Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is it Ok That Jon Gosselin Smokes in Front Of The Kids? Has Kate Plus 8 REALLY Been Removed From TV?

Photo: PhotoAgency UKDailyMail.com: Jon Gosselin spent the day by the pool with his children on Sunday but looked completely disinterested. He didn't show any affection towards his kids or play with them but spent the time texting on his phone and having cigarette breaks. His girlfriend Ellen Ross was also there and she lazed on a sun lounger while the kids amused themselves.
Jon's ex-wife Kate Gosselin started a war of words recently saying that their kids don't enjoy spending time with their father.Kate said: 'I basically wait for the phone call from how many of them wanting to come home'. She said Jon's residence 'is not their home and it doesn't feel like home to them'. The pair have had one of the most acrimonious break up in celebrity history and although they've been divorced for nearly a year the bitterness between them still ensues.
Jon refused to take the bait. He responded on Twitter: 'As much as I want to respond to numerous LIES recently claimed on Regis and Kelly, I will refrain'. The father of eight added: 'I am 'rising above' and refuse to engage in any sort of public argument that could potentially harm or upset my children'. It had recently been reported that Kate's spin off show Kate Plus 8 has been cancelled due to Jon not signing off on his kids being on air for another series. But TLC have said the rumour is 'not true' and that Kate will continue on with her eight kids for now.

Kate Gosselin: is 'Kate Plus 8' returning to online schedule for TLC?: Examiner.com
  • Kate Gosselin, the former star of Jon and Kate Plus 8, and current star of Kate Plus 8 is involved in yet another story that has been reported on by the media. Some have noticed that the show Kate Plus 8 has disappeared from the TLC TV lineup schedule.
According to a report, the show cannot be seen on the online TV schedule for the network channel. No showings -- either new or re-runs can be seen on the schedule which is leaving some to wonder if the fate of the show is in jeopardy, or if there is another explanation.
As the report states, Perez Hilton alleged that the show had been canceled, but that was debunked by TLC.
The show made its debut to incredibly high ratings, however, the ratings have not stayed as high as they were when the show premiered. What do you think of the show? Have you been watching the program since it debuted? Why do you think that the show cannot be seen on the online schedule of programming?


  1. I haven't been watching. I watched because it was a home unit. I also enjoyed the relationship between Jon and Kate. I am so not impressed with him. I want Kate to go on and do other things, she has so much potential. She can do a show on her own and I'd watch it.

  2. I think it's disgusting that Jon, and/or any parent, would smoke near their children, even outdoors. That's one thing I wouldn't stand for as a parent. He needs to stop.

    I sometimes see parents in the smoking areas of Dutch Wonderland and Disney World (some of them are like square gazebos, and they have their children sitting right there with them. It enfuriates me. I think there should be a sign there that no children are allowed in the smoking zones.

    As for the show Kate Plus 8, I don't think it's "cancelled." I think it's just on hold or hiatus. It was supposed to be only a limited amount of specials (even though they actually ran a few weeks in a row). The filming permits are up in a few days and the kids are in school.

    I do think TLC has future plans to film the children if they can. That is if Jon doesn't take steps to stop it like he said he will.

    Not sure what's up with Twist of Kate. I know some people feel there is no show in the works but I'm not one of them. I think Kate is working on something. Everytime people say her 15 minutes are up she shows up on a talk show as a guest host or she releases a new book, etc. I don't think TLC is done with her yet, or the Gosselin kids.

    Baby Mama, glad you're feeling better. ;)

  3. I think that Jon is really showing his true personality, but when he was with Kate, she was DEFINATELY the one wearing the pants in the family. As for being disinterested in his children during his custody days, chalk it up to laziness......
    News from Radar Online states that the Raising Sextuplet couple has filed for seperation, in light of the recent accusations of domestic abuse. Is this yet another example of how television is "ruining marriages"? Probably not, but its probably more stressful since the show started (we've seen changes in Kate-mainly because she was really looking for the best interest of the family) but with Brian and Jenny, it's hard to say....

  4. Everyone can speculate as much as they want but until it is announced what her next endeavor is no one knows for sure. I'm guessing that she is working on it right now and appreciating the break from the paps.
    I dont like that Jon smokes with the kids around but I dont think anyone should smoke in front of kids but that's just my humble opinion.
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  5. Complete speculation here - I'm still betting that TLC has a couple more episodes in the can. I think we can expect to see them aired in November during Sweeps rating period either as stand alone episodes or as lead-in shows for Kate's new show.

  6. Have you guys read anything about the latest “attack” on the Gosselin children? Now, I give the incident itself some credence because of what happened even at the gift shop at the Statue of Liberty. I don’t, however, think that taking to twitter is the best or even beneficial at all, method in the madness. I don’t read Ellen’s twitter, so I can’t say for sure, but from what I’ve read around the internet she is making a big deal out of the children being “attacked” at an arcade and of course, the children went running to her and to Jon to be saved. Now I believe people, fans or not fans, are intrigued when they see the Gosselins, they probably do get in the way, and yes, it is inappropriate. I just feel like Ellen is once again using the children and these situations for her own personal gain.

  7. As for Jon's smoking - bllleeeaaacccchhhh! It infuriates me to hear a parent profess their love for a child(ren) while they are smoke stack puffing a Known carcinogen into their lungs. It is incredibly selfish that they put their own needs ahead of anybody around them. Of all of Jon's "tricks" this is the lowest! It would seem that the kids are not sleeping over with Jon. Can't he even exercise enough freaking self control to forego this habit for even 8 hours? Apparently he cannot. If he wants to kill himself, well he's an adult. This is horrendously unfair to the children. (Yes, I'm very biased here and I make no apologies for my tough stance!)

  8. Yeah, well Miss Ellen can take her own cigarettes, Ali, and just fly out of town on the broom she rode in on! Those kids might have to put up with Puff Daddy Jon, but if Ellen is smoking with him, Kate probably could get a restraining order to prevent Ellen from exposing them to smoke.

  9. What? No INF photo to be sold of an "attack." Or, perhaps there is. Let us know.

  10. Fascinated--I made the Savory Oatmeal today and it was great! It is colorful and has fiber, fruit, vegetable and protein. That's a pretty good way to start the day.

  11. Have you seen the picture that Ellen had put up from the arcade? Come on, last I heard the kids aren't teen idols or in any teen magazines. It smells purely as a set up probably by Jon & Ellen for publicity. I'm betting J&E promised the teens they could have their picture on web sites & maybe even magazines if they grouped together so J & E could claim the kids were being hounded by fans at the arcade. It's just another attempt in my opinion for publicity and the fact that Ellen has joined a Kate hate site sure doesn't help. Oh and by the way, Ellen once again alerted the pap they had the kids & once she got confirmation the pap got the message she deleted her tweet. Jon & Ellen have been doing this for some time. I was truly hoping Jon would change but sadly it looks like he just got a partner to help him with his publicity stunts. Who goes to arcades? You've got it teens and that's who supposedly were flocking around the kids. Sorry but it truly smells like a photo op to me, not only for J & E but the teens unfortunately were used for this publicity stunt. Will it ever end?

    If anyone has paid attention to TLC and it's programming when a show doesn't have any new episodes for awhile they don't show reruns. The reruns only seem to run while the show is still in progress. The Twist of Kate is suppose to air starting in November along with Sarah Palin's Alaska show and I would imagine it will be about two weeks before that TLC will start advertising those shows. Since there was an article a short time ago that Jon now wants to appear in some of the Kate plus 8 specials, I'm betting he is once again blackmailing TLC for more money & holding out for his demands to appear in some of the specials before he lets the kids film again. It's not like he hasn't done this before. I love watching the kids but I'm kind of hoping that TLC and Kate stop giving in to Jon's blackmail attempts and just stop filming the kids. I'm sure Kate can go on and have a good career on her own and it would be best for her and the children especially since daddy couldn't keep using them as blackmail for his own benefit. Maybe then Jon will realize that he truly does need to get a job for real. I'm not trying to dish on Jon but sadly this is what we've been seeing for the past year and sadly Ellen started out quiet and I really wanted to give her a chance but since she has admitted she has been behind some of the schemes for attention I don't think she is good for Jon and most certainly not good for the children to be around. If anyone is trying to alienate the parents I see Ellen as the one who is doing that.

  12. Linda, I didn't see any pictures posted.
    Yourawoman, where is the picture she posted? Was it on twitter?

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  14. Also, the "eye witness" didn't say it was a bunch of teenagers, she said it was a bunch of adults and children trying to get near them and taking their pictures even after they were asked to stop.

  15. SchmeckyGirl go look at the photo. It's all teens. Explain then why there was absolutely no so called mobbing or complaints the last time Jon and Ellen took the kids to the arcade and only now when "publicity" is needed. Other residents of the town are not overwhelmed by the Gosselin family or the kids and they have said that. The only person making these kinds of claims have been the Nosy Neighbor. Ellen does in fact alert the paps. I've seen it several times. She then deletes it when the message got through. Jon used to do it but too many people caught on to his act so now Ellen is doing it.

  16. Just went to the site and I do not think that is a picture from the arcade. Just think the in debt lawyer used it because it appears the teens are trying to get at someone.
    The site quotes an anonymous source who supposedly witnessed the kids being bothered. The source says “Kudos to Ellen for standing up to the adults who refused to stop taking pictures. She has those kids' best interest in her heart." Also says Ellen confirmed the incident on her Facebook. “The kids were "attacked" with cameras even though Ellen asked the fans to stop. Ellen went on to say, "I'm not even bothered by paparazzi anymore, it's the weirdo people that follow the kids and try to talk to them that pisses me off."
    A commenter on INF who supposedly lives at the same apartment as Jon said the arcade is across the street and the pap was not there because they walked thru an alley and the pap was too busy watching the van and did not see them leave.
    I’m sorry, but I have a hard time believing all this. They have been to the arcade numerous times and all of a sudden people are bothering them? How convenient, it happens when the pap did not follow them. It sounds like a ploy made up by Jon and Ellen to try and convince everyone that Ellen is so good for the kids. What they need to realize is that Ellen is not and never will be their mother. She has no right to post anything about those kids.
    If TLC, Kate and the kids want to film more episodes and Jon tries to stop them, I hope Kate goes to court just like Denise Richards did when Charlie Sheen tried to stop her daughters from appearing with her. If a judge in California, where Paul Petersen says they have the strictest child labor laws, allowed them to appear then I would think a judge in Pennsylvania would also allow the Gosselin kids to film.

  17. Yourawoman,

    That photo is NOT from the arcade. It is just a general photo of teen fans mobbing someone. Don't you see the "barricade" they are over? The photo is off the internet from the Twilight movie, or something along those lines. Here's a copy:


    As for the tweets by Jon and Ellen I have always read all their tweets and they were always "after the fact" stating what they did that day with the kids. They never tweeted where they were going with the kids. Someone pointed it out to Jon and he even replied that he did it "after" their time together, never before. I saw it myself.

  18. SG said "They never tweeted where they were going with the kids. Someone pointed it out to Jon and he even replied that he did it "after" their time together, never before."

    That is not true. Ellen tweeted they were going to the baseball game. Also, they both tweet and then delete. Can you read their deleted tweets?

  19. Gee Whiz - ITA! Ellen is not now and never will be their mother. I tried defending her for quite some time; I hope she & Jon will be forever happy. That said, an even slightly more mature woman might know enough to keep her mouth shut. Hailey was raked over the coals for speaking. Ellen needs to just stop commenting on the children. Frankly, I wouldn't use a 23yr-old as a babysitter for 8 kids, much less even consider her a substitute mother. Come on, she would have been what, 14 when the twins were born? Jon can be the father, immaturity and all, but this chick playing mom is a bit like little kids playing dress-up.

  20. Gee Whiz,
    I get "notified" whenever there's a tweet by anyone on my list. Yes, it's possible they did tweet they were going to the game and after the paps showed up they learned not to.

    I will not defend Jon or Ellen if they tweet for the paps to show up, but I don't think they've done that since they learned not to.

  21. I think 23-years-old is old enough to be a babysitter. I've seen their nannies and some of them looked to be about that age. Besides, Ellen is not their babysitter. She isn't with them alone. I don't think it matters how old she was when the kids were born. She wasn't 13 and babysitting them.

    As for whether or not the children were mobbed at the arcade, I'm sure Kate can ask them and they will tell her. We saw the crowd in the store at the Statue of Liberty, so it is possible. Although the camera crews may have drawn attention to someone famous being there. I think it's sad the children are in the spotlight like that, filming or not.

  22. There is a possiblity that Ellen may one day be the Gosselin kids' stepmother. You never know...

    But no she will never be their "mother." It's not her place to try to be their mother, or discipline them, etc. That's Jon's job when they are with him. I don't think she should try to replace Kate as their mother either. Same way no one Kate dates or marries should try to replace their father. Kate has a few times spoken about finding a man and a role model and someone to help take care of and discipline her children.

    The children have two parents. They are both involved in their lives and they both have custody and help raise them. Those children will be fortunate to have anyone that is a steady constant in their lives that treats them with love and respect.

  23. Gee Whiz - sigh. It will always seem to be "one more excuse, chance, whatever" for Jon and blame Kate forever. To me, Tweeting "can't wait to be with the kids over the weekend" is pretty much notifying paps ahead of time. Having a pap drive you to pick up kids is pretty much notifying paps ahead of time. Being inside a private country venue and having pap photos of the picnic is pretty much somebody letting the paps know ahead of time.It was not just the ballgame. So when, exactly did Puff Daddy Jon and sidekick of 2010 #3 learn not to Tweet? They protected their Tweets which is completely different from keeping your mouth shut, eh?

  24. Schmecky - The girl seems to really, really want to be their stepmother. She can love Jon all she wants. NO, I do not feel she is remotely qualified to babysit! If she is smoking around them I'll be just as harsh as I was about Hailey being around them. Smoking kills and there is no denying it! I know you don't like the smoking either but how come a known carcinogen isn't a deal breaker?

  25. The kids do not need someone in their lives that uses them as Ellen does. Ellen follows and corresponds with a woman that runs a blog that has spewed hate against the whole Gosselin family.

    Ellen has no right to post anything about the kids on the internet. If she truly cared about the kids she would keep her mouth shut.

  26. LindaO - I agree. It is mind boggling that they will forgive Jon for everything yet Kate is still crucified for every last thing she did that they deem was wrong.

  27. I would like to add something. This is the second time that we know of that Jon has taken the children to the arcade. Apparently there is only one & from the inside pictures I saw of the place there is very little, actually to be honest nothing for 6 year olds to do there. Now maybe the older twins would enjoy it but most of those places are not for someone as young as the 6 year old Gosselin kids. We have grandkids that age and up and believe me the older ones have fun but we always make two different stops because we haven't found an arcade yet that the little ones can enjoy so we take them to play mini golf after the older ones get done. The truth be known I suspect Jon goes there because Jon is a "gamer" and he is the one that probably enjoys going there. Maybe Ellen too but I don't know if she is a gamer person but Jon apparently is. So what fun is that for the kids standing around watching daddy play games? Oh yes maybe daddy can win a couple of prizes for them but is that true fun for the kids when they are too young to participate in the games themselves? Just my opinion but I am speaking from experience here and the arcade is not for kids that young. Daddy yes, the kids no. Surely there are other activities in the area that the kids of that age can also participate in other than an arcade that is mainly for teenagers and adults.

  28. As far as smoking around the children I'm glad that at least in photos we haven't seen Ellen smoking if she does smoke but it's awful that Jon is smoking around his children. We've had three children born extremely early ourselves and you do need to be careful around them even at the age of six years old. Doesn't Jon know that statistically second hand smoke if far more dangerous than even first hand smoke? Jon is endangering everyone of his children. I would also be quite upset as a mother if my children came home with their clothes, hair and bags they brought over reeking of cigarette smoke. The odor doesn't come out that easily and it's just not right. Can't Jon put them away for one day? It doesn't matter whether it's inside or outside when a smoker is in that close of proximatiy to a child the smoke is going to get all over the child.

    I have a very close friend that she herself never smoked a cigarette in her life but she owned a bar and sadly she got lung cancer and suffered a long and awful illness that took her life. The doctors did say it was more than likely because of the exposure to second hand smoke all those years she owned the bar. Is it worth the risk to these children for their daddy to smoke around them? I saw my friend suffer an agonizing death and I would hate to see any of those adorable children suffer the same fate because their daddy was selfish and couldn't put the habit down for the short time he has the children.

  29. yourawoman - ITA about Arcades in general. Why doesn't Jon take them to Chuck E Cheese (Wyomissing) or a place geared for little kids?

  30. Does anyone remember when just less than a week ago because of an optical illusion the Kate haters swore up and down that Kate smoked? Did you see the outrage over that? It was completely out of control and how foolish they must have felt after all the vile comments they made when it turned out that one of their own proved it was indeed an optical illusion and that it wasn't Kate smoking. Why the outrage over a false story over Kate smoking but not a word about Jon smoking around his children? This is so unfair. Kate gets crucified for something she didn't even do and yet again Jon gets a pass from the hate Kate sites and other comment boards. I'll just never understand any of this.

  31. I don't think Jon or Ellen or anyone should be allowed to smoke near the children. I do hope someone puts a stop to it. It's just wrong and there's no excuse. I know a lot of smokers think it's okay outdoors. A lot of parents smoke near their kids outdoors and they see nothing wrong with it. I think smokers need to be told it's WRONG even outdoors. I'm not sure why they don't figure that out for themselves. It pisses me off.

  32. Linda I didn't know there was a Chuckie Cheese in the area because I'm not familiar with it but now Chuckie Cheese would be the ideal place to take kids of that age to. That where they most certainly could have some real fun. So I agree with you. They have age appropriate games at Chuckie Cheese places. My own kids have a ball there and love to go.

  33. SchmeckyGirl said...
    On that I'm in total agreement. Inside or outside doesn't make any difference. It's not safe or healthy for the children. Especially around swimming pools. A couple of my kids swim competitively and one hard fast rule was no smoking anywhere near the pool ever under any condition. Apparently the smoke is drawn to the water and it makes it difficult for the swimmers to breath when taking a breath. Like I said I only know that because of having competitive swimmers in the family or I would never of known. So Jon smoking around a pool makes it even worse. I have noticed it since learning that info and I've been at private pools and have noticed the smoke being drawn to the water and there is a layer of smoke on top of the water when there is smoking around a public or private pool. Next time watch for it and you'll see it.

  34. Yourawoman,
    Where are the pics of the inside of the arcade? How do you know the age range of all the games in there? My daughters love arcades even if they can't play the games that well. It's just fun for them. And they do have the one where you use the claw to get a prize. Some of them guarantee a win every time. My girls love to sit in the car driving ones and steer even though they crash in a few seconds. I don't know any young kids that don't like arcades. I don't think there's anything wrong with taking them to a local arcade. It's something "normal" and fun and they should be able to go.

  35. Yourawoman,
    I'll have to take your word for it. I don't go anywhere where people smoke. I hate it. It's a very selfish habit. One that you can't "keep to yourself" because the smoke pollutes everything and everyone around you. It's one of the few destructive habits that destroy others not just yourself.

  36. There is a Chuck E Cheese right near them.

  37. Yourawoman~ If I didn't already say welcome, WELCOME! It's always nice to have new commenters with strong views on the Gosselins..

    That being said, please do not be upset if I deleted one of your posts. The same with Schmecky. I always tell someone first and give them a reason. I never would allow someone to not only state a hate site by name here, but encourage people to go there and "take a quick look" those sites are vile attacks on a family that I am a huge fan of. Also while they do not mention this site by name, there have been several attacks on me and my site in the past that needed to be removed by the moderator.

    Schmecky~ I don't feel that that site in any way is a credible source of any imformation. Simply because it's a site with the sole purpose of attacking the Gosselins. Therefore I had to pull your comment based on that. People are entitled to read wherever they choose, but that doesn't mean it won't make my heart ache. Or perhaps that may have been the extra spicy burrito I ate for lunch, not sure ;)

  38. No problem Baby Mama. I was only replying to the one comment. Since it's removed there's no need for my reply.

  39. Yourawoman,

    I'm one of the few non-fans that say Kate was not smoking in that clip. It was the reflection of the tarp. It's hard to tell online in the video clips but on my 50+ inch plasma tv in HD you can tell it's the tarp. (Yes, I actually recorded a later rerun in HD to see for myself.) It's just a coincidence that she turns her head at that moment.

    I think the people that were upset she was "smoking" (she wasn't from what I saw) were upset because she's supposed to be into "health" and "organic" etc and they saw it as being a hypocrite.

    I know there were past rumors she smoked even before this but I don't believe she does. I don't think there's ever been anything to lead me to believe she did.

  40. Yes SG - I posted about several Chuck E Cheese locations near them! Amazing that I could look up kid friendly things near Reading PA & come up with a host of things to do. Jon's supposed to be the athlete so what about public golf courses. Or, throwing Frisbees in the park. Or the Fireman's museum. Or the Railroad Museum. Or the candy store (better than just sitting & in small doses.) Or the numerous art museums. Or pottery making. Or the nearby state parks. Or taking a board game to the park. Or bowling with bumpers. I could list many more but you get the idea. Jon lived there so surely he knows something age appropriate and even free or very low cost.

  41. Maybe the kids really don't want to do all those things. They have done so many fun excursions with their mother that maybe they do just want to hang around by the pool or go to an arcade. Nothing wrong with that. I know Jon once tweeted asking for good ideas for a rainy day. Maybe he knows what they like when it's sunny or not raining. Also, we don't know that they haven't done other fun things at any one of those places. Just like with Kate, just because we don't see pics of it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. We don't know.

  42. I would also like to publically clarify my recent now defunt war with INF. INF has read here for a long time. After some issues over comments I made about both Jessica & Chris I am now no longer able to use any of their photos on my site. Which is FINE thankyouverymuch.

    So now because of this I may not have the most up-to-date recent Jon apartment photos visible here. But thats ok, because I do not want to be assoiciated with an agency getting in trouble for trespassing, getting their shots hanging out of hotel windows across the street or lurking around when Jon isn't even there. I also stand by my comment about how they are anti-Kate Gosselin therefore good riddens.

  43. No problem BabyMama. I have absolutely no problem with your deleting that post for the reason you stated. I completely understand and agree with you. I really didn't want to but someone asked but I should have listened to that inner voice and not said where it was. It was the first time I've been to one and that was only to see the photo. I will not go to those sites as I've heard too many negative things about them. I would rather stay on the positive side of life and not the negative.

  44. I will say one thing. I'm really glad there hasn't been any articles about Kate for at least a little while. I feel as long as nothing is reported it's all good news to me because Kate and the kids are having privacy and to me that's a good thing. One question. If the people are complaining about the pap trespassing why don't they call the police? I sure would. It must be very uncomfortable for the rest of the people living in those apartment buildings having a guy hanging around just for photos. It's all too creepy for me. Personally I think there needs to be laws set into place for paps and the rest of the media. I don't care if you are a celebrity or not, everyone has a right to privacy no matter who they are. JMO

  45. SG - When was the last time you took six year olds to an arcade? Most of them are not age appropriate for kids who have not reached their teens! What the heck would be wrong with throwing Frisbees in a park? Some how, some way, I just had a feeling that you would turn it to make it Kate's fault. You certainly didn't disappoint.

  46. Jon smoking is inexcusable! One picture at INF shows Jon holding his lit cigarette just a few inches from Joel's face!!

    Kate goes through so much effort to feed the kids organic, teach them cleanliness, set an example in exercise and Jon undermines it all smoking. And yes, Ellen does smoke...when they first met there is a picture of her and Jon both smoking...I'll see if I can find it. Ellen is a snake, her twittering her joy over the hateful rap dirge against Kate was digusting!

    Kate Plus 8 reruns are airing tonight on TLC at 11pm EST. Kate's Mom recently posted that Jon is holding out on consent to further filming because he wants MORE MONEY. I also read that he wants back on the show.

    Jon gets the free pass on so much because the haters of Kate would rather uphold Jon and all his bad lifestyle and immoral living choices...rather than ever give Kate credit for anything! It defies all logic!

    I believe Kate has been out of town working on Twist of Kate. The Alaska trip has yet to air as well. Kate is always busy, multitasking...when it is quiet...she is busy!

  47. Are you kidding me? There is no way that photo was taken of people stalking the Gosselin kids at an arcade. Are people blind? There is clearly a baracade and the event is outside probably at some teeny-bopper concert. The photo was just recycled from another event entirely to prove a point.

    As for the arcade, I agree it's not a place to take small kids. Most of the games are shoot-em up and extremely violent -- blood squirting everywhere. I recently did a company event at a Golfland Sunsplash and walking through the arcade, I found myself covering my daughter's eyes. I just couldn't believe the amount of noise and flash and violence. What is this world coming to when that is considered entertainment. It used to be driving games and pac-man. Wow!

  48. I hope Kate sees this and takes it to her lawyer. IMO, since Ellen is emailing the blog owner of a Gosselin hate site she should not be allowed around those kids. Also, she should put a stop to Ellen speaking about the children.

    "Ellen did email me just now actually a bit upset this had become such a public thing (actually good for her), but is willing to let her quote stay up here".

    If this was not for publicity Ellen would have asked her to delete the post.

  49. I grew up living with my mom & my dad had visitation once a week. I think sometimes pressure is put on single parents to do more with the kids than parents who are living together.(I say it that way because not everyone is married.) I remember my dad doing his best to find appropriate things for us to do together on his Saturday. On my mom's Saturday, it was chores & other stuff. No one ever asked her why she didn't take me to do all the cool stuff my dad did. Society measures things differently and I dont think it is always fair.

  50. Does anybody remember? Do the Gosselins still have a court date on the 30th or was that resolved?

  51. Baby Mama - if you never had another photo I think it would be fine with your followers.

  52. Jen Santos said...
    Are you kidding me? There is no way that photo was taken of people stalking the Gosselin kids at an arcade. Are people blind? There is clearly a baracade and the event is outside probably at some teeny-bopper concert. The photo was just recycled from another event entirely to prove a point.
    That was exactly my point Jen. Not for a second did I believe a bunch of teens would be harrassing or frankly even bothering with the little kids. I'm willing to go so far as to bet that many of them didn't even know who the Gosselin children were unless someone told them.

    Natasha said...
    To be fair we know from what the kids have said that their mom thinks of all kinds of fun things to do when they are at home with her but maybe Jon just doesn't have that ability to come up with new ideas of things to do with his kids. Maybe though instead of asking the public what to do with them on a rainy day Jon should have just asked his own kids for ideas of things to do. True it isn't always easy entertaining kids and far too many parents just sit them in front of the television set and turn on Disney or something like that. So to be fair Jon doesn't appear to be very motivated for even himself so I'm betting he sure as heck doesn't know what to do with the kids either.

    LindaOriginal said...
    Linda I heard that part of the hearing had already been settled but there is something else that is going to take place. What it is for sure we don't know. There is an article about it but I'm not sure if BabyMama would allow me to post the link. It's to the newspaper in the area where Kate and Jon lives and it's pertaining to the court date. If BabyMama says it's ok to put the link here since it's just from a newspaper I will give you the link about it.

  53. JenSantos said.........
    I know Golfland Sunsplash very well and while the water park is fun for even little kids in some parts but you darn well better watch them closely but the arcade is definitely more for older teens. Teens love to go there more for the arcade than the water park part of it so they do tend to gear most arcades more for the older teens and adults. The only exception I've seen is some of the pizza places that have games that are more for the younger set. Where we live we have indoor and outdoor minigolf places but honestly that can get pretty expensive especially with eight children.

    Heck even the arcade at Chuckie Cheese breaks us when we just take a couple of the kids there. We usually can plan on spending at least bare minimum $100 to entertain the kids there and that's not counting the pizza and the drinks! We are talking four kids here so can you imagine eight kids? Wow

  54. Thanks yourawoman. We'll see what Baby Mama says. I'll check back and read. We go out of town (hopefully) in the early morning but I'm sure I'll be checking while we are in transit.

  55. That's fine Linda. Have a great safe trip.

  56. I blamed Kate? No, I didn't.

    As for the arcade it definitely depends on the arcade... And probably even the time of day. JMO.

  57. I don't think that "fan mob" picture was trying to be passed off as a pic from the arcade. I saw the pic and didn't even think that. I didn't think it came across as an actual pic from the arcade.

  58. SchmeckyGirl said...
    I know Ellen smokes. I was asking if there are pics of her smoking near the kids. That would be unacceptable. I just didn't think she did.
    I will give credit where credit is due and I do agree that at least in any of the photos we've seen with Ellen and the kids, so far I haven't seen her smoke around the children and kudos to her if that's the case. I just wish Jon would get a clue as to how wrong it is to do it around his kids. If Ellen can stop smoking around the kids Jon needs to take a cue from Ellen and also not smoke around the kids, not for his sake because it's his decision if he wants to smoke but not around the kids for their sake.

  59. SG - yes, you did blame Kate. Yes, you did initially imply that Ellen the Fair did not smoke. Yes you do think Kate can do no right. Yes you do find excuse after excuse for Jon. Yes you are entitled to any opinion you want. Yes you are allowed to express those opinions on multiple Hate Kate sites. Yes you are allowed to dislike anybody you wish. No, you are not necessarily allowed to express all of those opinions here. Nor am I for that matter. I am, however really tired of hearing you list all of the faults of Kate on this site along with all of the glories of Jon and Ellen. That is my opinion, and as such I am entitled to it. I think there needs to be a place where one can like Kate. All of us would also like to once again praise Jon. For that to actually happen Jon needs to actually do something praiseworthy. Step one would be to ask his girlfriend to remain silent. She hasn't even been in the picture 6 months!

    However, your posting here is by choice of Baby Mama. So I'm going to take a vacation and you just say whatever you wish. If I had scroll bars I'd pass you by. I don't so I'll take a break. That should make your fellow Kate badgers quite pleased. Enjoy it!

  60. Hi. This is my first time commenting here. I've been coming to this site a long time. I really enjoy it because it's one of the few positive Kate fan sites.
    I don't understand why Linda is so angry with SchmeckyGirl lately. Schmecky might not be a Kate fan, but she adds so much to the conversation with her insightful comments and she has always been respectful to everyone here. I disagree with her much of the time, but sometimes she gets me to think of the Kate-Jon saga in a more balanced way, which I appreciate.

  61. Hello everyone. I'm heavy on the meds tonight which I love. The kids were at their worst tonight, and it didn't even bother me! lol I'm pulling the plug on the Schmecky/Linda conversation. We have had many a discussions recently that if someone is getting upset I'm just gonna pull it. I don't want anyone to feel that they can't post because they are being attacked on their thoughts. On both sides.

    I know many people that smoke and that is their right. I don't feel comforable at all with the way Jon openly smokes around his kids. Ellen is young and their relationship is new and I personally don't think the girl hasd a clue as to how to handle this. I'm still wrapping my head around it myself. They haven't been dating long and Jon hasn't worked in a freakin year. It's pathetic and upsetting. But he does have the time to work on a relationship with her. So I'm assuming she's just rolling with the punches since she isn't with the kids that often, apparently since thanks to INF we get ot know just how much.

    As far as the arcade thing, I think the whole story is a load of BS. I don't think a mob of teenage kids harassed everyone. As far as the kids being in an arcade and chewing gum at the pool, I want ot beat Jon already for acting so stupid. I will choke it up to just not knowing better. It's absolutely something my husband would do out of shher ignorance & stupidity. In fact my husband would probalbly think it was a great idea, and how lucky he was to have an arcade close to where his place is. A selling point dontchaknow!

    One thing Schmecky says is true, that someday Jon will re-marry, most probably before Kate. And though it makes a fan sick to think it may be a young immature one like Ellen, all we can hope at this point is that she is good with those wonderful kids. I feel the urge now to brush my teeth and play a few games on Facebook. ;)

  62. Gee Whiz, it's not a Gosselin Hate Site, it's a Gosselin fan site. They only dislike Kate. The fact is, they are FOR the kids (and for the most part Jon) which should not reflect negatively on Ellen. P.S. Love ya, Schmecky!

  63. Mimi - I am frustrated because Schmecky posts many times a day on sites that not only bash Kate daily, but she is a frequent contributor to sites that bash Baby Mama daily. They spend lots of time ridiculing Baby Mama. Schmecky does not support bashing Baby Mama BUT she comments there about things said here and then the trolls come to follow her here. To Schmecky's credit, she was once able to find one single thing favorable about Kate. One thing.

    There are many sites that bash Kate. There are many sites that praise Jon. Can we not have a site where we don't have to experience Kate bashing? Is that too much to ask? She's entitled to her bashing and there are many sites where she expresses it eloquently. It just makes me angry to get the email copies of slams to Baby Mama by her friends there. If you want to be on hate sites, fine, be there. But then please don't bring it here.

    Do a search and see for yourself. If you want her opinions I won't list the hate sites, they are easily found. Read the garbage there and see if you still see it in the same light. But, I get your message, very clearly. Over and out. I concede.

  64. Linda,

    I understand what you're saying, and I'm sorry Schmecky's participation on other sites is making you upset. I only spoke up because I was surprised by your tone toward her.

    I really enjoy SchmeckyGirl's posts, but I enjoy yours, too. The exchanges here, even when they grow lively, usually have been highly respectful, which I really prefer over the other hateful sites.

    No worries, Linda. Take care.

  65. Lori Anne - When she hates on Kate she is hating on the kids as Kate is their mother. She has also said derogatory things against Hannah when she did the recaps of the show on another hate site.

    Ellen has no right to say one thing about those children. She is Jon's girlfriend of 5 months, nothing else. She is bringing more attention to the kids by posting about them. She needs to shut her mouth.

  66. Corrina – I know, isn’t the oatmeal great. Surprisingly delicious.

  67. My brother in law used to take our kids to the arcade when they were little. The were too little to play anything of the games so they stood their and watched him play. They thought it was a blast. They were too little to know/care that they could have been doing something else that engaged them as opposed to engaging him.

  68. Ok it is a Gosselin hate site. They bash Jon just as regularly as they bash Kate AND they call the kids names. SUPPOSEDLY they claim to not let kid bashing comments through but I have seen them when I used to bother to look at that site. Every time I even go near that site or read copy and pasted comments from there I feel dirty. They are a vile bunch of people. That goes with all the other sites too.

    Anyways...I hope you recovered from your burrito Baby Mama! I am all about taco recipes so if any of your are looking for some I'm sure I have what you want!

    There is absolutely no excuse for smoking around kids, never mind premature ones. Until they are well into their adolescence these kids are at risk for lung infections etc. I think my little one is now showing signs of RRD (reactive respiratory disease) when the doctors thought she was fine. Her brother has it so it is unrelated to her prematurity, but that just proves my point. What if they have something that hasn't shown up yet?

    And I think it's sad how much Ellen is integrating herself into the kids life. Can you imagine what would happen right now if this was Kate's boyfriend talking or tweeting about the kids??? The haters would be apoplectic!

    I've said this before...at least when the kids are being filmed they are aware of it and for better or worse giving their consent to have their words broadcasted. When Ellen or Jon tweet about it, do you think the kids are standing next to them giving consent? If you notice when Kate writes her blog, she talks about events or happenings in their lives. Not what kids say and if she does it's very rare.

  69. LindaO - Don't let her run you off. I have been reading here for a while and feel you are a very valued and respected poster. I also think there are others that either leave or do not post because of the few posters that are against Kate.

    I do not enjoy SG's post as she always gets a dig in on Kate and makes excuses for Jon. As a Kate supporter, it gets old and very annoying.

    Please reconsider Linda. We Kate supporters need to stay united!

  70. As bad as it is to smoke in front of children, it isn't illegal. I remember I was sooo mad at my cousin for smoking while holding her four month old right under her in a car seat as we were leaving her mother's funeral for dying of cancer that started in her lungs. I also saw a coworker bring her new granddaughter into the smoking lounge back when they had them basically on the way home from the hospital. I am glad that more and more people are opening their eyes to this and I hope Kate discusses it with her kids as far as health is concerned.
    I hope in addition to taking the kids to the arcade that Jon plays WI with them, or did he get it stolen in his New York apartment. Some of these activities I think could be soo much better for the kids if he took them in smaller groups like spend one day each week with the little boys, little girls, twins, and maybe one dinner a week with everyone. I hope Jon isn't holding the kids' filming based on his own income. It would be different if it was because the kids were telling him they didn't want to film or something, but I doubt that is the case. I hope everyone stays well. It is too early for the sick season to start.

  71. LoriAnne and Mimi,


    And no, it's not true. I do not post at a bunch of hater sites. Linda says she doesn't go over to read them but that people email her my comments. They must be sending her fake comments or something.

  72. Okay, obviously my long comment was deleted. Again, my apologies Baby Mama. I try to let things pass but I don't like being accused of things I didn't say.

  73. Shmecky, I think you add a lot to this site.
    I don't always agree with you, but your opinions are always very well thought out and logical.
    I hate it when comments get deleted! It makes me wonder what I missed!

  74. Just for the record I only post at ONE other Gosselin site. I don't get to read every comment there because there are a lot and there are more than one thread up at one time. I don't post there as much either mainly because I don't agree with a lot but I do see it as a forum to express my opinion.

    I post at one other blog that is not a Gosselin blog but they do discuss the Gosselins from time to time.

  75. Please folks, do not accept what I said. Please DO type SchmeckyGirl into your search engine and see what you get!

  76. Linda--We need you here!

    CMO3--I can use some taco recipes.

  77. I posted here as Mimi before and the person who is posting as Mimi now is not me. Linda I want you to know that I agree with you about SG and I see her posting hateful things about Kate at a number of hate sites. They have started the same thing at Sage's site. I don't know why the hater;s can't stay off the fan sites. I know for a fact that SG posts at the BL>

  78. Yes, mimi I post at ONE other Gosselin site. I said I did. I don't post at a "number" of Gosselin sites unless that number is One.

    I don't post "hateful" things about Kate but then again you all consider what I say here hateful.

  79. If I may suggest ... that we move on from attacking SG from posting here. Baby Mama runs this blog. Baby Mama decides which comments can stay and which bloggers are allowed to blog. If you have an issue with Baby Mama's choices then email her for clarification. If you have an issue with how the blog site is run then email Baby Mama for clarification. I think people turning on each other demonstrates judgment much like we criticize other sites for.

    I agree that SG often finds fault in Kate; however, it is no different than saying that Jon is lazy and doesn't provide appropriate entertainment for his kids. We have to take both views. Neither view is defaming but observations and suggestions. Baby Mama will delete the post if it goes over board.

    I am sure the other sites are having a hay day because this site is arguing about each other.

  80. fascinated,

    I totally agree. I don't think it's fair to Baby Mama. People are trying to force her to choose between posters by threatening to leave. I know how much this blog means to her and I know she doesn't want anyone to leave.

  81. I fully understand where LindaO is coming from. We Kate supporters do not worship her and give her the right to do whatever. But SG never seems to give Kate the benefit of doubt, any compassion, forbearance, empathy or cut her some slack when she errs a bit.

    On the other hand, SG will run a mile, cross a river and forge a canyon invested with spiders and snakes to make excuses for everything Jon does. She seems to have an obvious bias for Jon ....and I am not talking about little matters...I am talking about immoral, sickening choices this man has made in life, SG always finds a suitable or logical reason for it.

    When it comes to Kate...she gets no second chance...no logical out for anything she does.

    So yes, her posts do get annoying here on a fan site. Just because she is eloquent and educated in her manner of submitting her thoughts...does not make it less upsetting for me. Other so-called pro-Kate sites are becoming stomping grounds for the haters and it is hard to find fresh air anymore. Ziggyflo blog spot is the only other site I found that truly protects Kate from unreasonable, demeaning comments.

    Babymama...I have admired you for what you do here and hope you will continue to provide a safe, respectable forum for Gosselin followers.

  82. This debate makes me feel bad for Kate. If people who like Kate feel under seige because of all the negativity that others put out there, consider how Kate must feel. (And yes, Jon gets some of it as well but I think any objective review of what is out there would suggest that Kate gets several times as much critical bashing as Jon does.)

  83. If we all agreed about everything, this would be a very boring site! I enjoy different opinions when they are respectfully written.

    Linda, please don't be upset. Everyone here loves you and we miss your posts.

  84. Par said - And yes, Jon gets some of it as well but I think any objective review of what is out there would suggest that Kate gets several times as much critical bashing as Jon does


    I completely agree with you. I think there is a HUGE double standard for Jon and against Kate and that is one of the reasons I came to this site. I found that it supported kate and although at times I am frustrated with SG's stance, I like how she provides an alternative response to Jon as well.

  85. In answer to SG...well, I will give you little credit for calling Jon out on the smoking. The InFDaily picture has a cigarette in Jon's hand about a foot from poor little Joel's face.

    My point is that the sum of all your comments are always OVERLY critical of Kate. And yet, most of your comments are always looking for a "maybe this or maybe that" for Jon and Ellen. You hold Jon accountable for very little...only when it's a slam dunk and he's caught thing! But Kate can just not smile right and you condemn her.

    That may seem a bit extreme...but I am just telling you how you come across. If I knew nothing about either Jon or Kate and read your posts....I would think that you were a hater of Kate. And that should not be here.

    Just something for you to consider as to how I think many feel about your posts.

  86. Maybe instead of people hating Kate and TLC soo much, they could spread some criticism for one of the teen moms Amber on Teen Mom and MTV for filming things when maybe they should be intervening. If you haven't seen what's been going on, go to the MTV Teen Mom website, she's beating up her boyfriend in front of her toddler, telling her daughter verbally abusive things, like your daddy left you (when she kicked him out, and otherwise neglecting her. I just don't see what is soo wrong with what Kate does when compared to that. I sure hope they get Amber help quick. If she is that way on camera, who knows how she is in private and what if the baby irritated her too much. I am glad her passive boyfriend is finally steppping up and noticing that this has an effect on the baby.

  87. I would like to say something about the whole Schmecky posting issue. And while in no way do I feel the need to explain my relationship with her I do feel the need to explain why she posts here.

    We were friends outside of this blog for a long time and she has been incredibly loyal for almost the entire time this site has been here. That is very important to me. People that posted here that were not happy that she was commenting went and created their own fan blogs and took many of my regular commenters here with them.

    Yes, that super pissed me off because a) I was told indirectly and if anyone has any issues with this blog they need to discuss it with me and not through anyone else B) Yes moderators on any blog, esp. one that has been going on for over 2 years would take anything personally that they have deciated their time to. We are all here fighting for the same cause and here for similar reasons but if someone creates a duplicate site and your commenters leave, you are GONNA take it personally.

    Phew, I never wanted to put it out there but there you go. I have a few great friends here that aren't 100% pro-Kate and I don't want to lose them. Or have to choose between them vs. any Kate fans. So fair is fair. If I don't like the post I clip it. And in final please let me say this...

    I am super excited to have almost 600 followers. I urge and encourage all of you to feel comfortable to start posting! Lets get the fans in the mix and say how they really feel! Trolls now will be blocked, and you shouldn't feel nervous about posting!!!

    Maybe then, it won't seem like such a hostile enviornment. xoxoxox love you all

  88. Baby Mama,

    Thank you. :) I'm so sorry you even had to go there. You should not have to choose sides. And I'm glad you're not. I know how proud you are of your blog and how much your followers and readers mean to you.

    No other fan blog will ever compare to yours.

    I hope most of your followers start to post too! I'm sure there are a lot of great opinions out there.

    I wish all your followers and friends and fans will show as much loyalty to you as you have to Kate even when you didn't agree with every single thing she did.

    I will promise that I will try to be less critical of Kate here. Although I actually thought I was... lol.

  89. Par~ Hey where have you been? lol I kid I kid...One of the things that Kate said when things were getting crazy on the web last year was that she stopped going to sites and reading about it. That, along with being too busy at this point makes her not even want to get on line and read anything other than the articles she sees from her Google alert. I couldn't imagine being on line and NOT having the urge to see what others are reading, but God bless her for being as strong willed as she is. I read ALOT on many sites, and it makes me sick. I'm cutting back on that now simply because I no longer have the time.

    Also, as everyone has been seeing, I am getting more help now from Linda. She has done such an amazing job helping me with this site. We have become great friends. I'm sure when I force her to take over this blog the tone will change. And things will be very different, and whether or not that's good or bad will just be an opinion. It will be interesting to see if I get some readers back ;)

  90. So any thoughts as to where Kate has been the past week? I think she's filming Twist of Kate!

  91. Anyone wondering where Kate is? She has not been seen in a while and was thinking could she be in Europe with Steve & Gina? Just wondering because all of a sudden she is gone and so are they. Could be a nice vacation with no press around. Do you have any ideas?

  92. So is Kate and the kids gone or just Kate?

    Tashapork re: Amber - I totally agree. My husband and I were watching last night's episode and we were appalled. We both agreed that if Gerry were hitting her, then the cops would have been called immediately. Interesting that nothing was done, except filming it.

    SG – I actually thought you were a little softer on Kate too. LOL

  93. Baby Mama, you run an awesome site! Anyone who leaves it's their loss IMO.

  94. I have to say Lori Anne, I love your icon. I am not sure what they are called. That little picture beside your name. LOL.

  95. I expect that Kate is filming "Twist of Kate" as it is on the schedule to premiere in November. It is likely that the kids are home as they have school this week.

    As for not posting in a while, sometimes I have to take a break. I do not like negativity in general .... and when it gets to be too much here or anywhere else, I take a break from it.

  96. Par~ Well lets start fresh and stay positive! Also if it gets to be too much on either side e-mail me at jonkatefanpage@gmail.com & it will get me to start removing posts. I don't like negativity at all and it's something I don't tolerate.

    But I'm not here all the time so letting me know for the future would be helpful :)

  97. SG....just to clarify and then I will leave this alone! When I said that I not knowing you or any of the Gosselins might think that you were a "Kate hater"....I meant that subjectively in regard to how the extremes have seemed to be divided on Kate.

    I've never in all my years seen someone hated upon and villified and crucified with expletives and all manner of vulgaity as Kate has endured. Poor lady...even on her personal blog at TLC the trash that people write is so hurtful.

    And my God...what has Kate done? Is she a murderer...a pedophile....a terrorist? By the comments written by folks, you would think so.

    So yeah, I'm getting a little sensitive about all the above and beyond criticism. And I guess I just want it....especially here...at BabyMama's Gosselin fan site...to just be a little nicer and fairer to Kate. Hope that is not asking too much?

  98. I've only been posting a few days and reading for quite a while so I am one of those newbies. I do enjoy thi site but I dont handle conflict well so I dont post my opinion much. But her goes, I liked the show Jon & Kate plus 8, I like Kate plus 8, I liked/like Jon, I liked/like Kate, I like the kids. I am still undecided about Ellen.

    Do I like or agree with every choice Jon & Kate have made? No but really can I say that about anyone or could anyone say that about me? Probably not. lol

    There, I got that out. Phew, I feel much better. lol

  99. Welcome Natasha, you will find that you will be posting your opinion more frequently.It is a lot of fun.

  100. Yay! Natasha welcome! See, that does make me feel MUCH better too! I don't want people to feel uncomfortable posting their thoughts. I'm glad you go that out. And I wish more of my readers would post more. Everyone should be entitled to say how they feel.

    I hope you post more, but unfortunately this couch session will cost you $150 for the hour.

  101. I like you all! LOL. And I love that we have new posters.

  102. Fascinated,

    Only Kate is MIA. The kids were in school. There were pics on the pap site that shall not be named of Jon picking them up. Mary was wearing little heels and they compared her to Kate because of it. I don't think it was meant to be an insult. We know Kate loves her heels.

  103. I have always enjoyed the discussion on this site. Baby Mama I love how you stick to your guns about how you feel, what you will post, etc. Don't change!

    I'm excited about Kate's new show. She is funny and isn't afraid to laugh at herself. I think that will make the show worth watching.

  104. Thanks Baby Mama but my aunt's a therapist so I get a discount.

  105. Miss Elainius,

    Wow. Um, uh... Um... Awkward.

    I don't know what to say. I'm almost speechless. But then again I'm SchmeckyGirl and I recover quickly. lol.

    First. Thank you. (Again awkward.) I never expected a Kate fan to go against Baby Mama on her own blog and defend me (of all people). I'm flabbergasted to say the least.

    Second. I didn't feel disrespected at all. I don't think Baby Mama meant it the way you took it, or the way it came across. I didn't take it that way. I don't think it's a secret that a few of her regs don't like me posting here. I never wanted, or even expected, Baby Mama to actually post a comment taking a stand for my posting here. Especially when her wingman, er, wingwoman is so obviously against my posting here. That can't be easy for Baby Mama.

    Baby Mama and I do "talk" behind the scenes and I'm cool with whatever she decides to put out there on her blog.

    She has to walk, in my opinion, a very fine line with some of the regs here because they are such great Kate fans and this is a "fan site." However, it's her fan site to run how she chooses. I know her commenters mean a lot to her. To risk losing them because she lets someone who is more vocal in not being a big Kate fan voice their opinions here, in my opinion, is taking a chance. Baby Mama and I go back a bit and I was a fan of the show when I started posting here.

    I was not at all insulted by her stating what she did. I think it is already known, at least to anyone that has been reading here a while.

    I do really appreciate your comment on my behalf, I just don't think it's accurate or necessary. How do I say that without sounding ungrateful? I am grateful. Under other circumstances (or at least another blog) it would have been received with high fives and woohoos! Where were you when I was posting at "that other blog"?!?!? lol.

  106. Miss Elainius~ I pulled your post. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on my site. However no one is going to accuse me of throwing my friend under the bus and then copy and paste my statement back at me. I know what I wrote. I stick by it. But it offended me. I think that at this point we need to move on from that whole discussion.

    I promise all I will have fresh paper soon!

  107. Before the fresh paper I just wanted to say Welcome Natasha! And DandelionGirl! (Although I think I remember you from previously.)

    BABY MAMA!!!! 600 followers! Now that calls for a celebration!

  108. Thank you! I'm sorry guys, but when I see the words "close minded" or "gang of bullies" I freak out. I am so incredibly fair and try for everyone to have a voice. It just seriously pissed me off.

    Schmecky~ I literally just have to laugh when you wrote "relax relax"! You are right, only those blessed with getting everything via e-mail see the whole deal. Sorry I had to pull that post too but it tied in with this whole heated discussion and you know I haven't had one of those in a while.

    Miss Elainius~ I hope we can start freah. No hard feelings. You are new so I know your not aware of the rules yet. Just know that in my house, we share all toys. No hogging...

    My analogies STILL are not working!

  109. BM, you are correct.

    I tend to become very defensive when I think someone is being treated unfairly.

    I sincerely apologize for offending you. I did not show you the proper respect and it was wrong.

    Fresh paper is a good idea.


  110. In answer to your question..NO, I don't think any parent should smoke around there children.

    If he chooses to smoke it's his body, his choice. He is not only harming the childrens health he is setting a very poor example.

    It looks like he was embarrassed to be caught..maybe next time he'll go down the street so his children will not see him or have to share the polluted air.

  111. Thank you BabyMama for changing the paper. I am getting tired of seeing Jon smoking everytime I open this blog section... LOL.

    It is always a bit startling.

  112. Baby Mama,
    Yes, you are more than fair here. In my opinion.

    Okay, I am probably the only one here that is still laughing at what just transpired.

    Oh, and Baby Mama, no disrespect but your analogies suck. But they crack me up every time!

    I hope Miss Elainius comes back. I'd hate to see it go back down to 599. lol.

  113. Ah snap should have proof read! their & any other mistakes..the later it gets the worse my spelling:)

    Nice to see you all!

  114. Hi back all:)
    I've missed you guys..darn real life keeps interfering with my blogging.

  115. Baby Mama, if you at some point are no longer the owner, I will have to pass on visiting here. You are never offensive even if differing opinions irritate you and always fair to your posters. I LIKE that you allow a debate here and there. I don't always agree with every poster, whether Pro or Con Kate but like the fact that if I DO have something to say, you will defend me as a poster if anyone gets out of hand. I've been on both sides of the fence but at least for now, I know I can comment without being directly attacked.

    With that said, I hope you choose wisely if you decide to pass along the blog. How do I say this without being offensive? Your current choice, Linda, is a little over the top for me.

  116. No one is ever treated unfairly on my blog. (Except Schmecky) That is why my site is great and all the others suck.

    I kid I kid! But in all seriousness, there isn't any hate site out there that will let a fan post. NONE, ZILCH NADA. The one that tried wound up turning into a non-Kate Gosselin site anyway, and I posted there ONCE and the S$@* hit the roof. Schmecky knows.

    Fan sites are entitled ot also have a place where they can express themselves just like those vile hate sites that live to attack every little thing about Kate Gosselin. It makes them feel better about themselves. Sad really.

    But no where on this site EVA will anyone be bullied except Schmecky.. Again I kid! No one is attacked here. I wont allow it. And well lets just say I am truly the FARTHEST away from being closed-minded. Your new so your firgiven however I'm still charging you my fee.

    And finally, Schmecky knows what she gets herself into here. She knows that people have left. But hon she's been here almost longer than even me. She is just fine. For those that couldn't take the heat in the kitchen? I for one think it smells great in here, hang out in the steam with us and you may enjoy it.