Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One Year Evolution of Kate Gosselin, More Kate Recipes From The 2009 Bag Lunch Campaign

Hello Gosselin fans! I was thinking about the 2 1/2 years I have been covering all that has happened to the Gosselin family. And some things seem like they were a lifetime ago. And even though for the past few weeks it has been quiet in Gosselin Land, we forget that that was EXACTLY what Kate told us she wanted a year ago for the Fall of 2010...peace. And while I'm sure she is not there yet, overall things have been relatively great for Kate Gosselin in the year 2010. And since we can only speculate that is so much more to come before December, I thought I would take a look at the past year and more importantly the evolution that has become the hair icon known/celebrity mom known as Kate Gosselin.

June 12, 1999 -- Jon and Kate Gosselin marry.
October 8, 2000 -- Kate gives birth to twins Cara and Madelyn.
May 10, 2004 -- Following fertility treatment, Kate gives birth to sextuplets Alexis Faith, Hannah Joy, Aaden Jonathan, Collin Thomas, Leah Hope and Joel Kevin.
Sept. 2005 -- Discovery channel airs the first of two one-hour specials about the Gosselin family.
April 2007 -- "Jon & Kate Plus 8" begins its series run on Discovery, later moving to TLC.
2009: April -- Kate releases her book, " Eight Little Faces," and embarks on book tour. Tabloid reports surface linking Jon to various women. The over-coverage begins.
May -- Allegations of an affair between Kate and bodyguard Steve Neild hit the tabloids.
May 28 -- Jon is photographed spending Kate's 34th birthday in Park City, Utah with supposed then-girlfriend Deanna Hummel. Hummel's brother characterizes the relationship thusly: "Ick. Nast."
June 22 -- Jon and Kate announce their plans to separate to an audience of 10.6 million viewers, a ratings record for the show. July -- Jon starts dating 22-year-old Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon.
July 17 -- Jon moves into a two-bedroom Manhattan apartment.
July 24 -- Jon denies romancing Star magazine reporter Kate Major.
July 26 -- Jon is spotted hanging out in the Hampton's with noted deadbeat dad Michael Lohan.
Aug. 29 -- Jon is paid to host a pool party at Las Vegas's Wet Republic.
Sept. 15 -- Kate Gosselin appears on "The View", saying it is "difficult" to watch Jon with Glassman.
Oct. 13 -- Judge orders Jon to return $180,000 he'd withdrawn from a joint account to Kate.
Oct. 29 -- In an "Insider" interview, Glassman claims Jon emotionally abused her. A source later claimed Jon himself scripted Glassman's statements.
Nov. 2 -- TLC announces plans to change name of show to "Kate Plus 8."
Nov. 11 -- Jon claims TLC violated child labor laws in filming his eight children.
Nov. 23 -- After ratings continue to drop, Final episode of "Jon & Kate" airs on TLC.
Dec. 11 -- A Maryland judge bars Jon from making any TV appearances in violation of his TLC contract.
Dec. 18 -- Jon and Kate's divorce is finalized by a Pennsylvania court.

Revisiting the 2009 Bag Lunch Campaign: More Great Kate Recipes

On September 8th 2009 I POSTED HERE a great bag lunch campaign hosted by PUR Water to get kids to start "brown bagging" their lunches again for school. What I wanted to bring back was some great additional recipes developed by Kate Gosselin, on behalf of the Grain Foods Foundation.

Fall Harvest Sandwich2 slices honey ham,1 slice cheddar cheese,1 T honey mustard½ Granny Smith apple, sliced thin (optional)2 slices whole wheat bread. Place on one piece of bread in the following order: mustard, cheese, ham, apple slices. Top with the remaining piece of bread. Cut on the diagonal and serve.

PB & Banana
2 slices of whole wheat white bread (also good with oatmeal bread)1 banana, thinly sliced Peanut butter
Spread each slice of bread with peanut butter. Place thin banana slices on one slice. Close sandwich and cut into triangles.

Cream Cheese Roll
1 slice bread (all breads work well)Light cream cheese½ cucumber, sliced length-wise1 slice smoked turkey
Trim the crusts of the bread and gently roll out the slice so it resembles pastry. Spread with light cream cheese. Place the turkey slice in the center of the bread. Add cucumber slices. Roll the bread similar to a sushi roll and cut into mini rolls.

Cream Cheese Roll – Option #2 for adults
1 slice bread (all breads work well)Light cream cheese½ avocado, sliced1 slice smoked salmon
Trim the crusts of the bread and gently roll out the slice so it resembles pastry. Spread with light cream cheese. Place the smoked salmon in the center of the bread. Add avocado slices. Roll the bread similar to a sushi roll and cut into mini rolls.

Handy Hummus Wrap
1 whole wheat (or whole wheat white) wrap2-3 T Hummus2-3 leaves of lettuce½ cucumber, sliced length-wise½ red pepper cut into long strips
Place lettuce leaves in the middle portion of the wrap. Top with hummus. Add slices of cut vegetables. Roll and cut in half.


  1. Yummy recipes. I really like the wrap that's pictured. Thanks Baby Mama.

  2. BabyMama - love the recap of events. It has been quite a ride. You did great on the radio - hope to hear you and Kate together at some point. I totally respect the way you handled the hater but, boy, was I hoping you would let her have it. You are classier than that, though.

    I saw something today and was horrified. I am not sure what this site is called by the KATE fans, but it is a hate site. Has to do with a 1/4 hour and kids on TV. Hopefully you guys will know what I am talking about. Well, they have ads posted from Petco, QVC and Borders on that site. I saw the Petco ad first and sent an email to Petco asking them to take it off and not go back. No respectable company should advertise on a site with a picture of a fork going into Kate's head. Or the horrible videos they play. If we all contact these companies we may be able to make a dent in the ad revenue of this site.

    Keep up the good work, Deb. Your positive energy will win out eventually.

  3. Love all the photos too! The one of her with the short dark hair, sitting in front of the cribs holding 3 babies brings back memories.

  4. Great recipes! I make the roll ups all the time for my family. Huge favorite.

    I love the recap. And I agree with Corrina the pics bring back memories.

  5. ITA with you all. The recipes sound and look yummy and I am going to definately try some this weekend. BM, I thought you were going in the direction of Kate hair styles for the year but you had me fooled. I really didn't need a rehash of their divorce, it too depressing for me. Been there, done that! Oh well!

    I like to think of J&K as getting past those events and getting on with their lives. Remember that song that goes something like this: "Once You Get Past The Pain". JMHO

  6. Oh, and I forgot to mention the little pumpkins above. How cute they are and I can't tell whose who either! LOL

  7. I'm telling you..seeing all this great food is making me hungry! I agree it's nice to bring things back from last year. Also I loved going back to my old post from my old blog!

    Also tomorrow morning, Nina has on her Toginet Radio Show "Buddy" From Cake Boss. Click the link on the right to hear it. It's gonna be a great show!

    And in final...there are currently at 8:15 pm only 2 men left to go, and all the workers from the Chilean Mine has been offically rescued. So many of my family and through restaurants all over Manhattan have been glued to their seats watching these men come up safely. I continue prayer and faith for the fear and anxiety of those 2 men left. What a great miracle indeed!

  8. It is amazing how much the blonder Kate of today looks like her original wedding photos. It's so nice to see the smile back.

    We've been glued to tv sets all day, everywhere we've gone. I agree Baby Mama, it is indeed a miracle. I think many didn't believe the miners would be rescued alive.

  9. Jon Tweeted this yesterday. I forgot to post it. I can't beleive he has been jobless a whole year in December. I guess TLC pays well lol....

    "Had a nice spaghetti dinner with my kids this evening. Today was a good day!"
    7:11 PM Oct 12th via web

  10. Oh your kidding me I just lost a big old post!
    Thanks for the recipes will have to do for now:) I'm so wiped I'm getting giddy!

  11. Momsby~ I'm so sorry you lost a post. Linda and I are on now looking to fix the site so that people can post and won't have problems.

    Also Kate has a brand new post up and it's cute! The things she sees when she runs ;). Check it out on "Kate's Take"

  12. Oh my goodness, I think I change my hair more often than Kate does. I am not sure if that is good or bad. LOL.

    I appreciated the recap of the Gosselins. I came into the party late, so I didn’t know half of the information.

    The last miner is out. What an emotional time for everyone. This is when I appreciate the internet, global television, and human determination. It truly is a miracle that we are fortunate enough to share.

  13. Okay, Kate’s blog totally makes me want to start running. I am a big walker. I love walking and have only been into running a few times, but I have enjoyed the meditative state that I am able to enter when running.

    The kids throwing the WalMart purchases out the window made me giggle until I got to the raining tampon comments and exploded with laughter. I can just imagine it. I am worried however, that the media will somehow try to arrange for single men to be standing on the side of the road for her to peruse as she runs by in the off chance that she will find that mister right. Be careful what you wish for Kate. Maybe that will be the topic of a Twist of Kate – dating on the run.

  14. Just read kate's take. so cute. my side of the road find lately? over a mile stretch: work boots, bib overalls, white tshirt and a water bottle. think a construction guy got sick of his job?

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    Thank you for your patience.

    Should you receive a 503 error when posting, please try your back and forward arrows. Usually the post isn't lost but needs a nudge. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

  16. This is my third time trying to post-hoping it goes. :)

    CMO3--I'm laughing at the idea of those things on the side of the road! Too funny!

    Kate's Take was fun to read. Around here, business and organizations "sponser" a stretch of road and keep it litter free. There is a sign posted for each sponser.

    Such good recipes, Baby Mama. I haven't made any of those, but we have spread cream cheese on turkey or chicken that's sliced paper thin and rolled up a dill pickle in it-then sliced it--and we have also used tortillas for the wrap. Can't wait to try some of these new recipes.

  17. Oh, it could have been my own doing ladies..I was tired & rushed. It happens to me fairly often & it's usually my error.

  18. Good morning everyone! Last night I was so sad to remove so many of my Gosselin photo. But since the site was having so many error problems, people having trouble posting, and the site going up so slow, I decided to cut back a little.

    First thing I noticed was that the entire site came on instantly. I couldn't believe it. I guess I just had too many large photos up. From now on I will just put small ones up. Works great now on the IPhone too!

    If you haven't checked out Kate's new blog post yet, do so it's so funny! I love the part about hoping she will find Mr. Right perhaps on the site of the street. Personally my greatest find was a $20 bill on the street, but I was just as happy a month later when I found $1.00.

    I can't remember if I touched on this regarding Kate's last post, which seems to be getting alot of heat from said-haters. When she talked about how she has to get the kids dressed in the morning before school, some blogs were all up in arms that "why shouldn't the kids be getting ready themselves?" rediculous-kind of thing. That once again pissed me off (like all their thoughtless comments do). My child is going on 10 and you would swear it would be a war to get that girl dressed and out each morning. Today was no exception.

    How is it even possible without a really organized woman like Kate Gosselin to get 8 kids dressed each morning.. thank goodness they have uniforms. Why they take Kate so literal to everything she says is beyond me. It's like they try to catch her in a lie to say "ohh she lied, see? Kate is a horrible woman!" People I know that she meant she wasn't "literally" getting all of them dressed. I just know with any type of clothing, it takes time to get them ready. She is just lucky she isn't fighting with them every morning to wear the most sylish outfit. My baby is the worst and is now refusing to wear anything but dresses. Save me.

    Sorry, was just trying to be like AnotherMom! ;)

  19. Nice long post Baby Mama - : )

    I too don’t understand why they take her so literally. 33 miners are redesigning their lives right now and the hate sites are criticizing Kate because she makes her kids pancakes for breakfast. As a nurse, she knows that breakfast is the most important meal and her kids have many hours to wait before snack because they get up early.

    I am seeing a pattern here, I think the haters are jealous because of the time Kate puts into the kids. Such as, making breakfast, getting them dressed, running errands in the afternoon so she can spend time with them in the evening and afterschool. If the haters do not dress their little kids in the morning, nor do they make them an important breakfast, they are projecting their guilty feelings and feelings of inadequacy onto Kate. Now I understand. It is easier to target your anger onto someone than turn the mirror onto yourself. Way to be transparent haters.

  20. And I needed to add one more thing. I normally don't like to copy/paste from hate sites but I have to address this post.

    "$&@$&&!! said... BeDoneNow said: Kate and Jon are not real to them, and neither are the 8 children. They are just full time actors.

    Bingo! They are not REAL. Mady didn't "really" mean "I'll just die." Colin is playing hide and seek with the paps. The kids were "acting" when they were puking all over themselves and they were "pretending" to be miserable last summer as they were dragged all over the country."

    Ok who want's to take this one..(me raising my hand) FIRST off, this is another FINE example of people who must obviously not have younger children, to understand the "I'll just die comment. My daughter says it and I do tell her to knock it off. It's not meant that she will LITERALL JUST DIE. It's a figure of speech because she was upset over the party for the sextuplets. Her mother did an AMAZING job sitting down with her and properly expalning the situation. I applauded how great Kate handled this one. Of course the obsessed trolls took it as that poor Mady was literally gonna, well die. So freakin stupid I'm sorry.

    Collin covering his face...many kids are shy, big deal. Ohh lets take the kids off the air because Colling doesn't like the snapping of the photographers on an occasion. He doesn't do it all the time and that doesn't mean that he doesn't love the crew and the filmimng of his show! NEXT....

    Any finally, saying that the kids were puking and making it sound like it was BECAUSE they hate filming the show really made me want to litterally strangle my computer. Because you see haters twisting crap around for their own vendetta which is living to hate someone they are more obsessed with than even the fans makes no sense to me. It's one of the things I wanted to talk about on the radio but was too rushed.

    The kids were on a boat ride that made them sea sick. They were excited to go and didn't realize it would make them feel the way it did. If they were some random kids not on tv I guess that would be par for the course right? Where does it say in the Gosselin handbook that if your on TV, it's 10 times worse and hurting the kids than if it was done without cameras? And "no-name" where were they dragged across the country? NO THEY WERE NOT

    I can't even tell you how these vile crap comments make my skin crawl. I only read the ones sent to me via e-mail, because if I actually went to these sites and read this type of ignorance my head would explode......

  21. Has anyone seen the Radar post about Kates mom this morning?

  22. Lesley~Thank you so much! This is insane! I brought this over here from Radar because there have been so many viruses attached to that site. I wonder where Radar got the info? lol

    "Kate Gosselin’s mother rushed to her defense, defending her daughter from vicious attacks on the internet and slamming Kate’s sister-in-law 'Aunt Jodi' [Jodi Kreider].

    Posting on a website that had a large number of Kate detractors (and supporters), Kate’s mom Charlene Kreider blasted Aunt Jodi and her sister Julie for their criticism of Kate. Many people on the site questioned if the person posting the comments was indeed Kate’s mom, but has confirmed that it is. A person extremely close to Charlene told “Yes, it’s her. She posted the material and couldn’t stand to see Kate attacked any more.”

    Kate’s mom jumped into a discussion about Aunt Jodie and her sister Julie attacking the reality TV star. Jodie once was on the show but was let go. She wanted to be paid for her appearances, but that didn’t happen. Jodie then began blasting the show as exploiting the Gosselin children, and she was joined by her sister Julie. Jodie “and Julie are not nice people,” Kate’s mom wrote. “Jodie just loved being on tv and milked it for all that it was worth. When she couldn’t be paid to be on the show her next move was to claim it was harmful to the kids to be on TV!”

    She also blasted her son, Jodie’s husband Kevin, who joined in the shut-down-the-show movement. “Since they couldn’t be on tv anymore, they tried to get the show shut down—that’s called jealousy,” she wrote. Charlene continued that Kate is a “great mom” who always puts her kids first. Kate’s mother jumped into the controversy and posted this:

    “YES! This IS Kate’s mom!! Sorry, couldn’t help myself–Just HAD to say that! Regarding Julie and Jodie I can tell you that they would NEVER say they were wrong–I know them personally of course–Jodie being my daughter-in-law and i have been around Julie MANY times over the years. I will defend my daughter, Kate before my daughter-in-law. Jodie has been very unkind to me over the years. She and Julie ARE NOT nice people. The GWOPers think Jodie hung the moon–they are very misinformed. They have said that SHE should raise Kate’s kids because she is SO wonderful!! Jodie just LOVED being on tv and milked it for all it was worth!! When she couldn’t be paid to be on the show her next move was to claim it was harmful to the kida to be on tv!! Hmmmm..funny how it wasn’t harmful to the kids during the time SHE was on the show!! Suddenly it was harmful so she (AND my son) found another way to get in front of the camera and make money–be a child advocate!! And since they couldn’t be on tv anymore, they tried to get the show shut down–that’s called jealousy!!
    OK I guess my rant is over–the whole thing still makes me very mad. Kate is a great mom–loves her kids more than anyone or anything and would do anything for them. I know this firsthand, people, so please stop tearing her down!! I am not saying this to the people on IW–I know you are on Kate’s side. I guess I am just venting! If people like Pennmommy would use all that energy for a GOOD cause, just think how much better our world would be!!! Just sayin’….. “

    Jodi and Kevin Kreider were the first to reveal that Kate and Jon’s marriage was over – a story broken exclusively by But they then made a few other national appearances, slamming Kate and the show and were widely criticized as hypocrites.

    Many of the other people on the site immediately sided with Kate’s mother, typified by this one comment: “Mom of KT, thank you for sharing some of your feeling with us. You have opened up many people’s hearts here to what has been a very difficult journey for you. We do hold all of you in our prayers, but you put your troubles in the God’s hand and he always has the right answers for all of us.”

  23. Thank you Lesley and Baby Mama for bringing this to our attention. From the time Kate said, on one of the episodes, that Aunt Jodi offered to take the kids on Friday mornings (I think it was a half day), I was suspicious of Jodi wanting to be on TV more than she actually wanted to help Kate. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

    I hope that Kate's Mom reads here--because I certainly support her and can only imagine how important it is to Kate for the truth to come out. Kate has taken the blame for so much that was never her fault.

  24. Baby Mama I was wondering what the deal was the with Radar info. They were laying down some D list names like Julie and Pennmommy and such. What is up w/ that?

  25. Baby Mama -thanks for posting that. (I avoid ROL because of the viruses and I avoid INF just on general principles.)

    I had read the comments at IW. It should be noted that Kate's Mom corrected the spelling of Jodi. I understand that some from IW had the opportunity to meet her last summer.

    I doubt this would affect the haters at all. They are so sold on Julie and Jodi. That is their opinion. Back when Jon and Kate were doing their wills and Jodi wanted to be caregiver if anything happened and Jon & Kate said No, I figured they had reasons for taking that position. I wasn't thrilled with Jodi giving the kids sugary candy and snacks when she knew Kate was adamant about them not having junk. Again, I feel it is a parent's decision to make for their own children.

  26. 3kMom - Recently a retrospective of Julie and the whole Pennmommy hoax was done. Perhaps that's where the D lists names are coming from again.

  27. Linda..I remember the wills. I just don't remember them mentioning who the gaurdian would be..can you refresh my memory?

  28. Momsby - As I recall, they ended up selecting multiple guardians and praying nothing would happen to ever split up the kids.

  29. 3kmom~ Most of that information was taken from another site. Radar just copied what was already there. I think that the PennMommy thing was brought up because we thought that woman was real and legit and it turned out to be the biggest hoax.

    On a positive note, I guess this will end the speculation once and for all if Kate's mom actually reads and goes on Facebook & the blogs. I hope it will shut everyone up that Kate's mom is nothing less than supportive. Whatever their relationship is, it obviously works for them.

    And I tried to read it several times on Radar and a virus jumped on my page. What is going on with that site?

  30. Momsby - I'm not positive that is correct but I think so. I remember that just before that we hadcrevised our own wills and decided that if something happened to us that our family would be split, a largecfamily is a huge emotional and physical demand and while some were willing to accept the challenge, we questioned if they wouldn't collapse from the strain. Thus our decision with the request that hopefully they could get together often as possible. So...not sure how accurate my memories of that with the Gosselins is.

  31. Baby Mama - unfortunately, with ROL, they don't seem to be concerned about viruses that are posted by people commenting in their links.

  32. Thanks Linda!
    Baby Mama I'm wondering if some of the more skeptical people will consider ROL a second source also!

    The thought actually kind of makes me giggle a little bit..although I still don't consider ROL a "reliable" source. IW confirming it months ago was enough for me.

  33. Well a few hours later and the @%&# has hit the fan already.. leave it up tot Perez the biggest hater bully of them all to pick up the Radar story and run with it. The hate blogs are typing a mile and minute crying foul.

    This is not the first time sadly that the excitement of getting a member of the GOsselin inner circle ends too quickly. First Ellen wants her posts removed, now supposedly Kates Mom as well. This is the reason why I have had no desire to jump into all that. I stick to supporting Kate, and leave it at that....

  34. The only time I remember the wills being discussed was in one of the early episodes. The lawyer asked Jon&Kate who the children would go to if anything happened to both of them, and they said they had two possibilities--one a family member and one a close friend. I assumed at the time that these two people were Jodi and Beth. However,they never mentioned names, and I don't recall anyone saying they didn't want the kids to go to Jodi. Of course, I'm sure all of these provisions of the wills have been changed by now anyway. In any event, I certainly don't like the way that Jodi and Kevin have attacked Kate recently, but it did always seem to me that Jodi and Kevin truly love their nieces and nephews, and I think that in the beginning they really were trying to help Jon and Kate. After all, they kept all 8 kids, plus their own, when Jon and Kate flew to California. I have trouble believing this was all just to get on tv, but I could be wrong. Clearly, I do not like what they've done lately, and I can't even imagine how hurtful that must have been to Kate.

  35. Good Morning Baby Mama and all,

    What's up, no new post since last night, wow! I tried to get that Jon dating spoof on, and nothing was there to watch except an old blog from 2007. Is that all it was or did I do something wrong again?

  36. Good morning caregiver! We have had some problems with people not being able to post. Alot of the old stuff has since been removed from it's source. So the link may not work. Not quite sure which one your talking about though.

    I hope that people are able to post today! Apparently Kate's Mom was sory about posting on a blog? They are saying she posted this:

    Mom of KT says: "I am posting these comments to apologize to my family (specifically Kevin and Jodi) for the comments I made about them. It was wrong to say those things in a public forum (or anywhere actually). I went against my own motto: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.I am sorry, and it won’t happen again."

  37. Still a tough time getting online. We keep trying one thing at time to fix.
    What a "not" surprise by Jon in his tweet. He tried to stop filming of the kids in court and the judge said, No, and left the decision up to Kate on October 13th. Jon's response was to take to Twitter. He also said he's unable to find work but contributes financially as he's able. I'd like to buy what he's saying but wonder if offered a divorced Dad's program contingent unpin appearance of the kids if the story would be the same?

  38. Strange, according to My Fox Philly, Kate Plus 8 no longer is listed in the menu of shows for TLC. Of course, I had to go to TLC to check. It certainly is listed in the pull down menu of shows so where did they come up with that? Do they ever check sources, obviously not!

  39. Hello everyone! I'm sorry in the past 2 days you have not been able to post. As you can see I have removed the customizations on this blog. Please contact me at if you still cannot post. I want to see you all psting now! ;)

  40. Ok I'm testing to see if I can post....

  41. Ok I'm out right now so I'll be quick and post more later.

    Jon is a twit. Kate's mom got a unfortunate awaking to what Kate has been going through blog wise. I feel bad because she was trying to defend Kate, but people only want to hear negative.

  42. LOL..Ditto what CMO3 said!
    I feel really badly for Kates mom.

  43. Sorry, I am not in the know about Jon and his twittering so I just want to clarify. Did they have a custody hearing and Jon requested that his kids stop being filmed and he is claiming the judge said no. Did he represent himself? I agree with you CM3, if he was offered a show with just him and the kids, he would be all over it.

  44. I find it interesting too that he says he is unable to find work. I know that there is a shortage of jobs, but one would think that he could go on Oprah and try out a bunch of different jobs as a show. I also don't see him identifying exactly what he could do for work when he is in the public eye. What I mean is why isn't he tweeting that he can do this, this, and this. A lot of people would be grateful for the ten minutes of fame to get their name out there and market themselves. A lot of one hit wonders have gone on to do something completely different from the media and are making it big.

  45. Yay! I was so freaking out in the past 24 hours of people saying the couldn't post! But it gets even better! So sorry the format looks off, Linda and I are trying our hardest to figures out whats going on. But Jon done put his foot in his mouth again. Have you heard? I will posts Radars info here since there is a terrible sort of virus going on there that my computer has gotten twice!

    And FYI: I have NOT been posting at Radar nor the TLC blog. Someone is CLAIMING they are me!

  46. Jon Gosselin Loses Another Court Case To Keep His Kids Off TV, Says They Are Suffering--------------------------------------------------------Posted on Oct 15, 2010 @ 01:59PM

    Jon Gosselin says he recently lost another court battle to keep his children off TLC and says some of his children are struggling with emotional and behavioral issues.

    In a wide-ranging and surprising message that the ex-reality TV star Twittered on Friday he revealed that he went to court on October 13, to remove his children from television.

    "The judge respectfully denied my plea, and granted filming rights to their mother," Jon wrote.

    Jon settled a court case with the Discovery network last year after they sued him for breach of contract. At that time he also said he wanted his children off TV, even though just months earlier he had they enjoyed being on TV.

    Now Jon has let loose, claiming he can't find a job, partially blaming TLC's contract for that, and charging that some of his children are suffering emotional problems from having their lives made public.

    Jon's children appear on Kate Plus 8, a series of specials that replaced Jon & Kate Plus 8. Here is Jon's entire Tweet: "As you may or may not be aware, I have been working for some time to remove my children from television. I do not believe being on TV is beneficial to any of them. They are no longer toddlers that are oblivious to what is going on around them. They are now six and ten, in school and desperately in need of a normal life.

    "Each of them has experienced negative effects of having their lives so public. Some are struggling with emotional and/or behavioral issues. My goal for my children is for them to have a normal childhood, and gain back their much deserved privacy. This is not about money, this is about my children. No amount of money is worth the price my children are paying. You cannot put a price on childhood. Money comes and goes, but you only have one childhood.

    "For those questions about money and support, I can say I am supporting my children to the best of my ability. All parties involved know the truth about this. I am and have been actively seeking employment. I have been barred from accepting entertainment deals that would generate income for my family due to contractual obligations. I am also actively looking for a job outside of the entertainment industry and so far, have not secured a position. In the mean time, I have been focusing on spending time with my children and providing a safe, stable, normal and private environment for them!

    "On October 13, 2010, I went to court to act in the best interest of my children- to remove them from television. The judge respectfully denied my plea, and granted filming rights to their mother. I honor the judge’s decision, but I do not support it. I will not stop fighting to remove my children from television. It is not a child’s job to support themselves, or a lifestyle, they need to be kids. I would like to apologize to my friends, family, and especially my children for not taking a stand earlier in my life and not questioning my decisions to have our lives documented and displayed. I will have to answer to my children for the rest of my life. I will have to live with this guilt the rest of my life. I am truly sorry!

  47. Baby Mama - would you check ROL again? I've heard that Kate's attorney dais Jon's Tweet is in direct violation of a directive from the judge. Is that true?

  48. I'm so excited to finally get the blog to load!
    For those who sent email, he came through surgery fine and is home. Thanks for your prayers! After waiting weeks, we're glad it's over.
    I would imagine that it would be tough for Jon to get any job that required a contract. Once you break or violate a contract, other employers would most likely be leery of hiring you for anything. Particularly if you change your position or stance and flip-flop every few months. If you then, continue and violate court orders, I would imagine more red flags get raised. Except perhaps jobs where all you have to say is, "Would you like fries with that? Do you want to supersize it?"
    I'm guessing his next lawsuit will be again for alimony. I sure hope I'm wrong! If you want to get hired, start looking, acting, and dressing like somebody employable. Use your tweets to address your attributes and strengths rather than listing what you had for dinner, what movie you watched, and to state dumb things like you needed to have some fun. Employers are less interested in your love life and want to know what kind of employee you will be for them! It's an insult to every person struggling to find work to have somebody constantly tweet about just junk!

  49. My take on his twitterific tweet: My name is Jon Gosselin and I am really pissed that I am not allowed to use my children any longer for my own financial gain so I am going to stomp and whine and rack up costly court costs with the money that my children and ex-wife have earned on tv. I will do anything to keep my name in the media and force Kate to comment on my idiotic statements so that the hate blogs can rip her apart and my children can later read all about it. I believe I can do what ever I want with out consequences and just blame others later. Oh and don't forget my go to statement "those that matter know the truth, it will come out someday. I lost my 20's ya know."

    How pathetic is it that we were right in saying it's been too quiet, Jon must be up to something. When is this guy going to learn? Long gone is the dad I saw as a similar version of my husband. My husband would never ever use his kids like this. I really don't see how people can still claim he's better than Kate. Kate bought into his BS. Look where it got her.

  50. Good evening everyone! I know I'm late tonight, I was too busy hi-fiving the fact that the judge made a ruling that was in favor of Kate. And for the record, I say that sarcastically because thats what the haters believe me to be doing.

    Sorry, but when the gravy train was going for Jon there was never an issue with filming, then relationship went south and onl THEN he has a issue. Now it has been almost a FULL year the man hasn't worked and your telling me he couldn't find ANYTHING? That's BS. He was upset he couldn't make a living in the entertainment business.

    The reason Jon, (and every negative Nelly out there) the kids may be lashing out and having issues is that there parents are DIVORCED. They have to go through the pain of seeing their parents separately and their father with another woman. Sorry IMO it does NOT have to do with filming. Jon is using that as an excuse to get sympathy. How often did they film this year? A HANDFUL of episodes. 5? Yeah sorry, your story does not add up.

  51. So lets take a look and see what Eleen is spreading around shall we. Ahh yes, Jon's wonderful girlfriend:

    From Ellen:
    "THose kids are stuck in their contract for atleast another year, UNLESS tlc decides to cancel the show because of low ratings. we need to refuse to watch that show, we need to have evryone write to tlc to say they dont want it on, and also they need to contact advertisers of the show - companies that sponsor it, product placement,e tc... and tell them to stop supporting it... if the shows cancelled, the contract ends. if not, it will continue for atleast another year... feb 2012 :( we have to spread the word for ppl to start doing this and complaining and writing in. "

    It really makes me want to start my own campaign to attract more viewers..seriously

  52. These past couple of days, this thread has been filled with problems. No one could post, and there has been alot to say. I decided to end the post early and put up a new thread. Seems all is fixed now, and I hope that I didn't loose anyone in the process. Please come share your thought on my nre fresh paper!

    Tonight is the smell of a warm pumpkin pie with whipped cream.. I love the Fall ;)