Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finally! Alaska Here We Come! New "All About Kate" Radio Show! Jon Gosselin Taco Dilemma On Sunday's new episode of "Kate Plus 8," we will finally get the chance to see what many people have been talking about for quite some time -- the reality TV mom's trip to Alaska. TLC released some new photos of the special, and they all show the kids seemingly having a great time. Of course, with this special also comes a certain air of mystery. Considering that there has been no mentioning whatsoever of Sarah Palin meeting or spending time with the famous eight kids, we are being led to believe that it won't be part of the show. With that in mind, the gathering either never happened (despite reports to the contrary), is being saved for something else, or just didn't produce any sort of good footage. However, we will get to see the Gosselins traveling around our nation's largest state in all sorts of new ways.

Entertainment Tonight: "Kate Plus 8: Alaska, Here We Come" has Kate Gosselin and her eight cute kids traveling north to Alaska -- their longest-ever trip. The Gosselins set out to see snow-covered mountains, bright-white glaciers and take a whale-watching boat trip. They enjoy some family fun in the great outdoors when they experience what it's like to ride on an Iditarod dog sled. Then, everyone learns how to pan for gold as they head to the river in search of treasure. "Kate Plus 8: Alaska, Here We Come" airs Sunday, Nov. 7 at 9 p.m. on TLC.

BabyMama is back to chat on Living The Dream Moms Radio!
Yes ladies I am back! We have a new "All About Kate" at Living The Dream Moms Radio . Missed it? Click on the link ot the right! Look on the previous radio shows and tell me what you think!
All About Kate Gosselin Part II"Gosselin Family Fan Site creator Baby Mama joins me for the 2nd time to chat all about Kate Gosselin!  We had such a great time last month. Go to Toginet to listen! "

John Gosselin: No Quiero Taco Bell!

The former star of Jon and Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Ellen Ross made a trip to Taco Bell. Apparently, the reality star went to the drive-thru, and Ellen Ross was quite upset over the treatment that they reportedly received. Ellen Ross has filed a complaint with the restaurant
As Radar Online reports, Ellen Ross made a complaint on behalf of herself and Gosselin. She said that the workers wanted to take photographs of the couple and every worker then started to come to the window and try to take pictures as well. The complaint mentioned that they were simply trying to buy dinner and not trying to cause a scene by being at Taco Bell.
According to the same report, a source at the restaurant said: "The company that owns the franchise investigated the incident and the staff were reprimanded but nobody lost their job or anything like that. The customers concerned seemed to make a big deal about it which can happen when celebrities visit drive-thru restaurants sometimes. The company may offer them some free food coupons which often happens in cases like these."
What do you think of this report -- should the workers in question be fired? Do you think the behavior was inappropriate?


  1. I'm looking forward to this, Baby Mama! Can't wait to hear more of our posters' voices! Best of luck :)

  2. I will try to call in the morning...I've got two sick kids now. Not sure what the night and morning will bring.

  3. I think Jon needs to find something better to do with his life. I am hoping that the show is separate from Sarah Palin, she gives me strong channel changing urges, but I have only seen her in political contexts. I hope my computer works good in the morning, last time it was almost half over before I got it going.
    We went out to get the clearance halloween candy and some of these stores forgot what marking things down means. It does not mean six dollar bags of everyday candy. We ended up grocery shopping too. I can't believe how the prices keep on climbing and I am talking about the cheaper stores. Kate's bill with organics must be astronomical. I wonder if Jon misses the meals that she used to make, they were sure better than Taco Bell.

  4. Hope to get out of my 9:30-10:30 meeting so I can race to the parking lot and call. I just know everybody wants to hear my Southern drawl. Not! The only thing the h-peeps want is something to make fun of. Fine. I'm game. Whatever my name is this week, can't remember??? Wingwoman, Robin, Luke Skywalker.?
    CMo3 - Goodness. So sorry about your kids. Sure hope they are feeling fine after a good night's sleep. :)
    Major stress here. Annual meeting time for several clients. Of course if adults get stressed, kids get stressed so trying to maintain calm in a sea of chaos. Do you folks do that? You work so hard and get so tired that then you can't sleep? Have a black tie event to which I'm determined not wear back brace. Stupid perhaps, but we all are vain about something. Hard shell back braces do not look good with sweatshirts, much less upscale duds. good wear brace, look uglier? I think not.
    Wishing you the best Baby Mama!!!

  5. Ugh! Had some problems with my post! I just want to ask you guys if you can to make a complaint at regarding their recent Kate Gosselin article. They took a source that sounded like random gossip and attacked the Gosselin family and the children on their site. Taking personal matters like what is going on with the children is crossing the line! I am so furious at this article!! This is so below the belt it's sick! To put this up so that other trash sites pick it up is just plain disgusting.

    "Kate Gosselin’s eight kids ( 6-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Joel and 10-year-old twins Cara and Madelyn) are starting to act out! One of the sextuplets was reportedly kicked out of their school in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County for two weeks! A source close to the family tells Us that the little girl was suspended from school for hitting a classmate. “Hitting another child is an aggressive act. It’s bullying! Schools are finally taking bullying very seriously,” says New York City-based psychologist Dr. Gilda Carle. And she thinks that Kate is to blame for this!
    “Kate’s controlling behavior could definitely play a part in her daughter’s unwillingness to be so constrained,” Dr. Carle tells She is quick to point out that Kate’s divorce from Jon Gosselin may have triggered the girl’s out-of-control actions, “especially since these parents continue to go at each other, putting the kids in the middle.” Adding to kids’ instability is the fact that they “are never sure if Kate’s going to yell at them or be nice,” says the insider."

  6. Linda, I know exactly what you mean about the kids reacting when adults get stressed. Then they make you even more stressed than you were to begin with so it's a vicious cycle. I just hope you take care of yourself. Maybe keep the brace in the car in case you need it or something. I hope you get to call tomorrow

  7. Consider it done it makes my blood boil! I will never go back to that site again! I hope some of the h-people can see past their dislike for Kate & complain as well.

  8. Good Morning all! Rainy & cold here but hoping it's sunny where you are.

  9. Good Morning all, Finally back to good health. Good Luck today Baby Mama, I am so excited and proud of you. I have to work today so will be unable to call in(I really wanted to):( but for sure will listen as soon as I get home tonight.

  10. Good luck BMama!!!! I have a sick tot today but I'm hoping a Disney movie will act as a diversion & I'll be able to call. I'll definitely be listening. I'll just have to get over having to introduce myself as Momsby..tee hee!

  11. Hi Baby Mama--Have a great show today!!

  12. Good Luck today Baby Mama!! I'll be listening and also hoping to hear from some of our other friends too.

    On Jon, Ellen and the whole Taco Bell incident, I think they should get over themselves. I'm sorry they felt harrassed when they were just trying to get dinner, but they should know by now that they will be recognized and photographed when they go places. In fact, they themselves have made sure people are still interested in them so I would think they would be happy to have people gathering at the drive thru to catch a glimpse of them. I'm also going to go out on a limb here and say that perhaps they made such a big stink about the whole incident in order to draw even more attention to themselves. Let's face it, had they not complained about the incident, it probably would not have made the "news" and we wouldn't have even known about it.

    Regarding the article about the kids acting out and one getting suspended, that is just low. Why the heck do people feel the need to report this kind of stuff? Does it really make them happy to take yet another dig at Kate by putting her kids' issues out there, if it is even true? The only reason they are reporting any of this stuff is to say "see, Kate IS a bad parent because her actions and getting divorced from Jon is the reason her kids are so screwed up". It's just pathetic! On that note, I'll have to put myself out there too. My 2 year old was kicked out of pre-k after just two weeks because he was hitting the other kids. I guess I'm a terrible parent too. Never mind that the school couldn't handle the larger than usual class and never mind that my child was having anxiety at being left at school away from me for the first time. Never mind that he broke out in the worst case of hives the first week he was there. Let's just say there were no possible reasons for him to act out except that I'm a bad parent. Seriously. This kind of thing makes me so mad. I know Kate is not perfect, and Jon is definitely not perfect but they are both human and it is not a crime for people to get divorced. It happens in life and yes children are definitely affected by it but it doesn't mean the parents are bad parents or people. Divorce is extremely hard on everyone involved including the adults. Also, with 8 kids, I don't blame Kate for being impatient and sometimes yelling at her kids. I only have 4 and want to climb the walls at times when no one is listening to me.

    Sorry for being so opinionated on this subject but really, who are the real bulllies here? No one works with kids anymore and tries to get to the bottom of an issue. It's just easier to send them home for someone else to deal with!

  13. "Considering that there has been no mentioning whatsoever of Sarah Palin meeting or spending time with the famous eight kids, we are being led to believe that it won't be part of the show."

    Last night on "Entertainment Tonight" it was mentioned that Kate and the kids will be on a future episode of Sarah Palin's show, that was filmed while they were in Alaska.

  14. Babymama I did complain about that article. It is so sad that they would even think to print that. They use anonymity and words like reportedly to get out if being held accountable. I have not read one source that has proven any behavior problem is caused by parenting technique , but I have seen on almost daily basis kids of great parents have behavior issues some more serious than others. If you have eight kids and each one is acting out some of the time then chances are that somebody will be acting out much of the time. If the kids acted like perfect robots the complaint would be that Kate was soo strict that the kids were afraid to act normal

    Babymama your interview was great. I loved hearing all those who spoke or emailed. I am glad that there were no Beckies

  15. LOL at myself & the comedy of errors I had this a.m. I did call, just as my question was being asked. When the poor girl asked me if I wanted to stay on the line I was at a loss for words & blanked on another question.(Highly unusual for me) so I said no & basically hung up so I could listen.

    Then I thought of another question dialed again...and my cranky tot started a high pitched melt down & the door bell rang(pop in visits, also highly unusual). I then missed the rest of the interview :(

    My apologies to Nina, if the second call went thru & she thought it was a crank. I'm not always such a flake(sometimes I am but this was an exceptionally crazy Momsby day)

    What I was able to hear was AWSOME great job ladies. glad I didn't miss you, you were super. I'm eagerly awaiting bedtime to listen to the complete show, minus the clingy Crabby Patty!
    Also, how about that Nina doing a show & chatting at the same time.. WOW,that's talent!
    Maybe she'll do a show on multi-tasking tips for moms..I could use a few.

  16. Oh, Kate and kids look great.! I'm really jealous of their trip ;-) The girl in the picture is Alexis.?

  17. Good afternoon everyone! I'm back in full force and after a stress-filled week I feel great on this crummy day!

    For those of you that didn't get to hear today's show. It's now up. Just click on the link on the top right of this site. You will see on their page all the previous shows. I want to thank my callers! CraftyMom, TashaPork & FiredUpForKate. I love you guys and always appreciate your support.

    The offer still stands for anyone in Manhattan tonight if you are intrested in going to a TLC Bloggers Convention here for Sarah Palin's Alaska. Please e-mail me and I will get you on the guest list. Q&A clips of the show and discussions. Sounds like fun! I am actually much sicker than I thought and I don't think I will be able to make it. So I would love to hear how it went and if they showed any clips of Sarah & Kate together. Everything is hush hush!

  18. Micha! Hi & Welcome! I just read your post. Thank you so much for letting me know.. I guess it's not so hush hush after all! lol

  19. hey well as one of the girls was suspended? My God ... do not believe that as one of three girls from 6 years and most beautiful gentle suspended?, this story is poorly told ...
    good, whether this occurred is not the fault of kate'm sure of it, because if one of the girls agredio another child is because of this world we live in young children end up learning ... more source says that this is the fault of separation is ridiculous! as aggressive would be to see them discussing Jon and Kate ... and should this be exposed? is that''it''is the only child in the world that has already been suspended, "and this alleged child to be assaulted by what must have led to aggression because both Alexis, Hannah and Leah have both normal behavior and are sweet and affectionate we all know this ...... ridiculous!

  20. Feel better Babymama sending healing thoughts your way! I'll be sad for you if you can't would have been fun!

    *waves* to Micha I always enjoy your posts SO much!

  21. Great show today and thanks for letting me be a part of it!

    Sorry I had to call so early and didn't have much time to chat.....had to run to work!

  22. Thanks momsby! Hope your kids get better soon. Mine are sick and cranky too, but the little one slept in this morning so I had a quick chance to call!

  23. Hi Baby Mama! You're welcome, and thanks for the welcome! I enjoy your site very much. It's wonderful!

    *waves back* to Momsby! Thanks, you're so sweet! I always enjoy your posts too!


  24. Happy Birthday Deborah!

    Baby Mama--Hope you feel better soon and LOVED the show today! How can an hour go by so quickly.

    firedup4kate, CMO3 and Tashapork--You guys did a great job and it was good to hear your voices.

  25. Welcome again Micha! Many of us have found this blog to be a nice place to read and post. :)

  26. Baby Mama, you were awesome today. We don't always see eye-to-eye but I give credit where credit is due. You are a natural on the radio, lady!! If you're not picked up as a professional broadcaster in the near future I'd be very surprised! Nina, if you're reading this, you need to pull some strings for this smart, passionate woman. GO BABY MAMA!!

  27. Micha welcome, I'm not the most newbie! ... lol

  28. Just lost 3 posts in a row. Trying again.
    Baby Mama - thanks for understanding about meetings running long. At least I got to send a text to say I was trying to phone in during the last 10 minutes!! Hope you feel better soon. :)
    CMo3- are you feeling better?
    momsby & CMo3 - hope your children will bounce back fast.
    Corrina ~~~ waves to you!
    Happy Birthday Deborah!
    Tashapork - Thanks for good thoughts!
    If I've forgotten someone, my apologies. I can't see up to what I've already typed with no scroll bars. It isn't an intentional omission, just a tired brain & body here.

  29. another mom - sigh, I know there was something I meant to say but I've already forgotten. Since I can't remember...have a great evening. .
    KatherineDenise - great to see you post! Glad you are better. Missed you!

  30. All emotions grow when practiced regularly.

    Practice love to have more love, practice hate to have more hate. Practice kindness to have more kindness, practice depression to have more depression.

    The choice is yours as always.

    Anyone think the haters don't practice love and kindness often enough??

  31. Linda I am getting there. I am kinda in the post infection fatigue part. You get some rest or you're going to be in my place soon!

  32. heyy baby mama i've tweeted u a few times its paige , im the # 1 kate fan lol and i think jon and ellen need to grow up a little there public figures and need to deal with it they got what they had comming to them there just trying to get some money. ... i have a word for the "hatrers" they can now be called the "NOT SO MUCH FANS" lol so kate appropriet ,

  33. i think jon and ellen were mad b/c they were laughing at them not that they were recognized, i don't recall ellen being so vocal when the fans were *after* the kids at the arcade. no just b/c they were making fun of j and e.

  34. ... if one of the girls has been suspended , im sure it was probly alexis lol shes the wild one but there blowing it out of proportion if she "hit a child" shes 6 years old kids hit eachother all the time you dont know what the kid sayd to her to provoke her if its true its most likely lexi i love them all the same thats just my assumption ily lexi! just saying and it might not even be true but if it is i dont think they would "bully" someone im sure they had there reason..<3

  35. Just listened to the show. Great job, Baby Mama! Well done.

  36. Tiggerfan - ITA.well said.
    G'night all. Gosh, few mins After nine, kids tired and all in their rooms, and time for sleep on my part too. May you all fell better, sleep well, and have sunshine tomorrow.

  37. To the Brazilian fans....At this point we all can only assume that the story is a rumor! The Gosselin kids go to a very fine private school and I doubt that any problems with children there would be handled as described in the article.

    Usually when Kate Plus 8 is about to air a new episode...the tabloids print some kind of crazy story and they always say that is comes from "an inside source"! What that means is they cannot put a name to who spread the gossip and 90% of the time...the stories are false or greatly misrepresented!

    But kids are kids...and even IF it were was no ones business to put the story out on the internet!

    Now ladies....I have called in 2 times...we need some other brave posters to call in next month! LOL...I've been the southern fool twice now!

  38. surely it should even be a crazy story lol ... stupid sites that do not know just talking about real things to survive ...

  39. Thanks for the kiddo well wishes! It's a cold & fever, the temp broke this afternoon. I just have to keep a special eye on her she's had respiratory problems in the past.

  40. Welcome to Katefan01. Are you one of the new Brazilian fans? I guess Kate + 8 is on TV there.

  41. Baby Mama congratulations on another awesome show. Wish the show was longer, it was over way to fast.

    CMO3, Tashapork and firedup4kate good to hear your voices and enjoyed the points you made.

    I sent an e-mail but used the wrong address and it was returned. I then went to live chat but after I said hi to Corrina the link went down. Oh well, I'll try next time.

  42. Firedup4kate that sounds like a challenge! Maybe I'll call in next time. I'm so impressed with Baby Mama's abilities that even I could come up with something positive to say about Kate, lol.

  43. More Brazilians here in the blog?? Debora we are not the only ones? lol
    here in Brazil kate plus eight is Kate +8 Loria anne (answering your question in verdarde was not for me) lol

  44. No I'm Canadian and have been watching since 2007 lol can't wait for Sunday even though it was filmed before the beach episodes and the school one but I wouldn't miss it for the world <3 teamkate

  45. And I'm 16 <3 I would die for Kate or her Kids and I'm so glad u made this site baby mama! Love Paige teamkeight<3

  46. Oh gosh katefan01. This is a nice site, but I have a 16-year-old daughter. Please do not say you'd die for kate or her kids. You have so much to live for. If my daughter said that I would be very worried. Promise me you'll stay positive for Kate and her kids but look towards your own future. Peace :)

  47. It's been a long and busy day here but I did manage to listen to the radio show this morning and once again, Baby Mama, you were AWESOME. ITA with Lori Anne, you're a natural and I hope Nina plans to have you on every Thursday morning for the Kate themed show. Well done again and sorry I didn't call in this time. I had my son running around and he's normally very loud so I didn't want to take the chance.

    Happy birthday to Debora!! I'm still on time here - it is not midnight yet. lol

    Tashapork - I loved hearing about how you made your screen name. I have always wondered about it. lol

    Linda - no worries on drawing a blank. You need to sit down and rest a bit. It sounds like you are really burning the candle at both ends. Not sure if this helps, but you may have wanted to say something about my rant about one of the kids being suspended for hitting and how my own child was in that same boat. Just a guess. I was quite verbose on that subject this morning.

    Momsby - sounds like you had quite the morning today. I'm sorry everything kept going wrong just as you were trying to call in to the radio show. I am sure Nina won't hold it against you! :)

    To everyone else that is sick or was sick or that had kids that were sick, FEEL BETTER!! With 4 kids, I always get nervous when cold and flu season starts up again!

    Alright, more tomorrow, I don't think I have sufficient brain power to continue now. lol

    G'night everyone!!

  48. To everyone, thank you again you all of your well wishes and support! There is just so much to cover. Most of the time I just never get to finish!

    I decided not to talk about the kids and the whole nasty rumor about one of them getting expelled. I hate when things come out and people run with it, not knowing if in fact it may not even be true. I try to put out there what I know is fact and run with it. Both times I was sick though. So we just have to know me as nasal girl.

    Linda and I have been very busy this week. We have both felt a bit like Superman and yes, burning the candle at both ends. But one thing we are both super dedicated to besides our friendship, is continuing with this blog. If one of us isn't here the other one will be. Cause we are that kind of people! lol xoxox

  49. Hi all, my thoughts on the Palin tie in- Kate will be on their show because they need viewers for the Palin show. Kate's got the viewers already so that was smart for TLC. Normally I wouldn't watch the Palin show but if Kate and the kids are on... I will!
    I am sorry I haven't been on much but I found out I am going to be a "baby mama" so things have been really crazy. Well actually I have been really nauseous all the time! Yuck. And sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and now i cant go back to sleep, hence the 3 am post haha.
    I have been following on twitter though- that has been entertaining with my insomnia! BM you have great posts on there.

  50. Lol its just a saying I don't think I will ever be put in that position and I don't want to die I love my life I'm just saying how much I respect and love Kate shes my hero, role model and inspiration :) don't worry lol

  51. Sarah Grace - Congratulations first, and second - glad to see you post!
    I think I lived on dry crackers then; does that help? Sending hugs! :)

  52. Good Morning All!

    Sarah Grace-Congratulations!

    Hoping the sun shines today! :)

  53. I'm looking forward to Sunday's program! The original programs were something that our family watched together and enjoyed. Over the years, time changes have sometimes necessitated our kids watching the TiVo version rather than first broadcast. We identified with them I guess? It sure made for snuggly times and great conversations later about choices, tone of voice, etc. and how it would be to have to look at some of our own interactions.

    Kate made me laugh, cry, gnash teeth sometimes. I've researched a bit (what else is new?) and reality tv has been around since the early 1960s beginning mostly on PBS, etc. rather than mainstream networks. Wow! That's 50+ years! Who knew? Although viewership remained, mostly, just within specific groups which produced high numbers of viewers for that specific channel, they remained pretty much out of mainstream channel viewership.

    We can mostly credit the paparazzi for the shift with the Gosselins' program. Jealous family and an anti K blog along with paparazzi. I'm not here to debate why the paparazzi became involved. Then the proliferation of rag mags.

    With a large family, and multiples of the same age, there is no "normal" to compare to the family with only 1or2kids. Outings always draw interest and attention. That is the normal with multiples. As a result, you teach your kids how to handle it!

  54. One of the dumbest stories I read recently was about Kate being less Asian now and the detrimental image that conveyed to her kids.

    Then that dumb story got reposted as "new" on hate blog after hate blog.

    Except for the months of confined bedrest and just after giving birth, Kate's hair has always been mostly blond. Artificially colored, but who cares. Except for those who abstain from all makeup, all of us have hair color, or foundation, or lipstick, or eye shadow, etc. Or we wear foundation garments. Or really high heels because we're short or because it makes legs look longer. Or contacts instead of glasses (my vision is 20/20 with contacts and 20/30 corrected with glasses.) Or we wear glasses rather than stumbling into furniture or squint like crazy to see farther.

    Kate fell in love with, and married a man of Asian heritage. She has never looked Asian. So what??? She is still their mother. Jon is still their father. Those facts do not change. These two parents will still have double multiples with twins and the 6. An ethic blending drawing attention and multiples that draw attention,

    In our family we have brunettes, blonds, and redheads. Some with blue eyes and some with hazel (no brown dominant genes.) Tall and short parents so some kids are tall and others are quite short. We never get through even a meal out without somebody gawking, or feeling the need to comment.

    Sometimes those comments hurt, sometimes they lift you up, and sometimes they make you laugh. What those comments make us do is keep the dialog going as a family. We discuss narrow-minded prejudices, and the need to pray for those who are similar to us, as well as for those who are different.

    In the US, we are a nation of blended looks, peoples, cultures, and traditions. It is a nation founded on those differences rather than similarities. How strange it is, then, that we have so many who feel the need to hurt others and feel that "they" are all-knowing in how to regiment or determine what is "perfect" for others.

    I must have been thinking about Tiggerfan's post from last night in my sleep. If you look for happiness and good, you will find it. If you look for hate, you will find that also. Perfection is never achieved but is a goal for which you strive. Each day is a new beginning and new opportunity.

  55. katefan01 welcome (you there is only one fan in the USA, and I have 01 fan here in Brazil lol), good to have more teens here on the blog!
    I also love my life, more as a form of expression (and just expression), I agree with you I would die for Gosselin ... do not blame me for this ...
    Good day to all!

  56. Lol yup kates got lots of fans in Canada well Ontario ok she does here :)

  57. To our young posters from Brazil and Canada!!!

    I share your enthusiasm for Kate! She is indeed a good role model for you. Let's enumerate why that is so. I'll start and give you three reasons...and I would like for you to respond and give me YOUR 3 reasons.

    Kate is a good role model because...

    1. She's a positive thinker...always looks for the good in situations...sees the glass "half full"!

    2. She's a strong woman, determined, not to be put down...she will not quit anything!

    3. Kate has a good moral will not hear her use foul language...she teaches her daughters..."no more sleeping with boys till you get married!"...and she lives by that code herself.

    Ok girls...let me hear from you! I have some work to do so I will catch you later on.

  58. Linda, I love your insightful and reflective posts. There's something about the way you view things that is wonderful. :)

    Sarah Grace, CONGRATS! Hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!

    Katefan01, Welcome and I'm glad you were speaking figuratively before. There are quite a few of us Canadians here now, and I'm an Ontarian too! lol

    Baby Mama, I didn't think you sounded nasal at all. You sound great on air. Looking forward to more! I'm glad you didn't rehash the whole kid being expelled thing on air. I actually read an article about this so called suspension and I can't believe how mean they were being to Kate. There is some psychologist that is even blaming Kate for her reaction (apparently when she went to pick the child up, she yelled to her that she was embarrassing her) saying that that was the worst possible thing she could have said. The writer of the article even said that she should stop trying to parade around Hollywood and pay attention to her kids who are obviously acting out.
    Seriously people??? I would love to see these people who are so judgmental and the kinds of things their kids do and how they deal with it. It's always easier to throw criticism when hiding behind the screen, I say.

  59. Congratulations Sarah Grace! Enjoy, every moment...once your feeling better it is possible:0 lol

    Welcome katefan I'm a fellow Onterian as well.

    Tiggerfan what a beautiful philosophy..thanks Linda for repeating it. We can all use a reminder of the power of positive thinking..I really did yesterday.I think I'll put it up somewhere, so I can look at it, some days I really need it.

  60. I got a kick out of how Nina & BM say Momsby. When I say it it's more like Mumsby..I had a friend from Michigan who thought I sounded British at times.

  61. simply depressing that this source will be idiot takes drugs?, Kate said ''she'' was the worst thing about your life? oh my God is so contradictory compared to the rest of the site ... Kate beast! even though I have not read anything else I would have exploded ...! rage ... rage ... rage !!!!!!!!

  62. Congrats Sarah Grace. What happy news. Lots of small meals will help with the woozy feeling. I had it bad with the last one.

  63. hello guys
    thanks for the congratulations corina
    katefan01 is welcome, it seems that me and jacque are not so newbies
    firedup4, what you wrote is very interesting, is all hearsay, no proof yet that truth saja
    and even if it were ordinary children are living in their world and have issues with their colleagues
    let's wait and see.
    good night and a great day tomorrow
    sorry for the translation of our jacque ,we're friends

    our website translation is not so good
    jacque thanks for telling everyone it was my birthday

  64. I cannot take credit for that philosophy. It came to me through a subscription. But I read and feel it now. We should all strive for that as humans, no matter the country/culture. Maybe some day??

  65. Even if the school suspension story is true, and even if the report about Kate's reaction is true, guess what, not every parent has the benefit of a child psychologist following them around and telling them what the "perfect" response is to every situation. In fact, if the "perfect" response was so obvious, why did the reporter need to consult with a child psychologist? No parent always has the perfect reaction to their child's behavior--it doesn't mean they are unloving or self-centered or any of the other host of accusations that are thrown at Kate. Actually, this report reminded me of a similar incident when I was about 7 years old. I was out in public with my mother and was acting up for some reason. My mother didn't sit me down and have a heart-to-heart with me about why I was acting up. She just said sternly "stop embarrassing me". I remember the incident to this day because I remember feeling bad causing this reaction by my mother, who is the most loving and unselfish person anyone could hope for. But I guess I was supposed to have suffered some long-term resentment toward her and permanent behavioral issues because of this. I'm just tired of the expectation placed on Kate that she must always have the perfect reaction every single time to every child-rearing issue.

  66. Congrats BM, I listened and enjoyed. I didn't call in for fear of embarrasing you with my southern twang. I once heard a comedian say, "when a southern belle tells you to go to 'hail' you kinda wanna go." My accent is very southern belle.

  67. Shirleynoname, I totally agree with everything you just said.
    FiredupforKate, my three reasons that Kate is a role model are, I don't know if you put this out for everyone, but here goes
    1. She's very real, not perfect and doesn't make excuses for who she is
    2. I admire her parenting style especially how she teaches independence and doesn't baby the kids for example when she used the ring rope when they were three. If they get upset, she doesn't just give up. She also takes them places that challenge them instead of babying and oversheltering them.
    3he is dealing with the same kinds of issues that moms across the country deal with, albeit on a larger and more public scale. Moms have a tendency to think that they need to get it just right, and all you can do is your best.
    Sarah Grace, congradulations on your blessing, you are in my prayers.
    Babymama, you don't sound nasal at all, although I think I sound like a dweeb. I think our own voice sounds funny to us when we hear it. I was trying to pinpoint who you sound a little like and I knew it was someone on one of Kate's shows. It was Mrs Glassman, when she was inviting Kate for the tummy tuck, probably the new York accent.

  68. Puff - waving to you ~ ~ ~! Laughing so hard, one southern belle to another!!
    Years ago, many years working in Manhattan my boss used to say, "If the client's really a hard a**, we're sending the belle to handle them! First, they can't understand her. Second, they assume by her accent she's dumb. Third, by the time they figure out she's really quite bright...She's already gotten then to sign the contract and tacked on extra fees for being a nuisance...we just call them 'ass-essment' fees." I just loved it. :). Of course, in the south, when we really don't like like something or think it's ugly...we say, "well, isn't that lovely!" knowing full well that it's tacky ugly, but we haven't said something point blank.

  69. ShirleyNN..

    You my dear totally hit the nail on the the head with that insightful post! Agree, Agree, Agree:)

    Tasha & Firedup...I also Agree, Agree, Agree!

    Sweet Puff, I just know that your accent would be as endearing as your posts are. I think Southern Belle drawls are the bomb. One of my favourite movies is Gone With The Wind and I've swooned over Matthew Maconahay since A Time To Kill..the accent did it!

  70. i love you girls you are sooo nice:D

    yay ontarioians! :P and kate fans!<3 were like a big family

  71. Corrina - hey, did you send cold air this way? If so, I'm sending it back, lol. It was in the upper 70's last week and in the lower 30's this weekend with snow tonight in our western mountains. Then back up in the low 70's by Tuesday. No wonder so many are a yo yo. But nice to come home tonight and have a glass of wine by the fireplace. I'm much mellower tonight so guess the cold is a good thing.
    Family outing tonight with a Magic Show and dinner out. Everybody just laughed at the corny but still dazzling table magic. We were selected to be on stage and made fun of, but we were good sports and laughed the hardest. Have to work again tomorrow so tonight it was fun to just relax.

  72. Although I get frustrated with the problems sometimes, such as computer and web issues, so many here are just such special folks. Some post often, some seldom, but you folks rock! And...some of you I've gotten to know quite well from emails that started from back and forth trying to resolve computer related issues. Sometimes problems are ultimately blessings in disguise (we just don't recognize them as such at the time.)
    FiredUp4Kate - You suggested the Vit D3. Other than more sleep, lol, do you have suggestions for more energy? (I don't know how Kate has the stamina she has!)

    Goodnight all.

  73. Oops...counting down...only 2 more days to the Alaska show. Can't wait!

  74. Linda O...poor thing, you sound a bit overwhelmed! is something else that gives some pep and is very helpful for stress!

    Soluable...or sucker type...vitamin b-12! You can take 2 or 3 doses a day...don't take past 6pm or you will be jogging in bed!

    Tashapork...very good answers! Anyone else have thoughts on this?

    Ok...young gals from Brazil and Canada...I'm waiting to see your 3 top reasons why you would "die for Kate"...joking of course!!!

  75. I've really got to go to bed and I keep taking one more look...
    KateFan01...brrr, but I'm a thousand miles south of you!

  76. .. Countdown to Alaska! Baby mama please do not linger long to post here on the blog (if you can of course) ...
    I would like to have here the TLC!

  77. firedup4kate good I think you understood it was a joke, lol if you need more I'll explain:
    fan01 said to die for them and I said that I too (well I can answer for myself, I just die for my family and nothing else), the term die if it's just a form of expression that represents how much we love the Gosselin , which does not mean that we would do one day, after we have plenty of life ahead to live and love the Gosselin of course:)

  78. ok my three reasons why i would "die" for kate
    1. shes my insparation ,role model ect, because she never gives up and is determinded to do the best she can.
    2. she trys to ignore the "not so much fans" and does what she has to do to provide for her family and keep evreything togeather and move along with life for the sake of her children.
    3. shes so funny! and i love her shes just a great person and i see some of her in myself. that is why i would die for kate gosselin<3

    and what i mean by that is if anyone were to say its either you or kate i would die for her :P i dont think thats going to happen but i would if it did. and those are my reasons... TEAMKATE!!

  79. Hello everyone, I am sorry I have been MIA a bit this past week. We just finished moving and I haven't had time to post, but I have been reading here and there. I am just listening to the radio show - LOVE IT.

  80. Nope Linda it was me...I sent the cold. I wanted someone to share in my misery! LOL (I'm actually only a little ways south of Corrina). Wine sounds good. Pour me a glass will ya??


  81. Hello everyone and good evening! I am always the last one at the party as usual. Blame CraftyMom & TashaPork. One of them mentioned Taco Bell and I litterally scared the crap out of myself by trying to make a run for the border at 11:30 pm. Do you know what type pf scary people are at places like that towards midnight? But I have such an exhausting miserable week I had to go and get a chalupa.

    Kisses to everyone that loved the show. I love hearing everyones voices and Puff there is NOTHING wrong with a great Southern Twang! Would love to hear it!

  82. Fascinated~ We missed you here! How is the move going? I know you have been busy so we forgive you. I'm glad your back though. I was all fired up on the radio show. I never really get to finish what I have to say. Glad I can finish it here. Thats showbiz :)

    And to all of our new commenters welcome, and congrats SarahGrace!

  83. Katefan good I tried to defend ourselves from the''critical''to die for Kate but you is not helping lol, will be the last time I play good on the subject I think you say you love Kate I support it, most want to know if God wants me 'll never have to die for them (and neither would submit to it) because I've hill with kindness and love (so beautiful!:)

  84. I think the map got mixed up and that is why you are soo cold. We are having beautiful 78 degree weather which is unheard of in Colorado Novembers. I keep thinking it's still september. In fact it's yard sale day tomorrow, I just pray for the energy to get up early and set it all up. I emptied the shed today of all the stuff that's been collecting, I am soo glad to not have to wait for spring because I will be able to get to the christmas decorations and I can get some of the money toward the computer I hope to get on the black friday sale since mine is old. Take care everyone and keep up the goood fight. I believe that attitude directs behavior and if more people look toward the positive, more good will happen.

  85. Oh that's right..good luck with your yard sale tashapork!

    LOL. Baby Mama....never a had time to make a run for the border. Glad you made it in one piece. ;)

  86. Lol sorry , just so hard to put into words how much I support and love Kate so I says that lol I just saw the sneak peek on YouTube but not the commercial it's so funny it's on tlc's channel I would post a link but I'm on my iPod gn katefans

  87. Whoo, well we we moved a house onto a new property we bought and everything started running a month behind. We are kind of living "Green Acres" style right now but everything is slowly coming around. We had to be out of our old house yesterday and woke up in the new house today and basically sighed a big sigh of relief. I made sure our internet was hooked up so we didn't loose the outside world. I didn't care too much about the phone, heat, or water, as long as I had the internet. LOL.

    What a great interview, I cannot believe the hour flew by as I was reading these posts. As Tiggerfan identified, you can grow more love or you can grow more hate. It is so refreshing to be on a positive site that just fills one's cup. My cup runneth over, for sure.

  88. katefan01 - where is it snowing? I'm in Markham and it's just raining lightly so far. Ugh, I'm not ready for the white stuff yet. Gotta get my snow tires on still! Oh, and I'm glad you like it here. I think it's a pretty great group :)

    Shirleynoname, You captured my sentiments exactly! That is what I was trying to get at in a very disjointed way. Unfortunately, I was rushing when typing that email so I don't think it came out very articulately. Seriously though, I know I have also told my older daughter she is embarrassing me when she pulls rude stuff out in public and people are staring at us. I don't think any of these things are unusual. What is Kate supposed to do, go up to the offending child and tell her how proud she is of her? She's a parent and above all she's human. I also see her as the type that feels like her kids represent her and for her child to be aggressive to others, she probably feels a little like it refelcts poorly on her. In my opinion, all these things are normal ways to feel and react. Bottom line, it's so true that we don't all have psychologists following us around to judge our every move and thank goodness for that becuase I bet we would all be in violation of a million parent codes. lol Funny thing, I have a friend who is of the school of thought that you never say no to a child. She basically lets her son have and do anything he wants because she believes he shouldn't be stifled by being told no. Much respect to her, don't get me wrong. Everyone has a different way of doing things and different ideas of what is right or wrong but recently her son started school and he HATES it. He cries every morning and is miserable because apparently he doesn't like that they say no to him at school. Well, it's nice that his mom lets him have everything he wants, but when he is in a setting with lots of other kids, it is certainly not possible to say yes to each child's every whim and so he is now learning the definition of the word no like it or not. Anyway, I don't mean to babble but I don't think there is any specific right or wrong in parenting aside from the obvious bad parenting things like child abuse etc. It is just a shame that Kate is in the public eye and every move she makes, especially regarding her kids is on display and seems to be up for criticism by every person out there regardless of whether they have kids of their own or not, much less 8 kids!

    Ok, that is enough from me for now. I started this post this afternoon and am just getting it done after midnight. I know there is lots I'm forgetting to say but it will have to wait till tomorrow.

    Night all!

  89. Sorry, I got an error when I posted the last comment and figured I lost the whole darn thing and then I saw it had actually posted twice so I deleted the duplicate.

  90. I have to say one more thing before going to bed. Btw, Linda, I'm just like you. I keep meaning to sign off and then check my emails just one more time. lol

    So I had to say for all you southern belles, God love you!!! I love the southern twang and I adore even more the expressions you ladies come up with. I have a friend that lives in Atlanta, and she just has the best "dang" expressions I've ever heard - dang being a word she uses often! She comes out with things I never heard of but that make me just crack right up laughing. I have told her that I am going to steal some of her expressions but of course now at almost 1 in the morning, I can't remember anything. One thing I do recall though is her use of "isn't that just lovely" to express disdain. I literally lol'd at that one. She doesn't use the "hail" (hell) word so much though. Mostly she calls it hedes, as in it's hotter than hedes around here. I love her to death, she is the best and hearing southern twangs reminds me of her - and Paula Dean too. lol

    Ok, now I really sound like a fool, I'm going to bed. Night all - again!

  91. last post before bed. Here is a link to pictures from the NY storm a couple months ago.

  92. fascinated, thank you so much for the link! You know I find it so funny how less than 5 years ago I didn't even own a computer. Now I can't live without one and I'm fighting my kids for my laptop because no one wants to use old big and clunky family computer! Who knows if it was even a blessing or a But there are some pretty sweet and amazing women on this site. And we are the TRUE DIVAS! And so I would definetly do it all again if I could. Just been more smart about it....

  93. And as far as a radio voice. I in no way have one. I have a pretty loud obnoxious mouth and thats about it. But chalk it up to being a NEWYAWK-KA

  94. Good Morning all! Don't ya know I fell asleep watching tv and missed all of this wonderful conversation!

    Sorry about the cold weather Linda, my control over the weather isn't what it used to be LOL!
    It is cold here but supposed to be 50+ on Monday and we have a bike ride planned --we don't usually get to ride in November here. Thanks, CMO3 for taking that one for me. :)

    tashapork--I hope you have a very successful yard sale! I haven't decided on mine yet--but did tell hubby about my idea.

    fascinated--Love your priorities, internet first, would have done the same thing myself. :)

    Baby Mama--Thank goodness you got a computer and started this great blog!! We are all hoping it's here for a long long time.

  95. Are there ANY parents who have at one time or another NOT been embarassed by a childs inappropriate behaviour? I'd love to hear their secret!

    I've found sharing my embarrasment with a behaviour to be a good guidence technique..& it works both ways.

    It's cold here, we have had snow on & off all week. My oldest has decided she's to cool to wear anything more than a hoodie to school.

    I may have mentioned if she left for school without her coat again...I would pack up the littles girls & bring it to her dressed in PJs & sleep hair! That would be embarassing said daughter!

    Just as embarassing as a child of mine leaving the house without a coat! My reply...she wore her coat the rest of the week:)

    I'm just crossing my fingers she does not test me...going in my PJ's to the school would be embarassing for me also..but now that I've said it I'll have to do it. LOL( It would ultimately be embarassing for my own mom, who knows her teachers)

  96. Good morning all - Shoot, I knew as soon as I turned off the electronics that more great funny, interesting, whatever, stuff would be said! Oh well, I snoozed, I missed, lol.
    Whether it's New Yawk, Jersey, So'thern drawl, crisp Midwestern, Brit Canadienne, French Canadian, Mountain Rockies, Laid back Californian, Brazilian translations, and everything far flung or nearby, isn't it great that we can find commonalities to share and diversifies to celebrate!!!

    My Midwestern hubby finds speech patterns hilarious. Doing voiceovers for videos I can usually go "Midwestern" if I concentrate, but pin and pen always sound the same when I say it. He insists I wear the earpiece when recording so I can hear him give me the "correct" pronunciation and I speak it has "he" wishes. Oh well, that's a different situation, lol. (This from a man whose favorite sandwich is peanut butter, mayo, green olives, and lettuce!)

    I'm looking forward to hearing Kate's laugh tomorrow night along with the kids, whose little voices I think are such a pleasure to listen to! Yeppydoodle, I enjoy Kate's laugh; I admit it!

  97. Tashapork - with time differences, I'm betting you are up by now and getting those yard sale items on tables! Take a tip from Kate and anything that doesn't sell gets given away rather than hauled back inside. Good luck to you! ;)

  98. fascinated - So glad you are moved and we're glad you're back! ITA about the priority of Internet access. Isn't it funny how priorities shift? Grandparents were concerned about having electrical power connected before a move; parents wanted the phone, and for us, it's the Internet !

  99. hello guys,
    thanks again everyone for the congratulations
    congratulations sarah

    (Firedup4kate) my list of three reasons to be a good model kate is

    1-She is a strong woman who will no sag, afianal look at life and see who has eight children to raise, educate, and puts them on track is very dificel even separate still going strong

    2-it is sensitive (this is also good) shows his feelings, he cries when he speaks of the children felt that it is a great mother, she is translating a loving person

    3-she tries and succeeds, so far has created wonderful children, and continued so ... what impresses me is her willpower, she goes beyond even what it means to sin, it makes it clear, I am trying to do the best for them, I'll make the best and never blame me for having erred, after all it is a good mother is not?

    and if I may say fourth

    4-it is always polite and grateful (he loves his fans, do not hesitate to acknowledge several times that we love her)

    Good morning everyone

  100. momsby--Your comment reminds me of when one of my kids was misbehaving at a band concert. He was sitting in the front row next to his former band teacher who he was going to be doing a duet with on trombone and my kid was acting hyper--I wanted to do something and was fortunate enough to make eye contact with him-and gave him the eyes wide open-eyebrows up look and he froze and behaved the rest of the night. I still can see the look on his face when he saw me. LOL I can honestly say his behavior was embarrassing.

    I love Kate's laugh too and am counting down the hours until the show.

  101. Corrina, from the bottom of my heart thank you for your lovely handmade gift. I sent you a note. I am so appreciative to all of you and this came at the perfect time.

    For everyone that I cannnot reach, know that your support of this site means the world to me. If for any reason you ever feel threatened or unsafe on the web. Know that I can help. I will never allow any type of cyberbulling to happen here or to anyone associated with me. Just contact me and I will help you. I have won a huge VICTORY THIS WEEK against a hater on the web that tried to harass me. It has only made me more stronger and more empowered to help anyone that need it. CYBERBULLYING IS AGAINST THE LAW.

    Fans should be able to support whoever they want without fear of being attacked. I will fight and I will win! They have no idea who they are messing with.. ohh yeah, they do!

  102. OMG ok so what i was trying to say is hello another mom! i live like 2 hours away from markham .. have u ever heard of collingwood ontario or blue mountians, i live 10 min away from collingwood:)

  103. Good morning girls! (Good afternoon actually already here)
    who are already posting three reasons why it would die by Kate (kate fan lol), and because Kate is a good example (Debora, firedupakate) ... now my three reasons why I love and admire Kate ... (and never never die lol)

    1-Kate had to stay about two months in a bed, in which the children ... perhaps after the birth to her or the babies survive, the more she was strong and survived (thank God) ...

    2-Kate is strong as I've said before, and she just could remain married to Jon, and children watching the fights, the longer it went on and despite still love Jon (last year) she did the best by and the best for her children ...

    3-Kate is criticized all the time (which I very angry!), But in spite of everything as she has said regardless of whether the paparazzi are around or not, her mother in the first place ... and she will always live on the her life regardless of what they speak.

    Kate is not only an author, is not only a reality star, not only is a popular entertainment, she is the mother and wife above all else and even though I never die for her, I love and admire as many here!!!

  104. lol baby mama stand up for your rights!! lol AND KATE!!<3

  105. BTW here is the link to the "SNEEK PEEK" of alaska here we come !

  106. Baby Mama--Hugs to you and congratulations on your victory this week!

  107. Thank you everyone! Good afternoon! Tonight my girlfriend is taking me for a celebrator frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3! Have you ever seen the movie? It was so cute. I am so excited. I have had the hardest week and I totally deserve this:

    So my new post will not be up until later tonight. So enjoy the remainder of this post and have a great Saturday night!

  108. To the Brazil girls and our young Canadian Kate ALL gave excellent answers! I agree with you completely...and your answers show that you value important things in life that Kate has chosen to value as well.

    You are not blind followers...but you showed in your answers that you have examined Kate and have seen her good qualities!

    So for that she should be supported! Agreed...I know what you meant by "die for her" is just an expression of your loyalty!

    I think we are all strong women (young and old) who recognize that Kate has been treated unfairly by some and the media just likes to make up stories to sell their magazines! So like you, I will continue to add my voice of support for her!

    Thank you girls for putting your thinking caps on and giving some thoughtful answers!

  109. BabyMama...Glad to hear you came out victorious. Not sure how you accomplished that.

    I used to sign on with my name...but some haters got so ridiculous and threatening that I quit posting at some sites and now don't use my name.

    Isn't that a shame. I can hardly imagine what Kate goes through and her personal challenges EVERY SINGLE DAY to deal with all this nonsense.

    Just watching her kids is proof enough to me what a super job she has done of raising them...they are happy, spirited, articulate loving kids! Most credit for that has to go to Kate!

  110. Have you guys seen the still shots of the kids in Alaska from the TLC site of Kate Plus Eight?

    Beautiful, adorable pictures! They look like they had such a wonderful time together as a family!

  111. Hey everyone,

    sorry no time for my long novels tonight (now, now don't all of you protest at once ;))lol

    Baby Mama, have fun tonight. I have seen the movie! Also, congrats on winning over a cyber hater!

    Love all the talk about the different accents we all have around here. Funny thing is one of my twins has a New Yorker accent. He says "ova heeya (over here) and ova theya (over there). It's so cute!

    katefan01, yes I have heard of collingwood. Never been, but I know of it. I have been nearby though. It's such a small world.

    Anyways gotta go, running out the door. Hi to everyone and sorry for being so rushed!

    Talk tomorrow :)

  112. firedup4kate our thanks for interesting find reasons to love and admire Kate ...
    I can speak for myself and Debora, last year long before we discover this blog and others (which we love!), we were thinking (well, at least I thought) that no one else in the world taking some of the fans liked Kate because in several U.S. websites and magazines so I went where bad things only spoke of it, and I really was in doubt because the articles were very convincing, but always on Fridays at dawn when I turned on the tv and watch jon and kate plus eight ( Here Jon e Kate +8), I saw an exemplary mother, loving and hardworking that did not fit the context set by websites and magazines, was when I started forming my opinion and I promised myself that I no longer believed in anything bad that Kate described the media on, I became a big fan of Gosselin now for over a year ... and I love knowing that not only am I think good things about the Gosselin family that will despite a 4 months I can vitiate at least one of my friends who is Debora lol ... I would like to make clear that this is the best blog for fans of this lovely family who are the Gosselin, may sound corny but I'm very happy to post my thoughts here:)
    ~ Will not go over here today then a good night to you!

  113. Sorry I've been MIA most of the day. It's rare for both Baby Mama and myself to not be able to comment throughout the day, but that happens.

    Hope everybody has had a great day and will look forward to updates tomorrow.

    Baby Nana hope your day & evening were splendid.

    Hugs to all. Long day and evening and time for me to crash and sleep.

  114. Well that was just stupid that I couldn't even type Baby Mama, lol.Sorry my friend.

  115. Jacque your english is becoming so much better. Keep up the great work. I also love that you questioned what you were reading and decided for yourself as to what you believed about Kate. That is the beginning of a great critical thinker.

  116. My english is terrible in fact I know less than the basic, most everything is translated by google ... lol one more day I learn of truth, anyway thanks for the compliment ....
    At first it was hard to decide what I would choose to believe most now know that my choice was without doubt the best, thanks for the compliment seconds ...
    ~ I said I would not more, could not resist lol

  117. Good evening everyone! Had a great night for the first time in a while, had so much fun! Just started a new post because we need some fresh paper! Tonight fresh paper is the smell of my Halloween candy sitting in our bucket. The yummy scent of chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Cups & Kit Kats! Hide a few from the kids & enjoy!