Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Jon Gosselin! Tony & Kate Doing Just Great, Pedicures For The Girls! It's hard to believe that at this time last year, few people knew Jon Gosselin as anything more than the father on Jon & Kate Plus 8, if they knew him at all.

Ever since his marriage to Kate Gosselin imploded last spring and summer, with celebrity gossip tabloids covering every more, Jon has become a sensation. At squiring mediocre girls, if nothing else. In any case, Jon turns 33 years old today. Which is more like 53 in his case, given all the drinking, smoking and being married to Kate for nearly a decade. Since his widely-publicized split from Kate, Jon has gone on to Deanna Hummel, Hailey Glassman, Stephanie Santoro, Kate Major and Morgan Christie.

Quite a rebound year he had. He's also been sued by TLC for violating his non-compete clause, and has been virtually banned from being a celebrity. Point, TLC! Where will he turn up next? Besides the with some desperate 22-year-old college girl? No one knows, but we can't wait to find out, and we'll be watching him.
Kate Gosselin & Tony Dovolani Cruise Around Pennsylvania: (Thanks Schmecky)

Despite a tense week which included rehearsal footage of the two at each other's throats, Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani were the picture of dance partner happiness on Wednesday when they arrived at her Pennsylvania home in a convertible. The two were all smiles as Dovolani drove the white Porshe (with the top down of course!) onto the property. Earlier in the week, the Dancing With The Stars stars were captured arguing during their rehearsals. At one point, Dovolani even said he was going to quit.

"We had a 30-second moment, that went wrong, I guess, if you wanna call it that," Dovolani told of the blow-up, while Kate reminded everyone that hot tempers can make for great TV. "My take on that is, coming from the world of reality TV, why sugarcoat this?" Kate told "This is so difficult, it's so pressure-filled, it's so much harder than I imagined, and the truth is pressure gets the best of you and people do things they don't really mean to do, and say things they don't even mean to say." The two seemed ready for action by Wednesday afternoon. Kate was spotted walking to her house with what looked like an energy-boosting drink in hand. And of course, she had her game face on!
Kate Gosselin Gets Pedicures With The Girls:

Kate Gosselin enjoyed a little mommy and me time Friday, during a break from her grueling Dancing With The Stars schedule.The busy working mom of 8 took two of her adorable daughters along with her while she got her nails and toes worked on at Planet Nails in Reading, Pennsylvania. Kate was spotted leaving the salon holding the hands of her daughters and wearing flip flops so not as to damage her fresh pedicure. One of the pretty little girls helpfully carried mommy’s shoes for her. Both girls looked adorable in matching pink Tees and denim shorts – and how they’re growing up already – it seems like only yesterday they were babies!
Meantime, mom is due back on set Monday night with her dance partner, Tony Dovolani, for another turn on the dance floor, check back in with for all the latest Kate Gosselin and Dancing With The Stars news, as it happens.


  1. I didn't realize Jon and Kate's birthdays were so close together.

  2. Happy Birthday Jon!

    Tx Sg for all the links, will catch up tonight or tomorrow. Here's my take on Sex Rehab. for Jon. Whoever said is making me lol. He doesn't need Rehab., he is just making up for all the sex he missed out on during his marriage. lol, JMO
    Tony dressing like Jon will get even more PR. and they say Kate Has been labeled the top star of the show. Kate will be able to sign off child support since she will be making so much moula. HA! HA!

  3. The Producer of DWTS says the show is not rigged, but it is scripted just like TLC did. JMO

  4. I think the whole thing that Kate will dress Tony as Jon was meant as a joke. The costume designs are generally collaborated between the dance pro and the costume department. But who knows what they'll come up with at this point. We'll see.

  5. SG: I tried posting to the other thread to answer your question - but keep getting nothing but error messages. :(

    The thing about them needing bodyguards because of 'threats' was at least a year ago -- and it was in a tv interview. Nothing about the question or the answer was a big deal - just kind of a matter of fact answer? .....

    I wish there was a way to just PM you Disney people or something! I have questions but don't want to go off topic here!!

  6. Tony tweeted that he was headed to see his family about 2 hours ago.

  7. Lawyer: TV’s Jon Gosselin seeking help in Media

    Posted:  04/01/2010 8:08 PM


    By Mari A. Schaefer

    Don't be surprised if you see Jon Gosselin, of the defunct Jon and Kate Plus 8 series, in Delaware County.

    Gosselin's new Media-based attorney, Anthony List, said Jon will visit his offices Friday to discuss a number of postdivorce issues and matters related to Gosselin's contract with TV network TLC.

    About five years ago, List said he received a call from an old friend and classmate - Thomas Gosselin, Jon's father. The two go back to their days at Monsignor Bonner High School in Upper Darby and later college at Mount St. Mary's University in Maryland.

    Tom Gosselin, who was in poor health at the time, asked him List to be available should his son's family need a lawyer, the attorney said.

    About five weeks ago, List said he received a call from Beverly Hills. It was Jon Gosselin.

    "I think I need your help," Gosselin  told List.

    In addition to contract issues with TLC, List said they plan to review the custody arrangement. He said they are concerned Kate's busy schedule leaves little time with the kids.

    "I don't know how she is able to spend any quality time with the children," said List. "Children need the physical presence of a mother especially during these tender years."

    Kate Gosselin is currently a contestant on the popular TV series Dancing with the Stars. Kate and her partner, Tony Dovolani, survived to dance another week when former Beverly Hills 90201 star Shannen Doherty was sacked during Tuesday's episode.

    In February, Jon Gosselin settled a breach-of-contract lawsuit with TLC. The network sued Gosselin appearing on other shows when he was still under contract for Jon & Kate Plus 8. Jon countersued and claimed the network violated child labor. The settlement was not disclosed.

    Since the show's demise the couple has become fodder for tabloids.

    Recently, In Touch Weekly reported Jon was asked to leave the home of girlfriend Morgan Christie, 25, of Santa Barbara.

  8. #1 -
    That "source" that Popeater is quoting is more than likely the same "source" that keeps dishing out false rumors about Kate being a diva and Pam and Shannon hating on her. Considering Kate & Tony are getting along so great now, I really doubt that story is even remotely true.

  9. Surely Jon isn't behind in child support if he is asking for more custody?

  10. Jon's new attorney is full of baloney and cheese. Kate's stint with DWTS is not a long term gig, and she'll do whatever it takes to be with the kids around her schedule. Lord knows she's already proven to be capable of doing so. The judge already awarded her primary custody for good reason and I highly doubt any decent judge would reverse that order.

  11. I don't know... Kate may have book tours coming up. She may be away a lot. Last May she was gone 20 of 30 days. Why leave the kids with nannies and friends if their father can be with them and is willing to? It's not like he wants to take the kids away from Kate. I'm sure if Jon goes for more custody it will still be fair to both parents.

  12. I think it would be great if he got a place to live locally so he would BE there for the kids. They obviously love their dad.
    Hopefully this lawyer will give him some sound advice and stop his playing around.

  13. Report: Kate Gosselin Kicked Off Dancing with the Stars For "Diva-Like Behavior"

    April 1st, 2010 2:59 PM by Free Britney

    Guess the producers of Dancing with the Stars decided enduring even one more Kate Gosselin tirade wasn't worth the effort, because she's been let go.

    Finishing the job that voters somehow couldn't after her debacle of a performance Monday, the network brass told Kate to pack her bags earlier today.

    The former star of Jon & Kate Plus 8, who was planning a dancing homage to that bygone classic, caused nothing but headaches since joining the cast.

    Her partner, Tony Dovolani, apparently decided he had enough and threatened to quit unless he was transferred to another star. ABC did him one better.

    This face is also made by fans watching Kate dance.

    Jon Gosselin put up with her for 10 years. ABC? About a month. The decision was handed down Thursday morning, with a source saying Kate was "shocked."

    Having become universally despised on the set (basically the Vienna Girardi of Dancing with the Stars), few tears were shed over Kate's sudden dismissal.

    What was the final straw in Gosselin being kicked off?

    She was pushing her luck from the moment she first set foot on the ballroom floor. Follow the jump and read exactly what got Kate kicked off this time ...

    April Fools! Did you fall for this BS story?

    We wouldn't blame you, since Kate's diva-like behavior requires no exaggeration. Everyone, including Tony Dovolani, can vouch that she is painful.

    Nevertheless, that's not enough to get her the boot for real - in fact, the drama will likely lead to big ratings for the competition. Gotta have a story, right?

    Another reason we considered for kicking Gosselin off the show was the uncovering of an elaborate, vote-rigging conspiracy in which she required her eight kids to vote for her 1,000 times each or else they would not eat for a week.

  14. Maybe Jon should stop dating children and try visiting the ones he made. He can get property in Pennsylvania, he can get a job there instead of mooching off women on the other side of the country, he can visit his kids more than once every 4 weeks. I can't see how any judge would penalize Kate for going out and providing for her kids when Jon has been nowhere to be seen and has no apparent source of income to support his family.

  15. Tee hee hee. Sorry.... I couldn't resist.

  16. Yup April fools for some, but I have a feeling Kate will have the last laugh.. Or at least I hope so..I totally believed the kids voting 1,000 times until I saw they weren't allowed to

  17. lucysmon - sorry for my confused post. I found the link on hopes post on the last thread. The producers interviewed are Deena Katz Senior Producer to New York Post. Also, Conrad Greene Ex. Producer interviewed with EOL.

    lucy & Denise - Jons' new news is quite a surprise to K8Fans, but I had a felling we'd hear from him on this issue eventually! All we know is they had a 50/50 custody arrangement, and they would work out their own schedule according to their jobs. Rumors have it that Kate has denied Jon his visitation, and said the kids are better off with nannies!
    So now comes Jon with an attorney. Maybe that was not a rumor??
    Pertaining to Child Support and Visitation! I learned along time ago lol, that the two are treated as separate issues. Just because one parent loses their job, it doesn't mean they lose their rights to see their children. I always thought they should have somthing in writing but they said they would work it out themselves. Yah Right!
    I guess the power struggle has begun.

    Now, please consider the source of that article. Inquier News Maria Schiver staff writer.
    Attorney List gave out those statements, sounds like that would be a breach of Att/client privelige. I guess this is a good way for Jon to get his name back out there.

    Oh Well, Please excuse the sp. and I hope this info helped somebody! Gotta get ready for blessing food tomorrow and church too!

  18. SG Yep, you almost got me on that one too. Good one! I was scrolling up and saw the April Fool part first and then read the whole thing, that is soo funny. Had kids here all 4 days so far so parent could get organized for Easter. Made a little moula but this Grandma pooped. Sooooo,
    HAPPY EASTER TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT. I know its corney. cu

  19. Perhaps Kate is smiling because she is driving in a Porshe with a hot man, on a beautiful spring day? Also she has been told that she does not smile enough for weeks.
    SG I can understand why you would not understand why Kate need's a bodyguard. You may not be a Kate uber fan, but you debate not attack. Unfortunately, there seem to be some really hateful people who would like to harm Kate. I'd tell you to troll the net, and read at some of those sites, but I respect you to much.:) All it takes is one loonie trying to make a name for themselves. Sad that people in the public eye have to worry about these zealot's and sick people.

  20. Amy- Very well expressed! I agree. If Jon wants more time with the kids, and I hope he will, then move back to PA or at least spend more time there. Did this happen because he cares, because he's jealous of Kate's recent publicity, or because he needs a home now that Morgan's family kicked him out. Hopefully, one day he can find a woman to be sympatico with. It might help when he stops hanging out with 22 year olds, and looks beyond bars. Maybe this attorney can also help him find a religious center.

    Does he still think he's Jewish or did that get dropped when he turned to Morgan?

  21. Just Wondering...What a ray of sunshine you are! Your drive-bye posts are alway's so lovely. Why must you pick on Baby Mama? So, sorry for whatever it was that has happened to make you such an unhappy person. Wishing you a very Happy Spring!

  22. I was wondering when Just Wondering would fade into obscurity. A source just told me she will playing the granny that Hailey drives around Manhattan on their new hit reality show "Driving Ms. Crazy"..

    Speaking of Hailey did she ever get her money back? What happened with all that??

  23. On the "Jon" news. I hear what he is saying - but there's 'the other side' of that story, too. Jon's tromping around from tramp to tramp (including having a fling with hired help in the kids home), not staying in PA to be around the kids, and a whole list of other things that a judge would consider when making a 'change' to custody/visitation. Judges understand that parents have to work - and sometimes have to travel for work -- so I don't think it's as simple as some might want it to be. Judges are required to look at the WHOLE situation and do what is in 'the best interest of the child'. Since we have no idea what was agreed to in their divorce/custody - there's no way to know if there is any legal basis for a change in custody or not.

  24. Hope the article never even said anything about a custody battle and I don't think that is what the article implies. Its a media Attorney, and that goes to show us it is an attention seeking move. Sounds like Jon just wants his usual amt. of time. Also, since Kate has to practice so much at home, can you see her wanting him in the house at the same time? OMG, WW3 might get started.

  25. Just Wondering - BM does not have to explain anything to you. The site is a Gosselin Fan Site, always is and will be, the pictures stay. Now go fly away.

  26. HAPPY EASTER, to the Gosselin children!

  27. Visitation is part of 'custody' with the not actually an issue of changing custody - but changing the terms of the 'custody agreement'.

    I was hoping this kind of crap was over and done with for them. Having BTDT the kids are always the ones who suffer through the changes. :( Breaks my heart to think that it hasn't even been 6 months and the upheaval, stress and all that goes along with it could be on the horizon for the family again. It is best, however, if there's a squabble over it, to let a judge decide if the two of them can't agree.

  28. Hope, I thought all terms of the custody situation should have been in writing, and it might be but we don't know these things. Nor should we!. Then its more enforcible before a Judge if a problem arises down the road. Not in the media. Not debatable on this site either.

    I'll take issue with the Producers of DWTS interview. They said Kate will dress Tony Like Jon. That was in the press release.
    JMO, but I feel that is totally unacceptable but boy is it a great way to stir up Drama!
    This statement could have provoked Jon into making his media statement. Kind of like Tit for Tat situation! lol! Arguing in the media and who does it hurt the most? Kids???

  29. I really hope Tony is not dressed up like Jon. Maybe the producer's just put it out there to create more talk. I don't think Kate will go that route, the kid's watch the show. Although, I know BTDT it's so tempting to publicly dis your ex, in the long run it's the kid's who ultimately suffer. This whole new lawyer business, I have to process, give me time..sniff, sniff because if true it makes me think perhaps Jon has learned nothing this past year.

  30. Hmmm...If the voting gets people to remain on DWTS could we please have a vote to get rid of Just Wondering? We don't have to agree about things on this blog. Since this is a Fan site and not a Hate site, it would be nice if people posting were a fan of Kate, or Jon, or the kids. It's just depressing to always have to read the negativity and often just plain venom from Just Wondering. Shoot. I guess I have to go back to just deleting, or just scrolling, to get to just avoiding the garbage of just wondering.

  31. #1 caregiver: I think by Media-based they mean Media, PA, a town in Pennsylvania, not media as in TV and such.

  32. jhowson -

    I think #1caregiver meant 'media' by the statement issued by Jon's new attorney.

    I agree -- if Jon feels the need or want to make a change to his visitation - he should just DO IT and not himself, or through his attorney -- make it something that needs a "Public Announcement". Jon could go about filing to change visitation quietly and privately - but with his attorney issuing a press statement about it - it becomes public fodder. Not good for him, the kids, Kate or anyone really!

  33. jhowson - thank you for bringing that to my attention. I scrolled back and read it again. Yes, it states a Media based attorney. I didn't know there was a town called Media.

    Thennnnn, the Attorney releases that statement to the press which is still the media. Airing your laundry in public is still wrong to me. JMO
    I stand partially corrected. tx again!

  34. Linda, I agree with 100% about just wondering!

  35. Just Wondering,
    RE: Baby Mama putting pictures of her own children up. I think she did at one time and rude and nasty things were written about them on GWOP and a women named Barb on here. I'm not sure exactly who you roll with, or if you just go from fan site to fan site trying to stir up trouble. If you really are concerned about the Gosselin children I applaud you. However, BM's site is not the one you should be trying to advocate on. Have you ever read any of the older thread's on GWOP? Before they jumped on the Child Advocacy band wagon. The thing's that have been said about those kids are horrible and I'm told there are even worse sites out. I also urge you to read some of BM's earlier posts especially her shout out to dear little Maddy. BM was the original G kid's advocate IMO, making sure that when they googled their name some good thing's come up. If only for the kid's, why not let a fan site remain a fan site? BTW I think Maddy Rock's!!!

  36. I find it very interesting that Jon wants more "custody" so soon after he was dumped and kicked out by his last flavor of the month. Where is he staying now and how much is it costing him?

  37. BM, don't you think it's time to remove the pictures of the children and let them return to their private lives?

  38. #1caregiver said...
    lucysmon - sorry for my confused post. I found the link on hopes post on the last thread. The producers interviewed are Deena Katz Senior Producer to New York Post. Also, Conrad Greene Ex. Producer interviewed with EOL.

    I couldn't find it. What was the link?

    Also, I thought the 50/50 custody arrangement went out the window when the divorce was finalized and Kate got primary custody.

  39. #1caregiver
    I have a friend who moved to Media, so that's the only reason I understood the reference. I didn't realize there were so many Pennsylvania attorneys itching to make news!

  40. Just Wondering,
    Are you going around all the other gazillion sites that have pics of kids and demanding that they be removed also? Didn't think so. You're just picking on this one.

  41. Lucysmom - It took me awhile to find the link, but I did it! Hope posted the article first on:
    April 1, 2010 at 1:33PM

    I read it again too, and in the 2nd from last paragraph it states:
    The hype should get even higher for next week after Gosselin said she would dress up Dovolani like ex-husband Jon Gosselin for the difficult paso-doble dance next Monday.

    I was surprised about the whole article!!!

  42. Caregiver and Hope - it's really hard to know with that station and articles, in that FoxPhilly is wrong just about as often as right. Most stations actually name the source but frequently they just say " a source" or say do and so said that.. That's there way of avoiding liability and I'm amazed at how often they use the rags as their source. Who knows though. I'm not surprised by too much any more. Anything seems to go.

  43. #1C, I read and reread that article. I still think if in fact Kate actually said she was dressing Tony up like Jon, she was just joking. Either that or the writer is just repeating another unsubstantiated rumored report. I haven't seen any quotes or videos of her actually saying that. Glad that producers Katz & Green were neutral on Kate and just stayed out of the controversies.

  44. Wanted to let everyone know that TLC has a new blog post up from Kate. She talks about how bad her facially expression was on Tuesday night.

  45. Jessica - Thanks so much for the link. It's so good to hear from her and get her perspective.

  46. Hello everyone! What a beautiful day! Happy Good Friday to everyone. We went to mass, breakfast and took an almost hour trip to a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party. Thanks to grandma & grandpa for taking my kids and letting my husband and I enjoy the rest of the day alone!

    Just Wondering~ STOP POSTING ON MY SITE. Your obnoxious and annoying. This is my fan site for the kids as well as the parents and I can do whatever the heck I want. SO BACK OFF! YOU, BARBARA and the RWA Twits are the reason I had to moderate my blog. I'm not letting you run off my readers and those that enjoy an unmoderated site. I will continue to delete your granny behind because you need to get A HOBBY! You get that Jill Zarin? Now go away, before I put a house on you like I did your sister!

    Jessica~ So great to see you! thanks as well for the link. Kate DOES have to work on not showing her emotions so much and lkearn the art of the bluff. It's just giving the idiots more to make fun of at her expense.

  47. Jessica, thanks for that link!

    Also, Kate looks great in that pic in the orange shirt coming out of the nail place, that you posted BM.

  48. Goodbye "Just Wondering". See ya. Wouldn't wanna be ya.

    I was so surprised at Kate's reaction to being kept on the show. It was refreshing to see her practically jump for joy. Happy girl.

    I hope she RELAXES and gets in the moment. It's just a few minutes of pretending to be something that you're not. Pretend. There are so many people on her side. I hope she can let go...

    Driving to Florida next week to my new home. Can't believe I'll be living with palm trees and pools. So excited but may not be able to post til Comcast connects us back up. SOOOOO frustrating.

    Vote extra for me if I can't get to vote next week! I couldn't stand the guilt if Kate misses out by 20 votes. (10 online/10 on the phone).

    GO KATE!!

  49. HolliDay~ I am soo happy for you and wish you the best of luck in your new home. Please don't forget about me and come visit once you can get on line. Thats the great thing about the web.. no matter where you are, you can always get here! I know how hard it must have been to pack up all your stuff! I'm sure your new digs are amazing!

    I'm so jealous. I won't be able to get to FL until the end of August. We postphoned our trip since my husband couldn't get time off. Were going to try to do the Kate Gosselin Kid Freebies tour again (lol) and enjoy all the things the kids got to do last year (Sesame Place, Crayola, Dutch Wonderland) until our big vacation! I will try to extract an extra phone from a neighbor just for you!

  50. IMO - this is why Kate (and others) need security. When you are in the public limelight - the crazies come out of the woodwork! --

    EXCLUSIVE: FBI Knows Who Is Threatening Dancing With The Stars' Erin Andrews

    Marshall says authorities have been able to trace the emails and they know who sent them, “The FBI is on the case.

  51. Hope - I do agree that it is better safe then sorry! I read that post last night, and wonder why they would leak that info before making an arrest????

  52. Hearing all Tony's positive Tweets about Kate and the Paso Doble sue sounds encouraging. I hope so!

  53. Hello Linda & everyone! It's a beautiful Saturday! I hope everyone was able to go out and get a bit of fresh air. We took the kids to another fun easter hunt and brunch! Hope everyone has a fun & Happy Easter!

    I love the fact that Tony has stayed postive on his tweets. It makes me feel that Kate will do better this week. Now that she has been shown how scared she looks on stage, she really needs to look in the mirror and relax her facial features a bit. I'm wondering what they are going to do tomorrow once they go back to CA!

  54. Tony just tweeted that HE is on his way back to LA. I guess Kate isn't heading there until tomorrow? I'm sure she wants to spend Easter with the kids - but I hope it doesn't cost her too much in the way of lost practice time!!!

  55. Radar online has some pics of Kate doing an egg hunt w/ the kids. Seeing the pics makes me miss watching them every monday. They are too cute!

  56. While I want Kate to do well at DWTS, as a professed Christian, I'm so happy that she put this weekend with her kids first. I'm happy that she has Tony there to go back to LA to check on costumes, music and arrangements.

  57. The pic of Aiden running through the air is the one I am going to put up for my Happy Easter post. He is so happy and excited it just made my day. We did an egg hunt as well and it was so adorable seeing my little ones face as she found eggs. My husband was so happy, he was running faster than the kids. Today was the perfect day to be outside with the kids. Hopefully it too kher mind of the comments made about her dancing and the far in her face! lol

    Poor Tony certaily is earning his money this season..;) You watch the interviews, and he looks so defeated and upset. You can honestly say he gives 100% when he's on the dance floor. If anyone deserved that mirror ball trophy it's him. He really should have gotten Nicole... lol

  58. Oh my those pictures of the kid's are just too cute. Wait they remind me of something, could it be... healthy, happy, beautiful kid's enjoying life to the fullest. (With their mommy no less) Finger's crossed everyone can see those pictures for what they are. A family being a family one of life's greatest blessing's.

  59. I find it so fustrating when people make comments about the kids being outside where people can photograph them.. What, they aren't allowed to play in the front yard? The went in their private back lawn for a fun day.

    They are not living their lives just to get into photos for the media. If no p-people were there, you would have never known that they were celebrating with their mom. Just like they said Kate has no communication with any of her family, which is why her sister was taking care of them when she was away.....

  60. Happy Easter everyone! Have a wonderful day today..I laready have a stomach ache from the candy I are while helping the bunny fill the

  61. Why oh why does just wondering have to post here? I find her to be the worse kind of troll.....makes me vomit a little in my mouth. HAHA.

    Happy Easter to all. I am voting for Kate as much as I can! GO KATE! I think this is all a ruse, I think that she is faking and they are just waiting to show you she can really dance. She'll bust away and show us what she can do......I sure hope I am right!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Cindy - sounds like wishful thinking to me. I don't think she can get any worse, unless she falls down or something. The only way to go is up and Buzzzz past Buzzzz! lol

    Practice makes perfect, so they say. Whoever they are?
    I think she will make it close to the top, because BM now has 100 phones.

    Happy Easter to all, and Jon too. Did anyone read the rumors from ROL that Jon is having dinner for Kate's parents, Kevin and Jodi and the whole family??????

  63. G'morning all :)

    I wonder how many of us are posting while recouping from our sugar comas from preparing Easter baskets!?!? LOL

    I find myself amazed -- but I can hardly wait (with great hopes mind you!) to see them dance tonight!! I hope that Kate has been able to mentally prepare herself to relax and enjoy this experience! I think that's her biggest battle of all! (especially since Tony said something about how different her dancing is when they are practicing compared to when they actually dance live!)

    I didn't see that rumor on ROL anywhere? Anyone have the link? Hopefully it is just rumor and pot stirring -- but if it's not - I would be terribly disappointed (again) that Jon is continuing to slap Kate in the face like that at her own home. Just not cool IMO. If he wants to get them all together for dinner somewhere - that's his prerogative -- but not at Kate's house. Holding back my judgement for now though - so to not buy into the rumor mill!!

  64. Can't wait for tonight! Little drama at our house. Hope the dancing is over before the basketball tourney starts, lol. I want to watch the dancing on the big screen!

  65. BM - Do you have the DWTS iPhone app? It makes voting from an iPhone so much easier!

  66. BM - Do you have the iPhone app for DWTS? Makes voting so much easier!

  67. Good article about encouraging parents to get along at the Holidays
    "Take Note, Fighting Parents — If Jon & Kate Can Behave Amicably For A Holiday Weekend, So Can You!"

  68. There's an iphone app for voting? Oh my! I need to check that out!

  69. Hope all her fans keep up the voting pace! Even if she does a little better tonight she still needs all the help she can get to stay on.


    BM, you haven't been answering your mail lately!

  71. Why does Kate think it's so important for the kids to be proud of HER? Why doesn't she attend their school or sporting events and show her pride in THEM! She should spend more time supporting their spirits instead focusing on herself.

    She hasn't stepped foot in a church since she had to abandon her grifting ruse. Now that she no longer can use the churches she has no need for them.

  72. What kind of sick people blow up pictures of children and claim to see bruises and bite marks?? Make flip comment's about abuse and innuendos about a care-giver? That kind of behaviour is disgusting and just plain cruel. Just Wondering why is it ok for pictures of the Gosselin children to be used for these purposes?

  73. Why are you asking me? I don't run any of the sites. Actually, I think they are shadows. But if Kate didn't have staged photo ops the question never would have been raised, huh?

  74. Ignoring the idiocy going on above.....

    Just wanted to say I thought Kate looked amazing on GMA this morning!

    I hope they leave her hair soft/flowing like it was this morning when she dances tonight!!!

  75. Just Wondering -- Why do you even bother posting here? None of the regular fans here even take you seriously. I for one am assuming anything you say isn't worth beans because like all the other haters and rumor-mongers out there you don't have a leg to stand on with all your accusations,lies and slander.

  76. Just Wondering,
    I am not sure why I am wasting my time to even acknowledge your presence. Why oh why do you continue on this site. No one wants to hear your garbage. Most people who are on this site want to read positive things about Kate and her family. Please please please do us all a favor and leave. We are allowed to like Kate and support her. This site gives us that avenue to do so. Kate is amazing no matter what haters say about her. She is a beautiful person and I personally have learned a lot about myself through her. In addition she has (through her show) given me strength as a mother of my 6 kids in my everyday life. I hope that you will someday realize how hurtful you are to her. I hope you are never treated like you treat her.

    Kate you are an amazing person. I admire that you do for you children.

  77. I always wondered too why all these pictures are posted of the children. Think of other child actors. Wouldn't it be creepy for some adult to own a website claiming to be their biggest fan?

    The kids are like 5 & 9, these pictures plastered all over this "fan" site look like a pedophile's way to look at children legally.

    If I were Kate I too would be afraid of my children's safety.

    This site is stalker-ish.

  78. Just Wondering is the reason I started moderating my blog in the first place. She needs to back to her nasty troll sites and GET A HOBBY! All Jill Zarin joking aside, I'm not going to let her kool-aid ass ruin my posts and I will just delete her..

    Sorry to everyone I have been MIA! Stressful weekend and I'm also secretly looking for a less stressful job. In this economy I'm obvioulsy lucky to even have a job, but I need to find something this is REALLY part time, or get my behind in the school system to be with the kids! I'm off to put up a new post, so look for it!

  79. Just Wondering... Stop posting dont you get it, no one likes you!!!! All I wanted to say was the kids look sooo much older and I know its the best for them to not be on TV anymore but I definatly miss watching them! They look adorable as always and definatly happy! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Cant wait for DWTS tonight!

  80. For the record, and this is for all the trolls: I am the ONLY Fan Site that ALWAYS gives links and recognition for EVERY story that is posted on my site. So please kiss my behind and have a blessed day!

    I'm sorry to all my readers, but that needed to be stated since every single one of them reads here...

  81. If JW's comments bug you just ignore them and don't give her the attention she wants.

  82. I hope everyone had a nice Easter Weekend!

    I saw the pictures of the egg hunt and the kids look so happy and adorable! Oh how I wish I could still see them on Monday nights. I hope that the Easter Bunny treated them all well! ;)

    Hopefully Kate won't totally screw up tonight! LOL! She's probably not reading this, but what the heck... Kate remember to try to relax, have fun and please please please SMILE! :)

    Okay one last thing.. I can't hold back:
    I'M just wondering why Just Wondering is still posting here! No one cares even the slightest bit of whatever you have to say about against Kate. Majority of the people here probably scroll right past you. Do us all a favor and go somewhere else!

  83. Denise you are so right..I'm sorry I took it to that level. I need to focus my luck on Kate's feet tonight. And I have to steal more phones lol!

  84. I have my fingers and toes crossed for Kate tonight. Denise you are right I'm going to try and ignore JW. It just really burned my butt when I saw it posting on a site that not only had pictures of the kid's (something she was slamming BM for) and awful things were being said about the same pictures. Serves me right for checking in on some of the dark sites. Go Kate Go!

  85. Obsessedsays~ welcome! I wanted to ask if you had gotten to read excerpts of the book yet.. I have gotten to see parts & I did post a bit of it. It's really not like that kind of book. It's more of aoving book of thoughts & wishes foe each child. In fact there is a chaper for each child. It's really reasonably priced. I recommend it!