    LindaO - So glad to hear you are just taking a vacation. You had me worried. Looking forward to your return.

  61. Good morning everyone! I have some pretty cool news this morning!

    Last July 8th internet radio program “Living the Dream Moms” radio on Toginet interviewed Kate Gosselin. They were one of the first to have their shirts profiled on Jon & Kate Plus 8! I provided a link on my site to those that wanted to listen to the interview. It was really great!

    Well since "Twist of Kate" is having a production delay, Radio Host Nina Frye is hosting a full hour of her show to Kate Gosselin! Who will be guest host? Well me of course, the infamous Baby Mama!

    Join me this Thurs. 10/7 at 10am ET as we chat about Kate, her kids and everything else since the last show in July. The show airs on for one hour. I will provide a link here of course!

    Does anyone want to chat with us LIVE on the air? Does anyone want to submit a question for me to answer live on the air? Feel free to let me know here or by e-mail You can also chat with us on a live chat link Thursday that Nina will have available on that page.

    "Are you a Kate Gosselin fan? Please call in this Thurs. at 10am ET to discuss and chat about her kids, life, show, etc. 1-877-864-4869"

    I think this will be a fun hour where I will be discussing the beginning of creating this blog, talk to readers, and discuss the future. Either way I hope you all tune in! Again I will have a link on my page that will take you to the radio program, which can later be purchased on ITunes. Pretty cool huh? So get those questions you were dying to ask ready for me to share on the air!

  62. BabyMama,that is sooo exciting, I hope I can listen to it later because I won't be home on thursday morning. Are you guys going to get to interview Kate again? I am soo glad that you will be on with them.

  63. Corrina I can't take credit for that one LOL that was all firedup4kate's words I just wish I had said it because ITA. She totally nailed it.

  64. BM, how exciting!

    I'm SO happy for you!

  65. I hate to point out something negative, but BM said there are a lot of people who don't like Kate posting and/or reading on this blog. By announcing this aren't you worried they will spam the phone lines for the radio show?

    I hope there is some way to avoid this.

  66. How cool Baby Mama! Please do provide a link because I work at 10 and wont be home!

  67. Oh-CMO3--I guess I was knitting when I should have been reading! :) Ok--firedup4kate--you nailed it!

    Congratulations Baby Mama--Will certainly listen to that broadcast. We're so proud of you.

  68. WooHoo - Congratulations Baby Mama. Can't wait for the broadcast!

  69. I hope we can all work out our schedules in a way that we can support BM on Thursday.

    BM, what can we do to make this really special for you?

    So sorry to scamble and change the date on you! Afer I solidifed the time, Nina was able to get one of the Real Houswives of DC on for this Thursday! So feel free to go on and listen to it and use the number to call in if you like. Which one you ask, well that is the surprise!

    I had to reschedule it for Ocober 28th. It's all we can do. But I would love to have you all call in and support me then! (See this is what happens when your so excited about something and you speak out to fast!) The nature of the business... But I am still excited about October 28th, and I will definetly still put a link up here and remind you of the number to call in.

    But until then, lets get some great questions together about things we want to know about Kate. October 28th is now on LOCK to hear me! And remember it's support Kate Gosselin day, I will create a post just for that day only! xoxox

  71. Congrats, Baby Mama! What a great opportunity for you!

  72. Congratulations Baby Mama! Hope it goes well. Good luck!

    Oh, and as hard as it is for you to run this site I'm glad you make the effort to allow other views. I have always thought it makes this site interesting and special.

  73. thank you everyone. I appreciate all the support. It's been a constant challenge keeping things on an even keel on this blog. Many people have been unhappy in the past with the way the blog has been run. But I always try to shift back on course. I'm not sad about the date change more just excited to get myself out there and have a great time on the radio. I will talk about it more when the time gets closer.

  74. Since this post is all about lists, I wanted to talk to you about USA Todays September "it" heat index. Kate Gosselin actually made it in at number 10!

    "In the month of September, mostly reality TV stars and A-listers with personal drama took lead positions on the USA TODAY Celebrity Heat Index, which measures media exposure. USA TODAY runs down the top headline makers:Top 10 newsmakers and their scores:"

    1. Kim Kardashian 359: The reality TV star kisses summer fling Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin goodbye; maybe she will say farewell to summer bikini photo opportunities, too.

    2. Demi Moore 299: Accusations of husband Ashton Kutcher's infidelity make headlines, but what is the real story?(tie) 3.Ashton Kutcher299

    4. Britney Spears 295: In the month leading up to her Sept. 28 appearance on Glee, headlines are glum as far as her personal life goes.

    5. Jennifer Aniston 291: Nothing new to report here. Last month: Babies? This month: Boyfriends? Next month: Brad?

    6. Brad Pitt 275: It's his turn to take the lead on the Jolie-Pitt Goodwill Tour with a stop in New Orleans.

    7. Angelina Jolie 256: Actress begins the month on yet another goodwill mission and ends the month at home in Los Angeles.

    8. Khloe Kardashian 244: The reality TV star scores an achievement by celebrating first anniversary with hubby Lamar Odom.

    9. Kourtney Kardashian 225: Despite weeks of speculation that her relationship with fiancé Scott Disick is in trouble, the tabs want her pregnant with baby No. 2.

    10. Kate Gosselin 209: The reality TV mom of eight pokes fun at herself at the Emmys and reveals how a running routine has helped with a new look.

  75. Yay Baby Mama! Good for you! How exciting. I promise not to call in and bother you. ;)

    It's sad about the Masche family. He was a jerk though. I don't know what she ever saw in him. Just from the few episodes I've seen I thought he was mean, selfish, childish and domineering.

  76. Miss Elainius said...

    Shmecky is...well, she's Shmecky

    LOL! For future reference. I am Schmeckalicious. ;)

  77. Baby Mama, what does the 3-digit number after each celebrity's name mean?

  78. Jon appears to be quite content to complain about the show, while spending TLC's money.

    I think if he wanted more time with the kids, he would have rented a modest three bedroom home instead of an apartment.

    Those are my opinions, not facts.

  79. Remember when Jon and Kate talked about the divorce and said the house belonged to the kids? They were planning to keep the kids in the house and take turns living there. Whatever happened to that plan?

    I'd forgotten about that, and I don't remember why it changed.

    It was an awkward (at best) plan for the parents, but it would have been great for the kids.

  80. Miss Elainius,

    I was just going to point out exactly what you wrote in your second comment.

    He got that apartment when he had custody of the children at "their" house. He had no need for a three bedroom apt at that time.

    I don't know... maybe he has a lease or is working on getting a larger home. Maybe the one he is in now has more rooms than people think. I've heard one bedroom. I've heard two bedrooms. No one really knows.

  81. Also,

    I have no idea what happened to their arrangement with the house. I think it was the best arrangement for the children.

  82. Miss Elainius - Below list is just my opinion as to why Kate no longer allowed Jon at the house:

    1. Stephanie Santoro and Kate Major saying they had sex with Jon at the house when the kids were there.

    2. Stephanie Santoro said Jon hacked into Kate’s email and bank accounts.

    3. Jon stole money from the household account (proven fact as the judge ordered him to pay it back).

    4. Jon accused Kate of stealing money from the household account but she provided receipts that proved the money she spent was for the kids (as reported by Kate’s lawyer).

    5. Jon bringing Kevin and Jodi to the house when Kate was not there. We know she did not approve as she stated after this visit that she had not let them see her kids in 2 years.

    6. The photo op of Ellen dropping the kids off at the house.

    7. It was reported by the nosey neighbor one night this summer an intoxicated Jon snuck on the property with a friend and let some of the chickens out into the neighbor’s yard. The police came but Kate did not press charges. Perhaps to protect the children.

  83. Well it was Jon's "counselor" Sylvia LaFair who stated there was a court order that Jon is not allowed on the property at all. I know some of you don't believe that Mom of K is really Kate's mom but she did say that Jon did something dispicable while he was on the property and that is why a court order was place that he cannot come on to the property. Of course Kate's mom couldn't state exactly what it was probably because of again a court order but whatever it was must have been a doozy because Kate has been more than tolerant of some of Jon's bad behavior. So apparently whatever happened Jon has only himself to blame.

  84. Yourawoman said...
    Well it was Jon's "counselor" Sylvia LaFair who stated there was a court order that Jon is not allowed on the property at all.
    That's not what she said. She said the "law." The law could just be that Kate now has the house listed as her primary residence and she decided she no longer wants him there, thus he would be trespassing. There was no "court order." No one mentioned a court order.

  85. Kate Major claimed Jon invited her to sneak over to the house. She never actually said she went. Just that she was nervous to do it.

  86. No Schmecky we are not going to have that ridiculous conversation again. You can stop anytime now. We know.

    I've been wracking my brain for most shocking reality show moments and the top one in my mind that was on air was when Jacob Rolloff was hit by the trebuchet along with Mike and then Mike passing of a heart attack as second.

    The other is Tori Spelling's mom's open letter to her. It wasn't on tv but it was sure public.

  87. sg heresay by an anonymous source is not the same as ann from iw. not at all.

    and i think we're forgetting here that kate got the house in the divorce. had to have because jon certainly can't pay the mortgage AND he didn't demand it be sold and him get the money from it.

    of course i don't know the deal that was made but obviously jon agreed and also agreed to whatever the deal was for the kids to continue filming. and i think he's doing the same thing now. contract is up and jon is trolling for tlc to pay him for the kids to film.

    since then is when jon hasn't been allowed on the property. i don't blame her. just the things listed above would have had me putting a padlock on the gate and doing the same.

    can you imagine having to have a lock on your bedroom door or having to take all your important private papers with you every time you left the house in fear of an almost-ex-spouse nosing through and pilfering your things?

    not to mention having questionable people around your kids...and family members you felt had turned on you and stabbed you in the back.

    doesn't matter if WE believe jo and ke did/didn't stab her in the back...she does. and since she does i'm sure she wouldn't want them in her home.

    i think ellen should stay in the background. all the facebook/twitter garbage she puts out there is wrong. it's exploiting the kids for sure.

    yeah she's jon's gf...but she shouldn't be promoting herself with the kids as she does nor should she be vocal against their mom. i believe she uses the hatred of the women on 15 minutes toward kate to further her agenda.

    it's my opinion that ellen thinks if she can keep the public interest of the kids up and bring kate down she can then take kate's place...not so much as the 8's mom but as a tlc paid star.

  88. GeeWhiz said.......
    And don't forget the infamous gun incident where Jon was threatening another pap.

    Interesting I was going to put a link to the blog where Sylvia LaFair stated that Jon by law was not allowed on the property but that whole blog has been deleted. Wonder why Sylvia deleted that particular blog but none of the others concerning Jon? She also deleted some links to her Leadership Course.

  89. Schmecky~ I honestly do not know what the number means, other than I think it's the number of print articles about each celebrity for the month.

    And as far as reliable sources? I just take everything with a grain of salt. I won't allow anyone to get heated anymore with discussions. So anything I don't personally agree with Linda and I will now be deleting... When she is forced back by me which will also be my fault. So basically blame everything on me ;)

    GeeWhiz~ Holy smoke! I completely forgot all about that! Jon going crazy with a gun. He must have been smoking something that day knowing the aps were there to photograph that!

    CraftyMom~ I forgot what happened with Jacob. You need to fill me in!

  90. Sorry Baby Mama but someone did judge the unemployed. They did so when they questioned how stressed could Jon be, sleeping late, playing video games etc.

    That is a judgement. That is why I commented about not judging unemployed people.

  91. Kimmie~ Love our post and agree 100%. As a mom if I ever saw photos of my ex and his new GF on the property and heaven forbid in the house I would pass out. Even if their realtionship was on the best of terms, it just was too soon for her ot be there. Weren't they dating only 2 months?

    The way that Ellen seems to be handling the situation I really wouldn't put it past her to have something up her sleeve. The photo she put up on Twitter was private and she had a motive for putting up. But apparently she got so much slack she took it down.

  92. Baby Mama said...GeeWhiz~ Holy smoke! I completely forgot all about that! Jon going crazy with a gun. He must have been smoking something that day knowing the aps were there to photograph that!

    It was Yourawoman that said that. She was adding to my list.

    I thought of two more - Picutres of Jon smoking pot at the house. Allowing the pap on the property to film and take pictures.

  93. Tiggerfan1965~ I never want any person from either side of the debate to be upset about anything that is said here. I have been deleting a few posts today and everyone should know it's never personal.

    It's already taken care of :)

  94. Yay, Baby Mama..that is very exciting news. I'm putting it on my calendar but you'll have to remind me. I often forget to look at my calendar & miss things:)

    Was Jon still staying at the house right up until he moved back to PA or had that stopped before? I can't remember how that worked..

  95. Ohhh Baby Mama, that is sooo exciting. I think you could probably go through the blogs on this site and pull out questions:

    Why isn’t Jon allowed on the property?

    Why did Jon say that he wanted to look after the kids while Kate was doing DWTS, implying that he wasn’t allowed to; when Kate reported in the first episode of Kate plus 8, that Jon watches the kids when she travels.

    How do you handle all of the negatively directed toward you?

    Do you read Baby Mama’s blog site?

    Why did you get the house and not Jon (or is that even true).

    LOL, I am so happy for you.

  96. SG said that the lawyer may be referring to Kate as the law.

    I think if she were implying that Kate was the law, then the haters would accuse Kate of impersonating a police officer and then Kate could be charged. That could be inflammatory. LOL.

  97. Tiggerfan – I totally understand your concern about judging the unemployed. I know I didn’t but I thought I would clarify my perspective. I think that If Jon is receiving money from TLC (not confirmed), then technically he has income, which to me equates to a job. So, my Judgement of him is not that he is unemployed but that he doesn’t appear to be preparing for the future; particularly when he has eight children to care for. If he is interested in going back on tv (he said something like that) then I think he should be taking classes or applying for positions so that when the reigns of TLC are lifted he can step into something. And, maybe he is doing this already. I just don’t see him talking about it. I see him riding on Kate’s coat tails.

  98. Thank you Gee Whiz but it wasn't necessary to give a correction. Your list was great so by far you are on top.

    Tiggerfan I don't think anyone with any common decency would ever be negative or say negative things about someone unemployed or laid off their job due to the economy. I think I know what the intention was and understand that, it just should have been clearer. There are millions out of jobs and I'm afraid more to come yet and I think we all probably know people that have lost their jobs due to this economy. I bet that many even know people that have lost their homes to foreclosure. I do personally know a few people who are content to sit back and collect unemployment until they can no longer get the benefit and they don't bother to look for a job do, but the vast majority of the unemployed desperately want to work. It is awful what has happened and continuing to happen and I pray that soon we will have a turnaround and people start going back to work.

  99. As to the subject at hand. One of the shockers was when Brad Womack of The Bachelor didn't chose either bachelorette. Never saw that one coming. I still can't believe they are bringing him back for next season. I won't be watching.

  100. I think it was two season ago (am I right tashapork?) On LPBW the Roloff farm had a trebuchet for the pumpkin weekends. A piece jammed when Mike and Jacob were running it and it snapped and broke Jacob's scull and hurt Mike pretty bad.

  101. Craftymom, yeah or it might have been three seasons ago, Matt saw a trebechute at some amusement park and wanted one for his farm. Mike and Jacob made it, but it failed on film and both of them were rushed to the hospital. I guess they even had authorities to the farm to check on Jacob's safety and Matt's pumpkin season practices. Sadly, by the time Mike and Matt built a new trebechute up to safety standards, Mike died of a heart attack which the Roloffs andTLC did a poignant job of portraying. Other LPBW shockers were Matt's DUI and Matt passing out on the floor of his office from a vertigo spell. Many viewers thought he died and it was a season finale.
    For me a big reality show shccker, but I did know about it from other sources, was baby Josie's emergency birth. I know others feel differently, but I am really touched that they are sharing their journey with us. I have learned a lot.

  102. Fascinated said...
    SG said that the lawyer may be referring to Kate as the law.
    Sorry, but that's not what I said and it's not what I meant. Laws prevent people from trespassing on people's property if they are not wanted. That doesn't make the people the law. If Kate decided she no longer wants Jon on the property, the law says he can't go on her property.

  103. I was watching the West Coast feed for dwts, did anyone else watch?

    I think something must have happened that upset Kate enough to not allow Jon to enter the property. It's very awkward and terribly uncomfortable for the children. I don't think she would do this unless she had a very good reason. Jon must have done something to make her feel that the children were not safe if he drove to the house. But, what? I read about the chicken-coop thing here today, but it sounds kind of whacky.

    What did Jon do to make this situation so bad that Kate thinks it's safer to subject the kids to this public (and embarrassing) exchange.

    I'm thinking Jon did something pretty awful, but maybe that's just me?

  104. Miss Elaimius - Many couples exchange kids in a public place. IMO, there was only one embarrassing exchange which could have been prevented had Jon not opened the sliding door to the van. It has not happened again, so this leads me to believe Kate put a stop to it.

    Did you miss all of the things Jon has done that were listed above?

  105. No, I think Jon is a creep.

    I guess I want to believe that he is better than he is. I'm always disappointed in him, but continue to try to believe he must have some good qualities.

    His relationship with Ellen bothers me. On the surface she may appear to be his most reasonable girlfriend, but I have a really bad feeling about her. Any young woman who loved kids would want to find someone to marry and have babies with. WHAT can Jon offer her? Not motherhood, the children have a mom. Her efforts to sway people into not liking Kate are bad enough for all of us. But when you think about the kids being around a woman who hates their mother, well, it's horrible.

    Regardless, I think it's very traumatic for the kids to not have their father be allowed to enter "their" property. I do believe that Jon must have done something really bad to force Kate into a position where the children are forced to endure this.

  106. Schmecky Girl said:

    Someone upthread said that Jon has no motivation to find a steady job and he's perfectly happy with the little time he has with his kids.

    I'd like to know how anyone knows this?...

    I (another mom) said,

    Also, I have always tried to be as fair as possible when it comes to Jon and Kate. Initially, I defended Jon a lot and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt on a lot of things but after a lot of the crazy things he did post separation and divorce, I lost a lot of respect for him. I'm certainly glad he has calmed down some now from the whirlwind of chaos he surrounded himself with but I am still not impressed with the choices he makes, ie: yet another too young for him girl, no motivation to find an honest to goodness steady job to provide for his kids, and what gets to me the most is that he is perfectly happy with the little time he has with his kids. I think he thinks he has the perfect life now, he gets to see his kids but yet have all the free time in the world when they are not there to sit around with Ellen watching mindless televison.

    Schmecky Girl,

    I think the comment above (by me) is the part you were probably referring to in the paragraph (by you) I quoted above.

    I can see where you are going with your questioning and I guess I should have phrased my sentences more carefully. I wasn't trying to claim the comments I made were solid facts (except of course for the obvious which is that he is with yet another girl a decade his junior). Those were my opinions and the feelings I got and the way I interpreted Jon's behaviour and actions.

    Therefore, the comment should have read more like this:

    It SEEMS like he is not motivated to find a consistent job to support the kids and it also SEEMS like he is happy with spending less time with the kids. Later in the sentence, I did say that I THOUGHT Jon thought this was the perfect life for him now.

    So, I know the above sounds harsh. Here is my reasoning for my comments.

    Re Being unmotivated to find work:

    Jon has always come across to me like someone who wants the easy way out. He complained about working a 9-5 job, then because of Kate traveling, he got to stay home and not get up early to go to work etc. and after a while, he complained that he hated being a SAHD. He said he was not cut out for it and that is something I read that he stated in an interview (sorry can't for the life of me remember which one, it was so long ago). According to Kate, she offered him a few other solutions like going back to school, doing charity work or stuff for the girls' school and apparently he wanted none of that either. What really has he done since J&K+8 was pulled? He had some conversations with Michael Lohan ( a jackass himself) about a reality show and then that never panned out and aside from a few club appearances and paprazzi shots that he arranged, he's done nothing to date. I truly believe that if he had been looking or had something in the works, we would have definitely heard about it by now. Anything Gosselin makes the news.

    Also, in all his relationships since Kate, he seems to mooch off his girlfriends. He borrowed a ton of money from Hailey that he never paid back and then he lived with Morgan and her family and mooched off them for a while until came Ellen and again, she is the one that works and he isn't. He's even still getting money from TLC and not even working anymore. Why would he want to work?

    ... part 2

  107. ...cont from part 1

    As for the kids and being happier spending less time with them:

    IMO, if he wanted to be with the kids all the time or at least be readily available to them, I don't think he would have picked up and moved to New York at the worst time in their lives. I really think all he wanted was to live the single life and be free. Why would he not only move so far away, but also rent a place that was SO kid unfriendly? It just seems to be that the whole recapturing his youth, dating younger women, even watching shows geared for the younger crowds is more of a prioroty for him than spending extra time with his kids. Yes, I know he moved back to PA but was it so much because of being closer to the kids or because a.) he couldn't afford New York anymore, or
    b.) he wanted to get away from Hailey since she was after him for not paying her back all that money he owed her.
    Again, I'm not saying he doesn't love his kids, just that he is a happier person when he has spurts of time with them and spurts of time for himself. Remember how crazy he went after the separation and remember how he had said that he lost his twenties being married and having so many kids? Oh, and he also said that as a teenager, he always imagined himself being 50 years old with some 20 something girlfriend and never would he imagine the life that he ended up with (this was said before the divorce). I don't think he was ever cut out for that life which is why eventually he went nuts and it didn't work out.

  108. Hello everyone! I just want to clarify that the Kate Gosselin day on the radio will not specifally interviewing Kate Gosselin if Twist of Kate is not yet in production. This was BECAUSE Kate was not available for the original spot, and we were going to be DISCUSSING Kate Gosselin and our support of her and the show. Thats why I am meant to be a replacement SINCE she wasn't going to be on promoting the show. (And I am still scheduled for most of the hour October 28th.) However Nina is still in contact with her agent. If and when she will be doing interviews, I have asked Nina to be a part of that show promoting Twist of Kate.(Now appearing to be before December)

    Ok on that note, FRESH PAPER! Since the Kate Gosselin nwes is MIA, I will leave you with the scent of warm apple pie, baking now in the oven. (And no, I did not make it myself! lol)