Monday, March 29, 2010

Will Kate Gosselin Survive This Week On Dancing With The Stars? Give Kate A Break! Get Kate's Hair!

Hello Gosselin fans! It's another night of Dancing With The Stars! I can't wait!! Literally, tonight can't come too soon. It's the first week of Spring Break and already I want to rip my hair out. The Central Park Zoo trip planned weeks ago is shelved, it's pouring out, and I refuse another trip with kids to the mall. There are no drop-offs at the bouncie house! So I hope everyone will tell me their great ideas of what to do with spoiled children on a miserable day!

Meredith Vieira goes to the mat for Kate Gosselin:

People should lay off Kate Gosselin, the ex-reality-show mom of eight who has been accused of neglecting her brood to further her career. So says “Today” show titan Meredith Vieira, who once famously quit her stint on “60 Minutes” to devote more time to her family.“I think that’s baloney. I can’t speak for her, but I find it troublesome when other people weigh in on whether she’s a good mother. What do they know? Are they in her life?” Vieira, 56, told the Track. “She may be trying to carve out a niche for herself. Her show went away, so it’s sort of what she does now. If she could create something on TV, then God bless her, why not?”

Vieira, a Providence native who hosts the daytime quiz show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” doesn’t get why everyone hates on the former star of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” who split with her baby daddy in a hail of tabloid headlines last year. “I never got the impression that she’s a bad mother,” Meredith said. “I don’t think that show indicates that at all.” Sadly, Gosselin, who is competing on the new season of “Dancing With the Stars,” won’t be on hand this week when Vieira and “Millionaire” launch “DWTS” week today. However, pros Cheryl Burke, Mark Ballas, Lacey Schwimmer, Chelsie Hightower, Derek Hough and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, judges Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba, and host Tom Bergeron will be featured on “Millionaire.” Vieira said she’s looking forward to meeting Hough - “a phenomenal dancer” - and this season she’s rooting for “star” Evan Lysacek, the gold-medal figure-skater.

“I got to know him during the Olympics . I came in really rooting for him,” she said.
And although she’s a “DWTS” fan, Vieira said she won’t be strapping on the dancing shoes anytime soon, especially after seeing “the fear” in Kate Gosselin’s eyes.“When I saw Kate, who I happen to think is a nice person, and she did OK, not great, and the judges told her, ‘You’re the one person here who’s neither a dancer or an actor, so you’re really starting from scratch,’ I started relating to that. I saw the fear in her eyes.” The “Dancing With the Stars” edition of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” begins at 12:30 p.m. today on Channel 5.

Kate G will be back on Dancing with the Stars tonight — will you give the mom of eight your vote? Come on! It’s her birthday!

Kate Gosselin just celebrated her 35th birthday, yesterday Mar. 28 — and tonight she goes back for her second round of Dancing With The Stars. Even though Kate struggled a bit last week, her first time, she might bounce back tonight and get a birthday win for herself! Kate got a little “me time” in right before her birthday, when she went for mani/pedi at Planet Nails & Tans in Reading, PA on Mar. 27. And thankfully she has the family’s nanny, Judy, who can help her out by picking the kids up from their bus stop — especially since Jon Gosselin is still MIA! The last time he was photographed with his kids was Feb. 28. But hopefully Kate is having an okay birthday, even though she is away from her kids and working her butt off on DWTS. Will you make this a better birthday by voting for the mom of eight?

Will Kate Gosselin survive the cut on this week's "Dancing with Stars?":

At 8 p.m. tonight, Kate Gosselin and 10 other celebrities return to the ballroom dance floor on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” to present a new piece of choreography and make their second effort to impress the judges and win the votes viewers. And the gossip columns are buzzing with predictions on Gosselin's fate. Will reality TV’s mother of eight perform better tonight and win enough votes to survive the first round of eliminations tomorrow night? Last week, Gosselin landed third from bottom on the Leeder board, with 16 out of 30 points from the judges. Worse, judge Bruno Toniolo told her she looked like a shopping cart being pushed around the dance floor by her pro dancer partner, Tony Dovolani -- a comment that’s been plastered all over the Internet.Will all this talk work against her? Only two celebrities, soap opera star Aiden Turner and astronaut Buzz Aldrin scored lower — 15 points for Turner and 14 for Adrin.

But 80-year-old Aldrin received a long standing ovation after his performance last Monday, more for what he’s accomplished in life than what he can do on the dance floor.
Gosselin, 34, may have had her life’s “accomplishments” working for her, as well. Right before she danced, ABC’s aired a short clip of her eight children. And there’s speculation her kids may be in the audience this week.

She says she’s not letting critics and gossip get in her way. "I know it sounds coy, but I don't have time to pay attention. I'm used to backlash — I expect it,'' Gosselin told USA Today. “I'm grateful to have a job and everybody who gives me work so I can support eight kids. That's my goal in life."
Most of her ballroom dancing practice is done in the basement of her Berks County home, where she and Dovolani practice four to six hours a day. On Sundays, she flies to Los Angeles, where DWTS is taped, and returns takes red-eye flights home Tuesdays.
"It's testing my time management skills, but I'm still balancing kids, making them home cooked meals," the supermom says. Gosselin will find out tomorrow if she’s got what it takes to survive. The elimination show at 8 p.m. tomorrow will reveal which contestant had the combined lowest scores from judges and viewer votes. What do you think? Will Gosselin go home for good and make it through to Week 3 of “Dancing with the Stars?”

TLC SAYS "VOTE" FOR KATE! Check out Kate's new blog on TLC.COM
Watch Ted Gibson Show YOU Below How To Get Kate's Hair!


  1. I'm looking forward to it... I wonder if they will put her almost last again.

    I like watching the show for the others too. I wish they had more "stars" that I am familiar with though. I only knew Pamela Anderson, Niecy Nash and Shannen Doherty. I used to watch Shannen on 90210 "when I was a little girl". ;)

  2. I always liked Merideth! She did well to jump off the View ship when she did.

    I think it would be wonderful if the kids could come watch her live. If not all of them, than at least Mady and Cara. The only problem is, just like with J&K+8, DWTS would need Jon's permission to show them. I would hope he'd be a big enough person to allow that.

    Go Kate go!

  3. Not sure if anyone mentioned this here yet but looks like Kate is blogging again on TLC's website. I just got a tweet from them and she claims she'll be writing weekly. Hopefully we will get to see her open up more about her and the kids:)

  4. TLC has Kate blogging about DWTS on their site? That's weird because it's on a different network.

    There is a horrible pic of her on TLC when you first go to their website. It doesn't even look like her!!! She has a long shag and it's kinda straight not wavy. I usually think her pics are more flattering than how she normally looks. Not this one. Check it out.

  5. I can't wait for tonight! I think that Kate will do better because now she knows that dancing on this show requires a lot of practice and perfection. (Not that she wasn't aware of that before, but after seeing the competition I'm sure she wants to step it up.)I really hope she does good and gets to stay!

    I think it would be so fun for the kids if they get to watch the show live this week! It would be a really good experience... I'll keep my fingers crossed!

    Oh and I totally missed this yesterday so I'm gonna say it now: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE! You're amazing! :o)

  6. sg. I agree, that picture does not look like Kate. I had to stare at it for awhile, it could have been taken the one day when her extension were out. Could it be an imposter????

    I will be watching DWTS, along with everyone else.

  7. #1caregiver,

    I had to look twice. And hard to see that it was really her. Looks like an impersonator right?

    Anyway, I read her blog. It was a good read. She called Tony her psychotherapist!

    I can't believe she was expecting a higher score from the judges. It doesn't matter how much she practiced, she didn't pull it off. Buzz and Aiden practiced also and they deserved their low scores too. Actually I think Buzz deserved higher than Kate. She did all the dance steps but that's about it. At least Buzz looked like he was enjoying it and having fun with it.

    Doesn't she realize this is a DANCE contest and the judges are going to base it on her actual dancing? I think she should count herself lucky that the female judge gave her a higher score than she deserved.

    I do think she will do better tonight. I think she learned a lot from the last show. She probably learned a lot just from watching herself dance.

  8. Good Luck tonight Kate! You've got my votes!

    I think she'll stick around thru the first round at least. She's got a lot of ppl that don't like her, but she also has a lot of ppl that do. And wasn't there something about how she supposedly had the most fan votes last week??? I'm not sure...

    SG- I'm going over to check out this pic you're speaking of & to read the new blog. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. I kind of like the look she has in the pic on tlc. :) It's cute.

    Am hopeful we will see a much different Kate out there tonight!

  10. HeatherAV~ Nice to see you! Thank you for letting us know about the updated TLC site. I think it looks great! Besides putting alot on the page, I really like how they are promoting Kate on their site. I also really like the re-vampled TLC site. I put a link on the front of my post so that people could go there. And while I agree with Schmecky that I could barely recognize her, I thought she looked great! You should all take a look if you haven't already!

    TLC knows that it should continue to stand by their #1 woman, esp. that people now don't have an official place to go for any Kate gossin info besides here of course! (Now they have Sarah Palin too coming on board WTH??) I hope that she continues with her blog, unlike the 3 posts she did on Jon & Kate Plus 8. That was a joke. I do wish that they had just updated the site and not removed it entirely. If people keep trying to rip off my blog, I may consider buying the that site domain! lol

    Kate was never big on birthdays and really needed to practice, so I don't know why the haters have their old granny panties in a bunch that she was away from her kids on her birthday. She wants to stay on the show, and I'm happy to hear that she's taking all this more seriously, & doing what she can to at least stay one week! I hope you take advantage on the phones and the web tonight and VOTE VOTE VOTE! She will need it I'm afraid... haha

    fyi I did not watch the Jones Family TLC special "Raising Sextuplets".. The commerical bored me and she is NO Kate!

  11. LOL Schmecky! That picture is horrid! It looks like one of those mix-two-people-together pictures or something.

  12. There are a few new pics of her on TLC. Two of them on her new blog that aren't that bad. They still don't look like the Kate we all know and love. Wait, did I say love? You know what I mean...

    Yes, wildchild! I think it looks like someone punched her in the face and her eye and cheek are swollen. It's just a terrible picture of her and I can't believe it's up there. I'm not her biggest fan, or her littlest, but I think she looks very pretty in a lot of the professional shots they take of her.

    Well we'll find out if TLC reads this blog if the pic is gone tomorrow. LOL!

    Also, I can't believe they named the blog Kate's Take. Isn't "Take" one of the names that the "haters" use for her? lol.

  13. I want you all to watch the Ted Gibson video I put up on my post. You tell ME if it was hard to do. I mean my hair came out nice but it doesn't really look like Kate's! lol Hey wanted to go all out for my watching party tonight. it's small this time, but my 2 girlfriends are coming over to watch the show and I wanted my hair to look hot tonight! haha

  14. I just wanted to clarify that the pic I'm talking about is on TLC's main page. Not her blog page.

  15. LOL Baby Mama! I'd ask you to post a pic of yourself for us but that's just inviting trouble!

    That's funny because I did my hair like that a few weeks ago (and it had nothing to do with Ted or Kate because I had no idea that's how he did it) and I got so many compliments!

    I usually just wear my hair straight or slightly wavy. I just hate curling the back of my hair so I don't do it curlier often. I never even thought about Kate's hair when I did it. I wonder if anyone thought I was trying to look like her? LOL!

  16. Ok that video is like 3 minutes and I swear it's already taken me 2 hours. I'm off on Mondays so I was able to try it inbewtween kids fighting & screaming.. You know the drill. I'm planning some nice activities for the kids at the end of the week because it's going up to 70 here and I'm sure everywhere else!

    I really enjoy having a reason just to have the girls over for some fun on a Monday night. Iused to put the kids to bed and scrapbook, but as I said before I lost my mojo. It's so bad that photos are still in the envelopes and thats a huge crafters NONO. Plus I work part time wihch gives me zero energy. I live for Monday's now though, it's fun!

  17. Baby Mama, Tx for Teds' video, fun to watch. I hope you have a hot hair do for tonight. I can picture you sipping a glass of wine with 10 cell phones ready to go. Crazy! lol

    Rainy day activities: Cover your kitchen table with a plastic tablecover or newspaper. Get these items out: construction paper pastel colors for Easter, scissors, markers, glue stickers, glitter if you can stand the mess (Kate could not). Let them trace and cut out easter eggs, or anything they want to. If you can scrap-book, then you can handle this???
    GO 4 IT!
    Pudding painting has been around for years and it is so easy even Kate did it. LOL To make it more child interactive put the instant pudding in a sealed shaker, you know, the kind you use for your Martinis, let the kids shake and make their own paint. Gives them more to do. Kills more time, however you want to look at it.
    PS, Make sure sure you drink all the martini stuff and have a good time.

    I don't know how old your children are so let me know tomorrow if you need more ideas.

    DWTS - I don't know why Kate would think her scores would have been higher then that. I know she will get better but she has to be more flexible in the hips. cu

  18. Kate's scores weren't at the bottom. There were others who were lower. I get tickled when people say the scores are for dancing (of coursethey are) and then talk about Buzz getting points for past contributions. Lol.

    I hope Kate gets to dance sooner tonight. It is so hard waiting and waiting and waiting to go onstage. I'm sure anxiety builds and builds.

    Don't care how long Kate lasts, although I'm hopeful. I'm so proud of her for trying.

    Wonder if ole Jodie who started all the negativity would have the courage to dance?

  19. Wowzer!!!! She is smokin hot looking tonight. Way to go Kate with the little red dress.

  20. FYI Kate does look smokin hot! Those that wish to vote so that you can get through.. phone lines are now open! 800-868-3410

  21. Once again I cannot vote via online! Boo hoo!

    I did my phone votes with no problem.

    Don't know what the problem is online. It just locks up.

  22. I missed him, I was putting the baby to bed. I didn't like Shannon but I thought Niecy was adorable. Putting her in the same color pink as Kate last week? That I didn't like. I hated that last week and I didn't think it was flattering on Niecy either. Kate & Tony promo, w/Tony quitting. I have a feeling the haters are slopping it up with a sponge.

    Voted w/5 phones so far. I'm afraid she's going to need it...

  23. Linda,
    I did all my online votes the minute the show started. That is the only way I can do it. Your right it just locks up if you wait.

  24. I started with the online the second the show started.

    I was able to do all phone calls and online was still just spinning. That is so frustrating.

  25. I am having no problem with voting online.

  26. Thanks Denise. Must be something I'm doing wrong. I enter my password and login and then it gets stuck. Oh well, at least I could phone vote.

  27. Hot mess ugh, so disapointing.. the haters will eat this up.. I feel sick

  28. Poor Kate...When she says she can't dance she means it...Kudos for her for still getting out there and trying.

    It was a little painful for me to watch her, at least the dress looked better. Regardless I still voted for her!

  29. It was pretty sad. The DWTS board says worse dancer ever.

  30. Well I got all computers votes with 2 emails and 3 phone lines.

    I was really suprised with the performance, it was not good at all. I was even more upset about the video footage of the entire week. I am sure they could have picked something else rather than continuing to make Kate look like a diva. It pissed me off when I saw the opening video. Here we go again with the haters. She does not have to be great, she gets kudos from me for just having the nerve to do it. But, I sure hope ABC does not continue on this path with their choice of practice sessions they show.

  31. Poor Kate! I gave my votes, but man, oh, man, I was hoping she'd get over this nervousness! She has no clue what to do with her arms, she's concentrating on her feet so much! I think her feet actually did okay tonight, but she needs to relax & look like she's having fun. Of course, the way they saved her for last just so they could portray the BIG ARGUMENT for the drama, does not help her case any!!! If she just looked happy & relaxed, she would be 1,000x better.

  32. I was really hoping Kate would be smoother tonight but the Jive is really hard for someone who is used to dancing. I couldn't help but think that Tony needs to give her some wine so she can loosen up and move with the music. I loved the song they chose! I cast my votes for Kate tonight.

  33. Yes, the dance was bad......but like others have said, Kudos to her for getting out there and doing it the best she can. She finished and that's a positive right there. I think that video lead in made her even more nervous and why ABC has to feed in to all the crap is ridiculous. But then I don't expect much from ABC anymore, or any network for that matter.

    I hope she gets enough votes to stay on for a while.

  34. OH... MY... GOODNESS!!!

    I swear if I didn't know any better I would have thought it was a joke.

    I think it's safe to say that Kate cannot dance. I think she should just accept it.

    She did look good but I didn't like her hair. It looked too eighties. The dress was nice though.

    I didn't think anyone could do worse than Buzz (who basically just walked his steps but he did better because he actually danced pretty good the last few seconds) and OchoCinco (who seemed lost). I am surprised Kate's score was as high as it was.

    Kate actually stopped dancing few a couple of seconds because she lost her place. Tony throwing her around between his legs was comical at best. They were actually talking to each other during the routine. She's not at all graceful, even when she walked down the stairs. It was a disaster.

    I do feel sorry for her though. I think she is going to be mortified when she sees the footage.

    As for the footage of them during practice, that must have been when Tony tweeted that they had a breakthrough. I'm sure ABC put that in because Kate is only on the show for the drama and the ratings she can create.

    Kate just doesn't get it. She doesn't see when she's wrong. She's standing there saying "I don't get it". She's right. She doesn't get it. I give Tony a lot of credit for going back in there and essentially apologizing to her for something she did. She thought it was because it's hard teaching her how to dance. No, it's hard teaching her how to listen. I can't believe she was trying to tell Tony how to teach her. How insulting. There is no one to blame for that footage but Kate herself.

  35. The reason why I deleted Just Wondering's ass besides the facdt that she's annoying, is that everyone was saying she was attacking Tony in practice. She was not. She spoke to Tony better than half the people that were fighting with their partners. They just want to pick on Kate because of who she is. US Magazine is already picking her to shreads & making it out like they were the only ones. When you watch you know see they are NOT the only ones struggling.

    I'm not going to link any of the negative articles here. It will be deleted. Kate is not a dancer, but she tried. Everyone here was devastated. My husband was so funny.. his words after she finished..."Uhh hun, you're gonna need a few more phones..."

  36. ohh and to the THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE on this site right now let me stress. I AM SUPER PROUD OF YOU KATE.. YOU GO GIRL!! I will get 100 phones if I have to..Still supporting 100%

  37. is any9one having problems voting on
    I haven't been able to vote at all!!!

  38. How does explaining one's lack of understanding and asking for it to be explained a different way, make her the bad guy?

    Teachers are only as good as their student. If he can't find the way that she needs to learn, then he isn't a good teacher. It doesn't matter who he has taught in the past. Everyone learns differently and that's the challenge of teaching. That's the point she was trying to make but he wasn't listening.

    And it is quite possible, that she will never learn and it will not be kate's fault or tony's fault.

  39. I don't think Kate was wrong in trying to explain to Tony that she couldn't learn it that way. They both seemed to be frustrated and what she was trying to explain seemed to get blown out of proportion.

    Buzz's partner didn't seem upset when he asked her to write/map out the steps b/c that was how he learned best.

    I started thinking about the one episode that they did the photo shoot for Good Housekeeping (I Think), and they put on music and danced, by no means was it ballroom dancing, but I don't recall Kate dancing incredibly awful? I think her nerves and insecurities have gotten the best of her.

  40. I can't even begin to imagine how hard that was, for a self described control freak! Yes, she will probably be disappointed in her performance...but she is working really hard. ABC will pull in the rating's and Kate will make some $$$. I hope she will be on for at least a few more weeks, so she has the opportunity to enjoy it. Amy I agree she need's a glass of wine, although imagine what a scandal that would create. Funny, just about every bride I know had to belt back a few b4 their first dance. Imagine having to dance in front of Millions of people and a live audience, I'd need a bottle.(LOL)

  41. I agree with what everyone said. Why is it that when Kate is fustrated she can't express how upset she is, but the other contestants don't get attacked when they do the same thing?

    She's not going to beat the Pussycat Doll, no one will and that's not fair. Lets see anyone of us go up there and do what she did. She showed leg, tried to switch it up a bit, but the dancing failed miserably. Poor Tony had has the worst dancers. I hope that at some point he really DOES win that trophy. I hope they can stay on to practice more and really have the time to improve. Even Master P. got an extra week! lol

  42. Tony is used to teaching people with dance experience or who have an affinity for dancing. Kate is neither. She is a true fish out of water. Everyone really does have a different style of learning and if she wasn't learning how he was teaching her, what was she supposed to do? She wouldn't have learned it at all if she didn't speak up for herself.

    That said, it was one moment over the whole week- I'm sure they're both long over it. As for her performance, it was unfortunate. I wish they would stop making her dance almost last/last! I think it makes it worse for her with the nerves.

    I hope she takes Len's comments to heart- if you mess up, so what? Her parents always pushed her to be perfect while telling her she couldn't so anything right and it clearly messed her up when learning new things. This could be a real breakthrough experience for her personally.

  43. They intentionally leave Pamela & Kate on last because they both draw in the big viewers. If you listened to Tom in the beginning..He said there was a "HUGE" upset with last weeks votes. He then went on to say how important it is for people to vote for your favorites. I don't think he meant Kate. But Amy I agree, "fish out of water" is an understatement. You know it's bad when my daughter covered her eyes! "Ohh mommy, did she just mess up?"

  44. Oh you are a nice mommy BM I made my 11yo go to bed.(She was not happy, I knew Kate would be last AGAIN) Last week I let her stay up and she was a bear in the morning. Although yours are on break right? In Ontario we had ours a few weeks ago, I hope you have some good weather.

  45. Amy said...
    Her parents always pushed her to be perfect while telling her she couldn't so anything right and it clearly messed her up when learning new things.
    I don't remember that ever being said. Where'd you hear that?

  46. Momsby~ This week is Spring Break and normally I do not let her stay up. Today was horrible and tomorrow will be a bit of the same, but the end of the week will be hot and 70 degress..Woohoo!

    As far as pushing her to be perfect, I think her parents pushed all of them to be the way that hoped thier children would be. I read a bit in her book about that, but many parents strive for their version of perfection, heck I personally would settle for my kids not screaming so much lol.

  47. OK, so she she didn't do so good. Do you ladies really think she is going to be dumped? I don't. In one interview she said she was going to use her mommy card! Meaning MOM VOTES. I think they started coming last week according to %. The tally is going to keep her on for a few more trys. Its Tv, and the networks know and need the ratings. I give her credit for trying. I mean like $200,000.00 for this. OMG!

    SG - God girl, you took the words right out of my mouth with your post. I couldn't have said it better. She can't dance.
    Just for the record, I think Shannon did a nice job, and I don't know why people knock her?

  48. On another note, I thought Ochocinco and Cheryl were so cute together! I may vote for him just so they get some more practice time together. lol.

  49. I’m not going to go with some conspiracy theory but...I find some of it a little staged. ABC knows that she has a BIG draw of viewers (good and bad) and they put her on last. It does nothing to help her nerves and it’s all about holding the viewers. They have film of a conflict between her and Tony and they make it seem like so much drama when others were also struggling. But for Kate and Tony it’s really played up.
    I don’t understand the glee some people get when humiliating someone for trying. At this point if Kate had turned down DWTS her haters would have gone with “she thinks she is too good to go and try, and make a mistake”.

  50. Kate needs to loosen up and have fun. I think she'd do so much better. She obviously can't dance but if she was at least having a great time with it it would make a huge difference. She said on Leno that she wants to laugh at herself but it's painfully obvious she's not laughing. She's taking it too seriously. At this point she knows she can't dance. We all know. Maybe she should try something "fun". I'm not saying to try something comical but maybe more like Niecy Nash. Strut her stuff and enjoy it.

  51. Staged? I think it's wrong if ABC or TLC or Kate or Tony are staging anything. I sure hope not. I know they showed it for ratings, etc but I would hope it wasn't staged.

  52. Dee I'm with you on that post! BM funny you should say that about wishing your kid's would stop screaming. I have 3 and my mom (a kindergarten teacher no-less) tells me our house is far to loud! I agree, but I don't tell her that.:)

  53. Baby Mama said...
    My husband was so funny.. his words after she finished..."Uhh hun, you're gonna need a few more phones..."

    OMG! ROFLMAO!!! I really think it's great that as much as you support Kate and are a huge fan of hers you can still laugh about it.

  54. I'm not going to sugarcoat that this was a stage 11 fire that even Kate's dress couldn't put out. The hair looked like what I did at my prom, and I already felt the internet was "a blaze" (another fire pun) trying to attack her in any way they could. If she leaves early, it will be sad though, cause she totally makes the show.

    My bet? Maybe bottom 2 but won't leave just yet. She needs to humiliate herself a bit more. Haters are too excited to have this much to talk about in months, and a few are in the closet secretly voting for her. I have a headache from the stress of waiting though all the crappy people to get to her. IE: Bachelor ect.

  55. I just read that Adam Corolla is going to offer a comic review of the contestants' dances. Uh oh.

  56. Oh. My. Gods. speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Kate needed a betters dance partner!!! I dont really care for Tony. Just something about him I dont like.


    Here's the youtube copy of the routine. Let's all watch it again, shall we?

    You need to scroll down a little after the first picture.

  59. Well. Hmmm. I don't think I've ever sat so stiff watching someone dance before! I felt so bad for her - but was happy to see her shake her stuff, smile and keep going when she lost her place there for a second! For the rest of the dance, however, her footwork did look pretty good.

    And, to whoever it was that said Tony needed to give her a glass of wine or something, I said the same thing last night!! (My husband said "Well, I guess all the haters who say she drinks all the time are finally proved wrong! There's no way she could be THAT stiff with a days worth of alcohol in her!" I had to laugh at that one. :)

    I also agree that ABC is playing on all the rag mag stuff they can (at Kate's expense) for ratings. I also believe that she had to know they would do that. Hopefully, the ratings value is for us, and not a surprise to Kate - as that, IMO, would be a horrible slap in the face to her. (To find out that ABC was exploiting her that way).

    I hope the votes keep her going. I hope Tony talks her into a glass of wine (or two, or three - would've stuck with one but after last night - I think she might need more than that! *lovingly joking* ) before they dance again.

    Oh yeah - the hair. That's the part of this that I don't like. First, if Kate is the DIVA everyone says - then she's certainly not being a DIVA enough to demand decent hair and or/costuming. Last week it was the hair and the gown, this week the hair was worse. Kate doesn't decide these things - Tony, the costumers and the stylists do. (The article says that the designers follow the direction of the professional dancer since they know how they want the dance to be) and I think this may be one of Tony's weakest points. I agree with the person above who said they need to take it to a different place - like Neicy or Anderson did.

    At the end of the night, however, I CAN give my score based on how hard she is trying and its much higher than the judges gave! She's NEVER done ANY kind of dance or theatre or anything before - so to Kate I say "YOU GO GIRL!"


    I have a question I am hoping one of you will answer for me. Since I'm a DWTS newbie - I am trying to figure out exactly what it is they are deducting points for when they say "LIFT".

    Would one you who have watched the show for awhile explain this for me?


  61. BTW - on the dialidol - Kate and Tony REALLY dropped in the votes -- down to 8th - (or 3rd from the bottom) :(

    Looks like you need to get hopping on those 100 phones BM!


  62. Ok – so after reading some stuff online I went back to look at Kate’s dance last night (actually trying to see if I could figure out what she was saying to Tony while they were dancing).

    First, when the song started – Kate was singing along. I wonder if Tony suggested she do that as they dance to help her loosen up and stay ‘in the music’ instead of fretting so much?

    Next, I take back what I said earlier about her footwork looking pretty good. It did in the beginning but not later in the dance. Once she stiffened up and lost the little bit of mojo I think she started out with – the footwork went straight downhill.

    Now – for what I noticed (and am asking anyone else who TIVO’d last nights episode to take a look, too) - is that the whole video footage of Kate and Tony’s ‘meltdown’ appeared to be taped at the LA dance studio AND at Kate’s house?!?!?! Look at when they are making comments – there’s one frame where Tony is standing and talking – and it sure looks like the basement to me. Also a clip of Kate talking and I swear that’s her sliding doors in the background!?! Maybe I’m wrong – but if I’m not – then surely that tells us that there’s some scripting going on?

  63. Regarding the lift:

    You can't lift your toes off the floor with help.

  64. I know a lot of fans felt Kate wasn't being unreasonable by asking Tony to help her learn differently and maybe she wasn't, but I found this online and it is a good explanation of why Tony was upset about it and why I feel he had a right to be. Tony didn't just quit because he felt she was saying he wasn't teaching her right. He quit because she essentially blamed everything on him, especially telling him he was making an argument out of nothing.

    They aren't his words but it might help understand how Tony felt and why Kate was wrong:

    Kate Gosselin is having a hard time doing it without her own character. We see her as a certain way on her reality show. And she really didn't do anything to change that tonight. I felt horrible thinking it, but all I could think watching her and Tony Dovolani fight, was that's what Jon Gosselin was putting up with before he left. Tony was right, that what she was doing was telling him it's his fault she wasn't picking it up and telling him he needed to teach her differently.

    As he said, it was like she was telling him how to teach, and it's what he does for a living. He teaches people to dance, and he teaches people how to teach people to dance. Any good teacher knows the different styles of learning, that some people are visual, some people are verbal, etc. And while we just saw the edited version, it seemed he was getting frustrated as he was trying to show her and tell her, but she wasn't paying attention.

    While many of the celebrity/pros fight at some point when they get frustrated, this seemed to go beyond that with much stronger words, with her telling him to not make arguments where there aren't any. That's something you say to you husband, not your dancing partner you've been with for three or four weeks. They're wrong that she doesn't know how to perform. She's on a reality show; she does too know how to perform. And the way she performs is by playing out dramas for the cameras. She's performing when he's teaching, instead of learning.

    The results were horrific. Kate only knows how to perform emotionally; she does not know how to connect her emotions to a dance. She was beyond stiff, and that's because she wasn't listening to what he was telling her, trying to learn the way she wanted to learn. He eventually came back and did it her way, an the results were terrible. She learned the way she wanted to, but learned steps, not dancing. She was performing when she was learning, not when she was doing it live.

  65. I voted several times for her on 2 different!! I DO NOT want her to be the 1st voted off. K8 ROCKS!!

  66. Hope,

    It looks like it was all shot in one room to me.

  67. It was not all shot in 1 room, I saw where she was in her basement a couple times, and a couple times were they were at the studio! You can tell.

  68. They showed different scenes of her learning in different studios in the clip but from when they had they argument it all took place in the one room with the different colored walls and the little steps against the walls. One whole wall is mirrors. One is a light grey (?) and one is bright yellow and the last is bright orange.

  69. Great pics of Jon picking up the kids at the bus stop. They are all smiles and hugs. So cute!

  70. Hope, I felt the same way. There were the blue walls with the children's paintings in one shot, then it looked like a different dance studio in another.

  71. SG - what I heard Kate getting so upset about was her repeatedly asking Tony to "show" her, as in "let me watch you do it." I really don't think that part is an unreasonable request.

    I think your comparison of Tony to Jon is unfair on your part. I, for one don't want to hear more about how wonderful Jon is. I want to see him get his act together. I'd actually like to see him doing it and not just talking about it. But, all I can do there is offer continuing prayers for him.

    You know we saw clips of other dance couples arguing. But none of us were there so we don't know what is really happening or howuch is due to editing. Interesting that another couple's clip had one member "quitting" and yet that one wasn't blown out of proportion.

  72. They DID have different shots of where they were practicing. They had clips from them at her house and clips of them in the DWTS studio also. They were just showing clips of Kate and Tony practicing and the problems they had throughout different practices.

    The clip of their argument all took place in one studio. The DWTS studio.

  73. SG:

    The argument happened in one room (clearly at the CA studio). Yes. However - Kate and Tony TALKING about the 'argument' was filmed in someplace different then that studio. Seems odd to me that they could 'talk' about an argument that hadn't had yet while in PA - then have the breakdown and fight once they were in CA?

    Don't get me wrong - I'm sure they have had issues, as have other dance teams, but I find the situation with Kate to at least partially be good scripting or editing or something.

  74. Also - I'm going to say this (and probably regret it) but I TOTALLY understand Kate's problem with what she's TRYING to say and what comes out of her mouth being totally taken the wrong way.

    I have that problem. I say stuff sometimes - have no 'tone' or anything - but yet my kids or my husband will be like "Whoah! why are you upset?" and I'm NOT. Or I'm trying to explain something - and it just comes out the way "I" process it - and totally the WRONG way. Sometimes I realize it - other times I have no idea I've come across in a bad way!! I know my heart though - and have no desire or intent to be that way!

  75. Linda,

    I understand what you are saying, I just want to clarify that I didn't make that comparison. I wrote that I found it online and just thought it explained well why Tony got offended. I didn't want to chop it up and remove stuff in between, etc. Anything after the : was not written by me. ;)

  76. Yes, I saw that the fight was all in one room and that they were talking about it in her home dance studio after the argument, but the fact that they brought it up and made a big deal about interviewing them about it...well, the whole thing bothered me.

    It seems like most, if not all, of the stars and dancers get upset with each other at one point or another. The fact that they made SUCH a big deal about Kate and Tony was so irritating. The whole "to be continued..." thing! Honestly.

    I have always said that I didn't always like the way Kate spoke to Jon when they were married. But to me this is different. I think they were both just frustrated and both should have taken five and calmed down. I personally thought it made Tony look like a baby. And I think Kate, although clearly frustrated, still treated him with respect. I felt ill when they showed this, I knew they were just trying to get ratings.

  77. Hope I know what you mean, I just think that Kate had no right to walk away and say "I'm done". I think that's why Tony said "I quit".

    I don't think it was the problem with the misunderstanding as much as how she spoke to him. Instead of saying You're not listening to what I'm saying, maybe she has to learn to say Maybe I'm not explaining myself well.

    When she said What I said wasn't "meant to be taken offensively" that put the blame on him for taking offense. That's why he said Oh so now it's my fault. She should have said I didn't mean to offend you. There's a small difference but it's huge. In one you are taking blame for not communicating properly, in the other you are blaming the other person. I think Kate is lacking in communication skills and just doesn't realize it.

  78. wildchild,

    They wanted the drama. I think they need it to keep Kate on the show and keep the ratings up. They obviously can't keep her there for her dancing skills. I don't think it's any worse than what they showed on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

  79. Shoot. Somehow it sent before I was finished.

    I think Tony's frustration really comes from the fact that Kate truly cannot dance. She did say that in the past. Tony has control over the costumes and hair and unfortunately IMO those are weak areas for him. Kate really has zero experience in dancing. To try to learn basic steps and start all over each week with a completely different style format is probably tougher than he expected. He has a hard job...really hard.

    I for one give Kate credit for Not quitting. She needs to support her family. She's willing to face humiliation for $200k to do it. So what if she gets booted off tonight. She will have TRIED and at the same time explored new horizons. She pretty much smiled through the whole dance. She had a neutral expression through the judges comments. I wouldn't have expected her to smile then. She did Not show anger at their comments she showed more neutrality than anything else. Others Did show anger and gritted/clenched jaws in response to comments but no big deal was made out of that.

    Go Kate. You get major kudos for having courage and trying to do something that most other people couldn't do one single bit better.

    And in the end, Kate, if you get booted tonight, you can smile all the way driving to the bank to deposit that nice fat check!

    Go Kate! You exercise, live a healthy lifestyle, use organic foods, and encourage your children to broaden their horizons. You don't smoke, act like a couch potato, nor try to find a new sexual flavor of the month. You set a great example for your children. You don't always speak flatteringly of Jon but I rather think that is something to be earned. And it's for sure that many, if not most of us speak much harsher of ex's than you do.

    Just think of how many people might be inspired to try ballroom dance! Or something else new and untried previously.

  80. Linda,

    For what it's worth I thought the female dance instructor who walked out (on Aiden?) was full of drama too. I didn't even understand what happened and why she was so upset and crying and why he had to go out and apologize to her. I have no idea what happened. I'm lost on that one.

  81. I also give kudos to Kate for trying and going out there like that. I just think she should enjoy it and have fun even if she messes up the steps and it would be a better experience for her and the viewers.

  82. SG- part of the comments about Kate's childhood came from the book. Some of the same or similar comments were made on the first Oprah interview, and also in the People interview of two years ago. You might be able to Google to get the transcript of the Oprah interview. I'm away from home right now for Spring Break but I can email you the People interview when I get home on Sunday if you wish.

    I feel so very lucky to have been reared by parents who encouraged me to try all kinds of activities and expected me to do my best but never expected perfection. I had friends who weren't so lucky. It's sad to see kids who get such negativity from parents and who are made to feel as if they are failures. Almost every weekend with our own kids we watch their friends get berated by parents for not pushing hard enough in soccer, or running the bases fast enough in baseball, or swimming laps fast enough, etc. It makes me want to cry.

  83. SG - I'm hoping that if Kate does remain they will let her dance sooner. My kids get more and more anxious if they have to wait towards the end of recitals to perform. I can't imagine having to sit there for an hour and forty-five minutes in front of the cameras waiting to go dance. I'd be so nervous by then I'd be puking my guts out, or I'd just faint when I stood up.

    I too hope Kate can get to relax and just enjoy it. Poor Kate though. If she does relax or should fall down, I'm afraid the haters would accuse her of being drunk.

    Even seasoned performer talk about how tough it is to do a live performance in an area that they have experience. I can't imagine waiting till last to go on, doing it live, and being a newbie.

  84. Yes I totally agree Linda, Schmecky, and others! She should have fun. I am not personally invested in this but for her sake, I hope she gets at least one more week. Maybe then she will just go out there and let loose. Maybe fall if she has to, but go out having fun.

    And last thing I will say about this, since Tony is the professional, he knows first hand the difficulty of this fast-paced dance instruction. He knows the toll it will take on emotions and physique. He said himself that "it's like teaching her a new language...", so he just needs to take a step back sometimes, they both do. I just wanted to clarify my earlier comment, it sounded more harsh against him than I had intended.

  85. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Hope I know what you mean, I just think that Kate had no right to walk away and say "I'm done". I think that's why Tony said "I quit".

    I don't think it was the problem with the misunderstanding as much as how she spoke to him. Instead of saying You're not listening to what I'm saying, maybe she has to learn to say Maybe I'm not explaining myself well.

    When she said What I said wasn't "meant to be taken offensively" that put the blame on him for taking offense. That's why he said Oh so now it's my fault. She should have said I didn't mean to offend you. There's a small difference but it's huge. In one you are taking blame for not communicating properly, in the other you are blaming the other person. I think Kate is lacking in communication skills and just doesn't realize it."


    Like I said - I do the same thing - and you are absolutely right with the what she said/what she should've said -- Maybe you can come spend a week or two with me - and coach me through MY conversational mishaps! LOL

    Funny thing is that I've done lots of public speaking and in that environment (conferences/q&A's/etc) - it's like my brain works right. It's when I'm with family (mostly) that I don't say what I think I'm saying!

  86. Hope - I too have that problem. I think I'm trying to calmly explain my position and get the "whoa why are you so angry. " It also seems to happen at home more than it does elsewhere. Lol - or maybe it's that my family doesn't hesitate to call me on it. I've also made the "I wasn't trying to offend you" statement and gotten the "so now it's my fault" response. Hey SG - I need you to come spend time at my house also!

  87. It's sad that some die hard fans will vote for Kate even though she sucks as a dancer. Just goes to show you that someone can be terrible at what they do and still move ahead because people "feel bad" for them. I'm sorry but Kate is not a good dancer and your all speed dialing in votes for someone who can't dance? Why not give the votes to someone who deserves it? I don't get it. I'm a fan of Buzz but, he sucks too so therefor he doesn't get my vote. It's about talent! Kate is bad but, yet she'll get the votes from you people. That's sad.

  88. I vote for Kate because I believe she WANTS to be a better dancer. My vote will allow her, hopefully, to stay around a little while longer and maybe, just maybe, get it right.

    Yep, there are always people who will root for the underdog. Nothing wrong with that at all IMO.

  89. Regarding voting for Kate, I didn't know how DWTS worked so I really felt it should be based on who is the best dancer period. However, now that I've watched the show it's pretty obvious this isn't just a dance contest. It's purely entertainment and the rules allow you to vote for whoever you want to stay no matter what the reason, as far as I can tell.

    I personally would love to see Kate stay because I thought the performance was hysterical last night. If she gets paid well to do that then well at least she has money to support her kids and maybe spend more time with them during her custody days.

    It was a good, fun show to watch as far as the dancing. The behind the scenes drama seems to be an integral part of the show too so I thought it was also interesting to watch.

    LOL Hope and Linda, if I go to your home you may end up talking to me like that! ;)

  90. Linda, all I have heard about the Kreiders came from Kate's sister Christen. On her etsy blog she said her Dad was always encouraging and she became a successful silversmith because of his guidance. She said he can do anything.

  91. Hope said:

    Like I said - I do the same thing - and you are absolutely right with the what she said/what she should've said -- Maybe you can come spend a week or two with me - and coach me through MY conversational mishaps! LOL

    Funny thing is that I've done lots of public speaking and in that environment (conferences/q&A's/etc) - it's like my brain works right. It's when I'm with family (mostly) that I don't say what I think I'm saying!

    That is me too!!!!

  92. Ok, she was horrible. It's hard to smile and contentrate on all the moves it takes to pull a routine off with one week's practice. Tony, Kate is NOT a dancer. Teach her as you would a person learning for the very first time. Kate, a glass of wine would have helped you out. Producers, perhaps a dance a lot less complicated than the jive for Kate and Tony. I hope she stays but that was beyond painful to watch. She's earning her money! She's got moxy to get out there and perform so unprepared too. Keep your head up Kate! Don't let the turkeys get you down. We were all not meant to be dancers. Go into the next routine with more abandon. It couldn't look worse than it did last night -- you might as well look like you're having fun!

  93. Bev - the point seems to be to vote for whom you want to see continue - not for whom is the best dancer. Just as Sherri Sheppard tweets for people to vot for her friend Necy, others tweet for votes for Kate. I keep hoping that Kate will relax and get better. She's the one I want to watch on TV. I keep trying to picture other Mom's up there trying.

    What's the point if the show chooses some competitors who are almost professional dancers before it starts? I gotta root for my favorite. Often my favorite is the underdog. You've got a Pussy Cat, an Olympic skater who has many years of dance training, etc. Does Kate have a chance of winning? I don't think so but I'll still root for her.

  94. Good Morning everyone~ Not much time to post until tonight. I was a bit sick this morning! lol. Not just from the mess last night, but all the stuff I tried to make with my new Pampered Chef stuff I just got. The chicken ring I made was yummy, but the taco pizza I made in the stone didn't sit well last night! Or maybe I had problems sleeping after seeing the hot dance steps by Kate that may or may not send her home....

    I'm scared to go to She was doing so well, and it will be a miracle if she DOESN'T make it in the bottom 2. I hope all of our prayers and million cell phones will be enough..

    Schmecky, thanks for the link with Jon & the kids. I haven't seen it yet, but anythingt showing Jon being a dad & not MIA is good for me..Did anyone collect from Hailey yet? lol

  95. Denise - Christen also said that while her father encouraged her, her parents were not the same to all of her siblings. I gathered that Kate and her brother both had a hard time. But, not knowing them personally, I don't know. I think it's kinda strange that they don't really have anything to do with any of their grandchildren, not just the Gosselin kids, but don't have anything to do with Kevin&Jodie's kids either. Don't know the reasons.

  96. If Kate had the time, she could use a sports therapist to help her overcome her dancing fears like many athletes do for their training. Here’s my take: She does have a sense of rhythm and just needs to strengthen her physical coordination. After that she can focus on steps, then musicality and artistry. However, first she needs to train herself mentally and emotionally.

    She has drive and a strong work ethic, but her impatient perfectionist self just tends to gets in the way of learning; creating a mental block. She’s convinced herself all her life that she can’t dance and the weekly DWTS timeline has put so much pressure on her to rush and get it right at a snap that her mind freezes up, she gets tense and doesn’t allow herself to relax and focus properly.

    People do learn differently and Tony is a real trooper to try to take someone so different than most of the other competitors to try to sculpt a piece of rock into a piece of art.

    Having said that, I’m curious as to what kind of teaching technique Tony uses on her. For many kinds of routines, whether music, dance, or memorizing literature or scripture, I found that with both children and adults (including myself), learning an entire piece or section of a piece backwards, and “wood shedding” difficult areas first, were the quickest and easiest ways to learn it. Once the techniques were down, then the artistry can be worked on.

    I am hoping she lasts at least another week so she can learn more dance techniques, have a wonderful experience and in the meantime, learn more about herself and grow personally. (Btw, I voted online (using Explorer so as not to risk any glitches with other browsers) as soon as the show started, long before her dance came up and it worked just fine.)

  97. BM, I peeked - DialIdol scores and ranking are not that bad for Kate and Tony overall, so who knows? A few more weeks anyway? Hope so. But we all have to keep up the voting pace for them. Hopefully they'll get a much better routine (and costume and hair ;) ) next time around.

  98. There's a video clip of them discussing Kate on abc news on this page:


    Here's an interview with Kate where she says that Ted Gibson did her hair for the show. It also shows Tony walking out on the interview. Hurts to be treated like Jon, doesn't it?

  100. OMG! Tony just walked away from that interview! He was upset. Interesting.

  101. Tx SG for the link to pics of Jon. I told you he was coming home and no one believed me. LOL! The kids looked so happy to see him, makes me want to cry or jump for joy like they did. Welcome back Jon and Happy Easter too! Hey, let them cook and color eggs on Friday. Take them to the farm down the road so they can see the bunnies. They will have fun with you this week.

    Now, how can I watch both Am. Idol and DWTS at the same time and also provide child care for Mady?

  102. Just Wondering, There wasn't anything in that video that indicated that Kate said anything to upset him. If he was upset at all, it with the line of questioning. Maybe he didn't agree that he was a "tough" instructor as was posed by the interviewer (although Kate seemed to imply that she agreed he was but that he had every right and needed to be and it was okay with her) and as Kate said, he was very stressed.

  103. Oh my goodness! That was beyond painful to watch. Baby Mama, "hot mess" doesn't begin to describe that dance and to see the sheer terror on Kate's face--I can't imagine putting myself through all of that stress. But for $200,000 you can bet I'd seriously consider it!;)

    I know Kate doesn't want to be first out so I hope she can make it past this week, but I really don't think I can take watching her anymore. In past seasons when someone really bad was about to dance, I usually changed the channel. I just feel so bad for them and I can't stand hearing how vicious the judges can be. With Kate, I forced myself to watch but I don't know if I can keep doing it!

    On another note. Did anyone else notice in the interview area when the hostess Brooke(?) was talking to Kate and Tony about the drama between them, someone off camera yelled out "We love you TONY!" It sounded like either Derek Hough or Mark Ballas but I couldn't tell for sure. I thought it seemed a little rude, as if to say "We feel for you Buddy". If he meant to be encouraging to the team he should have said, "We love you guys!" Kate let's a lot roll off her back so maybe it didn't bother her or perhaps she didn't even hear it. I was just wondering if anyone else heard it and knew who it was who yelled out.

  104. Hrmmm.....after watching that video clip - makes me wonder what all is really going on? Strange for sure.

  105. Wow Im so behind on reading this, my husband wants to go take our daughter out to let her go play so I couldnt read anyones post. Wow unfortunatly Kate did horrible but she got 22 votes from me (just have 2 cell phones). Kudos to her for trying that what I think matters the most but she really needs to get over her fear and just have fun! Worried she will get voted off tonight but hoping she will be given another chance. I think she will stay on only becuase she is the reason they have so many viewers which is why ABC is having her dance last. I just fast forwarded to the end and voted at 10:15 PT. It would be great if the kids could be there to see her dance live! Go Kate Im still rooting for you!!!

  106. SchmeckyGirl said...
    OMG! Tony just walked away from that interview! He was upset. Interesting.

    --Having watch the video I am wondering if he was more upset at the interviewer. He walked away after she asked him about the the other person (a Nancy or Natalie or something) who said he was a touch teacher. Kate defended him and said he had to be tough because there is only 4 days to learn a dance.

  107. Are 2 couples going home tonight or just one? I'll have to get my updates here tonight. I doubt I'll be able to convince my DH to watch two nights in a row! I'm happy for the kid's that Jon is home, still rooting for him.

  108. I don't think Tony was "technically" upset at Kate at that moment when he walked away. I think Tony was upset about several things. I think he was upset with Kate earlier and the interviewer was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    I think he was upset:

    1) That it happened and that it was caught on tape and everyone saw it. He may not have realized they were going to show all that footage.

    2) That it was something that normally didn't happen to him and he may feel that some people feel he was wrong because he came back in and was the one that apolgized.

    3) The interviewer said he was "tough" so again it implies that he was the problem. I'm also not so sure Tony understood what was meant by "tough". Tough isn't necessarily bad, and to Kate's credit she did say that.

    4) The comment was directed to Tony and about Tony, yet Kate kinda took over the interview and it seemed to me that he motioned like Go ahead let Kate speak about it. But again to be fair, Tony sort of stopped speaking before Kate took over.

    I think all-in-all Tony felt bad because he let his emotions get the best of him and to some it may have seen it as unprofessional. Tony himself may have felt it was unprofessional and regrets it, whether he was justifed in feeling that way or not.

    I do think that Tony did seem upset with Kate though because he didn't seem as warm and friendly with her. He used to have his arm around her etc. This time he didn't even touch her. He did not want a kiss from her. I think he was trying to appear like things were good still because they need that for the show.

    It's like watching the last season of Jon and Kate Plus 8 all over again. Kate acting like things are great and Jon/Tony looking uncomfortable and not wanting to be there.

    Niecy Rocks! ;)

  109. Poor Tony. This is his job and reputation on the line. I really feel for him.

  110. I think it would be merciful at this point to stop voting for Kate and let her go home. She is taking a beating in the press.

  111. ABC puts her and Pamela last so people will watch until the end, I think.

  112. SchmeckyGirl said...
    I also give kudos to Kate for trying and going out there like that. I just think she should enjoy it and have fun even if she messes up the steps and it would be a better experience for her and the viewers.

    I agree. I think it's too hard for Kate to let go of control however. I wonder if she ever saw the show prior to agreeing to it. Anyone know this?

  113. BM thanks for opening moderation. I for one hate to wait around until my posts clear on boards.

  114. From (everyone trusts NPR, right?)

    "Look, I normally wouldn't tell you to pay attention to either Kate Gosselin or people making fools out of themselves on Dancing With The Stars. But seriously, you just cannot appreciate the madness that was her Monday night jive performance without seeing it for yourself. Bask in the uncomfortable tension with her partner and the vague references to her divorce! Notice her terrifying smile! Watch Tony Dovolani (that's her partner) wish he were dead!"

  115. Love you Kate! Rock on :)
    You are a wonderful Mama and especially because you are doing it all: working, parenting, cooking, etc. Don't listen to the critics. Everyone wants someone to hate and because you are headstrong and sometimes unfiltered, you get a bad rap-- but nobody is perfect.
    You are an inspiration!

  116. The kids look very happy to have Jon home.

  117. Come performance time, the jive that followed was, quite simply, like a buffalo trying to cha-cha on a greased, rotating dance floor. On a slope."

    (From the Vancouver Sun)


    So maybe no red lipstick coated kisses - but a group hug.. :)

  119. I am wondering if: the cost of these things has to come out of the $200,000.00 for dancing???
    1. Dance floor
    2. Travel expenses.
    3. Extra nannies.
    3. Make up and hair.
    I know costumes are provided and probaly hair & mk/up too! Will there be anything left for herself and kids. One more q! If she gets eliminated does she still get the same amt.?????
    I never watched this show, so could someone fill me in?

  120. Do they get apid more if they stay longer?

  121. Oh yeah it just me or doesn't it seem 'coincidental' that Jon's girl kicks him out...and a couple of days later he FINALLY appears back in PA to see the kids?

  122. The Stars get paid $ 125,000 for the first 2 episodes and then $20,000 for each week thereafter . They also get an addition $50,000 bonus if they make it to week nine of the competition.
    So it works out to a maximum of $ 245,000 after it is all said and done which is not all that much considering how much the ABC and the Advertisers make off the show.

    (From wiki)

  123. The expenses of training and travel are covered and I did hear that ABC was covering the cost of the extra nannies. All of the dancers hair, makeup, and costumes are paid for by the show.

    Shawn Johnson's contract from last season was released. She was guaranteed $100,000 as a minimum pay for being on the show and $350,000 for winning. I did hear Kate negotiated for more than $100,000 appearance fee but the rumors have been floating around as to how much more. Kate will more than break even.

  124. OMG! I would do it for the money and make a fool of doubt about it! But, I watched the interview, why do you think Tony walked away? Why was he so angry about it?

  125. Whoa. I'm sorry to say it, but it was not good at all last night. The footwork was not there, and unfortunately the part where she actually stopped dancing was not covered up too well. I agree with others that she is way too stiff and needs to loosen up. Probably easier said than done, I suppose! Honestly, the hair and costumes were pretty horrific too. I'm sorry that she didn't do better, but she is clearly way out of the comfort zone, and not exactly the best dancer either, so I guess it was bound to happen.

    I do think that it would be unfair to vote for Kate because you felt "sorry for her". I voted three times myself, but only because I think that she deserves another chance to prove herself. But I'm definitely bias 'cause I'm a Kate fan at heart!

    Okay, I'm ashamed to say this, but I didn't catch the whole scene of "the argument". I can't really judge since I haven't seen it, but based off of what was posted here I think that Kate most likely was pushing Tony's buttons a little bit. I think that they both could have handle it better, obviously... they're really only a few weeks into it, and clearly still need to figure out what method of teaching/learning works for both of them. Like I said, it's hard to justify the argument since I didn't actually see it...

    I hope that tonight's show isn't too nerve wracking, and I'll cross my fingers for one more week! Even if it is the end, I think that she really proved that she would put it all out there. I'm sure she's had a great time too! Go Kate! :)

  126. Tony contradicts Kate? "This situation is NOT like a marriage!"

    Good article and the things he is saying is true. Hopefully he is getting through to Kate - and if she can let go of the 'control' - this could be HUGE for her - personally and professionally. :)

  127. I take it back. I think the last straw was Kate saying something about not understanding his "step, step" or something to that effect. I think he took it as her criticizing his teaching methods again.

    And it's not like a marriage. A marriage is give and take. In this instance Tony gives instruction and Kate has to take it. IMO.

    It will be interesting to see how their dance practice and interviews goes this week. I have a feeling Kate is staying in LA.

  128. You know - I think she should stay in LA for the week if she can. If Jon is home with the kids - why not? It would give her more than 4 days to learn the new dance - and clearly she needs the extra why not?!

    I do still hold out hope that they start taking better care of her in the wardrobe and hairstyle departments! Maybe staying in LA could help there, too?

  129. About her staying in L.A. - this is Easter week, I like to think they might have Church activities this weekend.

  130. SG, I think Tony was annoyed that the interviewer was bringing it up and saying that he was tough. I think he took that the wrong way, as in, it was his fault things got out of hand. I think he was tired of that topic and wanted to flee before he said something else he regretted. I do not think he left because of Kate and I don't think her response was the last straw for him, I think it was the interviewer.
    Hope, that was an interesting article, thanks for the link. I agree with him, it’s not like a marriage. I think their relationship was strained a little last week and that was compounded when it was shown so dramatically on the show last night. Hopefully they really will turn out to be great friends and have the chance to dance a little longer.

  131. Things must still be strained since it was last night that Kate said 'like a marriage'...... Since Tony brought that up today - it SEEMS that he may have been seething a little behind his smile? In fact (yes, I went and watched again to see his reaction) he actually rolled his eyes after she said it!


    (but as I said before - I totally feel for her because I don't think her intent is to be mean or anything!)

  132. Poor Kate, she tries so hard but the truth is, she is just not a dancer. I hope she does stay because I want to see her go far. I voted for Kate 10 times because on the abc site for DWT they allow you can have 10 votes. Even if Kate does suck, I hope she wins!

  133. FYI: I have had several people begging me to keep moderation open. I will keep it open until it gets nasty, then it's gone. I respect everyones opinons but if you attack or make fun of Kate..your gone..and that includes her dancing! lol..

    And really quick..Welcome Bev.. I'm kinda confused about your post. Isn't this a Kate FAN site? Why wouldn't we vote for her? She could skip, hop & jump and I will still vote for her. Maybe that was a joke, but I just wanted to clarify!

  134. Grrrrr...Just Wondering- Do you ever have anything positive to say about any of the Gosselins? Have you EVER made a comment that wasn't a slam? I've continued to pray for you ever since you came on this blog and started spewing your negativity, particularly since this is a FAN site. There are many hate sites that I'm sure would welcome you. It is so sad that you can't find a single positive thing to say. You need to look for a few rays of sunshine or ulcers will eat you alive.

  135. Linda...
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, exactly what I've been thinking. I wish JW would take some lesson's from SG on friendly debate styles.

  136. Some people must sure love Kate out there!!! lol
    Of course, I voted all my votes for her and I am glad she is staying on but I was bummed that Shannen was kicked out. She definitely wasn't the worst dancer by far! I too loved her on B.H. 90210 back in the day and I even watched her on Little House on the Prairie way back before that. I don't think she's ever been able to shake off that bit*h rap she got though and it seems like there weren't too many supporters for her. Oh well, let's hope Kate redeems herself next week because I don't know if she will be able to pull another pity vote off again. Hopefully, she will let the nerves go (easy for me to say sitting behind my cushy computer, I know)and give it all she's got.

    I have to say though, I wonder if the viewer's votes really count all that much. In Kate's case, they show knows what a draw she is. If people had really voted her off, do you think they would allow it? I often wonder about those things. Anyhow, I was surprised that Buzz stayed around. God bless him but he was horrible! I know he's 80 and can't move around like the others but why have him in such a competition only to give him pathetic scores. Did they really expect him to compete and do well against Nicole or Evan?

    That's another thing, I don't get why they invite people that have dance backgrounds to be in the comptetition. It really isn't fair to the rest. I am sure there are PLENTY of celebs out there that would qualify that are not dancers. Obviously a PCDoll is going to excel and get the best scores. Same with an Olympic Champion who skates. I know the whole partner thing might be tricky for them but still. As much as we all say Kate is so stiff and unnatural and bad at dancing, I say that is the whole point of the show - to have peopele like Kate on that don't have a clue about dancing and teach them to put a half decent show together. I know the others are nice to watch but it isn't fair that eventually someone like Kate is going to go home while one of the more dance oriented stars will win it. Of course, unless the crowd totally abandons them and there is an upset.

    Wow, I know this was a mixed up, all over the place post. I actually started one earlier this morning and never got a chance to finish it so I combined that and my comments about the Results show in one and had too much to say.

    My final comment is about Jon. Where the heck is he in all this? I am just curious as to whether he's even watching Kate and what he thinks? If he did watch, I bet he loved the scene where she and Tony were having a fight and Tony quit on her. He probably snickered and said that after a couple of weeks she was already badgering her dance partner to death. I am sure that is the way they portrayed it on the show on purpose too. It plays into the whole Kate being a nagging, controlling diva image. To be fair though, they did show several other stars unfavourably too so I don't think they were specifically picking on Kate. I believe they were trying to play up the real life stories behind those stars though because they made Shannen look pretty bad too when she couldn't get the steps and was getting frustrated at one point.

    Well, on to next week. I wonder what Kate and Tony will be dancing this time and what she will be wearing. Btw, she looked HOT this week. Yes, I agree the hair was a little Olivia Newton John in Grease, but the dress and body were gorgeous! Oh, last comment. She looked SO serious the whole time. The others were smiling nervously but she looked downright pissed because she figured she was going home. I think of all the stars, she is the one taking this the most seriously. I think it really is a matter of pride to her and she'll be devastated to go home too early on.

    Ok, that's it. I'll shut my trap now. ;)

  137. Tony twittered last night that they were headed back to PA. So much for hoping they'd be able to stay in LA and get extra practice hours in!

    I've done the red eyes back and forth to CA from MD - and it's a hard trip - even after you acclimate yourself to it. I can't imagine doing it weekly and having to put in the hours it must take for practice in between. I can't help but wonder how much it is impacting them.

    Oh yeah, Tony also twittered that he is now deaf after Kate's reaction to getting to stay last night!! LOL Too funny.

    "Kate says Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!.....that's a good thing she is grateful "and as you know that means I'm deaf"