Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jon's Ex Offers Free Advice, Should He take it?

Hello Gosselin fans! So this past week, just when we liked things being quiet, Jon decides to use Twitter to went out his frustrations. This blog has had a few frustrations of it's own. Those of you who were not able to post comments, please keep trying. E-mail me if you can't get on. We are trying to figure out the issue and hopefully things will be back to normal soon. Speaking of getting back to normal, we will have to wait a little while more for November 14th. That's when Kate Plus 8 will be back along with the Gosselin's appearance on Sarah Palin's Alaska. Until then, I will be co-hosting again on "Living The Dream Mom's Radio" with Nina Frye on November 4th for an all new "All about Kate Part 2". I hope those that were not able to call in the last time will call in and chat with me! As always I love and appreciate all the support...xoxoxox

Jon's Ex Interview: Life Coach Says He's A Liar..Who do you believe?

Hailey Glassman says her ex-boyfriend Jon Gosselin is such a chronic liar that his life coach once called her and her parents and told them to accept his lying and not get mad at him for it. It's the latest volley thrown by Hailey, who isn't buying Jon's latest Twitter rant in which he attempts to "clarify a few things." In an interview with, Hailey casts doubt on Jon's admissions and drops some new bombshells of her own. Hailey said Jon's seemingly heartfelt apology to Kate and his eight kids is nothing but a "negotiating tactic to gain sympathy from the public.""I am acutely aware of the mistakes I made in 2009 and I am ashamed of the choices I made," Jon Tweeted on Tuesday. "I have apologized to Kate, my family, and to my friends. Through counseling I have learned to own my actions. My goal is to move forward in a positive direction." Hailey claims Jon lied so much during their relationship that his life coach actually called her and her parents and told them to "accept his lying" and "not to get mad at him for it" because otherwise he would never be capable of telling the truth.Read Hailey's entire response to Jon's Tweet below: "Jon Gosselin, oh Jon G, when are you going to learn, if you truly care STOP GOING TO THE MEDIA oh excuse me even worse VIA TWITTER about your family! All I have to say about him is SAME OLD JON.

"He always uses his children as a negotiation tactic and to get sympathy from the public. He truly should get real help and not his 'life coach' who I know due to he had her when we were together. She even called my family and spoke to my parents about Jon to tell us to 'accept his lying and not get mad at him for it because he will then never tell the truth.'"If she was such a great 'life coach' (lol at life coach) she would help Jon get the real help he needs so he can then be chemically balanced. He swoones her like he does all his naive girlfriends: a.k.a. I know me being one of them in the past. "JUST GO AWAY, oh and 'lastly'- PAY ME MY MONEY JON." Hailey then offers up some free life coaching advice of her own:
"Here Jon, even though you still have not paid me my $200,000 back yet, I consulted with an attorney and have another 2 years to sue you but since I'm such a good person I will give you free life coaching right now:
"1-Get a job so you can rejoin society and stop living in your own little world off your ex wife and children's money. It's extremely unhealthy how you live Jon.
"2-Stop making excuses for everything and always blaming others, take responsibility.
"3- ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS, you can talk the talk all you want but if you consistently pull the same statements and kvetching, year after year obviously the world knows you are a liar and nothing that comes out of your mouth is true. If you told the world at this point the sky was blue people would probably go outside to make sure, because you have proven yourself a liar consistently, and throughout the 7 years I have known you, you have always been a liar.
"5- Everything Happens For a Reason.
"I hope you one day truly do seek the real treatment you and I know you need. The first step is admitting you have a problem and well you're a pathological liar so I can see how the first step would probably be hard for you."I hope you get help and the only person hurting your children is you Jon."


  1. BM, with all the problems that some people are having with your blog and the appearance of one sicko, I think you need to perform an excorcism! Hopefully all the blog issues will work out and all the other "bugs" die out sooner or later.

  2. I stated on the last thread that Hailey should be sent an e-mail of thanks for having the guts to put this out there.

    Hailey knows the cyber bullies and hate blogs will tear her to pieces for diminishing Jon's shining stature in the media.

    Hailey is stating what we all have pretty much figured out about Jon. He has a problem telling the truth. He will lie about anything to suit his personal agenda. Lying is the key to all manner of's what allows a person to steal...or committ adultery. It goes hand in hand with just about any form of wrong doing.

    It's one of the first vices...a mother feels compelled to teach her children ..."this is wrong...we don't lie!"

    Again, what kind of example is Jon setting? All the tweeting in the world about how he does this or that with the kids...what he feeds them for supper, etc....will not validate him as a good father.

    He certainly needs to take Hailey's advice. Quit lying, quit living immorally with 20 yr. olds, get a job and pay your debts, Jon.

    And I wish to add to that list....

    Quit making life hard for Kate and show her respect as the mother of your children!

  3. lucysmom - Well said! It amazes me that grown women act like that. It is obvious from their comments they should seek professional help.

    Keep up the good work babymama, you are driving them CRAZY!

  4. GeeWhiz said...

    lucysmom - Well said! It amazes me that grown women act like that. It is obvious from their comments they should seek professional help.

    Well said GeeWhiz. It shocks me. Not much shocks me.

  5. Good evening everyone! Sorry I was MIA today, Linda and I had some personal matters to attend to. Sorry we were on moderate for a bit. I had to dlete a few so we can start fresh.. Linda send me this one.. Funny how this comes out right after the Hailey comments...:

    "We’ve been wondering for a while: how does Jon Gosselin make money? It turns out he’s been eating up his savings while actively looking for a job! Jon Gosselin could be CLOSE to landing a job! The former reality dad and currently unemployed ex-husband of Kate has been job hunting for quite some time, and we thought he was going to pursue a career in front of the camera. But, spoke to Jon’s life coach and author of Don’t Bring It To Work, Dr. Sylvia Lafair, who says Jon IS looking for a job, and it’s NOT in Hollywood!
    “His background is IT and he’s looking for something in that field,” says Dr. Lafair. “He wants to stay in the local area (Reading, PA) because he is determined to be near his kids.”

    Jon has recently been tweeting about a potential job with Keystone Mobility, a company that provides “durable medical equipment” for the handicapped. The company hasn’t hired him — and isn’t saying whether they’ve talked.

    We’ve told you before that Jon is required to pay his ex-wife Kate Gosselin $22,000 a month in child support. We also told you that Jon sold his BMW and other assests in order to sustain his lifestyle. But Dr. Lafair, who is also co-writing a book with Jon, says that Jon is very close to getting a job, and that the reason for the long search is because the “economy has been very tough.”

    “There are 3 or 4 companies right now that he is looking into doing. He is NOT living off of Kate’s money, he’s spending his own!” she says. “He is also working on the book with me. It will be a book of merit that will inspire and motivate others.”

    A typical salary for someone working in IT in Jon’s hometown of Reading, according to most employment guides, ranges from $75K for a Technical Analyst position to $115K for an IT Manager job. It won’t be anything near what he was making from his cushy gig on TLC, but at least it’s something!“I believe in people making lemonade out of lemons and I’m seeing Jon do just that,” says Dr. Lafair."

  6. I hope Jon does get a job, and then he can get his support payments reduced to a fair amt. and buy a house for him and his family. By family, I mean kids, dogs or cats, and maybe even his second wife.

  7. If Jon plans on getting a job with this company he better learn to keep his mouth shut.

    HIPAA laws are nothing to mess around with.

  8. I agree Ziggy. Personally I feel this Jon story is planted. Esp. since Hollywood life has had an on/off love relationship with Kate. Also it comes right after the Hailey comments which is proving her point of learning how to use the media for his own (possible gain).

  9. ZiggyFlo - Totally agree --- and play by their rules and contract.

  10. I'm sorry this is a bit off topic..but I found this and wanted to share it today. Hope you all dont mind...

    Jealousy is simply and clearly the fear that you do not have value. Jealousy scans for evidence to prove the point - that others will be preferred and rewarded more than you. There is only one alternative - self-value. If you cannot love yourself, you will not believe that you are loved. You will always think it's a mistake or luck. Take your eyes off others and turn the scanner within. Find the seeds of your jealousy, clear the old voices and experiences. Put all the energy into building your personal and emotional security. Then you will be the one others envy, and you can remember the pain and reach out to them. ~Jennifer James

  11. Just for the record:

    This is a FAN blog. People who have EVER called the Gosselin kids vile or derogatory names get permanently banished from posting here, even if they try to run over to hateKate blogs trying to pretend they are child advocates.

    Don't like Kate; then don't read here. Don't like people who support Kate; then don't read here. If it makes you angry, please don't bore all of us with additional examples of your crudity and ignorance. We're all completely aware of that already. We want to be nice here, although we are also aware that that concept is beyond your understanding. We hope that if we say it often enough it will one day make it through to your long term memory.

    Fans may be short or tall, skinny or wide, old or young or in-between. They may be childless or have children. They may be black or white or brown or whatever. They may be from the US or Canada or UK or elsewhere. They may live in the North or South or East or West. They may be single, married, widowed, or divorced. Most here are women but occasionally men. Regardless of the category, they are entitled to be fans.

    Don't like it? Get a life and find something and somewhere else to be!

  12. Just for the record - I find it odd LO that since I haven't posted here for awhile, then you post against posters pretending to be child advocates! You know I am all 4 the kids.

    4 The Record, I still have never posted at any other site and that's the truth! Not saying I never will, but haven't yet!

    I have read all the sites back and forth about the Gosselins mess, and don't enjoy it at all. That's why I am only reading because I really haven't got very many positives for their situation.

    You know the old saying if you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all. Also, I am just sick of re-hashing their past and even the present.

  13. Linda - Who are you talking to? If their post are deleted, is it necessary?

  14. Baby Mama - love your post about jealousy, and how true that is. Tx

  15. #1 - for the record, I was referring to the trolls who shall be nameless. I have no idea what upset you. They got banished because they called the Gosselin kids horrid names back in Jan-March. Now they show up on the sites supposedly in support of child rights. Then they go to the hate sites and laugh about how they were able to post.

    I did my post because what happened over the last several weeks here has been disgusting. I'm tired of cyber-bullying and threats.

  16. I must be confused about how you are moderating this site. If they were banished from here then to me it would seem like why bother to respond just ignore them, and everyone here could too.
    Didn't mean to upset you, but the bullying back and forth between these blogs upsets me. That's why I have stopped and go do other thing if I can. not driving much and more Dr.s appt. but am doing more.

    Night All!

  17. ZiggyFlo: Agreed, Jon needs to put a sock in his mouth.

    Baby Mama: Loved the post about jealousy. Very timely as one of my children is having school friend problems right now.

    Good night ladies. Glad I was able to access this site tonight!

  18. LOL, #1 caregiver, I always miss the excitement because of my stupid computer not letting me onto this site at times. I often feel like I missed something. Maybe you're right, they shouldn't mention what was deleted.

  19. Let me be clear to everyone. Linda is commenting to protect me. Those that may not have been able to get to this site in the past few days, may not know what is going on or what has been happening. But it has nothing to do with anyone that has posted currently on this page.

    Linda is speaking for me, my thoughts, as support for me and what has been happening to me. I don't want my friends, like #1Caregiver to ever think that she is speaking about them or something that they said. She is speaking to those that are not blocked from this site yet, but best be careful not to piss us off again. Those that shall not be named, every once in a while MUST be address and be spoken to. Because they refesh this site every minute to see who posts.

    I just wanted to clarify that and move forward. Those that truly enjoy all the wonderful people that post here will get it. We are all for the kids. This is a fan site. Where the lines cross slightly is those that have mixed emotions with Jon & Kate. But those that debate respectfully and don't attack or upset us or Kate Gosselin are always welcomed.

    I love and respect you all...xoxoxox

    AND FYI: every once in a while we will need to address things. Sorry. Every once in a while I will need to blow off steam on my site and adress things. Hope you all understand.

  20. I can vouch #1 it's not about you hun. It needed to be said and this was the best place since the nasties are out in mass right now and trust they are hanging on our every word, not to mention copying and pasting like crazy. Crazy is as crazy does.

    Hope you are healing quickly.

    Love C3PO

    PS I think I caught your cold Baby Mama. I feel like crap!

  21. I'm sorry I gave it to you sweetie. I'm so congested on meds right now I feel very stuffy and all sort of foggy. I always get scared when that sore throat starts. Is it because we all forgot our jackets when it started to get cold? I'm thinking the kids brought it back from school ;)

  22. Thank you Baby Mama for the update on Jon. I want to think he is trying to find employment--time will tell. The only thing I want to hear from him is that he had a busy day at work. Also the article about jealousy is really good. I'm so looking forward to your next radio interview and I hope you feel better soon.
    This is your site and you vent because you care.

    And thanks Linda too for addressing the negative comments--well it really goes beyond being negative. That sort of thing is just not funny at all and they have plenty of places to post. The whole cyber-bullying thing is out of hand and I hope something can be done about it.

    #1Caregiver--I hope the healing process is going well for you.

    CMO3--Hopefully that cold passes quickly. Mine lasted almost 3 weeks.

  23. Good Morning All,
    I can't help but think this, so I might as well post it. Pertaining to all the recent media events about J&K, My thoughts are this: Here we go again doing this dance for the PR right before another episode of a show coming up. It gets all the sites in an uproar and buzzing. So do you think Jon and/or Kate are in cahouts sp? with TLC for success of the show????

    They each have said in the the past that they did the show for the benefit of the kids. So in their minds, if the monies are still coming in, it doesn't matter how they are viewed in the public eye.

    Boy, I do hope that Twist of Kate is coming out in Dec. and is a great success. Then maybe, and only then will these 2 adults have some piece of mind to get on with their lives.

    In the long run, the kids will benefit from it all! JMHO!

    Tx for listening, uh, I mean reading

  24. You might be on to something, caregiver. From Wikipedia: A publicity stunt is a planned event designed to attract the public's attention to the event's organizers or their cause. Publicity stunts can be professionally organized or set up by amateurs. Such events are frequently utilized by advertisers, celebrities, athletes, and politicians....The importance of publicity stunts is generating news interest and awareness for the concept, product or service being marketed.

  25. #1 - that is one perspective and you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

    IMHO It was contract time and TLC is no longer offering to pay Jon. Jon and Ellen's campaign to urge viewers not to watch and to write to sponsors to drop the show would make it impossible for me to believe that there is any connection with TLC as a PR campaign for the show.

    INF stated they had never paid Kate for any photos. When asked if they had paid Jon, they deleted the question (You can see screen shots of before and after the questions at IW.) Thus, IMO, Jon is paid by INF for photos. If Jon is lost from the forefront of rag mags, no need for photos of him and he doesn't get paid, Additionally, INF does not want their photos to appear at proKate blogs, but seems to have no problem allowing them to remain on hate blogs, even one with filthy language has previously said disgusting things about the kids with racial slurs and worse. Ellen now tweets to the hate bloggers, lists them as followers of hers, etc,

    Additionally, since Jon supports Ellen and her actions, I have a tough time buying that Jon's actions are more than anger over losing TLC payments.

    Twist of Kate does not include the kids. Did you know that these same hate groups have already launched a big campaign against this program based on Jon's statement that he didn't want his kids involved in Twist of Kate. The kids were never planned to be included there so why bring it up except to get the anger raised at Kate?

    IMO Kate's appearance at DWTS brought in major $$$ and never included the kids. Kate cannot dance and always said she wasn't a dancer but they were willing to pay her. Instead of praising her (or just keeping quiet at the least ) for working without involving the kids, Jon filed a court action against Kate as an absentee parent! Much venom? He states he wanted to be on DWTS this year. They never offered a slot on the show to Jon. Ouch!

  26. Ugh. I hear you Baby Mama. I'm so annoyed too because I'm supposed to help with my kids Halloween feast on Saturday which wont be fun if I'm sick! I have a sore throat. Yuck.

    Thanks Corrina I hope it doesn't last that long. I'm am going to try to rest today if my 3 yr old will let me.

  27. LO - yes , I do know that Twist of Kate does not involve the kids. That why I hope it is a great success. Then Kate can be self-sufficient as a single parent with a career. If Jon doesn't like it, too bad, it doesn't involve the kids. I just want all this bashing back and forth to stop and I know you do too. To continue this discussion any further would be pointless. You are entitled to your OP and me too. To re-hash all their events is pointless because no one knows the truth anyways. I just know that I would not put it past TLC to do anything in their power to keep filming, even if it means settling with Jon somewhere down the road.

    Lori Anne, thanks for the def. of publicity stunt. It applies perfectly, don't you think?
    I gotta go, have an appt. today, so will cu later. Have a great day everyone!

  28. firedupforkhate: Why don't you crawl back into your hole. There's no need to be nasty to someone just b/c you don't agree with her.

  29. Gosh you ladies are fast. That nasty comment has already been deleted!

  30. Linda - is that an example of the hate that has been going around? Or did someone just cut and paste it or fake it here? Firerup4kate post at other sites too.
    I have been reading here all along and have not seen post like this before, so how did it get through? JW has been banned 4 ever. LOL!

    Have fun moderating today. CU later

  31. Yes, they try to do a letter chain or two on names of regular posters hoping we'll miss them. They've even used Caregiver and Lori Annie in the past.

  32. If you noticed she added a h to Kate. I so wish some of their pictures could be posted foe ALL the internet to see, wonder how well they'd fare,huh?

  33. I'm totally confused. Comments are popping up that are really rude from people that don't usually act rude. Is it really them or a poser? Anyway, my opinions will have to wait since my hubby just called and decided to make me his errand girl. Ugh, as if I didn't have enough to do today. lol

    Hang in there everyone. The haters aren't worth the aggravation!

  34. LoriAnne - What are you talking about? I don't think I said anything nasty? I always try to put my opinion in a respectful way?

  35. BabyMama, hope you feel better really soon. I remember losing my voice and not able to manage the household very well. I kept writing notes and doing pantomime to communicate but it was always frustrating.

    Secondly, thanks for that quote on jealousy. If I may add, jealousy can eat you alive and haunt your existence. It comes out of feeling defeated and cut out of what you think you deserve; that some things are just not fair. Oh well, yes, there are a lot in life that's not fair. Too bad. Life's like that so deal with it and move on. I remember a speech that a dear Christian friend who is now a retiring judge gave. In the end, we all get what we deserve. True Justice does prevail.

  36. fired up it wasn't you, it was one of "them".

  37. For everybody - We have a group of nasty flies that like to use variations on on the screen names of our regular posters trying to stir up more of their infantile hate.

    If it sounds strange, it is most likely them. Just ignore and we'll delete as soon as possible. :)

  38. Good afternoon everyone! I agree with AnotherMom. The reason why I put up my post last night is for some reason, people were getting upset about I don't know what. I hope that my fan site continues to be a great place to chat and catch up with our friends!

  39. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jon Gosselin's Stepdad: 'I Don't Even Know How To Get In Touch With Him'
    Posted on Oct 22, 2010 @ 06:25AM Jon Gosselin is estranged from his ex-wife Kate, lost his legal battle to keep his children off TV, and now has exclusively learned that his own stepdad doesn't know how to get in touch with him.

    Albert Castello is married to Jon's mother, Pamela, and lives in Pennsylvania too. Castello revealed that he hasn't spoken with his stepson after Jon's public Twitter rant about the judge's decision to allow his children to remain on television. "I don't even know how to get in touch with him," Albert Castello told us. Pamela and Albert have been married since October 3, 2000. Jon's parents divorced in 1998 and his father Thomas passed away in 2005. Jon's side of the family generally avoids publicity and until now it was unknown that Jon was estranged from his stepfather. A court order is in place preventing Jon from speaking publicly about his children and the TLC situation, but a source told that he feels using Twitter doesn't violate his legal agreement. His stepfather defended Jon's method of speaking to the public."Whatever he wants to Twitter or Facebook or whatever the hell it is that is his business," Jon says he is struggling to find employment since he isn't a part of the hit TLC show Kate Plus 8 starring Kate and the children.

    "Jon's business is to deal with family matters. They have nothing to do with TV or what he's trying to do to make a living," Albert told turned to Twiiter to defend his decision to try and have the children taken off television. His stepdad thinks the Gosselin children should be the priority. "The children are the most important thing. Whatever is going on between Jon and his ex-wife they have to work this out themselves," Albert told He also defended his stepson's public rants. "Whatever he says is his business. It's none of anybody's business. I don't want to say anything. Family matters are family matters."

  40. Well that means some day between now and his January 2009 interview in Utah, he stopped texting with his mom all the time. I remember him saying that they talked and texted all the time.

  41. I find that ROL article hard to believe. I mean, doesn't Jon talk about his mother often, couldn't his stepdad just ask her for his contact info? Something is fishy with this, I don't buy it.

    Also, I agree about hating all the anger that comes from people about the Gosselins. People are so mean to each other! Personal attacks on every side, I will never understand. I'm sorry it has all come to this. I have heard it suggested before and I echo the thought that it would probably be so different if we all saw each other face to face and remembered that we are all people with things in common. No need for the hatred and insults!

  42. firedup, it wasn't you it was a nasty imposter. The name was spelled slightly different, I thought you'd pick up on that. Sorry :)

  43. I think ROL is bored and needs something to write about so it's grasping for straws. I would also beginning to think that my kitchen appliances are out to get me because we got the stove fixed tuesday afternoon and now the refridgerator went down for the second time since we got it on New Years eve.
    I think it is really sad that there are people who have nothing better to do than try to impersonate others. What meaningless lives they lead. I hope everyone stays well

  44. I wonder how many more family members are going to come out of the woodwork??? Are they for real or just imposters???sp? Or does ROL dream these things up?

  45. Hi caregiver, I wonder if there's any legal ramification for lying?

  46. OKay,,,,slow me, I finally saw what was happening! I was starting to worry that I had really offended here.

    Man, what's with these "naysayers"....?? Such juvenile behavior, makes you wonder about their motivation. What foolishness to contantly try and stir up things and aggravate BabyMama? All because we are supportive of Kate and her children...and we keep in hope of better conduct from Jon.

    I guess you all have seen the short video of Jon and Ellen outside the bar from his gig this summer. Smoking something....kind of unusal how they are all huddled outside in a circle hunched over. Then his croonies try and physically stop the picture taking...and you can hear Ellen shout some profanities.

    Yep, just the kind of folks you want taking care of the little Gosselins. Like I said, we keep hoping for Jon.

  47. Firedup - I missed that video but I'm glad. Just call me naive. I'm Pollyanna enough to hope that one day Jon will be able to get it together and just be happy. After listening to the Michael Lohan recorded conversation with Jon at ROL, I don't think I'm up for the video you mentioned.

  48. Linda, it's posted at Sage's place. Not pretty.

    Also SG continues a nonstop crusade in Jon and Ellen's behalf. Boy, she sure tried to play it here. Her true intentions are evident now.

    Hope all you ladies with colds get to feeling better. Please remember the vit. really amps the immune system.!

  49. LindaO...I saw Babymama's twitter about the nanny. What do you know? How did she find out that info?

    That would certainly explain why Kate no longer has her working. How could the tabloid leave that out?

    Always want to paint Kate in a bad light! They aren't worth using as toilet paper...those rags they sell as magazines!

  50. Guess I wasn't the only that noticed what SG was up to..huh?

    Linda I have the link to the video if you want it. It wasn't that bad, but makes him look stupid. The video itself was kind of funny. It was made by the former PR person from UltraBar that he blocked on twitter. Guess she wasn't too happy about getting the boot from her own party.

  51. firedup4Kate - On Twitter, the info about Kate's nanny being arrested for shoplifting was posed in a link several days ago. A link to the info was posted. I can't post it here because I can't copy and paste using the iPad. I thought, gosh, Kate will fire her and the rags will go crazy. Instead, the rags posted that she quit and Kate was hard to work for. I wanted to say, well duh, didn't they even check the published notice of nanny's arrest?

  52. Linda I like what you said because those people come here and read and even if they are blocked from posting this site is public so they can view it. It is the best place to address the issue. It is really pathetic that people infiltrate groups like this. Btw is anyone on the Bump iPhone app? They are having a similar problem there- people being really nasty to each other and imposters posting. Scares me for the world right now!

  53. I meant to type posted not posed. Sometimes I type errors. Sometimes the atospell makes bizarre changes. I think it's funny and it will give the trolls something else to make fun of.

    Some like Kate; some hate Kate. That I can understand; read and post where you like. What I don't understand is then turning that hatred additionally toward fans:Baby Mama, me, Ziggy, Sage, the ladies at IW. Doing that is, IMO, pretty much a sicko obsession. To go even a step further and attack not only the women who support Kate, but Kate's children, and the children of Kate's supporters is demented.

    We (Baby Mama and me, the blog occasional babysitter) pledge to delete their garbage as quickly as possible. We can try to block them and do that as much as possible.

    To answer Caregiver, who asked how they keep posting when they are blocked? Some have moved to free computers at University or public libraries. Then each location has to be blocked.

    When they start their repeated spamming, we shift sometimes to moderation for brief periods. This allows us to filter some or slow them down. Their primary pleasure is seeing their hate onscreen. Secondary is stirring the pot to try to turn regular posters against each other. Tertiary is aggravating the blog moderators.

    My suggestion is ignoring them. We'll delete them as soon as we can. It's ongoing. Secondly, if you see what appears to be a sudden shift in attitude from a regular poster, it is probably one of the flies pretending to be a regular poster.

  54. Off topic - Baby Mama, Niecy Nash is going to be on Rachael Ray this week.

  55. All - My apologies to all if I've been slow answering email on recipes, etc. Finally sat down and checked the spam box on email. 90 entries and there were many from my regular email friends (we do recipe exchanges, craft exchanges, etc. / not related to the blog at all.) Sorry!

  56. Well if someone comes on posting as me and they are more articulate and don't have spelling mistakes, please keep their post and delete mine, I'd like to keep a high standard... LOL.

  57. Sarah Grace - Thank you. On the other iPhone app, I haven't used that one.

  58. Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend. I am back from a busy morning! I deleted my last post. I would never give any of those worthless flies and more than they deserve of my time which is NOTHING! However I will say that I always know if someone is trying to come in and post as someone else. So we will keep blocking!

  59. I think it's just a disgruntled employee spouting off. Any reasonable person knows that you have to take whatever negative statements a former employee makes about their former employer with a grain of salt. She should have already known getting into this job that it would not be easy pie helping to manage a household of 8 kids every day.

    She might have already shot herself in the foot. I do know that if anyone wants to ever be hired again shouldn't be saying anything bad about a former boss, even on a private application or resume. Their prospective employer may always wonder what they would say in the event that employment was terminated for any reason. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth of a potential hirer.

    I do wonder if Kate should have or could have had the hiring contract include a confidentiality provision that extended after termination of employment by either party.

  60. I read the article earlier (maybe the same one you posted, Baby Mama). It's hard to say what the truth is because on one hand - unless I've missed something - Ariel is the only one out of 11 nannies who used to work for Kate who has said anything, positive or negative. On the other hand, why has she gone through 11 nannies?
    lucysmom is right of course. Badmouthing a former employee is taboo. Unless Ariel is planning on leaving the country she certainly has not helped herself.

  61. Baby Mama - Yes, I do believe there is some kind of truth to this nannies story, but I bet she didn't figure on getting her truth out there either. Meaning about the shop lifting. So lets just consider her a strike out.

    Who will be next to step up to the plate against this family?
    I bet there are a lot of skeletons in their closets! It's that time of year.

    Great day today with my family. Brunch, cards and visiting! New pics of my new granddaughter too!! She's a cutie.

  62. The article I read seems to me take things out of proportion. The nanny says that Kate was controlling and a neat freak. Kate has admitted to that many times herself including on film to prospective housecleaners and nannies. Sometimes if you are young and unexperienced, you don't know how to deal with that. It also says,
    “Shifts can last up to 24 hours, and you have to go on trips with the family. Sleepovers are often required, and there is no set schedule with days off. You work when Kate says she needs you to work.” That is the way a lot of nanny jobs are are and it is tough. In the beginning when Kate was first hiring helpers she mentions this being an obstacle. Things change in people's lives making this more or less of an issue over time.
    Unnamed sources say,
    “Kate is unavailable to her children,” says the insider. “She never plays with them anymore and is constantly busy with her personal affairs. That’s why she always needs a nanny!” the nanny does not. Whoever said that doesn't even give their names.
    While a professional would have kept their mouth shut, I really think the tabloids used her. She really isn't saying anything that someone else might not say about why they left a position. Not keeping her mouth shut will hurt her in the long run with other employers, but I think she just wasn't cut out for the demands. While I would absolutely love to take care of Kate's kids, I would not be able to on that schedule, it just wouldn't work in the context of my life.
    I also think that the eleven nannies is taken out of context, it could mean that some quit or were fired, but it could also mean that some were hired for specific purposes like while Kate was on DWTS or during the summer and then let go when the need was over. It could include the one Jon hired to sleep with. Also childcare is a very high turnover profession. As Kate's career stablizes she will be able to work out a more consistent childcare schedule and they will be happier. Right now it's just the way it is and probably not easy for anyone including and especially Kate. The tabloids take little tidbits and run with them.

  63. I'm not buying this story one bit. Especially the comment about Kate not being available for her kids...constantly busy with her personal affiars.

    We've seen the paps take pictures of Kate picking up the kids from school, taking them to vaious appointments, music store, ice cream parlor, on and on.

    With the kids in school now...Kate has ample time during the day to take care of her personal business...and lord, do we have pictures of that!
    Running, Fed Ex pickup, tanning, nail salon, dry cleaners, etc.

    It's the same ole routine with these tabloids...when things are quiet in sightings of her...they have to make up some kind of sensational story...usually 90% false to garner some attention and make some money off Kate's back!

  64. Also everyone knows up front that Kate wants things done in her household HER way! And as the employer in the situation, she has every right to spell out what she wants, how she wants things done, etc.

    The nanny has the option to deline the job up front if they think they can't "cut the mustard" for Kate.

    I would think that Kate WOULD already have a confidentiality clause. Goodness knows,she surely is aware of what "sour grapes" could do to her in the media.

    Again...I suspect the whole article may be made up!

  65. First in this article, Ariel is not saying these things, and insider is. Second, are there any articles with Ariel saying anything or is it always a close source?

  66. Hi firedup, we'd have to consider what's in the job description of a nanny. Doesn't a nanny look after the kids, feed, dress them, etc.? As long as it's not housekeeping or cleaning, how hard could it be? And if Kate's still asleep in the morning, how would she know things aren't done exactly "her way"?

  67. Fascinated, you are right. It doesn't directly quote Ariel, but even if she did, neither her nor this so-called source have much credibility.

  68. Lori Anne - You need to note that your facts are outdated from several years. Kate "slept in" until almost 7 am when the 6 were very small. Did you miss the last two seasons? Sounds a bit like you just are wanting to take a jab at Kate.

    After I laughed a lot at the "how hard could it be?"...sorry, I'm still rolling with laughter...I started to give you a list. Then I decided, what's the point. Either you have no children and no experience, or you've never been around that many children.

    Might want to review several seasons of the show before you comment on Kate being asleep in the morning. That was only when the 6 were very small and Kate got to sleep in until the very late hour of 7 am! Wow!

  69. If we can be polite, stating our opinions without dissing Kate, that's wonderful and the discussion can continue.

    If not, then I will be forced to delete while Baby Mama is away this evening. Or send the comments to moderation for her to review later.

  70. Hi Lori Anne - Saying "Kate wants things her way" was not at all a snark toward her on my part. I feel she is entitled to stipulate matters regarding the care of her children! She's particular...I see that as a virtue...not a vice!

    Feeding, dressing and maintaining order with 8 little ones has to be a challenge. So not sure about that "how hard could it be" question. Taking care of 2 was a handful for me!

    Kate "still asleep in the morning"...?? From all I've seen, Kate is an early riser. And when she is home, I doubt that she has a nanny to sleep over.

  71. Jon said last year that it takes two of them to get the kids ready for school, Kate also did in last year's beginning of school special. This year it wasn't mentioned so I figured that maybe they had gotten more independent so she could do it on her own. Originally Jon would get up with the girls and start getting them ready then Kate would get up and give them breakfast and their lunches.

  72. Linda O, I was not trying to take a jab at Kate, just commenting on a nanny's job as someone whose friend once worked as a nanny. She did NO housekeeping but was up well before the mother to (among other things) make their lunches. I've got no idea what Kate asks her nanny to do and neither do you, but it should not include housekeeping. We only have our personal experience to go on.

    Linda O, I have already mentioned, I have 3 kids of my own and 2 step-kids who stay here every other week, so yes, I have experience with kids. Oh, and we've got lots of pets too so I know how hard it can be to keep a household under control.

    I'm not dissing Kate so please don't "be forced to delete" my comment. Others might be happy to read it.

  73. Good evening everyone! I am back from a long night. Toinght I will keep the board moderated just in case this "firedupfork"h"ate decides to break into a library somewhere just so that they can post.

    I just have to stop and just mention how every blog is buzzing about what I look like. Like you know for a fact that those hiding deep behind the "anon" posts are no prizes either lol. There was some intense DESIRE to know what I looked like after hearing me on the radio. Some complete loser decides to make it their mission to Google me and pay money to find out my personal info. Why exactly? How am I that important to you that your sick ass has to wake up every morning to go to a public library to drool over me. Honey if your that obsessed drool over me in private will ya??

    From what I am told This completly mental unstable hater who lives and breathes Kate Gosselin even more than I do started a hate site Jibber Jabbers. Kay even went as far as getting into an old myspace page not used for years to steal PREGNANT photos of me to post on the web. So there you have it. The big gorilla in the room is names Kay and went out and posted my photos trying to "out me".

    First of all this pig didn't need to out me. I'm happy sharing the complete love I have for myself and my family. I'm confused by the complete fascination but whatever. They are being investigated and and as always karma is a bitch. And I can't wait...So there you have it, I made my statement and I will be moving on. I have what this person only DREAMS of having, only proving once again..JEALOUSY IS A BITCH xoxox

    "Haters only hate the things that they can't get and the people they can't be."

  74. And this is the only time this week again I will get personal on my blog. I promise! Because I need to. Thank you for understanding. I love that my blog is like therapy now...

  75. UGH Linda help.. I went and tried that new Twitter layout and I hate it. Please explain to me how to go back to the old look, or did I lose it forever??

  76. Baby Mama - I'm delighted you are back home, feeling better, and moderating. It is almost 11 am on Saturday night and I'm still working on a newsletter for a client. Yuck! I promised it would be emailed before 5 am, software has gone haywire, I'm grumpy, half the household is sick, the dog just threw up, and I'm just growling at the world. Other than that, it's a lovely evening, lol. :)

  77. Sorry folks if you are having trouble. Blogger is doing 503 errors again, and I'm getting them just like everybody else. Sorry, I don't have time to track them down tonight. Please remember to click the back arrow button, then the forward arrow and it usually is not lost and will eventually show up. If it says, "Do you want to submit this again" click yes. Sorry, best I can do tonight. :)

  78. Baby Mama - I'll try to help but I'm probably not the best person to ask about Twitter. It works for me on iPad because I can lock in my password and I don't have to remember it. I spent an hour and a half today trying to figure out why a client's Twitter page has disappeared. I'm not the best IT Guru any more; I have employees who help me there. It's Saturday night so of course they are home with their families and I refuse to call and interrupt them. So why do Twitter pages just disappear? Is Twitter having problems?

    My personal take is...Blogger was great until Google bought it. Twitter was better before Google bought it. Google was a great search engine. Stick with what you know best. JMHO

  79. Goodnight and I'm off back to work on the newsletter. HAGN all.

  80. Linda I forgot to tell you that I appreciate you so much after all you have done for me and this blog. I appreciate your constant support, and being a real friend when I needed you. I hope your hubby is feeling better and he's not mad that I bother you so much..xoxox I feel invincible right now. Even as sick as I was, you kept me strong and ready to fight. I'm back now and ready to kick some serious butt! ;)

  81. BabyMama - this is outrageous to think someone would go to that length. Obviously, they want to bully you into going away!

    They can't stand it that you have a bonafide pro-Kate site. These are the same people that dissect every move Kate makes, every inch of her body, every word that she says!

    Now they want to go after you in the same manner! I applaud your courage and determination not to back down. Kate supporters have to be strong...just like Kate!

  82. I'm asking for an IPad from Santa Clause.. I swear after all I have delt with in Blogland I have been a very good girl this year...

  83. firedupforkate` Let me say this. I'm the toughest cookie there is. If someone tries to push me down I get right back up and fight harder. I'm not going anywhere. There are so many threatened by my positive fan site. I'm strong like Kate Gosselin. I admire her. I have dedicated 2 1/2 years to her and her family and we are not going anywhere!

    I would like to say however that now that I have gotten a great new part-time job while the baby is in pre pre-k, I will not be able to be on the blog as much..I am the Jedi Master but Linda is Luke Skywalker. I know with her the site will be run how I think it should. And as always, I will never be but an e-mail away ;)

  84. I didn't think Lori Anne's post was negative at all. In fact I was going to point out that if Kate is sleeping in while the Nanny is watching the kids, then how can she be demanding when she is sleeping. LOL.

    I appreciate Linda O's vigilence but I do feel that sometimes the deleting becomes over zealous. I completely understand that the haters say negative things and they should be deleted immediately. However, we all don't need to love Kate to express our views. But we should be able to express our view... : )

  85. Good to know BabyMama! You and Linda make a formidable team! You Go Girl!

    I certainly appreciate the efforts of both you and Linda. Have a good nite and get some rest!

  86. Baby Mama, I read on 15 min that the blog owner respects you. Going to bed now. I have all five kids tonight and hubby has dozed off on the couch during the hockey game. Good night everyone!

  87. facinated, thank you blogger sister!

  88. I still cannot even imagine what Kate experiences. If people are willing to emotionally and mentally hurt a fan and blog moderater, I can't even imagine the threats and hatred Kate receives. I totally understand the need for a body guard. I would have one living with me 24/7. At times Kate must feel really alone and at times fearful. I really appreciate having a partner when I am in the house and hear a weird noise. I can't imagine being alone in the house with eight kids, knowing that someone out there hates you enough to harm you.

  89. I guess it's safe to say now, that I can actually say that I understand what Kate goes through! People can be downright vicious and mean beyond words. It's the high of attacking someone with the secutity that you just some fake name on a screen. They feel they are somehow taking away your power, when in fact they are making you stronger.

    I think it's important to understand where Linda and I have come from. We respect everones opinion, but have to stay true to the site. I personally do not delete that much, and when I do you will be told why. Sometimes things are taken literally or mis-understood. I am blessed to have truly the best person who looks out for this sites best intrests. But at the same time, we may get over-zealous when we have just been maliciously attacked.

    Everyone on this site should know that it's never personal, and I love you all. lol :)

  90. Lori Anne - sorry if it came out harsh to you. I do have contracts from two different nanny services and frequently some housework is included and every one of them has had a confidentiality clause. About a year ago we had the discussions on nanny contracts and confidentiality. I'll try to go back and find them because there were links with them.

    I am frustrated. Today there were even attempts just before you from screen name Lori Annie that were vicious and vile. I have to double check every screen name.

  91. Let me state again for the record, I never, ever deleted a single one of SG's posts. Any deletions there were solely the decision of Baby Mama. Sometimes things get heated and she deletes a whole slew of posts including mine. This is her privilege and call. I never took my deletions by Baby Mama personally.

    While Baby Mama was on vacation, I did delete many on the flies list. There were some others I added to the flies list but only deleted then after at several warnings. Some earned their way there after sending me an email calling the Gosselin kids ugly names or vile references to Baby Mama's kids or mine.

    I don't agree with every opinion posted here but with regular posters, I feel you are entitled to your opinions. It makes me angry frustrated when some weirdo tries to use names of regular posters to say things that clearly try to misrepresent the person. I feel like it is theft of your identity.

    Lori Anne for example, never curses here. She just wouldn't do it! So when I read the cursing in a post pretending to be her, it is just plain wrong and I want it gone! We send those to spam so screen shots can be saved to document.

    At present, Google archives here many times a day. If it is malicious and isn't pulled and gets archived, the evil people can try to use it later against the good person. Once archived, nothing truly ever goes away on the internet.

    In many ways, it was easier when this blog was always moderated. People never saw the ugly because it was deleted and never posted. The down side is that it really slows down conversation.

  92. Good morning all. It's a glorious day in my part of the world. I hope it is in yours also.

  93. Hi Linda. It's raining here but I'm still taking my little ones out to buy pumpkins. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

  94. Good morning Linda!--It's raining here--but we haven't had rain since the third week in September so it's a good thing. Enjoy your glorious day!

  95. Good Morning to you. Beautiful weather here...gorgeous color. I fully agree with you and BabyMama on your efforts to control the malicious ones that try to gain a foothold here.

    Some try to feign an appearance of moderation ...but soon the real character of their thinking becomes apparent. They clearly demean Kate with innuendo or snark...but then modestly say..."I don't hate Kate".

    SG has truly through her twitter account revealed herself. It's a love fest for Jon and Ellen there. And I have seen her comments on another site...and I was truly disappointed. I thought she was better than that.

    So I'm glad we have peace here and we are engaging one another respectfully. True Kate fans are that way....we admire Kate's restraint and respectability. Her well chosen words. Her graceful use of the tongue with cute humor...never anything vulgar or immoral.

  96. Hello to all of Kate FANS.
    Please i need an answer, what's happening with Kate, when is she coming back to TV.

  97. Hi kate, last I heard Twist of Kate was coming in mid-November but I haven't seen any promo's for it yet. Have you tried contacting TLC?

  98. Also, I believe the kids trip to Alaska is coming around the time of Sarah Palin's Alaska series debut...I think I saw it for Nov. 14th?

    Read somewhere that Kate is again included in Barbara Walters "Ten Most Fascinating People" special. I think that usually airs in December.

    Just thru the rumor mill...can't confirm it,,,but it was posted on ET site that Kate was offered the special correspondance job for DWTS this year...but she had to decline because of contractual obligations to TLC for filming Twist of Kate. Thus Nicey Nash got the job.

    I'm sure Kate has lots of stuff she is considering for next year. Kate is always ahead of the game!

  99. One of the wire services included a TLC release. I had it but didn't post it because Baby Mama reported it here within the last two weeks. I'm not on the computer so I can't post the link.

    The first Twist of Kate is scheduled for mid to late November. TLC is actively promoting Sarah Palin's Alaska right now. Sweeps ratings period (which drives advertising revenue) is in November. I expected that's when Kate's newest would be shown. Sometimes TLC releases specific dates to TV Guide in advance of TLC's own listings which never cover more than just a few weeks. TLC likes to shuffle their listings. You can expect TLC to begin a Twitter campaign just a few days before air date.

  100. Life is so short. I can't imagine anybody choosing to be anything less than happy if at all possible. Just got word about a friend's husband passing. He was 51, ate healthy, appeared to be in good shape. But, he smoked. A first and fatal heart attack. So sad. Kids came later in his life so still some at home. I remember the kids begging him to stop. Just so sad. Hug your kids. Hug your significant other. You just never know.
    I'll work again on the dratted 503 problem soon, I hope.
    Finally we have a lot of color in our maple and other color changing trees. I look out and think, how can you not be cheered by nature's display. I enjoy every season, but I think fall is my favorite. It's like nature's daytime fireworks.

  101. Linda--I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's husband. Your are so right--life is short. Each new day is a gift and a chance to start fresh. My brother is 50 today and I can't imagine only having him one more year. Thank goodness he doesn't smoke.

    Our fall colors peaked two weeks ago--It's pretty bare out there right now and everytime the wind blows, the pine needles rain down.
    When we take bike rides, I can't help but take pictures of the prettiest trees.

    We went to the House on the Rock in southern WI and walked out in the Infinity Room over the treetops when they were the prettiest--my goodness what a treat.

  102. the 11 are listed at 15 min and i don't think these 11 were/are all nannies. just b/c someone *we* don't know is seen with the kids, helping kate or jon, or at the house does not mean they are nannies, caregivers/takers, or even baby sitters.

    a nanny is one who is a constant caregiver and usually lives with the family for most of the time they are working. like lives there mon-fri then home on the weekends or whatever schedule is set-up. i have 3 close friends who are or have been nannies and this is what they have done.

    carla and ashley are helpers. they were neighbors who helped kate out and then ashley was a sitter/helper when home from college. no way could they be considered nannies.

    jenny was from an agency and stayed with them on trips, etc.

    just b/c stephanie s (if that was her; i'm not convinced it was her at all) was on the show helping kate after the police being called when she was there with jon doesn't mean kate knew her before that.

    imo the only nannies the kids have had were the asian one (i'm sorry i cannot remember her name) and this ariel. the others were helpers who came and helped when needed.

    and with the way kate's schedule has been in the past she would need a nanny and a helper.

    and when alone she'd need a helper. it's hard being a single parent day and day out.

  103. I do not believe a story that is quoted by "a source". That nanny story sounds like recycled crap.

    It is mind boggling that someone would do that to you Baby Mama. She definitely has some major issues. I'm glad you will not allow her to stop your blog. I really appreciate everything you and Linda do. It is very nice to have a blog that you can support Kate without having to defend your comments.

    Linda I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

  104. Condolences, Linda. Try to have a good week b/c as you say, life is short. I know what it feels like to lose a friend too soon.

  105. kimmie - thanks, I just went over there to read. I'm still not convinced the kids will not suffer for having had so many different people in their lives, call them nannies or whatever you want. I've had one constant caregiver in my kids' lives (I'm lucky, I know) but even when I eas a teenager babysitting to make a few bucks, I found that the moms would call me back again and again just for the continuety for the kids. I think that's imprtant.

  106. Oh Linda I'm so sorry. That's Soo young.

    I just got done reading all the posts from today, I ended up sleeping half the day because I didn't sleep again last night. My awesome hubby took one for the team though and took the girls out trick or treating by himself so I could rest. He rocks.

  107. Sometimes I think people forget that it is Kate's choice to set the standards, not ours. I haven't walked in her shoes so I'll withhold judgement.

    You can screen and background check but you never know whether it will work until you try it. Many people can talk a good game in an interview but bomb big time when they have to "walk the walk."

  108. Thanks Lori Anne and CMo3. My point was that there are no guarantees in life and we just never know how long that life will be.

    CMo3 - I sure hope you feel better soon.

  109. lori anne here's what i think:

    i don't think the kids are going to suffer because i think they still see the ones that were/are friends and known them most of their lives. i don't believe these people have been ripped from their lives.

    i think there may be 2 maybe 3 of the nannies or helpers that were there long enough to have gotten close to the kids. i think the rest were only there off and on when needed.

    the asian one judy i think they were probably the closest to. and then again i would take the word of an anon person on a hate-kate site who says that kate let her go b/c of her talking to jon.

  110. Thank you fans.
    I know that Kate would be back eventually, she's always ahead of the game. TLC will not go without her. I heard that Kate and the kids will appear on the show of Sarah Palin's Alaska, i really think TLC is doing that so Sarah Palin premiere can be a hit. Can't wait for twist of Kate as well.

    Condolences to Linda.

  111. Linda~ as always you are correct that we should appreciate the time we have with loved ones, there are no guarantees in life. My condolences.

    I feel that this is the bestEST time for some fresh paper. This freshness is in honor of the amazing restaurant Dell’anima at 38 Eighth Ave in NYC. My parents love a good high-end brunch. And after seeing me so stressed this week we got to go out without the kids today. Boy did we need it! This fresh paper is in honor of our special baked eggs with pancetta and rosemary. YUM enjoy ;)