Tuesday, March 30, 2010

KATE IS SAFE FOR ANOTHER WEEK!!!! Jon Plays Doting Dad, Tony is SICK of The Haters!

Kate Gosselin Dances Into 35, but Can She Stay on 'Dancing With the Stars'? ABC.COM

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It remains to be seen if the old adage applies to one Kate Gosselin, who turned 35 years old Sunday before trotting across the floor of "Dancing With the Stars" Monday night.
Her jive was nothing short of juvenile. Attempting to mimic her professional partner Tony Dovolani's footwork, Kate Gosselin looked like a kid just learning how to distinguish left from right. Throughout, she wore a terrified expression on her face, as if her legs just might give up on her altogether. Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" blared in the background, and while Kate Gosselin remained upright at the end of Monday's performance, she may not be singing that tune for long. She and Dovolani scored only 15 out of a possible 30 points, making them prime contenders to get axed in tonight's elimination.

Which could be fine by him: in rehearsal footage aired before their performance, Dovolani revealed his rage at Kate Gosselin's lack of talent, venting that "Nothing in dancing is natural to Kate." As she nagged him again and again about the moves, he growled, "I've never been questioned in my teaching," before exploding, "I quit." After a commercial break, Dovolani returned to his clueless student and apologized. No stranger to getting ditched by dudes, Kate Gosselin took it in stride, forgiving him and noting, "a lot of people quit on me in life." Subpar though her skills may be, it's hard to blame the reality TV mom for getting her kicks from "Dancing," considering how things unraveled for her when she was 34.

While "Kate's Away" Jon Plays Dad: E!Online.com

After Kate Gosselin's little meltdown on last night's Dancing With the Stars, we couldn't help but wonder if Jon was kicking back like, "Told ya! She's the worst—not me!"
He is, in a sense. Jon seems to have launched Operation Perfect Dad over the past couple of days and, of course, has been photographed to prove it.

So far he's been spotted all over Reading, Pa., dropping the kids off at school, grocery shopping and, as pictured above, leading the gang through open fields of wonder. The American flag is a nice touch, we cannot lie. And so it remains debatable which Gosselin parent is the worst, but it's safe to say Jon's got impeccable timing.
Tony Walking Out On Access Hollywood..He Is DONE With The Haters Like US!


  1. Sorry this post is so late. This is like a nail biter. Everyone that didn't want to vote for Kate voted for Buzz. He should NOT have been safe. They will make sure they keep her till the end!

  2. Yeah, Kate is staying one more week.

    OK, Kate I know you read this because we are your number one fans and BabyMama is your top supporter. So here it goes. Stay strong, loosen up. I know you have the wait of your babies on your shoulders and you want to set a good example. You are!!!! So, have fun and your kids will be so proud. We love you.

  3. Whew!!! Safe for another week.

  4. Kate really needs to not look so miserable on the show...smile a little

  5. Yeah!!! Kate made it one more week.

  6. I am happy that she gets another chance. I hope she can learn to shake off the nerves. Good luck Kate, work hard and have fun doing it!!

  7. I don't know whats going on with the missing comments tonight sorry!

    I was super shocked that Buzz was the first one to be saved. Apparently the Kate haters must be calling for him because he's horrible! I feel for Shannen, because she was good, but I was really shocked about Buzz. Pamela deserved to be in the bottom 2, I felt she was boring. But to hear that Mark wasn't even going to be on the show anymore, well then I was glad that she was the first to go. Mark was more hurt than anyone thought, was having surgey and his attractive father was taking over for him.. That sounds a bit awkward no? lol

  8. Kate is the new Sanjaya! Even I voted for her. I want her to dance until her feet fall off and her legs explode.

    This is Dancing With The Stars, not Dancing With Housewives. Kate wants to be a star? Then she better find some talent or she's going to dance her way into being this year's American Fool!

  9. im proud of kate! I think she did a better job this week, and I think she will continue to just get better =)

    Jon on the other hand.... His true colors have already shown and he will always be (in my opinion) a cheating scum bag.

  10. Just wondering...I'm very sorry for whatever it was that happened to you in your life that makes you so mean and spiteful. Why do you feel the need to spread your anger on a FAN PAGE? I think we are all aware of some of Kates oops moment's, but we are still coming to this site for positive discussion. If I wanted to read snark, I'd go to one of the snarky sites.

  11. I really hope the comments come back. I do not know what is happening to them. Just wanted to let you know I contacted Blogger, and they apparently are aware of the issue. Too excited that she will be back on next week! This is a test comment by the way...lol

  12. I agree with Crystal, every time they would pan over to Kate I kept saying "smile Kate...smile Kate...just smile". My son said mommy why are you saying that...
    She looked so miserable...

    On another note...Well said Momsby!

  13. It looked to me like she was shaking with nerves. I do that when I'm under stress, my body just kind of takes over. I keep hoping she'll relax and have some fun with it. Although I know I'd be a shaking puking mess!

  14. Tony's Tweets:

    Kate says Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!.....that's a good thing she is grateful "and as you know that means I'm deaf"
    14 minutes ago via UberTwitter

    Reply Retweet TonyDovolani Pa here we come :-) thank you to everyone for voting we will make you proud
    44 minutes ago via UberTwitter

  15. I'm so stupid I didn't realize there was a new post.

    I'm not surprised Kate is still there. I have to say that I too feel that abc knows Kate is good for ratings and I think there has to be something they can do to keep her there if that's what they want. I mean who really would know? The ratings weren't as high this week but they were still good ratings, or so they say... Do they even say how many votes each one got by the viewers?

    I also agree that anyone with professional dance experience shouldn't be on the show competing. Does anyone know if Erin has experience? She looks it. I think Shannen did really well for someone with no dance experience. I was sorry to see her go but it worked out with Mark getting hurt. Hmmm... I wonder if that was fixed? lol.

    Can you imagine if Kate wins? I don't see that happening but I wouldn't be surprised either. Has anyone that can't dance ever won before?

    I can't see Kate getting any better. I'm surprised she was a cheerleader. I wonder if she was a good one? Regardless, the girl just can't dance. There are some people that just can't cook even if they follow a recipe. There are some people who just can't act even if they can memorize and recite lines. There are some people that can't dance even if they can learn the steps.

    P.S. If anyone ever buys Uglu at getuglu.com let me know how it is. Sorry, but I just saw the commercial for it. I wonder if it can do all it claims. lol.

  16. Yikes, that was long. I'll shut up now. I was watching Vertigo and was babbling away... Rear Window up next!!!

  17. Erin is a dancer.

    A native of Lewiston, Maine, Erin graduated from the University of Florida where she was a member of the Gators’ basketball dance team from 1997-2000. Old habits must die hard because Erin is dancing once again.

  18. Dancing With The Stars News: Kate Gosselin To Parody Jon Gosselin In Dance Next Week?
    By Murtz Jaffer - March 30, 2010 | Email the author | Follow on Twitter For those of you shocked that Kate Gosselin is still on Dancing With The Stars, prepare to lift your jaw off the floor again.

    In an interview after the results show on Tuesday, Gosselin admitted that she is turning her high-profile split with her husband into a high-stepping dance routine next week.

    “It’s my story over the past two of years,” Kate tells us of the dance. “We’re very, very excited.”

    Credit: E! Online

  19. Baby Mama,

    Is there something wrong with Blogger? It says there are 21 comments but I only see 8 when I click on it. ???

  20. Is Jon Gosselin Reuniting with Kate on Dancing With the Stars?!
    Today 9:15 PM PDT by Megan Masters

    You're not gonna believe this.

    Kate Gosselin and her gracious partner Tony Dovolani may have been at odds this week on (and off!) camera, but the Dancing with the Stars' duo have put their differences aside and come up with something very interesting for next week.

    Is she planning a reunion with her now infamous ex-hubby Jon Gosselin to spice things up (and maybe keep those ratings high)?

    If we can believe what Kate tells us, the answer might be even better than you imagine...

    While Jon himself is not actually going to grace the DWTS stage, we will be getting the next best (or worst?) thing: a Jon and Kate-themed dance for week three! Tony will be channeling Jon G (lucky Jon!) as Kate portrays herself (who else?) in next week's storytelling assignment.

    Let that sink in for a moment: Kate will be transforming her recent tabloid troubles into a high-stepping dance routine.

    "It's my story over the past two of years," Kate tells us of the dance. "We're very, very excited."

    And there's only one word to describe such a dance.

    "Dramatic," says Kate, to which Tony replies, "Lots of drama," to which Kate adds a little more emphasis with an, "Oh my gosh, so much drama."

    Whew! So listen guys, we think it's going to be dramatic in case you missed the memo.

    We kid, because clearly you DWTS fans either a) love Kate and don't want to see her to leave the show, or b) love watching Kate humiliate herself on national TV and don't want to see her leave the show, because she and Tony managed to stick around after some pretty dire scores.

    "My dancing has a lot of work to do, and I'm the first to admit it. I'm not a quitter, I won't quit on this, I want to finish the dance," so says Kate. "The frustrating thing for me is I can do it so well in practice that even I'm like, wow! Did I just do that? Then I come out here and I'm like, whaaa!"

    Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/b174245_jon_gosselin_reuniting_with_kate_on.html#ixzz0jj8D1rNn

  21. Is Tony going to dance wearing Ed Hardy, etc? If so, I think that's just wrong to mock Jon and to mock everything that happened this past year. IMO.

  22. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Is Tony going to dance wearing Ed Hardy, etc? If so, I think that's just wrong to mock Jon and to mock everything that happened this past year. IMO

    I agree Schmecky and very sad for their children.

  23. OHH! So glad the comments things looks to be clearing up! Even though I still don't see mine, I did see that comment on E! about Tony channeling Jon Gosselin. I can only hope that Kate can take her fustrations out on the dance floor, at least she wont be thinking about the steps which shows though her scared expression. The girl has GOT to loosen up & not look so scared!

  24. I think Kate's routine next week is something that ABC/producers/etc came up with as a way to keep interest going as long as they can and up the ratings more.

    Remember it has to be a dance ... I just think it will be one where they start dancing together, then pull apart in a play fight motion, she may do some running steps as if running from the paparazzi. Since she has been looking terrified with a frozen smile, I am sure they are encouraging her to look frustrated, angry, terrified as part of a routine.

    I don't think it will a mockery of Jon but a way to try to make something creative out of Kate's current panic when she hits the dance floor.

  25. Oh No, I think doing a mock routine of JK is absolutely wrong. Yes, Kate use the show to get more weeks and money. What happened to your OP about taking the the High road? Yes, and what about making your children proud of you? Anything and Anyone involved in anyway with your DIVORCE OR LIFE AT THAT TIME, should not be portrayed on TV. period. This is just grasping at straws on the Networks part.

    This will just prove to me that this program is phoney. The Gosselin were pretending at the end, and to me this show is too. All those practice sessesions seemed scripted to me. OMG, i have to shut up for now.

  26. Well I'm glad Kate is safe until next week. I'm getting tired of abc keeping her until the last all the time, last to dance, last to know results. It does show you who they really know is getting them ratings! It wouldn't surprise me if the dancing story they tell next week is about Jon & Kate. What else WOULD it be?? I think it could be tastefully done. I wonder which dance they're doing? Some of them are about love and drama & all that...It may not be Tony dressing up as Jon or anything, it could simply be trying to portray falling in & out of love. It's not like we all don't know the story anyway. And remember Len said to tell the story thru the dance, not thru props & all that, so I don't see Tony coming out in Ed Hardy with Hailey Glassmen hanging off his arm!!

  27. OK, I am over my shock,but just need to say:
    Kate did The TLC Dance, for moula!
    Now she will do the ABC dance for same.
    It's just a shame, IMO, that you have to backtrack and use your personal life to please a network.

  28. SG - I didn't see the new post either. Blonde moment for me I guess!

    I posted in the other thread this morning and until I had my 'duh' moment - was wondering why there weren't any new posts! LOL

    Besides the twitter from Tony that you posted - I also posted this:

    Tony twittered last night that they were headed back to PA. So much for hoping they'd be able to stay in LA and get extra practice hours in!

    I've done the red eyes back and forth to CA from MD - and it's a hard trip - even after you acclimate yourself to it. I can't imagine doing it weekly and having to put in the hours it must take for practice in between. I can't help but wonder how much it is impacting them - in practice, costuming, hair and other stuff?

  29. Hope~ the situation with the posts is so fustrating. I hope you can read this!

    Acess Hollywood had that interview where Tony was so upset being picked on by the media that he walked away. It's been really hard for him to deal with the amount of flack he is getting for having Kate as a partner. I feel really bad for him. People are making a bigger deal out of things and not reporting on any other arguements with the other contestants. It's not fair. She is allowed to get upset just like eveyone else. She didn't "ATTACK" him and that pisses me off that they make her out ot be this horrible person for sticking up for herself. She was not screaming ...DOES ANYONE WANT TO HEAR SCREAMING? lol

  30. BM -- I see your post. :)

    I also saw (in video and print) them making a big deal about Kate commenting she felt like she was going to throw up. However - I also read where both Pam Anderson and Shannen D both said the same thing! Why do they play it like Kate is wrong/diva-ish/whatever for saying/feeling the same way??

    I do believe that Kate's face was so straight/sad throughout the show because she really believed she was going home. Unlike Pam and Shannen - she has a lot more to lose (her own personal feelings, needing the money more than they do, etc) so it was probably much easier for them to smile through it than Kate. However, I do think she needs to be aware of how it looks - and find a way to handle herself and her emotions a little better. Maybe bringing in someone for some simple acting instruction would be a great help??

  31. Does anybody else feel like Kate may be trying to please everybody so much, that she is ignoring her own needs. ie. the back and forth travel, content of the next dance etc. Often as mother's we get so busy taking care of other's we forget to take care of ourselves.

  32. momsby:

    I see it a little differently. I know for me - to travel and be away from my kids (even when they were little) was just part of life for us - even if it was for 2-3 weeks. I also had a nanny at the time - and although I hated being away from my kids, I knew I had a great situation set up for them at home and that it wasn't going to be the end of the world for us due to my work/travel schedule.

    Kate unfortunately has the eyes of the world looking to crucify her. She has to worry about her situation differently because of this. My kids didn't run the risk of having a classmate say horrible things to them about me because I was travelling. This is a real possibility for the gosselin kids. So - I am sure there's a thousand more reasons why she feels she needs to do it this way -- not just because she's not putting herself first.

    It sucks for her IMO.

  33. OK LETS TAKE A BREATH HERE~ Tony is NOT going to come out in an Ed Hardy Tee. These comments about Tony portraying Jon are NOT supposed to be taken literally. What was meant was, Kate will "Pretend" that he is Jon to let out her fustrations during the dance and not look like a deer in headlights and mess up the steps.

    Kate needs to loosen up and think about anything else BUT the dance steps if shes goning to make it another week. This is a mental exercise and nothing more. Please don't think that this is going to be a Jon & Kate dance lol

  34. Hope - Pertaining to it's easier for Shannon and Pam to smile because they don't need the money as much as Kate!! They are actors and know how to put on that show. Kate is not and she is having a hard time with her emotions. I would too, I couldn't do it. I think her fan base is going to keep her in it for more weeks then we realize. Kate needs to see that too.

    As for the phone votes, how do we really know what the totals are? Does ABC tell the truth? Did TLC ever tell the truth?

  35. I agree that they also have their 'acting' ability helping them. I still think that if they had as much on the line - they'd still, acting ability or not, find it much harder to hide their fear. Just my 2 cents though :)

  36. Hope..LOL We actually do see it the same way, you are just able to express it better than I was. It does really suck for Kate! I've been noticing a few, for lack of a better word, social debates and women's issues in the whole Gosselin saga. I'm enjoying seeing how other women, with different life perspectives, view the subjects. I hope this makes sense, I was up half the night with kids and I'm a little foggy today.

  37. I also wanted to ask what everyone thought (if you noticed it last night - I did) how that Pam Anderson walked over to Kate (when Tony went over to help Mark down the stairs) and had what looked to be like a nice congratulatory few words with Kate?

    Didn't seem to validate the rumor mill about Pam hating Kate!

    That's the kind of stuff I like to see -- when things come out that STOP the rumors and nastiness. Too much of the stretching the truth and ratings grabbing focus on little things they make out to be worse or other than they REALLY are!

  38. I also enjoyed it when Shannon told Jimmy Kimmel. She'd never even met Kate, so how could there be "Diva" tension.

  39. I hope Tony can bottle all the happiness Kate felt in being safe and put it into the dance. She let go in that moment so maybe it's a turning point!

    I think one thing that might help Kate is if Tony brought in a female dancer to show Kate the female and male steps together. She might be a visual learner and it would help.

    I think the idea of the story is something that might work for Kate, especially if she really connects to the idea that it's her story. She can't mess up her story. Did anyone hear what style of dance it is?

    I'm not surprised Shannon went, though. Every year that I watch, the first person to go is the one that hasn't been on TV in a long time. The one when they announce the name and everyone is all, "Oh yeah, I remember him/her. I haven't seen her/him in forever!"

  40. Hope,

    I'm glad you mentioned that. All throughout this series I'd see Kate and Pam comfortably chit-chatting happily in the background between them. So, even tho' they each are so different, they can be seen getting along well. Based on so many other reports as well, that "diva" rumor is pretty much refuted and tanked.

  41. OMG! LOL! Sorry! I didn't mean to start the whole Ed Hardy thing. It's not like I know that's what they are going to do. I just wondered how else Tony would channel Jon and thought it would be in poor taste. I don't think an Ed Hardy shirt is a prop, more like a costume.

    Actually I think Tony channeling Jon in any way is wrong though just because he is no longer in her life and they ended things pretty badly. IMO.

    But we really don't know what they plan to do and Kate never really mentioned Jon herself, it was just in the article from what I remember.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see how they get the story across.

  42. I'm assuming Shannen said she never met Kate before the show actually aired??? She had to have met her since the premiere. I guess I don't know when Shannen was on Jimmy Kimmel.

  43. You really can't know what to believe about Kate and Pam. Pam is an actress and if she wants to act like she loves Kate to further herself in the show she can very easily. Heck, I could. lol. But I don't give much credence to those reports.

    Although the report they had about Tony being upset about Kate a couple of weeks ago seems like it could be true based on what happened during their practice session. Who knows who Tony spoke to and what he said during that time he was away after he walked out. Kate said she had a snack and then Tony came back in and they made up. So he was gone for a few at least a few minutes. He may have had some alone time to think, or he may have been talked into going back in. We don't know.

  44. I am VERY proud of Kate for two reasons:

    REASON NUMBER ONE: For trying something comPLETEly out of her comfort zone and experience. Anyone interested in training for one month to be a nurse (while showing their progress on national television) and then showing that progress on national television?

    REASON NUMBER TWO: Just because she's asking her dance instructor to explain things differently doesn't mean that she's a bitch or that she's emasculating him. Any good teacher will customize his/her teaching style to accommodate the student's learning style - she's frustrated because despite repeatedly asking for help she's not getting it AND at the same time is being treated like she's inferior, for asking. I'D be choked too. And keep in mind that this is reality television - most likely interactions are edited for the most dramatic effect.

  45. I watched a video of Kate and Tony discussing next weeks dance and they never mentioned Jon. That is just something E On line drummed up.

  46. SG,

    Your last post seems to be somewhat of a double standard. I can beleive this... but I can't believe that.

  47. Callie,

    I meant that when they first reported about what Tony said about Kate I didn't give it much credence, just like I don't about Pam and Kate, UNTIL I saw the footage. Now that I saw the footage with their practice and their argument I can NOW believe the report may have had a basis to it.

    So if I see footage of Kate and Pam not getting along in the future and/or Pam or Kate admit it's true then I would refer back to that article and say Oh maybe that was what that article was referring to.

    I don't think that's a double standard at all. I think that's waiting until there is something more concrete to base my opinion on. In my opinion the footage we saw gave that "anonymous source" story some credibility.

  48. Okay, I'm going to warn everyone first that I have no basis for this opinion other than pure speculation on my part (also seems to be speculation by others when I googled).

    I'm not asking about this to "start anything" like rumors, etc but the topic has come up here before and I am just wondering if anyone else knows about it...

    Did anyone see The View on 3/19 when Evan from DWTS (the skater) was on? I just watched it earlier today.

    In that show they were discussing grudges in Hot Topics. Whoopie said she had a "grudge" against someone and says she can't stand being around her and that she makes her skin crawl. She also said that she is sometimes forced to be around her but only very sporadically and she can deal with it but she can't stand being near her. She also says that it's obvious to the person she has the grudge against.

    The other hosts seemed to know who she was talking about and one of them even said something like Well would you really call that a grudge? Maybe you just don't like her? And Whoopie said No it's a grudge.

    This is what I found online:

    The hosts of 'The View' were discussing grudges and how to deal with them when Whoopi Goldberg chimed in about a grudge she has against an unnamed woman.

    "I had an experience recently with someone that I have a grudge against ... she just rubs me the wrong way," Goldberg said. When Sherri Shepherd asked her if she should talk to the woman about it, Goldberg said "I don't care ... She makes my skin crawl." How's Goldberg going to handle it? She's just going to "avoid her ass."

    Again, I am totally speculating but I really think she was referring to Kate. Seeing her deal with Kate on The View you really feel she has something against her and I know others have posted that opinion here too. When I googled it just now other people felt she was referring to Kate too so it's not just me.

    Did anyone see it? Has anyone else heard about this in reference to Kate before?

  49. Can we just drop the whole argument issue? One, we don't know for sure when it happened Or how long it lasted. Second, we've probably debated it longer on here than it actually lasted for them. Third, since it's over for them, could it just be over here?

  50. Linda~ haha love ya girl, you are so funny. Forgive me I havent't had time to read all of the posts. I could only assume that arguements are going around as to wether Kate & Tony deserved another week. And you know what? It doesn't matter, it's always been about being a popularity contest on that show. That year that Mark Ballas was booted off right away with that pretty Cheeta girl, everyone was devastated. Nobody voted. People vote for who they like and not really who is the best dancer really until the end. Joey Fatone was robbed! So was Mario Lopez. The women always seem to fare better on this show.

    Kate & Pam seem to be fine. Nit picking about it is pointless. They are competing to win. Should Pam have been in the bottom 2? no. Hello Buzz. If she's pissed that she was & Kate wasn't, well tuff cooties. She needs fans like me that have 300 cell phones. When you get a fan like me Pam, then you will be a lucky girl ;)

  51. Umm.. I think she will be dancing to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi." And I think it's been in the works for a long time.

  52. I'm not allowed to put Radar's video here, but I will post the link. It's a good interview, and you get to see the part where she finally finds out she's safe. Boy did they drag that out!


  53. Ah! Lady Gaga's Paparazzi! That does make sense! Especially since she mentioned it on the Jay Leno Show along with DWTS. I'm willing to put a wager on that one. A virtual waver that is. ;)

  54. SG - Haven't heard a thing about Whoopie having a grudge against anybody. Then again, I don't watch that show on a daily basis. BUUUUTTTTT, I did today to see if they said anything about Kate............and duhhhhhh, THE OCTOMOM was on!

    I thought she was a mess last year and my OP still stands. Now Whoopie asked a serious Q about her mental stability and if she thought she had a problem in that department. I cracked up lol. Nadia could not answer that intelligently and naturally the girls keep interrupting. Whoopie looked sick of the whole interview, and I can't blame her.

  55. Wow, Lady Gaga, never thought about that. I like that idea!

  56. Wellllllll.........

    I was just sitting here trying to think of what the song they might use next week would be. Thought maybe "It's your life" by Francesca .....then thought nah...... Then thought maybe Garth's "The Dance" then REALLY THOUGHT Naaaaahhhhhhh......

    Other titles that came to mind and were quickly ruled out where: Nobody in his right mind would have left her (G. Straight), The Climb (M. Cyrus), Complicated, and lots of other ones.

    I think Melissa Ethridge's song "The Letting Go" would be a very good choice!

    Not knowing if they're doing a slow or fast dance doesn't help though (although The Letting Go is beautiful dance music!!)

    The funniest song I thought of though would be Lady GaGa's PppppPap-a-razzi! LOL

  57. LOL - guess I'm about a day late and a dollar short! I was going through songs to put in my post - only to come back and find that they've announced the song.

    GOSH - it's just been that kind of day today. :(

    At least I wasn't the only person to think of the lady gaga song?!

  58. Well guess I'm about a day late and dollar short! I was off posting - looking/thinking about songs -- and took so long I that when I put my post through - all your comments about them announcing the song choice were in posts above mine.

    Gosh - this day has been awful with stupid little stuff like that happening!

    Oh well -- at least I wasn't the only person who thought Paparazzi would be funny. I started to say in the other post though - that I think that may be a tough song to dance to though. I think Kate might have done better with a slower song this week!

  59. OH Jeeeeeeez. It told my my other post didn't go through - so I re-wrote it!


    BM feel free to delete one of those! :)

  60. So - this will be my last post for a little while because I am clearly being blog challenged today!!!

    So - its just RUMOR that it will be Paparazzi or has that been made public somewhere (I just re-read - taking my time - what was posted above)

  61. Hello Everyone!
    Not sure if anyone posted this article, but I really enjoyed it. :)
    I did kind of enjoy that they waited til the last minute to announce that Kate is safe. I'm so glad she is safe, since I had a horrific time voting Monday night!
    Thanks for the updates Baby Mama!


  62. 3 dances for next week announced:

    The Waltz
    The Quick Step
    The Passo Doble

    I wonder which one Kate and Tony will be doing??

  63. Ah -- Tony tweeted! Their doing the Passo! OMG!

  64. Hope, Tony and Kate are doing the Paso Doble, per his twitter:

    TonyDovolani I just got done with our first practice the Paso is going great :-)
    about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter

  65. Just Wondering,

    I saw over at Imperfect Women early this morning that they were thinking it would be Lady Gaga's Paparazzi. That must have been where you read it also and came up with the idea because I know you don't have a creative brain cell in that head of yours and would not think that up on your own.

    You now also have added a conspiracy theory to it to give it the spin that you always need to do.

    I am wondering if you can ever just have an opinion of your own and join in a conversation about Kate without dropping a million links to articles out there. It is like here is a link -" I guess I told you." You usually offer no discussion with it or opinion. If you do it is just Kate bashing.

    Why do you feel it is necessary to come to sites that are pro sites. These people that post here are intelligent women who can read and surf the internet on their own. They do not need your help. You do more to hurt your point of view than to help it and you are laughed at by most people. I actually feel sorry for you.

  66. Oh my goodness.....gosh - I was hoping they would do the waltz as it might be a little easier to learn.....

    This seems like a TOUGH dance!?!

  67. Here is Tony doing the Paso Doble with another star.


    There are other videos of it on the right side.

  68. Hahahahaha NO. :) j/k

    Anyway - kind of ironic that the rumor mill is saying they'll dance to ga-ga's paparazzi - since Tony danced to ga-ga with Melissa doing the Paso.

    Hmm... (trying to think of what SG might post next) *insert grin here* :)

  69. You know -- this video might be good for Kate to watch. It shows the practice clip of when Melissa and Tony were practicing together and she talks about how you have to 'get into character' with each dance. I think that is part of Kate's issue -- she feels comfortable in her 'reality' tv role - but is struggling to understand how to be comfortable letting herself feel like a 'character' of the dance?


  70. Hope~ What a day...Finding a balance between work and motherhood is like Kate doing the Jive! haha. I have said before that I was such a Tony fan when he was paired with Marisaa & Melissa Rycroft. Girl was robbed! I loved watching her dance, she really had a fun bubbly personality ot her. If Kate would just not look like a deer in headlights it would be so much better to watch her dance.

    I too was sad to hear they packed up so quickly & went straight back to PA. Practice in the CA studios may have been helpful. But then you would have the media & haters on her ass that shes not glued to her children. Sometimes even I need a day or two to get away from my wonderful childen to appreciate them a bit more! lol

    relax haters, its SPRING BREAK!

  71. I strongly suspect that the so-called "show insider" who made up the rumor about Kate being a diva on the show is creating another rumor about Pam being annoyed by Kate and "can't stand" her. If that were true, I highly doubt Pam wouldn't have gone over to congratulate her on surviving this week's cut. If Pam was actually that phony, Kate is intelligent and wise and observant enough to figure it out on her own.

    Furthermore, if I were a DWTS official, and there truly is a rumor monger in their employ I'd root out the unprofessional culprit and have them fired on the spot.

  72. Just viewed several Paso Doble dance videos. The basic steps are simple enough, but the variations and upper body movements are what creates the "drama". As a Spanish dance, the body is supposed to maintain a high level of "tension". Kate should be better at that this next time around! ;)

  73. In my opinion, the passo is best when the couple is really dueling throughout. So, Kate would be the "bull" and Tony the "matador." I don't think Tony would make Kate the "cape." Maybe Kate can just put all her anger and frustration into the dance and work it out. Or they dress her up as a paparazzi and then Tony metaphorically slays her. LOL Might be a wee bit on the nose, tho. :P

  74. Amy~ so true.. At this point, the only ace up her sleeve is that she mentally puts a Jon mask on Tony & goes after him! lol Because if she doesnt get better, I may not have enough phones ot save her. My next step is to go through Times Square with a "lend me your cell to save Kate" sign...I feel so bad for Tony, the guy probably has never had to go through this much publicity with any of his other partners!

  75. SchmeckyGirl I read your question about Whoopie. I think also she is talking about Kate. You can tell its Kate by the way she talks to Kate when she is on the show its very obvious. I hope they dance to paparazzi!!! Every time I hear that song on the radio I think of Kates comment she made about the song on the Tonights Show (I believe). The dance will be really exciting!

  76. Brooke,

    Someone else just pointed out to me that Whoopie said it right after Kate was on The View. I forgot because I just watched her say it today. I didn't put two and two together. Now I really do feel it was about Kate. IMO!!

  77. Anyone see this? It's an interview with Niecy Nash and her partner (love her!). She was asked about Kate and she was very classy about answering the questions. Look at her face when she's asked. Also how she sends her partner some signal about answering. He even replies. lol.


    P.S. You can see Steve the bodyguard in the background next to Niecy's head on her left (or rather your left). You see the back of Kate's head too between Niecy and her partner.

  78. Tx SG for the to the paso dance. Just viewed it and it is pretty fast for Kate. Love that dance and am hoping she can do. I think Kate needs to practice the Hula dance in private, almost naked, in front of a mirror, so she can see and get her hips bending. Her torso is not flexible at all, no wiggle at the waist. JMO, I don't know if she can do it.
    Dancing is hard but fun. Have fun Kate!!!

    Now to watch that Niecy interview! cu

  79. Nice interview with Nicey! She gave a good view about the whole competition. Why does Kate need Steve there when she is supposed to be in a relaxed atmosphere?

  80. #1caregiver,

    I didn't even think of that. I don't know why Kate would need a bodyguard there. It does seem to be a controlled atmosphere. I am starting to think that Steve is more about controlling certain things that are done or said than actually "guarding" Kate.

  81. SG - I watched the video clip. I guess I'm going to need some lessons also on looking for hidden agendas and codes. I just didn't see or hear Niecy putting forth any hidden comments about Kate. Sorry, but a lot of the time a comment is just that, with nothing added.

  82. Why does Kate need a bodyguard? Gee , it isn't that controlled I don't think. Then we have haters like Just Wondering who says she hopes horrible things about Kate and hoping she's harmed, Preesi hoping she gets killed flying back and forth, the people on Radar hoping somebody rushes up and breaks her neck or leg, and on and on. I would be scared to death. Of course that is what haters want. I'd be so scared I'd be afraid to move much less dance.

    I just thought of something else. Much of the time TLC pays Steve. Perhaps they are paying him to protect their past and future investments?

  83. Anyone catch Chelsea Lately's comment on the Rachel Ray show this morning about the J&K 8 show? She said "How many times can you see that guy and not just want to kill him? He is SO annoying!" LOL

    Then - on Pam anderson and Kate G being on DWTS - she made a funny comment about - then said that the two of them being on the show was going to make it the best season ever!

    She joked a little too about Kate's new weave - and said she may have to start calling her "Chia Pet Kate" because she went from so short to long overnight.

    Both she and Rachel talked very nicely about Kate! Very nice!

  84. Linda,

    I'm sorry but I have no idea what you are talking about regarding Niecy and hidden agendas about Kate. I never said that.

    I said she was classy because she didn't want to say anything about Kate and she didn't want her partner to.

    I got the impression the interviewer wanted some dirt or for her to say something negative about Kate and Niecy wasn't going to give it to her. I thought that was nice of her.

    She did do something to her partner trying to tell him not to say anything negative because without her saying anything to him, he said something like "What? I'm not saying anything."

    As for Kate being in danger there I just doubt it is all. It's not like just anyone can get in there. Besides, Kate walks around all the time in PA without a bodyguard. I think if anyone wanted to get her they only have to wait at Target or outside her mani/pedi salon, not go to a media event with security that could stop or catch them.

    I do think TLC pays Steve. I always thought that. I never thought Kate paid him.

  85. How nice to have a celeb saying something great about Kate! Was just watching Rachael Ray show talking about DWTS and she said she was so glad Kate was able to stay because she is one of her favorite people. See folks, even celebs can want to support somebody because they like them, not necessarily because they think they can dance fantastically.

  86. SchmeckyGirl, the GWOPers went to town over the whole Whoopie Goldberg 'grudge' piece as it was a day or two after Kate was on. I don't doubt it was about Kate either. To me it is a big .. whatever.

    Whoopie doesn't like Kate; Barbara Walters and Meridith Veira do.

    Whoopie has also made it very clear she can't stand Nadya Suleman (the octomom) either. She basically called her mentally ill when she appeared on the view

  87. Thanks SG for all the dancing links!

    I wish Tony would have chosen something other than the Passeo. I'm afraid it will only emphasize Kate's stiffness.

    Lol, unless of course, he chose it to bring an end to their dancing to get out of the media scrutiny. Fame can be great. Until they've walked in Kate's shoes or near her, I don't think anybody realizes how very difficult it would be to have every facial expression, step, shopping trip, squint into sunlight, shoestyle, dental whiteness, etc etc scrutinized and analyzed to the Nth degree. Heavens, I don't think even my sainted mother could stand up to that analysis. I know for sure that I, as just a mere Mom, couldn't do it.

    Who knew that 5 minutes out of of the whole 10,080 minutes of the last week would be so scrutinized as a major blowup argument. It's out of porportion just like much of the junk about Jon was. Kinda makes me really wish I could follow one of the haters for a day with a camera. Then with edits I could portray them as whatever. If they aren't dressed in the latest, I'll call them matronly. And if they are, I'll vow they're just showing a sexy slut style. If they go to work, I'll call child services to accuse them of neglect. If they don't work, I'll denounce them as lazy and shiftless. Hmmm maybe a new reality show...pick out a hater, follow them for 24 hours and see how they hold up.

  88. PAR,

    Thanks! Yeah, I don't read GWOP so I didn't realize that it was discussed anywhere before. I only mentioned it yesterday because that's when I saw the episode and I didn't know if anyone here knew about it.

    I don't feel that just because Whoopie doesn't like her means it justifies anything about not liking Kate because like you said some people like her and some people don't.

    I just wonder if anything happened between Whoopie and Kate for Whoopie to feel that strongly about her (if it was her that she was talking about and I personally think it was). I think it was obvious when Kate was on the show that Whoopie had a problem with her. I think if Kate didn't appear on The View once in a while Whoopie would have actually said it was her she was talking about, but she does have to work with her so she didn't name names.

  89. Linda,

    That sounds like a great concept for a show. Maybe you should suggest it to TLC!

    I hope Tony isn't worried about how his partnership with Kate will affect his image.

    She is his partner and he is supporting her and he is getting flack for that. He is also getting flack for standing up to her in the video clip. Some people are actually saying he's a bad instructor because he can't teach Kate. They are blaming him for Kate not being able to dance. That has to be frustrating for him too. His reputation is on the line. It seems like it shouldn't matter but I think to him it does.

  90. Mea culpa Schmecky. I had been typing, copying and pasting and thought I had deleted the first part before I pasted. Obviously I did not. I had been typing the first part when I wanted to ask you what it was you wanted us to note in the Niecy interview...then when I reread your comment and rewatched the interview I understood. And I thought I had deleted it. Sorry.

    About the bodyguard...I still say if I were Kate I'd have them all the time. I think that group of haters is vicious and they frighten me. Crazy people just need a direction to channel their hate, and unfortunately some have chosen Kate. I mean they really scare me. Not the best comparison but if interlopers can get into the White House with phenomenal security, getting into a TV studio is a piece of cake. I wish she had even more because I think it is a real danger. Imagine the splash they could get if something happened with cameras rolling. There are a lot of sick people out there. And those who hate Kate seem to have inordinate amounts of time to vent their spleens.

    Okay doing this on iPhone while watching kids skate. So hope I didn't cut and paste wrong parts together again. Spring break is almost over so leaving FL again to head back to NC. If I'm stuck waiting again you all may get more of my posts, lol. If not, I'll be back on Sunday. Have a great Holiday weekend all.

  91. No problem Linda!

    Did you go to Disney yet?!?!?!

    I actually don't read anything where I see hate for Kate where people sound like they would hurt her physically.

    I know I've read people say "Break a leg Kate" and mean it literally (or even facetiously literally) and I've read comments about how they hope someone says something to her face or heckles her etc (I usually read it second hand where people are complaining they read that, not the comments themselves) but I've never read any threats about actually harming her. I am under the impression that some haters are hoping that someone else does something to her but that they themselves never would, so I just don't think it would actually ever happen.

    I don't read that many blogs about Kate and I don't read the comments at ROL or elsewhere because I don't like sites that attack other posters and I don't like that they aren't controlled environments.

  92. Actually thinking about it most of the comments I read are wishing for bad things to happen to Kate, like you said, but I don't think Steve can protect Kate from a plane accident or a broken leg or injury from dancing anyway.

  93. Pics of Tony and Kate in his Porshe. I got a google of it earlier but the site it sent me to was "bad" so I had to wait for ROL to post it. lol.

    Weird that it looks like pap pics but they are on their property in the driveway and Kate and Tony are smiling. Maybe they hired Jon's pap? I guess now Kate has to learn to love and appreciate the paps like she learned to love and appreciate her fans?

  94. http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2010/03/photos-kate-gosselin-and-tony-dovolani-bury-hatchet-cruise-around-pennsylvania

    Forgot the link!!

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. SG - I don't comment on ROL either. I try not to read GWOP either but have some people that email me their junk whether I want it or not, lol. Just Wondering posted her comments on this blog. I don't know if bodyguard can stop catastrophic events either, but hopefully could stop lunging loonies.

    Since I went to Disney a few weeks ago with daughter and her class, we didn't go to Disney this trip - we went to Jacksonville and enjoyed the beach, or tried to anyway.

    With the crazies, how many truly completely lunatic crazies do you think there are in a million people? Gosh, even if there were only 1 in a million people ( and it's gotta be higher) there would be 8 of these loonies right now in NYC alone! Lol, kinda makes you be careful doesn't it.

    Just hope we can get on our way home. Two flights delayed and they aren't saying why. Hubby wants to rent car and drive home. OMG tired cranky people and a 9 hour drive in a closed car. Doesn't that sound like lots of fun? Maybe I can book him with kids and I can do a different flight. I'm ready for some solitary time.

  97. Sorry Linda! I can just see you having a Plane To Utah Meltdown on your way home. ;)

    Hey I did a hyperlink to the ROL article so you don't have to copy and paste! You can just click the link! Woohoo!

  98. Ok I have only watched The View when Kate's been on, and from what little I've seen, I cannot stand Whoopi! Not even bc she seems to not like Kate, but she doesn't seem to educate herself about topics which they discuss. She seems to make a lot of assumptions, most of which I noticed are incorrect. So she can suck it. lol ;P

  99. Okay this is tongue in cheek funny, not to start a ruckus. With Tiger Woods and Jesse James in sex rehab, I wonder if somebody will suggest that Jon try this.

  100. I like Whoopi as an actress in movie roles. I like Joy Behar as a commedienne. But I really dislike both on the View. Thus, I only watch when Kate is there. I've seen a lot of past whoopi and Joy sniping at cohosts as well as guests. IMO both leave a lot to be desired as interviewers. I can't imagine Whoopi or Joy sniping at Kate; both of them have personal lives that leave a lot to be desired. Dangerous for those in glass houses to cast stones.

  101. SG: Just a fyi - there was an article or interview (can't remember which) that addressed the bodyguard issue a little. It confirmed that Kate had received some pretty bad threats - and that was one of the main reasons she has someone travel with her.

    On a different note - I noticed that you did not like the food at Norway? The buffet and items we ordered were amazing - and the desserts were amazing!? With that said - I'm curious as to what restaurants you do recommend? We're planning now - and want to get our reservations set :)

  102. Interesting Article:

    Producer Says Kate Biggest Star On DWTS
    A producer for “Dancing With The Stars” says Kate Gosselin is the top star on the show, a remark that may not sit well with the rest of the cast.

    ABC has clearly marketed this year’s show around a high-profile cast, and made Gosselin the centerpiece of the show.

    That was before America found out that Gosselin can’t dance.

    Deena Katz, the senior producer who books talent for the show, told the New York Post that dancer Tony Dovolani shouldn’t complain about Gosselin.

    “Kate Gosselin probably is the biggest name on this cast, so it depends how you look at it,” Katz said. “We gave Tony the biggest buzz. Tony's on the cover of People Magazine, so it depends on how you look at it.”

    There have been reports that Shannen Doherty, Pamela Anderson and much of the show crew are at odds with Gosselin.

    E! Online also spoke with “Dancing” executive producer Conrad Green about Internet claims that this week’s show was “rigged” so Gosselin would not be voted off.

    "I can assure you absolutely there's no rigging of these votes ," Green told E!, saying three independent accounting firms audit the results. "I couldn't do anything about them if I wanted to."

    The show combines the judges’ scores with fan votes to pick the lowest performing star each week.

    Green said that in early shows with a lot of contestants, a few votes make a big difference.

    "The margins can be really small—it can just be a few hundred votes," Green said.

    Ratings have been huge for the show with much of the credit going to Gosselin’s presence.

    The hype should get even higher for next week after Gosselin said she would dress us Dovolani like ex-husband Jon Gosselin for the difficult paso doble dance next Monday.

    Gosselin finished just ahead of Buzz Aldrin in the judges' scoring but managed to get enough fan votes to survive.


  103. Hope, throwing my two cents in about disney restaurants...
    If your looking for character dining the best one we had was the Safari breakfast at Animal Kingdom, even without the characters it was the best disney meal we had.
    We went in January of this year, I am so jealous of all of you that are going back soon. I said we were going to try and wait until the fantasy land expansion was done b/f returning...Don't know if I will be able to hold out that long:)

  104. Ummm... for some reason I can't picture a guy like Tony trying to look like Jon-boy. They'd have to stuff a pillow under a Ed Hardy t-shirt and put a small skull cap on his head to make him look partially bald.

  105. Disney Restaurants - I think that over the last 17 years we've eaten at all of them. I've enjoyed Askerhaus castle at breakfast but not dinner. I think it depends on ages if kids and your family's likes and dislikes. I'd urge you to check the menus to see what you like. Here's a link to all the menus:
    For example I love eating in The Living Seas restaurant in Epcot but most of my kids hate seafood so I've given up on that.

  106. Hmmmm......I wonder if the dining experiences are different based on the ages of the kids? Either that - or we must have weird taste! LOL Because when I asked my husband about where he might want to make our reservations - the only place he really said don't do was the Tusker House breakfast!! That was the only meal we didn't all eat together (I took the morning to do some photography) - so I dunno what or why they didn't like it. (What?!? Now I am 2 for 2 on like/dislike in restaurants! One with you and one with SG!))

    I know that when the boys were younger - our dining 'needs' and 'wants' were much different. Although we are *cough, cough* ALL older - we still enjoy the character meals. Last year was our first time back to Disney in 10+ years (took the older boys when they were younger - then when our youngest was born - kind of had to back off on doing Disney until last year).

  107. BTW got a twitter request from someone today - just wondering if it was someone from here? If so - could you please let me know? (Either here or via twitter) Thanks! (

  108. I know it's hard to believe, but Kate really does need her bodyguard there. Two seasons ago, Shawn Johnson got a stalker and he was following her to the set and everything. Poor little thing. Anyway, there are way more psychos out there out to get Kate, so it really is better that Steve is there.

  109. Linda, (re Jon in sex rehab)
    I believe I saw something on that somewhere on the internet with the same suggestion. I just didn't look into it any further, tho'. But, yeah!, makes sense to me!

  110. Hope,


    Yes, go to the site Linda told you. The full menus are there.

    I plan to do the Norway breakfast with the Princesses for the first time. I figure how bad can eggs be. The Norway "salad bar" was okay, it was the meals we didn't like. The vegetable stuffed ravioli was atrocious.

    We only did breakfast at Animal Kingdom once because the park closes at 5pm and we feel the character breakfast takes more time out of our day there.

    We did the Play and Dine Character Breakfast at Disney Hollywood Studios and it was good. Nothing special but I'm personally not crazy about buffets. But I have no complaints.

    If you want a quick breakfast (not table service) in Epcot there is a nice little place in the Land called the Sunshine Seasons. They have good breakfasts for quick dining.

    We always love to go to Mexico in Epcot and eat at the table service restaurant San Angel Inn and do the little boat ride there. I usually get the Pollo A Las Rajas for dinner. It's a creamy/cheesy sauce dish with chicken. And a margarita! They have a few good choices for lunch too.

    I love Mama Melrose's in Disney Hollywood Studios. Their Crispy Calamari for Two is awesome! I think just about any of their meals is good. I always like anything with chicken and a good cream based sauce so I get the Chicken Pipette. Fattening yes, but walk it off!

    At Magic Kingdom we go to the Liberty Tree Tavern for Lunch and I LOVE the New England Pot Roast. OMG! It's awesome! I'm going back at least twice for that in November. (They don't have it for dinner, just lunch.)

    For desert all the creme brulees and cheesecakes are pretty good. Even the quick dining cheesecakes are good.

    Gee thanks, now I'm starving and I'm nowhere near Disney World!

    I'm drawing a blank right now as to other places but if I think of anything I'll let you know.

    Sorry Off Topic everyone!!!

  111. Yeah, I think the reports of Tony channeling Jon were way off base. It has nothing to do with him. Thank goodness.

  112. I know the Jon and Sex Rehab comment was more facetious than anything, but I'm not sure it's just about sex for Jon, as it seemed to be with Tiger and Jesse.

    Tiger and Jesse seemed to be in stable marriages, or so their wives thought... Jon and Kate's marriage was essentially over in 2009 before Jon even got near anyone else.

    I think Jon is looking for someone to be with and it's not so much about sex. Not 100% sure but I get the feeling he is looking for more than just sex, he just seems to have bad judgment and poor taste. IMO.

  113. Okay, so I'm behind again, as usual... no surprise there! So happy that Kate made it through! Hopefully she can prove that she's not a completely terrible dancer... Just kidding, gotta love Kate! :) I wish her luck though, because I watched the videos that where posted of the Paso Doble and man oh man it looks hard! I wonder why Tony picked that style of dance?

    Also, I looked at the pictures of Kate and Tony in his Porsche, and I could be wrong, but I think that they are just outside the security gate, pulling out of the driveway. I would be very concerned if Kate let the paparazzi into her property.. it would be totally out of character! :) The only reason that the paps could in her yard might be some sort of an April Fool's joke that Kate and Tony pulled on them! LOL!

  114. Or is that poor judgment and bad taste? ;)

  115. Regarding the pics, you can see the photographers are inside the gate in this pic:


    (I think it's the second pic in the group. If they are shown in order Tony and Kate are then seen walking toward the house.)

  116. Schmecky, I agree about the rehab comment. Poor guy! He keeps striking out. I truly hope that he finds a stable, normal relationship with a woman who could be a role model for the kids. Basically, the opposite of Hailey. ;)

  117. Okay, last comment for the day. lol.

    What article said Kate gets threats of violence or death? I've never heard that anywhere. Couldn't find it in google either, except where some people commented in the comment section that she had death threats, etc. I couldn't find it anywhere in an article itself.

  118. Back on the topic of the pictures:
    OMG I think you may be right! But why in the world would Kate let the paparazzi through the gate?!

  119. EXCLUSIVE! Dancer Derek Hough Tells Us Why His Competition – Kate Gosselin -Might Win ‘DWTS’!

    Derek thinks that Kate has a real shot of winning Dancing With the Stars this season. What do you think?

    Derek Hough and his partner, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, have been kicking butt on the Dancing With the Stars stage this season, but Derek thinks the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin has a real shot of winning the whole competition!

    “I think people underestimate Kate in general,” the 24-year-old dancer told HollywoodLife.com exclusively at the LA premiere of The Clash of the Titans March 31. “[Although] she’s totally out of her element, I think [Kate] underestimates how many mothers are out there at home voting for her because they would love to be in her situation—I think she is kind of living their dream.”

    After thinking it through, we totally agree! The 34-year-old reality star is totally living the American Dream of mothers everywhere! She ditched her deadbeat husband, got a fabulous new ‘do and is dancing her heart out on national television. Not too shabby, Kate!


  120. Schmecky and Rita- I think those pictures are reversed to make it appear they were in the gate. But if you look at the 3rd piture you can see the curve of the fence going out to the brick pillar. I think they were leaving, not coming.

  121. Shelly,

    You are right. I stand corrected! They are heading out from the gate. The gate opens inward and their intercom is outside right next to them. Good eye!

    But still... why is Kate smiling for them? LOL!!!

  122. I am not sure. That is totally out of character for her to smile at the paps. LOL :)

  123. I think Whoopie has a grudge against Kate is ludicrous. Did Kate beat her out of a movie role, did she make more money than Whoopie, did she smack Whoopie in her dreadlocks, or what? I think the word Grudge tips it off. Why???? It makes no sense. If she does not like Kate, I think she would say, there is a women I just don't like. But using the word GRUDGE, she needs to look it up in the dictionary.

  124. Pics: I don't think we should assume that all pics found on the internet are actually by paparazzi. It's very possible they are stills released by ABC film crews or TLC film crews to show what they want shown. A happy dance couple heading off somewhere!!! ABC and TLC could have their own photogs there also. As they've been giving interviews to ROL, ROL could be accepting pics from the ABC/TLC crew.

  125. SG- last year, or maybe before that ( I'm losing track of time and still not home yet I can't confirm on big computer) after Jodie's sister started the hate blog, apparently threatening emails and letters were sent to TLC. TLC issued a press release that a bodyguard would be provided to Kate. I think it came from their campaign to voice complaints to TLC and it rapidly got out of hand. Many if those old blogs were withdrawn but have still left "footprints" on the web. Who knows how much is talk and how much is true kooks, loonies, and weirdos that were initially drawn by Julie and Jodie. How sad!

  126. Linda, SG, Hope, - you ladies are MMLOL. No time to post all my thoughts, but Linda OK, I will agree with your explanation of why Kate needs Steve. LOL i hop he could block the loonie lunges to!!!


    Read BM new post, the producer of Dwts said that Kate announced that she is dressing Tony Like Jon for next week. Now isn't that just great. JMO but that is being hateful and paybacks are uknow what.

  127. Steve has been with Kate for at least 2 and a half years. He was at Hershey Park and on the plane to Utah.