Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Watch School Time Here! What Do you Hope is Next For Kate Gosselin?

Photo: Splash News, Radar Online.com: "At the music store Wednesday with the Twins, Kate Gosselin was pretty in pink when she took her twin daughters on an after-school field trip to a local music store today. The mother of eight took twins Cara and Mady to the Menchey Music store on Wednesday afternoon in Pennsylvania to pick up some music supplies.

The trio of Gosselin girls were decked out in matching khaki shorts, proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Kate stayed busy on her cell phone, doing her best to multi-task, as the girls shopped around the store." What do you think will be next for Kate?

Kate Plus 8': Kate Gosselin and the rite of passage
Monday night's "Kate Plus 8" had its toughest competion yet in the form of new episodes across the board (including Kate Gosselin's old stomping grounds of "Dancing with the Stars"), but it may have actually been one of the more difficult episodes for the reality TV mom watch.
Why is that? This is the episode where Kate had to say goodbye to having her famous sextuplets at home. All of her children are not finally in full-day classes, meaning that she has an empty nest for the day at least for the next eight years (at which point twins Mady and Cara will be done). It was emotional in a way seeing the kids start their new chapter, and from this standpoint you could have sympathy for Kate (which isn't always easy on this show).
Really, what this summer's episodes of "Kate Plus 8" have shown is that you can have this show minus Jon -- is it a bit lacking in the drama department at times? Yes, but Kate somehow finds a way to insert some sort of madness into everyday situations that the show still ends up working.
Now, we just have new series "Twist of Kate" to look forward to -- whenever it actually premieres. What did you think of Monday night's episode? Examiner.com


  1. Well my kids are now teenagers so watching this episode was nostalgic. I agree with Kate in that the first day of school is as anxious for moms as it is for kids. I always get the kids up way earlier than required; just their first day, and then we fall into a good routine.

    I taught my kids to pack their lunches the night before and get their bags ready. It saves A LOT of chaos. Now if I could just get my daughter to keep her room clean enough to keep the door open. She is artistic and not organized. I appreciate our differences but at times, I get frustrated. : )

  2. I forgot to mention that I get stressed out taking my kids clothes/shoe shopping and I only have two of them. I am amazed at how she keeps things organized without completely melting down. I know my husband doesn’t take them shopping because he would come back with nothing and two angry kids. LOL

  3. I only have two boys but if I don't make their lunches the night before my morning is horrible! At least I always buy easy shortcuts in case I forget to do it the night before.

    I loved this episode. Starting kindergarten is a right of passage. It was a big day for them and Kate as well. This episode really showed me how much harder eight kids would be!

  4. I'm here Baby Mama. Been having some router issues today. For some reason, my laptop is connecting to the internet but then not downloading anything or downloading really slowly. I'm surprised it downloaded this page at all. Anyway, I will try to post this, hopefully it will go through.

    So I watched the episode finally and it was a good one. Very cute and there were points where I wondered how Kate didn't lose it especially in the back pack and clothing store. I have to agree with her on the velcro thing too. It may have sounded mean that she insisted on the velcro but who has the time to fuss with laces in the mornings when you have a bus to catch. I am sure the novelty would have worn off and then the laces would have become a source of contention every day. Good call putting her foot down there.

    I was really touched by the scene with the haircut. It made me well up when Kate cried because I can relate to that too. My oldest daughter has beautiful hair and it was never cut until she was almost 6 too. It was way below her butt and everyone would stop and comment on how beautiful she was and how they loved her hair. Well, it finally got to the point where it was too long and started getting in the way when she would go to the washroom so I had to break down and get it cut. I really felt so sad when all that hair got cut off. Of course she looked adorable with the new cut but as a mom it is always hard letting go of something so sentimental. It was a nice compromise to donate part of the hair and keep part too.

    As a general thing, what has stood out to me in these Kate Plus 8 episodes is how much Kate has changed as a person. I remember how plain and simple and really "no frills" she was. She never knew how to dress nor cared. Remember the episode where she and Jon went shopping and she didn't know how to put anything together and Jon was picking everything out? What a far cry from those days! She looks great of course but sometimes I wonder if her feet aren't killing her in the heels. lol

  5. I'm here! Sorry I am so late in the game...I finally watched the episode tonight with my daughter and it was so cute! I love how the crew busted her on buying shoes. LOL It was really funny when one of the boys told Leah (or was it Alexis...I forgot already who cut their hair) they wouldn't recognize her anymore and now he couldn't tell his sisters apart.

    It was nice to see a normal Kate on this episode. She seemed relaxed and herself and not worried about saying wrong things in front of the camera.

    I'm sorry if I am MIA a bit. Between work, Girl Scouts, Volleyball(two kids are doing it now!!!), dance and gymnastics I think I am forgetting to breathe!!! Plus I am also designing a blog for my aunt in my "spare" time. LOL

    If a new post goes up and I am not commenting some body facebook me or email me because I probably missed it!

  6. I couldn't get on last night or this morning until now.

    It is now harder to tell the girls apart from the back. It used to be: lighter brown hair, shorter dark hair, longer dark hair. Gosh, even Collin and Joel, same thing in that Joel and Collin are closer to the same size in height.

  7. The hair cuts were endearing. There's always one that refuses to have hair cut, everybody gets used to it, and then seemingly all of a sudden wants it cut. Let's hope Hannah continues to enjoy the shorter cut. We've had so many tears over "I wanted it cut but now I hate it and why did you let me do it?" that this year we just said no drastic hair cuts until a month into the school year. Do other people have trouble with kids who change their minds after a haircut?

    Hair style has always been a battle I've tried to avoid figuring if it's clean and brushed without snarly knots, the style choice was up to the child. I've yet to figure out a way to glue it back on once cut though, lol. My kids have been pretty opinionated about hair styles since about age three.

  8. Has anybody here actually tried the eye cream that Kate mentioned in People magazine? It sounds significantly less expensive than the iS Clinical Youth Eye that my dermatologist recommends. But does it work as well or is it just hype. I'd like to hear from somebody who's tried or uses the brand Kate talked about.

  9. LOL about the hair Linda! My daughter once had a Dora doll that had magic hair. When you touched the wand to her princess cap, the hair grew and of course you could keep making it shorter, then longer again. Wouldn't it be cool to have a feature like that for kids?

    I think many kids share the same issues about cutting hair then regretting it. I think they get bored with the old hair and want a change and once it's done, they love it for a day and then wish they hadn't cut it; especially when friends say things like "omg, I loved your long hair, I can't believe you cut it". Then it's all, " Why did you let me do it, you knew I would regret it later" and once you, the parent remind them how they begged and pleaded, they come back with something like "well you know I'm just a kid, since when do you ever consider what I want?". Sigh... at least this is how it went with my daughter. You just can't win for losing! In my case, this is what happened at the haircut before last and when she went in again just before school, I told her she could sit and discuss the whole thing herself with the hair dresser and I was not getting involved. She went in insisting that she was not going to get it cut short again and she just wanted a trim and I said fine and when she left her hair was shorter than the previous haircut. In fact, it was the exact same haircut as the hairdresser had. Of course since she made the whole arrangement and decision herself, she hasn't dared to complain about it once. :)

    On another note, I just wanted to say that I am glad Kate Plus 8 is being accepted and welcomed by fans of J&K+8. I was also afraid that the show would not be able to hold an audience after people had gotten used to expecting some big drama or revelation on the last few episodes of the old show. Yes, the kids and Kate can carry a show without Jon and without all the drama of their crazy separation and post divorce life. I have to admit, I was once of the people that thought Kate+8 wouldn't hold my attention because one of the things (aside from the kids of course) that I enjoyed about the old shows was the dynamic between Jon and Kate. It made for interesting tv and you always wanted to see how they tackled things next. So as of now, I stand corrected and can say I am really enjoying the new shows. I think now that the kids are older, they have more to offer to the episodes than before so Jon's place has become less noticeable. Heck, Mady alone is awesome tv. They should give her more airtime, she would certainly spice things up! I totally see her as a mini Kate in the making!

    Finally, and slightly off topic, I heard on the radio today that DWTS had its highest premiere show ever and that viewers of the show were up 29% from last year! I was kind of surprised since I was more enthused about last year's lineup of stars but I guess there are a few pretty big names in there this year, maybe just not ones I really care to see. I still looked forward to it a whole lot more last year when Kate was on it. Btw, I was a little irritated with Tony Dovolani a while back when it was announced who the partners were. He really made it obvious that he was thrilled this time with the partner he was given! I felt like it was kind of an insult to Kate. I know she couldn't dance worth anything and that he does want to win, but how rude to say it in that way, it's not her fault that she is not naturally coordinated in that way. Oh well, it looks like he did get his wish and Audrina will be one of the better contenders.

    Ok, that's all for now. I guess I'm really making up for lost time. :)

  10. another mom said:
    Btw, I was a little irritated with Tony Dovolani a while back when it was announced who the partners were. He really made it obvious that he was thrilled this time with the partner he was given! I felt like it was kind of an insult to Kate. I know she couldn't dance worth anything and that he does want to win, but how rude to say it in that way, it's not her fault that she is not naturally coordinated in that way.
    ---------------- -------------
    I totally agree!

    I really enjoyed the show; I just watched it last night. It was fun to see them doing the regular, every day things. And I don’t really understand how people can say that Kate is an abusive mom, she sincerely comes across as very loving. And I don’t like to bring this up because I know I will be attacked, so I won’t go into too much detail here but will say that I know what I’m talking about, especially where it involves parenting, with the degree and experience to back it up, and my opinion is that she is a good mother. Note I did not say perfect, nor do I think that I would do absolutely everything she does.

    What did you guys think of Colin covering the camera? I wonder if he doesn’t like being filmed. I couldn’t decide if it looked like he was playing or not. Not trying to start a war here, also not saying I think they are being abused or exploited because all of the other children seem fine with it.

  11. Just so you know, I am not a Kate hater, I am a Kate wonderer. I wonder why she allowed her children to be recorded pooping in a potty for all the world to see, I wonder why there is not contact for the children with their extended family, I wonder why Kate returned her children's Christmas present (the dogs) and they still have not returned although Kate stated earlier this spring that the dogs would be returning when the weather got warmer. I wonder why she still has not admitted that she called the marriage to jon at an end in the fall of 2008 yet still allowed filming to continue as if they were a happily married couple. I wonder why Jon is not allowed at the kids' house when they both proclaimed in their divorce procedure that the house belonged to the kids and the parents would rotate in and out when it was their individual time for custody? Could someone please answer these questions???

  12. Hey Ali - enjoyed your post. I'm not sure about Colin holding up his hand. To me it was just playing as Colin seems to be the most mischievous if the group. I'm guessing that if he didn't want to film, he wouldn't. Sort of like Mady didn't want to do the boat ride at Bald Head si she didn't, not a big deal. But who knows with kids.

  13. Lynn - Just Wondering - All of your questions have been answered many times. Suggest that as a newbie you read through the last two years of previous posts here.

  14. Yes Linda, that's what I was wondering, whether he was just being silly or what. He didn't seem upset or annoyed, so probably just being a kiddo!

  15. I loved the episode. The kids were so darn cute. It was fun watching them get so excited. You could really see the love they all have for each other. I also thought it was so sweet when they were loading up in the van and one of the kids said I love you mommy. Also, when Kate was trying on a pair of shoes they told her your feet look wrinkly. If they were afraid of Kate as the naysayers claim, the kids would not have commented like that.

    It was weird watching the van drive away. I hope this is not the last episode if the kids still want to film.

  16. I don't think Tony's comments were really against Kate, I think it has had more to do with the fact that he has never won, although probably because he's a guy, he didn't come out very tactfully. Men typically don't take the time to try to frame their words so they don't hurt peoples' feelings. He should have a lot less drama to deal with this season though.
    I think it's a good lesson for kids to learn to make choices and live with the consequences. Hairstyles are a great safe place for this. I like how another mom had her daughter discuss things with the hairstylist. I empathize with Kate's nostalgia, but I wonder if Hannah's headaches might be helped a little by not having soo much hair to carry around. I really loved that they shared a braid for kids with cancer.

  17. "Just so you know, I am not a Kate hater, I am a Kate wonderer." Lynn

    I am wondering why you think that is any of your business? I am also wondering why you think you know everything about Kate's life.

  18. Lynn, I am wondering why it hasn't occured to you that THINGS CHANGE. Circumstances change. The dogs coming back? Who knows? Maybe the kids don't care. There could be so many reasons why the dogs aren't back.
    Why is there no contact with extended family? Is there not? I never heard Kate or anyone say that there is no contact.
    Admiting to the public when your marriage ended? Are you kidding? How is that anyone's business? And why are you so convenced she's lying?
    Jon not living in the house? Does Jon even WANT to be there? Would you want to live in a house that legally did not belong to you?
    And as for pooping in the potty? Every family is different. Every family dynamic is different. My sister's husband's family thinks bodily functions are hysterical. We do not. To each his own.

  19. Tony should realize that it reflects poorly on him when he takes jabs at Kate.

    It's not the way a gentleman should behave.

  20. Good afternoon everyone! After the 3rd e-mail from people I am sorry to those that have not been able to get on my site to comment in the past day or two. I tried to talk to anyone I could at Blogger to see if it was an Explorer vs. FireFox thing, or if it's a Java Script thing. I don't know. Im trying to delete a few of the photos and videos to see if maybe having it easier to download is the issue.

    People are also telling me that Radaronline is having some serious virus issues for a few people that went on it recently. Something comes on your computer that it appears to be scanning. I am seriously thinking that's what happened when my computer cashed last year and I lost everything. So be careful if anything comes up when you click there. If its anything Gosselin realted you know I will bring it here. ;)

    Could you all let me know if you continue to have problems? Thank you to those that have e-mailed, please keep them coming and keep Linda & I posted. She showed me what she was getting on the site and I have no idea what's going on. Try posting today and see what happens. I was riddled with worry yesterday wondering ..where the heck is everyone?

  21. Welcome Lynn~ Have you ever posted here before I wonder?

    I give everyone an opportunity to share their thoughts. If it goes past the facade of snarky it's removed. Wonder all you want, your well aware that if it's negativity you want you can find it elsewhere. This is a Kate fan site, so we have no idea what the heck you are wondering about.since I agree with absolutely nothing you said..moving on ;)

  22. Baby Mama - It's the 503 error again. This means you have to keep clicking on "reload" and usually is a packet spamming error causing bandwidth overload. Unfortunately, not much we can do on this end at all.

    Both Blogger and others are working on the ability to block all those from Unknown domain names and those using proxy.

    I understand your frustration, Baby Mama. I dealt with this and other errors from the server on a daily basis while you were on vacation. It's enough to drive you bonkers.

  23. Hi Baby Mama--A few days ago, when I tried logging onto Radar, my computer said I had all these different viruses so I ran the anti-virus software right away and it seems fine. We are on the road and today was the first time I logged on. Still have to watch the latest episode but I did pick up People Mag and Kate is looking great (I know it's old news)--just had to say that she is such an inspiration.

  24. Tashapork, I agree with you in that I don't think Tony meant the comment to be rude knowingly. I honestly think he literally couldn't contain his excitement at having a hot, young girl to work with that might actually be able to dance. lol I think his comment (tweet actually) was something like 'couldn't be happier with my partner this time around'. Don't quote me though because I couldn't go far enough back in twitter to verify the actual words but it was defintely something to that effect and I just rememeber thinking if Kate read that she would feel kind of hurt.

  25. We all must be hitting a nerve again some where because my site is getting spammed by haters again.

    And to answer the questions the idiots asked me:

    Yes, yes, no and I don't think that's physically possible.

    Keep it up Baby Mama. You must be doing something right. LOL

  26. CM03 - You are soooooooo funny!
    Also had to laugh at idiot nasty judge on DWTS who immediately with this year's group, once again questioned whether Kate Gosselin should have been there and if she should be considered a celebrity.

    To that I respond:
    1. Last year is over, duh, shouldn't you be worrying about this year's group of dancers or do you need to bring up Kate's name to get attention.
    2. How many people can actually give the names of the judges on DWTS after a whole bunch of seasons? I'd bet if you listed all 3 judge names in a column and put it into a poll, the typical American would say, "Who the heck are these people?"
    3. This judge is himself only a celebrity and known person in his own mind. And, we are all laughing at home because most people have zero idea who this judge is!

  27. Yeah I thought that was a little out of line too. They are always looking for the ratings angle it's seem on that show. I like Tom the host because he's really funny and I used to listen to him in the morning waaaaayyy back in the day when he was a morning talk show guy on the radio in Boston. (plus he seemed to legitimately like Kate when she was on).

  28. CMo3 - He didnt like Kate last season; he's the judge; his opinion. But last season is soooo over! He needs to move on. If not, then perhaps DWTS needs to pay Kate more major $$ this year if they use her name to promote this season, lol.
    So how many people do you think could recognize the judge's name? Hmmm, last laugh on him. I didn't notice him getting asked to strut his stuff on the Emmys.

  29. Oh that was cute when Collin put his hand over the camera lens. You could see the little mischievous look & sparkle in his eyes right before he did it. We know the kids love the TLC crew and I'm betting it's not the first time he or maybe any of the other kids has done it just to tease the crew. Now when it comes to the paps you can clearly see a difference in their faces. They have such a frustrated look and not very happy when any pap is around. Don't forget how rude these paps can be because they love to shout out questions and other statements to grab their "victims" attention which as a child I would imagine is not pleasant when a stranger does that.

    BabyMama and any of those who visit ROL be aware this is a virus and once it gets ahold of your computer your computer will lock up and you can't do anything. Even shutting down and rebooting won't help once it grabs a foothold on your computer. This very same virus has hit me twice this year and luckily I was able to stop it in time two more times. If you are able to catch it immediately you need to shut your computer off right away and I'm not talking the start and then the shut down button, you must turn it off at the power button and that can prevent it from taking ahold of your computer. But if you have walked away even for a minute while this "scan" goes on then you are lost and your computer will lock up completely. Even the most up to date computer virus software has not been able to stop it in time. I've had to format and restore file twice this year because of this virus. It can happen on other sites not just ROL. It's done it once to my new laptop and thankfully I didn't have much on it at the time so I just formatted the hard drive and restored from the back up disks. I was on ROL last week when this darn thing hit my computer and I had to do a full format and then restore. So be aware. A couple of other viruses have popped up besides that one on ROL but thankfully my Norton stopped those before they could do any damage. Yes several people have reported this on ROL so be very aware if you go to that site.

    Sorry but my opinion of Tony went way down after he made that remark. It wasn't necessary and he should have his hands slapped by the officials at DWTS for dishing a past contestant. I know all the professionals want to win as bad as the celebrities but honestly I hope Tony loses that "trophy" and he doesn't win with Audrina after he sunk so low. I like Audrina and I know it isn't her fault but there is no excuse for what Tony did IMO.

  30. I so loved this episode....vintage crazy Kate and the kids living life. Simple things like going to the mall for me with one child...a major undertaking for Kate with all 8! So many sweet moments, funny lines from Kate. "A girl's gotta have shoes"...and that devilish smile afterwards!

    I hope this is not the end...was just getting comfortable having back to back Monday nites with this family. Hope TLC gives us some idea of the future...will Twist of Kate ever happen?

    And I too felt Tony was very unprofessional in his remark...how else was Kate supposed to take that? She has fully admitted that she not gifted in the least as a dancer and what other contestant had to fly back and forth across the country and put up with Jon's weekly crap? She still gave it so much effort. That should be noted and commended...no need for Tony or the stupid judge to criticize her!

  31. TLC - New posting at TLC again under the pull down menu for shows. There is a TLC Casting category that let's any wannabe's submit their info for a list of shows. I couldn't find anything that even remotely tempt me!
    November is Sweeps time when networks and show count viewership towards setting next advertising rates, I'm betting the new Kate show airs in November.

  32. Linda along those same lines about DWTS, I was thinking that they have the Situation and Bristol on this season and people don't seem to be having the same issues with them that they did with Kate. They don't seem to always be asking why they are on the show and how are they celebs. Fascinating.

  33. I guess Tony has forgotten that thanks to Kate he was on the cover of People. More people know who he is because of Kate. So instead of being rude he should be thankful Kate was his partner. I remember reading that one of the DWTS producers said Tony had nothing to complain about as he was on a magazine cover.

    I will be shocked if Tony & Audrina win. Bruno make like those big fake boobs she has but she still does not dance that great.

  34. Just to comment on the Tony stuff. I have watch DWTS off and on. Last year I watched it because of Kate. Last night hubby turned it on and I know this sounds like I am being snarky, but I find Tony to be a stiff dancer. I watch him dance with the other pros when Santana performed and thought he really doesn't move like the others.

  35. Welcome DollRed! If Tony was smart her would never attack any of his prior partners because it makes him look bad. I mean, he's gotten a few great dancers in the past, esp. Melissa Rycroft.

    I hate to get back to our little internet trolls, but the hate blogs are pulling at straws again this week. New talk is that Kate was so airbrushed that in the inside pink bikini photo she was missing her bellybutton! So first off, stop trying to read the articles on hate sites with not clear enough graphics. Her bellybutton is there. Mystery solved. Second, yes the cover was airbrushed a bit. All covers are. But take the time to look inside and see that even if they tweaked her, she still looks great. That must eat them up alive I'm sure.

  36. So I forgot to add...do you think we will be getting more Kate Plus 8 episodes? If Jon insisted there was only 7 for the season. If you look next week we would be up to number 5 I believe. Do you think they will stretch them out more, or do you think theyh will actually have something for us now?

    Has anyone seen any previews?

  37. I hope they do. My daughter has been loving the new show and it's been fun snuggling in with her and watching the episodes. It seems to be the only downtime I have lately! She loves Joel.

  38. My girls have loved watching the new season during our lunch breaks :) as well as the Duggars. And LPBW is my workout show in the morning :) TLC is getting a lot of my time these days, even though those are the only 3 I watch (I DVR them) Can't believe they're going the polygamy route with the new show, though. Anything for ratings, I guess.

    For the time being, I will simply comment on those beautiful kids. I'm having a hard time with being positive on Kate right now, except that I think she does well as a parent of 8 kids. But I love hearing the conversations between the little kids and seeing their excitement at the little things! They are just adorable!!

    When I think of the school episode, I think it must be such a challenge to be the older girls at times. I love the above article where Kate just took them to the music store. Also, when she took them surfing. It's good that they get to have that time with their mom. I wonder if Kate took all the kids just for the show's purpose, and if she would've split up the trips had it not been for an episode. Also, I hope that if they do continue with filming, that they try to capture more of the everyday life at home rather than all the outings, though those are fun to watch, too.

    You know what's kind of annoying? How TLC duplicates trip ideas between shows. Whether it's deep sea fishing, going to the beach and flying kites, Discovery Cove, holding exotic birds, etc. Does anyone else notice that?

    Also, I think that clicking on some of the very few ROL links that I have caused me to obtain viruses. I will not be doing that in the future.

  39. Regarding what business Kate had being on DWTS and this constant questioning of her "celebrity", I think it is the biggest load of crap! How many people on many past seasons have been famous for being famous? What about Kim Kardashian? She doesn't have any singing or acting career. She's famous just for being known. This season alone there are three contestants that I can think of that are the same kind of celebrity as Kate. Bristol Palin is famous for what, having a politician mother and for having a baby out of wedlock. Audrina is also a reality star and The Situation? Come on, he's famous for being a sleazy guido with good abs? Btw, I'm really not saying this to be mean, it's just an observation but boy is he pigeon toed. I was afraid he was going to fall over his own feet trying to do some of those dance moves! Anyway my point is that it's dumb of the judges to keep picking on Kate when there are so many other contestants of the same "genre" shall we say. And to be honest, I think people like that are what the true spirit of this contest are about. The whole point of DWTS is to get people that have no clue about the world of dance and turn them into ballroom dancers. If you ask me, it's dumb that Nicole Scherzinger won last season because this is what she does for a living. Yes, I understand it is a completely different type of dance than she is used to but she still is a singer and a dancer and is used to choreography so she defintiely had an unfair advantage.

    As for the whole virus situation on ROL, that is scary stuff. What's going on these days, you can't surf the net without fear anymore. The other day there was a problem on twitter and you didn't even have to click on anything to get that virus. Supposedly if you moused over certain links your computer would get infected. Craziness!

    Finally, I was wondering about these episodes of Kate + 8 that were airing every week. I was hoping they decided to become regular shows again but now I am hearing this is the last one. It will be sad not to see them anymore. I hope there will be more shows, and whatever happened to twist of Kate???

  40. OMG, that is too funny about airbrushing Kate's belly button out. I still haven't seen the whole People article but whatever. I still maintain that no matter what has been done on the magazine pictures, all you have to do is see her in person on the show to know that she has a great body and is very fit and toned. Who cares if they have airbrushed stuff on the pics. They do it to everyone!

  41. So sorry that so many of you are continuing to have problems loading the site, or having to disable java script to load (which makes the comment block disappear.)

    If it is the 503 bandwidth error, hitting the back arrow or reloading should help.

    The other problems we are still working on with blogger.

  42. I'm not having a problem viewing this site and posting...

    By the way, just learned from the Murt hearing that SAG does not have reality tv show members. Anyone on reality tv is not in the union. Maybe in the future. The rep said that since it appears that a lot of reality tv shows are indeed scripted or staged that it's a possiblilty they will be included in SAG one day.

  43. Remember last year, when Kate said she was jealous of her babysitter and wished she could stay home and bake cookies with her kids instead of working?

    That shows that she does place more of a priority on being mom to her kids than having a career. She may have to work these days, but she is not doing it by choice.

    Her heart is in the right place. If Jon would support her and the kids she would love to be a sahm.

  44. SG - Duggars have done 2 scripted movies broadcast both in theaters & tv, so they qualify. The Roloffs appeared in cameo roles in a movie, so they qualify.

    I don't think the Gosselins plan on filming any more until next summer, kids will be 7 then. Guess the law will have to be revised so Gosselins can specifically excluded.

    I doubt if Jon will ever find a sustaining job, so what's going to happen?

    Oh, joy oh joy. Perhaps the Gosselins can move to NY. (Just kidding.) Or maybe NJ since they are courting filming. Or, maybe Wyoming, or heck, just move to Canada.

  45. For those of you connecting via Rogers as you service provider, send me an email and I'll work on them one by one.

    I will continue to get to each email as soon as I can.

    In the interim, you can turn off java script and read but can't post.

  46. Crabitha said...
    If Jon would support her and the kids she would love to be a sahm.

    They are divorced. It is not Jon's responsibility to support Kate or vice versa. Just the kids.

    I have to disagree with you about Kate just wanting to be a sahm. She has many times clearly said that she realizes she loves doing media and speaking engagements and that she realized she wants to pursue a career in the media.

    Now that the children are in school full time it's something she can pursue on her own if that's what she really wants.

  47. Linda,

    I was just clarifying that the SAG rep stated that SAG does not currently cover people doing "non-scripted reality tv shows" but may in the future.

  48. The testimony of Robert O'Brien, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Department of Labor & Industry was very informative. Here is the link:

    I was surprised to read that updating the Child Labor Laws has been ongoing since 2005. I got the impression it was Murt’s idea to update the laws.

    Was also glad to see O’Brien said, “We are, therefore, disappointed that discussions on updates to the current Child Labor Law have become focused on one particular industry. Strengthening the protections for ALL working minors — not just those in the entertainment industry — has been a shared goal of the department and the General Assembly through prior sessions. That goal must be maintained moving forward, because focusing on a single sector unjustly neglects the need for a comprehensive overhaul.”

    O’Brien also says, “I would like to note that there are significant problems with HB 2515 (Murt’s bill) that must be corrected”.

    Guess Murt should have consulted with people that had experience with the labor laws before drafting his bill!

  49. That's awesome Gee Whiz, thanks for sharing. Murt's such a twit.

  50. CMo3&GeeWhiz - I third that remark - He is a twit! How arrogant to think that he knows more than specialists in their field. How sad that rather than looking out for all children, one sector gets targeted.

  51. Since it seems that the labor law changes have been in the works for a while now, it's a good thing that Murt made it more public and it gained attention. Maybe it will make things move along quicker.

    I think combining Murt's bill and the other proposed bill for labor law improvements will cover all the bases for children in the entertainment business as well as all other children that are working. Sad if you think about it... I did some research on the PA Child Labor Laws a few months ago and they really need to be updated. The farming laws are insane.

    I think it's a good thing there is more attention to the labor laws. "Famous" people taking action along with Rep. Murt might make the difference in getting the word out there. I know I had no idea the child labor laws were so antiquated.

  52. I'm for reform across the board in all 50 states; uniform code & enforcement for all. I'd like to know if there are laws in Arizona, Florida, Arkansas, New York, etc. Is there an effort under way to block the families of multiples any where from filming or does it remain single-mindedly directed at Kate and the Gosselin kids?

    The gossip mill says there's also a NJ family on the drawing board along with one from Illinois.

  53. SG - That's just baloney about Murts bringing it to light! So much of his junk is contrary to the Dept of Labor and WAY misses the mark in so many others. The Labor reform there was well in the works across the board. Murts cares only about sensationalism.

  54. Of course Jon should be supporting his ex-wife (they were married for ten years) and his eight children. Why should he be exempt from this fiscal responsibility? Every other man who leaves his wife and kids is expected to support them.

    Kate has stated that she wishes she could stay home with her children and it's a shame that she can't. NO decent mother "wants" to work when her youngest children are entering kindergarten. They are practically babies and they need their mom to be home. What if they get sick? What if they just need some mom time during the day? Are they supposed to bond with a babysitter? Only very self-absorbed women CHOOSE to work when their children are this young. Many women have to work, but that's different and it's not by choice.
    I am so sorry that Kate has not been allowed to fully follow her dream as a mother. I'm sure she hates each and every moment she has to be away from her children.
    Jon should be working his tail off so that the mother of his children can raise their children.

  55. LindaO - I agree Murt was all about sensationalism. Murt should be embarassed that O'Brien confirmed he was focused on the Gosselins and that he has so many things wrong with his bill.

  56. The laws should not target the Gosselin children. Can Murt make it any more obvious that he has a bias?

    I'm in favor of laws that cover all 50 states and protect all children.

    Why don't we see Paul Peterson trying to save the Duggar kids? If he were truly concerned about children he could save more of them by working on Arkansas law.

  57. Petersen should concentrate on California. Tori & Dean's son was shown naked (private parts blurred) on their show. Their daughter was also shown potty training. So how can he complain about what went on with the Gosselins?

  58. I personally think it sucks what Murt is doing and I support anything that has to do with changes in the laws as long as it has nothing to do with Murt or Kevin and Jody. I DO NOT support people using others in the way that they do. They are demonizing TLC for doing exactly what they are doing to the Gosselins. Backing them is I think is like backing a witch hunt, which is how I view what they are doing.

    IMO. Enough said. I am glad that the actual legit lawmakers are aware of what's going on so the changes can be thorough and well thought out.

  59. Good evening everyone! I am so completely overwhelmed, it's nice for a change to get on this blog and release a deep breath!

    So stupid Perez Hilton has gotten himself in trouble again. How? Well he was known to jump the gun and start up press he knew in the end was never true. But to take his source as an upcoming In Touch that has basically said Angelina was pregnant 15 times is nowhere to pick up your info! He got all the media & Kate Haters in a frenzy today when he announced that Kate Plus 8 was canceled! See below.


    Rut Roh..problem was is was so far from the truth and the new story in the media is the depths of low Perez is reaching for his stories! The following is from Gossip Cop:

    "Celebrity blogging’s clown prince, Perez Hilton, has once again taken a rumor that Gossip Cop already busted, and trumped it up as real news. Hilton just announced that TLC “quietly cancelled” the Kate Gosselin reality series “Kate Plus 8″ because ex-husband Jon Gosselin supposedly wouldn’t sign off on more camera time for their children. He stole the story and his quotes from this week’s In Touch (without bothering, of course, to say where this “news” began).

    But the In Touch item was completely wrong, as Gossip Cop learned yesterday. Talk of cancelation is “not true,” a TLC rep told Gossip Cop exclusively. So, for the 10,000th time, Hilton has “reported” belatedly and wrongly. We congratulate him on the milestone!"


  60. BM, he is hardly a legitimate news source.

    Nor are any of these gossip rags. Occasionally they get something right, but only by chance.

    BTW, I'd like to see Jon do more to support his family than threaten to take away their only steady source of income. He's pathetic.

  61. GeeWhiz,
    Maybe Petersen isn't aware. You can email him the show and episode info. He may not know what's going on unless informed viewers bring it to his attention.

  62. Why would Peterson focus on a family in Pennsylvania and ignore one (Tori Spelling's) right in his own back yard?

    That doesn't make much sense...

    Unless perhaps he's more interested in creating scandals than he is in creating safe work environments for children?

  63. Miss Elainius~ Welcome! You hit the nail right on the head and what you said was right on point!

    Ok so Linda is gradually helping me figure out that people not only had problems posting on my site but viewing it as well! And here I thought everyone forgot about me ;) So I removed a few elements and I hope that people are now able to join us!

  64. Excuse me but I thought Peterson had this whole foundation set up to be the watchdogs and protectors. What? No? Then what the heck is he doing with the contributions? What about Gloria Allred? She's right there in California also. What about the whole reality kids bloggers? Oh wait, that's just anti Kate, I forgot. Silly me.

  65. Better now Baby Mama but still slow.

    Some Canadians still having trouble but dealing with emails one by one. :)

    I've enjoyed the emails trying to help. A number we're still trying to resolve.

  66. I think part of the slow loading is bandwidth again (that's beyond our control.)

    The other part is lots of video but we need to keep that, lol.

  67. BM, thanks for the gracious welcome.

    I haven't had any trouble posting, but I think this is like my fourth one.

    It would be good to get the blog thing fixed, it's sort of like talking to yourself when no one replies!

  68. I really don't know. I do know CA does have child labor laws set in place for children on tv. It seems to include reality tv children. I'm not sure if Petersen takes donations so that he can sit and watch reality tv all day and night. If someone sees something objectionable in a show concerning a child it is up to them to report it. No one should assume he is aware of it.

  69. SG - I do not have a problem with their show nor with children participating in reality shows. I only pointed it out because Petersen said the Gosselin show would never be allowed in California, where they have the strictest child labor laws yet a show there shows more than the Gosselins ever did.

    IMO, Petersen used the Gosselins to get in the news. I also think he was upset because TLC did not hire him to be a consultant when he offered.

    I'm so glad O'Brien let the world know what Murt and Petersen's true motives were.

  70. This is absurd!

    Peterson doesn't have the time to sit around all day and watch reality tv (so he is unaware of Tori Spelling's show) but he has plenty of time to study the Gosselin children, write about them, and travel to Pennsylvania in order to testify at a hearing?

    Um...not a very decent reply.

  71. Absurd? Lol. I just think a lot of the outraged ex-Gosselin fans contacted Petersen and made him aware of things going on in the show they didn't agree with. I think he may also have been made more aware by the person drama that took place in the media. Maybe Jon or Kevin or Jodi contacted him. I don't know how he got involved in it but I'm glad he did.

    Sitting around watching tv is not productive. Getting involved and doing all those other things he did to help is. Again, viewers should make him aware if there's an issue. I don't see now he can watch every reality show to keep tabs on what can be considered illegal or improper.

    I'm on my BlackBerry so I can't reply as easily...

  72. I personally have no problem with Tori's show (It's one I enjoy.)

    Let's see. Reality shows involving kids are what, 6 hours a week? Since that's only 1/4th of one day per week, I hardly think that qualifies as "sitting around watching reality tv all week." I'd say, if you gotta fly out to testify giving your 'expert' opinion, then you Should be at least an expert on what's happening now and not just what happened say, 25-30 years ago!

    Since many of the child stars of Peterson's day completely disagree with him, shouldn't they be allowed to testify also?

  73. Schmecky - So when exactly do you think that Jon will stop depending on women to support him and actually get a job to support himself and perhaps support his children as well?

  74. I just will Never consider Twittering a Real job!

  75. So how many activist groups are working on law changes in Arizona, New York, Arkansas, Florida, and now for New Jersey etc?

    The question becomes one of do you just want to block Kate Gosselin, is it about the Gosselin kids at all, or merely a vendetta against Kate?

    From the statistics available, it surely appears that there are many child related injuries and deaths from farm labor, and industry unsuited to those under 18, etc. Let's at least make this issue about ALL children and not just the Gosselin children.

  76. Miss Elainius - welcome! I'm just really enjoying your comments!

  77. Miss Elainious said - NO decent mother "wants" to work when her youngest children are entering kindergarten…..Only very self-absorbed women CHOOSE to work when their children are this young. Many women have to work, but that's different and it's not by choice….Jon should be working his tail off so that the mother of his children can raise their children.

    Wow, I am very confused. Unless you were being sarcastic, your statement is a bit out-dated and completely offensive. Lots of decent moms choose to work as opposed to being stay at home moms. Lots of dads choose to stay home as opposed to providing for their partner to stay home. I am confused because your statements after did not seem as bizarre as your first posting. I chose to work when my children were very small. I took them to work with me, they stayed at relatives, and a few years later, my husband was able to work shift work and be at home with them more than me. I contemplated being an at home mom and realized quickly that it wasn’t for me. We both enjoyed the arrangement and I don’t think I am self-absorbed.

  78. Ok, I almost hesitate to post this because I don't want to seem like I am nitpicking on Miss Elainus but I just felt that in your first post, the part about only very self absorbed women choosing to work when they have young children was quite harsh.

    Personally, I have been a SAHM since my first child was born almost 11 years ago and I sacrificed my career to do that. I am also grateful that financially I was able to do it. I know you said that you weren't referring to people that had no choice financially but I don't think it is fair to the group of women that are just not cut out to be SAHMs that they should be looked at as shallow or self absorbed. I think there are all kinds of people and some people are not cut out to stay home with screaming kids all day long. It doesn't mean they don't love their kids as much as those of us that do stay home, but there are two sides to every argument. I have some friends who have CHOSEN to work and their reasoning is that if they stay home, they are just going to be frazzled all the time and that in turn they will be impatient and short tempered with their kids. Their theory is that a happy mommy will make for happier kids and you know, there is some merit to that point. I know how extremely frustrated I get by being in my 4 walls with 4 kids all day and all night, day in and day out and believe me, it does affect the way I interact with them. I am very short tempered and impatient and have a low tolerance for the screaming, crying etc. that goes on all day. There are days I just burst and days I put my head in my hands and cry, and when that is all over I feel guilty for having yelled at my kids more than I should have or been short tempered or shooed them away. It's not a fun thing to go through so I can understand where someone is coming from when they admit that they are not cut out for that lifestyle and would rather be out doing something else part of the day and as a result can come home more refreshed and ready to deal with the kids. I know that even though my husband works hard all day and is exhausted when he gets home, he has much more patience and a higher tolerance for the noise and disobedience etc. than I do because he hasn't been in it all day.

    I hope you don't take my saying this as an attack. I understand it is your opinion but I just don't think it is fair to say that mothers who choose to work outside the home when they have young kids are selfish or self absorbed. Sometimes I wish I could get away for a while so that I could have better quality of time with my kids rather than being mad at them all the time but I am too anal to let anyone else take care of my kids. To be honest, it is kind of admirable of a woman who recognizes that she can't manage that lifestyle and does something to make it better for herself and her kids. That is my opinion and no one has to agree. I guess I just took offense to the way your comment was made. Sorry, just had to say that. :)

    As for the whole discussion about the child labour laws, I don't know too much about the things being discussed so I can't really comment but I can say that I do think ALL kids should be protected under that law regardless of the genre of performing they do. That means reality shows too. Whether the child is acting or depicting real life on camera, at the end of the day, the end result is still the same and that is that these kids are appearing in millions of households and their lives are becoming public so there should definitely be laws in place to protect their rights. Oh, and Perez Hilton is just an idiot! Nothing he says has any merit in my books.

  79. I think she was giving a sarcastic response to SG's comments. At least that's how I took it.

  80. Let's see:
    8 Gosselins
    4 Roloffs
    19 Duggars
    7 Joneses
    7 in the newest show in New York
    The Masches
    More as you all know

    What becomes the issue? The Gosselins. More than that, just Kate. She should work; she shouldn't work. Work must be apart from the kids; but anything she does separately gets slammed. She gets freebies; she's not entitled to freebies.

  81. First of all, if my last post came in three times, I apologize! I don't know why because I only submitted it once. It came through my email three times so Baby Mama, if has come through more than once please feel free to delete the extras.

    Secondly, fascinated, I commend you on being able to say your piece in one paragraph! I think I have to take an Immodium for my verbal diarrhea!! I guess I try to be too diplomatic sometimes and so it takes forever to say something. lol

  82. another mom - I adore your long comments! You pour everything into them.

  83. Need to clarify something. I will attempt to assist with computer related questions via email. Email in general about the blog should still go to Baby Mama as always!

    Please note that I am not a computer expert by any means. I've just dealt with more of the blogger/spamming/etc problems in the last month so many of the issues are repeats.

  84. AnotherMom~ Having been a SAHM for so many years, I would take HUGE offense to anyone making a comment regarding something so important to me. I have done both and both are hard and rewarding in it's own way. Working vs. Stay-at-home moms is a non-winning war, both sides are equal. So I'm going with Linda on the fact that I will hopefully see that it was not meant to insult anyone.

    And never worry, I normally delete repeated posts and posts where the comment was removed by the commenter themselves. I'm not like other blogs that leave it there so it looks like they have more comments then they actually do. See? Snark. I love it ;)

  85. Linda~ I pulled off the new ads. I was not aware that they had pop-ups and I hope that will be helpful. I also took off the Translator although I loved looking at my site in German. It was pretty. lol

  86. another mom: That was an excellent post. Spot on!

  87. Hey Baby Mama - Google has a built in translator so that will help those from other countries. Weird though, they can read in language of choice but doesn't translate all of the posted comments.

    All is loading faster this morning. We'll see how it goes when bandwidth traffic starts increasing about 10 am

    A little snark from me. Why is it that people you want to get on have trouble and many of those you wish could disappear forever don't ? Lol.

  88. I like your long thoughtful posts Another Mom and thank you for the complement. However, the dark side of being brief (which happens most of the time) is that I don’t explain myself well enough and it leaves people guessing at what I am saying. People then get confused or offended and I reread what I wrote and go HUH, myself. LOL

  89. Would anyone hirer Jon?

    Many people had to defend their character and demonstrate that they have changed by taking jobs that are what they would deem ‘beneath them.’ Many people that had one hit wonders on tv had to resort to ‘menial’ labour to make a living. I think if Jon really wanted to work he could go to a business, quietly, without the cameras, and someone would probably hirer him.

    I think that he isn’t looking for work because he is still being paid by TLC and so doesn’t want to. I think that he doesn’t plan for the future and is spending the money as it comes in and plans to worry about work later when it runs out. If it were me, I would be using this money to go back to school or put it in savings and work now. But that is me. At first, I was frustrated with Jon’s behaviour, but really, it doesn’t matter what he does; I am not married to him. : )

    I can definitely identify with Kate’s frustration towards him because he totally reminds me of my brother in law (I think I spoke about him before).

  90. To those that said they appreciated my long posts, thank you! It really means a lot because I do put a lot of thought into what I write. In all honesty I try so hard to keep it brief but it just never happens.

    Fascinated, I guess there is a dark side to both writing styles. I write so much because I am trying to explain thoroughly what I mean so no one gets offended, but then I am sure it makes a lot of people tune out just to see paragraph after paragraph after paragraph. lol I guess that is what makes us all individuals though.

    Baby Mama, thanks, I am sure no one wants to see their comments times three on there least of all me. Imagine how much it would lengthen the page just to have three of my posts back to back! :/ Oh, and you definitely don't need to leave extra posts on here to show that you have a lot of posters, but I guess other blogs do. Gotta have a little snark here and there right? :)

    Also on the subject of Miss Elainus, I have to agree with Schmecky, I went back and reread it and I really don't think there was any sarcasm there. I believe it was her opinion and as I said before, she is most certainly entitled to it but I took offense to the way the comment was made. That said, only Miss Elainus knows what and how she meant her words so if she so desires, she can clarify that rather than us speculating.

    Well now, that was kind of brief right? lol

  91. lol another mom. I always enjoy your comments too. I like that you try to clarify what you write. I do the same thing. It's important especially when some people misunderstood what you wrote or twisted your words into something you did not mean.

  92. Good morning everyone! I just wanted to say hi, though I'm home today sick :( Sick in a messy room, where I have no energy to clean it but hate looking at it..Ever have those days?

    Gosselin news is a little slow. Minus people still talking at what an idiot Perez Hilton was for using In Touch as a legitimate "source", things have been kind of quiet. I was thinking today again about how credible any of these "sources" are when they get info. Magazines can basically put anything out there and claim they are protecting their source. But if Perez messed up by basically showing everyone that he gets his info from the same Rag Mags everyone reads, I feel this kinda just proves that everyone is full of it..lol

    Tonight I will be putting up Linda's recipe post. Hopefully this weekend everyone will share their favorites. Then one of you can cook it and send something to me! :)

  93. Baby Mama,
    I've been home sick since yesterday. Sucks. Fortunately my house is clean. I feel for you though. Although there's no excuse better for spending a day just lazying around...

    I don't think Kate Plus 8 was "cancelled." I think they were just done filming. They only had temporary permits and TLC did say it was going to be a limited number of "specials" for the summer.

  94. Baby Mama - So sorry you've been sick. Hope you feel better fast! We all need you well and healthy!
    The infamous recipe post, huh? That is funny beyond belief. Well, perhaps it will add comic relief or give the "h" folks something new to rip apart, lol.
    I'd send you some of those freshly cooked things in a heartbeat. :) Although it sounds more like you need some chicken soup than anything else. Again, hope you feel better.

  95. Grrrrr - just got that stupid 503 error again. Personally, I'm ready to send those packet spammers out on the last space shuttle without a return ticket!

    Baby Mama - sending you an email.

  96. Feel better Baby Mama.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  97. Good afternoon everyone! I am feeling better though after a few days of no sleep, I passed out today. My mom really helped me out, but now with the kids home from school, it's back to business!

    I wanted to thank Gee Whiz for bringing us the info to me regaring all these supposed new laws. HB 19 vs. HB 2515 that was proposed by Rep Murt is like a literal night & day. For simpler terms, I post the article below:

    "Child TV stars seek better laws for young actors in Pa. Updated: Sep 24, 2010 12:09 AM EDT

    Harrisburg got a taste of Hollywood on Thursday as former child stars came to the state Capitol in support of tougher laws in Pennsylvania. Paul Peterson, or if you prefer "Jeff" on The Donna Reed Show, was joined by Alison Arngrim, "Nellie" on Little House on the Prairie; and Jon Provost, "Timmy" on Lassie, to promote stricter laws governing child actors.

    Provost said there are 131 pages of laws governing uses of animals in the media, but just a page and a half governing kids.

    "If we can protect insects and spiders more than we protect our children, something needs to be changed," he said. Proposals include requiring work permits, restricting the hours kids can work to an age-appropriate number of hours per day, requiring a teacher to be on the set, and setting aside 15 percent of pay in a trust for the child.

    "If you're gonna take your childhood, and it only comes once and will never have again, if you're gonna take it and sell it, you should get a very good price," Arngrim said. "I did."
    All three said California law protected them. They worry about Pennsylvania kids, especially those in reality shows like those featuring the Gosselins.

    Jon and Kate Plus 8 netted its network hundreds of millions of dollars. Did the children get their fair share? Were they exploited in the process?

    "This is no longer about privileged kids who are highly trained," Peterson said. "Now we're talking about perfectly ordinary children who find themselves in front of a TV lens."

    Kate Gosselin's brother, Kevin Kreider, and his wife Jodi, of Elizabethtown, used to be part of the reality show. They have since distanced themselves from it and worry about the long term effects on their nieces and nephews.

    "They are working and therefore they need safeguards," Jodi Kreider said.

    When asked about the nature of his relationship with his sister, Kevin Kreider refused to answer, saying it was a "family issue." It is not likely child labor will be dealt with in the few legislative session days left this year."


  98. So sorry you're sick Baby Mama! It seems like September rolls around and the viruses run rampant. It's sad that this is our fate until about April! Ugh.

    Looking forward to the recipe post tonight. Anything that can broaden my dinner choices is welcome. I'm always stumped for something new and exciting. :)

  99. Can Kevin and Jodi ever keep their mouth shut and their muggs out of the limelight of these hearings?

    Yeah Kevin, "its a family issue" that you and your dear wife created by going behind Kate's back and selling out her marriage and privacy. There would be no family issue if you had stuck by your sister and protected her like most big brothers do!

    Kevin and Jodi are the founders of the hate Kate group ...one subtle spark of lying talk all for money and it started a massive out of control raging firestorm of blogging hatred! Hang your head in shame Kevin for selling out your beautiful, loving sister!

  100. ITA firedup. I hope he wakes up to that fact soon.

  101. firedup4kate: Do you even believe the stuff you just said? I'm shaking my head that you don't see that Kevin & Jodi were worried about the kids, no more no less. We care about the G kids, don't we?

  102. I care about the G kids and I personally don't think Jodi and Kevin do anymore. When they showed up for the photo op at the house while Kate was gone that cemented it for me. They talk in circles. They say horrible things about the G kids mother in very public forums which the kids can see later. I agree there needs to be better laws but they need to go back to their own life and leave the G kids rights in the hands of their parents and lawmakers.

    I seriously can't believe we are discussing them again.

  103. CMO3 it's back in the news weather we like it or not. Had it not been for Kevin & Jodi perhaps the lawmakers would not be as far ahead as they are. Don't get me wrong, I was a huge fan of the show and don't want to believe the kids are unhappy, abused or anything of the sort. But I prefer to trust the people who know more than I do to say their piece and not bad-mouth them along the way. If they're wrong and Kate was truly a "beautiful, loving sister" and they were only out to hurt her out of jealousy or whatever, that will come out in time. Sorry, but I made no secret that I was more pro-kids than pro-Kate.

  104. If Kevin and Jodi were truly concerned about the kids they would not have taken steps to alienate themselves from Jon and Kate.

    If they really cared and believed the kids were in some way being neglected or harmed they would have worked behind the scenes to point out whatever problems they saw and quietly worked to solve them.

    I hate to use the "J" word because it is tossed out so inappropriately when it comes to the Gosselin family. But in my heart of hearts I believe that Kevin and Jodi (mostly Jodi) were terribly jealous and tried to cash in and exploit any problems or rumors.

    I do not believe their intentions were pure, and I think it was very hard for Kate to deal with their betraying her family and putting everything in the worst possible light.

  105. Whatever. I'm not getting involved in this conversation again. I'm pro Gosselin family.

  106. I think it's about time for some fresh paper no? ;) I always think a good healthy debate is important.. As we already know both sides always have a strong opinion on every matter regarding the Gosselin family. I will be putting Linda's post back up for this weekend and I hope you all can continue the discussion there. I also hope that you post your favorite Kate or non Kate recipies to share! Hey I don't cook, but feel free to send some love and a home cooked meal my way! xoxoxox