Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome Fall, Goodbye To Attacks On Kate Gosselin's Body, Is Russia Looking for a New Kate? The new nastiness came in a blog which printed an unflattering photo of Kate Gosselin in a bikini. Publishing and commenting on the photo was fair play, since a recent People magazine had made such a big deal about Gosselin’s weight loss and toned body. But the blog declared, “Kate Gosselin in a Bikini is Terrifying.” The photo shows some wrinkled skin on her abdomen, which the blog declared a “scary old-lady stomach.” It added, “Age and motherhood are no excuse.”

To the contrary, I’d say that age and motherhood are quite wonderful and need no excuse.Whether you agree with that or not, plastic surgeon and blogger Dr. Tony Youn adds some helpful medical perspective:
Although Kate looks flat and tight when standing, it’s not surprising that her skin looks this way when sitting. Everyone has some skin that folds over when sitting down. We must, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to stand up straight. With Kate, however, that skin has been profoundly stretched out, so it’s not going to look as smooth as the skin of a person who has not had children.
A reader of the “In Your Face” page on Facebook comments: “The whole Kate Gosselin phenomenon is a very sad statement about our society….but it saddens me to hear such hate spewing criticism!”

Get ready for Russian versions of Kate Gosselin and 'Cake Boss':
Get ready for the Russian version of Kate Gosselin and "Cake Boss."Discovery Communications, parent of some of the biggest cable networks in the United States, including Discovery Channel and TLC, detailed plans to expand into Russia. Among the ventures the company is launching in Russia are a new version of TLC for the region. TLC has become one of the driving forces of Discovery in the U.S., with shows such as "Cake Boss" and personalities including Kate Gosselin, who rose to fame after the reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" took off. Later this year, it will launch a show featuring former vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin.
Among the shows that will be on the Russian version of TLC is "Like Mother, Like Daughter," a makeover show that will be done by a Moscow-based production firm.But makeover shows won't be the only thing Discovery Communications will import. There will also be a bloc of commercial-free science education shows called "Crazy Break". Discovery already has seven channels operating in Russia, but the expansion is aimed at increasing local productions so the channels are more than just a rehash of what is shown in the U.S.


  1. I saw the picture they are referring to. I couldn't help but wonder "what do people expect?" Even in the picture she still looks thin and toned, just some wrinkles as she is bent forward! It amazes me how they nitpick. It reminds me of when they called Jennifer Love Hewitt fat because of a picture!

  2. Hello Dandelion Girl! I agree 100%. I think the reason why I cose to discuss it is besides trying to take away Kate's shine by accusing her of smoking, they also were saying horrible things about her body. I swear if we could see half these internet people I know they would wish to be photoshopped on People! lol

    Ok I have been trying to dig on finidng any new info on upcoming Kate plus 8 episodes. This is what I found: "The Palin saga is set to debut at 9 p.m. Nov. 14. However it seems Palin is riding a little on Kate's coattails. A recent camping trip by Kate and Sarah will be featured on an upcoming episode of "Kate Plus 8″ TLC President Eileen O'Neill said recently and other sources are reporting the camping trip will also be on Palin's show for a little cross promotion."

  3. I'm out for the night ladies... I just came on to subscribe to the thread so that I don't miss out on any of the "good stuff" that gets deleted.

    I won't comment on StomachGate because it will probably be taken the wrong way.

    Oh heck... may as well since I'm here. I don't think there's anything wrong with the "wrinkles" that were in the pic mentioned. Not flattering, but they were real. When Kate stands up she does look good.

    I think the reaction was more because the pic was taken the same weekend she did the People cover and photospread and there was a major difference even in the pics where Kate is sitting. The article was about Kate's body and how fit she is and the pics were airbrushed and the "real" pic was more in line with reality.

    I'd probably go so far as to say that all the women that looked at Kate on People after 8 kids were probably thinking What am I doing wrong?!?! I'm going out and buying Fig Newmans now! After seeing the other pic they probably felt better and just bought regular old Fig Newtons. ;)

    Baby Mama, is this "unscented" paper? I'm not smelling anything...

    Good night all.

  4. 1) So disappointed about Palin Extravaganza on TLC.
    2) That pic of Kate is terribly unflattering but did not by any means make me wanna vomit.
    3) Kate still looks good!

  5. I'm a bit perplexed on the scent of the paper since I am still congested and don't have my sense of smell yet. Elle Woods would NEVER go out with paper that weasn't freshly scented. So I will go with a light Baby Powder scent for now!

  6. Ok, this sounds wierd but I'm actually sitting down now looking at how a stomach actually sadly does wrinkle a bit. I had a C-section and I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I refused obviously to post the photo they are referring to but you can get it at the link.

    Either way, Kate has to be doing something good! Kate Plus 8 finally debuted this week in the UK. And now they want a "kate-like" it girl for Russia! What more could you ask?

  7. Will you be following Russian Kate Baby Mama? LOL.

    If the picture in question is the one on this blog, then I think she looks great and supports my suggestion that she was photo-shopped for People.

    I am sad about that because, again, she looks great and doesn't need a touch up. Everything can be touched up, we need to set a limit.

    But I also take photos where people are not posing, I get action shots instead. for example, I will click the shutter button as I am saying say cheese so you have a picture of people preparing to have their picture taken and then I take it again when they are laughing that I took it too early. I get great pictures. Well, I think they are great, my subjects probably don't... : )

  8. Maybe your paper should smell like menthol and fresh sheets, with a hint of chicken soup cooking in the other room. Okay, bedtime for me, now I am getting goofy and just rambling. Night all!

  9. Aww Fascinated you are probably right!

    Randon Gosselin Thoughts: Tonight I was a bit off because my illness was related to Ellen and Jon sitting next to each other Tweeting each other. Do they do this alot? I was secretly on the down-lo because apparently Jon & Ellen feel that by blocking me I don't have a way to read all of their old Tweets. Scrolling through now is making me sicker than I was.

    Eleen needs to stop asking herself her own questions on her blogs. Just an observation. They are as fake as her as her apparent tries to deflect her interview comments on those other blogs. Ugh again with the damn unrelateable analogies! xoxox

  10. Other sextuplets news:
    I just read that Jenny Masche has filed for legal separation from Bryan just days after he was arrested. Sad :(

  11. I was just realizing that the twins birthday is around the corner I hope they get to have the parties and attention that they need. I would love a birthday special and truthfully think the girls would too as well as the party at Daddy's. After last years fiasco they deserve it

  12. My2girls~ The Masche separation is sad, but I see glimmers of them hopefully trying to make things work and I hope that does happen.

    One of things that stuck out in articles was that they moved far away from their family to start off fresh with no interference. Yet thats when things got worse. I could only imagine how hard it must be for families with multiples. It's a shame that they, along with the Gosselins are somehow showing that the majority of those marriages will never make it.

    tashapork~ I was thinking the same thing too! Having my own the same age I was wondering what the Twins would ask for for their birthdays and how they may want to celebrate them. Gone are those simpler times getting on the train to go to American Girl! I say this only because I spent hundreds of dollars for my eldest to have everything from that store, and the baby has no desire for any of it. So much for a hand-me down!

  13. Good morning everyone! Today the muggy rain and getting my crunchy kids up and out this morning has made me want to hide like Kate Gosselin!

    Speaking of, no she's obviously not hiding. But she has been away for about a week now. I love how she is so good at leaving and no one knowing where she is. Jon made a scheduled pickup at the bus stop yesterday, but basically thats all INF got and since Jon is now their "exclusive" they are pumping it for all it's worth..zzzz (reason why we had the big blowout btw, and no their site will never be as good as mine lol)

    Instead of "Where in the world is Matt Lauer?" we can ask the same of Kate! Are we thinking it's working for "Twist of Kate?" Or perhaps a new show? The blogs are all saying either way she is gone for "business". Can't wait to see what happens!

  14. I want to believe Kate is working on Twist of Kate. Hoping she has much success with this new show!!

  15. Kate was seen jogging and picking up the kids from the bus yesterday:

    There was a comment on another blog that a PA "local" saw Kate in PA yesterday. I guess they were actually right. I never give much credence to anonymous "locals" and wouldn't quote it unless there is something to back it up. Pics in the link...

  16. Wow, figures the day and a half I missed turned out to be a doozy!;)

    Don't worry everyone, I won't stink up the fresh paper by continuing any of that stuff (I snooze I lose right??) but there is one thing I can't stop from commenting on and that is the reference to Amber from Teen Mom! I just have to say that I would like to throttle that girl and yes, I totally agree that if that had been Gary doing that to her, his mug shot would have been all over the internet by now. I don't understand why he just stood there and took it from her. I know he was trying to rise above everything and good for him for not falling for her attempts at making him hit her back which I can say sure as my name is what she was trying to do, but if I were him, I would not have let that slide. I would have called the police on her. This is not one isolated incident here. How many times has she hit him before this? That girl needs help and I feel so bad for their little Leah. Half the time she has to hear and see Amber's rage against the world and the other half she sees her mother shove her in her crib becuase she can't be bothered to deal with her. Ok, sorry to bring that up and go off topic but I had to get that off my chest!

    Back to Kate. I hope she is off doing something related to Twist of Kate. If it is meant to debut in November, then that must be it, I think. That's cool that her success here has inspired Russia to look for their own Kate too.

    As for comments about her stomach and the unflattering picture that they are geared at, I think it's atrocious that people would criticise her after the number of kids she has had! I haven't seen the picture but I don't need to see it to say that she looks a whole heck of a lot better than me and I never carried 6 babies at once! Instead of at least acknowledging that she put in a lot of work and effort to look this good, that people would say hateful things is just rude. I would LOVE to see a picture of each person that said something nasty in a bikini. Methinks we wouldn't find too many Victoria's Secret models among them, much less ones that have had eight children. I think the whole obsession with physical appearances in general is sad especially the standards that are held for women. I also watch America's Next Top Model and this year, the front runner so far is about 6'2 and weighs probably a hundred 10 pounds and she has a 17" waist I think they said. She looks gaunt and hunched over and her waist is scary in proportion to the rest of her and they are all raving about her and how high fashion she looks. Is this the message we keep giving women and young girls that this is the ideal to which they should aspire? That said, I have to give that show some kudos because a.) they did actually pick one plus size woman as top model one year and b.) they let someone go this year for being too skinny and unhealthy looking especially once they found out that she barely eats anything and thinks she looks fat despite her ribs poking through her skin. Still, the over all expectations of women are that they have to be waifs to look good and be considered attractive. I am so proud of Kate for rising above that and proudly showing off her body imperfections and all on tv and in magazines. Yes, I know the mags have been touched up so you don't see the ripples from the tummy tuck and c-section but she still has the confidence to recognize that she looks good even if she is not a waif that doesn't have some marks left from her pregnancies. Ok, I am off my soap box now. lol

    Hope everyone is having a good day and that we can all get along and respect each other for our opinions even if they don't always match up. That said, all I will say is that Schmecky, glad you have a tough skin (lol) and don't scare away easily because I enjoy your posts and LindaO please come back because I enjoy your posts too. I think there is enough room in the sandbox for all of us! Hope that didn't soil the fresh paper any. :)

  17. Schmecky~ thanks for letting us know she is back! Not a peep as to where she has been though. I seriously want to know how she is able to leave for a week and nobody know where she went. It's a gift of hers I really admire. I'm thinking she aquired Harry Potter's invisible cloak.

    And yes I am really hoping it was for filming of Twist of Kate too!

  18. Kate Gosselin's new show, A Twist of Kate, will premiere November 2010 -

  19. I really get the impression that especially Mady would like a birthday bash like what they do for the younger ones. Games balloons cake and just a lot of attention. A party for friends and one for the camera. Babymama I know exactly what you mean about how expensive their interests are as they get older and how short-lived they are. I have relatives that can barely pay the bills due to keeping up with three teens and both parents have good jobs.

  20. Baby Mama said...
    I seriously want to know how she is able to leave for a week and nobody know where she went.

    Yeah, I know. Kate says the paps follow her everywhere but they don't follow her when she goes anywhere interesting... Just when she's filming with TLC and going shopping locally, nail salon, Post Office and bus stop. Something's up with that.

  21. This was posted on that link from Goody:


  22. Schmecky said…
    Yeah, I know. Kate says the paps follow her everywhere but they don't follow her when she goes anywhere interesting... Just when she's filming with TLC and going shopping locally, nail salon, Post Office and bus stop. Something's up with that.
    I agree. I think though, she practices what she preaches. I think she makes every effort to not allow the paps to be privy to her every move. When she is around town, they know where she will be, as she seems to have the same errands every week, fairly predictable.

    You, yourself said that you thought she was off filming for Twist of Kate, and yet there was still no sign of her, so that kind of refutes your “..just when she’s filming with TLC”, thought.

  23. Another Mom, Amber's situation did really upset me and apon further research I found that CPS and the authorities are involved and things are being investigated. I guess MTV did get involved. I was really upset that they could stand there and shoot that without doing anything, that's what I call a network exploiting children for ratings. She's been escalating and escalating, and she needs intervention if she wants to keep Leah safe. Imagine if she's like that, how is she in private with cameras off. Most abusers can at least put up a pretty front in public. I am not one who cares for a lot of CPS in parent's lives, but that case warrants it. They are in my prayers.
    Kate does go into hiding to write her books, maybe that's what she's been working on, if so, I can't wait.

  24. Wow, I thought I knew more about Kate and the kids then I actually do.
    1) Do the kids go to a private school?
    2) And, why does she have to get all the way on the bus and stay in there a while?

  25. Ali said...
    You, yourself said that you thought she was off filming for Twist of Kate, and yet there was still no sign of her, so that kind of refutes your “..just when she’s filming with TLC”, thought.

    Actually I meant when she was filming Kate Plus 8. We saw a lot of pics before they aired.

    But yes, I am puzzled how certain times she is filmed (mostly doing errands) and others she's not. I don't have an answer.

    Everyone wanted to know where she went when Jon had custody at the house last year and we only saw one shot of her going into a local hotel. I would think those would have been high paying pap shots but there weren't any. I'm just more curious than anything. I don't feel I, or anyone else, has a right to know where she goes. I don't care all that much. I just wonder why it is the paps don't get those shots.

  26. Just to clarify, when I said I'm just more curious than anything, I didn't mean as to where she goes. I meant curious why the paps never get those shots.

  27. Tashapork said...Kate does go into hiding to write her books, maybe that's what she's been working on, if so, I can't wait.
    Oh--That is another possibility! I sure hope she has another book in process.

  28. I too find it odd that they don't know what she is doing on her days off. Unless she is at home and Jon has to pick up the kids when they are in school.

  29. Hi To All,
    Been out of the loop, but started reading yesterday. Too much has been missed so I can't comment on it at all. I am on my way to recovery and my daughter is helping me mend. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone.

  30. #1caregiver!!! Nice to see you! Good to hear from you. Mend well!

  31. #1caregiver - hope you recover quickly.

  32. #1Caregiver~ you have truly been missed! I am so happy to hear that you are on the mend and we hope to see you blogging with us soon!

    And every time Kate has disappeared it's been for this big surprise announcement. So hopefully they were trying out some ideas for Twist of Kate. Ali thanks so much for the updated info you found!

  33. Since no one has mentioned it, I want to point out the plastic surgeon said, "Although Kate looks flat and tight when standing, it’s not surprising that her skin looks this way when sitting". The pictures from Cabo when Kate is standing show this. IMO, it is disgusting that a blog only posts the picture when she is sitting down and then bashes her body. I suspect not to many of these women critizing her have a body that looks half as good as Kate.

    Even Jennifer Aniston, who has an amazing body, has some wrinkes when she sits down.

    I am not surprised Kate has not been seen. We do not see pictures of her every day. There are many times the family leaves home without the pap knowing. They were in Florida and Bald Head for several days before the paps found them. In fact, if Katy Hall's parents had not notified her that Kate was in Bald Head we may not have seen any pap picutres. As the sheriff reported, they know that celebrities come there to be left alone so they do.

    INF gets more trashy every day. They are now pointing out Mady's shoes. They need to leave those kids alone!

  34. I agree GeeWhiz, that is low when they attack the kids. What kind of satisfaction do they get from attacking kids?

  35. Baby Mama - ITA with your comments about Ellen's blog.

    I have some questions for the Ellen supporters. What would you do if you had an ex whose girlfriend of 5 months did the following:

    1) Gave an interview to a blog and made comments on that blog that insinuated your kids would say negative things about you in the future.

    2) Was posting comments about your kids on twitter and facebook.

    3) Tweeting that a rap song was hilarious that called you a bitch and ho and said you tricked your ex into having all your children.

    4) Was following and commenting on a hate blog that ripped you to shreds and was also emailing the blog owner.

    For those who do not think Ellen spends the night when the children are there she tweeted "just got up and playing with the kids", and she also posted a picture "Ellen heart Collin". That tweet was then deleted.

    In his interview with the rabbi Jon stated he wanted to get back on TV. IMO, he and Ellen are trying to get public support in hopes of this happening. Since he admitted he breached his contract I doubt the entertainment industry would be willing to take a chance with him.

  36. #1 Caregiver, here's to a speedy recovery (I'm raising my coffee mug!)

  37. SG - Kate did not say "she sits at home waiting by the phone". She said if she is not working she waits for their call. She does have a cell phone so they can reach her no matter where she is.

  38. Hi GeeWhiz. No, I would not be happy if my ex gave an interview to a blog and made comments that insinuated my kids would say negative things about me in the future. But I'm an average, non-celeb, loving mommy and my kids would be hard pressed to come up with anything negative about me. Still, I know where you're coming from.

    As for Ellen following a Kate hate blog and e-mailing the owner - the owner herself stated today that Ellen has only e-mailed her a handful of times and once to ask her to remove the thread related to the kids at the arcade. Ellen is possibly focussing on the pro-kid aspect of the blog rather than the anti-Kate. Plus, we do not actually know how closely she follows the blog.

    As for Jennifer Aniston (and every other woman on the planet), we all have wrinkles on our tummies when we sit down. The difference is we're not all being misrepresented in a major publication. There is nothing wrong with Kate's body, so why not show it for what it really is? The fact that she was severely photo-shopped and still had the nerve to basically say "I've earned the right to look this good and here are my secrets" is what has rubbed people the wrong way. Posting comparative photos is their way of dealing with the manipulation. Who knows how much say Kate had on the end result of that shoot. She might be completely embarrassed about it, but we don't know b/c she hasn't said anything.

  39. Don't even get me started on Ellen...I think it best not to even suggest she is a child advocate. At best she has used the Gosselin kids to get her name and her mug face on every media site possible. Pro-kid aspect of the blog...haha on that!

    As to Kate's pictures in People...yeah, so what they did airbrush her tummy. It's a problem even after the tummy tuck because it was stretched to the ends of the earth carrying those six kids! Can you cut her a little slack there? She has two scars to deal with and an artificial bellybutton. She will always have some extra skin there especially since she lost more weight. The inside pictures clearly show freckles on her chest so they didn't photoshop it all that much.

    She was 210lbs. at one time...yes, she has the right to show off that firm, slim body...photoshopped or whatever. Manipulation? I don't think there was any secret's what they do for every cover of a magazine anymore.

  40. And we want Kate to speak up and say she "is embarrassed" about her picture on the cover?

    For God's sake, she looks fabulous. What's to be embarrassed about it! It's not all that much different from pictures we have seen of her even at the Bald Head Island trip.

    Have you seen Oprah Winfrey in real life? And then look at her glamorous cover of "O" every issue? They don't look all that much alike. I've seen Oprah pretty close that's what I call photoshopped!

  41. tashapork - Thanks for that update on Amber. I am relieved to know that CPS is involved.I too couldn't believe that they would have all that on tape and not do anything about it. I don't want to totally trash Amber (though I feel much anger toward her everytime she opens her mouth) because in the back of my mind, I am considering that she may have some mental issues that make her behaviour so out of control. Then again, she may just really be as terrible as she comes across. Either way, she needs help. From what we have seen of her on the show, I cannot say she is a good mother. I have rarely seen her being loving toward Leah. She is always yelling at her, or complaining about what she's doing. She is even more horrible to Gary. I would never want a mother to lose their child but I completely agree with you in that if she is this bad on tv, then can you imagine how bent out of shape she'll get if she knows no one is watching? Anyway, they are in my prayers too.

  42. firedup4Kate, several "photoshopped" celebs have spoken up about not liking the way their images were altered without their permission, that's what I meant by embarrassed. Perhaps that was not the right word. I'm only saying there's a chance Kate had no idea what they were doing.

    And do we know Ellen is trying to break into the media? What line of work is she in? That's a stretch to accuse her of using the Gosselin name to get noticed.

  43. #1Caregiver--Feel better soon!

  44. firedup4kate said...
    Have you seen Oprah Winfrey in real life? And then look at her glamorous cover of "O" every issue? They don't look all that much alike. I've seen Oprah pretty close that's what I call photoshopped!

    Very true. But if Oprah did a cover about what great shape she was in and she was photoshopped to look that way I feel there would be a lot of comments too.

    I didn't think Lori Anne was saying that Kate would be embarrassed she looked so great, just that she might be embarrassed that they made changes to her body and she didn't realize they would do that.

  45. The authorities getting involved with that Teen Mom show doesn't necessarily mean that MTV reported it. Viewers could have called them.

  46. The picture posted on the hate blog shows Kate leaning forward. This is not a comparison picture as there is not a shot like this in People. If you compare the picutres of her standing up the only difference is she is standing taller and her scar is air brushed out. The pictures were not severely photo-shoped. The pictures in People were done by a professional photographer that knows the best angles to have her pose. An article with the Cabo pictures taken by a pap states, "The mother of eight is looking absolutely stunning these days with a body that many women half her age, and with no children, would die for". Below is the link so you can compare the pictures with People magazine, if you have it.

    In the People picture of her leaning back she has a sarong that covers her lower stomach thus hiding her imperfections. If they were severely photo-shopped why would they cover her up?

    The only misrepresentation done is by the naysayers that refuse to see anything positive about Kate. If you look at pictures from last year at Bald Held you can see that Kate is now slimmer and very toned. She has worked hard and if People magazine agreed and wanted to pay her to show it, I say kudos to Kate.

  47. If Ellen did not want her comments to be public she would not allow the owner of a hate blog to follow her on twitter and facebook. Ellen should have never e-mailed the owner of a hate blog. When the hate blog owner posted about the arcade she said “Ellen did email me just now actually a bit upset this had become such a public thing (actually good for her), but is willing to let her quote stay up here”. So now she wants it taken down? What a coward. Guess she does not realize once you post something on the net it cannot be erased. She needs to keep her mouth shut about those kids. They will never be hers to speak about. Even if she eventually becomes their step mother she will never have a say in important matters dealing with the kids. That is between Kate and Jon only.

    I'm sure Kate's lawyers are gathering all her comments and will use them in the November child custody hearing. I hope the judge realizes Ellen is hurting the kids and makes her shut up.

  48. Regarding Gee Whiz's questions about Ellen:

    I wouldn't say I am an Ellen defender as much as I'm not an Ellen basher. I don't think Ellen deserves to be hated and bashed, especially regarding her looks, just because she is dating Kate's ex. She dated him after they were divorced. I don't think she has done anything to warrant so much hate.

    To answer your questions, what would I do if...? Nothing. What could I really do? I'm sure I wouldn't like it but there's really not anything I would be able to do about it. She hasn't done anything illegal. I'd be more concerned how she treats my children. I'd only care that she treated my children well and didn't bad mouth me to them. There would be a lot of other things I'd be concerned about rather than how she felt about me. How many ex-wives really do like their ex's new girlfriend, especially seeing him dating and happy when you're not. But that's not the new girlfriend's problem.

    1) Regarding her blog interview comments, Ellen claims that's not what she meant. She claims she didn't word it right. (Yes, I did originally interpret it the way everyone else did and I think she said more than she should have.) I don't think Ellen was prepared to deal with the Kate fans' questions. You said she "insinuated" things. However, that's how it was taken, but not necessarily how it was meant. I don't think she bad mouthed Kate, or gave details about anything that I'm sure she must know. I think she displays great restraint considering that she knows more than you or I or anyone else does and her boyfriend is being slammed for stuff that she probably knows is not true. I can't imagine how badly she would love to set the record straight. She hasn't. I give her credit for that.

    Besides, she did a small interview on a little blog that not many people read. If it wasn't mentioned here I wouldn't have even known about it. Kate most likely has no idea she even wrote what she did. That interview wasn't even quoted in any other form of media, not even the lowest of the lowely online tabloids.

    2) Commenting about my kids on facebook and twitter? Who cares? No, I would not care unless I was just bitter than she is dating my husband and looking for something to bitch about. If she was bashing the children or giving out private details about them (ones we all don't already know from watching them in the show, that is) that would be a different story.

    3) Yes, I'd be upset that she laughed at a song that made fun of me, but what could I really do about it? Nothing. Ex-wives have no control over what their ex-husband's new girlfriends find funny. Again, no one has any idea that Kate even saw it.

    4) Again, I wouldn't like it but there's nothing I can do about it. She didn't say anything bad about me (or Kate) on the blog. She just thanked them for their support of her. How would I even know she is on hate blog about me if I don't go to hate blogs about me?

    As for Ellen sleeping with Jon while the kids are there, as their mother that I might have a problem with. I'm not sure what I could do about it though. But that would mean that I would have to hold myself to those same standards if I start dating.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with the pic she posted of the drawing Colin made. I thought it was sweet of him to draw it and sweet of her to like it enough to want to post it. It's something in her life that she wanted to share. And I think it's nice to know that the kids get along with her.

  49. I can't believe the whole photoshop debate is still going on. I don't think they treated Kate any differently than other cover models or celebs. It is a normal thing to airbrush pictures on covers but I don't really think they did anything extreme to Kate. It looks like they did some on her tummy and that is about it. I don't think they actually airbrushed any parts of her thinner or anything like that because then that would be deceptive since the point of her cover is to say 'look how good I look now after all my hard work'. Again, we have all seen her live (meaning on tv in motion as opposed to a flat picture) and can agree that she looks great in person. Yes she may have residual scars from her operations but her shape is great and you can't airbrush tv - just the opposite, the camera adds 10 pounds! I think everyone should cut her some slack and just accept that she looks great for a woman who has born 8 kids from that body and leave it at that!

    Schmecky - you're right, anyone could have alerted CPS to Amber's situation but I really don't even think anyone would have had to. Once the show aired, I don't think she could get away with not being investigated. We don't know how long ago they started investigating her. Was it before the episodes aired on tv or after? If it was after it could have been viewers calling in or even someone that works in that field that saw it and felt the need to do something. If it was before, for all we know it could have been Gary or his family. He did threaten her with it on the show after he was done being hit and took Leah away. Whatever the case, it is very sad and definitely not a good home environment for that little girl.

  50. Happy October 1st everyone TGIF! I only say that because time is flying so quickly. Where did the month go?

    So I wont even post any of the new articles, which baiscally say that they are getting tired of doing posts about her jogging. Well lady hater, if you are so tired why don't you post something nice instead of the crap you are spewing? (below) these are some of the things that really upset me about haters. Sorry that what Kate loves to do to keep herself fit is not giving you better things to wirte about. Like it's any of their business anyway.

    And most importantly, if Kate is not in the news for heaven forbit a week or two, the attacks are already out there that she's irrelevant or her 15 minutes are up. The woman's gotta pace herself trolls, she will be back in the mix soon! ;)

  51. SG-You know when Ellen first entered the scene...I was willing to just view her as another 23 yr. old bobble on Jon's arm. No bias against her.

    But what kind of rose colored glasses are you looking though now? You obviously have not really kept up with this gal. You haven't read her tweets and all those comments at another favorable site to Kate.

    So I'm not going to point by point dispute you. But your mode of operation is in full application again. Here we go...let's give this little lassie every bit of leeway possible...every excuse in the world for what she does. Oh, how cute Collin's picture was with the "heart" Ellen.

    She has clearly tried to portray herself and Jon as the better keepers of the kid. She proudly took credit for the stupid "towels over the head" debacle.

    And the day and hour she and Jon twittered about the Kate is a B++ch song...the kids were present.
    I can't know for sure that they heard it...or saw it...but irrelgardless, her twittering her delight over it was obnoxious.

    This girl needs to keep her mouth shut and certainly needs to disassociate herself with the hate blog. She is very clever with her post something and then suddenly takes it down trick. She causes the damage with a quick strike and then takes it back and begs a "oh, I didn't mean that"!

    If you look at some of the sites she follows on twitter, it is disgusting...close to porn, very seductive sites. Her favorite show is Jersey that's a cultural plus, right? Not a good moral compass on this gal...not someone who I would want to be playing "mommy" with my kids.

  52. I'm going to have to agree with FiredupforKate completely on this one. I find it almost funny that Scmecky is actually defending Ellen here on this site! lol

    Schmecky~I can't beleive you would say that just because she commented on some small blog it doesn't mean that it was a big deal. Are you kidding? And to think that Kate isn't pissed about the comments, well I could only imagine that she would be hollering just as much as I would. I would be more public about it. Come on your killing me with your post I want to pull so bad my hand is itchy, but your my girl.

    Its a HUGE deal that she's commenting about Kates kids on Twitter. Don't even go there. One more post about denfending Ellen here will make me want to grab and throw something. Please don't do it to us. lol

  53. FYI: No one is allowed to defend any of Ellen's actions on this site. No no no please. thank you,

    from mgmt.

  54. I can understand why people feel the need to defend her after watching how badly Hailey was treated because of how naive she was about Jon, but I am pretty sure this Ellen chick knows what she is getting into. I never had that feeling about Hailey. The worst part about all of it is that the kids are the ones that are going to get hurt the most by Ellen and Jon's actions.

    #1 caregiver welcome back and speedy recovery! Sorry, I would have said it sooner but some how I missed your posts! And Corrina let me know what kind of taco recipes you want and I'll email them to you. I have a bunch up on my recipes blog too.

  55. Fine, then I won't defend Ellen.But I will,as always,defend SchmeckyGirl.

  56. Oh Thanks CMO3--I will check out your blog first.

  57. Annastasia~ Always defend Schmecky? No offense but where were you the other day? lol Must we remember that this is a Kate Gosselin Fan site?

    Share your thoughts, I'm interested in hearing them.

  58. Baby Mama - I think your comment means that there will be no defending Ellen not that we can't talk about her. If I am wrong, I apologize for this post and will understand if you delete it.

    SG said..."I think she displays great restraint considering that she knows more than you or I or anyone else does and her boyfriend is being slammed for stuff that she probably knows is not true. I can't imagine how badly she would love to set the record straight. She hasn't. I give her credit for that."

    I hope you were not trying to say that she is talking to the children about Kate or that the children are saying negative things about their mother. I know you dislike her but Kate will always be their mother and she loves them and they love her. Although I dislike Jon's actions over the last 18 months I know he loves his children and they also love him. The children need both parents but do not need a girlfriend of 5 months speaking publicly about them. In fact, since Jon was absent so much since the separation I am sure they would cherish any time they have alone with him.

    Since Ellen has not met nor spoken to Kate the only truth she knows is what Jon tells her. Since Jon is a proven liar I don't think there is any way she could "set the record straight". IMO, Jon is bashed for things he has done and said in public.

    The point of my post was to make people think about Ellen's actions. I never thought anyone would defend them.

  59. GeeWhiz you said, I have some questions for the Ellen supporters. What would you do if you had an ex whose girlfriend of 5 months did the following:....

    You asked, I answered. It didn't seem like a rhetorical question to me.


    I hope you were not trying to say that she is talking to the children about Kate or that the children are saying negative things about their mother.

    No, I was talking about to the media, blogs, anyone who will listen, etc. I'm not even sure how anyone would have thought I was referring to the children, especially in the context I wrote it.

    I for one won't even touch that subject though. Not here anyway.

    I think I replied without defending Ellen... ;)

  60. I would never argue with the fact that the Gosselin kids love their mother.

  61. SG - Since Jon is being slammed for things he has said and done in public I did not know who you were referring to. Surely you do not think she could "set the record straight" when he said I do not want to be Jon & Kate + 8 I just want to be Jon; I lost my twenties having children; I enjoy living in New York; I love Hailey more than I ever loved Kate; Hailey is my soulmate; I did not take any money, Kate did (the judge made him pay it back and Kate provided receipts for the money she used). How can she say anything about the pictures of Jon partying with the college volleyball team; the video of Jon leaving Deanna's house at 7:30 in the morning; the pictures of Deanna with him in Utah; the pictures of Stephanie leaving the garage apartment early in the morning. Or did you mean the court papers from the TLC lawsuit which stated that Jon's lawyer called and said if he was not let out of his contract he would shut the show down? Surely you did not mean when Jon let the pap on the property to film the dogs being taken away and when he called to the kids they would not come out of the house; the video of him down at the fence giving autographs and talking to the pap on his visitation time; the video of him talking about when the cops were called to the house because Kate wanted to make sure her kids were okay and he stated Kate cried it up but it did not work. Or maybe it was when Jon filed the custody law suit saying Kate was an absentee mother when on DWTS only to retract it when she was elminated or that the NY police said Hailey did not trash their apartment. There is more but I am tired of typing.

    I will say it again, the only truth Ellen knows is what Jon has told her and since he is a proven liar anything she would state would mean nothing.

    I'm glad to see you won't argue that the kids love their mother. I think it is sad you did not state that Kate loves them as well.

  62. GeeWhiz...Well spoken girl! You nailed it respecting the on the record shameful things Jon has done. No rumor...these were documented, pictured, court recorded, police filed, TV filmed events in Jon's life!

    Why Ellen just chooses to look the other way respecting this man's past behavior is beyond me. I still think she has "media stars" in her eyes and "celebrity goals" ala the Gosselin kids and Jon.

    Just on another note...since I have not seen her in a couple of days...I just wanted to say Linda O did a terrific job maning this site while BabyMama was on vacation.

    I miss your were always so thorough with your research, especially on the Bald Head Island reporter incident. You smacked that whole situation and helped us see what that reporter was really doing.

    The last thing we want to happen here is for Kate and Gosselin supporters to experience a "divide and conquer" event on this blog due to comments by some who may not be very Kate friendly. This fan site stands out as a place for support for Kate and whether she reads here or should carry an overall positive feeling for her!

  63. I only mentioned the kids loving Kate because the discussion was about the kids badmouthing their mother etc. It had nothing to do with Kate. I do think Kate loves her kids. But I also have many opinions about that subject, none of which I'm sure anyone here is interested in.

  64. firedup4kate - thank you. Glad to hear that someone could follow my train of thought with no problem.

    ITA with your comments about LindaO. I hope she comes back. Since Baby Mama stated this is a Kate Gosselin fansite her support is missed.

    SG - IMO, since Ellen does not speak to Kate anything she knows is from what Jon tells her. Since Jon is a proven liar nothing that she could say is worth hearing.

  65. Yeah, we all have witnessed how Jon has grown up and changed. And the "cow jumped over the moon" too!

  66. Just one other thought on a man deciding to date least he won't be number 12 for the year. Kate has remained without a man in her life by choice throught the divorce proceedings and into the following year. It has only been just recently that she has voiced the desire to date again.

    This man, whoever he is, won't have to wonder why Kate shacked up with one man after another, or squandered the family finances, or laid on her butt not working for her kids....BECAUSE Kate was NEVER ever about any such conduct as that! And her one obvious vice...her tongue...she has apologized numerous times and clearly is trying to be more careful in what she says.

  67. I wonder why there haven't been any other updates to Kate's TLC blog. Is it simply because there aren't any new episodes coming up right now? I would hope that she would make a point to still update, even if there aren't any current episodes. It (the blog) would seem more genuine if she did, especially since she likes to write.

  68. LOL firedup4kate, I have to say your name really suits you! ;)

  69. Thank you SG...and you haven't even really seen me "fired up" yet!

    I've wondered about her blog too. Obviously, there is a reason they are holding her back from posting right now. On a AccessHollywood interview I believe she stated that she usually writes two or three at a time...always taking notes on some little event going on to share at the blog.

    Could there be some reason because they have not renewed the contract on Kate Plus 8?...we all know that Kate's mom revealed that Jon is holding out for MORE money before signing off on the kids filming again. Previous to this last blog, she had been updating them almost weekly or at least every two weeks.

  70. I'm sorry but I don't believe that is Kate's mother. What proof did they provide?

  71. BM,

    I am one of the people who thinks that SG's comments add a lot to this blog.

    I think she is very respectful of your rules and she adds an entirely different point of view in many cases.

    Linda adds a lot too, and I miss her posts.

    I haven't checked up on the latest Gosselin news, but I want to commend you for the way you run your blog.

  72. They are a pretty savy internet group there. They are credited with revealing the phony PennMommy gal.

    One of the blog owners met face to face with Mrs. Kreider and verified who she was BEFORE allowing her to post as Mom of KT. She now has posted an AVATAR picture of herself in younger years.

    From reading her comments, it is easy to see the love and loyalty she has for Kate. She's very careful not to say too much...she catches herself and says there are things I just can't say. She does at times reveal things that only a mother would know.

    Your perogative to believe her or not. I bet if she signed on as Jon's mom, you would be a believer! LOL

  73. This is a far more established and respected blog than the one the person who claims to be Kate's mom posts on.

    BM is far less tolerant of negative opinions and has a huge fan base.

    If Kate's mom were to post anywhere, it would be on this site.

  74. Hi SG,
    Ann a mod at IW met her in person. Jon and Ellen have given interviews to them as well.

    They are very proud of their blog & would not want to risk their reputation with a hoax. Those ladies do their homework first, post about it second.

    I agree with SG that some comments that have been made about Ellen have been horrible. I don't believe her looks should be snarked on.

    JMO, but I don't think she should be discussing the least not at this point in the relationship.

    Taking to the blogs & twitter at this time seems very inappropriate to me. I'm glad the kids are getting to spend more time with their dad & seem to enjoy Ellen.

  75. LOL..fired up beat me to it!
    Just when I thought I had something new to contribute:)

  76. firedup4kate said...
    I bet if she signed on as Jon's mom, you would be a believer! LOL
    I'd believe I was Jon's mom before I believed someone else was. ;)

    Actually I don't believe anyone online unless it's verified by a reputable or verifiable source. When Kate does a video clip of herself saying Mom of KT is my mother and she posts on IW, then maybe I will believe it. If I see a video clip of Kate's mom saying it then I definitely will. I've seen it done before.

    Taking "the word" of an anonymous blog owner really isn't much. For all I know one of them was PennMommy. (Although I know nothing about her or how she was busted so I don't know how possible that would be.) Anyway, an anonymous blog owner's word is not "proof." Did they supply pictures of them together?

    They may have a "reputation" in blogging, but so do I. If I gave you my word on something would you REALLY believe me? And what is my "reputation" anyway. It's all under an alias. It doesn't mean much. I get busted for lying and making things up, I could just make a new alias and move on....

    I've seen plenty of stock photos of Kate's mom online (including her high school photo). Anyone can save them and use them as an avatar.

    I questioned them about it and they basically said they know it and I could believe them or not. Not a very good answer. At least not to me.

    Sorry, I'm not sold.

  77. Oh, I believed the Ellen interview was real because I saw Ellen verified it on her twitter. I believed the Jon one too but now I can't remember where it was verified.

  78. Miss Elainius,

    Good point! If Kate's mom was going to post anywhere I think it would be here, too.

  79. Oh and I love your name too, Miss. Very clever.

  80. SG - have you seen the facebook support group for Kate that Kate's sister has? Kate's mother and the girls from IW post there. Or maybe you think that's fake too?

  81. Ironically someone did post as Jons mom at IW. They were deleted immediately.

  82. SG - You are such a skeptic on anything related to Kate. But again...your eyes are wide open for Jon and Ellen. Anything they say, you vouch for or at least have a "basis of belief".

    Its ok...I've put enough together to believe it is Kate's mom. Like I said...some comments she has made clearly identify her as Kate's mom and the grandmother of the 8 Gosselin kids.

    Not going to debate the point. I doubt that you and I will agree on much anyway.

  83. IW is another site. I write for them and they are legit. If you don't think so then I guess I am a fake too. I know all of them and it has all been verified. I am a member of the fan page and it is Kate's mom. But maybe that's because I'm Penn Mommy if that's the type of thinking we are going with.

    Schmecky, I don't usually get involved with your discussions, but that was a little snarky. Just because they didn't answer your questions exactly how you wanted them too doesn't mean you get to say stuff like that. It's not fair. And Baby Mama is still friendly with some of the owners over there. They are my friends so please knock it off. I would say the same if any one said anything about all of you here.

  84. Do you have to be a facebook user to view a page?

    I haven't seen the pages/accounts (or whatever they are called) there.

    Can you supply a link?

    Thanks so much.

    I would actually really like to believe that Kate's family is supportive, and actively participating in the children's lives. The kids have been through so much, most of it due to their father's very poor choices.

    I am a bit cautious in believing their supposed support. Kate has been through complete and utter hell in the past two years, and the only family member who was willing to speak up was her brother. He was anything but supportive.

    Wouldn't the rest of Kate's family have been willing, and even eager, to show their support in a very public way during all of this?

    Letting her suffer through Kevin's mean interviews, without making a statement was not very kind.

  85. IW is Imperfect Women it is a really great blog with many interesting topics...not just about the G's.

  86. Just an FYI since the link was just posted they have been actively using their flyswatter over there at the fan page so it will be a waste of time to spam them. Pathetic people like the one that needs to be swatted right now seem to have an awful lot of time on there hands lately.

  87. Craftymoms contributions are excellent..I really enjoy them:0

  88. Thanks momsby. As always you rock.

  89. Hi everyone. My computer was down most of the day; just catching up. Who the heck is Kerry and why doesn't she/he just go to bed if they're so tired, lol.

  90. I don't think there was a way to verify the Facebook page either. I saw it a while back but I don't believe it. Anyone can make a Facebook page.

    Sorry, but no one has provided any proof that either of them is legit. There are a TON of fake Facebook accounts. A lot of them are good fakes. I did NOT believe Jon's was real either until he verified it on his SixGosselins website. He also verified Hailey's otherwise I would not have believed that one either.

    It's not being a sceptic, it's being careful. How many people believed PennMommy until she was busted?

    If I went by the comments that are made online in support of Kate I would think half the Kate fans are her mom.

    The owners of the blog don't even have their pics on there. They don't list their last names. I'm supposed to take their word for it? They listed the full names of their contributors though.

  91. No you can take my word for it. I know all of their names. Full real names. They don't use them for this exact reason. I use my real name because my name is my business. I was given the option not to. My name is listed.

  92. Fascinated, there is also a introduction- bio of sorts, section about the contributors.

    Several of the mods were interviewed for a radio show this summer as well. They are as legit as I think a blog can probably get.

  93. Hi LoriAnn, I've been having computer problems recently too! We keep having electrical storms & power outages.

    I'm off to go pick up my daughter & her friends from their first pre-teen dance. Have a good night.

  94. So cool momsby. I hope they had a good time.

  95. Sorry Crafty, I didn't mean to offend you. I'm just VERY wary of people who claim things online. It's very easy to fabricate and manipulate. However, I didn't name any blogs when I made my comments. I didn't want to start anything between blogs or whatever...

  96. Ahhh Momsby what a precious time.

    I am so out of the know, what is a Mod?

  97. CraftyMomof3 - I hear you and have read your comments. But trying to reason with SG on anything that was favorable to Kate is talking to the wind.

    Oh, she believes Jon because he is verified. Yeah, remember the stupid pic of him holding up his twitter account...because twitter reps would not verify him officially.'re not fooling anyone here. Jon and Ellen bias is written on everything you post. Just go ahead and own it.

  98. I'm not offended I just wanted to clear it up because other people brought the name up. I defend them as strongly as I defend Baby Mama and just wanted to let you know that I know they are legit.

  99. annastasia,

    Thanks for your kind comment earlier. Sorry to hear you are having health issues. Hope things are going well for you. :)

  100. Hey, it worked. We all know it's Jon.

    I do wonder though why they wouldn't verify him. I'll have to look up the criteria.

  101. Wow fired4kate, you really outted me with my bias. Now the others here might be on to me...

  102. Yes, twitter officially stopped verifying accounts on Sept 28, 2010. I have no idea why they wouldn't verify Jon months ago when he requested it.

  103. I found this:
    There is a form where people can people can request verification. But Twitter warns that they verify a limited number of accounts and submitting a request does not guarantee account verification. They suggest you use the form only “if your account is constantly competing with parody or impersonation accounts.”

    A good idea before you fill the form is to� have� a Twitter badge or logo on your official site linking back to your profile, which will help in easy verification.

    Twitter is still not reviewing verified business accounts, but they let you submit your request for verifying businesses for future consideration.

  104. "We're closing the account Verification program to build a better system for users. Check our Help Center for updates: 2:39 PM Sep 28th via web from San Francisco, CA by troy Retweeted by 100+ people "

    According to twitter support they discontinued it on Sept. 28.

  105. I find it difficult to post on a blog where one of the participants chooses to remove her posts when she is found out to possibly be in the wrong.
    I guess that's it for me then, goodnight!

  106. maddie, I was typing 11:25pm comment while you were posting yours. Sorry for the confusion. Goodnight.

  107. This is getting ridiculous.

    I hate it when comments are deleted, because I wonder what I missed. It's sometimes hard to follow what has transpired when there are so many missing posts.

    THIS is the very best Kate fan site, and I believe that if a member of Kate's family were going to post on a blog, it would be here.

    BM loves Kate and she would verify the information to be sure it was accurate. If BM states that she knows Kate's mom is posting over there, I will believe it.

    Let's get back to more pleasant comments?

  108. Sorry Miss. You really didn't miss anything though. I posted something that was old so it wasn't accurate. It also made what I wrote inaccurate. I retyped my comment without it. And I deleted the previous one because it had the same info in it. I didn't want to type a bunch of comments in a row about the same thing. I was just trying to consolidate. In this case you didn't miss anything.

    But I do suggest you click Subsribe By Email for the future. Especially if you have a BlackBerry. No need to go to your computer to check for comments.

    As for verifying the info, etc I just wonder, how do you "verify" something like that? How do you KNOW for SURE? So much has gone on with all this Gosselin blogging that it just gets too much sometimes. I wasn't around for any of it but I still hear the tales. lol.

  109. Miss Elainius - IW is not a Kate fan site but they do support Kate. One of the mods, Ann, meet with Kate's mom in Hershey, PA this summer. They are friends on Kate's mom and her sister Clarissa's facebook page so they read comments posted by other family friends. I believe from CMO3's above post she does as well and she has confirmed it is Kate's mother.

    I know Baby Mama is Kate's #1 fan and have no idea why she does not post here. That said, I do believe CMO3 and the ladies of IW.

  110. I'd like to see Kate give Baby Mama an exclusive interview! Now THAT would be something.

  111. There's no reason other than she has met them in person. Baby Mama has the best fan site hands down. I understand why people doubt. I only support the best sites I know are legit. Baby Mama's is the best and is balanced no matter what crap is said. My name is not ever attached to anything that isn't.

  112. I know what she looks like.

    I am not friends on their personal pages, but I am on their fan page. Doesn't change anything and its not my place to explain why I know. I know and I'm done discussing this because I do not fight until I'm right in everyone's eyes. I don't care and its not fair to Baby Mama to talk about it anymore. This is her blog.

  113. DELETE TROLL, DELETE TROLLS! Wow, I come home from an amazing dinner party and have to deal with that garbage.

    Wow I blocked some of Lisa & Mary Beths RWA nuts from Twitter and this is what I get.. Ohh well another IP BLOCKED. Will read the posts and continue.

  114. No problem delete away. Your blog, your rules.

  115. Maddie, thank you for the Facebook link, and I'm sorry that I had to delete it along with a few of everyones posts. I know some people get upset when they see posts missing, but if I don't like what's said on this site it's gone. That's always been the rule.

    As everyones knows I have some some sort of relationship with every single Kate-Gosselin site on the internet. I used to be very close with the ladies of IW. Those that know me from 3 years back know that their original blog came about at the same time as mine. Recently I became aware of some issues that hurt me terribly and I made the painful decision to sever my relationship with them.

    This will be the first and last time I will publically discuss it. But after being deleted for making inquiries on Facebook I decided not to push the issue farther. Everyone can make up their own minds as to the legitimate relationship they may or may not have with Kate's family. I do miss the friendship I had with several of the ladies that run the site and will continue to wish them the best.

  116. I decided to add some fresh paper! As you can see its 2am and my daughter is up sick. So fresh paper tonight is the warm scent of chicken soup and hot buttered toast. Please note that it may be changed based on any new Gosselin info. Enjoy!