Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween From The Gosselin Family Fansite! Are we ready for a new Kate Plus 8?

Hello Gosselin fans! I was checking out my old fansite last night. I was remembering how much I love my old Halloween posts! This year with an incredibly active toddler and an equally busy tween, I am overly busy and overwhelmed. It takes me going back to the simpler times of 2008 to remember how truly blessed I am. So this post perhaps will change in the next few days, or not. But in honor of Halloween, it wouldn't be a Gosselin Family Fansite without My favorite Episode 10 Little Pumpkins! TLC announced yesterday that it is premiering two new specials on November 7th, smack dab in the middle of all-important November sweeps. The first new special stars Kate Gosselin and is titled Kate Plus 8: Alaska Here We Come. The second focuses on Prince William and Kate Middleton and is called William & Kate: A Royal Love Story. Both are reality-based shows that are expected to score big ratings for TLC. This new hour-long installment of Kate Plus 8 premieres with Kate Gosselin and the kids traveling eight hours to Alaska, their longest trip ever. The Gosselins set out to see huge snow-covered mountains, bright white glaciers and hopefully whales. They enjoy some family fun in the great outdoors when they experience what it’s like to ride on an Iditarod dog sled. Then, everyone learns how to pan for gold as they head to the river in search of treasure. The excitement builds when it’s time to board the boat and head out to sea with great hopes of giant whales jumping in front of them. Kate Plus 8: Alaska Here We Come airs at 9/8c on Sunday, November 7at on TLC.


  1. Awww. That's one of my favorites too!

  2. Hey guys! Boy do I get sentimental when I see that episode! I just talked to Nina fom Living The Dream Moms Radio. She just had an amazing interview on Thursday with Michelle Duggar. If you want to listen you can do it here.

    Also I will be back on the air this Thursday! 10am EST. Who of my great friends will support me and call in?? ;) All About Kate! Part 2

  3. I love that epsiode too. It sure brings back good memories of when things were simpler and it was so much fun to watch those. The kids are so cute.

  4. OOPS--I keep forgetting part of my comment--it should read "those early episodes". :)

  5. baby Mama I will try to call if my voice is back. I think that I should be able to because that's 9 am my time and I don't have to go to work until 10 am. Hopefully i can talk by then.

  6. I am hoping to listen to your next radio interview this time! Do you think kate will suprise you and end up doing the interview with you this time? I still think it would be a great idea for the 2 of you to have your own show, together. I am still hoping!! Now with the next show being advertised, maybe it is a good time to get ahold of her, see if you 2 can make it happen, it would be perfect to do while the kids are away at school.Lucky if it could really happen! Happy Halloween to everyone :)

  7. Annastasia~ thank you for having so much faith in the show lol. See if I have Kate on, I can't really talk about her now can I? And this really a test run for me and Nina. The first one was so huge that we are hoping for good numbers for this time as well.

    Nina has had Kate on and as soon as she is doing publicity interviews she will be back on the show and I will hopefully be on as well so keep on reading here for the latest!

    FYI: God I miss the old shows. I actually sat and watched it again because I miss that old house so much. And no, sadly my husband would not move to PA or yes I actually would have considered buying it..;)

  8. CraftyMom~ I'm sad tonight because I wasn't able to go to my scrapbooking class. It's the only way I get anything done now. To actually pay to go somewhere, sad huh.. I am out of my crafty mojo. You have to help me get it back. I am always happy when I'm crafting...:)

  9. Adele - Sorry I missed your question in the previous thread. I probably live 6 or 7 counties NW of you. :)

  10. This episode that you posted is one of my all time favorites. Yes the bashers get on Kate for being upset over the pumpkin carving mess. All I could think of at first viewing was, "Oh I so identify with that sticky mess that Mom's going to have to clean up!" I gave up at that age and just let them use markers to decorate a pretend carving.

  11. Baby Mama I don't think it's sad! I think it's essential. Kids make it impossible to get things done and sometimes you just need time to yourself! Honestly sometimes after I drop my 10 yr old off at school I hide in the car reading my emails on my phone just so I can get through reading an email in it's entirety just once with out being asked to put a princess shoe on! (and no I don't leave my 3 yr old by herself, my mom's home).

    you gotta get you mojo back. crafting is so cathartic!

    If you design a really good layout scrapbooking wise I might be able to use it for your blog background! How's that for inspiration! I'm attempting to learn how to convert scrapbook stuff to web design.

  12. CMo3 - So, should I feel guilty that my Cricut has been out of the box only once, or motivated to get going with it, lol?

    That would be wonderful if you could make it the blog background. I'm so weary of finding the HTML errors in this "template." I fix one and something else happens. I'm about convinced that blogger/google doesn't beta test anything; they just throw up one and then try to fix it based on the number of complaints. It would be easier to code it from scratch than fix their "auto format." of course, I'll admit that my coding skills are limited and rusty enough to need coding for dummies.

  13. Linda. You're a little busy. LOL

    That's a bummer. It must be all the traffic this site gets. Messes up the tracker and causes the error. But I barely ever get comments on my blogs on blogger because most of them are just informational so I wouldn't know! I've been trying to help figure it out for you, but not doing much better.

  14. Good evening ladies. I keep getting all these e-mails from this person spamming every Kate site on the web. Apparently Kate was shopping at party city the other day for Halloween. Big deal. Now this Val person posted on every freakin Kate site that the kids were there filming and were there for hours..WTH?

    First of all I deleted the post here once I got wind of the fact that she posted at every hate site I want to choke then came to me LAST. (Hello, since when is MY site last? lol) Second, the shots Chris Watts took from his busted Buick only shows Kate not with the kids. Third, who makes up this crap that the kids were at Party City for HOURS?? Ohh yeah, spamming troll haters, thats who. UGH next...

  15. Hello LindaO, BM, CMO3, and all you other Kate fans! BM thanks so much for the look back. The kids were so cute (& still are). My 2 youngest turned 4 this month, they grow so fast, don't they?

    FYI, PeggyP (another uber Kate fan and retired Pa attorney) has a great blog/thread going at ziggys about "why are we here" for Kate. Check it out if you get a chance. Hope it's ok to mention another Kate fan site here, if not you will not hurt my feelings by deleting.

    Go Kate!

  16. *waves hi to Puff*

    They grow quick don't they? 4 is my favorite age.

  17. BabyMama-You just GOT to craft!! It is such an wonderful out-let for all moms. I am still making pasta sauce and freezing it for our long canadian winter, my husband says to stop, throw the rest out, but I just can't waste every little tomatoe that grew this year, like I will hurt the tomatoe's feelings! I am waiting to finish them,as I have alot of crafting to do.Xmas is coming quickly. Okay, time to go to sleep, have a great weekend everyone :)

  18. Puff - Hey & waves, Girl! I adore kids at all ages but 4 is special! Everything is a wonder to them and you just never know what they're going to say! Just cracks me up. Mine were pretty much over "twinspeak" by then so you didn't have to have a translator, lol.

  19. I listen to the latest "gossip" stories and wonder, just wonder, how weird it is to just make up junk. So now it is a corn maze? Uh, yeah, they did that several years back. So some truth except it's dated to the past and not the present!

  20. Don't feel bad about the Cricut, Linda, mine is still in the box. I really want to use it for Christmas cards and decorations, so I hope to figure it out quickly.

    Anastasia--I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to waste even one tomato. With me,
    now it's apples and pumpkins. It's always in the back of my mind that the produce may not be as good next year. My shelves and freezers are filling up, but it sure will taste good come winter.

  21. BM, How exciting that you will be on the air again this Thursday. Hopefully I won't have anything going that day and can listen! This past week was really busy and packed with appointments etc.

    LindaO- you mentioned the twinspeak earlier. It's so funny but my boys never did that. Is it an identical twin thing? Mine are fraternal so I'm thinking maybe they didn't have the same connection identical twins would have. I've always been curious about that.

    On the Kate front, I'm really excited to see the Alaska special. I just don't get though why that person insists on going to every site and hollering that Kate was at party city. Big whoop! Oh, and that is just rich how Jon answers to all these twits and tells them that it was against his will that the kids were there. What a mess! I hope they don't ruin the kids' halloween!

  22. Oops, I meant that Jon answers the tweets about it being against his will that the kids were FILMING there.

  23. this episode is really exciting, Kate even wore sweatshirt, the twins were still''children'', the small still wore diapers ... the Jon and kate still get along ... good times ...

  24. Baby Mama, regarding the Party City photo & blurb you posted up top, I don't think people are hating on Kate by their comments, more so they are worried that the kids were filmed for hours. It's more concern-based than hate-based. I did a little reseach and I found a comment on twitter: my friend ran into kate gosselin and the kids at party city 1:49 PM Oct 27th. In the photos where the G's are leaving the store it is clearly sunset - well after 1:49PM.

  25. The pictures posted on the site were provided from a poster who said they were there at 5pm. I would believe the poster who took pictures instead of the tweeter who said a friend saw them.

    Why would people be worried about the kids being followed around while picking out costumes? I see parents with kids at the mall in the evenings on school nights all the time. She is doing the same thing most parents do. What they prove is this has nothing to do with the kids and is all about critizing/demonizing Kate.

  26. Regarding those photos...Something doesn't logically make sense to me.

    There are photos of the kids and Kate wearing the same clothes they had on in the bus stop photos at pickup. I'm guessin that pick up had to be after 2 pm and probably 3pm. They had to drive to the store. They had to pick out costumes.

    I have a few less kids at home than Kate. When we got our costumes it took a little over 3 hours for us. Kids pick out, change their mind, pick out, change their mind, and on and on. If they'd spent 6 hours filming, that might be different.

    Seems like much ado about nothing to me.

  27. Good evening everyone!

    Recently some nasty haters have done some pretty vile things to me. I am seeking justice in this matter. However when I read that some hater is actually stalking the Gosselins, this is where I scream from the rooftops and get all Wolverine on their ass...

    Werny Gal (and we all know her real name) is one of a few Bloggers who has made it their mission to attack the Gosselin family. And today in this case stalk the Gosselin children. Its's beyond sick & vile and I'm sure most of you here will read her blog and figure it out. She got "wind" the other day that the Gosselins would be filming at a corn maze for the show. We were all very excited.

    A few idiots that couldn't keep their yaps shut posted this info on Facebook and other areas that Kate was filming there. TLC was protecting Kate and made them take it down, but there was Wormy Gal busting a gut that she was still going to go there in the hopes of seeing Kate and the children.

    Needless to say she went. The kids and Kate were there, perhaps having a great time enjoying the day. But that's not what Werny Gal wrote. And what she says is accurate right? She was the one that was co-author with Al Walentis for the bargin-basment trash he wrote about the Gosselins...

  28. How pathetic must your life be, that you stalk Kate Gosselin within inches, following her and make these types of comments:

    "She occasionally complained that people were asking her to walk too fast since she was in skinny high heels, and at one point as she walked away I giggled to myself as a long strand of corn husk attached to her stiletto was quite reminiscent of a long piece of stray toilet paper one might unknowingly have under their shoe as they exited a bathroom."

    I'm telling you, Kate was gracious not telling this woman off for not leaving her alone. I can completely see why poor Kate has to act the way she does in person. You never know who is standing right next to you..ready to write in a blog how "mean" you are, when all you wanted to do was have a nice day filming with your family and have fun...

  29. I think her behaviour is now bordering on mental illness. When one's obsession gets in the way of daily life and begins interferring with the lives of others, one may have to seek professional help.

  30. Werny Gal, or can we call you Polly since those on your site have so graciously used my real name even though at the time I did not offer it....The reason why the children are not able to have fun is not because of the cameras. Its because people like you haunt and stalk their every move, writing horrible things about their family.

    When I hear that your chatting with Chris, this means that you have gone to far. You and several others are the ones that seek out peoples personal information and follow them. All for the sake of trying to prove that the children shouldn't be filmed. But thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because when the haters say "ohh it's because of the overzealous fans that Kate needs Steve" that was not the case. Steve just didn't realize that the overzealous fans were just some Kate haters in disguise....

  31. hello guys
    thanks for welcome
    beautiful ... thanks for worrying about our schedule to sleep more here in Brazil
    It was early (at least for me) ... what to say to about a jacque
    Informations of you own a site, even we who are out and such
    I agree, thanks for caring ... but rest assured no one will come with me to
    look for us ... thanks, if you have children, I believe to be a great mom.
    ** Halloween ... how nice
    / * I agree with jacque, then the gosselin family was a little different,
    kate wore sweatshirts and babies do not really fighting,
    they are grown
    going to classes ... mommy kate should be happy they are growing
    in peace, full of health ... but another part may be sad
    logo will be in college and left home to form a family
    but I know in your heart and always will be our our babies

    *** Do not know if you want this, but Happy Hallowe'en to all ***
    good night and a great day tomorrow
    smile ^ ~

    descupem my English I traduzo em a site that is not so good
    my english is not so good as to the site will need

  32. This was one of my favorite episode. I just love this show so much, I love Kate and the kids. I can not wait until next week.
    She reminds of me, i am a neat freak as well and my husband is not.

  33. Thanks everyone! And welcome to our newbies!

    Please forgive my rants. Every once in a while something will really bother me and I must say something. A blog is truly formed through the moderator. I never really attack unless I'm provoked. I know there are at least one site that won't allow my name to be thown all over the place. The others feel it's fair game, but yet I am never allowed to speak up here.

    So today I did and now I move on. 10 Little pumpkins is also one of my absoulte favorites. Watching it really makes me feel like I'm back in the simpler times of 2008. In bed enjoying life with my new baby that I wanted for so long.

  34. Seriously, Baby Mama? Kate wore stilletos in the corn maze? You're jokin' right?

  35. That's right baby mama who's mouth has to say ... lol
    this episode (like many others) makes me a little confused why I can never associate Kate from 2008 to 2010, they are the same person over and sweatshirts know there are different brand name clothes ... lol
    Kate <3 we are always with you.

  36. LoriAnne~ Yeah that one honestly confused even me. Although I guess when Kate's filming she wants to look great everywhere she goes. I mean, people are gonna comment about her regardless right? This was the woman that wore heels to the hot air balloon! lol

    But if that was me, it would depend on what kind of mood I was in and if my feet hurt ;)

  37. Baby Mama - Poly said "although twice she stood three feet from me and I clearly could see that her eyes are very brown". Since Kate's eyes are either blue or hazel this proves Poly is lying in her story. She is sick and needs help.

    The naysayers call the Kate fans sheeple but they are the ones that believe any negative story written about Kate without question. They are the true sheeple.

  38. Thank you GeeWhiz~ I know I haven't been around much lately, but I can always count on some great people that can say it better than I ever could! :)

  39. Kate Plus 8 Stars, what the Gosselin's are wearing for Halloween. Here are the costumes of all eight cute Gosselin kids.

    Kate Gosselin is letting her kids choose what costumes they want to wear for Halloween. Here are the choices that the kids came up with

    Cara Gosselin, is wearing a costume that she has designed herself. It will be very interesting and has a wig.

    Mady Gosselin, is dressing up as a "cute pirate" for Halloween.

    Aaden Gosselin, is trick or treating in a "swat team boy" costume for Halloween.

    Alexis Gosselin, is dressing up as Cleopatra. Wow, that is interesting for a six year old. What a cool costume.

    Collin Gosselin, will be a skeleton for Halloween. Always a classic favorite costume.

    Leah Gosselin, will be dressing up as a pink bunny.

    Hannah Gosselin, will be wearing a "sailor girl" costume.

    Joel Gosselin, will be dressing up as a ninja boy for Halloween. There is no word whether Kate Gosselin will join her kids and wear a costume too. Jon Gosselin may wear a costume, but if he does, who cares?

  40. ??? So... Other than WerneyGal, are there other reports of the Corn Maze sorry?

    I'm a bit out of the loop from working so much.

    TLC hasn't previously repeated a trip. The Gosselins did a corn maze trip in October 08. There were paparazzi photos of it as well as what aired on the show. Jon was there. Steve was there as bodyguard.

    So did the visit being discussed now really happen "now" or is this whole thing an attempt to recycle gossip? I'm confused.

  41. ... Corn maze "story," not sorry. Gosh too tired to type at all, so I'll sign off and sleep.

    So did this even happen in October 2010, or is it being recycled from 2008?

  42. I'm somewhat confused as to why you think WG was "stalking"'s really not uncommon to go where you find out a famous or not so famous person is and hang out to see if you can get a look at them. It's part of the price people pay for fame and it isn't illegal. I believe Steve was at the corn maze and if he is a bodyguard worth anything he's paid to protect the children and thought WG was a problem, he would have certainly said something to WG, don't you think?

  43. Interesting statment Sally.

    Sadly Kate wouldn't need Steve if she didn't have the crazy haters following her. I don't think anyone who dislikes someone should spend anytime following them around to see if they can "see" them. Why would anyone waste any energy on something they dispise. If they do, then they cannot be trusted with their own decision making process and clearly need help. Why would we think hiring a body guard should be a natural solution. Why wouldn't we think instead that these people should get professional help.

  44. Sally - WG did not go to see someone famous. She went to try and prove the filming of Kate+8 is fake and the kids never get to have fun. She was stalking them.

    She says "Chris hightailed it out of the parking lot in hot pursuit of the big blue van while I ended the convoy headed back toward Wernersville. I last saw them as I pulled into a side street toward home, with Chris still trailing his prey up 422 East."

    Since she is right behind Chris she had to hightail it to her car as well. She says Chris is trailing his prey so that means the Gosselins were her prey as well.

    I just re-read her story and still think she is lying. I have to go out but will get my thoughts together and post when I return.

  45. fascinated & GeeWhiz - Like you, my first response, as a fellow rational human being, was to answer her with intelligence and rational thought processes.

    However, upon reflection, it is impossible to discuss when you are "talking" in response to someone whose brain is in total disconnect either from their own hatred has fried their brain cells or from association with repeated hate.

    So, now my response to her would be that she is a perfect example for the slightly paraphrased statement, "This is your look at this example of...This is your brain on hate!"

    It is not normal to remain in rabid pursuit of someone you so intensely dislike. It would appear beyond the "seek professional help" stage and well into the stage where professional legal intervention needs to happen to protect the safety of others.

  46. LOL, good one Linda. I completely agree and I love the statement, this is your brain on Hate. I am going to have to use this when my kids and I are discussing behaviours we can't explain.

  47. Hi Everyone - this is Nina Frye - host of Living the Dream Mom Radio. I just wanted to stop by and say hello to you and am looking forward to hearing from you this Thurs 11/4 when Baby Mama and I chat about the Gosselin Family LIVE on the air. It starts 10am EST on Just click the LISTEN LIVE button to hear us! Talk to you then! Will you be able to call in or listen?
    - Nina Frye
    Living the Dream Mom Radio

  48. The following are my thoughts on Werny Gal's rant about the corn maze.

    WG said "I proceded to get lost and was finding my way out..., when around 3:00 I heard a ruccus in the parking lot three rows of corn over. The big blue van was there and Steve was outside. Then the kids starting piling out of the back and Kate stepped out... They were entering the corn field while I was still inside". Question - She says she was lost in the maze so how could she see them getting out of the van?

    WG said "Kate then came directly in front of me and stopped to give the kids instructions, lots of instructions. Don't break the corn, stay in the rows..." She also later says, "The children were adorable, very small and well behaved". In the comments section a poster asked "How did the kids get out of the maze if they didn't complete it? Did they just retrace their steps and go out the entrance..." WG responded "by the time the filming was over, the maze trails were forgotten and Kate, Steve and the crew were tramping all over the field, paths or no paths, and calling the children to follow them. They never did complete the maze. At the end the kids wanted to go up onto an elevated walkway where you can see out over the fields, but Kate said No because they were done filming. They just cut through the corn on a direct route to the exit and went right to the van and drive away." Question - So in her article she says they are well behaved but when her story is questioned she says they were tramping all over the field? Since she is right behind them did she also tramp the fields? The picture she posted shows the corn maze is thick and would be hard to get thru.

    WG said, "At one point Steve asked me who I was with and I said, "No one, just myself," and he smiled and walked away. I got the feeling he was more curious than bothered by my presence." Observation - Perhaps Steve new who she was and was letting her know he was watching her. Maybe she is the reason the kids did not get to do anything else. Or maybe they had to go somewhere else. WG ASSumes way to much in her article.

    WG said, "As we all neared the maze exit, Kate was starting to freak out. "They're congregating out there!" she shrieked to Steve, indicating she didn't know how they were ever going to get out through the crowd, while I wondered what invisible crowd she was so worried about. You would have thought it was a papparazi nightmare from how Kate acted, when it was really only about 20 locals..." Question - So which is it WG an invisible crowd or a crowd of about 20? Also, you are not a mind reader so how can you state what Kate was indicating?

    WG said, "As I was entering my car Chris the paps passed me and said, "Hi, I've seen you before, at the house," (I spoke with him on Easter Day as reported at that time) and I said, "Yes, you're Chris." He said, "Yes," and I said, "I'm Polly." I don't think he put it together since I didn't introduce myself as Werny Gal." Observation - WG confirms she stalks the Gosselins at their home.

    WG said, "Chris hightailed it out of the parking lot in hot pursuit of the big blue van while I ended the convoy headed back toward Wernersville. I last saw them as I pulled into a side street toward home, with Chris still trailing his prey up 422 East." Observation - If Chris hightailed it out of the parking lot in hot pursuit she did as well as proven by the picture she took of the car following the van. If they are prey to Chris then they are also prey to her since she followed them thru the maze so she could report it to her following of Khaters.

    With all the contradictions in her story it proves to me she was lying to make her following of Khaters happy. It also proves she has some serious issues she needs to deal with.

  49. Gee Whiz - It just gets more weird by the moment! I just went back and watched the show on the Corn Maze from years back. WTH, it's just almost word for word from that!!! It's like she's retelling it from years back and only leaving the parts that included Jon. The kids were very small, or much smaller then. Is this person having a total break with reality? She's been stalking them for three years, before the divorce, before the move to the newer house, and has she become so desperate that she is recycling things? Maybe she'd be healthier to stay home, keep an eye on the Internet usage of her own child, or does she bring him along on her "adventures?" OMG, that poor child. Can you imagine how embarrassing for him?
    She feels it's fair to stalk the Gs because they put themselves out there into the spotlight? She continued and stalked during 6 months of non-filming. Can we go picket her house with signs about stopping Internet stalkers? I would hope not!!! That would be two wrongs and we don't operate like the haters.

  50. you forgot one Geewhiz.

    WG said - "The one thing I didn't hear was "have fun," which is my number one instruction to my kids at all times when we go to a place like a corn maze."

    Ironically, she was not there with her own kids... a at corn maze... for families...

    In using her logic, I would then assume that WG is not allowed to be with her children unsupervised and that is why she is there alone and did not think, hey I am going to stalk Kate, I should take my kids to an amazing fun, family activity while I am there.

  51. Happy halloween from CMo3 and family! We're off to trick or treat soon. Hopefully my body will keep up with those kids!

    Side note: SO glad WG put all that out there on here blog. Hopefully loads of screen shots were taken. Proof that Kate needs Steve to protect her from crazies, not actual fans. Seriously. I like the family and all, but not enough to stalk them in a corn maze.

    Have a great time and be safe every one!

  52. Hmmm. OK, I'm really busy today but just stopped by to see what was up. I went to WG's site to read her post in its entirety. I thought it was well written. She was acting as a "reporter" of sorts, there on a mission, not as a stalker and not as a mom that day. The appeal of her blog is that she's an actual local, and as such might have some first-hand information to bring to the table - not just hearsay & gossip like some other blogs. (I mean really, aren't we all sick of that?) How can she do that without seeing a filming with her own eyes? I believe she would have reported it as a wonderful positive experience for the kids had that been the case. And since she's been there many times with her own kids she knows the difference. Oh, and she referred to the crowd of 20 as "an invisible crowd" to describe the crowd that was in Kate's mind. She was not contradicting herself IMO. Gotta run. Happy Halloween everyone!

  53. Lori Anne - If you want to believe that woman is a "reporter" that is certainly your privilege. Curious though, how do you handle it when it is shown that her stories weren't based on truth but her fantasies? Why didn't she take her children, since she still does have one at home? It wasn't well written, but then I'm just as entitled to my view as you are yours. She extolled weird Al's hanging in trees to get the "real" story and we'd all be shocked. What a crock of garbage IMO, and he did such a poor job of spinning that I doubt he could even get hired as anything more than what he is. I wonder if WG was there to hawk his mimeographed or photocopied books?
    IMO, I'd wager most was in WG's mind, or perhaps she gets her child to write it for her.
    Do me a courtesy, please. Go back and watch the Corn Maze episode that aired several years back. Then look at what she wrote. Tell me then whether you think her plot was original or plagiarized from the episode.
    Then ask yourself this...DO you really think Chris the pap would have missed ANY opportunity to show Kate or kids trampling down the corn? Heck NO! If he was right there, how did he miss such a major $$$ shot like that?

  54. Maybe somebody needs to let Jessica at INF know that according to WG, the Gosselins were destructively trampling down the corn maze so how did Chris miss that major money shot? The man's existence is tied to shots like that.

    Jessica, are you reading here again? WG is really putting down Chris since he missed getting the trampling shot!

  55. Linda you are funny (in a good way, you make me smile.) I am not invested in this WernyGirl person. I'm just saying she was on a reporting mission, maybe I should have said fact-finding mission which is not the same as a family outing. She's taken her kids there many times (according to her). If she was flat out lying, the truth will come out from those 20 or so witnesses who were standing around (or congregating) so don't be so defensive :)

  56. Good Lori Anne 'cause I was trying to be funny sarcastic.

    I think the truth came out in Chris NOT having the trampling photos, lol. That was my point!

  57. Good evening everyone! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Today we went ot the cutest little parade down in SoHo, then went to stores that had the trick-or-treat logo and got candy. It definetly isn't as fun as suburban house Halloweens. But I got to see some amazing boutiques and they were the ones that really hooked us up. Starbucks? a freakin dum dum lollypop. Then it was off to the library for some fun inside for the kids and now we are home. Next year it's back at the suburbs!

    Both the 15 minutes blog and myself apparently received invites to the Sarah Palin's Alaska Sneak preview in NYC. Why the heck did a hate site about the Gosselin's get an invite????
    I did respond back inquiring if Kate Plus 8 will be shown in any part of the episodes or if this relates in any way to Kate. If she is shown then I will be attending. It's a bit tricky isnce I will be on the radio that morning. Anyway, apparently they are doing alot to promote the show:

    "TLC, and the team behind, are hosting an ‘Open House’ event for bloggers, online media and digital influentials to help formally launch the digital/social outreach and engagement effort around Sarah Palin’s Alaska. The event provides a special opportunity to learn a bit more about the show, ask questions, and see some more exclusive clips."

    Wish they would do more of this for Kate Plus 8. Weekly podcasts & multiple blog?? They are promoting this big time and I will find out this week if Kate will even be on it. Again if she is involved, let me know if you want to meet up! I guess I'm disapointed now that pretty much ANYBODY was invited ;)

  58. Baby Mama - will answer your comment later I promise.Sent you video of Tweeners, the Drama kids. Warning -dramatic screams at end are only acting, lol.
    The heck with work. Time to Trick or Treat with the kids. Work will always be there.
    Happy Halloween Everybody!!

  59. Lori Anne? You haven't missed the FACT that WG has a clear ANTI-KATE stance in everything she writes on her blog, have you? How can you think that someone who has a clear and obvious BIAS would give a first hand HONEST account of what transpired? Her "first hand" account doesn't just fall into the "hearsay" and "gossip" category, we can add that she is an "observer" with an AGENDA, and it's not a GOOD one, it's an AGENDA to continue to portray Kate and the children's environment in the most negative way possible.

    WG is NOT a reporter. She went to that corn maze with the express intent to follow Kate Gosselin and the kids around as they tried to enjoy themselves, and she STALKED them around the corn maze until they were so uncomfortable that they LEFT the corn maze. When you go to a public place to specifically FOLLOW CERTAIN other people around instead of going there to enjoy what the location has to offer, THAT is stalking.

  60. is it really that children are going to dress the way this writing this site? good most of the pink bunny is Leah and her face lol ... Joel ninja, and Alexis as cleopatra lol
    give everything to my fleece so ... beautiful ...

  61. Baby Mama - Do you follow Jessica @ INFDaily on Twitter? I sent her a Tweet asking if Chris was at the Corn Maze. If she could confirm. Also asking if so, how could miss a photo of Gosselin kids trampling corn. Said WG says he was there. Will be interesting to see if there is a response. Perhaps others might also want to tweet the question. Enough tweets and they usually respond.

  62. BabyMama: Haven't posted in a while, been traveling but have been following your tweets so I feel up to date! Congrats on the invite from TLC--that is awesome for you.

    Does anyone know whether the content from the Kate Plus 8 special will be the same as Sarah Palin's show? I ask because that is what TLC did when American Chopper visited. It was similar content on both shows.

    Also, does anyone know whether Kate will be on DWTS this week for the 200th episode? They said 50 former castmembers but I have not seen Kate mentioned as of yet. Maybe I'm just missing it. I know Evan, Erin and Niecy have all confirmed attendance and they were closest to Kate I think.

  63. Hi Micha. I doubt the Gosselins left the corn maze on account of Werny Gal. Anyway, please see my response to Linda, I believe I have already stated my opinion on this.

    Have a great night everyone!

  64. Linda, I would no way ever follow her. She is just plain nasty. She allows horrible vile posts on that INF site just to get comments on it. She doesn't moderate, and allows people to say some pretty terrible things without any consequence. I would be interested to see if she says anything to you. Becuse she reads this site daily in the hopes of finding something to write to me about... *waves to Jessica Arena, get back to Linda will you???

  65. Micha said...
    WG is NOT a reporter

    Your absolutly right Micha, she's nothing but a snake in the grass and needs to be arrested for her sick obsession with Kate. She will lie to the fullest extent to make Kate look bad. Lori-Anne please don't believe a work that comes from that vile disgusting site over there. (I have not read this article or know anything about it, just know shes bad news)

  66. LoriAnne? Whether you doubt it or not doesn't make it any more or less possible, does it? It's quite possible and probable. Steve recognized this woman, she kept following Kate and the kids around, leaving was the safest course of action.

    You stated your opinion, and I was stating mine. If you don't have further response to add to your previous opinion, there's really no need to point out that you ALREADY stated your opinion. I was well aware of your posts when I made my initial comment.

  67. Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great Halloween and weekend!

    Things today will be crazy for me. But I wanted to stop by & make a comment. LoriAnne, I seriously doubt that Wormy Gal would every say anything positive about the Gosselins. Because of that, I don't beleive anything she said that Kate said. Unless I see it with my own eyes which we obviously will soon. I have issue with the fact that she is way too invested in Kate Gosselin, and not even as a fan. She asks like a creepy stalker that lives to comment any negative way sahe can on Kate because they live so close. I laugh because she has literally PROVEN that these haters are far worse than any looie loo fan is or someone like me that runs a fan site just for fun.

    Because she lives so close, and is so invested in proving to all the foaming mouth haters that Kate is this horrible person, that she has proven herself to be a danger to the Gosselin family. Steve was smart to talk to her and WONDER why this mentally ill lady is walking through a corm maze BY HERSELF...Hello? Reporter no, obsessed stalker yes. IMO

  68. Hey all & Good Morning!
    Last night with the kids was fantastic but after their bedtime I worked most of the night then slept a few hours this morning, thanks to hubby. Sorry, but Baby Mama has a very busy week as do I. We'll do our best to keep up.

  69. Good morning!
    whew ... now I finally understand the whole story about the stalker Gosselin empression me ... how people can hate Kate and the children, Kate is a nice and mom doing the best that a parent can do for the ... I understand that GT was chasing the family to prove they were not having fun with something? ... dumb and unemployed persons, are so depressing ...

  70. The mega photo rag used the Corn Maze photos. So, Kate and kids were there. There are NO photos of corn being trampled. None. Nada. None!

    Supposedly according to a PA source, the kids were laughing and having a great time until some person kept getting too close despite warnings, Kate felt uncomfortable with the risk of children being separated and not being able to see them over the corn so she said to pack up and leave. And, again, NO corn got trampled.

    I'm sure it was disappointing for the children. Not to mention the fright of having some unknown crone crowd to near. What the heck is wrong with that WG stalker? That's just weird beyond words!

  71. In next to last line...* crowd 'too' near.

  72. Oh they are so cute.! I love them. but I thnk Kate looked better with short hair, but it's only my opinion. I'm really sorry that i haven't got good TV and i can't watch them ;-( I really miss ' It might be a crazy life, but it's our life'. ;-) Gosselin are the best.!!

  73. Hello Everyone,

    Lots of trick or treating fun yesterday. My twins went out for the first time. They were both cat in the hat. Too cute. They got lots of candy and they were so polite and remembered to thank everyone afterward. My one little guy said "thank you vewy vewy much" after receiving his candy while the other one would say "thank you, bye bye" while pulling my hand to rush to the next door. Not bad for two year olds. lol Actually being twins, I should have dressed them as Thing 1 and Thing 2 but never saw those costumes. haha

    So this is craziness again in the land of Kate and the kids. Sick people, that even care what she was doing out at the corn maze, or was there no corn maze? Weird stuff. Honestly, this kind of drama is just tiring. Why can't they let her and the kids be already? Sheesh!

  74. Doma you can watch at youtube ... most times that's how I prefer to watch ...

  75. Good afternoon everyone! Ohh snap! Looks like INF proudly admitted that their "source" is none other than #1 stalker Chris Watts from INF. Who is their paid employee typical. And you know me, normally I would never link the trash that is INF, but I'm linking for the comments today. People are up in arms that Wormy Gal was stalking the kids and tha's why they had to leave. I tell ya, INF should hire her because they literally live and breathe Kate Gosselin but truly NEVER have a nice word to say..

  76. Ohh and FYI Kate's boots are hot. Sorry to those haters that only wish they could rock those boots. Get over it!

  77. lol Kate Gosselin never gave the jump or the corn maze, this is for the envious die of envy ... what if that person we know well-loved ...

  78. Hi everyone... I am an avid reader here, although not much of a poster. I usually just come to keep up with the Gosselins and their show, but I just could not keep quiet about this corn maze story.

    Whoever this Werny Girl is seems to be really just sick... I honestly can not understand why these people can't just leave the Gosselins alone. They must have WAY too much free time on your hands if they spend their days following an entire family's every move. It's really unfortunate for the kids that they have to deal with this craziness on a daily basis. These people are so PATHETIC that they can't go out and live their own lives... why don't they try improving THEMSELVES rather than being so critical and judgmental of people that they DON'T EVEN KNOW.

  79. Hi & welcome micha, doma, & rita!!

  80. Jacque - Baby Mama usually posts the show right here on the website within about 24 hours after it runs.

  81. Baby Mama - I thought Kate's boots were hot also. For the record, lol, I had them first! (Note, I didn't say I could walk in them, lol, just that I had them!)

  82. Nina - Im sure hoping to both listen and call in to your show. I've been looking forward to it. Somehow, the best-laid plans go astray when you work and have a family. Seems like somebody is either sick, or a client has sook crisis.I certainly intend to try!

  83. I agree with you, Rita. WG is actually disrupting the Gosselins' lives. I'm so glad that Steve and the rest of the crew witnessed it and I sure hope they do something about it.

  84. ok Linda, I'll wait, but I'm anxious to Alaska here we come (well, I think we all are).

  85. Doesn't WG have a family? Why would she be hanging out at the Gosselin fence on Easter. At least the paps are making a living stalking Kate. There is really no reason other than being a stalker that could explain leaving your own family behind to shadow every move someone else makes.

  86. hello guys
    as was the Halloween of you?
    you have that custom of trick or treating are only in movies?
    I'm enjoying the site
    the Aaden is so beautiful in that picture donald duck (old and perfect)
    after all it is always nice (I have a passion especially for Aaden)
    do not stop commenting on the new kate plus eight episodes because here in Brazil we do not have ... .

    kisses and good night

  87. Ahhhhh - CMo3 - so sorry you've lost 3 posts. What a bummed! Don't know why it's not saving your posts.

  88. Lol, Well I'm bummed and it's a bummer for you!

  89. Ok I am going to try again!!! LOL

    I think it was telling that Steve singled her out. When I looked on "the site" the comments seemed to be even keel pro/hate Kate wise. I found it interesting that WG wasn't mentioned in the article. I think it is sad that she is proud of what she did. If she wants to "advocate" for the kids, stalking them at a corn maze is not the way to go. Creepy is what it is.

  90. I agree with Mimi, WG does not have family or not have a better life to care?, do not know if this disease exists''syndrome of compulsive obsession for Gosselin,''must be the cause of manic ... lol

  91. " people can hate Kate and the children,..." Jacque, people such as WG do not hate the children, they care about the children. This is what fuels their fire against Kate.

    Ladies, you are dwelling too much on the word "reporter." Let's say Kate came to Toronto, and I told you all I would go and see her and report back to you. Report is the proper word in this case but it does not make me a reporter.

    Baby Mama, I have those boots too. In fact I don't even own a flat pair of boots. Nor have I been to a corn maze. If I did go to a corn maze I would first run out and buy flat boots, or wear my running shoes. But having said that, if I were a hot single mom perhaps I would go with the high heels. It's all in your perspective.

    Have a great evening everyone!

  92. Thanks Baby mama for the INF link. I don't usually go to any other site unless someone posts a link. I often feel left out because people are posting and I have no idea what they are referring to - INF, 15 mins, WG's blog.

    Now I know a little more. LOL.

    I still stand behind my comment and many other's... why would anyone who hates someone so much spend any time talking about them. Bizarre.

    I can just imagine what the haterz are saying about my post. Why would I spend any time commenting on their behaviour. Unlike them, I am trying to figure out why they act the way they do as opposed to them, who try to hurt someone.

  93. CMo3 - Weird! Your 9:07 pm post didn't show up in the "box" until after 1:30 am! Lol, I wonder if cyberspace is "tired" tonight? Your 3 earlier posts from yesterday still haven't shown up. Goodness knows where those packets were routed. Those of us who try to make sense of the web are often left just completely puzzled. Right?

  94. CMo3 - There are a couple of HTML self closing syntax errors in about line 5345 of the code but that shouldn't affect the posting. I'll email you since the coding errors are way off topic. It was easier I think in the days when you coded everything by hand and didn't use auto coding via blogger or others. Or, maybe easier in the long ago days when the net was just text and no glitzy layouts, photos etc. More boring maybe but easier to handle. Of course, in those days you had to deal with "dial up" and you just hoped for a connect at all, lol.

  95. I must need to go to bed, I thought Linda was apologizing to Craftymom for her losing three pounds when it said three posts. I was going to offer her some of mine and then I read it again. I think I have Iphone mind spelling. LOL. I hope she can get through. I also hope this is a quiet Gosselin week, with the show coming up, the Plap of Jon is sure to open spewing something unecessary and inappropriate.

  96. tashapork - lol. Lost posts are important. If it had been three pounds, I'd have been trying to duplicate the results! Poor Crafty Mom has been trying to post all day and her posts aren't showing up.

  97. Lori Anne - Sorry but there is no way I'll ever buy the story that WG is even remotely interested in the kids or protecting them. There are many relatively newcomers. Many of us who've been around the block a few times, so to speak remember all too well when many of these same idiots were spewing vile comments about these children calling them racial epithets, questioning their IQ, and worse. "Suddenly" a year or two later these same people are now supposed to be on the protection bandwagon? Uh, No, I don't buy it!

    If a rabid dog was snarling around my yard should I believe a year later that it is suddenly cured or rehabilitated and it's okay for it to be there? That what it really wants to do now instead of attacking my children is in reality, now wanting to protect them? It isn't possible. Rabid dogs will remain rabid. They don't suddenly change their perspective and become protective.

    This junk logic of "well if there were no filming or recording then the kids would be out of the public eye" is just junk logic! There was NO filming for six months and WG & Al another would be reporter were still out at the fence day after day trying to get a glimpse of the kids to "report" on. They didn't back off. They didn't go away. They just wanted to fuel the hate.

    Hate sells their rags. Hate drives traffic to their sites. It was hate that fueled the nasty names they called the kids. It sure as heck isn't love that is the motivator for them now.

  98. Off topic - I, for one, will be soooooo glad to have political commercials end with elections tonight in the US. It is difficult to understand the logic of a candidate that spends $130million in a campaign for a job that pays initially $174k per year as an elected rank and file congressman or senator.

  99. Ha! I wish it was 3 lbs! I still have 5 more to go. ;)

    I concur about the political ads. They scare me even more when they remind me what lousy choices I have. It's like chosing the lesser of two evils.

    Linda email the coding errors. I'll check them when I get home from work.

  100. I agree Linda. If WG’s concern is for the children she would not have felt the need to post the article “The Evolution of Kate”. She says, “Earlier this decade Kate looked like an average Berks Countian. She was not beautiful, nor was there anything offensive about her appearance”. She includes pictures of Kate as a teen with glasses, right after giving birth to the sextuplets, with Jon, and the last one is her wearing shorts and a halter when in New York.

    The following are a few of WG’s quotes:
    “I wonder how much Kate’s hopes of continuing as an entertainer of some kind without the children entertaining by her side has contributed to her progressively altered appearance.”

    “More importantly, in relation to her parenting, Kate has looked progressively less like her children. What is it like for ethnic-appearing children to witness their Caucasian mother gradually reject what little ethnicity she had?”
    What the heck? This is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever read.

    IMO, WG is bashing Kate for changing her hair color, exercising that resulted in a very toned body, and dressing like a lot of women who are in shape do (especially after your ex-husband has flaunted dating women in their twenties).

    Evidently WG did not see the video of Kate and Jon’s wedding and honeymoon. Kate was indeed beautiful a decade ago.

  101. fascinated, I'm with you. I've also been kinda quiet recently becuase I don't know any of these people and their pasts (like this werny/polly person. I've never gone to the other sites so I just don't know what people are referring to half the time. lol

    Btw, that comment about Kate looking less like her kids is just stupid. Even when she and Jon were married, she never looked asian so I don't know how she looks "less" asian now. Sorry, I know Kate has said that she would love to be asian but she is about the furthest thing from asian looking. Just because the kids look more asian has nothing to do with how she relates to them as a mother and God forbid she wants to change her hair colour, why should she be accused of trying to look less like them? The things these people will say!

  102. I totally agree with Craftymom and Linda about the election, My poor phone needs a break. I sometimes wonder if they would spend millions that they use to bash each other to actually work on the issues or national debt that they say they want to fix, what a great country we'd have. Then again there are some of them that seem to have the same problem Kate does. Automatically everything they do is wrong and pulled out of context, even if it was originally someone else's idea.

  103. Jon and Kate both said in one of the shows that the Korean genes tend to be more dominant and that is why the kids look more Asian, just as Jon looks more looks Asian more like his mom than his dad. I think Kate is just taking advantage of the opportunities given to her as she always has. She's smart.

  104. Since my post in not here, does that mean I am no longer welcome because I disagreed with Linda? It was not hateful or bashing anyone.

  105. #1Caregiver - You are a regular poster. I would never delete or not allow any post of yours to go up. Sigh. I just wish perhaps once you might not look for the worst in me, please.

    Please, please read up. CMo3 had many posts yesterday that did not come through, and I don't think I've ever disagreed with her, thus far. We continue to have site issues. I'm doing all that I can to fix them, not only via my efforts but using our corporate Techie. Best I can do. Sorry.

    Newbies get screened, particularly if they come in bashing Kate. Regular posters we allow whether or not we agree with their perspective.

    The ONLY time I have EVER deleted a #1Caregiver post was while you were away and one of the trolls used your screen name to post cursing and pretty disgusting profanity. It was so bizarre that I knew something was wrong. When I checked the screen name I knew it was not you. I never deleted SG, other than what I just mentioned, I've never deleted you. If I question something, I email, call or text Baby Mama and ask her to make a judgment call. It's her blog; she decides.

    For the record, Baby Mama has deleted some of my posts in the past. I never took it personally. I figured it was her blog, her call.

    So, would you please be so kind as to not jump to assume that Linda is out to hurt somebody here? Thank you.

  106. Hi everyone! This is the first time all day I've been allowed on & not re-directed to Google. Sorry Linda. As I've said, I'm not too familiar with Werney gal. Furthermore I did not even know Gosselin blogs, pro or con, existed until the end of last year. From what I've seen lately though, a lot of child advocates are popping up - perhaps in light of the fact that the reality of these reality shows is not what it seems (not just Kate +8). This genre is realtively new and we viewers may have had the wool pulled over our eyes. Not sure why anyone here would balk at that idea, being moms and/or grandmothers. I understand some posters here love Kate - wanna be like her, wanna dress like her and whatever else. I can't relate to that, but even if you do, can you honestly tell me you don't care if the G kids are being used by a corporation without any regard to their well being? WG is on that bandwagon now, regardless of where she was before, and if you care at all for the G kids then you should respect that. If it turned out the kids had a wonderful time at the corn maze, that would have been "reported." Just b/c it looked like they were not happy/ were whisked away after the needed shots were recorded/ Kate was dressed for something else althogether... does not mean WG was out to get Kate. She was only calling it like she saw it. Sorry for this rushed post but I could be kicked off again at any given moment :)

  107. Good night girls!
    Lori Anne, GT is concerned about the children who heard does not think ??...? If this stalker was not worried about the children chase and not talk nonsense about the mother of them ...
    I hate this folly against Kate ... Kate does everything for them, because GT have reason to hate so much ... I insist is the compulsive obsession syndrome by Gosselin ...

  108. expelled ???... Lori Anne good rushing your post got me twisted but I think we understand ... we want to be like Kate? I say good for me and the answer is yes and why not? she is an example that all could follow ...
    and once again GT is not a normal-minded people ...

  109. This genre is not new. I have been watching this type of programming since I was in high school. The quality of tv has gone down and people are finally noticing these thing called reality tv that has been on since the early 90's.

    The number of tabloid websites and magazines have doubled in the past two years. There is more of a price being put on these celebrities heads then ever before. WG is perpetuating this type of thinking. If she is so concerned, why is she drawing attention to the family? The end does not justify the means.

  110. Good morning all. Busy days for everybody today. Hang tough, as the saying goes! Look to your inner strength and core being as you make decisions and lead the way for your children, and their children. There are no perfect people but at the end of the day, you have to live with what is important and has value to your, remembering that your steps, decisions, and actions can have lasting impact on others.

    Reflective mood today. Reviewing wills, etc. I plan ahead for tomorrow while trying to live today. Decided I'd want my tombstone to read "Not perfect. Died trying hard to live a good and faithful life. Love is the greatest remuneration of all." wow that's gonna be a big headstone...or tiny writing.

  111. * fifth line above should be "you" not your.

  112. Good morning all. I keep getting kicked out before my comment is complete.

    CMO3, I meant KIDS in reality shows are relatively new. I'm not talking about Survivor. Why is WG drawing attention to the family? Every subject under the sun needs a means of getting the world's attention and these days it seems blogging is the prefered medium. Whether you want to share a viewpoint or sell a product you can just open up a website and off you go. In her mind she is presenting and trying to prove her beliefs. She may or may not change some minds along the way; the same way this blog highlights Baby Mama's points of view which may change some minds. So there you see, the means are justified.

    Going to work now. Have a great day everyone!

  113. Hey Linda!--Our state's tourism theme is "Live Like You Mean It"--but it's good to apply to every day life too and I have no doubt that you make the most of each new day!! Hang tough--Press on! Hugs

  114. Lori Anne – If WG was truly a child advocate she would not stalk the Gosselins and post pictures of the kids and their home on the net. She also would not discuss Kate’s cloths and shoes nor have an entire article about the way her looks have changed over the years.

    The wool has not been pulled over my eyes about reality TV. Using common sense I understand that filming has to be planned in advance to make sure both the Gosselins and TLC employees are available. TLC also has to get permission to film when they go places. What makes it reality TV is Kate and the kids are NOT ACTORS and DO NOT have to memorize lines.

    The pictures I saw showed the kids having fun. What pictures are you talking about? How do you know they were whisked away? Maybe they left because WG and Chris the pap were stalking them, or maybe the kids wanted to leave, or maybe they had somewhere else they had to go. WG did not report the kids were protesting leaving, so I conclude they wanted to leave. The problem with WG’s reporting is she is making assumptions and stating them as facts.

    I defend Kate because she has the right to dress like she wants to anytime she wants to and also to raise her children without vindictive, hateful, jealous, fake child advocates trying to bring her down.

    If you cared about the G kids you would not defend a grown woman that hid in a corn maze and followed the kids around taking pictures that she posted on the net. I guess I should thank WG because she proved the child advocates have been lying about the filming of the show. We saw no script, no retakes, no blocking, and no filming for hours.

    TLC has given those kids experiences they will cherish for life. The show proves they are happy, healthy, articulate kids that enjoy filming.

    Until Jon started his partying and womanizing and Jodi and Kevin sold their story to ROL, this family was not in the tabloids. So those three along with the fake child advocates have no regard for the kids well being.

  115. Want money for an attorney in PA? (Are you reading Jon G?) Here's a hint.

    The University of PA has a downloadable PDF on the financial costs of smoking in that state. It excludes excise taxes as well as the health costs to you and children. We know it kills, particularly children forced to breathe the particulate matter even second hand!

    Jon G, just your observed smoking appears much higher than a pack a day habit. Much higher since you can't even abstain for even the hours with the kids!!! Pretty doggone selfish, guy!

    At a pack a day, you are spending $5k a year on killer drug cigarettes. Two adults=$10k per year! Here's a gift of $10k for your legal fees. You stop smoking and you've got some cash! Instead of tweeting and posting on hate sites for contributions, perhaps you should begin with yourself. WTH are you thinking with that killer habit????

  116. I wasn't talking about Survivor either. TLC has always had reality tv with kids on it.

    No one would have known they were there until after the fact if she hadn't announced it. She posted it all over Facebook. And tlc's site.

    But whatever. If you want to support her fine. I just wish you'd research who you are supporting before you claim she has the kid's interests at heart.

  117. CMo3 - I agree. It isn't a new genre and it has involved kids since the early days. I remember our family watching the 1973 12-part PBS series An American Family about a nuclear family going through a divorce!

    I started to list 8 or 9 more that I could remember off the top of my head, but what's the point? I could research it and list numerous examples. If somebody sees WG as the guru of knowledge, statement of fact isn't going to change it. IMO, she's the 2010 version of Mrs. Krabbitz, the nosey neighbor using a blog and the Internet instead of the telephone.

    I wish that PBS would go back and interview the children, family from An American Family to get their take on it 35 years after the fact.

  118. Yeah I thought of quite a few but figured it didn't matter at this point.

  119. Gee Whiz -ITA. You can't do a shoot without location permits being applied for and approved. That doesn't make it scripted.

    We are frequently shooting unscripted biographies. We have no advance clue what will be said. But, to shoot any where other than their homes, we have to have location permits. Even if we are shooting their research at the Public Library, a permit is required.

    And to the idiot, truly an idiot, who keeps sending me email about filming. YES, we've been videoing in digital format for freaking years! BUT, it is still generally referred to in the industry as "filming" even though no actual film is used. Let me exilian it to you in simple terms you might grasp...consider people who use the brand name Kleenex rather than the correct term tissue. Please, no more emails on that subject! Thank you.

  120. Hello Everyone - don't forget to tune in tomorrow at and press the LISTEN LIVE button. Also, make sure to turn up your volume on your computer. Most importantly, call in and say hi to Baby Mama and myself! 1-877-864-4869. This all starts at 10am EST. Talk to you then!
    - Nina Frye
    Living the Dream Mom Radio

  121. Does anyone think it's crazy to have a yardsale in the beginning of November. Last Spring we couldn't have it because it rained or snowed every weekend until we went out of town, I don't do well in heat so we couldn't have it durning actual summer and even the fall has been unseasonably hot or raining on the week end. This week end shows sunny 70s but I hate to pull all of the stuff out if no one will look because they don't do yardsales in November. It is unseasonably warm for Colorado and I'd love to get rid of my stuff.
    Babymama, I am excited about your interview tomorrow. I listened last weekend to the interview with Michelle. She did the whole thing while taking her kids to a train ride.

  122. Good afternoon ladies!
    GT. GP and WG are the same person? (Doubts!!)

  123. tashapork--I sure don't think you're crazy. Maybe you would get more traffic since there won't be that many other sales. Lately, I have
    been thinking of having one in the garage and
    even selling some baked goods. I have lots of
    craft items that might make good Christmas gifts. I haven't talked myself into this yet, or my husband, since we would use his workshop. :) Good luck if you do have it.

  124. Linda and CM, I hadn't heard of any of those reality shows before. It just goes to show how "under the radar" this has been, and if it took the G kids to raise awareness and get the child labor laws re-written to accommodate all reality kids, present & future, then I see that as a positive.

    Ladies, I don't usually read WG's blog and I don't know much about her so please don't think I'm here trying to win support for her recent actions or anything like that. I just don't like the word "stalker" thrown around when it does not apply. It diminishes the true meaning of the word. Let's settle this by agreeing we all care about the kids and we hope they are happy, well taken care of and treated with respect while working and playing. Now I'd be happy to not talk about WG anymore!

    CM, I went on your website today and I'm sorry I didn't see the ghostly shephard's pie before! My kids love that dish and would have gotten a kick out of the ghost-potatoes on Halloween. Perhaps I'll make it next week anyway :)

  125. Lori Anne said:
    Let's settle this by agreeing we all care about the kids and we hope they are happy, well taken care of and treated with respect while working and playing. Now I'd be happy to not talk about WG anymore!

    I agree. Well said Lori Anne. Re the shepherds pie...I wonder if you could shape it like a turkey? That would be cute. ;)

  126. Haha CM. Love it!! I could get my crafty 11 year old daughter to make the wings ;)

  127. Hello & Good evening Gosselin fans!
    I have so much to cover. So I will do it on my new fresh paper! So sorry to be MIA. Tonight's fresh paper is in honor of Adam Richman from "Man vs. Food" on the Travel Channel. He's eating a yummy 72 oz. sizzling Texas Steak! You go boy!