Friday, September 24, 2010


For “those people” who accuse Kate of copying recipes, anyone can go to the Food Network and find similar recipes by their various chefs.
Note: I said similar. It becomes your own recipe in little changes that you make to customize it to your own tastes or family preferences. I feel more people are interested in the foods the Gosselins ate "then" and "now" than the "Was This a Recipe Invented from Nothing Ever Previously Similar" issue. If Kate wanted a variation, (or publicity) she could pair with Food Network, use one of their chef’s recipes, and then show how she makes her version.Some of you requested more of Kate’s recipes. Included are two of my favorites. Both recipes are from Kate’s future book Love is in the Mix. Originally planned for release before the divorce, I’d suggest that she change the title. Otherwise, we know what will happen. The “love” in the title will refer not to her kids as was intended, but to accusations with Steve.
Grandma’s No-Bake Chocolate Cookies
2 cups sugar 1/2 cup milk
1/2 tsp salt 2 Tbs vanilla
2 heaping teaspoons cocoa (powdered cocoa)
1/2 cup peanut butter 2 and 1/2 cups oatmeal

Bring sugar, milk, salt, and cocoa to a boil and continue for 1 and ½ minutes. Remove from heat and add vanilla, peanut butter, and oatmeal. Line countertop with wax paper and use a teaspoon to drop mixture onto paper. Allow cookies to cool and harden. Makes approximately 3 dozen cookies. Kate’s comments are that the cookies are safe for young kids to help make. She mixes ingredients and divides into smaller bowls with a spoon and wax paper for each child to make. She also says they are fun to make together and a good source of fiber.
(Personal variations on this recipe are in using Nutella instead of peanut butter and sometimes adding coconut. How would you change it for your family?)
Memorable Pizza Meatballs
2 lbs ground beef
2 cups seasoned bread crumbs
1 cup milk
½ cup onion, finely chopped
2 teaspoons pepper
1 bloc (8 oz) mozzarella cheese
1/3 cup flour
1/4 cup oil
50 oz. pizza sauce (Kate’s favorite is Don Pepino)
Combine first 6 ingredients just until mixed and shape into meatballs. Cut mozzarella cheese into cubes and put one into the center of each meatball, covering the cheese completely with meat. Roll lightly in flour. Cook meatballs in oil over medium heat until browned (about 3-4 minutes each side) and then drain. Add pizza sauce and bring to boil. Turn down heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes or until meatballs are cooked through. Makes approx 32-40 golf-ball size meatballs.
Serve over pasta, rice, in buns, or as an appetizer.Kate’s comments are that she tried these during the first year with six crying babies. She says that while it may seem like an unlikely hit, it has become a favorite making its way to their table many times. She serves them with steamed broccoli and fries but notes they can also be served on rolls and is even like pizza without the crust. Additionally, she suggests it as a great recipe for serving part tonight and freezing half for a future dinner. (Personal variations of this recipe are to add 1 egg and sometimes 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce; Sometimes we sprinkle grated parmesan cheese on top after cooking is completed. How would you change it for your family?)
If we were voting on the Cook Book Title would you:
1. Change the title to A Mother’s Love is In the Mix
2. Leave it the same
3. Have a subtitle that says, “It’s about loving the kids, and not Jon or any other man.”
Have you tried any of these recipes? If you have, please add your comments or tell us your variation. Or, if you were preparing it for your family, what would you do to make it different to suit your family's tastes.


  1. Thanks for the fresh paper Baby Mama. Hope you got some rest today. I'll post one of my recipes tomorrow when I can copy and paste.

  2. Hope you feel better Baby Mama.
    Not quite sure folks how some of the ingredients got shifted around here. I promise I will try to fix now or if not, in the morning. Have a great weekend all.

  3. Great thread! Kate has some good recipes! I've tried some from her last book, they're excellent.

  4. Glad you are feeling better Baby Mama.

    I would vote to change the title to A Mother’s Love is In the Mix.

    The recipes sound good. I will add them to my collection. I hate to admit it, but I rarely use them because I am a terrible cook!

  5. Kate's copying recipes?

    Please, how silly is this?

    There are only so many ways to make any certain recipe. There are variations on each and every one. I get the feeling that unless Kate introduces chili peppers and cheese to her version of chocolate chip cookies that everyone will say she's copying someone else. And if she were to introduce something new and different she would be criticized.

    The most important thing to add to any recipe is love. Whether you cook it yourself or pick it up at the bakery, when you serve your family with love, it tastes great!

    Linda, very nice topic!

  6. Thanks folks.
    Gee Whiz - these are two recipes that anybody can prepare. In the no-bake cookies you can use quick cook oatmeal, regular rolled cut oatmeal, but if you use Irish steel cut oats then use slightly less oats or an extra Tablespoon of milk.
    The pizza meatballs freeze well also. (As in prepare a bunch, freeze the extras, and then it's something quick to pull out for a hurry up meal.)

  7. This is one of those nights when about all you can manage when you get home is getting all to throw on pajamas and go to bed, lol. Yep, not even a bath for the kids. After six hours in the sun at Fall Festival in what still feels like summer heat and not fall, we are all just exhausted. We managed to scrub and cream off the face paint and get teeth brushed (i think?) but declared a moratorium on baths for the night!

    Bit of excitement when I'd lost one child for 40 minutes. They were inside a gated area so figured the child couldn't be too lost; it was hot so my smart child moved to the library to enjoy the air-conditioning. Hubby says it wasn't 40 minutes but it felt like hours in the panic of counting heads and missing one. Does this crud happen to other people or am I just a bad mother?

    Oh well, off to bed. We've promised to do cookies tomorrow to deliver to the shut-ins in the neighborhood. I promise to make sure everybody's clean before we start cooking.I love that they've reached the age where mom's role is mostly supervision and blocking fights with flour.

  8. lol Good post! I've been meaning to try no-bake cookies sometime, maybe I'll do that soon! Not this week, I just baked a cake with my son 2 days ago, and I limit the baked goods to 1x a week!

  9. Good morning everyone1 I'm standing by the door hoping that I may have a delivery of all the cool things you were going to make your sick friend? :(

    Just wanted to give everoyne a quick link to one of my first few posts...Sigh, brings me back to the good ol days! When I wrote the post below my aunt was helping me with my IUI injections while helping me make my first batch of Monkey Munch. What a difference 2 years make...

  10. Peanut Butter Balls (no bake)
    One of our yummiest & easiest

    1/2 cup honey
    1 cup powdered dry milk
    1 cup peanut butter ( we use smooth)
    Spray your hands with non-stick spray and mix ingredients. Let kids roll into 1 inch or smaller balls.
    Optional toppings: Grated coconut, powdered sugar, powdered chocolate, colored jimmies or sprinkles (our favorite is the powdered sugar). Just roll the balls in topping of your choice.

    We've been making these with Scout troops for years, often as holiday presents. Just pick up some of the small white food/candy boxes at the craft store. Line with a sheet of waxed paper. If you stack rows, add a bit more of waxed paper between rows. Tie with ribbon and it makes an adorable & yummy present.

    Another neat trick is to spray your measuring cup with nonstick spray before adding honey or peanut butter. It will slide right out. :)

  11. Baby Mama - Your link was precious! It was the very first post of yours I read a long time ago!

  12. I just reread some of the posts....ahh the memories. Lol. Baby Mama do you mind if I link to that post and this one on my recipe blog?

  13. Lol @ Baby Mama! Guess we're going to have to pack up a care package and send it on its way. I promise though that the no bake cookies & the peanut butter balls candy are impossible to mess up! I really have done them with little kids and everything gets eaten.

  14. CraftyMom~ Absolutely! That blog is looking slightly embarassing at this point..I'm wishing when I get a chance that I may even spruce it up a bit since I'm still getting daily traffic there..

    Some people must be cathing up on all my old

  15. Hey CMO3!!:) We're home!! There's no place like home.

    We love the peanut butter choc nobake cookies--I always made those for the kids to take to school for their birthdays. Will have to whip some up. We like to dip the peanut butter balls in chocolate and then candies or chopped nuts. Will have to make the meatballs--it would be nice to have a lot of them frozen ahead of time for surprise guests.

  16. Lol Corrina....are you safe and sound? All in one piece? ;)

    Thanks Baby Mama and if you need help my bloggy skills are at your disposal. <3

  17. BabyMama, I asked Zondervan and they said that Love Is In The Mix won't be released....did they have a change of heart? MMMMMM, very interetsting. Thanks for the new post.....

  18. CMO3--Yes I am on the mend--good thing I have a hard head! LOL

  19. Awesome post!! I had to laugh at the consequences of this post. My daughter just got home last night from a 3 day field trip for school and said they had these no bake cookies and wondered if I had ever heard of them. I had them as a child, but not since. So logging on to this post was funny. So we are making the no bakes today with all the kids. I really want to try the Peanut Butter balls sometime too, those sound yummy.

  20. Linda said...
    This is one of those nights when about all you can manage when you get home is getting all to throw on pajamas and go to bed, lol. Yep, not even a bath for the kids. After six hours in the sun at Fall Festival in what still feels like summer heat and not fall, we are all just exhausted. We managed to scrub and cream off the face paint and get teeth brushed (i think?) but declared a moratorium on baths for the night!

    Ohh this was us too last night. I can so relate. After getting home from work at 6, throwing dinner down our throats before the Highschool Homecoming Football Game and then off to a bonfire at a friends house, we got home at 2am and I didnt care that they smelled like campfire I threw them into bed and did baths this morning, lol

  21. Miss Elainius said...
    I get the feeling that unless Kate introduces chili peppers and cheese to her version of chocolate chip cookies that everyone will say she's copying someone else.

    HAHAHA awesome post!! Thats funny and so true.

  22. Hmm, I wonder why the book has been shelved? Too bad. :( The recipes above sound really yummy and easy which is always a good thing. I love peanut butter so I'd love to try that one. I love baking but just hadn't had much time the last few years.

    Linda, that must have been scary to be missing a child for that long. Don't feel bad though, you are not a bad mother. I took the kids to the beach early in the summer and at one point I lost every single one of them! Luckily, they were all safe and not really lost but I didn't know where they were so to me, they were lost and in a place like a beach, it is scary because there are no gates to keep them confined to one place! Each twin wandered off while in the care of their aunt but they were only about 20 feet away and then at one point my younger daughter was gone and in the middle of my panic attack, I found out my mom had taken her to the washroom and hadn't told me she was going. Then my older daughter took off with her dad and went on the boat and they never told me they were going either. I swear I aged ten years that day! Btw, I was not sitting on my fanny tanning either. I was always busy with another kid(s) when one of them would make their disappearing act. lol

  23. Many people have set up Kate to always be in a no-win situation.

    Can anyone think of another person...ever...who was held to such ridiculous standards?

    Speaking of standards, why do the same rules not apply to Jon?

  24. another mom - This time hubby was more panicked than me. It was at school on the grounds with both a male and a female teacher at every exit so I kept saying "they have to be here some where!!" About 30 seconds before calling the police any way, the child was discovered in the library with AC. Some got similar haircuts and I swear I must have been counting twice. It was easier when a little younger and you could force them to stay with you. By the time we got home it was nearing a little bit funnier. Hubby swears when this batch goes to college we'll rotate into adjacent rooms, lol.

  25. Does anyone have a theory as to why Kate's latest book didn't sell well? I read a lot of negative reviews from people who didn't read it, but do you think they influenced sales?

    It was on the NY Times bestseller list, but it didn't sell well. I almost wish Baby Mama would remove it from the side bar because it's being offered for fifty-five cents and I think that's insulting.

    My guess as to why the new cookbook may not be published is because the sales for the last book weren't as high as the publisher had hoped. What I don't understand is why. Any theories?

  26. KatherineDenise - Whoa! Ours all leave for class field trips on Tuesday! For the first time ever we are not chaperoning any of them. Kids keep asking where we are going while they are gone. Hubby keeps telling them we fly out to London an hour after they all leave (we aren't!!) He's even gotten friends to say "Have a great stay in London!" Kids keep saying it's grossly unfair. I'd be happy to just sleep for 4-5 days, lol. (The kids have been packed for over a week.) It's fun to see the excitement when they leave and fun to be there to welcome them home! Don't you just love field trips?!

  27. Miss E - The cookbook was pulled from US sales at the time of divorce ( but sold overseas.) Yes, the haters launched a massive campaign before release to trash the book. However, Kate got a nice presale check & that's far more than 95% of all authors make.
    Those of us who read it enjoyed it and others didn't; IMO, their loss, my gain. For the others, a nice big bite in the behind for evil ways! Karma is a nasty thing if you don't watch out. :)

  28. Thanks, Linda, I've been trying to figure out what happened. I'm glad Kate received a nice advance. I hope the new cookbook will be published soon.

  29. I make the mozzarella stuffed meatballs often. If you buy the string cheese sticks for the kids it is really easy to have them open a few and cut them into slices with a butter knife. My kids often help in the kitchen.

  30. Hi Natasha - welcome & thanks for suggestion!

  31. Thanks Linda, have been reading for a while. Only now, worked up the courage to post.

  32. I'm back from an exhausting day! I'm hungry and now waiting by the door people! lol

    Meatballs and cheese sounds amazing. Could Natasha or anyone that has that recipe post it here? I may be desparate to buy some of the ingredients and try to make it myself yum...

  33. Natasha it took me more than a year of reading to post. Again welcome!

  34. Baby Mama - I really wish I lived near you! I swear I'd come and teach you how without pain or angst and fill up your freezer in the process. (I won't even tell you we're having an herb crusted pork loin for dinner - just throw crust ingredients into food processor & spread on & when it comes out of oven it's always great, along with baby carrots & French green beans almondine ---& all incredibly easy!) I won't tell you any of that because it always makes me feel guilty!

  35. If I send you the easy recipe step by step will you try it Baby Mama? I promise it is easy and only takes a total of an hour total for both prep and cook! Your home will smell like a fantastic restaurant and you'll be adored for your cooking! ( I think this is a lost cause, sigh.)

  36. Linda--Thank you! It's so good to be home. Enjoy London (wink wink).

    When you tell about the horror of missing a child it reminds me of when our kids were preschool age and my sister was here with them at our house. When we got home that night, sister was sleeping and we couldn't find the kids. They had decided to take pillows and blankets and to "campout" under the diningroom table. We had looked everywhere and someone finally lifted the side of the tablecloth and they were there asleep-- through all the commotion. We can laugh about it now but it wasn't funny at the time.

    It's a real shame that anyone would deliberatly
    trash Kate's books. That hurts her children as well.

    Baby Mama--I love that you're waiting by the door LOL! Maybe we should FedEx some goodies to you on dry ice? :)

  37. Linda I sent you an e-mail. You better ship that sucker fed ex. I kid I kid! I will send you pics to prove I actually made it. :)

  38. Baby Mama - recipe sent with step by step!

  39. Linda, I would love both of those recipes. Cooking is kind of a passion of mine. My husband is diabetic so I try to fix good stuff that is also healthy.
    The meatballs I make are just the basic ones in the Betty Crocker cookbook and then of course, the cheese pieces. Sometimes I mix it up a bit and use taco seasoning and stuff them with cojack or chedder cheese stick pieces. Then we dip them in salsa.(I canned my own the first time this year & it is really good)

  40. Natasha--I agree--I would love Linda's recipes too! This year I canned spaghetti sauce for the first time with tomatoes from the garden and it turned out good too.

  41. Natasha that is awesome. I used to do salsa, make jellies, etc. Now I grow only about half our tomatoes and pick up rest at farmer's market and this year got no salsa, fruit jellies or anything done; I'm backsliding, lol. A dear friend did make me no-sugar added jams & jellies & applesauce.

    I make the peanut butter candy because it has only honey and no refined sugar for me. I like unsweetened dark cocoa so I roll mine in that. Even with the kids version in powdered sugar it's only 1teaspoon of powdered sugar for 18-20 pieces of candy total, so not much. (Half of that they spill any way.)

  42. I canned 12 quarts of marinara sauce & then my daughter's swim club had a shaghetti dinner fundraiser & needed donations so I donated most of it. DH made me keep a couple cans back. lol I did grow a few tomatoes but not near enough. We have a local grocery store that sold them for $6.00 a half bushel so I bought several. I made ketchup without sugar & I canned strawberry, blueberry, & peach jams without any sugar. This was my first year so I kind went overboard but it was fun. I bought a new cookbook last night geared toward diabetics so I have a few new recipes to try out. I made vegetable soup this week & my 14 year old declared it the best he'd ever had. I think he ate it 6 nights in a row. He wrestles & is conditioning right now so I can keep him full. lol

  43. Thanks Corrina. Baby Mama may never, lol, let me do recipes again. Cooking isn't her most fun thing to do but the irony is recipes are what first lead me to Baby Mama's posts & blogs.
    I'd enjoy hearing and preparing more of Kate's recipes. The Nana Janet Roast takes a bit too much of my undivided attention though. I have to prepare recipes that don't take a huge amount of prep time.
    When I get to London I'll look for one in a bookshop (I kid! I kid!)

  44. Wow-Natasha- $6 a half bushel! That's great! I think it takes almost a gallon of tomatoes to boil down to make just a quart of sauce. I never grow enough tomatoes. Those jellies sound good too.

    Sorry, Baby Mama, for all the cooking talk.

    I'll have to look up Nana Janet's Roast--I think it's in one of Kate's books. Yes Yes--do
    look for a cookbook in London. :)

  45. Baby Mama's had Nana Janet's recipe on here several times. We'll just have to look it up.

  46. I am a frequent maker of Kate's hummus, only I use about a third of the lemon and some extra juice from the chick peas to make up for it. Last time I had left over olives and threw them in the food processor, yummy. I have relatives that tease me because it's Kate's recipe. They would flip out if they knew how much fun I have on this site. I noticed somewhere her stickybuns recipe that I keep meaning to make, my Grandma used to make something similar called monkey bread when we were kids.

    Miss Elainius said...
    I get the feeling that unless Kate introduces chili peppers and cheese to her version of chocolate chip cookies that everyone will say she's copying someone else.

    You are right on, and not only that, but if she did do that they would attack her for sabatoging the chocolate chip cookie. She will never win.

  47. tashapork - Thanks for the tip on adding olives.

  48. Grrr - I'm having trouble with stupid 503 error this morning also. Eventually the spammers will tire of this site and move on, I can only hope! I can let you know that despite some proxy spammers, Google is having some success both tracking them with the next step in eliminating them.

    Usually the weekends are less hassle from them. Please keep trying to return and to even post. One day at a time, we'll get through this. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for your frustration.

  49. Good morning everyone. Well I offically over extended myself being as sick as I was yesterday. I am in bed and out of commission. I have a full-blown fever. Ugh. I have so much going on for the week, I'm dreading it. My husband is again showing me that even his babysitting is sub-par. I have gotten up about 10 times already. I'm offically locking my door and hiding under the covers to chat with you all!

    So TLC is trying now to push hard the hot mess that is Sister Wives. Don't even get me statred on that show. This will go on through mid-October with no scheduled new episodes of Kate Plus 8 as of yet. So all is quiet on the Gosselin front.

    But that is not stopping the ever rediculous Life & Style from trying to get out a Gosselin headline this week no matter how false. Rather than Jen Aniston's 10th fake pregnancy it's "Is Kate Stealing A Married Man?". Hasn't this been discussed ad nauseum? I think it's time to just settle back and talk about great recipies again..... ;)

  50. I completely agree with you Baby Mama. How many times can people discuss a lie? I guess they think if they say it enough it will come true and then they can say – see I told you so. I mean eventually Jennifer is going to have a baby.

  51. So, I was watching Oprah last year and Cameron Diaz said she didn’t like breakfasts so she makes a savoury oatmeal. What intrigued me in her description was that she uses citrus flavoured soy sauce.

    A group of women and I made it for breakfast last week, at work. It was surprisingly delicious. I think my kids would even eat it for breakfast. It was easy and good for large groups. We had to transcribe the recipe from the interview so there are no exact measurements. We then went online after and found many variations. We added dried apricots.

    Recipe for Savory Oatmeal – for six people

    Boil one egg per person
    Sauté leeks

    Bring equal 4 cups chicken stock & 2 ½ cups? old fashioned oatmeal to a boil
    Add diced apricots
    Reduce to a simmer – cook until al dente

    When the oatmeal has absorbed almost all of the chicken stock add the leek onion mixture
    Serve with chopped boiled egg, green onion and Ponzu sauce (citrus soy sauce).

  52. fascinated - That savory oatmeal sounds delicious! I can't wait to try it. Did you find the Ponzu sauce in the supermarket or did you have to go to an Asian food market? Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  53. The step by step instructions for the herb crusted pork loin that I sent Baby Mama are for mostly non-cooks (with every step explained.) I can't copy and paste. If there are others who want the recipe, email me and I'll send it.

  54. I like to make some healthy breakfast foods ahead to have for the week. I am just not a good morning person. I am there physically but mentally I'm just not checked in. lol I have this recipe in the crockpot. It is from my favorite cookbook. Fix it & Forget it.
    Breakfast Apple Cobbler
    8 medium tart apples
    1/2 cup sugar(I use brown sugar splenda bleand)
    2Tbsp of fresh lemon juice
    1-2 tsp. grated lemon rind
    Dash of groun cinnamon
    1/4 cup butter melted
    1 1/2 cups(I double this amount) natural cereal with fruits & nuts. (I used Sunbelt brand)

    Spray interior of cooker lighty with nonfat cooking spray
    Core peel & slice apples into slow cooker
    Add sugar, lemon rind & juice, & cinnamon.
    Mix cereal & melted butter.
    Add ingredients to slow cooker. Mix thoroughly.
    Cover, cook on low for 6 hours or on high for 2-3 hours.
    Serve with milk or yogurt.

  55. Thanks for the recipe Linda! My immediate family are all vegetarian but my son-in-law's family comes for dinner several times a year and I'm always looking for new ideas to feed them. I think they're getting tired of my baked ham, lol! The herb-crusted pork sounds like something they would really like.

    This is a great topic, thank you Baby Mama! I hope you feel better soon.

  56. mad die - yvw!
    Natasha - another recipe I can't wait to try! Tyvm.

  57. Sorry you landed in bed Baby Mama and even sorrier your babysitter isn't doing a good job. lol It sucks that you can't even fire him ;)

    Seriously though, I am totally in agreement about that Sister Wives show. TLC sure likes dealing with multiples. Multiple kids are good but multiple marriages? That's just getting sick now. I don't feel that that is something to be showcased and understood. I don't think there is anything to be learned from it. I can't imagine them sharing anything that will make me understand, empathize or become accepting of their choices. But that is my opinion and maybe there are people that are interested. I just think this kind of program choice is getting desperate for rating. They probably know many people will tune in because it's so controversial.

    All these recipes sound so good ladies! Thanks to everyone for sharing them. The oatmeal sounds interesting too, fascinated! I like savoury things and that is a definite twist on the usual breakfast. I think my next week's menu just livened up a bit!

  58. Ahh Baby mama – I think I have the same babysitter as you. LOL

    Linda – I was able to buy the Ponzo sauce in a regular supermarket. I do not like soy sauce but I found it to be quite light and tasty.

    Natasha – your breakfast sounds delicious. I will definitely try it.

  59. Re: Sister Wives Another mom said - That's just getting sick now. I don't feel that that is something to be showcased and understood. I don't think there is anything to be learned from it. I can't imagine them sharing anything that will make me understand, empathize or become accepting of their choices.

    I TOTALLY AGREE. Unless we want to continue to perpetuate the idea that women are Chattel and that it is all right to keep women in powerless situations. I would assume that their argument is that they feel powerful. But what if one of them decides that they want a monogomous relationship with the 'husband'? Will they have to leave? Where is their power then?

    If TLC is going to support this show, then I will assume that there will be a similar show with One wife and three husbands. Oh wait, that would never happen in a male dominated society. Okay, I will get off my soap box now.

  60. The whole Sister Wives premise is just...something I cannot imagine watching. It is illegal, two of the wives have no legal status, and I doubt that their children do either.

  61. TLC is changing its focus. It used to the The Learning Channel. Now it's a combination of these freak shows.

    Sorry, but the Gosselin family is the only one I care to see when it comes to multiples. As for these weird biker, midget, cupcake, baby princess, boring families of multiples, or sister-wive shows?

    Um, no thanks.

    People are critical of Kate for putting her children on television. The irony is that Kate is one of the very few people who lends credibility to TLC's reality shows.

  62. get ready to yell at me but I am watching. I have a weird fascination with plural marriage. I don't agree with it or would ever do it but for some reason I can't help myself. It's like a train wreck you can't tear your eyes away from. I am taping it and watching it later so maybe it won't count as much in the ratings??? I have always watched TLC. Their shows fascinate they have TLC anonymous???

    LOL that's going to get copied and pasted.....

  63. I find Kate to be an empowering example for women. Kate is real. She is a genuine cook, a great organizer, smart, good conversationalist, moral role model, energetic and never a quitter.

    Her genuiness gets her into trouble sometimes...Kate is putting on or pretending. You know what she is thinking and she makes no apologies for who she is...but does own up to mistakes she has made.

    That's why I find just about anything she does refreshing, entertaining and fascinating.

    This Sister Wives show is just another example of showcasing women in a bad light. How convenient for a man to say "I love you...and now you and next month you" and so on! Fidelity and oneness of flesh between and man and a woman is no longer the norm. We live in a crazy world and the moral demise we are seeing will have horrendous consequences in the future.

  64. CraftyMomof3,

    Don't feel bad, it's natural for people to want to know more about something so freakish to them. That is why people read Us Weekly and the like even though half of what they report is untrue and in general, I think it's the reason people have this fascination with celebrities. They lead lives so different than ours and although many of us wouldn't like to have the life of a celebrity (in terms of drugs, alcohol, unstable relationships and marriages)we can't help but to be fascinated by them and the "glamour" that surrounds them. I suppose the Sister Wives thing is a similar thing. You wouldn't want to be them but you can't help but to be curious about what drives them. I have to say, I have watched Oprah when she's had that topic on and although it angered me and disgusted me how they rationalize it and how the women accept it, it was still interesting to watch and see what makes different kinds of people tick. I don't think I could watch a whole season of it though. In the end, I agree that it takes the womens' movement back a few centuries!

    I don't know but I think that TLC has gone a bit cuckoo with the shows it is presenting to people these days. I think the problem is that they see a show that works and is successful and they put half a dozen other shows on with the same premise. It definitely gets to be redundant. They need to come up with some fresh ideas soon because the whole Sister Wives direction they are going in is just desperate. JMO!!

  65. LOL CM3 - There are shows that I absolutely love that other people shake their heads at (Gosselins being one of them). I look forward to your updates about the show. Who knows, maybe it will turn out to be interesting.

  66. See? That's why I love this blog. No judgements.

    Ok, so I watched it. These set of women IMO are not being exploited. They run the house and the husband is a bit of a flake. 2 out of the 3 were raised polygamist. One just thought it was cool. She's got the sweetest deal of all. She works full time and the 3rd wife takes care of her kids. She says she loves it because then in her free time she just gets to have fun with them. After watching it I can see the draw for these particular set of women. This lifestyle definitely suits their personalities. Me? Would love the help, wouldn't like the hubby sharing too much.

  67. CMO3-You are so honest--who can find fault with that? Lots of people probably will watch that show but not be willing to admit it.

  68. CMo3 - Whatever floats your boat, I guess. Not for me at all. As long as idiots don't come in here and demand I accept whatever the view is that they have, I'm fine.
    No way would I share a house with 2 or 3 other adult women. I can't figure out how they share the kitchen, much less the man! (I'm sorry but that guy, IMO, looked like a wimpy guy who couldn't make up his mind.)

    Sorry, guess I'm just not into communes, communal living, etc.

  69. I'm not calling anybody here an idiot. What I meant were the peeps who roll in here, tell all of us we're wrong for everything we believe, then ride out to charge into some other group.

  70. LOL they all have their own kitchen.

  71. Thanks-- Natasha, Fascinated and Linda--for these great recipes! I am starting my grocery list and can't wait to try each one. It's so nice to have some new ideas. Yesterday I made my Caramel Apple Pie using sliced fresh pumpkin instead of apples. It was a hit!

  72. Corrina - yvw. Corrina that pie sounds delicious.
    CMo3 - 3 kitchens? So does he build another every time he gets married?
    Okay, very obvious I didn't watch the program.
    I went into kitchen to pack up a care package for Baby Mama but my little sneaks had finished off the choc cookies & the peanut butter candy. Guess I'd better get some more made.

  73. Yup 3 kitchens and he's taking in a fourth wife and her three kids so I'm sure I will be able to tell you what he does soon...

    And thanks Corrina I am nothing but honest! Honestly I like to walk a mile in people's shoes before I speak. It has been my experience that just because a family structure is unique and different doesn't always mean it's wrong and immoral. It's just the way I am.

    One of my favorite saying is "walk a mile in some else's shoes. That way if you still don't like them you're a mile away and you have their shoes!"

  74. CMo3 - lol, long as I'm a mile away in their shoes!
    So is this guy building a family, is he unable to make & stay with a decision, or do you think he read Tales of the Arabian Knights as a kid and wanted a harem? So now that he outed himself what will he do about the illegality? Uh oh, more kids on reality tv; have the police arrived?

  75. I enjoy sharing recipes and the love of food. People are always amazed at the different types of foods my kids eat but I think of food as an experience and love to try new things out. My family gets the good & the bad end of that. lol Last night DD asked me to make egg foo yung. Such an easy dish and extremely healthy, just, veggies, eggs, & last night I added in some canned crab meat. My family also loves eggplant parmesan. I've seen Kate make it on the show. I use the recipe off the Bertoli website.

  76. Craftymom, you took the words right out of my mouth about Sister Wives, I watched while doing other things so I didn't see the part about multiple kitchens. I wish they would explain the religious aspects, but they probably won't. There are a lot of groups that I would never want to be like, but I want to see how they tick.
    I was thinking though about the point that someone made about their lifestyle being degrading to women and how it would be to have multiple husbands. I don't knnow if I would want all that work. LOL, but maybe between them they could tackle the honey do list.
    I was thinking about Kate and her recipes and craving the Korean beef that Jon made, I hope he still makes it soemtimes for his kids or else some of his other relatives do. I remember the day I saw that episode was the day after I tried the mochi balls at a restaurant. I also hope Kate or Jon still takes them to Korea, although I think it would be better when they are a little older.

  77. Ok, for those of you who didn't watch Sister Wife, I don't see how you have anything to comment on besides the whole idea gives you the creeps. And believe me, I'm with ya there.

    However, I did catch about 10 minutes of it. Apparently it was the 1st wife's idea for the husband to take on more wives. And if it works for them, more power to them. I personally couldn't stomach it, but I'm firmly in the camp of live and let live. These people are not hurting anyone. They are not forcing their lifestyle on you. So let's give a rest to the bashing. As I teach my 4-year to say, this just isn't your cup of tea. Let's tuck the moral high-horse in our pocket, please.

  78. Seriously the thought of multiple husbands makes me shudder! LOL

    The impressive thing is that they have been together for 16 years and this is the first time they are bringing a new women in the house. The first wife and the second wife(and maybe the third too, i don't remember) had their first children together at the same time. None of them had kids until all three were married into the family. The first wife has only been able to have one child.#1 and #2 were friends before and #1 brought #2 into the family. #3 waited until the #3 spot was opened because she said she always wanted to be a #3...less pressure. She said growing up she never wanted a husband, just sister wives until she found this family and thought that maybe a husband wasn't so bad. LOL

    It's fascinating.

    And YUM Natasha, I love egg foo yung. Good stuff. Haven't found any decent restaurants out here in the midwest...I miss my Polynesian/Cantonese restaurant in New England!

  79. Jen Santos,

    Sorry if the strong opinions about sister wives got to you. You are right in that I haven't seen this particular show but the reason I have strong negative feelings about it is because I have seen other documentaries or specials on similar family types that were not so tame. I have seen the ones where they are more cult like and the man marries fourteen year olds and there is even in breeding. There was one that was featured on Oprah or Dr. Phil (or both?) where the guy was actually wanted by police because he was breaking the law on so many levels. I'm sorry but that does turn my stomach. What kind of man breeds with his own daughter or a girl his daughter's age let alone multiple women? Some of these get ups are vile and I guess that is what I had in mind when they were hyping this show. No thanks, but I stand by what I said in that stuff like that does not have anything of value to teach me.

    That said, I am a very open minded person and one of the least judgmental people you will ever come across but there are a handful of things I have a strong opinion about and I'm sorry if you took that as bashing. I assume you read my comment to CMo3. I absolutely don't look badly on the fact that she or anyone else is interested in seeing what the show is about. I said myself that it is very tempting to watch things that are the furthest thing from your own reality but we also have a right to say that we don't like it.

  80. I agree with the offshoot fundamentalists are sick and twisted. They I have no stomach for.

    It's the people who follow the true teachings of the original Mormons that peak my curiosity. The people who twisted the teachings like the ones on Oprah are the reason the LDS decided to ban plural marriage because men used it for abuse rather than strengthen their religious conviction. One of the main reasons that men used to take more than one wife was survival of families. Mens life spans were waaay shorter back then and they were worried about women being left alone to fend for themselves. It was also common practice back then for a man to marry his brothers widow in order to maintain the family and that was in non-mormon lifestyles...doesn't mean it's right but it is what it is. I sometimes think it's not fair to label them immoral because it does not follow the Christian bible. They follow there own.

    I think all religions are basically the same and it's how the followers interpret that varies. Therefore I am nondenominational. I believe in God. Not religion.

    Ok off my soapbox now!!! LOL

    Have a great day everyone....I'm off to do blog work and take care of my allergy ridden 3 yr old.

  81. I got curious, and watched the parts of Sister Wives that are available on the internet.

    I am not a jealous person but there is no way I would be willing to share my husband with other wives. It's really creepy to me.

    Their house is large and basically three homes in one. Separate kitchens, laundry rooms, etc.

    The wife who is working full-time still has to cook, wash clothes and clean? To me, getting out of those chores would be about the only benefit.

    The husband is a little too cheerful and glib, but everyone has their own taste in men.

    The wives appear to be happy, but I can't help but wonder what happened their lives to make them accept this way of life.

    Even though it is bizarre, it's interesting to see a way of life that is so different from anything I've known.

  82. My issue is with the legality of many things. When we travelled in Egypt, there were a number of men with multiple wives. IMO it has declined there not for religious reasons but more due to economic reasons.

    Again, JMO, the US was founded on religious tolerance (more Puritanism than others). Plural marriages became illegal. If folks want it back, work to change the laws. But don't make it don't ask, don't tell and then rush to "out" it on tv unless you just want sensationalism.
    Same with pot for medical reasons. If it truly helps folks with horrific pain, such as cancer patients, then make it legal in more states.
    When we were in Amsterdam, I do not believe pot was legal. There were however, many coffee bars that had little to do with coffee and a lot to do with pot. (Sorry I didn't want second hand smoke regardless of the substance burning, lol.)
    I think beer is legal in some states at 18 but not in others until age 21. Just a bit like when young people could die in service for their country at age 18, but not vote until age 21.
    There are a number of strange laws, e.g. I've lived in municipalities where pickup trucks could not be parked in driveways and had to be garaged. While that's the case in some parts of FL, I can't imagine that law flying any where in TX.

  83. Why does FoxPhilly keep printing such stupid stuff? They are now citing Perez Hilton and adding that Kate+8 isn't in the scheduled line up and has been pulled. It IS STILL in the list of shows! I guess you just use whatever garbage trash you want and eliminate everything else.

  84. Hey CraftyMomof3, just a quick clarification, Mormons do use the Christian Bible as well as the Book of Mormon. Both are part of the standard scriptures of the religion.

  85. Thanks. Good to know. I was never very clear on that. I knew they followed the basics of the bible but wasn't sure how much of it came into play.

    But what about the ones I was talking about from when plural marriage was legal? Do you know if that was also the case back then? I'm just curious. I thought I read that they just followed the Book of Mormon? I'm basically just trying to say that people hold them to the same standards of their own belief, which is not fair because they hold different beliefs. I have a hard time with religions that demand that their way is the only way and that's that. The only bible phrase from my religious ed that ever held true for me was "judge not, lest ye be judged." That's how I decided was the best way for my life. I think that's why it took me soo long to finally give up on Jon.

  86. Good afternoon everyone! I am back from the depths of dispair, going back down to the depths of nasal decongestion & more dispair. Where is that Nasonex bee when I need him? FYI the weather here is looking as horrible as I do. yuck.

    Don't even get my sick behind started on the hot nasty mess I call Sister Wives. It's all sorts of wrong. I laugh reading things like #2 waiting for available spot before bringing #3 into the family. Like it's a freakin shift at Taco Bell. If I need someone to watch my kids I get a sitter. Need our old apartment cleaned? We had Merry Maids. No need to pay for sex because I'm the only one that gets paid for that! (I kid people) But you are not going to bring someone in the house to do all that PLUS not consider me a legal wife. Besides, why is there a need for you to be attached on a daily basis, to women fighting over your man and his other 13 kids?? All shades of crazy. Won't watch either.

    Now as far as Fox Philly. They are owned and operated by the ever tanking GWOP. For real, you look in past articles and there is not one nice thing about the Gosselin family. In fact on a slow news day, they are desparate enough to pick the ever attacked-for-good-reason Perez Hilton's story JUST because it's about Kate Gosselin. They are rediculous.

    Bottom line, they just look for pebbles on the ground just to spray paint silver & sell as blood diamonds. And just like my analogies, they just don't make any freakin sense.....;)

  87. And because I have been so off topic I am going to post one of my favorite recipes:

    Lunch Box Taco Salad
    by Stella Zedman

    This totable taco salad makes a sweet treat for school lunches. Some assembly required, but kids love tossing together all the fixings and are sure to enjoy this welcome break from PB&J.

    * 2 cups (500 mL) shredded romaine or iceberg lettuce
    * 1/4 cup (50 mL) chopped tomato
    * 1/2 cup (125 mL) canned kidney or pinto beans, rinsed and drained
    * 1/2 cup (125 mL) salsa
    * 1/2 cup (125 mL) shredded Monterey Jack or Cheddar cheese
    * 1/4 cup (50 mL) sour cream (regular or low fat)
    * 1 cup (250 mL) tortilla chips (regular or baked)

    Cooking Instructions

    1. In a plastic container big enough to use as a bowl for the finished salad, toss together lettuce and tomato. In a small plastic container with a tight-fitting lid, stir together beans and salsa. Pack shredded cheese and sour cream in separate plastic containers. Finally, pack tortilla chips in a zip-top plastic bag.
    2. OK, you've got all the components. Now what? At lunchtime, open the container of lettuce. Dump bean mixture on top, add a dollop of sour cream and sprinkle with shredded cheese. Finally, crumble tortilla chips on top and lunch is served!

    Servings: 1

    How kids can help
    ~Prepare all the ingredients for the taco salad and place in containers.
    ~Assemble at lunchtime.

    I found this on

  88. First of all, that salad looks excellent. As do all of the recipes everyone has been posting! Yum, and thanks everyone!

    Craftymomof3, yes, from the beginning the LDS faith has used the Bible, even during the time when polygamy was practiced. Mormons believe the Book of Mormon and the Bible to be the word of God.

    On a Gosselin topic, does anyone have the “secret” beef recipe Jon made? Has anyone made it or something similar? It always looks so good to me.

  89. Yum -o on that Taco salad!
    Seems like the beef recipe of Jon's grandmother was listed at the end of that show or TLC. If I can get downstairs tomorrow I'll try to see if I have it saved somewhere.

  90. Thanks Ali! I love learning new things.

    I will keep looking for Jon's recipe. I haven't found one that's similar

    I had it saved on my laptop but it died.

  91. The Asian spare ribs are available at

    For the other recipe, you can google using Korean Beef Bulgogi recipe. (Just in case I can't find it.)

  92. Baby Mama. - gosh I was so hoping you'd be all well now.

  93. Thanks SO much, Linda! I have always wanted it, but could never remember exactly what it was called to google it. I'm excited!

  94. Thanks CMO3 for the recipe!!--I am adding all of these recipes to my notebook of favorites!! I am making Linda's Herb Crusted Pork right now.

    Baby Mama--Hope you feel better soon. Did this whole thing start with an annoying cough? I wonder if I am getting it too?

  95. THAT'S what it was called. Thanks Linda you rock!

    No problem girls. That's one of my favs. Oh Corrina? Send some of that pork south would ya? I've got a headache and don't feel like cooking! LOL. Sounds yummy. ;)

  96. CMO3--I could almost drive it to you! :) It sure
    smells good and cooking the herb topping clears you head after you get over the tears from the onions. LOL

    Tomorrow--Savory Oatmeal!

  97. CM3 – Regarding plural marriages in the Mormon religion, you are absolutely correct. What once was a wonderful way to care for family and the community, has turned into an immoral act because it does not follow another’s religious practices.

    Regarding poly-marriages - I would never be able to share a husband with other women; however, I would definitely jump on a multiple husband bandwagon if it drove by. I wouldn’t want more kids but they could bring their kids. They could be stay at home dads or hold jobs. I would have my own room and decide whom I want to hang out with or go out on the town. One husband could work around the house, one could take me out, and the other could sit and chat with me about spiritual and personal growth. I would definitely need three because I can’t find all three traits in one. LOL.

  98. Corrina, I can't wait to hear your thoughts about the oatmeal.

  99. Ok fascinated when you put that way maybe it wouldn't be so bad! LOL

  100. Corrina - hope you enjoyed the pork roast.

  101. fascinated- I like your bandwagon! I think I would consider multiple husbands too. I would never share 1 man either.

    Wonder why it's not allowed? Wonder if anyone out there is doing it within the religion?

  102. A tip - if cutting or dicing onions bothers you, store your onions in the refrigerator crisper. Cold onions don't make your eyes tear. :)

  103. The Beef Recipe of Jons is on my old site that I linked already above. I figured I would just share it again here before I started some fresh paper. Please feel free to add recipes on my next post as well(will have up hopefully by tomorrow)

    Korean Beef Bulgogi Recipe
    Beef, sliced cross thin 450 gms.
    Soya sauce 2 tbsps.
    Sugar 1 tbsp.
    Black pepper ¼ tsp.
    Onions, chopped 1" pieces 4 nos.
    Garlic, peeled/crushed 3 nos.
    Ginger root, grated 1 tsp.
    Dry sherry 1 tbsp.
    Red pepper flakes 1 tbsp.
    Peanut oil 1 tbsp.

    Sesame oil 1 tbsp.
    For the sesame salt
    Sesame seeds, toasted As required
    Salt 1 tbsp.

    Instructions1.Mix the soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, sesame salt(grind both the ingredients mentioned below sesame salt), pepper, onions, garllic, ginger, dry sherry and red pepper flakes in a bowl.
    2.Add the beef, mix well and marinate for 1/2 an hour.
    3.Heat the grill, when hot apply oil to the beef pieces and grill the meat till nicely browned on both sides.
    4.Once done garnish with sesame seeds.

  104. Baby Mama - Thank you! I knew it had to be there but I just couldn't find it. Are you feeling better?

  105. Thank you BabyMama for the beef recipe, my oven is on the blitz and they won't be in to fix it until Thursday and I just know they'll have to order a part delaying the fixing even longer so grilling recipes are nice, especially with how hot it still is.

  106. Thank you linda, sorry we haven't spoken, but yes..after a few days I am feeling a bit better. I got a break today after begging my mom to come and help me out. There was no way I could get the rest and medicine I needed without her handling the kids and dealing with the complete mess they made. Apparently my husband doesn't know how to do dishes or anything related to laundry ;P

  107. The "Sister Wives" family is now under investigation:

  108. Ali~ thanks for sharing that. I'm thinking it was one of the kids of the soon-to-be 4th wife that snitched. They probably wanted nothing to do with getting 13 more siblings!

    Linda went through all this trouble sending me a great recipe that once I saw was more than 4 sentences I completely blacked out from it. But it looked too good to not share so here it is:

    Herb-crusted Pork
    Level: Easy
    Serves: 6 servings per loin (usually sold 2 loins to bag. I cook both, serve one, and put other in freezer bag for future quick meal.)

    Ingredients for rub
    2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper ground or flakes
    Pinch of Kosher salt
    Stir/mix rub together in a small bowl
    Pat dry a 1 1/2 pounds pork loin roast with paper towel & rub in the rub mix with hands
    (Or just add a little cayenne to spice called Herb de Provence, either will work)
    If desperate, just pat dry loin, and forget the rub!

    Heat 4 tablespoons vegetable oil/or olive oil in skillet/frying pan on medium heat
    Brown loin in oil (5 mins., then turn & do other side.)
    Remove loin from skillet to baking dish but save the pan.

    Preheat oven to 375 degrees

    For the Herb Crust:
    1 sweet onion, peeled & roughly chopped (about 6 pieces)
    2 cloves garlic, smashed & peeled (or a teaspoon minced garlic from a jar)
    2 tablespoons freshly grated ginger (or 1 teasp dried Ginger)
    1 bunch fresh basil leaves (or 1/2 teasp dried basil)
    Add 1 tablespoon lime or lemon juice (bottled, jar or fresh)
    Throw all crust ingredients in food processor and grind/pulse to mush.
    Pour into frying pan with oil from pork and Cook onion/crust mixture for 2 minutes
    Remove from heat & stir in 1/4 cup bread crumbs. Remove from heat.

    Spread 1 & 1/2 Tablespoons Dijon mustard on roast on the top. (This will make crust stuff stick to roast) Dijon mustard has wine & makes everything taste better!
    Spoon on herb crust mixture and then smooth out over the mustard with the back of the spoon.
    (Doesn't have to be smooth, just spread crust stuff over the mustard.)

    Bake 40 minutes (or until 160 degrees)
    Remove to a cutting board and allow to rest, covered with foil for 5 to 10 minutes.
    Remove foil, Slice the roast, arrange on a serving platter and serve.
    It will be perfect every time!

    While roast is cooking, Quickly rinse small bag of baby carrots. Throw in sauce pot with 1 cup water. Add lid and put on medium heat. When roast is removed from oven to board, turn off carrots, drain, add 1tablespoon honey and stir together.

  109. Baby Mama,
    I hope you feel better in the morning.
    It's cute that the Baby Mama needs to be Mama's Baby when she's sick.
    We never outgrow needing our mom.

  110. Linda--Oh my--the pork roast was wonderful! And just like you said, the kitchen smelled like a fine restaurant. Definitely a keeper! Thanks for the tip on cutting onions too.

    Fascinated--I can't wait to make it.

  111. Baby Mama - I promise the recipe isn't really hard, I just included all that to explain it step by step. I'm glad your mother could come. It sounds like you needed it!

  112. yum, on the pork roast. Thanks for sharing. I made cheese stuffed taco meatballs for supper last night. Not sure what to make tonight. I am drawing a blank.

  113. Natasha - I don't have another quick Kate recipe. Whenever I'm stuck though, we have Fettucine Alfredo (with the spinach noodles using the recipe on the noodle package) and a tossed salad. Quick, easy, delicious, & nutritious (if you use low fat cream in the sauce, lol.)

  114. I'm leaving to pick DS up from school. He has to get 2 teeth pulled to finish fixing his teeth. His braces finally come off in April. Then DD's go on. lol With DH & I both having had them we knew both kids did not have a chance in you know what of having straight teeth. :-) I think I'll take a cookbook with me & try to find something inspiring while I'm waiting.

  115. Good afternoon everyone! It's fresh paper time! After reading all these yummy recipies, it's making me hungry! So again feel free to add more on my new post! I may someday get the energy to go to a supermarket to pick these ingredients up!

    The scent of fresh paper is courtesy of CraftyMom's yummy tacos. Can't get them suckers out of my mind. It's off for a quick burrito, AND THEN off to the supermarket! lol xoxox

    PS I guess I must be feeling better...