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Jon Gosselin Violated Court Order By Revealing Battle Over Kids, Kate's Mom Slams Jodi

E!Online: Looks like somebody is starting to feel a wee bit guilty about putting his kids on TV.
Jon Gosselin (remember him?) must have sensed that the world was dying to know what he's been up to lately, so he took to Twitter today to share the latest and greatest…In fact, he reveals that, as recently as Wednesday, he actually tried to make it happen by going to court. However, "the judge respectfully denied my plea, and granted filming rights to their mother," Jon says. "I honor the judge's decision, but I do not support it." And then the regret really starts to kick in.

Well, they do say hindsight is 20/20. Although, in this case, that's probably an understatement.
Anyhow, Jon's tweetfest isn't sitting well with Team Kate. "The court has previously entered an order restricting the parties from commenting on the underlying custody proceedings," her lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells attorney says Jon's outburst could land him in contempt. And we shouldn't expect any similar tit-for-tat Twittering from Kate. "We will respond to it through the court, as that is the appropriate forum to deal with these issues," Momjian adds. "The court was very clear in its orders to maintain privacy for this couple and their children and the issues they are dealing with."
Except, of course, when the cameras are rolling. Jon Gosselin says he recently lost another court battle to keep his children off TLC and says some of his children are struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. In a wide-ranging and surprising message that the ex-reality TV star Twittered on Friday he revealed that he went to court on October 13, to remove his children from television."The judge respectfully denied my plea, and granted filming rights to their mother," Jon wrote. Jon settled a court case with the Discovery network last year after they sued him for breach of contract. At that time he also said he wanted his children off TV, even though just months earlier he had they enjoyed being on TV. Now Jon has let loose, claiming he can't find a job, partially blaming TLC's contract for that, and charging that some of his children are suffering emotional problems from having their lives made public.

Jon's children appear on Kate Plus 8, a series of specials that replaced Jon & Kate Plus 8.
Here is Jon's entire Tweet: "As you may or may not be aware, I have been working for some time to remove my children from television. I do not believe being on TV is beneficial to any of them. They are no longer toddlers that are oblivious to what is going on around them. They are now six and ten, in school and desperately in need of a normal life. "Each of them has experienced negative effects of having their lives so public. Some are struggling with emotional and/or behavioral issues. My goal for my children is for them to have a normal childhood, and gain back their much deserved privacy. This is not about money, this is about my children. No amount of money is worth the price my children are paying. You cannot put a price on childhood. Money comes and goes, but you only have one childhood.

"For those questions about money and support, I can say I am supporting my children to the best of my ability. All parties involved know the truth about this.  I am and have been actively seeking employment. I have been barred from accepting entertainment deals that would generate income for my family due to contractual obligations.  I am also actively looking for a job outside of the entertainment industry and so far, have not secured a position.  In the mean time, I have been focusing on spending time with my children and providing a safe, stable, normal and private environment for them! "On October 13, 2010, I went to court to act in the best interest of my children- to remove them from television. The judge respectfully denied my plea, and granted filming rights to their mother. I honor the judge’s decision, but I do not support it. I will not stop fighting to remove my children from television. It is not a child’s job to support themselves, or a lifestyle, they need to be kids. I would like to apologize to my friends, family, and especially my children for not taking a stand earlier in my life and not questioning my decisions to have our lives documented and displayed. I will have to answer to my children for the rest of my life. I will have to live with this guilt the rest of my life. I am truly sorry!

Kate's Gosselins Mom Slams Jodi Saying She's Jealous & Greedy:

Kate Gosselin’s mother rushed to her defense, defending her daughter from vicious attacks on the Internet and slamming Kate’s sister-in-law 'Aunt Jodi' [Jodi Kreider], Posting on a website that had a large number of Kate detractors (and supporters), Kate’s mom Charlene Kreider blasted Aunt Jodi and her sister Julie for their criticism of Kate. Many people questioned if the person posting the comments was indeed Kate’s mom, but has confirmed that it is. A person extremely close to Charlene told “Yes, it’s her. She posted the material and couldn’t stand to see Kate attacked any more.”

Kate’s mom jumped into a discussion about Aunt Jodie and her sister Julie attacking the reality TV star. Jodie once was on the show but was let go. She wanted to be paid for her appearances, but that didn’t happen. Jodie then began blasting the show as exploiting the Gosselin children, and she was joined by her sister Julie. Jodie “and Julie are not nice people,” Kate’s mom wrote. “Jodie just loved being on tv and milked it for all that it was worth. When she couldn’t be paid to be on the show her next move was to claim it was harmful to the kids to be on TV!” She also blasted her son, Jodie’s husband Kevin, who joined in the shut-down-the-show movement. “Since they couldn’t be on tv anymore, they tried to get the show shut down—that’s called jealousy,” she wrote.Charlene continued that Kate is a “great mom” who always puts her kids first.

"Regarding Julie and Jodie I can tell you that they would NEVER say they were wrong–I know them personally of course–Jodie being my daughter-in-law and i have been around Julie MANY times over the years. I will defend my daughter, Kate before my daughter-in-law. Jodie has been very unkind to me over the years. She and Julie ARE NOT nice people. The GWOPers think Jodie hung the moon–they are very misinformed. They have said that SHE should raise Kate’s kids because she is SO wonderful!! Jodie just LOVED being on tv and milked it for all it was worth!! When she couldn’t be paid to be on the show her next move was to claim it was harmful to the kida to be on tv!! Hmmmm..funny how it wasn’t harmful to the kids during the time SHE was on the show!! Suddenly it was harmful so she (AND my son) found another way to get in front of the camera and make money–be a child advocate!! And since they couldn’t be on tv anymore, they tried to get the show shut down–that’s called jealousy!!
OK I guess my rant is over–the whole thing still makes me very mad. Kate is a great mom–loves her kids more than anyone or anything and would do anything for them. I know this firsthand, people, so please stop tearing her down!! I am not saying this to the people on IW–I know you are on Kate’s side. I guess I am just venting! If people like Pennmommy would use all that energy for a GOOD cause, just think how much better our world would be!!! Just sayin’….. “

Jodi and Kevin Kreider were the first to reveal that Kate and Jon’s marriage was over. But they then made a few other national appearances, slamming Kate and the show and were widely criticized as hypocrites. Many of the other people on the site immediately sided with Kate’s mother, typified by this one comment: “Mom of KT, thank you for sharing some of your feeling with us. You have opened up many people’s hearts here to what has been a very difficult journey for you. We do hold all of you in our prayers, but you put your troubles in the God’s hand and he always has the right answers for all of us.”


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    Folks, we will keep working on the blog until we figure out the problem to get to a solution! Last night I thought we had it. This morning I didn't get the 503 locked out but it's slow loading. Shoot! Three steps forward and one back.

    I'm out of town most of the weekend but will keep trying to fix it at night.

  2. I support a parent's right to choose. In this case we have parents with differing views. I would be more empathetic with Jon if he were at all cognizant of the world around him and if he could tell the same tale day after day.

    First, there is no way that a family with six children, paired with older twins could ever go any where and not attract attention. Ask any parent of multiples. You don't go any where without the stares, counting, questions, and gawkers. (Go to any of the multiples blogs and this is discussed over and over.) that is the norm for multiples. It's life so deal with it.

    Second, the G's sailed along in relative obscurity until Jon's frustration with the two month book tour and his decision to openly carouse with college kids followed by the 23yrold Deanna whom he had at the family home followed by taking her skiing in Utah. I was a huge supporter of Jon until he "outed" himself with his selfish needs to put his needs above all along with his inability to control his libido and fascination with repeating 22-23 yr olds. Jon if you want to know where the negativity and downfall came, approach the nearest mirror and open your eyes!!

    Third, the kids are older. They will speak out more. Particularly since they've experienced divorce while watching their dad move to NY, Utah, DC briefly, then back to PA but only after finding another 23 yr old. Did you move back to PA for them or because your brother wanted you off his couch and you snagged another willing person for your own use? You have a long history of wanting women to support you (Kate, Hailey, Morgan, and now Ellen.) Try being an adult and standing on your own two feet. There are ministers who offer counseling for less than $20k; try one! And by the way, did you pay for LaFair with your kids' money or with savings from Ellen? You need to look inside yourself. Stop blaming everybody else

  3. I think Kate always was and is a great mom. But I tend to agree with Jon that the kids are not obilvious toddlers anymore and as they get older I can see all the publicity and fame making their lives difficult at school etc. If some of the kids are suffering I think its time to end the glory and fame and retreat to a normal life. Kate has made enough money that she should still be able to stay home with them or work part time while they are in school. I throughly enjoyed their show but I think also as they get older its not as entertaining as when they were toddlers and a big happy family.

  4. Jon didn't need to honor the legality of a contact. He doesn't feel the need to follow a judge's direct order. Does he have zero respect for all laws?

  5. Good Morning Baby Mama and LO,
    I wonder if Jon went to court without and attorney? If so, what a dufuss! LOL! The whole case should be referred to the Pycho-Diagnostic Clinic. I am sure every state has one, just a different name. As far as I'm concerned the whole family needs counciling, but its hard to find a good one. JMHO

    Things Jon could do to make him look better in the system:

    1. Get a Job, even if its only part-time.
    2. When your lease is up on that apt, get something with at least 3 bedrooms. Kids like to have a space of their own. It would make them feel that its their home too. Maybe one that allows big dogs. LOL or little ones!
    3. Keep each and every visitation with the kids and ask for more.
    4. Get yourself a councilor recommended by the court system, they like their own. Then eventually you can take the kids too!
    5. Just enjoy those kids every minute that you can.

    Good luck in whatever you do!

  6. You're right #1. That would change how I viewed him. Add stop fighting in the court of public opinion and go by the rules I would be in total agreement. I'm am now cringing because I know Kate is going to have to address this at some point.

  7. Good morning everyone! I was really upset the past few days regarding the site. What a mess. On the positive site it took mere seconds to load. But visually on my phone to look at, I just don't like it!
    At first I wasn't interested in changing the thread, and hopping on this bandwagon. But I have said with Jon many times..every time he starts looking like he's changing for the better he pulls a stunt like this. To bring up something so personal at of all places Twitter, all bets are off and I hope the lawyers get him.
    I am thrilled that the courts saw through his total BS. The kids were hardly even filmed this year. And I sadly don't even think it's about the kids. To me it's plain to see it's about MONEY. People attack Kate for wanting to continue to film, but no one sees that Jons actions are worse. Thank goodness the judge got it. Filming was never an issue before. But now that Jon has done NOTHING for a whole year, he needs to look like he's doing something about it. Vindictive and nasty!

  8. The problem I have with Jon and his now regrets (and yes I believe it had nothing to do with the kids) is in the very beginning when Jon and Kate as parents made a joint desicion that they would do a reality show about there life. He agreed and liked it for what 3-4 years? Thats a long time. If he did a season and didnt like it I would understand, but no, he did 4 seasons. That tells me he knew it was ok and that it was a good situation for them. So now that hes no longer apart of it he wants to take away from Kate what THEY as parents agreed upon. I dont think so, thats not fair to Kate. Sorry Jon, it doesnt work that way. I too am glad the judge saw through his BS.

  9. Hmmm... Part of growing up, maturation, and yes, wisdom is developing the ability to accept delayed gratification. I'm talking about getting beyond the "I gotta have it now or I'll pick up my marbles and go pay elsewhere."

    Jon reminds me a great deal of the adult temper tantrum just always ready to erupt if he doesn't get his way. If he were offered a job tomorrow on the west coast, he'd grab his bags and be on the next plane along with not even stopping to say "bye" to those presently in his life. Hailey didn't even get to keep her interview money like Jodi & Kevin. Hailey's money had to pay Jon's attorney. Jon flew to Utah to ski & took in Morgan and family (goodbye Hailey!) when Morgan's family got tired of being used, off to sponge off brother. Jon hangs out with friends, meets Ellen, and "suddenly" he remembers he has kids and needs to be in PA where Ellen just happens to live.

    Learn the words, Jon so you can sing the same song. Stop using women and stand on your own two feet. I'm hoping his next plea isn't using his Twitter followers to just send him a few bucks so he can continue his heroic legal battle. (What ever happened to his children's foundation? Were the funds there too slow coming in?) Do you have money set aside for a contempt of court fee? I'm betting you don't get to Tweet and watch movies in jail but maybe I'm wrong.

    I truly want to admire this man again! If you care about your kids, step one would be to stop exposing them to known carcinogens. You are killing them with your very selfish smoking! Step two, take that filthy cigarette money and invest it in taking care of your kids. Step three, live your life to be an example to your kids of what a real man is rather than an example of what NOT to be.

    There are many of us who want to support Jon! The free chances, fourth chances, whatever, are used up! Walk the walk! Maybe "just shut up and DO it!"

  10. Hello everyone! Today has been a busy week again in Gosselin Land! I'm sorry again that so many were not able to participate. First Kate's mom finally has enough of all the smack talk about her daughter and tell the haters & Aunt Jodi off.

    Now Jon Gosselin takes advantage of his positive image, and basically ruins any chance for him to get ANY job by attacking the judge that told him to go home. It's very clear to see that this is only after the backlash of this guy not working for a YEAR. And blaming TLC for the woes he created on himself.

    And dear SWEET Lynn. Your behind has been deleted. Your vile posts on other sites makes it clear that you are in no way there for the Gosselin children, but to get some sort of high from attacking Kate Gosselin. Your fascination & jealousy of her spews from the sceen. Thank you for reading my site though!

  11. LindaO I TA with all your posts & comments, especially about the multiples issue. We actually practice a stern look and the extended arm with palm out gesture. We usually end up laughing because of some of the stern faces the girls come up with. It is difficult for us to go in public as a family mostly due to the "older generation" and those ever present cell phones with cameras.

    While trying to catch up on all the G-news I read somewhere that someone named Eileen who is a big whig at TLC stated that Jodi was never offered a contract. If this is true what is all the hulabaloo? Another lie that Jodi & Julie put forward for their own agenda that went balistic?

    My children experienced emotional and behavior problems when they started school. All children do. They emulate those around them and test boundaries. I think they think it is their job to see how far they can push authority figures. The G-8 are doing the same thing with the addition of the stress of having a self absorbed father and his gf undermining the boundaries Kate places in effect.

    Jon has proven that filming the children it not the issue. His only issue is that he isn't being filmed and reaping the fame rewards. This filming issue is his tool for keeping himself in the spotlight and to malign Kate at the same time.

    Delighted to know that Kate has a sister & mother in her corner.

  12. Hey Puff! So glad to read your post. Good point about the behavioral changes that occur when beginning "all day" school.

  13. So Ellen's tweet....they are trying to cancel the show "for the children". Hmmm. I can't help but wonder if they are hoping that by canceling the show and therefore the contracts, that Jon, himself would be free from contractual restraints. Then he would be able to become a big Hollywood star of course. I hope that isn't their motivation.

    Also, the children are still adjusting to the divorce of their parents. It would be unusual if they were not, especially considering their respective ages. So of course, they have emotional issues right now. That is normal and understandable.

  14. Wow, finally can get on. Been absent a couple of days and look at all the mess Jon has created again.

    What a washrag this man is. He vascilates from one opinion to another to suit whatever his objectives are for his best interests. Then to court the public hate forum against Kate...he says I am doing it all for my kids!

    I assure you...IF Kate saw anything harmful to her kids regarding the filming she would halt it. She has addressed this issue so many times...and don't you think the judge would have clearly and completely looked for any evidence to support Jon's claim?

    The welfare of the children and yes...their privacy would have been a paramount issue for this judge. But big mouth, publicity seeking, sympathy hungering Jon has to fuel a public debate again ....airing the families business...thru that darn twitter account of his.

    I can bet my last dollar that Queen Ellen helped him formulate that message to best suit their objective of making Jon the sweet caring parent and Kate the villain as usual!

  15. firedup4kate--ITA--I didn't think Jon composed that message by himself either.

    I wonder how long he is locked into that TLC contract?

    Poor Kate, I can't imagine what a crazy week this has been. I'm so glad her Mother spoke up.
    It must have been very hard for her to keep all of that quiet for so long. Now I sort of know what Kate meant when she mentioned people who love her kids for the right reasons (not sure of her exact wording). I really appreciate Charlene's courage and anyone who doesn't believe her is not willing to face the facts.

  16. Surprisingly Jon is barred from accepting entertainment deals that would generate income for his family because of contractual obligations. If television is so horrible for your children why is that even an option for him? If he was so against tv shouldn’t he be modelling that you can make money other ways and show his kids those other ways. With his inability to secure work outside of the entertainment-industry is suggesting to his children that although they may not like it (his words) and it may be scarring emotionally, really, when you are older, there is nothing else.

    I think his tweet identifying that his children are acting out behaviourally is more damaging than anything. How embarrassing to share with your father your true feelings about filming only to have them spread across the world. First, I don’t believe that they shared any negative feelings about filming with him but if he is so in tune with their emotions, then he should know not to share them.

    #1CG- you hit the nail on the head with the steps Jon needs to take to move forward for his children.

  17. Thank you Fascinated - I was out today so will catch up tomorrow. CU

  18. Great point "fascinated"!..regarding Jon and his latest epiphany about being on TV!

    The kids have really appeared happy and just typical kids on the few specials we have seen. All normal kids have "issues" and "meltdowns". Certainly their unique situation of multiples all the same age poses a dilemma for Kate to provide them all with sufficient individual attention. Kate has often lamented that there "was not enough of her to go around" for all of them.

    The kids truly do seem comfortable with the TLC crew and indeed seemed so happy to have them back on a more regular basis. While we may not understand has been normal for them and something they have grown up with. For Jon to try and suddenly uproot this from their lives is selfish and cruel.

    At some point...all of them will grow out of the they get older and develop more outside friendships and activities. Kate is the responsible parent who certainly has done more than Jon in conducting herself with moral dignity and hard work.

    If Jon is worried about something bothering his kids...maybe he should look in the mirror. What will his kids think about all his multiple infidelities? What will they think about his failure to really work and provide for them? What will they think about him and his current gal pal ridiculing their mother and participating in hate blogs against their mother?

    Filming is a drop in the ocean compared to the too numerous to mention bad judgements and behavior of their father over the last two years.

  19. #1Caregiver - excellent points you raised earlier today.

  20. Good evening everyone! My head is about ot explaode with ll that is going on with the storm that Jon has kicked up!

    I think it's really starting ot bother me that Ellen has taken such an active role in "becoming the voice" for his boyfriend's children. It was one thing when she started granting interviews. That was BEYOND inapropriate. Now she's starting to Tweet again and it's really pissing me off. When do you feel that she is overstepping her boundaries?

  21. Also, the malls were very busy tonight lol. When do people really start Holiday shopping? I know people that have actually started already and I'm always the sicko running around the week of Christmas. I really want to start early ;)

  22. I agree Fired-up, if Kate thought that filming was harming the kids, she would stop. I also think that if the show falls out of favour she will have the foresight to say lets try something else.

  23. If the show was still going at the 30 episodes a year or whatever it was, that would be one thing. But they haven't filmed now for over a month and and there has only been like 5 or 6 episodes. How could the discussion of the kids being over-filmed be relevant anymore? I mean, this Alaska show November 14th was ages ago. Just can't figure why there is such a huge outcry unless people are just using it as new ammo to attack Kate.

  24. It is totally ammunition to attack Kate; particularily for people that only read the rag mags. If people do not know the full story, they are going to see Jon as the victim and there will be a huge outcry. Jon will feel supported in his right to be angry and stuck at the age of 23, when he lost his boyhood. Dating younger women, crying that he has too many kids, and an inability to aquire an appropriate job suggests that he is stuck at a developmental level a decade below where he is age wise. Unfortunately, people would rather rage against the mature one than force Jon to take responsibility for his actions.

  25. Baby Mama,
    I totally agree about Ellen. That's what I was referencing in my last comment. I think she is totally out of line.

  26. How ironic it is that Jon came out with this just after Kate's Mother made her statement? It's like he still supports Kevin and Jodi in all their false claims. I hope the court does not go easy on him and sees clearly what he and Ellen are trying to do.

    Fascinated---That exactly right--they are trying to undermine Kate and put her into a negative light.

    firedup4kate--So true--Jon is being cruel and selfish. He keeps showing his true colors. And there won't be any wise cousel from Ellen. What does he expect to gain from continually attacking the mother of his children? If it hurts her then it hurts the kids. Playing the poor me baby card is really getting old. So he thinks he missed out on his 20's--well if he keeps this behavior up, he will have wasted his 30's. If he can't get a job--he can certainly go to school. Time flies--and some day the kids will be grown up and he will still be trying to get his 20's back. Wake up already.

  27. Why are we expecting anything different from Jon other than his current defiant disregard for the law?

    The man got fired from three jobs for misusing company time despite, apparently repeated warnings. (Not following the rules.) He trashed his marriage vows by chasing a23yrold school teacher. He trashed his contract with TLC and then used Heller to try to extort additional money from TLC in violation of a contract and court order. He, in essence, spit in the face of the current judge in open defiance of a court ruling. He lied about money he'd stolen from an account and then hoodwinked another 23 yrold into ponying up the reimbursement money then dumped this avowed "love of his life" for another 23 yrold to live off her family's money. Now we expect him to be honorable?

    IMO, he's incapable of honor. I question whether he ever was. I've never bought into the rag mags but I'm beginning to think E!Online has it right when they headlined: Jon Gosselin crawls out from rock to vent at Kate again. Hmm...isn't this the same E! that Jon was using less than a year ago.?

    Why are we expecting Jon to be something he's incapable of being? Honor and respect just don't seem to be present in his personal dictionary for life.

  28. I am not an attorney. Perhaps one will speak up. I have a question.

    What exactly is Ellen's job with the PA state government? If Ellen is openly encouraging defiance of a court order, does this not conflict at all with working for an entity thats purpose is enforcing the laws of that state? Maybe folks in PA need to question her continued employment with the government. It sure seems to be stinky rotten. So what is Ellen's job?

  29. Jon's father was wealthy enough to provide a college education for Jon, although Jon didn't want it.

    Kate worked in high school to save money towards her nursing school. She wanted the education and struggled to get it.

    Do you have any idea how much money it will take to provide a college education for 8 kids? The kids get to play and get paid for it. In the process they are earning savings toward their future education. WTH is wrong with getting paid to take trips and play while at the same time helping to secure your future education?

    For sure, since Jon has never been able to hold a job, they will not be able to count or even hope for him to contribute to their education. IMO I feel such disappointment that he hoodwinked so many for so long. Shame on me for not seeing through you sooner, Jon. Did you save anything Jon? Heck no, you were blowing through it as fast as you could. Shame on you, Jon!

  30. Linda, Jon seems conflicted in so many ways. He
    should take your advice and seek counseling with a pastor. Seeing Jon for who he really is, is really disappointing. He's got to take responsibility for his actions and I don't know if that will ever happen. He sure doesn't seem to know how blessed he is to have 8 beautiful children.

  31. The more I am seeing about what Ellen has recently done...the more firedup4Kate I am becoming!!!!

    Seriously, this girl needs to have a muzzle put on her. She has so overstepped the boundaries of proper behavior in a already difficult, contentious divorce.

    Here in the south...I would have already paid her a visit and put my foot promptly on her backside. (not literally ladies) My point being that Kate has so restrained herself by not even mentioning her name publicly.

    Ellen is fully engrossed in the hate blogs...she's promoting a boycott of the show...thus undermining Kate's financial support for the kids, their college funding, and taking something away that they clearly enjoy at this point. (trips, vacation excursions, etc,)

    This girl follows suspect porn sites listed on her twitter and all kinds of reality shows. I think she is obsessed with her own hopes for fame and is using Jon and the kids as her ticket to celebrity status on the internet.

    I so hope that Kate is a step ahead of us all and that she is doing what she can to legally restrict this gal from continuing to open her yap up and hurt Kate. I would also like to see a restraining order so she could not be present during Jon's visitation with the kids.

  32. Las Vegas was nice but there's no place like home.
    I absolutely loved what Craftymom said on the other post interpreting Jons tweet. I also think that the absolute worst thing is for Ellen to get involved. She is going to so regret it in the future whether or or not the relationship lasts. I will say more later but got to eat. I have tried to post a few times but in too much of hurry and lost it

  33. What I found most interesting about Jon's tweet is that he never once says that the kids want to stop filming. I would think that if even one of the kids ever told him that they don't want to film anymore, he certainly would have said this in his tweet. This is not to say that the kids should be the final decisionmaker in whether to film or not - kids often want to do things that aren't necessarily in their best interest. It's just that in my opinion, the fact that Jon never said that the kids want to stop filming should put an end to speculation on that question. Of course, I'm sure there will be some nefarious explanation for this in haterworld, such as that Kate threatened severe punishment to any child that ever told their father they want to stop filming. Of course, the most obvious explanation, that maybe the kids actually enjoy filming, will never be accepted.

  34. Hey all, I've been very busy with appointments the last couple of days and I seem to be battling some kind of food poisoning today. YUCK!

    Anyway, I was thinking we should propose some kind of experiment to TLC. How about them offering Jon to be a part of the show again? They could make up some kind of contract where Jon will be part of Kate Plus 8 and of course anyone else that is in his life (in this case Ellen) will be a part of it too. Do you want to bet how fast he will drop the whole "trying to get my kids off tv because it's detrimental to them" angle??? I think that would prove once and for all what he's really after. Of course, once people start calling him a hypocrite, I'm sure he'll come back with something saying that he has taken this opportunity because it provides him a means to support his kids yada, yada, yada.

    I really wonder if the kids see through all of this at all. I guess they wouldn't be exposed to all the bad stuff that is written about their dad but I'm sure Mady and Cara see things and hear things. They are not so little that you can hide everything from them. Do they even like Jon, do they not ever wonder why their dad chose to live so far from them so many times? I guess Jon is pretty good about telling them not to believe all the crap that is on the tabloids and I guess Kate is not about to outwardly badmouth their dad to them out of respect for their feelings. It's really such a sad situation, one that no child should have to experience. Maybe Jon should have thought about that before making all his relationships with 20 somethings so public. I still think back to that episode back when they were announcing their separation and Jon made the comment about his kids googling him. It makes me shudder to think of all they will find when they do actually google him.

  35. I just got a 503 error.
    I really liked BabyMama's idea to emcourage viewership. Lets do it on behalf of Kate and all of the single mothers who have Jons trying to sabatog them and use the kids for their own agenda.
    I would love to see TLC give Jon a show, but I doubt that he would consent to be on it. It would be a twelve show season over a year, with specialists helping him get a job, better home, stop smoking and communicate with Kate. The supernanny might even be on it.

  36. Good evening everyone! I just had to say after reading alot of garbage elsewhere.. is that I love to see how people that attack Kate really like to put a spin on things to suit their cause. Like on camera Kate told her kids to do their "job" even though they apparently tell Jon they don't want ot be on TV anymore. HOW EXACTLY DO THEY KNOW THIS?

    Also someone called fans that watch the show "autograph pigs". Seriously I don't what grace of God is in me to go over to places that can't tell how incredible sick and vile they sound to hate someone that much they don't even know. Saying things they should be completely embarassed to be that unhinged and unstable.

    But I mostly once again blame the moderator for allowing such fiflth on her site. Phew. I'm taking a shower now to wash the fiflth off of me that for some reason I ventured to read.

  37. Ohh no Tashapork, the errors again? I completely stripped this site and took off all the big photos. I was wondering why I didn'tg see anyone today! Ok, well thanks for letting me know and keep trying to post everyone!

  38. Okay. 503 again. It's happening on a lot of blogger sites now.

    Looks like we're going to have to make more changes and perhaps the background and the layout. It was fine early am and now it's happening again.

    So sorry. I'll keep working on it.

  39. BabyMama, I completely agree about your assessment of some of these trash sites that allow such horrible, demeaning comments about Kate and even some of the kids!!

    Moderation seems to be their least concern...because lack of it promotes more posting and bashing by these illiterates who have so much time and energy to hate.

    Comments that make no sense...totally lacking any facts and stated simply for shock value seem to be the sum of many of these media tabloid type sites.

    Another tactic is to bait and tempt us sane supporters into a mud slinging, foul-mouthed debate which results in a no-win situation...because you cannot reason with idiocy and habitual liars.

    And to think Ellen and Jon are actually participating in some of this and passively encouraging the hatred. Disgusting!

  40. I had a stressful day with the kids all acting up and driving me crazy, and my mom all up in my business. I honestly like coming to my blog at night and relaxing with my cup of hot cocoa and my cheese and crackers. It makes the night good.

    What messes me up, is reading my e-mails and see all the sad hurtful crap that is spewed on the web about Kate Gosselin. For some reason she has been put on this pedestal as the mom that is not doing what is best for her children. I take it personally, and it pisses me off. I must force myself to not read it anymore :)

  41. Agreed firedup! That's why the best thing is to completely stay away from those sites. Why put one's self in the situation of reading that nonsense and getting mad enough to be tempted into retaliating with words. It only makes them happier to see how angry they make people. I can just see them sitting there snickering at having made "the sheeple" mad. Truth be told, they are not worth the time it takes to read their drivel and in fact, they are the true sheeple because Kate has such a profound effect on their lives that they feel the need to go there and talk about her all day long. It's kind of like with children, they will do anything to get attention, even if it is negative attention. When no one gives them attention or reacts to them, what motivation will they have to continue? They'd have to be really bored and useless to still sit around there hate sites all day goading people, which is exactly what they are - bored and useless! It's like the trolls that sneak in here once in a while, they say the stuff they say because they know someone is going to get pissed off and retaliate but if you just ignore them as if you didn't even see the comment, it pisses them off twice as much!

  42. I, too, take it personally...when they attack a single mom with 8 kids and a man-child ex husband making her life as miserable as he can...Kate needs our support...she needs to know we have her back!

    Kate has done nothing...I repeat...nothing deserve any of this crap! She's been a hard worker from the get-go! She darn near sacrificed her life to give those kids a healthy start in life...and continues to work tirelessly for them.

    Kate is taking all the heat...all the criticism...all the lying tabloid stories...all the paps in her face...the loss of her privacy...doing things she's not comfortable with (DWSTS)...whatever it takes to provide for her kids!!

    That's why I try to do what I can to post here...hoping we catch a few readers who may have been influenced by all the open their hearts to see what Kate is all about and what kind of people support her.

    It starts with one...then another, and another...we have to start a movement of positivity for Kate and her 8!!!!!

  43. BabyMama said Phew. I'm taking a shower now to wash the fiflth off of me that for some reason I ventured to read.
    I know exactly what you mean, I made the mistake of going over to some of those about six months ago when I didn't understand what a lot of people were talking about. It also upset me that a lot of the garbage wasn't even about Kate, but about a person who supports Kate which I really took offense to. It is part of why I am soo thankful for this bog. There is another TLC show and family that I am growing to really care about and occasionally I feel I have to go to a more and more unpleasant site because it is the only place I can find certain links to articles and interviews and such that I want. I just try not to read how they twist them around.

  44. Hate sites are just a drag. They babble their same drivvle over and over and have nothing new to say. They're just blah and boring. It used to bother me but now it's just like that mosquito buzzing about needing to be swatted. Their hateful babble is who they are. Then they say they will pray for the children. For shame.

  45. Love LOve Love your post another mom, very well said.

    ITA with ignoring, I used to read there all the time just so I am in the know of what they are talking about. Since my laptop broke down few months ago I no longer have the links and wow its so peaceful not knowing anything. Although I have never posted, I agree not reading not knowing is the best medicene. I would much rather come here and talk about postitive things cause I know that bothers them just as much.

  46. another mom, Corrina, & Katherine Denise - I agree with all of you. Good posts.

    I quit even going to those hate sites to read a good while ago. I only ventured back recently because of emails received. It used to upset me greatly to have them discuss this blog and then state they were coming over here to do a post and stir up the pot. For a long time, I tried to say you're entitled to your opinion, but this blog isn't the place for it. I've never tried to post there. Hate is a strange animal.

    One of the hate sites installed Disquis software which is designed to "help" commenters know all the screen names a person uses on Facebook, Twotter, blogs, etc. I think she wanted to catch us. We don't post there so hard to do, lol. What she did instead was "out" her posters. My IT person gave me a list of the names those people used. I'd long suspected it was a handful of crazies using multiple names and that was proved to be the case.

    I have an active life and family that only peripherally includes my being a fan of the Gosselins. While I support all blogs that are positive, I don't keep up with many because I just don't have the time. Conversely, this small group seems to never sleep; perhaps that is part of what fuels their dysfunction. It makes me want to shout, Get A Life! If you can't do that, then stay the heck away from trying to turn peaceful blogs into more of your hate zones.

  47. Yes Linda O, I totally agree that hate is such a strange animal. It fuels such passion in people, a disturbing passion. I don't understand why individuals like that don't see how sick their behaviour is. We've all said it time and again, if you can't stand someone or something that badly, then please just ignore it or don't watch the show or read the blog - whatever the case may be. However, people like that need to be able to put someone down in order to feel better about themselves. It's actually sad at how unfulfilled their lives really are that they need to spend hours on end bashing one woman and the people that are trying to give her a pat on the back!

  48. Good morning everyone..sore throat and runny nose..I felt like I just went through this. I guess this is what you get for walking around in a thin jacket and not a coat. It's cold today!

    I'm going to move forward like Kate and no longer read all the horrible mean sites that spew negative crap anymore. Shaking people and/or moderators is not possible but in my dreams ;)

    What pisses me off is the comments about what was filmed in the past. The kids in their normal routine of getting dressed is now become inappropriate. The episode of Kate having to deal with potty training her kids, the one that moms praised for helping them get over the hump, is now offensive. I loved and praised these episodes. It was all about going through their life and EVERYONE with kids has to go through it. But because they are getting paid and getting FREEBIES, Kate should be ashamed!

    People if I could have had that opportunity I wouldn't have done one thing different. Including the fact that would be ignoring jealous hate blogs while I packed for my trip to Hawaii. I'm truly sad that the marriage didn't work, but so happy to be able to watch these episodes on DVD and wonder what the fuss was all about.

    Off to work...that bright star known as my old career is fading away. I still have hope for a bright happy future!

  49. Opps, I wanted to add that I feel women who are confident & strong within themselves represent Kate fans. I have an amazing wonderful husband and great kids. I am not bitter, I am not attacking anyone that has more that me (which is many). I just would love to see the REAL reasons why these women go to blogs and attack someone for having more and being sucessful. And most importantly supporting her kids!

  50. I support your decision Baby Mama in not reading and responding to the hate sites. This reminds me of a situation I went through. I had dated a guy for just over one year and after we broke up my friends were always providing me updates as to what he was doing, saying, dating. I wasn't interested in him anymore and really didn't care to hear any of it. I didn't know how to respond, and another friend of my suggested that I just ask them to stop updating me. Once they stopped, I didn't know what he was up to and felt free to move forward in my own life. I think my friends were just trying to support me by making me aware but really, they were hindering me from moving forward.

    If you are truly not going to go to the hate sites anymore than people should also stop emailing you as to what is being said. Ignoring the sites is the best line of defence. You support Kate here and people will know that. They will be drawn to your site as opposed to you being pulled into the hate over there. I like the new focus of your site and enjoy the true mature discussion that goes on here. You should be proud of what you created. Others are proud too and some are jealous. : )

  51. What a lot of people fail to understand is what the haters are truely attacking whether they realize it or not. They arenn't attacking Kate, or kids on reality tv, but instead are against the rights of parents to make decisions in the best intersts of their children within the framework of the law. If this is the way people want it, next will come parent's rights to chose schools or homeschooling for their kids. I really don't think people would like being forced to send their kids to the neigbhorhood public school with no other option. That doesn't mean public schools are good or bad, just that parents make better decisions for individual children than one blanket rule would make. Kate has clearly shown that she is taking their needs into consideration when making filming decisions. Next would come parents decision making in health, mental health, activities, and child care. This country would be a pretty bad place if the haters got what they are after.

  52. Some days are just harder for all of us than others, sigh.

    Just over 50% of all marriages end for whatever reason. When there are multiples, the failure rate of marriages jumps to 64%. When there are higher order multiples, or more than one set of multiples, it jumps to 75%.

    If you marry younger than age 26, the marriage failure rate is about 62%, regardless of other factors.

    The higher the income, and the higher the education level, the lower the divorce rate.
    Marriage is hard work to succeed, and requires constant compromise and communication, similar values, and similar goals.

    Even after 15 years, working together, and a lot of sharing, I couldn't say my own marriage will last forever. I can work hard, share, and pray, but there are no guarantees in life. It is just doing the best you can every day.

    Sigh...some days are just harder than others.

  53. I agree Tashapork. There is a big difference between individual choice and governmental control.

    I could see if the haters quoted examples where the children were being negatively affected by filming, but commenting on kate's voice, clothes, and boobs, does not support their claims to get the kids off the air. Their behaviour is truly sad.

  54. Tashapork & fascinated - I agree! What does Kate's voice, shoes, clothes, or looks have to do at all with any negative impact of filming?

  55. I love it. The mom on the Roloff's (from the show Little People) is becoming a career woman and the family is having to adjust to her schedule. She came home from guest speaking away from home, to a very messy kitchen and everyone was just laying around not doing anything. I could totally empathize with her. She was exhausted and then had to come home to a mess. I felt like calling her and saying I feel your pain. LOL.

  56. Hugs Linda. Hopefully tomorrow or the day after will be better. The one thing that watching the Gosselins taught me is that life is precious, what you have today, you can never tell about tomorrow other than that it is best to try to make lemonade out of the lemons.
    Fascinated, I really think Amy finds herself in the boat that a lot of moms are in. As their kids are growing older, they don't seem to be learning any independence and life skills and the Dad doesnt' seem to be helping.

  57. Thanks tashapork. Today will, indeed be a great day because I will work actively to make it a great one! :)

    I want to go on the record. I enjoy getting emails about recipes, kids, etc. I do not enjoy getting hate emails from jerks telling me I'm stupid, etc. My views are my own and I'm entitled to them. For the haters, you are entitled to your views but you are not entitled to spam my inbox with your hate. Feel free to email your fellow haters but stay the heck away from me! Thank you and have a great day! I certainly intend to have an extraordinary one!

  58. Totally off topic - For those interested in Black Friday shopping, there is a website that posts the ads before the date so you can decide where to shop. It's

    You can even subscribe and get the updates via email so you don't have to remember to go back to the site to check. Enjoy.

  59. Thanks Linda for the great info! Hello and Good morning Gosselin fans! Buy things have been oddly quiet after that whole Jon mess. I don't want to think that Jon has been banished to his apt. for the next few months due to his dribble of the mouth!

    I worked and once again got sick as a dog. After Dancing With the Stars last night I was out. I never go to bed with the kids unless I'm really sick. Even Hoaders could keep me awake or give me the urge to sleep!

  60. I forgot to also add, Nina is doing a special show on her radio this morning at 11AM if you would like ot talk about the season finale of "Sister Wives". I never watched that show once and I still would have alot to talk about. So click on her radio show on my sidebar and call in!

    So the last time we say Kate was last Thursday when she drove a full hour to Whole Foods in a beautiful yellow jacket. How do we know this? Why Chris Watts has no other job nor life than to follow the Gosselins. So why do you think they have been so MIA latey?

  61. I think part of the MIA has to do with Kate honroing the judge's order. I also think maybe she is working on twist of Kate.

  62. Good morning to you BabyMama! When you see absolutely nothing of's usually an indication that she is working somewhere.

    When you don't hear from Jon or's because they are planning their next assualt....or hopefully, Kate's legal team put a dual muzzle on those two.

    Some new entries at Kate's blog...just so insulting! I still can't understand why they don't moderate it better. They even attacked you, BabyMama again!

    So I think we just all need to go and put another round of some positives on there for Kate.

    By the way, I noticed that SG has a twitter account fully dedicated to Jon and Ellen. I'd say 80% of her tweets are to them or about them...a real love-fest there. So that explains to me now why there was no middle ground or reasoning with her to see Kate in a positive light.

  63. Hey everyone, just speaking of twitter, I noticed that I'm not getting Jon's updates anymore and when I click on the thing that says "follow", it says this person's tweets are protected and you need to send a request. So I hit the send request button, and it says I have been blocked from this account at the user's request. WTH? I have never even tweeted the guy once. I follow him because I want to see what's up with him and stay up to date on what's going on on his end but seriously, how insulting. Why would he block me when I have never even tweeted a word to him?

    On another note, Baby Mama, I'm sorry you are sick again! Hope it will pass soon.

    Linda O, I hope today has been a fantastic day for you and sorry you were down yesterday.

  64. AnotherMom~ Holy smoke! How the heck did he get any info on you? I can only think that he looked at who you follow. If he did that was all shades of freaky creepy. But then again, the man hasn't worked in a YEAR, blaming TLC.

    So I guess he has plenty of time to read here and on Twitter. Ohh that may even be the reason I was having problems with INF in the dirst place.. who knows. Either way, them man has WAY WAY to much time on his hands to be blocking people. Meanwhile he doesn't realize I still read everything anyway.. ;)

  65. Holy smoke! You would think after embarassing himself and acting like a tool he would keep his family business to himself! He's talking again on Twitter: (yes Jon I STILL get your Tweets, keep trying to block me though...)

    On Tuesday 19th October 2010, @jongosselin1 said:

    Due to the overwhelming amount of questions, statements, false statements in the media, I would like to clarify a few things.
    First and foremost, for people who did not watch Jon & Kate Plus 8, I stated years ago, and on television, that I no longer wanted to film and wanted my privacy back. This is not a decision I made lightly or without weighing all the factors involved. The negative effects on my family was my greatest concern and far outweigh any monetary gain we received. Today, my children are much older than when we first started. They are acutely aware their life is markedly different from their peers. They are six, and ten, and have to deal with the paparazzi! They can’t visit a public place without a crowd gathering to stare or people snapping pictures with cell phones.

    Whether the children want to film or not is completely irrelevant. Children rely on the guidance of the adults in their life to ensure their best interest. Left to their own most children would not eat properly, visit the dentist, or complete their homework. Do you think a child would choose a day on the beach instead of attending school? Of course. Is this the best thing for them? Is it the child’s decision to make? Of course not.

    I am acutely aware of the mistakes I made in 2009 and I am ashamed of the choices I made. I have apologized to Kate, my family, and to my friends. Through counseling I have learned to own my actions. My goal is to move forward in a positive direction.

    Lastly, my children have experienced a lot of life changes in a short period of time; new home, new school, parents divorced, increased media attention, and much more. Obviously it would be short-sighted to declare that all of their current struggles are attributed to one factor. These multiple changes are exactly why I feel they need privacy, stability, and security. Filming and displaying their private lives at this time is not in their best interest.

  66. another mom - I wouldn't worry about it, lol, welcome to the club! After Ellen did the IW interview and started her blog, anybody who posted on a proKate blog got blocked. Same if you followed anybody proKate at Twitter. I really don't care. Despite my frustration with Jon, my previous history on Twitter was in trying to locate a job for Jon using former advertising contacts in Manhattan.

    He had tried with a weight reduction plan and was rejected. Through a phone call with a former agency contact I found out that one of the physique building equipment manufacturers was looking for somebody visible willing to use their equipment to get in shape and then get paid to appear in print ads, etc. I thought that would be great for Jon, a real opportunity. I found out then I'd been blocked.

    I did send the contact info on to his agent but never heard a word so don't know if he followed up or used it as one more excuse to sit on the sofa. My advertising pal said they never heard from him. His loss; somebody else's gain. Oh well.

  67. Oh, they did say that they'd accept a smoker but you had to sign a contract agreeing to stop. Maybe that was the deal breaker. I really don't know.

  68. That's why I don't get Jon's tweets anymore, not that I really care about the BS that he has to spew anyway.
    I am sooo happy right now, our oven is fixed after one month, we can actually make baked food again, yummy green chile caserole, scalloped potatoes, yum yum yum yum.

  69. I think that basically Jon found a way to use his Twitter not only to make pennies on the web, but also to alert the media of his business that no one should be prevy to.

    I pray that at this point he's digging himself into a deep hole that will help the lawyers muzzle that big mouth of his.

    tashaprok~ so glad your ovens fixed. Can you make me something? It's looking like a take-out night ;)

  70. tashapork - hurrah for you! I know that was really frustrating!

  71. Hello to everyone. Have not posted for a while as all the crap was pissing me off too much.

    Jon once again proves he is a liar. I guess he forgets the kids returned to TV this year because he signed a contract. When he stopped the filming last year it was because TLC would not release him from his exclusive contract, not because he was worried about the kids privacy. I guess he forgets we can still read the TLC court documents on line. There is also video of him saying that filiming does not hurt them. Funny, it only starting to hurt them when TLC annouced he would no longer be a part of the show because he was not showing up for filming.

    IMO, he and Ellen have released more private details about the kids via twitter than any of the specials did.

    Jon also proves he is not very bright. On ROL it states "Although a court order is in place preventing Jon to speak publicly, the father of eight feels Twitter is not a violation. “Jon told me, ‘I don’t feel Tweeting violates my legal agreement,’” a close friend of Jon’s told exclusively.
    “He said, This is the best way I can reach people without publicly speaking.” Reaching people no matter how you do it is violating the court order.

    I also think the judge should shut Ellen up. She has no right to ask people to boycott the show. She needs to be told that she will never have a say in the decisions made for the kids. That will always be between Kate & Jon and a judge when they can't agree.

    There is no way Jon composed that release. I wonder if he will ever grow up and make decisions on his own and stop listening to everyone else!

  72. Geez Louise is the man just ignorant? When a judge says "Do Not Discuss This," that is exactly what it means!!!

    It does not mean, "Well I don't like this part so I feel free to discuss it."

    The guy has nothing but contempt for the law, his former wife, legal contracts, and his children. Somebody needs to acquaint him with a dictionary. Can anybody be that just plain ignorant? Jon isn't that stupid IMO so what's left is contempt.

    You don't get to just do whatever the heck you want to do UNLESS you are willing to pay the consequences. The consequences Jon inflicted on his children are awful; his total lack of regard for his children left them open to the media, without his presence for almost six months, and with much less money because he squandered it having a good time only for himself.

    Oh, but he said he was sorry so he feels entitled to wipe the slate clean again? What a schmuck!!!

    He wonders why he can't get a job? Who the heck wants to take a risk on fishy, flip flop behavior and refusing to follow the law? He will continue to do whatever feels good at the time and then whine about poor me. When will a judge haul his butt before the bench and question his out right contempt? Keep your zipper zipped Jon, on both your pants, your mouth, and your texting fingers!

  73. Okay, in response to Jon’s tweet.

    First, someone obviously helped him write it. Terms like acutely and markedly are not lay terms. Second, is he naive to think that if the children stop being filmed, then the paparazzi will disappear? If they stop filming the paparazzi will actually increase for a while because there will be no medium for the public to see the kids. The paps will then die down but never disappear,especially if Jon keeps calling them. I believe this situation exemplifies the – you can’t take it back – remark. Third, I don’t recall Jon saying that he wanted to stop filming years ago, unless the moment you go one day over a year it becomes years. Maybe it is just semantics but when you are saying that this isn’t just a new decision, your behaviour is evaluated to support this statement. His behaviour hasn’t supported this statement for more than a passing moment when he is negotiating his contract with TLC. Unless you also count the illiterate note posted to the fence last year.

  74. I think that Jon did want to stop filming two years ago. I think he wanted his family out of the spotlight. However, I think that he hasn’t been forth coming as to why he wanted to stop filming and to leave the spotlight. I think HE wanted people to stop judging him and he is now using the kids as the reason. I think he has been hiding behind his kids for his own gain.

    Initially, I supported the idea that they should have stopped filming when things began falling apart. But I thought that because I believed that Jon wanted to fix the relationship. I didn’t understand why Kate didn’t stop the world to work on her marriage. I now realize, that possibly Kate knew way more than we will ever know and stopping filming would not have changed anything.

  75. For those who aren't Southern, the expression Geez Louise is considered an expression on disgust.

  76. Wow GeeWhiz and LindaO I agree – Jon’s statement about thinking that twitter is not a public forum displays the maturing level of a teenager. I would expect this response from teenagers that have an omnipotent world view, not a thirty-something, adult-father. One who thinks that if they post something it is not public because they don’t think it is, is the same as a child who hides his eyes and thinks that you cannot see them, because they cannot see you.

    Okay, I think I am done venting, I will go back into reading quietly… : )

  77. fascinated said...
    Initially, I supported the idea that they should have stopped filming when things began falling apart. But I thought that because I believed that Jon wanted to fix the relationship. I didn’t understand why Kate didn’t stop the world to work on her marriage. I now realize, that possibly Kate knew way more than we will ever know and stopping filming would not have changed anything.

    I think you have a very good point here. The only thing that would have happened if Kate would have agreed to stop would have been her being without an income and Jon doing the partying with the girls just like he wanted to and did anyways. I believe exactly what you said. He wanted to go relive his 20s like he said he never had and go drink, do drugs and hang with younger girls like we have seen the last year or so. He just wanted to hide it, thus the no filming. Kate was smarter and saw right through him or knew this was already going on or knew this was what he was wanting.

  78. fascinated and Gee Whiz - ITA!
    Okay, Ellen, what a childish act.

    I sat down on a break today and wrote every one of the Kate+8 sponsors thanking them for their support. I also included scans of receipts where I've bought their products.
    How stupid to think that stopping filming is going to make paparazzi disappear. They stopped filming for six months but the paparazzi didn't stop (Duh Jon, aren't you getting paid enough from them?)
    The paparazzi might go away if Jon stopped doing outrageous acts, lost his cell phone, zipped his lips and pants, and stopped encouraging the rag mag posts. Oh, but then you'd have to quit having man sized tantrums, wouldn't you, Jon?

  79. Jon - the kindest thing you can do for your kids is to stop killing them! The whole world knows that smoking is a killer and yet you force them to breathe that killing smoke every time you are with them! Get up, walk over to the nearest trash can, and throw away those cancer sticks! If you really cared, you'd do it! No excuses, just do it!

  80. Well, did I not post earlier today that Jon and Ellen were probably planning their next assualt?

    True to form...Jon acts like a complete Jackass! Why would any fool deduce that posting on twitter and then contacting ROL would not violate a court order to keep matters private and confidential??????

    And I fully agree, ladies, no way dufuss Jon wrote this latest tweet. A great communicator...Jon is not!

    Problem is...everything in this tweet is so inconsistent with the reality of Jon's previous words and actions about filming.

    This is strictly a poor PR attempt to garner public sympathy for Jon as the caring parent who wants to stop the filming....and of course, make Kate out as the mean mommy making them film.

    Poor Kate...there's never any rest for her. Each week brings new stress because of Jon and Ellen.

    So if Jon and Ellen sabotage the filming...who will and how will the family be supported?

  81. Jon said..
    These multiple changes are exactly why I feel they need privacy, stability, and security. Filming and displaying their private lives at this time is not in their best interest.

    This is the most idiototic statements I have ever read. Privacy?? Then STOP announcing private matters on a "puplic" forum. Stability?? Again get a job and SHUT UP!! Security?? Stop annoucing to the world what is going on in their private lives. Seriously can he be anymore moronic?? Begging for a private life for his children while announcing private matters is just GAHHH. Matters that he was court ordered to shut up about. AHHH Wake UPP!!!

    For him to say he doesnt think twitter is puplic speaking is just really beyond laughable.

  82. Way to go Linda O!!!! I like your idea of contacting the sponsors! And everything you said is right on. Bless you, my fellow southern belle, for such forthright and insightful thoughts!

  83. When is Kate show coming back,. I support Kate 100%, she's the one raising those kids not Jon, so she has the right to keep her kids on TV, that's the only way she can support them,. How are you supporting Jon?. Leave Kate alone. We love you Kate and please come back to TV. I am one of your biggest fan.

  84. Baby Mama - Hope you are feeling better! Get well quickly!

  85. Yeah, I'm a bit of a freak for being offended at being blocked by Jon but I guess I've never done anything to anyone to make them want to shun me before so it was kind of weird. lol Funny thing is that I don't use "another mom" on twitter so I wouldn't know how he'd figure it out unless he saw that I follow Baby Mama. Probably seeing that was enough to block me even though I've never said a word to him.

    Lol Baby Mama about still getting his tweets. Like it's so hard to make up a new account if one wanted to. Anyway, I just followed him because I want to know what he's going to say or do next so it's not the end of my world to be blocked by him.

    Linda O, I think it's really admirable of you to have tried to get job contacts lined up for him. I can't believe you got blocked after that. He probably thought you were having a laugh at him by hooking him up with a weight loss deal.

    As for the whole thing he tweeted, I agree with all that said it was not written by him. I also think Fascinated made a great point by saying that while he did express dissatisfaction with continuing the show at the end of season 4 (if that is what he is referring to by 'years ago') his intentions were likely not as pure as he claims. He probably wanted to do the whole bar hopping with university kids thing without cameras in his face and figured getting off the television would allow him to do that freely. Guess things didn't work out the way he planned. I just think all of this is a little too little too late. He should have thought of his kids being hurt before all this came to pass. I know he says he apologised to everyone but saying sorry doesn't take back all the hurt he did impose. Nice try though! :-/

  86. another mom - the reason I tried to pass along the fitness equipment deal was because he'd already tried on his own to be a weight loss spokesperson for one of the food deals, Nutrisystem (?) I think but they turned him down.

    Saying you are sorry is nice to hear unless it is followed by continuing to do the same junk. Then it becomes not much more than a convenient excuse.

  87. LoriAnne~ I haven't seen you in a while. I was a bit surprised by your post and sad I had to remove it. You have been coming to this site for a long time, so I have no idea why you would feel that our opinions shouldn't be printed. Every once in a while we feel strongly about something that we need to post regarding Jon. It doesn't mean that you can't express how you feel or that you need to agree. It would have been better that you expressed your thought rather than comment on the people that posted here. I don't know if you left because Schmecky was no longer posting, but you were missed. Sorry to see you coming on like that.

  88. Welcome Kate! Kate Plus 8 will be coming back November 14th before the premiere of Sarah Palin's "Alaska". We all can't wait.

    KatherineDenise~ I'm with you! I thought it took serious balls to comment on privacy, then ONCE AGAIN not learn his lesson by getting on Twitter to air his dirty laundry. I think maybe the TLC paychecks may be dwindling, but ot me there was simply no excuse to not to a darn thing but cause trouble for his family for the entire year. He couldn't find anything to at all to keep him busy and even happy outside of his girlfriends? Just really sad to me.

  89. Ok for some reason I got unsubscribed from here! I missed everything...I hate that! I need to go to sleep so I will read more tomorrow. I can not believe Jon hit twitter again and is commenting about his kids AGAIN!!! Ugh.

  90. CMo3 - I'll keep working and checking. Who knew that trying to fix blog error would be a part of my daily life, lol.

  91. I'd like to comment on something I keep reading at Twitter and elsewhere.

    The Jon fans keep commenting that Kate fans accepted her apology and feel that she has grown but are unwilling to accept Jon's apology.

    IMO Kate is not perfect. I believe she is trying her best. Yes, I heard her apologize for her comments to Jon. I have not heard her repeat the mistakes.

    I sincerely wanted to believe Jon also. I accepted his apology after the bar crawling on the show when he said he made poor choices that hurt his family. But then he repeated it. Another apology. Then the string of young women (Deanna, Hailey, Stephanie, Kate2). The next apologies were less believable but I wanted to believe him and that he needed to be in NY for his career. He stated Hailey was the love of his life, he despised Kate, etc. But then when he cheated on Hailey, IMO a pattern of his behavior began to be exposed.

    He leaves Hailey for a weekend of skiing (choosing not to see his kids on that holiday), meets Morgan, returns home, repacks and moves to Utah. Did he also need to be in Utah for his career? That goes bust so he moves to DC area to live with his brother. Few weeks later he meets Ellen and NOW he needs to be in PA near his kids. Even then, I wanted to believe he'd seen the light and was making a change. Then we have the next events. Sorry folks. IMO he's now moved beyond the fifth chance.

    People make mistakes all the time and should be given a chance. At some point though, those around them need to stop being enablers of poor behavior and expect the person to walk the walk, living it, and NOT just pay lip service to words instead of deeds.

  92. Hailey responded to Jons Twitter rant on Radaronline, although I am not sure why she wants to keep tying her name to his, although he does still own her $200,000. I do agree with something she said.

    "I hope you get help and the only person hurting your children is you Jon."

  93. A suggestion to Jon.
    Get out there and become a volunteer! You want to change your life and perceptions of you? Try giving to others! It will change your attitude as well as attitudes and perceptions of you.

    Demonstrate to yourself that you can be responsible, follow the rules, show up on time, that you freaking really care about somebody other than yourself. I'm betting it will change your outlook and your life!

    Not in to helping others? Then why not try to better yourself in other ways. Take some college courses, audit them if you don't want the rigors of studying. Hey, a secondary benefit would be more interaction with other people.

    At least do something for your kids. They love you and you are daily, weekly, monthly, killing them with your addictions. If you can't quit smoking for good, at least vow to NEVER ever smoke again in their presence. Give it up for at least the time you are with them. The world knows this action kills not just the smoker but has deadly consequences from second hand exposure. If you truly love your kids, show them that you are willing to put their health first and foremost.

    Or, just sit on your sofa, tweeting, texting, gaming, and puffing your cigarettes. Blame others or get busy changing your life for the better.

  94. LindaO said...
    IMO Kate is not perfect. I believe she is trying her best. Yes, I heard her apologize for her comments to Jon. I have not heard her repeat the mistakes.

    Thats exactly the difference. Well said. The repeated I am sorrys, then comes the repeated behaviour. Then the sorrys go down the drain. Its a very unhealthy pattern. I am just sad for all that this does to the kids. I dont care if they are in the media or not. I have friends who are divorced. When you do what Jon has done it effects the children, bringing all these women in and out of their lives, living here and there. If only we could breathe a sigh of relief that we could believe this would be the final one (move and woman) but I have a feeling thats not the case.

  95. The difference between kate' apology and Jon's apologies is that Kate identified what she did wrong, when, and how she should have done it differently. Jon continues to say, I'm sorry, I've made mistakes, I regret them. He doesn't say what he did wrong nor does he say what he is going to do differently.

    This is also true of the issue around the kids filming. He hasn't articulated how he plans to correct his wrong. He just continues to say I am sorry. Many people disagreed with Schmuley; however, he did clearly lay out what Jon was supposed to do. Jon, as far as I can see isn't doing anything he said.

    I find it ironic that people jump on every word Kate says, but Jon can be glib and vague and he is not held to the same standard as Kate.

  96. Very good choice of words Linda O, the reason why people never cut Jon some slack is because he keeps crying wolf. That is why I stopped defending him and giving him the benefit of the doubt about 3 apologies ago. His words have no meaning anymore. I have great experience with this. My 11 year old is a lot like this. She may mean well and when she does apologize for her actions ( for 11 year old stuff of course) she really does mean it but 5 minutes later when we have another conflict, all that goes out the window and she can't see beyond her own need to get what she wants at that moment. Of course I've come to the point where her apologies mean nothing to me and I'm like a broken record telling her "actions speak louder than words". Sounds so much like Jon!

    Hmmm, all this brings me to one conclusion, I guess Jon is just a petulant 11 year old at heart. Should we dare to hope that he'll grow out of it too? Better late than never I guess.

  97. Good morning eveyone.. lol I feel miserable today. I get sick alot because I run around like a mad woman trying to get stuff done. Someday I will learn that I always get sick around this time, and that I need to prepare and take it easy. I have a Troop meeting today, and I'm thinking abut nut orders. Crazy....

    Speaking of "nuts" here's the thing. I would be alot more upset than Hailey is now if I lent a boyfriend $200,000! She knows where he is, why not sue him? To me thats nuts. I give her credit for keeping calm, esp if my ex tried to frame me for a break-in to collect insurance money! We can't forget, if only half of her allegations are true, Jon is lucky he is not in jail right now.

    Hailey once said something to the effect that he may not be working because his wage would be garnished if he owed that money. So besides laziness this may actually be another reason why he hasn't worked in a year. However how long do you plan on not working? He's a bit young to retire, no?

  98. Baby Mama said,

    "Hailey once said something to the effect that he may not be working because his wage would be garnished if he owed that money. So besides laziness this may actually be another reason why he hasn't worked in a year. However how long do you plan on not working? He's a bit young to retire, no?"


    Very good point Baby Mama! I certainly wouldn't put it past him to do that. I wonder if he thinks that if enough time goes by, then Hailey will just forget about it. Who knows what goes on in his head but anything is possible.

  99. BabyMama - I'm concerned about you getting sick so much! You're too young to be getting these issues so regularly!

    Please add some Vit. D3...find a reputable brand...and take it daily. At least 5,000 IU.

    On this matter with least this young girl has reconstructed her life post Jon. She has a reputable PR job...supporting herself and she seems to have calmed down with her wild lifestyle previously.

    I would like for you BabyMama since you do have access to her on Twitter to thank her for speaking up! It takes courage to do that since she knows the haters will have a field day insulting her on ROL.

    She certainly knows Jon from personal experience and she has pegged him as a habitual liar. It's what we have all witnessed with him in just his public rants. Imagine living with him and how he must do it daily?

    From her advice, it seems she would do better than his present "life coach"...who Hailey says has been snookered by Jon as well!

    And yes...if Jon is truly sorry about all he 2009...he owes Hailey an apology and a $200,000.00 check!!

  100. I have to say what lost Hailey's credibility for me was the pictures and comments about Jon's manparts. It made me sick and I stopped following Hailey.The kids could have access to this someday. I also wish she would take Jon's tail to court. She does seem to be maturing and growing from the experience which is great and I do wish the best for her. She has a lot of life ahead of her. I also really empathize with her parents.
    I saw an interview of Kate Santaro on ROL today and she looks terrible compared to when she first started out with Jon. I hope she is okay and not on drugs. It is just something about her eyes, hopefully just the stress. I do wonder if garnishment keeps Jon from seeking employment. they would even garnish for child support. I wonder if Jon wants to get the kids off TLC so he can pursue a tell all book or movie to trash tlc.
    One contradiction I noticed is in his tweet, he mentioned saying on J&K+8 he said he wanted off the show, and that's when he knew it wasn't good for his kids, but that is not what haappened. At the end of Season 4,late february or March 2008 he said he wasn't sure if he wanted to continue because he couldn't unwind in a bar (not his exact words) without everyone knowing who he was. Kate said it was too late to go back (not her exact words) and she wanted to make the best of opportunities offered. Then after that in July he had that long interview in the car about how postitive filming was for the kids. After that, right around labor day, in whichever interview he said he despised Kate, he also said that the kids were playing while filming, not working and that it was good for them. The change of heart did not occur until October when he had that new sleazebag lawyer ( I can't believe I forgot his name) and TLC changed the show to Kate Plus Eight without letting him out of his contract. What he originally seemed to want during the summer of 2008 was for the kids to do the TLC show as long as a divorced dads show or something benefitiing him.

  101. Ok let's see if this works! LOL

    It comes down to the fact that every time there is a lull in Gosselin News Jon starts tweeting. That's what shows me he could give a crap about his family staying out of the spotlight. None of us would even know what had happened at court if he hadn't have tweeted about it.

    The ONLY time we really know what's going on with Kate is when she is filming or doing press work for a show or what not.

  102. Tashapork - I was less than thrilled about those remarks of Hailey's.

  103. Hi BabyMama, I regret posting in anger last night. I haven't been lurking in awhile b/c sometimes I can't get on this site. My computer opens it up then promptly closes it again. I didn't know Schmecky wasn't posting. I got on last night after several days and it seemed like all the comments were negative. That's not what I come here for. Anyhoo, sorry about my harsh remarks, you do run an awesome blog :)

  104. Lori Anne - Thanks for your comments tonight. I'm sorry about problems logging on. We're trying to get a solution.

    I'm pretty frustrated with Jon right now as are many others. But, please know this. In my heart, I want him to learn to respect himself, and get his head together. I realize know that the real Jon was not probably the person he appeared to be.

    I think everybody here was, at one time, supporters of both Jon and Kate. I'd like to be a supporter/fan of his again.

    Many of us, yes me, have said things in anger or hurt. We're not perfect. IMO, it takes a mature person to return and say what you did. Thank you.

  105. Tashaport -- I agree with alot of your comments. However, I believe it was around February/March of 2009, not 2008, when Jon said in the interview that he wasn't sure he wanted to continue filming. Therefore, if this interview is what Jon was referring to when he allegedly said "years ago" that he wanted off tv, this was not exactly "years ago" but more like about 18 months ago. Also, I believe he never said anything in that interview about it being bad for the kids, but just that he didn't have any privacy anymore. I also believe it was very shortly after this that he gave the paparazzi iterview where he said the filming was not doing any harm to the kids.

  106. Yeah he never actually said he didn't want to film anymore, at least on the show. He said that he didn't like the lack of privacy in the bar. I won't watch that episode anymore because I feel so bad for Kate because she looks at him like she feels bad for him. Little did she know, huh?

  107. Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!

    I a tooting my own horn ladies!!

  108. Happy Birthdat Tiggerfan! Hope it was fantastic!

  109. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!Tiggerfan! Hope it was a great one.

  110. Happy B-day tiggerfan! I have a son turning 10 on Oct 29th. It's a great month to have a birthday! Thanks Linda O for the kind words in the face of my meltdown. I'll try to keep an open mind in future. We all have our own perspective on things.

  111. Hailey is entitled to act the way she did when she was with Jon. She was a young adult trying to find her way. She has now obviously matured and her behaviour supports her growth. Some that may have disliked Hailey initially are now finding an ability to defend and support her.

    Behaviour says a lot more than words. I think this is why so many struggle with trusting or supporting Jon. I know the me that was 23 – 28 is way different than the me now.

  112. Happy Birthday Tiggerfan. I love birthdays.

    Glad you are back Lori Anne,

    I should apologize for my negativity towards Jon. I too get frustrated with what is going on. I am glad we have this site to post it out.

  113. Happy B-day Tiggerfan! It is a great month for birthdays, my son just turned 13 on the 6th! Wow, I am now the mother of a teenager. I'm so scared!

    Hope you're feeling better Baby Mama. Take care and thanks.

  114. Happy, Happy Birthday Tiggerfan! Hope you had a wonderful day! My daughter just turned 11 on October 15th and yes, it's a great month!

    Lori Anne, glad you're back too! Sorry you were having a hard time getting through and when you did there was so much negativity. It was great of you to say sorry but we are all only human and get fed up sometimes so no worries.

    Now about the whole timeline thing, I actually looked back to find the clip and hear just what was said. I couldn't find the whole episode but I did find a one minute clip of that episode. It's off youtube. Here's the link:

    I think it aired in March at the end of season 4 because Kate is saying they're ready for season 5 in it and there is also a blurb on the screen saying season 5 started May 25 of that year. Anyway, Jon looks MISERABLE. When Kate said they were ready for season 5 he kind of rolled his eyes and Kate looked over at him and said that Jon was frustrated. She said she was at an awesome place in her career and was loving what she was doing and Jon said he didn't feel the same way. Kate then told him he should be happy he was home with the kids and that he had the best end of the deal and he said that it wasn't for him. I can't remember all the words but if you watch the clip you'll get the idea.

    There was also another clip that was a promo for season 5 and in it Jon was saying he wasn't feeling so hot and that neither he nor Kate signed up for all the paprazzi attention and that he felt like he was in prison. These were the general comments made around that time. I guess it was the time Kate said she tried suggesting things for him and nothing worked. Between season 4 and 5 is when the whole Deanna thing happened too so it was obvious that he was starting to hit the bars at that time. The comment about him saying he couldn't just be Jon anymore was back in January when he went to Utah with Cara. At that point though he wasn't looking like he wanted out of the marriage, more that he was frustrated at being a SAHD and because the filming was kind of hard because they were losing their privacy. In that interview, he actually said nice things about Kate when the interviewer asked if she was always as high strung as she looked on the show. He actually laughed and said that in real life Kate was really chill but that in order to keep order over all the kids she had to be like that and that he respected that about her.

    No matter who said what though, it's all so sad and it broke my heart all over again to watch those clips. There was one episode from before that time where they were answering viewers' questions and they were talking about what they would do when all the kids were off at college. Jon said they always talked about getting a big winebago and driving from place to place to see all the kids at college. They laughed and said they would miss their kids and didn't want to leave them. It was so sad hearing them talk about the future plans especially knowing what happened just months later.

  115. I agree some of the old episodes are sad, I often wonder how the kids feel watching them. I know Kate has said in the past that they love watching the old dvds

  116. Happy Birthday Tigerfan--a day late! I hope you
    had fun and that all your wishes come true.

    anothermom--my youngest son's birthday is also on Oct 15 and my brother's is the 24th. It is a great month for birthdays.

    Just this week I was thinking about the time Jon and Kate were talking about getting a winnebago and visiting the kids at college. Things seemed so hopeful then when they talked about their future.

    We can only hope that there comes a turning point for Jon soon so we can finally praise him for something. That would be a happy day.

  117. Baby Mama - Here's hoping you awoke this morning feeling much better!!! :)

  118. That's awesome Corrina, happy belated b-day to your son and happy upcoming b-day to your brother. My niece also has a birthday on the 28th. Looks like a lot of people were busy in the months of January/February. ;) lol

    I also hope, like you and many others that Jon does become the good person we know he can be. I don't think he was always a rotten jerk. I think he and Kate did have many happy years together. Was he perfect back then, definitely not. Was Kate, no. I think they both did a lot to contribute to the end of their marriage especially Jon near the end. I think he was feeling a lot of emotions and didn't know to deal with it. I think he resented Kate for a lot of things and acted out to hurt her. I think he was also having a mid life crisis and yearning for his youth gone by - just so many things and Kate was right when asked about their status and she just sighed and said it's so complicated.

    Watching parts of several old episodes yesterday, I feel bad that Lori Anne felt like there was so much negativity toward Jon the other day. I think it is just everyone's frustration with him and the constantly poor choices he makes. Somewhere along the way he just became so bitter and self entitled. I think he resents that Kate still has so many opportunitues and gets to do things outside of the show with TLC and he has a muzzle on him.He doesn't stop to think that he has brought so much negativity to the show that he can't be trusted to be let loose in the media. I also feel sorry for him in one regard though, and that is that no matter what he says or does, people are going to be hard pressed to buy any of his sorry's and regrets. To be honest, and I hope I don't get blasted for saying this, but some of his arguments could actually sound reasonable if he didn't have such a history of being contradictory in his words and actions. Even if he really and truly means all of the things he said, no one will take it for truth and that is sad. It also doesn't help the way he keeps airing it all on twitter. That's the difference between him and Kate. I am sure she would love to tell everyone that all the things she gets accused of are untrue and why but she resists the urge and has the self restraint to let it go. She realizes that what the public thinks of her doesn't really matter and that all that counts is that her kids know the truth. Jon doesn't seem to have that filter and he constantly speaks out impulsively. It just takes away so much credibility from him. Sigh... I really do hope he gets his act together. He really has no clue.

  119. I'm happy it's Tigger's Birthday and I hope she has an amazing day!!!

    The weather here is horrible and I can't breathe out of my nose..however I wanted to set us some fresh paper. Today's fresh paper is in the shape of those little trees you hang inside your car. Air frsheners! This is needed for Jon who is shown in the next thread smoking. Don't worry, I am updating this post soon. But until then, the fresh scent of the day is yummy vanilla!