Friday, September 17, 2010

Kate Gosselin on People: Self Promoter or Working Mom?

"After a few sun-filled days shooting a magazine cover in Mexico, Kate Gosselin returned to reality on Friday, stepping out in Pennsylvania to take her kids to a dentist appointment. Kate traded in her colorful bikini for a business look, pairing a button-down blouse and black skirt with heels.
The four kids with her also stepped out in style: the two boys wore matching shorts and polo shirts while the two girls wore matching jean shorts and pink tops and shoes. Kate, who recently talked about her devotion to fitness and staying healthy, kept a water on hand to stay hydrated during the warm afternoon of errands."

Did Kate Gosselin Get Hot All of a Sudden?:

When a magazine plays up some female celebrity's "revenge body," most of the time it's total nonsense. But in the case of Kate Gosselin's new People magazine cover, there might be something to it. She actually looks good. Really good. Like, blow-Jon's-cadre-of-mediocre-girls-out-of-the-water good. At 35, the mother of eight and rumored girlfriend of Steve Neild may be making him one lucky protector. She is now "the most fit I've ever been," she says. How? No plastic surgery for this reality star. She credits near-daily runs outside her Wernersville, Penn., home, and she's not afraid to show off the results.

Kate Gosselin on People: Self Promoter or Average Working Mom?:

In response to Kate’s cover photo, “Mom of 4 Bonnie Fuller” asked, “Is Kate Putting Self Promotion Ahead Of Parenting On Her Priority List?“  I don’t know, “Mom of 4 Bonnie Fuller.”  Is Kate putting self-promotion ahead of parenting, or is self-promotion just a part of having a job in media, “Mom of 4 Bonnie Fuller?”  Where are your kids while you write your columns on your website with your name all over it?
We all know Kate Gosselin is the Mommy the media loves to hate.  Kate appeared on the cover of Life & Style this Spring, with the phrase “OUT OF CONTROL MONSTER!” splayed across her chest. In an article about Kate’s new book, the rag accused her of exploiting her children for cash, which may seem inarguable, given that she’s chosen to raise her kids on-camera. But the piece went on to criticize her for appearing on Dancing With The Stars, which had her flying “3,000 miles from their Pennsylvania hometown once a week so she can compete on the show,” adding, “The kids, meanwhile, are left behind – in tears.”  Really?  How do we know Kate’s kids are left in tears while their Mom is on TV or a book tour or off getting botox and breast implants in Mexico with her bodyguard? When Kate is traveling, her kids are spending time with their Dad, picnicking with his 23-year-old girlfriend. If they’re crying, maybe he should do something about it?

Kate is constantly accused of exploiting her children and being a self-promoter, and while I’m not saying there isn’t truth to both of those statements, I have trouble understanding how Kate is the “bad guy” when she’s the parent hustling to feed her family after her husband cheated on her. No doubt she’s said some inappropriate things out of anger towards him, but why is it that Jon’s cheating scandal seems to have completely disappeared from the annals of pop-culture memory? More importantly, why is it that Jon has been referred to by the media as a babysitter to his own children? It seems to me that the villification of Kate Gosselin is an indirect attack on working mothers everywhere.

Jon Gosselin isn’t the only Hollywood Dad who’s been accused of being forced to babysit his own children. Brad Pitt has been called Angelina Jolie’s nanny. An article screaming, “ANGIE TURNS BRAD INTO THE BABYSITTER,” also appeared in the aforementioned issue of Life & Style. It reads, “Brad Pitt is one of the most famous actors in the world, but these days he’s acting more like a nanny than a Hollywood power player. While partner Angelina Jolie shoots her latest film, The Tourist, with Johnny Depp in Venice, Italy, Brad – scruffy, sloppily dressed and looking harried – has been spotted carting his six young children around the city as if he were Angie’s hired help.”  I’m sorry, what?  You mean as if he were Angie’s partner, right?  No one would say such a thing about a woman.  “Wow, Jennifer Garner is really starting to look like Ben Affleck’s nanny. She just devotes too much time to her kids.”  Insanity.

Time and time again, the media – including most parenting magazines – reinforces the idea that being sloppily dressed and looking harried is a badge of honor women wear when they become mothers. But to see a man suffering the same slings and arrows of parenthood is a shock. Sure, the new model of the Hollywood Mom makes motherhood look glamorous, as if the average woman should be able to balance a demanding career with hands-on parenting without ever smudging her stylist-applied eye-liner. We all know that’s not a realistic image for everyday people to be comparing themselves to, and I’ve rallied against women feeling the need to keep up with the Angie’s – and now Kate’s – of the world. But scrutinizing a woman’s intentions as a parent because she appears on the cover of a magazine when that’s her job is ridiculous and something a working Dad would never be subject to. We’ll know we’ve achieved some kind of gender equality when fathers are no longer accused of “babysitting” their own children while Monster Moms are deemed pigs for bringing home the bacon.


  1. Where is the post of Linda the original???? I liked it and it is about Kate

  2. Awesome babble article. At least some people in the media still make sense.

  3. Hello everyone! I know we just had Kate's recipies up. Linda and I were posting at the same time! I will definetly put that post up soon, and as always I appreciate Linda being right on point with getting the posts out. I just found this article I really liked about Kate and wanted to get it up here to get your thoughts. I have posted Bonnie Fuller's articles many times. But since she seems to want to go to the dark side (perhaps to reach the bigger audience?) I wanted to show you this article calling her comments out.

    I was also responding to Momsby's comments on the other thread but decided to bring it over here. She talked about how Oprah herself was Photoshopped on her Magazine to the point where people didn't even think it was her anymore. To those that were commenting about Photoshop, they need to get over it. Every magazine does it, sometimes to an extreme. Yes Kate is smoothed out and not showing her scars, but the reality is that she looks amazing OFF the magazine covers. Do any of you remember that controversy when Kate Winslet went public with her outrage that a magazine cropped half her thighs off to make her look thin? So to talk about petty issues like the fact that shes standing sideways to make herself look better (on the hate sites of course) is just plain silly.

    Another thing that I will put to bed is the rediculous outcry over the smoking. I know I already discussed this in length. But she was absolutely 100% NOT smoking. I literally in HD crept the whole 2 second shot, and there is nothing in her hand, and absolutely no smoke. So no one will even be allowed to debate it here. It will just get deleted. It pissed me off because the hate blogs did it intentionally to take Kates shine away when she was basking in yet ANOTHER People cover. How many covers do they have? None? ok moving on...

    I also would also again like to thank Linda for really helping me out and taking the helm with this site. As you may or may not know, I am in the process of following my dreams and shifting my career path. My baby is now 2, and I am ready to move past part time and get to full time reality. She literally grew up with this blog! That again is one of the reasons why I am such a Kate Gosselin fan. I fully support anyone that takes advantage of the opportunites they are given and running full steam with it.

    For the record, if anyone is reading this I really want to humiliate myself on the next Season of Dancing With The Stars. With that paycheck? No problem. Also if anyone is interested in offering me a reality show, I'm ready. If anyone wants to pay my bills, or send me some hot swag and some freebies, My P.O. box is empty. Maybe then, I could ask some of my friends here to create a fan site just for me ;)

  4. Way to go Baby Mama!!!-I can't wait to see you on DWTS!! I know you're kidding but who knows? You have to start somewhere. I nominate Linda to create a fan site for you. :-)

  5. Baby Mama - Just emailed you a photo, lol. It took us 3 maps and GOS to find this place. How they ever found this place for a wedding is beyond me. The things you do for friends and employees!

  6. GOS=give out smokesignals, lol.

    That writer is another one that must frequently get paid in silly bandzand bubblegum. You just never know how what Bonnie will say and it changes from day to day. Okay, you folks talk about Kate while I'm lost in the country again.

  7. A Magazine Cover – the truth has been exposed. Kate WAS working in Mexico. LOL.

    I also applaud the article by I agree with their statement that the media vilifies working moms, but I also wonder why none of the other parents on DWTS was attacked for leaving their kids at home. Why is Jon seen as the babysitter for his own kids? Bravo Babble, bravo.

    Too true Momsby, if Oprah feels pressured to look a certain way then change will indeed take a long time.

  8. I definitely wouldn’t want a reality show in my house, but I would for sure allow cameras to follow me and my out of control family on holidays. I would love to go back and watch myself melt down and demonstrate what not to do as a parent. I think it would be extremely funny to watch because I think I am a pretty good mom and I know when those moments are happening, I just feel control slipping away.

    We all have to be able to laugh at ourselves. In saying that, I am sure I would get a little cult following of haters because they would only see me at my worst. But I would still do it. My kids would love it.

  9. fascinated~ great comments. I guess where I was going with this was, why all of the sudden does Bonnie do an about-face when Kate is on the cover of People in a bathing suit? Photoshop or not, if my body was that rockin I would showcase it as well. People say they arent "jealous". But why have such feelings of hate? People have issue with her getting things, sense of entitlement. Heck yeah I'm entitled too! Give me free stuff and I wouldn't care what they were saying on the web about me either. (They talk about me anyway ;)

  10. I don't see anything wrong with a person doing something for several reasons, like because it makes them feel good and supports their kids, or it is fulfilling for them and supports their kids. It doesn't make it support the kids any less or make them a worse parent because they have more than one reason for doing something. It would be different if Kate was promoting herself while the kids were going hungry or if it wasn't working out for her she wasn't coming up with a backup plan.
    If the huge group of neglected and abused kids or the kids whose parents have to work 4 jobs between them with poor child care and no medical insurance could get half as good of parenting as Kate and even Jon for that matter give their kids, this world would be soo much a better place. That doesn't mean that Kate is a perfect parent because no parent is, but if her parenting skills are soo in question than 95% of the worlds' moms and dads are awful. Each family has its own complications and issues that they have to deal with, in one family it may be working with a film crew, in another it may be living with a grandparent with Alzenheimers, and in another it may be a drinking problem, a family member with a disability.

  11. babymama- I'm with ya! I'd like the opportunities to dance on tv for that kind of paycheck, pen a few books & have a show!! Where do I sign??

    Kate just looks awesome. It is so hard to believe that she is the same person in those early episodes- and the specials. That super short brown hair. My oh my. And God bless her, I have 2 kids & don't have time to work out (sometimes I'll jump on the 30 day shred bandwagon, but it's only 20 min.!!!)

  12. First off, Baby Mama, I would watch you on DWTS anyday!! :) I'm also happy for you that you are going to pursue your dreams now that your little one is a bit bigger! I am with you 100% that if someone offered me opportunities I wouldn't say no either! That brings me to my next point...

    I think that Kate gets so much flack because she enjoys working in the spotlight. It seems to bug people that she is famous for being famous and is making some money at it. I really wonder how many of those people wouldn't do the same thing given the chance? I say good for her because she may have started off becoming famous for having a large family, but it is her perseverence and drive that has taken her beyond the original "15 minutes of fame". Let's face it, maybe she is not talented at singing or dancing, but there is something about her that has captivated people and made them keep tuning in. Like her or not, you watch her! Let the haters say no but if they didn't watch her then how would they be able to pick apart every single thing she ever said and did? At least she is doing something to support her family on her own. Not that being a nurse is not a great job but she can do so much more for her kids this way and if she is enjoying herself along the way, what's so wrong with that? So many people are just miserable going to work every day and people tend to think that they are really making a sacrifice to support their families so it is noble but when someone like Kate comes around and is trying to choose a career path that makes her happy at the same time as providing, she becomes an opportunist who neglects her family and doesn't make her kids a priority. Whatever happened to a happy parent making for happy kids? Would people rather she was miserable and struggling to provide for her kids and was hot tempered and impatient with them as a result? I think she is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.

    Sarah RDH, I totally agree with you. I have half the kids Kate has and I am so pooped dealing with them that I have no motivation or desire left to work out at the end of the day. She pushes herself and looks fabulous as a result and she deserves that!

    Airbrushing is a fact of life in that industry and who cares if they airbrushed a few things like her scars or whatever but at the end of the day, we have seen her many times on tv in a little bikini and trust me you can't hide a lot in the bikinis she wears so to say half of her was photoshopped is just ridiculous. Haters will say anything to minimize her accomplishments like saying she had botox and implants etc. then again, they say things like that about every celebrity so maybe that is flattering. It says she has arrived. lol

  13. I sure wish there was a way to Photoshop a picture of me the way some people are thinking they are photoshopping Kate. I would love it. I really don't think Photoshop can go that far though, if it could, there really wouldn't be a point in photographing anyone any more. Just find one picture of them and photoshop to your pleasure.

  14. I'm identifying a lot with Kate today, at least the part with her trip out west with the three boys. It was totally out of her comfort zone. I'm spending the weekend completely out of any comfort zone I've ever known. I'm not even sure where I am although I'm pretty sure it is somewhere within the state of NC. When you travel four lanes, to two lanes, to one lane, to gravel road, to packed dirt road you can be fairly sure you are not near any cities but indeed in the country.

    We're here to attend a friend and employee's wedding. Somewhere on a farm because there are cows, loose chickens, goats, horses, and peacocks. I've enjoyed Canadian geese overhead flying south in their V formations. Sometime in the middle of the night I gave up the feather bed (which made me sneeze) and moved to the car, awakening early to a chicken on the hood looking me in the eyes. I've been mostly a good sport (after a great cup of coffee.) I have calculated how many hours and minutes are left. I've used the back brace as an excuse to forego a trail ride. I love nature and the outdoors but am quite sure I do not want to live here. I'm wondering if Kate, while out west with the boys, or in Alaska, or wherever, counted the the minutes so she could keep smiling. I don't know. It works for me.

    Here's a salute to moms (and dads) who move well beyond their own comfort zones to do something for other people. Instead of bashing people or criticizing perhaps we all need to walk a bit in their shoes.

    Yep, I am a Photoshop whiz! I have yet to figure out how to look like the photoshopped image 24/7. Studio shots (even the ones not photoshopped) look nothing like "real life." perfect makeup, perfect lighting, perfect camera angles help. The difference with Kate is that she DOES look fantastic au natural. I, on the other hand, do not.

  15. Linda you made me laugh. My parents live up north, but not as far as you obviously went. Your description of the freeway getting thinner and thinner is so true! Don't forget Kate gets $250,000 per epi for her discomfort so you can't really "identify" with her :) I'm about to hang out laundry, I hope it doesn't rain. It looks "iffy" out there.

  16. I disagree Lori Anne, I think Kate gets the $250,000 to show her discomfort on tv. The money may affect the intent of the action but it doesn't take away the feeling during the situation. You couldn't pay me enough to bring cameras into my house, but I would take some to learn to dance on tv. LOL.

  17. Photoshop can truly do anything. It can make someone's neck longer, their thighs thinner, add abs, help you lose weight. You would be amazed.

  18. fascinated~ Holy smoke, what an amazing instruction photoshop video. I love how they talked about the "pucker" feature. Whih sucks her rolls down! lol too funny

    I thought it was just that evolution. Dove commerical. Do you know the one I'm talking about?

  19. Hi fascinated. I was a huuuuuggggeee fan of the show in the beginning. It was just a normal family doing what they do. Kate said no to roller blading with Jon and (Cara?) because she could. I believe as the big sponsors came in Kate was forced to do more stuff outside of her comfort zone. Personally I would fly in a hot air balloon for a mere $250 but I'm not too fussy.

    On a funny note, I was cleaning out my front closet today and I found $20 bucks in one of my old coat pockets. I also found one of my work security swipe cards with my photo. This photo is at least 10 years old and I thought it was horrible at the time. Now I'm looking at it and thinking I didn't look half bad, haha. We all have our day I guess. Kudos to Kate for recognizing and embracing her "best days."

  20. That is a great commercial Baby Mama. It always amazes me when they lift her neck. We do our own Christmas calendar every year and use photoshop to it's best abilities. : )

    Lori Anne, I LOVE when I find 20 bucks in my pocket. I feel like I got a little bonus. Funny how I never remember leaving it there. I once found my driver's license in a pair of maternity shorts I was selling in a garage sale. I didn't even realize I was missing it. Tell's where it was on my list of priorities after my daughter was born. LOL

  21. Baby Mama, I think in reference to your title "Self Promoter or Working Mom?" I would say that to be a successful working mom or working dad for that matter you would have to self promote.

    To that extent I mean specifically having confidence in yourself by putting your best foot forward in everything you do. I self promote all the time in my own job by showing my worth.

    As far as Kate's life, publicity is part of her job and so far she is handling it all in a very responsible and classy way.

  22. Good evening everyone. I love re-reading things I wrote from my phone. It's always misspelled and then I have to hear about it on other blogs. Because apparently every one on other sites can write meticulously..ok

    For those that wanted to know Kate's secret to beautiful skin, well its below:

    "Kate Gosselin's "new look" is the talk of much of America thanks to a new People Magazine story, and the "Kate Plus 8" star is starting to share some of her beauty secrets behind looking younger than ever.

    "One of the biggest talking points for Kate, for example, is how she manages to have the skin around her eyes stay healthy even without undergoing any sort of botox. Her answer? Ole-Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel, which apparently only retails for $38 an ounce. It's a far cry from the thousands of dollars she shelled out for her new hair extensions, which may actually be slowly giving way to real hair soon."

  23. Ohh and Adele, I forgot to say your post was "Right On"!

  24. Does anyone else think in the pic with her and the kids their are five kids? Looks like all 3 boys and 2 girls. The article must be wrong or one of the boys has a third leg!

  25. I hate when someone calls a father watching his own children "babysitting."

  26. I agree with you schmecky.

    I would intentionally say I was babysitting when I was with the kids aournd people who used that phrase regarding my husband. They would get mad and argue that these are my kids, blah, blah, blah. They had a hard time changing their double standard.

  27. Schmecky, every time my husband watches the kids by himself which is super rare, to me, it's called "babysitting". It's not that he doesn't live and breathe his kids, he just doesn't want to take care of them. Does that make sense? lol

    Or maybe he's not mentally equipped to take care of them the way they need to be taken care of, or perhaps the right way which is MY WAY. Sound very Kate-ish?? Either way, I understand the statement. It doesn't mean he's not a hands on dad or doesn't love his kids. It doesn't mean IMO anything other than the one parents spends more time than the other, and sometimes with the dad the comment is perceived as such.

    Anyway I don't know why I'm so strongly defending the word. I guess just that I get it. It's just one more issue tied to parenting that everyone who is one will have a strong opinion about. No side is ever right or wrong. But I understand how the 'babysitting' comment could offend you.

  28. I hear what you are saying Baby Mama and I guess the issue I have with it is that is seems to be a choice for men but not for women.

    I too have way hirer standards for care than my husband. Maybe the real issue I have is that sometimes it seems that the kids would have received better care if I actually hired a babysitter. LOL - I am just kidding. Their father is great, but things like veggies, homework, and exercise get missed. Videogames, fending for themselves, and a meal of all yellow foods is the norm. : )

  29. I just read the People magazine article and two things jumped out at me.

    1. Kate Gosselin is an inspiration. She looks amazing and she did it all on her own. She has inspired me to get out there and exercise because she is a living testimony that it works. She looks better than me and she has had 8 children.

    2. I am happy that she is ready to move on and find a wonderful guy for herself and the kids, but in my opinion the part in the article about wanting to find Mr. Right did make her seem a little desperate.

  30. Fascinated~ Friday was a perfect example of what my husband considers parenting VS. babysitting. He had to leave work early so that I can go to a final interview. Instead of staying home, maybe even feeding them dinner or picking up some toys, he took them out. Dads I know seem to do this alot. He took them to Toys R Us Times Square, they spent (wasted) $20 to go on the Ferris Wheel. And instead of going home and cooking he took them out to Bubba Gump for dinner. Bubba Gump! He could have picked up something cheap at McDonalds! So instead of just staying home with them which he apparently does not know how to relax & just sit w/the kids he does Im interviewing for a better paying job!

    Lets recap..staying home $0 Taking kids out for 2+ hrs. so he doesn't have to deal with them:
    Toys R US $67 Bubba Gump $42 w/tip total: $109

    So you can see how I get fustrated when hear about all those great wonderful hands-on dads out there. They all do things the best that they can in their own ways. But some fall into more of the "babysitting" category than the hands on type. It doesn't mean they don't love them any less, but they all show it differently.

    And for the record, my husband can't handle my little one right now with her new-found temper tantrums. Welcome to

  31. I was also thinking that once again Dancing With The Stars is now in competition with Kate Plus 8. I'm concerned that this will really hurt the ratings. I kmow that there are so many wanting to see the show fail...

    I hate having to go back & forth. On a positive note, Brandy will obviously win because the contestants are ab solutely horrible this year. Florence Henderson, David Hasselhoff & The Situation?

  32. The one thing Kate plus 8 has going for them is the face that they repeat later on. DWTS is live so hopefully most people like me will watch DWTS and then Kate plus 8 later which does count in the ratings. And if DWTS stinks I will then watch Kplus8 at it's normal time.I just found out that they keep a record of what you tape on your dvr and that counts in the rating total too.

  33. CraftyMom~ I have always heard different stories about how the ratings work. So if I watch the West Coast feed that is included?

  34. I think so. I was reading in entertainment weekly a chart that said most dvr'd shows and I saw it on another website which of coarse now I can't remember. Comcast told me it's kept track of and its all on my dvr history. I went and checked and it is. So I am assuming that if you watch the feed it counts. I'm pretty sure the also count the same night repeats. Don't quote me (or should I say copy and paste lol)

  35. Wouldn't it have been something if Kate Plus Eight was showing Monday nights when Kate was on DWTS. Also, maybe Kate wiil be correspondent or something for a night this season and if Kate plus Eight is still going, she'd be in conflict with her own show. One thing I did last season on tuesdays was watch Duggars till 7:30 and then get DWTS at 730 from dvr, after skipping commercials and fluff I usually finished when the show was actually ending in live time

  36. NEW GOSSELIN GOSSIP FROM THE READING EAGLE: Talk about Gosselin obsession lol (9/14)

    "The latest scoop on the Gosselins I've got the scoop - and I'm willing to give it away for free. Back in April, I received requests from celebrity websites offering to pay me for the latest information on the television celebrity ex-couple Kate and Jon Gosselin's custody case. That never happened.

    Just out of curiosity, I checked the court docket recently. The Gosselin case is scheduled for a custody trial Nov. 30. I doubt the trial will be open to the public. Judge Timothy Rowley on July 12 sealed the record in the case.

    Regardless if the hearing is open or closed, I anticipate the paparazzi will soon land outside the Berks County Courthouse. Never a dull moment.- Holly Herman reporter"

  37. OMG Baby Mama! My husband is definitely a "babysitter", in fact many times he does not even deserve that title. lol Now don't get me wrong, he worships his kids and would work 24/7 to provide for them but watch them he cannot! He is just one of those that doesn't know what to do with them, especially the littlest ones. His idea of watching them is to give them a whole box of toys and let them go to town while he plays on his laptop. It amazes me that World War 3 can go on around him and he is totally oblivious. I would say he is like the supply teacher that comes in when the actual teacher is absent and all the kids give him a hard time. :)

  38. Good morning all. It's Monday and I'm looking forward to another Kate Plus 8 episode in about 12 hours. My children have an early school day tomorrow so they won't be watching with me, but will be watching the repeat tomorrow.

    Tonight's episode I'll get to just enjoy, at least for several hours. That's about how long it takes for the hater folks to kick in with their latest made-up junk of distortion, fabrication, & blatant hate of some look, walk, turn, or word that is changed by their hatred into something beyond sanity. They, the three major H folks remind me a lot of the crones in Macbeth (Remember...the scene..."Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.")

    I've yet to figure out or understand why they devote so much of their time on people they dislike, watching something they don't enjoy? As for me, with my children tucked into bed with homework completed, I'll be just kicking back, sipping my decaf or hot chocolate, enjoying watching Kate as she gets the 8 ready for another year of school.

  39. Looking forward to it too Linda, although I think my time to watch will be at around midnight when all the "babies" in the house are tucked in. That's the only time I really get to sit and watch my shows. Hubby just isn't a reality fan. Give him Discovery channel all day long and he's happy. lol

    As for the H people, it really is unfortunate that the world is full of those types. What satisfaction does it give people to hate on others. As it has been said a million times before, if you don't like something, no one's forcing you to watch it!

    And with that, I hope everyone is off to a good start this morning. :)

  40. HOLY CRAP!!! Did you guys hear about Bryan Masche? He was arrested. Read it on OMG!

  41. Camp Verde, AZ, United States (AHN) - "Raising Sextuplets" dad Brian Masche has been arrested for disorderly conduct, threatening domestic violence, and resisting arrest last week. The WE tv reality show star was apparently visiting relatives in Arizona during the time of the arrest.

    Masche, 32, reportedly threatened his family and began yelling profanities within a residence in Camp Verde, according to local newspaper The Bugle.

    His charges mounted when he resisted arrest. He was booked into the Yavapaid County Detention Center, and was subsequently released on $3,500 bond, a spokesman for the Camp Verde Marshal's Office told People magazine.

    The spokesman declined to elaborate details. It is not known whether Masche's wife and co-star Jenny was involved in the incident.

    Masche and Jenny are parents to Arizona's second-only set of sextuplets who were born three years ago. Their show concluded its second season in August.

  42. My2girls - Yes, I saw that over the weekend. I know so little about this family, only watched a few portions of their shows, never even a whole one; just couldn't connect with them. Perhaps there are others here who are fans or watched them often.

  43. I saw some of their shows. We were talking about them on here a while back and I had mentioned how they seem to be headed for trouble based on what they were showing us. I didn't think anything like this though! I'm so sorry to here about this. I really like the mom (Jenny) and I'm so sad for the whole family.

  44. I watched them some and really didn't like how he was treating her, but I didn't know it was a crime to threaten domestic violence, I thought you had to actually do it to be arrested. I really don't know the circumstances, there is probably a lot more to the story, I don't even know if Jenny and the kids were there. If something did happen maybe it is a catalyst for getting him to make some changes. I know several men with mouths who threaten all the time but in actuality would and have never laid a hand on their wives.
    I am soo excited for Kate Plus Eight tonight. I love seeing how excited the little kids are about school. I hope Jon isn't giving Kate a hard time about custody, I hope the court is just monitoring things.

  45. hello Baby Mama! :]
    it's alexis from twitter
    i love this post, and i agree that Kate is most certainly not self promoting!
    she is a fantastic mother, and she takes pride in looking nice. there are plenty of good mothers who do that. although none of the trolls care about how they look so naturally they would say she is a self promoting bad mother.
    anyway, i still need to buy the magazine! :p
    talk to you soon,

  46. CMo3 - Had a chance today to check the newer procedures. Talked with nurses in two surgeons offices and two dermatologists offices. The laser procedures do look like a whole lot less pain, recuperation, etc. than surgical procedures. All said procedures were generally covered by insurance if done to correct the muffin top from C Sections. Who knew? Might be worth checking out in your area.

  47. Hmmm....interesting Linda. Thanks! I wonder if mine does.

  48. Wow, It's really crazy to see the Masche mugshot at Radar today. I really hope that this was an isolated incident. It says that the kids werent there...

    So who is watching Dancing With The Stars tonight, Kate plus 8, or both on the West Coast feed?

  49. What a neat episode in all of it's craziness in getting ready! Does anybody else identify with those early, early mornings?

  50. Baby Mama,

    I'm going to watch both shows today (DVR'ing both)when I have my peace time (at midnight)


    I can definitely relate to the early mornings now that all 4 have to be out the door. I know I only have half as many as Kate but every time I have my lunchboxes in a row, I think of her. I haven't seen the episode yet but I remember one from last year which was the sextuplets' first day of full time school and she was doing a lot of the lunchboxes at night. I also do lunchboxes the night before save for anything that needs to go in hot or cold. I have to say that is the only way we will ever get out the door on time.

    So I will look forward to cozying up to my shows tonight. Can't wait!

  51. Yay! I really loved the show tonight! I will def. get a new post up as soon as I can, but I wanted to ask everyone what they thought of the new Kate 2.0 ala BristoL Palin.. I mean, I know she looked up to Kate, but seeing her hand go up like that at the beginning of the dance was Pure Kate Gosselin. lol

    Now my favorite part of the show tonight was seeing Hannah cut her hair. She was such a big girl and I could see how Kate was holding back the tears. They are all so big now. Loved that she donated her hair to Locks Of Love!

    More tomorrow with a re-cap and hopefully the episodes!

  52. I am not a Bristol fan, although Bristol did dance a little better than I thought she would. Maybe if she is on long enough to get to know her away from her mother's circus act it will be different. I thought as a group they danced better than last season but last season was more fun, the Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing part was touching.
    Kate's show was soo sweet, she is getting used to managing the kids. My mom did think she was dressed pretty provocatively, but that's just something she would say. I noticed she didn't seem to need the nanny to help her get the kids ready this year and everyone was more independent. It was also nice to have absolutely no Jon references even underhanded ones. It did make maybe the kids were having more of an issue being at Jon's because of all the time they spend in school cuts down on time at home and time with mom which is hard for a lot of kids. I thought it was cute that Maddy said that her mom needed a bigger shoe closet and I thought about how now when finances permit ahat she could do it without any objections.

  53. I can totally relate to the early morning rush. Middle School child up at 6:30 and ready then onto my 7 yr. old up at 7:00 and out the door by 7:20, chase my hubby out the door by 8, then myself and my 4 yr.old goes with me to preschool. It truly is a circus. Although I still do all 4 lunches in the morning and it is stressful.

    I haven't seen the episode due to soccer season starting so hopefully i can sit down tonight after work, the episode sounds like I can relate to.

  54. This article says that Brian Masche did do all this in front of the kids:
    Before he was arrested Sept. 11 on suspicion of domestic violence, Bryan Masche - star of WE's Raising Sextuplets - put up quite a struggle.

    According to a police report, he lost it while visiting family in Camp Verde, Ariz., when his wife, Jenny, told him that she was going to visit friends in Phoenix. (He wanted to take their 3-year-old children -- Savannah, Bailey, Grant, Cole, Molli and Blake -- to Lake Havasu City, where they previously lived.)

    PHOTOS: Famous celeb mug shots

    The report states that he spewed obscenities in front of the kids and threatened to "flatten" his father-in-law when he tried to intervene.

    When police arrived, Masche, 32, refused arrest.

    With his arms folded in front of him to avoid being cuffed, he yelled, "I didn't do anything!"

    PHOTOS: Reality love gone bad

    When an officer threatened to Taser him, he "complied" with police orders, according to the report.

    "Bryan was then assisted back to his feet and escorted to my vehicle where he was secured," reads the report. "While in my patrol vehicle, Bryan continued to be belligerent."

  55. KatherineDenise - Sonetimes it seems like we only survive the chaos by a lot of planning ahead. Our kids have to take morning & afternoon snacks & water. One of mine will only drink ultra cold water so have to remember to freeze it night before so will thaw to ultra cold at school. Lunch is included in tuition at this school so don't have to pack a lunch unless they've rejected all the choices. Even that drives me nuts. One is vegetarian& eats only salad for lunch with nuts added but must be mixed greens because arugula tastes bitter. By this point I'm like "eat or don't eat, your choice! Or eat a plate of veggies OR pack it night before!"

    I do pack lunches for myself & hubby and we usually arrange to meet at a park for just talking time. If not, one of us picks up something & then we meet.

    Let me know what you think of the shoe shopping, lol. Usually can find one pair of "mom's just gotta have these!" Why is it shoes always look & feel so much better in the store than when you get home?

    We alternate who cooks dinner & who supervises homework; that is just one of the nicest things in this marriage. I'd prefer to just cook every night but sometimes the homework just drives him bonkers.

  56. Where the heck is everyone? This past day has been unusually quiet for right after a Kate Plus 8 Show! Lets show some support and tell me on the new thread what you think of the show!

    Tonight's fresh paper is the scent of hot butter & toast in the toaster.. and the Smack, Crackle & Pop of my families morning breakfast..ENJOY! XOXOX