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It's OVER! RWA Hate Site Shut Down After 6 Years of Attacks THANKS To JUSTICE FINALLY SERVED!

Before I post up an article I wanted to talk a bit about a few years ago when someone that posted on Lisa "Swetmon" Knights RWA page. Someone posting as "jibberjabbers" of all names created a hate site with myself and my children's photos stolen from and old open Classmates page. Instead of blocking the information she spent years doctoring the photos and making fun of me for my looks and my weight before I lost all of it. She allowed people to post my children's photos all over the web, saying it was "payback" for having a fan site. She posted my personal information as well, including my address without a second thought. I have been dealing with her hatred now for as long as I have had my blog. I vowed to myself that no matter what was going on with my life. I was going to keep my site up until hers went down.

Rebecca Harkness from Realitytvkids wasn't as vile and took the more subtle approach. By letting her
readers do all the dirty work for her, she was able to create what we thought was a HUGE fan base. Turns out, it was the same people posting over and over with different screen names. I honestly never had much of an issue with this Kate Gosslin hate site. They were entitled to their opinion as did the fans that posted here. I think the hurtful thing WAS the way that they attacked me based solely on what I look like, when no one actually KNEW until that site was put up about me. Little do we know that most of these ladies were old retirees that had nothing better to do than to make fun of people for their own enjoyment. I have NEVER done that on this site. In the now 6 years I have been blogging in support of Kate Gosselin, I never went there. Yet year after year people were ran off fan sites by threats "of being outed". Nobody needed to be told that we were "less than" for supporting a famous woman that some didn't like. I never saw any fans be attacked this way. So after getting the call about the Radar online article below, I have fully resolved myself from dealing with them ever again. I'm blessed that we finally won, and they have lost. RealityTVKids is now carefully stay away from what they were, even though they still have the horrible photos up. But that doesn't matter to me. I finally did what I said I would do, which was to stick it out to see JUSTICE. Thank you so much You a little late to the game but in a short amount of time ultimately made the touchdown that won the game! XO BM

Blog That Featured Threats Against Kate Gosselin Shut Down After Receiving Subpoena; Kate’s Lawsuit Against Ex-Husband Moving Forward

Pacific Coast News/
Pacific Coast News/

A popular blog that featured threats against Kate Gosselin has been shut down after receiving a subpoena for the reality star’s upcoming lawsuit against her ex husband. Reality Without Apologies, which billed itself as a parody site, hosted some of the most virulent Kate haters, some of whom posted death threats. Now the woman who runs the blog, who goes by the name Lisa Knight, has shut it down. BullyVille, an anti-bullying web site run by James McGibney, has vowed to pursue people across the Web who bully others and cross the line with death threats and other illegal behavior.The blog shut down on Friday and now features this statement on its home page:
“After six long years I have decided to permanently shut down this blog. I have been very fortunate to meet some great people because of RWA and I will continue to keep in contact with those closest to me.  I also want everyone to be aware that BullyVille was not bluffing after all. I was served with a subpoena today. They are gathering information for the lawsuit that Kate has against Jon and Robert.  I have had the subpoena verified, it is a real legal document.  For those of you who posted death threats, I’m certain those are being investigated. As long as this site is up and running it could cause serious legal issues, and I would never want those type of issues to be a burden on any of you.  I have to agree that I don’t think that alleged death threats should ever be made against anyone. I hope everyone can move on with their lives.”
Shutting down one of the most notorious sites for featuring anti-Kate comments that often crossed the line is the
beginning of what will certainly be a headline-making war between Kate and her ex plus Hoffman. Hoffman has repeatedly stated that Kate is an unfit mother, told Radar that he called Child Services on her twice and has vowed he has incriminating information on her. His book contained what he said are her personal journals (from her computer), including passages where she talked about spanking her children and being afraid she would harm them.Radar broke the story that Kate will sue Jon Gosselin and Robert Hoffman, the author of an e-book that was highly critical of Kate. Much of the material from the book was from Kate’s computer, which Hoffman told Radar he retrieved from her trash. McGibney is an anti-bullying activist who took on and defeated the notorious Hunter Moore, who ran a “revenge” porn site. Moore lost a lawsuit to McGibney and his site was dismantled. McGibney also sued another revenge porn site and won that as well. He donates all proceeds from legal victories to battered women’s shelters.
But a rep for BullyVille responded by issuing this statement to Radar: “This has nothing to do with protecting someone’s right to free speech as these defendants’ would have you believe.  They committed multiple federal crimes and the evidence that we now have will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they destroyed this mother of 8 purely for financial gain.The journals have not been verified as genuine. The subpoena for information from Reality Without Apologies will help Kate gather information for her upcoming lawsuit. And Radar has learned exclusively that BullyVille has sent out other subpoenas and received IP addresses connected to numerous sites that will play a role in the upcoming federal lawsuit by Kate. Many in the anti-Kate camp have accused BullyVille of restricting their right to free speech with these tactics.
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  1. I just hope somebody learns from this and gets the help they need. I am so happy that one awful site is no longer spewing vile hate. Yes there is a place and even a need for disagreement, but vile hatred is toxic. It's an issue that goes well beyond Kate Gosselin, in the end is hardly even about her because if its not her and her supporters, it will be someone else. The funny thing is that for a lot of people I know, the hate has caused us to admire and support Kate more. It's so sad that people have had to feel that they, their family, or their careers were threatened because they chose to speak in support of a fellow mom that happened to have a tv show that I thought was really cute.

  2. I also want to add that I am glad that Bullyville has brought some teeth to the issue that Babymama and others including, but in no way limited to Linda and Ziggyflo have been dealing with for years. I am also thrilled that their work goes far beyond the issues in Gosslinland.

  3. The closing of RWA was huge, but by no means the end of the ballgame, so to speak.

    Babymama has expressed the cloing of RWA is enough for her. I have no problem with her feelings about that. If that 'works for her' then that is all that matters. She's been around 3 years longer than I. Keeping up with keeping a blog going takes a good bit of time even for a small blog. Babymama has young children, a husband, job, school, a very busy life, a life which doesn't leave much opportunity for blogging.

    She's still here. She hasn't had lawsuits and/or the threat of legal charges to be brought against her. She hasn't stopped expressing her support for Kate or caved to the bullying tactics to close her blog. She's got a lot to be proud of.

    Twitter and facebook has changed the blogging world. Some have chosen to go with the newer social media's and focus there.

  4. Ziggyflo, I agree that it's only a start, but a start is something. It might make some of the wannabes think twice before they start, it might make someone think for a minute and tone it down a notch. They will find elsewhere to go with different names and try to spew their garbage. I do feel that one day they will get whats coming. Maybe a few more people will see their garbage for what it is and not buy into it.

  5. BabyMama-- I know some of how awful things have been for you and I hope justice is served!!
    Thank you for keeping this a safe place to share our opinions/ concerns.
    I hope those who bullied Linda and Ziggy are also brought to justice.
    I never would have imagined all of this could happen because we support Kate and each other.

  6. Baby Mama - what a relief this news is. I first was attacked by this group for writing a positive review on Amazon about Kate's book. This group then went after clients in my business, attacking them, issuing threats such as "there's no way you can watch your kids 24/7", harassing my kids and myself on their school's website and blog, and many more too numerous to mention.

    I had hoped to join the lawsuit but given some health issues my doctor advised me against the stress. I fully support

    The pain and heartache this group of women have caused me, my family, my clients, and my business is incredible.

    I am slowly recovering from having half my stomach removed in October. Additionally I share with Kate the stress of now being a single parent. Through counseling and sharing we are becoming stronger. It has been a true enrichment to get to know so many of you on this blog; thank you.

    Life goes on, and as the song goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    Blessings to you all. Hugs and love!

  7. Linda, itis so nice to hear from you. You and your family are and have been in my prayers

  8. Linda, it's so good to hear from you! Was wondering how you were doing, So sorry about the surgery but hope everything is healing nicely now, Always sad to hear another marriage didn't make it but I know that for the most part, it is best for everyone involved. You are right, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". You are another very strong woman and my hat's off to you! You are a survivor!!!

    You and your family continue to be in my prayers.

  9. tashapork and free spirit - Thank you both. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers. The good thing about the surgery is that it is helping my diabetes and getting it under control. Additionally, I've lost a ton of weight. I'm sure a good bit of it due to the surgery and the rest due to just worry, lol.

    I'll take all the prayers we can get. Much appreciated.

  10. I remember when I went through my divorce, I lost 60 lbs. It took a while until I realized I was really a survivor...since then I've never looked back or wondered what if. I will continue to keep you & your family in my prayers!

  11. Hello everyone. There is new controversy stirring over some of Kates stolen photos. Im assuming it's Jon or Robert trying to go after Kate and make her look bad during this new phase of the lawsuit. Please take a look and share your thoughts xo

  12. I miss you show and seeing the kids I wish the show was still on right now Iam looking the old show

  13. I miss you show and seeing the kids I wish the show was still on right now Iam looking the old show

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  15. Kate, u'r strong enough, u'r beautiful, u'r the perfect mom ever...God is whith u all, head up and keep u :*