Monday, October 25, 2010

File Under: Kate Gosselin Can Never Win, The Nanny Edition, Is Kate's Cookbook Back Again? For the first time since claims broke that Kate Gosselin's newest nanny has walked off the job, the "Kate Plus 8" star was spotted out in the public. However, she wasn't exactly participating in an activity that requires much interaction -- she was keeping up her jogging habits. The reality TV mom was spotted along a route in Reading, Pennsylvania on Saturday, looking a bit tired after what can only have been a difficult week. At the request of her attorneys, Kate is also keeping mum about her ex-husband Jon's latest exploits -- which include an attempt to have his famous eight children removed from TV yet again......

Hello Gosselin fans! Ok, so lets say that now with the kids in full-time school, combined with the fact that you found out your nanny was arrested once for theft, you decided to let her go, or that she decides to quit? (In 2009, Ariel Cantara, 20 was arrested June 2  and charged with retail theft after she was seen transferring merchandise from a plastic handbasket to her open purse leaving Pathmark) How do you handle the fact that now said nanny is looking to cash in by selling a story via a "source" to Life & Style? Once again as always I give Kate Gosselin so much credit for not dealing with the media on all this BS. How do we know for sure how many nannies Kate has had and once again how is that any ones business? And how does this equate to someone being a bad parent? Is Kate Gosselin difficult to work for? That’s what Life & Style is claiming. Reportedly Kate’s been going through nannies by the boatload and recently drove yet another one out the door. A source tells them:
Kate is not the easiest person to deal with. She drove Ariel insane. Kate’s controlling and a neat freak. No wonder Ariel quit.”She has gone through about 11 nannies and tons of helpers in the past few years. Shifts can last up to 24 hours, and you have to go on trips with the family. Sleepovers are often required, and there is no set schedule with days off. You work when Kate says she needs you to work.”“Kate is unavailable to her children. She never plays with them anymore and is constantly busy with her personal affairs. That’s why she always needs a nanny!”
I’m not sure if I buy this 100%. I mean, these kids are at school all day long now. Maybe Kate had to let one of the nannies go and she’s upset? Do you thing there’s any truth to this one?

RUMOR OF THE WEEK: "Love Is In The Mix" Book to be released in 2011? TimesoftheInternet
"Kate Gosselin has stepped out of the television cameras for the time being and is planning a 2011 release of her latest book, Love Is In The Mix. The book features recipes, traditions and blessings geared to make family meal times more special, with or without Ariel Cantara or her other ex-nannies."


  1. Do we even know when Ariel Cantara supposedly quit? Nanny turnover rates are high no matter whom the employer is. You use an agency for referrals and trust them to do background checks. You interview them and they talk a good game. You explain all the difficulties of the job. You get assured they feel they can handle the job. But, they soon find out that it isn't just a playtime but a real job with real kids.

    Long gone are the generations of UK trained uber nannies whose goal and training is a career of service and dedication to one family, one employer, much like "adult adoption" into a family. (I use to equate them to much like nuns in their dedication.)

    Sadly, today's world seems to be more into how can I sell out somebody, make $$ off the interview, and grab my 15 mins of fame and seek my revenge.

    We require the standard contract with a confidentiality clause. We make it clear that they may come across highly confidential info and that we can, and will prosecute violations of that trust.

    Kate is in an awkward situation. Difficult for her to prosecute because of the instant publication of details.

    Ariel Cantara may have gotten her shot at "fame" but I'm betting that at this moment her bakery friends are not thrilled with her. She's now somebody that as an employer I'd never choose to hire for any situation involving the handling of cash since she's a convicted shoplifter. If her company requires bonding by their insurance company, it's unlikely that the policy wont get cancelled. I'm wondering if she's going to encounter customers that instead of asking, "what muffin varieties do you have today," instead ask her "if you stole and lied about it then violated a trust, can I trust your muffins not to be contaminated?" What a shame.

  2. I don't know about this whole nanny story. I would agree that with the children in school full-time now a nanny is not needed as much now. Kate is in such a difficult situation, no matter for what reason it doesnt work out they think they can run or send "a source" to sell a story for money. Yes, people do anything for money and its sick what some will do. I would be curious if she did sign a confidentiality clause thus the source. At the same time, if a red flag pops up with my nanny that I trust to take care of my babies, I don't care if it was the 50th one I would fire her too. These are precious children and if Kate doesnt feel comfortable with her around her children, then I don't blame her one bit. I certainly wouldnt care what the media says over the safety of my children.

    I would be so excited if the rumor is true about 'Love is in the mix'

  3. LO - Just finished reading the article about Ariel. Its in a media news release as you know it only states that she was arrested and did not list any convictions. How do you know she is a convicted shoplifter? Did you run a clearence on her?

  4. It's going to be warm again today so I have to go out walking again. Only a few good days left before the cold comes. CU later.

    OH, and Baby Mama, great pictures of the 3 boys above. How recent is that one? I like their hair spiked up. Opps, just looked at it again and Kates hair is short so that must be an old one? CU

  5. Good morning everyone! Just checking to make sure everything is status quo ;) #1caregiver, there are a few old pictures I kept that I really liked from the old site and this was one of them. Photos that make me happy seeing the kids are ones I like to re-use on occasion.

    At first I wans't going to bring up this whole nanny mess, but because it's pretty much on every blog including discussion about myself I figued I would cover it here if anyone wanted to talk about it.

  6. I have never had baked eggs with pancetta and rosemary but it sounds intriguing. Thanks Baby Mama for opening my culinary taste... : )

    Re: the Nanny!
    I suspect Ariel was let go. I suspect she signed a confidentiality clause. I suspect the story is by someone else and not Ariel.

    I am saddened that we are raking this woman over the coals because we are assuming she did it and that she has a criminal record. I apologize if this was posted on a different site (I only read this one) but I haven’t seen an article quoting Ariel. Until I do, I won’t give credence to the stories circulating. The stories all seem to be coming from rag magazines and they hold no water.

  7. To Rant or not to rant?

    As for the many people coming in and out of the children’s lives… these children grow up in a different world than ours. If they are taught to adapt, who to trust, and how to live with their privacy being threatened then they will grow up fine. If the haters had their way these children would be taken away from Kate and living in the system with adopted families. I have nothing against system appointed adopted families, they have saved many children; however, I don’t think that is a better solution.

    The kids appear to be adapting appropriately to their circumstances and it is apparent that society wants Kate and her kids to fail, much like they want Brangelina (Brad and Angelina) to divorce and Jennifer Anniston to have a baby. Can you imagine if the rag magazines supported people instead of tearing them down? What a wonderful world we would live in. Maybe then Jennifer would finally have that baby – with the pressure from the rag magazines off her back. LOL.

  8. fascinated - I seldom post anywhere anymore other than my own blog and when I do post elsewhere, it's a point which really is strong to me. I think your point about the kids adapting and Ariel being drug through the mud excellent.

    It is less, not all of course, but less what a child has to deal with than how a child is taught to view it and cope with it. Many a child has lived through much worse, who live through daily, much worse and cope just fine and turn into fine adults. No one, no one person whose ever lived has made it into adult hood without some scars. To expect a parent to raise their children without any scars, as the haters do Kate, is a humanly impossible feat.

  9. #1Caregiver - No I did not do a background check on Ariel Cantara. She did not apply for employment by me, and although you can do a background check on anybody for enough $$, I have no reason to do it.

    When the rag mags listed her name, I did check the newspaper listings around those dates. Most newspapers have a crime listing section, etc. which lists arrests. There is information that would "seem" to verify what is being stated about her arrest. HOWEVER, I'm sure that there is probably more than one person with the exact same name in the United States. Is this the same Ariel who worked for Kate. I cannot say that for sure. Not my business to verify. Verification of background checks is the responsibility of the company who represented her as a nanny. If she was arrested and the nanny company did not produce that information, I feel they would be liable.

    Every nanny agency we've ever used has included a confidentiality statement in the contract. Thus, that would seem to be a standard thing. Was this a part of the contract that Kate had? I have absolutely no way of knowing. Is this person who was arrested the same Ariel Cantara that worked for Kate? I have no way of knowing. The initial point I was trying to make was, Do we ever know when Ariel Cantara supposedly quit? I have no way of knowing and I'm curious about how ANY of the rags, etc. would "know for sure." I don't believe they can know.

  10. Fascinated,

    I very much agree with your "rant". While I personally could not do this whole tv thing like the Gosselins, I definitely don't think it is grounds for people to even suggest that Kate's kids be taken away from her. My goodness. It's not like the woman has them in adult movies or something. I feel like if you are going to judge Kate (and Jon at the time) for taking this opportunity to provide for their suddenly huge family when it looked like they would otherwise have been destitute, you would also have to turn around and judge other parents that put their kids into acting or singing or beauty pageants at young ages too. Those kids also lose their private lives and become prey to the paparazzi. Many of them end up going down terrible paths (think Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears etc.). Does that mean they should be taken away from their parents and put up for adoption? I think that is going a bit too far. Yes, there are parents that shove their kids through show business because they want the money and that is terrible but Kate is not one of those parents. She is the only one that is making absolutely sure that each of her kids has their future secured. What did Jon do with his money? He blew through it in a hurry and even stole from his ex gf. That's a real role model.

    Speaking of paparazzi, I think they are the biggest jerks in the world. They don't care one iota if they are ruining lives, it's all about getting the shot and making the money. They forget these are real people with feelings, much like all the haters out there!

  11. I agree with all of you. Before Jon got caught at the bar the most we ever saw the Gosselins in magazines were in issues of Good Housekeeping and People. How could either Jon or Kate even anticipate the magnitude in which the rags have taken this?? I truly believe they thought it was a good way to make money, they were going to ride the wave until it was done and then go on with their lives. Nothing like this has ever happened before to this magnitude(reality tv wise).

    It's really easy to hide behind a computer and judge.

    There is nothing worse than people who tear other people down instead of looking within to see why they have such irrational hate towards a person they don't know.

    This is a FAN site. We follow the Gosselin Family because we like them and I'm pretty sure none of us here ever said that we cared what anybody else's opinion was on that! I was watching Kelley Osbourne on Chelsea Lately the other night and she was talking about how people call her god awful names on twitter and are following her. She was like "why are they following me if they think I am a fat so and so?" She went on to say that sometimes she responds back with "thank you, you're sweet" and other times she responds back with "that's okay because most people who say that to me are ugly and hate themselves". These are women with nothing else to do but trash other people because they are still stuck in high school and don't want to leave. Hormones clouded our judgment back then, what's the excuse now??

  12. CMo3- ITA with all you said. You rock!

  13. Okay, I've had it to the ninth degree with the rumor mills.

    I have an idea. Why don't we start our own positive rumors? Any suggestions?

  14. Same story - lets bash Kate - different day. I think the rags make up a lot and state it is from “an insider” or "source" to get away with printing anything they want in an article. How would anyone know how many nannies/helpers Kate has had?

    If the Ariel Cantara from this article does not know the insider or is not the nanny, I feel bad that the theft charge was mentioned. However, if it is the same Ariel and she had anything to do with this article, I think she is getting what she deserves.

    I do not think changing nannies/helpers is odd. My kids went to different babysitters and day cares and they turned out just fine.

    Baby Mama – Is that Stephanie Santoro on the In Touch Weekly picture?

  15. Also, I've had it to the ninth degree with cyber bullies. Why would any idiot bully somebody because they are a fan of somebody else?

    Every single blog moderator who has a blog saying positive things keeps getting attacked by the same small group of haters. They've attacked Baby Mama, me, Ziggy, Sage, all of the IW ladies, KatherineDenise, etc. Maybe it's time to file a class action suit against these cyber bullies.

    This group of cyber bullies doesn't seem to understand that each time they launch a new campaign, it provides additional documentation that it was not just a "one-time thing" but an ongoing issue.

    Funny, they keep saying I'm stupid and understand little about computers and the Internet. That may well be true. But, all I really have to know is which experts to ask. Secondly, having enough money to pay an expert! In return, they keep teaching me more day by day. :)

    Am I interested in money from a lawsuit? Not a bit! I would be interested in perhaps having their activities known to their neighbors to protect them. Or, seeing if the rag mags are interested in what it's like to experience cyber bullying because you are a fan of someone. Just thinking, lol.

  16. Their basis of why they think you are stupid is very misinformed also. Little do they know what we have on them, eh??? I'm sick of it.

    If I cared I directly address it but I've dealt with these types of women before. No matter what you do you will be wrong in their eyes.

    Bullies don't understand until they are knocked flat on their asses. One day karma will take care of them. It always does.

  17. CMO3 - I agree about Karma. But sometimes you can help speed it up. I like Linda's idea about the class action lawsuit. Something needs to be done to stop their insane attacking.

  18. Ahh Linda, revenge is best served cold and lined with CASH $$$ LOL Check out this episode to air one week before Sarah Palin! Do you think they have another epi that they are doing the following wee, or do you think the made Sarah Palin an extra hour?

    Kate Plus 8
    Alaska, Here We Come!

    Kate and the kids are traveling 8 hours to Alaska - their longest trip ever! The Gosselins set out to see huge snow-covered mountains, bright white glaciers and pan for gold! But excitement builds when they head out to sea in search of whales!
    scheduled for Nov. 7 @ 9 and 11pm

  19. Ohh nd I forgot to add.. that IS in fact Stephanie Santoro. That photo bothered me so much when it first came out B/C I know she was getting paid alot of money to spill her story. I thought it was relevant with the whole nanny article.

    If it offends anyone or they feel that it's innapropriate for the site please let me know and I will remove it.

  20. Baby Mama - The picuture does not offend me. At first I thought it was suppose to be Ariel Cantara, but thought it looked like Stepanie Santoro. Thanks.

  21. Re: Karma

    Just remember we don't know what someone's Karma is supposed to be.......maybe a joint lawsuit is the planned Karma...........

  22. Love you Kate. Glad that you are back. Can not wait for the Alaska show.

  23. I like your thinkin' tiggerfan. Karma does come in many forms.

  24. ITA with CMO3 too! The part about it being easy to sit (actually HIDE) behind a computer and judge just hit the nail right on the head. Let's see any of these women come forward and say exactly the same crap at a public appearance somewhere. Yeah, you can bet the haters would probably be front of the line at a Kate Gosselin event and I bet they would be the ones gushing the most. It's almost ironic because they supposedly hate her and anyone that likes her so much yet they spend way more time than any of us do here on their sites "hating" Kate. Just that whole thing with Baby Mama and the photograph is proof of the lengths these crazies will go to for their cause.

    Remember what they said about the people in school that always picked on you and teased you mercilessly? If it was a guy it was probably because he liked you and if it was another girl it was likely because she was jealous of you. I bet those haters are still silly little high school kids at heart and they are just jealous as hell of Kate and all she has done for herself. IMO, That is definitely what drives them to do what they do.

  25. To all with posting problems -

    I am working on it. Sigh. Blogger fixes one issue and breaks more. If you are getting a BX error when you try to post, it is a blogger error with redirecting info.

    Corrina's been struggling with it all day as are others. So sorry.

    Here is a possible work around. Log into first and sign in. Leave it active. Then log onto the blog. It should show your screen name under the pitting block where it says "Comment as: Yourscreeh name". You should be able to post your comment then. If it does not work, send me an email and I'll try to help based on which browser you use, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.

    If you try to type your comment, then select your screen name to log in, it won't work because the blogger/google redirect is broken!!!!

    Still working on the doggone 503 error problem.

  26. Woo Hoo!!! I'm down to only 8 more error messages fixing 503. Of course, Luke Skywalker here may give up if Baby Mama changes anything else, lol!!!

  27. Thank you Luke!!

    When I first tried to comment, (about 7 hours ago LOL) I was agreeing with CMO3 about karma--and recently I saw two very serious cases of karma happen and they took much too long. I'm all for anything that speeds it up.

  28. Linda! Haha so sorry! I was trying to remove some stuff and I totally forgot about the 503 thing when I added another.. ACK! I removed the Followers thinking that was it. I did add one more Amazon link, so if that's a problem let me know and I will remove that also. I remind myself of my daughter when every once in a while I'm bored of what I see so I change my room around. Kinda like that ;) again sorry!

  29. Absolutly, I will be apart of that kind of karma anyday untill it's gone.

    LO I LOVE the idea of positive rumors.

    I for one am THRILLED to watch Kate and the kids in Alaska, cant wait. Also, cant wait to watch Sarah Palin's new show as I am a huge fan of hers as well.

  30. Ahh, I love the comments today.I had tears in my eyes from laughing.

    Great idea Linda about the lawsuit and Tiggerfan about it being Karma, LOL.

    I can’t wait to see the Alaska trip. My kids and I drove to Alaska about 10 years ago. I can’t wait to revisit it. It really is beautiful.

  31. Re my 9:28 comment, pitting block should have read "posting" block.

    Baby Mama - I laughed about your changing furniture. Until my back heals, I still can't lift anything over 5 lbs., like the vacuum cleaner, so have cleaning help. I think this team are frustrated designers. Every time they come things get rearranged. As long as it's clean and orderly, I don't care. Except I want a lamp left on so I don't fall over something in the dark, lol. Don't want to break anything more!

    I have painted my turtle shell brace like a teenage mutant ninja turtle for Halloween. If I can't get the paint off afterwards, I'll just paint over it with a turkey for thanksgiving in November or cover it with fabric. If you can't laugh and poke fun at yourself, you miss a lot of laughs!

    Does anybody have an idea for using acorns? I have two 50 gallon trashcans full from the driveway. Maybe organic acorn flour??

    Must be time for bed, I'm getting silly.

  32. Linda you know I could find a craft for you to do with acorns...dare me!

  33. Did I fall asleep and miss some change in legislation in the US and PA both?

    The last I knew, a parent could hire as many helpers or nannies as they wished, as long as they had the $$ to pay them. Kate earned MORE than a half million from DWTS, not to mention interviews, etc (Neither of these categories included appearances by the kids, btw!) The woman has ample money at present to pay hired help. She also has the right and responsibility to terminate ANY who do not meet her standards. Duh!

    I guess I expected logic from haters but that is too much of a stretch to ask for, huh? The logic would be, IF you thought Kate was an flop as a parent, you'd be wanting her to hire MORE helpers/nannies and NOT fewer? Right? WTH is wrong with you haters? Your argument of wanting no help is as filled with holes as the Swiss cheese in my refrigerator!

    Why would she need help? Here's an example. I have a sick child with a fever today. Without another adult in the house, one of the following would have happened. 1. I could bundle up the sick child, carry out in the rain, load up the nauseous ill child for the ride to get other kids to school. 2. I could keep all kids home because one is sick.
    3.I could leave the underage sick child home alone while I drive the other kids to school (Not gonna happen in my lifetime!)
    4. I could ask my unemployed ex to drag his butt off the sofa and either come watch the nauseous child or drive the rest to school. (probably not since his attorney of the week would file some bogus charge or both he and his GF would Tweet about it. Can't you hear the headlines?"Kate leaves sick child at home." or "Jon has to step in and help because Kate can't cope.")

    5. I could stay with the sick child while the nanny drove the well kids to the bus stop.

  34. Sorry readers and posters. We regret that moderation was required this morning due to troll traffic. Both Baby Mama and I were working.

    When I came on just a couple of minutes ago, there were some more redirect errors with google/blogger. I deleted flies on the known list then sent all that were left to "post." They cleared the moderation hold folder but did not post here. I'm still trying but they may be permanently lost. I regret the problem. Hopefully you will come back and repost your comment.

    Again, sorry.

  35. Good afternoon everyone! Sorry too that I have been MIA. Today I heard another rumor that I hope will sctually come true. However I don't understand why Jon would want to work at a place that has attacked him and said the horrible things they have. At the same time, go figure that this may be the perfect job for him. (And FYI that piece of trash book by Al Walentis was NOT a best seller..)

    Cash-strapped reality-show outcast Jon Gosselin is in furious negotiations to assume the reins as IT chief at trouble-plagued Reading Eagle Internet Services, Greater Reading Online has learned EXCLUSIVELY!

    The top-level talks come on the heels of last week's calamitous web outage, when and its client sites went dark from Thursday afternoon until Friday evening. E-mails and potentially other essential communications -- including e-commerce orders -- vanished into the ether. Analysts estimate the losses by clients could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    "Reading Eagle Company is clearly in need of shakeup," said one person close to the negotiations. "Jon Gosselin is just the guy to give them a swift kick in the pants. Those bungling amateurs will get a complete makeover, top to bottom."

    Gosselin has been avidly hunting for an IT post for the past several weeks, but he insists he wants something close to home so he can remain close to his eight kids. Besides his mounds of IT experience and expertise, Gosselin would bring several intangibles to the job, the insider said.

    "This would be a match made in heaven," the insider said. "Jon would clean up the mess on the first floor (internet services) and use his cunning to boost readership on the third floor (editorial)." Negotiations are expected to pick up steam this week after publisher William S. Flippin completes a crash course on web hosting, client sites and the need for redundancy.

  36. I also think that like the small school who are now Kate presiso not much of a nanny, and more when it works, who gets the kids if Jon can not?
    that uninformed source! lol
    Kate does not need and also not be obliged to stay as a normal housewife just looking after the house (sorry housewives), it presiso follow her life, especially now with the same separation is that she has to travel and live ... and the so Ariel, as well as Kate is not available for children? Another crazy!

  37. If he could get a job like that, that would be great. Maybe it will keep him off of twitter. That type of job would be a huge commitment, not leaving him much spare time to get in trouble. I'm all for it!

  38. Whoa! Welcome jacque! I will let Linda or one of my friends take this

  39. She's basically saying that she thinks Ariel is not relaying accurate information and that Kate has every right to work and travel and is not required to be a housewife. Am I right jaque?

  40. Hopefully the job works out for Jon.

  41. Baby Mama - I just got an email that the Reading Eagle job was from Al's blog and is a spoof on Jon although supposedly he did apply for the job.

    Sorry, I'm sick and out of it, exhausted from work, etc. and i have one child sick now too. My apologies but I haven't read or verified much of anything lately. I'm just going via survival mode. Today I don't know who said what, or from the old Abbott & Costello routine of my dad's day, "Who's on First, What's on second, and I Dunno's on third." I'm pretty sure I misquoted even that.

  42. thanks for the welcome, only now discovered the blog and I'm happy (if not here in Brazil has fans site)
    yes I think that Kate can work and travel while being a good parent or homemaker, and a nanny is inevitable for her ...

  43. Tx C3PO, for that translation, I was confused. Lets see.....Oh, Yes, Pine Cones?????

    We always had the kids make Turkey Centerpieces out them for Thanksgiving. Roll them in Elmers glue, then glitter. Use craft feathers for tail at the large end of the cone. With the cone laying on its side all you need to do is make the head and wobbler out of construction paper. After it is all dry and hard display it on a desert sized paper plate cover with alum. foil. It looks like you are serving it on a silver platter.
    Then you can teach them this tune:

    I know a Tom Turkey
    His bodies big and round,
    When he walks he wobble, wobbles,
    And when he talks he Gobble, Gobbles.

    Now tell me I am nuts. I need to get out of the house. Laid up still.

    Let the kids roll some in peanut butter and then hang them outside by a window if possible and watch the birds eat them.

    I still have a box of the Giant cones from Florida, Hate to through them out. LOL! My Mom and Dad brought them back a long time ago.

  44. You're nuts #1. LOL Those are great suggestions!

    I am looking for crafts, I'll post them soon. Been laid up most of the day with this stinkin' sinus infection. My blood sugar has been all over the chart, makes me crabby and lethargic. Look out! LOL

  45. my god I'm feeling a fish out of water lol ... I've been reading some of my profiles and our many are already mothers! (I'm 13 years old) ...
    baby mama tomorrow you will see what he writes in''Kate's take''in response to''a mess''baby mama lol

  46. Hope you feel better soon CMO3. Crabby and lethargic sound more like me then you. BTW, your site looks nice and interesting. Its getting cold here tonight, its a sign of the times here in MI. Yuck, and alot of people are sick already.
    Bummer! CU

  47. We were hit with our first snow fall today. I hate to admit it but I love winter. It is breath taking.

    Welcome jacque-rocha33.

    Are you diabetic CMO3?

    I agree Corrina and Baby Mama, that would be great if Jon had a job.

    Rest well Linda O and #1CG.

  48. Hello my name is Debora and I'm from Brazil.
    I knew the site today through a friend to jacque_rocha33.ela is a super fan, and I'm just a new fan who is already addicted to Aaden.
    I'm glad to know that there are many fans of the series and finally the gosselin family.
    even more

  49. I have insulin resistance. Call it pre-diabetes or syndrome X, it's basically diabetes with out the extreme health risks. It's caused by PCOS in my case. When I was growing up they just called what I had a "hormone imbalance'. When I get sick or stressed it throws off my testosterone levels, which then throws off my insulin levels and I become what my husband calls a "train wreck". I think it's my bodies way of telling me I'm doing to much.

  50. "This would be a match made in heaven," the insider said. "Jon would clean up the mess on the first floor (internet services) and use his cunning to boost readership on the third floor (editorial)." Negotiations are expected to pick up steam this week after publisher William S. Flippin completes a crash course on web hosting, client sites and the need for redundancy.

    seriously? (to the bolded part) can you imagine what things jon would write about in an editorial? oh the possibilities make me cringe!!!! i am so very glad that this is not true!

  51. fascinated--Oh!-The first snow fall-I think ours will be here soon. It is really windy and a lot of rain. Our youngest grandchild said we are in a horvanado. I think he was sort of mixing tornado and hurricane.

    Linda--That's a lot of acorns-the deer here would eat them. :) If the story about Jon getting a job is a spoof--well shoot. I had hopes. At least it's a good rumor to start.

    Welcome jacque-rocha33.

    I've been taking my D3 and hope I have no more colds this winter. Feel better ladies.

  52. Yes CMO3, our bodies sure like to tell us when we are over extending ourself, whether we like it or not. LOL.

    Welcome Debora.

    Kimmie, I am not sure if Jon would write them or Ellen, or whom ever wrote the last twitter response. If it is the latter then it might be worth reading.

    Corrina, horvanado, that is too cute.

    I like to use a Neti pot and gargle with salt water. They body do wonders. The Vit D is excellent too.

  53. Good girl Corrina! Take it twice a day and throw in an extra if you feel something coming on!

    Linda cyber beat me to it! I was going to inform everyone that the story about Jon was a complete hoax.

    No reputable place is going to give him that kind of responsibility. Jon only finished high school...he needs to go back to school and enhance his IT skills if he seriously wants to be hired in that field again. So much has changed in that industry in the last few years.

    SG has protected her twitter account. So now she, Jon and galpal and can canoodle in secret!

    So looking forward to seeing the up and coming episode. Looks like it is an hour long program. TLC finally has it listed on their schedule. A repeat will be at llpm as well.

    Folks don't look at the comment section at INF...a real snake pit...totally out of control. That's what happens when you have no responsible moderation. I could not believe some of the low class, immature comments there!

    Thanks Linda and BabyMama for keeping this place friendly and respectful for the Gosselins.

  54. Thanks all. I've been doing 2000 units a day of Vit D for a month on doctor's orders and I'm still so tired and now just sick.

    Wow snow. We finally have leaves with color. I'm hoping the leaves last at least until mid November this year. We had Nov snow last year but that's really unusual. Seldom snows before January.

    Corrina - I take no credit. No sleuthing. It was emailed to me from a very reputable source who asked me to post, so I did. This time I was so under the weather I just said a prayer and posted. I've always checked no matter whom, so guess there's a first for everything. So thank you trusted friend.

  55. To our new young Brazilian posters. We will try to keep you safe here. The Internet can be a dangerous place. Please be careful, never give out information, and let your parents know where you are going online, please!!!! Take care.

  56. Goodnight all. I'm going to drag myself up the steps and use the heating pad. Gosh, I'm aging by the minute!

  57. Linda O...Make sure it is Vitamin D3! And 2000 units is not enough! Start with 5000! Hope you get to feeling better.

    Hello to the young gals from Brazil! You will find no bettter place to keep up with Kate and her 8 kids! Kate is a great, hard working mom and you can learn much from her.

  58. Thanks. It is vit D3. I'll up the dosage. (well, after I check online in the morning, lol.) Hubby is exasperated because I won't do pain meds. With kids, it's just too dangerous to have them in the house. Forget the nip/tuck of boobs and facelift, I'm holding out for a full body transplant.
    One of mine is arguing big time. She's insisting on going back to school tomorrow despite having a fever today. Wish I could say she's dedicated to school work, but I think it's more of a dedication to cheerleading and after school activities. I don't go to sleep until they are all asleep.
    Think I could paint faces on the acorns and sell them as Trolls in a Box? You could actually stomp a troll then without injuring anybody.

  59. Yes Linda, I like your acorn idea!! And they would all look the same just have different names.

    I just caught the end of DWTS and they said next week is their 200th episode and 50 stars from previous shows will be on. Could there be a chance we will see Kate? I hope so!

  60. Welcome to the new posters!

    good night everybody. Trolls today, seriously? Well this must be an important blog, right?

  61. Thanks to all for the welcome to the blog ...
    firedup4kate can be sure that me and my friend Debbie learned a lot from Kate so, and despite our young age (12,13), do not hesitate to defend it's good to be welcome to the group!

  62. Ok I found a cool acorn craft by the #1 crafter herself Martha Stewart!

    I found a bunch but I don't want to log the blog down with too many links.

  63. Ladies, we sure have to behave now! We have a couple of youngsters here! What time is it in Brazil? You gals need to get in bed right?

  64. #1 I forgot to say thank you for the compliment! Any suggestions are always welcome.

    Rest up all! I know I am going to. Going to bed before midnight. What a concept!

  65. Good Morning all! It's snowing here. Thanks for the link CMO3--Now I wish I had acorns instead of pinecones! :) But then again I can try #1's turkey idea. Last year we put peanut butter on big pinecones, sprinkled them with bird seed and hung them out for the birds. The deer liked them too.

    Thanks also to firedup for the info on the dosage of D3 to take.

  66. C3PO - LOL! after back tracking and reading LOs request for crafts about acorns, and I post about pine cones. Duh, I should not post when tired at night. But the Turkeys do make a nice decoration and young children have fun making them. CU

  67. I agree. They make an excellent craft. ;)

  68. Good morning everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been personally stopping by and saying hi more, but alot has been happening to me personally on many levels so I have been more behind the scenes a bit. I'm also just starting a new job along with my 200+ other mommy reponsibilites and this weekend is Halloween. So it's been chaos here. But if you continue to have problems posting please e-mail me and let me know! xoxox

  69. So things have been so wonderfully quiet on the Gosselin front. Kate is privately raising and taking care of her children away from the prying eye's of Chris Watts from INF. And the rest of the world seems to be leaving her alone & letting her attempt to have a normal life which is great. But don't get it twisted.. he still sleeps in his car to get that ever-present Kate Gosselin (money) jogging shot. "Ohh she looks tired, ohh this ohh that." Shes jogging in the wee hours of the morning people! You only wish you looked half as good that early. So haters get over your selves! ;)

  70. Same story, only worded better. I like this one. But is it a slow news day or something? lol

    Kate Plus 8 Star, Kate Gosselin Fires 11th Nanny

    "Kate Plus 8 start Kate Gosselin fires 11th nanny since she has become a reality television star. In her defense, it is difficult to find a good nanny who can handle eight children. After going through a very public and very bitter divorce, her children may not be the best in the behavior department. Their dad, Jon Gosselin, moved out to an apartment that is closer to his mother than to his children. Obviously, he did not care if he saw them very often because if he wanted to see them, he would have moved in down the street.

    Now he is claiming that being reality television stars is not good for his kids. I guess he has not looked in the mirror lately to see that may be he is not good for them. He has sex with any female that will have him, which means six at the most. He takes his kids around every new girlfriend, they have met at least four in the past 1 1/2 years, which is the worst thing he could do to them. May be Kate should add the clause that Elin Nordegren added to her and Tiger Woods' child custody agreement which forbids Tiger to bring girlfriends around their children, Sam and Charlie.

    The public may not love Kate Gosselin, but she is the best mom that she can be to those kids. She probably would have even stayed with their cheating father if she had the chance too. He refused to talk to her after he started sleeping around with other women.

    Raising Sextuplets, Dad, Bryan Masche, is hoping that he will not suffer the same fate as Jon and Kate Gosselin. Bryan and Jenny Masche are currently separated with a divorce looming over their heads. This time it is the wife, Jenny that appears to be the culprit. She filed for separation and even had a secret meeting with an old boyfriend. Hopefully, Bryan will be able to grow up and save his marriage if Jenny gets off of her selfish spree. Kate Gosselin will need to use a good nanny service for her next nanny and make sure that she signs a non disclosure agreement so that she does not run around accusing the mom of eight of being a tyrant."

  71. Good morning all. Jacque- we have a lot of moms posting here, one 18 ye old girl, one man and now you & your friend 12&13. At least this is what people have said. Maybe they are or not. When you stated your age and your friends age, the feelings for many were in wanting to protect you, which you mayor may not want.

    If you want to chat about nice things for Kate and the 8 kids, you are at the right place. If you want to practice English also, you are at a nice place.

    Just remember this, never give out person info on a blog, even your age I'd you are under 21. There are many sicko evil people. Never discuss your city, school, etc. You are doing something right in blocking your ID and going through a repeater. Urge your friend to do so too.

    Enjoy your posting here. Just promise the mama's here you will be careful, okay. And I won't lecture you (maybe) after today. Okay?

  72. Great article Baby Mama. Hit the nail right on the head.

    My problem is that Kate has always been consistent with what she says, Jon not so much.

    Just to clarify, I was first and foremost a Jon AND Kate fan. I loved the show. I always thought that both of them had imperfections and never have I ever thought or think now that the sun rises and falls by Kate Gosselin. I am a FAN of the show and of the family.

    I was sent an email by a friend (not related to this site) that some one said on twitter (she doesn't follow this stuff so it had to been spread a lot on there) that Kate Gosselin followers would still think she was fantastic even if she ate kittens. This is the kind of thinking we are fighting against here. Why they have to resort to such vulgarity, it is beyond me. Do anyone here ever speak that way about Jon? No.

  73. CMo3 ITA.
    Tornado junk all day. Keep shifting back and forth from watch to warning to watch until 9pm tonight. Whole Family sitting now in school shelter since nobody can be on roads. Back to back cells across the state. No lightining with current, just heavy rain, flash floods and circular wind and funnels. We are safe thanks to having a plan. Hope others will exercise caution and stay indoors out of cars!

    Hubby always makes jokes...says at least we have school WiFi and the flashlight app on our cell phones. (trying to sing songs to keep kids calm.) we're safe up to F5 strength on shelter so not real danger, I hope, just scary!

    My turn on songs. Bye all. May lose power, but will be safe,

  74. Puff - I hope you are also safe. Bye

  75. Ariel has not commented on this at all, afaik - the Life and Style article quotes "a source". Just as you don't tolerate bashing of Kate, nor should there be any bashing of this woman. As someone else pointed out, an "arrest" is NOT a conviction. Even if convicted, if she indeed is the woman arrested on the shoplifting charge, as young as she is, the record may already be expunged. Charges could also have been dimissed. It's very unfair to bring up an alleged arrest without FULL knowledge of the details. Likewise, we do not know the details surrounding the young lady's departure. Unless she or Kate speaks out, which I find highly unlikely, talking/blogging about it is pure speculation. This young woman deserves your respect every bit as much as Kate.

  76. Lindaoriginal thanks for the advice ... whenever I get a blog will be a stranger to all (which in any way of you guessed that in place of a giant parent is my city? Lol) I can make more careful .. .
    but I'm trying to get to practice my English and always wanting to have information about Kate plus eight since we do not have many friends with whom I can talk about my addiction ... lol

  77. "Happy" - as an unknown here, your comment will remain awaiting review by Baby Mama before it is posted. Her blog, her call. :) Hope you understand.

  78. Jacque - your English is much better than my Spanish or Portuguese would be. Are you looking forward to summer there? You are, I'm guessing you are about at the end of this school year. We have Brazilian exchange high school students coming here for their summer schedule of January-march. The kids here are very excited. We don't meet or know the students until they arrive and are assigned. We're in a shelter at present to be safe from weather. To take our minds off things, we're discussing what we guess these students will be like. Last year the students were from Germany. Have a great day!
    Baby Mama excuse me for off topic. :)

  79. Hang in there Linda. We had that weather yesterday and luckily the tornado turned at the last minute and missed us. We still have the winds, the dog got knocked over when she was trying to do her business outside. LOL

    Stay safe!

  80. CMo3 - thanks. Strange I can access blog and Twitter etc. via WiFi, but not email. Really weird for us to have repeated tornadoes now, when hurricane season doesn't even end until November. But, part of essential living is planning ahead.
    #1 - I printed your info. Thought it was great.
    Anyone who wants acorns for the other idea, send an email to Baby Mama who will forward to me, lol I'd be happy to send you a bucket full.
    Also have some pinecones. :)

  81. Have 30 minute lull before next cell due so heading upstairs to gym to let kids run relays and other active games to burn off some anxiety. We're very safe and hope others are the best life you can and plan ahead. (auto spell keeps changing plan to l o a n, so may do it again as I hit post comment.)

    Hope to be back on tonight.

  82. I have to admit that whenever I check on google before everything I write ... lol
    I like winter more heat also makes me feel good ... yes I am the school year until the end. What good is there to represent Brazil! lol
    have a nice day!

  83. Good everning everyone!
    I had to comment at the onslaught of comments AGAIN about Kate after Tony was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night. Saying that Tony hated Kate and was hoping to win the Trophy with Audrina.

    First of all this show is a popularity contest based on their target audience which is 29-59 year olds. That young girl that most adults did'nt even know was not going to win. Thats the sole reason why Donny Osmond won. I was always in support of Tony until he constantly got his words taken out of context. They were looking for things to pull from his quotes to prove that he hated Kate Gosselin. He really should have just been gracious and not said anything about her. Some of his comments were snide and really pissed me off. He lost my votes. And now he is offically the Susan Lucci of Dancing With the Stars. So that means he will win in another 9 years..

  84. Linda your family is in my prayers. I hope the dog isn't too stressed out. ROL must be really bored if they are writing about Ellen's blog, I wonder how much she is getting paid by them. If she wants to help people, I hope she goes back to school and gets a degree in counseling or social work or soemthing. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

  85. Linda - Hope you and the family are home safe soon!

    Baby Mama - I agree with your comments about Tony. I bet he never appears on the cover of People again!

  86. Home safe and sound. Because dog was in a secure safe room that we had added on the lowest floor, I don't think he could hear the storm. I don't think he was scared worse that he already is. He came right upstairs, made the circuit of all the kids rooms and then got in his dog bed in our room. Usually if he's scared, he shakes and wants to be in the people bed. So, that's the dog update, tashapork.
    I slid and fell on sidewalk, but my turtle shell brace protected the back so only a skinned elbow, so ... All safe and sound.

  87. Just wanted to quickly hop on and say that I hope Linda and anyone else in the bad weather belt is safe. We even had strong winds today but thankfully not as bad as they said it was going to get.

    Sorry CMO3, but I did have to giggle at the image of the poor doggy falling over trying to do her business.

    Talk to you all tomorrow!

  88. Good morning everyone! Just wanted to share the quiet Kate Gosselin comments of the day.. this time by Tony himself.

    "After Audrina Patridge was voted off ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" Tuesday, her partner Tony Dovolani told "Access Hollywood" that Audrina was his best partner yet on the ballroom dancing show.

    And Tony has had a mix of good and not-so-good partners -- Susan Lucci, who looked fragile when she performed, Melissa Rycroft, who was pretty good, and Kate Gosselin, who's perhaps one of the most controversial people to ever be on the show.

    Tony and the "Kate Plus Eight" star were paired last season, when Kate's nasty divorce with Jon Gosselin, the dad of her eight kids, made her a tabloid favorite.

    Although Tony immediately laughed when Kate's name came up on "Access Hollywood," he quickly jumped to her defense for some of her poor performances on the show.

    "In Kate's defense, she had a lot going on so it was difficult for her to focus at all," Tony said. Still, the Wernersville, Berks County, mom's fans managed to keep her in the competition longer than anyone expected."

  89. Good morning girls!
    good for what I know the new episode of Kate plus eight on Saturday will be there, so anyone know if there is any site that post the same day or a few days after the day it was broadcast? why youtube takes a while ...

  90. OMG Linda, are you ok??? What interesting weather this week has brought.

    BTW, I went to Ellen's blog recently, just once. Will never go back. read the side bar on the left it's laughable. She's such a hypocrite.

    ANYWAYS, I love the comparison to Susan Lucci. Tony really is. I think it was insulting to Melissa Rycroft because I think Melissa was ten times better than Audrina. He needs to just stop talking! LOL he gets himself in trouble. I hope Jennifer goes through all the way.

  91. I actually had been hoping that Tony would, if not win, stay on until the final 3 mostly because he hasn't in soo long. He's a guy and maybe not always as sensitive as he should be, but I don't think he ever meant Kate any bad. Having said that, I never voted for Audrina. The only one I gave any votes to this season was Florence Henderson because I always loved Brady Bunch as a kid. (I am aging myself, I guess LOL) and I thought for her age she was great, but can't really compete with the young ones.

  92. where are you linda? i'm in indiana and we had a rough couple of hours on tuesday. me and the dog were huddled in the bedroom in between the bed and the wall. dh was at work early and they were locked down in the designated safe places. tornadoes all around us but just horrendous winds and rain here.

    glad you are safe!

  93. tashapork--I really like Florence Henderson too!
    It looked like she was really enjoying it.

  94. Someone twittered Jon today that they saw Kate and the kids filming at a Party Shop.

    Now get this...Jon twitters back that he wasn't aware of it and that they were filming without his permission! What the fool! They don't need his permission! He just twittered that a week or so ago...why is he doing this?

    He is supposed to be keeping quiet about the court order...but he continues to push the envelope!

    Also apparently he is sending out mass sponsor backed twitters...and folks are not liking it. Several have told him to stop and get a real job.

    Nothings changed there.

    To the girls in Brazil...sorry, but I have no idea about how quick you get the programs there...or if you can access them on YouTube. Perhaps BabyMama will have them available here.

    Tony should be grateful for his time with Kate...she got him on the cover of People magazine. Maybe if he had been more supportive, he could have been on the Emmy's with Kate!

  95. I'm sort of puzzled a bit over all the outrage over the blogger that made comments about the overweight couple on the TV series.

    While what she said was pales as nothing compared to what bloggers have said about Kate...a mother of 8 children, struggling to work and provide for them as a single mom now.

    Where's the outrage for Kate? Why is it ok to demean and humiliate her on blogs? Make vulgar rap videos, other insensitive videos involving even the Gosselin children?

    We have been asking this for a while...I wish the media would step up and do what is right for Kate!

  96. Hi LindaO and everyone else. We didn't experience any problems with the bad weather but thank you for your concern. Puffman's entire crew are still working. Lots of damage occurred from high winds, rain, and tornadoes in 6 states. Several transports but all minor injuries or stress related.

    Psst....found out one of my babies is a boy, tech couldn't tell about the other one cuz they were facing each other. Halfway thru pregnancy and I look like a pontoon boat.

    Fu4K....I think Jon, Ellen, and SG are playing twitter games trying to punk us Kate fans. Can't fix stupid!

  97. Kimmie. We live in NC. Storms from midWest on Mon-Tuesday reached us on Turs-Wednesday. Cars and trucks overturned, hundred yr-old trees uprooted and lots of flooding, even washing out foundations of homes. Much rain lately so ground can absorb more. Really unusual for us this time of year. This kind of tornadic wind is, if at all, happening in the spring. Instead of one cell passing through, these were more like waves of storm cells passing through. We're on high ground. Then I'm pretty demanding about planning ahead on everything. We do family fire drills, have tornado escape practices getting to shelter, etc. having flashlights in every nightstand drawer, and there are panic buttons on the keypads of alarms. School has safe room shelters under the gym. Hard for whole country this time.

  98. Puff, so glad to hear you are safe also!! The last half of pregnancy is always the most tiring and crabby period, IMO. Glad yoy've got family close by to be supportive and also hope Puffman will be home soon!!!

  99. Thank you anothermom and Gee Whiz, and anybody I missed.

  100. * meant to type Tuesday/ Wednesday above. Sending myself to bed! Goodnight all.

  101. Good to hear you and your family are safe Linda. Though people were in an uproar that they missed the Halloween episode of Modern Family. No worries I watched it on the computer tonight.

    I live not far from you I think. The storms ran up to the west of us. I'm in Moore County, Pinehurst territory.

  102. Maybe now that court is over, they are filming the girls' birthday special or a Halloween party, I sure hope so because they seem like they really enjoy it.
    Unfortunately the media will never do what is best for Kate, they will only do what is best for the media and since Kate trashing (or anybody trashing for that matter) gives them ratings, that's what they will do.

  103. Finally I was able to access this site,I don't know why I was locked out but I was. Everytime I clicked on this blog it redirected me to Goggle.I know I dont always post very seldom in fact but I am here never the less.I enjoy reading all your post and I am definetly team Kate.

    babymama I listened to your radio interveiw and loved it,great job on all you do.

    Linda thanks for all your hard work as well.

  104. Jane, if you will send me an email, I'll be glad to try to track down the problem and get it resolved.

    I may have blocked your IP with a number of the trolls by error.

    Right now, if folks come to this blog from one of the hate sites, regardless of the reason why they were there, it is auto-configured to block the IP for future visits. Unfortunately, doing that also blocked some of the regular readers/lurkers.

  105. Note to all -
    Between busy work schedules, upcoming Halloween school activities, Tornadoes, school conferences, and troll attacks, it has been a very busy week for both Baby Mama and myself.

    Both of us are trying to keep up with the blog as well as tackling related issues. Bear with us, please.

    Things have got to settle down soon, right? I'm a person who hopes for the best. And, should they never settle down, we'll just learn to laugh more and roll with the punches.

  106. Reasons why I'm pulling for Jon Gosselin -
    Okay - I'll admit that I've been beyond frustrated with many of Jon's activities, pursuits (or lack thereof) particularly in the last year.

    I'm willing to forget 2009 - In the midst of a divorce, people can do strange, nutty things.

    I have a harder time accepting and giving him "byes" for 2010 activities because his behavior, IMO, seems just as strange as it was in 2009, mostly IMO seeming to be whatever is best for Jon alone without any consideration for others whom he, or his GF of the moment hurts. That is hard for me to accept.

    That said, I'm still pulling for Jon to get his head together, and for him to succeed in finding a job, etc.

    I think he needs a job to feel that he has self-worth. It can't feel good to be supported by a GF or a former wife.

    If for no other reason, since I find his smoking habits in the presence of his children absolutely disgusting and immoral, I'm hoping that whatever job he finds will require at least 8 hours a day in some building that doesn't all smoking at all and frowns on exiting for smoke breaks. Perhaps that will give him the hiatus for smoking that will induce him to let this addiction go - once and for all!!! :)

  107. Linda--ITA with you. It would be good for Jon on so many levels to be busy working and interacting with people on a daily basis. Hopefully he wants that as much as we want it for him. It would be a win/win for him to have a job and be smokefree for at least 8 hours a day. I have heard that even the residue from smoking left on clothing can be harmful for others.

  108. I agree Linda. I am pulling for him that he gets his act together. I personally don't like him, but I used to, and he is the kids dad and they need him to be stable.

  109. To add to my comment about smoking residue--that should include fabric, window coverings, and carpeting--and also car interiors.

  110. Good afternoon everyone! I miss you all very much, but this is a very busy weekend for my family. I will be on later tonight, but for now its freah paper! Tonight's freshness is the yummy smell of the candy bucket! Sugary sweet! SNNIFFF